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is there ONE good reason why i should have a little sugar daily?
Am I at the normal weight?
taking herbalife, Confused?
How long will it takes to get abs?
is this just average?
Sugar intake?
Protien, Creatien, What Else Can Help?
how many grams of protein should i take while working out?
i am 5'6 and im 16 years old i am a male and i was wondering if my weight is bad i weigh around 157 pounds
what am i doing wrong? i want to lose weight?
Bedtime eater! What would be a few good snack ideas?
whats the quickest way to lose 10lbs?
I need advise!?
what is my true waist line size?
How can I lose 10-15 lbs in 3 weeks?
A fittness question?
Trying to get muscle mass? (help)?
Does this mean im fat???
losing it with protein?
How do you get rid of cellulite?
Eating Alot?
What happens to your body without fat, and if there is a deficiency of fat?
I am looking for some pectoral workouts that put emphasis on the lower pectoral region.?
Help needed please..come in?
Want to tone my body for the summer:)?
When do i use protien powder with working out?
6 meals a day to help lower body fat??
I have heard a rumoer about white bread with sugar?
if i want to lose 20 pounds in a month...?
Diet? Just a couple of questions?
Maintain strength with pushups?
Hi guys.. i rlly need help ..plz come in nd answer?
how do i get muscle without gaining weight and looking fat?
how much is 500Gm in lbs?
what foods should I avoid and what should I eat to get rid of belly fat?
Ribs sticking out?
can you grow muscles by lifting bags instead of dumbells?
Weight loss without excercise?
Muscle Mass?
where shall i buy no explode cheap wit minimal posting charges, i live in toronto?
I need to drop a few pounds in about 3-4 weeks. My high shcool prom is soon!!!!?
lose weight in 3 or 4 months?
Exercise Question?
I feel so ridiculously exhausted...help!!?
gain weight?
Help ill do anything for abs !?
ive been gaining weight but i dont know why need sugestions on how to get it off?
Quick Ab Question ,?
Am I fat or not?
cellulite help?
Its it okay to have protein after you have Size On? I do take superpump for pre workout as well.?
Will this work? What else can I do?
i want to loose weight..please help which food or diet i should take..am 33 male and also going to jim daily.?
which one has more fat Brown egg or white egg ?
WHat is the perfect weight and size for a 13 year old girl...?
Am I healthy?
I really needd helpp with thiss....i need to comee up with this by tom.?
FREE ONLINE...work out training plan????
how can i get rock hard abs???
Weight loss question?
how do i gain weight in 2-3 months time?
Goal?? please help me in this.?
amy and Eliza Pilates? Have you heard of it?
i am about 5'8" and i weigh about 275/280 and my target weight is 230-235lbs. how would i look?
Whats a good, healthy diet for a 13 year old?
Whats the best way to get skinny legs for girls? Preferably a faster way, but whatevers best.?
Benefits of added salt?
Where can I buy "Green Tea Lean" besides online?
I want to be ready for Floroida?
Should I continue to take creatine on the days I don't train?
Leg muscles really sore?
Methods to eat less fatty?
How much weight can I loose in 2 weeks?
More energy? Any help here?
Is cleansing safe?
Anyone know any good workouts for burning stomach fat? That doesn't involve hard cardio?
Im 15 and how do i lose ten pounds easy but keeping it healthy?
Best ways to lose some weight? Please help?
treamill or turbo jam...wats better?
A Question About Lifting Weights...?
how many calories am i burning if i?
Increased appetite?
Taking a multivitamin? A-Z?
im 18, 6 ft and 160LBS, wanting to get to 175, lean muscle.metabolisms to high.whats the best weight gainer??
how fast ccan i loose about 10 pounds?
wat should eat and wat should i not eat???
if something has alot of calories but no fat, is it still fattening?
i want to start weight lifting?
Best way to get a tigher stomach?
i think iam fat?
i want a meal plan form a nutriton specalist?
How can I get bigger?
It's summer!! and i wanna drop some weight, how should i do this??
Types of detox?
what would you guys recommend for serious strength gains and fat loss?
how to get a really nice stomach?
seem to be drinking alot of energy drinks lately?
is this too much food ?
is this really bad for health?
if i can't do hardcore cardio one day should i just walk on the treamill?
Personal Trainer Creds,?
whats the average weight for a 14 year old male????
i need a routine i can do to get bulky muscles?
eating????.....read and answer......?
How to lose weight?
I am getting slowly fat.?
Does anyone have this elliptical or can tell me if this one is good?
Weight going back to normal?
i am fat??????????????
How can I lose weight?
Any diets that actually work..!?
how many caleriess does 90 minutes of...?
Healthy breakfast?
wat are some good excersices for circut training???
does weight lifting circuts help make big muscles?
how can you increace your endurance in 2 months?
how much do i need to lose for my abs to show (Pic)?
if i increase my fat intak will i gain weight?
abs workout?
I need 1,962 calories a day, so...?
Can I mix my protein shake with a banana?
A question to ppl who knows about the master cleanse diet.. plz need help?
15..am i fat?
What Does.. "Everything In Moderation Mean? when eating?
Weight loss help?
losing weight - help?
dont know whats wrong!?
wat excersices can i do with a barbell to bulk up quick???
what type of penile cancer are there?
What to do?
i dont like my hips they make me look wide. how can i make my hips smaller. what foods or excercises??
how much weight could i lose?
diet plan to build muscles quick?
how many calories do u think i ate today?
friend says he smokes weed before yoga so he can feel every muscle and mediatate. is this justifiable?
I need to lose weight !?
Fastest way to gain weight?
I need to lose 20 pounds in about a Month and need Help! Please Help!:D?
skinny, underweight, slim, average, heavy?
why can't i do pullups??
do ufc fighters eat a lot??
REVISED WORKOUT---10 points for best answer?
am i underweight?
i am 14 years old my weight is 125pounds and i am 5'7 what is body fat percentage around?
Can I lose this much weight this summer?
Need help on working my upper mid chest?
10 Minute Trainer Documents?
where can I buy Orovo diet pills?
i bought creatine pills do they help build muscle??
are you healthier...?
14/M im 170cm, 55kg, do i need to loose weight before getting abs...and how to get abs???
wat are sideeffects of creatine for a 14 year old??
I need help getting more fit.?
f. What is the best way to lose weight? Offer at least one source?
can you lose weight by not eating past 6?
How do I tell my overweight friend to stop eating so much junk food?
How long does it take to loose cellulite?
how long do you think it will take to loose 20 pounds?
WORKOUT kits? ording online?
How do i lose weight before september?
Im 17 and 5ft 8inches does this mean I am short. I mean I think its average.?
Is walking and tea a good combination for losing weight?
i have t much energy due to creatine...should i take it earlier?
does abs+ work?
should i take whey protein everyday or only the days i weight lift??
If you are on a 1200 calories diet to lose about 20 pounds, how many carbs are you allowed to have a day?
how to lose weight?
i want to gain some weight?
whats the best workout to lose belly fat and love handles..?
difference between muscle gain and weight loss?
healty food for singers?
is it true that you cant take creatine mixed with dairy products?
i do cardio 3 times a week and i burn about 342 calories...is this gud to bulk up??
Have prostate cancer,told i need radiotherapy.how is this given please.?
why people are so afraid of taking diet pills?
would eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between be a good diet?
I take Vyvanse and I've lost 30 pounds in 2 months. Should I be worried?
How can i ..?
"The Zone" Diet?
Muscle cramp from weight lefting?
Underweight at age 14?
When u say our body keeps burning after a morning workout..what do we actually burn..is its fat or calories?
does running get you thin?
Does Interval Training cause big legs?
does raw cookie dough help build strentgh???
im trying not to snack...HELP?!?!?!!?
is this a good program?
I'm working out...?
How can i lose 10 pounds by..**Please read all the details***?
I feel like im fat?
Around how many calories did i burn from riding my bike for 5 minutes and taking a 15 minute walk this morning
last night i overdid it on cookies and do not know what to eat today!?!?
how to lose weight but not gain muscle?
How much calories do I burn?
weight fluctuation???
Eating habits?
READ plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible to be avle to jump very high?
Food Addiction Help / Tips ??
what kind of vitamines should I be taking and what are their benefits?
how much do you think they wiegh?
Where can i find protein powder?
whats the best way to quit smoking?
did i grow?
i am 14 on september 19 and i am 5'7 i havent grown in 3 years im just wondering should i start weight lifting
How can i lose 10 - 15 puonds in one month?
how do you lose fat on your face?
how long do i run on my treadmill?
Does "Forte Pharma Cellulite Drink" really work?
should you eat most of your daily intake after you exercise?
increase muscle mass faster?
I need help, someone please help me .. =[?
what should i eat if if bulking up and i mean meals?
cramps. when i use the tredmill?
should i go outside and exercise today?
is it extremely safe to lose at least 5lbs a week?
Orovo Detox Or ZCA Stack Weight Loss Pills?
working out at home??
Loosing Weight! Help??
i need simple workout advice?
Is this guy too skinny?
what do you think makes a person healthy?
do i seem fat .......???
are sunflower seeds good for you?
i need some help and tips on weight loss!
I want to be skinny!
when bulking up is eating a grilled chicken sandwhich with no mayo good???
I need to build up my stamina, and get strength in my legs for school soccer, and I only have a month..help?!!
what is a high fiber diet????pls answer and thx:)
if you excersize for 15 mins everyday on a treadmill when will you lose some weight? how much?
Is weider max or bowflex blaze (which one's better)
What would my ideal weight be?
what is the best natural diet?....pls. no pills!thanks!
Any recomandaition's to make crazy chest muscle
does anyone know of where i could train for strongman in amherst or any programs for strongman?
Where can I buy something to count the miles? Like a pedometer?
how to get a toned stomach?
free standing weight bag or treadmill or crosstrainer ?
how do steroids work ?
Stomach fat please help me?
When I'm thin will I be thin?!
If I were to take a diet pill....
trying to be healthy?? any snack tips anyone?
Im so depressed and upset
Have you ever skipped two meals in a day?
Who has used the master cleanse/lemonade/maple syrup diet?
water intoxication??
what can i eat or do to not be constipated any more?
Is it normal for ...?
how can i have more meat on my upper chest area
hey...im already bulked up a bit,but am trying to get more muscle
Do pushups help build muscle or do they just tone the chest and arms
Can i loose 10 more pounds plz answer???
Who has a more defined muscular physique; an Olympic gymnast or an Olympic swimmer?
Is it OK to workout yet?
Quickest way to loose as much weight as possible in 2 weeks....???
what are some quiet excercises?
Lose 15-20 pounds in 3-4 weeks HELP ! ?
Do you know where to get knee/thigh high converse???
Juice fasting?............................?
Does "Curves" actually work?
calorie shifting.....................................................?
Height help??????? answer?
How can I tone my legs and thighs?
can a binge lead to weight LOSS?
Can someone help me with a diet plan please ?
how do u commit 2 exercising?
how do i know know im loosing weight??HELP ?
chest workouts? i want my breasts bigger :)?
Im having huge difficulty working out please help?
toning up in 2 weeks.?
Help..will I gain weight??
how can i be healthy and look it too ? ?
How many pounds will i loose if i go on the liquid diet?
what can i eat without getting fat?
Can bone structure develop on the face from working out to gain muscle mass?
HELP! I cheated on my diet!?
13 year old girl thinking of taking Yoga?
How do i lose inches on the waist?
Exercise without gaining muscle?
Eat A Lot And Work Out A Lot?
Diet and fitness help. ?
is that my metabolism?
im a little confused about nutrional value on diffrent food products?
Have You Tried Any UN "Animal Packs"?
i need to lose weight fast.?
i hate my hight?HELP?
How are you suppose to breath in a sauna?
Has anyone ever done the sure slim diet?(sorry I mean life style change)?
fatty face >:( ??
When is the right age to start Weightlifting?
i think i have a problem with my wieght?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
fitness q please ansa?
Are you "supposed" to be totaly flat, or should your stomach stick out a bit?
losing love handles on a exercise bike?
is Ephedra legal in canada? ?
What is sunbathing scientifically?
what top foods give you most energy? must be healthy?
i really need to lose about 8 pounds quickly whats the best food to eat?
Soy helping my diet, and growth?
I Need a healthy diet?
Hoodia???!!! Does it work?
If im a food addict and im on a cut down, can i drink as much water as i want?
Im 15, I weight about 170 and i want to lose weight and get tall. How can i do that?
When will I notice my hard worK?
Another Weight Question?
Using computer after eating?
How do you get rid of a flabby stomach?
can you gain 5 pounds in 3 days BUT not from eating?
Desperate to lose weight. Pls help!!!?
dropping body fat percent?
how to not eat so much?
Help me, and guess my weight.?
Is this a good weight for me?
radiotherapy, after effects?
information on radiotherapy?
home made protein shake recipe?
abs problem can sombody plz help me!!!!!?
How does push ups improve your body composition?
lemonade diet-Master Cleanse?
how can I find the percent of calories I ate for example 200,205,160,45,245,180,110,120 Do I add it up?
How many calories am I buring per day? Will I lose weight?
is it true that if you drink pop and eat pop rockS at the same time your stomach will deteriate or something,,?
I am 15 male ,hieght 5.5-5.6 wieght average , how can i grow taller and loose extra chest and belly fat?
Weight loss pills help?
How do i gain weight?
Am I Over Weight? Please Help?
How does P90x work exactly?
why is this happening to meee...?
Fat Burning Pills? They Seem To Big Swallow?
I SERIOUSLY need help gaining weight..?
How can I get bigger/more defined calves!?!?
are these average measurements for my height and age?
Are Protein supplements healthy at my age?
what diet pills really work? where can i get them?
If I want to have a nice voice, what should I do, I heard eating honey helps, but any1 has more tips ?
is 5'6 160 pounds bad?
I'm 40 lbs over weight(ok, I'm really 60 lbs overweight)?
diet/health question.... ?
ruunning in a sweater? losing weight?
One week to a better body ?
any ideas for ab and thigh workouts? PLEASE HELP!?
how much calories should i burn?
Whats Wrong With Me,Ps i am 15?
Is baby food only good for babies? is it good for diet? ?
i find when i do bench press say 225lbs i can only rep out 2-3 reps. it feels light enough to do my sets.?
Being Fat stops your height?
I WANT TO TONE AND FLATTEN! (stomach, thighs, ect.)?
can picking at ur lips cause cancer?
Has anyone lost a lot of weight doing the Wii Fit?. If you have can you tell me what you did?
How can I know what my limit of calories should be as a 54 yr old male in terms of keeping my cholesterol ok ?
Did drinking protein shakes ever make your stomache feel weird or make you feel unusual in a bad way?
When do you you lose your calories?
Where can you buy the perfect pull-up in Canada?
good cardio workouts?
eating less, im 15 years old ..?
How fast would I see results by doing this routine?
Percentage of 1rm for curls?
question??? please answer?
just started taking flax seed pills. please help!?
Is there a way to be quite skinny but not anorexic?
Question about lifting weights and a bad habit?
(im a teen female) how do i tell if im in shape or not?
how can i lose weight on my thighs, stomach, and bum ?
Am i Losing Weight with this diet?
how do i get my fit, toned body back?!?
What do you think of Hoodia?
What is an interval workout?
I do cardio often and have nicely shaped calves but a flabby belly?
what is a good routine?
is it true grapefruit helps u lose fat?
how to lose weight at the neck?
How can I get stronger?
how do I get in to shape really fast?
i am 95 pounds how many push ups should i do every day?
gym membership? how old..?
Can the C-Walk make you loose weight?
how do you get fit looking legs, and look amazing in a dress !?
What kind of protein can I include in my breakfast?
Good songs mostly for working out?
about losing weight??
Will I lose weight or maintain my weight?
how to get fast abs with no weights?
is it healthy to eat a kewi with out peeling it or when you peel it .?
How much should i weigh?
walking twice a day...............?
how can i loose 10 pounds in a week?
Lose 20 pounds in 3 months ?!?
Anyone walk up stairs for exercise?
Okay i weigh 228 pounds i have roughly 3 months to lose weight?
Does exercising on Stepper and doing sit ups help me loose weight ?
How many calories should i burn on the treadmill jogging at 5.5mph at 14 years old and im athletic?
worried about my grad and my fat love handles :(?
OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!!! BEST ANSWER GETS 10 PTS!!!!!!!!!!?
i have met a lad who has had bowel cancer 5 years ago??
nutrisystem advanced diet (womans)?
my son i 12 years old weighs 55 pounds about 4ft5 is that underweight?
foood temptations after school?
how to stop eating!!?
Estimate my body fat?
Whats a good excersize to get rid of hips?
how to become ripped in 1 month?
If one looses fat first, it will be easier for them to do crunches. False or True? ?
Working out and not losing fat?
I want to lose some weight...help?
hey, is this overweight, underweight or normal?
I need some GREAT Exercises for toning the abdominals!?
Calorie Intake and General Diet Question?
how much should i weigh?
What is an Eating disorder?
when i start exercise to lose weight, i gain....?
Diet Ideas? please...?
what workout will work my forearms?
I have a pot belly..what do i do?
Gender effect on Breathing Rate (bpm)?
What do bodybuilders put on their skin in competitions to look so dark?
Should I workout two days in a row?
Need some good cardio exercises?
Are water aerobics really good for you?
Does anyone know how many calories in a can of Pam spray?
I am worried about my weight?
how many calories do i burn? (stairs)?
Do i need to work out today?
Is this possible .. ?
Why do I eat so much!?
Is there a link between bowel cancer and skin cancer?
Are protein shakes good for just weight gain, if you're not working out?
a teen who needs to lose weight ?????
Will i lose weight if i did this?
My thighs are HUGE. Any suggestions?
How do you lose two jean sizes?
best exercise for strength?
should i just weight lift to gain muscle or cardio next day?
Quickest way to lose 5 lbs?
Good workouts for a 14 year old in the off season?
How much weight could I loose in 3 weeks. I am 5"4 and 134 pounds.?
how to b movited to lose whight?
is there anyway i can lose just a bit of fat in like a week?
Will this help, if I walk everydaay?
Gym-less work-out routine for a beginner teen?Diet?
fat question i used to liftt now?
Is protein VITAL after a workout? read info?
Weight loss in 6 weeks?
Would this get my stomach flatter?
Is it ok to run 10 minutes before you eat if you have lots of water too?
Do CLA Weight loss pills work?
What to eat/drink each day to stay healthy?
My boyfriend complains about my weight...?
I'm 5'6 140lbs....I have a 6 pack BUT :( it's covered in alot of belly fat .......?
did I eat to much for lunch?
Is there any hope of ever getting this "post smoking" weight off?
How much time a day should i spend on a bike to lose 5lbs in one week?
does joging for 20 mins reduce fat?
is this healthy???????????????
I need to lose alot of weight?
17 male wanting to lose the fat and get muscular?
does this actually work?
i am around 300lbs and have 25/26%bf. my bench press ranges from 260-270lbs. is that good?
can someone give me a plan for eating for 1 week?
What are the best ways to loose weight fast!?
Weight Loss Question?
Not eating Very much food.?
What do you think? How am I doing?
how tall do u think i will be?
would you consider this fat?
I need a plan...............?
Does anyone know where I can get an alternative therapy for cancer called Percy's Purse?
Good foods to loose weight?
What to eat for lunch? I have 330 calories?
when you stopped working out, does the muscle shrink or is it still the same?
Why do i want to fat?
I am 13 years old and I am 5' 6"... How much should I weigh?
Need to lose weight FAST!!!!?
Am I going to have excess skin? ?
how long and at what speed do i ride my stationary bike to burn calories?
What it a safe, effective inexpensive diet pill? Hoodia?
i have a quetion !! how much should i weigh?
Has anyone tried P G X for weight loss.?
Im doing a project on weight trainers and i need to know what you have for breakfast,lunch and supper?
i am very thin. my arms are thin but my belly is huge. please help.?
Is Possible To Lose 60 Pounds In 7 Months?
which is better,elliptical trainer or treadmill?
when you loose weight, do you have access skin?
why do you feel sluggish and tired after eating fried foods?
Should a 14 year old use Ensure plus to gain weight?
Whenever i run i lose my breathe in like 1 minute?
I need help on a workout schedule.?
Is regular exercise a reliable method of reducing depression and/or anxiey?
i need rehab,physiotherapy, chiropractor & orthotic shoes.where can i go in toronto scarborough ontario area?
helppp pleassse diet fooods !?
Should I eat when i'm taking pills that make you really really hungry at a time like this ?
For my age/height and weight how much water should i be consumming?
Why is jumping rope on cement bad?
I'm starting to work out need help.?
Weight Loss- Late night cereal snacking?
i need to know how to make a gym work out? any ides?
Is this too many carbs?
im a girl...i need to build muscle and look fit and be healhy. how can i doo this?
HELP my body is killing me!!!?
Tips to Gain Weight and Increae Reps for Weight Lifting?
A good, healthy diet?
What do you think of my workout schedule?
I'm trying to gain weight... Eating white bread.?
Great way to gain weight?
How many calories in a...?
chicken bones, healthy?
Should I Start Weightlifting?
Need Home Workout Help?
I need help with my weight loss?
How many calories do I need to consume each day?
orange juice or water...?
I was wondering this is kinda important?
is my height good for my weight?
I get really cranky if I don't eat chocolate? Whats wrong?
can anyone give me a good work out routine ?
Has any one tried REVOLUTION LABS - MAXIMUM BURN? when do i take it? does it work? any thoughts and suggests?
can any one tell me if dioralyte is safe to take if you have liver cancer?
If u found a lump go to ur doctors cause my granma left it too late?
i'm I over healthy at sixteen?
Will I lose weight if?
How Can I Lose All My Weight?
Are my legs fat ?????
Muscles hurt after playing sports?
what kind of exercise do i have to do to lose fat-im 14?
Want to lose weight; grad is coming up.?
Losing my belly?? Excersises?
Calories Vs. Fat - the trade-off?
staying in shape when injured?
Is it impossible for some people to be?
Do you think calories is a commoinly accepted myth?
Lol, Normal weight for a 16 year old?
how do i get rid of a fat and jiggly stomach? its so depressing help!!!?
I think I have HIGH metabolism?
is it hard to put on body mass if you are tall?
I'm 13 and I don't know if I i should stop working out.?
how do you lose 10 pounds in two weeks?
What would happen if you only drank water for 3 days, no food?
What is the best way to 5 lb. per in a month?
I'm on a diet......but...?
i'm 60 years old and want to lose belly fat best to walk, run or bike ride ?
Please help weight question?
ANY way to lose weight...?
Working out protein question? Help PLEASE?
Calorie burner calculator?
I started jogging/walking and now my calves are killing me?!?
How do I properly tone my thigh area?
I'm 15 and I feel like I'm a bit over weight but.....?
Do Whey Protein shakes help you gain weight? or lose it?
Does the P90X burn fat or increase muscle?
What diet should i follow to lose fat? I evercise 3.75 hours a week?
NEED HELP!!!ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i hate eating ALOT...?
am i at a good weight for my age and height?
Why does my face look really fat?
What is the best book to lose weight?
Does Hula-hooping makes you lose weight?
do you think i am over weight?
age:15 losing weight fast?
what medically is cause of these problems?
What is the prognosis for cervical carcinoma in situ?
How do i get in shape and a good 4 to 6 pack?
is this a healthy calorie increase?
Are crunches once a day sufficient?
Am i tall for my age?
I'm I overweigth please help me?
how do i lose weight by august? i have a wedding to go to!?
I need a 1000 calories per day meal plan. Help me out please?
Problems eating lately?
how many pounds do you think ill lose by doing this(easy ten points)?
how come if alcohol is high in calories, I seem to lose weight after going on drinking benders?
Is 100 pounds too thin for a 5'6 16 year old girl?
Alli and side effects?
HELP!!! I really need your help!?
Do you think I'm fat? (pics)?
What it happening when?
What is the best way to get the biggest muscles I can?
how much weight should I lose. Serious answers please?
How to gain some weight? (16 and 95 pounds)?
what should my arms be doing if i were wsalking on a treadmill?
count fruit calories in my diet?
Is there any Diet pills for people who have no thyroids?
the calories in Costco ribs?
am i at a healthy weight?
what are some exercises that make you lose belly fat, and maybe get some abb muscles?
are all diet pills bad for you? can u name me one that wouldnt harm you?
My left bicep is bigger than my right?
HOW TO GAIN WEIGHT? im a soccer player?
A good, healthy diet?
Feline leukemia and not eating much.?
where can i find out about becoming a smoking adviser?
How much calories do I need to eat?
How many pounds can you lose in 3 months by excercising 2 hours a day? Cardio and strength training?
eating only negative calorie foods for 2 weeks.?
Am I overweight.....?
how can i lose 3 pounds a week?
Whats the fastest way to get big biceps?
i eat when i'm bored, how can i stop ! ?
Gaining weight, high metabolism?
does anyone know of a group activity that wuld be a really good work out?
Best way to recover from undereating and lose weight still? Plateau moment I think...?
Are my thighs bulking or getting toned?
Will this tone me up?
Help with a Diet a Fitness plan please!! Pretty Pretty Please :(?
Acai Berry Supplements?
Acai Berry Supplement?
Sudden Weight Gain in a 22 yr old female?
how many ml is 100 grams?
Are the ab workouts that are sold on the internet all a scam?
How to have good posture?
Big hips... will they get bigger?
jogging question?
weight loss ???????????
if i have glasses what should eat so my number reduce?
Is a bit of exercise in the morning enough for the day?
should i be eating more?
finally going to start working out =] ......?
hlep me...give me some ideas to help me lose wight?
What can I do to fix it?
Can i gain the cheek fat i lost?
is this a good workout routine?
Im 12(Male) and my weight is 170-180 and i want to lose wight before schools starts in september,9.?
a type of cancer pronounced sebatios nevous carcinova...i have it...any remedys or the right spelling so i can
suggestions for ways to keep a leukaemia patient occupied?
Am i considred fat.....?
Too skinny?wanna gain weight espeacially on my face?
Weight issues...................?
How can i loose a little more WEIGHT before school starts?
what's the best kind of exersize?
loseing weight for a 15 yr old ??????
Hi im 13 and i wnna lose weight i have curves and am a size 3 ut i have a belly and i weigh 130 lbs any tips?
Lose 5 pounds pretty quick ?
how can i get abs??????????? please tell me :(?
How to get skinny and lose weight?
what are good workouts im a 14 year old male?
Help: When should I start P90X?
how much of rice can affect your diet?
How can i lose 25 Pounds by Halloween?
I need to lose 30 pounds but i have an obsession with food !?
are these weird food habits...?
what is the right weight for my height and age?
am i short or tall for a guy?
what are the right food to eat enhance memory?
My heart rate doesn't show on machines?
How can i remove my waist line? I have lost 95 lbs. I workout almost every day. Do i need surgery?
I need some songs for.....(running/exercising songs)?
If I run 2 -3 miles per day will I lose weight?
Whats the best way to get abs in less than a week? >>If possible<<?
Does smoking weed give you heat lumps?
how old u must be to use p90X? how about a teen?
I really want to gain weight help please?
NO sign of weight lost after working out 5 weeks.?
im 16 years old and almost 6 feet tall i exersise with my bench and dumbells how many grams of protein i take?
what to do to stay in shape and lose a some body fat?
how can i get in shape when im so out of shape?
Does splitting and boiling a smokie make it healthier?
Please don't Ignore me?
need help with exercising!?
Who is qualified to water fast?
Master Cleanse Info? PLEASE HELP?
How do you start eating healthy?
Did I eat badly today? Please answer?
Im starting to work out, is it better to do a full body workout, or isolate a muscle group?
what does MAX HEART RATE mean? (MHR)?
Am I at an unhealthy weight?
is it worth buying the ab twister ...LOOKS LIKE IT WORKSS?
Is this a good way to lose weight?
can you tell ive lost weight?..and what do i classify as now?
I am anorexic and I just binged...HELP?!?
What's a good weight for someone who is 5'5-5'6 ?
did you lose weight with Nature Acai and Colon Cleanse combo diet.?
Is it actually better to run bare-foot?
is it ok to take your protein shake on your days off?
Help on weightlifting!!!! GIVE ME TIPS!!!!?
Is it normal to be a 5"2 at 14?
raw food diet question.. please help?
Guys, does it bother you if a girl weighs more than you?
This can be normal, right?
How can i get in shape?
would i die if i drink 6 liters of water in under 1 hour?
need a routen exercise plan for belly fat?
how do you lose wait and FAST?
how to tighten loose skin after weight loss?
how much does a Tumescent Liposuction cost in edmonton, ab?
how come anorexics (etc) take laxatives to loose weight?
NO ACAI OR COLON CLENSE!!!! Can I see drastic results in 6 weeks? With daily cardio and weights 3 times/week?
trouble with eating to much portions...is this normal?
So I told my boyfriend I was going on a diet...?
Times to work out at?
I workout and eat heathy but where's the change?
Loosing weight? ....help!?
toning abdominals (women)?
how do i loose ten pounds in a week i dont care if its unhealthy?
How many calories do anorexic people burn per day?
Losing wight .?
Are scrambled eggs goood for you ?
A Really Fit Person or Weight Loss Expert Needed!!!?
does anyone know any encouraging songs like eye of the tiger or remember the name?
how does not eating affect your body ? please help !?
is there a supplement(not powder) specifically to increase Protein?
Did I work out so I could gain weight??!! Why is this happening?
Will This Workout Help with Weight Loss?
Protein shakes questions?
How to lose 60 pounds?
What should I have for breakfast this morning?
help . . :( i'm worried?
Do you think this is a good workout schedule?
Could anyone tell me what metastatic bowel sapin Carcinoma means on death certificate?
Do i have an eating disorder or just bad habbits?
Is it better to do more reps of a low weight or less with a higher weight?
Is colon cleanse or Acai better? For losing wieght.?
Do you gain weight if you...?
I need to tone up and lose weight by the latest march!?! Please help.?
Is stomach rolling good for muscle building?
hey, is it possible to lose 35-40 pounds?
will i get much fitter doing this"?
How can i loose 10 pounds fast and keep it off.?
What is the best way to lose stomach fat?
is this being toned or skinny? 10pts?
I'm 5 foot 1inch, how much should I weigh?
Am I losing too much weight too fast and is what I'm doing healthy?
is it ok to drink alchol ( vodka 0 carbs) during the induction phase during atkins?
what can i do 2 motivate myself 2 exercise again?
The Beep Test for gym?
thighs fat average? help please?
I'm extremely out of shape! please help me?!?
How do you become fit after 40?
female, age 14, wanna get fit before summer?
what is the best exercise to lose weight quickly?
other than sodium, what should be avoided while eating?
what is love handles?
how much weight do i need to lose..?
how can i lose weight?
Where to buy gym stuff online?
what are the best ways to do cardio exercises at home?
what are the best exercises that work the inner part of the chest and work the upper part of the chest?
i know everyone's asking this, but HOW CAN I LOSE 10 POUNDS?
What are some fast ways to lose belly flab im 12, 150lbs, 5'6" ?? pls help?
excersize advice! please help!?
What Do You Bench?? How Do You Bench?
trying to start working out?
which muscle group should i focus on improving most?
Ladies, which do you prefer, arms or abs?
Early symptoms of Throat Cancer.?
Does any one have any info on thecomas? I had one removed recently.?
How do I get a body like this?
Would you say this is healthy?
Help............? please?
Is it okay for a 16 year old to drink 4 L of water each day?
Anyone have good arm flab/belly fat burning exercises?
the best way to get a six pack?
Two different weigh scales two different numbers?
I need to get into shape?
I am an 18 year old girl and I eat fast almost everyday?
Questions about working out...!?
I'm exercising and eating right, but gaining weight. Is this normal?
How Can a 13 years old boy get abs?
How long should I power walk a day? I walk around 20 min a day is this good enough to get toned thighs?
Can I gain weight if i take weight gainers and don't workout ?
Am I overweight? I feel fat D=?
How much weight do you think I will lose? I am unemployed so I can do this...?
getting toned abs or even just a flat stomach?
i wanna wear a tank top but you can see my tummy?
How many pushups and crunches wud it take to burn 990 calories?(more inside)?
strength training and weight gain?
Why is my URINE the color of lime juice HELP?
Ladies how do I look (After major weight loss)?
I have I eating Disorder Ive Gained 20pounds in The last 2 Months. Now Im having Trouble Breathing...?
what is your daily meal?
If I Place A Carpenter Level On A Treadmill Belt, Should The Bubble Be Centered If Incline = Zero?
i m 5'2 and 53 kgs i want become 45 kgs i m gng to gym daily burning like 700-800 calories and eating around?
I'm to skinny what should I do?
what are some yoga positions?
any healthy snack ideas?
i really want to ask you this people, im confused, would this look good on a man?
20> lb. weight gain in 9 months. Normal durring puberty? Does it look like I'm getting fat? Pics Included?
How can I control my compulsive eating?
help with excercies for abs please!?
Are pounds same as lbs.?
Are wall push ups the same if you do it the normal way?
Wich ps3 should i get Slim or Fat Explain pros or cons?
why haven't i lost any weight?
I feel like i'm gaining weight but according to the scale im loosing weight?
Diet and nutrition experts? Easy 10 points!?
Panda,have you done your homework or are you another person who has been overpowered by the drug companies.?
reserved space for grumpy ex smokers?
how come i can't stop binging and throwing up?
has anyone used solo slim in canada looking for testiomnies in 2009.?
How can i lose up to 10 pounds or more in two weeks?
I need someone to help me invent a weight loss medication name?
13 year old girl. 10lbs by christmas?
im 15 years old and i am 5'3 and i want to be more taller?
Should I exercise with resistance band when gym is close?
How can i lose just a little bit of weight?
Bulemia and taking medication?
Looking to join a gym in GTA!?
what causes weight loss on face?
i wanna lose weight. but i have a bad habbit of eat unhealthy how can i fix this?
Healthy Meals to help gain weight?
Has anyone tried apple cider vinegar and lost Weight? i have heard that it's great for weight loss?
fitness question ???
How many calories should I be having in one day?
My roomate gets nauseous ALL THE TIME, could it be because of her restricted diet?
how to lose some weight and look slimmer with exercise?
NO ACAI OR COLON CLENSE!!!! Can I see drastic results in 6 weeks? With daily cardio and weights 3 times/week?
50 pounds weight what will happen?!?!?
Times to work out at?
i can only take a poo if i drink alcohol or coffee?
I like my curvy shape, but how can I tighten it up?
um.. does anyone know how to..?!?
Can you help me plan a diet plan for a week (vegetarian)? (you don't have to do the entire week)?
looking at changing my dads old shed into a small gym, what stuff would make it the ideal home gym?
Would anyone like to be my "get toned/get in shape" buddy?
How can i loose weight (get a flat stomache)?
How did I it today? Thanks?
Can i do extra cardio workouts during the recovery phases with p90x?
Am i too skinny, or fat?
I need to lose 10 pounds.. help!!!!?
What could be a reason for not losing weight? (see details)?
What are some good websites that have healthy meal recipes?
How much is a gym membership at 5 Star Fitness?
Can you lose 30 pounds from walking?
Is this a healthy shake?
whats an easy way to work out your lower abs..?
what physical activity burns the most calories?
I've had bad stomach problems for a month after I changed my diet?
getting back into weightlifting?
Pain on left upper side of stomach and pain on left upper back??
is it possible to get a little bit of abs in a week?
has anyone ever done or heard of the oatmeal diet?
How tall will i be if i just turned 14 and im 5 foot 6 and 3 quarters?
Is it okay to eat a salad everyday?
What foods are filled with lots of fiber ?
How much do you think I can lose in 1 week on an avacado fast?
workout plan help!?!?how can i do chest and arms twice a week?
I am big mama I want to slim how can eat vegetabel Thank you?
Is my Supplements stack good ?
Does anyone know where I can find diet information online to help me get a six pack fast?
Is it normal to be a 5"2 at 14?
Is a 26" vertical good for a 5'6" 125lbs. grade 9?
how much should i weigh?
how much weight do i need to lose..?
Will p90x work for me?
My heart rate is over 180 when I run, is this normal?
healthy way to gain weight?
How much is a 5'11 19 year old male supposed to weigh?
A question about ..................M R S A?
Has anyone out there got any advise on wearing an Urostomy?
I'm having a small lump removed from the tip of my tongue. Any advice?
I lost weight, But now I have a flabby tummy?
I really neeed to change things !?
Healthy Weight for a 14 year old girl?
what is a healthy after-school snack?
Lost 5 pounds after an hour at the gym?
How much should i eat ?!?
How to burn 1000calories in an hr?
would this be too light?
How can I get stronger? 15 years old?
Is it a bad idea for me to exercise while I am fasting?
i have to lose 40 pounds by june 25th! i need some tip? help me please!?
how to get a flat stomach?
What are the best times to eat when working out?
How can I not be so obsessed about my weight?
How to get 6 pack abs fast?
if i swim every week to lose weight...?
How do I build upper body strength?
another ab workout question!!!!?
How do I lose 20-25lbs in 2-3 weeks?
how do i become thin and soft and not bulky or muscular when trying to lose weight?
How to get energy when you have absolutely none?
i am 167 - 170 lbs, 5'9 male am i fat?
can i lose weight if i dont eat at all for a month?
Shake Weight, yay or nay?
(Girls) What are things you put in your bag for the gym?
is it good if an 11 year old can lift 30 pounds in 1 arm?
Does working out at a young age affect your growth?
Guys only! Do you prefer a girl with a 2, 4,or 6 pack or a girl with a flat stomach?
If you were thin but with a little bit of cellulite, would you wear a bikini?
if u can see a bone does it mean ur too skinny?
Any Low-Calorie foods for any meal ?
I'm 24 and my heart beats 100 per minute at rest?
Is hot tea supposed to coagulate or curdle as it cools?
Toning thighs! Help! Best answer gets the points!?
how to do i become fat?!?
I am addicted to raw cauliflower,i eat 1 a day sometimes 2,is this bad for me?how many calories am i ingesting?
am i fat? What do you think?
How do I lose 10 pounds?
Possible to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks?
I want to loose weight! But....?
Are there different types of creatine on the market?
question about exercise plans?!?
What do you think about.. Picture included!?
How can i Properly lose 40 pounds in the next three months?
I need better eating habits!?
how much does my metabolism burn on a daily basis? (details)?
i ordered a free trial of power colon cleanse?
Am I FAt? I feel off.?
Im 5'11 and weigh 120lbs... what can i do to get built over the summer?
how long will it take to see results ? details available?
ways to mantain a healthy weight?
How many calories did I eat today?!?
Is this good for today !?
i would like to lose like 20 pounds and tone.Could i if,..?
Would doing 10 push ups and 20 sit ups every morning/night actually visibly improve your bodies appearance?
Do I Weigh Too Much? ........?
~ Is it good to take a multivitamin right after a workout?
How can I lose stomach fat and get really nice abs?
would i be able to loose a few inches on my thighs and calfs in 2 weeks?
Answer please.......................?
i cant lose weight????????????????
what would be good weight for my height? i am 5'7 and 122 ibs.?
Is 125lbs and a waist size 27" normal?
What is the best to way to lose weight and keep it after?
Can anyone give me some advice on fund raising?
I have REALLY fat hands! help?
I need a fitness workout?
Bulimic thought and not eating, please give advice.?
I Want To Gain 30 - 40 Pounds of Muscle?
what is a vacuum pose excersize ?
What is my healthy weight range?
I'm 18 years old, 5'9 in height, and I weigh 141 lbs. Is that a skinny, normal , or obese weight for me?
I need to lose at least 18kg to be "normal"?
How to get rid of 20 lbs in less than a month, not too hard?
is this a good idea? working out, please help! trying to lose some weight?!?
I want to improve my stamina?
Is eating Tim Hortons sandwiches everyday for lunch bad for you?
sweating in gym class?
how much protein do i need in my life?
How to lose weight without bulking up?
What is a skinny weight for a 5'3.5 12 year old girl?
I totally ate a LOT yesterday?
Question about my body? (pictures included)?
20 years old 100 pounds overweight if I do bypass will I have sagging skin?
how to easily burn 3500 calories in 1 day?
What are the disadvantages of being unhealthy?
Do vitamins really work?
i need to lose weight . plzz help?
how to gain weight but not in the stomach?
What does binge eating disorder do to your body?
I need help with weight loss?
what can i do gain weight and increase my appitite?
running will do the trick? (burn some fat)?
What should i pack for lunch tommorow?
What are the side effects of chemotherapy tablets?
Have you ever water fasted?
i need to lose weight?
switching my diet question?
Exercising and Myths?
Tell me how many calories is in all of this food? Just a good estimate?
Protein Shake Isofemme. How is this product.?
anyone with bulimia . . . ?
How many calories do you think are in this meal?
I need help with my weight ? PLEASE?
will a cylcle of anabolic steroids make me sterile?
If I jog everynight and eat bad will I ge toned..read?
Is a low carb diet and an exercise plan a bad mix ?
Is this workout good enough?
Does this actually work?
what is a good way to sell a treadmill online?
Bench Press Question?
I want to lose 25lbs. in a safe effective way?
I'm considered average weight, but I LOOK fat?
lower stomach flab, tips for person who is already active?
I don't know what's going on?
How do i get in shape to fit back into my size 0-1 Jeans?
Can you look at this menu and tell what I should eat for lunch?
Does keeping your abs flexed accomplish anything?
I need to Lose weight, tips?
If I exercise, does it prevent my growth stoppage?
How long does it take to see results with 5lb weight?
how to get a uber flat hard tummy like this girl.. please help?
how often should i workout for maximum results?
When did you loose your cheeks?
help me bern calories?
Can someone give me some tips/ideas?!?
Im 14 weight 120 pounds can i have six pack?
Needs opinion about body.?
How can I loose weight in a month?
Abb Ripper X??? help lol?