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what are the best foods to eat to put wait on and still stay healthy?
Im skinny and tall but...?
best weight loss diet in ontario?
Does anyone know whats the healthiest drink for people?
Does green tea suppress your appetite?
Please help me so fast I need alot of answers please?
16 year old male starting to work out?
How much should I weigh?
Not loosing Weight while on DIET?
i am making my own diet plan for myself and i need YOUR help ( read inside)?
Can somebody help please?
diet and fitness question?
exercise to burn stomach fat/calories in stomach?
People who have had eating disorders?
what does breast cancer feel like compare to a cyst?
How is Alzheimers disease different from "Brain Cancer"?
Tongue cancer developing?
prostate cancer treatment options - looking on prostate cancer treatment options?
pls can u explain?
What sort of chemical does PTFE contain? Will it cause cancer if it's implanted in your body?
Swollen Lymph Node in Neck?
does any1 else have to get iron infusions?
How could stopping smoking effect someone physically?
How long do most cancer tumours take to return?
What are the risks of breast cancer returning within 12 months of original treatment if taking tamoxifen?
What current drug treatments are there for breast cancer and how do they work?
I am taking part in the Race for Life 13th May, on Weston Super Mere Beach!?
She has just been sick. Is she getting worse?
cancer of the pancreas. Do you know someone that has beaten it?
what is the risk of a multiple myeloma patient ?
enlarged lymph nodes in neck armpit groin jaw back off head but no infection or virus ?
itching and leukemia?
Question about the ab wheel?
Is it bad to workout twice a day?
juice fasting???????????????????
Is it bad to take too many supplements?
How should I be using the treadmill in order to drop 10-15?
Do you sweat a lot when exercise?
How often do i use creatine?
Should I do a cleanse diet for a day or loose 5 pounds the normal way?
What should I have for a snack? (HELP)?
I eat alot of vegatables daily I would say more thank a few pounds, when I use the washroom it usually fills?
How much do you think I weigh?
I've had a Brain tumour removed on 21oct 06... has anyone else been so fortunate:)?
colon cancer?bowel cancer?or something else?
Reconstructive surgery on the good breast!?
what happens during an NHS cervical cancer jab?
Has any one had a luck escape with malignant moles?
life expectancy with liver cancer?
Any info on spinal cancer?
My grandmother has ovarian cancer :'(?
Is age a factor in sending some one for a tumour marker blood test.?
cancerwhat is so ficus?
How often is it and for how long?
What is "Brain Cancer" and how people are said to die from this?
Please give me meal ideas? for a diet?
i am looking for a manual for a image 516v personal fitness so i can set it up cant seem to find one?
why are doctors so weird with weight?
how do i get ripped abs?
will i loose weight? does billy blanks bootcamp work?
Which exercise would be better?
How many ab workouts do i have to do until i get abs? BEST ANWER GETS 10 PTS?
How do i get rid of the fat on my stomach, over my abs?
I need a fix for stomach cramps caused by fast food?
I have a fat but what can i do to make it skinnier ? is there any exercise i can do or food i can eat?
Ways to get rid of thigh fat?
How can I lose my stomach? Please respond :)?
How to tighten up your stomach ?
whats the best diet pills to supress hunger?
Are my habits unhealthy?
neeed six pack fastttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is there such a thing as too many apples in a day?
Intermediate Fasting?
whats a good diet or good kinds of food to eat if you want to go on a diet?!?
Want to tone up; Questions on body (**Pic included*)?
whats a 13-minute-mile?? in a workout walking routine.?
Good snack?!!!??? pls answer ASAP?
is it healthy to eat the chickens skin? does it contain too much fat?
How much should a 15 and 1/2 year old female should weigh..?
If i dance for an hour a day will i lose weight?
Push Up Trouble; I cant do them!?
How can i build up my back muscles?
Trying to stop my binge eating... Any tips?
effective weight loss plans for men?
Is being 15 being 164cm and weighing 116 pounds considered overweight?
Im a skinny guy with a real fast metabolism, I want to put some weight on my bones, how can i do this easily?
I work out 6 days a week, minimum one hour at 15 minutes each workout? is this too less or too much?
Drink one can of V8 juice every day?
why does vegetables have more calories when you fry them?
I want to loose 10 lbs?
How to loose weight fast?
What gym equipment is best for losing stomach fat and love handles?
calories and pounds!!!?
Fighting a high metabolism?
How Do I Detain Myself From Eating?
How long should I walk a day to lose 10lbs in about 2 months?
Is protein Powder good for ME?
How to get toned? I feel fat.?
Some tips to help me along with my diet ?! :)?
Whats a "normal" amount of food per day?
cancer lumps?
Mortality rates of different cancers, what are the facts & statistics for them..?
too much haemoglobin why?
Is swelling of the knee and water on the knee related to bone cancer or osteosarcoma?
if you had lymphoma......?
Has anyone out there been tested for the BRAC1 gene defect?
Anyone with BRCA gene mutation?
How does out diet increase the risk of getting cancer?
What happens after leukemia remission?
what are the chances?
Can anyone help with prevention of cellulitus of the breast?
what is a dermal cell?
can anyone with amilial hyperlipidaemia help?
I think I have melanoma, What should I do?
Secondary cancer after Hodgkin's?
Cervical Cancer Jab? 10 points?
How was YOUR cervical cancer/HPV/gardisil jab?
Worried about skin cancer and sunburn please help!?
is wireless internet proven to increase the chances of you getting cancer?
What are the best supplements to use: just prior to a workout and to keep you hydrated during the workout?
Link between fiber and weight loss?
Is being hungry all the time a bad thing?
Does a treadmill have its age limits?
Bloated stomach after exercising?
Fitness class help please? palates?
Is it okay if i eat a big meal at mcdonalds this week even though i am trying to bodybuild?
Is there a side effect for exercising right after eating food?
How to lose weight healthily?
im 15, 6 foot 250 pounds and big boned and have muscle but also fat and i dont know how to lose it can u help?
How to deal with office gossipers in a healthy way?
What Are The Healthiest Oils?
Questions about working out and going to the gym?
How much do you think I will lose on this diet?
how do you get fat what foods are good for that?
ever try eating 5 crackers in 30 sec. without water?
is stick-skinny attractive?
How come skinny people have a lower BMR?
Can I Start Working Out?
When should i take protein shakes?
I'm small framed and I can see that from looking at the amount of fat on my face, I'm overweight.?
Reasons to drop gym class?
What should I eat to lose weight and get filled fealing?
Is having a ham n pineapple pizza a week ok?
I am having radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer in two weeks. My thyroid was removed in surgery,?
Is it possible to increase white blood cells in body?
please can anyone help me to obtain a dragonfly necklace to help cancer patients?
how much weight should I be able to powerlift?
Why's my friend so skinny?
I'm female , 5'6 height , 73 kg , 14 years old , am i fat ? or just normal weight for me?
What's the difference between Shake Weight for Men and Shake Weight for Women?
Is this a good workout routine?
Anyone heard of or own healthware fitness equipment?
Whats the best , dosen't cost lots vibrating slimming belt ?
does oatmeal prevent or give you constipation?
How can one reduce the size of somewhat large calfs?
What should I add to my fitness routine on the elliptical trainer?
Is it possible for me to lose 30ish pounds by february?
Should I eat before or after a morning jog?
What is the best way for a teen to lose weight?
Is diet pop actually good for you?
Is there any pictures or quotes that makes you want to lose weight?
i get hungry at night?
what is the safest and most effective weight loss supplement/pill out there?
Looking to cut down to 13% body fat?
how to get more muscular?
has anybody heard of anyone using breastmilk as a cancer treatment?
How can I lose weight in 6 months?
anyone else tired of seeing reality tv shows about fat people losing weight?
Food helping to break CAlcium Oxalate dihydrate kidney stones.?
Lower belly fat? Help?
Is this a healthy exercise/diet routine?
some excersice ideas?
What is the quickest way to get abs?
last twenty pounds??
Which one is more likely to cause weight gain - drinking beer or eating McDonald's?
I wanna loose weight what is the best way i could do this?
Getting Muscular... Women?
What are ways to stop ur cravings for smoking?
weight loss tips, need ideas for quick meals?
information on peritoneal cancer?
Hi Question about skin cancers ?? Thanks.?
Ex girlfriend had a brain tumour removed and has forgotton me :( ?
Ive had the cervical cancer jab and now i feel really ill?
way to earn money for a cancer patient recovering at home?
is there a website where you can find a hospital's success rate for certain operations in the UK?
Which types of cancers can be detected through blood or urine tests?
How old do you have to be to donate to cancer research every month?
A question for anybody who has used the E-cigarette?
What's the deal with smoking with a chewing gum in your mouth? Is it dangerous or not?...?
dermatologists? skin cancer or nothing?
yes or no to armour thyroid ,or how else can you top up you T3?
Colitis and Pain?
Can anyone tel me the latest treatment for lupus [ S L E ]?
Is My diet perfect for all around health and obtaining a 6 pack and perfect body?
I do these exercises to get ripped abs are they safe for my back?
Please help, I'm losing weight, but I look bigger?
How many days a week should you exercises?
Does increasing your flexibility do much to improve your strength or vertical leap?
I'm 5ft9, 140 lbs and 17 years old. I want to weigh 120lbs! diet/exercise program?
What foods do i need to stay away from that cause belly fat/bloating?
Will using a rowing machine stunt my growth?
If laxatives are only supposed to be used for a week?
Am i really that SKINNY?(Pictures)?
Is it okay to bruise after working out?
Hey All I need someone to critique my Morning Shake and maybe give me some suggestions?
Can you be to unhealthy for cardio exercise.?
I can tell that i lost weight but the scale tells me otherwise...?
how much do u loose with ipecac syrup?
Am i anorexic for my age?
Body fat percentage scale?
skinny, but also fat ?
is having a BMI of 4 bad? not forty but just 4?
vegetables that have the lowest calories, and lowest carbs?
Is vitamin water actually good for you?
cancer race for life?
cancer research uk and other medical charities?
Breast cancer question?
I want to take part in a cancer research run?
Cervical cancer jab.?
does it give tou breast cancer sleeping in a bra?
Is it possible to have a baby if you have leukemia?
chicken pox ,what are the risks for cancer patients and those with low immunity?
What is the NHS Budget for skin cancer?????
19 year old female friend claims shes at high risk of getting cancer?
Post Operation help, General Anesthetics and recommendations?
I have a lump on my left breast help?
How did Patrick Swayze overcome Cancer of the Pancreas and be making movies within a month or two?
Chemo Related Constipation?
Would eating about 1000 calories a day for 3 months then exercising thus eating more work to keep weight off?
how can i gain 20 pounds in one month?
how to lose weight on lower body?
im 15 andneed help, please help me im always hungary! im trying to lose LOTS of weight, help!?
What is the workout schedule for the P90X DVDs?
I Want To Lose About 10 -15 Pounds....?
How can I lose a bit of fat and be more toned in my stomach and thigh area?
Why do I get this headache after I work out?
Healthy Snack Food ??????
does saran wrap make you lose water weight?
Is my diet plan healthy? I don't want to mess up my periods. Thanks?
Is Protein Powder Good For Endurance Athletes Or Amino Acids Better?
When is the best time to do Cardio?
what is a good work out routine for a 13 year old boy? i am 115 pounds and 5 foot 2?
can someone explain weight lifting to me? I'm a female?
How can i get a flat stomach for summer and thinner thighs?
does working out making your blood vessels stronger?
Love my size, but not my tummy. What should I do?
How long should i go on the excersie bike to lose weight?
I am a 16 year old male. Is it okay for me to take fish oil supplement capsules without the consent of a doc?
When is it okay to start working out again?
* * * If you're underweight will you have a bigger appetite?
Is it true having Bars while dieting is bad?
Is this a good diet plan?
Would drinking few hours after workout set me back?
faster to lose weight?
Guys does this seem like a good fitness plan? Want to lose a lot of weight REALLY FAST!!!?
why do u have too weigh more just cuz ur taller?
I'm 13 years old 166 cm and 120 lbs. Am I too heavy?
Cant absorb enough healthy Vitamin D?
How do i loose 30 pounds in 2 mounths?
Can't seem to stop eating?
Question about Protein powders??
Good work-out suggestions?
How can I stop eating carbs? My house is a carb factory!?
I have been told that my kidneys are deteriorating and i have a ct scan booked what will they be looking for ?
lung cancer survival rates?
MMA, Weight-lifting and Cardio. Which to omit?
do you have to exercise everyday to lose weight?
I need help with bench press?
Is my daily routine really un Healthy?
How can i get my right split back?
Is it normal for an obese woman to drink 4 litres of water during 1 hour of exercise?
Apple diet.............?
Why does Doctor Atkins tell you to avoid cheese on the the atkins diet when most cheese contains 0 carbs?
does this diet have all the nutrients you need to be healthy?
How would you stop gas?
Creatine- what could I drink with it for the boost, seeing that I can't drink a coffee while taking it?
Am i overweight for my age?
Everyone thinks I`m becoming anorexic because I only eat one meal a day?
What kind of foods give you the most energy?
will swimming an hour a day give me a flat stomach and make my abs skinny?
How long till I start to see results?
For the EA active more workouts game?
Will I still achieve the same muscle growth if I jog after weight lifting?
How can I lose 40 lbs in 12 weeks?
What would you do if you saw someone at the gym doing an excersize improperly?
fast but healthy weight loss tips.?
losing weight??plz help mee!!a.s.a.p!!?
Quiz- How Cancer Are You?
hi ya... does anyone know is lymphoma is genetic?
safe and healthy weight loss rate?
Is it possible to lose weight if i...?
can someone give me tips on anorexia?
What should I eat if I'm doing a lot of running?
How to build abs and muscle?
is this a good workout plan? look wont take long :)?
How much do you think my braces will cost?
Who is more over weight the male or the female in a Marriage?
how can i stop eating like theres no tomorrow?
How much should you be Weighing If your 13 Years Old?
How do you lose the fat on the surface of your stomach?
Best Workout Program For Me!.!?
Am I underweight ? I'm a 15 year old guy.?
how long should I space the consumption from having milk and tea separately?
Nitric Oxide products safe for 16 year olds?
Does nicotine speed up your metabolism?
People are confusing me? What should my calorie intake be? 1200 or 2200?
Lap-band surgery, should I go for it?
In Need of Weight loss Tips?
Tryin' to lose weight & my cal. deficit is 1681 (1000less) but I burn 750 - 1036cals daily, am I under in cals?
Will I eventually start losing weight?
how do you lose weight?
I plan on loosing 20 pounds. But im concerned if my chest will turn flat. I am also a C38...any thing i can do?
How tall do you think my brother will be? He's currently 12years old and 6'0 tall?
Is there a way to not eating food?
1 month weigh in..is this normal, do you think it's possible to repeat this?
How tall should I end up?
Where to buy protein shake in the UK?
I need to loose some weight...?
Stretches for a heavy bag workout?
Is it still healthy if you eat uncooked instant oats?
can someone plz make a schedule for me?
How can I work out my CHEST muscles? I want my breasts to be more perky...?
I want to build muscles and get ripped fast... can you tell me the fastest way?
what is the proper sets/reps I should do?
Losing baby weight asap!?
Honestly, how much of an effect would it make just cutting 700 calories a day?
How is the easiest, cheapest way to lose belly fat?
how many calories do i burn in 45 min fast walk?
How much should you weight at 15?
My friend is anorexic, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im a little bit over weight, and i was wondering...?
What is the easiest way to loose weight in thighs?
smoking cigarettes to lose weight?
College student with little money and maybe a meal plan?
How long will it take for her to lose weight if she starves herself?
what % of uk are smokers?
Can skin cancer affect the colour of your skin?
Cancerous cells in the womb?
Kaposi's sarcoma?
Does anyone have any information on the possability of using cassava in the treatment of cancer?
My friend had a benign brain tumour removed 2 yrs ago and now it has come back. Can it be malignant this time?
Does talking on the phone for a long period of time cause the growth of tumor for brain cancer?
advanced prostate cancer
Is it actually UNHEALTHY to not use your brain as much as you could?
Could it be cancer again?
Just got braces, OUCH, what can I do?
how to stop mouth ouduor?
Need some dentist help please?
braces and anesthesia help?
Have you made out with someone with an OPEN BITE?
can i live my life without a bottom molar in my mouth?
Low cost/free dental care central florida?
Will working out make me stronger? Also how long does it usually take to see visible results?
Am I in good shape? Im 20 years old male, and I can do 40 push ups.?
How could I lose 15 pounds?
Which Workout Sched would produce better results?
I need to lose 10 pounds in 14 days?
What can i do to loose some weight?
if i constantly eat and nver let my body say its hungry, will i eventually boost my metabolism?
How do I improve my cardiovascular endurance?
Has anyone else got a permanent ileostomy bag?
What is the point of testicular enlargement?
Half of my tooth has just fallen out, does anyone know why?
Why does it hurt so bad when you bite down on foil ?
braces, CLEAR OR NOT?
dental post crown information?
how many caories in this simple sandwhich? 10 easy points?
can i take vitamins B12 C and D all at the same time?
I want to loose weight?
How to get rid of bug muscular thighs?
What is better: circuit training or targeting specific muscles?
How long will it take to lose 15 pounds if I do this ?
How to get a flat stomach asap?
best way to get buff?
cervical cancer jab ?
can anyone give me any information on acute myeloid leukaemia ?
B17 Amagdylin Laetrile intravenous cancer injection?
cervical cancer death checking partner for HPV?
At 16, what is the best way to make money during the summer?
When will I really start to notice a difference?
Has Anyone Tried Creatine?
Do you think this much badminton is enough to make up for not going to the gym?
am i fat?
How to get slimer in 2 weeks?
I want to start taking vitamins but there are SO many and i dont know what I lack and what i need more of...?
Does drinking coffee/anything other than water stop your body from going into Ketosis?
why did i gain 25 lbs in less than a week?
How do I gain my strength back from working out when I was sick for long time.....?
Im always hungry after about 2 hours?
Do you think that our ever increasing obesity rate is due to the price of healthy living?
when to eat and drink protein?
Reebok Easy Tone or Sketchers Shape Ups?
Are there any risks involved in eating once a day?
How do I get a six pack?
How much am I "supposed to" weigh?
what color braces should i get?
can anyone recommend a good breast surgeon in sydney nsw, i want to get breast implants, please incl all costs?
After having my wisdom teeth removed, how long till I can eat normally?
dentists in Brisbane?
Help me loose weight?
need to lose fat off hips&thighs?
Why am i gaining weight?
I don't think my workout/nutrition routine is effective enough, need advice?
if i bellydance everyday for 2 hours, eat right and keep alchohal to once a week will i see results in 30 days?
I like eating do you like eating too?
What is some foods that help break down fat in your system?
Is whole wheat pasta much healthier?
What is a product that contains "Lecithin" on the label?
How do I lost 4 inches off my hips and waist in a few months?
3 day split workout routine...?
what foods do u suggest for some1 whoz trying to lose weight?
skin cancer or not?? Please help thanks guys!?
terminal cancer of stomach bowel and liver ...?
Linear Accelerator in cancer treatment?
uterine cancer? how often should you be tested if you have had problems in the past.?
Is this normal during adolescent?
what do judges say in cases such as loss of earning?
has anyone heard of water fasts and cancer?
How do we get moles on our bodies?
pain in stomach after chemo?
how much has cancer research raised since it started and how much are they worth now?
Ovarian Cancer? Could People Give Me Details Of Stage 4 Of This Disease?
is jade goody's cancer the aggressive type called ' small cell'?
What are the early warning signs of mouth cancer?
anyone been through treatment for papilliary thyroid cancer?
lung cancer, chances of spreading?
Cancer Staging Confusion?
Sore jaw ten days after wisdom tooth extraction?
which mouth wash do you use?
Extraction or Root Canal
Mouth Ulcers?
Am I skinny or fat? :S I NEED TO KNOW.?
are you supposed to measure love handles when measuring your waist?
Resting after workouts?
What are some exercises i can do inside since it is to cold out side?
Diet "Cheat Day" Help?
what is a healthy weight for a 15 yr old who is 5'6?
I'm not eating after a breakup?
I been working out for 2 weeks now. How come im not losing pounds.?
does it hurt to have teeth pulled out?
i really want my braces off?
What is your experience with wisdom tooth extraction?
how do toxins affect our body?
Question about neuroblastoma?
Cancer treatment being denied on the NHS if you pay for private drugs?
Jonas brothers to visit child cancer ward?
who knows a really unsual fantastic fund raiser for lukemia/ bone marrow disease??? x?
now that the cervical cancer vaccine is available from selected boots pharmacies for women aged 18 to 56?
anyone know of any good trial drugs (UK) for stage 2 bowel cancer?
can beningn thyroid nodule become malignant cancer?
Untreated, how long does it usually take a polyp in the colon to turn cancerous?
Question about weight loss?
How do I gain some weight?
Is dancing a good idea to lose weight?
How much exercise should people get each day? (Please state all ages)?
is this a good workout to lose 30 pounds in 3-4 months ?
Is 14 too early to be going to the gym?
acai berry is a scam !!!!?
what foods will help a person lose fat fast and get a person to become healthier?
Do you think Canadian have a similar problem as American with obesity and lack of exercise? what's your proof?
Need to lose 20 pounds help!?
How much do you weigh?
Does Hoodia work ? PLEASE ANSWER!?
How do girls like Mary-Kate and Alexis Dziena keep their figure?
Is anyone actually on ACAI SLIM and is it actually working?? Is this a scam? that will lure me to spend more?
how do i get strong arms?
Do you need yoga block for the p90x?
is this a good way to lose weight?
How Can I Lose Weight?
Is this too skinny,fat,normal?
i a bullimic what do i do?
Does the wii fit acually help you lose weight?
Slurred Speach due to cancer?
Saying goodbye to someone close?? Help!?
Spot growing under freckle/mole? Help?
Details about this tumor.?
I need a biopsy on a lymph node thats been enlarged for over a year?
for people who have emmigrated? please help.?
Mitosis...? Anyone have any advice for me?
Brain tumors ? (help hard to explain)?
is there alternative heminevrin capsules192mgs?
Has anyone ever had a cat with tumors protruding from gums?
"Special" kind of cigarette?
Post operative defects in the left of Pituitary Fossa midline?
Can you give me information about the prognosis for cancer of the small bowel?
cancer and Nuclear tests?
I would like to know if I can get payback for my annual leave. I work in private sector, without union.?
does anyone know how much calories is in the stuffed salmon in ikea?
How can i workout my chest with dumbells?
excercise and diet questions?
Should I concern myself over high carbs in fruit?
anyone wanna be my online weight loss buddy?
Is it ok to work out and get buffed up if you're not 17 yet?
How much weight should I lose?
I loovee the holiday drinks at starbucks, but i'm trying to lose my baby weight. Does anyone know how I can?
Anything I can do to lose water weight by tonight?
Is running better than other cardio?
How long will it take to lose approx. 50 pounds?
what are good lower body workouts?
how can i stop my bad eating habits?
what does putting green tea on your face do to your face?
I need a pro ana buddy or support.?
Is it okay to eat processed food on low carb?
body fat percentage?????
does this sound healthy, and......................?
healthy snack To eat before bed?
i love nestea but its not healthy?
Quick Morning work out rutien? Help?
how long and often do i have to walk each day do be considered healthy and adequit exercise?
how can my girlfriend loose her belly fat?
does anyone know if my local genito urinary clinic,perform testicular cancer checks?
Can your veins grow around your brain stem?
How does death occur from a Glioblastoma Multiforme?
Sore/Watery Eyes (undergoing R-CHOP chemo)?
find info about old soldiers right if they passaway?
lump in upper left arm?
i have a soft lump behind my ear it doesnt hurt but its the size of a pea.?
3 cm lymph node removed?
Has anyone ever had a basal cell carcinoma?
My Mums cancer is back please help?
what is a corporectomy?
why are chemical companies spending millions of pounds looking for a cure for cancer we have the in food?
prostrate cancer side effects of radiography used in the treatment of PS?
Should I ask for another biopsy?
Catatonic state similar to death.?
Are Brain Tumours passed on genetically?
Is it possible to have lung cancer with no tumor in the lung?
Has anyone had an eyebrow transplant? If so, was it successful?
what jobs can you get for studying fitness and nutrition?
is this a healthy breakfast?
Would pushups the day after a workout overwork your body?
Weight help please =(?
Am I overweight (piccy)?
am i fat? i'm 18, 178 cm and 74 kg?
How can I gain weight quick??? PLS HELP!!!?
Low blood sugar in the morn?
Why haven't I lost weight? I was at my heaviest when I started school this year (190lbs) and I am 5'9....?
does anyone know any diet plans that actually work?
Is this a good amount of calories so far?!?
how to speed up metabolism ??(im a girl 15 yrs 5'3)?
Looking for a mentor, someone who will talk to me through e-mail?
Stepping machine good or bad for calves?
what is the purpose of vitamin b 100 vitamins? what are the benefits of these vitamins?
Do you think I've eaten too much today? Is it really that bad?
Question for YMCA members or old members?
ideas of healthy meals...10 pts!!!?
Is it alright to drink an energy drink half an hour before football practise?
how to loose 15 pounds in a month?
CT scan of abdomen and pelvis . for my mother?
My Bipper is a year old and yes it seems that it is a con and being penalised for being green aware!?
how long will i be in hospital after having a turps operation?
Swollen Lymph Node on the back of the neck?
How much powder zeolite in activated liquid zeolite?
i developed itching 2 weeks after gall surgery .all blood test are normal.i am scared it will be lymphoma?
breast cancer fund raiser...........................?
best hospital for skin cancer treatment?
My son had his final tests to see if his Leukemia was away after 3 years of treatment,at first they said?
hi all is there a cancer check up that is not expensive?
has anyone expirience side effects from zeolite enhanced with dhq?
I had a biopsy for prostrate cancer my water is now running clear but when i ejaculate i have a lot of blood?
How do you find a good quality low SAR (or low radiation) mobile phone?
i need help im wrried about my health?
Cancer: What's the difference between "median survival" and "overall survival"?
where can i find adivce about someone coping with liver cancer?
what happens on your visit to the oncologist after you First lot of chemo?
Types of Skin Cancer. Please read additional details for more info.?
please help!! fetal scan ,cyst on brain?
How can I get myself to get up at 5am to jog?
Why do I keep eating so much?
How do I get strong and flexible?
Is this an okay calorie intake so far ?!?
Question about calorie intake?
How can I make my thick, muscular, bulky legs appear longer and leaner?
What can I eat during a no bread/vegan diet?
Weight question?????????
any WOMEN on fat-burners?
What vegetables and or foods contain Vitamin B?
Is it okay if i eat mcdonalds after a workout?
is my eating wrong? should i get help?
Question for anorexic guys??
non hodgkins lymphoma, large b cell?
My Boyfriend Has Skin Cancer?
what effects do pesticides have on the human body ?
brain shrinking????????
DMSO how good is it and does it work?
Have UK government or other organizations ever done the health promotion or advertisings about colon cancer?
When you have the hpv cervical cancer jab do they stab it in or slide it in and another question?
Worried About Lymphoma?
Is there insurance a foriegner (American) can buy to cover cancer treatments any EU country?
Breast Cancer awareness lapel pins?
Cancer Treatement. What treatment is likely to be the next action for skin cancer?
cervical cancer jabs where do i get them?
Could my thyroid multinodular goitre be cancer?
i keep thinking i have cancer becuase its in the family and i need help?
High calcium levels in blood?
how to lose 30 pounds before christmas dance?
i ate about 1600 calories today is this bad?
My height is making me go upset?
Do fat people stay fat for the rest of their life?
Weight Lose for 20 year old.?
Does drinking one cup of coffee a day detrimental to your health?
i ate alot of chocolate last night?
why is it so hard to lose those last few pounds..?
What is Candlelit Yoga?
How does protein help you?
What is a good 6 Pack- Ab diet?
Where can i mesaure my body mass ? website pleasee !?
What is the best kind of work out Equipment..... Elliptical or Treadmill?
Bench Press: Whats faster to be able to lift more?
whats a good way to mix a vanilla protein powder so it doesnt taste quite so raunchy?
Why am I become more sensitive to noises every night after weight-training ?
If I swallow a tapeworm can I lose 20 lbs by next month for my party?
what are some good diet tips?
Will increasing reps increase strength or just endurance?
how can someone not know hey have acute leukemia who has spreead to other organs?
does anyone what thicking in the stomache is? i also have it on my right lung. i have had brest cancer twice ?
i am 35, my dad had non-hodgkison and i have had scan and i have clusters of small lymph nodes, I have to have?
What year did we find out that the sun can cause skin cancer?
can the cervical cancer jab stop your periods?
Could a golf ball sized boil under arm,which is red and very painful?
Does a cancer jab hurt?! :s?
Full blood count//Pain in Stomach?
i once read a story about a woman with a tiny blood spot under her toenail and it turned out to be cancer?
how long can Lymphoma go undiagnosed?
what are the symptoms of lung cancer in a cat?
biopsy test procedure in labs? cancer?
is thyroid cancer a critical illness?
Is Sweating good for you?
Acai Berry and Colon cleanser?
Why do I feel SO low-energy????????????????
Help me With My Weird Body Frame?
Drinking water help you actually help with losing weight?
am i too fat for my size?
Want to be faster for football.?
Serious weightloss question?
weight, height, size?
Can you you lose 20 pounds in a week? Any tips on how to lose it?
Drinking water Neeed help?
Will drinking water help me lose weight?
Best exercise(s) to 'tone' the breast area?
how can i lose weight in 5 or 8 days? Please answer!!?
How much protein does the body need each day?
I have this protein powder that has 31g per serving?
do store bought exercise workouts work?
do you consider this a healthy fruit salad?
Do your inner thighs touch?
How to lose weight by eating enough calories and exercise?
How do you know if you are small or medium boned?
I need an idea for 30 minute workouts that I can do in the morning when school starts.?
what to do when you have two dead teeth?
whitening teeth?
Electric shock sensation on the left side of my mouth?
i have braces a fake half tooth which is.........?
how can you tell if you have baby or permanent teeth?
is it ok to drink soda the day after you get your tongue pierced..?
Retainer help!?
does musinex make tabs to melt under the tongue?
what to do about bumps on your tongue?
I need dental work done but can not afford the costs. I live in Virgina and do not qualify for aid.?
Help please, very nervous about impending wisdom teeth op?
bracess ?????
do you need to pull out any teeths to get braces?
what does it mean when you get black dots inside your mouth?
roooot cannel!!!!!!?
Receeding Gum Line?
chipped front tooth no insurance?
do i need my wisdom teeth out ?
what kind of money do u get from being a dental nurse???
Does' Neurofen ' tablets cure a tooth ache?
what's the proper movement of TMJ when we eat?
Can I sue new dentistry owner for negligence? Previous dentist forgot to fill crown resulting in rotten teeth?
At-home teeth whitening systems?
what can i do for my boyfriend he is 28 and cries cause how bad his wisdom tooth hurts cause its growing?
Teeth whitening?
My gum hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
plz any one help me which company provide tooth whitning product in delhi and what the cost of the product?
teeth whiting tips... i need some help!?
Does brushing your teeth get away the smell of alcohole on your breath?
Can you get your teeth cleaned in Fl without a check up?
Which Kaiser Plan Covers Orthognathic?
Braces ? (dental)?
i have just got braces and im in loads of pain how long will it last? and wat should i eat?
Help Retainer problems?
Now that I have bad breathe is just brushing daily after meals stops it.?
Does Sodium Fluoride kill bacteria?
teeth whiting...any working natural whiteniners??
I have very tingly achy two front teeth. My dentist says this could be resorption . Please help what is it?
tooth extracting problems?
how do u use popsicle sticks to straighten ur teeth??
can you take your tongue piercing off in the fourth day?
I had braces about 10 years ago...two teeth have shifted...can I just get a retainer?
Are dry sockets more common in wisdom teeth extractions or premolar?
Damon Braces Launceston?
How long did it take you to lose 20lbs+ ?
Is it true that excercise can make your bones wider?
I'm 5'0, weigh 95 pounds and am hourglass. What size am I in the U.S.?
how heavy is 50 pounds?
What are some good leg exercises that target your inner thighs?
I need to SERIUSLY lose weight before school... help?
Is my heart rate normal? 16 years old ad 85 beats per minute.?
Im 5'10, 120 pound is there any medication that will make me more hungry?
How many calories would I lose doing doing front crawl at a moderate pace for 15 minutes?
best diet pills? Please help!?
How many calories are in Special K cereal?
how could i loose 15 pounds in the next month and a half?
What would happen if i ate like this for a week?
Building/toning up my body?
How to lose a large amount of weight.?
If I would eat about 100 grams of protein a day, would i gain weight?
Whats foods make you gain some weight?
Did I eat bad today? Please answer?
Could someone give me a workout to get a nice body?!?! please :)?
Ways To Tone Up Effectively?
if i cut bread out of my diet completely will i lose weight?
I want to lose weight fast before school starts!?
Breast Cancer?
if somebody have cancer in head can't chows in bleed test?
Do you think this is a Dodgy Mole?
does chemo after two weeks make you loose your hair, and if it doesnt how long does it take to recover after.?
i have just found two hard lumps on the back of my neck which dont move, should i be worried?
Do cancerous lumps bleed?
What do they put into you in the cervical cancer injection.. PLEASE HELP! x?
for bladder cancer is haematuria a sign that the cancer has gone into the muscular wall of the bladder?
Blood, muscle and lymph question?
What is the prognosis for a recurrence of prostate cancer being treated with hormone therapy?
any body knows how long does it take between returning an incapacity questinnaire and receiving the result ?
Are my moles cancerous?
Are there any current new drug trials for stage 4 non small lung cancer?
Skin Cancer Scare Help ?
Tracey's race for life 2007?
What would you do if you cannot sleep at nights?
Mammogram recall - technical problems?
Are freckles the same as moles i have two on my upper arm one bigger than the other when i came out the shower?
what do they usually find in a colonoscopy if symptom is constipation for a few months?
how to get lot of energy before work out?
How can i work my chest without a bench ?
What's The Best Way To Loose Weight?
Why am i not losing weight?
Need to lose weight fast!!!!!?
Yoga and Weightlifting?
Why do I feel fat????
If i barely eat and i'm average weight does that mean if i eat i'll be fat?
is it bad to eat fruit at night time before you sleep because of its sugar?
Have any one used Acai Force Max? if yes, does it really work ?
How long do I have to be on a treadmill to lose weight each day?
how much weight can i lose this way?
Having some trouble with weight loss...?
average weight......13 almost 14?
Is it possible to lose 30 pounds working out 3-6 hours a day for a month& a half ?
What P90X workout should I use?? Lean, Double, or Classic?
how to gain more muscle?
How long does it take to lose 10 pounds?
can i train same muscle 2 day in a row?
If a person is genetically obese howhe or she can control obesity?
how can i burn 500 calories per day on a tradmil?
Has anyone ever got braces from a general dentist instead of an ortho? and why?
Jess is working at the chairside with an elderly patient in the chair. Dr Turner is carrying out a restoratio
i have braces, got them yesterday, and last night, i woke up 5 times, seriously, i counted, i need ur help!?
which tooth paste do you use?
whats the best mouthwash recipes?
My gapteeth problem :)?
What does this sound like? [Help Please!]?
My wisdom tooth and the tooth in front of it (top right) are killing me, my gums hurt even worse...?
Rubberbands and braces.?
Elastics then braces? Help please, & got any imformation on braces? let me know!?
Lately my jaw is squeaking when I talk or eat. Anybody know what could be causing this?
I have my wisdom teeth pull 15 days ago-now, when i though the extracted place i feel like small teeth?
braceles i mean those wires on yr teeth?
I just got brackets, (for braces) and I dont know what I can eat?
how do i convince my parents to let me get my lip pireced?
i had my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago and?
i am an indian dentist looking for immigration in australia what is the scope for dentist there?
My nightguard has caused more pain than it cured. Why? I was fine before I started wearing it...?
growling out your mouth?
Can a tooth heal itself?
prognosis for mild arthritic changes i the stifle?
what kind of cancer can you get, when there is too much pollution in the air?
Angiographic Findings?
Whats a result 0f 32 out of 35 lymph nodes positive for cancer after bowel tumour removal op?
why is cancer in the intestine more common in britain?
Enlarged Lymph Nodes?
correlate clinically?
Stages of genetic testing with breast cancer?
Cervical cancer: is there any signs and if so what are they?
please help.my friends dad is yellow with jaundice,hes been going to doctors for 6 weeks,?
Is LY Blasts anything to do with cancer? I think the "Ly could be an abbreviation??
what is the connection between platelets and heamophelia?
I have thyroductomy done 01 Oct 2009 for Minimally invasive follicular Ca.?
is acai force max and big time good for you?
why did i stop taking diet pills?
Anyone know cheap online store to buy whey protein powder isolate and supplements in bulk in Canada?
What type of stretching exercises will help me grow 1/2 inches taller ?
How to stop eating sweets ?
How to maintain the height you have in the morning?
Is there any fruit or vegetables people should avoid?
HELP! What should I include in my fitness routine to be more active?
What do you love most about working out?
How can I lose 35 pounds without taking any diet pills?
How to grow a little taller , just few inches at the age of 21 ?
What Are The Top Food's That Have Carbs?
How can i lose four kilograms?
Question about exercise?
Question about knee caps during exercise?
What's The Best Way To Loose Weight?
Aiming for a 3-month effective diet?
my back tooth on right has split.it has a filling in the middle frm 10yrs ago.can it be saved:how?it kills.?
how do I get food out of my holes after wisdom teeth are out?
i have a permanent bad taste in my mouth. No matter how many times i brush my teeth it won't go away. ideas?
i was told 1500$ by periondontist,to clean bad gum disease ,does this sound about right ? thanks?
got my wisdom teeth out..?
Need help deciding what to do?
what colour braces should i get ?
how do i change my teeth?
Will having tongue pierced move your teeth around?
braces and drinking alcohol?
Braces off, What are these appointments For ? :s?
crown infection should i redo crown or floss more?
can i still have crowns?
OUCH =( got my braces tightened yesturday && there really sore!?
I have bad Teeth .... ?
Can teeth itch???????
Is Clinamycin effective for oral infections?
toothache's on left side of mouth upper and lower ?
what happens if bone fragments from tooth extractions don't come out on their own?
crooked teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I got a filling five days ago and my mouth still hurts from the shot i think?
are you supposed to measure love handles when measuring your waist?
Resting after workouts?
what could the dentist do about this?
Braces ?????...????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help my teeth are getting thinner?
haven't worn retainer for about 6 months?
Part of my top right front of wisdom tooth broke off last night. Can they still do a normal extraction?
I need help with my Braces/retainer.?
i suffer from gingivitis my doctor has given antibiotics it started when one teeth cracked in half and fell ?
are crest white strips bad for your teeth?
can u get oral trush from having a tooth removed?
Why does blood flow through teeth?
My wisdom tooth on the bottom right has been growing in now for about 12 years and is 3/4 in infected and blac?
I need someones apinon plase just for my mum please your coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool?
is this my wisdom teeth or what?
i have no saliva and my teeth are suffering any suggestions please?
i need 4 top front teeth removed an dental implants put back in can anyone help..cheap please,i earn $750p/w?
Two teeth at the front stick out, anyone else have this problem and will braces fix it?
iv just had my wisdom teeth out....?
22 year old guy thinking about braces (fix over bite also)?
Permanent Crown and Post Broke Off !?
Is it unusual for a 14 yr old to be getting wisdom teeth?
How much does it normally cost to get elastic braces?
I want to get lip injections..need a great doctor in nj ..any suggestions??? ?
Yesterday night I was 137 pounds now I am 140 (in the morning) what could explain that?
I need your advice?(10 pts for best answer)?
Why am I hungry all the time?
How to lose 10 or more pounds in 6 weeks?
Do you think this diet sounds like it would ACTUALLY work?
Are you aware of how inaccurate a BMI calculator is?
tell me ur weight loss sucess story????????
how to get slimmer legs?
how long does it take to tone up?
How do I tone up my upper inner thighs?
Is it true that muscles and bones weight more then fat?
cervical cancer jabs?
is it possible to have cancer for 2 years without knowing it?
School disco in aid of breast cancer?
What do carcinogens do to the cell lining in the bronchi?
Can you have your 'hpv vaccine' in different arms each time?
The strengths and weaknesses of the current evidence base for interventions for Smokeless Tobacco Use ?
How long is recovery after a total thyroidectomy and right hand side node dissection?
Doctor certificate?
Does anyone else have Barret's Oesophagus?
what is the name of the machine that promote speaking for mouth cancer patients?
What is the survival rate of secondary liver cancer?
Would you worry about a grandparent who died suddenly of smoking related cancer in 1950s?
In what years did Cigaretts go up in the Budjet from 3shillings for 20 to 3 and6d ?
Does anyone know much about peritoneum cancer and how it is staged?
will i have to still have routine check ups after ive finished my anticoagulant therapy?
Details of the symptoms on Non-hodgkins lymphoma?
Could I have cancer of the Lymph Nodes?
I would love the name of a reasonably priced, great family dentist on Brisbane's south side.?
im having laughing gas?
Where can i find a Bulk bill dentist?
What has a bottom at the Top ?
My jaw is hurting really bad.?
Can I wear my retainer after 6 months of not wearing it?
how to keep dental bridge on?
Whats the best Teeth Whitening Treatments?
why do engliah ppl have horrible bad and crooked teeth -?
Do I need to go to the dentiist?
How likely is that a high filling would cause permanent damage to the nerve?
When do you brush baby teeth?
Is this a tooth infection?
My 2 year old fell and pushed three of his baby teeth back...eventually one popped out, root and all.?
Why do people grind their teeth?
How much does ClearSmile cost?
just need some teeth/braces advice?
head pain all the time?
Does it hurt when dentists put veneers on your teeth?
I am pretty sure I had a root canal and the same tooth is sensitive,hurting. Possible?
When can I start eating normal foods again?
Any tips for bad breath?
Questions concerning malocclusion and braces?
bad bowel diseasem is it real?
Having Rectal Polyps...?
How to attack a person by TB? What type of TB have exist? How to prevent it?
I want to write a story about beating cancer and this is my intro.What do you think?
Advice on kidney cancer?
Have you heard about the newest breakthrough in the Stem Cell Industry?
how do i train to work for the blood donor service?
had a biopsy today and have been given an appointment to go back in 3 months time, is this normal?
Mobile phones and cancer?
can i get DLA cos i got a malignant neoplasm of the pituitary gland?
Is anyone looking after someone at home with Mesothelioma?
how does genetic damage cause cancer?
I have been diagnose with leiomyo sarcoma - does anyone have it. I have had my kidney out and the biopsy show?
could it be ovarian cancer?
Blood donation/Bone marrow donor?
does where you live in the uk have an effect on the risk of getting leukemia?
what is apricot kernal sour powder?
How can phybroids be treated?
Has anyone had gene testing for cancers?
the moras or blackberry, can completely prevent cancer or help fight?
Stressed out about school- Eating a lot!?
Stressed about school- Eating a lot!?
Am I fat, normal or skinny?
Im doing p90x and i'd like to put on more weight.....help?
If i stick to a strict diet will i lose weight quicker?
If I Drink A Glass Of Acai Berry Juice A Day Will I Lose Weight?
Need to lose weight- Can someone help?
Chest fat weightloss in males?
am i overweight?????/?
AM I FAT? I'm 1.61m and weight 55kg/121pounds.?
how long do you think i'll take to grow 5 inches?
what is the cut-off weight to be attractive at 5'4"?
How to lose weight FAST?
How do you get buff like in the movies?
where to buy cheap on whey protein in canada.....?
soccer game in 3 hours: is what i ate bad?
Cardiovascular, musucle and fitness help (10 easy points)?
am i strong for my age and weight?
How does my diet today sound?
Has anybody fasted before for weight loss ?
Sore Tooth with Black Stains.?
thinking if i should get braces?
i've been wearing my retainer but this one tooth keeps moving?
I just got a Lingual Bar Retainer and its hurting my tounge and it's very uncomfortable... help?
Braces question! Help!?
how old do you have to be to gett ur teeth whiten at a dentist?
Can anyone recomend a good and reputable dental clinic in Malaysia?
really really bad tooth pain help?
after crown replacement on lower left of three teeth my tung is still numb. the dentist said it happens?
How can i prevent my teeth getting damaged by acidic foods?
what is tooth bonding? and how much does it cost ?
is this normal with braces?
Has anyone had braces at John Pulverenti's clinic?
Why are my gums receding?!?
what should i say to my dentist?
How do I stop getting advert for Cosmetic Centre.co.uk?
crest whiting strips classic do they work..?
What color for braces! HELP!!?
If you have braces can you also get them on your wisdom teeth?
can u be given pain relief whilst pregnant when getting a tooth pulled out or a filling done?
Sore teeth next to dental implant..?
Does having braces hurt a lot more for adults and how long it would last?
Does working out before breakfast burn fat quicker?
What can i do to replace this?
Five weeks ! Helpp, i need to loose like 20lbs or more !! 13year old girll in need of help.?
Muscle Milk, is it good for me?
Could someone help me build a diet plan?
What do you consider someone to be slightly overweight ?
How many calories did I eat today!?
i need to lose weight quick.?
how can i gain 10 lbs of muscle?
How long are you suppose to wait after meal to exercise?
What speed to run on the treadmill?!?! (please answer fast)?
Turbo Jam 10 days straight?
my gall baldder has been removed 10 yrs ago can i take hoodia pills in this condtion?
What do you think is better? Abs or Arm Muscle?
how do you lose 10 pounds in 10 days?
Which burns more: Elliptical or Treadmill ?!?
making a workout plan?
Should I be looking at calories or carbs?
How many calories did I have for dinner?!?
why cant i gain weight?