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What are some good exercises to quickly tone your stomach and arms?
work out at the gym to lose weight and look skinny?
Is beer really good for the body and will it extend your life expentancy?
What can a person have for breakfast on the run?
One-a-day Weight Smart vitamins cons and pros?
Is it healthy to be skinny?
Which breakfast drink is the best tasting?
What's the best way to loose weight. I go to the gym and watch what I eat. Any other tips?
how can i get rid of calve muscles?
How many points can I eat a day on weight watchers?
What is the purpose of a bite plate?
looking at getting braces =)?
Does it hurt when you get a needle from the dentist?
What kind of incentive would make you go to a dental office?
Are my symptoms that are persisting a week after wisdom tooth removal normal?
part of my tooth has fallen out?
how old should you be when you start using whiting strips on your teeth?
what is this bump on my gum?
I have a cavity where I had a root canal?
Fillings or extraction?
Is there anything in Australia where you can claim your dental under Medicare?
braces problems!! help?
My smile is too small?
if excess fluoride exists in ground water will it affect teeth and/or bones?
People who have gotten their teeth capped, needing to know a few things please?
Question about wearing retainers after braces?
My son has swollen gums, that are almost covering his teeth, they are red, and seem to have puss?
Will abcess go away if I pull the tooth?
Is it okay if i only wear my retainer for......?
what food stains braces?
Is it possible to get cervical cancer at eighteen?
what is it?
i am motivated to lose weight but...?
i need to tone my abs and sides?
Help, Health and Fitness?
why do i always feel sick or ill after i exercise?
How can I get a better body?
Why does energy go down as workout progresses?
how can i keep a good state of mind for losing weight?i keep going back to my old habits.?
How should your weight be at age 14?
why is white sugar more harmful for a person than brown sugar?
when people eat slower why are they Skinner then people how eat faster?
My husband works out till it hurts, is that good for the body.?
is skiping a beter exerices than runing on the treadmeal. is skiping even considerd a good source of cardio?
Am I Over-Weight??
What are the pros and cons of gastric bypass surgery and the lap band procedure?
I'm 5.8" and i weigh roughly 187 am i over weight? If yes by how many pounds? what should I do?
Is GoodLife Fitness Only For Women?
What About Lipo ??
Want to lose last of pregnancy weight.?
3 day FASTING how do u do it..instructions? Have u ever done one?
who's on a diet?
ladies do i need to loose 15 fresh pounds big deeno wants to know?
how can i gain some weight?
ok i have gaind some muscle mass and some body fat its time for me to get toned?
how to gain weight for hard gainers?
What's a good 2/3-week (Pre-Season) Conditioning Fitness Program for Soccer Rookies ?
GR.I've got a fast metabolism & need to gain somemore weight.?
I Am Not Comfortable With The Way I Look, Dont Want To Eat Anymore!!?
Does anyone know of a small garlic pill?
Can I do less excercise tomorrow on account of muscle aches?
What kind of diet do you think would work for you?
how do I find printable diabetes menus?
im a chubby kid and when im older i want to be a police but need some help to lose weight help me?
How do athletes or people who do feats for world records - such as hula hooping for 3 days straight - pee?
Medical advice please...?
did my filling fail? 10 points coz it hurts?
Has anyone had a dental make over done in the Philippine?
can i do this (teeth bonding/bleching)?
Teeth...?? Is this bad??? or good?
my tooth implant just came out. Is it hard to glue back in? can I do it or do i need a dentist.?
what is scald on your skin?
OW! I just had my twin block put in and it hurts any help plz?
i just had a filling yesterday and its been really sensitive when i eat or clench down on my teeth?
cost of Invisalign, anyone had them before?
how long until teeth get straight with braces?
The denture lining is coming off. What can I use to glue it back to the plate?
What has been discovered within the last 70 years?
How long you live if you have pancreate cancer?
Is tumor in the head of the pancreas a CANCER IN THE PANCREAS?
Is it good for your body to exercise 7 days a week?
i weigh 275 pounds!!!!!!! 5'8 17 years old?
I NEED too LOSE 10 POUNDS???????
What is the AGE you suppose to start TAKING...?
help please i need help?
Is salad tomato high in potassium?
aple patch diet.?
How does food change in your stomach?
is it safe to consume raw, pasteurized egg whites?
Diet question!?
is there any nutritional value in the skin around a peanut?
How can i get stronger in the gym?
I'm 5'3 and 130 pounds.?
Where can I find free diet, exercise and or fitness software?
Im taking Omega-3 pills i want to know if it will make me gain weight?
What is the best way to do full body detox without supplements etc.?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 2 week?
How do you tighten stomach muscles?
How much weight should I lose and how?
why dose my personal trainer says that i ame looking mor ripped but my scale says i have gained weight?
Can anyone tell me if sea salt is a much better choice over regular salt. I have been using it for long?
Anyone know a good way to lose weight?
what are the foods i can and cant eat with have high colesterol?(please very important)?
Im Trying To Get Cut?
If I just don't like any excericise except swimming and casual walks, can I still be in shape?
what's the best way to REDUCE your bodyfat?
A diet pill that works? How much did you loose?Im already in a healthy routine and losing the weight?
has any one tried the wedding day diet?
do you have to quit drinking to lose weight?
how to lose 30 lbs in 3 months?
I'm 13 and need a weight loss plan. :(?
Stop smoking is harmful!!!?
I'm tring to lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks whats the best diet that I should start?
One of my cats has plaque on his molars and no matter what I do I can't get rid of it?
i got my braces off today and my retainer makes me feel unwell?
if your 115 pounds 13 and 5'4 do you need to lose weight?
How many laps in running (400 meters each) should a healthy teen be able to run?
Fastest wasy of lossing 40 pounds in 2months?
will this diet kill me?
Why do I crave foods with wheat?
When you are on liquid diets, for about 2 weeks, can you lose alot of weight?
How to lose my beer belly?
Do wearable ankle weight can prevent people from growing up..?
Burning out.?
decrease waist circumference in 2 months?
olives vs olive oil?
Extreme weakness, nausea, and ear stuffiness with exercise. Pls Help!?
Is refined sugar a vitamin robber?
How do i lose lots of weight and gain muscle???
how can i loose 20lbs in a month HELP ME!!!?
How can I lose weight?
Is this good to take protien shake after workout ? Is there and health risk ?
Workout Q?
Help! I'm not losing any weight!?
I want to lose some weight?
Any tips on a Wedding slim down?
how many pounds would i need to lose to go down a pant size?
what i can eat at dinner to be thinn?
How do I take my measurements properly? Muscle weighs more than fat, right?
best way to lose 15 pounds in to months?? answer pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Answer pleaseee !! do people lose weight if they play the HULA HOOP???
How do you Build Bench Pressing Stamina.?
Is being able to bench press between 105 and 120 lbs. good?
Dr. Oz's "You on a diet"?
Given an Opportunity Would you Help Cure Diabetes?
I want to lose 10 pounds.....?
What fills you up more a glass of milk, glass of water, or a juice box of apple juice?
what time of day is good to drink the most water?
i'll hve my first put on braces soon..so, is it really pain when we have first put on?
i want whiter teeth!!!!!!!!!?
Can a dentist be held responsible for being the cause that leads to needing a root canal?
Life After Braces (with a permanent wire)?
i need some advice on braces?
whitening teeth ????????
What is the average wage for Dental Nurses in Victoria, Australia?
why are my teeth yellow.?
im 18 and have 3 bad teeth that need fixing but i cant do anything untill atleast jan?
what type of impaction is this? (dentists,oral surgeons,etc.HELP!) anyone!?
RBT - Random Breath Testing (Important)?
Do braces hurt when you play the saxophone?
What is wrong with my tooth?
I just got my braces today. Please help?
How do I describe the pain?
why do i have stains on my teeth? :( what do i do to get rid of them?
Hi about a week ago i started having pain whilst eating using one of my upper teeth, it has also gone white?
How long does it take for braces to be noticably working?
what would happen if you have gum disease gingivitis,?
My 3 1/2 yr old has some black lines around 6 of her teeth, how can i get rid of it?
Should I hav my teeth pulled out?? or not....... urgently need opinions and past experiences?
whats an easy healthy snack?
I need help losing weight.?
Are freezies an okay snack?
What are the benefits to belly dancing?
What's the best way to get rid of belly fat?
If I walk 2 miles a day?
Is a fast resting heart rate dangerous?
how many colories do you lose when you stand compaired to when you're sitting?
Anyone know how I can go about buying ephedra products from Germany?
Is there a website for finding running/walking buddies in Onatrio , Canada?
I started using creatine and I put on 10 pounds in a week. Is this all water weight?
how do i get abbs in less time?
Best kind of walking/running shoes??
Does sweating make you lose any weight?
Losing 10-20 pounds?
I though people lost weight all over, im LOOSING WEIGHT BUT NOT MY TUMMY?
I need help finding Slim Fast products online?
Plastic wrap around ur waist to lose inches?
Is there a way to get in shape in less than a month?
If I walk for 2 hours do I burn more calories, than if I rode a bike for 2 hours?
Anyone have weight loss plan that works?
Has any one ever tried lipoblast weight loss pills before? Did they work okay?
whats an easy way to lose 5 pounds?
Hmm. A little nervous..?
would I get skin cancer if I shave my arms?
Is the diet pill Hoodia any good?
Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About?
Why is it that now that I'm eating more fibre, I'm having more problems with bowel movements?
should i listen to my personal trainer is this good advice?
14 yrs old weigh 64kg and about 5ft 9inches..?
help the ouch factor please?
I need to see health care provider for gum infection?
Dentist help, I'm having four normal teeth & four wisdom teeth removed, how much do you think it will cost?
Teeth stained yellow from antibiotics......how to get rid of the stain?
If I get a tooth pulled at the dentist, then I am safe enough to drive home?
I filed my teeth with a piece of sandbelt. Now they kind of don't feel right, can I do anything about it?
Is Sensodyne toothpaste good to prevent your teeth from sensitiveness?
i got my wisdom tooth pulled out yesterday. when can i start eating on the side my tooth was?
what is the best way to get ripped while gaining muscle ?
how much weight should i loose?
how long will it take to lose about 40 pounds if....?
This question is for guys only?
What does everyone mean when they say they weigh 9 or 10 stone???
Did i do good on my diet?
Skinny body problem?
do weight gaining shakes work?
eating and exercising?
I've been eating 1000 calories a day and I've also been working out 30 minutes each day (-300 cals)?
whats the best way to avoid high-calorie foods?
What are the pros and cons of white eating rice?
Does the diet pill Hydoxycut works?
Is there any way burn fat without gaining muscles?
What drug is 'pot' and is using it everday for 15 years abuse of it?
Does anyone know Mischa barton's weight??
How many mL in 137oz?
IM 5'6 160 lbs down from 170 will I loose weight by eating 1600 calories a day and exersicing off 500 calories
what does it mean if after a cardio workout i feel faint and throwing up sick?
Please help me make a realistic goal last time I lost weight (10 years ago I went a bit far) what would be a?
has anyone tried the "elax" diet?
Is it bad to binge?
has anyone tried the turbo jam workouts?
How can i get thin?
What would you say are the maximum female body measurements before considered 'fat'?
how to have a flat belly??
what is the best diet you've ever done>?
i am 14, how do i get a flat stomach and flat chest?
What is the most effect treatment to get maximum calcium intake for osteoporosis?
Does anyone know where you can purchase a Cellerciser from anywhere in Canada?
do men really like girls that have hardly any body fat?
what can i do to get rid of chubby spots?
how do i lose neck fat?
Not eating for a long time but i wasnt starving myself?
I need excercise ideas?
What vitamins does the sun give you?...?
What to do ?
What do u think of liquid diets?
will this help me loose weight? -more in details..?
Would you Say This Is Healthy To Do?
how to control an overweight boy from sneaking food at school?
Can my muscles Recuperate correctly?
if you are 15 average height and u weight 153 are you overweight?
How come others notice more that you do when you lose weight?
Does Less Weight More Reps Create Definition of Muscle?
Lumps under my jaw and there are 4 of them?
After getting braces off: Removable vs. Bonded/Permanent Retainer?
How can I change my underbite to an overbite?
Is it true that bone deteriorates if you don't get a dental implant?
my son has only lost 2 baby teeth so far and he ia 7 is this ok?
I broke my tooth in half, nee some advice?
How can I change my underbite to an overbite?
having molar removed help?
How much do children's dentists get paid?
i have four holes in my teeth...?
Why do I get an awful smell from a tooth which is under my bridge?
my bro does party drugs ... im worried that he'll end up killed because of them ..help?
is it possible to stop/slow down dental cavity?
Is it normal to have some of your braces falling off.?
My fathers dentures are a little yellow,can these be whitened somehow?
Help with Teeth Extraction?
How to get rid of plaque without visiting a dentist?
I have a tooth abscess and it has made my lower mouth swallen and i dont have any money for dentist.?
why is water fluoridated even when it is a rat poison?
Are these my wisdom teeth coming through?
'Oral B vitality' electric tooth brush - can this brush really remove stains ?
Gain mass fast?!?!?
How often to take Alli?
Did anyone ever try Dr.chong's oolong tea? Its a tea that makes you loss weigth Is this true?
What are some ways to get rid of cramps without eating medication?
what exercises and foods take away cellulite?
I need help loosing a bit more weight!?
Can someone tell how long does it take to lose weight?
Where can I buy Hoodia Chaser in Canada?
Will i be able to get a flat stomach before 2 in a half months?
How do you drink lemon water to lose weight how much & how ofter & how well do it work?
why is my mom so ripped at 54?
how many girls here like abs????? anddddd why???!?!?!?
What happened to me during my exercise?
help me loose weight!! I am 5'4 and 135 pounds and I would like to loose some weight.?
I want to lose 30 pounds in 2 months... How can I do it?
What is a good schedule to follow to lose 20 lbs in 7 weeks?
How long would it take to get decent sized Biceps? I'm trying to get decent sized biceps over the summer.?
Perms on curly hair?
Weight problem.. pls help?
Has anyone used Choco-Trim for weight loss? I got info in the mail, but can't find anyone who's used it!
I want to loose 100lbs in 6 months?
Do You Know How To Make Your Body Younger?
Weight Issues, in a bad rut.?
What are good ways to stay motivated to lose weight?
How do I get a flatter lower tummy?
Hi, am I doing alright on this diet?
what is the best excercise to builds up abs if you are a 19 year old girl and weigh 175 pounds?
is this good?
Im 13 years old, 5'8 and weigh 156 pounds. I would really love to lose 20-30 pounds in 4 months. HELP!!!!!!!!
any one whu has tips on losing weight??
Brita Pitcher Help!?
Will a person gain more weight on honey than sugar ?
Going through a plateau?? Help?
Losing weight, am I on the right path?
does anybody know where's good kickboxing classes at??
how do i get a ripped body like the actor off of kyle xy?
My neck hurts whenever i do situps. what am i doing wrong?
How can i lose a reeally good amount of weight in a few months?
weight so confusing!?
I just started a low carb diet and I was wondering what are some foods that are low in carbs?
Meals under 600 calories?
Does Shapely Secrets, diet pills with Hoodia, or NutriSystem really work?
Weight loss and when to buy new clothes?
Some of my baby teeth are still there and I'm 14.?
Can a permanent bridge be removed if a tooth underneath needs a root canal?
Is it ok to brush my teeth with a bottle of jack?
Is 5 gum good for you?
do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
I have found a lump in my teste. I am 14 it is about 3mm wide quite tall and is hard. Am i too young to get it?
I cheated on my diet, will I gain weight??
Can you list all of the fruits and veggies?
How many hours of workout do u need to burn 3500 calories.. Just curious.. thanks?
What is the best way....?
Please help me with a new goal my last one was too over the top, Im 5'6 now 155 down from 170 but it took near
Im just a big ol' fatty! But really, ive already done a few things... still nothing?
Hi. I am starting to work out again and?
how can i get skinny arms?
When ever I lay out tanning I sweat, does that mean I am buring calories????
What is the average price to join a gym monthly?
I've been doing sit-ups...?
well i got a question about my weight ...?
I just started taking Hoodia today..does anyone know how long it will take for me to feel the results?
Cross-trainer vs. treadmill?
What is the fastest way you've lost 10 pounds. When I diet, my metabolism slows down and I don't seem to lose
Im trying to get a sixpack?
What foods can help jump start your metabolism?
lose face fat?
Why Does Throwing Up Feel So Good To Me?
I'm 5"4 and weigh only 96 pound I'm too skinny?
Lose uhhh-lot of weight?
How do I lose 10 pounds?
BESIDES sports, how can i lose weight without eating VEGGIES?
What are good exercises to tone but not develop bulgy muscles?
How to get rid of belly fat?
what is the best way to gain weight if i'm diabetic and don't have time to work out, also a cheap way???
i need to lose weight fast help!?
helpp?? plz...?
Who knows anything about Mangosteen juice and how well it is suppose to work. Heard it is working??
what should i do for a diet?
So i walked...?
I have studied nutrition and find that a raw food diet is not the best way to go, why are so may people doing?
does anyone know the best product to lose belly fat?
10 semi large hand fulls of Blue Berrie... how many cal?
Is it possible to survive by taking multivitamins?
Breaking a plateau?
Has anyone tried the "Bread for LIfe" diet?
If im 5'1, how many cm am i?
what is the best work out you can do? (works out almost all of the body)?
How many Grams Of Potien?
I'm 5ft and 5inch am I tall ?
flat-chested problems!! please help me...?
has anyone tried a low carb diet..........?
Is it possible to lose weight by September?
What incline setting do you need on a treadmill to achieve a 500 foot elevation gain per mile?
can you use whey protein and soy together?
Post tooth extraction?
when is my orabrush coming?
How much exercise should a boy from age 10-14 get each day?
I heard that drinking water...?
Hi My name is sara, I am have been deiting past 2 months but i am not seening any progress yet.?
How do you technically measure height?
wats the best way to exerise?
Hi! , I'm 6ft tall and 16 yrs old how tall will i be?
What are your favourite low-cal snacks or treats? See details and help me out!?
does it take time to gain weight or can you just gain overnight?
What can you do to reduce the size of your calves?
Breakfast is important...But how many calories should it be?..Whats the minimum?
please help advice? Since I started doing a diet Ive been constipated which Ive never ever been before its?
Answer this question!!!?
at home workouts?
I want to lose 10 pounds fast...............best answer= 10 points.?
How long do strawberries stay fresh for?
How long will it take me to lose 14 pounds?
nutrition value of cheetos?
When should you take your N02 supplement? Should you eat after?
is this skin cancer or what!!!?
Has anyone gone through this?
I have recently finished chemo for breast cancer and need to drop some of the weight put on by the steroids,?
Is it normal for your stomach to pooch after you eat?
Food exchange tracking site?
Does bulimia actually cause you to loose weight? or gain weight?
i think im fat!!!! what should a healthy weight be?
Dessicated liver question....?
Buiolding muscles?
skinny gurl?
How safe is Propylene Glycol (PG) in dental mouthwash?
Why do my teeth hurt crazy bad?
mouthguard moulding question?
orthodontist stramotas and hygienist?
What is safe to eat after getting teeth pulled out?
My teeth changes colors.?
Missing adult teeth...?
I have to get a root canal in a couple days time, I'm really nervous - what should I expect?
Any parents/dental nurses/dentists who can answer this?
I might be getting braces soon!!! help?
What are the benefits of a dentist?
I'm getting braces in a couple of weeks, and i'm very nervous do they hurt can you please tell me the process?
Advice about how to deal with Dentist's Mistakes.?
Really itchy gums ?! how can i relieve them from the itchiness ? please help !?
can you have 8 fillings in a day?
I have had braces for five years. Will that cause any extra white spots? How do I get rid of white spots?
Is tabouli good for an atkins diet?
How do i gain weight?
What Burns First?
Is there a way to make sure where you lose the weight on your body?
How come I'm losing inches, but scale won't budge?
Any tips on how to loose weight or look skinner?
average person takes 5 to 20 minutes to do this?
Girls, which is more important? Six pack abs or big biceps?
How to lose weight safely but quickly, in a short period of time?
Losing 15 pounds by October?
I NEED HELP!! how many calories are in a double quarter pounder from mcdonalds?
what is a good weight to be if you 5'5??!!?
Is Something wrong with me???
I just consumed like 8 or so bananas...and now i am bloated. I was wondering if there is a correlation..?
can i lose weight by just eating right and doing crunches?
when fasting what are the symptoms like how can you know if the toxins are coming out?
about healthy weights??...?
What is the best time to work out?
What is the equivalent?
does mcds drug test?
How do I gain weight?
What do you think of Sunrider products to lose weight?
If I walk around with weights on my wrists and ankles what will happen any benifit? or a ridiculas fiasko only
How do i lose tummy fat and bum?
I have a few questions about my diet?
Work out before or after work?
i had a baby 9 months ago and havent lost the weight yet so those magic pills really work???
why do weight plates at the gym come in 45lb plates?
I have a weight set with a bench and leg press and i need a program to build muscle?
How can I lose pregnancy weight? I'm doing 30-40 min. of cardio. Will that help me lose 20 lbs. 2+ months?
weight loss in 2 months (summer) could it happen?
i am a 16 years old female, 5ft3ins,and 128 pounds, am i fat?
How do you lose 40 lbs over 2 months i really need to?
hey how are you guys losing weight for the summer>?
What is the reason for eating supper?
what is the ideal weight for a 16 , 5"4 teenage girl?
How do I get curves?
Sugar in coffee?
Does pasta (macaroni, linguine, spaghetti, etc.) have less calories when cooked?
Help is this a plateau? I started at 170 went down to 160 now no matter what I do in the last 4 weeks Im going
Hardcore exercise regime...?
Is this enough calories for today?
What's a good intermediate level gym workout?
How much calories does this meal consist off? thanks?
Fiber Supplements?
Sometimes when I have a few sips of Coca Cola, I feel like my teeth are fizzing away..?
what is the best dentists in melbourne that is reasonably priced? ive heard pacific smiles...?
ten pts. best answer, help me!?
would you ever tell your bf/gf or someone that their breath odour is shocking?
Dental implants failure - what is the reason?
How soon after I get my wisdom teeth pulled can I eat?
Do I have to go the orthdontics?
What colour braces should I get?
Gettig 1 wisdom tooth out?
What is a Dental Hygienist and why should my cleaning be done by them?
Why are digital Dental X-rays better than film?
Is my tongue piercing infected?
i cut my toung on a can top, what should i do?
Where do fibers for sympathetic supply to structures in head and neck arise?
Does a filling always require one to have a needle?
Question about my sons' teeth?
I have a permanent and non- permanent retainer?
gum bleeding, but not while brushing teeth. it will just bleed occasionally, without any physical disturbance?
Had filling done today but...?
Woke up with blood in my mouth...?
Does teeth whitening damage your teeth?
I want to get my teeth whitened but...?
how can i make my teeth white really fast?!?
Sit ups help?
what is a rebound excersise?
can you lose 5 pounds in one day..then gain half of it back the next day???
Working outside, lack of energy so been skipping workouts, always hungry, please read details?
I'm never full..?
what is better, sit-ups or crunches???
Weight loss, best way to exceed the pleateau.?
I'm 28 yrs. old & i'm 160lbs. im scared i could hardly lose weight. Pls. give me program to lose weight. Help
How do i get flatter abs by June 22?
Vitmasin for muscle or wieght lose?
will i loose weight by eatting more sushi?...im not on some diet or something..?
How are vitamins best absorbed by the body, through foods or supplements?
what is the ideal wt of a person who is 5ft 1in, and also their correct body fat.?
16, M, 185 lbs, relatively no muscles (except for legs). Weight loss tips?
how to lose 20 pounds in one week?
I'm looking for a few weightloss buddies?!?
Is this a good workout routine?
I have abs.....and im a girl!!please help!!?
Name specific foods you should eat before & after a daily 1 hr workout at the gym.?
Am i over weight for my age ?
I want to lose 10-15 pounds by October 25th? Does anyone know of a diet that will help me achieve this goal?
I am 150 p/163cm how much best to be my wight?
What makes people want to lose weight more and more even if it's unhealthy?
weak knees????
iam i really bulimic or is it just a wat eva thing?
am i fat 1 am 145.5 and my hight is 6 foot 4 real?
smoking catnip?
I'm female, 15 and 5"9...?
I want to be skinnny!?
What is the best and quickest way to loose a flabby, bloated belly 2 years post c-section.?
It's difficult enoguh saying to someone "hey u could lose a few lbs." but this wloldnt be an irrational q.
What is the best snack or meal to eat before a workout.???
Dentists - Would you recommend a bridge supported by inlays?
Hi, had a tooth removed due to abcess.?
what is an inexpensive way to whitem my teeth fast?
My Puppy's Tooth Suddenly Fell Off???
as dental nures what do i need geet ready for amalgan filling please?
what colors should i get for my braces?
filing teeth after braces removed?
how much soda did you drink to get stains on ur teeth after braces?
remvoed tooth pain?
Wisdom Teeth, and stitches!?
Why are the costs of dentures so different?
I dont know how to ask this but cant u answer it?
Tongue piercing with braces?
whats this thing?
how to explain the bad breath to my children?
So, im getting my wisdom teeth out...?
Can I use mouthwash while using sensitive teeth toothpaste?
wisdom toothaches?
Wisdom teeth extraction what are the after symtoms?
i had surgery about 2 days ago and.. HELP?
Super weak enamel... HELP PLEASE!?
Treadmill and sore ankles?
Question regarding extra lean ground chicken?
how long would it take me to become fit?
how 2 get abs?
how many pounds will i lose if i dance for 30 mins a day in 2 weeks?
hey" how long does it takes to see results from pull ups?
how did my bro get so strong by only doing pushups?
why is it when i work out my abs i dont gain weight?
Any good exercises?
Weight loss?
need advice!?
How many calories in 5ounce chicken breast?
What is the best way to exercise, with or without the sauna suit?
How do I make an herbal body wrap to lose inches?
Question about hips and pant size?
Should I have ice cream?
Is running a slow way to lose weight?
Can you loose weight but not gain muscle?
You think this diet plan will work?. (read below)?
perday calories requirements?
since cardio doesnt build muscle would it be useless if my diet and excercise gave a 0 calorie defecite or?
I'm 13 i want to lose weight should i go on a crash diet?
Is it possible to lose 150lbs in 12 -24 months?
Lose weight before working out?
How much weight can I lose in a week? What can I do to lose the most weight>?
How can i get rid of the fat on my arms? below my shoulders mainly?
Is is possible to lose 125 pounds in 6 months?
Herbal Metabolism Boosters?
Im just about 14 years old. but i need to know how much i should weight if im 5'9?
How can I lose 10 more pounds?!?
I need to lose almost 10 lbs in two weeks!?
I started at 170lbs Im 5'6 now Im 154 Im planning on going down to 125lbs by december is that a good goal?
Am I fat?? I am 5 feel 3 inches, 128 pounds and 13 years oldI?
Clicking Jaw?
anthem insurance?
how long after your wisdom teeth have been taken out can you go a park like islands of adventures?
How long does it take to be a dentist in USA? How about in Australia? And what educations are required?
Do Braces Hurt?
why do we get wisdom teeth?
Need Help Finding Damon System (Braces) Provider in Brisbane?
in the morning, do u brush ur teeth after or before breakfast?
because of chewing Ghutka, my teeth has formed a brown layers at the bottom of every teeth. how to clean them?
what is concious sedation? dentist wise?
who is the best dentist implantologist in Lebanon?
how much does it cost for dental braces in melbourne Australia?plz reply?
after having 6 top teeth pulled out and immediete denture put in, how long does it take to heal and can i comm
wat dose it mean when ur gums are u purple an have pink?
Do I really need braces if I have overbite???
How many times should you brush a day if you want white teeth?
Is there a street in shanghai that sells dental instruments and equipment?
Braces- Power Chains?
do i have the beginning of dry socket?
Difference between Dental Surgery and Dentistry?
Ive had 8 excisions (teeth out) and another 2 scheduled before I can get braces. Is this normal?
ulcers on my tongue?
How do you get rid of painful gingivitis?
Is it unhealthy to try to loose 10 lbs in a month? with a 1400 calorie/day diet and lots of exercise?
Instead of using the scale?
My Doctor said I need to go on a low carb diet ...?
Aerobic/Gym/dancing, which is the best to keep our body fit and toned?
What are some good low carb high protein snack options?
my tummy looks like am pregnant!! help?
How do I get rid of eating unheathy foods?
How to lose 5-10 pounds in 3 weeks?
What single food would sustain human life by itself over long term?
Lose weight? Tips?
i recently asked this question but its kinda different?
why does everyone wana loose weight?
Does anyone take herbalife and is there any side effects..?
I'm 20 years old and im 5'4 what is a healty weight for me?
im over weight!!!!?
Mucsule Of Fat?
How much does the average 13 1/2 year old girl weigh?
Why are some people fat but weigh the same as thin people.?
how should i do cardio each day?
How can u grow taller over the summer??
How much weight should I lose?
too skinny?
Ive lost 18lbs over a 3 month period, my original goal was 28lbs so what should my goal for the next three?
What kind of healthy food that you can eat over and over?
How much weight would I lose if..?
Need help with diet?
Is it okay to use (HGH) or Human Growth Hormones?
Where in Canada can I get liquid egg whites?
To Much Protien?
To Develp Nevck Muscles I was told...?
What types of beverages do you drink each day?
I am 8 lbs. underweight. Is this something I should be worried about?
gaining weight working out?
Im 15 with Periodontitis?
Molars of back teeth don't touch? Normal for braces shifting teeth?
Wisdom teeth and Braces??? click here and help me pleaaase! (: thank you.?
Anesthetic what to expect.!?
im getting two wisdom teeth pulled on the 14th?
My 2 yr kid upper front four teeth has cavity dentist suggested to remove all!should i take second opinion?
Unable to whistle after tooth removed....?
will the denist give me?
root can thru existing crown?
Is a retainer worse than braces?
i just got my wisdom teeth pulled about an hour ago is?
Just started brushing teeth, but gums bleed and are really itchy?
Flossing with braces!?
how to make the color of your braces fade?
Braces - wearing 2 elastics instead of 1?
Jus noticed my 20 mnth old has a chipped front tooth! Worried sik! What do i do?
I have pain on the second last tooth from the back on the left side. What is wrong?
important question bout my brces!!!! plz help?
the wire on my brace bent into a u shape?
Can i wear my retainer in the shower? 10 points?
What's happening to my body?
how many weight have you lost on any weight loss program ?
am i skinny?.. 5"11" 104 LBS....muscular, BROWN HAIR, SHOE SIZE 10...SORRY NO PIC...JUST GO WITH THE STATS
I have a trouble...?
i need info on the smoking of Salvia. We caught our 13 year old son smoking it and would like to know more.?
Losing and Gaining weight with the Master Cleanse?
Help!!!! how do i loose weight???
=T help ? =T?
its been 9 hours and my braces dont hurt?
How to increase Muscles Mass?
what is your fitness resoloution for this new year?
i just ate popcorn at the theater?
Is this bad?
how does hight shrink??
how much should a 13 year 5.5 feet girl weigh?
any body could tell me the best way to loose weight? from 95Kg to become 75Kg?
How do I figure the amount of weight I need to loose per week to reduce my body fat by 19 %?
Green Tea and weight loss..?
Building lean muscle with a veggie diet...?
Are Turbo Jam DVD's available anywhere else?
i am 5'5 tall and my age is 15.am i growing fast or slow? hey I am a Boy...?
how high is up?
I need MUSCLEE!?
Cheap treadmill?
diet diet.. i hate that lol?
What foods should I stay away from when dieting?
i think im seriously fat?
how do i get rid of my love handles?
How do I get started on the atkins diet?What to eat and what not to eat?
hey how much calories will i l oose joggin for 60 minutes?
What food can I give my dog with liver cancer that will give her nutrients and create her appetitie?
which kind of cover up?
can a child be healthy drinking only juice?
Do you think this will be okay?
Im making my minature gym in my room...?
Does white tea have caffeine?
I have taken 3 steroid injections in my spine for lower back pain. My weight has gone from 178-194 in 2 months
is this enough for a 20 yearold?
Looking for a good bread to eat while dieting. Anyone know of any???
what rehabilitation centers have workout[weight rooms]in ontario?
i think i have complusory eatin disorder?
cholesteral levels?
cylaris? did it work?
does reading burn calories ?...?
Beerbelly without beer?
how dose it feel?
Would anyone have the interest in lossing weights?
weight gain (wheat bread or white bread?)?
Lose pounds. fast. experts or expierienced only please. =]?
Is the under armor brand perfect to reduce to sweat persperation?
i want to work out?
I think i have an eating dissorder!?
i wanna get thin?
If you have a lot of muscle mass can you loss weight faster?
How do u do this??
Am i doing this wrong?
If a girl was 5'6' and age 16 what should she weigh?
Years ago I was on a diet - Grapefruit diet -? Is there such a thing - it seemed to work then help find diet?
Tight Stomach!!?
Liquid diets?
My Mission Is To Gain Muscle, Should I Do Cardio Or Should I Lift First, What first?
Do men have more slow twitch muscle fibres than women?
How To Stop Food Cravings!?
hi friends How to Lose 40 Kg in 1 month??
Good workout music?
why havent i lost weight? how long will it take?
Will running on the tread mill for 30 min a day loose belly fat?
i have the flu and especially cough..?
Building arm power exercises?
exercise while sitting?
I can't exercise because I am sick?
I wanted to know if anyone used the pills that are called the 7 day detox?
HIp-Hop Abs Workout Question?
Can a light jog (10-20 min) after a workout help you put on weight?
How long will it take to lose 10-15 pounds?
is it okay if drink coffee while taking spirlina and fish oil on the side?
Why am I gaining weight after exercising?
How many times should I run a week?
do u have to be skinny?
I need to lose as much weight in about a month. suggestions?
Does anyone know the Herbal Magic Portions?
What do you eat after a workout to give you more energy??
What website would be good to look up nutrition intake?
How can I burn fat on my body faster?
what is the glycemic index for kelloggs special k bars?
What are some diets that are like the lemonade diet?
Will my teeth go skew again if I have a bonded retainer but don't wear my removable one?
my tooth is starting to go grey/black help?
drop 10 pounds?
How can I loose 125lbs without having gastric bypass surgery?
Weight Gain?
Is cholesterol present in fish ?
Bikram Yoga?
I would like to buy a Spirit elliptical trainer any recommendations as to which one?
If I am 5'4 medium to large built and weigh 155 pounds, am I overweight? I have large chest but flat stomach.
how does nutrition affect someone's health?
Is eating only one meal a day healthy?
Beyonce;s Master cleanse,have you tried it.....results?
Sweater or no Sweater?
14, 137lbs how many days should I eat 1000cals/day and burn 500 cals to be 130lbs?
Good exercises for doing splits either way?
if the atkins diet allows you only 20 gr of carbs a day why does their bars contain 19 gr to 38 gr??
When lifting weights should i lift long enough so i sweat alot or should i do certain amounts of sets and reps
How do I resist the junk??
im 47 kg is that good for a ten year old?
female vs. male push-ups?
I'm trying to lose weight, how many calories should I have a day if i want to lose 2 ilbs. a week?
Has anyone got information about the GI diet?
why Hoodia Gordonii Diet pills for Weight Loss?
i want to lose weight fast!!?
Im trying to keep my calories under 400 is that gonna "kill me"?
Quick stress relieving exercises?
How much should i loose? I need help i cant do it alone?
[Easy ways to lose wait, oh and quick]?
Herbal magic scam?
what pilates dvd do you find works best?
what is the best diet pill out there? any experiences?
What songs pump you up at the gym or working out?
Working out while sick?
Trans fats & saturated fats- whats the difference?
Does anyone know of how to loose baby weight?
Is rooibos a diuretic?
what i can to become loss wieght?
Why am I ALWAYS hungry???
Is there any type of diet pill that actually works?
How much is 2 teaspoon of sugar?
does phentermine cause dry mouth, if so how bad?
does anyone know of a way that i can increase my vertical jump?
does anyone have any success stories about Xenical, The weight loss pill?
can you lose weight by eating an orange before each meal?
How many goji berries do I need to eat to have any benifits?
I need to find a name for my yoga class! Can you please help?
Is my weight loss goal reasonable?
ok....30 pounds by beginning of may....????
I'm tyring to get in shape for the police power test. One requirement is to lift 98% of my body weight.?
Does it hurt getting your tongue peiced?
my teeth are really hurting but i have already got them fixed like 2 weeks ago?
How do you make a tooth loose.?
How effective is teeth whitening done at the dentist?
orthodontic treatment with chin cup (face-gear) or without it is best?
How much do porcelain veneers (caps) cost?
Filling feels to big for my mouth. now i cant even close the teeth together without searing pain?
What is a Tooth Space Saver?
Tooth pulled out by dentist dilemma?
Has anyone used or heard of Snap on Smile in Sydney or Wollongong? Any info would be great?
Please help me on my Tooth Decay Experiment?
is it too late for braces?
I get this goowy stuff on my teeth?
A bit of my tooth fell off. My filling didn't.?
How can I clean my tooth brush when I have a cold core?
How is gum chewing good for you in school?
do u have to be 18 to have a doctor's appointment in australia?
I think my braces aren't working?
Is eating raw pasta bad for my teeth?
I got my braces off yesterday. I have yet to get a retainer?
Should I get three impacted wisdom teeth out and then braces?
I weigh 127 and im 5'5 im now eating 1035 calories a day is this good im trying to get down to 118???
Trying to build upper body... I need need tips (supplements, exercises,diet)?
Is it healthy to weight 150 pounds 5'5ish?
Flax serving??
Why do we all want to lose weight?
HELP!! I really wanna lose 5-10 pounds how do I lose the weight in about a week???
Elliptical incline?
is there a weight lifting facility at moshannon valley correctional institute?
Looking for a chart of good foods to eat as well and the bad ones, please send a link......?
do samosa's have trans fat in them?
Braces and white squares?
Sharp Pain in my mouth?
My tooth is chipped.?
how do i pull out my tooth?!? its like not working!!?
laughing gas or needle?
How much does it cost to have dental braces in the Philippines?
Does medicare (Australia) cover wisdom tooth removal under general anaesthetic?
WhaT IS haPPenINg???????????????????????????
if you have a palate expander...how long do you usually have a gap between your teeth for?
Can anyone tell me a relatively low - priced Thailand dentist who does good quality dental work?
will loading up on fluids help?
whats the deal with thinspos?
I just lost 30 lbs but now im always hungry?
food was a mistake for god to create?
How much should I weigh at my height? I'm 21 years old and my height is 5'11.?
WHY doess myy weightt FLUctuate sooo much?
is this normal wieght?
Has anyone here tried doing the Master Cleanse also known as the Lemonade Diet?
Are step excercises great to do?
What's the average amount of cardio you should do just to maintain your weight per week?
why wont my muscles get any bigger?
why do i feel weird?
What kind of food should I eat after my work out?
I am 125 pounds. I figure skate and do drama and track. I want to be 100 pounds?
master cleanse?
i need to lose weight help.?
anyone know of an intense workout with fast results?
I want to keep the lbs off!?
is this overwieght/fat?
Am I healthy?
weight loss?
After binging, I always debate whether or not to eat the next day or to excersize the day away?
get a 6 pack fast and stronger arms?
how good at fat burning is an exercise bike?
Why do the muscles in my legs sometimes twitch after I go for a "strenuous" walk?
Is 79 lbs normal for a 5'1 13 year old girl?
I don't know how to handle this battle?
How to get abbs quick?
vegetarian diet?
is a low carb diet safe?
I need help to lose weight, I'm on the verge of losing hope....who can help?
I need your help!?!?!!!!?!?!???!?
how can i lose my weight?
Can someone help with making a meal plan(see details)?
Alright, here's the deal with my lifestyle change/diet?
How u stay skinny?
Red Bull And A Fourteen Year Old?
Is a mini-popcorn bag of 180 calories topped with all-dressed seasoning considered a healthy snack?
i go to the gym at least 3 times a week and try to eat healthily but dont seem to be losing weight! any advice
What foods are rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6?
work out help?
Am I overweight/Fat?
Daily Lean Swiss Natural, anyone seen results?
Increase Muscle Mass?
Can anyone please care to help me on this question, it's a hard one?
dieting and being pregnant?
How much are braces for teeth in Australia?
18 Teeth - 7 years old - Upper canines are permanently lost!!
my son just 5 is getting his molars and also has tummy pain and vomiting is this related to his teeth coming ?
has anyone had there wisdom teeth out?
Crooked teeth after braces....?
Help With Colored Braces!?
Question About Tribulus?
Why do I always feel hungry?
Can you tell the nutritious content of fruits/vegetables by color? e.g. does orange = Vitamin C?
Help, I Could Us It?
protein after workout?
In your opinion, if you are sick should you still follow your normal exercise routine?
how to get rid of pot stomach (body fats..etc)?
hiding food?
Bench Press weight compared to average weight?
elliptical & excercise questions?
do oranges make you fat?
body weight/height?
weight loss?
What is the best diet supplement sold in Canada?
Simple, high-protein fix?
ALLI weight loss pills- anyone use them?
is this too much to eat if im losing weight?
Do the following fruits have fat in them?
Hunger pains?
workout help....?
i'm a vegetarian that needs to gain muscle, need help pleasee!?
My ears feel plugged after I workout?
How do you lose weight?
can someone help me find a list of stretches...?
Im 5-7 and 125 lbs, how can i lose weight the healthy way and get to 110?
Question to do with lifting weights and working out?
What is a good exersice and meal for a thirteen year old girl?
Tis not easy.?
Diet plan?
I want to gain weight?
what's a good way to lose love-handles?
What are some good hunger depressent foods?
5'7" tall, 135 pounds, 18 years old - how much should I lose?
Imperfect teeth - are there options other than braces?
I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, help! save for a holiday or braces?
Any final advice before having my wisdom teeth out?
how much will braces cost me for about 2 top teeth?
lost my dental elastics for braces...?
How can you tell if you have a cavity in your teeth?
does anyone know a bulk billing dentist?
how do you get your teeth white while having braces?
is my dentist saying nonsense?
VERY painful wisdom tooth, please help!!?
What cosmetic surgery is appropriate for a receding lower jaw?
Dentist Tooth extraction.. can i be sedated at all? im freaking out?
How can i prevent a blood clot from coming out after a tooth extraction?
weak teeth after braces?
I quit smoking meth three days ago but how long does it take to get out of my teeth?
Do i need to wait for my extra molars to come out for braces?
Tooth removal, will the space ever close up?
Do you think I'm too thin?
Where to buy protein shakes in mississauga/west end toronto?
I recently had a C-section and am trying to loose the 60+ lbs I put on, any exercise ideas?
Does Zantrek3 work?
has anone ever heard of and /or eaten hemp bars?
how to lower cholesterol lose weight and gain muscle?
i'm 14,i weigh 116 pounds and i'm 5'4 is that o.k? Or ideal?
Are there any side effects of whey-protein?
What are some calves exercises?
Has anyone read and tried the book "The Weight Loss Cure"? If so did it work for you? Thanks!!?
what is whey protein isolate powder?
Is it true that heels make you look slimmer?
I'm concerned about my boyfriends health. What can I do?
Tell me what you think...?
Is there such a thing as too much acid causing sickness?
Am I overweight, underweight, or average?
i am very thin i my dreem i am body builder how can possibil?
how does the sartorius work in the body?
what kind of food should u eat when getting abs?
What do you think of when you hear the word "Fat"?
Effects of starvation on the body?
what are good fat-burning foods and drinks?
I need some idea's for a very low impact workout that combined with the right foods will help me lose weight?
What happens if you eat sardines everyday?
Good alternative mats for yoga if I get really sweaty hands and feet?
what happens if you eat teflon. not a lot, about 100 grams or so.?
how do i get rid of a double chin?
How much grams of fat are in a pound?
Protein powders (whey, soy)..please help!?
yoga exercises??
dangers of>>>>>>>>>?
Do all these preteen girls who ask whether they're fat depress you?
Hunger increase?
Fitness centres in Toronto Ontario?
where can I buy dextrose and maltodextrin powders in Canada?
I'm 14 and I weigh 97 lbs and im 5'2. Am I too small?
Are caffeine pills bad?
Is this a healthy dinner?
I think i need to lose weight, right?
I workout 5-6 days a week but drink 2-3 times a week, will this effect my weight loss?
how effective is the dr. bernstein diet?
I need to gain wieght for a bet. What can I do to gain weight 4 hours before the weitgh in?
Any good diets.?
i want to loose 20-25 lbs?
Lose weight fast?
lose ten pounds in one month on slim fast bars?
i am very over weight and pregnant is it ok for me to diet and workout and loseabout50 to 60 pounds?
Ok I have 13% body fat, how much should I lose to get a Six Pack and what kind of Cardio Exercises can I do?
Do you believe this odd fact?
Are cigarettes laxatives?
Am I underweight?
Is Red Wine good or bad for you?
whats the average weight for an 11 year old girl?
Suggestions for effective exercises to lose stomach fat?
teenage weight loss - right way?
What is the ideal temperature for a fitness workout room?
Getting Diet Advice?
any tips o loosing weight?
Caffeine: What is a safe level?
If you jump rope a half an hour a day, an you lose 10 lbs and tone your thighs?
push up questions?
how many times does the heart beat per minute?
What is "too skinny" nowadays?
10 pounds 5 weeks is that impossible to do it healthy?
Is it normal to be a teen and not eat candy?
what is a good way to loose weight and get a little tummy fat off?
What are some healthy snacks that'll satisfy sweet or salty cravings?
Why mint leaves mouth cold?
Having a hard time eating things with braces?
Question for people with braces?
how can i have healthy teeth while drinking coke? 10 points?
Oral surgery on friday-BUT I have a cold?
Why does my gum in the far back of my mouth hurts?
How do you know if you NEED braces?