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i hate my skinny legs so much?
Show what the different nutrients are used for in the body?
How long does chemo therapy last .....colon cancer?
Help! Really sore knees!?
What machines do I use at the gym if im ...?
Excercise? Flat Stomach?
I nearly passed out at the gym today...?
Impacted Wisdom tooth.?
i lost my retainer and need to wait 3 days to get a new one do u think my teeth will be ok?
Gum swollen 2 days after root canal?
Did you do a dental elective study?
White stuff on tounge?
Braces helppp?!!! plzzz?
is it cheaper to have the top row of your teeth done with braces?
my two wisdom teeth in the back are coming in?
i can't help but eat tooth paste like a lolly what should i do? HELP!!!?
What is the average age for people these days wearing braces at?
does anybody know what type of throat tongue jaw problem there can be?
Do the cost of braces vary on the treatment i need?
TMJ specialists/clinics in Melbourne Australia?
whenever i eat chocolate i get sharp pains?
How much is braces for overbite?
Toothbrush. Why the tongue cleaner?
The Big Bad Toothache..?
help my tooth fell out !!?
Wisdom teeth extraction and bad breath?
Removal of wisdom teeth under the gum?
is it possible to have the first 6 top teeth done with braces?
Any ideas for a tooth ache?
how many calories do i need to cut down on....?
Weight Watches scales? please read below for more detail.?
What causes cancer within genetics, is it mutagens?
Is this a normal weight for my height?
13 Year Old Weight HELP!?
If you are 15 years old and you've reached your adult height does it mean that your a grown young adult?
i know it sounds unrealistic and crazy..?
Fitness Rountines...........?
can anyone help me loose weight please :)?
I had a mastectomy 6 months ago and I'm not yet used to the sensation of the implant. When will I feel normal?
Can I still Join the Navy if I have bad teeth ?
Help!? It hurts really bad.Blisters inside the mouth.?
Is there any way to get straight teeth without braces?
What does a lip piercing usually look like during the healing process?
Wisdom teeth trouble?
how do i stop grinding my teeth??!?
How do I make sure that my breath smells nice?
top half of my front teeth are darker then the bottem?
My dentist put in a temporary filling for root canal and I have a horrible taste in my mouth?
how can i restore the enamel in my teeth? ?
Looking for my cousin in Germany, last known whereabouts Bavaria. Name Wolfgang Koinzack a Dentist?
tooth abscess and sumptoms....?
ive had my braces since 8th grade now im 19 i havent finished payin but i need them off and dont have money ?
braces, please helpp?
braces lisp heeeelppp?
Growing teeth and head pressure. Question for dental student or dentist?
Retainers hurt after taking them out?
Doe's anyone else get lockjaw?
Braces questions: can you eat before braces, how long will it take, and spacer help? ?
Am I wierd for not chewing gum?? lmao!?
Just had back tooth out, do I need antibiotics?
seperators (spacers)?
Where can I buy hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth??!? PLZ Help!?
Impacted Wisdom Teeth?
I am getting separators...?
pleasee help guyss ...need helpp badleyy!!!?
Jaw Operation Information for fixing buck teeth?
what do mouth guards look like?
Dental Nursing: Does anyone have some online resources to aid a trainee dental nurse?
hi i have have 2 very small black spots on my teeth they don't hurt but i know that they will turn into big..?
Opinions on Therabreath and other products. halitonic etc.?
How to remove the cement of my braces! Only answer if you have had braces?
Are there any non alcoholic drinks, that don't contain any food acids, which you can buy from supermarkets etc?
what is a good teeth whitening product?
Got wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia and then found out I was pregnant! ?
Does anybody no a good dentist on the gold coast?
either laughing gas or needle what should i get?
Weird Gum overgrowth?
Dental plate for straightening teeth?
Is it ok to ask for nitrous oxide for dental cleanings?
I'm 28 and my two lower teeth are hurting - they look like they're being squeezed together?
My teeth are really rough after the dentist cleaned them, any ideas?
help! the front of my tooth is coming off!?
Black dot near gum on a teeth with filling?
Does getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist , start to wear down your teeth after a few years ?
Should I try rembrandt 2 hour wightening kit or pro health whitening toothpaste?
do you have to get shots for braces?
ok help? my cuzin and her oral..?
is overbite when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth?
i have ulcers EVERYWHERE!!! IN MY MOUTH.?
Can you get tolerant to listerine?
wisdom teeth pain please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what would we take to a dentist with the free government vouchers?
I got braces yesterday..?
Has anyone in australia had their lower impacted wisdom teeth removed awake? (not put under at a day surgery?)?
Are Braces Easy To Clean?
I got my braces off, now I have a wire at the back of my teeth?
I am 43 years old and have a schwartz removable expander> Why didn't i have to have surgery ?
I need two false teeth after my braces, What happens and how do they put the false teeth in?
Does artificial enamel for your teeth exist? And can you get it at a dentist?
How to close a gap in top front teeth?
Will my lisp go away?
Okay, I'm getting my one of my teeth pulled next week, and I'm worry about the whole 'pain' concept of it.?
Bottom Palate Expander Won't Turn Anymore?
what do i need to be a dentist?
Okay! What would you do? Prior experience? Thanks.?
Can wearing braces permanently change the shape of your mouth?
making my teeth whiter after braces?
My dentist wants to x-ray my teeth every two years. Is this really necessary?
Is is bad i still have 12 baby teeth ?
Where can I buy colored rubber bands for braces?
Could my metal filling have caused my prolactinoma?
please help! cervical cancer..?
How long should you brush your teeth for, for every time you brush your teeth for a really good brush?
would the army dq me for bad teeth?
Can you get dental work done with out paying for it?
I'm really scared of the dentist, and I need help! :[?
I have a broken front crown?
Should I get invisalign braces?
Types of Jaw Crushers?
If you put the rubber bands on differently will braces be taken off faster?
I'm scheduled to have braces on in two weeks but need to have 4 teeth removed.?
i have receding gums,can i still get braces on?
dentist referred me to orthodontist?
Has anyone here had root paneling done to ur teeth?
my tooth is coming out and my gum is swelling alot please help?
What is the BEST colour for braces?
My Spacers hurt :( Any ideas?
extracted adult teeth?
decalcification symptoms?
Teeth Whitening Gel: Why did it all of a sudden feel like it was Burning my tooth?
I have some White stuff on my teeth?
How to get rid of pain from braces?
Does having braces have any effect on your emotions?
I'm getting braces on Friday. Can anybody direct me to what will happen? 10pnts for most detailed answer :)?
Which contract fee the dentist should be based on if I have two dental insurances?
treatment for jaw overbite on NHS?
Why does my tooth ache when I swallow a liquid ?
I've had my braces for a year and I've already had my rubber bands for two months... how much longer?
Girls with braces also have clear skin??? True?
Question about Wisdom.?
my tooth hurts so unbelievably bad?
How do you analyze nutritional values in food recipes?
Do you believe hyperplasia (increasing the number of muscle fibres) can occur in humans?
Does Green Tea really help get rid of certain toxins in the body? Is all Green Tea the same.?
What does aspartame do?
How much creatine/protein supplmnt should i take at once?How many times a day? Before or after working out?
How do I remedy a pulled groin?
What is the best way to get Hardrock ABS?
Do you know any easy diets to lose weight?
does green tea contain caffeine?
How can I lose weight if i procrastinate so much and put things off? Any good tips that work for you?
Why does my stomach growl when I am hungry?
how to lose weight without excercise and no dieting ?
Remember the roman baths...? What do you think of urban baths in our contemporary cities...?
can anyone suggest a good weight loss plan?
Ok...so is Nicole Richie starving herself or what?? Is she on a proper diet and working out to lose? lol?
Whats the best way to get great looking abbs?
What is a Good way to Soothe Chapped Lips?
Have you been on a diet that has failed miserably? Which one? What happened?
What kinds of foods do I eat if I'm trying to have a high PROTEIN intake, without raising my fat intake?
I had a baby 6 mths ago and major surgery 4 mts ago. I have a jelly belly. What are some good ab exercises?
Does any one have a good juice fast that has worked for them?
does anyone have any idea, on how to lose 15 pounds; and also belly fat in two months?
What foods contain benzoic acid?
Would it be possible to get my teeth replaced with metal fangs?
Can invisalign braces fix a large gap between my two front teeth?
Braces Elastics Pain?
Filling cost in Sydney, Australia?
Is my 7 month old getting canine teeth?
Dentist or doctor for bad breath?
i want my teeth whiter?
I have alot of swelling around my jaw but no toothache?
Final Elastics for my braces?
Help with pain after having all wisdom teeth removed?
My elastics keep snapping?
Salary - Australian Dentist?
Is there a way to make a shot in your mouth not be painful?
Dentists that Bulk Bill. I need a teeth check up. I live out at Marion.?
Is there a type of retainer i can get where i can talk with it?
what is the best way to whiten your teeth?
is this my wisdom teeth ?
what is the best option for teeth whitening and how long does it last for?
"Tightening braces" - How do they do it?
Opportunities of a brazilian dentist in Australia,anyone?
What's the better option?
Gap In Front Teeth From Not Wearing Retainer!!?
I'm starting to work out at the gym, but find it difficult to keep focussed? What can I do to stay focussed?
What should i eat the day of a rugby game? I need long term energy...Help me out?
How can a top heavy woman tone her stomache but have a hard time doing crunches?
How much is an average grade 5 girl's height??
how much are laxatives worth?
has anyone ever used those fat loss creams like ripping gel. Are they good and do they work?
How can I maximize an eliptical trainer workout in 2 20 min a day sessions?
What is a healthy and easy and yummy lunch to make?
I was fat, changed lifestyle, now veins showing in abs, wife says to thin, what is fat percentage that is good
How do you get thoses two dents in your lower back that dancers have?
hey out there how old do i have to be to take zetacap?
where to get coupons for weight watchers bread?
if i take creatine what is the best kind to take is it liquid creatine or pill or powder creatine.?
Do you take vitaminC with food or between meals? Check online and you get contradictory answers!?
What percentage of fat people have a physical reason for their fatness?
Do you find that health food store products really work or is it just hype?I'm referring to the pills not food
It seems to me that Americans (as well as a lot of other nationalities) have a growing problem of obesity?
What do you think are some of the biggest fears of women ages 23-30?
when working out what are the best smoothies for energy?
does any one know of a belly fat reducer drug that actually works with out doing sit ups i hate sit ups?
something about people born on 26/6.?
What is the difference between eating the fruit and drinking its juice as far as nutrition goes?
What kinds of clothes to wear to make thigh look skinner?
Are there any fruits or vegetables that are not nutritous or perhaps less so than others?
is buying a protein supplement really worth it if i lift weights everyday.?
How does apple cider vinegar pills help u to loose weight? is it safe?
Gout...anybody know what diet I should follow to prevent gout? Oh my ankle(s)....it hurts so much.?
How can I stay focused on eating well and not cheat everyday! I have a really bad sugar addiction.?
how can i lose weight? best method?
how many times a week can you work your biceps without making them to tired?
what is the easiest way to lose 50 pounds?
I am just wondering why I am not sweating even have jogged more than an hour already...?
do we really need supplements like creatine or Glutamine etc if we lift weights everyday.?
Why does it hurt so bad?
How can I improve/change my workout in order to burn more fat/lose weight?
Loose and heavy chest area in a male...?
Does anyone know of the stores in London that are gluten free,my son was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease?
How long do I have to walk to burn fat?
whats aminoacids?
What is a Good Workout Treatment for a Limited Time?
Which natural fruit or vegetable has the highest level of natural antibiotics?
I want to lose weight but cant afford to join weight watchers can someone send me the points plan?
I wanna buy laxatives but I'm not sure if I can buy them because I'm only 13..?
Does the "workout high" really exist?
Which beer has the least amount of calories?
Would weight lifting stunt a 16 year old's growth?
% daily value of iron required by a healthy adult to sustain health?
what is the best cream, or way to get rid of cellulite?
what is the good ratio of carbohydrates and protein in meals ?
supplement for health?
what brand of protein builds the most muscles and i dont mean whey or egg or milk protien i mean brands?
how can i loose 10 pounds fast without getting sick?
how to lose weight without excerising and dieting?
What is too much muscle for a women?
I am trying to lose weight around my hips and lower abdomen?
whats the best way to lose weight?
I need to lose weight in 2 months any suggestions?
What is the best exercise for abs?
Is diet pills effective for rapid weight loss?
How to have a friction Sitz Bath? -It is also called a detox bath?
I have a BUNCH of Shin Splint questions....?
What is the best exercise for real flexibility?
How do I lose about 20 or 30 pounds?
does this sound like a good idea?
Why are cigarettes marked with warning labels but not potato chips they do cause obesity!!?
My friend has an eating disorder, how can i help her?
I'd like to lose about 4-5 lbs in 1 1/2 weeks. . . any ideas?
Cancer patient dehydrated, doctor sent home.?
What is the most painful part of.........?
a large chunk of decayed tooth just broke off im in terrible pain what do i do?
im a tad scared!! its bout me teeth?
please tell me what this is?
I want clean white teeth! Do I paint them white?
How long should I wait before going back to the dentist if a filling is too big?
Can someone plz help me!!!?
I might be getting elastics next Monday.......?
Can you have a completely impacted wisdom tooth removed under IV sedation?
How much will my bottom teeth move after I have my last molar extracted?
Looking for a good Orthodontics in Sydney?
What foods are alkaline and which are acidic?
Hey Guys, I wanted to know is Slim Fast good to loose weight or not good at all?
how do you get rid of mid back fat with exercise, what do I have to do other then cardio?
has anyone tried the turbo jam results? if so, what were your results?
How do I train for an eco challenge?
How can i get a good physical workout with out access to a gym or weights.?
I am going to stop smoking on the 29'th of June...?
does heating milk harm its nutrients?
I wanna go on a crash diet for 3 days. Will I lose 5-8 pounds?
eat after abs exercise?
pilates mat?
best cure for a killer hangover??? (too much wine!)?
How much...........?
Is there a?
What is the best way to strengthen the lower back?
i am 13 and i am 5 foor 9 and a half inches? how much should weigh?
Do I have to be a certain age to buy Diet Pills?
has anyone ever tired muscle milk if so is it good.?
Any place to get a good fitness trainer?
What is your opinion on the information? http://www.freewebs.com/eclecticstuff/losingweight.htm?
Is It safe If I lost 15 LBS in less than 2 weeks ?
home based weight loss for a student?
what would be more effective a post workout shake or during workout shake?
Benefits of Yoga?
Can you tell me a good way to lose 10 pounds of fat while toning up my muscles?
Can you tell me good exercises to increase my bust size?
What part of the day is best to lift weights?
How far should i walk each day and is it ok to break it up into pieces?
Should i lift heavy weights or should i lift light weights? I am confused>?
How long should it take me to lose 5 pounds of fat?
How stricy should my diet be if i want to lose 5 lbs. of fat over the summer?
does anyone have any really good Exorcise programs that work really good and fast?
Reasonable weight loss?
How can I study or read without feeling drowsy?
I have been eating healthy and exercising regularly but still am not losing any weight! are there any suggesti
how much does the average 12 year old girl weigh?
how much water should we drink a day. I am an adult male in his mid 20s and want to loose some weight?
Does deionized or demineralized water provide proper rehydration?
How can I loose my belly without getting skinnier anywhere else?
Good ways to lose weight in 56 days?
What is good to mix with GREENS + Madarin Orange Flavour? What other flavour is good? Watermelon maybe?
how many calories does an average macintosh apple contain? Is it unhealthy to eat 3 or 4 a day?
How many chin-ups should an young 13 year old boy do? (that is me and i can do ten and i weigh 107 punds)?
How often can i brush my teeth with baking soda?
i have two indents on the fronts of my teeth any idea what this can be/mean?
What's the procedure for re-doing a newly placed filling?
i'm trying to loose weight by dieting.is it better if i eat 5 times a day or 7 ?
Is it normal?
Is this new "Energy Drink" fad a good thing?
what foods contain vital carbohydrates?
How many calories a day should I be eating?
How man days a week should you do cardio excercise?
I want to lose weight and I just got material from a Dr.Susan Marston.THE TRIM &DETOX PATCH is it OK .or what
If you could improve ANY aspect of your health, what would you choose and why?
how many calories are burnt per kilometer walked?
Anybody know the name of this "bike/trike/trainer" ??
I am I fat? I am 5'6 and 140ish pounds... so who would say that is fat? I work out too!!!?
Weight Question?
Food makes me sick?
how many cups of coffee per day are good for health.?
i heard a tip about losing weight?
i work a 12hr shift pattern - looking 4 a decent diet program suitable for my lifestyle?
Is it true??
Does bow flex really work?
bodybuilding training?
i was wondering if there is any one in edomton who would like to go for walks?
An unusual diet question i think!?
How long would it take?
how do i loose weight and get fit without everyone noticing me doing it?
how do i get rid of my thighs fat?
does anyone know where i can buy Fen Phen?
My son is 13 yrs. Weight: 142 ibs Height 5"5 Is it normal?
Can anyone tell me about saccharine's side effects please?
how do i stop my problem of my obsession over loosing weight?
Bad Back at age 13?
i want to add skipping rope to my exercise regime is it very effective?
Tips on Cardio Workout?
what bodybuilding supplements are safe to take when you have crohns disease?
HAS ANY ONE USED Hoodia Gordonii Plus?
Dietrine Carb Blocker, have you tried it?
what kind of workouts can you do to lose lots of weight?
I need to lose 100 pounds, any good diet plans?
Would wearing wrist and/or ankle weights all day be an effective workout?
How many calories do you lose running?
Hi. im 4'11 and 105lbs. i'm not fat but rather, flabulous. My abs are toned beneath the flab. HELP.?
Need some good tunes to work out and walk with?
Another Cardio Question from Lizard.?
Do meal replacement weight loss shakes really work?
if you walk 10,000 steps in a day, how far are you walking (in miles) and how did you get your answer? Thanks
Ive been so stressed lately and i cant STOP eating AT ALL!!!?
what is a workout routine that is effective?
whats the healthy way to lose weight? but fast?
DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A site that has diagrams of lower back excersises?
Trying to lose weight?
How can i meet new friends?
If a person, who is 300 lbs, eats the diet of a person who weighs 150 lbs, will they eventually weigh 150 lbs?
How Many calories shoul you eat to lose weight?
anyone here try creatine can anyone tell me there take and thoughts on it?
how many grams of protein should i eat after working out in order to gain muscle?
When protein is cooked at high temperatures, is it still recognized as protein by your body?
South Beach Diet?
recognizing whole grains?
is my body figure okay?
i'm 13 and i want to lose weight without doing the work?
what bodypart gains muscles the fastest because i lift weights alot and want to get big?
whats a normal weight for someone who is 18 female and 5'1 ?
If I want to build muscles how do i stay in a muslce building state?
anyone here try muscle milk is it a good after workout protein or not.?
I need to loose weight HELP?
does it help?
anyone here try the sauna belt does it work. Please give me your thoughts and takes on it.?
What is the best Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD workout?
Teeth whitening results?
does anybody now how to get whiter teeth???? i?
Is it true you're not meant to swallow toothpaste?
Sticky White Stuff in my Gums? Please Help.?
gums peeling away from the teeth?
my daughter has a really bad toothache which keeps hurting. what should i do?
why my gums and teeth are sore.?
I chipped my tooth and now it feels like it keeps watering. Is this normal?
I heard that if you brush your teeth with baking soda it will make them whiter.. is that true?
How to clean a hawley retainer without damaging it?
Are you meant to brush first, or floss first?
How painful is a root canal?
will the feeling be weird if top and bottom are different?
Braces Question-- Need to know what ppl think!!?
The Dentist has just told me the roots of my molar have calcified. What does this mean? And how did happen?
How do they remove braces?
will i need spacers before bracers?
Getting wisdom teeth out in 2 days... I'M NERVOUS ...?
Tongue Ring and Blood?
Retainer Lisp PLEASE RESPOND!!?
Foods after cleaning my teeth braces?
How much do braces cost?
What are some common household products that cause cancer?
hi my father is having a cancer problem,in a stomach i am his son . pls give me a reply.?
what have been people's experience with lap band weight loss surgery?
i needa lose weight?
what is a perfect breakfast before a 10k or marathon?
duz lemonade help u get thinner and lose fat?
how longing will it take for the small foam cup to biodegrade?
wut is a quick way 2 lose weight off ur stomach??
5 months diet?
Seeing a dietician...?
i don't think I'm fat but i just want to lose my tummy fat and love handles how do u lose it?
i am 13 and 5 10 i wiegh 120? is that good?
What is the difference between calories and fat?
What can I eat?
help me to find dietary recommendation for your(canada) country?
How can i lose weight fast.......?
is 30 minutes of cardio ok or is 40 minuest good?
how do i kill cravings?
best place for kickboxing courses in montreal for women?
Ladies: Would take this exercise class if it was offered?
would like to know about a healing crisis?
losing weight fast!!??
is swimming a good excersice?
Any proof food combining works? - not having protein and starch in the same meal? (advocated - Fit for life).?
how can i make my six pack visible?
what is the difference between being fit or being ripped arent they the same thing?
does anyone here have a six pack stomach?
anybody have a great workout routine that works for them and tell mehow much you have gained or lost on it?
How many calories do you eat per day?
i've been jogging and doing situps everyday but i'm putting on weight?what can i do?
I am going on vacation in 10days, and i truely need to shed some quick pounds...?
Is it good to talk a warm shower right after excerise?
looking for free excel type of program.?
I want to copy the chart used on my yahoo for diet tracking to another site, so each family member can track?
How long can you usually jog?
Does drinking water when im hungry help lose weight?
how many calories do you have to burn daily to really make a difference in losing some pnds-I'm 5'5 and 160
are americans more obssesd with looks or health do they want to be fit or big and ripped?
if i am 135 lbs and am 5'0 with a 30 inch waist am i underweight normal, chubby, or overweight?
is it possible to put on 20 pound of muscle mass in 13 weeks?
will i see a diffreence if i do an hour of cardio on the treadmeal on my rest days when i am not working out i
what dose pilates do i would like to know the benifits of doing it everyday?
weight.. what do you think?
8mm overbite.. need professional opinion?
A good dentist in perth north suburbs who doesnt do unneccesary work and doesnt charge to fix his own mistakes?
Lump on the roof of my mouth?
Health Cover for braces help?
Has anyone had wisdom teeth out while they had braces on?
impacted eye tooth plz help me im worried about how im going to look.?
Has anyone had dental work done overseas?
How can i tell if i clench my teeth while i sleep?
would anyone by any chance know if dentists are cheap in Malta?
I have a lump on the inside of my jaw?
How can I avoid haiving bad breath?
How long until my mouth fully recovers?
Is it normal to have sore gums one week after wisdom teeth extraction??!!?
Will a lollipop a day rot my teeth?
I Got braces on Friday, How long will it take before I can eat normal foods?
Invisalign - Have you had them?
Black gums. whats wrong with them?
Has anyone regreted upper jaw surgery?
how much does teeth whitening cost and how long does it take ?
GLAM SMILE approx cost per tooth?
can every man have a hard muscular body?
i have a problem i have great genetics for building muscle it takes me 3 weeks to notice a diffrence in me?
is bulk in the eye of the beholder?
does anyone recomend hydroxy cut to lose weight?
Is it ok if you drink 250ml of soft drink everyday and play tennis 1 hour per day?
How much refined sugar should you eat per day?
Why do you gain weight if you eat less? I thought by eating less youd loss weight not gain?
how many abb crunches to do?
Whats the best way to get a 6 pack I'm working hard almost every day but need help to loose that last 1"of fat
How do you measure body fat percentage at home???
what is teh best exercise for firming up your bust.???
i need some answers please?............?
i lift weights alot but i cant seem to get my biceps to grow anyone got tips for me?
Are carbs bad for fat loss?
If you eat a high protein diet, and miss a workout what happens?
how many calories does the average person eat per day?
how many calories does a peach have?
i want to loose weight in a healthy way, i meed to motovate myself. please read details?
will doing a body cleanse aid weight loss? if so, how much in how long?
is a body cleansing kit better? i have to take pills...?
General fat question?
Does anyone know what the kimkins diet consists of ? and how the diet plan works?
How do I speed up my metabolism?
What should I eat? I just worked out.?
over the age of 28 --diet ideas anyone ?
In weight-training exercises, is it better to do an exercise slowly once rather than perform multiple reps?
how do i lose the fat on my fingers?
anyone know any good yoga instuctional sites?
are pushups part of 'weight lifting' exercises?
How much does it cost to join curves for woman?
i want to get fit and ripped but i want to manage my time for school work tell me what you think of my sche
Does anyone know what exercises to do with the Ab Roller? I've lost the original video, and it was great!
After eating so much about 2500 calories i get hungry in the middle of the night?
how many minutes hours should i ride bike to lose as many weigh?
Have you lost weight simply by not drinking pop (soda)?
Three Day Diet?
is looseing 20 pounds in 4 months a realisitc goal?
how long will it take me to loose 20 pounds if i do these things?
why is my face so fat?
What are the pros and cons of drinking a lot of water???
what is the average weigth of a 17 year old thats 5'3??
if i jog in place for 35 steps, will my body burn 1 calorie, if it take me 35 steps to burn a calorie?
has any one tried-Trim and Slim -natural hoodia diet pills???????What hoodia diet plan does anyone recomend?
to the lady that ask about slimfast diet losing weight in 8 mts?
Does anyone ever tried Omegasvelt?If you did do you recomended it?
What exactly does toothpaste do?
how much does it cost to get teeth pulled these days?
What's the minimum requirement for dental hygiene with extractions?
do crest whiting strips work?
My 8 yr old son is still awaiting for the new front upper teeth to grow. It's been 6 mths now.?
Broken dental Retainer/Placement?
Ahhhhh....What will happen?
Anyone who's ever had braces.....might find this interesting?
Can braces fix an overbite?
i have a small movable lump in my gums?
Does Medicare Australia or any dental insurances cover braces(Invisalign)?
jaw surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Dental implant costs for all of top teeth? Melbourne?
Wisdom Teeth Coming In?
have you ever had a horrific experience at the dentist?
How can I get rid of my gap?
Tonsilolith, tonsilitis, cryptosis, tonsil stones, are these all the same thing?
What are some braces nicknames?
can braces be used at the age of 30? How long it will take to get outwardlly directed upper teeth.Casetreated.?
i had half a tooth, quarter fell yesterday, the rest fell today, but the bottom stayed?
worn tooth enamel / cavities?
When dentist makes impression for a partial denture and one tooth in the impression area needs to be removed,?
Does eating vinegar before a meal help lower blood sugar??
How to get ripped?
How unhealthy are 100% sunflower oil chips???
hiatal hernia. does this effect your breathing.?
where can i get a good quality juicer?
am i fat im 13 years old 5'6 180?
how com everythime i drink water for about 3 weeks and work out my arms get really hard when i flex and just?
Has anyone tried those diet aids they advertise on tv?
i am currently lifiting heavy weight for muscell growth should i or should i not lift heavy?
is it ok to do cardio everyday at full intensity?
Confusion in working out?
i am starting to get obbsesed with working out is that a good or a bad thing?
Quadricep soreness??
help i just ate 2 cookies i have been eating healthy going on my diet and exercise plan?
In 4 weeks eating 600 cals plus excercising?
Has anyone done the weight watchers program on line?
How can the body supply glucose to your “brain cells” when there are no carbohydrates in your diet?
How much cereal is too much? Cereal is high in carbs - can it make people gain weight? (healthy cereal)?
calorie intake?
Would playing sports relieve common cold symptoms?
do u think creative visualization works when useing it at the gym?
what is the most practical way to loose weight?
How long should I jump rope?
i just herd something shocking from my personal trainer he told me that if i go over 20 minutes on the treadme
What can I do to excercise when at school?
What does an eliptical machine work exaclty, what parts of the body?
is creatine bad will adding creatine make me ripped?
I am 15 years old. I am trying to open a yoga practice in Canada. Can I do that?
Fitness test trouble?
iam 15 yrs old and i think iam bulimic?
What is the best type of aorobics?
How can I keep the cold off?
Question with bodybuilding?
My friend wants to know what is the best way to become a runner? She is out of breath after a couple of mins..
Nike? Reebok? New Balance? Asics?
Top Notch Vitamin?
if my back is sore is it a good or bad idea to go lift weights, run, and do sit-up??
why do i feel bloated?
Meal Plans for Vegans/Vegetarians?
What is the best way to avoid sugar in our diet? At what level of sugar are we diagnose as diabetic?
Sauna Belt?
help a friend with weight gain?
What are the disadvantages of being underweight?
Sugestions for dinner?
has anyone tried the michael thurman 6 day body makeover ?
Enzymes II? Does canning or preserving fruit kill the enzymes?
i have a slight cold can i still work out or should i wait until the cold disapears i am very commited to the?
How do I get rid of weight fast?
dose haveing a cold make me loose musscle mass?
How did I get high cholesterol?
height question?
How do you release muscle tension during workouts?
need advice on buying a treadmill.?
flax seeds and weight loss ... ?
Weight Loss????
I need to invent a game for PE?
I need some help with my grocery list!!!!!?
Does anyone know a site that will set up a workout plan for me and my fitness goals?
Can very tight hamstrings be stretched with diligent evercise? Any good exercises you can recommend?
Workout Ideas/tips?
Hydroxycut Question...?
iv been working out(iron n bike) for a year and I want to drop it for swimming what will that do for me?
anyone know a good work out program that will help me?
Male surgical cost for TESA and PESA?
I cant afford my braces anymore what can i do to get them off????!!!!?
how did you find out that your children needed braces?
Multiple tooth extraction under general anesthetic, quite stressed, What to expect?
Roughly how much would it cost to have one's teeth whitened professionally here in Manila, Philippines?
general anisthisa and wisedom teeth?
does it mean your teeth are moving if they are aching?
I'm scared to have my wisdom teeth out. How bad is it?
plz help braces pain?
Cosmetic Dental Surgery?? and how much?
who should i see for this?
How to make a numb mouth from the dentist go away quicker?
Is it excessive to get my teeth cleaned every 4 months?
My jaw keeps closing down really hard for now reason. Its not grinding, Its like I'm biting down hard?
I am dental nurse in uk,how can i work in canada,is my NVQ course accepted there?
Best teeth whitening products and preparations ....?
Where can I get zoom teeth whitening in Perth?
What does it mean if I only have toothaches sometimes?
my jaw keeps clicking?
my gums are all swollen what can help?
Can i replace my crooked front teeth with a partial denture?
Should I get maxillofacial (jaw) surgery? pic attached?
What is a good exercise for the lower abs?
How many calories should I be taking in each day?
I dont exercise,but i have feeling i should.Is this the cause of my headache's muscle pain and lazyness?
Anyone every heard of Hoodia?
Do pickled beets have as much iron in them as canned beets?
has anyone found the website for "belebumbum" athletic gear?
Is it possible to lose 70 pounds in 7 months?
Alright, help me with my diet , please!!!!!?
I am 26 am I am pretty thin. I want to be strong and healthy. Can i start taking supplements.?
can any 1 tell me how to lose weight off the theighs and the bum i am a 15 yr old boy?
Can anyone provide me with a good tracking sheet to track my progress in my workouts?
which web site has the best images of human muscle and skeleton?
i have alot of time on my hands is it ok to workout t 5 days a week?
Does TaeBo burn this many calories?
weight loss?
help me with losing weight please. 10 points to best answer?
Where can I find information regarding bootcamps and/or bootcamp training?
How do i do a backflip no hands?
Has anyone here ever tired BSN NO Explode if so how is it?
Has anyone out there ever ran a Marathon before?
Please read additional comments on Marathon questions-Are you serious ??
How much does jenny craig costs? i tried the LA weight loss, they told me it costs 700$ a whole year!?
Too much? (workout routine)?
i need to lose weight fast?
looking for people that are taking Xenical....and what are your results and advise?
Do poor people in England have children?
Is milled roasted flax seed as nutritional as ground flax seed?
please awnser this questions ill give u 10 points?
how do you stop yo-yo dieting?
Anyone have any good weight loss ideas. websites, helplines ANYTHING? I am getting desperate?
I hear that muscle tech supplements are no good just a waste of money is that true?
How can a 13 year old get buff?
can anyone tell me of a safe and effective fat burner?
Plz send me an effective diet plan to loose weight?
how do i lose weight fast without damaging my body?
Where can I find a free online Weight Watchers point tracker?
Nightly Cravings!?
is drinking soy milk as a meal replacement beneficial in weight loss?
ave you tried the blood type diet?? does it work??
What can you do to make your hips and thighs smaller?
how can i reduce my bom and waist?
Smoking for a short peoriod of time?
is this skin cancer? what is it?
are glandular atypia cells in the cervix cancer, pre cancer, or neither? I am reading different things?
Retainer troubles.. plz help?
Is it okay to use listerine when you have braces?
How do teeth come down when they don't have muscles to move?
I have some questions about braces?
Why are my bottom front row teeth aching?
When do teeth fully grow?
Am I supposed to lose this tooth?
please help. I have lost my retainer!!?
what kind of toothpaste is best for your teeth?
Haven't worn my retainer in a bit...?
has anyone had invisalign for their teeth does it work did it make your teeth straight?
tooth filling with a needle... help?
is their a mouth guard to fix a little gap or do i have to get braces?
Is there anything could remove or move my gum because its making my teeth look very small?
why when i wake up I have alot of saliva that needs to be spit out?
Can a dentist reposition the upper lip, bring it down a bit so you won’t see too much gum?
Problem With Two Front Teeth?
Why does the tounge change colors?
my teeth hurt after eating a lot of sugar. Does anyone know how to fix it?
How much does a removable retainer cost?
my gf is a lil chubby and she is going to the gym and is helping her self out why cant everyone get movtivate?
how can i bulk up fast without putting on too much fat?
has anyone done the Herbalife 3 day cleanse? Called la bomba plateau breaker?
how to exercise in target heart rate zone with thyroid problems?
Putting on Weight After Marriage!?
looking for locally grown organic groceries?
where may I purchase Sugar Twin liquid cyclamtes online and shipped to US?
What part of broccoli has more nutritional value?
Losing weight?
why is it bad.....?
which is the best way to loose 10kg within a week or two?
Good free site for home exercice program?
Can't get lower abs to show!!?
Where can I get statistics on fitness trends?
Calories Burned on a Flight of Stairs?
Anyone Have any good scoop on TRIMSPA??
whats the best way to losse weight fast without anerexia or throwing up?
Has anyone tried the Diet Source by Nutritional Concepts?
Help about Whey Protein?
Pros and cons of Curves?
How to koose weight?
My body is a mess can someone help me?
Any fellow exercise-aholics every try plain whey protein? What's it like?
Can you overdose on Vitamin C? Any harm?
I have been on many diets in the past and they never work. Do any of you have any healthy recipes to help me?
Pain relief after spin class... HELP!?
i am confused?
Is MSG really bad for you?
is it harder to jog on a treadmeal or on the sidewalk?
Does meat really "rot" in your stomach?
how can i reduce my weight and my stomack come out how can i reduce it?
whats a good diet to go on that people wont know youre on a diet?
is it possible to loose 15 pounds in 2 months?
diet schedule??
I am 13, i'm 5"2', and 102 pounds, how do i lose weight fast?
trying to lose some belly fat tighten up the gut?
400calorie meal for lunch////?
how can a diabetic safely gain body mass?
Does flax seed oil help with your colan?
how to get lung cancer infomation ?
What is a good power bar to eat before working out?
Can you grow out of allegories to food?
any side effect from using phyto shape pills for losing weight?
What are the effects?
Weight lifting and intense training - good or bad for young teen?
15 years old 5'3" 155 pounds how do i loose 30 pounds?
what are the best energy giving foods?
I need help losing weight.?
I get some weight How can I loss weight?
how does one learn about yoga (beginner)?
What is gigles exercise? How do you do it?
why do i feel hunger when i am just about to sleep and i have eaten dinner already?
what is active streching exercise ?
When you have a smoothie for a snack...?
negative effects of weight loss?
has LA weight loss worked for others?
anyone know where i can buy a teeter hang up.it's a conversion table to hang upside down.toronto area?
Need help in losing inches off waist???
how do I get the dip out of my stomach?
If you don't have much to lose - can you still lose it quick?
I am over weight.....?
how to relieve the pain of exercise?
Why do people who are fat say they are losing wait by jogging but they are always eating goodys?
I needddd Help ,,, i have Spacer's in and they are killing my teeth i need something for them ?? Give me idea'?
Why do my teeth hurt after i run?
wisdom tooth removal?
so im going for an x-ray for my braces ....?
tooth extraction on healthy teeth?
does teeth grow back at the age of 18?
Will my teeth move back at all on their own or do I need more help?
Can i eat soft lollies with braces?
How to fix dental nerve pain caused by hot liquids?
What's the oldest age you have to get braces by until it's too late?
I cant open my jaw wide.?
Petrified of wisdom tooth removal!?
My gums are bleeding when I clean and floss - why is it happening?
Do kids really need different toothpaste?
how do i know if my baby ave plastic teeth?
Is there a way to help remedy Periodontists at home?
would getting braces help my problem?
should i get Buccal Fat Extraction?
got tooth pulled and made a mistake. will i get a dry socket ?
is tooth extraction worth it?
Does sugar REALLY cause tooth decay?
Are rubber bands on braces the last step?
how do i know if i got lip cancer or just something else?
Does any one know where I can get this tea?
Can some one help me I Have made a Big mess when it comes to my body?
changing our diet, which one is the healthiest?
Has anyone tried a pill...that is meant to suppliment diet and exercise?
what is a yummy meal replacement with high protein low carbs and even better if it's got lots of vitamins?
Sports nutrition/supplement help?
How do I loose weight fast ? I'll do anything and take anything!?
How long will it take, I'm 5'6 started at 169 two weeks ago and now I'm 161lbs?
Does anyone know a good weight loss pill?
What other exercises can be done for abs besides crunches?
Exercise Question?
how many calories?
what do u think of my diet good or no good?
What is the right doasage for taking CLA?
am i fat???
Jogging... treadmill or outside? How long?
What can I take to boost my metabolism?
is bsn nitrix and bsn no xplode the same thing? Is it a good idea to take them both?
Should Whey Protein powder cause milk to go bad if left for too long?
potasium pills how essentail?
How effective are pushups to the biceps?
has anyone try trubo jam work out does it really work?
Has anyone ever been successful on the atkins diet?
OK so I fell for my personal trainer? Help Please Please Answer?
Please help does my trainer like me?
was my buddy lieing?
I need to lose 15 pounds...any quick fix ideas???
Anyone who has lost more than 20lbs please help?
What do you think????
How to have thin arms?
How to lose 15 pounds befor christmas?
How does lifting weights cause a hernia?
i am 13 years old, 4 foot 10, 98 pounds. i want to lose about 10 pounds. how many calories should i eat?
I'm looking for the best diet pill....something that will work!!!!!?
Does Herbal Colon Cleaning Pills help you loose weight?
Exercise question?
which do u find more benificial??
Obesity vs. Fast food?
If I do 280 crunches a day- how long will it take me to get abs?
Powerade vs Water?
What is a good diet that I could really stick to?
Working out with a Broken Hand?
What foods are high in fibre?
diet pills?
what is the best advice for walking as an exercise.?
how can i stop craving sweets is there a vitamin for it?
is it true that head gears only exists in movies?
question about thing in mouth?
What causes teeth to shorten?
What is the cost of wisdom teeth extraction in WA?
cost of braces for 5 top front teeth and only needed for 3 months?
I am becoming anorexic!?
but what would be the best diet pill?
diet pill help?
what is the best way to tighten up the stomach muscles when you have had multiple umbilical hernias?
i was wondering how good eleptical machines are and is it a good way to achieve both upper and lower body work
good/bad results with those various diet pill plans,???
Cleansing Time!?
Anyone using "Dymatize Expand" creatine?
Xenical weight loss program?
whats with hoodia??
is there way to slow it?
Hydrogenated vs trans fats?
does billy blankes TAEBO give fast weight loss results?
i need to lose weigh?
How can foods be Trans fat free and still have hydrogenated oil listed in the ingredients?
so its possible to lost 5lbs. but how!!!!!!!!!! lol?
Need to put on 3-5 lbs in one week: Need advice.?
this is to all bodybuilders?
Am i over wheight? any suggestions to loosing weight?
diet pills?????? have you ever tryed one that worked??? what brand do they interfere with birth control pill?
is 60 minutes of joggin everyday enough cardio or should i do more?
what would u rather be?
what dose genetics have to do with 6 pack abs?
Does anyone know how taking an anti depresant and clenbuterol at the same time will affect you?
Is a 12 percent body fat good?
Want to start feeling better about myself !?
Hydroxicut hardcor or slimquick??
how do you get your metabolism higher??
I Love to snack what are some heathly snacking options? are sunflower seeds good? how about sweet snacks?
Whats a good multivitamin?
I am 80kg, I used to be 60+kg.. How can I reduce my weight in no time and yet in a healthy, easy way?
i want to know what i should do to lose my belly fat and hips?
if you eat 500 cals a day and lose 500 cals/day how many pounds will you lose in a week (metabolism=1474cals)?
Question about punching bags. 50lbs or 80lbs, which is better for a person just getting into it?
how can i lose some weight?15-20 in a month?
TAE BO Experiences?
any at-home abs routines..???
what is the average weight for a 26 year old girl?
i weigh 165lbs and i need to lose weight doe anyone have any good tricks.?
how to i get rid of my big arm muscles?
Always Hungry?
What is the best way to lose some weight?
is it ok to put a raw egg in a blender and drink it for a protein drink?
How did I get an ulcer? WHy is it connected to my wisdom toogh gum?
How long does it take for braces to actually start working?
Wisdom Tooth removal?
How do I get rid of Mouth Ulcers?
My Tooth Extraction Is Irritating Me.?
Can i play basketball a day after root canal ?
lump on the roof on my mouth?
will invisalign work for me????????????????????????????????????
why does my jaw click when i chew?
for or against water fluoridation?
My breath always smells bad?
Australian army Dentists?
how come i feel pain?
Can I ask my orthodontist to take my braces off a little bit early and give me a retainer now?
is there a free or cheap way to get teeth fixed?
why cant dentists "bulkbilll,"like doctors instead of charging exhorbitant fees?
How do you floss your teeth?
Are there herbs to increase Testosterone Levels? If so, what are they?
Do you really put on weight if you eat rice / white flour bread?
I am a girl that seriously needs a six pack but are girls supposed to have toned abs. HELP ME PLEASE?
how do you keep the weight off after losing weight?
I'm looking for anyone who has tried USANA multivitamins and what you r review on them are.?
Thin Thighs?
my body type is a Pitta what dose that say about me?
Why don't people get it?
Boxing and fitness?
Low fat and Fat free products?
Lose 20 lbs in a month?
I have blood on tiolet paper?
Lymph node in my neck...?
about colon cleansing?
is there only one way to get into shape or do we all get into shape diffrent ways?
anyone know about linea 7 diet pills?
how many reps should i do with leg lunges on 1 leg?
Which is more healthier?
What's the best way to work on abs if you've got a bad back?
I'd like to find a store (online or not) to buy a Weider Max home gym that delivers in Canada. Thanks?
what is the diffrence between muscle mass and muscle strength?
1000 pound man what?
what is a good way to make ur thighs skinnier and ur stomache too?
can any1 provide me the complete diet list to get my BP control?
Anyone know the Slim in 6 workouts?
I had a gastric by-pass,RNY,a yr ago. The gas is something else. It smells and I can't seem to get rid of it.
How to lose weight in arms and legs?
What can I do to loose weight by May?
where can I find free medicin to quit smoking?
Deep Tissue Massage ~ Help Break Down Fat ?
Yoga question?
where i was from 30 minutes ?
im losing weight but not inches...?
Is the Sole E 55 a good elliptical machine?
what is a good night time snack?
do people who used to be anorexic still gain weight or not?
whats up with my muscles?
did i burn alot of calories?
how do i loss weight from my thigh?
how can I lose whight and gain it back?
So How Many of You Are Going to Make New Year Resolutions and What will they be?
when ppl say i am a size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and so on what does that mean?
What is the average height of an 11 yr. old?
can any one help me find a plan of what to eat during atkins diet??
how do i lose weight without showing people i'm trying really hard?
What is the best music to listen to while working out?(not running)?
should i stop and relax or keep on pushing?
Are the any disadvantages of eating/drinking whey protein?
How many calories are in the average energy drink?
The line down the centre of the stomach?
Best way to lose last few kilos??
Weight Loss - drinking more water and feeling bloated???
Creatine question?
what should i do about cramps when exercising?
how long do you need to drink weight gain powder for it to work?
how can i lose 5 pounds?
What are your thoughts on DIY dentistry?
I think my bottom left wisdom tooth is coming in. How can I tell?
What end do you squeeze your toothpaste tube?
After I get my braces off, do I need both the bonded and removable retainer?
If you have previously had dry socket, could you please tell me how long yours took to completely heal?
How much are you supposed to clean braces?
Have you had bone removal during impacted wisdom tooth removal?
How can they push my tooth back down when I get braces?
Is thier a dentist that can help me with my teeth?
I crown came off of a molar today. I caught it before I swallowed it. What can be done now?
Why do we get Wisdom Teeth?
Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out soon. Wondering about general anesthetic side effects?
I got 4 of my wisdom teeth out today. I feel no pain..?
do you have too get shots in you mouth in order to get your braces? and do they glue it? and am i?
do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
What is the best treatment for making your teeth really white that doesn't damage them?
Help!! Tooth absess..............my face cheek has gone huge!!......please im really scared?
How much should braces cost in Sydney?Both top and bottom,for a child.Thank you!?
i have a really bad cold sore in my mouth and one side of my throat?
Will i need to have teeth pulled for my braces?
Im getting braces soon to fix the gap in between my two front teeth, will it properly fix the gap?
Diet Help!?
how many calories do I burn when I do 100 crunches?
How do i do it?? Help please!?
Can Anyone recommend a good Cardio DVD?
Sprouted Beans...are they still a goitergen?
have to received a free c.d,??
Is it a good idea to slow down my metabolism?
Have any of you tried the food combining diet?
Is it possible to lose 30-40 pounds by May?
Fast way to lose weight without dieting?
is it possible to lose 10 pounds a week or 10 pounds in a week?
who is the heaviest man in the world?
Seeing results?
I am so sicjk but i want to go to the gym should i go i have the flu?
i lost ten pounds in less than a week?
Losing weight,?
Can you eat chicken with vegetables when dieting as opposed to chicken with starchy vegetables?
Which boy is the hottest guy in King Of Fighters?
How good is muscle milk for teens (14). Needs to gain weight and muscle mass. Only 135 lbs. Is it harmful?
how do i stretch this?
what's the best kind of exercise 4 losing whight?
Am i overweight?
Breathing Exercises?
if too much read meat is bad for you then why do bodybuilders eat meat a couple times a day?
do sauna belts really make you get ABs?
Does OHIP cover liposuction?
Has anyone tried Liquid Houdia?
is this alot for a 13 yr old?
Bathing suit body! Help please =)?
Just had a baby, anyone know any at-home weight loss methods, diet & exercise?
I understand that the carbs gives energy but what is the process that produces this enrgy?
Does the Special K Diet really work??
I hate to exercise. Is it possible to lose about 20lbs by May???
Does anyone know of a herb or something to help you stop snaking when your not really hungry?
Am i considerd overweight or chubby?