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Yummy food...but loosing weight at the same time?
What is the average height of 14 year olds in Sweden?
Please die Ana?
What can i do to lose weight a healthy way but effective?
Is there a place to go to work out these days without the fear of being hit on?
Is This A Good Work-Out Plan?
HELP diet soft drinks pop cola soda?
Help with figures!?
How much will i lose by doing this?
Do I weigh enough - please?
i been bodybuilding for like 3 months already is it ok i take a one week break?
just tryin to get a general view of whats normal?
what is a good way to lose weight????
Am I underweight? Should I gain more weight?
BP considerably different in both arms?
Exercise to burn fat?
what is it called when you get your stomach tied?
Addicted to tea...bad obsession?
I want liposuction on my tummy and thighs to look slimmer. what could go wrong?
what am i doing wrong??
prognosis for mild arthritic changes i the stifle?
just been diagnosed with cancer and i feel my best friend isnt there for me, what do i do?
Hey for how long should I do....?
I gained about 6 pounds since yesterday morning?
How many .....?
kickboxing gear, Help, urgent?
What is the quickest and best way to overcome belly fats apart from the tricks?
500 calories per day??
Whats a healthy weight!!!?
workout routing that will tone my body.?
itz my bday 2mrw so should i stay on my diet or should i .....?
I ONLY Eat Plain Flavoured Pringles?
how can I lose 15 pounds in two months?
how much more should i be eating?
can u help?
Am i healthy?
Recipes with less than 15 g fat....?
Is a US size 6-8 (UK 8-10) still too fat?
Does fried food cause an increase the affects of Gout?
when i start my diet how long will it take me to loose 50 pounds?if i want ta loose weight by june?
i want to know about the best weight gaining supplement product?
Has any one tried the jon gabriel diet and has it worked?
if wanting to loose weight how many eggs can i eat a day?
is it okay to eat bread each day?
teen dieting help?
can you lose weight from just excersising?
im 18, a 160 pounds how many calories should i take a day in order to loose some weight?
Questions about indoor chinup bars...?
Is it true if you sit straight then it helps with better abs? Does ginseng help with weight loss or metabolism
Where can I find grapejuice in the Philippines?
Do liquid diets really work? Please answer?
is bread healthy?
No Idea pls help?
I always crave granola bars and cereal. What does this mean?
What lifestyle changes could I do to keep the weight off?
How do i work out a diet plan to put on muscle mass and also what exercises i should be doing?
what are some healthy snacks??
i walk 30mins daily with 50situps&100pushups i wana lose fat from my arms legs and stomach what more can i do?
Do you think steriods are bad for you?
6 foot 4 180 pounds 19 years old need help for work out?
I think i have an eating disorder, or I'm just fat! LOL;)?
is freeze-dried foods healthy [nutritious]?
Has anyone used x-lax to lose a few pounds fast??
is this too much?
Is This Enough Workout To Get A 6 Pack?
Vegetarian?? Only Health Professionals, Vegetarians, Personal Trainers, Nutrionists please answer!!!!?
does where you live in the uk have an effect on the risk of getting leukemia?
could my lump be cancerous?
I'm 5'2 and 100 pounds! Is that fat?
Is it true that as a slim guy it takes EXTRA long to build muscle mass?
Has anyone tried the HCG Injections for Weight loss?
how much weight should i lose if i walk 4 miles a day and stop drinking pop?
I need to lose 10-15 in a week and 3 days, i dont have any work out equipments or anything, help me please???
I feel dizzy and sick when I am hungry?
Is this a good workout, will it get me big ?
My friend is 11 yrs old ( alot younger than me ) he is 5 foot exactly and weighs about 115 pounds is he fat?
should i lift weights?
wanting to gain weight. (fat only)?
(guys answer only) look at this pic. wat shold i do?
Does anyone already have a body as nice as one of these pics? also plz, read additional info and answere it..?
i need to find ways to do sneaky exercise...?
is he still growing?
i just cant seem to loose it!! ( im 13)?
I'm not sure if I'm fat?
am i gaining muscle or fat?
Do i have an eating disorder?
exercise and no diet?
What is the best way loose weight be for prom when I have a problem with eating junk food?
beer has 0 fat, 2.6g carbs and 1g protein...they why does it makes you fat?
girls do you like big musley guys or jus normal guys??
losing 1kg a week.?
how long does it take to burn off 100 kJs?
I have seen infomercial for Core Rhythm DVD's early in the mornings but cant seem to find the website. Can you
Does any supermodel have short parents but have grown tall?
How can I lose weight?
How can I improve my image?
How many carbohydrates should i eat per day? and not put on weight.?
I drink about 2 classes of water a day and have been told that i need to drink more.?
how to lose weight I'm 13 and 150 lbs how am i supposed to lose weight I've tryed lots of running?
Am i too tall?
diet shakes??????????
how do you = out the calories on a packet of somthing?
Australian vitamin brands & suggestions 4 uni student?
how mny oranges would you have to eat in 1 day to get enough vitamin C to keep u healthy?
How do I get a flat stomach without going on a diet or losing weight?
Is it possible to lose 43 kilos in 6 months?
Weight Loss?
little advice?
how can i lose 4 punds in 0ne week maybe 2 weeks tops??
Is it possible to get six packs abs by june?
What reaction does a male and female get if they put on a bit of weight?
how do i bulk up and gain muscle. i weigh 69kgs and would like to get up to about 75 maybe??
losing weight?
how many calories do you burn when you are texting?
weight loss help?
what is the average weight for a 12 year old boy?
Grandad died in 30s of stomach cancer but 4 daughters didn't get it?
Help please!!!!! Go red when exercising?
Body Makeover/Fix-Up?
Fastest way to lose 10kgs/ 22lbs?
Im tryng to change the world, what is the best way to do it?.?
How does a plank help your ABS?
Im 220 lbs how do i reach 400 lbs fast?
What eating behaviours that you would like to change ?
What is the most healthiest food you can eat?
I weigh 98 pounds and am 17 and about 5'5. am i underweight? people say i am but i think i could loose more
I use flax seeds by mixing it with pulses and cereals nd cook and make sambhar or rasam, will this benefit me?
Resistance exercises help trim hips. Some examples?
Beginner's exercise program??
I am having a problem with eating the wrong food in front of TV and do not have self control?
13 years old and 88 kilos and 160cm tall?
I need help with ab workouts?
I cant do a pull up. I need help.?
muscle gain?
How many calories should I eat aday?
Good filling substitute for bread?
I am 14 years old i bounce between 79lbs-83 all the time i am 5"1 1/2 and female?
I am a fifteen year old girl and want to tone my body, help?
Hey . Am i Fat?
How much weight can a modern Day ceramic toilet bowl take before it would break?
How many calories are there in a marlboro cigarette?
i need a daily diet plan that has no more than 500 calories any help?
Male trying to get rid of lower stomach pooch, although my abs are actually very strong and toned u cant see?
im 21 years old and im losing weight for no reason.?
I do pole dancing as a hobby at the local gym.?
Does 210 lbs/95 kilos sound heavy?
If i ate between 350-750 calories a day, how fast would I lost weight? I know its unhealthy but I'm curious
15, 171 cm, 80 kg?
what are some long term effects of dieting in the body?
Is Ricotta a good source of Protein?
help i think my friend has an eating disorder?
what food or thing will i do to grow tall an huge.?
Crunches! How many?
I want to lose weight, not gain muscle (i already have enough)...whats the best fat burning workout i can do??
Question about when to rest?
i am 13 and 5'0. i weigh 131 is that fat?
How long before you die without eating or drinking?
Ahh... I need to lose 3-4 inches off my waist/hips in about 3 weeks!?
What are some supplement that are good for women when working out?
loose 2 - 3kg a week!?
Losing weight from my inner THIGHS?
if i continue to drink so little what will happen to me?
Sit ups????
Is 114 pounds for a 12 year old thats 4'11 over weight?
South Beach Diet?
working out...hmph?
okay so im only 14 years old and im 5''1 i really want to grow to be a 5''5. if i can..how?? I NEED ADVICE
does 1500 calories of junk = 1500 calories of healthy food?
What do you think.......?
am i slowly killing myself???i need help but i don't want admit it?
Chris is a (5'10"120lb.)14 year old high school student and is eager to gain some muscle mass.?
Im fifteen years old and my weight is 144 pounds and my height is 5'2...I'm I over weight?
does stretching on off days help muscles heal from workouts?
what are some foods you recommend to eat high in protein and low in fat??
If i work out for 2 hours for eight days do you thinks its possible to loose 20 pounds?
im trying to loss weight does anyone have any diets they wont to share that have worked?
Is this real weightloss?
Does mash potatoes and grill chicken good for y diet?
What is the best way to lean out your muscles?
Is it possible to train for strength and not gain mass/weight?
Am i Bulimic? Please help me. I need to know.?
i need to lose weihgt but i dont eat vegetales fish or salads help?
if you sleep woth a heating pad do u lose weight in the stomach area?
How long can I leave my yogurt out before it goes bad?
how do i lose weight fast and gain breast size without taking pills or shakes? I'm 13, 5'5 and 140 pounds :[
Im NOT afraid of dying from anorexia??
mobbally obese?
appetite controller?
omg i need to lose weight how can i lose like 15 pounds?
Does 150 situps a day burn many calories?
whats the maximum weight that can be lost over two days?
my legs are weirdly shaped?
how much weight have you lost by starving, and for how long did you do it for?
How to encourage husband to make healthier food choices?
How many calories should a 11/ 12 year old girl eat?
I Really Wanna Lose Weight.! Help Please!?
how to put on weight?
weight loss?
i need to lose 50 pounds?
I gave birth 3 yrs ago but still have a kangaroo pouch and a lot of fat on my stomach. how do I get rid of it?
How do i convince my mother to lose some much needed weight?
I need to lose 17lbs Please Help?
How do you lose hip and abdominal weight with dieting and exercise?
PLS ANSWER **weight loss** IF I DO THIS:?
cardio for toning?
calorie counting,?
Could you lose a bunch of weight taking in almost 0 carbs?
do i have polycistic ovarian syndrom?
"household" exercise?
how many calories do you burn from bike riding for an hour?
BMI?? help 18.5????
Fastest way to get 6packs -abbs?
Do diet tablets work?
How do i keep my eyes nice and strong?
how to lose weight ?
can anyone offer me advice ? i need something to stop me craving sweets and takeaway a couple a weeks before?
i have got stretch marks on sides of my waist,wat should i do?
Right portion for healthy diet!?
how much do you carry when you do pushups?
How Can I loose weight fast.?
SHould i go on a diet?
which is better to reduce fat .....drinking lemon water with warm or cold water??
Im 166 pounds and 5 foot 7 I want to lose about 12 pounds quickly but dont just want to lose water fat?
did clinitrim-5 help anyone? and were there any side effects?
What do guys like girls that are thin fat or just perfect?
I exercise but my stomach won't tone up! what do i do?? :/?
I need a good vegaterian diet thats high in protein and low in carbs?
I have just been given duromine to loose weight, I want to know if it is safe to take while breastfeeding?
How to loose that little belly chub?
i am 250 kilos am i overweight?
how to gain muscle?
what food group is a protein shake in??
What is the best exercise machine i could hire to burn fat?
taste buds changed?
question about liver cancer?
iam 14 years old, 163.5 tall and weigh 103. am i underweight?
What first, Cardio or weight using?
why the price of bananas is higher during certain times of the year?
Why am i so fat?
If I want to gain muscle mass and get bigger should protein be taken before or after a workout?
Am I the average height for a 16 year old guy?
Whats best for burning fat Not gaining muscle, Walking, jogging or sprinting? PLS ANSWERS thanks!!!!!?
I have been eating disorderly for the past?
my nails have lately become very thin and they curve downward,does that signify any defeciency?
Does Ensure make you gain weight?
serious question?
muscle burning?
i need help bad.......?
5'7, 119 pounds?
Are cheese curds healthy?
Why do women seem to be more into jogging than men?
The benifits of Chai tea?
When a person is doing weights and gets to a point where they are toned enough , is 1 personal trainning?
Diet tips?
how can i lose 5kgs in a month i only lose 2kg a month not happy?
Found a lump unsure ?
How will you describe cytology?
Breast Cancer Treatment Question?
When a person gets to their ideal "healthy weight", how do they maintain the weight?
which bodybuilding supplements would reccomend?
Is carrot bread and banana bread bad for weight loss?
Will i definatly lose weight by doing what i do?
I had 32 oz. of light beer at 10pm fri and may have to take a etg urine test on mon at 4pm will I pass?
I'm wanting to lose weight in order to conceive?
What are the best ways in controlling what you eat?
Can you tell me if I am fat?
Anator-p70-berry blast?
I"m 14 5'5" and male. I weigh 143. I don't have much muscle, is there anyway I can lose weight?
How can i get a six pack by summer?
How can i do great cardio work in the gym?
12 year old girls weight?
Whats the fastest way to gain muscle and not fat on my inner thighs?????
What is the best name for a Weight Loss Business?
How can i gain some more muscle when everything i try does not seem to work?
How can a boredom eater lose weight?
wieght watchers?
If some people are big boned, why are there no fat skeletons?
How can I slim down my legs and at the same time tone them effectively in little time (i.e. 10 min. per day)?
I am underweight, but still find my legs fat. How can I thin them? Am I at risk of becoming anorexic?
i sneeze lightly and i bleed so much like clots of blood come out?
will doing 800 crunches a day make my abs stay??
What is motivating you to get to your goal weight ?
i keep felling insucure about my body please help!?
What exercises make arms thinner?
Am I fat?????
How many calories is a low amount? Things say like they have 124 calories in them.. Is that low or what?
How can I get slim/lean legs?
I need to loose about 30lbs, I'm 147lbs 5'3 Help please :-)?
how many calories should i burn if I want to loose 27 pound in 4 months?
Is it true That Sunflower Seeds Help You Quit Smoking?
where can i get easy diet plans?
Good Exercise?
Diet help?
Is maize starch acceptable on an Anti-Candida diet?
i m 18years old.is it possible to be taller by 3 inches?if yes then what exercise&diet should i follow?
AM I CURVY? and how can i make myself more curvier?
Whats the worst breakfast cereals?
is creatine making me fat and overly hungry, have been taking for two weeks now put on loads of weight?
My head feels so heavy when i do sit ups......?
Does that OptiFast stuff actually work?
how to get tall,with long legs?
exercise regime 4, 14 year old male?
will i gain weight from what i ate today?
I am 5'' tall and i weight 145 i want to loose 30 - 4o lbs as soon as possible!?
What can increase ur height potential?
A site that tells me some upper core exercises?
How would you describe a female who weighs 194lb and is 5'6?
Can anyone tell me why we have cravings for things?
What size and height measurements for a female would you consider overweight and obese?
what are the best excercises?
How do I get skinny really fast?
hi i need help the problem is all my fat is in my stomach how can i tone it in 1month?
am i fat? answer honest?
What does my blood pressure mean?
weight loss!!?
Diet Question?
if on steroids should you stop using creating?
When should i eat if im working out?
Has anyone ever tried the Diet Pill Herron Actislim?
What do you do on a fat day?
Eating troubles?
How do you get rid of belly fat and gain great abs at the same time?
if your overweight can you still lose weight by starting puberty?
Is it unhealthy to..?
how do i change my diet so i loose 15 pounds in one month?
the bean ?
What is the easiest but most successful diet you have ever been on?
Lemon drink..weightloss?
how many calories is a 14 year old girl, who doesnt exercise much suppose to have each day?
scared to tlose weight?
Should I lose weight??
i need to lose 20 kgs in a month as soon as possible as i m getting marrried,plz help me?
Macro nutrient, Micro nutrient and Phytonutrients... can someone Pls explain..?
Is it bad to have a large breakfast everyday?
which oil for massage is good for reducing bell fat?
My weight is all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
are baked beans from the can (heinz) healthy to eat? I eat a can a day, is that too much sugar and salt?
muscle growth?
could anything bad happen from mixing a gatorade with monster?
Light weights high reps v heavy weights low reps?
What plan's would u make to keep up with change?
Anyone got a good short term detox program for me?
how can i loose 15 lbs in 3?
i am 50 years old . what sould my heart rate be during work-out ? i am 250 pounds?
what are some healthy weight loss foods?
chilli and metabolism?
How to turn that fat into muscle for a 17 year old?
what resting heart rate is to high?
What is the YMCA's age requirements?
How do you keep your veins in your arms from popping out?
How do I lose weight on my legs/thighs/buttocks?
how much exercise would you have to burn if someone ate a whole packet of pizza shapes?
obesity... why?
is aloe vera good for u ?
Is the Proactiv making my skin worse or my diet?
What should I do before a heavycardio workout?
which is better? more reps or heavier weights...?
Cann you overcome anorexia without anyones help ?
summer yay!?
Does anyone know a low calorie diet?
Been on weight watchers 9 weeks and lost 15 pounds. Suddenly hungry all the time.?
How Can I Lose 15-20kg Within 1 Month?
how long does it take to get a six pack?
Calcium supplement bottle says take after a meal, what will happen if i take it on its own?
Ok So Ive Lost Almost 70lbs, Now I Want To Tone Up... CONT Pls Pls Pls Answer?
how to control my appetite?
Does drinking special K and crystal light really help you?
loosing weight + toning = swimming?
How can i flatten my stomach to look lnice for sumemr time?
Why don't I feel the strain when I do sit-ups/crunches?
Huge Arms?
how do you look fit?
My friend wants to know...?
What are some heathy sources of protein?
What is cardiovascular fitness?
any ideas? food addiction?
Low Gi diets, what foods can and cant I eat?
I have heard about the benifits of taking Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss, is there any truth to this?
Starting Breakdaning?
Does bio oil really work for stretch marks?
Im a little lazy, And gonna join the army soon.?
Food absorption?
i need the quickest way to lose some weight, maybe 30 pounds. any tips?
which is healthier: feta cheese, cream cheese or mozarella?
how can u get a rockin flat stomach hot bod?? fast....?
Something I've always been curious about...?
I need a weight loss buddy who has msn?
How long can you detox for?
Why do you have to wear shoes when you walk on a treadmill?
What is a daily eating menu?
how many kilojoules/calories burnt?
brown better than white? right? (IE FOODS)?
eating bowl of wheat bran and milk at midnight before sleeping: problems?
Why do my glutes and abs feel like I have been working them all week?
what are some foods that will fill you up?
How much is too much exercise. I am a female who is utterly addicted to exercise.?
Best cure for feeling tired and run down?
I need to lose 10 pounds quick?
starving for 18 days?
What exercises can help me burn off carbs?
Losing 75 pounds (I'm 16)?
I feel.....?
Has anyone lost weight by simply eating healthy and exercising regularly?
has anyone tryed the Dr. Tim's Success shakes at all? what are they like? and do they work?
all my measurements, good or bad for my size?
I am 66yrs old man and my Blood pressure 130/75,pulse105? is this healthy or not?
am i fat???
What should I do?
what can you do to get rid of hunger?
omg i feel embarrassed about this but umm....?
How much more weight do i have to lose so im not fat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
how to make yourself to start working out again?
how much exercise would i have to do ?
celebrity slim diet, has anyone tried it?
Too much of a good thing?
someone please give me some REAL good reasons why brown rice is better than white rice?
im going crazy?
how long will it take me to lose 10kg is i just eat vegetables and drink water?
Should I eat something?
Why does it take me longer to lose weight on my hips?
How genetically modified milk produced?
best one gets 10 points easy?
Sports drinks - What is a good amount of sports drink to consumer before doing exercise like a beep test?
Weight Gaining help??
If Im basically starving myself, and i go to the gym.... my thighs wont get big will they?!?!?!?
Weight Matters?
wot can i eat 2 still lose weight?
Is my diet healthy?
Is Jack H. Herman B. and are they selling something?
What are some easy to follow healthy living tips?
Am i over weight?
how can i speed my metabolism up?
how many calories in a bowl of asian noodle soup?
what can I expect from a personal trainer?
gym instructor?
How often do you eat during the day?
What should i do?
How long should i stop eating to get over my addiction to food?
how much is too much?
Would a person look completely different if they lost 48 kilograms?
What is worse for you? Pizza or Mcdonalds?
can50 chinups a day stunt my growth? Im 13.Last year for 2-3 months i ate vv.little-ca this stunt growth too?
advise on how to lose weight ?PLEASE HELP?
Skipping lunch?
I had a eating disorder (Bulimia) I think 2 or 3 years ago. What are my health risk?
Can I get fat from veggies?
Fat or Not?
Daily diet?
i weigh 200 pounds if i work out 2 times a day for 30 minutes will i lose weight?
am i anorexic?
PLEASE HELP curves gym?
how tall do u think i will end up?
when your bulimic?
What to drink or eat during dehydration ?
how can i lose weight...?
How much should i lift, 13, 5' 10" no previous lifting.?
In the news recently they said there was no proof 8 glasses of water is actually good for you?
fat intake?
Do you burn more calories while you have your period?? pls answer!?
How can i become fitter for track?
what is the reason of raw rice being lack of microorganisms?
I want to lose weight...help me?
weight gaining?
how many inches...?
How much should i weigh if i am 14 and 5ft 9in?
what diets are best?
How long should you detox for?
Yoga OR Pilates?!?!?!?
Is brown rice a good part of a healthy diet or should it be substituted?
Makeover my LIFE =D?
Can anyone tell me the equivalent of an AUST size 10 in the US is?
What is going on in America?
someone told me to take a redbull energy drink before hitting the gym what do you guys think?
my wife is getting so fat help?
what is the best wight for a girl?
what is a good website, that when i type in the food and quantity, it tells me how many calories is in it?
Lite N' Easy - any joy?
Best weight loss plan you've been on?
REMovyl Advanced Formula?
Did I eat healthy today?? Eating Plan inside:?
If you eat too much(binge) you have to eat less the next day??
If your age 16 and a female at 5ft 3in with one short nd 1 tall parent is it possible to grow taller?
NEED HELP!!! I NEED TO GET FIT but it's so hard i want to live past 30?
Is it normal to be a 13 year old girl 5ft 3inches and weigh 132lbs ?
I need to lose inches?
Bicep Exercises with no equipment?
Take protein while not doing any workout?
Can anyone give me some tips on building muscle?
Low Calorie Foods?
Should I lose weight first then work on muscle mass or the other way around?
is it dangerous to run if you have high blood pressure?
where can i find step by step workout instrustions online?
is it okay to have a BMR of 1464.2?
i want to lose weight?
i need to get a flat stomach in exactly 2 weeks. can any one help me? pleese!?
How can you build a little muscle?
is it okay if i use diet pills becouse i am only 15?
What would happen if I only ate canned veggies and fruit?
Which oil supplement is best for your skin? I'm confused between Flax seed and Fish oil?? Thanks?
How much of this article is true? Cancer & Sun?
seriously i want to get mega ripped and pack on some major muscle?
What are the prime benefits of drinking 2 litres of water a day?
How much weight do i need to lose?
10 components of physical fitness?
Ahhhhh help?
PLEASE ANSWER !!!!! please?
I am 5 feet & 8 inches and have waist of around 35. Is it normal with this much height?? My weight is 69 Kgs.?
Red Meat On A Healthy Eating Plan?
am i fat??? honest answer plzzzz...?
Is doing yoga a good idea when you....???
how can i lose flab without feeling worn out?
Is it possible to lose 10kgs in a month?
is it unhealthy? PLEASE READ AND ANSWER?
ok peoples, im really serious about this! please answer?
Why does my pulse increase during rest when I exercise?
How could I lose weight?
Exercise question - can you help?
why can't see it?
Can eating too fast kill you?
too heavy?????????
why will Crystal Light stop me from losing weight?
im sceared i have lymph cancer please help?
do you burn calories from doing sit ups?
Any healthy meal suggestions for cooking for a family of four?
Quick questionnaire for GIRLS?
omg six pack help?
IM SO tall?
Has anyone tried Weight Watchers and what were your expirences?
My boyfriend thinks I should make more effort?!!?
Have you ever thought of seeing a dietician?? easy 10?
under 5 foot and under 40 kg, unhealthy?
does yoga make you skinny?
Females who are 5"9 (or there abouts)?
how do I lose weight?
why should we limit the amount of fats eat?
Should i go for a run???
should a 15 year old have to worry about their diet?
I lost 24 lbs of FAT taking laxatives, not even everyday?
How can i lose about 5KG in 4-5 weeks?
Oh boy, I'm trying to reduce my growing tummy?
if it is high kilojoule does it mean that it is bad for you like muesli?
is this the right weight plan? am i going to get quick results?
I have previously took herbal diuretics, they worked, but the water weight came back, should i take them again
reductil or duromine?
Can eating candy give you cancer?
Six pack... Any advice?
what would you consider to be overeating?
%bodyfat for not to skinny, but seeable sixpack?
What diets should i try?
I need to loose weight in about a month and a half?
how can a fourteen year old lose weight fast?
what is worse?
if i do not eat ANYTHING unhealthy for 2 weeks and do 45mins of exercise everyday, how much weight will i lose
any good tips for getting into a healthy eating routine?
Does anybody know a website that gives a complete calorie index?
rive cruise in 3 months cant fit into my dress?
Is 700-900 calories REALLY that bad?
Why do I look like I gained weight after an intesne work out?
Which bread is best?
Is this bulimia?
Looking for an E-training partner!?
muscle aches. help ASAP?
What can I do to distract myself from picking at food at night?
hypnotism for weight loss?
Can being overweight be making me tired all the time?
Am I too skinny??
weight gain can you help??????
what is a good weight loss diet?
They say dont eat after dinner but..?
Do you reckon i could lose a few kilos in 4 days? 10 points up for grabs!?
Help! What are the best exercises to build a muscular chest?
Calories per day???
Tips for buying dumbells?
Whats the average weight for a 15-16 year old girl?
What does everyone think a healthy weight is for a 16 yo. girl whos 168cm?
am i fat? please answer?
exercises for abs?
Motivational tips and ways for sticking to a diet, please offer any suggestions?
Any good Diets?
What is 37 Kgs in lbs?
How do I get Motivated in Excercise?
Does it takes 24 hours for your muscle to heal?
Good carbs?
hi i turned 13 in january and?
Is my blood pressure okay its 107?
what should i do?
42bust5'6 about 150 pounds size16?
Whats better to take for building lean muscle creatine or promax ?? (i dont want to gain much weight)?
do wearing heavy clothes influence weight loss while running?
is this too much for one day?
Does taking laxatives help u lose weight?
regular exercise routine?
i need to lose weight on my upper arms in 4 days?
How do i loose weight in 4 weeks?
Is there any benefit of doing cardio exercise after free weight session?
Help me choose a treadmill?
How to loose weight on your back?
Hip definition?
To lose weight QUICK how long and what should you do each day?
I need some form of exercise to do as I have no kneecap in my right knee and walking for to long is agony?
i am thin ,i want to become healthy?
Does anyone know the cost of Duromine40mg in australia?
have any used the mega-t green tea dietary supplement yet? And if so did it work for u?
how do i know if my body has gone into starvation mode?
cheese on toast nutrious in the morning?
How can you tell if you have abs?
Im 27 280 can I do bicep and tri cep excersize more the once a week, I do chest on Monday arms on wed,?
what healthy foods can fill me up - stop me nibbling on junk?
how much weight can a human being lift if he used all of his muscles at the same time?
Will wholegrains and natural stuff like that help with weight loss more than the white stuff?
how to increase upper body size?
Embarrassing question about BMs!?
is forgetfulness a sign of cancer returning?
how do i loose 17 pounds by june 22?
Losing weight question?
Fitness question?
weight loss help!?
if a 14 year old is 154 cm(5'1) how much should they wieght?
What's the worse thing that can happen to you when your doing the splits?
What do you think of a 33-24-34 body measurement?
can someone please tell me a website that you don't need to sign up for to get a meal plan online like a guide
How can I put on weight without eating unhealthily?
what are your thoughts on this??
if i didnt eat enough for a few days but then kinda binged would i gain/lose weight?
how can i gain weight would i use protein or weight gainer?
do u have nice abs or a flat stomach?
I drink loads of water, pretty much all I drink but why is it so good for you??
Getting Started?
guys prefer skinny or normal girls?
What damage does skipping meals do to you?
I'm 6"1' and I'm 16 years old...argh!?
I've got a year 7 cousin who is 176cm tall and he wants to shrink about 10cm. Any ideas on how he can shrink?
ive missed my 2nd cervcal cancer jab, what do i do?
Do the vitamins in vegetables expire if I prepare a fresh vegetable salad ?
Pro ana in need of inspiration?
how can i lose weight fast?
How should an ectomorph train?
Sudden weight gain?
What is an easy and effective way to loose weight?
Vibrating fitness machines??
anyone know how to gain 10 - 15 pounds?
Men!! do you think women look better with a bit of fat on?
10 POiNTS 4 BEST ANSWER!! What's the best way 2 lose weight??
Does hip rolling/belly dancing help tone your abs?
How to lose alot wieght in 1 month without sergury?
I've just had Glandular Fever, also known as Infectious Mononucleosis. I lost 10 kg during the ordeal and...
30 minute workout?
How do I stop from getting big muscley thighs & bum from running?
Has anyone tried Lite 'n Easy??
how can i stop drinking soda and eating fast food?
How do I get rid of loose skin?
How do you calculate BMI?
celerity weight?
i have a body fat percentage of 31.5%. i am female, 14 years. how can i reduce this quickly. i am an athlete.?
Working out?
Out of control post-puberty hunger?
Need advice on working out.?
why cant i do this?
is diet sprite good for u cause unlike other sodas it has no caffeine also brown rice???
When using free weights...?
Am i disproportionate? What sort of a body shape do i have?
I'm scared, could i have an eating disorder? 10 points!!?
Does anyone know this for certain?? (Eggs and fish)?
How to gain weight?
low calorie snacks?
What Gym Would You Recommend And Cost...?
Can you trick your body out of starvation mode?
what muscles are used in an arm wrestle?
how do i lose weight fast????? plz help?
Protein and muslce wastage?
How much weight will i lose if i swim for 6 hours a week? [3 times a week for 2 hrs].?
Well im 13. "5"4. 109 pounds. How can i get scouted? Im extremely good a football. Look below for more details
cucumbers and vinegar? is that good for losing weight?!?
How do u do pilates???
what happens if you eat something then burn the same amount of calories off?
Any food addiction tips? :(?
ineed to throw up?
Help with weight gain for 18 year old male?
diet help..?
im struggling with weight problems?
Can I increase my Hight?
I need to lose 7 kilos in two weeks?
does anyone have any advice on how to put on weight?
hey, im 15 years old and im about 180 cm tall and i weigh 85kg am i overweight? im a big build?
cycle off nitro tech hardcore??
am 17 years old and 65kg and 170cm heigh!! am i in the healthy zone???
help me get toned!!!?
How To Become Muscular Fast?
What is the best time of day to ingest protein? A) when you need to build muscle? B) to use for energy?
help!!!should i lose weight then workout or........?
recovering anorexic...?
Is it Complete Body Exercise ?
How much fruit is ok to eat per day, they say 5 veg and 2 fruit is the go, but what about the other way?
how many push ups should i do at the age of 12?
Did I consume too many calories?
Which weight loss programs actually work?
best way to tone body?
What are the best low calorie desserts on the market?
100 lb increase in bench in one year possible?
Does anyone no any helpful tips to lose weight before you come really fat?
Body Fat??
Expired fish oil caps?
Are These Body weight Exercises Good?
i've lost 3 and a half kilograms or 7 lbs in two days is this odd.?
dilemma, need help , anyone and everyone?
Question on jogging?
Never hungry?
what are thos line thingies called on a guys stomach/hips sort of area, apparently chicks dig em?
Does your weight affect growth/height?
very skinny body but fat face and belly?
How can I tone up and loose weight for summer at home?
I'm 5'8 and 135 lbs .. ? ? (10 points)?
Do you think I can gain the weight?
Protein, calories, and muscle building question?
how much average ML of water shoud be taken a day?
can i stop taking xenical orlistat for 9 day holiday?
why do we hate vegies?
Does Excercise ruin your voice?
My 12 year old soon has become very moody lately. I am not sure if it is related to diet, exercise, puberty?
What's a good pre workout supplement for a 14 yr old?
How can I become a size 2 from a size 8?
am i fat or average?
i can't stop eating, food is literally ALL i think about. except when im eating it?
I started working out 3 weeks ago and notice growth in my arms and chest but i have a small gut what can i do?
What are some exercise routines to make my bottom bigger?
will squatting help?
If smoking cigarettes is so bad for you. Why is it that the goverment do not make it illegal?
Im 14, male and weigh 8st 5. how can i tell how much of my stomach is fat or just stretchable skin?
am i over weight?
how do u control high cholesterol levels right here at home?
(english weight) im 5'8, 13 years old and weigh around 9 stone. and i want to go on a diet? am i overweight?
do carbonated drinks dehydrate you?
How do i get rid of the fat deposits around my knees and upper thighs?
Weight Loss Exercise?
flat abs/ toned stomach?
i got stretch marks.. help?
wat foods will make u gain weight? i need to really fatten up lol?
how to bulk up and get really fat?
Fat content of rice?
How Long Will it atke to gain 10 pounds of muscles?
How to starve yourself properly without going over the limit?
I'm underweight and I keep losing weight.?
Can fish oil geltabs be consumed along with Cod fish liver oil?Please reply?
can eating too many lollies make you dizzy?
body measurements?
does a 40 inch waist seem alot for a 17 year old boy?
rate my diet yeah?
How can i improve the health of my heart? (:?
how is this possible?
Weight Loss?
How tall will i Get?
i have been weight training for 2 weeks and hiit cardio and i have abnormal ck and liver enzymes?
I am a male that is14 almost 15 and i have a pretty big belly, what is the fastest way for me to get nice abs?
How Much Can I Lose From This?
weetbix,banana protein shake?
Why does Gum help take your mind off of food?
What's happening with my pulse?
why am i feeling dizzy?
Websites to get a six pack as 14 year old?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
Do leg raises help you achieve?
can anyone tell me why I dont loose weight but loose inches?
how can you loose weight in your face?
Cant lose weight?
Does anyone have any 'quick' weight loss solutions?
How can I get a dancers body without dancing?
detox my system?
Cranberry Juice???
How long does it take to lose belly fat?
Fitness First!!!?
Dieting and have a question... serious answers only.?
Am I skinny- fat?
how many calories in a strepsil?
I need to lose about 13-14 pounds for June 30th. HELP =]?
starving yourself?
weight loss question???
tighten skin after weight loss?
sit ups after giving birth?
weird weight?
Do i have Love Handes? (Pictures)?
ive kinda overeaten, what next?
If i do billy's boot camp elite will i lose 5-10 pounds in 6 weeks?
Nutritional Advice/Diet?
how do steroids affect an athletes performace?
Always want to eat heaps in the afternoon???What can i do to stop??I really want to be able to control myself!
Does it require more energy or less energy to digest fat than carbs or protein?
what is your waight in Killo grams?
how many kilojules are expelled over a 250 meter walk?
what is a cardio workout?
Can i do it? Pls help!?
Are colourful rice crackers healthy?
im 14 and weigh 9 stone am i over weight ?
Lifestyles just for ladies?
I have stretch marks but I'm not fat...?
Exercising while Pregnant?
nodles make you fat?
What is the value of low fat or no fat milk when the decrease in fat content results in increased sodium?
food to give me quick energy?
Does anyone know how many calories are in a pizza puff? (the type you would get at a Chicago hot dog stand)?
I Want To Loose Half a Stone In 2 Weeks?
why have i still got a belly?
Slogans for a healthy life?
How can you lose fat i'm just saying because i feel like i'm in a competition with someone?
Losiing weight?
how many steps should i do with my perdometer to lose weight?
Which exercise?
SOrry if there isnt enough facts in this question...?
is 1100 Kcal ok for one day?
Just Wondering?
can stress from study & work, contribute to weight gain?
am i fat? seriously!! i really need to know!?!?
How to build muscle fast?
hi health question!?
Is it okay to eat rice at night because of the carbohydrates and starches?
What are the health benefits of drinking 1 litre of Fresh Spinach Juice everyday?
Burning Calories - How much really can I lose? Is this ok?
if I smoke either the 1st or 8th of june will I pass my drug test next week but I drink a lot of water,tea?
Are there any foods that really speed up your metabolism?
calorie burning help?
Can't Lose Weight!?
Am i over weight?
how many calories are burned simply bouncing on a yoga/exercise ball?
How to lose 10kilos?
shedding a few kilo's im a couple of weeks?
I recently join fitness first and i paid 40.90 fortnightly for a 1 year contract. Is this normal?
how can i lose 5-10lbs in a month?
Muscle Gain?
whats the best way to lose baby weight?
Building muscle my weight???
Why Do People Think ....?
What would a good diet for a 5'3", 150lbs, 16-year-old girl be?
how can i lose weight fast?
can exercise help?
how to get faster?
how to lose more weight after your body reached its ideal weight?
Where do you go to buy proten bars and powder?
I'm 154 cm. I was 52kg but now im 45kg. Now the problem is my thighs are way out of proportion to my body!
How much time should I spend on tredmill?
ok if i jogg a mile everyday for one month will i lose weight on my thighs,arms,and stomach????
How to lose weight fast, easy, and free?
What to eat after a work out?
is my routine good?
BREAKING a water fast?
Can you give me a routine for losing belly fat?
I need to know how to fit exercise into my day...?
average weight for my size?
Best circuit for me (exercise wise)?
Are there any negative effects if u drink like your protien..details inside..ik sounds wierd.?
why are people saying this? PLEASE ANSWER !! important?
Getting RIPPED!!!!?
How can i lose weight?
Is anybody else a member of Jetts Fitness 24/7?
60 days - Workout Plan - Help?
why it is helpful that the stomach can store 2-3 meals?
Food which doesnot contain fat?I badly need to know?
i need experienced help!!!?
What you doing today?
How do i lose tummy fat?
If someone briefly tries steroids are they at risk for all the horrible side effects?
how can i get myself to like vegetables?
If you could give every american one diet tip what would it be?
please! i need advice!! any advice and tips welcome!!?
Who has used reductil successfully?
help needed please?
please help?
I Cant Say NO to junk food?
working out everyday?
Is yoga difficult and is it benneficial?
need help please?
is it okay to eat 200 grams of tofu daily?
what you doing ?
Chipotle tacos nutrition vaule...?
I just turned 12 and I weigh 122. I'm 5 foot 4 3/4... Is that a good weight? or no? I'm a female if that helps
Will I be tall?
How many calories all up?
Why shouldnt you mix fruit and vegetables on a detox?
i fill my time and pass bordem with food. what can i do?
Can a girl whos 30 kgs overweight lose more then 20 kgs on a juice fast? or just any type of fast in 5 weeks?
Can i still run and be big?
help me plz?
Does oxalic acid inhibit absorption of calcium contained in own food or in all food eaten at same meal?
What are the common side effects of fasting?
How old do I need to be before I can start using leg-weights?
has anyone tried leg magic?
I get extremely nauseated and suffer from epigastric pain immediately after ingesting raw eggs. Any ideas?
Anyone got a wicked cool diet plan?
How can i lose weight quick??? like in 2 weeks how much can i lose?
loosing weight?
I hate to eat?
what is calories into grams?
Excess Skin?
how often should i ???
iam in brisbane and want to buy clenbuterol, how can i get it without going to a doctor?
How can I gain weight without feeling bloated?
Quick flexibility?
Healthy choices- getting motivated to eat healthy and work out.?
in the 90's people knew how to lose weight?
weight lifting?
wtf...i need dome help...?
Is this a good PIG OUT DAY Plan?
hey how can i survive! if im fat as a pig!!!!! nobody has a crush on me what should i do!???
i am 13 years old i weigh 40kg and im 141 cm tall am i fat?
What to do for fat in the shoulder and armpit?
i want to lose weight fast.. i try to eat right and exercise but nothing seems to be working! somebody help!?
are my thighs fat?
help me lose exactly 5 kilos in 3 weeks time!!?
have i got fat thighs?
How much actual water weight can one hold in there body?
advise on how to lose some baby fat?
I am the starting long snapper for my college and I believe I have the ability to go pro but I need to gain 20
I wanted to exercise more but I have some medical conditions.?
Bad body image. Please comment?
protein powder and testosterone booster?
im 15 and want to gain musles like the visual side?
Help with Weight?
On a juice fast, can I drink a tiny bit of red wine?
is it better to excersise straight after eating junk or waiting a bit?
so... a donut has...?
How to lose some thigh blubber in a week..diet and excercise advice :)?
how do i get the GI capsule? and does it work?
Loosing weight fast?
How much vitamin c should I have per day? (percentage wise)?
how to lose weight by the end of august plz help?
How can I get a toned bikini body within 4 weeks?
How much weight will I lose in 2 months? Will this work?
can you have lap band surgery if your blood pressure is high?
What foods actively speed up the metabolism?
Dave and Busters Menu(calories)?
Losing flab and 'spare tyres'?
eating just fruits and vegis????
Super growth and satogrowth are of 1 companies?
How much excerise is needed to burn off calories on a lateral thigh trainer?
What is the best bodybuilding vitamin out right now?
I'm just over 5'8 and i want to lose a stone to become 7 stone 11. How can i do this?
mummy might have cancer :'(?
how do i even out abs?
How do I get muscular thighs that are very tight?
Does running actually help lose thigh fat?
self esteem issues?
Whats the best way to improve lower body strength without excerise equipment?
if u went to the gym worked out a hour a day in 7 days would lose any weight?
I think I'm getting chubby...HELP!?
size 0!? would i be....?
Am I really on the brink of anorexia?
why do i feel lightheaded after a workout??
I'm 14 and i was wondering how i can lose 30 pounds in a month in a half but tone my abs at the same time?
can dancing help me lose weight and if it does how long will it take ?
What is the difference between the Omega 3 fatty acids found in flax seed oil and fish oil?
How can i lose weight before school starts?
How much do classes and membership fees cost at CKO Fitness?
Is it possible for girls to get 'cut'?
Know anything about YOGA?
What do i need to do to this body? picture..?
im getting the cervical cancer needle tomorow and im gonn a be the first person in my class to get it?
i smoked pot onceat the middel of may and my test is in the middel of aug?
What causes someone to not eat certain foods, that they have been eating all thier life?
whats the best way to loose 1kg a week (2.5 pounds)?
What kind of alcohol has the lowest amount of calories/sugar/fat?
I have one uzap. It works well on me. It takes 2 months to see worthy results. Take note, use it consistently!
ugh!! please help!!?
Is this a good steady work out to lose weight?
What are the many benifits of quitting smoking?
Am I starving Myself eating less than1200 a day for 10 days and havent lost any weght what is wrong?
How long will it take to lose 10 kilos from walking 45minutes everyday and dieting?
What do I need to eat in a day to get every nutrient?
Any good ways to lose weight in about 30 days?
Does Pilaties really tone and help you get lean??
What was the name of the Diet Program advertised on the Morning Show recently?
Im 13 and wona lose 14 kg ? Please Help !?
Exercises to build back muscles?
Im 63kgs, 170cm. I believe im 'chunky'?
natural oysters?
too skinny or just right?
i wiegh 55kilo. i need to loose my stomache?
I want to hear from the people whose use the product?
does wii sports help you lose weight?
Where do they inject the cervical cancer vaccine?
how do i lose weight?
Is "baby weight" harder to lose than "normal weight"?
Weight loss remedies? =D?
What gives you the best sugar rush?
Branched-chain amino acid (BCAA)?
Need to get fit and i need your help!!?
Health/weight issues, help!?
cardio exercises for a smoker?
Elliptical at Fernwood Health Club?