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What is the name of the green '' juice'' that tastes like grass?
Which calories go where?
healthy way to detox?
Does the Gazelle Edge Glider work your glutes and ab muscles?
Is it better to lift less and do more reps or ?
2 Questions! 1st- Breaking down Lactic Acid. 2nd- Exercises that target Inner thigh?
Does any one have a good muscle building workout plan?
Can you recomd a diet and excersice program for me ?
I can't rid of this flap of skin after pregnancy?
I'm having a body composition impedance test today...?
All my carrots are forked, I mean they are not straight?
i've two REALLY painful gum sores at the back of my mouth either side...?
Is it common to have a bleeding wisdom tooth when its growing?
My daughter had become more sensitive after she got her braces. is that normal?
Front teeth decay - scared?
people in the dental field, thanks?
Is it possible for me to get braces or not..?
Need Help With My Missing Tooth Please?
In Australia, how old you have to be to have your teeth capped?
How much does it cost to visit dentist in Australia?
Jaw Pain.. Require Help.?
Wisdom teeth and what happens?
can a 14 year old girl have cancer 'down there?'?
what are jade goodys chances?
what is a good diet pill?
my heaight is shrinking?
how to reduce body fat but maintain muscle mass?
Is flush the fat internal flush safe?
I have a big headache and I think it is because I ate Nutella. Help?
Cool down songs after a good workout?
what waste products build up in your muscles?
what is the best ab machine to buy like the t-core or ab rocket?
How to develope my chest?
is this enough exercise to keep me healthy :)?
Best way to make your own workout plan?
Does running up stairs help burn fat?
What are the best times to take the vitamins and supplements?
Why do I feel so fat?
exercising when a little buzzed?
Calorie shifting diet??? Help?
how much does this person look like they weigh?
Turbo Jam: 20 Minutes Workout?
Does anyone know how many calories in chiseled pork?
Why dont everyone likes to eat healthy ?
how can i get tall people plz help?
do you think that i have lost weight?
1100 calories a day, how long to lose 15 pounds?
can i do yoga at home ?
is circuit training a good way to meet people?
When is it safe to resume working out after being sick?
Can someone tell me what this means?[gym membership] The fine print..?
I'm going to start walking daily and I have a few questions?
what are some fun teen workout ideaS?
When should I have my 2 snacks if I have 3 meals a day?
17 day diet why is it only available online?
I need to lose 15Kg in about 4 months?
A question for people who drink coffee and people who have quit?
What are some good foods to eat for losing weight?
How much weight should I lose?
Can an a 11 year old girl try acai berrys to lose tummy fat?`?
can i use an elliptical machine 6 months after knee surgery?
Active Recovery & Anaerobic Lactic Training?
Can creatine change mood in a healthy 17 year old?
How can I lose 150lbs healthy and fast?
lose weight by feb......?
How much weight will i lose ?
would someone answer me?
how does this sound,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
mole help please , urgent! cangerous?
i have a mole on my right breast help!?
The cervical cancer jab?
cancer have i got it?
why still using 40 yr old drugs with 2% success rate?
What is jade goodys life expectancy now? If her cervical cancer has spreaf to her bowel groin and liver?w?
Would you get skin cancer if you picked at a mole??
I had a gamma gt test, which is come up positive, Is there any way I can prove that gamma gt test unreliable?
Breast cancer rates at record low, cancer rates low, does anyone give Labour credit for the job they did?
I am not sure, Is this skin cancer?
Urgent! I need an orthodontist who can speak Chinese~ in Sydney~ better close to Sydney U, Thanks~?
i have bad breath help me...?
how to get looser jaw?
When using white glo toothpaste does it make any difference if you use the toothbrush provided?
Do I really need to wear your retainer?
i need cheap braces where should i go and how much would it cost?
Am I too fat for my age?
Looking for an online weight loss buddy?
How can I get a six pack fast?
Help I m a pregnant male because of beer drinking?
what should a girl wear to the gym ?
Personal Trainer Question!?
Unhealthy eating habit and more -Please come in and read-?
how can i lose the fat face i gained recently?!?
How to lose about 40lbs by summer?
what is the healthiest cigarette?
Does drinking water and eating fruit help you lose weight?
Is it ok to stretch my hamstrings after a hard workout?
Subway sandwich Calories?
Do women like men with big tummy or not?
what are some really good abb workouts and routines that you can do at home?
can u give me some easy vegan recipes when on a diet ?
Working out and putting on weight ?
If I eat only fruits and vegetables, would it have any negative impact on my body?
Is it true that lifting weights stunts you're growth as a teenager?
I have a weight loss proble.Help!?
General fitness questions?
Does slimfast work,how long do i have to use it to see results?
What is a healthy way to lose weight fairly quickly?
can i lose 35 pounds in 4-5 months?
Drink Tea during the Raw Food diet?
could i lose 30 pounds in 4 months?
is beach body insanity or hip hop abs ok for kids?
can you eat DAIRY of any kind in south beach diet phase 1?
Are egg whites good for a diet?
What foods should I stay away from the most if i wanna loose 30-40 pounds?
How much weight do you think I'd lose in a month?
Am i under weight for my height and age?
I need help losing weight!?
How to build muscle? I need help please!?
My left thigh is more muscular than my right thigh?
What is the normall amout of Calories?
P90X Day 4 - I'm up 6 pounds!!?
I eat at least 8 eggs per day, is it safe or not?
Do i have the correct logic of losing weight?
Weight lifting help!!?
how do i sign up for weight watchers in canada?
Breathing during yoga...?
How much do you have to weigh to be considered fat?
Ideas for an effective cleanse to do before the start of my health food plan?
How to increase my daily consumption of water?
Lump on my wrist? What could it be?
Can braces fix an overbite?
do crest whiting strips classic work?
What are the best exercises to shrink your hips?
How can I lose stomach fat? I'm a teenager...?
What is the fastest and easiest way to get skinny?
I am 20 years old and an A-cup...?
I AM 5'7" (170 cm) and 115 lb (52 kg)..?
The Cabbage Soup Diet: Your experiences and/or opinions?
What are some exercises that I should be adding into my pre enrollment fitness training program for the CF?
Losing weight no exercise?
Which range of catagory do I fall in weight range?
Is this healthy? Or am I at a risk?
what other healthy drinks can i put in to my healthy diet?
how to lose 17-25 pounds from Jan.1-Feb 18.?
how to get vieny so ilooked rippped?
How much do I look like I weigh? [Picture]?
What is the proper name for this exercise?
Is counting calories and keeping a food journal a bad idea?
Please help ! Any good diet ideas ?
I'm 15, am I the right weight?
What do you think about my meal plan for today?
how to gain abs? 16 years old?
How long does it take for going on the treadmill to take effect?
Doing 100 crunches a day?
is 5.2" 1/2 103 pounds bad?
Weight Gain without trying?
Im 13 years old and im 5'2 (112 lbs) i think im fat and i have big thighs but i do ballroom dancing( latin)?
do i need to lose weight?? pic included?
i think im big cuz i weigh 112 (13 years old and 5'2) i have big thighs but im a ballroom dancer (latin)?
8 glasses of water a day?
I am 5 feet and 110 pounds. Am I fat/overweight?
Am I over weight? and how can I lose weight fast?
Would I be considered "fat"?
Can I Do "The Master Cleanse" for 3 Days and Still See Results?
if you are not able to exercise and sitting at a desk all day and late into the nights how can you lose weigh?
Muscle Memory????????????????????????????????????????????
How much weight to lift?
If you work out for 2 hours a day for 4 days will you see results?
Can everyone get as skinny as Taylor Momsen?
What happens if I didn't eat anything today?
Strong Legs?! Help:D?
will pizza make you gain alot of weight?
Good exercises for losing weight fairly fast?
Protein and working out stunt my growth?
P90X : Do you really have to have protein shakes, and bars?
I've been eating sugar all day and now feel sick...is there anything I can eat to feel better?
How to lose 50 pounds without getting loose skin!!??? advice?
Why are my teeth still moving after having my braces off for 1.5yrs?
Bad breath!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
In Australia, cost of closing gap in 2 front teeth using bonding?
Does everybody get wisdom teeth?
Can i use this as a warm up to weight lifting?
how much should i weigh :S?
How is a scale able to measure your body fat, body water, bone mass and BMI.?
How do I loose a big amount of weight?
Why after I eat 1000 calories my weight increase and when i burn 1000 calories my weight doesn't decrease?
How many reps of bicep curls?
can someone tell me about the 350 calorie diet?
Need to lose weight for a wedding..Help?
How many calories are in 2 slices of multi grain dry toast with 1.5 scrambled eggs?
Does Hypnosis really work for weight loss?
Weighted training - 13 year old boy?
Am I fat ??? HELP !!!?
i need help with my abs! any one want to tell me their secret?
What should I eat after workout(except proteine shake)?
nutritions help on info on what they do?
If you're on a diet, is 2% good to drink? Does it slow down your diet process?
What is the healthiest way for me to lose 15 lbs?
My doctor really scared me now m having bad thoughts about cancer?
I think I've got Melanoma.. but my Doc has no appointments until next week..?
How would you check for cancer?
If time is such a great healer?
early symptons?
advice on breast cancer?
I am freaked out about skin cancer?
cervical cancer jab??
Commitment to Exercise (please read:] )?
tell my mom about my weight gain?
Help with my arms and legs?
I am interested in the nutritonal cleanse. I cannot seem to answer back to replies?
do you think i have a eating disorder? HELP?
Can you still get a six pack if you take weight gain protein?
Does gastric bypass surgery work because it makes you eat less?
how can i tone my stomach?
Do clementines have too much sugar?
do guys mind smaller chest's?
I just joined a gym, advice and help please?
how much should i excersize every day?
which one would you enjoy more as a lifelong career?
Is This Normal? //////////////////////?
does green tea really help you loose weight?
how can you get a bigger bum?
Is eating beans everyday bad for you?
Is this person average, or fat? [10 POINTS]?
What can I put into a blender that will give me 40% carbs 40% protein and 20% good fats?
could you be with somebody who has a eating disorder?
Can too much sugar make you feel tired?
Good workouts for arms abs and thighs?
how can i lose a noticeable amount of weight over the christmas break?
How do I motivate myself to keep up with Insanity workouts?
how to cut cereal out of my diet?
Should I Take Creatine?
will meal replacement shakes help fast weight loss?
How to lose 10 pounds in 9 days?
why is protein important for sports performance?
Losing weight in a month? Already on a diet?
Is losing weight about calories?
I'm i fat? be honest (with picture)?
What are some good chest workouts to help give my chest a good shape?
Would drinking a lot of water help me lose weight?
Should I feel guilty about what I ate today....?
How many jumping jacks does it take to burn 500 calories...?
how to lose ten pounds without exercise?
if i just eat fruits and veggies.... ?
How can I lose weight at home?
Is 110 pounds too thin for my height?
Dissolvable stitches in mouth haven't dissolved?
why do i grind my teeth at night when i wake up my teeth hurt what is it?
Help with chin ups/ pull ups ASAP!?
Root canal treatment? Why do I still have a 'nervy' pain 4 days later?
Retainer question, teeth moving back?
What are some easy and quick leg, arm and ab workout's?
what is a good diet to controle colesterol?
When i'm dieting why do I feel irratable and tired? Shouldn't I feel better?
Goodlife Or Extreme Fitness?
Will I get loose skin after losing 25 pounds in 2 months?
what should i do about this situation?
DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS MAN>?????????????????????????????
What are some weight loss healthy breakfests?
What is the best way to do my sets with working out my chest?
How can i gain weight?
I lost some weight, but how do I keep it off, and keep losing weight?
Is my diet missing anything? Rate it?
Am I Slightly Over Weight?
What are some easy ways to cut calories?
Is it possible for me to get a 6 pack?
How do I stop eating?
I'm always hungryyyyy?
how old should you be before doing weights?
Why have my thighs gotten bigger with exercise?
What is the best pre-workout supplement?
best weight loss pills?
Are these shoes ok to use when working out at a gym or at home?
What is the best way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
How can I loose weight?
I need your help is 130 pounds FAT?
Why do fruitarians look so sickly, weak and emaciated. Is the fruitarian lifestyle viable?
At what age should I start taking a multivitamin?
im 18 how many glasses of water should i drink a day?
How can i loose weight?
Is working out while being mad a good thing?
advice how to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks?
OxyElite Pro for a 17 year old male?
Calorie Deficit, Now Back to Normal Eating = Weight Gain?
What should I eat and drink after a workout at the gym?
physical symptoms of fasting?
If you don't eat enough calories, after a while you won't lose weight. Is this true?
Best diet to make you feel good throughout the day?
If starvation mode exists, why do anorectics lose so much weight?
Frequent smaller meals actually better?
How soon after smoking can i start my patches?
Cancer-Cure suggestion but who do i tell?
Do colds badly affect your white blood cells?
what is the youngest age that someone can develop breast cancer?
can i colour my hair now it is growing back after chemotherapy?
cervical cancer injection.?
I need some time away after my partner has recently recovered from cancer- i feel very tired and drained?
how long should it take to feel the posertive effects of quiting smoking?
Why is smoking increasing in young children?
Does it cost alot of money to get a private scan rather than through the NHS?
Do you think this sounds like some form of cancer?
what is a holistic perspective in relation to nursing?
Can Cemo actually cure cancer?
What are the effects of cancer on the body?
what causes hair loss in cancer patients?
real truth about anorexia?
It's 2:00 in the morning, and I'm terrified! Can anyone help?
Making a Food and Workout plan?
is healthy do drink a lot of milk everyday? like 8 glasses of it a day ?
what type of single exercises target just belly fat and love handles?
Help! Am I overweight?
Should fat women also eat three meals a day?
Why are veins so big and visible on muscular arms?
I need a circuit training routine for rapid weight loss?
i look smaller thanmy weight?
Creatine use. 25 hour a week training. Kinda fat. Effective?
Can someone make me a workout plan?
oblique workouts and exercises?
What to choice and why?? Bernstein Diet or Herbal Magic?
How much weight would I expect to lose doing it the healthy way?
About how many calories did I burn?
P90X vs Weightlifting?
How can I do this in 6 months or less?
Is this considered an eating disorder?
Are fillings classed as a pre-existing condition?
Will my teeth stain when I get my braces off?
Braces...retainers permanent?
Do you change the elastic bands everyday?
WHAT about tongue piercings?
my older doxy has no teeth does anyone have any idea's for treats?
Can veneers come off?
Why did the dentist do this?
im quiting smoking and starting the stkins diet at the same time?
victorias secret inner thigh toning excercise?
what about getting all these fitness freaks to help clean and renovate needy people's homes and give them food?
Skinny with appitite?
How can I stop eating like a pig..?!?!?!!?
If I eat fast-food this one time will it affect my diet?
If you are a skinny person and you are starting to get a double chin, how do you get rid of it?
What can I make for lunch that has approximately 550 calories?
How to become more active?!?
What should my goal weight be?
How to lose 10 pounds?
I'm 5'5 105 pound 16 year old male.I eat tons of fold but don't gain weight.. Am I sick ?? Does super growth ?
why do we often hear that body builders are dumb, all muscles, no brain?
What is a good cake for a diet?
What muscles do pushups work?
which fruits and veggies will make you fat?
How does the new points plus system for weight watchers work?
looking to lose weight?
Ten pounds gone fast ?
has anyone had invisalign for their teeth does it work did it make your teeth straight?
I don't feel sore after a workout?
Is it bad to drink 3 full cups of dark tea in a day?
what fruits should i avoid, and what fruits should i eat?
How to fight of this post pregnancy weight?
should i be concerned?
I'm gaining weight even though I am eating little!?
how can I loose 3 pounds a week?
Need help gaining weight :(?
how to loose access tummy fat?
what is the best pre-workout drink for working out?
If my legs are still sore from a work out two days ago, is it alright for me to work out my legs tomorrow? ?
Does chewing gum make your face slimmer ?
how do i gain a large amount of weight instantly, im 14 years old and i weigh 100 lbs.?
How to get rid of that extra fat?
Can kids buy protein powder?
If i eat only rice and water how fast will i lose weight ?
am i healthy weight or overweigh or what am i plz help?
How to strengthen core muscles?
How can i lose 30 pounds?
Why I am gaining weight? Please help me!?
what does shocking your legs do?
how do you lose 20 pounds in 2 months?
fast, un healthy and secretive ways to lose massive amounts of weight fast?
out of date supplements?
Some advice for getting jaacked?
does anybody know how to do the 17 day diet?
what do i do? please help??? IM NEVER FULL!!!?
Will girls get fatter during puberty ?
How many calories should a 22 year old male consume in a day?
Why Did I Gain Instead of Lose Weight?
Question about plank exercises?
Can you use weight loss pills to help lose weight?
What is a good workout I can do at home without using weights or machines?
Karate or the Gym for Weight loss?
how do i burn 500 calories ?
How can i lose weight without going to the gym?
Will this help me burn fat?
Can anyone become thin?
i dont like how skinny i am? what can i do to gain weight?
why do you think it's most important for keeping a healthy body image?
I have a skinny face? How to do I gain more weight?
How do i Lose 20 Or 10 Pounds In 2 Months?
I need dieting advice.?
Is there a possibility I will get cancer from doing this?
do cancer show up on x rays?
Hair getting white very early age. Any medicine/therapy/advise to Keep that black?
Doctors or the Hospital?
what is an adrenal tumour?
Cervical Cancer... how at risk am I?
cigarettes and tobacco?
Can Cancer show up in a blood test?
what does cancer feal like?
have i got cancer??????????
question about cancer...?
does anyone know where i can get a graph to show increase of cancer?
Where can i get this information pleasee help!!!?
Ovarian cancer stage 3c! Curable?????????
Which activity burns more calories?
How can i lose my belly fat really easily and really fast?
How do you control carb cravings?
what to do about weight issues?
Healthy Weight Gain : Any Ideas?
Whats a good work out plan for me?
how long does it take to lose 17kg?
How much weight do you think I can lose if I run on my treadmill 5 days a week 30 mins a day?
I thought I had recovered. Is it returning? Please answer!?
I cant feel full!!!! Help!!!?
Does the oatmeal diet really work?
How to have a flat belly? ?
What's and honest-to-god weight loss trick?
I need help loosing weight desperatly!!!!!?
Has anyone tried the 'water' diet?
is it better to workout before breakfast or after?
If i overeat for two days, while having been on a low calorie diet?
Is it time to stop bulking, and start cutting?
What are some good sports to lose weight fast?
Do I Have A Healthy BMI?
do "planks" work......?
Do I Have A Healthy BMI?
Does this look healthy?
Is this a good training split?
What's a Good Work Out Plan at The Gym?
IS her body normal or is she fat/skinny?
Teen Wight Loss Is This Good Enough?
how can i lose 50 pounds by summer time?
Stretch marks.. Good or bad?
i need an ab routin please?
Do you think this protein shake would keep?
will i gain weight because i feel very full?
Am I eating enough calories?
is it okay to eat too much fruit?
Im not losing wieght!!!!!?
help meeee! 2 weeks to lose inches.?
Calorie cycling and/or calorie restriction?
Any websites that would save me a trip and money to a dietician?
Why is it important to eat healthy?
How do I loosed weight fast?
Consequences of eating too many bananas?
Do I have a Full Blown Eating Disorder?
Diet or workout plan?
i burned 980 calories in 40 mins?
Having digestion problems?
1000 calorie challenge?
is a calorie a calorie?
what is the best whey protein?
Nutritionally Impressive yet Tasty Cereals?
Why do I have a big tummy if I'm an Ectomorph?
Help with p90x plz???
How can I lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks?
Are there any good websites to help plan a weekly workout for teens?
Do i weigh too much?!? how can i lose weight fast? HELP?!?!?
how many calories in a homemaid chicken quesadillas?
Can I start do gym every friday saturday and sunday...and then play badminton on mondays and tuesdays?
Working out Bicept deltoids and tricepts?
What's a healthy weight range for a 20 year old woman?
what gear would you need for a home gym for martial arts training, boxing, wrestling, and strength training?
how many grams of protein are 1 lb (458 gm) of red lean meet (beef)?
Question regarding Curves for Women (The Fitness Facility)?
When will my metabolism slow down?
Im wondering how many calories i need to be eating to lose weight?
How can I gain weight?!! Please answer : (?
Effective exercises to lose 25 pounds in one month?
I am eating tons of raisens, is that okay? im not looking to gain weight.?
Anorexia?! Help .. 10 points best answer?
Is it normal for a 13 year old to weigh; 130 pounds?
weightlifting routines?
What is the Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous prayer?
Why do I keep gaining weight?
i wight 120 lb and dont hv tht much fat just want to get abs?
How to lose 20 pounds in 11 days?
How can an athlete have high BMI but low body fat?
My dad was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His partner is keeping things from me. What can I do?
Is this cervical cancer. Help?
Child cancer diagnosis?
Words for my tattoo covering cancer scar?
arguments for mobile phones causing cancer?
i had a 1mm sessile polyp removed from my rectum is this polyp dangerous?
is cancer genitic please help?
my wife;s moaning, b,cause i have called to see what time my mums blood test is she has cancer and needs help?
My son is 17 and 7 weeks ago he found a small lump in his groin about the size of a peanut while taking a show?
if you have leaukimea, why do you get a bone marrow transplant?
when someone is dieing on life support/ventilator with lung cancer..?
i have recently finished radiotherapy for hogkins lymphoma cancer but carn't stop itching?
What do smokers think of their decision?
Losing my hair thro chemo....I need to get what's left tidied up..any suggestions please?
My mother has just been told she has lung cancer.....?
What are some really good at home workout or body building machines?
what body shape am i?
How can i drop 10 pounds fast?
How could I even out or gain weight?
How many "am I fat" question do you see here everyday?
How can a person eat just enough calories (in a day) to lose weight and not feel hungry?
Overweight teen in dire need of advise?
Can I get stomach ulcer from not eating?
how can women increase their physical strength?
How to get the perfect athletic V-shaped Body(guys)?
I need to lose weight ( teenager)?
Am I fat or avarege or over over wight?
Which are better for bodybuilding: Soy Milk Protein Shakes OR Whole Milk Protein Shakes?
How do i get a great looking and healthy body ?!?
Is my metabolism going to slow down?
lose 10 pounds in 1 month.?
Is my lunch healthy i think so?
I'm confused about my Resting Heart Rate?
kk i am a tenager in grade 9 im not fat but chubby how can i lose weight i only have a dad and sis?
Can genetics have this effect on strength imbalances?
do you think I'm to skinny :( !?
Fruit Smoothie After Workout?
please help me to loose weight?
Does eating white rice make you fat ?what should i do ?
how can a average teenager get taller ?
How come some people can shorten their time in a mile run more than I can?
Is 145 pounds healthy for a 6'0 male?
leukaemia can it run in the family ?
cancer question....help!?
dose anyone know if colon cleansing?
What is it with Cancer?
Any advice on how to cope when visiting someone close who is very ill with cancer?
Should i have the HPV vaccine? Help :(?
Cervical cancer jab for Year 8 girls?
Do you know anyone who died due to cancer but were only in their 20's ?
Could I have kidney cancer?
what are the signs of a brain tumor?
Is it possible and realistic to lose 25 pounds in 5 months?
How do you know you have the right personal trainer for you?
Safest, Fastest and Easiest Way to Lose Weight?
Can a naturally thin person with a veryhigh metabolism get chubby if they eat Supersized meals at McDonalds?
Am I anorexic, or is it that I am just skinny?
Will working out for 1 hour with weights with 30 sec rest between sets be too much for a whole body workout?
I've lost 7lbs but I see no difference in the way I look?
how can a 140LB woman lose 10 pounds?
Do you think it's healthy for my mom to be drinking all these vitamins?
How do i lose my thigh fat?
weight loss please help?
Is it a hypothyroid?...?
Am I going to get Fat?
Workout suggestions.....?
Why am I all of a sudden gaining weight?
Is my height good for my age?
help me with my workout plan?
New diet and regime for my bf and I...?
How often do you think about your weight or diet related stuff?
How many calories per day should a normal man consume ?
How to keep committed to weight loss?
Can is possible to GET a high metabolism if u dont have one? How?
I need some weight lose help!?
how ripped am I for a 14 year old?
pre-work out with jack3d for before and 100% weigh protein after.?
Will drinking lots of water help you lose weight?
Would I Be Considered Healthy?
Am I skinny or not???
Will drinking diet cokes take you out of Ketosis?
what to eat to gain weight?
how to do a proper training?
our mum feeds us the same thing every day?
will i see results in a month with 100 wrist curls?
Anybody have success in loosing belly fat fast?
I'm 5' 7" and a half and i'm 107 pounds.....Help:(?
What is the relationship between obesity and metabolism?
Is this a good, solid workout plan?
how quickly can i lose 50 pounds?
what are the common symptoms that somebody may have cancer?
my son has had a lump on nape of neck for 4 wks. no other symtoms, could it be cancer or am i being silly.?
Aunty has breast cancer.?
Should I get the HPV cervical cancer vaccination?
how long could you live?
melanoma Cancer has Spread to Lymph nodes !?
Bloating/fullness and Rectal bleeding.....bowel cancer? Help, need advice?
my hair falls out alot does that mean i have cancer?
I want to be EXTREAMLY THIN. im normal weight and everyhting right but iw anna get to underweight.?
how to lose 27 pounds in 4 months?
I get bored fast with workouts especially if I don't see results quickly?
working out while sick?
Mixing Virgin Coconut Oil with Tea Tree Oil?
I keep thinking I will get Cancer, please try help me?
i think my mum has melanoma but she wont go to the doctors to get it checked out :S?
has any member of our royal family been diagnosed with cancer?
does people living in london that are not citizens have health coverage if they no insurace and has cancer?
could someone please give advice/info on pancreatic disorders..?
Is there anywhere in the uk?
Family member with cancer?
My mum was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus.?
i have a lump im going to the doctors do i book an appointment and what do i say i also live in the uk?
micheal Jackon has got skin cancer do you think he will beat it?
Would a charity fit a toilet for my ill Grandfather?
kylie minogue and her recovery?
First signs of cancer are?
Has anyone heard of Bone Cancer being cured?
My mum's been diognosed with cancer?
Suitable gift for Chemo Patient?
I'm a guy and I'm trying to get rid of fat? how?
I'm on Day 50 of P90X and don't see many changes? (Pics included)?
Can you be stronger at 35 than you were at 20 with a good diet/workout plan?
How can I get skinny thighs but NOT built?
Is it bad to jog around your block?
questions about whey protein and weight loss?
I am Trying to lose fat?
if i go on a fruit/veggie diet ...?
Diet Question ?! will i reach my goal?!?
Why is Vitamin Water bad for you?
I am 20 years old, 5'2, and have a BMI of 17.7. Should I see a doctor about this?
Is it weird if a guy goes to Yoga?
good at math people? :P [how many cals did i burn,how much cals did i eat.]?
Some advice for working out routine?
Which one should i get?
center splits and hurting hips.?
is this enough exercise?
Do you know any free caffeine beverages for my breakfast ?
master clean detox/diet?
how much weight can you gain?
why do i weigh so little, but feel so fat?
If you lose weight will you lose stretch marks as well?
Will i lose weight with this plan?
how do you resit cakes + cookies once their in the house?
Could i be a model ??? ***measurements**?
What workout will burn the most fat from my thighs?
Do you know anyone who died due to cancer but were only in their 20's ?
how risky is needle biopsy test?
White blood cells count?????
Has anyone had a Gastroscopy done?
UK advice needed -How can you get a GP to someone urgently, when they are not registered?..?
If someone has cancer...?
blood on the toilet paper again?
Words of comfort to a friend who is loosing a close relative?
Is this to much for one week?
is this enough exercise?
How do I get rid of cravings?
Exercise question, please and thank you?
Hands and feet extremely red when exercising .. what is this!?
How Many Calories Do You Burn With Very Little Activity?
you stop growing at age 18. how many inches can you shrink between age 18 and 60?
What do I (a woman) have to do to become more toned?
What are some good supplements to take when working out?
How can you loose fat from you stomach quickly?
I want to start working out?
What is the fastest ways to lose 5-8 pounds 10POINTS?
Please help ! do i weigh too much for my height?
I work out and i weight this much.I'm 13 so is this a good amount of pounds for my age?
OMG i just took a really big gulp of water..am i gonna die (serious question)?
Am I at a healthy size?
What's a good, easy to make, healthy snack after working out?
why cant i lose weight?
has anyone tried the diet pill Allie?
Exercising indoors????/?
im starting to get impatient with p90x?
POLL for men who workout at the gym and have big muscles?
What would happen if?
how to lose weight on just your thighs?
I am looking at losing 50 lbs over 6 months, will I have loose skin?
Need to lose some body fat?
I've stayed at the same weight even though I exercise.?
Am I working out enough?
What would you say is the best exercise for your latissimus dorsi muscle?
What should I do? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
Best diet way? Please help!!!?
Cancer and smoking. ?
Is this cancer Heredity?
How Weak does someone have to get from cancer before death?
i had leukaemia, BM transplant,radiotherapy i got really bad ulcers on legs how long do they take to heal ?
lump on the back ov my head pleze help !!!!?
How good are whole body scans?
I am recovering from cancer and am now able to travel abroad, my company has refused to give me the time off,?
Ciggarete displays to be banned?
What does cancer feel like?
I was wondering, does a full blood count show up cancers?
Hi, can you help find out what's wrong with my grandad?
Would meat eaters be prepared to eat non malignant tumors grown on farm animals?
pink and blue????
If I keep my mobile 'phone in my trouser pocket, can l get testicular cancer?
waiting for their 12 week scan?
Please help, Im really worried- im 14 and ovarian cancer?
What do you think of my weight?
Do you think I'm fat?
Diet: Healthy Grocery List?
what can i do to lose 20 pounds FAST!?
i want to join weight watchers how old do you have to be?? i am thirteen?
how can i lose some fat and gain muscle? good help neded please?
dieting and starvation!! help?
exercises to do before i go to bed?
does this sound healthy, how should i change it?
How can i put a lot of muscle mass on fast?
Why is it that when you watch tv/movies, when people are eating dinner....?
Why are my Ketone strips getting lighter?
What would happen to your body if you ate and drank ONLY meat and water for the rest of your life?
what vitamins are good for losing weight?
Is this a good workout plan for me?details-?
Why am I gaining weight?
I am starting the South Beach Diet one month before my wedding.?
Are these healthy or not? Mixed answers?
how does sunlight cause cancer?
i have found a lump on the back of the neck of my son. he is 18months what could it be?
I am going to visit someone with cancer that is probably terminal, how do i break the ice?
John hartson has cancer...is he likely to survive?
Did anyone NOT get the HPV Cervical Cancer jab?
why do you get lung cancer when you smoke?
do I have breast cancer?
Can a sore, smooth, free moving lump ever be Malignant?
What if my alcohal intake is more than my caloric food intake?
thermo maxxx does it work?
why do i bloat so much?
Will twenty minutes of moderate walking everyday help in general?
what do you think of my body, am i fat or chubs?
rate my body, am i fat?
Would you consider 1500 calories enough per day?
what would you eat if you can only eat 24-27 points on weight watchers?
After a period of fasting, what to eat?
does pull ups make your biceps bigger?
Is 5,4 and 129 pounds = fat for a 14 year old girl?
what will happen to my strength?
Natural ways to whiten teeth?
i had a tooth out the other day and alls well although the tooth next to it is quite painful, is this normal?
I need a good exercise plan.?
AM I FAT? rate my body?
Do you think I'm overweight, underweight or healthy?
Best way to lose weight?
how can i reset my tolerance to pre workout?
10 Points For a quick write-up about nutrition claims .?
ankle weights............?
Is anyone suffering from CLL ?.Anyone got any advice to share ?
Medical professionals please?
what are main causes of prostrate cancer in 56yrs 0ld man?
How many different types of cancer are there?
Carcinoma of the pancreas ?
girl friend of 7 months and very close ive cancer, long history of depression could it be a crie for help?
disability living allowance and cervical cancer?
Is it likely for my mum to have cancer?
What are the chances of surviving lung cancer?
help answer could i have skin cancer???? only 13 help help?
what is radiation treatment like?
What are the symptons for breast cancer?
robbert pattinsons jaw?
Is this unprofessional?
how can i make my teeth sharp like a vampires?
In regard to fluoride being added to QLD. water supply.?
Is there anything a dentist can coat your teeth with to make them stronger?
Is it okay to eat brownies once in a while?
I need help with making rock candy. Tried many ways etc. Can elevation have an effect on it. I need help.?
if im 16 and want to loose weight fast what could i do?
I think my friend is bulimic? help please.?
How many calories am I burning a week?
im really fat right now,i dont know what to do, can you please help me. im serious :( im stressed out.?
my parents make me weigh myself in front of them, how can i make it look as if i gained without eating?
Why is this happening?
considering my body type and food restrictions, is my diet ok?
Fastest way to reach 400lbs on bench press?
soft drinks unhealthier Beer?
How to hang out with 'bigger' friends & not let them ruin your diet?
I'm 5'1", 117 lbs (ugh, 20 characters)?
What are types of exercise good for your heart?
I have short legs and I hate it :( How can i make my legs longer. Is there particular exercices or something?
how many cokes a week can you drink without getting sick or too unhealthy?
does white tea really help in losing weight?
Can i choose which P90X phase to do first?
how would you rate my body?
How many calories do i need to intake to lose weight?
Is P90X Worth The 3 Months?
What supplements can help me lose weight and gain muscle FAST?
how to get abs as a teenager?
why do i have so much energy?
How to lose 60 pounds in 6 months ?
How much should i weigh at 5 foot three that is the minimum weight?
Is it possible for someone as skinny as me to have overeating problems?
Is this a good way to maintain my current weight?
what are some bicep workouts?
Can you eat your self to death?
Is it bad to take too many flintstones vitamins?
14 Day water fast, starting tomorrow....?
does milk cause cancer? and after a jog should you wait a day?
3 months working out at the gym?
When my brains telling me to keep eating, but my bodys saying stop....?
Is my bulking diet ok?
How can I maintain my current weight?
How could I be this heavy?
Protein powders for women?
Coming off benefits after receiving a life saving transplant?
I got a bad pain time to time on my right tummy.scan found there's a cyst in my ovary.Is it cancer?
How long does it take to get over cigarettes?
My boyfriend just had a tumor removed. Please read.?
my grandma is a smoker?
What is the prognosis for someone who was found to have abnormalities (white spots) on their cervix?
Do I have lymph node cancer?
Grandma with breast cancer - what next?
what are the sins to look for testical cancer?
breast cancer/ mobile phones?
abnormal smear result.?
My mum has cancer and told she only haS 3 months 2 live i don't know how i feel and that scares me. help plz ?
What is the symptoms of colon cancer and how is the test done?
I think I'm fat but my friends say I'm not..?
So all you girls with the great legs, what is your secret?
Am I over weight? :/?
How much does it cost to have slim band put in?
exercises for disabled?
How to get bigger thighs?
Do you lose "belly" fat when you do abs(situps)?
How many sit ups do you need to do ?
how much should i weigh????? im only 5'2?
I'm 15 years old and i'm thinking about joining the gym. What do you think?
Short weight question. Help?
About Trader Joe's Product Price?
can someone give me some workout advice?
Why am I always hungry?
How long would it take for a thin person to lose 5 lbs?
What's a reasnable workout plan for me?
Losing Weight Unintentionally?
I had a root canal done about two weeks just found out the there is some inflamation ?
If accumulated fat cells stay in a person's body forever, how can a person even lose weight and look lean?
Cancer Question.?
If a metastatic breast cancer sufferer has severe ascites (5 ltrs every 14 days) how long can they live?
Cancer Qu regarding Dr.Budwig?
wot are the side effects of radiotherapy please?
Secondary bone cancer - radiotherapy?
how long would you have to wait for ultrasound scans if cancer is suspected?
Weight loss help please?
Work out video suggestions?
Will I have success losing weight with Master Cleanse?
If im skinny, what kind of weights should i be lifting?
Is it even possible to lose 10 pounds per month ?
can i maintain my weight this way?
10 POINTS: Tips for early morning cardio ?
I have skinny arms, and want to bulk them up(mainly), and also want to buff my whole body, help please?
Did i eat healthy today ?
How can I lose weight fast?
Need help losing weight?
how long do u have to go with out eating so u can go into starvation mode?
Is this a good workout without weights?
Could a 7ft tall person jump?
Which burns more calories? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
whats the average Weight for a 13 year old?
Does is aspartame make you Fat? I know that can give you cancer liek all thign in the world so don't said it's?
When should I workout!? :)?
How to Thin out muscular calves?
how long would it take to lose 5 pounds with this program?
stretching makes muscle?
How much calories is in a pound ?
should I do a advanced workout:?
When you do abs do you lose weight, please answer this?
Shredded Wheat cereal? Good or bad?
Anything wrong medically or just my diet?
Is there any way to work your core without doing crunches or situps?
why am i so hungry all the time?
Is P90X good for muscle gain?
SKINNY/FIT people!!! When do you exercise!?!?
How to stop starving myself?
No pain no gain. Help?
can u get a monroe piercing if u have braces?
Wisdom teeth removed (under the gums)?
what are the steps for lingual braces?
Is my tooth going to fall out?
how much are braces ?
I still have baby teeth!?!?
anyone who has had braces?
what dentistry book is better?
Is this normal????????
Can I eat cold food (like ice-cream) after a filling?
Help? Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Braces... can you dye the latex elastics? :)?
White substance on the back of my tongue?
where can i get a dental protector ?
I'm Scared To Death Of The Dentist!!! HELP!!!?
how to stop getting a dry mouth and bad breath from braces?
Whiten Teeth? help me pleaaase!?
a couple of questions about braces?
Looking for a bit of info on how they test if cancer has spread?
Are the side effects i am suffering normal to the cervical cancer jab?
What are the benefits of palliative chemotherapy?
Should i get the cervical cancer jab after girl dies?
Can I insist on a referral to get another Mammogram?
prostate cancer?
Is it REALLY bad if i dont get my cervical cancer jab?
is this cancer?
How do i know if i have Lung cancer?
what is the treatment for too much body iron ;how can i get rid of it;?
What to expect after treatment?
could it have triggered off her cancer?
How good is the percentage that cancer can go forever?
Colonoscopy questions?
Can you give me info about cancer?
Ms Denisedd,you said bladder cancer in young people under 30yo?
Can smoking have any affect on barretts oesophagus??
why am i losing my chest muscle?
Should you stretch before doing leg exercises? or After?
I need to lose weight?
can I jog/walk at my current health?
Am I healthy or what. . .?
what does this measurement mean in body size?
How any more calories a day do you use up eating 6 times a day versus 3 with the same caloric intake?
Am I supposed to shower after gym?
how much calories do i need to burn, to lose one pound per day?
When doing deadlifts, do you have to touch the floor for each rep?
Really good plan to get in shape?
how can i lose weight as a teenager?
I'm always hungry....?
working out pectorals?
How to recharge the body's energy when low?
is it bad to workout 2 muscles every time you go to the gym ?
Teenage Summer weight Gain :(?
Fitness/nutrition/diet is only for women?
Are you so desperate to lose weight that you would trust a complete stranger to be your personal trainer?
Question; Ladies please advise?
Fibroid myalgia?
symptoms of bowl cancer?
what does it mean if cancer is found in the lymph nodes?
Just Found Out My Partner Has Prostate Cancer?
A cure for Cancer?
Im looking for a Support / Counselling Group in Glasgow?
are cancer cells prevalent in human bodies,all human bodies?
Any connection between ferns and cancer?
How can people be saved from Ovarian cancer?
signs of bowel cancer?
is Alapeasha a form of cancer?
Is the Cervical Cancer Jab For Girls safe?
how do i raise money for cancer?
advice about the cervical cancer vaccination?
Why do I have to put sunscreen on my mom forces me to use it?
What are the treatments for colonic / bowel cancer? Are they successful please?
Only answer if you know Please....?
Weird lumps all over my body?
how serious can a bone infection be?
Have you been affected by cancer?
Are lymph nodes dangerous?
Anyone have Workout Advice?
(10 points) Do you get a Dieting 'high' the first few days of a diet?
Vitamins that can help me focus in school?
weight loss question?
How do I get abs that stick out?
What do you think about my body?
How do I lose some weight?
Workout plan for a 14 year old girl?
What am I supposed to do?School + Work = No work out ?
Out of all the diets you've tried,what worked the best for you?
What are some good foods that help to tone your abdomen?
what is the percentage increase of junk food since 2000?
what does vitamin water do to your body?
How many days of fasting takes to clean bowels completely?
How to fast, and how to transition yourself out of the fast?
How can I still have a balanced breakfast when I don't feel like eating in the morning and I'm short on time?
Trying to lose weight for my 19th birthday and need advice.?
i need to loose weight fast?
I am 6' (~180 cm), 210 lbs (95 kilos) with 25% body fat. Is losing 10 lbs (4.5 kilos) a month too fast a loss?
My fiiling fell out (grinding tooth, back of mouth) about 5 years ago, but now im getting really sharp pains ?
Do teeth ever stop shifting?
remove super glue from dentures?
I brush my teeth at least twice a day, rinse with mouthwash at least twice a day. ?
How much would it cost for a trip to the dentist?
I have an Orthodontics appointment tommorrow & I havent worn my rubber bands as much as I should have..?!?
How much pounds is an inch but off your waist and thighs?
When would I see a difference?
What is a healthy way for someone to gain weight?
Does it matter what you eat if you burn off the calories?Will you still lose weight?
do shape ups really work?
where can i buy or order the iron gym xtreme in canada?
Home made way to do pull ups?
Postrate cancer question: My brother who is in remission with this?
What specific type of surgeon operates on cancers in general?
Is smelly gas hereditary?
Got 2 moles, both concern specialist and awaiting urgent removal.Then checks for cancer. Anyone help?
my husband has a dry mouth finds it hard to eat some things ,he has not much saliva?
If left untreated how long does it generally take for testicular cancer to kill you?
what is a lung cancer?
can u get cancer from having big natural breast?
whats the youngest age someone had lung cancer?
Should I get the cervical cancer jab?!?
Can a smear test show if you have stage 1 cervical cancer?
what can you do to make yourself less bloated?
I need to loose at least 5 ponds before school starts... help!?
Why do I hate my body so much?
if i do billy blanks tae-bo workout...10 points for best answer!?
At what age do you start to grow taller? And before you grow are you suppose to gain weight? PLEASE HELP!!?
I'm starting to lose motivation.. some tips please?
Will this help me reduce fat?
i always eat late at night and im not hungry i just eat is there any tricks for me to stop this habbit?
Advice About Daily Sugar Intakes?
Anyone got any good/weird detox juicing combinations? Diet starts today lol!?
What can I do with a Personal Trainer certificate?
Is flavoured water as good as regular water?