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I am looking for a website that you enter in your height weight and body type and it shows you a picture? help
Will becoming a vegetarian help me lose weight?
Guys, witch would you rather have?
Anorexic people ...?
cramps from being over weight?
Am i Overweight? I am 13 years old I'm 157cm tall and I weigh around 63kgs. I am looking to lose weight.?
People like my family make fun of me for being fat, help please?
Help please..do you think this is too much?
Hey guys How much does it cost 2 become a member of Goodlife Fitness Clubs? are/how much are the monthly fees?
simple solution?
I need to get rid of my cold fast(pool party starting soon)?
I wanna work out but l feel embarrassed. How to solve?
Thinking about gastric bypass revision...?
Is anyone here skinny?
morning exercise..?
ABBS workout plan?
What is your opinion on Metabolift- fat burner do they work? Or is it better to do it sensibly yourself?
dose anyone know of any good diets for someone that doesn't have time to eat 6 times a day??
Are eggbeaters available in Australia???
How much caleries do u think i should lose everytime i come to the gym?
can anyone give me some good thigh exercises? thx?
running on a threadmill?
Weight loss estimate..?
How do i loose weight fast?
Help me please!!!!?
URGENT! exercise suggestions needed?
What are easy ways of improving my leg strength?
Making the cabbage diet work?
Getting toned?
i have had my second child and am considering getting my tubes tied.?
I'm 17 & i am 161 pounds how can i loose weight with out the cost of money well not a lot what can i eat & do
What is water weight?
am i normal?
how to lose weight fast?
help im getting married in august and have to lose 10 kilos!!!!?
Dr said i should lose 15kgs.If I go 2 the gym 4x a week, burn 500 cals each time, how long till i get to goal?
Will five days no food and no exercise help me lose weight?
Can I lose weight, by going on a 30 - 40 day meat fast?
Is it possible to trim muscles from your calves?
Leg Exercises...any suggestions??
How do I stop eating chocolate?
Hi i am 13 and weigh 180+ pounds and i desperatly need to lose weight can anyone help mePLEASE I NEED YOU GUYs
how do you get anorexia like to wear yo lose alot of wieght? really fast?
Treatment for CIN III?
How much should i gain?
Big strong woman.?
looking for details abdomen exercise equipment that is inflated (looks like rocking bean) and supports neck an
How long after changing my ab routine due to non responsiveness can I return to it?
How many days per week is it best to exercise at the gym?/aerobics?
has anyone who has lost weight been able to tone up the flabby bits from exersizing?
use of carbohydrate in the body?
I went to the aerobics for the 2nd time in two weeks, how come I feel so refreshed???
Am I fat or very Fat?
Now that Hydroxycut doesn't contain Ephedra, is it safe?
im overweight and im 17 im trying to get rid of all my extra weight ??tips??
What are good foods to reduce uric acid.Some say take dairy products others say reduce.What about blueberries.
What is THE best way to lose MEGA weight fast? FOR KIDS!!!?
Weight Watchers?
i eat fast food after do workout at gym, is that good?
How to get rid of belly fat?
post baby fat?
How bad are sausages if you are health conscious but just have just two once in a blue moon??
Overweight or Obese?
230=-z+148 solve for z?
What is in asparagus that makes your urine smell, and is there any other fruit or veg that will do the same?
is there any foods/fruits that will accelerate..?
what muscles do i need to improve on to?
Has anyone tried Megaslim as a fat burner and did it work.?
how can i get tall without gaining any fat??
is Zalestrim xalled something different in Australia and where can you buy it from?
What is the best way to lose wight from my hips and thighs and tone them also??
Pole dancing classes in South Australia???
Toning question????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone tried the Kick-Start Diet as advertised by Today Tonight on Channel 7 earlier this month?
??Anyone know of exercises to lose weight fast?
Please help! I'm pretty cute but I want to lose some weight. Any advice?
Question bout my mum?
am i over weight?
what is the best way to reduce the size of my bottom.?
just started gym age of 21 about 3weeks that im going gym and i was wondering i can still do weights before i?
Low calories?
i am 16 and 110lbs?
Im addicted to apple juice, how bad can this be for me?
What is the best way to get a flatter stomach without sit ups?
how do you break the binge eating routine i have got this habit that i need to break i desperatly need to lose
how can you lose a lot of weight without pills or other stuff like that?
muscle into skinny?
i went gym yesturday spent about 2hrs and thinking should i go today as well?
i eat banana,apple, peach,carrot and drink milk after coming from gym, isnt good?
How much are you suppose to weigh if you are 5'5 and are 21 years old?
Is anyone addicted to exercise?
OK Listen UP?
Is this healthy for a 13 year old girl...?
Im a 13 year old guy i weigh in 126 pounds is that bad?
Girls! Question for you! What would you rather be: (a) fat and rich or (b) thin and poor?
how many calories should you consume per day, if you normally exercise for 30 minutes?
Muscle Workout everyday, or every other day?
I want to get cut up?
enough exercise?
please help!!!!!!!?
Help a lazy girl lose 7 pounds in 1 week?
podgy belly?
Best Diet Pill in Australia?
How do I find a Good Work Out/Eating plan?
How to run faster?
Why wont my biceps grow??
why people get a cold after having yogurt?
i am a vegetarian in a wheelchair. how can i lose the fat around my hips and stomach w/o eating meat?
how to flatten bloated stomach...quicker way!?
what can i eat to get big and gain muscle really fast?
Are these good measurements ?
How can I figure how much calory I eat each day?
Have you heard about the "Without Lipo Applicators"?
question for the exercise experts?
How many calories should I eat per day if I want to lose weight?
i need to lose 6 kg's by the 16th of may.. i'm counting cals?
i am 29 years old and my height is 5'1 what should be my normal weight?
ok here's the deal?
does smoking help loose weight?
I am 21 5'6 and weigh 235and want to lose 75 lbs but don't have time to go to the gym what should I do?
I want to go on a diet and I need some good food ideas, and some exercises.?
How many calories are in an orange of a medium size?
How can I loose 10 pounds in a week?
Has anyone used choco-trim?
Do you know if taking a laxative each day will help to reduce weight temporarily?
What are ten bad foods you shouldn't eat ?
what is the cause of elevated vitamin b12 when your not taking supplements?
i want to be skinny! by june! or sooner?
Starving with Fruit and Veggies?
Is doing cardio enough to lose 10lbs?
cardio workouts?
ideal weight?
Is it really possible?
hi, im 165cms/5'4 & weight is 60kgs/132 pounds am i over-weight??
how can i stop my self from eating bad foods??
hey i wanna fast for 2 weeks anybody know any good ways to stop de hunger pangs and weakness ??
How do i gain lean body mass that i lost because of starve dieting?
how much weight can i possibly lose in one week??
how much could you loose in 2 months?
Weight Watchers?
cancer jabs tommaror help please!!!?
ive been working out lunges and bicycle stair mast.etc. but i havnt been doing any crunches, i need to lose my
What on earth is happening?
i want a sixpack of abs?
Does anyone know exersises that will tone my bum and thighs fast?
Question for Both Genders. Eight Pack Ab, Social and Sport questions.?
Is my weight normal?
It seems that?
i dont always have a appetite all the time so i only eat once a day?
how to loose weight while on epilysp medication?
how long should my break be between set?
Good Sumemr Excersizes?
low calorie snacks?
i excersize...but i can't stop eating!?
Which skipping method is most benificial?
Will i lose weight if i just eat salad all day and the odd pitta bread?
Will exercising everyday build muscle?
Was I Anorexic?
my face after diet became thin, now when i become fatter , it doesnt become as well, what should i do?
Any ideas for work out that do not have to do with Cardio?
can anyone give me a gym programme to loose weight and tone up relatively quickly?
How can I lose 25 pounds in three months?
Pain throughout body?
what are the side effects of morphine patches?
Cervical cancer vaccine , NERVOUS, HELP?
how can a 13 year old lose weight?
Hi,does anybody know if i can still train with my standing punch ball.I have torn my hamstring and wondering i
can chocolate cause bumps on your face??
Does the Tony Ferguson Diet work?
What stunts growth?
Does Puranol pre-diet flush get rid of thc?
4th day of school and already stressed?
Is it ok to consume fruits after I work out?
10 - 14 lbs in 7 weeks.?
Answers Plzzz!!!!?
What other forms of excercise can I do that is fun? I'm bored of going to the gym.?
Weight Loss Problem?
Does anyone know what sports burn off which calories?
I feel over weight and want to loose about 5 -10kg, any tips other than excessive exercising and starvation?
How can I do more pull-ups?
Can anyone please tell me a good weight loss tablet THAT ACTUALLY WORKS?
Torpedo Treadmill from Kmart?
I need some help.....What is the BEST weight loss pill????
It seems I've got shin splints, how can I ease the ache?
whats a good weight for me??
am i training to hard or to less - please help?
Why am i not getting arm muscle?
I have been gradually losing weight over the past few months, but this week I have gained ten pounds some how.
Can I start Jenny Craig 6 months into pregnancy?
what else should I do?? (please answer!)?
I want to get int shape but i'm lazy any ideas?
Power-walk at full incline?
How much will I lose...?
What gives you protein?? im on and extremly strict diet and i need a lil some thing for it ALSO.....?
Lump in upper arm for about 4 months, in serious pain now. help!?
Food Cravings????
I have always been called "thick"! I hate it. How can a get skinny?
What is a really good way to loose weight?
LISTEN UP look here?
how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks?
HGH Does it work for short kids?
If i ran 3 times a week for an hour but did not change my diet would i lose weight?
Workout question?
what should a cross country runner eat?
Fitness Question?
Why am I gaining weight and not losing?
i am 12 year old i want to be very fit at the moment i am ok with a bit of flab so could you help me?
will i lose weight if i just eat healthy but dont excersize for a couple months?
i am overweight by about 28 pounds; struggling to diet and love food; has anyone had liposuction?
Does drinking lemonade really make you skinnier?
Not to be mean, but when fat people lose weight, do they lose the fat in their fingers and toes aswell?
How would drinking 1-2 days(every weekend) affect my being able to build muscle?
I REALLY need your help!! :(?
What are love handles?
how long would it take to lose 30-40 pounds?
Daily i walk for half n hour still could' nt reduce my belly. pls advice.?
is this healthy?
need advise on working out....?
how do you gain speed?
is it that bad if i want to wiegh 44lbs when im 5.6?
how do i lose weight like all those celebrities who get thin fast?
Im from the UK, Im a size 8 and want to be a size 6, I need help! Im 5'6 but i love Paris Hilton figure?
How much is too much Chocolate?
(Australia) Will Medicare pay for liposuction if I can prove that (my) fat is hazardous to my health?
How can i improve my fitness program?
i haven't changed my diet but lately i keep burping ????
whats the best gym to join?
Can anyone suggest/point me toward an article or database that has to do with eating well on a budget?
Do you think this really works??
What is the best way to increase my stamina?
Braces + Food= Should I eat the PASTA?
i need help on my cousr work?
I am 14 and want ripped abs & have a small layer of fat over my abs what should i do that wont damage me?
Do you go to weight watchers?
If you are 168 cm tall, how much should you weigh for a woman?
exercise addiction?
i am 19, 4ft 11 and weigh 56kg, if i eat 1000 calories per day how much weight can i looose?
Im trying to lose weight?
If i'm doing 2hours 5days a week and 25mins cardio etc at the gym, that enough to lose 35kgs in 8months??
I want to get fit in a month...?
can anyone give me tips for losing weight?
IF I EAT ALOT OF SULTANAS and diet will i lose weight??
If i have wheat bran stuff for breaky with skim milk and the rest of the day only have 99% fat free.. PLS READ
If I ate my foot would I gain weight or lose weight?
What are some healthy meals for kids?
Is there a excercise routine I can do or anything to get me fit in a month?
is it ok to take 2 different diet pills at one time if i find it is helping me lose weight ??????
loose belly skin?
What r some of your favourite tips to lose weight and stay on track?
there are times when im xercising and i feel like i need chocolate.whats happening?
can i lose 10lb???
Really need to purchase phentermine, I live in Australia?
Does hot chocolate,coffee or tea contribute to acne??
what are you going to eat next?
How long does it take you to run 2 Miles and How Old are you?
How can i avoid stretch marks on my thighs? Its not asif i'm fat, i'm 16 yrs, 6ft tall and 58kg (128lbs)
Um should i starve myself today>?or go back to diet?
I have a mate that needs help. no weight training exp, walks 2-3 times a mth - 20mins each time, what 2 do?
How much should a 13 year old weigh....?
How could i lose weight? [Belly Fat]?
Wholemeal or Multi-grain?
What's the best diet/exercise program you've used?
lose weight?
Is it OK to run after drinking of water for 5 min in between?
Ok just want to ask if it is ok to replace your dinner with a glass of milk with honey in it?...IF?
what does this two hours a day?
I have put on a little weight, I want to get rid of it quick.?
Exercising when older - how to do it?
the best way to lose weight?
Regarding my Weight/Apperance?
what is an average recommended calorie intake for a 19year old who weighs 75kg!?
im 15 and skinny with a high metabolism?
What does Maximum Heart Rate actually mean?
does this work?
I'm losing weight!?
What is the healthy weight for a 16 year old male that is 170 centimetres tall?
cellulite or fat?
Abs King Pro??
oversize vitamin pills?
exercise to make ankles skinnier?
Do you think this IS the cure for cancer?..is it worth a try...?
is there a site where u can see a display of you now and it shows what you look like as you lose weight?
What is the most effective exercise for fat buring?
What is a good excercise and eating routine for women with PCOS?
protein diet?
i want to loose WEIGHT! serious answers only.?
Is skipping (jumprope) a good exercise for losing weight?
sore muscles, hot baths, and ice?
does drinking green tea really boost your metabolism?? or is it an old wives tale?
radiation therapy caused bowel cancer op resection to leave a hole where constant infection occurs. Fixable?
Can a no-carb diet harm someone?
how to do you make the legs slimmer and longer and the thighs decrease?
Great Exercises for Lats?
what's better sit-ups or crunches?
skinny weight issue?
calories in food?
Guys, What do you think of Jessica Simpson's toned figure?
Anyone heard of Skin Food?
Period time and diet?
my abdominal muscles are not properly alligned, my right abs are higher than left abs.?
I NEED YOUR HELP... Need motivation...?
How can i stop overeating? I try so hard not to but just cave in somtimes.?
what is a diet to stop the uric acid from happening?
How many reps should i do with these weights? to build up some muscle?
what is over weight?
Is there I can lose weight or have I stuffed up?
what were the results in lalor?
Eating after 8pm?
what happens when the arteries lose elasticity?
How can I increase my water intake?
Will Yoga Help me lose weight??
Weight loss?
Weight help.!!! [[NEED TO LOSE WEiGHT]]?
is having too much muscle mass unhealthy?
How long can I go on like this?
im 15 and 108 pounds but i still have some belly fat how do i lose it?
if ur on a diet and u eat too many calories one day the nxt day can u just eat less and even it out???
Healthy snack for after dinner?
ive been dieting and working out and yet on the scales ive lost nothing??? WHY PLS HELP?
Weight Gain for Fenale Athlete?
Lose weight?
How do prison inmates get so big(muscles) without the neccersary nutrition?
Is this something I should be proud of?
If i eat 800 cals and burn about 200 at the gym 5-6 days a week will i loose weight?
how to get abs?
How can i losse about 20 pounds by January?
what is the cabbage soup diet?
Is there any supplement out there thats legal thats just as effective as Anabolic steroids?
Are there any women out there that have a gym membership and have to keep it a secret from their husbands?
What difference would working out 3 days per week for 3 months make?
I want to diet, but I'm addicted to Starbucks. Is there a way I can diet without giving up my coffee?
How do i get rid of my flabby tum after pregnancy?
Has any one found the CSIRO diet to work?
I'm 5"6" at age nineteen. Is it still possible for me to grow taller? How can I improve my chances of growth?
Will I gain weight if I increase carbs?
How many calories are burned by 10 pushups?
Second 20 easier then first 20...Weight?
am I tall?
What is the only thing in the body that can't repair itself?
Am i the correct weight for my age and height?
my list of vitamins i take daily, vitamin experts please?
is it ok to not eat lunch or breakfast?
I am in the 7th grade, I'm 5'4" , and weigh 120, am i over weight?!?
What is the britian cure for weight loss?
I go to the gym about 5 or 6 times a week for 1.5 hours I do weights and 45 mins of cardio is this too much?
Has anyone ever had knee sugery and fealt worst?
Questions about NV diet pills?
what are the best exercises to do to tone well everything?
Can anybody suggest a great song?
Do you check your heart rate while your walking?
Problem with weight gain after anorexia?
I am a nervous eater, especially late at night when I can't sleep, what is the best way to lose weight fast?
How much weight is recommended to lose within a month? Is 30lbs to fast in a month?
how do i get abbs?
will taking multi-vitamins speed up the weight-loss process?
How do I build muscle best?
I wegh 58 kg and am 5'8. I throw up about 6 times a day. How do you see you are not fat.?
my body fat is 26% I'm 26 yrs. old and 5'2. I weigh 119 how can i get my body fat down??
life expencancy for cns lymphoma patient?
If i have moles, does it mean i could have skin cancer?
Whats a normal models weight and height.. roughly?
is it safe to eat monstera fruit?
Do you lose weight when you get taller?
Health & Fitness?
steroids dose any 1 know what sudo ethergen is?
How do I get my two year old to eat what I offer?
why do i feel tired/sleepy all day after exercising in the morning?
i need 15 pounds gone in 2 2weeks at latest (i know it will come back but its ok) PLS HELP?
Can someone recommend a diet to lose 4 Stone (64 Pounds) a.s.a.p?
I brought the Superdrugs own dieting pills, do they actully work? I've only taken them today so i dont no?
Is it normal for a 14 year old to be 3 cm off 6 foot?
Weight Loss/Diet - The food is too bland..?
is there a way to flaten my stomach in 2 weeks?
how long will it take to lose 15lbs IF I DID THIS?? PLS ANSWER?
my partner needs to lose 50kg, he knows it. why he is not committed to do so, after all?
can you actually put on muscle /tone youre body from doing yoga??
Core Secrets DVD?
Sustagen beneficial in weight gain?
What foods should you eat while you are exercising to help you lose weight?
how many calories should i eat per day?
How much should I eat?
How can I get less ...?
is this possible?
whats the best way to lose weight?
Can anyone tell me what these foods contain?
does anyone follow a healthy eating plan/diet that has helped you lose weight?
Is this ok for lunch?
PLEASE HELP me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is skipping like with a skipping rope really one of the best ways to loose fat fast?
How to prevent muscle-build up?
What can i do at the gym to burn fat fast.. like.........................pls read?
I was just wondering whos tried optifast and how well it has worked for them??
i have very muscular legs!! how do i lose that muscle to make them skinny..?
flat stomach??
New to the fitness thing?
im finding it extremly hard to loose weight im on a low calorie diet i go to the gym every day...PLS READ?
WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO DRINK GREEN TEA? b4 i go to the gym?? after?
Do you feel comfortable when there is people just looking at you while your'e exercizing?
18 or older in spring texas?
Flabby Belly - How can I lose this small but noticeable Jelly Belly?
What are the best foods for fast weight loss? PLS READ?
if all i eat is lettuce and drink water for 7 days and go to the gym 6 days a week ??HELP?
what can i do to speed up my motabilisim? like detoxing or what?
How can i lose at least 30 pounds in 3 - 4 months???
Is it the mucels that burns the fat? pls read?
Will i Lose weight If........... PLS READ!!?
I am going on the drug xenical how is it in loosing wieght I have over 60 pounds to loose?
im going to gym from now early morning so is that better? if so, what should i eat for breakfast?
How can I get ripped?
what is a sweat towel?
can i know how to eat when i am on diet??
i have sugar cravings cause of pms and that makes me put on weight when i want to lose weight any tips on what
what are the three major ways in which the human body uses nutrients?
I have been eating only one meal a day for months. If i start eating three meals again will i put on weight?
what is casein?
I need help with dieting everything i tired has failed .?
When you are doing push-up's pull-ups etc., if it starts to hurt your muscels after 2 or more, should i stop?
What is the point of eating corn if it just comes out undigested in your poo?
please help! how many kilojoules in...?
diet support/tips/advice...?
Are 50 crunches a night for a month making any difference?
Losing stamach fat, with out too much working out due to illness.?
whats the best workout to reduce the size of my thighs quickly?
I will be graduating in May godwilling, and I really want to lose some weight for the big day, im 5'2 150lbs.
I need to lose weight fast for a big party on Sunday?
what are 3 common stages of life when body fat is increased?
Looking for a person Mr Max Day?
What's the fastest and easiest way to get rid of strech marks?
Is this normal?
I am 15 years old, 147 lbs and 5'4 am I fat?
i want to lose my weight despraitly within 15 days how best you can hELP me?
Will joining a gym increase my energy levels? At the moment I feel like a lazy pig?
Aussies - what's the best colon cleanser/detox product available in Oz?
How much weight can I lose in 3 weeks?
how to lose weight really fast?
i wk about 5 16 hours shifts a week..am i over working myself?
How much does the bar on the Smith machine weigh?
Does milk increase or decrease calcium levels?
Is my like workout plan right?
I need to gain more weight how can I do it the healthy way?
how to tone?
Loss of appetite?
exercise in my bedroom?
Achieving emotional & physical well-ness through YOGA. What are the Benefits & some of Poses for a beginner?
i want to loose 17kg (34 pounds) in 20 days (3 weeks)?
good diets?
What are some ways to get flexible for cheerleading?
Treadmill workout??
Explain what ab workouts are?
Does Protein Powder Really Help?
what is the best way to gain weight and muscle for a skinny(boney) guy?
Chest Fat, How to get rid of?
What is the DIFFERENCE between....?
do i wiegh to much?
does anyone know any good ways to fix bloating?
Does a marshmellow in my coffe really hurt that much?
Skipping meals and irritation?
How long does it take to drop a clothes size?
when can i streak my hair after chemo?
my husband has to have a stem cell transplant for lymphoma?
My granda has lung cancer ? :( No treatment options.?
How to Lose the Last Few Kilos ???
Would ten min. of cardio daily suffice, if your new to regular exercise?
what is the quickest way to lose weight, does trim spa or any of those diet pills work?
Eyetoy Exercise??
How much should a 16 year old male 6'0 ft. 185 pounds be able to bench press, squat and dead lift?
How do i get a solid body for free?
Yoga beginner- good books to learn history, e.t.c....?
Quick Fix Diet???
please help me!!!?? im way over weight!?
i need to lose weight fast but how i don't really know what im doing i try to eat well but its not comin out r
does caffeine help with exercise?
How Long Does It Take To Loose Weight?
GOOD OR BAD?? (Sorry for caps)?
if i have an exercise routine in the morning,....?
How Can I Lose Weight?
Help Me Please!! Lower Back Strengthening...?
Started weight training, is itnormal for muscles to feel like jelly post workout? then normal in 2 days again?
Can anyone make me a workout plan? I am tring to lose 10kilos....?
Isn't the Lemonade diet unsafe?
Is anyone out there on appetite suppressants (Hoodia etc?)?
How do I help him cry?
why is a homecare team going to see my sister at home after hearing she has breast cancer?
mum has appointment at encology dept?
Protein bars without protein powder?
has anyone tried the Optifast liquid diet and how much weight lost?
oversize vitamin pills?
push ups problem?
Are eggs fattening - high cholesterol?
wats sum good food to eat when your on a diet?
what is the average weight for a 4 foot 7 12 year old girl?
When to drink Green Tea?
I am 13 and I am still only a 10A bra size. All my friends have at least a 10-12B Is there somehting wrong?
what diet pills work?
Sweat that Fat away!?
Does WuLong tea really works to help lose weight?
Help! Putting on weight and don't know why?
No offence but?
Whats the right weight lifting program for a 14 year old?
What is a great and fast way to lose weight and get into shape for summer?
In Denial about losing weight?
Has anyone tried the CURVES for women exercise program?
Any way of getting my large frame to look smaller?
Does running on the treadmill have the same affect as running outside?
the best way to burn calorites in my room?
Is sweating a good sign?
How can I stop the cramping in my calves??
i am 15 and i bench 100kg squat 140kg deadlift 210kg i way 118kg 6 foot tall? is this anygood?
Big boxing match tomorrow! How can I gain energy prior to the fight?
How many people have died of Obesity in 2006?
what are some healthy but fattening snacks?
is this a good way to lose about 10-15 pounds by January 8th or 9th?
does any body know if is there any problem to order acomplia on line and receive in australia????
How many sit ups and push ups do i have to do to lose 2,000 cals per day?
I just started the elliptical machine at the gym. ive been doing it for 35 minutes 3 days a week...?
Do weight loss pills work?
I want to loose weight quickly in 3 weeks. Will eating only fruits do the trick?
could anyone help me??
start lifting weights?
Can you help me?? Will this help tone my arms?
What can I do to REDUCE the chances of developing the big C (Cancer) in my lifetime,?
My wife has a grade 3 brain tumour, can we still have an itimate relationship?
How many calories will I burn by swimming on a swim team an hour a day?
landfll research into the health hazards?
should schools have more activities in school for gym?
What sizes are considered "big sizes?"?
What's the healthiest way to loose at least 10 pounds in a week?
Do Avocados really make you fat? How often is it okay to eat them, and how much?
How to lose last 5 kilos?
BIGGEST LOSER!! Unhealthy??
I have blood on stool. I hope its not cancer of any sort. I am 19 years old so is it very unlikely?
what is the difference between cancer and diesease?
i hav trouble in losing thigh fat is there an easy way?
whats happening?
Been diagnosed with high grade CIN 2, will this effect my fertility, I'm 35, any advice gratefully received!?
Underweight male going for cardiac diet.?
Safe way to Lose weight fast and Easily?
Flat Tummy.?
What is a person who doesnt like fruits or vegetables mostly just meats supposed to eat and loose weight?
What diet is better...Sureslim or Tony Ferguson's Milkshake (aka Terry White Chemists) Diet?
What are some healthy breakfast ideas that keep you fuller for longer.?
do toning exercises for thighs make your legs bigger ? and why ?
How will I know if I'm bleeding in the brain?
Does this mean she has breast cancer?
If in my sparetime at home I jump on the exercise bike??
i need help!?
what is the best way to give up smoking?
plz tell me how to do the front splits!plz!i really need to know how to do it!in a few weeks or days!?
i'm 5'5, 130 lbs and have some extra stomach fat. what excersises would be best for it, and or techniques. ?
will execise help me to gain weight as i'm too thin.?
Need to lose weight!!!?
How many pounds will I drop if I do as below? ( SEE INSIDE ) .?
How many calories do I burn in an hour boot camp session (approx)?
realistic weight loss goal?
Bored while exercising?
HI!i think and i know im over weight!i weigh 190 which is huge ror a 5,6 14 year old!please help give tips!!!!
toooo skinny?
how much weight can i shed in 16 days?
What is the shortest time it would take me to lose 50 kilograms?
Does anyone out there go to curves gym?
i weigh 65 60 killos am i fat?
Can anyone offer any advice to a recovering African American anorexic?
I have lost 50 pounds in about 2.5 months due to a combo of adderall and self induced anorexia, is this okay?
whats a good workout?
does anyone like smothering?
advice for healthy diet?
how can i loose about 10-15 pounds in 2 monthes?
Gluten Free? Organic or not?
how good does the 7 dfb work?
When does it get that lil easier im on the 2nd day on my STRICT diet and i really feel like quitting but HELP?
IF i only eat 50 cals a day if that but am not hungry and take a laxitive every 2nd day PLS READ?
WHAT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO LOSE 10-12KGS in around 2 weeks or less?
I'm 5'6 and weigh 65kg =143lb is that normal?
is it possible to lose 10kg in 16 weeks?
if all of a sudden you get a real fast motabilisim will you loose weight faster???
My BMI is 25.7 how much weight should i loose im currently at 69kgs?
What is a good breakfast?
why am i such a porker when it comes to eating?
what is the lump in my neck?
pre-cautions of being near radiation...?
can the HPV vaccine (cervical cancer injection) cause infertility?
a question about testical cancer ....?
How long for results on neck lymph node biopsy?
I have been working out and not losing weight?
hoodia in australia?
Were can i buy detox drinks?
how can i lose weight over the summer?
Hanging skin after a 40 pds weight loss?
will getting rid of pop help my little tummy pouch?
How can i go from a girl size 161/2pants to a size 14r girls before school start? Please....................
I always Crave Hot savoury foods...?
What is the best way to tone my tummy without any equipment?
Is it true you have 24hrs to "burn off" a fatty meal before it is stored in your body?
is the MCI ok?
I weight 66kg and I want to lose it fast! Im broke as and don't have much to work with!?
I have a bowl of water in my room does it have something to do with the moisture in the air?
How can i lose weight quick and easy?
How do you lose weigh? I'm 11 amd weigh 134.. i don't look fat but i feel that way :(?
what is up with these 13 -14 year olds wanting to be so thin?
i need some excersizes that i can do at home?
I weigh 115 im a 13 year old girl?
What are the best exercises with a bad back and knees?
my face and chin are round . what exercise or anything can help to make my face longer and my chin sharper?
How can i get my abs flat with no equipment?
i want to loose weight the simplist way there is?
how do i make my tumy flat?
What are some really filling meals that are virtually fat free?
How Do I Lose 5kg?
(Girls Only) Puberty + Weight gain...?
Flax seed / Linseed oil, anyone have a good way of taking it?
Fasting alternatives!?
i live in hostel even on eating 3 time meals i feel terribly hungry because of which i have gained weight HELP
I have alot of calcium in my urine. The dr told me to drink 3 glasses of lemonade a day. Has anyone ever...?
Goodbye- I wont see you for awhile :*( LOL!?
I'm 5'2 and i weight 124 am i FAT!?
What is LSA?
what is a good fad diet?
WHY wont you answer?
Can I lose weight without counting calories?
southbeach diet??/?
My abdominal muscles are unsymmetrical, one side looks lower than the other. Is this normal?
My heights unknown and i'd like to lose a few pounds and its winter right npw so i can't go jogging any ideas?
What is the best diet pill?
loose weight?
Can you get the pill reductil over the counter with no prescription?
How can i loose a heap of weight in 5 days?
Yo-yo dieting?
how to get a 6 pac and how long will it take?
How long will it take to lose 20 pounds?
one of my breast is just a little smaller then the other what dose that mean i have'nt had any kids yet?
Pro's and Con's of Weight Loss Surgery?
boxing weight and is it better to be overweight?
working out?
How far can the average person jog in 5 minutes?
What should I do??
Am i to fat for my age?
I want to loose weight but only doing cardio 5xs a week and someone recommeded muscle milk?
hi im 38 cant lose weight no matter how much i excercise?
i wanna loose 15kg in 2 months?
i am 5 foot 3 am i the normal height Iam 12.5?
My mother has progressive liver cancer and secondary lung cancer.?
feeling fat with the flu?
HELP!! need advice on weight loss?
What kind of things should I be eating during the '3-hour' diet?
my BMi is 34 and i want to have lap band surgery. i don't have insurance. what will it cost for the surgery?
What are the most necessary foods needed to be cut out of your diet in order to lose weight?
im 14 and i weight 145. how much weight will i lose is i eat 500 calories for the nxt month?
i want to have a body like rihanna?
Little ways you can burn calories?
How do you make 2 days go faster?
after delivery i got back slim body but my tummy is not getting flat....can anyone suggests remedy?
I want a tight stomach but the parents are paranoid..What can i do with treadmill to look better?
do guys like abs or falt tummys on a girl?
OMG! Is what she did even possible??
is there a way to lose weight real fast?
How much weight will she lose?
How do you account for so many people who say it works?
I have arthritis and walking is not on. What else can I do other than ride an exercise bike to lose weight?
whats a good way to loose belly fat?
Are these signs of a disorder?
I have a lot of wieght to lose can anyone give me some good tips to keep me motivated???
How can i loose 10 lb in one week?
Does anyone know if you can buy reductil over the counter in Spain?
Can exercise and smoking be dangerous?
why would there be a small pulse deficit in a healthy person?
out of breath easy/help me please?
will my bench grow anymore?? i m 16, 315 by senior year??
what kind of sport produces huge amount of human growth hormone?
NO Xplode & Creatine?
Cheapest Exercise Equipment to flattern stomach?
Can anyone recommend me a good weight-gainer protein shakes?
does sweating make you lose water weight or body fat?
Suggest a name for a mobile gym?
Weight gaining for an Ectomorph?
if i eat fries once at 12 every friday. WILL I GAIN WEIGHT ?
I can feel a six pack but i can only see 4 muscles on ma abs how do i get to that six pack??
please help i wanna be ripped this is my workout 2 days of cardio and 4 days of bodybuilding is it good or bad
im kinda fat can somoen help me loose weight.?
has anyone used HCG and adenosine injectons?
is weird to go the gym to just use the treadmill?
im taking whey protien after the gym,before the gym by 1 hour and before going to bed,is that the right way,an
i am 14 of a slight build if i do w situps and lift 4k on eveery arm and 20 k benching hoe much would i gain?
.Which food are good for skin elasticity?
How do I get thinner/more toned thighs?
How can i not eat food with high calories after i exercise?
Diet when there are gas problems?tea or milk in breakfast when there is gas problem?
Pec Bounce?
on a 1200 calorie a day diet, how many calories should i burn per day to lose weight?
how many are at work and on this?
What do you think of fitness first the gym?
Can someone please recomend me pills to increase my height. Pills that ACTUALLY WORK! i need to gain 6 inches.
Can someone please give me some motivation for sticking to my diet and not breaking it?!?
does anyone know how many calories are in a standard carvel ice cream cake?
I need to lose 60lb to be my 'ideal weight' (in BMI terms) what do i do??
South beach diet?
How do I find a simple easy enjoyable way to be a vegetarian?
Why do I get lower abdominal pains after exercising?
how to get your legs fit.?
Is losing 14 pounds in two weeks bad for your health??
What can I do stay slim after a month of 21st birthdays?!?
i cant seem to shed away fat ard inner upper thigh and upper side thigh. HELP?
I need help naming my new Personal Training business. Any ideas? Thanks Mel.?
How do celebrities get so skinny?
been going to gym for 1month and no results!!?
what do you understand by EAT half and rest full?
do you burn more fat weight lifting or running (cardio)?
if i don't eat dairy how Else can i get my calcium without supplement pleas help me!!!?
are there any side effects to the perfect power 3x supplement? the one that goes with the perfect pushup?
Much much should i exercise?
I am in my teens and i really want to lose thoes last 10 pounds by spring break!! how can i do that???
What will I have to do .... ?
hi my weightis 36 so how many glases of water should i drink to stay helthy?
Am I fat or not?????
how many calories???????????
What is a good ab workout list?
im self-conscious about my legs! HELP!?
How do i get my arms bigger?
Does anyone else feel that this is a major problem for them in reaching their goal???
why is gastric banding supposed to be considered as last resort?
How many grams of each food group should we eat per day?
How to lose 10 pounds????
speed up metabolism?
what is the ideal height and weight of a thirteen year old girl?
I had my galbladder removed last week and am looking for nutritious, low-fat recipes to make. Can you help me?
how many calories is an average teen need to eat a day??
I fasted for two days, but now that I've started eating again, I don't feel full!?
I want to lose weight! I am 14 and 5'9" and wear a size 4/6?
wieght loss?
I have a leaking heart & going to the gym now,my heart rate was 173 yesterday.is that normal when exercising?
Should I try the siegal "Cookie Diet"?
Cellulite gels and creams?
wat exercise will get a 12 ripped n 90 days?
im trying to bodybuild but im trying to get rid of a gut???
If i want to loose weight, what would be the best option and why?
Abs excerises?
help? find a recipe book to gain weight?
do push up build a lot of muscle?
Less hungry since starting at gym?
What is the dietician-recommended amount of sugar (in form of sugar granules, jam, jelly, honey, sweetened?
How can I lose weight around my stomach and thighs quiet quickly? Any suggestions on what to eat or exercises?
hundreds of ideas to loose weight how do you put on weight without binge eating?
i weigh 92 kilos, what is that in lbs?
How can i fit half a grapefruit before each meal if i was to eat 6 small meals a day?
Does anyone have a good 2-3 day detox plan???
Does anyone know of any calorie counting software that is free and not just a trial?
sweating when exercising?
will running on a tredmill give me firmer legs/thighs/butt ?
Reductil weight loss pills, what Anty Depresent can you take with them?
fruits,veggies and a multi-vitamin?
Am i an ok weight?
How do i put less stress on my front neck muscles when doing ab exercises?
How can i stop myself from thowing up or nearly thowing up when i drink my protein shake?
How do I reduce calf size?
I am cheerleader. How many calories do you burn working on cheer jumps?
tighten skin with stretch marks??
how can i tone my abs?
How many grams of fiber is concidered to be a lot?
I have a party in 5 days. But everyone around me is getting sick!!! How do I stay healthy??
how do i ask my doctor for adipex? will he just give it to me if i ask him for it?
Help!!??? What is wrong with me! ...?
Will belly dancing tone up my belly?? HOW CAN I GET A BIKINI BODY ???
why is salty diet harmful to the kidney?
Diet pills with Ephedrine in Sydney, Australia?
What's something simple that you can quickly eat or drink to prevent yourself from vomiting?
Tone legs!!!!!......?
skipping meals to be skinny?
calorie counting plus treadmill?
what is the best way to loose weight?
y do legs feel heavy when u run after a while?
can eating only 300 calories a day really help you loose 30lbs in 2 weeks??? I SAW SOME 1'S ANSWER!!?
anyone on xenical for weight loss?
how much should i workout on treadmill & cross trainer?
can i increase my weight. i m 17th years old?
Please help dancer lose 15 lbs by 4/1/08 for huge audition.?
am i over-under-or regular?
I itch when I go jogging, wtf?
im fat how can i be thin?
Am i overweight .?
How do i put on wieght with and get mucsles??
what is a quick and easy way to lose weight after having a baby??
Do you have to go to a gym to workout????
Remove Kgs?
Exercise music?
Will this sweat wrap make my stomach smaller faster?
Thigh workout machine?
im skinny i need help to gain muscles ina healthy way.....and suggestions?
Did I work out and eat good today?
Im having foot surgery but i dont want to end up gaining weight.?
does any one know a good calculator to see how many sit ups i should do every night to loose weight?
Is it wrong to eat a sour food or drinks when you have a menstruation?
i had a tyre of fat around ma belly and wen i stick my belly in the tyre is still there?
will my body fat % increase if I don't consume much fat?
I'm going to a water park called Kalahari in a month with my school and need a six pack! HELP!?
Is it easier for a skinny person to lose weight and tone up then a slightly overweight person?
Is there something wrong with me????
muscle strength?
How can I stay motivated to get in better shape?
Do NOT answer this... actually... can you answer this? :)?
Have you ever fasted? If so, how long??
I cheated?? What will happen?
im not fat just wide, i have really big hips or "love handles" its summer and i really wanna lose them quickly
Can excercise make you sleep alot more?
What is THE BEST exercise for trimming thighs? I already walk & cycle, but what else can I do?
loosing weight?
What is a diet plan you would recommend for convenience?
how can i lose 70lbs in 5 months with limited resources?
should i do tony ferguson or weight watchers diet..which is better?
how much should a 5'2" female, age 24 weigh?
seriously, are baked beans good when trying to cut out processed foods?
im all ready fit and weight 150 all ready skinny do i need to lose weight to get better six pack?
feel sick after eating banana?
Curves For Women In South Australia?
After the best lower stomach exercises....?
why cant i loose weight?!?!?
does anyone know a good, not boring, fast diet that i could start?
Any ideas on how to get motivated to lose weight??
How to tone your body?
Do you burn more fat running than swimming?
How fast did you see results with pilates on your legs?
Exercise? why bother?
I need to lose 10kgs before I get married in April 08? HELP?
YOU CHOOSE!! Running or Walking?
what happens when you bite of more than you can chew?have u heard the saying my eyes are bigger than?
dus dr. john tickell's trim shot work?
I want to start a weight loss plan where I don't eat after 4.00pm each day, will this work and is it healthy?
Anything I can do to get rid of....?
I am wanting a recipe that is quick (like 10 mins) and easy and basic.That is very healthy?
average chinese male height is=?
How to strengthen my body?
how can i order sauna solution belt in singapore??
Does anyone know of a wheat free Meal Replacement Shake for weight loss?
Is this good for maintaining weight?
The Best Way to Lose Weight Fast?
im 13 and im 178cm tall and weigh 75 kgs i want to lose weight and tone my body?
what is the best supplement to take???
I don’t know how to gain weigh. ??
I am to take my pills with food, how long after a meal can I take them?
Does my friend have an eating disorder--i need help?
whats the weight??
what do you think about this??readdd?
Ladies, after pregnancy, did you're stomach fat remain, and with loads of stretch marks??
Am I Overweight?
Safe muscle/body building supplements?
my best friend doesnt eat a thing at lunch or at snack. does she have a diseise? what should i do? im worried?
been losing a kilo a week, how can i increase it?
What are the main types of laxatives.?
Know any good vegetarian recipes? Are there certain vitamins I should take?
108 and 5'3 BIG or small?
what's the point of bulking up?
Anyone know of good exercise websites??
Overweight son?
Do I have to gain weight - 5'7, 47-48kg, asian girl? If so, how?
Anorexia advice?
How often do you eat takeaways??? When was the last time and what was it???
how can i loose weight fast?
I had Gastric bypass and need to know how many calories should I be eating if I walk 6 miles a day?
The spelling is 'Lose Weight'. As in 'I want to lose weight'. Why does everyone spell it 'Loose'???
How much is the average of a 9 year old boys weight?
how can i lose alot of weight fast i am 14 and 5'1, 130 lbs but i don't want any diet pills just healthy diet
about how long should it take before i start to see changes if im drinking protiens and if i drink protiens if
How many calories am I meant to eat?
What is the best way to help you in Weight watching???
would you like to know what you would look like when you are older?
I'm 5'1 and 97lbs, am I an unhealthy weight?
How do i get muscle tone?
what are some good excrsizes for getting rid of belly fat?
Track,soccer, or softball. How do i train for these spring sports?
As long as you loose no more than 2 pounds a week is loosing 30 pounds healthy then?
How do I find a plaster/cast technician?
Whats the quickest way to lose 5 pounds.......need it shed in 14 days without making myself ill.?
what is the quickest way to loose weight?
this might seem dumb but what is protein?
How much do you pay at the gym?
Is resistance training, pilates and yoga enough to sucessfully lose weight and tone up???...?
how do I maintain gym motivation?
what time of the day is better........?
Maximum lbs/kgs?
Is this anorexia or just a loss of apetite i dont know?
Diet Pills?
i would like to losses about 23kg wait would be the best diet for me i am 51 years women?
Is 35kilos average weight for 10 year old?
I need to build general muscle quickly but i have no equipment?
please help?
I'm 5'3" and weigh 160. I'm in a size 14. What would my approx. size be if i weighed 113?
my body has a nice shape, but i just want to firm it up, and make my chest and bum harder, im a guy btw??
wanna lose weight?
how do I get a flat stomach with nice abs?
OK, I know muscle weighs more than fat but when will I start seeing the scale move?
how much weight will i lose?
Need help lossing weight!!!?
how much weight should i lose doing this??
What are some great exercises targeted for thighs & love handles???
i need to loose lots of weight in a short ammount of time. hints on crash dieting? thankss?
What are some new, cool and tough abs exercises. Like something really hard?
How Do People Get Eating Disorders?
morning routine?
will i become anorexic?
is muscle overrated?? (mostly for the ladies, but feel free)?
I need to know evrything you know about Stanazol.....?
So I was watching the Biggest Loser last night?
My husband eats 4-6 pieces of bread/toast with at least 2 meals per day. Is this too much? i think so?
How honey is helpful to loose weight ??
Target toning exercises for legs and hips?
What's the best way to lose 10lbs?
Has anyone tried thyromine? does it work?
How much protein is best for me to intake...etc.?
if i starve myself ..?
Diet Question, about vegetables..?
*.*.*.*.*ORGANiC *.*.*.*.FooD.*.*.*.?
Is 2.5hour power walk/jog 5days a week enough to lose 1kg a week??
Wanted to find out if anyone has tried Xenical and how successful they were?
Lose weight from eating rice crackers?
what do you say????????? Please help?
What is the most drastic amount of weight you lost in a short space of time?
eating DINNER?
Will this help me build muscle?
How many kilojoules a day should I consume to lose weight? I am 177cm tall and currently 68kgs.?
i weigh 108kg how many calories should i eat to lose half a kilo a week?
to gain weight can 2 eggs per day is sufficient? im 20 yrs old girl and weigh only 38 kg?
fitness testing for body builders?
Burning Fat?
Yoga?? Anyone have advice?
what is something healthy you can eat ? ( quiz)?
How many times should i take 100% WHEY GOLD STANDARD,i know i should take it after exercise,should i take mor
Im really bored and i want to do some exercise. Any ideas?
bodybuilders please help me!!!!!!!!!?
i am 14 and i weigh 40 kg's .i am very thin and active. how can i put on weight and get some muscles?
Am i too skinny and am i eatting wrong?
How can i put on weight in a healthy way?
How does a woman get a ripped looking tummy?
Whats the best form of cardio there is to lose weight???
I want to lose weight and i have a year to do that! Can you help me??
Is this healthy?
What is a weight loss plan...?
Lung cancer non smoking related..?
need to reduce my wieght like upto 3-4kgs ang i specially want to reduce my tummy weight and get it flat.?
will i lose weight eating this:?
Diet and eating correctly?
1 week Diet a good idea?
effects of detox?
I am 13 years old and i am a size 12 am i fat? i weigh 62 kg and i'm 165cm?
is fat, fibre, protein or starch needed in the diet to keep food moving through the intestine?
please please I need quick advice before?
what's better? open this please?
what should i do ?????????
whey protien? gaining weight?
Quick question?
How to lose 20kg in 2 months?
whats a natural steroid or something to help me build muscle.?
you see these people on tv that r so fatttttt i mean 200 kg do u feel sorry 4 them?
How do you clear congested fat pockets on body????
I was in the weight loss plateau, PLS READ?
im 17 and i way 200 pounds i hardly eat, but still seem to gain alot of wieght why is this?
Why is breakfast important???
Am I getting thyroid cancer?
how can i lose weigh fast?
how much weight can be lost in 3 months?
breast development excersices??
how many teen girls diet a month?
I always eat chocolate too much what can i do ???????? please help me?
Am i overweight?
its nearly 7 month since my delivery,can i start doing all yoga exercises?is it safe?
if anyone is doing yoga he or she must have known the exercise named "kapalbhati",?
lose weight and tone fast?
What is the best workout for a flat tummy that you can do in your house?
I am a 27 year old mum of 2. im 5ft 11 and 102kg, I want to get into body building.whats the best way to do it
joinin he army in a month gotta lose 25 pounds help i no its unhealthy so yeah?
i need help please only guys?
have any body got any diet tips?
whats the best type of tobacco to smoke i don't mind about the price?
healty eating?
Building muscle please help ill give firest proper answer 10 points?
Im 5 foot 8, im 14 and I wiegh 125 lbs. Is that overwieght?
I am 4`11 and weigh 98 pounds what is my body mass?
What are the benefits from drinking Green tea?