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ball in my stomach??
how to get skinny and ripped FAST?
Will I lose weight by doing this?
What is the quickest way to lose weight walking or jogging?
i want to start a water fast please help?
Am I too tall for my age?
What is the best fat burner?
i am 14 yrs and im 5ft5 and 72kg am i fat?
ok, so they said i need a filling...?
Braces & my 11 year old daughter.?
Can you recommend a good dentist/orthodontist for invisilign in Sydney?
Why does ice stick to your tounge?
can you eat hard food when you get braces off eventhough you still have to see the ortodocentists?
I need Braces can any help me by answering my questions.?
i had spacers put in till friday today is there anything i can do to helpmy soarness??
Can I eat after doing the Salt Water Flush in the morning?
What should people eat or do to gain more good cholestrol and what should you do to lose bad cholestrol?
what the name of that TV show that shows you how your body suffers when you're fat?
How much should i weigh?
Are there any ways to get wider hips?
Can i lose 15 pounds by only eating fruits and veggies for a month?
I'm a 14 girl and not over weight but i want to eat better any suggestions?
What's retaining water?
What is on your workout playlist?
if i eat and lose the same amount of calories, would it be the same as not eating anything?
am i really over weight?
how well will my fitness plan work?
I'm constantly really hungry but nothing looks good! help!?
am i too FAT for my age, & height?? please answer, im confused!?
If I am cycling to lose weight, will I get more chunker thighs?
how can i loose my belly fat and build more mucsle in my back and stomach?
The Duchess of Windsor , once said .."You can never be too rich or too thin." Was she Right?
What are the different types of Body Shapes ?
How did I eat today and what can I improve on?
i feel fat...?????????
i stopped losing weight help?
Whats the definition of Breakfast?
how many cancers are out there?
How many people died from skin cancer...?
can being in the sun prevent breast cancer? GCSE?
My mother has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She has had symptoms for 2 yrs, how bad is this?
Cancer & a healthy lifestyle?
The doctors founda tumour in my Mom's liver, what can I expect to happen now with regard to treatment?
i have a constant pain in my right breast bone and now my back shoulder is sore also, the pain seems to travel
I have skin cancer (melanoma) on my foot... Where can it spread to?
Should a 14 year old worry about cancer?
if your on a course of anti biotics is it dangerous to smoke cannabis whilst on the course?
Totally worried about the cervical cancer jab tomorrow, positive facts?
what does it mean when your bones are glowing after a radiation scan?
if someones had a mastectomy and they find something in the liver?
A healthy plan to loose weight in a safe way.?
Is it normal to get bloated every night?
Can a 12 year old have a flat stomach?
What is a healthy weight to loose in 2 months?
What is her healthy weight?
What is a perfect weight?
What does swimming do for your body?
Overweight and out of shape.?
What are some good ways to tonethe lower body and stomach?
Is it healthy to lose 5 pounds in week ?
I want to live a healthy lifestyle... any tips?
Help with the look of my muscle!!?
Low Carb Diet!!!!!!!!!?
Lactase Pills - I'm confused about the instructions?
I want to improve my cardio!?
What can I do with a Personal Trainer certificate?
is this how i can get abs?
If I Work out every day for like 1 hour can i get a nice body by 3 or 4 months?
anyone been on the cookie diet? what should i expect?
Is it possible to gain weight if one is skinny because of genes?
Can someone please help me, and give me tips on how to lose weight?
P90x will it work neeed some advice?
If I work out on the treadmill will I lose weight in upper body?
Whats the Best Exercise to Burn fat?
No energy on diet when working out/excersisng?
How long will it take to lose 50 pounds?
Advice on loosing weight ? I'm confused...........?
What's the number 1 food you can't resist?
When is the best time to drink an energy drink for the best performance?
I'm afraid to lose weight?? is that normal?
riods and not working out?
Would I look better if I lost some weight?
as a teen how do you bring up weightloss with your doctor?
is this workout program good enough to get me buff/toned?
Good Food for working out?
Lose weight in time for school?
how to be skinny and look skinny fast?
Is it good or bad to eat before bed?
Am I skinny, normal, or fat?
Are my legs long? Tell me what you think!?
Can Whey Protein Isolate cause diahrrea? Any known hazards with Whey Isolate?
What is the average weight and height for a 12 year old girl?
How Much Should a 14 Year Old Who's 5'8" Weigh?
Any HEALTHY way I could gain weight without pigging-out?
When you started drinking 'protein shakes', did you find them gross?
how do i fix this? :o?
To stretch before or after breakfast?
Where can I get a tapeworm?
Getting into shape before school!?
How do I start eating healthy?
Why Do i Grind My Teeth At night?
where or who is the best dentist in darwin or palmeston?
do you like cobra starship and my tooth is really loose and bothering me?
How long should you use an exercise per workout?
is there any way to keep my weight up and be healthy without eating?
If I do this, I'll get a nicer body right?
what is the best supplement to buy to help with burning fat while doing cardio?
How do I run faster than I already am?
What are some essential habits needed to gain weight?
If you take in half what you eat,is that bad for your calorie consumption?
Can I lose weight by eating Oatmeal for a week? How to keep weight off?
is eating homemade 2% milk yogurt bad ?
how muhc weight could i lose in 1 1/2 months?
how to get a smaller waist in a pool?
Celiac Disease- I can't loose weight. HELP!?
Why aren't there any results?
im 15, trying to lose weight.?
How to lose 160 pounds in 50 days?
Exercising inside Vs. outside?
I have a barbell with about 125 lbs of weights for it. What are the best exercises i can use with it?
Do barbell curls work tri's at all? I know they focus on bi's?
Can you lose weight mowing your lawn?
what wil happen if taking vitamins before meals?
If you have a membership at a gym, do you have to sign up for classes?
i am about 160 to 162 cm tall and im 120lbs or 52-53 kg am i fat?
Why do i still have weight on me?
What is the average height and weight for a female model?
Can I lose 40 pounds in one year?
my parents say i have a eating disorder. do i actually?
Have you ever eaten grass?
What kind of world do you live in, when you see a hot-dog eating contest?
Will I lose weight by doing this?
do calorie intakes affect growth?
What is a good bicep exercise?
How to build better biceps?
How Do I Lose weight FAST...?
Master Cleanse maple syrup and other questions?
How much weight will u lose on the abc diet if u weigh 95 lb?
Easy, and fast ways to tone your body.?
How to build muscle fast?
cellulite at 15 years of age?
How do you go on a fast without?
How do I get big biceps?
How long will it take to fully digest and egest a full adult meal?
HELP! How to SAFELY lose 10 pounds in less than a week?
Ever chewed betulnut?
I don't want Braces please help!?
Whiter teeth due to purging?
Do I need work done on my mouth before braces?
help i need white teeth before the end of the day please!!!?
How do they cure gingivitis?
Accidental cut on underside of tongue?
I have a really,really,really loose tooth. How do I get it out without making it hurt? Help Me! ?
why do i always stare at teeth ?
BRACES!!!..???: [.....?
after an extracted wisdom tooth ,can it cause my right eye, cheek bone and jaw bone to hurt after seven days?
My nana has cancer again and im confused sum1 help??
Breast Cancer @ 82 what risks ???
How Comes The Cervical Cancer Jab Is Only Offered To 12 - 13 Year Olds?
how is it that in this day and age when almos all organs can be replaced can people still die of cancer?
what is metastasis?
Does this mean my nanna has cancer?
Some Alternative treatments for cancer have been claimed to help. Have they helped you?
What do u think this is?
can you drink alcohol after the cervical cancer jab?
Question bout my mum?
when a parent is dieing of lung cancer, on life support, is this life on the edge for the family?
i sneeze lightly and i bleed so much like clots of blood come out?
Does the cervical cancer jab really hurt?
Do you think people living near the airport are more prone to cancer?
if u bird flu then what are the symptoms?
i was wondering if i have cancer :(?
Does SMOKING interfere or affect ABVD chemotherapy for Hodgkin s lymphoma?
Is this enough exercise to lose weight?
How much weight do you think I will lose?
how many calories are in a funky monkey smothie from booster juice?
When should i workout my abs?
How to get thin fast?
Which is harder, Cardio X or Plyometrics X?
Am I fat? ******PIC*******?
What are some fruits that are really good for you? and good for losing weight?
How many calories are in a banana?
perfect diet meals for 17yrold girl? :o?
what could vitamin or food could I be lacking? I get dizzy even though I don't starve myself?
Will this get me UN-fat?!?
How to Cycle ( for shoulder pain)?
Can losing weight get you more attention from guys?
What food to eat to make your nose smaller?
Is drinking non-concentrated/no sugar added juice bad for you?
This might be a dumb question but I need to know lol?
My abdomen swells after every meal, what can I do?
hey I would like to know if I could lose 60-80 pounds in 6-9 months?
is this a healthy day of eating?
Healthy-eating gone to far?
When you loose weight does the fat under your tummy go too?
does any one want to be my diet buddy?
how m long after ur meal should u puke?
Growing tips for teens?
lose weight by bike riding?
I would like to lose weight, advice?
what workouts should i do from youtube?
if i stretch everyday for a month will i start to grow taller?
Is running 1.5 miles in 10 minutes enough exercise for a day?
Need help fast please?
8 year old 120 pounds ?
On a scale of 1-10, what number am I?
Do I need to lose more weight? If so, how much do you recomend? picture included.?
does this sound like a good diet plan?
Is this a good workout schedule? (To get fit and toned)?
Can I work 8 hours and then go gym before sunset while I m fasting?
What is the difference between "muscle mass" and "lean muscle"?
Average height and weight for 12 year old girls?
attention 5"5' to 5"6' girls - how much do you weigh?
Could someone give me an example of what to for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Is this normal??? Please help!!!!?
How can I get abs before school?
what ages is the toothpaste "whiteglow" suitable for?
how often should i clean my teeth with braces?
dentist tomorrow help!!!?
where can I get whitening strips in castle towers?
A question on wisdom teeth?
How long do you have to wait to smoke weed after you had your tongue pierced ?
Why are my teeth aching?
How do I overcome my fear of the dentist?
What Colour Shall i Get My Braces Next?
why do i have a metallic taste in my mouth?
my dentist removed 6 crowned teeth - what happens to the crowns do they sell them or re-use them?
Do Crest White Strips really work?
whats the healthiest amount of weight I could loose in one month?
Do you think its smart to completely avoid any fat during your meals?
Guess my height and weight!?
Should I be frustrated and depressed because of my weight?
Where can I order Phentramin-D to ship to Canada?
Not having to go to the bathroom Atkins diet?
I'm 15 teen and I'm about 171 pounds i wont to loss about 40 pounds please help?
Do I really need protein supplements?
how do i get my 4 pack to the next level? please help!?
How bad is it drinking alcohol while on creatine?
When is the best time to eat protein?
How can i stay thin when i go to an all inclusive resort for vaction?
Why arent i losing weight?
how do i ask my mom to get me a belly wrap?
what's the best slim pills available in Canada based on your personla experience?
So I know a lot about nutrition and how to lose weight, but how do I deal with emotional eating?
Do I need a Health Coach?
What are some stretches or exercises that target the stomach, waist and hip area?
How Much Should I Weigh? Help!?
What can cause dramatic weight lose?
Can you stunt your growth working out?
Why is my poo liquid?
What is the Migration of Cancer cells called?
what re the signs of cervix cancer?
Why might a doctor be concerned to find cancer cells in a patient's blood?
I have adnormal cells i am scared what could this mean.Iam scared i am goin to have cancer.?
My Grandad hs Leukemia, he is 88 and too frail for surgery. What are his chance of surviving?
Got told he has cancer but 3years on...he is okay...what's going on?
Can you stiil have the cervical cancer jab if you've been pregnant?
thyroid cancer?
how do i stay strong , when the heart in me holds so much pain?
What is the connection between Moles (skin) and Cancer?
MRSA is it serious and can there be more seious cases then others?
Do X-rays cause cancer? And do ultra-violet rays cause skin cancer?
I have a black spot right in the middle of my lower lip?
Ovarian cysts and doctors not doing anything about it?
I think have some symptoms of testicular cancer...?
how to stop getting a dry mouth and bad breath from braces?
a couple of questions about braces?
who is the best qualified plastic surgeon for a face lift in sydney?
would i have to brush my teeth again if i had a sour warhead?
how long do u have to once braces are on.......?
can u chew gum whilst u have braces?
any tips from people with ceramic braces?
I have some small teeth and was thinking if its a good idea to get caps and also to whiten my teeth.Should i?
To anyone who has had a tooth out?
Why do my gums hurt where there are no teeth?
Do dentists get fillings like normal people?
how much money does a dentist make per year?
Has anyone had their jaw wired shut?
I need help with cavity questions!?
I have my top braces on about 1 month and i didn't see any results. When i am gonna see?
Do braces hurt more that everyone says?
My son smacked he's mouth?
Odd Reaction to Dentist Freezing?
going to fast tomorrow,what about tap water?
How long does it take to lose fat from running and working out?
how can i lose 7-10 lb in 1 week!!!!?
How do I motivate myself to go outside and exercise?
Does fruit count all that much?
How to eat healthy?! (and not over eat and binge like I did today..)?
What is better for toning your legs?
How to lose stomach fat all of it i mean like even bottom stomach fat as well?
the lemonade diet??????
How to lose 5-10 pounds in a month on a very busy schedule?
How to loose really bad skin near bicep and forearm?
How can I gain 20 pounds in 4 weeks ?
What can I do to help myself lose weight?
Am I very skinny, skinny, healthy or fat?
Do you think I should lose more weight?
30 inch waist ok for a 16 y/o? i am very fat what can i do?
How to get the perfect beach body?
I don't understand. I'm fat. Everyone says I'm skinny. Why would they say such a thing?
Im 5'5 and 136 pounds. Am i fat?
am i a healthy weight?
Lose some Weight in my tummy?
Trading calories and sugar for aspartame good or bad?
muscle building question?
What would happen if I had a HUGE amount of calories in one day?
How can I lose 20 pounds before the end of the summer?
what do i do ? fat problem?
Best diet for slim thighs?
Will working out 20 mins a day help me lose weight?
How much weight should I lose?
Whats the best way 2 get rid of abdominal fat?
Losing weight THE LAST 10 LBS. lol...?
Can I smoke weed on the master cleanse?
need ana buddy to text in canada?
I've been losing weight but I don't see it.?
is losing 4 lbs a week good or bad ?
Best way to loose a lot of weight fast?
Cervical Cancer Jag - 15 years old?
Can you actually grow something else on your body through radiation?
im 15 and have a lump just behind my ear?
I'm 21, how has smoking for 2 years affected my body?
Cancer research donation?
How is the Helicobacter virus contracted?
Breast cancer detection..........?
can stage 2b cervical cancer be cured?
Do i have brain tumour symptoms or am i just being a hypochondriac?
i think i have found alump above my left breast near my collar bone i have bad pain down my left arm?
If chemical weapons are all arround us does it mean it's all the cause of our cancer illnesses?
Does lynx give you cancer?
UK websites to chat to others who have cancer in there family.?
is it possible to just sit back and let the nerve die in your tooth?
What is more uncomfortable/painful? (details inside)?
Why when i eat something not healthy i gain weight right away?
I really Want to Lose Weight Fast :D?
If I run for half an hour everyday...?
Do stretch marks go away when you loose weight?
a good cardio workout?
what foods should be eating?
Need help to get fit?!?
What are good exercises for ab and stomach area?
What would happen if I were to only eat Bran Flakes?
What is the easiest way to lose weight?
Are Pushups and Sit ups good for burning fat?
Sit-ups + Push-ups?? I really need help :(?
Anyone ever experience this on a treadmill !!!!!!!?
which program should i buy insanity or p90x?
What are some essential habits needed to gain weight?
How can I lose 50 Pounds in 2 and a half Months?
Do you thing starting gymnastics at age 14 is a bad idea (read first plz)?
How to get abs? (picture included)?
How much will cycling help me lose weight?
Can you recommend a version of Diet Coke without aspartame?
Why my body still thin when I've been work out for 3 months?
Answer YES or NO please..?
My closest friend's two year old daughter has cancer :(?
how do people feel the need to get rid off urine with artificial bladder?
PHASE 2 - holland and barret?
no saliva due to radiotherapy?
have i got bowel cancer?
Chemotherapy and constipation?
are brain cells recoverable?
what does the thyroid gland do?
what is the average life expectancy of secondry breast cancer?
I just had an op for colo-rectal cancer....and am now going to embark on chemotherapy.......?
lymphoma???do i have it?
cancer question, what does this mean?
does chemotherapy work harder the less of the tumour there is?
Cancer and other nasties... how can you overcome them?
dad was cured of stomach cancer 10 year ago. he now has it in his bowel, what are his chances of suvival
anyone advise on how to help increase blood white cell count?
who would like to say goodbye?
Is it possible to lose 15 lbs in about a month?
How Do I Lose The Extra Fat On My Sides?
What are some good, but healthy breakfasts?
What are some good exercises to be skinny and fit?
P90X(20 characters....)?
waiting 4 biopsy results....?
lung cancer?
Help! I 've got a squirrel in my head. The NHS aren't interested.?
What are her chances of breast cancer survival in this scenario?
bone cancer?
I have got little lumps under my tongue and now and then my tongue goes a little numb?
Just found out my nan has got cancer of the brain?
I am going for a cancer check up on the 30th of june, what can i do to keep myself occupied for the next 83day?
My parents friend died last night, he had prostate cancer,?
Has anyone had treatment for a Grade 3 Breast Tumor? Does this involve chemo?
do you think it is blood cancer?
Does your hand often hurt after using your mobile phone?
Do I have an increased risk of developing cancer?
What care options are available for my dad who is terminally ill?
Scientist's come up with new discoveries about cancer every week, but how long before they make a difference?
Recurrent bladder cancer?
Pulsating stabbing pains in armpit and breast?
cervical cancer vaccine/jab?
people that have had their wisdom teeth extracted?
i need to how do u throw up?
What body shape would I be considered?
What would be the effects on body if I only drank water for 10 days?
Please tell me how to lose some weight!!!?
Can I drink an alchohlic beverage on a diet?
Fastest way to lose weight?
how to be average (not fat, not too skinny) fast!?
Gaining 20 pounds during the summer?
What kind of diet should I have to gain weight evenly?
How much weight will I have to lose to be healthy and look great?
Am I fat???????????????????????
when you burn fat is it actually fire that burns the fat inside of you?
Are merangues bad to eat if you are on a diet and trying to lose weight?
Fast & easy ways to tan at a beach?
what are some intense workouts for strength/cardio/abs?
How important is eating a Vegan diet, in regards to climate change?
Which drink is worse for you?
Huge fall on a diet... please help or any advice!?
How can I start yoga and keep at it?
Good exercise that can do the following?
Does Mediterranean food make a good diet if you want to lose weight?
HELP !!!! CANCER ?????????????????
Worried about my dad, not peeing normally?
can i get disability pension with prostate cancer.?
How likely is relapse?
Could lumpy/ bumpy bits at the top of the testical (not in the testical) mean cancer?
When a bladder is removed, e.g. in case of bladder cancer, is the sphincter muscle removed also?
shouldnt your white blood count be up if you have pneumonia or any other infection?
Electro-magnetic field causing health problem ?
hard lump on the back of my head?
travel insurance for a terminally ill child?
Cancer therapy from Bible?
does anyone hae any ovariun cancer survival stories?
I need help raising money for Breast Cancer?
Smear Test Colposcopy and Cin 2 ?
How do I get more fruits and vegetables into my diet?
Is MSG really bad for you?
Do stretch marks go away when you loose weight?
How do i to Loose weight?
I overate, what should I do?
Question about weight lifting myth(s)?
Would I lose weight like this?
I am 55 andI want to lose 50 lbs using elliptical maching and small weights and home gym, can you help me?
Is Clenbuterol dangerous?
Ive been working out for a while now...?
Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Need help fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am scared?
Can I build up stamina? Or is it something you just have or you don't?
Starving to lose weight, ok or bad?
How can I lose 10 pounds in a month?
Is it weird/bad that I like feeling hungry?
What are some exercises I can do in my house?
what a good healthy cheap and easy lunches for my man for work?
Should people who smoke cigarettes drink more water than if they weren't smoking?
Weight loss tips..help please ?
How many sugary drinks can you have in a day?
how to speed up my metabolism?
Will this exersize routine get me in shape in 2 months?
Why is Jenny Craig so expensive?
How long should a heavy weightlifting workout be?
i am a athlete and i need better snacking food, what can i eat?
I fractured my rib 3 months ago and haven't been to the gym or running since. How do I git my go on again?
Since I'm overweight and currently trying to lose weight, does that mean I cannot treat myself?
has anyone here had a child go through a bone marrow transplant?
why cart i get this thing out of my head ,abo ut my parents dieing there are both well just smokers .i cart g?
gol bladder (bile duct opp )?
do computer (includes laptops) give out harmful radiation?
what is the difference between hodgkins and non hodgkins lymphoma?
Work-out Help? Different exercises? etc. ?
what should i do...10 pts?
how to lose 30 pounds in two months?
how do u keep a abscess in the mouth open to keep draining?
Help with Bad Breath?
can morphea cause cancer?
Does anyones mum or someone have ms??
Anyone had the cervical cancer vaccine?
My dad had cancer and was off for most of the year. He had 23 days hols left, but they wont carry them over ?
how do you no if you are fat or not?
Weight loss tips please?
how to lose weight as a kid?
things to get me started?
What is the average weight for someone who is 5'8''?
i need ideas on how to lose weight again, im 15 and i weigh 156?
Is it possible to gain muscles a the age of 40?
Family against my dieting?
What are foods that contain the most calories?
21,fat, never had a boyfriend?
Questions about Hydroxycut?
Is the P90X program good can someone who has tried give me details?
Caffeine and No Food?
need help losing weight?
Can I take nicotine gum if I don't smoke? // How to suppress appetite?
How can i gain 10 pounds?
I would like to know some Exercises to get rid of extra fat...........?
What is my body shape?
Help! Will this diet work?
Good workout idea to gain weight?
Please can you tell me the symptoms of bone cancer of ribs and back?
Good ideas for fund raising...?
Pharmaceutical company won't ship to UK?
They operated on my mum last night removed a couple of tumors couldnt get to the rest - in hdu so worried we?
signs of breast cancer?
What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Does someone who is suffering?
B17, has anyone used it.?
what is the worst?
help. just found out my grandad has cancer in this brain.?
my dad has liver cancer that has spread from his gallbladder he aint had a biopsy yet. how long has he left?
Are you supposed to feel your lymph nodes?
Do you think the rise in the cancer rate among the general population could be attributed to microwave ovens?
Doctors have criticized health fad cures for cancers ...raw food diets for E.G. ..are they right ,please read?
What can I eat/do to get rid of Free Radicals in my body?
Which is the best verucha treatment?
Question for anyone who knows someone or has osteosarcoma?
what useful substance does the blood take in from the intestine?
cancer treatment in the uk ?
Do you think age16 is too old to have a diary?
Is this enough for me?
Why have i not been able to do this?
How soon after doing Yoga will I see results?
Is it possible to lose 15 lbs by September?
calorie count? need some help.?
is eating a lot of siracha sauce bad for you?
What age should I begin to take supplements?
How do I get my personal starvation mode number?
what should i do to get gain huge muscles and ripped abs?
what are some intense workouts for strength/cardio/abs?
Do baby teeth have nerves?
Hey i jus got my braces off in april for 2nd time nd was told t wear retainer every night but dog got at it?
how can i stop clicking my jaw?!?
ouch! so painful! (retainer)
Removal of wisdom teeth before or after travel.
what should toothbrush bristles look like?
Why do my teeth hurt after fillings?
Swollen Cheeks from Wisdom Teeth
Hi,does anyone know if you can buy corsodyl mouthwash in australia ?thanks...
How much do braces cost?
I brush my teeth with baking soda, does this have any ill-effect on my health since I can swallow some of it?
help bad toothache possibly abscess what should i do?
please find me a picture of a girl with black and pink braces
Is it possible to be Beach ready in 5 months?
Does your metabolism have to work even when you are consuming water, or other small or low calorie food items?
I'm 6"1 when I'm 14, how tall will I grow?
What body shape do I have (Pear, Hourglass...)?
quick.....plz advice fast...this is itching?
Help With Weight Lifting?
What are some good workouts for fat burning?
Does anyone know about this special New Zealand honey?
How to lose a little weight fast?
What is a good gym workout for me?
is Jade Oolong a slimming tea?
How much does Whey Protein help in Gaining muscle?
What are some food items that have lots of iron in them? other than meat!?
do you have to do ab ripper x?
working out building muscle?
what can jumping jacks/jump rope do for fitness?
im 13 and 5,3 and weigh 130 lbs whats a good way to lose it fast !?!?
Anorexic & Working out like crazy, but not losing weight?
Headaches during push ups?
Is skipping breakfast unhealthy?
ive been off chemo for two years if i catch swine flu whats the outcome?
How bad is it REALLY?
I was treated for mouth cancer last year. Insurance cover for usa needed.
i want to book my appointment?
Biopsy showed CIN 3 last august but i was never told and am having treatment next month?
After-effects of chemo and radiotherapy?
Do Domestic Cleaning Chemicals cause Cancer?
How long after chemo can you fly?
what percentage of lung cancer patients smoke...?
Has anyone had a bone marrow biopsy?
What is the prognosis of a 22 year old with a spinal tumour?
How to make sure I don't over eat tomorrow?!?
Do you enjoy to eating?
Poll for men that do weightlifting?
After overeating and weight?
why do my hands never break?
I want to go back to my normal weight of 115 but its hard what should i do?
I need a teenage diet buddy?
what is a good brand for meal replacement shakes?
In your mind, what does it mean to have a healthy weight ?
Why do some people eat so much but never get fat?
How long will it take to get a toned stomach?
13 year old losing fat?
How much should I eat?? Exercise?
Overeating for a whole week?
If i do p90x plyometrics For 90 days?
Will you gain weight by eating a bag of chips even if you exercise regularly?
How long will it take before I start to see some results from taking Apple Cider Vineger pills?
My legs are too thin, please help(Pictures)?
how about MBT shoes ?
Gaining Muscle over the Summer?
Will this work over two months fittness?
Does protein turn to fat?
how do you eat if you don't have a tongue?
question of time?? how long?
I need e-mail ID to get answer from physician.?
Shaking after HPV vaccination?
how can we cure glioblastoma multiforme tumours? (brain tumours)?
Cervical Cancer Jab Side Affects?
Ovulation Pain...or something more serious?
How do you know if you have foot cancer?
help please i need some advise or oppinions on my problem! please,can you help?
is this the start of melonoma? with link to pic?
i have skin cancer can i get a tattoo?
need help por favor ?
My aunty got some kind of minor cancer from a sunbed, am i more likely to get it?
Can Benign Prostate Hyperplasia cause significant weight loss?
Beta-carotene and vitamin a, can you overdose?
Am I a good weight for my age?
im 5'4 and 130 pounds im 14 is that over weight?
I need help for my weight...please I'm desperate?
Is a hamburger still really bad for you .. even if you eat it without the bun?
Can you give me an example of muscle confusion?
What food Burns FAT !?
Gaining Weight For A Teen With High metabolism?
best exercise to tone belly, to get abs?
I Want To Get Jacked Like Brock Lesnar?
How often should you buy walking shoes?
how do fat people get fat?
if you have a high metabolism but still fat ?
Where do I stand on the underweight/overweight spectrum?
do you need to workout to drink shakeology??
Is weight training necessary for teens for fat loss?
Has anyone heard of the anti-gravity machine developed by Nasa?
What can I eat for a bed time snack ?
Can you look skinny and still weigh 180 lbs?
Eating problems-- is stopping to eat allot really that bad?? how to stop?
Where can i get a cheap yoga mat?
how do you fix a bad bite without braces?
how old do u have to be...?
help getting motivated to lose weight?
no sugar no flour diet?
How can body builders workout so often?!?
How do i put on more weight?
25 pounds, in two months?
Does drinking beer give you fat around the waist?
The cervical cancer jab for yr 8 girls?
What are the chances of a 15 year old getting cancer on the neck?
Lymphocytic cancer, non aggressive. Please advise?
loop biopsy - i dont understand?
Hormonal injections Zolodex, taken before, and during radiotherapy for protate cancer?
low blood counts and iron?
I measure my waist and its (32.5 in) also im (5ft 2) is my waist big?
ARGH. Should I have the Cervical Cancer jab or not?(HPV)?
Hayy Well I'm trying to lose weight and well...?
I really need to gain weight fast .....!?!?!?!?!?!?
I need some help, anyone want to, I'll give you 10 points for the best answer...?
How much protein should a 14yr old girl have a day?
What to eat and when to eat when doing cardio workouts?
How can I lose weight in 2 weeks?
What colours are normal?
Have you ever visited a dietitian?
im starting the gym tomorrow and i was wondering .....?
are the symptoms of lung cancer the same as bronchitis?
What are the causes of low blood volume and count?
Hard Lump Behind ear?
how do they cortarise abnormal cells?
dreams come true web sites for terminally ill adults?
Converting images from MRI scans?
Cervical cancer jab.?
How does a woman who has had breast augmentation surgery detect a cancerous lump?
Whole Apricot Kernels Or Crushed?
Does anybody on yahoo no the effects of Leukaemia on a sufferers family?
what are the EARLY symptoms of lung cancer?
Who is going to do the race for life for cancer ?
So it's bucketing it down with rain.. will the Cancer Research race for life still be on?
What symptoms identified your Bowel Cancer please?
How can I convince him to lose weight?
Im a 16 year old female at 5'8, weighing about 188 pounds. HELP ME PLEASE!?
Am I a hourglass figure?
Whats your favorite ab work out?!?
What foods and drinks are high in anti-oxidants?
Is this to much excercise?
why am i still gaining weight!?
How many pounds should i loose?pic?
13 years old arm workout?
Im 14 and how do i lose weight?
White or whole wheat? PLEASEE READD.....?
How many mini M&Ms can I eat before I'll get fat?
14 year old girl, trying to lose weight? help with routines, food, and even motivating music ? ;D?
Is it bad for my diet to eat 2 apples and 2 clementines a day for snacks?
Why do I feel too tall?
Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in 2 months?
Anyone have any effective workouts ?
coming to the gym after being sick? hard to lift weights?
How long does it take to lose 1 inch of your waist?
How do you get rid of a cold fast?
Bench press question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How many calories should I be eating while doing P90X?
I biked 46km (28.5miles) today how many calories is that?
WorkOut Plan! and other workout questions. Need some help?
Am I overtraining my muscles?
Does anyone have a diet plan that worked for them?
Will drinking water help me lose weight w/o excersice?
how to exercise lower pecs? C:?
How to lose belly fat?
How to lose weight from just your legs?
Upper body strength - Upper body weight?
Dropping alot of weight..?
How to eat veggies with breakfast?
can i loose 20-30 pounds in a month?
Whats better? Counting Calories or Weight Watchers point system?
Why is society not as fit as it was 20 years ago?
Can old cheese grow legs?
how can i actually STICK to being vegan? what helps you guys?
is my workout routine/diet bad?
whats the best way to loose fat on your stomach?
Is this even really normal?
Why do you have to eat at least 1200 calories a day, even if you're not hungry?
why can i do 68 push-ups but not 1 one-armed pushup?
will i lose pounds quick on treadmill?
Slim Fast Powder Shakes?
How to not crave processed junk food so much?
What are some Cardiovascular Activities???????
Help Why am i so fat ?
How many calories do I need to burn?
Anyone want to help me with my fitness plan!?
I have stopped drinking pop and started drinking soda water, is soda water bad for you?
Is it possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle in 4 months, how would I do this?
How can I stop overeating and purging?
How does drinking lots of water help out your body?
How can I get fit after quitting smoking?
best way to lose weight ?
how much should i weigh for my height and age?
How to gain weight fast?
How to lose weight without losing muscle?
Can not drinking enough water cause you to breakout and effect your skin?
what is the average weight for a 14 year old boy?
How many calories do I burn if I walk for one hour at a steady pace?
Do I have Cancer..............!?
what's the cause of colon cancer?
Breast Cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a growth next to my thyroid. No biospy yet. Can this growth affect my thyroid?
hey guys i found out yesterday my aunty in srilanka has a brain tumour and is i lll what do I do?
what do you think of the morphine deaths, in the news?
is lifting weights bad for your growth?
How to get bigger and better muscles?
will drinking lots of water and being out in the sun all day make me grow?
I'm 14 and I'm looking for an easy way to lose weight, HELPPPPP?
About what weight could I get to healthily?
my kittens back legs do not appear to have the strenght to walk properly?
Please help!!! i have to eat food soon that does not contain certain things (for medicine)?
I constantly work out try to eat healthy, but because I work out so much I am always hungry. Any help?
is Weighing 150lbs at 5.9 ft fat/?
What are some good abb work outs ?
Should I get the p90x program?
how do i get into healthy habits?? (food and exercise wise)?
muscle gain and weight loss?
Am I overweight? Tell the truth.?
I'm 15/f, and want to gain a lot of muscle definition in my arms, stomach, and legs. Where do I start?
how many weight watchers excersize points would I earn for this?
Do you think it's sad that most people think walking is exercise?
How can i grow taller?
How can i stop creatine from making me constipated?
Gained 5 pounds in 1 week? Ah help?
straightening my teeth??
is it normal................................?
What's it like to have upper and lower dentures?
my gap is closing, will it stop itself?
why does one sign of my mouth keep doing this?
how quickly does the third molar grow?
my jaw keeps popping?
future scope for a indian anaesthetic out side india?
wht do i do whith a loose grown up tooth?
information on braces please?
confused about calories and diet?
What is the easiest way to lose love handles?
how long has this woman been working out for (pic)?
Why did I order a DOUBLE Big Mac?
i want to gain weight, I'm like a TWIG?
What is a normal height for a 20 year old who is between 5'1-5'3?
Would you rather be Tall and skinny or tall and chubby explain?
Does HERBALIFE products really works ?
is running this hard healthy?
How to lose 5 pounds without getting all sweaty?
Exercises to tone up?
How do I lose weight the Fastest in about 46 days?
overeating days and what to do?
Where can I buy a digital kitchen scale that is inexpensive?
Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma ?
if your taken into hospital with pains, and they find a tumour on your kidney....?
what is a rare form of CLL?
Anyone else taking part in sundays Breast Cancers race for life in regents park?
Cervical cancer jab???
What is the latest research on the link between Breast Ca and deodorants/anti persperants?
Colposcopy 6 mths ago - smear check up tomorrow?
is it throat or esophagus cancer?
i have been told after bone marrow test that there have found something and i need treatment what could this m
is bowel cancer terminal?
what is the bad effect of lazer diet...?
Anyone have any tips on how to get started to become a male model at 15?
is it normal to lose 5 pounds in 1 day?
I have breakdowns if I don't exercise 5 times a week.. What will I do on vacation?
my good friend thinks she's fat...?
So this is my plan to helping me get the hot thighs/legs I want so bad! Good?
Why am I losing weight all of a sudden?
Walking help thighs lose fat?
Does anyone have any suggestions for a successful daily menu of 750 calories.?
My Dr. suggested that I loose 30lbs.?
Does Acai Berry actually work?
Why do I weigh so little?
what should i take for work.. ?
Work out for tummy and side fat?
Height/weight question?
HAPPY but yet confused..what happened? WEIGHT LOSE?
does this meal sounds healthy?
How common is it for a woman to have stronger legs than a man?
If a Person is Not a Healthy Weight and Has Stretch Marks Does That Mean... ?
I need some reassurance on my slim thighs wish?
a question about braces?
a wisdom teeth question?
is acai optimum a scam?
Scared of going on a vacation because I might gain weight?
I want to get a 6 pack?
How to lose about 15 pounds in one month?
Best excersise for flatter tummy ?
Is this a good diet for today ?
I count calories but my mom makes home made meals now what?
Reaching my weight loss goal.?
what does a 200 pound woman look like?
How can i drop 60-80 pounds?
Can anyone help me out with a protein question?
How do I stop eating?
how to loose my cheek fat?
my 3 year old daughter has swollen lymph nodes?
What are the chances from getting cancer from doing this?
Do I have throat cancer?
Do cancer men & libran women get on ?
Do I have mouth cancer?
It just isn't cancer is it? I mean it can't be cancer right? Is it?
How susceptible am I to cancer?
Leukaemia taste changes?
What cancer did jane tomlinson die off...?
skin cancer?
can marina coil cause breast cancer?
has anyone had the cervical cancer jab?
undiagnosed testicular cancer...?
Raising money for Cancer Research UK?
are there any fitness centers where the whole family can go to to excersise?
i'm on a diet and i gained 5 pounds, in 2 days!?
What are good low in cal/fat meals?
Are protein shakes necessary after working out?
How many calories do you use sitting on a stability ball per hour?
What are some foods a person with high blood pressure should eat?
How to tone my legs and waist in 2 weeks?!?!?
10 points for helping me please?
Has anyone tried The Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet?
10 points for helping me please?
Do bodybuilders get paid good?
How much weight can i lose in a week from fasting?
What are the best foods to eat, to loose weight, and burn fat?
Atkins Diet: How exactly does citric acid prevent a person from losing fat? What proof is there of this?
what exercises should i do to maintain abs FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If I can bench press 135 lbs 10 times, how much do you think my max is?
Will i loose weight if i do the following?
If someone can bench press 225 for alot of reps, will they be able to bench alot of weight once?
How long does it take for the body to process sugar?
are cranberries good for you? Are they fattening?
What will happen to me if i continue not eating breakfast and lunch?
i need a good workout routine, how many times a week should i do this?
Weight Loss for a teen?
Why do my muscles twitch after working out or exercise?
how to loss weight the healthy and safest way and keep it off?
What kinds of exercise burn fat?
How much does she weigh? (pic)?
Are homemade smoothies just as good as fresh fruit?
healthy good tasting meals(low cal?)?
How many calories would I burn if I....?
can anybody expain to me the lost finally?
My Fathers cancer......?
What could cause a swollen lymph node in the neck for over a year?
what side effects can you get after chemo, my sister as swollen arm and her body is swollen with water.?
i had my breast ultrasound and the result i have 3 solid nodules on my left breast and 3 solid nodules right?
how long does pain last after surgery and radiotherapy to remove secondarys from cancer,?
I have had cancer 6 years ago and insurance is still high?
Can i still get pregmant after my fiance goes through treatment?
why should you lie on your left side when having a phosphate enema?
How risky is needle biopsy test?
hair regrowth after chemo?
small pea sized lump above collar bone for around a year & sore throat for months?
i had a cervical smear, abnormal cells and hpv?
Can a tooth that has been split down the middle, be saved, or does it have to be pulled?
Anyone had 2 dental implants in Thailand, what was your experience?
Is the duration of orthodontic treatment (braces) mainly based on how skilled the orthodontist is?
Why is going to the dentist so expensive?
hey i got braces like 3 days ago and my teeth hurt and they wiggle, is it normal?
Gum Grafting?
just got dentures put in on 7-22-08, how long would it take before i can eat good?
why are my teeth falling out?
I'm naturally skinny with a high metabolism.. how do I gain more weight?
how to get leaner legs?
I need random healthy facts?
Whats a good workout for a 15 year old athlete that can be done at home?
best type of whey protein for 14 year old trying to get bigger?
Has anyone tried Kundalini yoga and if so what type of results did you get?
Build muscle and lose fat?
Is it healthy to lose 30 lbs in 3 months?
How to resist eating junking food?
I am taking up jogging!?
Average weight for 17 year old?
best ways to loose weight and things to eat or drink to help loose it?
will i get the same results?
i've been working out and on diet for 8 months now, i didn't lose any weight. what's wrong with it?
Would you ever date an overweight person?
Healthiest/low cal drink from Starbucks?
How long can my parents ground me?
how do i gain weight in my legs?
Do I have an eating disorder?...?
How to get in shape quickly.?
what is a good way to tone my arms so they r not so flabby?
What is a healthy weight for me?
I am kinda chubby and fattish!?
Weight loss... I am 14 almost 15.?
What kinds of food can you eat as much as you want without it causing weight gain?
How much weight should I lift?
do you find it gross when fat people eat?
Why is Weight watchers a good program to follow?
What can I do to get the most out of my walk with small children?
at the age of fifteen how much should you weigh?
What is a good workout routine for someone who hasn't in a long time?
Does starving yourself help you lose weight FAST?
Can you give me an example of what a 14 year old girl should be eating everyday?
what is an easy diet to follow?
Help, I'm super skinny?
If I cut my calories to 1200 a day combined with exercise how much weight can I lose a week?
How many months until my abs break through?
Should I drink my protein shake before or after my shower?
Gaining weight..HELP!?
Losing weight tip about water - whats the truth?
Salaries of Fitness Councelors?
is watercress really usefull for people with cancer or is it just a "claim" also if it is usefull what is the
Mobile Phones lead to testicular cancer?
i had hogkins lymphoma cancer but can't stop itching any ideas?
Do malignant lumps grow quickly, and do benign lumps get bigger or stay the same.?
Why should over 60s give to cancer if they are refused medicines on N.H.S?
Does anyone know where to find any wristbands, ribbons etc for Jade goody that I can wear for race for life?
lymthphoedema? due to breasr cancer have had mastectomy?
Should I be worried about Cancer?
My mum is using plastic filters on her cigarettes and you can actuall see the build up of?
shall i have the cervical cancer vaccine?
Stomach Cancer Question?
how treatable is pancrean cancer?
how can u tell if u have cancer?
What gene causes colon cancer?
should i worry about breast cancer?
Prostate Cancer I have just seen on the news that there is going to be an advert?
So, I have a strange body type, what can I do about it?
how long before i am skinny?!?
Adding cardio, even though I'm cycling to the Gym!?
Planks vs Sit ups....?
Is Alli availble for purchase in Canada?
Is it better to excercise every day or every other day?
What exercise can I do to get skinny thighs?
How can i get a flat stomach in 2 months?
40 lbs in just under 4 months?
Guys do cankles bother you?
Is this enough exercise?
Are there workouts that make your breasts perkier?
The Ultimate Question: Weight loss?
How should I go about getting to a healthy weight?
Why aren't I losing weight faster?!?
How much should I weigh at my height (5'4')?
did i eat alot today?
HELP! IMMEDIATELY WEight issues hOW CAN i LOSE 20 pounds in one month and get smaller thighs?
How do I lose weight fast?
how to lose 25 pounds?
How to Throw up food?
What bag of chips has the most fat content in the world?
Should I get Power 90 and P90X?
When should you eat when exercising?
How much should i be eating? What should i be eating? Am i eating too much?
tips on getting a flat stomach?
Is three months enough to get a great body?
getting a fit muscle body before swim season?
where can I buy cheap whey protein in canada?
I just ate a giant pile of candy and chocolate. I feel horrible. What do I do?
how to lose 50 pounds in 9 months?
Is P90X good for women?
How could i tone up before summer starts?
need to lose weight i am morbidly obese?
Do you think by doing this i can burn off all the chocolate i ate today...?
How much Vitamin D should I take?
whats with all this P90X/boflex and all that?
What supplement would be best for me?
Weight loss because of puberty?
what are some easy but fun exercises to do at home?
am i doing something wrong? weight lifting question.?
what isthe survival rate if the cancer spread to your lymph nodes?
Is cancer caused by genetic factors or physiological factors?
What are the chances of...?
do you get high blood pressure with a brain tumour??....?
My 11yr old daughter is coughing up blood?