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How Many Calaries, And How Much To Burn?
What are some healthy eating, lifestyle, resources? ?
I need a online trainer?..?
How do you become anorexic?
Yoga for healthy knees?
Has yoga helped you lose weight?
Should I eat before I workout or after I workout?
Does mouthwash cause mouth cancer?
why am i not losing weight?
whats the quickest way to lose weight?
is there any way you can make your but smaller ?
What Should I use to help bulk up?
Did I eat too much today?
What's a good healthy diet thats easy to stick too?
Have i got lung cancer?
Does LA Weight Loss work?
what you guys think of my diet plan?
if a dr starts cancer treatment, can he refuse to continue because your insurance denies the claim?
Could lumpy/ bumpy bits at the top of the testical (not in the testical) mean cancer? Please help?
Can metastic brain cancer be benign?
What are the early symptoms of bowel cancer? (and the progression?)?
flaxseed paste and cancer cure?
Safe diet pills?
Do you know ? that there is a risk of cancer in homes?
how many non smokers under 30 get bladder cancer?
calorie question?
can cervical cancer pass from Mother to daughter?
poorly dog could it be cancer?
My dad has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.?
Lymph nodes behind ear and on arm?
prostate cancer question?
cervical cancer vaccine?
My Doctor said I had skin cancer but now he says it's not....?
skin cancer please answer?
I have cancer-I have a lot of medical appointments to attend-I don't get paid for the first 3 days sick.....?
Cervical cancer jab, is this true?
can i have an eyelash extention if i have cancer?
do you have to get the cerviacal cancer jab at school or can you get it done at doctors?
i have 2 possible symptoms of anal cancer but i dont bleed often from back but have severe itching . any help?
Would an x-ray show lung or male breast cancer?
How many days of the week should a muscle be worked in the gym for maximum growth?
How can I tone my tummy up after having my baby?
I'm 26, 5'3" and 69KG.How much will quitting carbohydrate help me in loosing weight?
At what age do most ppl stop being physically active?
what different exersices can i do that will burn more fat in less time that i can do at home without equipment
what is the fastest way to build up your abs muscles and lose wieght?
i want to lose weight. im only 23 and weigh about 100 kg, what is the best way for me to do this?
I have extra fat at belly area what is the effective way to reduce it??
Im 169cm tall, female 75kg in weight what is my healthy weight range and bmi?
im 200 lbs with 5"6' tall..how do i do to lose weight?? shall i take medicines?
Can you lose weight by not eating carbs after lunchtime + just steak n salad for dinner?
losing weight?
I need to lose weight - please help?
I'm 24. I'm 5'7 and 150lbs. Am I overweight?
What are some good exercises do to at home with out buying exercise equipment?
How can i get motivated to lose weight?
what is the safest and most effective way to lose weight?
I excercise, try to follow a healthy eating plan, still can't lose weight, instead I put more on. Why?
whats the best way to lose weight when u have 4 little kids to take care of aswell n not much time thank u?
does any one track their weight loss online? Can you recommend a site?
how can i loose weight extremely fast without surgery?
Did any body knows about slim tea and how it work to lose weight.?
Can anyone tell me about Phentermine? Pros/Cons and the whatnot of it?
Cancer questions, can you help?
serious question about cancer?
Is there any way to prevent a stitch (while running, for example)?
need to lose 10-15 kgs very quickly for family event, how?
I have lower disc bulges and want to know some exercises to trim my waistline?
What are trunk excercises?
I'm not losing any weight please help me?
Do you know any exercises that will help me tone in the thighs and stomach?
What (if any) is the health benefit from working out in heat vs. cold?
Do you smoke cigarrettes?
whats are the options for a girl to wear at gym,what sort of shoes are best and comfy?im fat cant wear skimpy?
Is B12 Really supposed to give you energy?
body size(read below to find my Q")?
Can tamarin make people gain weight?
What sort of exercise, physiotherapy or Yoga, you can suggest to reduce tummy. My age is 69.?
is there a quicker and better way to loose weight than just excerising?
How much should my ten year old son weigh.?
is it ok to run everyday?
what is the safest way to lose weight?
i was wondering if there is anything healthy that you can eat as much as you want of without gaining weight?
How do you turn fat into muscle quickly, without lots of heavy weightlifting?
How much weight would this person lose?
how can i loose weight without diet or exercise?
i need to lose about 10kg for my wedding. Was wondering how?
what can i do to lose weight off my arms in 3 weeks?
Can children get polyps?
How to work out your back becuase i want to get rid of the back rollz errr?
what is the best way to lose 2.5 kgs?
What does salt do to the body? is there such thing as having not enough salt?
how many carbohydrates(gm) a day is required for a human body?
my arms are really weak, i cant even carry a book for more than 5 mins how do i strengthen them?
How can a13 year old girl who goes to school on week days lose weight as quickly as possible, i am 60Kg?
What type of exercise can i do?
What is a good exercise for a disabled person? Stomach and weight loss?
What is the best way to strengthen knees?
Whats the best way to increase muscle without weights?
what are some good stretches for the hip flexors (front of leg)??
What is calisthenics in america?
what fruits are best for weight loss and good skin?are strawberries and kiwis healthy?
What are onions good for in the sense of vitamins and or antoxidents? or are they only good for bad breath?
What is the beast way for children to loose weight?
I've hit a plateau on my weight loss, how can I get past it?
i have tried losing weight and can't, what should i do? I walk and watch what i eat but nothing works.?
my hips are so much how to decrease that easily without doing any hard work because i m a student &i dont hv t
Suisse Slim-dr.? I'm questioning this mailing company's authenticity.Who else received/s this info letter??
how much cardio and weight lifting should i do in one whole exercise session.?
Is it good to water-load?
would i lose weight by taking fish oil tablets i need 2 lose 5 kilo in 2 weeks?
how old do you need to be to use creatine.?
could anyone tell me if apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight and why?
If you dont sweat when working out does that mean your not working out hard enough?
Who goes to the gym and if so do you do the classes and what is you fav class?
do i look like im in good condition for 46?
Is 145lbs fat for someone who is 5'7??
what are the advantages of joining jenny craig?
Anyone who is on sureslim or that knows of sureslim?
Does anyone know of a good diet for lowering your triglycerides?
Is coffee ok after a work out?
How much water do we REALLY need?
drinking tea?
Can anyone please inform me on what to sort of food to eat to help reduce cholesterol?
i weigh 45kg,WAY under weight. I eat what i want (mostly junk), but i cant gain 2 look healthy. tips?
Why is this happening?
Has anyone had any success with the CSIRO diet (Australian)?
Tell me ways to gain weight without being able to eat any dairy products or meat.?
Doe's anyone have a copy of the pamela anderson diet that was in a magazine during her baywatch days?
how do you lose 10 kilos in a week...or 2?
what are the benefits of soy milk compared to dairy milk? I am considering a switch?
How organic is SUBWAY sanwiches? Does it have dodgy stuff in it like Mcdonalds?
How many times a week should you go to the gym?
Could you personally live on this diet?
will eating a quarter a bowl of cereal with semi skimmed milk make me loose weight fast?
How long can you go without doing exercise before you put on weight?
I think I've got cancer, is it possible to get a scan?
was jades cancer retribution for being a racialist?
I need to grow a few inches...........what food or excersice does that?
uses of a salad?
Eating Problem?
Has anyone heard of Zero-3 weight loss tablets?
whats the best way 2 tone yr legs?
what is 257 pounds converted into kilos?
is jogging on the beach(sand) more effective for weight loss as compared to normal roads??
Are there any particular foods that are good for relieving headaches and tiredness?
what type of foods provide us with energy?
What foods contain copper?
I have been off the cigarettes for 2 weeks now im still getting cravings how long till they stop?
i would like to knew Walther i am over weight?
I juice fruit and vegetables every day and would like to know if it is ok to mix the two together.?
Is there a "fat gene" and if so can it be turned off?
What is the healthy weight for a 21 year old, 165cm tall female (in kilograms)?
How do i stop eating too much food?
Need Help. I am approx 165 cm tall and weigh 72kgs approx. I am very unhappy about my size.?
For "Down-Under Yahoo-Heads"?
Is carob better for you than regular chocolate? or is it just as bad?
What is a good exercise that drops body fat but does not build muscle?
Can a blood test show if someone has cancer?
When people talk about "crunches" in exercising, what do they mean?
slow metabolism?
What do morbidly obese do when they get to the stage where they can't shower themselves?
what is it called?
if i did this in a typical day, would i lose weight?
drinking heaps of water....going to the toilet?
what is the most proven and healthiest way to lose weight fast?
is childhood obesity the result of genetically modified foods,electrosmog,or aspartame?
How can i lose 10kg in a few weeks?
Tingling thighs caused by exercise?
hoe do i lose weight quickly in time for a wedding?
Feeling faint when exercising?
I want to start exercising every morning.... is it better to exercise before or after breakfast?
this is an aerobics question about shoes or no shoes!?
please help i only have 2 months to loose more than 50lbs.what to do please help help desperate..?
Do guys like fat skinny or over weight girls?
What is the easiest way to lose weight when you dont have much time to exercise??
what is a safe amount of calories to cut out?
Can someone throughly explain the lotte berk method?
Looking for Pharmacy - Chemist. Terry? Weight program soups meal replacements strawberry and cream 1 flavor?
my right knee hurts when I run?
how to reduce weight while breast feeding without taking any pills or excersise?
can i lose 1/2 pound on my waist in 1 hour? i have a bet goin on wit my friend 4 $1,000. if so, how?
is this ok areobic/cardio exercise?
does anyone know how to make the protein in the shakes?
I'm addicted to eating :( How can I give it up and eat only when I'm hungry and I need to???
does this do anything?
I'm thinking of using diet pills?
Adderall - Help with Weightloss?
what day should be a "rest" day?
what is the takeaway meal with the most fat content or calorie count?
I never eat breakfast - what can I do t compensate?
i have put on 25 kilos in the past year. help i need to lose it i feel so disgusting and im nearly 100kilos.?
are situps/crunchs the only way to get a flat tummy?
online fitness forums?
hi i have been on my diet for 5 months and i lost 30kg if any 1 needs help doing a diet i will be glad to help
do the ab roller things really work?
how can i lose the fat on my lower legs?
help me detox?
ab roller question?
Where can I get dietary firbe from?
How long do I have to study to become a personal trainer? And is it a decent paying job?
FAT ANKLES ie Cankles?
Does anyone remember the name of the diet biscuits from the 80's and 90's?
how many calories does walking.........?
water instead of food?
questions about the cervical cancer jab?
is the cervical cancer jab made with any animal products or by-products?
What is best to tone up you body?
whats the best way to loose fat on arms, im 23 yrs old girl, if weights how much kgs of it? im 5'6, 110 kgs
Are there any indoor swimming pools in Sydney except Cook+Philip and North Sydney?
is this healthy...my average day?
I am normal weight but flabby, why cant I lose it.?
How much is 63kgs in pounds???
is this an ok workout plan?
Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Overweight & unable to exercise due to pain... Anyone with simular issues or answers???
beginners Pilate's DVD?
Is low GI diet the same as low Gluten diet ?
i need to lose weight fast exspecially around the waist any ideas?
Am i Too Fat?
does anyone know about (? spelling) anti-rheumatic "wulfrum factor" in cows milk destroyed by pasteurising
What is the average length of time that a person can hold their breath underwater?
Is multigrain bread or rolls healthy?
ECA stack increasing my appitite???
what is the best way to loose weight and keep it off for a 14 year old?
where can i get a copy of the quick start diet developed for heart patients?
What was that "diet" called that was on Channel 7 A U S T R A L I A last night ...please?
is this okay exercise?
shakira abs?
3 reasons why did lung cancer increase in 1910 to 1970?
Do 1/3 of people get cancer?
where to get cervarix vaccine in scotland?
how many calories do jumping jacks/star jumps burn?
I'm really busy is this gonna help me lose weight?
what body mass index should i have for my abs to show?
Should I go back to my old gym?
i need to lose the fat!!!?
Where can l learn Yoga for free?
Health wise, whats your recommended breakfast ?
I've just noticed a tiny bit of cellulite on the top of my leg....yikes...wat's the best way to get rid of it
What do you do when your friends sabotage all your weight loss efforts?
whats the difference between polates and yoga?
I have been eating so little for so long I now put on weight by eating a normal meal. What can I do to reverse
Do I need to lose any weight?
does ne1 know a real quick but safe way too loose weight?
Has anyone tried a food replacement called "optifast', Can anyone tell me anything about it?
Can you live off celery and water?
Has anyone tried the Sureslim programme?
Start to notice myself gain back, please advice!?
Are fats more harmful for health or carbohydrates?
How much do my breast implants weigh?
Are Cornflakes bad for you?
How do I stop the late night snacking?
How can I get rid of my cellulite?
how can I loose weight?
is it possible?
Question about baked beans?
How do you get stretch marks? can you get them from working out? how do you get rid of them?
does anyone know where to buy red clover seeds for spouting in WA?
what is wrong with bulimia?
How is Fitness one Gym in Bangalore?
Drinking water !?
what is that muscles called that sort of looks like a v.?
Are baked beans really good for you? Or is it just a marketing tactic?
How can i get toned legs in a week? how much exercise do i have to do and what do i have to do?
Caffeine Withdrawal - Headaches?
Where can I find research & statistics about whether athletes should continue traning over summer or rest?
what do protien drinks do for you/me?
what would i benefit more from?
If I ran ever night how long would I have to run for to lose 5kg a week?
im 13 and i weight 175lb. and im suppose to weight 90 to 100 lb. can some one tell how to lose weight really?
Can eating grapefruit daily help accelerate weight loss ???
Is cow-milk really bad for humans? including all cheeses?
hi i am getting married and wont to lose weight can you help?
What is the rockmelon diet?
What happens if we consume too much fat?
am about 70kg..l have tried all kind of methods...na my man is running for cover..lol...what do l do..quess!!!
My dad had cancer and was off for most of the year. He had 23 days hols left, but they wont carry them over ?
Help for ones having Chemotherapy?
Lung cancer..not doing anything about it..should i break up a relationship?
doctors please i need advise?
If you have ovarian cancer, can it spread and give you skin cancer aswell?
Is soda water bad for you?
what is the safest way to lose weight i need to lose 10 kg by christmas?
Is coffee really that bad for you?
iam trying to lose weight and i work out 3 times a week work @50 hours a week eat right,but cant lose weight?
How does exercise prevent you from getting cardio-vascular?
does anybody know a thing.?
is there a measuring method to developing a perfectly symmetrical physique in bodybuilding?
why does the media always pick on McDonalds?
How much weight have you lost from using Dexatrim Max2o?
Will I see a change?? is this good enough?
What the best website for finding anwers to questions for Cert. 3 Fitness instructor?
what causes energy deficiency? what are the consequences of chronic engery deficiency?
What is the difference between overweight and over fat?
Stay At Home Mum Needs Help with Diet and Exercise Routine to Suit Her Lifestyle....HELP.?
Ok what is right?
green tea,black tea, herbal tea, which one is the best for health, which one cant drink with milk and why?
how many stairs are in a floor?
To all the girls out there. How on earth am I supposed to keep a flat stomach when I'm not overweight?
I dont want to a lot of weight i just want to tone my tummy and maybe my bum?
Does coffee contain cholesterol?
Phentermine quick survey - EXTREME FATIGUE?
Haw anyone used Xenical? If so, what is your opinion?
Anyone know any quick and inexpensive lunch tips that are healthy??
Weight loss?
why food does not have all nutrients its supposed to have/?
My mum is fat. Does this mean that I am guaranteed to get fat also?
What is the best HR zone to develop cardiovascular training?
Anybody here do Zumba and have you lost weight?
how many kilograms per week does one expect to lose 30 minutes of exercise 3 days a week?
What can you do to age gracefully?
if you kept the same diet, but started to exercise would you lose weight?
what is the normal weight for a 13 year old girl who is 164cm tall?
How safe is to use BIFIDUS with milk products?
intrested in losing weight?
wot is the best diet for a breast feeding mum to loose weight?
So I have not ate meat in about five years now.................?
Why do I get pain in my knee when swimming but not during other sporting activities?
appetite suppressers?
what is the difference between calories and fat content?
i am a very large person and desperately need to lose weight but have no money for gym?
Soup recipe that is calorie free - does anyone know the recipe?
I have never been able to do push ups. Is there certain weight I can work out with that we make it easier?
what are calories?
How long does it take normally to lose at least 3 kilograms?
Is phenylalanine a good substitute for sugar?
Vitamin & mineral drink?
normal weight for 15 yr old boy?
weight loss?
has anyone tried xenical weight loss tablets?
Can artificial sweeteners cause weight gain in diabetics?
Why does coffee make me want to go to the toilet?
lose weight?
could anyone help me out with this question???
why cant i get motivated to exercise?
what if I'm not hungry?
I drank 4 litres of water...?? HELP..?
Have you tried EVERY DIET on the planet, ONLY TO GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK AGAIN?
does anyone know a sight for curves ladies fitness centres?
im after a sight for curves fitness centre in bendigo vic?
Are sultanas Healthy?
How long will it take for THC to clear out of my system for a drug test?
how can i lose weight and please real answers only?
Will somebody tell me a really quick way of losing my tummy before the summer of 2006 hits?
whats a fast way to lose a lot of weight?
Would you consider this an eating disorder?
How do u constipate urself..??
girlfriend is in agonizing pain with the hpv jab help?
I am confused with what vitamins do what for your body? I know Calcium is good for your bones?
How many calories should i take in and burn a day to lose weight?
What are the benefits of backward cycling?, if any?
Can anyone please tell me more about aikido?
Eye Toy for fitness??
Abs......six pack or eight pack? which do you prefer?
how much Pseudoephedrine to strip fat?
Why am I CRAVING sweets during atkins induction? I am sticking to the rules, but omg I'm craving sugar!!!
does any one know of a web site to help me work out the amount of cholesterol in a recipe?
What size weights should be used for a lady to get arms like Sarah Connor in Terminator?
big thighs?
I have just started a healthy eating and exercise plan, im in the 4th week..?
before or after??
do you burn any calories if you dont eat at all for a day , without excercise?
Has anyone ever heard about 'Lipowrap'? Do you know if it actually works, or is it just another diet scam?
phytochemicals in mushrooms and capsicum?
I can't seem to loose weight or get motivated to.?
I've got 10 kilos to lose and I smoke, should I quit or lose weight first??or do it both at the same time??
"Beauty is on the inside"?
Does anyone know about weight loss surgery in Brisbane or a doctor called Blair Bowden?
I have a stepper and it is really hard work I can only manage up to 3 mins at a time how much is enough?
tips on building upper body?
optifast diet shakes?
Has anyone got any tips on how to get two litres of water in to me?
How do you overcome the humiliation of exercise?
Exercises I can do to get a flat stomach?
I am now 14 years old, and I will be 15 next month. I'm only 5 ft tall only. How can I be taller?
i really want a low fat nutrition diet! Any tips???
Help! - I want to lose the 2 kilos I put on! - & Keep it off!?
what is the best and quickest method for making home made pizza?
Could I be heading for an eating disorder?
I am on the Cohens diet and would like to ask some questions to anyone who has done it..?
Cohen's Diet?
Has anyone had success with the Diet No More NECTAR natural eating course?
Where can I purchase a Kettlebell in Italy?
is the water in coffee and cordial counted in my daily intake or is it not water anymore??
I have started going to gym how long before I start loosing weight?
Am I working hard enough at gym I don't feel sore the next day?
Riding to lose weight?
strength 14 year old guy?
What is the average weight for someone that is 5' 4" and is 12?
my legs are really muscular and i wanna slim down my legs but i dont want to end up building muscle over fat!?
time 2 excursize?
How can I lose weight without being on a diet or doing killer exercises?
How much do you exercise in a week? and what exercise do you do? Do you exercise for fitness or weight loss?
i got to sign on at 1.10 but i feel relay sick if i call will thay sign me on?
why is that cancer sufferers cant get financial help?
Before my wedding over a year ago I used sunbeds several times to get a tan.?
how long do your organs still function after death?
What is the recommended daily intake of calcium for women?
Is there any 24 hour gyms in Brisbane, Australia?
Does anyone know any great tasting diets to help me lose unwanted winter kilo's for the aussie heat?
Is it true? That you shrink at the age of 30??? and why?
Describe the benefits of a well balanced diet for an elderly person in an aged care facility.?
I am a gastric by-pass patient. I have severe cravings especially at night. I am up eating 3-4 times a night.?
5 years out of RNY / Cravings?
does anyone know how many points Splenda or Equal is on Weight watchers?
My Fat Legs...?
What are some good exercises to take weight JUST off the legs?
how efective is gymball excersising?
Any good slimming techniques for my thigh's?
Is there any health issues if flatulance has become a problem.?
Mesotherapy how much does it cost?
Does it make any difference whether you run on a treadmill in the open due to the fresh air outside?
Lately I have little appetite. Will it go away on its own safely?
How can I get abs and how does it take?
are their any weight loss pills out their that really work?
Can I feel better in just 4 weeks?
I need to loose weight quickly and easily, can anyone help me?
Metabolism in hibernation?
What natural way is there to keep awake & alert during a vigil?
Psycological appetite suppressants?
i want to be a fitness trainer. where can i find the best school or institute to attend.l live in leeds. u.k.?
Just taken up running .... will the agony pass!!?
how many kilo is ten stone?
A Question About Weight!!! PLEASE HELP!?
Weight Watchers - Points question?
Does water dehydrate your skin?
im 5f 6 inches 70 kg is this a ideal weight?
Why do most people still feel hungry after eating an asian meal?
what is the best way that people know to control emotional eating?
how do i loose weight on my thighs?
how many calories do u burn while sleeping?
What is the best way to drink my 8 glasses of water each day?
how long can a person last without food? without water?
what is a hill billy?
people find it difficult to stick to diets, so how can you stick to one without failing?
what is the easiest way to lose weight fast.?
I need please,Charles Atlas program to make physical exercise at home not in the Gym Spanish/portuguesThanks?
anyone who has lost alot of weight quickly and safley please read??
Does the amount of cardio you do per day determine how quickly you burn stomach fat?
i need your help it will be much appreciated?
im 21 and abit short for my age. I heard basketball make person gain heights is that true because im planning?
can someone tell how can a 16 year old female loose 278 pounds please? because shes not having any good luck?
Am i at risk of developing cervical cancer if me and my husband have only ever slept with each other?
What is the healthiest lifestyle for women...?
Skim, 2% fat or Full Cream... which milk is better?
Can drinking a gallon of water help you lose weight.?
Why do some men have raw egg with milk for breakfast?
Where to buy Hoodia in Sydney?
i seem to be geting fat on my abs i do not eat that much and do little exerise how do i stop it?
I hate chin-ups. Is there an alternative exercise I can do to build my arms, shoulders and back?
What is ATKINS??
When working out abs should you treat them as any other muscle and only work them out 2-3 p/week or everyday?
Two people, both same age ect, except one is 40kg heaver than the other, who would die of starvation first?
Is creatine beneficial and is it harmful to the body?
how much tv should you watch?
How does exercise help our body?
whats the fuss?
how many calories do you burn if you went running on concrete for approx. 30 - 45 minutes?
Describe the digestion and absorption of Carbohydrate and glycogen stores.?
can't loose weight help. Can't take pills because of PVC's I have a sliding hiatal hernia. I work 12 hrs a day
Is a resting heart rate of 45 beats per minute healthy?
Why should I lose weight?
After doing a 30 or 40 minute walk why can I feel my legs pulpitating?
How much fruit is TOO MUCH?
exercise bike questions :D?
wat are or is elipicals?????
Pains when running?
Anyone tried the 'Atkins Diet'?
Is dancing good for weight loss?
When People sweat by doing exercise is that mean they burning fat????
Should my daily Calorie intake be 1572 to loose some kg's?
Situations with water?
Paranoid with weight?
i need to lose 50 pounds by april 1rst... any advice for workouts and meal planning?
I do weights to gain muscle and have big arms but it seem taken long I execpt it so was is there product?
I've just bought a protein supplement but it doesnt say how much i should have!?
I used to be about 10 pounds underweight, now I'd like to be healthy without getting fat.?
is this really fat??!!?
What is 173cm in feet?
thinking of using metabospeed xxx, phenterfein, ephedrasil or leptoprin. anyone have any luck with these?
i'm 13, 153cm nd weigh 6stone10, am i fat?
Why are hamstrings so painful to stretch?
Help me loose weight!!!?
i sweat heaps, can you help?
can you give me a personal fitness program including cardiovascular,strength and flexibility.?
Does your core body temperature drop at night? Or just when tired?
why am i not losing weight when i exercise regularly and eat healthy?
Can you recommend any Good YOGA DVD? THANKS?
why is so important to eat dinner 4 to 5 hours before you sleep?
Donating blood screening cancer.?
Buying headscarf for chemo patient - London shops?
Symptoms quiestion???
Hey all how you doin? Plz take time to read mine?
I find it sooo hard to resist chocolate at the moment!!! HELP!!!?
What muscles does jogging with dumbells strengthen?
why can't i loose weight?
Xantrax.. ? Has anyone used it and what do you think ? =)?
Can I lose weight and tone up in 2 weeks?
Why is it seem the fitter I get the less I can handle my alcohol?
why would you join fitness club?
how to gain sum abs fast easy for a15 year old?
The no carb diet???
I'm 14 and weigh 70kg. I want to lose weight and i have a healthy diet. help.?
I'm EXTREMELY skinny, is this unhealthy?
does whey protien powder build you muscles up?
How long will it take?
what do u think on banning junk food ads during childrens TV programs?
After 6 months of not using Thc< how long would thc stay in your system if you used it for Two Days?
Workout Dillema?
What is the best workout to lose inches in my waist and thighs in around 3 months?
Horrified of gaining weight?
Eating at Chipotle?
Questions about Water...?
If you've lost alot of weight recently, what changes have you noticed in your life after you lost the weight?
How bad is licorice for you? am currently licking at it's plastic packaging in contemplation. Water by side
is vitamin water healthy for you?
What can i do....?
I join Weigh Less online what now?
has anyone used a fitness machine called "vibrogym" or "Crazy Fit Massage"?
Can i still grow in height, i am 18...?
if you went on a lettuce diet for 6 weeks how much weight would you loose?
I sushi really good for you?
Can anyone recommend the best way to do amateur bodybuilding for young adults?
Types of meat?
is this anorexia?
Does the cabbage soup diet really work?
how can u beet addiction to chcolate?
what happens if i dont eat for 24 hrs?
What is the quickest way to lose weight?
I workout 5 days in a row and rest on weekends, is this a good method for toning and weightloss?
is taking a nap in afternoon between1 to 2 hrs every day can make people fat?
i need to lose 6kgs fast,is there a detox plan out there?please help?
would 200 pushups and 200 dips a night increase my strength?
????????What is Creatine??????????????
sunbeds..how to stop?
where can breast cancer spread to?
How common is small cell lung cancer to return?
diabetes and smoking?
How to lose IT.?
Does anyone know of a Dietician around the north side of Brisbane Australia?
Help with losing semi truck spare tyre around lower abs/hips!?
Any exercise tips for people with a disability?
how many pounds in 11.505 kgs?
I want to lose weight in my thighs and abs as well as tone up these areas. Any exercise/diet suggestions?
I would like some other 'dieters' thoughts/advice on my current eating lifestyle.?
Why is it best to work out in the mornings?
average weight?
Average height and weight for a 14 year old girl?
What is a best way to get abs?
Where is the cheapest place to buy phentermine online (with no prescription)?
how do i reduce the size of my thighs?
what is the best source of plant derived omega 3?
Can anybody tell me who already tried BANGKOK PILLS about the effect? Is this diet pills really works?
What is the best excercise to work out the chest without using weights?
a simple way 2 lose weight (exercise) which 1? (in a small bed-room)?
How are we going to lose all these kilojoules (calories) post Christmas?
is it true that the arm span of a male is equal to his vertical height?
I've hit a wall with my fitness training. How do I recover without losing fitness?
I have stobburn belley fat and theigh.?
weight loss pillsim 13 should I take them???
weight watchers points chart?
Which are the best kind of gym shoes for the gym only? Runners or crosstrainers?
if i eat 5000kj a day with exercise will i lose 6kg in 2 months?
New Years Resolution?
Am I normal or overweight? I am 156 cm's tall and weigh 57 kilo's.?
people who understand weight weighed in stone or just english people.?
what is the best way to lose weight in 4 weeks?
Does Nutrisystem Work?
Im 5"7 and weigh 182 and 16 and i want to lose about 40 pounds by this summer, what are some good tips for me?
what is the best fresh juice from your juicer is good for weight loss?
I weigh 115 and 5'2'' how can I loose 10 lbs in 2-4 weeks?
whats the best food for strength training?
My tummy's going to explode.?
How many calories should I eat for rapid weight loss?
I have to lose as much weight in 30 days as i can. HELP??
read this please peepz?
What shoes are suitable for aerobics?
Has anyone tried the blood group diet and do you think it works?
does anyone know the best way to lose your flabby belly after a baby in record time?
I just had a baby and need to lose weight on weight watchers how many points do I get if I weigh 213 lbs?
The trend in the 80s was fitness, with workout videos, Rebok, ect....?
Water and weight loss?
Which bread is better for you, wholemeal or wholegrain?
Quickest weight loss way?
Father has terminal brain cancer- anyone with similar experience?
I am a 27 year old female wanting to try weight watchers points. I'm 5'4 , 230lbs how many points do i eat?
How can i lose weight quickly and keep it off?
Csn anyone tell me a good diet with some websites please??????????
Which style of yoga is right for me?
how can i make my legs and stomach smaller????
How much Protein should I be consuming? I weight train for 1hr 5 times per week moderate weights?
anybody know of a couple of good websites that will introduce me to healthier eating...from basics to advanced
if i told u i was running a marathon for....?
The weight loss Question!!!?
I need a quick and efficient energy boost....Any suggestions please? Always feeling tired need to work!?
what is a fast and easy way to lose weight?
why do people gain weight mosely in the stomach?
Which cellulite cream works the best?
whats the average weight for a 12 yr old...?
Appropriate or Healthy Weight For a 14 Year Old Teenager?
Upper Body exercises?
Im 21 and just started workout at gym and my fitness group teacher me that i need food has alot protein in it
I am 5'7 and I weigh roughly 145, Whats a good Diet?
Is there really foods that have negative calories?
At what weight do you have to be for lap banding?
My Doc wont prescribe Duromine.. But has given me Reductil?
Does exercise lower your immunse system?
Makeup for cancer patients?
Could I have Colon Cancer?
Please help, i would really appreciate it :'(?
if i walk 30 minutes a day on a treadmill and drink lots of water for 30 days will i loose weight?
I'm wondering what can I do to get rid of my love handles?
Rowing Machine?
Is my diet good enough?
Will only drinking water and doing aerobics for 4 days will I be able to lose 7 inches?
if you could change one thing about your body what would it be?
How much does the tony ferguson program cost??
I am trying to lose weight and want to know if walking will work?
Does anyone know where I can find out how many calories the Winsor Pilates DVD's burn?
What are some good diet supplements?
am i Fat???
Would u consider having a lap band to help u lose weight and why?
how can i lose 40 lbs?
Do you think I am fat?
Isagenix: Keeping the weight off - can it be without using the product?
Eating eggs everyday?
what sort of training schedule would increase leg speed and quick,have a treadmill?
please keep this sample, dont write like an essay. What is ethic in term of law?
how do you stay motivated ?
whats the best workout dvd for beginners?
Hoodia? Does it work? What are the side effects?
Weight Question. Please help.?
since being diagnosed with tumor my wife has gone cold i feel lost?
what do you think about cigarette ?
My grandmother is dying but I'm on the other side of the world.?
I think I might have Hodgkin's disease. (15 year old female) ?
does anyone know the life expectancy for cervical cancer?
I wont 2 lose weight can someone give me tip on a healthy way 2 do it ????
how is it that italian women are all so thin?Is it their natural body type or is it their diet?
i have saggy breast what kind of exercise can make it up again?
Where can you find more members for our active Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding/Powerlifting/Sports Forum?
does the diet pill phentermine come up as a postive drug test for methamphetamines?
Do you think Pop-Tarts are bad for you?
Whats a safe (non hypo) health product to help reduce appetite for teenager?
this is for girls.. do you have any tricks on easy weight loss?
If i live on water for the next 48 hours will i lose weight?
whats the best way for a thirteen year old to loose weight??????
is it good to use calories?
how can i loose 10kg within 2 wks plz help me?
What are the recommended amounts...?
why is it necessary for family nutrition and food planning?
20 lbs by april 5?
Everyday no matter what meal I throw up just a little bit 10 min after im finished eating. why?
Has anyone done/doing the Lite N Easy program in Australia?
What are some healthy things to eat while you're on a detoxification diet?
Help! I am severly underweight?
How do I lose weight if I have an ankle injury and can no longer exercise?
I want to loose a few kilos just to slim down but fast, how can i??
Help me with weight loss and muscle gain please!!! Which protein shakes are effective?
my friend is embarrased?
Can I lose weight only with not eating carbohydrates?
weight loss - walking or skipping?
What is the fastest but, safe way to loose about 25 lbs?
What supplements could i take that would increase my height? im 16?
How long does it take for weight to start coming off?
I have a big musculant body does that mean i grow less than some1 who is skinny?
I am 5'8 and weigh 150 pounds (i do not know if im fat)?
Should I use Fat Blaster MAX?
How important is it for a 6 year old to have milk?
I am a 24 yr old female. Have had diarrhoea for over 4 weeks now. Why?
Is it true that drinking water before eating makes you full quicker so you don't eat as much?
I have been watching what I eat, kickboxing two hrs a week, why am I gaining weight?
My muscles are sore from my workout yesterday - should I go again?
I am not over weigh but I am not skinny... is there any way to lose a little weigh?
How fast will i get a flat tummy?
my weight is fifty five pounds and i am fifteen?
CT results Inflamed Intestine. No blood, diarea, or vomiting. Yes nausea,dizzy, pain low ab to testicals?HELP?
can anyone tell me how bad borderline cancer is in a head tumour?
swollen glands...what is it?
Does this mean my mom has cancer?
Should I be worried about a brain tumour?
hey, please look at this, thank you?
Celebrating Mode?
help plzzz?
stretch marks kinda embarassing?
I hate to ask this but am i overweight?
What is the.....Please help?
Am I over weight?
Diet pills?
achilles tendon injury?
anyone know where to get duromine without a script in australia?
how to lose weight fast.?
i going to be swimming in august of 07 but i want to get in good shape. Im 16 does anyone have any workouts?
i need helpp!!?
178cm tall and 14 yrs old, is 78kg overweight?
11 year olds over weight?
why do i feel really hungry after drinking coffee?
food list containing vitamin B?
Do detox works?
Is V8 bad for you?
is pasta healthy for body after workout?
my eye color seems to be getting lighter?
How tall would I be and am I over weight?
Does anyone know some good exercises to tone legs? Particularly thighs.?
explain what you can do to maintain a healthy skeleton?
Any suggestions for this question?
What type of exercise?
Can brain tumours cause hallucinations?
How long after completion of chemotherapy/radiation therapy did you start exercising lightly again?
Enlarged Lymph Nodes?
My 1 yr old lab just died of thymic hemorrage, is Science Diet Lamb & Rice dry on the list of tainted dog food
Has anybody ever had Lippodissolve done?
protein powder is healthy?
Does bellydancing make you lose weight?
please read!!!!!!!?
I can't stop eating!?
What is the best way to get over muscle soreness?
how do you figger out how many calories in something?
What's the best exercises for toning up?
how can i loose weight?
how come when i eat more, i lose weight, and when i eat less i gain weight?
Has anyone lost 40 lbs by walking?
How many kilojoules in a bag of hot chips?
50 pounds in about 30 days?
I don't want to become anorexic, but I really want to be thin?
how many calories should i eat a day as a 15 year old to lose weight?
Is swimming a good way for a weight lifter to drop kilo's?
Love Handles?
How many calories should I intake? And how many am I burning each day? (14)?
How Do You become taller???
how much does it cost to join curves in australia? can you join if you're under 18?
my folks won't let me get diet pills, i'm an obese person what's the best way to lose weight fast??
in walking what is better?
I weigh 156 and i started doing 100 crunches 4 times a week 4 days ago. Will i reach 135 by july 1st?
where can i find a fat camp for my teenage daughter in Australia, Victoria if possible?
any meal/snack suggestions for my problems?
how many points a day for weight watchers 5ft6in 32yrs old and 220lbs?
if you don't sweat while working out what does it mean?
Can Someone design a one week fitness program?
How long should you exercise per day?
Can diet coke stop your heart beating if you are malnutritioned?
How many calories are in tempura, taking into account that it's deep-fried?
Does anyone own Tony little's gazelle freestyle machine?
which body systems do skating benefit?
Why Does The Cervical Cancer Jab Give So Much After Pain?
aquired brain and spinal injuies?
How can we raise awareness of Testicular Cancer?
What are the signs/symptoms of Mouth Cancer?
what is the treatment for millia?
Is the Master Cleanse good for me?
whats the difference between cardio and areobic cardio??
How do i stretch to learn how to do the splits?
How do i get perfect splits for my dance competition that is this weekend?
is it beneficial to exercise before you got to bed?
How long should I wait between eating and sleeping at night?
Is the Brad Callen e-book as good as it sounds?
how do you handle a narrow minded person who doesnt want learn about the realities of eating meat?
weight watchers points?
What is the avrerage weight for me?
Am I I the right height and weight for my age?
Pilate classes ?
whats is the easiest way to lose weight............?
how can i lose 10 kilos in 1 month?
When reading the nutrional info on food packaging, how can u work out the calories content of the product?
Phentermine, I just started taking it, has anyone taken this & lost alot of wieght and kept it off. if so how?
I need help I need to know how to lose weight the healthy way some one help me please?
should I lose weight?
what is the the heart rate for kids when they are doing excerises to benefit their health?
wat should a 14 yr old weigh?
what percentage of wieghtloss is due to exercise & eating?
i need to lose weight NOW?
Need Help? Injured hamstring!?
When can I work out?
Why does your stomach get flabby when losing weight?
what should my ideal weight be?
i'm tall and skinny, and i want to gain some real weight, not alot of muscle, any info would be appreciated.
What should be your average weight when you are 13 years old, and in the 8th grade?
what do you think? when cancer will be possible to treat?
has anyone got secondry lung cancer?
What happens after brain tumour radio/chemotherapy?
how to get a flat stomach?
what are the health benefits of vinegar?
How can I stop thing about food when I go on a diet?
I'm 40 and fit but starting to get a double chin. What exercises/diet can I use to get rid of it?
Will eating a teaspoon of vanilla icecream just before bed help people lose weight?
i need a successfull diet, makes me loose 45 kgs,i am 115kg 171cm tall, female who had been fat sine childhood
Blackcurrants.Best way to get most enjoyment and nutrition from.?
what is the best diet for recovering from hormonal imbalance?
Can you regain flexability?
do you know of an effective product to become slimmer??
Does anyone know the benefits of taking flax seed oil pills for weight loss?
Is Fast Food/Obesity A Controversial Issue?
Help I'm overweight?
What is the best way to cut bodyfat and still keep my muscle mass WITHOUT taking any drugs?
How much should a 16 almost 17yr old male weigh?
Butt, thights and tum - what excercises are there for best results?
Total gym , Does anyone have this?
How to kill the junk food habit?
My obese wife?
are protein shakes good for weight loss?
Do I need to lose weight? If so how would be the best way??
Phentermine Hydrochloride? same as phentermine? custom HRT?
Am I overweight?
what to expect after an operation for crohns?
Anyone have a good diet plan?
how do you build thigh muscle?
Question about Exercise/Weight Loss?
how to deal with epilepys in your life?
Help for "apple' shaped body?
What is the quikest way 2 lose weight???
I am on my 3rd shake day of Isagenix 9 day cleanse, lost 8 lbs so far?
is being 5 foot. 100 pounds at 13 overweight?
am trying to gain some pounds not that much but i really want to?
Fat and muscle on arms?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is RUNNING the answer to losing weight and toning your body???
how much Cal's would i lose every 30 min i exercise?
Does anyone know where i can find the dominican diet pill delganex?
Im 13, 5'9,and about 140 pound's am i the right weight or should i gain or lose a couple pounds?
I am 14 and weigh 174 pounds and 5'8...?
How To Work Faster?
can depression cause this or what does????
Hi i have lost 4 stone but need to lose another stone fast how?
i'm in love with smoothies...what can i put in them to increase my metabolism like crazy?
How long does it take to lose weight?
What happens when cholesterol levels drop to near zero?
Help I'm health and weight-concious!?
Help with at home work out tips for Abs and Chest?
Need help for workout, etc (need experienced help)?
can you get ypur p's in 6 months?
dose water have calories pls!i really need to know if it dose than i'm wasting my whole time drinking water!!
What would benefit me more to exercise first then eat, or the opposite?
How many servings of each a day?
Best diet pill?
What was the most weight you lost in one month?
How do you get rid of a belly? What exercise works and what should I eat?
2 main foods with minerals in them and with vitamins in them?
How to get rid of fats at my waist and arms?
Average weight?
Protein or creatine?
Can anyone tell me a quick way to lose weight?
6 months to get in shape for my formal (prom)?
how many calories should we eat a day?
What is a good cardio workout?
Is it dangerous if . . .?
My friend is worried about her weight?
what does the pancreas do for your body?
had a biopsy today and have been given an appointment to go back in 3 months time, is this normal?
Blood in urine - possible cancer?
Have a mole on my back that I'm worried about?
is it harmful to exercise when still full?
What is the best thing to eat or drink before doing cradio and weight training?
I used to drink 3 cans of coke a day!!!?
ok, am i missing out?
How do i lose weight fast?
Eat to Lose ,I can't HELP?
Is this normal?
Carbs after cardio?
Does big feet lead to big height?
are you FIT or FAT?
Snack Ideas ????
Please help with weight problems?
Can someone please explain why diet soda is just as bad for you as normal soda?
Does it matter that i wanna aim to get back into my clothes in my cupboard or buy a new wardrobe of clothes??
Part time personal training career...?
has anyone tryed Zylorin and what where the results?
can i drink oolong tea and slimfast?
Lose tummy fat in 3 weeks?! HELP!?
Any tips for losing weight in winter?
Does anyone know what exercises/weights are good for improving your strength for swimming?
Is working up to doing that high level of push ups the only way that will tone arms or using mostly weights??
i am 6'2" and weight 212. is that good and why?
Over the past year, I lost 13 pounds. Normal?
1000+ push ups a day?
Is there an easier way to lose it??
how do i lose wieght in my cheek plz help?
im 18 yrs old and my question is ..is there possibilities to increaces my ht 5'5 to 6'0?
Hodgkinsons lymphoma!?
What is the best way to stay hydrated?
How much is enough?
More muscle training questions..?
How can I manage a healthy diet with a family?
Im trying to get clear healthy skin and look healthy by eating lots of fruit, green tea and plenty of water.?
Whats the best way to stop a habbit?
what benifits can I gain from eating yougert?
i'm 5'0 & 125 pounds. i want to lose weight, how many calories should i eat in a day?
please suggest some ways to grow taller?
Where can you find Grade B maple syrup in San Diego?
I am 44 yrs old woman 164 pds and need to know how many calories I should have per day to lose 15 pds?
Is 100 a good max for me? I am 14, 98 pounds, and 5'3.?
food help?
i am wanting to lose weight before school i start school in august. how do i loose a weight before then?
what vitamins that is good for the heart to eleminate heart skipbeat?
what are the?
how much calories does this have? and how many calories you should eat each day to lose weight?
does it matter when particular types of food are consumed?
how long does it take to lose weight when ur starving urself and how much can u lose?
5'9 and have a little bit of a poochy belly, wieghing in at about 138. Am I too fat for a bikini?
How to keep up concentration and altertness when trying to diet, and not consuming much food?
Can eating subway everyday make you loose weight with excersise?
How can i lose 7-10 lbs in one week? does putting a plastic bag around your stomache really work?
Does caffine effect a fast?
i tend to get diarrhea a lot after eating meals out. it rarely if ever happens at home only when eat out.?
What is the best way to lose WEIGHT fast!! even if it means starving!! Please HELP???
bland foods?
What is the highest fall one can drop from without the fear of breaking ones legs?
this is healthly or not while i do workout at home?
how do i loose 12 - 15 pounds in 3 weeks?
How do you keep yourself motivated when exercising daily?
Bob Green's Diet..........has anyone tried this diet for life and if so what were ur results:)?
how to get a six pack fast i keep doing crunches and they dont work?
im haveing trouble with my weight plz help.?
How can I lose LOTS of inches of my waist in a short period of time?
does anyone kno how to lose weight fast or inches off the waist and hips?
I have a tummy, and I want to get it flat and get rid of my lovehandles?
I have to lose 10 pounds by july 10. Does anybody know a diet that has worked for them in the past ?
what should my waistline be if?
what is the average weight for a 5'8, 15 year old girl?
Eaten too little today?
10kg weights for a 14 and a half year old?
ok so the thing is?
How to lose wieght quickly; if a special diet should be followed, please tell me what does it consist of?
Will riding a staionary bike help me get rid of fat in my stomach and legs??
Why are weights so bad for younger teens ???
surgery- overweight?
Im 125 pounds i want to lose 7 pounds!!! -im 5'7 13 years old?
what were hospitals like 100 years ago?
If you knew you were dying in a few months, what would you do?
Is there anything I can do to help reduce joint pain?
About cancer test for my dad....?
Which time of day is protien the best to eat?
How come I've suddenly put on weight and can't lose it no matter what I do?
I'm unhappy with my body and i dont know what to doooo!? nutritionists? personal trainers? help me!?
Could I still lose weight if i ate next to nothing and did minimal excercise?
how many calories do various forms of activity burn per hour?
anyone had a tummy tuck?
(canada) is there anyway i can get them for free?
what is better a food supplement or diet pills?
What are the physical benefits of yoga?
sotmach fat?
Is this really really bad?
Is tube feeding good or bad?
I want to lose 15 pounds.?
i need to gain weight fast?
Am I exercising right?
What do I need to do to gain weight fast?
Equal - Sugar Substitute is it better then sugar?
my muscles turning to fat?
Why does the body store carbohydrates?
loose wieght in two days.?
How many weight watchers points....?
How to gain extra body fat & muscles??
what bad effects does Vicodin have have on a person?
Someone PLEASE give me a 1200 calorie meal plan and exercise plan!!?
eh being fat.?
Have you tried to lose weight but they expect lots of hard jogging?
has anyone tried out the 18lbs in 4 days weight loss diet ?
What does a 17 yr old do to pick up weight and whats in for informal wear?
How long does it take to lose water weight?
I'd like to lose weight using supplements but I'm on asprin. Does anyone have any safe suggestions?
How do women get a flat tummy??
i can eat in front of people what is wrong with me?
I have a female friend she is getting out of shape. How can I get her in shape without over doing it?
Is it healthy?
About Yoga.?
What is a perfect meal plan for one day - covering all food groups and promoting health and weight management?
do the two peices on the end of a loaf of bread differ in calories than the other peices of bread?
I had a bladder weakness during excercise is this normal?
Atkins Diet - Give it a Go?
Am I fat? Honesty is the best policy, i need serious advice please help!?
Will I get fat If I'm on a diet of chewing gum?
Ways of exercising to increase upper body strength?
what kind of workout does shakira does to get a flat stomach?
to loose weight the fastest what is better weight training or cardio training?
overweight and clueless please help?????
I am 14 years old lifting wieghts my shoulders are tiny how long till the grow bigger?
Is this too much?
If i were to eat 5 or 6 meals a day what is the best thing to eat?
Effects of caffeine on metabolism?
how to get a 6 pack, in less then 3months?
I have terrible obliettes or '"love handles" How do I get rid of them?
Need to lose as much weight as possible soon as possible. Help?
Could someone suggest ways to help me lose weight?
Should I loose Weight?
Is Fat Blaster dangerous?
this is true?
my fathers will was made just days before he died he was terminally ill with cancer and was witnessed by a sol?
Lung cancer how meany people die of this form of cancer in the US and UK a year?
If I lose a large amount of weight, that I've been carrying for quite a few years, is my skin likely to sag