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invisalign help??
Any options for free/cheap dental care?
what is the world record for consecutive chinups with proper form?
for those that have had good experience with the diet pills alli or xenical orlicat?
what acupunture point is very good for weight loss?
What are a list of COOL-DOWN EXERCISES?
ACNE. Diet advice and other helpful tips to help please.?
i eat 700-900 calories a day and burn off 200, why won't i loose weight?
How can I slim down my calves?
how many calories does 80 press ups burn?
how can i ensure im nice and toned looking for a special occasion in two days?
im 13 years old weigh 125 height 5'5 how can I build a large amount of muscle?
how long to get a toned upper body?
I want a fun gym routine that will tone me!?
Diarrhoea 30 minutes after eating?
if i go from 5 ft 9 at 140 pounds to a lean 112 pounds in a month will i get stretch marks?
How can I boost my metabolism?
Is it possible for me to get from size 18 to size 10/12?
How much weight should I lose...?
irregular eating can cause impaire defecation??
When You Lose Weight, Do You Automatically Gain 2lbs Later On?
Why does my face and body get puffy and bloated when I diet?
Does anyone know the slimming world password after running (sat 15th may)?
is to much milk bad for you?
Would I be able to lose 2 stone in 7 weeks?
diet pills please answer?
My new fillings feel squishy?
I have just got braces and i am in so much pain. I am using wax and pain killers. When will it stop? boo hoo
what can I do about teeth too translucent?
how long does swelling last after oral surgery?
need help by tomorrow?
Are you a South African Dental Technicians in Oz? Please ctc me! [email protected]?
how hard is it to become a dentist?
my dentist want to crown three teeth when its only one or maybe two that need doing. the other tooth is one ok
Extacy Help - Foaming at the mouth?
Dentyl PH Mouthrinse with Braces?
did anyone who had braces drink coke and not get stains?
What is it like after you have your wisdom teeth removed?
worried HELP!!?!?
I've Got A Tooth Cavity! Is It Too Late To Get A Filling?
Enamel loss/damage.. please help?
Dentist ,horrible ?
does bleach really work on ringworms if so how can i use it,?
Does it hurt when you have all of your top teeth removed?
rooot cannell???????????????
tongue ring?
partial dentures?
I am getting braces and I have a missing front tooth.?
How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve?
Is my weight ideal?? I'm 52 KG and my height is 168 cm...?
Why is every mens health magazine all about big people who lost weight an toned, theres nothing for us skinnys?
Excercises for back fat?
I don't understand what's happening? Please say someone else feels the same?
eating disorder and pains in upper arm!!!?
I got the Cortislim from www.2vitamins.com Does anyone have any reviews with this product?
will i lose 2 and a half stone by august if i do this (please Help)?
exercises at night??pleaseee?
Need help coming up with a team name !!!!?
answers from doctors please?
My sister was just diagnosed with brain mets and I can't cope?
How to find my real height?
trying to lose weight, is this good news?
How Do I Get Really Fit, Really Fast.?
I dont understand this, "Refusal to maintain at least 85% of normal body weight"?
which uk stores sell bodybuilding supplements?
When do you give up on dieting and buy a new wardrobe?
what is a good protein bar?
If you do 100 sit ups each day, when should you see a noticeable difference?
how can i loose weight off my face ? :)?
Is it alright to eat just fruits and water for 3 days straight?
Are dissoluble multivitamins effective?
I've got muscles but my fat is covering the muscles and it makes me look fat, How do i lose the fat?
Shirataki noodles, 6 calories.. great but need recipes please!?
How does anna get that toned?
Need to put on at least half a stone in two weeks?
Are these weights heavy?
I need some advice about exersice!?!?!?
If i eat breakfast:cereal. Lunch:bread and drink. home:tea and small amount of dinner>>will i lose weight?
how to gain muscle..?
Creatine & protein help?
i am a few months bodybuilding now iam 5ft 8 weight my self today 16 st but i dont look it is that normal?
will running two miles doing 100 push up 100 crunches help me lose weight i am 195 pounds 6 foot tall?
Should I go to the gym tonight?
how do I stay the same weight but get a flat stomach?
How much weight would I loose eating 300calories each day?
New Fitness/Diet Plan - advice?
how can you stop a rumbling stomach without eating?
How Quick Does a 12 year old grow?
How much weight in (Stones) is too much?
Can I flatten my stomach in a month?
I am dieting... What shall I have for lunch?
What should one eat when they are craving food but trying to lose weight?
How is this for daily workout/exercise?
Does putting on a lot of weight make your lips bigger?
will an elliptical/cross trainer build muscle?
whats the thing with yoga,i wanna try it but cant see what benefits it does?
Will my teeth shift in 3 weeks without my retainer?
I swallowed both Crest White Strips cuz I fell asleep. Should I call the Dr? Anyone with the same experience?
WHAT age do you stop having canine teeth come out?
what is the bad ingredient in gum?
I have buck teeth and an overbite, how can I reduce the pain from resting my teeth?
any one know of cheap dental clinics in Perth?
Im getting braces really soon so What foods can I eat, Does it hurt alot, and what are advantages of braces?
Am I wearing my orthodontic elastics enough?
having my fang pulled?
im getting braces again but im gunna be 18 when i get em off. is that like unattractive? on an 18 yr old?
how can you tell?
Crowding of teeth while having braces?
Does anyone know the average cost of having ALL of your teeth pulled at once?
anyone had a dentist give them a quote for fillings when there were none to be done?
I'm going to hospital to remove 6 teeth...?
some thing on the toung?
Braces colours how much does it cost?
I'm really conscious of my braces?
How to afford surgery?
How should I expect my chemo to go?
why can i still feel the food in my stomach from yesterday?
Aerobic exercises Vs. Anxiety Vs. Putting on weight?
17 years old - 5 ft 7 - 13 stone (182 pounds). Help!?
How come I can't see my 2 lower abs?
Eliptical Trainer v Bike v Treadmill - Whats Best?
What exercises do you need to get a six pack?
I need to get a six pack in a month! Help!?
Working Out advice needed :)?
What size pants are you and how much do you weight?
I dont understand why ive lost so much weight :(?
Can U.K Personal Trainer qualifications be used in U.S.A?
Low fat/healthy fish recipes?
what can i do to motivate myself to do an hour on the elliptical?
Females- What is the most amount of weight you've ever lost?
How can i lose body fat?
i really want to get fit but dont know what is the bestway to do it?
What body shape am I? (picture included)?
does spot toning work?
How long should you swim for in order to lose weight ?
Can 2 weeks exercise actually do anything?
Is there any dentist that would be willing to discount a root canal?
At what age should you have already lost all your baby teeth??
Can someone please help me with my dad's Mucositis?
How long do Consults take to schedule? Can anyone give me any insight into this?
Braces and gum disease?
Can you swallow when your braces are being put on?
how do i get rid of my lymph nobe?
Think I would look better if I lost some fat? Or am I ok like this women?
Muscle vs Belly Fat ? Can't get rid of some belly fat?
Vegetable soup - no calories?!?
how do i grow taller?
whats the fastest way to loose a few inches around my waist?
I want abs and have a few questionssss?
What is the best 13 year old male fitness program ?
My dream is to be really fat does anyone else have this dream or have down this?
can you get away with not eating a lot of carbs before working out for energy if you take creatine?
Am i overweight for my 5,8 foot?
i have a fitness question?
If my grandpa died of lung cancer, are my chances of getting it higher than normal?
Molar pain?
Swollen Gum and Red Spot... Please help!?
Teeth Question?
The extra teeth growin are my first premolas?
Can u get buck teeth by eating an apple or corn?
How do u rot a tooth and how long does it take, and can it be covered or not?
rotten teeth - what are the long term affects on health?
white teeth?
If I get teeth pulled out in the UK..?
tooth problems?
Please please help, I need reassurance re:wisdom teeth extraction.?
Tooth problem?
do I need braces again?
How do Antibiotics find and treat an infection?
Has anyone tried to use dental floss to close the gap of the teeth?
If an Xray shows decay between two teeth that can't be seen normally, is it necessary for it to be filled?
Are apples actually good for your teeth? (apple a day keeps the dentist away)?
at home teeth whitener?
can barely loosened teeth reattach?
Day 3 after wisdom - is it normal to still ache and be really sore???
How do I make my teeth strong again?
OMG! My jaw is stuck!?!?!?
frequent mouth ulcers?
what is the best way to eliminate visceral fat?
I think my friend may be anorexic, what should I do?
Is there a quick way to lose 3 stone?
how long will it be till i lose 3 st?
awful wind - dodgy kebab?
What could you use instead of skinfold calipers?
is it possible to drop a dress size in a month or just under?
wierd spasm when lifting weights?
Is a 30 min jog a day all the exercise you need?
Is this good muscle gain?
Do I look fat on these pictures?
what is 70.3 kilos converted into stones?
My stomach has been off since Monday, any advice?
Is 11 stone fat? In some peoples eyes it seems to be.?
why cant i eat very much?
Why is it so shocking that i can fit into age 10-11 clothes?
is it alright to smoke out of a deer bone if its bleached?
Overcrowded teeth?
post extraction of molar why is infection getting worse?
does anybody know how to get on extreme makeover in australia?
Are periapical (not bitewing) x-rays necessary to spot tartar below the gumline of ALL surfaces of a tooth?
What's the best thing to take for a bad toothache?
If I have a tooth growing over another tooth, would I need braces?
I had 3 wisdom teeth out 5 days ago today not in severe pain just achy on one side is this normal for awhile?
Should i get ceramic braces or traditional braces and why? Whats your story if you have had ceramic braces?
Are water picks good for use with braces?
Can it be recrowned?
i dont have anymore braces wax and my mouth hurst because the back braket rubs up againsted my tounge?
my jaw hurts when I try to yawn. and when i eat hard foods like bread. what is this?
Wisdom teeth removal!!?
Rubber Bands & Braces.?
Tooth abscesses & Penicillin?
Can a whole root canal be done under anathestic at once? Or will it have to be done in multiple procedures?
PLEASE ANSWER is it okay to double up on braces rubber bands?
15 weeks old top gums swollen for teeth?
what can i do about my mouth?
Front teeth are chipped...?
Why Brits got bad teeth?
im on a carb free diet i would like some advice on foods i can have and cant have?
Which nutritionally balanced convenience "fad" diet worked for you?
Workout Question about resting time?
Sugar low, now I feel ill after eating, please help?
Is this a healthy weight gain over year?
How long can a person live for with undiagnosed leukemia?
Weight watchers helppp pleaseeee?
is normal for to have only belly fat?
What supplement/Pill can plump up the body?
I read about Inonising water - making the pH over 7.5 so that is Alkaline. Can this be done by a Pill?
If your hardly eating anything during the day, will you gain weight if that little bit of food is unhealthy?
is ground rice a good food to eat if your trying to loose weight if yes why and if no why?
getting older, now its harder to lose weight?
Should I go to the gym today?
What vitamins are available for weight gain?
Guy recovering from Anorexia Nervosa. Gaining weight again, but only on a ponch of my lower abs? Pics inside?
am 80kg age 20 female 5.2 how much weight shall i lose and how?
how much will i ,lose if i follow this plan?
I've lost 5 pounds since 26th February without trying, is that bad?
Is it possible to detect cancer from blood tests?
Scared my mom has mouth cancer?
how to lose weight on arms?
I am considering the lighterlife diet. Has anyone dine this and did it work? Also, how much did it cost?
If you have a bad back would doing dumbells lieing down on a bench press hurt your back?
Pressups and Situps/crunches. Is it worth it ?
gain 30 Pounds in 6 Months, clean muscle?
How much should i lift if doing barbell squats?
ok,i have braces..i need help?
Cost of Rihnoplasty?
What are the big white dots on my teeth.?
Does listerine kill good germs?
How can I relief Pain from my Braces??
What are some good foods too have the first day you get your braces?
I just got braces yesterday when will my mouth get used to them being there?
Is it necessary to have artificial bone fillings after your wisdom teeth are pulled?
How do I whiten my teeth?
after taking of the braces does the teeth get weeker or wobly than before?
really need advice....thanks?
Slight pain on lower back tooth..?
do you chew big red?
Wisdom teeth?
Does anyone experience badbreath from the nasal cavity?
Dry socket after wisdom tooth removal question... plus do i take my birth control pill?
I am looking for a denstis who will do surgey pl help florida?
What color braces? Help!?
how do you black out a tooth??
My tooth is sensitive to cold.?
Invisalign :-) or :-(?
what are the top 5 health charity events about? (like diabetes, breast cancer...)?
Whats a good workout routine in the gym?
what body shape would i be? honest answers?
Body burn fat while sleeping?
why is nothing working?....?
why arent i seeing a difference with weight :(?
I'm gaining weight why?
how can i get an healthy eating plan from my doctor?
is it really bad not to be able to do a press up?
Is this, what you would consider fit?
Tips and pointers for after surgical removal of wisdom teeth?
how do jaw surgeries for underbites work?
'DENTISTS' . . . how come . . .?
What can i do for a tooth absess, preferably before seeing a dentist or doctor??
how painfull is it meant to be when your wisdom teeth are comin through?
I have two canine teeth popping out what is that called??
how would i kno if i had an infected wisdom tooth?
Horrible tooth pain, with no relief from dentist.?
question about "white glo" teeth whitener... when can i brush?
how can you get rid of bad breath?
How possible is it to live into old age and still retain all of your teeth?
Bonjella = Pain!!?
Is laser teeth whitening worth the money?
tomorrow will be my last day of antibiotics and?
Health care card and braces?
I have another question can i take dental hygienistand get in with that to a dental school and eb dentist?
What is the choice of local anaesthesia for a patient with Type II diabetes?
Do you really feel numb after you're givin anestetic by the dentist???
Intermittent throbbing pain in lower jaw?
Tooth ache what will help?
Braces improvement?
how to keep of 19 pound?
i'm size 8 but i'm really conscience that my belly and bum stick out?
Do you think I am very underweight?
Yoga or Pilates...........?
i got some questions about creatine help please?
Why are skinny people still skinny?
Is it healthy to raise my 2 year old daughter vegetarian?
Help find me a treadmill?
Easy, comfortable weight loss exercise for an unfit person..?
How Much exercise should i do.?
please help............. need someone too chat too whos on a diet too?
when should i take my supplements ?
is this another exercise for me, im 14 and weigh 9 stone football training x2 football match x2 gym x1 a week?
How to get a good body in time for August?
How to loose stomach fat?
which foods are rich in Vitamin e?
Are holding weight plates for as long as possible good for grip and forearm strength?
Would you fancy me? I am having trouble attracting men and need honest feedback on pics!!?
how many calories is this (about)?
About the dentist... .?
"Does listerene have negative effects on teeth?"?
Teeeeeth ...?
Retainer pain :( help!!?
How I could have?
Curious how braces work?
Wisdon Teeth and 12 Year Old Molars?
I had really bad jaw pain so i got an x-ray can u help me understand what they wrote? see below?
Anyone tried Listertine whitening strips???
How Long Should I Floss For?
wisdom teeth pulled my cheek has swollen and i am feeling tired?
Im Having Jaw Surgery this month to fix my overbite, any advice?
Adults tooth getting pulled not to good tooth im 15?
serious question?
how many times u should brush your tooth a day?
Can the bacteria from cavaties be the cause of throat and upper lung pain?
Cosmetic dentistry - anyone had it?
Amoxicillin after infection but hasn't cleared up. HELP!?
i had cancer in the gums, i wanna know how high are the chances of getting it back again?
Have I gained much weight in the last year?
i had my baby 4 months ago never eat fatty foods all through pregnancy cos couldnt eat buh got gallstones?
what are the best exercises you can do inside?
can you get a dental crown if you are under 16?
how long does it take to get your wisdom teeth out?
How much does it cost for a root canal?
Does anyone know where an unemployed carpenter can get low, low cost dental work done, in or around Willis, Tx
What can i do to get my braces off sooner?!?
10 pts for best answer!?
How can you tell if you have gum disease and how do you get it?
Perfect smiles. Is it worth having the dental work done?
castle hill day surgery. has anyone been there, its in sydney.?
wisdom teeth removal at castle hill day surgery.?
My fillings keep falling out?
how many teeth do you have?
Why do all of my front (lower) teeth ache all the time?
Do you need to speak to an othadontist for an underbite???
veneers on fake tooth help plz?
does getting the braces on hurt?
wisdom teeth recovery. I didnt feel a thing!....BUT:?
How much do crowns cost in AUS dollar?
dental bridge?
Could this ovarian cyst be cancer? Should I be worried?
How long will it take to get results with this workout program?
Is a 55cm in diameter gym ball suitable for someone who is 4"11?
Trying to lose weight/gain muscle, not seeing any progress?
How many calories do I need per day to lose about a stone?
am i overweigh, please help!!!?
How can coca cola get you cancer?
Best cancer treatment center in texas?
Is it alright for me a Breast Cancer patient to dye my hair with Bigen ?
how to lose 3 stone in 5 months?
Is this a healthy diet for a 12 year old female who weighs 6 stone 4 pounds? Would i GAIN weight?
i normally forget to have breakfast, but is it true my body will break down my muscles to get the food?
How many sets and reps should i do these workouts to get visible toned results in 6 months?
I want to loose weight,help please?
childrens food portion sizes?---?
Could someone please give some advice?
would this help me to lose weight/make my stomach smaller/make me less hungry lol?
Im suddenly drinking 2 litres of semi-skimmed milk?
Slimming World Group Password?
is lifting weights at 14 too young?
Overweight or underweight?
What should I go on at the gym to get a flat stomach?
please help me think of a diet and workout plan which will fit in with my everyday life?
what ab exercises can i do?
Some exercises which will help you gain muscle?
Help! Im 12 and Im 2 stone underweight how do i gain 2 stone of muscle fast?
Do growth hormone pills work?
If i follow this workout with 1.5 kg wil i get ripped i'm skinny?
weight watchers or slimming world?
Im 10 weeks preg. and my breakouts hurt and r allover. does eating chocolate and dark chocolate make it worse?
What causes one to be addicted to chips?
Does anyone know the slimming world password for last week ?
Honestly?, would you rather be plump and happy,or slim and unhappy? or do you not care...?
Is it true that just tensing muscles for an extended period of time is a good exercise?
How many calories would you burn.........?
I am 5'8 and weigh 97 pounds, can i be a model? x?
Is the saying true "eat like a pig to become big"?
how to measure body fat percentage?
How many calories did i eat on boxing day?
Have you ever sat on the toilet and not been able to poo? How can I poo? :(?
People who have had braces, or have them now...?
Entodontist wants to do hot water test to know which tooth is troubling me & then decide if my tooth # 30?
Pain where my wisdom teeth used to be?
i liek reallly really need ur helppp i suffer...embarrassing!?
Dental Implant Nightmare!?
Why is the surface of my teeth all of a sudden discolored?
HelP!! In Pain!!?
Ortho. help! please ASAP?
Wisdom Teeth?
Wisdom teeth! Help!?
i have got a real bad tooth ahce and cant't get to a dentis till wednesday and ideas?
how do i get referred to the dentist?
want my teeth whitened?
How long until I can eat solids? All four of my wisdom teeth were pulled.?
HI, Hoping someone can help me with pain in my Jaw?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Bad teeth at the age of 25....what are my options???
Does a filling falling out cause instant pain ?
does some toothpaste macleans deteriorate your gums?
Having your tooth extracted?
Crest White Strips.... how do people like them and do they work?
Im wondering if anyone has advice for applying for the biggest loser?
excercise --------------> need to develop a 6 pack?
Hi, can anybody recommend a good tablet to help banish water retention, thanks x?
If I go on the Bike Trainer for 1 hour ever night for the next week with a sugar-less diet,will i lose weight?
Please answear my question down below ASAP!!?
Is it good for you to drink water, But not just that all the time?
Full bodybuilding workout with dumbells only?
why can i only loose weight if i starve myself?
I recently lost 5-6 stones in weight, but can't seem to remove all the fat from my chest, how would I do this?
Im never ever full up?
If you were 5'5 and 34-26-34, what dress size (UK) would you be?
Does being able to eat junk food help you to stick to a diet or does it just make the diet more difficult?
Cabbage soup diet??!!?
slimming world green plan question?
i want to lose weight of my hips and belly... best exercises?
i can't lose any weight should i starve myself then try and maintain the weight?
how much weight would i lose if i only ate apples and drank water for a month?
braces or what?
Has Any used the crest white strips and gotten white spots on there teeth?
Really Scared!!!!!!?
Does your jaw grow as you get older?
are dentist in the philippines required to sterilize their equipment before putting it in your mouth?
Have Wisdom Tooth problems PLEASE HELP ME !?
i think my wisdom teeth are coming through but im not sure...help?
Major dental anyone?
can filling of the teeth effect conceiving?
i had my wisdom tooth out, for wrong reason, after 4 month of pain, it turned out to be abcess in top tooth!!?
I've been grinding my teeth for years.?
what would cause jaw bone infection to get worse after having root canal ?
How long after i get my wisdom teeth removed can i start working out?
when u have braces and u pash sumone and they have braces can u get caught????
can pregnency is possible after breast cancer ?
if i take ecstasy will it show up on a bone scan?
what are the chances of a surgery to remove cancer from a prostate not going well?
do wild animals taste better than farmed?
how can I lose 4 kgs more with a current weight of 44kgs at 5'3''? please help.?
how many points am i allowed, i weigh 18stone and im 5"3in?
am 160ibs wanna get to 165 in 4 weeks?
Please help me gain weight!!:-)?
Height....Steps....One mile?
Is it really true that lifting really heavy for a few sets of 1 rep can really build muscle??
Creatine question first time buyer?
i am fourteen & i need to atleast twenty pounds by chritsmas.?
im 15, if i walk 3 miles per night, would i lose alot of weight?
the sort of look that pro wrestlers have??
Gym workouts for wishing fat goodbye?
Serious weight loss issue, need help now!?
Im training in the gym but just need some help please , food wise ?
Can anyone tell me the recipe for the Master Cleanse Detox, Lemonade diet, Maple syrup diet?
Does Slendertone work?
I have been doing the cambridge diet and lost 35lbs in 6 weeks yet i have only lost 10 inches can someone help?
how long will it take me to get to 120 pouds from 131 pounds?
Why do I keep getting loads of muscle, I'm a girl?
how do you get more fat?
High BMI, what can I do for free in the uk?
when will my tummy get better?
How do i get ripped without going to the gym?
how long does it take to see muscle change?
How long do I have to wait?
Any fitness advice out there?
whats the best supplements for body building?
getting braces off?
Going overseas for major dental work?
how to obtain a smaller jaw without surgery?
What color braces should I get? I'm a 16, and male.?
what are these white dots on lower gums and upper inner lip?
bottom of neck/chin hurts when i open my mouth.?
How much did u pay for braces to correct your OPEN-bite?
I have a chronic, recurring toothache in one tooth. Possible causes?
Practising Increase height?
how can i grain more weight?
5 foot 11 and 8 and a half stone?
My Body fat percentage is 10% and im 16 years old is this good?
how to get big biceps?
in need of some healthier snack options?
Asians are getting fatter. What frustrations do asians come across when trying to lose weight?
exercising toning up my stomach?
Can i lose weight by drinking water and having one bowl of porridge a day?
exercise and body shape / body changes?
please help no time!?
Does this 16 year old boy have a big bicep?
Has anyone heard of the beans on toast diet?
creatine monohydrate and uses?
Can a 10 year old go to a gym?
TUNA - Hate the smell and taste. Can I do anything to it to disguise both without losing the protein content?
Best fat burning weight training?
does getting you're wisdom teeth pulled hurt more or less than the pain of getting braces??
Rotting tooth under crown ?
My eyes Hirt!!!!!!!?
Has anyone tried and tested teeth whitening which actually works?
Why do I have jaw pain after my crown broke off this past weekend? How soon should I see a dentist?
hole in tooth?
Half my tooth fell out (back molar), how much would it cost to get it filled at the dentist?
What is the best way to clean an orthodontic plate?
braces today?
Is it okay to use Aquafresh White Trays even though I have a permanent lower retainer?
What's the white stuff inside my lip around the lip ring?
Is it normal for my jaw and cheek to ache a bit after getting a deep filling?
if you get your teeth profesionally whitened by laser at the dentist, does it hurt?
Dental X-Rays?
How can I get my 1 year old daughter to enjoy it when I clean her teeth?
is it possible to get a retainer a year after you lost it?
My retainers are killing me, please help!!!?
When do u know ur getting ur braces off without the orhto telling you?
i am having a root canal tomorrow what is the symptoms after?
question about braces??
I have an extra tooth. Do you?
Can I Lose Weight/Get Fitter In 2 Weeks?
i drink at least six beers a day and eat about 500 calories a day will i get fat?
Thinking of making myself sick?
my legs arnt fat just mussley is their any way to make them smaller ?
i want to be more healthy...?
How do i get bigger legs?
gym routine for weight loss?
is it worth buying a thread mill for home use .Two middle aged people plan to use it?
if i weigh 130 im 5'4 would my waist be 25?
can i have some ideas of exercise?
who else doe's this?
What education do I need to become a Denturist???
I have an overbite and also my two front teeth over lap.....DO I REALLY HAVE TO HAVE BRACES?
Wisdom teeth removal and advil?
Help! Relief of Tooth Abcess Pain?
do i need braces?
My teeth kill when i eat sugary foods! Sensitive toothpaste won't help. And the dentist says im fine???
Recommendation on Caloric Intake for 5'1'' 14 yr old 74 lb male teen?
If I'm training to gain muscle?
Strength training routine?
How do i get chest muscle?
Loosing weight, eating staying away from bad foods & keeping my energy up! (questions in the question!)?
13 days - how much weight can I lose?
HELP!!! my friend is going to make herslf sick?
i need to seriously lose weight can somebody please help with diet balancing menu? am weighing 89kg am ht 163.?
When to drink protein shake? Before? After?
Effects of Nitric Oxide...?
Please Help Eating habits?
im after putting on half a stone?
How to achieve a healthy diet?
Any tips on losing weight?
Gaining weight question?
help need a toutine for the gym lol?
Body building question .?
How many calories????????
Im getting 4 teeth pulled soon, Does it hurt?
Braces with rubber bands, do they hurt??
Which is better Clear retainers or Holly.?
wisdom tooth pain?
cavities BETWEEN teeth?
making your teeth whiter?
Could I have gingivitis?
I'm goin 2 college & I will b rushing & im getin my wisdom teeth out 3 days b4 im worried ill be swollen & sor
Should i get braces?
In a couple of weeks I'AM getting a herbst and an expander is it hard to talk, chew, brush your teeth?
I want Teeth Bracers?
After Braces Permanent wire places behind teeth?
Zoom Whitening with fillings?
Baby Tooth? How to Pull?
spacers and braces.?
How much good will swimming 20 lengths once a week do me?
Help with weight / belly! / ?
How many calories...?
Which foods cause sweating more?
Weight Loss Success Curiosity?
Which gym? David Lloyd, JJB or Total Fitness?
When wil my stomach settle down?
how can i put weight on after having my daughter?
Is cycling good for losing weight on my bum and thighs( read below )?
Can you lose weight in a week?
I don't know what to do. I just feel like there isn't enough time.?
Is cycling for 10 miles taking around 33 minutes (about 18mph) every day too much for a fitness benefit?
I want an exercise programme?
Have i got anorexia.?
need some tips on working out and the gym?
I train, eat and drink plenty of water but why do I feel dizzy?
where can i buy Master Cleanse lemon Detox Diet in london ?
Hi im 13 and im 5.7 1/2 ft and i weigh just under 10 and a half stone is this heavy for my age?
i eat alot but i dont put on weight and i realy want to any help ?
I want to work in a gym, what do i need to do?
How to gain weight at 15?
All I have ate today is 5 fish fingers which my parents made me eat.. how many calories?
Do your feet grow or shrink with weight gain or loss?
I am 14 and I weigh 116lb is that average?
how do i get skinny withen 7 days?
Any good excercises for me?
Whats the fastest and easiest most (affective/effective?) way to get a good 6 pack for a teenager?
I feel a bit uncoordinated?
I am having Colinic Irrigation 2moro, I weigh 252lbs - how much should i expect to lose?
reccomended weight for a 5"6 15 year old girl?
Rapid weight loss...how did you do it?
Bodybuilding ,but im gaining fat ?
Back to work after getting braces?
do crest white strips leave white spots on your teeth?
Is puss normal on your gum when you get a tooth pulled out?
which filling has less mercury content?
Can you put orajel on your teeth & gums before going to the orthidontics?
Does Aquafina have flouride in it?
my mums having her wisdom teeth out how long for recovery??
help!! is my tongue ring infected or is my tongue infected?
Is raw apple cider vinegar bad for your teeth ?
how much did it cost you to get braces?
Grinding... Clenching Teeth...... Old Retainer???
Do Braces Hurt???????
how long does it take for teeth to shift??!
When will my tooth lose the sensitivity to cold?
i get braces todayy!
Retainer troubles :( plz help
does anyone know anything about the home tooth whitening kit called million dollar smile? does it work?
What can you eat after having your wisdom teeth cut out? and how long does it take to heal?
White blister on my gums?
I got a gum graft a couple days ago and i have some questions?
If i walk for an hour how many calories would this burn?
Can you still build a nice body if your slim?
how much weight will i lose each month?
How can I get a flat stomach asap?
Am I under Weight or healthy?
If I exercise by doing this how much weight can I lose in a week?
Anyone know a good dance workout video?
what is the name of a multi vitamin tablets make you put on the most weight and where can you get it from?
what happened is this possible?
Is it ok to eat this everyday?
What to eat as snacks?
My best friend has the body, looks everything to be a model, but at only 5ft 5 she is too small. Does anybody?
pushups and situps help?
how long does it take to stretch two inches to ur spine?
Fitness motivation how ?
Weight question! Please answer?
How do I grow and lose weight?
Am i fat for my height and age?
Did I eat enough calories today?
I need a safer way to loose weight with out my mam finding out.?
Want to lose some weight....?
What do you prefer? (guys only)?
just noticed something, confused.....?
if i run for 1 hour 5 times a week will it be effective weight loss?
any good fad diet ideas?? [just for fun..lol]?
am i too underweight.?
i need to tone up fast! please help?
30 minutes treadmill daily good to lose weight quicker?
do you think that i am fat?
Will milk improve my muscle growth?
i want to lose weight?
Hey, i need to loose weight but not sure how much (15 y/o girl)?
I'm worried that ron is very fat.?
body building???????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿!!!?
i am 6 foot and 2 inches tall i am 15 and weight 16 stone am i realy over weight?
What kind of diet would work for a belly like this?
am i overweight as a 13 year old?
Help with exersize plan?
How can i lose weight for my holiday in?
I gained 20 pounds out of no where!?
I am trying to encourage a teenage girl to to more exercise and i need a bit of help?
Does anyone know how many calories are in a serving of Schwartz Garlic, Mushroom and Cream Sauce?
how long should you do weights for!?
Will be stopping weight training for one month so no gym!?
Should the GP offer some help if a person's BMI is over 35?
Help with my braces!?
Did getting your braces taken off hurt?
I think my gum is infected?
dental question, please help if you can (uk)?
what does the numbing feel like when you get your tooth pulled out?
What is the income of an oral medicine professional?
what does mild gum recession look like?
How to celebrities have perfectly shaped white teeths?
Why do my teeth hurt :(?
what colour braces should i get?
chewing gum... how do remove it?
Treatment of loose tooth?
Help with gums and braces?
I was told that there's a difference between a Crown and a Implant crown, please explain.?
Pain at the gumline of my tooth...DENTIST PLEASE READ!?
problems with a tooth extraction?
Weird teeth growing?! HELP PLEASE!!?
My tooth REALLY hurts! Please help!?
Does my 4yr old need antibiotics?
Has anyone had a root canal done?
got my wisdom teeth pulled out some questions?
How long until I start noticeably losing weight?
Back problems still after 6 months?
Has diet gone too far?
please help me i reallii need a diet and i wanttotha people opion?
im just about to start using xenical and was curious to the amount of weight others had lost using it?
what are the two quickest methods of determining if you are overweight?
How to exerciseing your chest muscles?
Would i loose weight if i did this?
cardio little help please?
how can triceps possibly grow bigger than biceps by french presses?
what is the best weight gain shake?
Anyone know any good exercises for thighs and calves?
Do i have an eating disorder + is there anything to stop it?
how many calories is there in 190 kj?
Never back down gym ?
ok wats goin on wi my body?
am i fat? i feel fat?
i am a male and am thinking about trying boxercise in the gym is it a could class for weight loss is it a hard?
How can I lose 14lbs healthily and safely?
Am i ideal overweight or underweight?
i have 5 weeks until?
How can I tone up my body?
how fattening is this today?
any teenager whose skinny but really obsessed with diets, food and calories?
Okay so you think i might have anorexia/bulimia, what do i do now?
I want your honest opinions, do you think i have anorexia?
Am I getting a high metabolism?
How to help my mum lose weight?
what will happen if......?!?
How can i loose 1 stone?
I am the average height for someone my age?
what is the difference between carbs and calories?
is it ok to do a full body workout and work out every muscle group in one session every 2 days?
Cheapest way to go to the gym?
if u can put on 3 kg in 3 days?
if i swim everyday for an hour and eat healthy for two weeks how much weight would i loose?
How many calories?...?
Diet Buddy Anyone????????????????
hi ther im on a diet and wonna know how many callories are in am egg? an egg as it is... plzz tell me?
Please Help Fast..... Thankss.?
How many weight watcher points are there in a tablespoon of honey?
If I were to eat NO carbs...............?
bmi issue ................................?
How long will it take me to go from 37.5kg dumbells to 50kg dumbells?
What could be the reason for someone becoming very overweight, because they started to stay in in the evening,?
what weight would i need to be to be a nice 12 i am 11 stone?
gaining weight-im 13?
weight loss online buddy?
How to Fasten a Metabolism?
Any1 know how many calories are burnt per meter?
Could you recommend a mini stepper to me? Dont know which 1 to choose?
10 pounds in 2weeks??? ..help me please?
how many calories should i eat for bodybuilding?
How can I stop counting calories before I get worse?
How can I loose my hips and thighs?
i havent brushed my teeth since i was a kid?
my jaw is locked ?!?
When do Wisdom Teeth stitches come out?
I have bleeding and very painful gums,and bad taste in my mouth I cannot afford a dentist, what can I do??
Braces and Spacers 2MORO!!?
When can I eat meat, toast, bread & corn flake with dried fruits, rice etc after wisdom teeth sugery?
I have in my front 2 teeth anyway to close with retainer?
What do dentists say about the mercury 'smoking tooth' video on youtube?
All teeth hurting , no idea why?
how to get rid of gingivitus???
I have both my top premolars out, what can i eat? ?
how long does it take for a tooth to turn black?
how should xylitol be used?
Do they use tubes in the mouth for colonoscopies?
Do you brush your teeth before breakfast then before bed or before and after breakfast or other, specify?
Toothache, Swollen face, what can i do?
Questions about Dentistry residencies. Help please?
tell him or to keep my mouth shut?
Treatment's for mouth ulcers?
My 6 years old son's gums are bleeding and swollen....?
how much do dentists get paid?
dental fillings?????
What exercise iss good for losing weight on your tummy?
Cost of a tummy tuck in Ireland ?
i'm on my diet and i feel like i'm gonna die!?
What is the correct weight for a 16 year old female who is 5"7 in height?
How many Calories a Day?
how much water do i need...?
how can i loose 15lbs in less than 3 weeks?
how can i get fitter?
how many weight watchers points in a 16g time out bar - one finger?
Look less bloated in 3 days?
Just a few days ago I got hit on my mouth by someones head and I started bleeding.?
How long before meds kick in for a tooth infection?
several implant tooth questions?
implant tooth + broken root ?
I have my wisdom teeth pull 15 days agonow, when i though the extracted place i feel like small teeth?
the inner skin on top of my mouth keeps peeling off..help =x?
How many calories are in this diet?
Need help with my diet - Exercising and putting weight on!?
Question for naturally skinny/slim/slender people?
Question about gaining weight?
question about breakfast cereals ? :) 10 points for best answer x?
Is there a website that shows you what calories...?
what organs or systems are affected by dwarfism?
how to have confidence while being a lil overweight?
losing weight while on holiday?
Is a one piece of chicken breast and bacon wrap around it with a sprinkle of cheese and some baby potatoes? wi?
which body muscles is better to train in a day and why?
Need a diet plan to stick to?
how to become a size 8 in 6 months?
loss of weight and waist size?
What are the best excercisies for my legs and stomach?
did i eat ok today? was my excercise ok?
okay what is going on !? (10 points best answer)?
How can i loose some weight plz!!!?
how do i get a flat stomach?
Best FAST wightloss solution? Help please.?
is this enough cardio on the treadmill?
is this good??????????????
how can i increase my stamina?
How long does it take to lose 10% bodyfat?
Sweating during exercise?
The hydroulics on my exercise stepper is leaking when the pistons get hot. Is there any way of preventing it.?
how much weight could i lose in 1 year?
if i exercise whilst doing the british heart foundation diet ( 3 day diet ) will i lose more weight?
What exercise is best for targeting the lower part of the stomac?
I bought the V-Fit Abdominal Exerciser today.?
what is the name of this?
Remedies to Whiten your teeth with braces on? (=?
Getting braces put back on?
role of a dental nurse in australia?
Cheap/Free Dental Work?
How do I keep my teeth white?
Is $5100 a good price for basic adult braces?
Can a tooth fall from a hit if you have braces ?
i'm a dental graduate from pakistan looking for opertunity in australia, just finished my house job?
How long until you start seeing a difference with braces?
what are the causes of milk teeth lost at eighteen months.?
What is the average cost of professional teeth whitening? ?
Recently I got my braces at an Orthodontist office.?
Is 'Weight Watchers' right for me?
how can improve stamina and general muscle endurance?
How many calories should I eat a day?
High intake of salt will result to what?
how long would it take lipobind to work?
How long does it take to get buff?
i want to get slimmer at the hips.. what exercise should i do?
Want to lose weight over summer?
i feel like ive eaten loads today and now im just truly helpless....?
What ive eaten today?...?
Chest work out......................?
how do i get a flat stomach QUICKLY with minimal effort?
Is 10 stone 3 lbs too much for a 16 year old girl at 5ft 3?
doing boxing training and want to know what the best type of supplement to take i.e creatine aminos?
When you lose a tooth, does it grow back?
How is a root canal procedure performed?
Products to whiten my teeth with no 'sensitive teeth' side effects?
Having a tooth extracted?
If, when you get your braces off, theres a different color where the blocks have been...?
Crest Strips.. know where to get them cheap in aus?
is there anything that can hide gaps in teeth?
Is it possible to remove a tooth this way?
how do i get fit for summer?
What affect on my body will drinking 3 litres of water a day have?
Help!! Question for fitness instructor or anyone that can help?
What Should I Eat Or Drink Before I Lift Weights?
diet for sprinting please 10 point question!?
i need to lose weight fast?
Whats a good look for a 42 year old male?
After how many weeks should I start to see the effects of working out at the gym three times a week?
Is this a good improvement at the gym?
Can i get ripped in 2 months by doing the following ?
I Have a BMI of 26 can someone gimmy some cardio routines ?
Nothing seems to work :|?
does this sound okay for a days worth of food?
need a quick diet plan to lose 3kilos !?
has any body ever heard or tryed metabo 925 weight loss pills?
What is better for improving muscle size and muscular endurance, Boxing or Weight Training?
How much should I weigh?
I cant stop eating junk?
Does it hurt for a long time when you have new braces?
i need help with my wisdom teeth?
Are rubber bands the last step to braces?
white spot in the hole that my molar tooth was pulled out at ?
Hole on the side of my molar.?
Cover of dental costs?
Help with my yellow teeth :(?
How much does getting a tooth pulled out hurt?
My Mouth Feels Itchy?
I'm 17 and I grind my teeth at night?
How much does it cost to take out wisdom teeth? (australia)?
any1 who has passed the australian dental council clinical examination recently, please tell us what to expect?
Can I get a dental implant?
Wisdom teeth, bad pain?
How to pull out a dog tooth or homeremedies for infction?
Why Do Some People Only Get Retainers And Not Braces? What Is A Dental Plate?
filing down longer teeth?
Veneers? What can you tell us about veneers, good bad, another option?
Is there an alternative to having a root canal done?
has any one in Australia been to Thailand to have any dentistry done?
what is colon cancer?
losing weight VERY quickly?
Is there any diet pills?
Why do I lose my appetite when it's hot?
I Am 16 Years Old, And Weigh 202 Ibs, I Am 5 foot '7. I really Want To Lose Weight, I'm Obese! Please Help!?
how come i eat like a pig but still 5 stone?
i need lots of help guys ... my weight!?
If you sweat does that make you lose weight?
15 5 ft 3 and 175 pounds HELP !?
why i am getting thinner?
Will I lose weight this way?
question about puking, yey !?
How many colories does this burn?
help? it could benefit you in the long run?...^_^?
Loose teeth yes or no?
I have an adult tooth growing under a baby tooth?
what do i use to polish a silver tooth that has turned black?
i got my wisdom teeth out...and i need ur help?
got my wisdom teeth out?
What colour braces would look good with dark brown hair and green eyes?
Cavity filling trouble?
Is orange juice bad for your teeth?
filling discomfort mild pain?
Teeth whitening products for home use?
alternative to braces?
what is the cost of invisalign?
question about an abscess tooth....?
Tooth Filling 2 days ago, still having shoots of pain?
when did flossing become common and highly recommended?
What has your experience with invisalign been?
Pain in my jaw after a filling?
My Jaw Bone Cracks everytime i clench my teeth?
How long will it take before the gap in my teeth (that I have because of my braces) goes away?
I have been told that i need to get a tooth removed. What other choices do i have & what are the consequences?
I swallowed an amalgam that was in a bicuspid temporarily, awaiting a crown. What danger is it?
Am I at risk of getting skin cancer?
will i gain weight after only eating cookies?
How much weight could i lose?
Healthy food help....?
anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeea answer!?
i am 5''2 and weigh 7 stone 7 i am female. how can i gain weight?
do i eat too much or just right?
How much exercise should i do?
I want to lose alot of weight but have only 2 months to do so .....has anyone any diet tips and exercise tips?
Gyms for 14 year olds?
Weight Loss Advice + Strength Training?
ways to lose weight from hips and waist?
how little calories can by body survive on daily?
Am I overweight? Please look?
question about bulking up????????
Will I loose weight with one meal per day and a healthy meal at that ?
Easy way to loose belly fat :)?
What should i eat before swimming to burn more calories faster?
i found a mark (that looks like it could be melanoma) on my body should i be concerned or when should i?
What exercise routine maximizes strength and power with as little muscle hypertrophy as possible?
i had my 4th baby in january and ive piled on the weight,does anyone know of a good diet ?
how do braces work? ?
I have a white area on my upper gum?
How do you lose weight?
if i walk 5 miles and do 4 miles on a step master how long till i lose weight?
Who is looking forward to doing their exercise routine today? I am........ What are you doing?
i have an eating problem? help!?
Ah im worried! healthy eating, have a ruined it?
Opinions of my Exercise Routine?
What is this exercise machine called?
whats the name of the thing that goes in the middle of the dumbell?
how to lose 10lbs? how long will it take?
hurt my legs can i still exercise?
Is the York T275 treadmill any good?
1000 calories/day made me gain weight& 500 calories make me loose weight,is anything wrong with my metabolism?
What items around the house could i use as dumbells?
when people say eat a big breakfast, how much?
help me with exercises?
what are the side affects of loosing 30lb?
Does the celery diet work?
cutting carbs? to lose weight?
healthy meals! what do u say about them in 2 words!easy to what and difficult to what!?
Do I Have A Cavity In My Mouth?
my jaw really hurts =(?
how many calories should i eat?
what should my ideal weight weight be? please help!?
protein shake for a 15 y/o?
Diet Buddy - 13 years old-ish?
honestly..am i fat...?
if you're a teenager/young adult...?
Is it really that bad to drink diet drinks/soda?
Did everyone know cancer has been cured for fifty years? Big pharma has lied to us, because?
So if i can jog 3 1/4 miles no stops at all do i have a good chance of passing a pulmonary function test?
I eat 1400 calories a day, I jog for 30 minutes everyday and I want to lose 5 kilos?
Why is my weight not shifting?
Is it because i was bulimic?
How to make the veins in my arms constantly show?
Should i get veneers?
wisdom teeth and swelling..?
Will my two front teeth fall out?
what is the average calorie intake for a teen aged 13-14?
is this a normal daily diet...?