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How do you get a faster metabolism?
Spider Bite or what help!?
gunk smelly ear wax wont go away!! help!?
What kinda spider bite is this?
can you control yourself the first time you get drunk?
white shirivled finger after band aid!?
What did my Surgeon do to me?
can looking at the side of a laser pointer cause eye damage?
my 4yr old daughter had pneumonia last year should she have the swine flu jab this year?
Are these the symptoms of flu?
took a PPD test for TB and didn't agree with results from reader or doctor?
I took tb tst a month ago,frgt to get it read, looked fine,doc gave me tb tst again, now it looks + is it fals?
Last friday i fainted, since then im very weak and puking up 10/12 times a day and my temperature is 97.7. I d?
Hard beating slower and hard to breathe?
would pineapple be good to eat if you have the flu?
Is this my immune system if so what to do for ir?
Hide the flu for an interview?
I stubbed my toe pretty badly the other day. Just bruised? Broken? Sprained? Fractured?
how to quickly heal cuts?
Got snow on my cast..?
If you're slim, do you have less of a chance of getting diabetes Type 2?
I want to drastically limit my food intake until my next doctor's appointment?
is it possible to have high blood sugar and not have diabetes?
Normal fasting blood sugar?
Which orthodontist should I use?
Gaining weight problem!?
What are 3 examples of hard tissue injuries?
Am I overweight?"? 5'3 148lbs?
If you break your leg in public...?
is drinking ensure is good for diabetic person?
I have a third tooth?
Insurance won't cover for the white crown?
Is kissing gross when you have gum in your mouth?
how to make teeth whiter! HELP PLZ EASY 10 POINTS!?
Can i give someone herpes that has hpv?
question about warts and cancer?
Ever had an H.I.V scare before?
If you eat a girl out with a cold can she get infected?
My ears popped whilst sneezing and now i have an ear ache :( What is it?
What pain med works best for ur migraines?
Think i broke my heel bone. How can i tell?
what is wrong with my bladder?
Addicted to the pain of getting my ears pierced?
sometimes i can't sleep because i am stressed with things. what will help me to sleep better?
It's getting much worse PLEASE HELP?
is it ok to prop up legs with pneumonia?
Why hasn't a cure for cancer been found yet.?
How serious is Leukaemia?
possible Lymphoma diagnosis?
My friend has got an extraocular melanoma but refuses to go to the doctor - what can I do?
Does my Dad have lung cancer?
Subtype of Long QT Syndrome?
what cause indigestion?
What does 150/86 blood pressure mean?
If I tell the doctor I think I have an Aortic Aneurysm will he think I am crazy?
Can you get sick from a hug?
im 16 and have high anxiety what does this mean?
How do I stop my stomach from growling during class?
painful hemorrhoid what to do?
How to i make my back stop cracking!!! well just my whole body! 10 POINTS!?
How Much Urine Can Your Bladder Hold?
What could be causing my upper stomach pain? I'm miserable!?
Is Autism curable or something?
I have a bubble on my lower lip...?
What is the hole in stomach called ?
How do I space out my water intake in a day?
Will losing weight on antidepressants be impossible?
Need help on how to loose weight?
How can i lose fat????
How can I lose weight fast?
Im 27 and i didnt have my wisdom teeth...is this normal?
Will a college student look silly in braces?
Could you transplant a tooth that isn't yours?
what will happen when i go back?
I haven't worn my retainer in 10 months. My orthodontist appointment is tomorrow. What do I do?
dog bite on arm question?
If you needed, a 2-3 inch stitch just above the ear, how much hair would the doctor shave and how?
How do i feel better when i have a virus?
how to prevent nausea?
how old do you have to be to use med gases?
stabbing intense back pain causes shortness of breath?
I have severe ear pain?
how do you know when your cat is in pain and should be put to sleep?
My right ear hurts really bad any ideas?
I often feel ill... Like I might faint, and I have terrible headache..? ?
Oxycontin 60mg or three 20 mg, which is stronger?
Is there anything i can do with the pain from my uti?
Sore and aching muscles?
Why are my brand new contacts blurry?
Prescription Optical Ray Ban Eyeglasses question!?
I have never snored before and the past couple nights my bf told me I have been. Should i b concerned?been ?
I can't stop wheezing?
When you break a nose, how long is it supposed to hurt for?
when should i start antibiotics?
could I get sick from this?! please answer!?
What do you think I have?
my boyfriend has a 104 fever...?
What causes people to get a fever to the point where they have to go to the hospital?
do hospitals cover dead bodies ?
any remedies for old cough and mucus?
Klonopin withdrawal. Bad muscle spasms, nausea, and cannot fall asleep- Late Dr. appt, was all i could getHELP?
How to get over my fear of getting my blood drawn?
Is it legal to tell someone that I have HIV/AIDS when I don't?
What are the symptoms of an std. I constantly have burning down there. And a lot of pressure?? Thanks.?
What treatment does a woman with early breast cancer need?
How long doss constipation last?
Why do my noses have blood?
I can't stand hearing people make noises while they are eating?
What's the difference between an obsession and being in love?
whats the best way to control anxiety attacks and nervousness?
Do i have a eating disorder Well i think i dont?
Why is depression so wide spread?
I fell on my left knee and it's sore, should I worry?
Im going back to school next week and I have to use crutches or maybe a wheelchair coz of my ankle. I heard I?
Lost a wonderful job?
Scapula "hitting" spine?
Massage for someone with a spinal fracture. When does it become okay?
How can I get rid of these cravings?
How do you recover from a trauma?
I keep hearing cop sirens in my head?
why can't I move my arms?
Sharp pain on my left side?
Possible reason for my intense sharp lower back pains?
12 year old with stiff neck, neck pain, back pain, aching legs with bruises. Whats the issue?
Tramadol and prozac ?
i was bitten by a rat a rabbit a couple weeks ago, can i still drink apple juice?
Watery stuff coming from cut?
Why am I not losing weight?
Vegetable oil in my ear for ear wax?
I'm 15 years old and need a teen weight loss buddy !?
suffer from mosquito bites?
I've been consuming less than 500 calories for a good whilE, is this anorexic?
I'm 13 and I haven't lost my k-nine theeth?
What are rubber bands regarding braces?
If to have braces could you help me?
Will my mouth swell after cavity fillings?
PLEASE HELP ME...I have a really big red sore filled with pus in my gums??? ?
Do I have a dry socket?
What's the most painful piercing you have expierienced?
Car accident..............?
Why do I cough a lot then feel like throwing up?
why is my chest feeling tight?
Anxiety? Asthma? Help?!?
Why do I have breathing trouble when I start to get tired?
Taste blood when i cough?
I hit my head on my bathroom toilet and now I have this really bad headache?
Back pain help??????????
I have been experiencing localized headaches between right eye and ear. Cluster headache?
Does it hurt getting your cartillage pierced?
What is wrong with my knee?
I've been having a lot of acid reflux and heartburn lately, I'm only 16?
Any particular reason as to why there are different colors of eyes?
What are the Signs of pink eye? Do i have?
How can i enlarge the black part of my eye?
Any suggestions on a good brand of contact lens?
Anybody have this condition?
heart rate of 97 and blood pressure 146/86 gives what date?
Can a person who has a strong heart and is, otherwise healthy also, have a heart attack from stress?
Did I have a heart attack?!?
why we give statins at night?
How can 120VAC kill you, if a defibrillator can't?
My Raynaud's is worse in my feet than my hands, is this normal?
Why do I feel so weak and dizzy?
I think I have a cracked rib?
Knot under skin on forearm?
how can i heal an infected ear piercing?
Would antibiotics do this 2 me?
if nodding of the head in toddlers a sign of autism?
do i have thc in my blood system?
Stuffy nose in the mornings?
10 pts plzzzzz answer plzzzzzzzz am dead worried help !! :(?
Relay for Life team name?
Drinking for 9 hours, sleep for 5, now I think my blood sugar is really low..?
Is it really bad for kids to swallow gum?
scoliosis problem, please answer :D?
Is it possible to transplant the esophagus?
My relative has a wide spread liver cancer.. Is there any chance of recovery? ;(?
what does it mean when you have these symptoms?
I never got the swine flu vaccination?
Is rifampin a good medicine for tuberculosis?
Were can you buy shower soothers?
Will there be a day when there are no longer any STDs? Or where there are STDs, but they're all curable?
Honestly would you feel comfortable dating someone that is HIV positive?
is it true that ants killed child by getting inside his brain or it is false?
Ear Stretching Irritation?
Ammonia glass cleaner got in my little cut? Is that dangerous?
Remedies to treat a cold?
Why put ice? How does it do it?
Is it safe to put Neosporin on a burn that's healing?
What's mor important when trying to lose weight, calories or fat grams?
How am I doing with my weight loss?
Severe chest pain...?
My sons hands are numb...?
What Type of Body shape/Figure is this? [Measurements]?
Why am I dizzy after this?
How many calories should I try to eat per day in order to lose 15 pounds in a maximum of 2 months?
How can I ask a new psychiatrist for pain meds?
What else could I use for P90X diet?
is it possible to have..?
Losing weight questions? ?
Does It hurt getting braces ?
What to expect after getting teeth cleaned?
Will i be able to move out of state with braces?
How long does it take for the dentist to put on ceramic braces?
What type of marijuana helps with insomnia and heal your body/relaxes? What type is medical marijuana?
My feet get locked up???
how much adderall should i take for midterms?
detecting weed when going for an x-ray?
What could Trace Protein in Urine mean?
Will a baclofen pump work in outer space?
I have got a ct scan for my brain will i get brain cancer in future?
Can anyone explane my blood Test Result?
How long does my gran have with cancer?
Please suggest a link fr making a ppt on treatment of cancer by food?
can they tell if their is cancer when doing a d&c?
is lymphoma curable without treating it with chemotherapy?
No results in a message even if I authorized it?
make my eyes look less terrifying ?
Am I able to wear contacts?
Does an iPad tire your eyes?
I cant get my contacts out, cant even touch my eyes theyre so irritated?
My 12 months daughter has been swallowed office pin will it pass through excreation?
My 12 months daughter has been swallowed office pin will it pass through excretion?
How do I get a splinter like object out of my toe?
Burned my hand with really hot water. Help!?
HELP! Emergency! It's stuck and I can't get it out!?
Im so constipated and laxatives, frutis ,and vegetables arent work. It hurts so bad!! what could i do? ?
I'm going to go to sleep very late, and get about 4 hours of sleep before finals. Any tips?
What would happen if you swallowed little foam beads?
All I have is children's benedryl and I need a sleep aid, would it hurt to take 2 doses?
Stuffy nose won't go away?
I'm 13 and my heart is killing me! Help!?
Medicaid in ga can someone please help?
what works best for chest congestion?
How come when something itches, we scratch it?
Nose bleed when blowing nose?
Does girls care about spaces in teeth?
i really want braces but my mom keeps saying no?
Fiance's bad higene - help?
Does my mouthwash ruin the effect of my toothpaste?
My tongue feels numb?
What could be wrong with my feet?
what is the best instant release pain medication?
Ears didn't hurt when stretched?
does a cartilage or bellybutton piercing hurt more?
Im so scared is this just anxiety or what?
I seem to get extremely out of breath with the smallest amount of exercise I also will have some wheezing, wh?
Mental health: Why do people want to keep living their lives?
Pregnant,Sore and uncomfortable?
Asthma problem HELP! Please!?
Deathly afraid to throw up?
Do I have schizophrenia or am I Paranoid?
Sick after New Years, blood?
Would you say I have a 4 pack or a 6 pack. How much abs do I have?
good weight for a 15 year old?
what's the difference between Skechers tone ups and Skechers shape ups?
how did i eat today? (see details)?
Are there any good diets?
i got acute pancreatitis and my pancreas is still swollen...?
can a ps3 slim give you cancer?
if i get warts on my hands and knees do i run a risk of getting cervical cancer?
I just learned I'm at high-risk for cervical cancer, what changes can I make in my lifestyle?
why can't a dead cell be reanimated?
Have you noticed all the celebs all sudden getting cancer? What Is up with that?
does removing breasts due to breast cancer cure the cancer?
What does a full STD include for Virus and Bacteria?
Can you get HIV-AIDS with blood mixed with beer?
aids/std through open cut?
Can cellulitis go away on it's own?
Why do my feet turn red when they're cold?
My Skin flakey and zits ouch help ?
are vitiligo and alopesia related?
How Much Stronger Is A 10mg Oxycodone Than A 7.5mg Vicodin?
Pain in lower back and very bloated stomach?
what to do after you have a surgery and they tell u to lay in bed all day!!?
how is a hot stone body massage performed?
Appendix???!!! help, please!??!?
Which is stronger, OXYCODONE HCL 5mg, or, PERCOCET 5/325? Thank You :)?
How can I make myself sick?
just had a weird weed experience?
12 days since i went to the toilet? D:?
Missed my first day of tryouts, still have a chance?
I went up too fast on my ear gauging, its possibly infected, What should I do?
The more people tell me to quit smoking the more I wanna smoke?
I've got a really sore finger (help)?
My friend has liquid coming from his ears and is passed out. Is the liquid bad? How can I wake him up?
HELP! There is something stuck in my ear!!!?
How do I make my cut stop bleeding please answer quickly!?
Is it safe to use Neosporin or other antibiotic ointments after you've lost the cap?
What diseases/illnesses could I get from a small dog bite?
Are Asian circle lenses unhealthy to the eye (and can they replace contact lenses or eyeglasses)?
If a pair of eyeglasses are too strong, will everything with blurry with them?
my eyes keep unfocusing themselves?
what are your experiences with dual sensory impairment/how to get help from it?
I have redness under my eye and i don't know what it is?
Do Orthodontists tell you ahead of time when you're getting your braces off?
why do i have white spots on my teeth and nails?
Do braces hurt when you get them?
How can I avoid stained teeth?
How to sleep faster?!?
How to clear a stuffy nose?
Is it true that taking a dump after you've just eaten is good for you?
What is a good catchy safety slogan for dam sites and weirs?
HelP taking bloodd. FEAR?
Do I have the flu? What is wrong?
What kind of condition do I have?
How did another person get sick from the Spanish Flu?
How long does an antibiotic stay in your system?
what is a swollen lymph node?
xray tests are dangerous?
I got a red like spot/lump on my top of my ball sack?
I have 2 bruises on my body I don't know where they came from?
Family history of cancer, me too? ?
What is the treatment for nasal cancer?
For people taking Metformin: Anyone having trouble with tomatoes?
Water retention worse after drinking water?
16 year old Diabetic Applying for job?
Why do some foods contain insulin?
Farsighted Issues. PLEASE HELP?
What are some artificial sweetners that have been developed in the past 100 years?
what is the dosage for glucose?
Does Vitamin E help with stretch marks?
How can I lose weight?
How do I get a body like this?
is my diet high-fat, medium fat, or low-fat? results taken from mypyramidtracker.gov?
Water weight or weight loss?
If i do yoga....................?
when was the last time you got a headache? how long did it last for you?
Why do i feel dizzy all of a sudden?
What is carpal tunnel syndrome and what part of your hand, wrist, etc. do you get carpal tunnel in?
when you sore does it mean your getting stronger?
my right ear is killing me?
what exactly does an ECG show?
Is having chest pain mean suffering or heart disease?
How come I suffer from heart burn at night?
Causes of an irregular heartbeat?
what does it mean if your heart hurts and is beating fast?
could not give blood because of low blood pressure?
Question about wire in braces.?
Bulimic for 8 months, then tooth chipped?
Can you get cavities from kissing other ppl?
What color braces should i get if my teeth are yellow?
How is cancer a disorder of cell division?
If I admit to my doctor that I'm a smoker, will my health insurance rates increase?
Can I get in trouble for smoking cigarettes at age 16?
Can you lose your social security benefits?
is it true cocaine can cure cancer?
Will there ever be a cure for HIV/AIDS One day i plan on finding a cure?
why was my eye super dilated?
Is it really that bad to sleep with contacts in overnight?
can this be serious damage to my eye?
what does this eye prescription says?
Can you grow out of a lazy eye?
is it true if you get sore you get stronger?
I just had my heart broken!?
I have an indent in my right rib cage?
can you take 500mg hydrocodone and 800mg ibuprofen a few hours apart?
so i have scoliosis shuld i get prego?
My mom has chronic backpain, I need some suggestions to help her?
Please answer I only got one on my other question its urgent!!!!!!!!?
If you swallow a firecracker will it explode in your stomach?
So right now if i took 2000 mgs of ibuprofen would that be an overdose?
Swollen in the middle of my lip.?
How do I get this splinter out?
my ears keep leaking wax and they hurt also it sounds like somebody is covering my ear with there hand please?
do i have internal bleeding?
Heat for acute bruises versus cold ?
what happens when you cut a blood vessel?
HELP :/ i swolled dettol?
Can someone give me tips on loosing weight?
Have I eaten too much today?
I think I have a food problem please help.?
Can you be anorexic and know it?
1,400 calorie diet how many calories a day needed to lose weight?
Can I lose weight even if I go 8 hrs without eating?
what should i take along with Jack3d to build muscle quickly?
Is it weird that I want to go to a weight loss camp for kids?
terrible pain when urinating, keeps reoccurring?
Standing up after sitting for a while?
my headach wont go away?
I kept passing out on the bus but the doctors say that I'm faking it. What should I do?
my eye has been twitching for about a month straight i dont know why or what to do do fix it?
Getting a cavity filled while hungover?
i smoked weed 22 days ago and have a hair drug test in 3 days will i be able to pass?
What's wrong with me?
My head is killing me. !?
When is vicodin addictive?
i'm a heavy sleeper, any reason why?
help!!! i just got my wisdom teeth pulled out 5 days ago. Today I see a blood clot hanging out?
what can i do to take better care of my teeth ??????
How do you make flossing fun?
how do i take out my loose tooth?
First person accounts on Rett Syndrome? Experiances?
How can I stop biting my nails? And the inside of my mouth?
How can i hide ear rings durring baseball if they have not healed yet ?
is spina bifida a genetic disease?
Help i have a splinter in my finger!!!?
Why is it....????????????????????
I cut the tip off my thumb at work. the dr reattached it with stitches. is it healing properly?
How to know if you have something in your ear?
How to cure an infected finger cut it on a piece of metal?
How do know if if I have splinter in my foot or if my foot is just hurting from the cut?
How many people here have an incurable STD and how did you deal with it?
What STD could cause abdominal pain?
can a doctor only diagnose a PID?
what are some foods to eat that are good for your intestines?
How to act like you've got a flu?
I have the stomach flu and i don't know what to eat.?
How did my mom get the stomach virus if she hasnt been out of the house to catch it?
What store can I find Metronidazole?
does looking at the side of a laser pointer damage your eyes?
I Got Something In My Eye Help 10Pts?
Can too much coffee make your eyes go wide and look over focused?
Do i need to get different glasses?
Eyelash into eyes!!!!?
What anesthesia is better for a small surgery?
how to make nose pain go away when sick?
advice please? dealing with friends and chronic pain?
Norco 10/325. What is the best way to ease the withdraw symptoms?
This is in continuation with my friend overdosing on vicodin?
has anyone taken ultram er?
15 year old with heartburn?
I'm having a local anesthetic for six fillings...?
making throwing up noises when brushing teeth in the morning?
tooth ground down for a permanent bridge abscess of that tooth so far untreated for 5 months?
What is wrong with my tooth?
My ear feels blocked after a shower?
Nausea everyday Help!?
How deep does a cut have to be to scar?
Why have people all got the false First Aid procedure for a gunshot wound?
Workout for a 15 year old girl?
What snacks will fill me up but are close to zero calories?
How to lose a lot of weight?
My stomach is growling at the worst times?
Is it ok if I walk a mile before working out and a mile after?
which cancer patients receive the most chemotherapy treatments?
Why do i have a constand stomach ache!?
Is hyperthyroidism serious?
Triskadeccaphobia is the fear of what?
If a child has broke something, what is the best thing to do?
why do most heart attacks happen in the morning?
Is 93 beats per minute normal for resting heart rate for a 15 year old?
Severe stress/anxiety chest pain heart attack?
What could these symptoms mean!? Please help!?
chest pain/discomfort around my heart area...?
Will I die from taking 6 exdrine pills? PLEASE HELP I'm really scared ?
What does an alopecia sufferer lack?
What is The Most Dangerous Position In Which To Sleep?
Can I get rid of a nasal polyp naturally?
My German shepperd Itches Constantly . She is on prednisone , It helps a Little , What can I do ?
I ate Mold, should i be worried?
Back Pain, Help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?…?
Why was my leg shaking?
What to do about elbow pain? ?
What do i do if i cant afford to go to the hospital?
why does my hand hurt so much when I write?
Hemerrhoid swimming question?
ive just burnt my hand on the stove PLEASE HELP?
If you smash a pencil through someone's eye (Dark Knight) is there a 100% chance of death? Would it hurt?
Who is not allowed to take a first aid and or CPR course?
i got a cut on my head, do i need stitches?
How do I know if this Spider bite is bad or not?
How to heal a burn what degree is this ?
I have loads of blackheads on my nose?
does clearasil really work?
how do you get rid of bed bugs??????
Health care-> legal options of the provider?
Is the only cure for tonsil stones a tonsillectomy?
i get palpitations sometimes mainly at night in bed?
Is this ear wax blockage?
Is a bone marrow test painful -or- relatively no pain?
Throat cancer????? Plz answer?
Lung Cancer Question>?
Should I be concerned about pain in my leg after falling?
Can I treat Gonorrhea?
Im getting my braces off in April, im soo scared!!?
Ahh my boyfriend has bad breath =(?
My little sisters tooth is loose and shes only 4, what could be a cause of this?
Would you say I need braces? Please tell me!!!!?
I used to be a smoker and I cannot get my teeth white!?
Cleaning glasses with anti-glare coating?
Does my Eyes Fix when iam wearing an Eye Glasses?
optometrist question?
what is it like having a lazy eye?
Contact is burning for unknown reason, help?
A Weirdness Left Eye.?
Do i have to go to MY eye doctor just to get my glasses adjusted?
Does the Yoplait 2 week challenge work?
How can I make myself sweat less?
Why am I not losing weight?!!?
HELP! S.O.S !!!!!!!! D:?
How do treadmills not break when people run on them?
How do I appreciate how muscular I am?
Baby Food Diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If a bladder cancer Tumor is a...?
Do women with cancer experience spotting?
how to say that this person is smoking since 20 years is a scientific was?
how to clean colon at home in one minute?
colon cancer surgery?
Question regarding Theraflu?
Is it safe to pull off my finger nail?
Can you get frost bite on your breasts? ?
how to heal bellybutton infection quick?
How long does it take a scratch to heal?
HOW to take care of a big blister on big toe?? (please help)?
what can i do about my random shortness of breath?
Why do I have sharp pain in my chest when I breathe?
How do you get someone to stop snoring?
What is in the upper right quadrant of the Abdomen?
How can i stop it from hurting so much?
Why do I have terrible headache on my left?
How can I give myself pins and needles in my feet?
Is this a migraine, what is this?
If you die from a whitewash would it be drowning or suffocation?
omg please helppp!!!!!!?
Crazy hard painful ball lump thing.. ?
Question about my height?
Why have i beeen crying alot?
What are some anxiety solutions?
Does anyone know how they make sure a person is dead?
What do you find interesting at the moment?
High fever, kidney infection, does my girlfriend need to go to the emergency?
grandmother very sick doctors wont help?
What can you do for a uti?
doctor appointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is skin cancer curable?
one of My family member the doctor just told her she has brain tumor what should i expect next?
Am I going to have breast cancer?
Treating Stitches in my back?
how long will my ice burn/frost bite last?
brown recluse bite in midle of chest?
Do I have cauliflower ear?
Do Braces Hurt? What Is The Procedure When They Put The Braces On?
What hurts more?(details included)?
Have a severe tooth ache, where can I find a dentist open on sunday?
My gums look bad but my dentist says they're fine?
Teeth are yellow but i use whitening toothpaste?
Teeth whitening products?
why does it feel like i over brushed my teeth?
Best sleep aids that work for you?
Home remedies for sore throat and lose of voice?
Does L tyrosine lighten eye color if taken in supplements?
Does somebody know of a solution to insomnia?
Does anyone know on how to cure some sleep problems?
A good online site to buy essential oils?
Chest pain from a mocha?
Whats Wrong With My Jaw!?
Why do i have pain in my knee before it snows?
Why am I having such bad knee pain?
I have a hydrocephalus shunt, and i keep getting these weird jolts of pain around the catheter part?
I sleep late and wakeup early why?
I'm 17 and I started smoking, I really feel bad about it?
Should I throw away my contact lens solution?
Growth Plates End Closing?
How to look like you got enough sleep?
Can my husband fail a drug test by smelling weed that I just smoked ? ?
Medical diagnosis for can't stop talking?
What are some ways to fall asleep?
how to care an STD carrier person?
Normal heart rate per minute?
are these symptoms of a stroke or something different?
Isn't chest xrays dangerous?
where can i buy purple contacts?
Should I wear glasses all the time?
I hate US optomerist?
What is the best workout video that will burn fat and help lose weight?
Do Fiber One Chewy Bars help you lose weight ?
Will I still lose weight if I go 8 hours without eating?
Calorie deficit body weight l ifting?!?
should i change gym or not?
is this a good meal plan for today?
is it normal to fill tight after exercising the abs but feel a little sore the next day over?
How do I get water out of my ear?!?
I had surgery two months ago. ?
I Have Bite Marks On Me? Will It Leave A Very Bad Scar?
Bleeding Ear Issue in 3 1/2 yr. old?
When ct scan don't show mass of cancer?
do u think wearing under wire bras cause cancer?
What can i do for a lung cancer.?
Does meth cause cancer?
is there a way that you can make your ankle swell?
Will Gabrielle Giffords survive her injuries and make a full recovery?
Should I go see an orthopedist after I fell and hurt my ankle?
How long should I wait to start tumbling after an elbow fracture?
Is a broken ankle a handicap?
Why is my stomach rumbling when I'm not even hungry?
Why does my boyfriend have a sneezing fit every single morning?
Can you get high off of adderall while on wellbutrin?
How can I convince myself to control my sleeping problems?
Bad Ecstasy Experience?
Eye pain.. plzz help?
saw dr for my back pain, he was goinn to give me Celebrex but i have no insurance, so he didnt.?
Pills to last long in bed?
I get a really bad headache after eating pringles.?
What vitamin & mineral supplements should I take (if any) when I'm taking Hydrocodone?
i gave birth a month ago and i keep having really bad stomach and back pain. is this normal?
fibromyalgia interview?
Could I be allergic to my new Uggs?
what am i allergic to?
Is it allergies or a cold?
Can taking benadryl before exposure to an allergen help prevent a reaction?
Why is chocolate bad when i have colds and fever?
Sore throat, can't stand this!?
I have taken the blood count test.. i have some queries?
can herpes be transfered through food? how long does herpes last?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!? Lice!!!!!?
Nose bleeding after fight :(?
how to quickly heal a bruised foot?
Question about stitches?!?
what does it mean when your ear is ringing.?
Tick bite. To worry or not to worry?
I was drinking and cut my finger, it's been 30 minutes but it hasn't stop bleeding, any suggestions?
How many mastectomies are performed every year on women ages 40-49?
are hair dyes dangerous to your health?
what harm can be done through excessive exposure to radiotherapy?
How well does a Waterpik work?
Do I have lymphoma (cancer of the lymph glands) ?
Is 13 to early to have a mammogram?
what are some good homemade remedies for toothache?
Why does pineapple hurt my tongue and mouth?
About to have an unusual root canal procedure done, along with nitrous oxide...?
What colors of braces should i get?
i cant sleep right now . . . . . ..?
How much info do I share at my doctors appointment ?
Has there ever been a time where you've barely slept/ Not slept at all...? And for how long did you sleep?
How can I make my veins bigger besides water and fist pumping?
tell me about your expirience smoking weed?(my expirience included)?
Will an umbilical hernia go away with weight loss?
i think something is up with my eyes?
why do my eyes change color?
Contact lenses handling if I am not wearing them?
If you have Gonorrhea, does that mean you cant have kids????????????????????
Why do i wake up suddenly in the middle of the night?
my eye is swollen and alot eye wax after 2-3 hour after i woke up?
What to do if you get hurt at work?
what causes numbness in the right arm and nausea and diarreah?
My left ear is really hurt when I eat or drink. Help!?
Did i get tested for HIV?
I think I may have inhaled powdered sugar! D:?
Can you get any diseases from..?
Can someone please tell me what chain smoking is?? I'm really curious. Please help?
We just found out my grandma has hepatitis c and herpes 1 and he forced a kiss on my lips when I was telling h?
I have asthma and am having breathing problems while sick, is it normal?
Is avil a antibiotic?
How to best manage an infected finger?
I have a blister on my hand. Should I pop it, or is there a safer way?
I got frostbite, help?
How do I fix a broken fingernail?
My finger seems wet , but it isn't really wet!?
Questions about kava kava and other suppliments?
What medicine do you take when your sick?
Can you smell weed if I'm smoking it in a locked car?
What are some ways to reduce a headache without medicine?
Most powerful sleeping pill?
Sleepytime tea for me?!?
How is homeopathy supposed to work?
How do I stay healthy and fit in college?
How can you get a flat stomach fast?
tea with soya milk - good for weight loss and metabolism acceleration?
Can someone explain to me what bulimia is?
How to lose LOWER belly fat!?!?!?
How long does it take for Caffeine to affect me sleeping?
What's the best diet that works?
Is it possible for me to lose 35 lbs in two months?
Why do my psychotic episodes mostly happen at night?
Why is that when I get very little sleep, I feel more awake?
What jobs can't you have or things can't you do if you have a severe mental illness?
Is it depression if you feel sorry for yourself. A lot?
What kind of mental disorder does my friend have?
Can anyone provide some statistics on rhabdomyosarcoma? Or even rough estimates for these questions?
what is wrong with my teacher?
what part of the cell cycle does cancer affect?
Does this sound like lung cancer?
if i write on my tongue with marker can i get cancer?
Is there a positive or negative correlation between celiac's disease and colon cancer?
What if I have a piece of lead stuck in my arm?
I just burnt my knuckle, 10 points!!!!!,?
Ears bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you think I broke my elbow ?
How do you fake feeling sick and get off school?
I have a splinter on my hand...?
My friend might be addicted to pot?
What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
It's about my back and need help?
Is my hair gonna grow back?
Im 14 and 5'6, is that normal? and how can i get taller?
Are these heart problem symptoms?
is this blood pressure low?
Making myself throwup/anxiety?
I'm a 14 year old girl with scoliosis. HELP?
Anyone know anything about ruptured blood vessels?
Why would my heart stop?
my son has a small border colley, who has had the diarhea but its watery, now he has started throwing up blood?
I often stomach ache , how should I do?
pain under left breast/rib when coughing/speaking?
Are amalgam fillings toxic?
how to stop canker sore from hurting?
Today I had 3 wisdom teeth out and 4 hours later i tried to have a milkshake?
What are good foods to eat after 6 teeth extraction?
What causes mouth ulcers?
Why don't metal orthodontic braces corrode?
do ramen noodles show up in stool?
what could these symptoms mean?
If I have sore throats few time a year , should I consider tonsils removal?
what happens to an eyelash when you can't get it out of your eye?
Is it okay to take expired antibiotics?
Does teething cause fever?
How to falll asleep fast?
Is it really all that bad to work out at night?
Do you know what I might have?
How long it take for weed to leave your system?
Is this okay for my contact lenses?
Should people with astigmatism wear glasses all the time?
How can I rest my eyes after being on the computer?
Did I do this the right way?
do you think my wrist is broken~?
Emergency! broke wrist?
Mixing my eye drops? good idea?
Can you train your eyes to not be short sighted?
i get watery eyes when I look at him?
My ankle really hurts what do i do?
How can I get the knots in my boyfriend's shoulders to pop?
how do i get this to go away?
My kitten scratched me on the chest..?
What is this mark/indent on my chest?
How to reduce Eczema redness ?
20 year old x-athlete w/ Stretch marks needing help?
sunburnt skin peeling?
Do I have Glioblastoma?
How can I raise money for my roommate's mom who has cancer?
What is a cancer cell count?
What have you been smoking lately?
I'm 14 years old and I need help please. How can I loose 15 pounds by the summer?
Is HCG, the weight loss, drug safe to use?
Please Help, Am I Overweight?
how to get out of being weighed in class tomorrow?
How come as I have been losing weight my legs?
I think my friend has bulimia? HELP!?
Would crushing up a motrin and mixing it with vitamin e reduce the appearance of a cut?
stitches re-opening? help?
can an infection devolep overnight?
i got a cut on my thumb..please help?
what kind of lip rings can i use for snake bites?
How do i treat really bad rug burn?
I took a Tylenol 3 today and for some reason I felt weird. What can be the cause?
what if i took 62 advil pms and around 50 regular advils? can i overdose?
My chest sometimes hurts on the left side when i breathe in?
Help I'm urinating blood?
Fasting glucose level 116, should I be concerned?
I would like to know more about the diabetes test?
Could I be at some risk of diabetes?
Did I experience a diabetic seizure/comma?
What if a kid drank whey protein?
Tooth extraction: how long to stop hurting?
I throw up after drinking any liquids?
Is it dangerous to smoke the electronical cigarette when you take oral contraceptives?
Spotty rash that sometimes itches, don't feel right?
What causes a bladder infection?
Why does this happen every morning?
i go to bed at 1:00 am and being willing to get up early in the morning i'm not able to wake up within 6 hours?
How come when I put a band-aid on a cut, it seems like it heals a lot slower and doesn't form a scab?
Finger nail ripped off. What do I do?
Thumb Cuticle Swollen Help!!?
Tongue ring bleeding..?
Does pinching the tip of your middle finger with your thumb nail make your memory better?
Can Acid Reflex cause Hart Flutters?
How come no one gives blood?
my frist time getting high?
I would like to know what pancreatic cancer is and it's symptoms.?
bruising where i had my iv from when i went to the hospital?
Is it bad to have a rootbeer if your sick?
Please help me!?!! I can't stop crying!!!!!?
Breast cancer at 13?!?!?
Why does there seem to be a cancer epidemic these days?
i have a lump in my arm, what is it!?
Types of cancer people who are obese tend to be at a greater risk?
what are all the signs of prostate cancer?
Dehydration Question?
what happen if you remove all the cancer part from body?
Is it possible to order colored contacts from overseas with my contact prescription?
Is it possible to reuse prescription lenses for new frames?
I think I have an Eye infection? So I go to the ER?
Shingles and a Doctors note?
My friend has herpes, how do i talk to her?
Hepatitis C test result indeterminate ?
Is a sedimetation rate automated of 107 high?
If you drink alot of water will it raise blood pressure ?
Can punching yourself in the chest cause cardiac arrhythmia?
Have you ever forgotten how to breathe at times?
why the Percentage of hypertension is more in africans?
High blood pressure? ?
Im feeling really anxious when will this end (anti-depressant withdrawl)?
I always have hypotension ?
17 with imaginary friends normal?
Bad circulation at 16? Please help!!?
Should I go to a doctor?
When I turned my head today, a sharp pain suddenly hit me and it went from the back to the top of my head. Why?
Lately my back has been killing me, Just wanna make sure its nothing serious?
Good posture tips and how to get rid of my backach?!?!?
Shoulder pain (maybe rotator cuff)?
What is the point to keep living?
Does it seem as though some of us have to try harder to be happy then others?
Do you know anything about Borderline Personality Disorder?
i think im addicted to advil and i dont know what to dooo?
Hallucinating on weed??? Help?
Splinter is driving me crazy?
I got a ping pong ball stuck in my ear..how do I get it out?
What should I do with my burned/blistered feet?
What to do when you have icing stuck in your ear?
Asthmatics - what would you think of her response?
I am 13 and tried tobacco..?
Question about children with cystic fibrosis?
Why Am I Cold & Tired All The Time?
why when i walk all over my moms house i feel breathless and cough?
is it possible to get stds from a *******?
What is the healthiest diet to get a six pack?
Is it okay to drink tea when trying to lose weight?
Can you lose weight JUST by eating right?
Any food with vinegar in suddenly tastes really chemical and horrible and smells it too. What can this be?
Peanut allergy?i was just wondering?
I really need to lose weight but i'm not motivated...help plzz?
I think I'm addicted to chocolate...?
are you out of shape if you get tired after running for only 10 seconds?
I have no self esteem and am getting braces. Can someone help?
Do I have a cold sore or canker sore?
Should i lose weight?
Do anti-heartburn medicines curb appetite?
I've recently started flossing.. Is it normal for this to happen?
Pregnant with terrible teeth :( NHS won't pay for braces.?
wisdom teeth out...half my face is swollen double the half of the other?? HELP?
how can you shatter or break your own knee cap?
Ingrown toe nail??plz help?
Questions about my hair loss?
Is cervical cancer caused by the bacteriological infection of multiple partners!?
does my mum cancer or something bad?
How many different breast cancer charaties are there?
anyone knows a doctor that can remove cysts?
Why does my right eye keep twitching and jumping?
Is headbanging bad for you?
how much is a deductible for ppo ins?
Why do i feel like blood is pumping in my eyebrow sometimes?
I Can't sleep, But how can i not be so tired at school?
My toes hurt when I try to crack them. Help?
Back pains/fatigue/weak-feeling Help?
Why are emergency rooms so expensive?
Is this a reason to go to the Urgent Care clinic?
what causes fluid in knees?
my son is 15 month old and he is still not walking?
What could be wrong with me?
Is it possible for a young person to have alzheimers?
multiple sclerosis, did i make the right choice?
Do you wish you were taller/shorter?
What happens when you get REALLY stressed out?
Water in my ear won't get out lol?
i cut my finger and don't know if i should get stitches?
I have this cut on my face, and I want to know if it will heal by tonight?
What can i put on my hand that i just burnt?
eyesight in right eye going bad?
i have a slight lazy right eye i want to fix it?
How do I get my contact lenses from sticking to my finger when i try to put them on?
swollen eye please please help?
What does it mean when it says 1.50 Bifocal 'with a line'?
if i have -2.5 diaptors vision with small astigmatism, can glasses make my vision 20/20 again?
I there a good low cost dentist in the South East Texas area?
My dentist prescribed amoxicillin back in 2009 it expiration date is 02/2010 will it be safe to take it?
Poll: Brushing your teeth before or after breakfast?
My teeth are yellow! how do I make them white..?
Does everyone with braces have to.....?
Does oraMD work for healing swelling gums?
Is it too late to ask for colored braces???
Is my heart rate too high?
I feel like my heart wants to explode and I am only 16!?
Latest news of heart disease, raises a question?
I have two heart stents. I got them in 2005, I died on the table,?
WHY does my whole body hurt when i wake up?
Heart rate is slow, 45 to 50. What can I do to increase it?
My knee hurts pretty bad please help?
my knee clicks when i straighten my leg is this bad?
burn calories while studying?
I never feel like breakfast?
Is there a pill that works for loosing 10 to 20 pounds?
Will drinking lots of water alone help weight lose?
which way should i lift weights?
Im i fat for my age and height?
Does drinking soy milk cause cloudy urine?
Feel kind of queasy these days after eating?
Scoliosis help? Please answer ?
how long will it take for thc to be out of my system?
took some adderall and now i can't sleep? what should my course of action be?
What are good ways to take care of yourself and avoid health problems?
Can you get herpes from baked cookies?
can you get aids by kissing?
Arm swelling after shot?
I keep feeling like I have to pee real bad and I go just a little.Not thirsty, not hungry.?
does anyone believe a drug addict can ever be rehabilitated?
Is it possible for my height to be incorrect because I have scoliosis?
Possible symptoms of a brain tumor ?
I think I popped my stitches?
I ate 10 bags of skittles and now there is a rainbow of fruit flavor coming out of my rear. What should I do?
Is this a bed bug,flea,spider or mosquito bite??Help?
My cut won't stop bleeding?
i burned my mouth how long will it take to heal?
is fibroadise a cancer?
Friend has both kidneys removed and in critical condition.?
My son had 2 seizures and has cafe au lait spots...could this be Neurofibromatosis?
Do you get thyroid cancer when you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?
Can a chronic cough and weakness be a sign of lung cancer or C.O.P.D?
swollen lymph node in armpit?
Get rid of bad breath when I wake up?
Whats the quickest amount of time braces can take?
Where can i get free braces on my teeth?
will swallowing toothpaste hurt you?
How to stop gums from bleeding?
Ways to vent negative emotions without causing myself harm?
I need advice......................?
How important is sleep?
Is counselling bad for a 16 year old?
really socially awkward?
Can me and my boyfriend ever kiss again?
I have a question about Dairy Products?
What is wrong with my ears?
Bad habit.Why am I doing this and how do I stop?
Agree or Disagree: Self service salad bars in restaurants should be against the law because often people touch?
illegal drug facts, try to give as much as possible?
Can I get your opinion /comment on this . . . . .?
Have I broken my toe?
what would of happened if the native americans had immunity to small pox?
I have pink eye and i dont know how to use the medicine.?
Red lumps in the back of my throat what could they be?
If you have had mono, can you get it again?
What are the symptoms for tapeworm?
Could this be meningitis?
Stomach Flu and Throwing up?
Where we can find Fashion glasses?
Can monitors harm your vision?
Why do I have such a huge Migraine?
do cartilage piercings hurt more being pierced with guns or needles?
So she blushes when my friend told her "She LIKES Me" but then she stops talking to me and ignores me?
why does my eye prescription say SPH 0.00 if i my vision is not good? (i have astigmatism)?
Is it normal for your eyes to feel irritated for about 10 minutes after you put in your contacts?
When you get brace do they hurt?
Is my eye-sight bad and whats yours?
Why do i like the feeling of pain (piercings, tattoos, any kind of physical pain)?
I have snake bites so i took them off and now i have marks and my right one my skin comes out a bit?
how to treat a straightener burn ?
how do you get rid of bites?
How can you make ant bites go away quickly? I have 21 of them :o?
if someone is in shock, passes out, for first aid what should I do?
Is too much vitamin C bad for you?
Terrible Headache Every Evening. Please Read & Help!?
I'm Having Constipation? Help?
Why are my legs so weird?
my boyfriend cant sleep, what helps?
Anyone here ever experienced sleep paralysis?
is ultram or tramadol non narcotic?
has any one had an major withdrawl from alcohol and hasnt felt the same ever since anybody with there nerves j?
Has anyone got a good home remedy for hemorrhoids?
i am trying this will it help?
Will i lose 3 pounds from this ( i know it is silly)?
Is this over weight for a 13 year old ?
Hi, Im gonna start taking whey protein today. But Im not exactly sure how to do it?
Im scared of getting cancer?
How much weight do i have to lose to be a normal 14 year old?
What cardio routine = most calories burned?
cutting calories to lose weight?
What is the mortality rate for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia?
how do i make my dad feel better after chemotherapy?
Can computer radiation cause Uterine Cancer?
Help I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck?
what would happen? (10 points!!!!)?
How to get rid of a scar?
How to sooth a chapped face?
Does proactive actually work?
Citrus Skin Rash! How Long Will Last?
I wake up to blocked ears and sinus blockage.?
When you have an allergic reation is it bad if every food you eat you cant breathe afterwards?
Some hypoallergenic pets?
can cephalosporin be given topatient who is allergic to penicillin?
can u explain asthma ?
are vaporizors healthy for your lungs?
Is it a Urinary Tract Infection?
Does it sound like im addicted?
Med surg question lpn level?
should i be concerned with my asthma?
Sharp pain on chest/stomach and hard time breathing?
My sister got burned HELP!!!!!?
i hurt my wrist what do i do?
I got bit by my snake, not feelin so hot?
Burning, stinging feeling under nostril and running eyes. How can I ease the pain?