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Will these lower body exercises make my breast smaller?
How can I gain weight?
How do I cut calories?
Will eating anything without sugar or fat in it make people fatter?
Best way to get a killer back?
How much should I weigh, like the smallest and biggest healthy weight?
Is my weight healthy? Should I gain/ lose weight or am I good?
i really prefer the nightime better than the day ?? Is there a name for this ?
lossing weight Troubles HELPPPP?
Am I underweight? or normal?
At 5'8.5 what's the weight I should be at?
Weight Loss Help!! Can I lose weight eating 1200 calories a day?
How much weight can I lose doing this?
crandbery juice diet ?
Am I average, thin or skinny?
do guys find moles on a stomach unappealing?
get back to shape!!!!!!!!!! help!!?
How can a 14 year old lose 20 pounds ?
How do i start eating healthy as a teenager?
i need help with this?
What can i do to stay healthy?
how many pounds should i lose?
How can I lose weight and get healthy when I have such bad eating habits?
Question about body type? (pictures included)?
How can I get six pack abs?
How much do I really weigh?
whats more of a healthy choice?
If I'm on a diet, will a small amount of junk food slow me down alot?
Can anyone recomend a travel insurance company for someone with Chronic Myeloid Leukeamia please?
Does Starving Help lose weight?
how much time does it take to see the abs?
average weight for a (5'7/5'8) 15 year old?
Strength and Conditioning?
How do i make my Skin Thinner.? -WorkingOut?
any tips to 'stop eating so much'?
lost confidence because of my figure...?
Quck Caloire Counter Question for Crabby Joes Food?
Will I loose weight if I only eat/drink water for 1 week?
Help Losing Weight In Month and Half?!?
Can I lose 15 pounds quicker by building muscel or detoxing?
How much will I lose?!?
I want to lose weight within less than two months?
If you're a teen, what should your heart rate be while exercising? Is my heart rate abnormal?
im a ballroom dancer and im 5'2 (12 years old) ,i weigh 112. Am i fat?
Am i too skinny for my age?
How to loose weight fast?
excersizing how to not feel sore?
Could I lose this much?
How to get a good vertical in a week? Exercises?
What's a good over the counter weight loss pill?
I weigh less than I appear to be?
Vegetarian who wants to loose weight?
Has anyone tried the Beverly Hills Weight Management Centre program?
Do you think their Right ?
I'm starting a diet tomorrow, what would you suggest?
I need specific instructions on the master cleanse diet.?
Question about losing weight?
How to get buff???? anyone lol?
where can i get an ab lounge chair in canada which store i mean?
I have a cold, is it still OK for me to be working out?
weight question..need answer...best answer gets 10 points?
Doing abs bad if your trying to gain weight?
What should I do now BURN the extra calories?
Exercise In Winter??????
What are the origins of the word `cancer`?
medical question about having your hair dyed whilst undergoing chemotherapy?
Am I underweight? or normal?
i really want to lose weight before september.please help me?
What is the best quick workout for your sides ?
How much weight can I lose doing this?
Loose Skin after weight loss?
Is it bad being hungry all the time?
What am I doing wrong? I don't understand.?
Last chance for help with weight?
How do u lose stomach fat?
How do i start eating healthy as a teenager?
How can I loose weight quickly and safely ?
i want to see blotch pictures.m I have a red blotch near my eyebrow. Can anyone help?
Would anyone like to be Pro Ana texting Buddies?
what is something quick i can fix for breakfest?
i gain weight on my face and stomach, but i lose it in other places...why is this?
motivation to get back in shape?
good diet/meals so far?
How many calories should i eat a day while jogging regularly?
Do hemoglobin levels raise or lower after exercise?
when are anorexics at death risk?
could you east healthy with fast food?
Do you think i would gain the weight back?
Weight Loss and Cortisol Levels?
If grape juice can cause iron deficiency, what about eating grapes?
How many calories should i consume?
best way to lose body fat?
If i stop taking my psychotropic meds would my thyroid return to normal ?
I need to lose 30 pounds but i have an obsession with food !?
How accurate are the online BMI calculators?
How could I chane my workout?
How much should a 12 year old girl weigh?...?
Would it be bad if I ate like 8 servings of veggies a day?
How to lose weight (grade 7) I have no time!?
Is eating a banana while hanging upside down good for you,ive heard it can help your intestinal track?
The best diet that worked for you?
how do I lose fat quickly....I exercise?
Is this workout good enough?
Can all community join to confusion contributed by the latest US science researches experts.?
How long would it take for me to get to 130lbs./10% body fat (more info inside)?
15 year old workout plan?
WOOT! So is it bad that I'm happy I'm almost underweight !! :D !!?
I wake up in the morning and I don't want no toast......?
Minute maid or Diet soda?
5"3, 140 ibs, Am i fat?
Body By Vi - has anyone ever tried this? Does it work?
can someone gimmie a strength training routine?
How Can I Lose Weight Fast?
Would it be possible to lose 30lbs in 3-4 moths?
Is there any exercise I can do sitting down to tone abs?
is it cheating to take diet pills...?
What's your workout routine?
Help me please? Health and Exercise?
When should i take Creatine and Glutamine?
Is it possible to lose weight this way?
How to Lose 40 Pounds by July 2011?
What should my meal plan be if i want to loose weight in 40 days for vacation?
does working out stunt growth in teens?
If i replace wheat flour with spelt flour in my bread recipe will it be gluten free?
How can i effectivly lose 40 pounds in 6 months?
what is the secret to a slim toned body we always see those cheerleaders in movies have?
Interval training???
How many calories should I eat a day to loose 35 pounds?
Will This Workout Get Me Results?
How can you get abs like Shakira?
is 150 lbs too big for a girl who is 5'6?
I am working out to lose weight. but am gaining instead?
Teen Weight Problem Please :(?
I'm a 13 y/o girl, weigh 113 lb. and am 5'7 feet. BMI is 17.7. Says I am underweight. Is this bad or true?
How to build thigh muscles and a naturally big behind?
how many days should i run a day?
why did i binge on carbs?
avarge wight for a 14 year old?
what are the foods that fill you up? quick poll?
How Many Calories Burned?
Superpump 250+Real mass?
is it weird to go to the gym twice in one day?
So do Cleaning products such as Dettol, Flash and Antibacterial stuff really cause Cancer and breathing proble
Why do i feel the cold five years after chemotherapy?
175 pounds of hand grip?
How to do squats with chondromalacia (runner's knee)?
when are anorexics at death risk?
What is a more healthy diet?
Is there any app on the ipod touch/iphone that keeps you motivated to loose weight?
Have you tried Zumba Fitness?
Does thinking burn calories?
How come I dont look fat....?
Advice for first LLETZ treatment?!?
What are the chances of the mole being malignant?
What should I do about my coach saying I need to gain weight?
ABS!! what am I doing wrong (PICTURE included)?
Would stairs be a good option?
muscle advice please?
Wwhen will i noticed a difference?
Is cardio a good way to loose weight?
How many calories did I eat today?!?
how to avoid craving food?
Weight loss pill suggestions?
How much calories did I eat today?
Im 14 years old and i want to lose 10 pounds?
Does somebody knows something about gastric ballon?
wrist curls for a 15 year old?
Metabolism, other people able to be healthy in sedentary lifestyle isn't an excuse for you. Non?
staying hungry is important ?
is this to much, do i need a smaller goal?
What is the best way to lose weight and muscle mass?
Losing weight??? 10 Pounds?
is this an average weight for a 13 year old?
what will throwing weights give me ?
Need a good morning drink, Thats if I have no time to make brecky?
How can I stay fit without my parents knowing?
Should I eat breakfast?
How can I lose weight?
Abdominal muscles and workouts?
I've lost some weight and my resting heart rate...?
how much exercise per day?
working out in the morning. what should i eat for breakfast?
help! im shrinking in height?
Hey, how do you find out your body fat percentage?
I am interested in starting yoga, but am not sure how to go about starting. ?
Whats a good exercise to help get your stomach area in shape?
should I eat before or after working out?
How can I loose fat on my calves and thighs?
cual es la mejor dieta para bajar 10 libras en semanas?
Need a work out/circuit to thin out and tone muscles, improve cardio.?
How many calories should I burn?
How to lose weight in a healthy way?
What is the ideal weight for a 17 year old girl that is 5'6?
Morning cardio, nutrition, and timing?
16 year old girl andvi really need help! ?
Do mobile phone masts contribute to people getting cancer?
HELP! Need to loose love handles and extra fat!?
Help any one know what i can do to help lose weight?
i need help with some burns?
Leg Advice? (lunges and squats)?
Hi Im 48 and I've just noticed a little of my chin under starts to go down. What exercises I can do to tone it?
Am I overweight serious answers only?
I NEED NUTRITIONAL food advice....?
what do u think of my exercise routine?
My strength training weight gain goals what do you think?
High school wreslting Question?
what is the most amount of weight i can loose by december? im 14 and 107 lbs...?
Will this have an effect on my cardio?
Without Calcium How Can You Strength Your Bones?
Few questions about losing fat and need tips plz...?
I am female, 66 years old, 5' 1" tall and 150 pounds overweigtt,,,is there any hope for me?
What happens if you excersise when your body aches from yesterdays start workout?
Trying to lose weight?
How should I tone this stomach to finally see my abs?
Bulimics! How often do you binge and purge?
Which is better Squats or Hack squat machine?
good exercise routines?
Good Weight loss sites?
keep motavation,but how? ?
Losing Weight Fast????
What household foods/drinks help in stopping gas?
i compulsively overeat?
I messed up on my diet yesterday, what do i do today?
Will diet pop prevent me from losing weight?
Can anyone help me with my diet ? Thanks =]?
how do i mainly lose fat in my stomache and face, without losing to much fat on my arms/back?
How is this for tomorrow!?
What warm up activity should i use at home?
Workout/Diet suggestions anyone?
Which excersize is the best for...?
Weight Loss Question???????
any tips about this thingy mabob?
What is the best exercise for loosing fat from the lower ab/waist area?
Any back and abs easy toning excersises?
I don't know what i should do?
How Can i Lose 2 lbs per week ?
How to lose my baby weight?
i want to loose weight in my thighs and calves?
How can I trim fat in my tummy and still bulk up?
How Much Meat Should I Be Eating Daily?
What are healthy sugar substitutes?
Arm (bicep, tricep, wrist) workout idea. Is this good/bad?
How do you keep motivated and have more energy to work out if you have really chronic back pain ?
How much should a small framed, 5'9", 16 year old boy weigh?
how to reduce stress?
Am I skinny or just normal?
Is 100% pure maple syrup good for master cleanse?
Is apple cider healthy?
How much weight would i lose ?
would i gain weight or lose it?
Is there another way to lose 15 pounds of fat fast?
Am i at a good weight?
How long and fast should I run? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Is the a good routine for losing weight?
are calories affected by protiene carbs and fats?
What workout supplement is best for me?
will starving myself make me gain weight?
What is my real weight?
does chemotherapy cause a deep vein thrombosis?
Run for life - Cancer?
eating healthy time!?
How can you get a nice set of abs in a short amount of time?
i weigh close to 300lbs and my body fat is 27% range. is this too high?
joining Weight Watchers tomorrow?
possible to lose 10 pounds in two weeks?
what are some examples of muscular strength activities?
Would drinking protein shake help with ''reparing'' and injuried elbow for which physiotherapy is needed?
Where to Buy Anabolic Steroids?
I heard that apple cider vinegar is good for weight loss how much can i take and can i take it straight?
Do you resistant bands really work ?
What stores sells bench presses?
Low fat frozen yogurt?
I am 20 years old, weight is currently at 159 lbs and 5 feet 8" tall. Am I fit for my age/height?
Which workout schedule seems more efficient for Fat burning/Muscle toning?
Help! I just got p90x and i looked through the nutritional plan and each meal contains meat or eggs?
suggestions:exercise routines.?
Has anyone tried P90X?
What are some good songs to jog 2?
how much vitimin D and calcium would a person in their 40's need to take a day if they were lacking it?
Would someone make me up a diet plan?
About how many calories did I eat today?!?
What is inflammatory breast cancer?
Anyone Stopping smoking on monday???
Can anyone help me??
Schools starting soon? How can I stay fit?
To keep my body and weight the same, how much a day am i allowed to have?
What are some small changes that will accelerate my switch into a healthier lifestyle?
Hi. I'm 17+ and im going into grade 12. Over the summer, i started working out again and eating healthy?
Help me i need it,i have a big problem!!!!!!!!!!?plz answer?
Question For Body Builders ...?
Fasting twice a week--no not a diet question!?
Is doing cardio kickboxing three times a week good?
How can I lose 20 pounds in 2 month?
How old do you have to be to take protein shakes?
Will this help me lose weight?
Whatever i eat before excerising do i usually work it off fast?
is this a healthy eating plan?
Has anyone tried any weight loss supplements that show results?
What is a good body fat % for a 15 year old girl?
My dress is a bit tight, how can i slim down in 10 days? HELP!!!?
if you lose weight will your breasts shrink?
Starting a diet midday?
Do you see yourself 10 pounds heavier than you actually are?
Best supplement for fast muscle gain?
Is Whey Protein Good for Diabetics?
Fitness? help please!:) thank you! 10 points? p90x!?
is wii fit plus effective?
how does a water diet work?
Do people with six packs have to flex themselves to show them ?
How to lose weight fast? Tips in addition to diet and exercises..?
i wanna loose some of my tummy, like flaten it out. any suggestions on foods and workouts?
Exercise...ive had a headache for a week and even when i dont exercise?
how to help my mom lose weight without her knowing ?
How can i get and maintain a petite figure?
Carbohydrates are BAD for you.?
I always seem to strain my neck when doing ab workouts?
Im underweight, but have a big tummy HELP?
Question about weight loss?
how to lose 5-10 pounds.?
How to lose 50 pounds?
Hi help me get skinner so i can get abs?
Am I fat I am 13 yrs old?
does protein increase overall height as well?
Is my waist too fat or chubby?
I weigh 220 pounds, I'm 5'7" and I aim to lose 40 pounds over the next two months?
i want to lose excessive calories...?
keys to a fit stoned body? tips please?
how can i lift weights?
how do i lose 10 pound in 2-3 days?
Is there something wrong with me?
pilates, cardio or yoga?
Machine Bench Press or normal bench?
are these good snacks for movies?
How do I increase my metabolism?
Healthy living article.?
How come my lower right knee aches when I use the elliptical machine?
Can weight loss or diet cause you to bruise more easily?
What is a good exercise workout for a 13 year old girl?
What is the best type of protein powder to buy, the type with a high level of protein and mixes good?
how do you get bulked muscles to .."unbulk"?
How do I loose my last 5-10lbs of fat without damaging my muscle mass? Here's the deal I started dancing a?
How many times a week should i workout?
how can we cure " CANCER"?
I have a food addiction, How am I going to pull this off?
Do ten minute workouts actually do anything ??/how to lose ten pounds in three weeks ?
I have diarrhea and a high metabolism? / how can i gain weight?
what is the kind diet?
im a 15 yr old girl who needs serious help to lose weight. anyone please help with exercises etc.?
starting from march to June is it possible to loose weight?
why am I such a bad runner?
PLEASE HELP!!! I need to lose weight?
Hey, i'm a 14 year old weigh lifter, am I doing good?
Is it possible to still get abs if..?
creatine question....?
I seriously need to lose weight for prom.?
i need help on loosing lower belly fat?
ballerina body, NOT a muscle body!?
Is a Milkshake made up of Vanilla Ice cream, Cut up Strawberries and milk bad for me?
I am starting jogging in the mrning and need some answers to the following questions PLZ!!!?
Popped Blood Vessel From Working Out Or Not?
Which is a better food choice?
How do I make my calves smaller?
How do I lose like 75 pounds in less than 4 months?
Is it true you could lose 10 pounds of water weight in a week by drinking 8 glasses everyday?
I'm underweight and scared..?
How to can you lose leg fat ?
Exercises for stoners?
I get stomach aches when I drink dairy products in the mourning, does that mean I'm lactose intolerant?
Why have I stopped losing weight?
Building muscle/losing fat.?
I wanna be skinny !!! Please read nd help!!?
Help, Weight loss problems?
Does the all woman's good life fitness have machines made for woman?
how do i get rid of the fat right under my breasts ?
How can i loose weight?
If i bike one day and run one day for four days then rest for 3 days will i get fit for soccer?
What do you think about doing sets of only 3 reps?
What would happen if I went on a KFC Double Down and Redbull diet?
Does mutant mass make your belly big?
what if I am eating a lot just not a lot of calories?
What gym workout suplements do you use?
How much does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost on Average?
What's the best yoga DVD for an overweight beginner?
Breast Cancer, Self Checking?
Is skin cancer hereditory?
I am 15 how can i get a slim stomach and small thighs!?
Is swimming healthy???????????????????????…?
Does this seem fat to you?
HIIT or Regular cardio?
I'm 14. am I overweight?
How to put on more weight?
My new excersize routine?
hey im 14 and im wonderin if i am obese or just a little chubby?
Need info about P90X...?
Average weight for a 14 year old ?
Burning off 250 Calories?
How Do I Stick To My Diet?
Good songs to listen to while jogging?
weight question, during period ....?
Do u have the P90x guides and videos?
is this a healthy dinner?
Going back to school? can help me!!! 1.weight 2.style3.acne4.?
Im twleve and I want to loose weight?
How skinny have you ever been?( at your age)?
When going to the gym, what is a good weekly routine to follow?
Can you smoke cigarettes on the master lemon cleanse?
even with little exercise, will high protien consumption help build muscle?
looking for ColonCleanerXL...can't find?
what shoule be my goal weight?
Not diagnosed with an eating disorder (girl, 15). I need guidance. Please help!?
eating during class?
How to tone my body??
if your sick and loose 10lbs in a week how much is fat,muscle?
will being a vegetarian make you lose weight ?
How can I get a victoria secrets body?
which one is the SI unit? 1 stone, 4.5 miles, 17 minutes, 2 pints or 1 meter? thank u?
i Need helps please ?
How long till pointe?
is it possible to lose 10 pounds .....?
Average height/weight for a 14 year old female?
is this a good arm exercize routine?
What body type would you say I am?
What are some really good , safe protien drinks?
I want the space between my thighs!!! U know what I'm talking about, the space that skinny people have?
i need some ideas for my gym class ?
How to loose fat in the face and neck? ?
where can i get cayenne pepper powder or juice or concentrate in canada? specially edmonton or fort mcmurray!?
i want to lose 15 pounds but cant lose just 1 can anyone help?
t-zone (?) workout machine?
What's the best routine to build muscles for a 40 years old guy ?
gaining weight supplement?
Question regarding working out?
How can I give up certain foods?
How to thin out not get more muscular?
how long should an average teen walk?
my brother in law,has a swollen testicale,hes been in hospital a week.?
abnormal cells pre-cancer stage....?
Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer - How is it done?
how long before i see a huge difference? (weight loss)?
should i workout or rest?
sore muscles! helppp?
how can girls build mussles and lose weight?...can i acheive a tonned body?
has anyone tried this soup?
Can i still be able to do push-up with my other routine?
is walking only good for a cardio exercise?
how do I completly eliminate floopy arms?
Thin, toned, amazing short shorts wearing thighs!?! HELP PLEASE!?
Help on choosing a healthier eating plan?
Do you think Im underweight?
What is the very fast or quick way to gain weight or weight gain and have a very huge belly at the age of 17?
Should I do weights and strength training before or after cardio?
Best Machine To Loose belly fat and tone up abs?
ThermaSlim-Plus product Acai Berry Product,, have you ever tried this product,?
where can you buy work out equipments such jumping rope?"?
Some questions about protein smoothies?
what are some tips (other than working out) that contribute to getting abs?
How do I make a diet and workout plan that will stick?
How many Calories should i consume?
What is a good diet to gain muscle and lose body fat?
Would you rather be extremely underweight or extremely overweight?
What is the date of this?
Fast and Effective home workouts?
can vitamin D help with weight loss?
How do you lose belly fat?
weight loss question please answer?
How to lose wieght off of stomach,love handles, and thighs?
Does the stairmaster get you thinner or bigger thighs?
i wanna loose weigh fast over break. HELP?
if you lose weight will your breasts shrink?
Starting a diet midday?
Do you see yourself 10 pounds heavier than you actually are?
Im 16, 150 pounds and want to be 140. Im active but my tummy wont tighten! please help!?
Fitness? help please!:) thank you! 10 points? p90x!?
is wii fit plus effective?
Diet pills i can buy in store?
my grandad had a bloodclot on each lung.He hasnt cancer or had an op,hasnt a dvt cant find a reason?
Need to lose pounds fast :(?
Show Me Your Abs PLEASE?
wedding crisis !! help me lose weight :(?
quickest way to loose weight?
Im a girl with a boys eating habbit?
Anyway to improve flexibility?
what is the average work time for a person ?
What is the best way to start on my Wii Fit?
I am on Synthroid 175 and am looking for a diet plan to use in addition to my workouts to maximize weight loss?
Pills for bodybuilding muscle?
could you gain weight this way?
My lunchtime is messed?
How much weight could I lose if...?
i want to do a body clenses. how do i do it!?
What are some low fat/carb foods i can eat that are yum?
i need to lose love handles before my bday?
will weight redistribubute on its own after gaining it from a restricting diet?
Do you think this is a healthy weight if your 5'9?
Helping Gaining Weight / Muscle?
(For MuscleHeads) Which is the best to train in Bodybuilding?
Do Electronic FingerPrinting Devices (hand punching) cause Cancer?
Does anyone know anything about Cancer in the Pancreas?
diagnosing a lump on spine
During a period of weight loss, such as a calorie deficit does the body lose muscle ?
Why do you not gain weight everytime you eat?
Vitamin D help please?
what is the healthiest dry cereal. I need to lose a few pounds and ate bran buds but they discontinued them.?
What Can Walking 45 Mins Raise?
Does anyone know of any nice clean health clubs in Mississauga?
Un-active teens!!!!!?
how much would i loose with these apples?
Is there a standard barbell bar size that all weight sets use?
Is it possible to flatten your stomach in a month? If so any suggestions?!?
what is the kind diet?
whats the best way to become more flexible?
creatine question....?
How many cups of green tea a day to lose fat?
Can you help me make a routine?
stressed and losing weight?
Is it possible for a 4 pack to show without flexing?
i m having good diet and having good apetite but still my physic is so slim..wht shd i do? r der ny medicines?
Im about 5'ft,15 years old, and i always wanted to become a model,?
I'm 5'2", 104 lbs and my thighs are 21 inches around the thickest part. Are my thighs considered too big?
Beginner to exercise question:?
how to loos 30 pounds in 1 month?
Lost body fat but not inches?
How can I get flexible again?
question about protein shacks?
How long do I have to drink water to......10bestanswer?
Am I Obese or Overweight?
Can you work out too much?
Getting rid of flabby bits?
Is there a limit to how much you can work out in a day?
Must my body be toned/cut before building muscle?
Good Book For A Healthy Life?
how do I build muscle in my arms?
How to lose weight and get toned?
What's a healthy weight?
Can smoking give you cancer of the hand?
Medical Term For Blood Cancer?
Is it a good idea to start waking up early, so I can exercise before school?
how many calories should i take in per day?
Good way to get fit over the summer?
is working a 19 hour day normal for my 17 year old daughter do you think its healthy?
Bad back and race tomorrow?
Is this serious? BEST ANSWER GETS 10 PTS?
Digestion problems for teenager?
Other Exercises I Can Do?
Left arm 1.5 inches smaller than the right?
Loosing Wieght . HELP HELP please easy points.?
what can i eat thats healthy ?!?!!?
How much weight would i lose if....?
a question about protein?
SO in your opinion! what's a good diet? that can make someone skinner but healthier :)?
i live in surrey bc canada where to i get a weight machine for cheap and a good one?
A diet that flushes out your system..?
Health Watch! Haha sorta ... do you think you can help?
what are the ingredients in ads muscle rush?
How much excercise should I be getting?
What is the insurance situation when cruising with cancer? We are taking relatives on the trip ...............
If you had an opportunity to cure people's terminal illnesses, what would you do?
What does swimming do for your body?
is this a good routine?
I want a six pack, will my method achieve this?
Is a 14 year old girl who about 6 ft 4 in tall and weighs about 110-?
How can I do more pushups?
is this my reason for no weight gain?
Why do i look so much lighter then i actually am?
Losing fat and gaining muscle?
I have just started eating healthy and jogging! If anyone has any advice at all I would love some?
How do i feel better to run tomorrow?
How do you know when you're "fat"?
School makes me stressed which causes me to eat A LOT!?
Why do i keep getting skinnier even tho i eat alot? Is anything wrong with me?
Gym Exercises for certain body types?
How to get muscular with this equipment what exercises should i do?
im in 7th grade. Am i fat?
What's wrong with me?
Fitness ABCIRCLE Question?!?!?
What would I be required to do to get a body like this?
Is protein shake good for kids?
where can I arrange a breast cancer screening in Yorkshire?
The Sphincter valve in my Oesophagus is staying open has anyone any advise.?
Any other ways of stopping my moms runs from Lukaemia treatment, loperamide doesnt work?
What are their chances of surviving? ?
How to stay motivated?
Is Light n' Livey cottage cheese is gluten free?
Why can't I stop eating?
Does this sound like good meals to help lose weight?
How do i go from 210 pounds to 170 pounds Help!?
If you exercise easy at first then extremely hard to loose weight and then you lost enough and you go back....?
When I run (to lose weight) I lose 105 calories by a) running 17 minutes on 4.mph, b) by running 10 minutes?
How can i get abs quickly ?
What is the best way to lose fat?
Ive gained back 10 pounds?
How to prevent pain the day after working out...?
How many calories do I burn on an exercise bike?
Is this healthy? Please help!?
Will I gain any weight by doing this each day?
Am I at a healthy weight? BMI...?
Am I good height and weight?
When using SLIMQUICK® 7-Day Cleanse, what can you eat? Do you have to follow the meal plan?
weight gain question?
If my heart rate was at 178 does that mean i burned off alot of fat?
How do get out of 'starvation mode'?
Some questions about being bulimic ?
Is this a good workout routine...?
How can i loose my stomach fat && tune of my thighs?
ok.. how do I know what my measurement should be.. Im 5'7 145lbs 34 years old. Also what should I weigh?
Does it boost your metabolism when you eat more than your calorie limit one day of the week while dieting?
What are ways I can loose weight?
How much portions of food should a 13-year-old boy eat for lunch?
Why is it not working?
Where in London Ontario can I go to find out my body fat?
I need to lose some weight, (inches) in accross the back and chest area. Whats the best excercises.?
I've made a really bad habit of eating... :(?
Is Coke Zero a healthy alternative?
i eat to much at night?
Can someone help me with my workout?
20 pounds....14 days ?
I want to loose weight 42 pounds to be exact to be healthy but how?
binging on "healthy" food?
Can I lose thigh muscle by biking?
How do I tell him I'm dieing?
Can leukemia be curable ? ?
What is the best work-out dvd for someone who's male 100 pounds over weight and is proven to shed the pounds.?
help with this diet type thingie !! ? please !!!!! ?
How much should i weigh?
Why are my thighs huge?
girls: Have you ever lifted a person (older than 13) over your head?
Skipping rope to lose weight?
How can I gain Weight......?
how do i loose weight fast . ?
is there any way i can make my thighs smaller!?
started a new weight loss pill today?
Will I maintain my weight?
Protein and veggies? to lose weight?
workouts for wedding? :)?
I am wondering about the Tony Horton P90 program.?
How to lose weight in a week?
how much weight will i lose in 2 weeks?
eatweightoff or fatloss4idiots......please someone helpppppp iam confused?
what are some good meals that dont have sugars and carbs in them? PLEASE HELP ME!?
a question about fasting?
how do you "unbulk" yourself?
how do i work cardio if i can't use my knees?
is exercise good for the heart?
how long till i get abbs? heres the formula...?
Eating & calorie count?
What to snack on when on a diet?
how much protein should i eat?
how do you feel now that your skinny?
How to lose 13 pounds in 1 month? Help!?
Question About 6 pack? 10 POINTZ BEST ANSWER!!?
How to lose weight?????????
Will I tone up in time if I do this?
Is Cod Liver Oil necessary or good to take if you only eat fish once a week?
i need to loose weight fast?
Getting rid of Love handles..?
Good way to get fit over the summer?
Do you think Im underweight?
Are these measurements considered big?
Getting abs with a low carbs diet?
Would working out stunt a 6ft, 15 year olds growth?
Best routine to get a six-pack and very strong core?
How much weight will i lose weight,will i get toned,and...?
What kind of food has trans fat?
is this a good routine? give me some tips?
Whats a quick diet that would help me loose around 20 pounds in one month? I will be starting volleyball monda?
exercize plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a good weight loss pill?
A diet that flushes out your system..?
lemon cleanse, does it matter what age you are?
Doctors or the Hospital?
Dads throat nodule is a cancer?
What are anabolic steroids?
how to make legs skinny?
What is the fastest, healthiest, and most effective diet for someone my age? (I'm only 14).?
A healthy diet to lose 8 pounds?
I'm wondering if my workout programme is good?
I was just wondering how many times should a women eat a day?
My pulse Rate Low for 15 years old?
I got my period kinda late, does this mean I might grow in height longer than other girls?
toning the back of your thighs?
How do I eat healthy?
i have gas after i eat anything!?
Is it possible for a 4 pack to show without flexing?
Im about 5'ft,15 years old, and i always wanted to become a model,?
can i have email addresses of people who have brain cancer please/?
always scared of cancer?
16 year old workout for 6 pack?
Do you recommend kettle bells for gaining muscle mass?
Loose 30 pounds in 3 months ?
Is this bad? Any advice?
Will this get me back in shape? for 2 months time? for soccer?
how can a 14 year old girl lose 5 pounds and get a flatter stomach without going on a diet?
would this be okay to run after school?
Needs opinion about body.?
How do Anorexics/Bullimics survive without eating?
What alternative snack would you reccomend?
Does bicept curling effect how many chinups you can do?
I have a sweat tooth, how can i substitute sugar and treats for healthier options?
what would you recommend for quick weight loss. Zantrex-3 or Acai Berry Burn?
What's the most effective fat-burn resistance exercise?
I'm 14 and weigh 125 and I'm 5.7 is that good?
WORKOUT ROUTINE - In serious need of some help!?
can u give me some weight loss motivation???????
What components make up an anabolic steroid?
Meal ideas for going dairy, sugar(including fruit) and starchy carb free?
Why is it that so many people complain about being soo tired all the time?
Are my meals for today ok?
Should i start working out?
What is the best time of day to work out?
Would you consider this to be a high metabolism?
How can I lose a lot of my weight?
Question about Tony's 10 Minute Trainer?
Any success stories on the p90x ten minute trainers?
Anyone know of a good and easy and CHEAP Detox Diet?
wanna lose wait please help?
Cellulite on one leg only, help?
Should I be worried about my friend's dieting?
Why am I suddenly always hungry?
How many calories am i burning by singing and dancing?
How can you loose fat from your inner thighs and belly fat ?
I and 5foot5 and 28 yrs old and I do cardio 5 times a week and abs twice a week?
What should I do? Eating out. Worry or not to worry?
can someone please give me advice?
weight loss is slow why?
how much inches is 1049mm?
how often do you excersise?
Are there any weight loss pills that actually work?
are u bulimic if..... ?
r apples too fatty for diets?
i want to do better in sports what kind of food should i be eating?
weight lifting questions?
Is it true if you workout in the morning it's like two work-outs in once ?
How to lose weight in the winter?
I need help losing weight!?
Does wiifit seriously lie or am i obese?
After eating a lot of sugar, how can you lower your blood sugar level.. is there any food that does this..?
How Tall do you think I will be?
where can i buy acai berries? or like in vitamins/pills?
Arms: I want tone my arms down...?
Getting my thighs and lower leg muscles smaller, please help!?
Where can I buy fresh seaweed in Lower Mainland?
detoxifying diet pills?
I want to lose weight !?
Hydroxycut CF or Zantrex-3?
ultimate diet question?
Lose atleast 10 pounds in 4 months?
quick way to get cassh at 13 yrrs. :) $$$?
How to lose weight fast?
Rapid weight loss? How to maintain weight? Help?
is this a healthy snack?
I need to get fit, someone please help?
Is it alright to exercise with machines such as treadmill then to weightlifting?
Is this a good diet and workout?
Have I stopped growing in height?
im 5'2 24 yrs old 115 lbs should i consider steroids?
Is being "Obsessed" with gum a Bad thing?
will i lose 13 pounds if i..?
How long do you think it will take me to lose weight?
What are some good ab toning exercises, and how long (roughly) would it take to tone 'em up?
Does Hydroxycut work?
What you are is what you eat mean?
Good exercise routine or not?
Eatting meat 3 days in a row?
I want to lose some weight.?
Are there songs out there about junk food? Healthy food?
lose 25-30 pounds before september?
How do i lose 30 pounds in 2 months?
Overweight teens needing help?
Are SunBeds Responsible for Skin Cancer?
Can you loose a pound a day?
Hi..im male5feet and 8inch and iam 185 pounds.?
im 16 yrs old and ive been gaining weight! how can i lose it fast?
How can my workout be more effective ?
does green tea cause estrogen?
Does anybody know the average bicep size for a person who just turned 14 and is 5 foot 4:)?
Please , help me ? THANKS !!!?
Is it true that..............?
Vegetable/Fruit Supplement?
How to get 6 pack abs..?
is turbo jam suitable for a 12 year old?
i am a 13 year old girl , i'm not fat but, i have a belly which i want to get rid of. how'?
how much ml of water should someone drink per day?
is my little sister fat...she is very worried and self concious?
can anyone give me adive on canfitpro ?
I am 47 yrs old and in the past 3yrs have come of a major obesity issue. I now take proper care of my self ,?
is eatingViagara ice-caps healthy??? if so, how many cals?
how to get rid of my junk food addiction?????????
im 13 and my weight is 154 pounds what do i do?
Is this a good start?
is it healthy to eat vomit?
Need to gain weight while working out?
Do anorexics do ab workouts?
Hey guyss. I weight roughly around 108 pounds and I am 5'5. I have a wedding to attend and i wanna look hot.?
how to gain muscel!?!?
girl bench 150 lb, is that strong?
help me do pushups, please.?
how do i get big arms when im working out???? plzz help?
Guys and girls is this too much exercise? state your age as well?
Can you buy Glycine powder in Canada? (Toronto)?
Sodium Deficiency - Healthy or Natural Salt Sources?
How do I eat healthy with no time?
What should I eat on a 40 day fast?
Will burning 2700 calories per day tone up my body within 3 months?
I need help losing weight ....... Help !!!!?
Can I get blood drawn and tested (Vitamin D) in Canada without a requistion from GP?
What Are Some Good Exersices?
can some one tell me a simple exercise that i can do at home to get rid of love handles :(?
I will choose best answer after 4 hours?
Do not buy ACAIBERRY PURE "free trial" they end up after 14 days from the day on the comp. they put $165.00?
Fastest way to gain muscle?
Need An Exercising Routine Please Help!?
how to tighten your stomach over the summer?
What exercises can i do?
Do you think it's true that 60% of people are overweight?
If i stopped diet and went back to normal?
How can I motivate myself to workout?
how long should i work out ?
How can i lose 5 pounds in a week?
Muscle strain after push ups, PLEASE HELP!?
How do I get rid of fat?
I want work out, and get stronger?
will having pancakes ruin my diet?
whats the best way to get rid of stretch marks on ur hips?
Will I still be able to keep my six-pack?
Are there any alternatives to doing push ups?
is taking ipecac a good idea?
what is the best energy drink?
i want to lose about 40 pounds. what is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way of doing that?be specific?
how old do you have to be to join goodlife fitness center ?
Is chronic myeloid leukaemia terminal?
How often can you have radiotherapy?
shocking news from my doctor?
how do u lose belly fat?
healthy pCanadian products for a vending machine?
Will working our four days per week for an hour per day make me lose weight? (5'4, 125 lbs)?
does the ab circle pro acually work?
do you still gain muscle if it only burns alittle?
How many calories r in anApple, anOrrange, 4Almonds, 2Eggs, 2scoops of Cornflakes MIX in0% Skim Milk & Yogurt?
baby fat, how to loose it?!?
how many lbs to one stone?
how do I lose weigh fast?
Does belly dancing help you lose weight or get toned?
The heart monitor with grasping the bars on a treadmill accurate ? or is it more accurate to measure your own?
How can I get stronger? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
girls!!!!best way to lose fat thighs in two weeks!!please help!?
Is it possible to lose 1 inch off your waist and thighs in 2 weeks ?
Is this healthy eatting today to maintain for a teenager?
Can My Mom Have Pickling Salt?
What should i weigh if im 5 "4?
Ive been taking a b-12 shot and have lost weight but I feel wierd being smaller is this normal.I wasnt really?
Calories in Italian dressing pasta salad?
I want to lose some weight?
14 year old eating food....?
what has the better upper/lower body toning workout: wii active or active: more workouts?
puberty fat / lose it?
ok is doing a push out like off your bed better like feet on bed "2 feet of the bed" arms on ground?
How can i lose 20 pounds in 2 months?
Trouble losing weight and feeling down. Help?
Binge eating is taking over my life...?
What Is the difference between D Bols And T bols? And The Best Cutting Steroid? ( Fat Burning )?
How much calories should I eat based on my stats and target weight goal?
Should I weight lift or not?
diet and fitness plan, 10 POINTS!! :)?
Healthy weight for a smal boned 14 year old girl at 5'4?
How Many Calories Must I Eat So I Am INSURED I Will Not Go Into Starvation Mode?
Im 17 and I want to eat only healthy food I need help!?
I've been drinkning a lot of Green Tea lately, and I want to know what the benefits are.?
Protein amount per day?
Can somebody give me a 7 day a week workout regimine? ?
all i do is eat ? ?
when will i see my weight loss reflected on my body?
vegetable calories chart?
Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers?
Has anyone tried the new Thinz Diet pills?
what are good exercises i can do and how many times should i do that exercise?
I'm 15 year olds. I weigh 85 KG. I'm around 6 Feet. I play hockey. I have no acess to weights or the gym. ?
eating disorder fact?
teenage weight loss!?
How many days is it safe to eat a raw fruit diet as a cleanse?
I feel like I always do ab exercises wrong, I also hate doing them. Any suggestions?
people on weight watchers! How much weight have you lost?
How can a 14 year old lose 45lbs?
how much should i weigh?
Chest workout with fresh ink?
question about weight? please help?
How can I lose 20lbs with in a time limit of 53 Days?
Naturally physically active- eating what you want?
is 26 inches around..?
Ive been working in manual labour for 8 years and my hands are always...?
Stretching and loosining up to become flexible?
Will a diet high in soy act as a form of birth control?
Questions about being Bulimic... don't answer if your going to criticize.?
I need a workout schedule where can i find one? ?
Lower/side ab exercises?
weightlifiting and cardio together? different question than first?
Getting rid of that small ridge of fat...?
is 150 a good weight for a 15 year old to bench?
What are daily meals for a weight trainer?
I've been sleeping and eating a lot more and i don't no why?
what the weight averege 16 year old that 5'2 medium build, pear shaped body?
I need to lose 15 pounds! Quick Helpp?
Overweight! Diet Ideas Or exercise Tips?!?
anyone have a copy of the "quick meal guide" from the "scrawny to Brawny" book?
im 15 years old and on my 4th day of p90x, would it be ok if i have some junk here and there?
How do you get rid of fat thighs?
What should i doo ??!?
loosing weight i need help?
what is the affect of pesticides and herbicides on humans ?
Cancer and Benefit help?
Help, Belly Fat!!!!!!?
How do I lost my tummy after giving birth...?
Which is better Jumping Rope or Biking ?! ?! ?!?!?
How to I gain weight?? But stay healthy?? Help!?
Me and friends are doing a week long famine for charity?
How can i lose flab in 3 m,onths?
Workout information Please Help!!?
Do scales add five(more or less) pounds?
can i still gain weight if..?
how do i lose weight..please help?
Am i really that fat?
I havn't eaten in 3 days, what should i start with?
SmartBurn with Hoodia and Hydroxycut?
how much can i..and hows the best way to go about it?
how to keep your face skinny?
Does anyone know a way to lose weight on my legs/thighs?
will this help me lose weight?
how much exercise do i need a day?
Enemy: Food I NEED HELP PLEASE (gotta look good for grad!)?
How many calories do you think I ate and burned?
Lose weight gain muscle?
Routine to lose weight/ get in shape?
AM I OVERWEIGHT?! please help thanks :)?
what are some good exercise programs that i can find online? ones that are free preferably! :)?
I have a question about weight loss ?
Are my biceps forming right [PICS INCLUDED]?
Exercises for glutes, upper, and inner thighs?
Food and nutrition question, help?
How can I lose 3 pounds in one week?
Trying to lose weight? Clueless!? =(?
Information about the Goodlife Fitness Gym Passport?
How to curb random snacking...?
Nitric Oxide and Vasodilators recommended for muscle building?
Has anyone ever at fruits and vegetables for weight loss?
good way to get good arm strenght?
Ways to gain weight? Help??!?!?
i am 13 turning 14 right away and I was wondering how to lose weight but in a healthy way?
how to lose fat without big change in diet?
Is 1.1 kg an alright weight for me to lift?
I drank pop for the first time in 2 weeks .. will I gain anything?
Good exercise routine? (trying to get toned and healthy)?
Whats bad about the cervical cancer jab?
Moles, Malignant Melanoma?
what if i will make a diet plan of 15 days following : how much weight i will lose?
what is the average weight of a 14 year old girl, 5 foot 3''?
how can i lose weight?
how do you get an female athlete's chest (very flat an manly)?
is living of just pasta ok?
Any idea on how much a 15 year old should weigh round about ??? please help xxx?
trying to loose belly fat?
which routine do you think is better for mass gains? check them out.?
How heavy would I be at 7 g if I weigh 70 kg?
Loosing weight by pills?
How can I aquire a flat, toned bikini-bod in 1 month?
what is acai berry and does it help you loose weight?
I'm Going On A Major Diet....Motivational Advice?
Am I too underweight?
how long until i see results in spin classes?
weight loss goal questoin?
really silly body question?
How much weight should I lose and I"m I a healthy weight?
Anyone have suggestions for great workout music?
Howwww too get rid of.....?
i'm 120 pounds but i really don't look it! I'm 13 but i look like i should be 110 or 105?
How can I lose 10 lbs?
Is this enough to lose weight...?
How long will it take me to get a six pack.?
Have you ever used fat eater pills?
Is My Weight Just Right Or Too Fat?
Can you eat fruit with a sugar- free diet?
am i a healthy weight ?
how to stop being weight obsessed?
My little brother is obese? How can I help?
will thigh size look different?
Healthy Eating help plz?
I have a weight question?
Am I fat? Cuz I don't know?