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I'm 154 lbs.need to lose 15 lbs.Need some tips and help.?
What can i do to gain weight?
did i eat bad today?
What would you recommend as the best work out video?
Can strong leg muscles keep a person from falling?
!!?? Help!!??
is it healthy?
Why would having a slow metabolism make you fatter?
I am INLOVE with coffee?
If I'm trying to loose weight, is it better to select "fat burn" or "cardio" on the elliptical?
Diet question.. need help?
Ab workout / Diet HELP PLEASE?
do i have a good body?
Something to keep me full.?
Zone diet.?
Has anyone tried APPLE CIDER PILLS?
I want to lose weight what a good way to start?
any GOOD WORKOUTS?? for UNFIT PEOPLE?? please!! make our world a better place!?
Eating Disorder Help?
how can you tone your body in a short period of time?
Does anyone know if those Abs+ weight loss pills work?
How to lose weight fast? Espeshially from thighs!?
I am new at excersising using a gazelle and bike. My feet burn intensely. What causes this??
dose caffine have any bad effects on your skin??
HELP! please, easy 10 point for good answer!?
Lose 20lbs fast?
how much do?
Black tooth?
I know someone without dental insurance who paid $2K for a crown on a rotten tooth.?
Can I where braces on the bottom and Invisalign at the top?
I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out!!?
Invisalign good enough?
i left my retainer too long in mouthwash...?
Do braces color fade
how much does tooth filling cost in Australia?
cavities? HELPPPPP!!!?
I have braces and a glued in retainer?
wisdom teeth removal???
Wisdom Tooth Extraction.. Will They Knock Me Out?
My son who's 6 is suffering at the mo with tongue ulcers, ?
I have a back upper left molar that is rotten, the only thing left of it is one side of tooth.?
How can Dental Abscess be treated?
Can anyone tell me where I can find Arm and Hammer Enamel Care Toothpaste here in Sydney, Australia?
whats the jelly lump that came out of socket where my tooth was extracted 10 hrs ago, was a clear pinky color?
how do elastics work on your teeth?
Need Root Canal Therapy on my front tooth. Any ideas what I'm in for?
Okay so I have to get braces and I'm scared to DEATH!!!?
my daughter is 5'5'' & 103 lbs. she needs to lose weight fast. i call her a fatty and everythign, but it doesn
Why Do I Have So Much Belly Fat As A Teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why do sometimes after I eat a meal I feel hungry?
"HELP" My daughter is 11 years old and she weighs 145 pounds?
Did you know that dark chocolate 70% pure of more is actually very good to eat before an exam?
why I am losing weight without making diet?
protein and diet help!?
Which is better to do?
Im thinking about taking whey protien ISO?
What exactly are shin splits?
Is taking 5-7 days off from exercising bad for you?
I just bought whey protien ISO?
how much muscle can i gain in 17 weeks?
how to succesfully loss weight and become tone?
Isn't sad that we live in a society where 9 year olds want to go on a diet?
Is this too much food?
Toned stomach - still a kid??
Low calorie dried fruit?!?!?
my house is full of all sorts of junk! Im trying to eat healthy, how can i stay away from it!!?
is drinking protein drinks and eting protein bars bad for a 12 yearold?
Two inches from my waist?
What are these things called?
i dont know if im fat?
what kind of exercises help too loose weight underneath arms?
I'm losing weight.. when should I try to gain muscle?
What meals should I eat for endurance training?
Which breakfast is better for you?
Thinking about running a 10k marathon, need some pointers and how i should start?
What is your preferred way to stay in shape?
Am i fat? Awnser truthfuly?
Why were my 16 year old friends eating babyfood?
How can i loose weight in fast?
Treadmills help! PLEASE OBESITY?
Has anyone here tried P90X? Power 90 Extreme?
south beach diet , french women don't get fat , herbal magic??
Why do i get mouth ulcers?
Do they numb you when they take your braces off?
ok its 5 days after getting wisdom teeth out..?
21 thinking of getting braces, live in ireland?
whats the best pain relief for after having a tooth pulled out?
Good teeth whitening products?
how long do u have to once braces are on.......?
Blowing nose after SARPE surgery?
Can growing wisdom teeth and tonsillitis be connected?
Proper elastic positioning?
my 9 year old has tooth pain and now a swollen face after the dentist made a hole in tooth to drain infection?
Invisalign or Truline clear dental braces?
well i had braces off and im wondering if i can drink coke and eat hard food ?
Does mineral water (sparkling) and soda water rot your teeth?
HELP! I have 2 lower back teeth with fillings since i was 11?
Advice for getting 8 teeth pulled out on Friday?
Smooth white bumps on the edges of bottom lip?
is this normal for my ear and throat to be hurting??
How Do actors get there teeth looking like perls?
Vista Dentist, RBVHS?
Emergency, i need help!?
How to lose the bra buldge ?
Low self-esteem?
Best exercises to target inner/outer upper thighs?
Am I fat? I am 5 foot 11 (180.3cm) and I weigh 180 pounds.?
what would happen if i went on a diet consisting only of protein shakes?
Does GREEN TEA, make you loo0se weight?
when you eat citurs fruit does it really eat fat and if they do what kinds of citrus fruit?
Feeling guilty after eating ice cream?
What is my healthy weight???
I'm 5,5 and i have broad shoulders, and a wide rib cage, weights make me bulky, what should i do instead?
How can I lose back flab?
I am 18.5 years old. I am 180.5cm tall and I weight 180 lb. Should I start bodybuilding?
get rid of fattt?
Is binge smoking worse than daily smoking?
What do these do??
maple syrup diet (lemenade diet) ?
what is the best way to do cardio and tonning when you are really short on time? I only have one hour a day?
i need help?
10 pounds?
Fat burning foods myth????
Steps per day?
Is it better to have a longer, less intense workout or to have a shorter yet more intense one?
Workout routines that burn 200 calories i don't have any equipment please help!?
i burned how many calories?
Weight Loss?
How do I lose weight and tone up for the summer?
How to lose weight in 2 months or less??
I'm 15 year old girl, 115 pounds at 5'4 height. how do i get toned?
Is bananas good beofre a run?
hi ppl, im 13 going 14, 5'5feet and 92 lbs!!?
How many calories a day should I be eating?
I am 5'10 and I weight 145lbs. How much weight should I be losing to be as attractive as I can?
losing weight? HELP ME!!?
Will Adipex raise my metabolism?
Is my workout sufficient enough to gain muscle, while losing *FAT*?
machines vs free weights?
Should I eat before or after a workout?
what is the average body fat percentage of a 13 year old?
Fitness Tips?
Can drinking water reduce oil on face?
Does Ultra Lean Green tea work?
Diet/health program?
did I ruin my diet?
I've already lost 30 lbs, but i'm thinking about losing 30 more, does this seem like a good idea?
Healthy nutritional snacks?
How to be a Tank?
How to loose 10 pounds in a month?
Do I ate way too much?
Weight loss plan isnt working, please help.?
Diet Difficulties?
I wanna work out today, can't drive to the gym - wanna run outside in my neighborhood without lookin' like?
What should I do about my gray tooth?
I have a fang tooth... help..?
Could I be a candidate for invisible braces?
for anyone who has had there wisdom teeth out!!!?
Can I eat chocolate while I have Spacers in my teeth? (i'm getting my braces this friday)?
First night with braces on. What should I do for my teeth before sleeping?
Teeth not straight, what can i do?
What are the symptoms of a tooth requiring a root canal?
Do most people get there wisdom teeth out?
what does dentistry logo means?
Ways to remove plaque from between teeth?
Very small chip on tooth, feeling very sensitive. What does it mean?
I am getting Braces in a while TIPS?????+ i have questions?
Has anyone had lingual braces (the ones fitted behind the teeth)?? am looking at getting them soon..?
will i get a lisp with braces?
anyone with transposed teeth?
What are some ways to deal with Brace Pain?
Bad breath!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need cheap braces where should i go and how much would it cost?
had braces on for nearly a month and it still hurts when I eat?
I want to lose 20 pounds a month can someone please help me with some pointers PLZ!!?
What is Thermogenesis?
Why does my elbow hurt after doing bicep curls?
just a question?
what are some good weight lifting exercises to develop shoulders and lower back?
Does Anybody Know A Place On The Interney Where I Can Find A Pasta Diet? (SERIOUS PLEASE)?
a trimmed stomach??
what to wear in a sauna after gym workout?
My weight is 204 Ib and my height is 183 cm, male, how much fat, carbs, and protein do i need per day?
does anyone know how much weight u can lose with xenical/?
Post workout carbs: good or bad idea?
If I eat 1200-1500 calories a day for 2 months and then go up to a healthy 1700calorie diet for another two?
How much should I weigh right now?
what is the normal count for mercury in the body?
how can i build more muscle in my shoulder area?
i would like to know how many calories to make one gram of fat?
Is it needed to have breakfast everymorning to stay fit?
What are good foods to eat if you have that acidic feeling in your stomach?
Can I lose 10 lbs in 3 days?
is there as much magnesium in skim milk as in regular milk?
help me please with all this dumb baby fat!?
I cant gain weight ?
Trouble losing weight . I am post menopausal. I haven't loss in 3 wks. What do I do now?
Why is it that when I start doing any kind of cardio...?
what is a good e-diet to go on to lose upto 60 pounds by late july?
does anyone know if those plastic "sweat suits" will actually help you lose weight?
Em I obese?
In Olympic sprinting events, is it legal to walk instead of run?
Eating after 7:00?
Does Relicore Pm really work?
Hey, Im 15 and i am trying 2 gain muscle but really i have not seen any results am i too young?
I can't stop eating chocolate. Everyday about 3 times a day. How can I stop this!!??
which one?
Does anyone have the original weight watcher weekly menus from the 90's?
What vitamins are good to take while you are on a diet?
is it ok if i only do 5 minutes of cardio a day?
FAT DETOX - Help me try harder?
Can anyone help me?
flat stomach?
what kind of exercise is safe when your pregnant?
Root Canal Treatment?
i got my tongue pierced about 3 weeks ago and was told that i had to wash my mouth out with mouth wash after?
Is it possible for me to get braces or not..?
Has Anyone Gotten Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?
How much does it cost to have a loose tooth pulled?
How do i change the colour of braces?
braces can you pay them off?
i am getting braces in 6 days anything i should now any tips?
What are some good ways to whiten teeth?
anyone with private health cover?
how can i stop my retainer smelling?
Will my teeth move with no retainer for a week?
grey/yellow tongue sore throat ? help?
I went to the dentist yesterday and it cost $1000 to remove 4 teeth why is the dentist so expensive?
Braces - OUCH....again PLEASE HELP?
HELP! I just got my braces taken off and my bonded retainer is so annoying?
How does root canal work on your front tooth?
Does bi-carb soda and toothpaste really whiten teeth?
Dentist says i have all adult teeth..?
Teeth whitening uk and usa prices?
Can you still sing if you have false teeth?
If I start wearing my retainers again, will it fix and improve my problem?
Problem with my jaw, Help?
what can i eat to get a big booty?
how can youor your doc tell if your spleen is swollen?
5'3 97 lbs what kind of size is this?
how can i calculate my BMI?
another question?
I want to do a 10 day clense, and eat very little is 10 day enough to go into starvation mode or should I be?
Okinawan Tea?
My kids resistance is very low they fall ill every now n then how to increase?
is this normal?
how can i lose m y double chin??/what kind of exersices can i do @ home/?? explain?
I am trying to lose 10 pounds, can i do it by walking alone?? if so, how often and how long should i walk for?
is arizona tea good for you?
What is the quckest way to get a flat stomach?
this question needs some answersssss ..?
ways for a girl to lose weight?
am i fat for a 16 year old?
what is my body shape and type?
help to lose weight?
I cant lose weight....all i think about is when im gonna eat next how do i stop????Help!?
Weight loss?
Am i overweight?
How much weight can you lose on a 1000 calorie/day diet?
How do you gain bigger legs?
how many grams of protein should i take while im working out?
goshh just making sure.?
is 130 fat for 5 foot 7 female?
What is the best exercise to really boost your metabolism?
How can I lose some weight?
Building muscle?
How can I lose 10-12 pounds by June 25th?
workout routine?
Is it okay to drink Red Bull before running/jogging??
how many calories a day?
i want to lose weight in a month?
Does walking fast pace for an hour each day boost your metabolism alot?
How to get noticeable abs, fast?
How much should I weigh?
fruits healthy?
How to get 6 pack abs?
A FEW QUESTIONS...What to eat/drink and when?
Are Fish Oils That Important? (Working Out)?
Does eating too little cause weight gain?
always getting hungry...??
Whats the best workout to lose weight/ tone your thighs and calves?
am i overweight?
Is this a good weight fo me or should i go lowr?
what is a good lower and uper ab work out for a teenager?
how good is water for helping you lose weight?
how many pounds/sizes can I loose working out and dieting daily for 5 weeks?
How many Calories should you eat for breakfast?
is this an eating disorder...?
Long--really trying to loose weight,any help?
help losing last 5-10 pounds?
What's the average walking speed (for a healthy adult male)?
Cellulite troubles...?
questions for dieting?
who has used infrared saunas and did they do all they claim to do health wise?
What's the best/fastest working diet pill?
If I ate a donut this morning, should I skip my second mini-meal and not eat until lunch even if I normally...
What is the best exercise to get rid of my pouch?
how can i loose weight in 24hrs?
I'm trying to lose upper body weight. Any suggestions?
Metabolism yo-yo dieter question?
General Motors Diet?
please help?
i think i stopped growing at age 14 is that possible??
Anyone have any personal experience with the allie diet pills that are available over the counter now?
how much should an 11 year old weight??!?!??!?!?!??~~~?
What is the master cleanse diet made out of?
do i drink too much water ?
Could I lose 15 pounds?
It didnt work :( I got sick again.?
How have you successfully made your thighs and legs thinnger?
Protein food?
Average weight?
Can anyone get Invisalign/how long do i have to where classic braces?
What foods/drinks stain ceramic braces?
Timing of braces and oral surgery?
want to contact to some Dr. in dental dept.in R.P.H.,pert,aus.,,who's know the adress for send letter? help me?
How do I tell what's wrong with my teeth?
I am excited because my daughter is getting her braces off tomorrow, she is not that excited about it.?
IM having problems with my back tooth.?
I don't understand how they can remove bone in wisdom tooth removal?
can teeth push together and cause pain by them self?
i have no dental insurance,n have a really bad toothache does anyone know of a cheap/free dentist clinic?
should i go back to the doctors or go to the dentist?
My wisdom teeth are coming through?
Clear retainers for teeth? PLZ HELP!!!?
My baby teeth drop when i was 21 years old. when will my permanent teeth come out?
can my toothpaste give me sores on the bottom of my tongue and inside of my lips?
BRACES fitted to teeth?
Why don't I have a metal band on my back teeth (braces)?
Looking for Ortho to continue my braces alignment/adjustment as I already have braces put on?
is there a way to widen palate without retainer or braces?
Please help! Wisdom tooth problem!?
What do I use to whiten my teeth?
how to drop 8 lbs in 3 weeks?
gained 20 lbs.. no period? thyroid issues?
how do i run faster i am 13 years old and what food makes you run faster?
hey what shud i eat?
Can I export by mail food suplements to the U.S.A. from Canada?
Question about exercise and carbs?
What is the most effective and easiest way to tone up my flabby inner thighs?
What are like two exercizes to lose inches off your thighs fast?
Does lower blood pressure mean slower heart rate?
What drinks are there out there that are high in protien?
Please help me!!!!!!?
*Bennys* Are these pills around still?
In a diet, does one binge mean your gonna pay?
how tall are you and how much do you weigh (females only)?
Do fries have any vitamins?
Wrist Tendents?
I am 16 years old i weight train.......?
Is a Bowflex worth the extra money??
Special K?
Help! I need to lose a few pounds in 2 weeks!!!!?
Low Carb or Healthy Eating?
amino acids?
Are you fat ?
how can i tell if my metabolic rate is slow or fast?
How to increase arm strength?
is she fat?
I need to lose 22 pounds in 4 and a half months, suggestions?
how do you know if you have too big of thighs?
What are good exercises and/or foods to help lose weight fast?
youre 400 pounds you sit on a couch and break it wat do u do?
Tips on how to lose the last 15 pounds of baby weight???
If you have 3 apples and you take 2 away, how many do you have?
Hey, ive been doing the P90x for 3 weeks now, its been great, just one question.....?
low carb diet, does it work?
What snacks should i eat during the day to increase my metabolics rate?
Is it easy for some people to get a toned stomach b/c of genes or is it still very hard for everyone?
I really need help to eat less! Its not only affecting my weight....?
Ok. I want a 6 pack!?
Abs question. PLEASE ANSWER?
Help Please Really Easy Answer 10Points for Best!?
what is ideal weight?
Is this too much sugar in a day?
How do gain those pecs?
Food that stain braces?
What's up with Miley Cyrus's teeth?
Eating ice pops bad for your teeth?
will the amoxicillin start working?
What can I expect after oral surgery and multiple tooth extraction?
My 2 1/2 yr old daughter has small mark on back tooth?
Am I getting my wisdom teeth at 15?
Jaw clicking on the right side?
Are pressure and mouth ulcers the same thing?
am i really getting my braces off?
molar extraction tomorrow scared as, HELP PLEASE?
Lingual Braces? Are they any good?
how long will it take for my adult tooth to come in?
Why has my retainer with springs made my two front teeth split?
bigger gums in braces question?
Is it possible a 1 tablet of antibiotic can stop a tooth pain in 5 mins?
braces being made fun of?
Will a broken bracket on my braces delay surgery?
how long would i need braces if only really 2 teeth are out of place?
anyone who wore/wears retainers?
How can you fix an underbite for cheap cost?
My daughter is almost 2yrs old and has swollen gums,bad breath,fever and is in alot of pain?
am having a pit on my one front teeth , i want to know why it comes ?? & also what are all the remedies?
Does this sound like a good?
treadmill help lose weight fast ?
How Much Should I Weigh?
Best product?
how soon will i start losing inches off of my waist ?
Has anyone tried LiTrex for weight loss. If so does it work like the ads say?
How do I loose an inch off me stomach so I can have a nice bakini body for the summer?
What is the best way for me to regularly get 195g of protein a day?
Advice on losing weight?
When Should I Take Creatine To Optimize Results?
Has anyone ever had a resistance band snap?
How long should I cycle each day to lose a gut?
Am I at a healthy weight?
Why do people keep asking if they're fat?
Does anyone know a good diet plan to help me lose 40 lbs in a months with nothing fancy???
im trying to lose as much muscle and fat i can. running and walking each for 1 hour?
why is the belly flab still there?
its this a noraml weight?
healthy food question, people?
Master Cleanse, how to?
what's an average weight for a girl who is 5-3 in height?
Can you really burn calories drinking water???
Is it possible tooth pain can make it look other teeth are hurting too?
how to trust a dentist to fix ur cavity?
i put 5 pieces of mentos gum in my mouth and chewed. then my jaw started hurting?
How Do I Get My Brace Colour Back?!?
jaw surgeryyyyyyyyyyy ?
Can braces close gap?
Braces without insurance?
HELP!!! What are the basic steps in fabricating a porcelain crown?
Questions about my new braces.?
Sore teeth after braces removal?
Will I talk funny with braces and a palate expander?
what is the latest age you get wisdom teeth?
My braces really hurt, and I'm hungry.?
How can I workout my pectorals, triceps and biceps at home without any weights?
lifting advice? with pics inculded?
What's the current aerobic training range for heart rate.?
turbo jam Losing weight with out eating the food recomended in the guide?
Help with raw food diet!?
do I have an eating disorder?
treadmill speed?
Why do i have an adam's apple?
how can i get a six pack im 14 years old and 90 pounds?
am i fat???????
Am I too fat for a bikini? (pictures!)?
how 2 gain weight?
LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! ??help?
I want to get a good workout routine which involves weight training toning as well as cardio any suggestions?
I'm always hungry, do i have a problem..?
stool and watermelon?
I am going to Florida in September?
Is there a good exercise video for people who live in appartments?
on the treadmill?
Hip hop abs?
fat??? how many pounds do i need to lose?
Benefits of ab crunches?
does my workout build or tone mucle??
A plan that can help me lose 10 pounds by September first?
What's the best way to get rid of love handles?
Did I eat healthy so far today?
Is losing 2 dress sizes the same as losing 2 jean sizes?
How many sit ups a day do you have to do for a six pack
if i workout 5X a week should i still go for jogs
How many calories does the average 15 yr old female take in to maintain/lose weight?
The health of fire roasted foods
How do you tone the legs?
Joining a Gym all about fitness
How many weight watchers points can i have in a day?
How was your first 30 days of the Dr.Atkins diet?
What Is A Healthy Weight For A 13 Year Old Girl Who is 5'7?
cramps while jogging
Fitness testing at school
I'm starting running tomorrow. Should I eat before?
How can I get more fruits and veggies in my diet?
How can I lose weight without excercise?
8 minutes abs results
How long will it take to see workout results?
How can you burn more calories when doing nothing?
Too big???...?
what r some high fiber and protein foods?
Eating Disorder...?
Weight Loss?
I want to do squats and lunges today, but I also want to do cardio. I heard that's bad?
What is the difference between 2468 and abc? why would someone do this to themselves?
How can 1200 calories be the bare minimum for EVERYONE?
Please, honest opinions, am I fat?
How do i stay inspired?
Fastest way to lose 20-30 lbs.?
Have I eaten well today? What have you eaten?
I want to take super pump and sizeon together. Is it bad? For How long should I take these 2 products?
whats the best exercise for abs for a 14 year old male?
please answer if u know what to do?
why do men build muscle easier???
Stiff Shoes Causing Heel To Bleed,?
when can i go back to eating normally after a tooth extraction?
singing problems ever since i got my braces ?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves? ?
why does my mouth hard to open....?
anyone have any experience with clear dental tooth implants?
Braces Off, Bite Help?!?
Getting Braces tomorow?
What do you think of Dentistry as a career in Austarlia ?
I have to get 2 fillings?
Will Dental Technicians not be needed in the future with all the new technology?
i think its my wisdom teeth im not sure but help!?
I weigh 130 lbs, how much water should I drink a day? I want to lose 15 lbs!?
I cant get my family to support me with my weightloss at all any opinions? They think I dont need to?
AM i A GOD!!!?
How do i gain weight?
is this good???
im 165 cm...how much should i weight?
Diet help? Trying to lose weight.?
I need a weight loss solution with out the pills??
How many calories should I lose a week in order to lose weight?
What are the best healthy foods to eat?
What somotype am I?
does being in the cold actually burn calories?
will i loose this many pounds of fat?
Muscle building for weak girl?
[PICTURE] How can I see my body for what it really is?
Machine to use at the Gym...?
Is it possible that men and women have the same strength...?
Elliptical and Losing Weight?
I have an injury on my ankle. Looking for another kind of exercise in the gym.?
Cellulite....Do you care?
HEEEEELP pls.? eating disorder?
how many calories should i burn a day to lose weight?
How can i loose weight quick!?
does protien shake help you gain weight?
I get stomach cramps and diarrhea whenver I eat junkfood?
If I were on Weight Watchers how many points would I get per day?
Does Ultra Green Tea Lean really shed all those pounds a month?
how much weight can you lose in 4 weeks if you only eats veggies and fruit ?
How to build more muscle?
i need help with food!?
how to lose weight fast?
Wanting to lose weight this summer!?
Is one coconut ok?
What is a good and effective Tricep Work-Out?
How do I bulk up over the summer?
I am 13 and i weigh 120!!!! i think i am fat! is it normal to weigh this much?
When losing weight ... ?
女人我最大 product questins; cellulite roller & slimming toe rings?
How can I Lose Weight Fast?
can hoodia in products such as smart-burn be dangerous to your health?
have you ever been on a 1000 calories a day diet?
HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?
How fast can I lose 40 lbs?
how much should a 5'3 13 year old girll weigh?
if you could eat one thing and never gain weight what would it be?
i need help?
Am i the right weight??
I'm fasting 1 day a week. Is it good or no good for my health? I now know better the feeling of being?
waist size??
Question about Ab workouts. (I'm asking you people who have mean 6 and 8 packs?
I have gained 20 lbs in the last year. How do I lose the weight?
does exercise speed up your metabolism?
Is it possible to brush your teeth without wiggling your arse?
Overjet question wanted to be answered + another dental one?
Can wisdom teeth grow when you are older....say at age 30?
should my mouth swell up after a root canal?
question about gums in braces?
Is my tongue infected?
teeth hurt way to much after braces?
How to get rid of this???
What's a healthy weight loss rate?
How many calories do you burn per hour sitting on a stability ball?
Where and How Would I Go About Buying Weights?
did i eat like a total pig today i feel so sick i wanted to make myself puke!?
How much do you think this girl weighs?
weight loseing?
Can extra calories be lost the more you sweat?
how can I lose weight on my stomache by July 20th. need it just a bit flatter. had a baby in November?
What Can I Do to...?
any healthier soda choices?
how much calories should a 12 year old girl have in 1 day.and what exersise is great for the stomach and legs.
How do i lose weight over the summer?
I am Bulimic sometimes and It's b/c i'm still emotional how my childs dad left us!! What can i do to stop?
Am I Underweight For An 11 Yr. Old Girl?
is this a good diet plan to loose weight?
How much weight could you lose eatting only this?
i need motivation?
Lower belly points out?
Can I still burn fat just by lifting weights?
if i don't do a lot of cardio but weight lift everyday will i bulk up?
what are some key exersises for nice legs???
fast way 2 get rip of small 'love handles' on my sides?
Have you ever tried the fitness program p90x?
Are there any carbohydrates in soy sauce or wasabi paste?
I need to loose 40 pounds in 2 months?
How long do you have to wear your retainer?
Is there a way to stop me from biting the inside of my mouth every time I chew gum?
Can I eat while i have a cavity?
i Just got my tongue pierced 4 days ago. i was talking and it started to bleed a lot. is that ok?
What treatment will I need for a hole in the side of my tooth?
when i bite on a tooth it hurts?
OK so after your braces come off, what are retainers like and how often do you have to wear them?
I want to start exercising again should I get a tread mill or a stepper?
HELP I need to loose 80lbs to have a baby and look good for my grad reunion, i have 8 months is this possible?
How can a 31/32 year old get the same metabolism as I had as a teenager?
to get abs you need to??
Can being more fit and eating mcdonald's cause vomiting?
I need to gain fat?
Ab chair question?
How to lose (leg) fat quickly?
I know the first month of diet and exercise gives the most results, how much can I expect to lose the first?
Heart burn?????? help?
Why do i gain weight when i work out? My clothes are even getting tight? This drives me crazy..help!?
What is the best cardio for really muscular and bulky thighs?
Can your stomic get bigger when you start doing crunches?
do i have an eating disorder????????????????????
Why is GREEN TEA so healthy for us to drink? And why does it make me queazy?
Is my exercise routine going to work?
Which is better? Low- Carb Diet or Low Calorie Diet?
does muscle turn into fat? can you lose muscles??
How to slim down calves?
Weight Loss?
It's leg day today....noooooo!!!!! Someone give me inspiration to go?
Why do some skinny girls or guys think they're fat, even though they're at their right BM? & why go anorexic?
Advice for toning fat just below underarm?
are there health risks from eating uncooked no yolk pasta noodles raw?
will eating 1000 calories a day result in rapid weight loss..??
Weight LOSS!!??
Is This Normal?? I Am Heavy, But I Don't Look Fat I Am Chubby. How Can I Get Tight Abs By July?
what is a good way to stay fit and heathy..?
anyone know some drugs that can make me lose weight rely fast that i can get at like cvs or something?
What does a typical rower's body look like? Women's?
What is YOUR goal weight?
Muscular Calves?
are all fruits good for you?
I'm 5'2'' right now. At what weight would you consider me to be skinny?
Has anyone used a diet and body cleanser named meta slim fat melt? I want to buy it but want to no if it?
Bulking Up!?
Hey guys I need a quick reality check...I gain weight easily, being an endomorph and all....?
What is your current work out routine and your objective for having one?
my friend is 11 her height is 4'11 and she weighs 111 lbs is that healthy?
7-DFB orovo anyone tried it? do you really loose a lot of pounds in 7 days.?
can you burn calories by laughing or crying??
Colon Cleanse?
Trying to gain weight and build muscle but feel bloated all the time.?
Any Suggestions????
what are the most effective and fast way for an 11 yr. old to lose weight?
how to loose my belly fat and chest fat, i really wan to tone up though. plz help?
push ups: help! im 13. 6 feet tall. 140 pounds. cant do a lot of pushups. could my weight be a part of it?
Nicer legs?
is 4 kilometers a good distance for exercising?
What should a 13 year old girl of 5ft weigh ??
Anyone know facts about losing weight from exercising?
What's a fast fat burning workout????
Are there any antidepressants that cause weight loss?
Turbo jam?
Is it possible to be thin/skinny without being underweight?
how do i lose weight?
Can you send me a picture of some who is 5'2 and 100-103 pounds?
im 5'7 and 110 lbs. im 16 and i want my legs to look longer and i would love to make my thighs thinner?
aside from eating right and exercising, what are some other ways to burn fat/calories?
Lately I'm having self-control issues when others are eating junk around me?
Strech Marks on my arms ?
Is this too fast?
Is it possible to go from a size 5 to a size 3 by August?
how far do I have to bike to lose 500 calories?
How do I know if my workout is effective?
Exercise advice?
About how long do you figure it would take to tone up my abdomins if I was too do 40 crunches a day?
What is the average weight for a tall 14 year old girl?
Good exersices for lacrosse?
weightloss using diet and supplements?
Is there any way to burn belly fat fast?
i am 13 and i want to lose weight before the summer is over??
What can my 15 and a half year brother do over the summer to get big and built for september?
Are my hips too big?
Fast Weight Loss Plan For Me?
is too much excersise bad?
Should I Gain Weight?
Ok i have a very thin frame am very thin height 5'2" and weigh 115 lbs.....?
When your doing excercies in the gym, whats best for your vertical, leg press, calf raises?
How do you work out the upper parts of your abs?
When trying to lose weight, why is it important to drink plenty of water?
diet for teen?
How can I stop eating so much bread ?
the best weight loss excerises?
How can you build your cardio endurance?
Do you eat the optimal 6 meals a day or stick with 3?
how can i lose weight? i'm 13 years old?
If I Keep Up With This, Will I lose Weight Fast?
How do I get slimer legs? I think this is a pretty important issue for us, girls =D Do you have any tricks?
Accurate Height ?
How long can you live after cancer?
weight loss-how to?
I started at 170lbs Im now 139lbs after 9 months (I know really slow) Im 5'5 and still want to loose off?
Is this WORKOUT ROUTINE ok, or should something be alternated? Please help!?
Energy drinks?
I am wondering how Manny calories/fats should an active growing teenage boy should eat a day?
am i normal?
if i worked out yesterday and im not sore is it ok to workout today?
I want to get ripped and gain muscle in the summer, where do I go how do I start?
What is the difference between laxative tea and detox tea?
if i wanna bulk up is doing cardio 5 times a week ok???
workout question?
Is losing 15pounds in 2weeks possible?
Loseing 8 pounds??!!?
Good workout to lose inner-thigh fat?
How much calories does a bowl of homemade Vegetable soup consist of?
How do you calculate how tall you will be when you're done growing?
Does this work for weight loss?
Post-Surgery - Treadmill or Running Outside?
Weight problem? Help please ^_^?
What are some good ab exercises?
Help! Pleases give me an answer.?
how can i encourage my self to lose weight?
Is eating fruits to replace sugar cravings ok when on a diet?
is this a good workout?
body building?
How can keep losing weight while I am fasting?
How can I lose at least 20 pounds in the next 7 days?
Any ways to make you arms look better?
Turbo jam??
Gaining Weight?
Where do I go from here?
EASY 10pt's!!!!!!!!!?
does the guy in the six pack look like a vegetarian to you?
Is 103 pounds fat for an 11 year old girl who is 5 feet going into grade6?
DIET SooooooooooodaZ!!!?
Calories in 100 grams of Broiled Skiness Chicken Breast?
does this make me overweight?
does the p90 x actullay work?
What do you Normally eat?
I'm never feeling Hungry...?
am i eating too many calories?
Do you know any fattening recipes???
does drinking bottled green tea (the cold kind) have the same benefits as the hot kind?
how long does it take for your body to absorb the nutrients and calories and all that stuff after you eat?
I missed lunch today and I feel shaky...?
In the biggest loser.. how many hours do they workout?
building muscle&bulk on arms?
Cheap dumbells?
What Kind Of Benefits does Vitamin E 800 IU Have?
Can't even see my feet guys =[?
i am in big confusion=[?
Way to lose 'fat thighs' without spending anything?
I need 15 pounds gone in 2 2weeks at latest (i know it will come back but its ok) PLS HELP?
Are there any pills or drinks that can help you GAIN weight?
Building muscle&bulk on legs?
why is losing or gaining weight so fast dangerous?
Been feeling ill?
What makes Tomatoes good for you?
Is there a section here about health and weight loss with Adults ONLY?
How do i stay awakeeee for at least four more hours?
is it safe to consume unopened but expired (+12 months) Whey Protein?
i have NO will power. but i need to lose weight... and FAST?
Is it true that if you lift weights at a young age it can stunt your growth?
Do you think i can get abs really fast and easy and how do you think i can do this?
Gaining Weight!?
Am I taking enough amount of multivitamine?
How effective is a stair stepper as a cardio workout???
if you joined a gym and are lifting weights, it's ok to make noises like arrrr! rrrrr! ahhhh!?
Daily unhealthy schedule?
Where do Nutritional Consultants work??
help!caffeine addiction?
i've tried everything to lose weigh and i'm at my witts end. i don't know what else to try.?
How can i get over the fear of wearing a bikini?
Am I taking too much multivitamins?
do you have to be underweight to be considered anorexic?
How many situps do i do???
Is it true that Diet Soda (Diet pop) causes weight gain? Why?
Getting A Tooth Pulled. How does it feel;?
how does professional teeth whitening last?
bigger gums in braces question?
Why has my retainer with springs made my two front teeth split?
im wondering why i give money to cancer research uk..when so many people get denied the treatment?
Im going to be a sr and I want to be prettier. i have a low confidence level.?
Im trying to lose 8ks in 3 mnths, how much and wat exercise should i do, & how much and wat should i be eating
Is having nothing but a 40 Caloire, 100g yogurt for breakfast every morning good or bad?
What should I eat to gain weight?
my husband needs to lose 70 lbs?
where can i find free weights(dumbells) to buy in montreal ,QC?
Testosterone Supplement ZMA?
Push Ups??? Muscles?????
Advice About Weight Loss?
Can your workout 6hrs everyday?
I live in london,ontario canada- where can i buy Hydroxycut hardcore?
Am I eating too many Pork Chops???
I am too scared to leave my diet behind? Please help me?
Good fast workout music?
What body type am I?
Are these bad measurments?
im on that DDR?
turbo jam videos?
Is being fat a lifestyle choice?
I want to know if my weight is healthy for my age and height.. help needed?
Does Chewing Gum???
If I walk every day for an hour, can i lose 10 pounds in one month?
teenager losing weight?
Can you Lose Belly Fat By.. .. ...?
would you rather have no arms or no legs?why?
i starved/threw up food for a week and ..?!?
How to loose 15 pounds 2- 3 weeks?
My weight? Please Please Please help me!!?
good diet plan?
what is the maximum weight for 16 year old?
help;;;plz;; loseing wight?
how to lose breasts?
am i fat??(pics!)?
best tasting whey protein???
I am ObSESSED with exercise!!problem or no?
Is a rowing machine the best choice for me?
what do you think about my diet plan?
Am I fat for my age and height?
How do you lose stomach fat, and gain muscles?
how much should i weight, and what size should my pants size be/?
How do I watch my diet while I'm on holiday?
Stretch Marks.?! Diet..?
Squat Question?
How do I lose weight?
Weight loss help?
if someone replaces their meals with diet coke, will he/she lose weight? how much, and how fast?
Can I get some ideas??
how much do you think i would lose?
How many calories do you burn in?
How fast will i see results??
good workout???/????
Isagenix...how to make it taste better????
Does the slender shapers belt work ?
Which is better for burning fat?
What are pull up and rows?
Need to lose weight ASAP!
Found this low-carb store
Will a treadmill ruin the flooring?
Which Is better - Fitness Machines
How can i lose 10 pounds in one month?
Can you lose weight faster when your on your Period? (women only)
What are spot exercises?
i need to lose weight.. I'd like some fast results if possible.
sit-ups after cesarean
hi, just wondering if anyone has done a banana diet. what i mean is bananas are filling right? so if i just ea
How many grams of protein can the average man digest in 1 meal
I've become addicted to working out and exercise, how bad is that
When your hungry, what does it mean?
Why has my 27 year old partner still have all his baby teeth?
how much would braces cost if i only got them on my bottom teeth?
last night i bit the bracket off my tooth?
Have you ever heard of anyone under the age of 20 having breast cancer?
i have a skinny body but a plump face?
5'10", 123 pounds, 9% body fat healthy?
Good Meal Plan?
does hoda work , and which one ?
price of lululemon yoga mats?
am i fat??!?!??
How do you feel after a good workout?
Whey Protein questions?
5"7 at 16, 5"11, 6" at 18?
Losing weight.?
Any weightloss tips?
The Workout Begins?
What is the average weight for a 16 year old who is 5'5?
WILL I GAIN WEIGHT if I go a day eating anything?
best times to take protein shakes?
Ab Workout / Diet?
what is whey protein???
are mushrooms a vegetable?
what tea has the most caffeine?
Is one hour of DDR equivalent to 20 minutes of jogging?
Ideal weight/height.?
Is starving your self a good way to lose weight?
what's the average height for a woman?
Healthy Weight Loss?
How can I stunt my growth?
why did i threw up today?
Cabbage soup diet?
alittle over weight not sure what to do...diet?
What is the down side of drinking green or white tea? I heard too much anti-oxygens can harm your liver.Anyone
about a health shake?
My plan for summer, will it work!?
I want to eat, and exercise heathier this summer but i dont know how to start?
hi my sister is 5'4 and she weight 115 pounds and she is concern she might look fat she is 19 years old?
want to lose some weight from my stomach, any help?
whats the best healthy way to get sparkly white teeth?
New tooth filling questions!?
What colour braces should I get?
An adult tooth fell out! Can I still save it after 1 day?! Please help asap!!!!! :(?
Filling or extraction?
i took out my stitch from one wisdom too the cut out 3days ago, is that okay? it was cutting circulation off.?
Wearing a retainer after leaving it out for several years?
Why is it that as our age goes up , our health goes downhill?
about green tea?
greean tea intake?
Has anyone ever tried running with a garbage bag? Does it really make you lose weight?
any diet pills what work and are safe of FDA Approved??
if i eat 500 cals/day how many lbs will i lose in 2 days?
While I am at the gym what sort of things can i do to work out my abs?
When is it a good time to do cardio after working out?
Looking to get into shape to run a 5k, any training suggestions?
How many Calories are there in 1g of Maltilol and 1g of Honey?
question for ladies on BCP?
Should the use of sunbeds be banned?
AT 5'2", how much wouldi have to weigh to look like her?
would putting a bag on your stomach under your sweater while working out burn twice the fat?
Very efficient and great way to tan?
how to lose leg, arm, belly, and face weight.?
how many mintues should i excesie a day if i wanna loose weight by the school year?
my friend is 14 and is she too skinny?
My friend is 140 pounds, and is 5'3 is she over-weight?
Where can i get diet pills?
What are diet pills from walmart like?
I really want bacon!?
Do i have a healthy body shape?
Im going to just eat?
Loose weight?
whats the best breakfast and at what time?
Am I a binge eater???
Routine To Get Big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
help with my workout?
Is 100lbs normal for a 12 year old?
please help me I only have less then 7 hours :(?
How much money dose a psychiatrist make and whats the diffrence between that and a psycologist?
Any good home exesises to make your tummy flatter?
How often should I take hoodia?
For people who were/are overweight, how are you treated now/then?
I'm 5'3, 13 years old, is there a chance that I will get taller?
Someone PLEASE ANSWER THIS Im having an impossible time finding the answer has to do with calorie consumtion?
why cant i keep up my ripped body for a long time?
How can I gain weight during the Summer?!?
am i doing it right?
What are the best excersies for your abs that involve no equipment.?
concerened about a mole?
What are some foods that help lose weight?
Does a protein shake actually help on work-out?
Im a skinny guy , i eat a lot, but i have a fast metabolism. I really want to get some meat on my bones.Help!?
13 year old extreme diet.?
I lost weight when was sick but I lost to much. How can I get some back but not all?
Chineese food + a diet = BAD!?
Need a healthy,affective way to lose some weight..?
How much would this person lose in ten days?
Is jogging the best fat burner?
Am I Too Tall and will I stop growing?
based on my profile pic would i be equipped for strongman type sports?
teen diet help ! :) ?
Name Me all of the arm exercises you know of that will make your arms bigger!?
Need yoga music asap.?
Weight Loss. Please Help. ?
What can i do to help muscle pain?
if u r on a diet is it possible that..?
is this overweight ?????
Thirteen with a 70inch waist?
how do i know if i have a fast metabolisam?
My mom is scaring me about eating disorders?
what would be my lean bodyweight if my bodyfat is 27%?
if i was 5'7"/5'8" and 205/210lbs how would i look?
I need help fast ?!?
what's my height?
how long will i have to do this to lose 30lbs?
How can i loose weight ?
Do I Have An Eating Disorder?
How many calories does the average 15 year old female take in and also burn?
Food cravings?
how often should i work out if..?
Superpump 250.?
how can i make my thighs and belly fat slim fast?
is it ok to drink coffee to swallow pills or capsules???
How much weight can I lose by July 29th if...?
i need a workout plan!?
I pulled my lower back while I was doing bent-over rows, how do I help heal it?
I am fat, what to do?
IMPORTANT - please read this... i need help losing weight =(?
am i healthy weight?
What supplements make the liver better functioning and stronger?
IYO: How long would it take?
How can I lose 10 in 15 days and eat healthy?
I'm tongue-tied, this means the tip of my tongue is stuck the the bottom of my mouth, what can I do about it?
In the back of my teeth my gum is covering a tooth and it really hurts so can someone help?
Why do I keep doing this?
How long does it take for swelling to go down after getting your wisdom teeth out?
Whats a good diet and workout plan for football and wreastling?
Help on possible binge eating disorder??
Can lifting dumbless help a person get pecs?
Habits to boost my height faster?
does wu yi tea work to lose weight?
Flat Stomach?
Hot yoga? does anyone know anything about it?!?
Why is my stomach fat shaped like muscle?
Quickest way to reduce weight over the summer??
Hydroxycut Good for a 14 year old boy?
Should one run on the treadmill for a long time? if not, how much?
Zumba or Turbo Jam?
Is this a good workout- Easy 10 points?
i need help or i might die?
Weight Watchers - How many points is an omlete made from egg beaters? The only other thing I put in is veggies
i want to loose weight?
HELP, how do I??
does that new diet pill internal flush the fat really work?
can the tongue absorb nutrients?