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whats a good cold and cough medicine for teens?
DDR excercise is a good idea?
Why am I losing weight from purging?
How can I lose stomach fat safely?
Am I Under Weight 7 stone 12 i am 20 btw?
im 13 and need to lose weight really bad!?
How can i gain weight??? Im very SKINNY! Look like an ALIEN....?
How much does a contact fitting exam cost?
Do I need to get glasses or contacts? How to I bring it up with my mom?
if you have glaucoma, can contacts make you see better?
I'm 16 170pounds and 5'5 how much amino acid mg?
Should I buy eye glasses or go to an eye doctor?
I want to have a better health?
Does anyone have EyeMed or Vision Benefits of America plans?
I started to get horrible migraines after smoking marijuana. Why?
I have problem with my height, I wanna get taller ? Can someone help me ?
What Happens when you mix about 200 mg of tramadol, folcolin, and alcohol together?
if a friend accidentally crushes his windpipe on something..what can i do to help him open it back up?
What does losing 5 ounces of blood do to you?
my hand is hurting really bad?
Terrible Pain in my shoulders! What could it be?
What should i do if i got what doctors call a third degree concussion?
Repost : Ankle always clicks when rotated?
is my funny bone in my elbow badly bruised?
I just bit my tongue the hardest I ever have!! Help!! What do I do?
should i go to the hospital for x~rays?
Is this a brain abscess or just a migraine? Help desperately needed!?
can you mix plan b with painkillers?
I have weird food habits, what can i tell about myself from this?
Does anyone have panic attacks/anxiety disorder?
How to stop racing thoughts / heartrate? I cant sleep?
Is magical thinking an inseparable part of schizotypal personality disorder?
Why do I sometimes feel sympathy and guilty towards people I've avenged?
can you guys help please?!?
I am 98% sure someone i know is being poisoned with arsenic, but where would they get it from?
H pylori - Specific Questions?
Am I suffering from just a cold?
Two examples of human bacterial diseases of the skin are?
i had a swine flu vaccine last year when i was pregnant.now my baby is 9 months.should i give him flu vaccine?
Can you get sick from eating pasteurized eggs?
what is the best diet for athletes?
will doing this help me loose weight?
Can a man of any age grow bigger muscles and if not what is the age limit?
How do I get noticable abs?
can some one help me decide weather i should smoke or not? (paticularly teenagers answer this question)?
how to loose belly fat the fastest way.. please help me im really desperate..:'(?
hi,i want to do dieting,is white rice suitable to eat or bread!?
How to loose about 30 pounds?
do you really need to use that syringe after getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
I think I've had my braces for too long.?
my soft palate is sore?
Are there any homemade healthy teeth whiteners?
If your tooth is a little bit of a different color then do you have to get a root canal?
I am getting my tooth pulled what should I expect?
is it true about mr david brenann wants me as aprivate duty nurse of his wife having also a cancer he shoulder?
how does the brain get cancer?
How much 'awareness' has susan komen brought to the table?
Is it normal to get purple and black lumps on your vag ?
is there a chance i have cancer in my eye given..?
Which STDs are curable and which ones aren't?
What causes these symptoms?
No one answers my question. My 9 year old was just diagnosed with cancer, please help?
Is There a cure for aids that only the rich and famous know about?
Is there any vaccine to prevent the Dengu fever? If yes, please tell about that vaccine.?
Can someone tell me how much ETS surgery for blushing it cost in michigan without insurance ??!?
Help!!!!!!!! My lip is super swollen cause of a cold sore?
Do you think I have celiacs disease?
What is the worst disease/disorder to have?
i need help, very badly.?
Why does my back hurts terribly when i do any ab exercises?
My muscles ache when I eat carbs?
my thumb randomly hurts really bad?
I need help with which type of lens I should choose for my glasses.?
I have new glasses with progressive lenses.?
Why do I wake up when someboyd enters the room?
seeing sparkles in my vision?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Blackheads aren't Black?
the skin in my cheeks and nose is constantly red, it is not rosacea or a rash, what can it be?
HELP! Tiny spot forming on my nose :(?
How long does acne spots take to fade on its own..?
Does gabapentin cause hair loss?
Why do I think of death so much?
Neurological problem or what? How urgent should it be to see doc?
does hot tea make your sore throat worse?
I have to take ahair follicle drug test and bought a hair follicle cleanser will it help?
what days are business days?
Face swollen on right side, progressed over night! Please help!!?
I get dizzy when I stand up!?!?
My legs knees and ankles hurt and lock up as well as sometimes give out?
How much of my morphine should I be taking?
Should i go to school tomorrow?
What would happen if I brushed my teeth with Jack?
How can I make myself go to bed?
Chemotherapy and hair loss?
Can you get lung cancer from fiberglass insulation?
Do i have a cavity? :(?
How do you make a doctors appointment?
Whats the quickest way to get weed out your system?
is it true that if you drink 10 cups of ice cold water you burn 300 calories?
I got my #8 tooth(front right) removed. Now im afraid to close my mouth?
I want to lose 20 pounds before summer comes what can I do?
How will i know if i get dry socket?
Dental question: Do I bring my son into the dentist?
how noticeable is my weight loss?
i want to loose 8-11 pounds in 4 weeks?>!?
whats an average weight for someone around 5'' tall?
average cost of dental implants?
i feel like i got hit by a car after working out?
Are my measurements big?
Muscle Milk protein shake?
I got a third degree and it didn't hurt?
Slight issue with safety razor blade...?
Can a broken foot get worse?
How to heal a broken nose?
Daughter with horrible elbow pain!??!!?
can you have herpes and not know you have it for two years?
I am recently diagonised HIV positive ?
in heart deseas plzzzz answer me plzzz help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 pts?
Sometimes I smell and I have allergic reactions to milk?
What are stages of a heart attack?
Whats this irregular stinging at my heart/near my heart?
Can you see blockage in a CT Scan?
Errr...greenish-brownish blister thing on my big toe?
I feel like there is water dripping in my left inner ear. any remedies?
Should I get snake bites or spider bites?
Is my ear piercing infected?
How to get swelling to go down?
My right arm fell off. What should I do?
Severe abdominal pain?
Really bad ear ache! Any remedies?
What is numbness of left arm mean?
What causes migraines and tension headaches?
Why am I still sick, I think. I have pink eye.?
how can I heal my right eyes vision again?
My right eye twitches every once in awhile.?
Does immunizations cause allergies?
why does my nose bleed?
Problems with eating wheat stuff?
How to tell my mother that I have worms?
what should i do in order to get my head unplugged?
Can I get food poisoning from this?
Should I take Adderall at 5 AM?
Okay, I've started vapeing...?
I have a problem!!!!!!!?
What plastic surgery clinics offer epicanthic eye folds?
When should an adult go to the ER with a temp?
Why can I hear my Brain beating?
What is the difference between these two electric toothbrushes?
Is it okay to rinse with fluoride right after rinsing with listerine?
Benefits of a lingual frenectomy?
How do the orthodontitis take braces off?
I've had yellow teethsince I was little I am now 32 I'm thinking about laser teeth whitening do you think it's?
I'm getting braces soon can anyone tell me what i can and can't eat, and will it hurt the first week?
Know any sunburn remedies?
HELP!! Trying to identify a bug bite!! Just BARELY happened!?
real known cause of crohns disease?
I need help with my wife and her hip?
Abdominal cramps and vomiting? What could this be?
Why have I had stomach ache overnight? worrying me?
Stabbing pain on the sides of my lower back?
How does an athlete sleep comfortably?
What are the benefits of taking a balanced diet and and having a good night sleep?
stomach bloated like problem?
Diet & Fitness: What is the cause of this? Can it be explained?
Does running uphill tighten your inner thighs?
I have an eating problem!!?
if i drink 500calories of liqoud everyday and no solids will i lose weight?
How long does it take to lose 25 IBS?
Serious weight issues! please help!!?
Anorexia? An Eating Disorder!?
Whats the best way to get rid of hemorrhoids?
Why Does Smoking Weed Make Me Feel Paranoid In College?
lower stomach and back pain help?
HELP I ate bad food, should I throw it up?
I got slapped in the ear and day later still ringing?
Bone stuck in childs throat, what to do?
Does this look infected(it's a photo of a cut on my hand)?
how do i take off a leech?
What is this on my gum, and how did it get there?
What Is The Best Kind Of Toothpaste.?
how do i prove its the dentists fault my crown is messed up?
Can you wear make up while getting your braces put on?
What is an enamel? i need help?
Metal Braces, Clear Braces, And Aligners.?
how short can i file my teeths?
Please my weezing is out of control ! ?
Easy way to cure car sicknes fast no meds?
Is my chronic bronchitis really just that, or something worse?
Cause of a major airway emergency?
What can I do to sleep well even if some one is snoring?
Asthma acting up, need help ?
what kind of pills can make you faint ?
I think i am going to be sick because i just watched..............?
I need the side effects of cocaine, and fast! Help me?
Do you have any idea what I could have?
Can marijuana smoke cause a miscarriage?
What just happend to me?
Could there be any negative effects of me rolling my eyes so often?
what is this pain i'm having?
Tips to help me fall asleep?
Knee Pain??? Blah Blah Blah?
when will my fingers stop hurting from guitar?
what nation has better healthcare than the us, in general?
URGENT!!! I Cant fall asleep?
Is brain tumour at third stage is curable?
where can i find a Breast Cancer Charities that will help us?
I hurt my hand/thumb?
caloric intake for leukemia patient?
How do i make my hair grow faster after chemotherapy?
how long can a person live with untreated cancer?
Can lice go inside your ears? And if it can, what would it do in there?
Question about wig for cancer patient to lose her hair.?
Breast cancer question?
Problems with rapid weight loss?
i need to get a rash or pink eye?
Is shingles hereditary?
is it bad to work out when you have a cold?
Why do I have a bruise forming where I had a bug bite recently?
cure for parvo virus?
Are there any diet pill that will actually work with loosing weight faster?
Do I have a broken nose?
Is my weight good for my height/age?
Am I fat?! My mom said I am...?
My mother slipped on the ice? Go see doctor?
Weight lost now what?
losing weight while breastfeeding ...?
What is the best way to lose weight/inches at the same time?
I need to gain weight for lacrosse, help?
My heart hurts so much. I feel so heart broken. What do I do?
Treating a steam burn?
Just had a high blood strokE recently, why am i experiencing dizziness after 4 months?
what are some things i shouldn't do to prevent a ear infection?
Is atheromatous aorta and enlargement of the heart life threatening? What are the cures?
Howv to stop the bleeding from a cut?
Is it hard to cut or burst a vein?
My angel bite/munroe piercing is swelling to the point where it looks like its swallowing the ball. Help?
About BRACES!!! Please Help Me!!!?
Honestly, how bad does a root canal hurt?
Dental Braces while busy on school?
wisdom teeth operation 2morro?
I've been having NOSE Irritation for almost 7 months now. What could be the reason?
My nostril is itching?
My baby has delt with this his whole life. Please help me with an answer or response.?
Do clear braces really turn yellow?
How long does it take fo your gums to "shrink" back to normal after removing braces?
Can smoking pot help treat jaw lock?
can i take hydrocodone/apap and ambien cr togather?
Really bad knee pain, pretty sure it's tendinitis?
After gallbladder surgery...?
Do I have Appendicitis?
Does a skin cancer lesion HAVE to be all A, B, C, D and E? Or can it just be one of the letters?
Can i go in the sun, even though the dermatologist tested 5 "moles" and completely took out two?
Can you get cancer in two places at once ?
Does anyone know any forums for teens whose parents have cancer?
Ultra-Sound - KUB - No results after a month?
Bad trip on marajuana?
What's a good online Pharmacy to buy Oxyicodone without prescription?
am i overweight ??????????
Where could i find any websites to watch satellite tv on internet for free?
Whats best to bring down a fever?
need to get sick fast?
Feeling very lonely..............................?
Social anxiety interrupting school ...?
What should I do if i feel like hurting myself after getting really depressed?
How can I stop doing these things?
Is it normal not to want to display photos of a deceased relative if?
Can you really get STDs from sitting on a toilet seat?
can you get herpes from sharing a fork with someone who has it?
babby question................................…
what would be symptoms of laser pointer eye damage?
My Muscles Won't Get Sore?
Should I think about getting contacts? Do they make soft contacts for astigmatism?
Why are my eyes getting so bloodshot all of a sudden ?
What should I do about the floaters in my eye?
Should I get contact lenses?
can sickle cell crisis cause lost of oxgen to brain?
What are my options with dysphagia ?
stomach swollen and cant tell if im hungry or full?
HELP!!!!!!! MY TOE!!!!!!?
when is a gallbladder attack a emergency? does my husband need to go to the er?
Does this look like a spider bite?
i cut my self down there shaving and it hasn't stopped bleeding what can i do to make it stop?
Do you have to be really smart to become a EMT?
Can a Vitamin D deficiency cause a high white blood cell count?
can hearth worms be cured?
what causes blood to turn orange have cancer?
Could I have colon or anal cancer?
What will be a good work out plan for me I am trying to loose thirty pounds and gain some muscle.?
How long can a girl go without food?
Working out with or without shirt? (Insanity)?
I need to become faster for soccer...?
i feel horrible doctor didn't help much. what is this?
What do I have, PLEASE help?
how long would a person be in a hospital if they over dose on ibuprofen?
Is it possible to gain 2 pounds of water weight?
I am very sick with the flu i am under 13 it has been going on for 5 days i already saw the doctor......?
If i eat cereal with milk when i have a sore throat will it hurt my throat?
What should I do with my knee/what's wrong with it?
all my joints are hurting?
Why do I get headaches each time I get in a vehicle?
Teeth extractions for braces?
a part of my tooth came out?
braces braces braces braces braces...!?
What are the best teeth whitening strips?
my Friend Kayla teeth?
Should I keep my rubber bands in mouth while I'm sleeping?
how do you stop the sting of jalapeno on the skin?
how to get a finger??????????
My boyfriend is having nausea and shivering. What could it be?
I like to cut myself. Is this a bad thing?
have you been bitten by a hobo?
How to wake up really early?
Do oreos give cancer?
Could this be a Metaphor/Simile for Cancer?
I have a scab like mole could it be skin cancer ?
Can Ginkgo Biloba help reduce or perhaps eliminate tinnitus - what other vitamins/supplements "might" help?
does anybody know any home remedies?
why do i always get sunburnt?
what type of supplements are best for relaxing?
Are these addictive, can i get addicted?
I was wondering if anyone knew a good cell number reverse lookup site?
Why doesn't alcohol ever affect me?
How to not get sick on an 18 hour bus ride?
Feeling sick one moment, then fine the next...?
When did having Diabetes become comparable to having Polio?
I think I was "roofied" (date rape pill), I saved urine, how long will it be fine to be tested?
do doctors have to tell you by law if you have HIV?
How does dietary fibre decrease risk of coronory heart disease?
19 Years old..Heart Problems?
Can I wear contacts In the pool?
Why can I not see something when I'm looking directly at it in the dark?
How Semi rimless glasses are useful for eye wear?
How do people put in and take out their contacts? Don't their eyes automatically close?
What does the eyeglass prescription ("distance-OD-+075-sph" and "distance-OS-025-spl") mean?
What Does it Mean When My Vision Goes Fuzzy and I Feel Like I'm Going to Tip Over?
Does anyone know anything about knees im desperat :(?
Sometimes I feel like sharp needles are poking my brain?
My lips hurts so badly! Help!?
Cortisone injection for tendonitis?
What is the muscle on the top of your thigh called?
I Just had My Ear Pierced but it was in the Wrong Place so I Took it Out - How Long will it Take to Heal Over?
Badly broken arm with numb fingers?
I have a really dry mouth I drink allot but it dosent help ?
I don't want braces!?
Why do my gums hurt so much?
How much longer might i have braces for?
How to get rid of taste and how long?
Can I get wires on just 3 teeth?
can i first gauge my ear with a double flared plug?
how to heal a cut fast?
i can't breathe please?
Had a cold for 3+ months now ,now getting really bad.why has it lasted so long?
Had a cold for over 3months.is this normal?
what is the proper length of time for stitches to be in?
is the "No red face formula" a scam or does it work?
Help acne/whiteheads one side of face?
I heard white vinegar helps with acne, is that true?
Am I an albino as I have blonde hair n blue-grey eyes?
How To Go About Getting My Skin Evaluated & Put On a Good Face Regimen?
does acne face people can get a job?
what are the odds of having cancer?
What are the chances of a 15 year old girl surviving leukaemia or bone cancer?
Is it true that birth control increases your chances of cancer (ovarian, cervical, etc cancers)?
Is drinking dried mango leaves good for cancer?
Do i have lymphoma??? ?
How to raise ANC/neutrophils to fight infection?
Wat type of workout for this ?
Skinny everything but my thighs, what is the quickest way to sculpt them?
Is the Detox diet good for a 13 year old girl.?
Whats a good diet? that dont require to workout?
Are my friends over reacting or can this kill me?
What is a great diet pill for a mma fighter?
Weight Loss Suggestions?
Healthy after-dinner snacks?
Regular Pain in Appendix Area?
do i need to ring the doctor. sore throat, swollen gums, temp 38.5?
Gauges and stretching help!?
Why does pain "crawl"?
Do I have TMJ?????????????????????
Can you be allergic to your own sweat?
How do I eat with Braces!?!?!?
swelling 3 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction?
I've had a broken molar for about 10 yrs down to the gumline half of it is broken off while the other half ?
How much can you smoke before the orthodontist finds out?
Do I have insulin resistance?
Is honey safe for people who have diabetes or are overweight?
Memorization problems with Diabetes.?
can people with type 2 diabetes give blood?
i got my wisdom teeth removed. i got a question...?
does getting braces hurt?
What colour braces should i get tomorrow?
gold chain extraction?! help pleasee!?
I have a question about removable braces,,help please?
Social Security and Diabetic condition?
What are wisdom teeth?
I think I swallowed some concentrated eucalyptus oil?
Was i about to pass out?
How to heal my finger?
I lost one of the little black rings on my 2mm ear stretcher!?
how to get rid of an ear infection?
please, someone help me. considering suicide again?
Reaching out to a ten-year-old boy who has been abused in the past?
What causes self-destructive behaviour?
Why do teen's commit suicide and how can others help them?
My contacts ripped in my eye.I took most of the pieces out.I put in a brand new contact.Is the old contact in?
hey if my eyesights -5 diopters in what range could my Visual acuity be?
What are good vitimins for my eyes?
Is it normal to get eye floaters at age 16?
How long would you have to stare at laser pointer to cause eye damage?
Can looking at the side of a laser pointer damage your eyes?
red bag-type-thing under eye?
How long can a little girl hold her breath?
I have a height/genetic question?
Why am I sick ALL THE TIME?
I have no insurance, how much for lasik surgery?
Am I sick? What's going on?
can someone help me ?
Are more likely to have bad experience tripping if you take LSD while you're very depressed?
Herpes Dating Sites...Answer plz?
Why does my throat hurt?
I've been getting headaches a lot lately. Help?
How bad does it hurt to get an industrial bar?
Chronic migraines...?
Lump underneath left side of jaw?
I think my wrist is broken?
Uncomfortable Mattress and can't afford a new one?
Are these symtoms of mono?
Sore throat.. what is this?
How much tap water does it take to give you lead poisoning?
What causes yellowish mucus? How do you treat it?
Small hard lump in my hand?
Can a 14 year old get breast cancer?
Slight memory loss, recurring headaches, 13yrs old?
Does smoking in general cause cancer?
How much does a mole removal hurt??
My sons ear tubes have not fallen out!?
My daughter came home from a sleepover covered in bed bug bites! :(?
How long will it take my blister to heal?
Should I get braces over spring break?
how long a time, can I wait, before I have to get my rotten tooth pulled out ?
i am allergic to mint and it makes me gag do you know where to get a non-mint toothpaste?
question for dentist about dentures?
Can you use two different types of mouthwash?
Im a dentist...im in my first month of pregnency.i get exposed to scattered xrays is ith safe for my fetus...?
pins and needles in lip?
My chapped lips and swollen lymph nodes?
Where can I find bags for aches and pains?
My shoulder has been bothering me?
Why are my toes on my casted foot so cold?
why does my chest hurt?
What could be causing my daughter's horrible elbow pain?
Should I go to A&E or not?
I just had surgery on my Left knee for a torn meniscus, my right knee is popping also?
is it ok taking the nose plaster of my repaired nose ?
What do girls preffer on a guy tight abs or muscular arms?
Which will build more muscle?
Does water help you lose weight?
what are foods i can eat to get protein?
How to get rid of arm fat?
What weight loss program works the best that dosen't cost to much?
why do my contact lenses keep ripping?
Can looking at the side of a red pen laser pointer damage my eyes?
Old bruise - whelp still present.?
Bad cut on my thumb...............?
Liquid coming out of my ear?
What should I do with a metal splinter?
Got a Bad Cut Under My Belly (Male) Need Some Help plz!?
Does smokin weed cause Cancer?
How can someone go about proving that gas drilling causes cancer?
What will happen if I don't get this mole checked?
Can some one cause them self to have cancer or are they born with it?
What are some really relaxing things to do?
Do you believe ppl really "need" psych meds, or is it mostly due to environmental issues[go organic instead]?
Websites to cure GERD?
Cure for constipation anyone?
How do i make my immune system stronger?
should i be worried about this?
Why does my neck hurt so much?
How do you cure shin splints?
What are the affects of drinking alchohol and taking a hydrocodone?
What are the last few months like before dying of syphilis or AIDS?
I would like to understand my urine test?
What is the best detox for drug test to get weed out of your system?
High Blood pressure...what can I do to reduce it?
17 and getting Tonsils removed...?
Why do you think cannabis is bad?
My girlfriend last night told me see tried lanced weed?
why does my saliva taste exactly like water?
Could my teeth grow back?
could my tongue ring damage my teeth?
Sugar vs. High-fructose corn syrup - Which is worse for your teeth?
Why was the swine flu an important event?
Been dealing with a UTI for months now. It is caused by Strep B bacteria. Anyone know what works for this?
How to get rid of a FEVER? EASY 10 POINTS!!!?
Does this sound like the stomach flu?
When do i become immune to children?
how do you fix your own heart?
How do you know when you do not need a beta blocker?
Why do you think my cholesterol is so high?
Is this a heart attack or breathing problem?
How Do You Know If You Are Allergic To Brass?
Red and blotchy bruise?
I just sliced the tip of my finger with my razor. How can I get it to stop bleeding?
Drinking and stitches?
What can I do with this burn on my face to make it heal quickly?
Will this skin heal or is it a scar?
Itchy Mosquito Bites! Help!?
How do you know if it's hemmoroids or colon cancer? Need advice please?
Is is safe to sleep with your contacts in?
Will this harm my eyes or make me go blind?
I got a nail clipping in the corner of my eye! Please help!?
is an eye Dr a physician?
Is it safe to sleep in non-prescription colored contacts?
How long can you wear colored contacts?
Is exercising 7 days a week 1.5 hours a day too much?
I need to lose weight please help????????
what could i eat for dinner to help me loose weight?
Is my weight right for me?
How have I done so far? And do you think I can get close to my goal?
I need to drop some lbs!?
What can I substitute the P90X Recovery/Bars with?
How can i lose 5 pounds really quick?
Cant get rid of this heartburn!?
I have intense pressure in my ears?
Why does my lower back hurt?!?!?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Headache that has persisted for five days?
Have a stomach ulcer. why wasn't i put on an antibiotic?
My ear is stuffed up and it's driving me crazy!?
Omeprazole- how soon does it take effect and how soon does it wear off?
Would really like some help. Feel terrible and have many symptoms but doctors tell me I'm fine?
toothache keeping me awake?
i just started flossing and my teeth are so tight?
I just start flossing and my gum hurt?
Can I grow big canines? (Naturally?)?
Question on periodontal disease?
My doctor says i have patellar tendonitis.. What should i do?
If at the age of 12 i fell off a roof and landed on my forehead would it affect me in any way?
Anyone know what may cause this?
when would you need immobolization of your ankle?
What wood cause me to here buzzing in my ear ?
What could cause these types of Injuries to this girl, photos inside?
basic final settelements shoulder injuries?
how can i tell if my childs ear drum busted?
What happens if you put an aqua dot in your mouth and swish it around but not eat it?
Is my ear piercing infected?
what is proto - oncogenes ? what is the relationship between oncogenes and proto oncogenes ?
Smoking cancer cold sores?
is it blood in my stool? im scared help!!?
Weird Bruises - Cancer?
How do you tell between a cancerous lump & a cyst on your breast?
Smoking weed with asthma?
Is it true that blowing your nose too hard can cause an ear infection?
does 409 cleaning spray stuff make anyone else have a coughing attack?
how do i catch pneumonia?
tonsillectomy in the morning?
When you have to blow your nose...?
This is an emergency!I am laughing un controllable for no reason.I am experiencing shortness of breath HELP!!!?
i thought i saw some blood when they where doing my ultra sound?
How can I stop the cramps I get in the back of my thigh, a little over the back of the knee?
Should i still go to the doctor?
is it possible to get an i.v or shot and not feel pain?
Help! I burned my hand on glass that has been sitting in the oven for 300*f,?
Is there a proper way to shovel snow?
Pain in lower right abdomen?
Do you have a secret?
when i breathe in and out it hurts?
Wellbutrin causing nausea and anxiety?
Is it possible that crying reduces the need of pee?
Can emotional stress wreak havoc on my body?
is it safe to lace marijuana with nutmeg?
Back and Shoulder pains, daily headaches?
Is overcoming addiction a matter of an act of will?
Why do I have a shoulder twitch?
Can you be addicted to a videogame?
I'm not sure but I think it might be a personality disorder? I'm not sure what to do.?
Is there a way of getting through this on my own?
Big diabetes problem?
Losing weight, dizzy spells...?
If I have diabetes symptoms should I see my doctor?
What kind of precautions do you have to take if you get diabetes type 2.?
what do high calcium levels indicate?
what happens if u have hypoglycemia and you're dehydrated?
How long will my swine flu last?
Where can I get help for Lyme Disease in California for cheap. I was just bit and have no insurance.?
Does receiving fellatio help reduce a fever?
What to throw away after pink eye infection?
i want to lose weight, i eat so much junk what could i eat if i am on a no sugar or carb diet?
I exercise but gain weight?
How often should I work my chest out?
Honestly, did I eat too much today? Any other suggestions?
Is a 27" waist thin or normal for someone 5'10"?
What's the cheapest and easiest way to make sure that I can work all of my muscles?
how do i lose wait fast without doing big things?
Do cancer cells have a thicker cell wall than normal cells?
When is a mole serious?
I have a weird lump on my right breast, im 18, & worried, any ideas?
What is Budwig Diet Protocol and how it helps in curing cancer?? Is it trustable?
I'm desperate. How do I get my grama to kick my aunt out?!?
what brain functions are impaired once alcohol reaches the brain?
Chance to have a possiblity of cancer?
I'm having heart failure; what should I do?
what kinds of food cause high cholesterol?
BLood pressure ? Issue ? help ?
Blood pressure has changed over the past week?
Is blood pressure 119/66 ok? How bad is it that the diastolic is 66?
Heart Palpation's age 18 should i be worryed?
Weird My Arm Hurts When I bend and unbend it.?
are there cures for plantar fasciatis?
Is 130 mgs of caffeine to much (pill)?
Help! My mother just dropped a very heavy item on her foot and there is a big purple bruise. What do I do?!?
What's wrong with my breath?
What are some tips for pulling a tooth out?
Should I brush my teeth at school?
Scared for wisdom teeth!?
My Teeth Are Killing Me, What Do I Do?
Can I ask my doctor for an allergy test or does he have to tell me I need one?
Why do i get so much phlegm when i dip?
How do u become anarexic?
Is there any way to make my nose clogged? 10 Points?
I had severe allergy reaction to hair dye and milk/ milk products - are these related and is there any cure ?
How can I help my already removed ingrown toenail heal faster?
Ear Too Swollen To Put Backing Of Earring Back On ?
How to reduce redness of sunburn?
Why do you form a clot when bleeding?
How to make a cut stop bleeding?
any quick tips to pass drug test soon?
Weird embartasing question?
What is the best Muscle Supplement out there that will make you get bigger fast?
How do they treat bipolar patients? Is there anyway to self medicate (not have to go to the doctors)..?
Question regarding adderall prescription?
Can you get high off coca tea?
what drinks are good for strep throat?
Cross breeding marijuana?
my dad is suicidal depressed (cluster headaches)?
Have you tried power balance bracelet?
is it safe to keep margarine out of the refrigerator for hours?
Why do I feel intense pressure in my head when I put it upside down?
Can you get HIV if you are a top?
are they close to finding a cure to herpies?
Is there a way to take pain medication other than by mouth, like a patch?
Having alot of foot pains please help?
What could be wrong with my neck?
Girls only. Stomach pain? Help?
Should I get the surgery? Please help!!!?
nauseating hunger pangs?
what does this sound like?
I'm really worried about my dad :(?
Does frankie boyle have bowel cancer?
CT scan showed large lymph nodes PET was unremarkable and now I am having a lymph node biopsy?
How to Lose weight for Freshman Year?
Losing weight by running and cutting calories?
Am I doing enough during my workouts?
Is this a good idea????????/?
P90x vs insanity? for fat loss?
How many pounds do you have to lose before it becomes noticeable?
Will this workout burn stomach and fat from my pecks?
What would happen if your cornea got scratched in your eye?
Is it normal to see different colors in your vision?
Can looking at the side of a laser pointer harm your eyes?
i know i cant sleep with contacts on, so what to do if im fara way from home?
can looking at the side of a red pen laser pointer damage the eyes?
Question for all who wear glasses and Opticians!?
Tooth extraction...Won't stop bleeding?
i need a pee every 10-15 mins ?
Why is dental care so expensive?
Ways to make teeth hurt less?
Should you count the number of strokes, for each indiviual sides of the teeth ?
Getting a fake tooth tied to braces?
I have an abscess tooth and no dental insurance. I am in extreme pain. What can I do?
what type of dentist do you need for a loose tooth?
Can someone who has already had mono catch it again?
What does this mean in an endoscopic test?please answer in easy words?
I have a cold sore, when can i kiss my boyfriend?
Can germs fly off objects or do they stay until you touch it?
I just went to the doctor and he told me the name of the sickness I have but i can't spell it is a white/yello?
I just threw up and have this weird taste and weird feeling in my throat. helpp! :/?
Why do my underarms itch? I am a girl?
How did i get this fungus?
acne meds.- face peeling?
What can reduce redness of acne or swelling of acne in 10-30min?
When I scratch my head something is under my nails?
Why is it that salty foods are avoided to prevent UTI?
Emt-Person dying, medical purpose videos?
What exactly triggers schizophrenia, regarding illegal narcotics?
why does my hands an feet feel numb 4 like a week now?
Bullant sting, what to do?
Ear peircinggggggggggggg?
Is it bad for your eye if peroxide fell in it?
Help! My fingernail is turning green! Why is this happening?
healing a spot on my face?
Is it possible to get an ingrown toenail at the BOTTOM of the nail?
My friend two smallest toes hurt what do i do?
Is my elbow broken? cheer incident?
How long do bruises last?
What should i do for this!! BROKEN TOE (PINKY)?
I have been having issues with my legs they hurt feel weak and heavy at times.?
My eyes hurt what's wrong with them?
recurring stomach pain after eating?
Whats the best pain killer?
How to break your foot?
Please help me with this?
I am, at the moment, 173cm taller and 13years old. will I grow taller?
Fear of throwing up.......?
why can't I sleep at night?
How do i make my feces come out clean so i dont have to wipe 100 times.?
Cardiologist appointment, would they call me?
How long are you in the hospital after open heart surgery?
Are heart arrythmia's with b/p 138/75-115/65 heart rate 39-75 safe?
Can Hydochlorothiazide and furosemide be used in combination in pediatrics?
why did I gain weight so fast?
hemorrhoids ! will it go away ?
My birthmark is changing color? Skin cancer?
What is breast cancer remission?
SMOKING .... Please help....?
Does this sound like a brain tumour?
Could this be Leukemia?
If a person has a cancerous mole on their head and doesn't know it how does it kill them?
Water bottle CANCER!?!?
How can i whiten my teeth?!?!?
What's next after spacers?
is arm&hammer whitening toothpaste dangerous for teens?
got some crazy glue stock to my finger?
Dental fear? I hate it!?
Will I ever be able to eat hard foods again? I just got braces.?
how can i tell if i need stitches?
I got my wisdom teeth extracted 7 days a go. My left side started bleeding 2 days ago. What should i do?
Should I file a complaint against my dentist?
The tooth beside my braces hurts. Is this normal?
My finger has been swollen for days what do now?
What Happens If I leave a VERY small splinter in my foot?
how do i make my cut stop bleeding?
Are crisps bad for your teeth?
ok so this is my dental story are there any other options?
Accidently took a picture of myself with flash on?
My eyes get red and hurt at night?
How much would it cost to get contact lenses?
I got punched in the eye and have a slight headache and double vision when both eyes are open.Treatment?
What color of eyes do you have?
Bloodshot eyes problem.?
Is there any painless way to die?
Why do I feel stiff all the time?
difference in sober and opiate eyes?
can you take more than 2 tylenol pm pills in 24 hrs?
I get a sharp pain under my right breast every time I inhale. What could this be? Should I see a doctor?
how to get rid of belly fat?
is this enough to lose 40 pounds?
good motivation for losing weight?
Is this a diet? What are some benefits of drinking green tea?
how many hours would i have to run for if i wanted to lose 47 pounds in 2 and a half months?
best way to burn fat?
What is my body fat given this info?
16 week already and i felt morning sickness?
how do you know if you need your tonsils taken out?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of a coldsore or fever blister?
Could I get sick if I drank hot chocolate that was later discovered to have a worm in it?
Question about getting tonsils removed...?
Could my dog have caught Leukemia from my smoking?
Does a cancerous lump cause weight gain?
Do I have colon cancer?
Is skin cancer only from sun exposure or is there is another way you can get it?
Can food prepared in a microwave cause cancer?
If I leave a blister alone, will it go away?
do ant bites feel like a little ball of fluid under the skin and look like a mozie bite?
I'm on vacation in Indonesia and I throw up alot!?
Random ringing in my ear?
Need help making a decision...?
Can weed cause several addiction?
Can watching something boring on T.V. helps me fall asleep?
How do i get over my ocd?
I am a big fear that one of my closed love ones is gonna pass.?
Walking home after donating plasma?
I can't sleep... help?!!D:?
why do i get lightheaded and everything blacks out when i stand up sometimes?
Why is everyone sick?
How much do drug tests cost and would the doctor tell my mom?
I get enough sleep but I am still exhausted?
What to do when home sick?
When can I get a dental cleaning subsequent to a Wisdom tooth removal?
is it indigestion if when you burp it taste like rotten eggs?
Anyone have any opinions on Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen?
I wonder what I'm allergic to?
Dental help for disabled Veteran in Missouri with no dental insurance?
are you able to use regular gauze pads for your mouth?
how long does it take to speak normally after wisdom tooth surgery? also, I am 27?
Blister Hives?????????
Do crest white strips work ??????? where are they sold ?? about how much ??? thanks?
The doctors said it might be my tooth infection but im curious?
so I chipped my tooth??? now what?
How does the lower jawbone attach to the upper?
Which teeth whitening product should I use?
i think im in the early stages gum diease and redeceing gums... what should i do to treat it?
Becoming an orthodontist schooling! Help(:?
I have a weird "twitch" in the left side of my chest.go for a few seconds,?
Where does your blood go during exercise?
Has anyone gone through the pain of Hand shoulder syndrome and bursitis?
My legs feel strange if I don't tap my foot in some way?
severe chest pain and vomiting what could that be?
somethins is stuck in my throat what is it?
Help!! my ears feel full of air pressure inside?
parents found that i smoked pot?
My ear is STILL clogged! Help?
If you get an eyelash stuck completely under your lower eyelid, will it eventually flush out?
what do i do? i went ice skating and got one blister one each foot?
is it dangerous to eat roast beef that was in the refrigerator for 10-12 days?
Can I get aids from kissing my girlfriend?
What are some indications that u have hiv or aids?
in reference to std what is bv?
What's wrong with my knee?
My friend accidently kicked me in the eye... what do we do?
How can i tell if i broke or sprained my ankle.?
Superstitious Belief or Proven Fact?
Do copper bracelets really help arthritis?
Is it safe to drink herbal teas every night?
Salvia question.:))))?
champix is making me sick, any way to prevent this?
Apple Cider Vinegar Burns?
MRI good to see cancer spread?
Is there a link between chemical sensitivity and enlarged axillary lymph glands?
What are the chances this lung spot is cancer?
What is the role of Human Papilloma Virus in the development of cervical cancer?
Is there an alternative to OTC decongestants?
How can I comfort my friend whose father recently died and whose mother is dying?
Could it be my gallbladder?
what causes dry eyes and mouth, tight muscles, pain in limbs when pressed, stiffness in hands and ribcage?
can vicodine withdrawals actually harm me or does it just feel that way?
Knee pain at fifteen?
How do you guys cope with your migraines?
Is Clarithromycin indicated as a UTI me?
how do i get rid of urinary tract infection?
Why does the flu shot make you sick?
How many forms of varicella are there?
Will Windex or clothing detergents(i.e Tide) kill germs?
How to heal an ulcer?
My dig has an ear infection?
How long will frostbite last on my finger-tips?..?
Sensitive and bleeding slightly?
Help me plz, ear infection and ear gauging.?
Anyone know how to get rid of a cold fast?
Can someone confirm this as a jellyfish sting.?
How do you make a heart with a pc?
what is sildenafil aurochem?
How many people were affected by rabies in 5 different years?
concerns about celiac disease?
What foods are good to eat to avoid a gallbladder attack?
dizzy after getting off a treadmill normal?
Can someone recommend me a diet?
Diet for an Eighth Grader?
How to lose weight in hips, thighs, stomach...?
will you get abs from belly dancing?
is smoking hookah bad for you if you do it on occasion?
question about colon cancer and bloating?
im in a lot of anxiety please will i get brain cancer from my ct scan for brain tumor?
how do you tell someone you like you have cancer?
can you put water in one nostril and get out it for the other?
are all malignant swelling solid hard ?
My tooth is infected after a root canal?
How long do I have to be outside in the cold weather without a jacket on to get sick?
I just threw up! What should I do?
What are the symptoms of my Kidneys acting up.?
Is there anyone I can report bad free clinic medical/dental care too?
How do you brush your teeth without using a toothbrush?
Am I going to get any taller?
I'm getting brace how long do they hurt for?
A banana and some juice = happiness?
Is health class awkward?
Seeing floaters with eyes closed?
What is wrong with my knee?
its normal that my left breast is bigger and its hurt ?
I have Horrible headaches, I've been feeling them for over a month...?
How do you relieve post-pardum back pain, resulting from an epidural?
Im in severe pain any ideas?
Wha Causes Pain In The Back By The Right Kidney?
Should I go to the doctor ? Please help!!?
What is herpes & how do you get it & what does it do to you ?
When purchasing prescription sunglasses...?
Does Walmart offer a free eye exam?
Can I put prescription lenses in BIG frames like this?
How do you know when you have an elevated eye pressure?
How do I change my eye color?
Do I need glasses? Please read!?
Is this constipation?
How to get rid of a splinter?
Whatshould i use to heal my belly piercing?
dog bite, a year ago?
Burnt tongue...Help...?
Me and my boyfriend both have braces!?
How much are braces? Monthly pay?
What can you to whiten your teeth?
Is it cheaper to have a tooth pulled or have a root canal?
How to get white teeth without whitening strips or getting them whitened at the dentist?
What is the best plan for a student no longer covered under their parents' dental insurance?
TMJ problems. Please help!?
how do i cure lower back pains?
I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I'm taking zofran?
can I take darvocet with baclofen?
how do you increase swelling on a bruise?
what will the doctor say? 10 pointss!?
Fractured Skull Problem. Please, I need answers!?
Broken Knuckle??????????????
I'm sick, what should I do?
Iron pills no working for my Anemia?
Anorexia? Or is she just too weak to eat?
If there was someone who was tall where there shoulders are past my head?
Can I grow to be 6" tall?
Im 13 and unhealthy. how can i eat healthier?
will this weight loss plan work?
What happens if you barely eat and then eat alot one day?
is it risky working as a doctor ?
I'm 5'8" and 115 lbs. 17 years of age, female. am i underweight?
What is the worst disease you can think of?
What's a good leg work out?
if you swallow a cotton ball?
What is so important about water during weight loss?
Food poisoning or what?
is there a timeline that must be adhered to between the Varicella, MMR, and Td shots?? or all together?
has any1 had there gallblader removed?
Should I be worried about this pain in my chest?
Which piercing is the most painful: lobe or cartilage?
Does it hurt when most of a finger nail falls off?
Hydrocodone overdose?
What happens if you pinch a pressure point several times when not needed?
my friend got splinter in his thumb becuase he rubs his hand on the wooden railing?
HELP! I cant put my earrings back in?
What is going on? Chromic Nausea?
What type of burn is this?
My right ear feels a bit funny, kind of like there is a scratching inside of it?
Does this cut look bad?
Help!! I hit my eye with a 30 mW green laser pointer I know I have to go to the ER but what do I do for now?
My eye is really red, what should I do?
Should my partner still get tested ?
Air Quality in old apartment causing 3 year old to have allergies?
Why do I always get a blocked nose when the radiators are on in my home?
someone help? think ive took an allergic reaction!!!!?
How to reduce swelling of eyes?
How do I get prescribed with antidepressants by a doctor?
How does one become a Holistic Health Practitioner?
Why are there flakes in my mouthwash?
What are the benefits of green tea with ginsing and honey?
I wanna go to the dentist and clean my teeth?
white splotches on front teeth?
am i having heart palpitations?
how long does it take for gingivitis to go away?
Total cost for massage envy?
Scared about sudden.heart rate drop?
What is a heart murmur, and can you feel it if it is bad enough?
Are bleeding gums normal after brushing your teeth?
Best teeth whitening strips?
herbal suppliments ,are they good for menapause systoms?
how much my heart rate should be?
I absolutely CANT swallow pills, help?
homeopathy medicine ''symphytum''q works best for fracture ?
any home remedies for this?
Should I seek counseling?
I'm having problems focusing in school...?
What other routes you can go by telling that you overdose?
Should my parents be able to hide my medicine from me?
No sports for a year?
Why is my stomach hard and big? Please help?
worried about my bulimic friend...?
Undigested food in diarrhea for the past few months.?
I think im mentally ill ?.....?
how can you get rid of rib cage?
how do i get a numb hand, arm?
Intense leg pain, what could it be?
Unusual stomach pain, can you explain?
Why am I so gassy with stomach pain?
please question about my ct scan?
I need to drop in a couple of days and I want to know if I'll come out clean. Please help it's urgent!?
PROSTRATE CANCER at very early stage I need cure under 200 dollars?
After my head ct scan i didnt drink much water is there any risk?
causes of blood cancer?
Does Ryan miller have cancer?
Is this a symptom of cancer?
Wa are the signs of feline leukemia?
Having the cervical cancer jab?
What will happen if my doctor finds out I cut?
Does this sound like someone who would be doing weed?
why cauasians dont get darker lips from smoking?
Huge zit scar thingy wont go away!?
2nd time posting this question: need more results, calorie intake for a 16-year-old girl?
80 sit-ups every day good enough?
will whey protein help me gain muscle and size?
is it possible to lose weight and still get fatter?
If I do 150 to 200 crunches a night will I loose wieght?