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Need to lose about 20 pounds in 6 weeks. Help?
How far should I walk a day to get in shape?
How can I gain weight?
What exercises will make me look taller?
green tea for toxins in the body?
How can I lose a pound by the end of today?
How to work out without going to a gym?
What is the best workout video?
How can I get rid of my cellulite?
I'm 5'5 and weigh 135 pounds, how much should i be able to chest press?
why am i eating nothing but sugar and still loseing weight?
Working out/bodybuilding at home?
Has anyone been on Medifast?
Will my skin tighten after I lose weight?
how much weight could I loose?
is my weight normal, skinny or fat?
What shoe would you say is more effective?
What is D-Ribose all about?
Healthy breakfast/meal/cereal/snacks? and exercise!?
What is the best way to loose weight in limited time?
is my friend anorexic?!?
why do my arms feel and look smaller even though I'm lifting more?
What are some good, free health and fitness organizations/websites?
What should I be eating at my age ?
Is there a big height gap between 162cm and 166cm? How noticeable is it?
visable ABs ??????????????
Is this a good amount of muscle on a guy?
Why am I gaining more and more weight on my curls but my arms just aren't looking any bigger?
Do people with IBS (mild or even less) live longer, healthier lives?
Could my mum have breast cancer (continued) :(?
How Many Calories should I get in a Day?
I'm trying to lose weight and change my lifestyle....?
How much weight should I lose? picture included?
It's summer and without focus my mind jumps to fast to focus...?
will this help me lose weight?
How much should i weigh?
Are doing intense 30 min stretches twice a day 2 times a day making my legs firmer?
how to lose 70 pounds in 1 month?
I am currently weight around 157-161, 5'9 tall with 33 inch waist, 18 year old. Am i fat?
How do I get my abdominals rock hard?
How could i lose inches off these ?
Need help to lose 2-3 pounds in a week . help ?!?
Does The Special K 'Food Plan' really work?
i need help with my work out schedule?
Can you recommend me a diet on this budget?
What's the best way to lose fat, but gain muscle?
Why am I ALWAYS really hungry?
how to tighten loose skin?
I need to lose 10 lbs in a week-two weeks?
Is running one day and biking the next better to get fit for soccer?
Why do i weigh more than i look?? please help?
In order to lose 15-20 lbs by christmas, how much cals should I eat & how many times a week should i exercise?
why do you lose weight when your sick?
I see the change in my body but I don't lose weight?
which is lower in calories?
Gods to-do list? Any news stories that 11 year old kids could help?
Is 5'2 106lbs To Skinny For A 21 Year Old ?
Why too many carbs so bad for you if you eat them all the time?
Question on my pushup form?
Im looking to buy a exercise workout machine with great overall reviews and benefits?
can you be healthy and underweight?
Do I have enough time to lose enough weight & gain muscle?
why is a proper a proper intake of carbs important for physical activity?
Exercising to negative calories?
so anyone thinks that eating healthy costs a lot or too much?
18 y/o male looking to loose 25-50lbs for summer, can you help give me some ideas?
How to loose weight that fastest?
when will i have a flat stomach?
smart for life cookies?
Fun workouts for teenage girls?
is it true that if you do 30 sit ups a day for 2 weeks your stomach will flatten?
What fat burning pill works best?
Bulking up- Workouts and diet?
How can a 15 year old boy lose weight?
weight loss and weight gain?
How a 14 year old guy can get a flat and toned stomach?
Why do I always put off starting my weight loss to the next day?
what kind of exercises should i do? ?
Will i gain weight back with hydroxycut !?
2 hours of gym 5 days a week no major change in diet?
How To Do A Full Body Detox ?
is it better so breath tho your nose or your mouth when you run on a treadmile ?
How to exercise and burn fat from chest and thigh?
My body is sore but I want to workout on another part of my body?
if someone who weighed 180 pounds lost alot of weight around 110 will there apperance change ?
Will iron strengthen my stomach?
If your legs are sore from strength training, is it still alright to do cardio?
looking for excerises to tone my thighs (inner and outter)...?
motivation 4 losin' weight?
i'm skiny but i want to be a little fat?
pain killers and weight lifting?
wii fit...? good enough?
Do scales add five(more or less) pounds?
Is this a good diet plan?
what are the best things to eat when on a 1200 calorie diet?
Foods without Carbs?!?
hi i got a question please answer?
Will I Gain weight?? Bad Diet Day?
Excercising techniques help?
How many Calories in a Canned turkey?
So, I guess it's time for a change.?
what is Simply for life's medical cancellation policy?
What do you think? Is it possible within 37days?
What are the best exercises for losing stomach fat & building muscle in the thighs?
Feeling restless lately?
what is the TREATMENT for NON-HODGKIN disease STAGE 2?
Is weight loss a side effect of cemo?
With a brain tumor can I...?
paul mckenna - i can make you thin? TRIED IT? LET ME KNOW!?
i'm 60 years old and want to lose belly fat best to walk, run or bike ride ?
How should i feel when trying to eat after not being able to for a few days?
Working out 10 minutes a day?
What is D-Ribose all about?
what can I do in 3 days?
is it bad to take energy drink then take vitermins after like 15 min?
does anyone have a good Body building plan?
What diet should I go on to get ripped abs?
Am i a good weight? yes,no,maybe?
How did I eat yesterday? About how many cals. is this?
What are some safe, if possible natural, pills that will HELP weight loss?
how can i get a belly good enough for a bikini?
I really need to start eating healthy and I need to stop bingeing?!!?
Even though I'm exercising and eating healthy, I'm still binging?
How can I lose 30lbs in 3 months?
Loose 30 pounds in 3 months ?
If there is a 95% chance that my mum will get cancer, how much of a chance is there that I will? xx?
is this enough proof!?
What's teh best programs for 6pac abs?
Has anyone heard of water fast? I am planning on doing waterfast. Can you eat while you're water fasting?
How can i get taller and bigger ?
Workout everyday, yet still binge either at night or on weekends..?
How long should it take to loose 2 kgs?
What excercizes can I do to loose weight?
Is this a good workout?
If i want to run raster which upper body exercise should i do Bench Press or Push Ups?
Need a legit full bodyweight workout for 14 year old?
Questions about working out.?
Healthy brown-bag lunch ideas?
what are some excersizes i can do at home?
will avocados make you fat?
how can i gain weight with a high metabolism ?
Having alot of trouble losing weight. nothing seems to work?
Why am I not seeing any bulk?
how do you tell if you're overweight?
is it better if you exercise a lot but then eat a lot or if you eat little and don't work out?
What excersises would help me loose upper body size. I am female and need to work on my tummy and upper body.?
how to spread my fat around?
How can i stop the cravings for take out food?
Is This a Good Workout Regime ?
What are your opinions on my body build?
Can Turbo Jam (Work out Dvd) make you get strept throat ?
How can a 13 year old lose weight?
What can you tell me?
Is there anything I can do to get better at crunches?
Hey i got a question on working out?
Is the gym bag they give you when joining goodlife fitness good?
Poll: Answer if your 5'4?
what work out can i do daily?
I really want to lose weight advice?
Some advice about my exercise and weight loss?
Whats the average weight for a 14 year old?
I am skinny fat? help?
what is the ideal weight?
does working out stunt growth in teens?
Whats the best way to loose weight fast! Im going to jamaica in 40 days?
why is it even though I am now excerising I am more tired?
When should i take Creatine and Glutamine?
I want to lose 40 pounds. Please help?
I have whey protein intolence, what supplement should I take after workout to build muscle?
why do i have a belly?
how to make myself throw up?
whats better, slow push ups or fast push ups?
do trans fats really stay in your body forever?
Does Jenny Craig actually work?
Question about 8 Minute Abs?
You know your too fat when.........?
Hey i have a question about eating late?
Work out for tummy and arms?
do you have to pay to go to a gym?
Im 16 and trying to loose weight?
how to lose weight by eating?
How to get a flat stomach. QUICK.?
If I use diet pills, will it work?
how can i lose weight, and make my arms smaller?
I am getting my electric treadmill tomorrow?
Can I lose this much weight in..? please help?
how many calories should I consume?
I understand that many lipsticks contain lead which could lead to cancer in people using them , is this right?
What should I have for lunch?
Bulimic, just had a morning binge....wtf?
can you lose weight by eating whole wheat pasta?
Can I make good money as a Personal Trainer!?
How can i loose 10 pounds in 1 month or less?
Is it possible to lose weight by .... ?
I'm 5'9" with measurements of 35-28-36, is this too big for modeling?
How to lose lots of leg fat help?
How much protein should I be eating?
Abdominal muscles and workouts?
do you think I will lose weight doing this?
how can i loose weight?
Should I eat breakfast?
Vitastack or Multi Pro 32X vitamins?
How can I stay fit without my parents knowing?
reebok runetone vs new balance shape shoes?
Need a good morning drink, Thats if I have no time to make brecky?
Lose weight rapidly!?
how can i loose 5 punds in 2 weeks?
Have you lost weight or know someone who has using Herbal Magic?
how can i loose 10 punds in about 2-3 weeks?
weak triceps that dont seem to be getting stronger?
how many push ups, sit up and jumping jacks should a 14 year old do each day?
Help I need to lose 50 lbs but have a heart condition that limits my activity and I?
Do you think I'm fat!?!?
Why Can't I Lose Weight ?
What are some foods I can still enjoy if I'm going on a diet?
Am i fat? im 5'7 and weigh 135 pounds but i was bulemic and i think im to big.?
what would you say my body type is?
I weigh less than I appear to be?
Could it be I overtrained?
Would you consider this to be a high metabolism?
what is a good weight for a sixteen year old around 5'8?
how tp lose weight on lower abdomens?
arguments for mobile phones causing cancer?
grandpa died wat do i do?
IDK if im fat! 112 lbs (13 years old)?
Some help on eating less?
Giving up soda, and chips how much weight will i lose in 10 days?
Does fish oil increase the size of your breasts?
does anorexia work to lose weight?
Loosing weight but dont want excess skin, tips on exercise, foods, vitamins, creams?
what can I drink or take to boost my metabolism?
how to lose my baby fat?
it's ruining my life?
What part(s) of the body does plank tone?
What does coffee allocate or extract to our body?
tips on how to lose weight by summertime and have it stick(:?
How to lose ten pounds properly?
Does omega oil make you smarter?
If I Go On A Diet, Can I Eat Bagels?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
can i workout everyday?
I am 5'6.5 and 150 lbs.?
How do you lose belly fat?
how did the doctor's find-out that jade goody had cancer?
Cervical Cancer Jag Question?
how well do excersize bikes work?
What is the most effective way to loose love handles ( for beginngers )?
What would happen if I replaced all my meals with a Multivitamin pill.?
Is there any way to significantly raise my speed?
any help for my question?
Simple, easy, healthy lunch and dinner options?
How much is 55 kg in pounds?
Does Standing Up Burn Calories?
By global standards, do you think she has a good body? What about by your own standards?
what is the source of trans fat?
should i eat before or after i work out?
Tea that helps acne and weight lose?
What's the most effective fat-burn resistance exercise?
Around how long will it take me to lose 50 lbs? 10 points!?
I'm so tired of eating the regular stuff...?
will avocados make you fat?
Is it safe to drink the omega 3 6 9 capsules w/ fish oil for a 17 year old?
Where can I buy the workout dvd Revabs in STORES?
What do I do to get into a smaller size right now I`m between a 14, 15 & 16 and I would like to change that?
How to get stronger faster?
Does arm length affect bench press?
Am I overweight? I'm 5'7'' and I weigh 150 lbs.?
which would be the better choice?
why do i crave sugar?
Does non fat milk contain carbohydrates?
How can I gain weight?
which is better for building muscle, creatin or chocolate milk?
How can I loose weight in a month?
Is L-glutamine bad for psorisias?
Would drinking protein powder/bars help me gain weight?
I'm trying to lose weight, Please help?
Best exercise to make my legs skinnier?
What can i buy that will provide me with a ton of calories for a low price?
How do i confess ...?
Help losing belly fat?
Proper Weight For A Fourteen Year Old?
dont have time to work out?
I'm 14 and very fat. Help!?
How to lose 5 pounds?
Why do we get Cancer, and why does it have to be so nasty?
PLS HELP--do these CHEMOTHERAPY DRUGS cause hair loss-thx a lot?
question about weight loss!!?
Why no matter how much I eat I am still Starving, even when i'm eating I'm still hungry?
Can skipping meals give you a wierd high?
Exercises for upper body?
In order to lose 15-20 lbs by christmas, how much cals should I eat & how many times a week should i exercise?
How may carbs should a 12 year old girl eat per day?
how far can your stomach expand?
Is this healthy? Help?
Urgent help: At risk of sounding like your typical weight-paranoid girl, how can I appear thinner FAST?
trying to lose weight, running stairs, lifting weights?
Is learning something hard the best way to excerise?
Yoga good for tendonitis?
The orange diet/ cleanse?
why am i not losing weight ?
What are some good exercises for a 12 year old?
Was it dangerous and will I gain weight?
Working out I need to lose fat and gain muscle .... Help?
im 5'0 and weight 135 i want to be around 120 what can i do with out going to the gym i don't have time!?
is it bad to eat more than 10 cups of vegetables per day?
getting really hungry growth spurt?
what breakfast cereal is healthier?
Do these measurements look well for my height?
My father cannot eat simple sugars or starches, what are some good breakfast ideas?
Running up and down stairs to lose fat ????
How do I loose weight fast?
What foods should i stay away from?
What is the best diet to do?
Will this exercise program burn any fat?
Is getting a personal fintess trainer worth it?
How do I tone my body and get more fit?
does people lacking energy have more or less energy?
How To Loose 10 - 15 pounds In 2 months?
Am I on a good track to losing weight?
I weigh 92 kilos.I want to lose 15-20 kilos till december.What should I do?
results from working out?
Has anyone heard of water fast? I am planning on doing waterfast. Can you eat while you're water fasting?
If I do half an hour of muscle workout everyday. How long until I see a difference?
Do i need a whey protein shake after an ab workout?
What do i do to help lose weight? HELP ME!!?
Acai Berry Diet does it work and where can i find it?
I've lost 25lbs, but all my cloths that fit me before, still generally fit me now, why aren't I losing inches?
What workout supplement is best for me?
I need to stop this binge eating routine!!?!?
im getting a tummy tuck?
Why am I overeating?!?!??!?
should i work tri and chest tonight?
would you consider the amount i eat healthy? pretty easy question..?
how and when do i know to change my fitness workouts/routine, what is this so called muscle confusion theory?
Step father had cancer.....?
Can I get some help or tips with abs?
Toning my Stomach, Thighs & But !?
Could you really lose pounds off you're legs by doing squats ?
Random weight gain. HELP?
i need to lost a few pounds before 27th?
Will my protein shake go bad if I have it unfridgerated all day?
What's wrong with me?
How much weight can I lose in 10 months? And how?
I need help with my abs arms chest and legs please please please?
What are the best ( safest) supplements to take, to boost energy?
overate, worked out, post workout meal necessary?
Ive been taking a b-12 shot and have lost weight but I feel wierd being smaller is this normal.I wasnt really?
am i fat? weighing more than you look .?
Need help to lose 2-3 pounds in a week . help ?!?
Feeling guilty eating?
Am I a good weight for my size?
Is this healthy eatting today to maintain for a teenager?
sweating in gym class?
What should I do about my weight?
Is it weird to feel this way about exercise?
How do i shake bad influence from good friends and family to my eating and training habits?
Improving cardio?????????
Is it true you could lose 10 pounds of water weight in a week by drinking 8 glasses everyday?
I need some healthy lunch ideas?
How many calories should i have in a day?
Losing the baby belly bulge?
Can i use Whey proteines in a diet to loose weight ? or is it just to gain weight or muscle ?
How can I get stronger? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
If my friend is 12, and weighs 90 lbs, what would be a healthy height for her?
What size would be good/ healthy clothes size for a 12 year old girl who is 5'3.5?
i want to get rid of my thighs and stomach?
my neck is around the rope?
Quick ways to tone my legs?
am i too tall????????
i want to lose about 40 pounds. what is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way of doing that?be specific?
Well is it possible to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks?
How much weight would i lose ?
PLEASE HELP-Does smoking interfere with CHEMOTHERAPY?
question about prostrat cancer?
Just wondering what would happen?
Is my weight healthy? Should I gain/ lose weight or am I good?
How much should I weigh, like the smallest and biggest healthy weight?
Is it ok to treat yourself to Ice Cream while on a diet IF....?
what is the fastest way to loose weight?
Can you do situps and push ups everyday?
Are doing intense 30 min stretches twice a day 2 times a day making my legs firmer?
What does this mean?????
Is my daily exercise good? Btw, I'm a 12 year old girl.?
5-7 hours of basketball safe?
If I drop the weight I curl dramatically, and raise the reps/sets significantly, what will that do for me?
jogging, jogging, & wait.. more jogging.?
Can someone create a 3 day/wk workout plan for me.?
Trying to bulk up but losing weight?
Awesome ab workouts??
Good Gym Set/Workout?
How Many Calories Are In A Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh?
fastest way to detox from weed use?
Getting Stronger and more defined?
On a scale of 1-10 how skinny/ not skinny am I?
I'm I too young to use p90x?
Are my measurements ok?
Why is the low carb high protein diet not working for me!?
possible Eating disorder?
What is limiting my max lift?
What are some ways to work out my wrists/forearms?
How can I loose my belly efficiently?
how much grams is a scoop?
want to go into cancer research... suggested a level options?
how much water should you drink a day?
URGENT! Please help this teen?
how many calories should I eat?
i cant sop thinking about my weight?!? Help?
Muscle strain after push ups?
How do i loose weight in my....?
Help with my workout videos!!?
What to wear in the summer when you hate you "fat" thighs?
How fast do steroid pills work?
Hate Veggies but need to eat healthier, help?
I'm 15, jogging not working for belly fat.?
Is this a good method to lose weight?
Are protein shakes safe?
Would I be I considered "chubby" or unattractively Fat?
how long before I see results from working out?
losing wieght, i need help ..?
does pasta make you gain a lot of weight?
is a girl fat if her stomach os flat but has big hips?
Is the P90X diet good for losing fat and gaining muscle?
If I consume 1200 and burn 1200 question...?
how do i learn to run?
when doing incline, flat, and decline press how many sets would one recommend each?
PLEASE HELP!!! Why is my appetite when I go the gym more often, is that normal?
how to get really flexible?
How do i look bigger?
Wanting a personal trainer at the age of 16?!?
Could someone make me a summer workout schedule? (I'm stressing about this!?)?
How do I stop thinking about food?
Will I lose weight buy just doing this?
Can I get buff from just swimming?
Would you consider this to be large for a women if her measurments are 36-27-39, '5"6 and 145 pounds?
What is a good workout plan that I could do at the gym?
How many calories are in a cheese stick?
how to have willpower?
Weight lifting question?
how do i get rid of my tummy, thighs and upper arms?
Protein after workout and exercise?
Question regarding working out?
In how much time will I lose 20 pounds if I excercise 1 hour/day.?
Overeating for a whole week?
Do I look underweight?
whats a really good way to loose leg fat ?
Losing stomach fat fast ?
what is a good exercise plan to tone your body for summer?
What do you do when you overeat?
Why am i not losing weight?
Metamucil, can i take it daily?
Weight training schedule?
What's a big, extremely cheap low-carb/no-carb food to buy?
i weigh 155lbs and want to drop to 130lbs quickly but heathly any ideas?
need help finding yoga pants/ capris for a plus size girl.....?
what are lots of things you can drink while trying to lose weight?
Is this a healthy diet for a 14 year old girl? Please answer!?
What's a great way to loose tummy, leg and arm fat without having to do any crazy intense work out.?
Is it possible to have 7% body fat after age 30?
Is it okay to run everyday? :)?
How do feel when you see what's worse someone who is terribly thin or terribly huge?
about purging (bulimia)?
"Winter is the time where teenagers become Permanently less active..." Do you agree or disagree with this stat?
i want a flatter stomach!!!?
tummy toning heeeellllppp.?
Looking for a diet buddy?
What diet would be better for me?
am i going to gain weight?
Why don't i ever have an appetite?
I am going on vacation in 1 month what would be the fastest way to lose my stomach flab.?
what are good ways to build muscle?
i want to lose 15 pounds but cant lose just 1 can anyone help?
Why does my stomach look huge in a swim suit?
i want to bulk up but i am still growing?
why don't i feel hungry anymore since i started working out?
what workouts thin the thighs?
getting in good shape?
What is the healthy weight for a 13 year old?
Am i overweight?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What foods should I eat which will help my height the most?
Is peeing alot bad for you?
Are their more overweight women in Canada or more overweight men?
where can i get cayenne pepper powder or juice or concentrate in canada? specially edmonton or fort mcmurray!?
5'7 158 how much to lose for 2-3 dress sizes?
will you gain weight if you eat way too much just for one night?
Can I go to a She's Fit (or any other women's gym) by just paying a drop-in fee, or do I have to be a member?
Anybody starting P90x soon or is doing it?
Is Turbulence Training good to lose weight?
Is biking good for weight loss? (It's a mountain bike)?
i am 80 yrs old need a diet plan?
How to gain ten pounds in a week?
what are good weight watchers recipes/food?
Currently over weight- looking for help?
can you tell you have cancer from a photograph?
Why does a colostomy bag fill up and burst?
free websites for weight-loss/goal tracking?
What's some good work out music?
How much should I weigh?
Work Out Plan For 15 Year Old.?
i do 100 of those half sit up things and it seems like its not working, read discription.?
What weight is considered skinny/petite for a 5'3" female?
I'm on weight watchers at the moment. It's going great, but I have questions...?
Work out before or after my dinner?
I will choose best asnwer after 4 hours fitness?
Cardio exercises ? Help?
QUICK ANSWER! A 30-min Workout?!?! Good or not?
question about weight loss in face.?
Could this be a clense?
How long would it take doing this to loose ten pounds and keep it off?!?
My friend's diet is very unhealthy, how do I tell her it's dangerous?
I'm still sore from a workout 2 days ago. Should I keep resting or go back to normal workout?
how many calories should i be taking in a day (trying to loose love handles and my belly!)?
Does eating oranges make you hungry?
How much water do I need to drink?
How longs does it take for you to reseults from cardio exercise?
Guys: toned flat but or big round but?
How much weight do you think I will lose? I am unemployed so I can do this:?
Is this girl lying about her weight? She says she is 113 lbs?
What makes you burn calories and fat quicker...cardio or strength training?
does running lose belly fat?
Is a Milkshake made up of Vanilla Ice cream, Cut up Strawberries and milk bad for me?
i eat to much at night?
extra skin from when i lost weight?
is any body out there for me?
What's the best way to?
whats better fish oil or krill oil?
Extreme diets you have done and how was it?
how can i get a flat stomach in 2 months?
how do i get the lean look?
Is this an average, okay, or fat weight?
Why does my dad get angry when i call him fatty?
Should I eat before or after the work out? which is more important?
Healthy Diet Tips ??????????
im a male weighing 130lbs and 5"5 is that bad?
Is this a good workout?
I think there is something wrong with my eating Habits.?
How do I dramatically lose weight?
Maximum bench press, possible?
What are some fast ways to lose belly flab im 12, 150lbs, 5'6" ?? pls help?
why is it not working?
what are good cardio exercises for a complete cardio work out of at least 30 min.?
what is the best type of push ups that work upper chest and what is the best type for lower chest?
Looking for an exercise pen pal?
No fatigue feeling after intense exercise why?
Twelve items or less? Yeah Right?
How many calories have I eaten today?
How do you treat binge eating?
What are some exercize I could do?
What are some ways I can safely gain muscle?
about the insanity workout?
What good exercises can I tell son to do in gym?
I used to be a very good sprinter but i feel like im losing my ability, how can i retain/rebuild it?
Wanting to loose fat.. not gain muscle!?
what exersices are the best? answer a.s.a.p?
Weight change help please!?!?!?
i need a 6 pack! acai berry is it true?
Why is my weight still constant after...?
What are some good exercise tips?
about food 20 questions please help me =(?
Is this home workout working? Or can i improve it?
Do you get "shorter" when you get fat?
Running and weight loss?
trying to lose weight but gain muscle, should i work out 6 days a week, or less?
Processed Lunch Meats?
What's A Good diet to follow?
Is it better to work out with a day's break? aka 3 times a week. Or is it better every day?
Please help me :(?
Getting back in shape question?
What are some good workouts to do with weights that do NOT work out your triceps or biceps?
10 points!!!! please help me!?
I need to work on improving my balance?
is there a supplement(not powder) specifically to increase Protein?
Has anyone used the LOSEIT app for iphone/ipod touch?
If I eat about 1000 cals a day, how much weight would I loose in a week... a month?
What do I have to stretch on a 6 pack workout?
Help on Eating Tips, and working out tips please. Easy ten points!?
A question about BMI? Any help appreciated!?
Question about running..?
Am I over weight ?im 13 5'6 130 pounds.?
Losing Weight. .?
how do i get a six pack, and gain weight?
how long until i stop growing?
i need to lose love handles before my bday?
Anorexic......... 15 5'7 and 108 pounds?
I'm 14, I'm approx 68inchs, and I weigh approx 125pounds, am I under weight?
How much should i weigh?
Diet question! Could I survive off of vitamin water? Why or why not?
Does the apple fast really work? what are the pros and cons?
Should the government ban advertising aimed at children (such as junk food)? Why or why not?
How long would I have to excersise per day to loose 10 pounds over...let's say a year?
am i losing any weight?
do i have fat thighss?
i'm 5'7, i'm 15 and i have an arm span of 6'0 and i wear a size thirteen shoe does this mean i will get taller?
What to do to make your thighs smaller?
im 15 how can i get 6 packs with a white rice diet since im asian.?
im 11 and want to lose weight?
Can you rotate between Incline Bench one workout, and flat bench the next? or is it harmful?
Whats a good routine to get buff?
Is this good for you?
How can I loose weight plz help?
If i eat less will my stomach gradually become smaller.?
help with excercies for abs please!?
How can I control my compulsive eating?
Why is there caffeine in my vitamins?
How to stop being hungry and have a igh metabolism?
What are some cardio things you can do?
I have one month to get a more defined chest+stomach?
If I eat lots of oatmeal, can i eat more eggs?
after I work out and most of the time on average my right arm feels stronger then my left?
if you have chemotherapy treatment why is it important that you tell the nurse when you are feeling unwell?
Need to loose wieght fast....?
I'm 5ft9 and 135 lbs. Want to weigh 110 lbs. Diet/exercise advice? 10 points for best answer!?
could you gain weight this way?
Why am I still chubby wubby goo?
(girls) Did anyone ever have a growth spurt at 16 or over?
Does anyone need a diet buddy to compete with?
pure green tea - Ginseng?
can weight lighting effect my weight?
Why am I gaining weight when i started workout?
i have bulimia............?
inexpensive weight loss/ muscle building supplements off the shelf?
joining the rowing team?
Whats the best exercise for a six pack ?
How can I lose 20 pounds?
Does anyone know of sites like itrain.com?
Is it bad to work out too much?
Can I not lose anymore weight? Thoughts?
Chest getting smaller?
Should I try the apple cider diet?
question about weight loss.?
Can body weight exercises replace weights?
Is my goal acheivable? Trainers answer please?
I am active and I still can't manage to lose weight?
how many days per week should i workout to bulk up?
Would 10 pounds a month be realistic?
work out to get in shape?
What time do you work out?
best way to lose flab?
My boyfriend looses stomach fat so fast, and I've been trying to tone my stomach for ages. What can I do?
Treadmill exercise for weight loss?
AM i fat? am a guy???
What time of the day is best to go to the gym on a workday?
If I wanna loose weight, are there any methods?
how much should i weigh?
I may be overweight by 10 lbs. but I don't think its a weight problem?
Fitness Test Tomorrow?
What is your best dieting tip?
How to get over a binge?
im about to go on a diet what you think?
is this a healthy meal plan?
Just a simple diet question...?
Weight loss motivator..good idea?
Fitness Question, Muscle/Fat?
get more muscle mass?
Would you consider being 130lbs overweight if you are 5'0?
Do you know any websites that have free cardio workouts?
What is a good diet, What are good foods to eat?
Thirteen, girl, 5"4 and 134lbs, am I overweight?
Health Issue when eating fruits? (Help!)?
Are there any exercises that will make your breasts smaller?
i am not gaining muscle?
How can i lose weight easily?
How to stop late night cravings?
As an ectomorph im trying to gain a little muscle mass?
daily strength and aerobics exercises?
What kind of workouts do I do have to do to get a hard stomach?
size if not for strength?
Is there such a thing as too much protein?
Need some "easy on the knees" cardio suggestions...?
when do i stop losing weight and start toning! help?
gaining muscle....will wearing a backpack while going for my walk aid in gaining muscle?
fit for life gym gym?
how i lose weight,i am forthy years old?
Is this healthy or not?
had anybody ever tried bootcamp?
What is SHOULD be and SHOULD NOT be in a protein powder? what are the dangers? any risks? and Benefits?
Want to lose 25-30pounds by december ? is it possible?
When will I start to look toned?
How was my diet and exercise today?
should i jog for 1 hr and a half each day or sprint 30 mins everyday for fat loss?
can kids go to the gym and work out?
If I run 2 -3 miles per day will I lose weight?
Can I Have Sweets on a Diet?
How can i remove my waist line? I have lost 95 lbs. I workout almost every day. Do i need surgery?
Health professionals only please?
how to calcuate bodyfat?
would like to talk to a nutrisionist?
I'm 14, 5''4, am i overweight?
Are you abusing your body if you workout everyday?
Unintentional weight loss- 7 pounds in 2 days?
What is the best to way to lose weight and keep it after?
What is the best way to lose weight and muscle mass?
will this help me get a six pack?
bessst diet foooods !?
How can I do cardio at home?
How did I do so far today?
does green tea cause estrogen?
Home Exercises, Help!?
best yoga??????????????? that actually workssssss?
I want to get fit by jogging?
how can i lose my thigh fat?
i need help on gaining weight?
how do i lose belly and thigh fat in 10 days?!?
Does the "natural makeover diet" by Dr. Joey Schulman actually work?
Im trying to eat more Veggies, but they get so boring and bland after awhile. What are some tasty veggies?
hi..im male5 feet and 8inch and iam 185 pounds.i need to know how much Calories i need in a day?
eating problem plzz help?
How much weight can i lose in a month and how?
Two questions about inches and pant sizes?
Does anyone know the Halleluja diet and how i can get some of their books?
I need low carb help???
what is a ideal weight for a 6 foot teenager male?
i wanna lose weight, but people say im skinny help me?
bread and water diet? please help?
Why am I gaining weight?
How to get a flat stomach?
is it easier for a 17year old to get huge muscles than a 14yr old?
How much weight will i lose weight,will i get toned,and...?
Gaining weight, high metabolism?
i eat when i'm bored, how can i stop ! ?
What are some Calorie Wise foods?
What are the symptoms and treatment of prostate cancer?
All of the following is part of connective tissue EXCEPT: endomysium epimysium hypomysium perimysium?
I am 16 and i chew and i have white spots on my tongue is it cancer?
should i worry about my uncle?
what is the molecular basis for going bald when undergoing chemotherapy with 5-flurouracil (5-FU) or 5-FdUMP?
Is the cervical Cancer injection you get at school really painful?
I'm 14 and have cancer, they need to shave my head. Should?
can you do too much cardio per day?
What Muscle Supplement Should I Purchase Next?
I need to get thinner thighs FAST!?
Walking on the Treadmill?
Getting abs with a low carbs diet?
Discouraged after 2 weeks of working out?
Gaining 20 lbs in 3 months plz help?
Help me show my 6 pack?
How to lose weight???????
I ate A LOTTT today ?!?!? * Best Answer*?
What happens if I play the trumpet too hard?
What exercises can you do on a 75" yoga ball for your core?
What is a good cardio workout?
How do I loose 10-15 pounds in one month?
Working Out Question?
what are some good exercises to do at home?
Can I loose weight by just eating less?
Is it ok to run 10 minutes before you eat if you have lots of water too?
Please help ASAP!!!!!!!!! :((((((((?
Smart burn with hoodia while on birth control safe?
I'm 5'6 or 7" and 130 pounds.. am i overweight?
Are Crab sticks Healthy?
Is there a way?! To loose weight as soon as possible.?
Best cooking oil for lowest fat and high quality healthy food!?
How much will we lose?
whats this weight lifting excercise called?
Am i fat? please help.?
Is this a good exercise plan? *easy 10 pts*?
Weight Lifting and Gaining Muscle.?
post anorexia unhealthiness??
How useful is a personal trainer?
For people who have used diet pills. What diet pills have you used that really work?
what works in making you loose weight?
how can i loose fast pounds?
How can I gain weight?
How do i lose weight?
Did i loose more weight??
Best way to loose weight?
Help! I just got p90x and i looked through the nutritional plan and each meal contains meat or eggs?
Smoking ? Helpppppppp?
can a person get toned and lose weight even if they eat junk food and carbs for much of their diet?
I am 20 years old, weight is currently at 159 lbs and 5 feet 8" tall. Am I fit for my age/height?
What do u think about my weight?????
i have 2 questions. one about appearence and one about weight..?
how do you feel about ..?
How many calories do I burn on my treadmill?!?
teen weight loss tips?
fitness support sites?
Exercises to get rid of love handles... ick.?
Should someone sleep on a hard or soft bed after a workout or when they are sore from one?
I'm 13 and I don't know if I i should stop working out.?
I'm going on a 1200 calorie diet. What happens if....?
Can I be a size 0 at 5'6" and 100 pounds?
How can I lose weight in special places in my body ?
How much water should I drink when I'm jogging?
How to lose weight for young ppl?
what is the best way to loose 15 ponds fast?
Any Master Cleanse experts?
Is it ok to have only 625mg Sodium, 175mg Cholesterol, 70g of protein, and 10g of fat, all in one day?
how to burn fat?????????????
How Can I Lose All My Weight?
I've lost 5kg (11lbs) in a week?
How much do I have to run to lose weight?
How to get flat abs quickly?
rowing, need to lose weight!?
should i rest from gym today, been working out 2 days straight.....?
Do pills help you lose weight?
hey do you guys think I am fat?
what is the best exercice to loose weight? and how many minute of it?
can someone gime a gud diet plan?
How do I thin out my tummy?
Quitting Pop and Sugary Juices?
Would this be effective?
i am 17 and i weigh 170 pounds!!!?
can apple pies make a person fat?
what would happen to you if you take too much weight gain drink with out execusieng.?
Workout Question......................?
Im trying to get abs, but thecrunches are painful so i usually stop at 20 then keep going till 100?
will this plan work...?
How many calories do I burn doing this?
I havn't eaten in 3 days, what should i start with?
When I do crunches, it hurts..?
Help! model,need to lose 15 pounds!?
anybody have any suggestions for exercises you can do at home?
How does eating affect your physical activity?
If you are fasting and...?
I want to lose my little tummy and get bigger muscles but how?
What Are some good exersises my shoulders and pecks?
is it ok for a muscle to take more than 24 to 48 hours to rebuild after a workout?
i need help losing weight?
Suggestion fr a dietry suppliment. CLA, Xenadrine, or any thing else.?
Are my biceps forming right [PICS INCLUDED]?
i need a fast free and as much work as necessary way to lose 30 pound in 2 months?
Confused about food labels?
As you all know..Summer is comming! Needing some fitness tips etc?
i can do 40 pushups in one hand,,,?
What's a really healthy diet eating mostly vegetables?
i can walk 1 block a minute do no how many miles per hour i,m walking?
Please explain how you use this ?
Is this true??????????????????????
Will a spin bike or treadmill help my abs at all? Increase them or make them stronger?
wat kind of exercise do i need cardio and wat else??
I am 13 years old and my height is 4'11 And my weight is 115 am I over weight? And if so how can I lose it.?
How would i make myself throw up..not bein bulimic though?
I want to tone my body. Any suggestions?
What to eat/drink each day to stay healthy?
What happens if you don't eat any sugar/fat?
Can't gain muscle, can anyone help?
Help with "Hydroxycut!?"?
So is walking on my treadmill more effective for body fat loss than running?
What can i eat on my DIET?
I don't get the heart rate? I think mine was superrrrr high?
Loose tummy fat in about 3 months.?
What stores in Canada sells Ensure?
Does JOGGING/RUNNING help you gain muscle?
Is creatine bad for you?
weight loss 14 yr old?
How many calories would I losee ?!?
can someone PLEASE help with this diet ? its really important to me?
Should i be doing dead lifts for gaining muscle mass?
is my food intake healthy?
how was my diet for today?
High Intensity Interval Training followed by Low Intensity Cardio for 30 min?
Ab excersises that work fast!?
whats the best fat burning supplement or pill?
I have a belly, im 13 and I need a healthy eating plan with times per day 4 metabolism and stuff like tht.?
How can I motivate myself to tidy up or do anything when I'm possibly burned out?
weight loss question?
What is a healthy weight?
I weigh 245 lbs and am 63, can you tell me how much salt I need in my diet ?
How to start working out?
What's so bad about sugar?
I want to put together a workout/pump up playlist for when im lifting. Suggestions?
How do diet pills work?
Why does my belly hurt?
how to lose wiehgt on a treadmill?
Do I look really fat for my height?
Am i overweight? Help Please?
How do I get rid of this?
I have pain in my stomach... look under?
Post-workout pain question advice...Im aware of the ache but there more to it?
my dog is overweight and she won't lose weight can u help?
Is it true that the body chooses where it will lose the weight from?
Muscle building, help please?
Is there such a think as too much excersice? I recently took a job teaching kids dance as a way for me to get?
Is there a resource or person that will tell me what I should be eating on a daily basis?
is it ok to workout the abs prettymuch everyday?
Is it possible to work out in such a way?
transfat and saturated fat?
Weight loss buddy, please?
how many calories in this subway sub?
So I wanna tone my body up before the 14th?
is it true that when you fast..?
Does CLA work? Have you taken it?
WEIGHT help!........?
I need an AB workout? Help ill explain more in details...?
Am I overweight? BE HONEST!?
I want to know if this is a good home workout? This is done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?
How is my weight and height? ?
can some one please help me?
What are the names of the exercise and fitness dvd's on T.V.?
How can I get motivated?
What are some healthy habits? ?
How much do I need to lose? (Pictures included)?
To lose water weight, do you need to excersise? Or can you just drink plenty of water and lose it?
About how much weight will i loose if i...?
I'm 4'11 what should my ideal weight be?
how can i lose 1 pound in 4 days ?
Is it unhealthy to have a heart rate above 200?
HELP with breakfast please?
Can we take Protein shake everyday ?
i scared im gona loose my mum!!!?
Can breast cancer be inherited?
Cervical Cancer Jab?
Could this be cancer?
How can a blood test show cancer in your blood?
Are there any other plants, apart from tobacco, that can cause cancer, or any other terminal illness?
!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Is my weight healthy?
Is this a healthy meal plan?
what are good homeworkouts for biceps and chest?
10 minute trainer....?
What are some things i can do in my room to lose weight?
what will cause you to get fat?
How much calories did I intake today?
I need pryer against cancer?
Has anyone had Hodgkin's Disease ?
When will it end, please answer?
Good plan to lose weight ? ?
How many pounds did you gain this holliday season?
what category do i fall in?
What is the average weight for a 14 year old girl?
Is this normal...............?
Im thinking about starting to want to eat worms because worms are suppost to be a good scorch of protien?
how can I lose weight in a week?
will i lose 15 lbs by doing this?
what do electro lights in gatorade do besides keep you from dehydrating?
Is there a calorie counter book?
i will be doing race for life in memory of every one who has died of cancer!?
please tell me if this is throat cancer....(image included)?
Did i gainnn weight ?
Is this a fair workout for a 12 year old male to be doing every other day?
how can i lose 20 pounds in 73 days?
$150 to much to spend on 3 month gym membership?
I go through these phases where I don't feel like eating?
iz tummy crunchez working or not?
How to get rid of face fat?
lemon or orange juice loose a tan?
how can i get slim and lean legs ?
Will I lose a lot of muscle mass?
i lift weights 2-3 times a week and do moderate pace walking 2-4 days a week.i eat 1500-1600 calories.?
Slow Twitch Muscle Problem?
Will this much exercise cause me to lose my period?
Has anyone ever used Hydroxicuts?
Wrestling Weigh in Tomorrow?
will i gain weight tonight?
Whats a great diet for you to grow tall?
Core stabilizing exercises?
please help :( tips?
Do I eat enough in a day?
how long would a coffee or lattee keep you up for?
How Do I Lose 20 pounds?
how much should a soon turning 14 year old weigh?
How can I lose 5-10 pounds in less than a week?
how much weight would i have to lose for it to be noticable?
What are some good exercises for homee? ?
If someone has cancer does it always show up in a blood test?
How do i gain weight ?
Lose Weight Really Fast?
how do you gain weight, and build muscle, fast?
im a 14 year old girl, im 5'4'' and i weight 110 lbs. my friends say im to thin but i feel so fat, HELP!!!?
Is jumping rope a good way to lose wight?
Excercises that will get rid of flab and lovehandles ! No situps PLEASE !?
im a 16 year old girl and need to loose weight for my personal reasons and for health issues HELP!!?
How do i lose 10- 20 pounds fast?
Protein shake is to sweet?
What are some good foods to help you gain?
2 questions to maximize my weight/fat loss...?
Vitamins and mineral supplements past their expiry ... any harm or of any use?
Is 5'6 138lbs fat? or just chubby. how much should I loose?
Does doing Push-ups Stun your growth ( height ) ? 10 Points for best answer with evidence?
Do I have a vitamin B deficiency?
question about hypothyroid and weight gain?
Doing pushups as soon as i wake up?
is it possible to gain inches and lose weight?
Does the suppliment HMB have any downsides?
Weight Loss Question .. Plz Help :)?
Do muscle turn into fat?
Will they ever see me the same again.?
question about bone age x-ray! Please answer?
What does a cancerous mole look like?
Testicular Cancer: Any people affected by it, know what it felt like,hard soft, round knot etc Any Help Please?
how long would you have to wait for ultrasound scans if cancer is suspected?
Can being bulimic in the past increase risk of bowel cancer later in life?
Over summer i gained like 15 and am too heavy to be a flyer, i just need help!...HELP?!?
Question about green tea?
does dieting on fruit really work?
any here do the military press?
working out so far 3 months I'm a 17 year old male?
Can someone tell me if this healthy?
can you give me some inspiring words to hit the treadmill ?
waht are the days of the week in which you cant fast?
what is the best way to build cool muscles? ?
how much should i weight?
i need some thigh exercises?