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simple salads?
im going to a pool party in 8 days how do i make my six pack more noticeable?
Why do men lose weight faster than women?
Am I fat???
8 glasses of water??!!?
Did I just blow my whole diet?
What are some foods where you are able to burn the calories off quick?
well i eat under 500 calories a day for 3 months im hopeing to lose 25lbs do u think i can do it??
What is the best way to mix creatine monohydrate powder and how much water do i drink when i take it?
do you think i am fat?
I burn 440 calories a day?
thigh exercise?
i walk 3mph for 1/2 an hour plus i push the stroller.?
whats the best diet ? and over the counter diet pill i need to loss 15 pound NOW!?
I'm just wondering, does running give u muscles or help u lose weight ?
A Base Or Flyer? :S?
Does anyone know what kind of exercise routine Jessica Biel does?
Joints knees and sholders?
What are the chances that my Dad has Lung Cancer...?
how to get rid of love handles?
does cooking spray have less calories than cooking oil?
how to increase my height?
how do i loose weight, fast?
How can I lose 50 pounds and how long will it take?
Question about weight watchers points.?
Dieting and no Special K diet?
what happens when you burn more calories then you eat?
Just looking for beginners elliptical advice.?
For men... How low does your bodyfat % have to go in order to really see your 6 pack?
i am 5'2 and i weigh 106 pounds... is that bad?
I Need To Loose Alot Fast!!!?
does chewing gum make cheeks look smaller?
Shin Splints please help?
How do you gain weight?
if i only eat bananas as snacks insead of junk will i lose weight or not?
NATURAL BOoTY !?!?!~!!?!?!??!111!!?!>.<?
Bowel problems and Ribena Juice?
What causes your metabolism to slow down when you diet other than muscle loss, and enzymes?
Trying to lose some weight .. ?
Will I loose anything?
I am going to try this question but in a different way. In order to have the most muscle in 8 months should I?
the wire on my brace bent into a u shape?
Jus noticed my 20 mnth old has a chipped front tooth! Worried sik! What do i do?
im having my wisdom teeth taking out and want to know?
Do I need to burn more fat?
looking for some healthy meal ideas?
upper body excersices?
Why is it said not to shower right after eating a meal?
LOVE HANDLES! help me get rid of them please!?
dieting help?
Yummy snack options while dieting?
Isn't it my business if I want to take the bus to work?
I am ANOREXIC...Need help.?
i am working on my cardio by taking up jump rope but when i get 40 seconds into it my shoulders start to hurt?
wich is better creatine in capsules or in powder?
muscle milk?
What's a good summer work out?
Do you lose weight when you poo?
sorry u guys i just weighed myself i''''m not 138 i''m 129 and i' 5'7 so i'm i still to fat to be a flyer
whats a daily exercise i can do?
How do I stop being light headed and dizzy?
Can i get skinny in one month?
to bulk up should i 2 sets of each muscle 5 days a week or 3 sets of each mucsle 3 times a week??
fried chicken cutlets?
Is there such a thing as a ~7 days detox~ ?
will i be able to loose weight b4 september.with this routine/?
where could I find Gyrokinesis clases in Calgary?
my partner is undergoing treatment for cancer on his cheek can this affect his fertility to get children?
What tips do you have for experiencing stress-free travel when you’re living with cancer?
First time working out at a college gym, what should I expect/do? Please help!?
13 years old, about 120 pounds and 5'3 in height.?
How to get rid of stomach fat?
Back hand spring question.?
Im 15, I weigh 170. How can i lose weight?
How to lose weight???
Im 16, any growth spurt?
where will all the extra calories go?
How do i get STRONGER?
- 2pounds aweek? overweight!!?
Am I safe to Interval Train everyday??? ?
Favorite Supplements and Why?
increasing protein in diet?
Should I do a warm-up on the bike, elliptical or treadmill before working out?
r there any good "exersizes" to get rid of double chin?
what is the normal weight for?
How to lose 10 pounds fast?
Personal Workout schedule?
How do i get a 2 or 4 or 6 pack?
Does power yoga help lose inches?? help? ?
Does Getting Teeth Extracted Hurt ?
water base and oil base steroids be drawn in same syringe & injected intramuscalur?
Need help losing weight!?
popular people help me?
how to take creatine??
how can i lose weight fast?
does drinking green tea really make yu loose weight ?
How often can I do interval training?
How many calories should we have a day?
Will I gain weight?
How can i lose weight...pills or what?
Turbo jam!?
How long will it take me to gain 20lbs of muscle?
If I walk on a treadmill everyday for 3hrs, with incline at 0, will I gain any muscle in my thighs and calves?
Healthy Weight loss?
How many pounds can I expect to lose?
The points quizz says I can have 35 points daily however i also see 35 points is for someone over 350 pounds??
How can I gain Weight ??
My weight can't change!?
When calculating what your weight should be, how do you know for sure what your "frame size" is?
I need to loose my belly anytips?
I'm worried about this lump I found on my head?
How do you find out which soft drink rots your teeth the most?
Braces crisis?!?!?!?!?!?
will they prescribe me any thing for the?
braces and spacers??
getting braces put on?
Do you get to choose what colour wire?
My adult tooth wont come out!?
what colour braces?/?
please answer braces?
braces - what are they like ?
Can you file down a crown once it is put in?
Abscess on gum. pregnant?
How to get rid off exma around the mouth?!?
Abbreviation "O.C." for a structure at or near the corner of mouth?
is karunya university sold ?
Im a 14 year old male, will my groth stunt if i work out?
How can i get REALLYY FATT?
How to gain weight?
Gain... loose or stay where I am?
Help with weight. I want toned legs..read details please!?
Anybody wanna be my weightloss buddy?
How much weight do I have to lose?
how soon until i lose inches ?
What is a healthy weight and waist and hio measurments?
Am I underweight?
I've been wondering if I am doing the right thing, can someone help?
HOw much do i have to run to lose a Pound?
how many calories do you need to burn to lose a pound?
Getting builtt for a child?
How to gain weight.?
what foods help flattern your belly??
How to lose weight, which diet?
How much weight do you think i should lose (pic)?
ive got a lot of muscle but it doesn't show?
What is your favorite healthy food?
weight watchers smart ones?
What is BMI?
I want to lose about 20 pounds? I'm 15?
Anyone know a workout that gets rid of the skin uder your arm,right below your shoulder ?
How Do I Loose 10 Pounds A Month?
Am I Fat???????????????????????????
How to make yourself puke?
Am I a good weight?
How much time would it take to walk/jog 12 miles?
How to lose a couple pounds quick?
What can I eat to gain weight?
I need to lose weight fast?
Perfect measurements for me?
I weigh 114 and i am 5feet is that normal?
Gaining weight? Please please help I am desparate!?
my body is always hungary ...?
sorbet versus ice cream?
Another SlenderTone Q...Its capabilities?
Lump Under My Armpit?
Can I get Help with Glasses being on DLA as I have had a Brain Tumour?
If someone has prostate cancer is there any hope for survival?
does smoking cannabis slow down cancer growth?
My boyfriend smokes, I don't and I'm worried?
what are the symptoms of cancer besides finding a lump?
My Beautiful wife is afflicted with P.C.O.S any idea's for weight control. her diet is excellent!?
Weight concerns!!?
Best protein supplement that won't cause weight gain?
vitamins or something to help...?
Am I chubby?
fun activity wheel can you please help me list fun healthy activities?
If I eat a good breakfast is it less likely to eat more in the afternoon?
Green tea and apples?
Good places to buy yoga wear....?
is creatine powder or whey protein bad to take with caffeine such as pepsi?
Is it true that walking fast is better for womens health than running..i guess body shape wise not so much car
How is it possible for pop to have zero calories ?
Help! Is the order of my three main meals important or not?
Is celery good for you?
daily diet and workout plan .
What do you think of Hydroxycut?
How to get a 6 pack abs?
What's the best way to keep muscle?
is it really possible for someone to get so strong that there muscles turn into metal
is there a needle when they put on and take off braces?
Do I need to go back to the dentist?
Coloured bit of brace came lose?
Did my dentist make a mistake?
Why does my tooth hurt?
Root canal or Extraction of 1st Molar?
I have a small marble lump on the right inside of my cheek where my upper right teeth are? is that normal?
What are the areas in front of prevertebral fascia, behind (1) alar fascia (2) retroesophageal fascia called?
Toothache where a crown is after a cold?
One of my molars are coming in, what should I do?
What's the cavity just above vestibular fold (of larynx) called?
do you have to be put to sleep?
Where is ethmoid sinus in relation to nasal cavity, sphenoid sinus, and maxillary sinus?
What's this pain in my teeth from?
How does this sound for an overall description of function of vagus nerve?
Is Invisalign for me?
A ban on smoking is an infringement On public liberty?
How Do I Lose Wieght And Whats the average wieght for a 12 yrs Old Boy?
Im Ona Calorie Diet, Sould I lift weight (i do, should i stop)?
Roughly how much weight do I need to loose?
Im 5'6 155lbs and want to look good in a swimsuit in 4 months, Im medium framed, how much should I loose? Can
Muscle Mass Building... Every day Or Every Second day?
How much effect will running 6 days a week have on my weight loss?
What are the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day?
Can someone explain to me why an all liquid diet doesn't work?
why dont i gain muscular mass?
Could stress cause weight gain in your abdomen?
what is the fastest way for a disabled person to lose weight?
Can you make your abs bigger....in size??
Have you had success with a low carb diet?
Weight loss!?
gaining muscle mass?
Does anyone have the fit flops? Do they work?
sixpack abs?
Weight Problem?
What is water good for?!?
Best Arm Muscles For Punching?
Does anyone know where to purchase phentermine (from a reputable site!!!)??
Why am I getting cavities?!?
i had my braces removed 1 year ago and doctor did not give me retainers .my teeth is moving back.?
Do i have an overbite???????
What are the effects of happy gas?
people can some1 help me motivate plz??
Can someone give me the low down on Colon Cleansing?
im 13 and i have stretch marks on my side and wat sum people call luv handles how do i lose weight 4rm my side
why does the body feel different after not exercising for 2 days?
Does this look healthy?
I am 13 and i need some help on losing a couple pounds and getting a 6-pack?
need baby names!!! boys or girls !!! any ideas ???
tummmmy fat:(?
turbojam Has anyone else tried it ???
Over weight?
where can i buy more?
How many calories does a baseball stadium nachos thing have?
Building Muscles???
do you think being 5 foot 5 and a half weighing 168 pounds is unhealthy?
McDonalds... is my body "rejecting" it? Read details?
Jumping rope or treadmill for weight loss?
What are the best exercise for your lower abs?
Is there caffeine in Fresca?
Low impact exercise help!?
can doing pushups and dips tone and strenghthen the muscle?
I am reserching the fitness prog. P90X and wondering if there is any other equipment needed besides the video?
answer pleasee !! i want to lose 15 asap!! does this eating look right to you?
i have a flat stomach, but why is it loose?
I am almost 16 what can I do to loose weight for this summer?
what counts as a glass of water?
How tall will i grow.?
I'm 5' 3" and I weigh 109 lbs. Am i underweight?
can u catch terminal cancer from the victims blood?
my one breast is small and one little big is that the sign of breast cancer?
How do i get my mum and dad to stop smoking?
Jade Goody and her cancer battle!?
what's the symptom of testicular cancer?
when chemo doesnt work, docs have no more answers, what else can be done?
Tiny Bumps inside my breasts-Do I have breast Cancer?
How was YOUR cervical cancer (HPV) jab?
I just knocked my tooth extraction blood clot out!?
Head Brace Or Something?
im getting braces on Tuesday, im kinda scared?
Do diuretics decrease salivary flow?
i am getting wisdom teeth out today..?
What color Braces should i get...?
Cavity help! My tooth hurts?
who can recommmend to me a insrance product for my tooth?
what is tooth decay on the face of teeth called?
Does anyone know where i can get my wisdom teeth pulled out for less than 150 dollars apiece?
Help me out with retainer?
is a root canal painful?
i want to fix my teeth...invisalign or braces?
natural remedies for tooth abcess?
What is the exterior surface of the tooth called?
Is it true that the body part that puts on weight first is also the body part that loses weight first?
Are doctor's scales more accurate than those at home?
How can a 13 year old get abs?
what foods should i eat in a day to lose the most weight?
am i over weight?
Which works better hoodia or proactol?
What's the best way to lose 15 pounds quickly?
Is this possible?
Does eating egg yolks raise a person's cholesterol levels?
Trout Lovers?????????
Wanting to gain muscle in chest and arm areas.?
Help! Need to lose weight for my wedding!!!?
nonstop appetite what the heck is up??????
Is there any actual diets that work if there is tell plz thnx?
what do u do if you like somebody in yr school but u dont know if they like u bake?
iv been doing sit-ups for like 4 months, and no 6 pack, not even a 4 pack?
does working on my obliques make the waist smaller??
Can you help me figure out the correct number of calories of Breakfast Anytime with 2% milk?
What would be a very slim weight for me?
i need to lose 30 lbs over a little less than two months?
Why do the new generation is becoming more fatty,bulky,lazy and out of shape?
Im confused how thin is the average woman ? are woman who are average supposed to show their ribs???cause?
Does anyone know of a diet drink that does NOT contain Soy?
I am 14 years young... i am 5'5' and i weight 165 pounds...?
What is preventing you from living a healthier life?
Has anyone ever gone on a shake diet?
Do you know what each of these fresh fruits are good for?
Is it true that cafeine reduces workout pain?
Eating Healthy Is A Hassle!!?
Ugh... weight confusion... please help :(?
am i at a perfect weight?
hww can i gain wieght in few months ???? help?
What should I eat to lose weight??????
Could anyone or people answer me this diet question, please?
Is there a way to lose around 40-50 pounds before September or at least November?
Will my body change in the next couple years??
Can you help me me with my chocolate problem??
what is the benefit drinking green tea mix with lemon?
Health Calculators: Have You Tried Them?
how is the best way to loose weight?
I would like to lose ten pounds in a month can I do if I just eat Special K ceral and fruits.?
if your inner thighs feel like they are warm or burning what is that a sign of?
wanting to start workouts?
I've been doing alot of situps lately started at 50 a day and wworked my way up to 300 a day.?
how long does it take to do tooth feeling?
I had dental x-rays done at 28 weeks into my pregnancy. Will this harm my baby?
Can 13 year olds get anal cancer?
20 pounds in 3-5 weeks?
Help with weight loss and weight training?
I am 5'5'' and 171 lbs and I need to lose 20 lbs in 7 weeks.need diet.?
what is the most easy exercise to do????
I have Huge legs!?
Am I fat, if so help me solve it?
is one slice of root barb pie going to hurt my diet?
Need advice on how to lose fat in lower abdomen to get a flat belly?
I had fresh chicken in the fridge for a few days that started smelling. Is it safe to eat?
Do Liquid Diets Really Work?
Need to loose weight in 2 months?
what would be a good goal for me Im 155 down from 170 and wanna be in great shape by december/January PLEASE?
Nutrition Facts?
how can I get up to doing pushups? I can do a plank but not a single push up?
PLEASE IM BEGGING ANSWER - I had to change my routine since I went from 170 to 152 and I was bored to tears?
Protien Supplement?`?
Do i have an eating disorder?
jst wondering if u can take creatine and whey protein at the same time?
how many pounds a week will i lose on a 230 calorie diet???
How can i loose wight in my face?
Cylaris or Hydroxycut?
water fasting question pls help?
what is the best and fastest way to slim arms?
awww please me with my diet?
How many calories have I eaten today ?
What are you allowed to eat when your on a diet?
Is an 11 year old girl who weighs 125 pounds overweight?
How to get back those few millimeters which has been lost due improper brushing?
Does anyone know a cheap place to remove my wisdom teeth in melbourne?
Is it possible to survive any type of cancer at the latest stage?
Gift for dad with terminal brain cancer?
I haven't been attending some of my uni lectures due to my illness, do I have to inform them about it?
My kids are complaining that sunscreen is too cold when its applied to their skin?
if someone has a cancer that will keep coming back will doctors eventually stop treatment?
Do I have breast cancer?
My throat & chest is burning & paining. I used to smoke but I have quit. Is it cancer or something serious?
I want to get back into shape & I am currently taking hydroxycut hardcore. What diet should I combine it w/?
can someone help me?
how to remove your lower cheek fat and chin fat?
Weight Lifting Problem. Need Help!?
Is losing 30pounds in 2months possible?? rlly need help?
Is this okay?
What types of cardio exist for people who have knee or hip problems?
I was thinking of opening a restraunt that would sell healthy meals and snacks that would all list calories?
weight help!????
what are some easy ways to lose weight?
How can I lose weight and build muscles?
What is the difference between "Anorexia" and "Bulimia"?
I had a really bad multi-thousand cal excess day, what do I do now?
Whats the weight for a guy who is 5'8?
Question about dieting and exercise?
i dont wan to keep doing this to myself?
Is it best to work out biceps/back/shoulders one day...and then triceps/chest the other day?
What are the top five components of a sound fitness program, and what role does each component play in individ
Protien Question?
bootcamp fitness?
is it bad to lick the spoon?
am i fat ?
What's the difference between bodybuilding and strength training?
what is the exercise called when you do..........?
What are some ways I can completely improve in cheerleader?
Kilojoules & Calories?
What's a really good, low fat, low calorie dessert that will NOT break my diet?
pro-ana sites?
Why is weight loss a symptom of cancers?
Can desk top PCs cause cancer?
should i tell my mom i have started smoking?
Can a teen take apple cider vinigear pills to loose weight ?
Six Star Muscle Good or Bad (need help!!)?
where could i get protein shakers from?
Do I eat to much and how can I stop?
Any one know of canada nutrition website?
My weight is 73kgs,im just 19.I have tried everything possible to lose weight but all in vain.Help me out,guys
What are the pros and cons about creatine?
One-A-Day Weight Smart Vitamins?
Hollywood diet - do it yourself?
how overweight do you have to be to be prescribed pheternine (spell check )?
Poll: Have you ever fasted before?
i can curl 55 pounds with a barbell...is this gud for a 14 year old??
the best diet pill?-feel free to express?
can someone give me a workingout program to get big and cut?
Pls. help me lose weight to avoid consequences!!!?
Im looking for a way to get taller.. and i herd that doing situps will do the trick is that true??
what are some good teen friendly diets?
HELP! am i over weight??
im 15 and about 6'2 1/2 will i get taller?
Can someone describe reps and sets for me please.?
How can I get bigger? What kind of exercise / lifting should I do?
BSN Cell Mass vs. Muscletech Halo?
Do I have stomach fat or stomach bulge?
Do you need transfats in your diet?
my face is so round and fat.hw do u make it like a oval or heart shape?
Question for someone who knows or has been on the Atkins diet..?
How many Weight Watchers points?
How can I have healthy bones life long?
Should I run or bike for cardio?
is there any pills that u can gain weight fat weight not muscular?
Holding water question. l eat a lot of salt, l don't have to get up during the night to ?
Am I overweight? :(?
Does being in love make you lose appetite?
i am fat what should i do??? ?
If I use senna leaf tea, can I sweeten it with honey?
I quit smoking and now i'm getting fat???HELP?
Am i too skinny for a 15 year old girl ?
Do you think that I am fat?
Healthy ways to gain weight?
how old to go on dr bernstein ?
females around 130-160 lbs, please read? to help me. ?
is mushroom soup bad for you?
What is a safe, easy way to lose weight quickly (but not too quickly, I want to keep it off)?
Does anyone have any food suggestions for someone with gallstones?
im sceared i have lymph cancer please help?
I think i might have Leukaemia? :S?
is there a test for the possibiltiy of breast cancer?
Does anyone know of a good alternative natural cure for cancer?
am i fat?????
Are there any excercises to help tone up your bum,and thighs?
I think i'm fat.what are some tips to become skinnier?
I'm looking for a buddy to help me out with my emotional eating issue? Anyone dealt with this before?
Do 30 minute circuit training classes actually produce any benefits? I want to join one just because it close
I'm looking for a sugar-free and aspartame free gum.?
Workout questions!!?
what are the seven major food groups?
is this normal?
How do you lose weight (safely) fast?
I don't like food... what's wrong with me?
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i've been told by alot of people here that i'm too fat/overweight. what do you think?
what are the best abdominal exercises ?
how much should a kid weight?(i have height age etc.) its because im a teache?
I need to loose....?
how do I exercise in my house?
best workouts for hardgainers to get high gains?
what's your secret weapon?
are pistacios fattening?
Are diet supplements bad for you?
Why am I not losing weight when I am working so hard?? please help???
how to loose about 20 pounds of fat in 1-2 months?
When Best time to drink protein?
How do you calculate the amount of complex carbohydrates?
Thighs Are Killing Me!?!?
what are some good excercising tips?
What product prevents sweating?
How can I have healthy joints?
Running schedule to lose at LEAST two pounds a week?
Getting in Shape? Should I do it?
How do you imagine a 15 year old girl, 5' 7, and 119 lbs looks like?
Why am i gaining weight?
i need a diet plan. Any ideas?
is this a good daily meal plan?
What do you do when you hit a weight loss wall?
how can you tell if someone suspects you have an eating disorder?
Stone vs. pound ? ? ?
Does the way you ingest an egg have any impact on its digestion?
Cancer Causing Gas ?
Worried about Cervical cancer !?
Is it possible for a 11yr old to get breast cancer?
Should I be working out at my age?
Running and weight loss.?
Is Alli available in Canada yet?
I want to "look" big?
Daily Work - Out Question.?
Tips for loosing wieght ? (fast!)?
i want to lose 10 or 15 lbs in 5 weeks, help?
lose weight FAST!!! PLZZ HELP! need answers!!!?
quick weight gain?
is there any possible way to make bigger upper legs thinner?????
Do you think doctors will subscribe HGH for my height?
Is there a diffrence if i.....?
how can i lose my theighs?
weight loss?
2 months and my stomach is like jello?
GIRLS ONLY... needs a workout that has worked FOR YOU!?
how come i am not losing weight?
How to get a tall upper body?
how to feed right my baby who lose appetite ? please give me advice i don't know what to do?
How can I gain 30-40 lbs fast?
help , give me your opinion , am i fat ?
Am i at a good weight??
Is This a good Workout? Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What reduces absorption of fat in intestines?
How can i get my flexibility back faster ? ?
Healthy Meals/Snacks for school?
height and weight question?
Cheek fat in porportion to body weight- im average weight with some cheek fat?
Usually how old would you think a child is if he is 5'3?
What are the requirements to become a personal trainer?
All this working out.. and hardly any results! HELP?
What would happen if i took too many multivitamins?
Why does society need a nutritionist?
some weight gain and stomach bloating?
Is This a good Workout? In 4 weeks could i lose another 4-6 pounds on this schedule ?
Front teeth being pushed back.?
Why BAD BREATH .......?
Why do I wake up with dirty teeth?
If you change dentists, can your records be transferred?
10 points!! [please answer]?
I burnt my tongue when eating my lunch?
teeth being pulled before braces?
Crest White Strips? Where can I purchase them?
MIght it be the case that bra-wearing can cause breast cancer?
my brothers dying of cancer?
Mothers and Young Ladies Only! Cervical Cancer Jab?
Can having your phone down your bra, give you breast cancer?
Will cancer ever be treatable?
Cervical cancer if a person is suffering from terminal cervical cancer could they become pregnant?
Some causes of....?
Shocked at the horrifying comments people have wrote about poor Jade Goody?
Weight issues?
I want to go for runs on my lunch break but?
What is the best excersize to tone my thighs?
I am a chinese 5'5 14 year old and i weigh 117 lbs. I don't know if i should lose weight, should I?
Any suggestions as to how I can lose weight?(25pounds)?
Weight Watchers and physical activities, can you help me?
What should we do for make our mind fresh and healthy?
best bicep tricep excerscies without machines???
What does interval training mean?
How can a 15 year old girl lose weight fast?
What parts of the body does a indoor exercise bike with resistance work?
If am only 14 and i weigh 145 almost 147 am i over weight?
At what age do most girls lose their baby fat completely?
I am 18, 5'6 and I want to lose some weight.?
How much will a full home fitness system cost?
Questions about loosing weight?
people who lost weight eating once a day?
How important is stretching before a work out?
Tips for a beginners workout?
Green Tea Extract : All It's Cracked Up To Be?
Does anyone know around about how much it will cost for my wisdom tooth to be pulled out?
I noticed on the out side of my retainer there are rough spots that were not there, what are they?
what if your permanent teeth dont come out and if you have braces would should you do?
i would like to ask a question regarding dentistry about amalgam restoration.?
My gums are swollen due to a cold is it normal for me to have blood clots in my gums?
Do you always brush your teeth at night?
Are dental braces dangerous?Pros and Cons of dental braces?
Why do my gums still hurt after tooth extraction!?
Cant open mouth wide?
does colgate whitening toothpaste actualy work ?
can't bite down all the way?
Is this a normal part of teething in babies ?
filling came off/ how long can i keep it like this?
Do I look good with braces? :?
braces... or... retainer?
Can You get a cavity in a tooth that you've had a root canal in?
can u build muscle with risistance bands?
how can i b tall???
what are the muscle of the core?how are these muscles trained and why are they important?
whats a good swimming schedule for losing weight?
what is Thinspiration Video?
Has anyone done the cabbage soup diet? If so have you had any good results?
What are some good tips for getting skinnier and losing weight?
6.3ft tall 20 st does that make him obeise???
how to lose 10 pounds fast???
How can I lose weight?
Chest workout?
What diet to go on to lose 10 pounds by may 30, give me diet foods to eat to help me?
Looking for Weight Loss Help (Eating, Motivation & Exercise)?
Vegetables and fruits are beneficial for good health because they contain?
How do I get rid of belly fat and love handles in one month?
Why does your bloodsugar rise and then crash after eating sugar?
tips for excizing and eating?
What is the best diet pill you can buy from WAL-MART????????
Need help Building my Chest?
What would be a good weight to get to for a female thats 5'6 medium to larger framed? I dont want to be a?
How should I train to get...?
they say a loss of 2 lbs/week is the most one should loss, Ive lost 2.33/week over a ten week period is this?
After five weeks and loosing 10 pounds and gainng some muscle i was so happy but..I was told the first 10?
I'm 15years old, i weight about 75-76Kg n my height is 173cm ,what is the perfect weight for a girl like me??
Is 10 pounds in 2 weeks safe and doable? Thanks!?
so i just joined the gym and i have no idea what workouts or machines to do. Right now i just do the eliptica
How can i lose 30 pounds in 3 months?
Check progress without scale?
Whey Protein Isolate?
calorie outu/intake?
are women stronger then men mentaly or phisicaly?
Whats your favorite workout song???
Any confidence boosters for a chubby girl?
Am I burning enough calories to lose weight?
can drinking alot of water make you lose wieght ? :S?
how do u loose belly fat and folds on the sides?
what is a target heart rate and why is it important when exercising?
Is this underweight?
Hair loss after 1 week of chemo?
What are the pros and cons of drinking a cup of green tea every morning?
how do i lose wait fast?
what are some replacement workouts for pullups?
how to lose 80lbs in a year?
Is this a healthy weight?
What is an unhealthy weight for a 5'2 girl? ?
Is 2000 calories a day too much?
I am 14 and need help with my weight.?
Will the no carb diet work on me again?
Anyone know if there is a BMI index that takes athletic people...?
Questions on Raw food diet!?
Carbohydrates...what's a good source of them?
Did I eat bad today? 14 trying to loose weight but CANT!?
Is it good to have an afterschool snack or should you just wait for dinner?
My stomachs growling and I need help!?
how many calories do i burn a day if i walk at 2.5mph everyday for 45 minutes?
Diet coke, is it bad? ?
How can I get really good abs in a really short time?
diet plan tell me what you think, what should i change?
Why Does No One Ever Answer My Questions!?
I'm confused about my body fat percentage?
Is running a good option?
how old are you and how much do you weigh...?
Does Running or jogging help burn Belly fat?
whats more tiring than a fat man walking up stairs?
What are some tips to reduce belly fat?
how often can you eat junkfood and how can i eat healthier?
How many calories a day should a 13 year old boy who is 5-foot 6 eat a day? Answer Please!!?
how much carbohydrates should i take?
13 year old weight problems.. ?
A liquid diet questin?!?!!! ANSWER! PLEASE?
Has any one bought or thought of buying ?
My small weight problem?
If our bodies use carbs for energy then....? [10 points to best explanation]?
how to loose 15 lbs in 5 days? what did you do and what works?
How much caffeine is in diet pepsi?
how do you get a 6 pack at 14?
What is the pro and cons of broad shoulders for girls?
Whats a good diet you can use at home?
how much should i weigh?
how can i get rid of this gap in between my two front teeth?
Can you drive while on Nurofen Plus?
my sons baby tooth fell out?
Is this true that the dentist told me today.?
hey I want to be a dentist~~ i would like to know what kind of condition do i need? and the way to get into it?
Braces question, and teeth whitening?
Free Dentist Vans For Kids in AUS?
i am wanting a heath fund so i can get emergency dental work done asap?
which works best for fresh breath - mint or gum?
I have 2 wisdom teeth [OH KNOW!!!]?
Why does my jaw crack everytime i open my mouth?
I have tried Google not much independant info about orthodontists where is such info?
Whats the differnce between those coloured braces and the special 'metal' ones?
Anyone wearing braces please Answer this Question?
Running to loose weight ?
How can I improve my balance?
I need some ideas for Best diet foods?
what are some good workout songs?
What should i eat at school ?
how to improve overall health?
Has anyone tried kickboxing to get into shape?
ok i ususally eat around 1300 calories in a day but ?
how do i lose fat on my bum and thighs?
If i weight 165 pounds, how many kg would that be?
Biking With No Resistance??..?
What is the best work out routine for...?
What's the difference between bulk & fat ?
how do you do this..?
5 question a new age of science and medicine 10Pt?
Does anyone have a good recipe for a low-cal soup, I need to lose weight!?
will a steam in a steam room help your body/muscles relax after a workout?
Weight Loss Program.....?
High school Wrestling, losing Weight?
How can I get flat abs in a short amount of time? Also...?
What can you do about a pot-belly?
Girls, why do you think that because you're a little chubby or curvy, that no guys think you're hot?
Different Cancer's?
How much does anybrand cigarettes cost? ?
Is it true that we all have a little bit of cancer inside of us?
Will Wrigley's extra white gum actually make my teeth white?
How much does it cost to have your teeth cleaned in Sydney?
For the last 20 yrs. my jaw cracks very easily when moved from side to side. I am now 34. How do I stop it?
how do i stop chewing my nails?!?!?
Is the Carmen Electra Strip to be fit dvd good for workign out?
Has anyone ever tried those fat loss creams like ripping gel if so how well did it work and was it worth it.?
Does anyone have a great low calorie dessert recipe?
is there a big difference between motorized and manual treadmill?
What is a healthy amount of sodium a day?
What vitamans are good for weight loss?
If I make my cup of tea more concentrated, will it be better and have more ECGG?
what r the best ab workouts?
why do i get so veiney when i lift weights?
Need to get to GYM, 15=Cant drive?
how do lemon or lime aid in weight loss?
My parents won't let me lose weight
What are some good exercises I can do at home?
Any professionals who can answer a question about vtamins?
what to eat?
Is this a good & effective plan?
What causes stomach bloating after you get up for a couple hours?
Is it possible for post c-section mom to get pre-birth belly back?
Do you enjoy working out?
Diet pills? ever try one? which one? did they work? also were you already dieting and exercising?
anyone evr use the gazelle freestyler by tony little? If so did you get results what was it like?
Whats the best way to get toned arm muscles for summer?
has anyone tryed the cross crunch? does it work?
Am i fat - well i clearly am but how much weight should i loose?
did i eat to much today?
Is a plan for gradual weight loss and maintenance better than losing a lot of it right away?
What is a healthy reciepe with a high source of vitamin A??
Body Building?
How can i lose weight quickly??
I am considering roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery, Is there really a 4-6year waiting list in Ontario?
i have a seven year old with autisim and behaviour problems his wheight is just by eight stones what can i do?
it wont stop...?
Does somebody knows where to find Zendo tea in Burlington ON?
How do I get a smaller bust line?
Please help - Is this a good plan?
does drinking a lot of water help you loose weight if so how much should i drink a day to loose weight?
what are the symptoms of lung cancer?
i dont know what to do anymore, im in tears everyday.?
my dad has lung cancer?
Breast Cancer (Tamoxifen tablets)?
people who know about cancer? PLEASE HELP !! I'm desperate?
what is the relationshiip between smoking 3 cigarettes a day and getting lung cancer?
Could this mark be a sign of skin cancer?
A mole on my breast, help?
Is it possible for a teenager to get breast cancer? xx?
Can anyone give me any links to a web page that gives me an explanation of how a mammogram is carried out?
What is the Range of bad breath?
Why are most peoples bottom teeth so crooked?
Question About BRACES?!?
White Tea & Weight Loss?
I need some help loosing some weight ..
how can i lose inches off my waist FAST?
How to get muscles? buff?
How can I lose 3 inches off my waist/stomach ?
How do I lose weight fast??
How can i be flexible?
how to do the perfect crunch/sit up?
cinnamon and throwing up?
What're the benifits of yoga(physically and mentally)? What're some simple daily yoga routines for a teenager?
how can i lose up to 25 pounds in a month?
what happens if you eat a lot of food (including junk) but workout?
what can I eat to make me poo everyday?
gum and water diet?or other suggestions?
How do i lose 25 lbs by september?
gum diet? or other suggestions?
Which weight loss pills can you buy when you are under age?
I'm 15 and I want to use a green tea fat burner?
Are situps on a bed really that uneffective?
need help building muscle?
How many calories a day should a 14 years old girl be getting?
what would u say about ringette?
Does anyone have a step-by-step workout plan that I can use at the gym??
what's an easy way to lose 5lbs?
Diet helpppp..plz :(:(?
Why does Caffeine induce Motivation? How can one attain this effect with healthier alternatives?
Why do people bother with diet pills?
Help needed ..diet?
I'm 15 and I weigh 200 lbs. How do I lose the weight before summer gets here(2 months) and its March! Help me!
How have you quit smoking pot?
ive got cancer how do i break the news to someone who has cut ties with me and won't talk to me???? ?
what does it feel like to have cancer?
nhs Secrets on the web?
I think I have breast cancer ?
Is this a symptom of having cancer?
What can doctors do to raise your red blood cells?
i'm 19, is it possible to get cancer at this age if i have a family history of it?
How likely is it that my dad is going to survive?
Might I have cancer?
drinking blood? only answer if you actualy know ty.?
What is this lump on my neck?
My dentist said i need adult tooth extractions?
i getting a filling in my tooth soon and im really freaked out what does it feel like?
are you deathly scared of the dentist?
how much do you cost?
How do you make your molar teeth smaller?
do i use mouthwash before or after brushing?
Problems with new wisdom teeth?
what helps stop gums aching?
I get my braces off in a little over 2 months and I wanted to get my teeth bleached?
Can you straighten your teeth in 12 months or less?
Why do i feel so sick after getting all 4 wisdom teeth out?
Best teeth whitener (in Australia)?
partially removed wisdom tooth (the top bit is cut and the lower half is still inside the gum)?
im getting braces soon?
sideways lower wisdom teeth?
why do my gums bleed when i brush my teeth?
Is there an easy way to burn fat off your stomach?
Do I weigh too much?
Give me a list of things that stunt growth even if it might be a myth?
I need a work out plan?
How do i lose my belly fat and my leg fat?
Does it make a difference health wise weather you eat your salad before or after your main course ?
HELP!! There is a giant cookie upstairs and I'm afraid I'm going to eat it??!?!?
i need help with excises.?
I'm trying to lose weight. So far I've lost 87 pounds. Now it seems that I am stuck.?
Is liposene a good diet pill? Will I get sick if I take it? Will I loss weight if I take it?.?
i need to lose 10 pounds any sugestions?
I would like my wife and I to work out together?
i lift weights 5 days of the week yet im not seeing new mucle being built why is that?
if i am 11 years old and i am 121 am i fat because i have so much on my stomch i hate it?
Long term success with Atkins Diet?
what burns more calories?
Where can I find slim in 6 workout video in Atlantic Canada?
why do is it suppose to be good to drink 8 glasses of water a day?
Are vegetarians healthier than other people?
i want shrinkage!! no not that way?
Canadian nutritionists, what diploma do you have, and where did you find work?
I want to become more fit, what is a good approach for someone that has never been near a gym?
can anyone tell me about the liquifast diet? and how much do you lose doing it for 2 days..?
2468 diet does it really work?
is it true about this lung exercise or am i just waisting my time?
what is the quickest way to loose weigh?
Any tried the eliptical trainer as a work out routine? how was it? did it achieve reasonably fast results?
My gym teacher has worked my class so hard! im hurting?
pure determination?
What is a reasonable "goal" for working out?
where can i find a FREE weight watchers discussion group or meeting forum?
research cardiovascular training?
Most motivation songs for working out??
Burning Calories?
Help! Teenager Wanting to Lose Weight!?
Can you help me plan a good workout?
last ten pounds bootcamp in 2 weeks!?
my friend says shes eating 200 calories a day..?
Working out and losing the extra skin, after 2 pregnancies...does it ever go away?
abs work out help?
is it better to eat a bigger breakfast so you burn more?
am i too skinny?
I started working out at the gym. I began using whey protein. Does this cause constapation because I can't go.
This is for people who are on or have tried Slim Fast!?
Proper sit up technique?
am i overweight?
Website to make workout plan and keep track of goals and progress?
can i lose 40 pounds in 2 months eating 800 calories a day?
working out legs?
Do squats and leg lifts build muscle?
how can I get motivated to workout and lose the weight?
Ac Milan ?
leg workouts...???
What is the healthiest way to lose 30lbs between now and mid-July?
How long will it take to loose?
difference between chemotherpy and radiotherpy....?
how do i break the news?
Does your first and second molars get replaced?
How was your Wisdom Tooth Extraction experience?
im 5'6 and im 13 and 2/3 yrs old how tall do you think im gonna get??
sooo what do u think???
Whenever I do crunches, I always strain my neck! How can I do crunches without straining my neck?
I want to lose weight how should i do it?
work out exercises?
Hair question?
make my thighs smaller?
how much calories should men have in a day?
How well i ever loose weight ??? help?
how do i lose 30 pounds fast ive triend everything please help?
What do u think is a good weight for a 14 year old thats 5'6?
How much more weight should I lose?
are protein shakes really good for u ?
I have a question regarding my weight. I need answers please!!?
Am I tall enough for volleyball?
A diet to lose 10 pounds in a week?
Lemonade diet?
If you were to plan to use a supplement for weight loss, what are the key features you would look for?
Please help with running?
how can i lose weight as soon as i can?
i ate too much yesterday, how to make it up?
What does "having a high metabolism" mean?
How much muscle could I gain in 6 months?
what does working out on a treadmill do?
What are some good work out exercises for me?
Exercise induced asthma? Or is it due to being fat?
I was physically hurt by a personal fitness trainer...?
Good diet plan to loose 100 pounds as soon as possible?
Why can't I stop eating after dinner?
How long should i jog for?
Can anyone come up for and exercise and diet plan for me?
Nutri System D program?
What can I best define on my body?
Exercises for thighs?
5'1-5'2 and a size six?
Can i jump rope for 5 mins then take a 3 mins break, then jump for 5 more then keep repeating till i get to 20?
I'm getting my Cervical Cancer jab in the next month; Should i be scared?
if u only have shortness of breath, but there is a shadow on your lung does that mean you have cancer?
Good Protein Supplement?
Chew n Spit technique: Does it work?
Workout routines, please help?!?!?
how much caffeine should i take with 16 mg of ephedrine for weight loss ?
how much weight will i lose in 3 weeks with the akins diet?
How to my Arms Bigger- Suggestions like Superset Workouts?
help me stop eating junk food?
Are my measurements fat?
My upper teeth sit over the lover teeth by 6mm deep overbite, how much will i loss from my upper lip?
how to get white teeth?
This is for a the dentists, was studying dentistry hard?
wisdom tooth removal?
I Have An Underbite/CrossBite, Will Braces&Expanders help ? fix it . ( my underbite/CrossBite is "that" bad. )?
Dental Anesthesia question?
can dentist and blood test show that you have done LSD (acid)?
how long do children have to wear braces?
How do i plan a weekly gym routine?
will losing 20 lbs make a difference?
How can you stay in shape?
How many calories a day for losing weight?
how much on average is jenny craig per month?
how many calories did i eat?
would my friend die if he done this?
My partners mum has lost her hair due to chemo, her wig is causing irriation any recomendations to stop this?
Why aren't they doing anything? Breast lump........?
terminal cancer?
How do I go about tell my mother n my lil brother that I have cancer?
Breast Cancer Question?
High / low White Blood cells, which one causes Cancer?
What is your favourite website for ordering health supplements?
Best way to lose weight?
I am 13 years old and I want to lose the fat!!?
15 y/old, back pain from exercise.?
Easy way to develop my chest?
been working out but don't seem to be losing weight? help please!?
I am going to Jamaica in April and i need to loose 25-35Lbs by than i am a male 18 y/o how can i loose weight?
Consume 1000, burn off 500 calories=Weight loss?
missing half a tooth?
I Have An Underbite/CrossBite, Will Braces&Expanders help ? fix it . ( my underbite/CrossBite is "that" bad. )?
How do you know whether you have breast cancer...?
Are these measurements good for a 15 year old?
why are my legs and arms boney, and my rib cage sticks out yet my stomach is always bloated?
Should I even consider exercising atm with torn cartilage in the knee?
Exercises to increase bust size?
Will I actually achieve my dream body? Or do I need professional help?
OMG!! my teeth are yellow!!! HELP!! please read!?
Metal, clear ceramic, invisalign, lingual braces?
what should i do if my daughter really hates her braces?
what colour bands for braces can i get?
braces - how long until these gaps in my teeth close?
How long does the dry socket medicine take to heal and dissolve? There is white foamy stuff too whats that?
In the morning i wake up with brown or sometimes white stuff on my teeth..can anyone help?
Does the process of putting in braces hurt?
How do I whiten my yellow teeth?
i need to see a dentist, how much will it cost in australia?
well i wear mouth guard for my hockey game and now my0 bottom left jaw gets tight ?
Can I Eat Soft lollies with braces?
advaned whiteing strips? do they work?
Need a dentist!!! Please answer!!!?
What is gum made up of?
How are braces removed?
I'm 5'5 and I weigh 119 pounds. Am i fat?
exercises to get legs and arms more toned?
how can i get rid of packed muscle and fat in my upper arms which are so unproportionate to my body.help!?
exercise help please reply?
lower back burns when doing abs?
What and when to eat after exercise?
How much weight will I lose on my treadmill?
Which of the follwing two is better for a man when weight lifting?
Anyone seen any comparison studies done on people who use multi-vitamins vs. those who don't?
What would be better? Hardcore dieting with a little exercise or Hardcore exercise and a little dieting?
Is this a good weightloss plan? (please answer, I need oppinions and suggestion I'm 15)?
looking to order hcg drops in canada?
excercise routines for overall toning?
What to avoid eating when trying to get back in shape?
Why do I feel sick after I exercise?
HOW can i make the cabbage soup diet HEALTHY?
what would happen if I drank 15 cups of water a day?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
How can I gain weight without gaining fat?
Stretch marks on arms, they are silvery and are more pronounced since I've been dropping weight...Any Help?
I have a photo shoot and I need to lose some weight, Please help me?What would you like to ask?
I have thunder thighs , how do i loose that?
142lbs naked one morning and 145 the next morning with jeans and a lightsweater on?
is there any way to make my bum curve outwards more ?
Liposuction only solution for cellulite?
Weight loss tips and advice?
What kind of tea will help me gain weight?
HELP !!!! lost motivation but need to lose weight and exercise?
Diet and workout buddy? Thinspiration, sort of.?
Taking Supplements together (creatine, amino acids, milk thistle, fish oils, flaxseed oil, glucosamine...?
i im 5 foot 6 inches i weigh 114 is that a good weight or im a underweight or over?
i gained pounds in 2 weeks?
trying to lose weight?