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Am i underweight?????
My teeth are not so bad but like to have pearly white teeth, thingking to have 18 vernerr. is this worth it?
i think my braces wire is loose please help me?
Do I have a dry socket or an infection?
who can i contact if my dentist done a doggy job in my braces? please i need urgent help!?
my adult teeth haven't come out yet?
What should I make for my friend who just got his wisdom teeth out...?
Clear/Invisible Braces?
Just wanted to see if anyone knows of dentist on bris south that bills patients so i dont have pay on the day?
what are some instant tooth whitener kits in australia?
my nine month old hurt her gum....?
can dentist tell if you do Ecstasy pills and marijuana and can a blood test tell if you do pills and marjuai?
Bad teeth and fear of dentist.?
Cut The Underside of Tongue?
why my breath stink when I eat nothing....?
tooh extraction socket lump?
Lump inside lower lip?
can you grow out of an underbite?
Get rid of toothpaste taste?
Braces...???:[ Hurt??? :(?
pro's and con's of getting teeth whitened?
how Much do CLEAR Braces cost?
Can anyone help me to create a slogan for a professional dental surgery in Queensland.?
How much calories woudl i have to burn in order to lose 2 1bs every 5 days ?
Hi ! PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY wight loss plan for a whole 30 days! I NEED O DO IT for a contest ! please help me?
whats the fastest way to lose weight around the stomach, I hate it im so big around there!?
This one is for those who think that we need to eat 5 times a day.?
im not losing weight help me???????????
How many calories did I eat so far?!?
What kind of foods should you eat after you workout/ jog?
Tips on working out for teens?
Please help me with my weight?
why does everyone at the gym give me stares?
What to do instead of hula hooping?
Can you help me create an eating plan so I can lose 80Ibs?
Do you think this will work?
How many calories did I eat today?!?
When someone says "I dont eat carbs" does that just mean they dont eat foods with carbohydrates?
How Can A 13 Year Old Girl Get Fitter, More Muscular, And Thinner?
Is it possible to lose15 pounds in 5 weeks?
what does reps mean in exercise routine?
hi i am trying to figure out if i am 185 pounds how many killgrams would that be?
Turbo Jam or Slim in 6?
HPV Vaccine???????????
Could it be skin cancer?
how do you send people messages back after they say something?
if a terminaly ill sufferer has come up in lumps over there body does this mean the cancer has got worse?
In colorectal cancer, how does it metasise to the bones?
what is mobile phone radiation?
Haematology Question?
bowel cancer pains in chest?
Cervical cancer jab??? Vomiting??? 10 points.?
prostate cancer outlook?
how do doctors check moles for cancer?
immunohistochemical method to identify Hepatocellular?
what happens to cells that have lymphoma cancer?
when cancer attacks a normal healthy body, what is the triggering mechanism ?
Top braces off before bottom ones?
Please help me!!!!!!?
I had a back molar tooth pulled last Sat.It's still a bit tender and now there's a huge hole, is this normal?
I have a cyst on the inside of my mouth...?
Braces question??????????
Teeth and braces............... Plz answer?
will the whitening bleach work for my caps i really want to get my teeth whiten after braces?
what is the best solution in my gingivitis? i tried all remedies, but nothing happens except for the antibioti?
Lisp with a retainer?
Need advice and help?
is it true that if you have teeth pulled before braces you will need them for longer?
if i have overcrowded teeth do i need to extract any teeth before getting invisalign?
i have a bit of skin between my two front teeth , can it be removed?
I got my tooth ripped out and the numbness is gone but its been hurts for 11 hours :( How can I stop it hurtin?
thicker, stronger wire for braces... for how long?
What is a good method of teeth whitening?
I was using mouthwash and wanted to know.....?
do any Melbourne dentists have a payment plan?
im getting braces soon and im nervous ppl email me pics of ur braces?
Why is my front left tooth dark?!?!?
What food would help grow taller?
What's my body shape?
Question about healthy apetite?
Should a fifteen year old work out by lifting weights on a regular basis?
How Can My Bro Lose Weight Fast?
What type of protein powder is this?
Looking for a healthy food diet.?
To stay thin, would you deprive yourself of nourishment or exercise?
Help out with abs! (**pic included**)?
Help out with abs (pic included) thankyou!?
calories of proscuitto?
will cough and cold medicine(buckleys) before bed make me fat?
Please help! I don't know what to do!?
will medicine before bed make me fat? read below?
Is it healthy to walk in winter shirtless?
is it normal to cut yourself at 13 ?
Hw much do you think I weigh?(PICS)?
A day of weight gain or weight loss?
what is a good weight for my height?
How much water should I drink?
[FOR PEOPLE WHO OWN OR HAVE OWNED A BOWFLEX "AND" FREE-WEIGHTS] Please answer the following question:?
I am scared my teeth will fall out. Please Help!!?
What options do I have to whiten discoloured teeth apart from veneers?
Getting your first molars pulled out for a 12 year old?
Smarth mouth reviews?
Really bad headaches after wisdom teeth removal.?
why does my tooth suddently hurt?
i want to get an invisible brace...?
What colour braces look best?
Tooth extraction question?
i've had my braces off for a month now. if i don't wear it for 2 days will my teeth move?
Does whitening your teeth remove important enamel?
Would you stay with a guy who was afraid of the dentist at 26?
what are the best colours for braces?
Help?! should I call the orthodontist?
At the back of my mouth its hurts, why ?
What's wrong with my mouth!?
Whats the pros and cons of having the amalgam removed from my teeth by a qualified dentist.?
Whats the best style toothbrush or similar contraption to cure bad breath?
Which kind of dentist should I use?
bleeding after tooth extraction?
did my dentist remove the wrong tooth?
What is the difference between the roles of a Prosthetist and a Prosthodontist?
Why am I not losing weight?
Increase Vascularity???
How to lose stomach fat?
im getting my braces off soon and brush my teeth day and night but dont floss...will I have spots?
Dental urgent Australia sydney?
Bear Grillz just ate a raw fish.?
swelling on roof of mouth?
Best kind of braces to get?
Is it beneficial to chew gum?
why does the back right side of my mouth hurt, behind my molars? its not my teeth its the meat right behind it?
plz help!!! i brusth my yeeth everyday.. but i noticied a couple of weeks ago, that one of my teeth are a bit?
how can i have white teeth?
Why do my two front teeth keep aching on and off? Sinus infection?
I'm getting bands (for braces)& I have questions!?
When will I start feeling good after Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Has anyone had dental surgey done in thailand?
if my denist said it was okay to take 5 mg of ambien?
My orthodontist told me that a retainer won't keep my teeth in their new position?
Weird thing happening with gums... - Braces?
Wisdom Teeth extraction?
just had pre molars extracted and i have a lip problem ? PLEASE HELP. :(?
teeth stains or tooth decay?
I just bent my braces. It's bent out and pushing against my lip, it's not scratching me, so wat shud I do?
My gums bleed somtimes.?
is it bad to eat something off a table that was polished a few days earlier?
is myelopathy life threatening?
Has anyone had the cervical cancer injection?
Herbal remedy for cell dysplasia?
Tonsilitis because of quitting smoking and tobacco chewing?
can someone with leukaemia also have anemia?
What sort of chemical does Gore-Tex contain? Will it call cancer if it's implanted in your body?
brain damage............?
Increased Immunoglobulin M (IgM)/ Blood Cancer?
Sternum piercings and cancer?
I have an essay on the life cycle of cancer (cells and genetics)...?
tarceva general info when best used before chemo or after or before raidotheraphy or after both?
some years ago.................?
what are the sytoms for cervical cancer or normal cancer?
Where does Cancer Checks?
Should I get involved? ?
pains in my stomach after i eat HELP!!!!!!!?
Do you think michael jackson looked good at 110 pounds?
If your face is pink during exercise...?
When cycling fat loss with muscle building what do I do during the fat loss stage?
How much grams of protein powder is needed?
Health and diet question?
why should we care if people are becoming obese?
South Beach Diet. Phase one, breakfast.?
pills for detoxifying your body?
How much should an 15 year old weigh?
Is apple juice a healthy drink to drink while on a diet?
Is losing under 2 pounds per week good or bad?
omg!!!! ive got to know some weight loss secrets!!!!!?
Do dried fruits have the same nutritional value as fresh fruits?
Weight loss?????????????????????????
I have been working out everyday for 75 minutes but im gaining weight why ?
Any success stories from chiro?
can i get invisible braces?
Is there such thing as a temporary tooth gem, like a stick on one for the day or occassion?
getting teeth pulled out help please *?
Can you change your braces to invisalign?
is this wisdom teeth coming through?
I cant brush my teeth, help?
Weird teeth.... please help me?
How to make my baby tooth fall out (It's already extrememly wobbly)?
i had a tooth pulled a week ago and my jaw is still swollen and i hurt under my chin it was an abscessed tooth?
Dental Anthestic question?
How to take care of cavities?
what are some physical side effects of tmj and bad wisdom teeth?
Lump in gum after 1 month of tooth extraction!? HELP PLEASE!?
10 points, do you have to get wisdom teeth pulled out or can you let your older ones fall out naturally thus?
I just had my wisdom teeth pulled; how can I prevent suction when swallowing?
Front Tooth Being Pushed Forward?
why does my upper gum have a ring around it?
braces, gingivitis question?
wisdom tooth or maybe not ?
Will I get some pain if a filling broke off 2 weeks after a root-canal?
the colour on my braces are fading, is that normal?
What home excercises can I do to improve my pecs?
How many hours do you exercise each day?
Is this a good workout for Pecs,Abs,Biceps,Triceps?
Healthy weight for my height ?
Gained 4 lbs in a week? HOW!? HELP?
whats the best way to lose belly fat for a six pack? that only takes a little time?
How can I curb food cravings?
How much is 1 ounce in grams?
How do i flatten/ sculpt my tummy?
Is it true that drinking too much water can be toxic?
Question about the amount of fat in chips.?
Do i need Creatine to get bigger muslces after i workout?
What is the best meal replacement to lose weight?
any tips to help me with recovering from anorixia? i love to eat! but what foods should i avoid?
What can I SNACK on during breaks and lunches at WORK that will keep me full?
I'm ALWAYS hungry and I don't know why?
Weight Loss Question...please help.?
I'm using iso whey(protein powder)? 15 year old?
Is it okay to be taking a cleanse and a gentle diet pill together?
Is this weight healthy?
Instant Noodle calories? JUST THE SOUP!?
Does receving radio signals with your phone whilst its on flight mode increase your chances of getting cancer?
Does anybody have a cure for flatulence?
What is post radiotherapy adema?
arm against cervical cancer vaccine?
Loop Diathermy, is it anything to worry about?
Thought for the day?
how do you cope when you find out your dad has cancer but dont know how bad things are?
why is the republic of ireland not in the picture as ireland does a lot of funding raising for cancer research
Lymphoma Sufferers..What were your early symptoms? (10 Pts)?
how common are spinal tumors at the age of 18 ?
can u help with this?
Hard pea sized lump on babys stomach?
ive lung tumor can it shrink without treatment?
Are itchy breasts (both) a sign of breast cancer?
what can influence the development of hormonal breast cancer?
how long has the hpv vaccine been tested?
My Smudgey?
How much weight would i be able to lose ?
Am I fat????????????????????
How does personal trainer helps lose weight?
if i work out 2 times a day can i lose more than 20 lbs by september?
i want to be incress my hight?
Fastest way to lose thigh fat! Help please!!!?
If I go on a cleanse for 2 weeks will I lose thigh fat?
Does the "Special K Challenge" work?
Workout Question!? .?
Is it true that if I ... I'll lose weight?
Why is my weight always changing ?
Confusing workout plan, but would this work if I stick to it?
How can I fill the craving to eat?
I want to start running, any tips to keep me motivated!?!?
Can eyesite naturally recover?
Do you have to lose the thigh fat before working the muscle?
How can you lose weight faster?
How much calories do i need to burn?
Whats the quickest way to lose 20 lbs (in atleast 3-5 weeks )?
I just bought L Glutamine and when should I take it and how much?
Gaining Weight Quick and Fast?
I have pain in my right lower lip.Why?
Can my rotten tooth harm my fetus?
HELP PLEASE LOOSE TOOTH & getting braces?
Is there a dentist that you can pay on a payment plan in the Huntsville Al. area?
losing weight? with jaw surgery?
why my tooth broken? and came off a little piece? is that big problem?
How long should you wait to brush if you scratch your gums?
I have a serious pain in my upper teeth and it effect my brain causing a massive headache...please advice.?
swolling of gums while coughing....is it a disease?
How come my tooth pain has stopped a little all of a sudden?
Can you get pain back if the Dentist just takes way the pain but doesn't do a root-canal?
spacers and quad helix help?
why is my dentist making me wait to put my braces on?
what can i do for red swollen gums after teeth pulled a week ago?
Is this a cavity on my front tooth? I can't tell?
Is my slight underbite a big deal? PLEASE HELP ME?
Multiple tooth extractions and dentures.?
Is it normal go u not able to bite with ur back teeth with braces?
how do i make my teeth gums strong?
Should it be painful when permanent teeth come in?
have braces on teeth? when can i chew?
Why does my jaw pop when i move it sideways?
Roacutane and doing other things?
What is an easy way to lose weigth?
FITNESS QUESTION!!~How do you do sit-ups comfortably?
At what height would you start to consider someone short/petite?
i need help with my weight losss?
Will I lose weight by following this diet plan?
symptomes of dry socket?
Im getting a needle for a filling tomorrow. Im super scared! How to calm down?
Blood Clot falling out after only 5 hours of tooth extraction?
is biting the inside of my mouth dangerous?
jaw popping since i can remember im 13?
2 year old grinding teeth how do I stop it?
rubber bands on braces ...?
is glycerin is soluble in water?
Pain in jaw where tooth was removed 6 months ago?
what are the best way to get really white teeth....What can i use, like home remedies and what are some?
what causes bad breath and how do you prevent it?
what are hazards of spatula?
how many cancer cells do we get in a day?
Can you tell me what percentage of diagnosed cancers are brain cancers?
I'm having chemotherapy and have a blood spot in the white of my eye should I be worried?
I would like to contact someone that has to wear an urostomy.?
British breast cancer aid?
carboplatin gemcitabin?
Regarding the cervical cancer jab, can i drink alcohol after?
small cell lung cancer?
has anyone else got a long term partner with an immediate family member with fatal illness?
can you get the cervical cancer jab when you're on your period?
how long does the contrast medium (iodine) stay in body when had with ct scan?
Does this sound ok? :)?
here is my Friend reports?
Bump. What does this mean? Freaking out here!?
Can a man have a pelvic squamous carcinoma please?
Any ideas on recovery time for bone marrow donation?
is it normal 2 have a needle test done on your brest only to be told another one needs to be done?
what could my dads symptoms be?
is biting the inside of my mouth dangerous?
gums that feel like sandpaper what causes it?
Which is the best "at home teeth bleeching product" to buy?
Is it normal go u not able to bite with ur back teeth with braces?
My boyfriends mouth is disgusting, it's all scummy and tastes terrible?
Is this a cavity on my front tooth? I can't tell?
how many day should i wait befor training the same muscle?
Is this is good way to lose weight?
What kind of foods should you eat to have a acidic digestive system?
when I was a kid in school we made a paste glue ( which was really did not work)?
Apple & hourglass shapes have higher risk of breast cancer than pear shapes?
just a question about a hard lump (:?
Can you help me with this science?
Question about cancer?
Does any one no what caused persis khambatta death?
international cancer treatment in the uk?
what has my father got on his chest on the right side?
What is protocol therapy in relationship to cancer?
What is breast cancer caused buy?
where would one find out about getting a mobile phone tested for radiation?
Endometrial cancer/ cancer of the womb?
can i travel by plane when i have early stage lung cancer?
help; my mom has been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia(cll)?
how much does an MRI scan cost at hospitals in chennai?
How can i open my pineal gland? PLEASE HELPPPP!!!?
what causes teratoma's?
Does cervical cancer jab affect your period?
what were hospitals like 100 years ago?
!!Does anyone know where to buy this legal drug POLIMOD?
3 cm lymph node excisional biopsy?
what is treatment of mypic degeneration in retina?
Way to raise money for cancer paitents?
what can i do for red swollen gums after teeth pulled a week ago?
braces, gingivitis question?
Does the 10 minute trainer works and is it and easy work out?
Is it better to stretch everyday or every other day?
My new hedgie isn't eating very much?
Calories burned after a period of time?
About Arm Blaster for the Bicep?
How to lose weight...?
Will this exercise get me muscle mass?
Colon clense question?
Will eating only meal replacement bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner help me lose weight?
How to stay motivated on the tredmill?
Training heavy affecting mental concentration?
Will I gain weight !?
why you need to mix protein and carbs togethers after you workout?
Good enough workout routine to get toned?
What happened after my jag?
explain the different between cell division and cancer?
How long to expect nausea and vomiting post Whipples procedure.?
breast cancer need some advise?
my dad has just found out he has myelodysplastic syndrome?
if a child had leukemia would the pain by there all the time of just when weight bearing?
Waiting time for endoscopy results.?
Has anyone heard anything about a 'special' cancer clinic in Prien Germany run by an American: Dr Rigdon Lentz?
Worried about breast cancer returning?
My 73 year old Brother is ungoing radiography treatment for his prostrate cancer?
i'm looking for young people with cancer in the uk??
CT scan result interpretation?
hi, im so stuck in my research proposal on irish womens awareness of ovarian cancer?
what is the likelyhood?
Little Princess Trust - Charity?
What free websites can i go on to find medical journals? ?
How can i excersize even though i'm skinny?
How do you loose 20 pounds effecivley?
Would this be a good way to lose weight?
I feel hungry after a meal?
Can i loose a few inches off my waist, my tummy, my legs, and my arms if i jump rope onlyy? for two weeks?
wondering if I am fat....?
How many calories would this burn?
What do you think about my exercise?
Im 15 How to get more muscle definiton?
How do I hide my eating disorder from my family while on vacation for 5 days!!!?
why does my chest hurt after exercise?
how can I boost my metabolism?
How do I build muscle - inner thighs? Please, only serious answers.?
How long can a human being go without eating anything and just drinking water?
Weird teeth.... please help me?
whats the difference between a wisdom tooth and a 12 year old molar?
getting teeth pulled out help please *?
can i get invisible braces?
My gums bleed somtimes.?
Is it worth pulling my wisdom teeth if...?
just had pre molars extracted and i have a lip problem ? PLEASE HELP. :(?
Wisdom Teeth extraction?
How does this workout sound to you?
what do you think about Splenda? do you recomend it?
How many calories can I burn ?
Weight concern - help?
Do protein shakes make me bigger or thinner?
If I'm 5'4" and 105-110 lbs, how much would my skeleton weigh about?
What is the best weight loss supplement to take, if your trying to lose weight?
For females, a survey?
some good yoga routines to improve thinking positive?
what are the benefits of including more protein into your diet and exercise program?
Does hip hop abs six day slim down really work?
Questions, on the atkins diet, and exercise!? (urgent, please help)?
How many calories , would you by hulahooping ?
How to lose weight fast?
How to lose stomach fat?
Am i over weight? help!!!!?
what is cardio excersize?
HAs anyone taken the diet pill ALLI? does it work?
Calories/fat in coffee?
Can I get over 10 answers for this Question?
how do you know if you've got nice legs?
How do you gain muscle/weight on your wrists and forearms?
Do i weigh to much???? =(?
Acute pancreatitis ?????
Can I Emigrate having had cancer?
is it possible that a person with a lymph node in neck, have a seizures ?he is 38.and it was his first time to?
Do you know any women who had mesothelioma?
funny feeling in collarbone?
schiller cardiovit AT-2 PLUS?
4th biopsy and still no answers!!!?
does anyone know what a histioscitoma is when found on a human? and are they cancerous?
what is deep radium treatment?
Have you ever known stomach cancer to skip a generation? partic duodenal?
what has happened to Natrel anti perspirant?
does anybody know where to get the official breast cancer wristbands from?
I have been diagnosed with adhesions and a stricture of the small colon,anyone else out there with same?
how long does it take for a bladder tumour togrow to 18mm?
how can i minimise uric acid?
Race for life - last night at killerton house, in devon?
i have an rpe expander when will they remove it?
Has anyone had dental surgey done in thailand?
Toothach on back of front tooth ?
Why do my two front teeth keep aching on and off? Sinus infection?
why does the back right side of my mouth hurt, behind my molars? its not my teeth its the meat right behind it?
swelling on roof of mouth?
How much weight can I loose in a month?
Losing weight around hip and thigh area?
Will working out stunt your growth?
Do you shower then eat breakfast or eat breakfast then shower?
How to make my arms bigger, pic attached?
What is a good at-home remedy detox diet?
How many calories did I eat today?!?
Alli Does it work? Has anyone taken the diet pill Alli and does it work?
Would you say this is OK for dinner?
Does drinking green tea actually help loos weight?
When will i start to get toned?
how can i get abs within 1-14 days?
How come I haven't lost any weight?
How to put your foot behind your head?
How to get better flexibility?
A good Pushup Workout?
How many calories a day should I be eating?
Is a 14 year old girl who about 6 ft 4 in tall and weighs about 110 Normal?
how do i loose 15 pounds without taking any pills or paying ? just natural?
Do you feel guilty when you go a whole day without fruits and vegetables?
Getting your first molars pulled out for a 12 year old?
I am scared my teeth will fall out. Please Help!!?
could anyone tell me if they know Shrewsbury are doing cancer research race for life this year.?
private medical treatment- basal cell carcinoma removal?
What tips do you have for eating well during and after cancer?
Too poorly to get cervical cancer jab?
Can putting a coin on your phone stop breast cancer?
what is a cranial hemangioma?
Evidence or research into Skin cancer and Ultraviolet light exposure?
What Is The Least Dangerous Form Of Cancer That Needs To Be Treated With Chaemotherapy?
i have a portacath, what am i not aloud to do physically ?
Treatment for CIN III?
What are the symptoms & characteristics of an ADENOCARINOMA located in the uterus? Histology Report follows.?
Lump on the right side of my face?
Do I have Abnormal jaws?
Why is weed illegal and ciggarettes aren't?
acai colon cleanse diet?
Some advice on breathing and pains when jogging please?
asking landlord to use their workout machine?
Ways to lose weight fast....?
Is this normal, and does it mean I'm losing weight/my diet is effective?
Are plain corn flakes unhealthy?
which of the following is a pre-reading exercise?
how to loose 50lbs in 2 months?
What do you think of eating to your blood type?
I need everyones help!!!!!!!?
Can someone tell me of a good antioxidant formula?
Where would be the best place to find an online health buddy?
question about protein shakes?
What builds calve muscles?
rodent skin ulcer please help!!!!!?
X ray results - Ireland?
i want the family to get together, but now that my grandad is having chemo..?
Radiotherapy tattoos - why not use on other body parts?
help will you please sponor me in race for life cancer research?
Race for Life?
what does N-ras-/- mean with regard to cancer/genetics?
Does anyone know the percentage of people who can survive stage 2 or 3 lung cancer?
Planning a fundraiser - Can you help?
Would you be interested in a Cancer support Group?
can anyone tell me what the last stages of acute myloid leukaemia are likely to be please.?
what is a biological term for a tumour suppressing gene?
# of I am operating theatres that perform cancer operations?
Cancer Question Help?
why do infiltration rate vary?
can Iodine-123 would be a suitable source for HDR brachytherapy for cervical cancer?
How to prevent bones diseases?
what do you know about adult stem cell enhancers?
theories of lung cancer cure?
I think I'm going to get braces.?
Food with braces... need help!!?
What colour braces should I get?
How to drop 60 pounds of fat as a teenage guy?
can food affect stomach after a day?
Is it good to eat before or after a workout?
What Are Good Coloured Braces For The Summer?
advaned seal creast whiting strips.?
question about teeth?
teething whiting crest whitng strips?
Pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow into detectable tumors – here’s how to halt it today.We r told diff?
well woman cancer insurance - is it worth it or are they just preying on our fears?
Tegitel Carbamazepine ?
Having children after loop diathermy treatment (LLETZ)?
need a team name for relay for life?
Charity organisations that could help Ukrainian child?
why have i got a blue abnormal lump on my cannula site?
cyproterone, a female hormone used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Anyone used this drug?
What are the chances of cancer returning?
How do I write a speech on cancer?
Which Hormone secreted by the kidneys is responsible for the increased production of RBC's?
who out there would like to sponsor me?
BURKITT-LIKE lymphoma?
Lump on head caused hair loss?
can you get a private pilots license if you have leakaemia?
Can endoscopy find results that a CT scan of the stomach can't?
I can't exercise... please help?
Joe Rogan told the media that smoking pot is healther then eating and apple.?
I want to lose weight by January 2011.?
How do I find out my REAL BMR?
whats a good healthy eating plan?
I need help with a healthier life.?
What are some healthy foods i could eat?
why am i always hungry?
how to get a flat stomach asap?
is it hard to do push up when you have a fat stomach ?
Should I work out today?
Diet Plan?????????????????????
Eating less. Moving more. Gaining weight?
Is there any proof that coffee can raise metabolism and burn fats?
how much is a goodlife fitness pass in Ontario?
I've switched all my beverages to water, how will that affect my weight?
how old do you have to be to gett ur teeth whiten at a dentist?
My Dog Has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency?
what happens to a skin cell when sun touches it?
Are there are trials that can be joined to get cured of Multiple Myleoma in England or Germany?
what are the main causes of liver diseases in rottweiler dogs?
how long does it usually take for biopsy results to come back? (Lichen sclerosus/cancer investigation)?
How do you make platelets and what is normal?
How many cases of bladder cancer in non smokers under 29 years old?
Methyl Methacrylate/1,4-Dioxane/Formaldehyde/Arsenic.cancer causing agents present inFALSE NAIL PRODUCTS?
what other then transplant can be done for liver cancer and cirosis?
research, finding data on prostate cancer?
Is laser physiotherapy on back of neck safe when u have thyroid nodules?
does drinking alcohol on the depo increase breast cancer more?
How can I raise money quickly for cancer treatment? (UK)?
PSA reading - Urinary Tract Infection?
do you know any young people with bladder cancer?
Barrett's oesophagus(uk)?
has any one had a mainz 2 operation and how were they after?
bromelain and cancer treatment?
Am I anorexic????????????
Should I exercise more?
I NEEEED To gain more weight.... how can i do this?
Am I healthy for my age?
Why is it so hard to buy Iron supplements?
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew any good excersices to tone saddlebag thighs?
Is this a good workout at the gym?
What Are The Steps To P90X?
Will protein shake help me?
How to get over the embarrassment...?
Now tell me, which site did YOU get your Clenbuterol from?
Would chew and spit make me gain temporary weight?
How many calories should a 14 year old girl be eating a day? (trying to tone up and lose weight)?
Does Acai Berry Detox and Colon Cleanse work?
how much calories did i eat today?
appropriate for a 17 year old girl?
Im a 15 yr old girl, and when i get hungry i try to eat but feel like i could throw it back up. help?
Does anyone know where I can find a diet low in potassium that is easy to follow. Doctor says my potassium?
i want to loose some weight before school starts.?
When will I start to get toned.?
Are these stats okay?
Protein Shake recepies?
is 2 cups of cheerios and 1/2 - 1 cup of skim milk a healthy breakfast?
Okay how much should I eat?
How is Virchow as in the supraclavicular node in Gastric cancer pronounced?
After having a mammogram, i've been told a have calcifcations in my breast and need a biopsy? what are calcifi?
what does thickening of the bones mean?
Where can i purchase Hanna Jones brain tumour victim charity hoodies?
HPV vaccine (cervical cancer)?
Has your teen had the 'Cevarix' cervial cancer jab?
I finished the book, "Before I say Goodbye, Recollections and Observations from One Womans Final Year"?
i have been advised to undergo genetic screening for cancer,what does it involve,worried ?
what do doctors do if you have an enlarged spinal cord?
is there an articly dated 23rd Nov gainsborough News about Lincs and Notts breast cancer group auctiob?
What happens if I take three dasatinib by accident instead of two?
followup on "ceramic blades in surgery"?
Why are there no obvious symptoms with pancreatic cancer?
radiation therapy caused bowel cancer op resection to leave a hole where constant infection occurs. Fixable?
papalomas virus of the soft palate?
when recovering from anorexia what foods should u eat to make your body regain strength and MUSSLE?
What are some benefits of jogging ?
How much do you control your diet? Do you think this is normal?
what are the side effects when coming off tamoxifen after a 5 yr course & how long does it stay in the system?
arrest of apoptosis and cancer?
the best country and the best doctor for brain tumor surgery?
Some information about Ovarian cancer?
is there any chance of getting cancer in eye lens and total eye?
Which blood level is elevated?
what are 1,2,3 stages of lung and skin cancer.?
What is the treatment for scrotal sebacious cysts?
is ther any one out there that had stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury if there is did it work?
My stepmum is mid chemo for breast cancer & has found another lump?
Mole on foot being removed - am scared it's going to be cancerous?
would a bleed on the brain ALWAYS show on a CT scan?
synovial chromotosis?
How long is one supposed to take Tarceva 150 by Lungcancer IV?
lymphocytic leukemia does anyone know of a link between mice and people?
whats the best mouthwash recipes?
How to lose stomach fat?
what are some exercises u can do to help you lose weight ?
Can taking Hdroxycut make birth control pills less effective?
What will whey protein do for me?
if i want to loose weight, do i eat 20g of fat a day or a meal?if 20 is wrong please correct me?
How long do you have to stay on a low carb diet before you start to lose weight?
how can i loose 19 pounds in 5 days?
Do green tea capsules increase psa after an operation for prostat cancer?
i want to lose 13 pounds how long will i have to run on a treadmil?
How similar are Specimen Papers compared to the real ones?
abnormal growth?
can you find www.10ksponsorme.org/ct?
Can over working a muscle fail to show results such as mass or definition?
reflections on working the area of palliative care?
where can i find a breast cancer awareness thermal mug in london?
What are the top 20 european countries with the least amount of cigarette smokers?
Are these symptoms of a brain tumor?
Weight Watchers Online or Slimfast Plan?
Why do Fat people not care about their health is it low self esteem?
Are people willing to pay more for healthy food like organic food?
what is an abnormal cortisol result after a dexamethasone test?
my step dad had a very vicious cancer 4 years ago (his 5th year is in oct 2010) and they only gave him a 50%?
had a corneal graft will it efect my job?
Can anyone tell me if they have had any side-effects as a result of brachy treatment (seed implants)?
How accurate is testing for Cushing's?
what are the 5 or 6 best journal worldwide about cancer and research?
in relation to cancers, what is the difference between precursors and markers?
hat is the prognosis for a man aged61 who has got oral cancer?
can i get a strong body from a 6- week excercise plan?
How much would I have to spend on food per day?
Michis Ladder, a power 90 extreme question....?
How tall will i grow?
Good dieting foods? Heellpp.?
I am so sick of being so fat! Im 20 lbs overweight and it shows!!?
What would happen if I lived on a liquid only diet for one week?
How do you make your foot bigger?
Is this a good exercise routine?
Is my diet ok? Please read my discription and tell me what you think .?
do you think am i over weight?
What can make me the healthiest person, food wise?
Bigger muscles? 15 years old, male.?
What are some good cardios that I can do to tone my body?
I hate whole wheat food and vegetables!?!?
I need 3 people for a fitness survey!?
is it possible to lose 15 to 20 pounds before aug 16th?
does taste affect appetite?
Does having a belly make you have more strength and power?
Is 15 pounds to much to lose in a 1 month period?
Loosing 7-10 lbs in 2-3 weeks?
how much grams of sugar is okay to have a day?
Can anybody help me get started with a CR (caloric reduced) diet?
is xenical, alli orlistat give cancer?
malignant melanoma and hot spots on bone scan?
will i have bad side effects from groin lymph node removal?
hey i want to get a facial epilator? i heard you can get cancer with epilators is it true?
best drug to treat non small cell lung cancer?
Urgent!Immunotherapy centres in England/France??
Why there are people who are reached cancer because of the nicotinism and others not?
can leukaemia cause sinus problems ?
If a melanoma is close to or over a vein......?
ewings sarcoma tumor treatment?
What is radiotherapy ablation for back?
What causes "brain degeneration" and is this basically similar to "Brain Cancer"?
What helps the liver repair after radiotherapy?
can eny1 tell me when a spleen is removed does life get normal?
whats the aproximate time for a doctor in st johns?
Donating hair to charity?
throat and mouth cancer symtoms?
Does the 10 minute trainer works and is it and easy work out?
If I run 30 min per day and eat 1200 to 1300 calories per day, will I lose weight?
Good sports to join for 16 year old female?
How to stick to the gym?
At home make cleanse to lose weight?
How many laps do I have to run to start sweating a lot?
explain why cancer cells need a greater blood supply?
What 3 problems would the doctor have to address when raising ethical issues of diagnosing..cervical cancer...?
how would rubbery in consistency of breast lump feel like?
Has anyone ever used the Biolustre hair repair treatment??
Anyone had AC and Taxol chemo for breast cancer?
What do these symptoms mean? Cancer question?
how common is breast cancer now? like how many people in how many people get it?
what are the 'PRICED' stages of recovery in dance?
New Cancer Adverts Where Too Find?
What is Anaplastic Bladder Cancer,and is it the same as a Bladder Tumor.?
has anyone taken megace tablets for hot flushes caused by taking tamoxifen for breast cancer and did it work?
effects on alcohol on a person suffering of jaundice?
do free radicals interact with our external dermis?
Do yopu know anyone who has had or been diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
I have Multiple Myeloma anyone with the same?
Dexa-Rhinaspray Duo?
what is the song called off the advert advertising girls to have the cervical cancer injection?
What could the results be if an acoustic neuroma was left alone,unmonitored?
Can eyesite naturally recover?
achieve ketosis eating only salad?
Less reps heavier weight vs. higher reps lighter weight? Best for tone? Fat loss?
Will this work, i'm doing pilates and kickboxing.?
is it possible to lose fat but not lose weight?
caffeine doesn't work?
Hodgkins Lymphoma, is anyone going through is or been through it with ABVD chemo?
Mole on my mums neck??????
where can i get navy protocol treatment for cancer in my dog?
Am I getting thyroid cancer?
sclerosing adenosis and lobular carcinoma in situ?
just had loop diathermy done and now the nurse needs to see me about my biopsy they said on the phone not to?
what rules has rudolf breuss cure for guys with glioma 4? ive been operated 3.5 weeks ago.?
osophogus cancer and eating after surgery?
I've found a lump behind my ear...?
I have stage 2 AVN and get different opions about THR or BHR, Which way do I go ?
my grandad who is in hospital? ..........?
Petroleum Jelly as a Lubricant and Cancer?
Do i have skin cancer?
Does anybody know if any clinical trials for chronic lymphocytic leukemia are nearing the end of there trials?
Help!!! I am having treatment next week for my abnomal cells, however I am due on can I still have the treatme?
has anyone used Zeolite Enhanced for cancer and what were the results and the success rates?
is any drug usfull fo glaucoma to preserve field of vision?
is this an okay workout/weight loss routine? please help :)?
Is starch bad for you?
i am a vegetarian food eater. i am under-weight in proportion to my height. pls suggest to gain weight?
..why am i not losing weight?
What are easy ways to lose weight?
How to save money on food and still be (decently) healthy?
Should I just accept my weight for what it is?
What would you think if you saw a skinny person at the gym working out?
IS this a good breakfast?
bad cramps around 10-20 minutes after running?
why am i fat?? i dont understand...?
In teens how do you tell the difference between excess fat and growing room?
How can someone who loves to eat lose weight quick?
would this diet be good if i only kept it up for one solid week?
If they make a breast cancer vaccine?
what is a choroid plexis and a xanthogranulomas?
Cervical Cancer Jab.?
Hi does anyone know the website to view the photographs taken at margam parks 10k cancer research run?
proprioreceptive receptor in histology?
Whre all are cytogenetic tests/research (Chromosomal analysis) conducted in Irelland?
my partner has white blood cells and mishaped red ones has tummy?
Chromosomes and Cancer (also... What IS Cancer research)?
Detailed symptoms please?
what are links between the symptoms of lung cancer the stage?
I had skin cancer whilst overseas in Feb. They told me i need to have a check up 6 months later once home.?
HPV vaccines, my 1st one is on thursday, I'm scared! Does it hurt?
does smoking interfere with HODGKIN S LYMPHOMA chemotherapy?
Donating blood screening cancer.?
Any jintropin user's out there?
can non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in the chest first cause asthma?
is it already out in the market? specifically in the philippines? is this effective than xenical?
pilates machine?
Is it ok to have a christmas treat once a day?
Are there any Canadian fitness magazine available?
what can i do for now besides eating healthy and exercising to have a flat belly????
am i crazy or not?
i just had a baby 8m ago how can i loose that weight that i gained?
How can I make my metabolism faster?
Why am I gaining weight when I know I shouldn't be?????
Is This Overweight?
What are your new years resulutions?
Which exercise is better to lose weight??
How tall do you think i will be when i hit 18?
how much calories does a cup of coffie has?
getting back to not eating?
I am 5'3, and 145 pounds. How can I lose weight fast? I have a busy schedule already! and no time?
how to reduce weight without any medication?
weight loss n abs?
normal weight?
laxatives how manny's safe?
K is this a healthy lunch to have every single day at school?
Tummy fat, help with cardio ideas? 10 POINTS!?
What is the best way to lose 25 pounds?
easie way to make a low fat fruite smoothes?
Being too fat vs. being too sickly. Are there healthy people being too fat?
can someone make me a workout plan i can do at home .?
how can i lose fat but keep my muscles?
i started school , and its been vey stressful so i tend to forget to eat breakfast and lunch?
how can i lose weight in my stomach area and bum doing daily excersises at home?
What are other activities can I do (aside from 5 k's/day) in an attempt to lose weight?
Question on weight lifting and training?
I feel super short these days, I really want tips on how to be taller. I just turned 12 by the way. HEELLP!!!!
Work-Out Move?
I wanna loose 20lbs in the next 3-4 months do you think this would be difficult? without going to the gym?
Today i lost 3 pounds is this normal?
Why are some granola bars bad for us?
Working out with type 1 diabetes?
any good workout videos??? HIP HOP?
laxitives for losing weight?
is there any difference btwn amino acid in whey protien and the amino acids sold off the shelf?
ok people please help by swim suit season i am 5'7 and 123 lbs i want to lose weight on my UPPER LEGS and my
what are the benefits of eating in the caf please answer as soon as possible?
what's an eating disorder?
What would happen if you only ate...?
Hey there! I have a question. I want to lose my tummy fat but i hate doing crunches..wt should I do to lose it
Losing Weight?
Help with eating patterns?
I read somewhere that if you mix canola oil and olive oil the mixture is healthier than either of the two...?
How can I loose some weight?
Can anyone tell me what id need for the Master Cleansing diet and what to do please? thanks?
how to lose 2 pounds a week?
Precision Muscle Stack Gainer ... are there any side effects?
How many pounds i can lose if i keep eating this menu in a month??
Muscle pain in Abs and legs from PE class...?
Guess my weight (PICTURE LINK INSIDE)?
whey every family needs a pet?
does SMARTBURN really works? i am kinda skeptical of using diet pills, but i really want to loose weight fast.
How much protein should an adult male consume to maintain and build muscle and can you use it while losing fat
What are the best diets ?
Will the workouts/moves on this webpage work?
Can I loose a clothes size in just over 2 weeks? or an inch everywhere? Please help with advice ...?
How to lose 20 pounds in 2 months?
What can i have for breakfest thats healthy?
Please help me to loose weight in 16 days!?
Can weight training also give you a six pack? even if you don't do crunches?
will this excersize get me thinner/leaner legs?
what is the best exersize to get rid of baby ponch(lower belly).Which type of sit ups target that regine?
Is My Friend Overweight?
Weight loss help.?
I work out 5 days a week for about 2 hrs day do I need to eat a high calorie diet if i want to add muscle?
cost of ever-cleanse?
Water, Good or bad?
what works better ??
does weight lifting stop your growth?
I need to lose 15 lbs by August. This is doable, right?
is it a gym trainer good proffesion?????
Howcome i get REALLY dizzy when i SPIN?
How did Kirsty Ally gain so much weight?
new exercises?
What is the best way to lose 30 pounds?
what is my height in cm?
how to lose weight easily?
Doing weights makes vein bulges?
I excercise everyday is it bad for me?
I NEED a good excersise program; someone make one for me.?
If you take a shake to lose weight and still work out which meal should it be for breakfast/lunch and can you?
does cold make lose appetite?
Difficulty eating vegetables and fruits?
just started a gym and need advice?
i am 5'3 and weigh 160 female i want to lose weight in 15 days im a strict vegetarian no meat, fish, eggs help
what happens if you eat nothing for a month and only drink green tea?
Unwanted belly fat not caused by being pregnant? Tips?
I throw up a lot and don't try?
i need to lose 5 pounds by sunday?
is this right weigh for 13 years old?
I need some help?
which vegetables are high-carb?
Pilates or Yoga???
if you pulled a muscle should you lay off the excercise for a bit?
How much am I burning?
How do i gain muscle, without gaining fat? need proper eating advice.?
Are there any GOOD website that show you how many carbs and how much protein and cals you need?
would the ymca be open on good friday (tomorrow)?
teens' metabolism?
Is 116 pounds for a 12 year old alot.??
could I stand to lose weight? I'm 15, 5'2, and I weigh 115?
how do i raise my bmr?
Does QuickSlim with Hoodia really work?
Is there any cardio exercises online that a person can exercise to for free?
I was thinking of signing with a personal trainer...?
my workout plan, someone help?!?
Should my goal be to lose weight, or to just build muscle/tone my body?
i got 4 months and a whole lot a will , i need to loose 50-60 poundsish . curentweight:180 age:13?
I need to lose some weight, BUT ..?
Is v8 Vegetable drink good for you?
how can i lose weight in the facial area?
what is the calorie intake for a woman 50yrs old weighing 115 lbs,and active?
What kinds of exercises should I be doing?
exercising and gaining?
Which music super star with the initials BS uses Rangold products lose weight?
Whats a fun exercise routine? I hate my body and I want to tone it up?
how long will it take me to lose the last ten?
I need to get bigger.?
How Do You Hit The Tris With Only A Bench Press Set up?
want to tone up for summer?
Does Lipo6 work - exercise and dosage question?
heyy, this is sorta embarasing, but...?
get into shape without a gym?
360 to 230 Pounds?
Why are young girls so obsessed with weight?
help on a friend...?
:), how many calories should a good, healthy balanced breakfast have?
what do you do in a cardio workout?
too much acid in the bady???
weight loss question?
Where can i find out about the disease Mesothelioma?
Restricting & Athletics?
how many gravol 50 can i take?
Are these ok for a diet?
what are disadvantages of having gym everyday?
I am 25 and weigh 125 lbs and have had cellulite since the age of 18. I can not get rid of it! Help me please!
Weight Problem.......?
NEED too lose weight of my THIGHS!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a good basic workout?
treadmill working out?
about binging give me advice!!!?
drank water..?
missing exercise :(?
How long should I run for?
what are good foods for low blood persons?vitamins?what they should do?
P90 X How Many Vids Are There?
weight lose help :(?
How old were you when you started couting the calories you ate?
10 pounds in 2 weeks?
is it true that if you go for a half hour walk you will loose weight?
Is Clenbuterol working??
i want to lose weight?
I have a really annoying promblem with sweating.?
Has anyone found that they gain weight right before they lose it?
need to firm up my tummy for the summer? FAST! what can I do??
What is my BMI?
How many calories should should i consume in one day ?
HELP!!!(im 13!!)?
is this safe?
When for Whey?
The pill-weight gain?
i was on a stationary bike for 15 minutes going 4 mph how many calories on average did i burn?
how do you build muscle as in how does it form?
I am going on a cruises at the end of June and I'm looking into losing some weight in stomach and hip areas wh
does this sound healthy eating style?
I exercise 4-5 days a week, i try to eat right, but i cant seem to lose weight. What should i be doing?
i need a one hunrdred calorie workout please?
To lose weight, or not to lose weight?
great ab workout tips?
how good is green tea to loose weight? and how much to drink a day?
whos your healthy weightloss role model???
How to loose alot of weight in 3 weeks?
High school wrestling....Help...?
Diet help please?
weight loss and healthy eating tips?
Air alert workout?
Any ideas on how to get this?
I need mulitvitamins, I need vegetrain multivitamins.?
Work Out Tips?
what you think of my size according to my hight?
What excercises are good to get rid of "blubber" on my stomache?
how an i lose weight on my stomach,thighs, and but in 1 month???
question about weight?
big muscle in 52 days?
how can i lose fat im my legs?
side effects of creatine?
weight trouble?
Movies on Anorexia?
What would be ideal?
how can i loose chubb from my stomach and just my stomach?
plz someone hlep me loss weight i don't have the money to do it i'm 260lbs what can i do?
is whey protein shake still have a lot of protein?
is whey protein powder effective?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 20 days??
Got any tips to lose weight?