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What are some good inspirational books to read while you have cancer?
Weight! Smoking and Diet!?
how to loose baby wieght?!!?
Dose implanon affect your weight and trying to losse weight?
slimming world help?!?
im trying to losr weight,ive just done an 30 minute intense cardio workout would it be ok to have a pizza now?
a 3 mile walk to work (each way) = 6 miles a day! is this realistic?
Is it normal to sweat this much?
Please please help! Looking for fitness advise from personal trainers or exercise freaks? (:?
How many calories do you think there are in 4 fishfingers and like 3 large spoonfuls of sweetcorn?
How tall are you, your parents, and siblings?
Do non-fat teenage boys go out with chubby girls (not fat but chubby) because girls go out with fat boys?
What is the best way to burn fat?
help on losing weight healthily?
Compact Home Gym Advice.?
Is lactulose fattening if taken on a regular basis?
Help with this bench please?
If I eat only fruit for two weeks is this healthy and how much weight will I lose???!?
I don't understand it!!?
why am I gaining weight?
how can i gain weight?
is it possible to loose 2 stones in 2 months?
swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck?
Does leukoplakia caused by rough teeth still turn cancerous?
Has anyone been on the Bran Flakes diet?
Slimming World Syn value?
will i loose weight with this diet ?
Is this healthy enought to lose weight?
Bariatric Surgery for Obesity.. any suggestions?
if you excises does that help the stress at all?
how heavy do i look (kg,lbs,stone)?
which one is more important between Intensity & Frequency in body building if your goal is to make muscle.?
How can I improve my cardiovascular fitness quickly?
cheap foods to help weight gain?
What's going on...............?
Bad wind- any ideas??
is 12-14 weeks of this plan enough to get a good body?
Low carb diet? Am i doing something wrong?
how do i get curvy body?
Low carb diet? Am i doing something wrong?
How can i stay focused on my diet and not binge?
Have you tried Lida Daidaihua diet pill?
howto get rid of hunger pangs without eating?
Why is the funny bone called the funny bone.?
My friend has bad breath?HELP???
ive had this sore hole on my gum at the back near my tooth it really hurts what cud it b?
whats a basic cost to get 2 widsom teeth removed ?
Braces on Fake Tooth?
Do i need a root canal?
in two weeks im getting two teeth taken out, im really nervous, please can someone give me some advise?
When taking out a tooth, what do dentists inject to numb your mouth, and how does it work?
Whats the best way to whiten teeth?
what is treatment for upper lip sores that do not go away after two months?
Dental Insurance?
how do you clear away bad breath for good?
One of my main bracket pieces fell!?
I'm not sure if i have a cavity or its my wisdom teeth?
looking for a cheap cosmetic dentist in melbourne?
Just wondered since i need to get 4-5fillings in my teeth, how soon does it NEED to be done??
Can you use an electric toothbrush on a 1 year old?
Hard bump on side of my cheek/jaw bone???
5 year old daughter has a large swollen lip aftwr having 3 teeth filled, what happened?
how do i do pull ups ?
Did I eat Ok today...............?
If eating little doesnt make u lose body fat then how to amorexics manage to lose so much of their body fat?
how to get the line in the middle of a six pack?
flatter / thinner EVERYTHING! ???????????????????????/?
A question about strength?
Have i ate too much today ?
Does Slender tone actually work?
how do i slim my hips easily?
A sample meal plan using the Maudsley portion system?
How Do I Get A Better Physique?
How is fruit and veg fatty? and what kind of fat does it contain?
Will I become slimmer?
how to get my 6 pack perfect?
why do i feel tired if i dont eat veggies?
Gaining weight as an ectomorph.?
what part of your body would you like to be smaller?
is it good to eat white carbs the night before working out?
Drink As Healthy As Water?
how many calories i am eating and burning each day?
Best way for me to grow muscle?
am i a good weight at the age of 13?
Can you tell me if i am overweight?
Reviews of Bums, Tums and Thighs classes?
losing fat without cutting carbs?
How can I get I off the Atkins diet, without gaining any weight?
teeth whitening...?
has anybody ever whitened there teeth using household products?
Server tenderness in gum above tooth? only when i touch or bump my top lip!?
Does it hurt to have temporary crowns removed?
how much dows a full set of 32 crowns cost ?
Does anyone know the procedure for the removal of an orthodontic brace please?
Any home remedy for mouth ulcers that are under the tongue?
white spots and braces???
i have a gold teeth...should i get rid of it ?
What is the best home teeth whitener?
i'm having a tooth removed from bottom jaw will my wisdom tooth come through?
is there any programs in Omaha Nebraska to help former drug adicts get there teeth fixed without any money?
Do you have braces?
does toothpaste ever expire?
How long does it take for teeth to go crooked after braces are removed?
How do I know if I have an infected wisdom tooth?
Will I be able to eat solids 2 days after i get Braces?
How to stop grinding teeth and jaw clenching?
perfect teeth. gaps?
Do I need more then 2000 calories a day?
how do i get cheryl cole thin legs ?
are my legs fat or normal?
15 year old girl, am i a good weight?
What size is this? Is it to big?
Are my hips too big or in proportion?
I think I need to lose weight..?
Is this a good workout for a 14 year old?
How much weight can I lose like this & with the help of Hydroxycut?
how long does it take to lose half a stone?
How to get skinny theighs?
need some help with basic work out?
Green vegetables - muscle growth?
i eat 3 breakfast size sachets of porridge a day mixed with water instead of milk?
I am looking at gaining muscle mass?
what chest exercises can i do for lower pecs?
How can I get down from a UK size 12-14 to a UK size 8 By June?
what are some good ways to get a thick and strong neck?
what is the best exercise for nice boot and thighs?
i weight 108 pounds, i'm 18, im 173cm tall and my bmi is 16.4. i want to lose 3 - 8 lbs... how do i do this?
what exercise should i be doing for smaller thighs?
Period for swimming help!?
What is best to eat in the morning before running/jogging?
What is your swear by 5 a day Fruit and Veg Choice?
Does MonaVie Diet Work?
weight loss boot camp?
How can I bulk up, on mostly my arms?
Anorexic/Bulimic 'Ive stopped throwing up my evening meal & need help urgently'?
Weight gain and breast growth in teens?
Do you have to eat more after you exercise?
How much vitamin D do you need to help absorb a big glass of milk( calicum) in the body?
Could i lose 15 kilos in say 40 days by dieting and training hard?
What type of body shape do I have?
How many calories are in a cup of coffee?
If i Go by This Diet & Exercise Will i Get a Flat Stomach?
trying to get fitter...?
Help Me Loose Weight.?
I am recovering from being anorexic but I feel so fat!!! I used to be 65 pounds at 5 ft.5 inches. ?
I need help with schooling in dental!!?
have you ever had or know someone who had a labial frenectomy?
Bruxism (Help)?
teeth hurts!!!?
Extracted a tooth a week ago, I have a tiny pin hole in the extration area, when is the hole going away?
Lumineers in Aus??
I have a crown tooth. Can i still get braces?
i had bone grafting done last sept they took bone from my chin?
can u keep gingivitis or periodontal disease under control or are u pretty much doomed to lose ur teeth?
How long does swelling last when you get your tongue pierced?
when do children's second teeth stop growing?
Anyone have any long term toothache remedies? It will be a while before I can afford the dentist...thanx?
Mouth Ulcers?
Very bad gingivitis...?
Is it possible to have my braces taken off at my request.?
Duration of relevance of dental X-ray?
My 8mo is getting her 3rd and 4th teeth...but they arent the two middle ones!?
What is the spring that my dentist placed on my braces for?
I have 2 severe toothaches, what can I take?
supreme skinny??or supreme fatty?
why do muscles hurt so much!? How to get rid of lactose acid?
Gaining weight help!?
Busy, Busy Day! I ate a light "Lunch" at 5pm, but I'm still hungry; unhealthy to have "Dinner" 2 hours later?
can any one help me with a fitness and diet program?
I have a really big craving for something! HELP?
Can somebody who is 1.90 tall tell me how tall he/she was at 14 years old ?
Weight lifting for short periods of time?
Is my collar bone normal?
15 Year Old Over Weight, Want To Be Healthy. What Foods Should I Eat?
When will I see impressive results on my diet?
is a sweet potato healthier than a standard jacket potato and if so why?
How to loose weight on my stomach? help please!?
What to say to my father?
Tummy issues... advice please :)?
Does Sorafenib really cure Advance Cancer?
If you transfer cancerous tissue into someone who didn't have cancer, would the cancer spread?
Cows still fed animal meat in the UK?
I need help with weight!?
starting a diet ups and downs?
i am a female i weigh 9 stone 10lbs (5ft 6) i used to be around 10 stone i want to loose more...?
weight watchers points help.............?
How can you have your teeth white and healthy?
What is the best way to pull out my tooth so that I don't scream?
Molar removed Bone stickn out painful?
strange detal question.?
I have mitrol valve prolapse. Do I need to take antibiotics before dental visits?
Canker sores help?
how doyou eat with when you just got braces on? how long does it take to eat normal?
what is the most......?
bleeding was hard to stop?
can you pay for braces on a payment plan?
What does a healthy clot look like and how long does it stay?
Does anyone know the Fairfield Hospital Dental Services/Clinic Phone Number? pleez?
Does anyone have a crown on a front tooth?
one of my wisdom teeth are coming out, what can i take for pain until my dentist appt.?
i had two top back teeth pulled,now i feel bone & slivers where the teeth were pulled.is this normal?
Has anyone had the root of their tooth internally bleached?
Have temporary crown with pain.?
Swollen Face and Chin how do I reduce the Swelling?
My bottom retainers are very irritating. I already got a small bump on my gum. Is that normal?
question about braces and rubber bands.?
do guys like girls with braces???plz answer truthfuly?
Which Dentist offers the best price(cheapest) for the Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure?
Best way to Lose weight.?
anyone know a good fitness dvd?
for eating your weight in frams of protein, does that include protein shakes?
is this healthy...............?
is it better to do little workouts but more often or one long workout?
ladies gym in Cardiff?
How do you tone up legs ?(thighs)?
Aveage weight for a 14 year old?
What equipment is required for the P90X fitness program?
I'm trying to loose weight and tone up who can help me with exercise for specific areas? (photo's included)?
stomach hurts after sit ups?
Do i need to make up for calories burned?
how long would it take to lose 5 inches off my thighs I am 5 ft 5 inches and weigh 180 lbs?
What excersises can I do to lose weight & tone up?
Does this mean my adbominal fitness is really bad? How can I imporove it?
Question about Cambridge Weight Plan!?
I've lost over two stone in weight over a healthy period?
What happens if you go over your maximum heart rate?
Will i grow any taller?
i stopped eating.. could this be why I'm shrinking or is it my body?
Can I be sectioned at eight stone if I'm recovering from an eating disorder?
.for the past two months i have been chewing and spitting out all of my food. is this a problem?
What do you think about my diet?
Why am I not losing weight?
can i eat sushi whilst being on the water diet?
make breasts smaller without diet/surgery?
how do I train my mind to stick to the diet?
How much weight can I lose?
High heart rate hours after exercising- Is that normal?
How many weight watchers pro points am i allowed per day?
How do you get that full of energy feeling?
I'm not happy in my body :( Dieting problems.?
What are the best Steroids or Supplements?
could i eat these two things everyday for breakfast and lunch to lose weight?
Am i under weight? i am a female weighing 7.4?
Are fitness/work out dvds worth it?
how do i get rid of a fat bum?
How many calories burned on elliptical/cross trainer?
How can a 16 year old build muscle quickly?
I need to lose weight.?
different types of push ups?
Does The Mccdonalds Yogurt Hurt Your Diet?
How to rid a mouth ulcer/sore in back of throat??
If my teeth shift, will my retainers pull them back into position?
i have a baby tooth that absolutely wont come out!?
omg my tooth is loose an it is permnant .will it fall out??can a dentist fix it???
How long does the pain usually last after getting teeth pulled?
Do I need to wear my rubber brands on my braces at night?
If I suddenly swallow a bit of chewing gum will it effect my inner body???
What colors would you suggest for braces?
I recently took out a tooth myself (It was really wobbly). How do I know if it was an adult tooth or not?
Gum Graft does not look good?
why do i wake up clenching my teeth?
what could cause this?
has anyone ever intentially eliminated gingivitis and how?
Question for people with braces or have had braces.?
does any one know of any dentists who makes?
do i need braces again?
permanent retainer?
what do dentists use if your allergic to latex gloves?
hi, im a 9 year old pomeranium,, i have bad teeth and infected gums?
Help! My twelve year old molars are really hurting!!!!?
what can you do if teeth just keep rotting i have had almost all my teeth pulled and there just rotting away?
Is massaging your Gums good for you.?
What is the exact procedure for getting wisdom teeth out?
Can a stomach ulcer turn to stomach cancer?
good workout for bicep, tricep ?
fat face but slim body.?
Do you know of any cheaper immations or such like slendertone?
When do your wrists stop growing?
will slendertone help me to get fit again?
why are people becoming les healthy in the UK?
using cross/eliptical trainer?
how to get a great six-pack?
i am 9 stone 12/ 10 stone and i am 5ft 6.4 how can i loose a stone (14lbs) im a woman....?
slimmers world or weight watchers which is best?
im naturally strong??
Help and advise on my current fitness plan please?
I am 11 stone.what is the earliest amount of time i can lose one stone if i am extremely determined?
Putting on weight, want to feel curvey?
Do you need sugar or fats?
losing weight...help x?
am i fat im 6ft 4in 17stone?
What fruit is the best to have before a workout?
How long will this take unitl i start noticing any benefits ?
how did you tone up (exercises and stuff)?
What are the best treadmills you can buy in the UK?
does drinking coffee help you lose weight?
Death by indirect diet?
Where to buy the ''Muscle Milk'' and how much is it?? Ireland , Dublin?
Will I gain weight/inches from this one meal?
anyone know any good body burning dvds?
Why do I have pain from a completed root canal 2 years ago?
Crowns on black teeth?
My wisdom teeth were pulled - severe bleeding imo?
Root canal vs tooth extraction?
What Age Do Molars Come In?
bad breath!!! help!?
Is this a sign of gum disease?
My son bit his lip after dental work while it was numb. Now it's huge. What should I do??
How to choose the right dentist for cleaning?
I got my braces yesterday and they hurt so im not sure what to eat!?
can u get braces if you already have lip piercings?
what is worse to have a tooth pulled / extracted or filled, and which is the least time in the chair?
What should I do?
How do you choose a good adult orthodontist?
How do you stop the pain of Braces?
does lime make your teeth yellow?
I need all my teeth removed, can I have false teeth put in straight away? I m scared of dentists and Im 52.?
how do i tell if i need braces please tell me.?
how big dose an overbite have to be to get braces?
Will biting fingernails push teeth out of shape?
Ermm thin thighs please?
I can't do crunches properly?
My dad has non hodgkinsons lymphoma, he's been in remission with it for about a year but -?
How come I feel better when I eat sugary foods?
What is the best way to lose fat?
What are the benefits of exercise?
How can I stop eating after I quit smoking?
how do i do it safely PLEASE?
How Can I Get A Six Pack Quickly?
what exercise should i do?
Hi, i live in sydney, anyone knows what to do to become dental nurse. where should i start from scratch.?
is drinking hot tea bad for teeth ?
Braces ...is having insurance or dental insurance cheaper than going to a private orthodontist ???
you as an Australian, if i am a dentist from Mexico and go to work there, do you trust in me as a dentist?
Some One Please Help Me?
Alternative ways for straightening teeth besides braces?
My toddler grinds her teeth so much that she has caused a chip in one of them, should I be alarmed?
How long does it take for spacers to START hurting? I just got spacers put on today and they don't hurt yet...
If I disagree with a dental bill for a missed appointment, what recourse do I have?
my grandson is 6 months old and i can see his upper two front teeth through the front of his gums. is this ok?
Bleech Crowns?
How much does a teeth whitening (laser blue light) in Australia?
need some good names for dental clinic?
how do I get a review on dentists in my area?
Which Makes More Sense When You Wake Up? Brush Your Teeth And Then Eat, Or Eat And Then Brush Your Teeth? Why?
Extraction!!! How long to heal?
I just finished my seocond year of school and Im majoring in Biology, I have been think about going to dental?
What foods can I eat with getting four wisdom teeth pulled!?
how much do you think that i have to pay to go to the dentist without ensurance?
when wisdom teeth come in do u get sores in the back of your mouth?
pa access card?
Does anyone know much about a diet called 'royal navy commando diet', has anyone ever tried it?
Will biking make my legs muscular?
how to lose weight and tone legs?
diet pills: taking uniquehoodia, sea kelp and vitamins?
Weight loss dilemma... Please help.?
Does the Alli supplement work?
what is the best way to lose weight?
is the ab king pro any good?
Is My Girlfriend is suffering from Stomach Cancer ?
Questions about radiation?
am I under eating ? or is it ok ?
Would you lose weight ?
im 5ft 6 and weigh 139pounds is that too heavy im 13?
I am nearly 18 and 152 cm!?
Do you think I am larger than I should be on just a little bit plump?
Skinny/thin, average, fat/chubby?
I have a high metabolism. How to gain weight?
what is the average pulse rate after doing skipping?
I dont know much about obesity or fat but is my sister carrying baby fat?
i am 23 years old just got diagnosed with AML leukemia and am scare and been through this I AM VERY SCARED?
if you truly have cancer, what would your body do without treatment of any kind?
i am getting bone marrow transplant mid july due to ALL am scared want to know what procedure is like please?
Diet buddy needed. Is a anybody willing to team up with me to lose weight?
How long will it take to get toned and lean by swimming laps and is 10 hours a week enough to see results?
can drinking loads of coffee help you lose weight?
A day by day diet plan?
Am I the right weight for my height or should I diet? People call me fat?
what's a palatal expander like??
a tooth is growing in above my other tooth!?
getting a tooth pulled?
what is the best denture adhersive?
teeth whitening?
Toothpaste & Toothbrush to use when you have braces?
pallet expander help here!?
Strange Sores?
Do dentist use needles to clean your teeth?
3 teeth pulled yesterday,i need a few days off from work?
Should I get it checked out? or is it not that big of a deal?
teeth filing?
why my dentist won't put a crown if I don't let him redo a root canal done 26 years ago without infection
Should I get clear braces with colored bands or metal braces with colored bands?
there's this thing in my mouth ( not a cole or canker sore)?
veneers in malaysia??
Gum redness... what is it???
Help! Painful tooth.?
Has anyone had their canines shaved blunt?
Shots in the gums?
i'm having my wisdom extracted - HELP!?
I need some help with a new workout routine!?
I only eat about 800-1000 caloroes a day?
what amount of calories should i eat a day?
What are the most effective exercises and activities to do to lose excess body fat?
is it possible to get a flat toned stomach in 4 months ?
I'm on the Dukan Diet and cant find anything to eat!?
using cyclone protein shake?
Can I realistically lose 5-6 stone?
Does doing lots of running and walking etc make your legs fatter (as in bigger, wider) or thinner (slimmer)?
I don't know if I'm sick or Hungry?
What is the right weight for me? ?
Am I still overweight?
I'm 14 and I weight 163 and I'm 5'5 I work out but how do I now if I'm fat?
Questions on the p90x workout?
I need a quiet gym in Manchester city centre! Any ideas?
estimate how many calories?
5ft 8, 130 pounds at the moment, what more can I do, I need to drop another 10 pounds?
Instead of jogging around my neighborhood for 15min, is this alternative equal?
how can i get stronger?
15 year old fitness stats, are they good? ?
What can make you underweight APART FROM anorexia?
Was just called fat, am I fat?
I am so hungry all the time?
i need an excerise plan?
help on a good diet and what i need to eat?
Is this a good workout for a 14 year old?
I'm a 14 year old girl, how many calories do you think i ate today !?
No 6 pack and a layer of stomach fat!?
Over the course of a lifetime, how many calories are wasted on smalltalk?
hi does anyone know where i can get the instructions for a body shaper type exerciser online?
I tried to cut my stomach and now...?
How can i slim my legs and stomach even a small bit in 10 days?
Is quitting caffeine worth it? what are the benefits that you would feel?
Gyms that a 15 year old can join?
how many days does it takes to complete one cycle of chemoterapy?
Can a person still go to back to work after doing a surgery such as relating to the Colon?
Is 12st fat I'm 5'9" female. Please help?
how to put on muscle/body-build for kids?
What are complex carbs?
what glue or adhesive should be used to glue on a denture tooth that has dropped out?
what happens if your child grows new teeth before losing their baby teeth?
OMG my teeth are crooked!!!!!!!?
In Pain from wisdom teeth......?
Strange Mark on my gums behind my lower front tooth?
i have no insurance i was wondering about syrex or something for my wosdom teeth?
Where is the clinic for bad breath you are recommend ?
I have overcrowded bottom teeth... what are my options?
is there a way to make baby teeth grow in faster?
What's the difference?
Why can't the pensioners have free dental treatment at private doctors?
Does anyone have a procedure for disposal of dry ice after receiving goods packed in the stuff?
why do i feel like my teeth are getting smaller?
i have very bad teeth and they hurt not much money need help with payment plan anyone who can help please tha
I want Braces again?
does mr. clean magic eraser whiten teeth????
bicarb of soda for cleaning teeth??
what is the name of the hangy ball thing that lies at the back of your throat just out of interest?????
At what age does your bottom jaw stop growing?
Dentist today?
Help with keeping Hydrated?
Pringles?? Will I gain weight?
can i join total fitness (the gym), im 14?
Any anorexics that could help?
How long to loose 3-4 pounds? Help?
tooth question....? adults pls answer and others too??thanx sooo much i need your help.?
I have a really sore cold sore on the inside of my bottom lip and i want to know how to get rid of it?
i went to the dentist 2 weeks ago, and they told me that my nerve in one of my tooth had died, and i would?
Infection between the root and the bone?
what is the best teeth whitening system aside from a visit to a dentist?
What is Peg-32?
Braces Soreness and teeth being loose/?
How to tone up and lose weight?
Braces color!!!!??!! light blue???
Root Canal Therapy?
had tooth removed today?
Partial Braces???
is it true that when you have your tongue pierced the metal will rot your teeth?
how long will it take my overbite to move 1cm with my elastics???
After you get your wisdom teeth pulled , how long does the pain last?
hi i have a pregnancy question?
Anyone know how to make listerine less burny? or more bearable?
what is the symptoms of needing a root canal done on your teeth? How do you know?
Do amalgan fillings in teeth give you a metalic taste in your mouth?
Help - do i look overweight to you??:(( pics) im 5 foot 10.5 and 12+1/2 stone - how much should i lose........?
One Swollen Lymph Node?
Is it possible to get breast cancer at 19?
i have lost a lot of weight in the past year and my mum thinks i'm not underweight? do i really need to gain?
I'm so thin and I don't know why?
How to get bigger as in more muscular??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I'm 17 and want to gain a bit of Muscle?
Putting quite a bit of weight on?
weight help 71 kg, 15 yeaRS?
How much can I loose in the induction phase of the Atkins Diet?
Which will burn more calories?
does any1 know any good and fst ways to lose wieght wether it being diets or exercise?
How would you get strong in a year?
protein bar or real food after workout?
I need help with my fitness?
What are the best fat burners on the market right now?
does it hurt when you get spacers and braces??
small hard white lump on inner lip of mouth?
question about wisdom teeth removal ?
How do your cells make the enamel on your teeth?
I am having my impacted bottom wisdom teeth removed, i cant take strong pain killers, experiences? advice?
what does a tea bag do for toothache?
My gum was swollen then drained on its own...what could this have been?
how long shld wisdom teeth removal bleed, and how much? im worried .?
Hi had wisdom teeth removed and pain is bad, did anyone else get headaches from pain?
can dental veneers or lumineers make your lips appear fuller without looking like a fish?
Jaw Pain when opening mouth,and my wisdom teeth feel like they are coming thru is this related?
how can i reduce the pain of a toothache ?
Tell me please how much does it cost to make braces in au? the max and the min limit of cost.?
Lump on gum under crown.?
A question for a friend who is concerned about her tongue being?
my wife used 2 much denture glue how can we remove it?
Does it hurt to have baby teeth extracted?
Eating with braces?
How long from wobble to gone??
Crest Whitestripes?
Dental Rubberbands! PLEASE HELP!?
I feel like i'm getting shorter? GYM?
What is wrong with this meal?
How much creatine should I take?
How long will it take me to make my metabolism faster?
Can I lose 1 stone and 8 lbs in 19 days? I made a bet Argh!!!?
Will just drinking water for a week help you lose weight?!?
fast weight loss tips!!?
How can i lose weight?
how many syns is a good for you rye crisp bread on the extra easy diet plan with slimming world?
crash dieting till christmas a good idea ?
Is this good excercise?
how many calories are in...?
what is the best diet to go on ?
Has anyone tryd a diet pill that actually works? X?
if i had cancer everywhere would i turn into like a giant?
is this a cancer or what ?
6 year old child has started to grow her two bottom teeth, behind the baby teeth, will these teeth straigten?
Help I bleed a little bit when brushing my teeth?
How is Ultrabrite Toothpaste?
Will dissolving stitches eventually fall out? Is there any harm in leaving in stitches for a long time?
how long does the swelling last after wisdom teeth removal??
When was reverse pull headgear invented?
i need help convincing my parents...?
does anyone know a good poem on teeth for kidy kids?
What is average salary of a dentist in Australia?
If you brush your teeth too many times do they get damaged?
Has anyone ever had invisilign treatment instead of braces?
have you had your teeth whitened??pain?? results??
How much does a qualified Dental Technician make in Australia?
can getting my teeth whitened caused damage??
I've just had my wisdom teeth out ... and i'm bored.?
cold any one tell me, is it necessary to have both BDS & MBBS to have a masters degree in maxillofacial surger
Would you go to the dentist with your SO?
I'm getting my braces off in 3 days, whats the process of taking them off?
teeth extraction?
Deep pockets?
I am 43 years old, how is it possible that a wisdom tooth is just now coming in?
Hi, I want to use Invisalign. Does anyone know how much it will cost and how long it will take?
how long does the appenctomy procedure last?
How can i loose a stone in 3 weeks?
Do you know any good websites online from which I can buy DVDs about health, alternative medicine such as yoga?
Is eating fried or grilled food everyday healthy?
How do you get rid of the "double chin"?
what weight would a 5ft 5in girl have to be to be diagnosed anorexic?
How to get rid of hungry tummy feeling?
How to lose weight in...?
If i ate 1 sandwich a day for 4 weeks how much weight would i lose?
Does this sound good for the day after Thanksgiving diet?
Flushing Thanksgiving out to prevent weight gain?
how can i find out which diet will work best for me?
I never manage to eat more than four of my recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day?
is my weight good or bad?
How can i lose wait and tone up fast?
can you please help me with questions about nutritionists?
how to get skinny arms in less than 4 weeks at home?
are prawns good for when trying to loose weight?
Healthy eating questionnaire for college CW?
Milk + Cereal before sleeping?
What is the right weight for 4'7?
How to top up my bacteria?
13 year old training for a one arm chin up?
I cant stop eating & its making me miserable?
i want to lose weight?
eaten too much today?
How to lose belly fat and get toned?
im a rugby player (forward), 19 years old, 86 kgs. need to gain strength and weight, HELP!? Most of the other?
im eating enough??????????
how many calories in a slice of cucumber?
Would this work by next summer please awnser I'll give 10 points pretty pleAse <3?
Can I achieve an hourglass figure?
Whats the Ideal weight for a 5ft 8 female, medium build?
healthy effective way to lose weight?
do u think this is healthy?
Do i have Cancer? - I have a bump on my thigh?
Do my Elevated Liver Enzymes Mean Cancer?
how does mitosis promote genetic consistency ?
How many meals should I have a day to still be skinny?
whats wrong with my diet?
can eating a lot of food at night cause diohrea?
anyone been to slimming world?
how to reduce overweight?
how would i add a little more spring to my legs so i can improve my performance in workouts?
If i Shave my Chest, Stomach, upper arms and back, should i shave everywhere else?
why is it bad to drink caffeine if breastfeeding?
Creatine for underweight?
healthy on the go breakfast?
How much would I lose on this insane diet?
The most healthy and beneficial drink (excluding tea)?
Impacted wisdom teeth painful ?
How long does this procedure take ?
i just had my wisdom tooth out, is it normal to feel sick the next day?
does anyone use a Somno Med mouth guard for snoring?
pain in back teeth after getting wisodm teeth removed, is this normal?
Which are the best health insurance companies in Australia for dental claims?
Roof of mouth swollen..anything to worry about?
I'm about to get a loose teeth?!?!?
my husband needs a wisdom tooth pulled.where can i get an affordable price for this procedure?
How to get rid of Tooth drainage and abscesses when there is no tooth there?
get one tooth out how long till u can your fals one added please?
I have to get a root canal and i was wondering what people thought about it that had one?
has anyone here had invisiline braces??
i got tooth extracted today and doctor told me not to drink alcohol tonight?
Should I have to pay my dentist and do I have grounds to sue him?
Should i use baking powder..?
Might loose tooth now...sue?
Does this sound like a bad diet?
how can i loose weight fast?
How can I lose waight ?
I want to lose weight, where do I start?
quick weight loss needed!!!?
What's the best way to lose my fat belly?
What do i eat to add weight?
to maintain muscles how much cardio must i do or not do?
took pro-plus..no effect take more?
i need help with my diet?
I am never hungry. why?
Does sweet and low, splenda, altern or any other "fake sugers" cause cancer?
I want to lose weight, but I dislike Fruit && Veg, any ideas?
Is it worse for you to binge drink once or twice a month than regularly in small amounts as a teen?
Is it unhealthy for a woman to bath more than twice a day?
sore throat?
where can I go to have 14 teeth extracted for a small amount of money? I'm on fixed income with no insurance.
teeth whiting product at supermarkets?
Which country offers the cheapest rates to get decent quality dental bridge/crown work done?
Orthodontics: How much can you over-erupt a tooth with braces?
tooth filling vs gum graft?
Can you put braces over a crown?
Teeth whitening DIY?
Crowned tooth bothers me..need your input?
I have braves and I am severely overdue to have them taken out. More information to follow...?
Why can kids with bludging parents get free dental pain relief and not those with a working parent?
How long does it take for the swelling to go down completely ?
is there a health fund that has no waiting on dental without joining hospital?
Looking for a painless dentist on the gold coast?
difference with damon braces and traditional braces?
Is it necessary to take off my teeth braces before I undergo a renal scan?
I'm goin to get my wisdom teeth pulled tmrw, my annual homecoming is in TWO MORE DAYS! Will i be in2 much pain
help please?
wire came unglued?
what dentist can do braces with a low amount of pain?
How to keep my teeth white?
what should i do if my tooth has fallen out?
I need help with sweating...?
What are some nice/cheap foods with protein in?
I just found out that I have a BMR of 1652.64. What does this mean? How will this help me work out how much?
I want to lose a stone, preferebly before Christmas time, what's the best way I can do it?
Bum shaping exercises?
Better skin since I starting drinking Soya Milk?
Cant eat anymore.....................?
Ectomorph with fast fast metabolism trying to develop a body his lady will respect...TIPS PLEASE?
does 'yoga rhythm' or other 30min yoga shows on TV help you loose weight?
Do you think my girlfriends diet is abit extreme?
Vita-lean is it effective?
Is Porridge fattening?
How do i know if i have an infection after wisdom teeth removal?
what causes mottled tooth enamel in excessive amounts?
Ouch! My jaw is stuck?
Problems after root canal?
Antidepressants Major Side Affects?
Dental Problem?
is it possible to still get cavities if i've had a fissure sealant put on my teeth?
What makes your teeth whiter?
Is it okay to brush my teeth more than twice a day?
how bad dose getting your teeth drilled hurt?
i have an edge to edge bite?
I have just been told I need braces. I'm 27. I REALLY don't want them as I'm self concious already. Is there
Will I get my teeth fixed while at Navy Boot Camp (RTC)?
i want to put braces for my teeth,so i would like to know the cost for th best braces?
loose tooth?
Do I need to see a dentist?
How much do gold fillings for cavities cost?
how long does it take for cavities to get really bad?
What are chacnes of having cavities after braces? HELP!?
post surgery wisdom teeth and alcohol??
How do i get rid of the fat on my chest?
Will This Help Me Lose Weight Too?
Teenage Weight Problems?
is this healthy for weight lose?
Im 16 Toned but skinny :S?
Feel sick and dizzy after cycling.?
"In their fights shed the extra weight they've gained recently, Oprah Winfreh and Janet Jackson?
How tall can i grow?????
weight issue need help or advice - QUICK ! x?
my grandpa has stomach cancer is there any cure when his wife finds out she well get a heart attack im crying?
I'm 15. Boy. Always hungry. Putting on weight :(?
i think im fat but people say im not :S?
Is there a special glue that i could use to put back the brackets on my braces temporarily?
Can you buy certian toung rings to lower risk of chipped teeth?
What can I eat during the first Month of getting braces?
i have had my braces for 6 months and im running out of color ideass any suggestionss.?
Hurts to Breathe!!?
my teeth pains me a lot what should i do? No sign of movement?
Coffee and cavities?
Is it normal for a dog to have a dry cough after getting his teeth cleaned by his vet?
How long after a tooth extraction can you begin using a straw?
Just a couple of tongue piercing questions?
how long before cigarettes discolor ur teeth?
is there a dentist that can tell me if your gum grows back !!!!!!!!!!?
What is involved in a dental x-ray? Is there any discomfort involved? What do they stick into the mouth?
Help, I just discovered a tooth coming loose. What am I going to do? I am only 35.?
Has anyone ever tried both Biotene and Pronamel products?
I'm 29 and had all four wisdom teeth taken out when I was 21. I now seem to have some new teeth coming through
my teeth hurt when i breathe in and out, how can i stop this pain? thank you to anyone who tries to help?
I had a very deep filling done and the dentist told me i might need a root canal.. it dint bother me for a w?
I ACCIDENTALLY threw my retainers away and the ortho is closed for a week, will I be ok w/ out them until then
OK two question's?
has there been any advancement in dentist technology?
If you get hot then cold on and off, doing less exercise and often thirsty and I'm sleeping bad...?
Is it Dangerous to Jog along the Canal Alone?
I want to get fitter? :)?
About Bulimia and purging?
guys-would you notice?
im having a weird food phase?
is drinking at 15 bad?
good amount to loose in a week?
Lemon water? and workout?
How to take creatine caps properly?
Sharp stabbing pain in tooth?
Does anyone know the cost of porcelain veneers. Per tooth? (Australian dollars)?
Dental Implant problems! Need some advice!?
my dentist madE me swallow pieces of my metal filling that made me sick. Can I sue?
Root canal of an abscessed tooth and restoration; and time?
my wisdom tooth is starting to come through, can bonjela help?
what really happens when u swallow gum?
Is it ok to keep hidden wisdom teeth?
My son is 4 years 10months and just got his first adult tooth..Is this normal?Will it cause him problems??
sore tooth? what medicine to use?
I am not happy with my weight, I want to eat healthier and lose weight but I am addicted to junk food?
does being a contortionist make you skinny?
Is this a good way to lose weight?
Lump on neck/collarbone, back and chest hurts when walking?
Does Adios the weight loss tablet work?
do crunches help you burn fat or just gain muscle?
Why Cant I Be Consistent?
Is 5 Days A Week Enough?
What is wrong with me pleas help!!!?
Receptors that are widely distributed in body tissue except the brain are_______receptors.?
Should this growth on jawline be there?
Bottom Wisdom teeth removal and I think I have an infection?
Why is there a sharp white thing that resembles a tooth growing between my two teeth?
still have toothache and extreme sensitivity after root canal. what do i do??
will people laugh at me becuase i have braces?
help find a free or very cheap dentist?
I just got my braces off and my teeth have moved, it's only been 12 hours since I got them off................
I have a crown on my back tooth, a piece of it broke last night?
Should i get ceramic braces?
My bottom right moler broke straight off and came out with no pain?
Should you always get a cavity filled?
Can anybody help me with my retainer problem??
With the gum wriggily's PK, wat does the PK stand for?
IM GETTING BRACES! but i need them soon how long does it take from the first appointment to when i get them?
When will my 5 almost 6 yr old daughters teeth be in ??
Has anyone had a distal jet appliance put in?
I am 90 and I have all my own teeth, should I take them out?
I dont know if I have a dry socket...?
How long does it take for a permanent tooth to come in after a baby tooth is pulled?
I really need braces, but my parents won't pay for them. Help!?!?
i have just got braces, and i can see a difference aftr a few days,wht is th shortest time ppl have had them4?
About braces?
Oral surgeons do root canals?
I have a problem with the smell of certain foods, I eat mainly sausage bacon and gammon, is this too unhealthy?
Recently Joined the Gym to aid weight-loss but.......?
how to lose weight? when ur constantly hungry?
How can I gain weight in my thighs?
my uncle is diagnosed with lukemia and doctots said he was in 1st stage they stated chemotarphy bt they stoped?
Can I get a Tan outside without getting skin cancer?
Im 16 and iv been doing 2 sets of 10 pull ups a day on doors, because i cant really get hold of pull up bars?
Does a salt bath help you loose weight?
Can you work your legs using the bench press equipment as well?
why doesnt my son have 20 teeth yet?
How is dental Work done on a young Toddler?
Could a dentist answer this question please?
Hard lump where I had my wisdom teeth extracted???
when will the gap appear when your wearing the expander?
what is the best at home tooth whitening systen in australia and how much is it?
Gum receding?
How long do I have 2 wear my bite plate?
When you first get braces are you suppose to be able to chew food?
what is an overbite?
sliver and marone ( a dark colour between pink and purple) braces?
how long does it take to become a dentist?
Are my teeth meant to have a line on them after braces fit on?
Tooth implant?
why does it hurt after u get braces and wat can u do to get rid ov the pain apart from usin clove oil and pain
problems with temporary filling?
should i fix my teeth or leave them how they are??
How do i work out Why my 2 1/2 yr old teeth grinds?
if we were to imigrate to australia do you pay for medical and dental care and if yes do you monthly?
just a question about my teeth?
Will teeth appear straight long before orthodontic work is complete???
has anyone had gum recontouring?
A little too much for lunch?
Do you want a flatter or smaller stomach?
I need help losing weight?
maintaining my Weight as a recovering anorexic?
What diet regime do you recommend I follow, to get a ripped totally ripped body?
can i loose 5lb in 10 days?
Is this a good daily food intake or is it too much?
I'm 5"9 and UK size 12, is this fat?
am i overweight i am 28 years old 5"4 my stats are ..?
Is it possible to get a bone marrow transplant with no insurance?
i havent been to the poo in 5 days?
Is this bad about weight loss?
Help me please! I walk 3 miles, and eat 3 meals everyday and I cannot lose weight.?
how is my exercise? how should i do them?
What is it like getting dentures???
my tooth has a hole in it?
How far do dentists pull back the gum when performing root planing?
how much coke would you need to drink to get stains on your teeth with braces?
which out of these is worst for staining teeth.. cigarrettes, coffe, tea, soda??
Mouth feeling strange and tooth sensitivity?
How long would backing soda take to whiten teeth?
i have a hole in the top of my tooth near the root will this require a filing?
did anyone out there get stains after braces?
my 5 month old got his first tooth today! it is barely visible, but i can feel it,how long till it shows fully
is it infected?
How safe is fluoride in our drinking water?
help bracess?
Just got two teeth extracted for my braces, How long before i can eat?
how much does getting ur front teeth capped cost?
Wisdom teeth, but they don't hurt?
I was wondering how can it happen to have gland infection? Is it from teeth or so?
How do I get free gum from a machine?
Can you get your teeth whitened between your teeth?
Headaches and sore throat 5 days after wisdom teeth pulled?
my filling fell out does it hurt when the dentist puts it back in?
Is a particular nationality or ethnic group prone to breast cancer? No offense to anyone!?
why might be a risk of cancer recurring, even when surgery is performed to remove a malignant tumour?
how do u get Leukemia ??
How Do You Contour Your Cheekbones?
Are exercise stretch bands good?
Girls what do you weigh and what is your height and size?
Why haven't I lost weight when I am burning so many calories?
Someone please help me i need to loss weight?
how do you build abs,arm muscles and carves muscles really fast?
What effect does bulimia have on your body?
Can I wear dentures repaired with Mighty Putty?
Smoking and dentists?
i have braces and a bought a normal mouth guard. is that ok?
How much are the crest whitening strips in australian dollars?
bulemia....how long does it take teeth to rot???
Im getting a lingual frenectomy. Is it going to hurt??
Black Tissue and Bad Smell/Taste after Tooth Extraction?
I have mouth ulcers and an ear infection on my right hand side? Whats causing this?
Is it safe to have a cap removed?
dental procedures..............?
i dont floss every day and was told i had early peridontal desease, help!?
Should I get my wisdoom teeh removed?
l had apiocectomy Sept 07, need info about how long it takes for the tooth to stop being sore.?
I need some help?
if someone has short muscular feet and a tall frame - is this what causes the feet to be inflexible?
How much should I be eating a day? 16 year old girl?
i wanna lose weight in 2 months?
When I do sit ups my back clicks?
how young can you be to get breast cancer?
Bodybuilding question that I need answered once and for all by an expert?
Does this sound like a healthy, reasonable diet?
I keep eating food, but I want to go on a diet? help.?
how much weight did you lose on 1200 cals a day?
How to get large chest muscles?
im soo confused about my diet!?
why has a painkiller strated making my tooth hurt more?
How long do the brackets from braces scratch up your cheeks?
Wisdom teeth?
What is the average salary for an othodontist and oral surgeon in Australia?
What should I do to help with trumpet playing after the braces come off?
Melbourne Dentist - Looking For A Melbourne Dentist - HELP!?
Has anyone used Crest Whitestrips ~ PREMIUM 28 Teeth Whitening Strips or can reccomend a good teeth whitener?
Post-root canal infection seems to be worse...?
Why is my face swollen and my wisdom tooth is hurting?
can cleaning be done to stop blood flow from gums?
Severe toothache in back wisdom tooth that hasnt come through yet!!?
I have numbness on my tongue, chin, and on my bottom lip after getting wisdom pulled.?
Are Davinci Veneers done under full anesthetics?
FULL DENTURE IMPLANTS the cost? and how long it would take to complete 1 day ???
Is pheumonia a sign of lung cancer?
Why does my stomach grumbles and roars all the time?
how to get really really buff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I want to lose 3 stone..?
what is the best exercise for your stomach?
My Diet Plan Trial for the Next Week?
Are some people really just heavy boned or is that an excuse?
if i eat 1500 calories but go over my daily fat limit will i gain weight?
Problem with constipation?
how to lower your body fat %?
obscene weight gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
how long should your break from creatine & protein last and when should you break?
Binge eating disorder help?
Am i anorexic ?? Pleasee helpp?
i really hate my body and wanted to know if i have 500 calories a day rather than 200 will i lose any weight ?
My friend has been taking T5 diet pills & now is full of big lumps, what could this be?
Diet and detox????????????????
what do you think about this?
creatine and alcohol mix?
If im 5 ft 1 inch 170 lb how much wieght will i lose in a month if i only eat 500 cals a day?
Workout plan getting ripped?
Does Slender tone actually work?
Why do I get like this when I exercise? please help?
best cheap pedometer?
buring calories whilst standing?
Should I pick preferred provider for dental or managed-care dental?
Swollen lymph nodes below the jaw,?
can you get dry socket 8 days after having your wisdom teeth out?
Why some people need wisdom teeth surgery and some dont?
what is the difference between plaque and decay?
Had a tooth extracted, had dry socket, dentist packed it with medicine, now it has a red bump with white tip?
Will Antibotics help with a tooth infection?
do u no anymore who had those stains after braces?
australian work cover?
Funny setting for a childrens story about teeth?
What is the disadvantage of the program in cochlear implant?
why doesnt listerine stop bacterial growth?
4 teeth out..?
my son is working in camperdown nsw australia needs urgent dental treatment any one help?
the chemical reaction that cause hole in our teeth,?
I got stains after braces?
High blood Pressure?
what is root cannell?????? and fillingss?
how long does it take before i can see about getting dentures for my top.i had them removed on 3-20-08?
Oral device to stop snoring?
is percocet ok to take while pregnant just one?
braces at age 34, is it a good idea?
How many sins am I allowed a day?What would you like to ask?
Would like to lose a stone by Mid Aug! Good gym workouts please to help me do this???Thank you!?
ahh my weight! please help me?
How much do you think this woman weighs?
is size 12 in the uk fat?
are high intensity workouts good for weight loss?
does anybody know of a cheap shake diets?
If You Weighed Yourself After Eating, Do You Get Incorrect Results?
Does anyone have the slimming world password for this week? thanx x?
Is this healthy for me ?
Have i ate too much today ?
gcse test after lunch tommorow? any diet tips?
Motivation help please!?
What gym equipment is good for a girl to build lean muscle?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Magnaslim bangle to help with weight loss?
Free Diet Plan, website or anything.?
ive heard for optimum results it is best not to do strength training and cardio on the same day?!?
Help Please: weight loss?
my friend has recently lost a lot of weight?
Am I Overweight? Ways To Loose Weight? Quickly?
how many calories do you burn a day without any sleep?
what type of exercise machine can you use if you have cartilage and ligament knee problem?
how much do i have to weigh to be in a uk size 8?
what is a student off peak?
Which is better for weight loss, swimming or gym?
I'm slim, but can I get a little bit of muscle?
Not sure about my size.?
Can hypnotherapy help with weight loss and de-stressing?
how long does it take to start to see some muscles on my arms. exercising everyday?
What is the best way to lose stomach fat?
Need a diet plan and gym plan, please read description!?
What a decision I have to make Any suggestions?
I am due to have a Labial Frenectomy...?
Half grown canine tooth?
hey guys:(?
is body temp of 38 good or bad?
If a person dies with braces on, are they taken off before burial?
How long will I have to wait to get my braces on?
Would you get braces straight away after you extract your teeth??
Is dental hygienist cleaning supposed to be painful and leave you with sore gums?
Does it hurt to get a tooth pulled? See details below for more please!?
Retainer help?
How to start a Dental College in India?
Please help with Dental infection after root canal!!!?
Does anyone know of a not-too-expesive oral surgeon or dentist that can extract an impacted wisdom tooth?
pain in capped teeth?
Baking Soda On Teeth?
Does anyone have invisalign?
what am i to wear to a chik-fil-a interview?
im scared of dentist waht do i do?