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My gums are bleeding?
How do i whiten teeth using baking soda?
is it an absess? Under my jaw hurts, not the actual tooth?
How much would it cost to fix my snaggletooth?
how muuch would it cost to get a diamonty glued onto my tooth in australia?
Is there a method of teeth whitening that doesn't cause unbearable sensitivity?
wisdom teeth removed in hospital?
Which retainer is better to wear? *for after braces*?
Is it normal for your heart to beat fast when your given an anaesthetic?
what is quickest way to whiten teeth?
Little brown marks on teeth?
Should I get bracers?
how to prevent ur cheeks being swollen from wisdom teeth being taken out??help?
Iv'e just come back from the dentist and...?
I don't think I have an overbite do your top and bottom have to touch?
i need to get fillingss but im scared of the needle!! :O?
its taken 5-6 months to go from 170 -150lbs im 5'6 is this too slow or since I have 15lbs max more to loose
Im 5'6 150lbs and would like to go down about 15lbs for now, is it necessary to diet exercise or do you think
Does eating apples make you dizzy or give you upset stomach?
will my body go into starvation mode if I eat 2 times 600 cal meals in a day when normal I eat my 4-5 healthy?
how much weight do i need to lose in order to fit nicely into a size 00?
Will my new life style help?
how do i lose the weight that ive gained during halloween?
How does body react?
Whats the difference between all the protien shakes?
i had gastric bypass 4 years ago and still have not lost all the weight. i still eat small meals.?
does hard (alcoholic) apple cider have yeast in it?
Looking for a list showing carbs, calories in most foods?
is boiled tap water clean and healthy to drink?
what is the best exercise to do for total weight loss.?
waht are reps and sets in exercise?
Get real answers from millions of real people.?
Is it really so bad to be underweight?
why isn't a bulimic person always really skinny?
Fitness or Shape megazine?
I am a 14 years old i weigh 160 and 5 foot 8 inches, is this a healthy weight to be at?
Had 2 C-sections will i ever get rid of sagging belly,are major muscles destroyed???
Shaky muscles?
feeling fat?
Is it true that you should be able to bench press your own weight?
Can anyone recommend a good diet pill?
Is a no-carb diet good for you, and why?
I am 45 years old and would like to loose 20lbs in mid section. i would like to follow a daily meal plan?
How much should I weigh?
How do you work on your inner pectorals?
Beginner Runner?
Losing Weight?
average weight?
I'm 15 years old girl and i'm 5'3 and i want to know how to grow to be 5'5.?
Why do I loose weight when I eat something sweet?
do you watch a video first before exercising to it?
How long does it take each morning to light francenscense, pray, do yoga, take vitamins & eat a healthy bite?
im trying to loose a healthy amount of pounds like ..... 7 maybe in a week giv me some helpful tips?
Would it hurt me if I take weight loss pills, since I'm 110-115 pounds?
Sit Ups Confuse Me...?
Few Questions: Protein, Cardio?
How do you tone up your thighs and stomach?
why did i gain weight?what to do?
how could you get an 11 year old girl to eat les and what are some ways to lose weight?
my brother wha do i do?
good excercises to lose weight?
Metabolism and Green Tea!?
How to get rid of the fat from your chest???
How do I make my canines longerM?
how often dental braces needs to be tightened?
GLAMSMILE veneers. Cost and info?
why does my fake tooth hurt?
how long do i keep and expander in for?
should a shot of novocaine from your dentist be so painful that it makes you want to scream?
After getting my braces off, my teeth are moving. Will getting my retainers straighten them?
Does it cost anything for your dentist to give you medication to remove the plaque on your tongue?
Does it cost anything for your dentist to give you medication to remove the plaque on your tongue?
PLEASE HELP! cheap or free dental care in adelaide?!?!?
Does anyone know of a dentist near Fernandina Beach Fl that has payment plans?
do you think my boyfriend needs to go?
anyone has a false tooth put in???? i just lost a front tooth......?
what should i do about my swollen gums?
People with tongue piercings do you find hard to eat & chew properly. Does it pain after piercing?
pain after a deep filling?
deep filling after pain?
When i eat sugars, my teeth kill!?
Braces off, what to expect?
if a dentist does a faulty repair on a tooth what can i do to have it corrected ?
Overbite help please!!!!!!!!!! GIVING BEST ANSWER?
what can i do about sore gums?
extraction procedure?
Can Someone please help me?
should i be concerd for my friend she is only eation one meal a day is that ok?
weight loss?
Is there a fast way to lose weight?
How can i get the splits fast?????
Will This Mess Up My Muscles?
im 16 and want to lose around 15 pounds before summer is done?
Is an elliptical machine share the same benefits as jogging?
How many calories are in 1 pound?
Is this a good morning excersise?
How can i lose 20 pounds i n 4 weeks ?
Im 5'6 154 down from 170lbs , My new goal is 125 by end of 2007. Is this a reasonable goal?
What is a hunger spell?
Is soup part of a low carb diet?
Weight Loss Help?
If I take 2-3 consecutives days off from doing 90 minutes of cario (once a month) will it hurt my progress?
What is the best breakfast to have when you are on a lo-carb diet?
is this normal?
frm my lst question i found i need 2 lose 29lbs .. how can i do dis?
about cardio.?
How can I lose alot of weight before school starts?
do you know whats the best thing to do to make your abs look great?
What is the first step to becoming a gymnast?
Crooked teeth after braces even with permanent retainer?
where to seek a dentist in san antonio texas if you don't have the money or insurance?
What is the best dental insurance company in Melbourne?
what can you use on tingling of the mouth?
how much does an orthodontist appointment cost...?
how do i get really white teeth?
What does a scale and clean mean?
How to make my American Sonicare toothbrush work in Australia?
Okay, what do points even do ?
What's the most effective way to build muscle mass?
How to get rid of overly muscular thighs?
I want to lose weight???
Do slapping your fat really make it go away?
Do you count calories on christmas?
i do about 700 crunches a day and i want to now how long it will take to get a 6 pack and i weigh about 89?
Hmm..I've lost a lot of weight, and found out that I'm curvy, please read. :-]?
too fat too skinny just right?
If I am 195lbs 5'8" and a 51 year old female on a diet. This is my question as i'm a little confused.
How can I go vegan, and keep my same body shape/ frame?
how can i loose 40 pounds in 40 days?
Can a person learn to love exercise?
What is a good treadmill to purchase for under 1,000.00?
How high is high blood pressure?
how can i reduce wheight to the size of a modle?
can chocolate cause loose bowel movement?
Is my daughter overweight?
hey I 'm 14 and I weigh 260=( I want to lose weight (100 pound) how should I do it???????????
What else should I have for supper?
Is it true by eating seafood you can lose weight?
What is easier? The Zone Diet or Food Combining?
Breathing problems with spinning classes/running, is this normal?
how many calories do I need to burn off to lose 1 pound?
Would you participate in a nude yoga class? In Calgary?
Weight loss?
Is it okay to spread my workout out through out the day? (sorry for repetition)?
What is the best cardio workout to lose weight?
is this 7 day diet safe?
Am i too heavy for my treadmill?
Why do student who are anorexic usually do well in school?
How do you get rid of "fat fingers"?
I want to keep a good track of.........?
How many min/sec between sets should I take for a break?
What is the history/development of the barbell?
How much weight can I safely lose in a month?
What do you as athletic men want when it comes to under wear, sleep wear and casual wear?
How do I know what my DAILY PROTEIN INTAKE should be?
if i ride my excises bike will it help me lose my love handles?
Am I fat ?
i had a carotid ultrasound done and it found a complex thyroid nodule will i need another ultrasound test done?
Diet during the new year, please help, I need to get ready for highschool.?
I am counting my calories but how do i?
Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abss?
What's a good way to resist?
I'm 13 and 5"0 i weigh 89 pounds. Am i healthy?
How does Laughing Gas feels like?
hi im just wondering if anyone can help me with my braces problems. thanks?
do you think this is right?
chipped front tooth, cant see the dentist til next week!?
what can cause the body to not produce enough siliva?
I had 4 premolars removed today?
I have 1 EXTREMELY painful Ulcer! HELP!!?
Why do my my gums hurt so much?
keep getting mouth ulcers?
My retainer (along the bottom of my teeth) isnt smooth anymore, does that mean its wearing down?
my top ball on my tongue ring keeps falling off.?
what are the benefits/disadvantages of having braces?
affordable health insurance?
Where can I buy Crest Whitestrips from?
i keep getting mouth ulcers?
how long after extraction to use a draw?
dry socket help please?
I got my canine baby teeth pulled out at the start of the year?
i have BiG leg muscles Please Help!!!?
will Doans extra strength help me with my tooth?
My right side jaw hurts by my ear what can that be?
Why arent my teeth closing? Braces?
are double canine teeth common?
My jaw cracks when i try to open it 80%?
Is this okay?
working out in winter time...?
I Need weight loss help!?
Loss of apetite?
Strip you way to fitness with Carmen Electra?
Can I stop taking Multivitamins.what are the after effects?
Has anyone tried or belongs to the Curves gym programme?
people say always eat less?
How much longer 'till i get sculpted abs? (pics)?
is being 14 and under 105 fat too thin or normal i don't trust BMI i want to know your opinion?
Somebody else live well just drinking plenty of everything but very very little food?
s there such a thing as excersizing too much when on a diet? Or eating too little?
Is it possible to loose 4 pounds a week?
laxatives how mannyyy?
How should i do it?
Help me lose 40 lbs?
How do you work out your upper abs?
What is the average weight for a fourteen year old?
I'm so lazy...I need a workout plan that I can stick to?
how can i lose weight fast doesnt matter if safe or not?
Losing 20 pounds.....?
what exactly is mona vie?!?
will isagenix?
healthy or not?
Is it better to exercise before or after dinner?
Which foods contain potassium, besides bananas?
help i need help with excersices women please?
is it easy to burn calories?
NO Progress. What should I do?
OK so I want to eat a 1400 calorie a day diet spread in 5 meals but what the heck meal can i make? even a?
Anyone know where to buy glucomannan?
Does you body really need 5-10 servings of dairy every day?
Am I overweight?
Fitness question??
how long will it take to lose 25 pds through good diet and exercise mainly fast walks 3 km/day?
you know that maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper diet, and water deit ? i need some answers?
are YOU bulimic??
Is popcorn a decent snack when you are trying to modify a diet?
Is this healthy???
can you lose weight by riding a bicycle?
Is it a good idea to do kick ups while wearing ankle weights?
Is there a way I can lose a lot of weight without a diet pill, or something like that?
Loose Stitch 3 days after extraction of my tooth?
What can I do upon discovering that the dentist is disregarding his estimate?
Did your health insurance ask you to come for a checkup to see if you got your braces done?
Invisalign - your experience?
Who has had Porcelain Veneers? Im thinking about getting them?
Wisdom teeth taken out in China or Thailand?
was anyone addicted to coca cola when they had braces?
Do teeth separates hurt?
HELP!! Is there any way I can turn back the colour of the bands on my braces?
A question for the dentists:mesial angular impaction of 28, mild vertical impaction of 38. No focal lesion?
The top left side of my mouth is in pain, what does this mean?
Effects of Wisdom Teeth on Braces?
swollen gums with braces?
will getting my gums cleaned clearing the swollen gums?
Damon braces? (in Australia)?
does anyone know how much glamsmile is? and is it covered by health insurance? ta?
gingivitis in braces question?
should I keep flossing?
calorie counting HELPPPP!?
how do i tone my stomach? please help!!!?
i want to lose weight .?
I Want To Gain Weight?
will i lose weight if i....?
weight loss.?
Is there really such a thing as 'low carb' pasta?
even though i work out why isn't my stomach getting smaller?
toning my legs?
I have a friend who's 13, and she's 105 pounds. How can she maintain that weight?
What are good long term targets for bench, squat and dead lift?
What is a good nite time snack for someone who is watching their blood sugar?
What can you put on flat bread crackers that tastes good?
Does this sound like a caffein addiction?
Wanting to purchase Herbalife products for weight loss but not to sure what ones to order Help!!!?
I'm going about 5 hours so far on no food since breakfast, normally I don't do this but...?
any advice ?
What are some simple and effective exercises for reducing flabby inner thighs?
what are some of the Obesity Drugs that you can take?
Does anyone know of any excersizes that tone and slim out your chest area? Ones that actually work?
am i fat.. weight on a scale of 1-10?
Eat more to lose weight??
Throwing up?
Which is More Important: Diet or Exercise?
How many calories do i need to eat/burn to lose 1 kilo per day?
If I eat about 800 calories and then do exercise equivalent to 660 calories, will I lose weight?
What's it called when you use only your own weight for resistance exercise?
What kind of vitamin regimen should a 40 year old male be on what positive effects do each vitamin have?
any reasons why my DDS would do a right bitewing xray AFTER 1 filling and a fractured filling had been replace
i am due to visit the dentist tomorrow. i have bad condition teeth as finances and time have not been present?
had old filling removed, have temp one. ever since i have throbbing pain. told no RT needed till i get perm 1?
Can dentists tell if you whiten your teeth?
sooooo woried about stains after braces!!?? HELP?
Can I sue my dentist for not finishing my work?
Is there a free dental clinic in Tallahassee, Fl?
Can you think of funny ways of...?
i got my wisdom teeth pulled and now i can't see the stitches and there is a hole, and its grey, why?
How much does it cost a empress crown, it is metal free?
Do orthos still give out headgear?
i have a tooth that sticks out when i smile should i get it pulled?would it make my other teeth get straight?
Ol my teeth looks lyk yellow color. Im brushing 2X a day after & B4 go 2 slep, Wat cn i do mke it white?
My wisdom teeth are coming through, there is no pain, should i see the dentist?
UK Dentist, Non-NHS - Claiming back costs?
Help please! Suffering anxiety about wisdom teeth extraction?
i had braces before 8 years ago now my teeth are seperating what do i do now?
Going to thailand soon & getting braces put in.Im getting them tightend in aussie do u think this is cheaper?
Anybody know of any Australian dentists offering lumineers?
Fast Metabolism & Gaining Weight?
How can I tone my tummy ?
Belly fat... How can I get rid of it?
Am I addicted to working out?
Lose Weight by grad??
How can I help develop muscles???
high fibre, low fat diet?
workout in a week?
I didn't eat good one day of the whole week.. am i ok?
Type of Work-out Before Opening Night of a Play?
Can high blood pressure cause you to gain weight?????
Is this enough??
how do I lose weigt while on antidepressants?
Excercise for thighs?
What is the best workout for reducing abdominal fats?
Raw eggs...why do some weight lifters and body builders drink em raw??
How will eating a lot of food with grease in it affect your health?
My dad's been working out really hard, and now he has a knee injury?
where can I get resistance bands?
Is this an OK split workout routine? It includes cardio AND resistance?
My doctor did a CT scan & found a tumor on my cervix. How common is this & what are the chances it is cancer?
lung cancer questions?
how much higher should the feet be when you are lying down?
how does it feel to be skinny?
will my plan work or is it going to fail?
Why do gym instructors sweat so much?
are there any products or pills you can buy that really work with fast weight loss?
How much weight should I loose?
"Turbo Jam"?
Help i dont know whats going on?
how come when i eat less i still get bloated?
Do all gas station on the interstates have deep-fryers?
Tai Chi-has anyone done it before?
on a diet...?
Any good websites for weight loss?
If losing weight and smoking addicted in the same way?
am i working out hard enough at the gym?
is atkin's diet really effective and safe?
did i eat wat to much?
Im 10yrs and weigh 53kgs (106lbs) and am 150cm (4"5) Am I Normal??
How fast will DDR help me lose weight?
what is better to eat carbs or fat?
how is this possible?
Is is okay to break multivitamin into powder for intake if it's too large ? Will it be consumer the same way ?
help please? about my dad?
My Mom is in the hospital. Help.?
Creatine making me pee like crazy ?
Need to loose weight?
non greasy foods?
What are good exercises to do at the gym to lose weight fast?
Workouts & Headaches?
Healthy food for a school dance?
I'm 22 year old female and i'm tired of looking like a 12 year old, any tips on how to look my age.?
Weight Loss?
Nail Question??
Muscle Mass VS Fats?
is this a good pre and post workout meal?
Does "The Truth About Six Pack Abs" actually work?
how can i learn to love my body?
PLEASE ANSWER I PROMISE 10 POINTS TONIGHT.... Can I loose a pant size in 2 weeks? Im 5'5 148 and im size 9 now
How many pounds will I lose If I keep doing this?
do diet pills work?
Best Exercises to get ride of love handles and big thighs?
I have a chocolate problem?
Help With Creatine?
why is it that my co-workers try to sabotage my diet?
20 pounds by may?
i weigh 160 pounds,and i want to be a ballernia,do i weigh to much?
is it helpful to work out the same muscles every day?
anorexia..whatdo you think?
I dont really want to excerice so can I loose weight by just eating healthy,not eat junks at all, & walking?
How many calories in a pound? PLZ HELP?
15, trying to lose weight any ideas?
bigger ... thighs ??
Weight Loss Pills?
how can i lose weight even with halloween coming up?
So how big is your Oochuk?
Why am i losing weight dramaticly?
Am I in good enough condition for marine corps bootcamp?
What should my weight be? What should the weight not fall under?
Working parents: How do you find time to work out and be physically active?
is it possible to lose 30lbs in 7 weeks and if yes, how?
What's a good way to loose weight?
What can I eat to lose weight but keep my energy up so I am not lightheaded and don't feel sick?
Would you recommend purchasing the P90x workout DVD's? Any unbiased testimonials?
Having a flu and losing weight?
do you think most people who are obese are like that because of genetics or they are just lazy?
about a fast?
would my parents have laxatives?
Question concerning body fat...?
What reduces the risk of cancer?
irregular menstruation can cause cancer?
im pregent and dream of rotten teeth what does that mean?
braces question! [not if they hurt]?
The underside of my tongue is very swollen after a wisdom tooth extraction. Is this normal?
Hydrogen Peroxide on teeth?
Dental Floss - how to use it?
What will the product of orthognathic jaw surgery be?
Question about Wisdom teeth?
Nerve Damage in Tooth?
My child has a lower permanent canine impacted tooth. Has anyone had this removed or had a tooth transplant?
when do babies have all there baby teeth in?
What is the recovery like for a tooth extraction that is not a wisdom tooth but is a large bottom molar??
Who made the 'finger-brush' released in Australia a few years ago?
I found a clear bump on my upper gum today when flossing. What could it be? It does not hurt.?
Does Colgate 'simply white' teeth whitener work?
i got 3 wisdom teeth and 4 bicuspids taken out. ?!?!?
how long does it usually hurt after you get your braces on?
The end of my wire, where the molars are went into a gum!!
What procedures are available to fix an underbite?
Should I do Yoga Before or after working out?
Grocery Shopping. A Healthy Food Choice?
How long should I stay on the treadmill each day? Weight loss and fat burning?
How many PILLS (including Vitamins) do you pop daily?
Please explain to me why I have not dropped pounds........?
Alternative to pasta, other then whole wheat pasta?
What is a fitness program for a 14 year old male?
pleasee help?
wey protein?
Coffee : Dangerous and good for the same person ?
Is it alright to snack?
Is This A Good Daily Workout?
How do yu flatten your tummy?
Will this help me shed the extra 2 lbs?
What can I do to lose 10 lbs?
what are locations to go to for the help of stopping steriods, where do i go to for help to quit it!?
weight loss ideas?
What activties can i do in my house?
found pill its orange, oval shape has AL/0.5 on one side just the letter G on back?
what does Tai Chi do for you?
How many calories should I eat a day if I run for 20 minutes every morning?
Thunder Thighs?
What training routine is recommened?
Looking for a good diet. Recommendations ?
can you loose weight by doing this?
I am about to turn 30, and want to be a bodybuilder.?
Does the three day diet work?
what has more sugar?
diet pill alli is it available in Canada if not when???
What habit can I replace with eating food 5 times a day?
What is the best personal blender to purchase?
diet plans for a very picky eater?
hey im 5'7'' 1/2 and 150 ish pounds loose and take 2 pounds ..... im in volleyballl and would like to loose
what is green tea good for?
I have a question about diet and exercise, can anyone help please???
Celebrity Fit Club Weigh Ins?
What is a healthy and simple lunch?
whats the best workout to lose weight without any equiptment?
Laxatives... FIBER?
Make neck longer? I have naturally big deltoid muscles.?
i really wanna lose weight and give up sweets....?
Im 13 years old and am "5,6", However I weigh 135 pounds. Is that overweight???
does geen tea really help lose weight?
Eatting disorder or what?
what is the average weight for a 5'7 fourteen year old girl?
Am I eating right?
How can i stop thinking about food!!!!??
why is it that eating salad and drinking milk gets me bloated?
IGateway Restoration
is two weeks of acid reflux going to cause damage?
I'm getting Invisalign. I looked up on the web and saw those results are not as good as traditional braces?
what materials are used to make a tooth brush?
I had a root canal in my front left tooth. since then have had severe pain in the injection sight . Any help?
any bulk billing dentist in Brisbane ?
how do i pull this tooth out without it hurtin?
really bad pain behind my last moler tooth?
what mathematical skills do you need to become a successful dentist?
Getting Braces soon . . . what colors should I get?
how long did it take you after?
I've got 1 month...?
i need to lose some weight.?
how do i predict how tall i will be? i'm 13 & 4 feet & 10 inches. is that really short?
Does Fat Become...?
ab lounge...?
what's the difference between binge eating and emotional eating.?
what kind of protein?
What happens at physicals (for girls)?
was my binge justifiable? For two weeks Ive been eating really well but then I had my wisdom teeth pulled out
How can i loose 30+ pounds by September?
Does L'OREAL SLIM FAST GEL really work?
How can I find/figure out how many calories are in my delicious sandwiches?
Is it possible to gain muscle doing cardio?
Whole Grain Rice - how long will it keep after being cooked?
Y is it bad to cut calories?
why do i get so dizzy thinking of what food i ate!?
how much do you think i'd lose if...?
Low fat, Low calorie milk chocolate bar?
Do some actually drink four or more cups of green tea a day?
Going up and down the stairs?
I need a diet to follow?
how many calories are in...?
Acne diet !!!!?
I Want A Flat Stomach For Summer!?
Are you over-weight?
Your thoughts on "steam" rooms? Water weight-loss?
2 Questions. Normal BPS & Mass Gainer vs Whey Protien?
How do you get curves and lose pounds?
Would it be possible to lose small love handles in a month?
I am 30 years of age, How do I make my metabolism as fast as a teenagers?
I need to lose 30 pounds, any ideas?
How many pushups can a normal 14 year old boy can do?
Is it better to run first or..?
Cottage Cheese Diet ??
is there anything that will make me sweat less??
how does green tea extract support weight loss?
How can I lose 15 pounds in a month?
OHMIGOD i can't believe i ate this much?
If i drank 10 glasses of water right now...?
taking vitamin A?
I use 5 Pound Dumbells. I hope I wont gain muscles. I am using them to tone and get leaner on all body parts?
If I do Pilates + Cardio everyday..?
is this good or bad?
how long does the ortodondentist see a person once they have their braces off. this is just a check up.?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled. What are some foods I can eat?
If i get laughing gas do i still need shots?
when u smell plaque on your floss from your back second molar, could there be something wrong with that tooth?
How to stop gum disease?
Help Whitening Teeth with Orange Rind?
MY kid headbutted me after i took him off the swing at the park and i felt bit of broken teeth in my mouth..?
Whitening trays from the dentist?
Are there any alternatives to tablets for pain relief after wisdom teeth removal?
bad bite and tmd question?
How common is bad breath or "halitosis" (PLZ READ!!)?
Can I drink softdrink now?
Affordable dental work?
I lost my retainer last night..?
how many mls are in 8 glasses of water?
Does hypnosis work for weight loss?
How can I increase my metabolism?
New treadmill, and when walking on it, it is making a rubbery squeaky noisy sound?
Do women store extra body fat?
A friend told me you can still consume candies 1 to 2 years after the expiry date, how far is this true?
is it ok to waer ankle weights all day?
about how long would it take to lose five pounds ?
What is the ideal calorie consumption for weight gain?
how do you loose weight on over the counter pills?
What is the carb difference between potatoes and sweet potatoes?
2 questions please answer!?
How can i lose 5-10lbs. in one week?
Any Advice PLEASE?
I am pushing the 160lbs and am 22 i would like to go back to 130 how can i?
major credit to anyone who can answer these!!?
how can i get bigger thicker arms?
What is Spinning (at the gym)?
What are your thoughts about weight watchers?
i feel fat, but am i?
what time of the day should you stop having coffee?
tooth extraction question?
My dentist told me to hold listerine in my mouth for one minute, is that safe?
i have a yellow/bruisey looking patch on my cheek? (wisdom teeth got pulled)?
is there any bulk billing dentist in Canberra?
my left jaw has been completely stuck/locked for two days now!!?? HELP!?
how much would it cost to fix my chipped tooth?
I have a pain in one of my teeth, is this a cavity?
How do you actually know if you have fresh breath?
How long after your first consultation with an orthodontist do you get braces?
do you need braces for an overbite?
Did it hurt to get your abscess on your gum drained?
I'm 13 and I still haven't lost all my teeth?
Wearing a retainer after leaving it out for several years?
Help...Teeth bleeding?
Why do I get a little gum (where there is no gap & a gap) pain when lying in bed?
Home care/treatment for sore, inflamed gums? Help, please!?
How to keep braces clean?(school, staining)?
Is it possible to get an infection in the gum where there is no tooth? & what is the treatment for it?
How can you whiten your teeth, without spending too much money?
I am trying to cut back on sweets but the house is full of them?
Out of all sweeteners which is the best and healthier & why?
pasta on a diet?
Is playing Hungry Hungry Hippos a good aerobic activity?
Does anyone know where to get hip hop abs or turbo jam?
Question about weight lifting?
since i am in antidepressants i put on 80 pounds what should i do?
Dαily Workout Question?
group weight loss chart can someone help me??
Anorexia Diets?
Do you count calories or just try to eat a balanced diet?
Im Starving Myself.?
How to get a body like this!!!!!!?
What's the easiet way to burn fat?
Approximately how much weight will I lose if...?
How long should I be doing step aerobics everyday to lose 10 lbs by the end of may?
is it okay to have one pig out day?
Will I start loosing weight with cardio?
am i concidered fat?
eating more then i usually do what can it be?
Treo Motorized Treadmill?
I just turned 14, and im only 5"0. I weigh 85 pounds. What can I do to grow taller?
Does drinking water really make you loose weight?
Help My Litlle Sister Lose Weight!?
I have a Fitness Master 760 exercise bike and need a power supply.Does anyone have one to sell me?
Please help me !!! If you can !!!?
Is running up and down the stiars of an apartement bad?
is eating 1400-1500 calories way too much for a teenage girl?
Can you lose weigtht, by...?
not getting results from workout and diet?
pants size?
im confused about my height.?
HELP! I have a lump at the top of my mouth!?
Alternatives to braces?
How to make my cheeks go back to normal after j just got all of my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out??HELP!!!?
How many canine teeth does a human being develop in adulthood?
How do I whiten my fangs?
how long will it take to recover from teeth extractions?
i am wanting a heath fund so i can get emergency dental work done asap?
How do I get rid of yellow teeth?
Bad breath what do i do?
mouth olcers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do teeth whitener kits really work?
Has anyone successfully had a mouth/lip/tongue piercing done with braces on?
how to create gaps in your teeth?
How come braces cement/glue does not affect your name when they pull it off?
Whats better crunches or sit up for a big tummy , back fat and a "thick" waist?
I'm a vegetarian, and im gaining weight?
Am I at an unhealthy weight?
anybody doing LA Weightloss? how's it going? long term?any tips?
Whats a good goal weight?
Do you trust "medications" like Slimquick?
Is this excerise diet going to work?
a FAST way to lose weight?
Is this an OK split workout routine? Advice would be great?
Using a stair stepper will you lose on your hips and belly along with your legs??
bsn cell mass >any protien?
Cost of Gym Membership?
How can I choose smaller portions?
Is it healthy to eat raw eggs? What are the risks, if any?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
Feeling sick from a diet...?
Would you eat at a restaurant that was strictly nutritious - especially for kids?
i wanna try something new?
I am putting myself on a 1200 cal diet. I need to lose a substantial amount of weight.?
Is buying a bicycle a good idea?
Purging Tips???
What happens to the food in your stomach if you go to sleep right after you eat a huge meal?
I want to strengthen my arms!?
diet to speed up healing proccess!?
How can I get more exersize?
is it bad to excercise when you are sick?
Does cardio make you weaker?
am i fat??
Do you think doing 2 sets of 8-12 reps of hammer curls and 21's is overtrainng?
I have two diet questions does kimkins diet work and what would happen if you only ate 500 calories?
Is the lemonade diet good to try?
What's the deal with these detoxifying products that supposedly eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse it?
how to lose 2/3 pounds a week?
I eat 6 or 7 eggs per day .It is safe for me?
How can I cut back on carbs???
other than situps what is the best ab workout?
excercise for lower back and knee problems??
I need to lose at least 15 pounds in the next 2 months....how do I go about it??
When is tha best time to take ur protein shake?
Is a turkey/swiss cheese sandwhich with tomatoes and lettuce really terrible for a diet? no mayo, just some?
How to gain weight BUT lose my belly?
Seriously, am I really that overweight?
Should I brush my teeth before breakfast or after?
at home teeth whitening?
Question about rubber bands and braces?
I have only 5 more days till I have surgery to have 4 wisdom teeth removed.?
How long do braces have to stay on for and what are the different types?
what hurt more??? braces or spacers?
I need advice.. Please help?
Does Getting Teeth Extracted Hurt ?
When will my antibiotics for my tooth start working? Help!?
Invisalign or normal metal braces ?
*BRACES* Do I need to brush my teeth when watching a movie?
My teeth hurt, but theres nothing wrong with them at all?
need wisdom teeth out?
can i take another Tylenol extra strength?
urgent help relating to dental cavities?
When will I get used to wearing retainers? Please help, 10 easy points?
Is the dentist scary?
In your opinion is having your wisdom teeth out worse than period pain?
Should I wear my plate or not?
Dentul qestiun about teath?
I have really bad teeth and I am afraid to go to the dentist?
Does it cost to change the colour of your braces?
Is 5 months normal?
How do I get a body like an abercrombie male model?
Weird "diet." Anyone tried it?
low energy what to do to help it?
OK I started a diet and looking for some good recipes.....?
What treadmill from Sears should I buy?
c section belly?
I need to lose 3 inches in one month?
For "heart health" benefits, how long does the cardio workout have to be?
What is the best supplement for building muscle quickly that actually works?
Diet for SKINNNY people!!!?
Help slimming down the tummy?
What do you think about my measurements?
What Kind of Exercises Specifically have the potential to Enhance Growth?
i find i have problems losing body fat. what could be the reason why?
weight losing in the stomach?
how old you need to be to get a membership at extream fitness?
30 min treadmill everyday or 1 hour treadmill every other day?
What burns more fat: 1h of swimming or 1h of aerobics?
Can anyone help me gain more weight?
Anyone tried vatika Shampoo/Conditioner does it work?
10 lbs one month?
Glaucoma and Yoga?
Is Weight Watchers a good diet?
PLEASE scrutinize my eating habbits and advise me!?
Why dont people use the search bar...?
Sister Act- weight gain?
iam 4'7 and im just below 90 pounds?
what is it? when l do situps, something around my lower rib, under breast tightens and hurts?
I think I am addicted to Potato chips?
What do you think of Ginko Biloba? Should I take it? Can it be dangerous?
Does anyone know where to get hcg injections for weight loss in California ?
Cindy Crawford Workout Videos?
what is the best way to loss pounds?
fast weight lost?
How do i successfully loose fat(weight) off of thighs and hips?
I have a problem - I hate raw veggies! How can I make them tastier?
Is a sauna and a steamr room the same thing?
whats so great about drinking?
Anyone ever take Meridia ... what side effects did you get?
I am a 34 year old mother of three needing more energy. What daily vitamins can you suggest for me?
Are there any foods that go to the belly and/or arm area more than others?
is it true that green tea helps you lose weight?
how to lose weight in these areas?
what does oats have to do with a tooth ache, and how does it work?
If one side of the tooth or filling is broken after a root-canal then what is the procedure?
Is it common to get braces put back on after treatment has ended if retainers aren't appropriately worn?
can i put rubber-bands around my teeth to fix my gap?
if you've ever had braces (mouth)... help with a simple question?
Can someone lose their teeth twice?
Can I use Sensodyne toothpaste with braces?
How can braces fix a tooth behind another tooth?
how can you stop decay without having a filling?
Why does my jaw pop when I chew food?
trouble with bleeding gums?
My jaw wont open fully anymore?
my gums have got bigger in braces?
My gums are growing between my teeth since i got my braces?
I have an Over-bight Problem!!?
I was getting my root canal yesterday and I freaked...?
Can someone tell me how much approx it will cost to get a fake tooth?
Will i be the same after i get my braces off?
How to get white teeth ?
Why do British people have bad teeth?
after you stop tightening a palate expander how long does it take to close on its own?
how to find someone to feedee me in ont i look for someone fat me up like a pig?
Strawberries in my diet?
13 Years old ??
im in trouble?bad timing?
How do Normal-weighted models make themselves skinny? (what methods or kinds of diets)?
Can green Tea help with Diaria??
is it safe to take a sauna post workout?
Can you be fat and beautiful.?
(im 13!!!)how do i loose 15 pounds before the summer comes???
How to lose 16lbs in 5 weeks?
Potato chips containg vitamin C?
How does Whey Protien Work?
Is this fat??
whats the importance of nutrition and exercise?
S.O.S How can I lose my belly fat in 1 month???HELP MEE!!?
I am still very sore from?
If you have an eating disorder, have you told anyone about it?
taking vitamins as 16 year old?
How fast do muscles heal?
diet plan? how much calories would this include?
At what age are wrinkles supposed start appearing?
cultures that value exercise and physical fitness have a healthier population: what does this mean?
What are spanx?
does one burpee equal 1/2 a calories burn?
what are good workouts and how many calories are burned during it??
Is there such thing as a reusable heat packet that can help me heat up my lunch?
Does lemon burn fat?
fat loss tips?
I have a BMI of 28 and Iam 14 so an I need to lose weight?
safe to take laxitives?
if someone works out a lot and east right, how will smoking effect their overall well-being?
Is Quaker Harvest Crunch Original cereal healthy or not?
What can I....?
Have i had my teen growth spurt yet?
Are you supposed to measure your height with your shoes on?
What if I took a conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) supplement and green tea extract????
Salmon Question?
Can you make an all body exercise plan for me???
I need a weight loss buddy, for 15-20 pounds!!?
Will Ensure (or Ensure Plus) help me Gain Weight?
whst the best way to gain my six pack again?
if you're supposed to burn more calories than you take into lose weight, how do you ever lose it????
So..how do I lose 5 lbs quick but healthy?
Arm toning?
Trying to build a sixpack... before or after dinner?
I want to start losing weight, how can I lose it at home so I will start to see results in April-June?
What are some good, effective, drug free ways to maintain a good level of energy all day?
Why is everything so loud all of a sudden?
Excercising Accelerate Testosterone?
how often should i bench press to get bigger chest?
what is the staple diet of...?
What fruits or veggies other than bananas have lots of potassium?
Do more black people or white people get anorexia?
Are the majority of people in the world underweight, at a healthy weight, or overweight?
i am fat. please help?
I can't gain weight eventhough I eat too much?
i wana 4 pack!?
When you are exercising a lot and still cant get that last 8 pounds off what tricks do you use to do it?
How fast did you put on weight?
calories in rice?
Please help?
If I eat well, will this make your cheeks a little bit more plumpy?
For working out you chest, what is a better exercise to do? Flat bench press or incline bench press?
Wisdom teeth?
im a 13 year old boy and still have 12 baby teeth so will i get braces?
i have a killer toothache and have taken some parracetamol but it's not working any suggestions?
Bleeding teeth?
I had 5 wisdom teeth pulled out 54 hours ago and am going to a party tonight. What can I do and not do?
Molar and Wisdom teeth??
How much would it cost to repair a small chip in my tooth?
can i take percocet after i have taken a tylenol 3?
How to get dental radiology license??
a dentist, or someone who knows teeth well?
Can anyone help with some wisdom teeth questions?
Do you need a referral from a dentist to go to an othodontist?
How much ( roughly ) would it cost in Australia , to have my slightly crooked tooth straightened ?
I need to know all the pros and cons about ceramic braces and should i get them rather than Traditional braces
Is there a way to naturally whiten your teeth?
how to clear a gum infection?
What should i do?!?
what are the best mouthwashes?
My crown had got loose, hit it while loose with the tip of a bottle. now my tooth is in my crown in my hand.?
I have a question! Can you please help!?
white spots after braces?
achafalya bumbum?
Milk is unhealthy??
How do I lose weight fast!?
Weight Loss Help ?!?
Does drinking protein make you stronger?
Do all dark chocolates contain monosaturated fats even though they are not listed on Nutrition labels?
vermicelli noodles bad for you?
Heyy how can an 11 year old 120 pounds lose 30 pounds in 8 weeks.?
5 Factor Or Atkins Diet? Which is better?
La weight loss juice??/?
how can i not be afraid to gain weight?
I need some help for fitness challenges?
Exercises is a seated position?
"300" movie 6 pack abs in 4 months?
Is this a realistic weight loss goal?
Is yoga good alternative to doing weights or normal cardio exercises or sports for fitness?
What is a better pre workout supplement No Explode or Nano Vapor.?
am i at a good weight? or do i need to lose it?
How good is running?
how do i get through to my parents?
Daily Soy MIlk Recommendations?
Weight Loss- What plan worked better for you? Herbal Magic, LA Weight Loss or Nutra System. Why Pro's & Con's
ab exercises?
how many calories in caffeine pills?
How do I get rid of love handles?
I need help with losing weight?
Udo’s Oil 3•6•9 Blend..??
What is the best weight loss diet that you have tryed?
Im 5'5 and 148lbs what would be a good goal for in 3-4 months ? What should be my end goal weight?
Good ways to get thinner thighs & calves?
Where Can I buy ephedra in Canada? Who sells it still?
Healthy Eating Tips?
How do you gain weight on your buns and thighs?
what do I do???????(weight issue)?
What is the most important thing to do right after working out for muscle gain?
Whey Protein fruit drink?
i am really hungry!!?
I'm 14 years old, and I want to start working out?
What vitamins are important for a 40 year old woman?
How should I get in good shape?
i am 5'6 and 134lbs and i am trying to lose a few pounds by running 6 days a week for 35 minutes but?
tim hortans green tea?
Is this a healthy breakfast, why, and can i have it everyday?
Receding gum problem.?
should i pull my teeth and get a denture?
does it hurt to hav your tooth filled?
I want braces because my teeth are all crucked and have massive gaps but the authodontist says i dont need...?
Invisalign. Has anyone tried it??
is it normal for your teeth to go yellow with braces?
what exactly is an adhesive restoration-3 surfaces, posterior.....at the dentist????
Wisdom teeth surgery question?
braces go on second molars?
chipped tooth?
White teeth? :)?
uncomfortable veneers??
how long does it take to get used to a plastic upper part denture?
white spot on the back of my tongue? bad breath? bleeding? Please help...?
does ice tea stain your teeth?
Does using Sensodyn Toothpaste work for sensitive teeth??
Can i consider my orthodontic treatment complete?
toooth extraction?
Why after having removed my braces my teeth are not glossy?
Lost my retainer.... how bad will the damage be?
extreeme tooth pain?
How can I lose 40 lbs in about... 2 months? I'm 5'7 and 160. How do i do it?!?!?
I need help with my diet. Exactly what food do I eat in each of my 6 meals per day?
I have been eating good a reasonably good sized amount then i became full. So stopped eating anymore?
can I drink around a alcoholic, if yes how soon after they stop?
How to Increase Energy without the use of substances?
how can i get motivated to exercise?
when exercising whats the best way to relieve or prevent cramps?
Advice? please?
Does anyone think I'm fat?
Native North American natural diet?
Dress Sizes?
has anyone ever tried the muscle tech line of bodybuilding supplements?
Don't you hate women who don't want to diet under the premise that their breasts will shrink?
how to resist sugar cravings?
Personal experience with ephedra?
Why is it that after you do a lot of exercising your muscules always hurt?
Is there really a difference between low-fat, and foods that are low in fat?
where on the web can i get a calorie counter log where i just enter the food item & it calcs the calories?
Does the drug 'WellbutrinXL' make losing weight more difficult?
what exactly is this concept ... 0 transfat?
How many calories do I have to burn a day to lose weight?
What should I weigh if I am 5ft 1?
Easy Workout??
what about for drinking concentrated lemon juice or using real lemons in water. or concentrate lemon juice in?
is any one out there thats has a diet plan thats working for them?
how do teen girls flatten their stomachs before summer?
weight loss surgery?
where can i find ligit hoodia?
What are the top 5 most EFFECTIVE methods for quitting smoking?
Craving food!?
How much would it cost per week to do two slimfast shakes a day ?
Mini Easter Eggs - Nutritional Information?
Is Bio Oil any good?
why am i always hungry?
Dangers of Hydroxycut, Working out and marijuana?
Is 1400 calories a day too much for a teenager to eat?
What would you classify my body as?
Are soft drinks really dangerous for the health?
Would eating a lemon or drinking a glass of it's juice, help you to lose weight?
would i lose weight?
im gettin muscle and its making my arms look bigger?!?
What are some foods that......?
Why does it take lomger for my heart rate to slow down after I exercise late in the evening?
How to get rid of belly fat?
How can the boys of the age group of 14-17 become tall?
how many calories are in a gram of fat?
i need braces and cant afford them!?
How long should I keep the gauze in my mouth after wisdom tooth extraction?
how much does a plate cost for your mouth?
numb mouth?
I have noticed a brownish mark above my bracket of my brace?
what kind of antibiotics will the doctor prescribe for infected wisdom teeth?
I have to get braces on today and I am so scared of it. Is there any shots, how long does it take?
Do certain types of rubber bands for teeth hurt more than others?
What microorganisms are used in paint, cosmetics, toothpaste?
I have had a local anesthetic, my whole mouth is still so numb. Is there anything 2 make it wear off quicker.?
Is it normal for front teeth to emerge before the lower ones?
Is it possible to get invisalign only for my upper jaw?
Braces Question?
does it hurt to pull a tooth out by yourself?
Dental Impressions? Any advice would be great! Thanks!?
how much does it cost to get a root canal & crown?
Can anyone please tell me the price range for clear ceramic braces in Australia?
Is it okay if i dont wear my retainer for the rest of the day?
I'm 16, about 5'4 and 104 pounds.. how do i gain weight fast?!?
Punching W/ Dumbells Make your Punches Stronger?
Have you tried Michael Thurmond 6 week body makeover?
I am a 14 year old girl i weigh 235 lbs. I want to go on a diet but i dont know how to start it. Suggestions?
is it possible to loose 10 pounds in a month?
Help to gain!?
Anyone ever try Vivitas Fat Cleanse? Or any other Vivitas product?
What other factors (may) contribute to obesity besides the following...?
JUST cardio? 10 points?
does whey protein aid in weight loss?
How do I burn off all my energy?
will i get sick at my dance competition if i do all this?
How many days should I fast?
Are you currently on a diet?
same weight and measurement?
Will just eating a ton of protein without working out still help build muscle?
What is Blake Livelys weight??
Does cycling get rid of belly fat?
what foods have the most protein??
Whats the difference between the overall calories and then Fat calories?
is cardio good everyday???
I need help with my body?
Is it normal to experience a slight heart burn occasionally?
I am 5'7, 130 pounds - lean but still don't have noticeable abs? Help? Ideas?
how many calories are in a pound(wieght wise)?
whats a good workout?
no lectures, no u shouldn't, no blah blah?
Should I lose some weight?
Need to lose 30 pounds?
What is the best workout for abs and thighs?
How do you control your cravings?
Will this exercise routine work for me?
I'm a little confused as to what Oatmeal is classed. Is it a carb or protein?
how much should a kid weight?(i have height age etc.)?
Is chocolate addicting?
Lose weight tips?
OMG FAT ARSe....................... =S?
Anyone used Detoxatrim?
my routine is working but so slowly should i change it or stick with it? Ive been loosing 4lbs/month?
weight loss?
Losing 7 pounds by May-middle of June. Is it possible?
Addicted to chocolate.......?
couch to 5k podcasts?