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I'm obsessed with my weight?
Why am i not losing weight......Need advice it's frustrating?
I want to get rid of this not very useful life..?
best and easiest way to loose weight?
People tell me i'm too skiny,if u can help me here's my side of the story?
WHAT has happened to mee?!?
will cortisone injections result in muscle gains?
Is this HIIT WORKOUT routine any good?
Should i still use weights when...?
Can you eat bacon on a diet?
Why does water help you to lose weight?
Healthy way to gain weight by next friday?
What Muscle Workout should I do?
Need a diet buddy! Urgently!?
whats the best detox diet for weight loss cleanse and rejuvenate body.?
what do these celebs weight?
Can anyone recommend a good jumping rope/skipping rope to use!?
how to get rid of my belly fat?
is it ok to diet if im ill and cannot exercise?
how many times a week should i workout ? how can i improve my workout?
gain weight tips for girls?
Are there any foods to lessen the diuretic effects of herbal teas?
Am I a normal weight?
i started jogging about 1 month ago still getting used to it?
what can i used to get bigger muscle's?
Diet tipss please... ?
imtoned but how do i become thinner?
anyone no any type of food that will speed your metabolism up?
Diet and exersise for someone with no cash!?
Which is the best weight loss class in the uk?
Loose a stone in 2 weeks, how many calories should I in take during a day?
Gained weight eating little?
abs toning. help tried everything!!?
Is This A Good Diet....?
I keep being sick and I dont know what to do?
Bedroom Workout ~ how much is too much?
whats a good and safe way to suppress your appetite?
hair loss question might have found answer is this possible?
is it ok to eat a lot of porridge when dieting?
Has anyone heard of ukmedix? Are they for real?!?
Need to no how to tone body?
is there a use by date on cigerettes?
Weight loss?? Help please.?
slimming world healthy extras?
True or false?? If one suffers from Thyroid problems. are they supposed to stop eating Broccoli & Greens?
how do i get a better body?
My weight is going up, but I don't know why?
how little calories can by body survive on daily?
Best callisthenics routines?
dieting willpower - need some inspiration?
Im 5 foot 4" how much would i have to weigh to be a UK size 6?
When to have skinny water?
how many calories are in these foods?
Bmi 18.. and im 18... is this low?
Gain Weight Healthfully?
if i stopped eating any junk , could i really lose a good amount of weight with just incline walking?
I love sugar and can eat it on its own. I'm trying to lose weight, is it true that a can of cola?
Out of interest - if you ate 2000 calories of fruit, and only that a day...?
tips on stopping bingeing?
Will this help me lose 7pounds?
What are the best supplements to take in the gym?
If I am having something not too healthy for dinner...?
How much weight would i Lose ?
what should i be eating for breakfast if i want to loose weight an fill me up?
how can i lose 2 stone before september?
why can't i loose weight?
How to devise a work out regime?
how much weight would you lose doing this?
Is trying to lose a stone in a month dangerous ?
weight to lose by holiday...?
does drinkin a can of diet fizzy drink stop u being hungry?
Barbell bench press using plastic boxes filled with magazines as the bench?
has anybody tried the cabbage soup diet?
how to make my stomach look super-flat?
Is my weight average?
Should i change my diet?
Weight loss question!?
What is going on here?
help with portion sizes and healthy eating?
Will this help me lose weight?
How old do u usually have to be to join a gym? And how much is it usually?
LEEP 2yrs ago and still have LGSIL?
just started the Atkins diet you are allowed stilton cheese but can you have stilton with apricots ?
why have i put on weight?
what do people mean by "curvy"?
Help I've gained a pound in four days!?
Feeling a little old to post questions like this, but hey, thats what Y!A? are here for. About my weight?
eat healthy and exercise but still fat.. where am i going wrong?
whats the best way to lose a bit lose weight in 3 days? i know it kinda like short but help? x?
Why have I put on weight?
Need to tone up quickly in 3 weeks. What do i need to do ?
whats the price i should expect to pay for a decent weight bar with weights?
How To put on weight?
I Wake up 6 in the morning and run about 1 and a half mile and then i return at 6:30 and go swimming at 7:30?
Would this be a healthy breakfast?
Help me please!!!! (digestion)?
i currently weigh 12 stone and am 5 foot 3 in height?
Iam 15and 6ft and weigh 10:10 stone isthis normal for my age?when standin i dont look fat but if sit down i do?
Have I eaten too much?
which ones better pasta or rice or cous cous when on a diet ?
Weight trauma... please help me?
i am thin,need to build muscle?
superdiet. things to make me lose loads of weight.?
how can i gain weight?
Who's body do you prefer?
Confused about rice! For rice to a low GI does it have to be brown whole grain? If packet says simply..?
After working out, should you leave the next day workout-free, therefore working out only once every 2 days?
how many inches must your thighs be in order to fit into a size 10?
how is my exercise regime?
Ive just bought a gym ball.....?
Am I Fat or normal Weight for my height?
ohmy gosh i put on 8lbs in one day?
Eating at work ???? Best thing ?
Is this an ok diet??
too much excercise? is this a binge? help?
celebrityslim question>does it work?
What are some healthy but high calorie foods?
im 14, and im 11 stone.?
Flat stomach, toned bum, toned legs, smaller waist, lose love handles - in 3-4 months? Is is possible?
total weight to lose 3 inches of thighs?
please answear my question down below!!!?
I'm too fat...help!!!?
Cabbage soup diet??!!?
quick question about acai berry where in the uk can i get the free trial its costing me 20 dollers?
hey, have anyone tried insta sculpt clinic. how WAS the result and how much these guys are charging for it.?
Are there any healthy/low calorie instant soups/snacks?
Can anyone suggest what the problem could be...slow eater?
Whats the best way to even out a party binge?
Does Liposuction work on your lower belly & hips ?
is there different ab exercises for the upper abdominal muscles? (10 points).?
orange juice good or bad?
I know im overweight BUT HELP ME PLEASE ?
Is it possible to lose 3 Uk dress sizes in 6 weeks?
is this possible(HEIGHT)?
acaia berry .How many cals in a tab?
whats the best cardio excercise to do?
i can't stop eating?!?!?!?
how do i lower my cholesterol?i cannot do much exercise as i am disabled,if anyone knows,please help.?
Jogging and Healthy Eating?
how long will it take to tone up?
I want to become muscular but don't know whether I should lose weight and put on muscle or just put on muscle?
Will this regime help me lose weight quickly?
How long does it take for a stretch to go in muscle memory?!?
why do i look fat????
i had my baby 4 months ago never eat fatty foods all through pregnancy cos couldnt eat buh got gallstones?
Will I get ripped if I...?
how to like working out?
Lump found beside right breast not underarm?
What can i eat to stay skinny? Or..?
do u have to do all the exercises on the dvd to lose inches off you body fast?
What I should put into my hula hoop to do my exercise correctly?
If I use my exercise bike for 30 mins a day, how much weight could I lose by 26th April 2010?
different ways to excersise?
What do you think of how I ate today? good for weight loss?
A few questions about yoga?
Im 6ft2/3. 168 pounds so im skinny, and I want to look bigger some way...?
i am starting to go jogging next week , do i eat before i go or after i finished jogging ?
currently 82 kg, what would be my protein intake?
Did a 1.5 mile run and nearly threw up?
How many calories does 100 situps burn if you weigh 7 stone and are 4ft11inches tall?
is 14 weeks enough time to look good following this exercise plan?
Is it possible, to go from a size 12/14 to a size 6/8 in a week?
I drink 2-4 litrees of water every day now and no tea/coffee, is that good for me?
how many calories would be in this?
will i get obese plz help 10 points?
Metabolism confusin, fast or slow?
how can i make my self more fit ,,,, like have better stamina plz ?
does the leg magic/master actually work?
Protein, is it best before or after a workout?
Why do I laugh during Yoga?
Whats best advice for a workout ie. number of reps/weight?
Would I be able to lose 2 stone in 7 weeks?
Are the electric scales in boots always right?
Looking for Dublin personal trainer, please help?
My height... it bothers me D:?
how can i make my bum smaller?
What are the effects of skipping?
Does this diet sound unhealthy?
No matter how much i eat, the bones on my hips still stick out. Help me, what should i do?
is 18:26 a good BMI for a 12 year old female who is 4ft11 and weighs 6 stone 7 pounds?
I'm 5ft1 and 15 years old how much should I weigh?
why didnt i lose any weight when i was sick?
I am desperate to loose weight ! :/?
Light snacks for dieting?
Would you say i'm really unhealthly?
when you reach your goal weight at weight watchers?
Special k Diet information needed?
Have you ever took dieting just too far? Or got to the point where you wanted to be and kept your weight?
recently i have put a lot of weight on but it just goes staight to my stomach?
How many calories in the party binge?
Why do I get hungry so much after burning loads of calories ?
what body shape am I?
How am i doing on my diet?
Is This Okay To Eat For A Diet?
carbohydrate intolerance?
What are the rules of the atkins diet?
I'm looking for a good diet?
I say we should all get fat and die quick!?
23 inch thighs and 15 inch calves. Will this make my legs thinner?
Diet plan? help please?!?
My back hurts from eating too much!?
Weight Watchers V Slimming World?
2-3 hours of cardio a day good or bad?
Can anyone please help without sending me to pointless websites?
Started Gym.. gained 3 kgs.. am i losing fat too?
how can i lose weight but still gain all the nutrients i need. :) Healthy Diet Help!?
If I eat just 950-1050 calories/day of healthy food and power walk for 2 1/2-3miles per day how long.....?
Bones hurt when i do Handstand push ups?
is 56 kilo's good for a fourteen year old or is it bad. but i also workout at the gym?
how to need a poo in the morning?
Girls who weigh AROUND 150lb what clothes size are you?
how many calories burned?
stretch marks all over?
is this diet ok or not?
Extra Virgin olive oil dietary benefits!!?
Weight training...beginners guide...dvds...videos etc?
I want to be as fat as American woman, how can I achieve that?
Advice on how to feel fuller for longer?
How to get my body right?
Exersices to get a sixpack at home?
Inspiring quotes for weight loss?
If i lose 10-15 pounds, how noticeable would you think it would be?
I want to build up a small 6 pack but im mega skinny anyway so whats the best way to do it without looking odd?
Whats a job like a nutritionist and dietist but better pay that them?
Has anyone tried the 18Ibs in 4 days diet?
How to get your arms looking cut without tensing up?
How unhealthy was my food today?
I want to tone, do I have to diet as well as exercise if im not large?
I'm 14 and I'm about 5ft 4 1/2" whats my idle weight in stone?
How can poor diet may affect social life?
im going on a 5day detox diet i need meal ideas for the week?
How can I slim down from this sort of shape?? Pictures included. :)?
How can I get more fat around my bum?
I am looking for cheapest price for the dental crown (in Toronto)?
how much change is realistic? 10 points?
How to lose stomach fat?
Will I gain weight if I eat 13 grams of chocolate everyday?
What is a healthy weight bracket for me?
My babyboy has cancer?
losing too much weight..am I ill?
im eating enough??????????
i am a size 10 at the moment but i would like to be a size 8 in 20 days how can i do this ?
5ft 8 and 130 pounds, please help me drop 10 pounds?
Why does my tummy go all sloshy?
Help me with my weight? :(?
what is the best diet to go on ?
How long would it take me to lose a stone and a 1/2 following this plan?
Muscular girls?? Gross or okay?
How long to flatten and tone belly?
What have you got to do to get a good six pack, big arms and big shoulders?
Will just drinking water for a week help you lose weight?!?
how can you build up biceps without weights or doing pull ups?
protein shake and creatine at the same time?
How many calories a day should I be having?
How can I maintain muscle mass?
if i'm bodybuilding but feel no morning pain whats happening?
whats the best diet plan?
I am trying to lose weight, is 3000 calories to little?
how can i naturally increase my growth rate?
Best way to get in shape and fit?
How many Calories does 15 minutes of sit ups BURN?
what does kcal mean.....?
does green tea diet work?
why do i enjoy the pain in my calves and thighs after cardio sessions?
A good, affordable digital weight scale?
Why is losing a lot of weight bad for you?
if you starve yourself is that considered being anorexic?
am 27yrs, i did 40 mins on cardio,in the end my heart rate was180bpm,wile my weight is 85, is tat ok?
will this help me lose weight?
Why Do I lose weight?
i was jw if im fat , am i?
I m a 14 years old boy and i wanted to increase my height faster.?
Holidayy on the 2nd of mayy? (Weight)?
what happens to our metabolism when it is hot?
Good Gym workout for building an athletic build?
if eaten in excess can apples ferment in a humans stomach?
In height polls, as in the average height of a man or woman, do Midgets count in this poll?
I need a perfomance booster, to help get the most from my workouts (legal) please help. thanks?
does your body go into ketosis state when you exercise ?
what's the best way to tone up my stomach?
is this a good diet plan?....?
starvation mode?...........?
Weights and running together?
best supplements for a 40 year old weight lifter.?
i am 15 5'6 and weigh 140 pounds is that overweight?
Which workout seems best for weightloss?
How to lose body fat ?
Chest pains during exercise?
I want to stick to a low fat diet to lose a little weight, but I live with my partner...?
will p90x work without the diet?
Do you have a microwave recipe for fillet-steak? And one for chicken-breast?
im 17 ,5ft 4 and weigh about 12 stone 8.?
help on fitness ways and what to eat?
Is this pizza healthy or not?
Any tips to GAIN weight?
how much weight can a 300lb man lose in 6 months?
Do 'Slendertone' machines actually work?
Had my wisdom teeth removed. How long does it take for the stitches to dissolve?
i have very bad breath and embarrassed to go to the dentist, can a GP fix it or do i have to go to a dentist?
i haered the dentists in thailand are good and safe?
tongue piercing?
Does anyone have any experience with free gingival graft surgery?
I am currently taking antibiotics can i still have general anaesthetic?
have hole in tooth quite large dentist says only thing is to pull it surely they can fill it as no pain at all
white teeth?
anyone can recommend a dentist around Perth,WA?
How do dentists refer to specific teeth?
Is it bad for you to start wearing your plate/retainer after years of not wearing it?
Dear Australia, I am thinking of moving Down Under.....?
Is there evidence to confirm 'whitening' toothpaste really works?
URGENT please. Knocked out baby tooth?
Has anyone, living in Melbourne au, got information on braces or invisalign?
Can grey fillings cause allergies that can result in running your immune system down??
If we drink sugary-cola and brush our teeth, after it, will the sugar come back to our mouth via our saliva?
Does anyone out there have any experience with dentists in Thailand?
Dental Technology that PREVENTS Cavities?
How much does a dentist appointment cost?
A spot on the bottom of my foot, Could this be skin cancer? Picture posted.?
A surgical technique is performed on seven patients. you are told there is a 70% chance of success. find the ?
How can i make my collar bone and hip bone protrude?
How long would it take to pass out if not eating?
Why wouldn't my heart rate monitor not pick up my heart rate until part way through a workout?
Will i lose more weight if I tone up after weight loss?
What is the best keep fit dvd around for someone in their 60s?
how much weight will i lose like this?
Is tomorrow Breast Cancer Awareness day?
If my dad had colon cancer what are my chances?
What age does your last tooth fall out?
my daughters tooth has just gooten wiggly,only just though.how long does it take to fall out?
Is there a toothpaste that doesn't have the hot mint taste?
My son has an absess in his gumline above a decayed tooth?
invisalign (straighten teeth)?
can people with cross bites get invisalign treatmeant?
i need to get my teeth pulled out and get dentures,the cost is the prob,any ideas??
What options do i have?
Who knows what a Dental Therapist is????
how to remove off-white teeth color?
Does anyone know how I can reach tiffany electrical in Australia?
what makes world happy?
Graphic- Yellow stringlike scab came out of wisdom tooth extraction site....its been 7 days....dry socket?
does kissing someone feel the same once you get false teeth?
i have pale teeth...what should i do to make them white ??
what does Extractiong means?
Anyone know a good dentist in the Bondi area (Australia)?
how do i get braces for my son when i have little money? is there somewhere in brisbane that can help?
dentist, can you please help me??
I'm trying to find the Gentle O So Dental website that is advertised on the radio (in Perth).?
I'm booked into get my wisdom teeth removed in 3 weeks but...?
Does anyone know how much is cost for wisdom teeth extractions?
how to increase our metabolism? and reduce our extra body fatness?
Nutritional supplements for recovery and muscle endurance/strenght?
Bodybuilding in your teens?
I love lucozade orange.?
I'm 5'3'' and a UK size 8 or 10?
hi, i am 12 years old and im 13 stone please i need help could some tell me how to loose weight?
Need help with losing weight....?
what do you think the best quickest way is to loose a stone?
Is my friend over weight ?
whats the best way to build my legs up? a bit of muscle wasteage what i got...many thanks?
i spend 1hr on spinner bike 5 days.my measurement gone down but y is my weight gone up?
Anyone who has had an inch loss body wrap?
protien shakes for weight loss?
the quickest way to lose a stone?
do you think i will gain my weight back after this diet?
IS THIS A GOod Weight?/?
bmi index. is it a load of rubbish?
what apparatus at the gym will make someone lose the most weight?
going on holiday in 2 weeks :] tone up tips?
How to exercise safe after having a baby?
where can i find free fitness dvds?
haw i lossa a weight?
how can one prevent breast cancer?
how can i lose 5-7 stone within 9 months?
How can I lose fat around my arm and shoulders area?
Is this normal, and is eating frequently really that good for the metabolism?....?
How much do you think i weigh ?
Realistic question on getting fit (running, gym)?
I am at school and need to lose as much weight for the holiday I cant exersise much and difficult to diet help?
right i need some help my girlfriends friend is not eating and she dont know what to do anyadvice...?
peoples thought on weight and height?
how much weight would someone lose if they became anorexic and weigh 200 pounds, is 5'6?
i need to gain weight fast appox.(3st)? any ideas people?? what to eat, what to do?
Would this be a healthy diet would i GAIN weight eating this a day?
Help My Hips Stick Out And My Stomach Is Not Flat As I Want It?
i need to lose 10lbs FAST!!!?
poll: how old where u when u 1st decided you want to start a diet?
Realistically, how much weight could I lose in 2 months?
what are the fattests foods you can get that will make you put on the pounds in 3 days?
how can i mentally curb my craving for my last cheat meal?
I dont want to really loose weight?
about chest?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Would it be possible to loose 2 and half stone in 5 months? If so would it be really difficult?
No matter how much I loose weight I always have fat here?
Fat burn or Cardio issue?
Vegetarian in need of diet tips/buddy =)?
Overanette pills (PLEASE HELP)?
What is meant in the Pathology report that the stained tumor cells tended to "palisade around the periphery?"?
I want to start a cancer organization?
how big is the brain?
Alternative leukemia/cancer therapy?
Will this supplement benefit me work? etc?
Does everyone who has braces have to get spacers?
can you take strong pain killers or calming drugs while breatfeedin do dentist tak teeth out on 1st visit?
We wash our clothes, face, body and dishes with hot water. so why do we brush out teeth with cold water?
Seeking web addy or ph no for ch7 infomercial for 21 min tooth whitener system pls.?
If anyone needs proper advice and real life stories look at this site!!!?
Do the different coloured stripes in toothpaste contain different ingredients, other than colouring?
What is Twilight Sleep or Sedation?
On a scale of 1 - 10?
Question about braces?
Is it harder to remove a decayed wisdom tooth?
plz recommend dentist in Dawin(Australia)?
why does it hurt when u put foil on your fillings?
Slowing the deterioration of a cavity?
Does anyone know any over the counter teeth whitening products that work?
To what extent does getting an underbite surgically treated change your appearance?
My teeth are very weak?
how can i get rid of stomach muscle?
Just bought our very first pizza its got Diglycerides of fatty acids in it, ( from iceland ) DO YOU know what?
Is running for you everyday good for you!?
do you think this plan would work?
I'm 15, female and overweight. How can I get a 6 pack?
how old do you have to be to use a sauna at the gym?
If you ate nothing atall and only drank lucozade, would you lose weight?
how many calories in this?
some healthy meals to make on your own?
Can i use heroine (inject) one time and not get addicted to it? (physically not mentally)?
I was wondering which aerobic video is a good one?
do i have enough drink?
Am i overweight please help ?
Would this be enough time to tone up?
would poo burn please answer?
Need to Loose weight by the 30th! Help!! :O?
way to lose 10lbs easy?
How can i lose 5 stone in 4 months?
What's the best way to tone a stomach?
How many calories get burned when you...?
Are kidney beans carbs?
Are Wide Hips Gross Or Okay? Lose weight or no?
Do you think my arms and legs are disproportionate?(Includes measurements)?
Am I too thin or okay or not?
I find it hard to get down to a size 8 with trousers UK size?
Am I healthy?should I lose more weight?
I need to lose 6 pounds this week, will this do it?
how's the best way to transport my vitamins and protein powders?
My friends doing this insane diet plan do you think it will work?
how to lower your body fat %?
hi every1 im 19 from uk,i just started going to gym four days a week?
is this ok to eat if your losing weight?
Burning 1000 calories a day please advise!?
Diet .. I need advice on how to loose all this flabby mess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i wanna lose weight in 2 months?
if i go on holiday do i have to eat junk food daily?
how much weight can i lose in 3 weeks on this diet?
So, I'm 5'5, 126 lbs, and 19...?
Is 130 pounds fat for a 5ft6 girl?
What is a good workout plan?
Could anyone give me a daily routine for a six pack abs?
Is National Children's Leukemia Foundation legit?
small cell cancer of lung and liver. Can more be done to give my mother more time?
can you intravenously use tramadol?
How to lose leg muscle?
Can i eat fried a small potrion of fried potatoes if i want to lose weight?
HELP! How to lose weight?
What is the most effective exercise which just targets the lower part of the abs?
Does the Slimfast diet work?
how much weight will i gain by August 15th?
any routine to loosse belly?
Are omega 3 tablets good for your skin?? Do they make you gain weight :S?
Asthma AND Ephedrine, please help!!!?
hi every one. i m too skinny and want to gain weight in just one month as i m getting married. can u plz help?
Can I change my own fussy eating habits?
Am I fat or in a safe weight?
I wanna get in shape but....?
losing fat when you are already thin?
Can flavouring affect whey protein?
I have loose skin on my stomach?
What do you think about the surgery of tummy tuck?
Can I gain strength while not toned?
What is the best way to use rose hips to make rose water?
how do people eat 2000 Kcal a day?
Am trying to diet, but i crave chocolate and sugar... what can i have as a substitute?
Gaining weight on my belly?
dental nurses?
Dr. Sam, advice needed please?
denture relining material?
How does smoking affect the formation of calculus? ie quantity?
getting porcelain veneers to replace plastic ones.?
Would using whitening strips, mouthwash and toothpaste make my teeth really white?
is there anywhere in australia that does Vampire Teeth capping??
the particulars on porcelain veneers?
any idea how much bridging treatment will cost?
how do i go about getting braces and how much do they cost? can i pay by installments?
Hey I need to know some ideas on how about getting donations for dental work?
Why are dental implants so expensive?
home remidies for whiter teeth??
Does Crest Pro-Health Rinse stain teeth?
when your wisdom teeth come in does your face swell up?
Any products, home remedies or store brought in Australia, that whiten teeth?
what maks teeth comes down if they don`t have black problems and in a good view?
Does anyone know of any treatments for TMJ?
I am in serious pain 5 days after a root canal. Could a broken file sealed in the tooth be the cause?
Are herbal cigarettes enough to give you lung cancer?
Starting a fitness regime with this equipment.?
does the tony furgueson diet work?
how to get a flat stomach and smaller thighs?
My baby is well fat, can I use the concept of euthanasia?
Is this a decent workout?
Will I lose weight, please answer?
If I walk 4 km in 40 mins what would my pace be in mph?
"In their fights shed the extra weight they've gained recently, Oprah Winfreh and Janet Jackson?
Best things to improve appearance/health?
other people eating makes me feel like i've eaten :S?
am gona be fasting for 10 days + joggin ..not sure?
I Need A Good BodyLine Gym Workout Straegy...?
How can i do this by christmas?
Better skin since I starting drinking Soya Milk?
I just found out that I have a BMR of 1652.64. What does this mean? How will this help me work out how much?
I need help with sweating...?
what foods cause free-radicals?
How can I lose more weight once I have hit the Plateau?
Weight gain with antidepressants?
When I flex my stomach, my waist is..?
Cereal with the lowest amount of calories, fat and sugar?
Healthy cereal or not?
how long before a guy can get a 6 pack?
Ok so here's the problem...?
Is it ok to chew and spit unhealthy foods??plzzhelp!:)?
I want to lose 15-20kilos in two months?
I need some nice filling diet food?
Why am I gaining weight?
How to slow down your metabolism?
Do I eat too much in a day?
what excerise can i do right now at home to burn 100+ calories off i cant go outside though?
easiest way to loose weight?
Good workout-diet for a 14 year old?
How much should i weigh for my age?
what is the best way to tone up fast with out using a gym?
What do you think about the diet? How much could I lose?
25 waist.. 32 hips.. 19 thighs.. ideal or fat?
Proper Height measurement question?
why does it take forever?
i want to lose weight but dont know how?!?
I'm a 14 year old girl, how many calories do you think i ate today !?
Is it normal for white blood cells to fall so much in one week?
would i lose weight quickly this way?
Can you take Creatine at 16, and how do you get the most out of using it?
Will my body go into starvation mode if i don't eat anything, but drink fattening fluids?
Does the shape of your face change if you loose a lot of weight and why ?
i am 5ft 2 is that small for a 13 year old?
Is weight training stunting my growth?
I am trying to lose weight, is 3000 calories to little?
how can i naturally increase my growth rate?
Fitness/diet advice please! ?
how do i bulk up fastt?
Dieting - how much is too much?
Heart/chest pains during exercise?
does the weight of a person affect what he can lift?
should i go to my doctors before starting to loose weight?
Soreness or What?
I had my wisdom teeth out 3 days ago and now it looks like I might have dry socket. How long will this last?
How do you know you are going to a good dentist?
Just had a tooth pulled on friday lower right hand side.....?
is it possible for a tooth infection to cause a throat infection?
Kiwi/Aussie Dentists in London?
Does Michigan Medicaid cover braces for teenager?
Has anyone had laser dentistry??
Good Dentist in the Shire open Saturday Morning?
hi just wondering if any toothpaste companies would use a poem for their product toothpaste?
going to get my braces off and i just want to make sure theyre ready does any1 know how to know if ur redy?
Awful, yellow, front tooth needs repair. College Student, no insurance.?
I found a black build up towards my gum, and on my gum. Would a regular cleaning at a dentist rid of it?
Is mouth wash bad for you at all , i was told it was , i use it 2 times a day , what health effects are there?
How do you keep edentures(false teeth) clean?
Does anyone know of any periodontic surgeons in Sydney that specialise in cosmetic procedures?
any dentists around I need some advice please?
can an ear infection cause teeth to weaken? how about the oral antibiotics to treat the infection?
How much to get all teeth extracted, hospital costs etc?
Full mouth extraction will they do it in one hit?
Help me make a shopping list please a healthy one for a 15 year old ?
I've got the biggest ulcer ever! someone please help me.?
Why is there a lump on my vain?
I have a nice slim body but i would like a toned ,flat stomach .. I play sports and eat quite healthy.any tips?
what effective exercise can i do that doesn't need me to leave the house?
puppy fat help please?
What is a good way to loose weight ?
what exercises can I do to make myself bigger?
what are the healthiest fruits to eat?
Ok , Heres The Deal , Loose A Healthy Amount Of Weight By June ? Expecting No Miracles , Im Being Realistic.?
going to try being more healthier, is it best to have breakfast before i go for a run in the morning ........?
Is this good training for strength?
if im 18 Years old and 172 cm how tall will i be in the age of 20?
Flat stomach help plz:?
Help me lose 6lbs in a week ........?
i am a 15 year old girl trying to loose weight! i am finding it hard to give up sweets and chocolate! HELP!?
How long should I work out?
help me lose weight fast?
i need help with my weight?
Why have i put on weight?
I am a 24 year old man of around '5' 11' & weigh 19 stone. I will be walking 10,000 steps a day.?
im underweight what do i do?
have i over eaten???? answers please!?
pain in abdomen ..linked to weight?
i want to be able to go out for a meal and not be ill afterwards. any tips?
is this diet really awful?
What is the best dieting pill that will work and not cost alot?
13?.....loose weight?
how can i put weight on?
How can i loose weight in my neck?
feeling really guilty for eating?
how to g rid of stomach fat.?
will i gain weight after only eating cookies?
when exercising should i wipe my face with a damp towel to cool down or will it stop me from burnin as much?
how to get toned arms ? with pictures.?
can you lower body fat and not lose weight - 10 points guranteed?
DIET QUESTION................?
why is it when i've had beer i just wont to drink sweet things all day and i mean all day and i dont eat much?
Best way to build muscle?
if i take laxatives once a day will i lose weight? and how quickly?
Is it bad for my health if I drink 4 or more cans of Pepsi Max a day?
I want to lose weight for easter?
will lifting weights at 13 affect my height?
Am I "overweight" or going to become overweight?
i realy want to work on my weight loss,my question is :any effective detox program u know?? help?
Can you organise these exercises for me.........?
how do i get huge biceps?
if someone starves them self for 3-4 days and binge?
HELP i need to quickly firm up my stomach?
HELP. Gaining so much weight - how to loose it?
Roughly how many calories are there?
hey ive been lifting wieghts 4 days a week and lost 50 pounds i now am 1 85 but i have fat on me still and im?
how many more calories would i burn if i stayed up all night rather than going to bed?
BODYBUILDING getting arms in proportion?
What can i have to eat :D?
should i start body building?
has anyone tried the special k diet? how did you find it and how much did you loose?
ive been prone 2 getting cold-saws but not as much as 4 in a month!!ive tried more than everything?
How many hours do we need for Muscle recovery?
how do i get skinny withen 7 days?
If you get hit in the mouth with a softball, can your braces break?
Which teeth whitening products work without harmful effects?
Toothpics by pic-pac international.Available where please.?
I have two unstraight teeth and was wondering if i could remove them and get 2 venners to replace them?
i am severely depressed cos of my crooked teeth am 23 want braces but cant afford to go private can nhs help?
I am after a after hours or emergancy number for a orthodontist service i am in Devonport Tasmania?
I have little dark things stuck to my teeth?
Braces getting them off?
So no one will take me to the Doctors for my Wisdom Teeth...?
Is my 6 yr old's third molar a permenent tooth?
Extraction question?
I have a crossbite and a small gap. What is needed to fix?
can having a mint or brushing my teeth mask THC levels in a saliva test?
What would happen if you left a dental abcess--under a tooth down by the root--untreated? Would you die?
When do wisdom teeth need to come out. and what are the symptoms?
How much does a G-Shot cost?
dentists? anyone who would KNOW ? about retainers?
Anyone living with TMJ?
take b vitamins feel dodgy after them?
how can i start exercising?
Can you tell me what foods these vitamins can be found,TY?
Has anyone tried 'total core' that has been advertised on tv & would you recommend it?
The best ever diet you have heard? or tried?
wats the difference between protein and creatine and should they be taken 2gethr when weight training?
How to change my eating habits?
Is my diet okay? How many calories at a guess, would it come to?
I'm joining the British Army and need advice on training?
What fruits should i bring into my daily diet?
Help 14 yr old weight on Legs?
Getting married and want to lose weight?
how long will it take me to lose weight?
I have started doing a new six pack workout, but I do it everyday, is that good?
Need inspiration to lose more weight?
Hi ther everyone thankyou for getting back to me! my dog gets atleast 3 hours exercise and walking daily?
how much weight can i lose in 8 weeks?
which one of these would be best for building upper leg muscle?
What diet pills actually work?
how do i find the time to excersize?
i ma 9st 8lbs and always feel bloated,dont like the gym,would like to get down to 9 st,can you help x?
How can I bench 100kg?
Im a size 14 and want to get to a size 8-10 how can i do this?
Does anyone else struggle with their weight, because they've stopped going out in the evening, instead just?
Fitness Question? Will the Wii fit help me lose weight?
i want to change what i eat?
How do i get rid of my belly?
veins appearing all over my body? is this because of weight gain? how do i stop it?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Why do people slug away hours on a treadmill?
Losing 15-20 pounds before March 7th.. help please!?
Is this diet plan any good?
is this a good diet plan?
Whats the best Protein Bar to buy?
any way to avoid bowel cancer after gallbladder removal?
How Many Calories??????
Recommended amount of cardio per week?!?
How can i put on weight, im 15 & im really skinny, i eat loads, barely exercise & cant put on weight =/?
What is your secret to staying thin?
How to take Muscle and weight gainer?
Best weight loss plan?
So i'm stuck on this..?
high in protein low in carb / fat meals?
Burning Calories, Eating Calories, Exercise + Food?
What is happening to me?? I can't stop eating:(.. please help?
what food should i eat to achieve a six pack?
slimming world password nov 26th 2009?
i am looking for short term weight loss incentives to help me?
Is a growth spurt at 18 + possible?
need help with losing weight? need to lose 5 stone?
Please answear my question down below ASAP thankyou!?
What do you think of my measurements? (i'm a guy) oh and size estimates anyone?
Did I do the right thing?
nourishment programme help needed?
is walking a good form of cardio?
What exercise' should I do to loose that last bit of weight?
How many Calories does a 10 km jog burns?
Does it matter if you eat a lot in one sitting?
How long should i leave it before i change my exersice routine?
What did you eat today?
How many press-ups a day...?
Im 16 and i want to lose 40 pounds i run and lift every day for about 3 hours?
i am so bloated, any tips on how to deflate myself?
Lose 5 pounds in 1 week?
Im 13 years old and 10 stone exactly, is this over-weight ?
tone up me body for holiday in August?
Which is the best cardio to lose fat on your thighs..?
what is a good bedtime snack when on a diet?
I have gained 10 kilograms in 6 months?
Any advice on loosing baby weight?
best way to get smaller stomach?
How long would it take to align my open bite teeth with braces??
Will having your tounge pierced effect your gums in your later years of life?
one of my bands on my braces have come out what do i do? i just got them 1 week ago?
How much hydrogen peroxide should i use for tooth whitening?
Lingual vs traditional braces. Is one easier to keep teeth and gums cleaner/healthier than the other?
i still have?
I am getting braces in 2 weeks do they really hurt?
My daughter has compacted canine teeth. Can anyone share their experiences with getting these corrected?
Whitening toothpastes...?
Is my tongue permanently numb?
Laser Tooth Fillings?
Do u think its cool or good to hav teeth that look like vampire teeth and why?
How do you get whiter teeth with braces?
How does surgery for extracting wisdom teeth work?
How do you get rid of a horrible smell in the refridgerator? Tried baking soda!?
I'm a diabetic, and needs low cost Dentist, I have Medicare, I live in San Fernando California Thanks?
Wisdom teeth?
is there any relation between the glands drugs and lose the good teeth as a side effect????
My Lower Jaw 1 Centimetre In Front Of My Upper Jaw?
Have been told I have gum infection by dentist .Can my partner catch this off me ?
Wisdom teeth out?
Anyone ever had lack jaw at the dentist?
What can I do to give me a flat stomach?
herballife diet has anyone been on this diet?
whats the max weight i can lose in 6 weeks and dont say the healthy way?
I Need Some Vitamin Help Please?!?
will this get me ripped by july 9th?
Home gym or normal gym? which is best?
has anyone done the atkins?
can a exercise cycle make your legs fatter or will it make them slimmer?
Marathon fitness regime dilema?
6 week workout plan help?
If i spend an hour on the cross trainer a day and quite healthy will i tone up?
Am I too skinny and flat?
will i lose weight with this plan?
whats the best form of exercise to do to lose weight?
13 year old with 200bpm?
whats the thing with yoga,i wanna try it but cant see what benefits it does?
Is 1300 calories a day not enough, I am trying to lose weight but I feel really horrid?
When is the best time to exercise?
Anyone want to be a online fitness buddy?
What's best workout for perfect abs?
help me please... what is the best way 2 do it?
How can a 13 year old loose weight in 2 or 3 weeks?
If i were to use resistance bands 3 times a week for half an hour, how much muscle will i build every month?
If a guy has love handles...?
Is this lunch healthy if you are on a diet?
when you exercise does your muscle?
How can I loose weight fast?
How to build muscle on my arms from having no muscle?
Unexplained rapid weight loss!!?
yo-yo weight loss/gain?
SuperPump 205 Help Build Muscle?
Slimming World - Extra Easy?
How about the tummy tuck?
Is milk bad on an upset stomach?
Is eating 800 calories or less a day bad?
Anyone know any good weight loss dvds that actually work?
what are your opinions on size 0?
is it ok to have 1 proper meal in a day?
how to get a body with barely any fat on it fairly quickly?
what is a brain parecite?
I am going on expedition, how much weight do you think i will lose?
Losy stone in 2 days:O:O:O?
Best filling breakfast for someone trying to loose weight?
Do I have an eating disorder?
i got whey protein when do i take it for strength and muscle size?
What's the average weight for a 5"6 15 year old?
Do you think that overweight people who have lost weight, have more of a reason to show off their bodies?
How Do I Get A Flat Stomach?
How many calories are in a baked potato with cheese and beans?
Motivational Techniques....?
Gym Treadmill workout question. Please read description?
Should I train at the gym today?
How Can I Put On Weight?
can i loose 5lb in 10 days?
Can you work your legs using the bench press equipment as well?
Does a salt bath help you loose weight?
are there any good at home exercise workouts?
ive been dieting and exercising how come im not losing weight?
How can I build up from 1.5 miles to more than 3?
What type of exercise can I do? Bad knees and back.?
How do you set weight loss goals? BMI, body fat percentage, or measurements?
does anyone know the cost of a cerec crown or bridge?
Can one go blind by taking home an extracted tooth?
to cure swollen gum?
Choke on tooth ?
dentists in nsw?
If I'm too tired and lazy...?
breath question???:S?
What is the average dental wage for an experienced Canadian dental graduate?
very weird teeth problem?
GRINDING TEETH (What Else Is There)?
Pleeze help..is there anyway to get that really white teeth smile?
Is it safe to use hair bleach on your teeth?
where can I get a listing advising what items incur or don't incur gst regarding dental industry?
Sometimes when I eat I hear and feel a loud clicking from my jaw. What would cause this?
can using scope mouthwash every day harm you?
How long after getting your wisdom teeth removed can you start eating normal food?
Braces and rubber?
Need to lose 2kg in 24hrs?
droping those extra lbs ASAP!?
what is my ideal weight ?
Are weider's fat burners making me tired?
TO GUYS: to guys like skinny girls or fat girls?
Lemon water? and workout?
How many calories should I be getting?
what are the best weight loss pills?
On Average, How much water does one person use a day?
Can I Lose A Lot Of Weight In 9 Days?
how many calories in this meal and is it okay for weight loss?
How can I improve my stomach?
can help with this low BMI?
do all people with bulimia binge eat?
Why does this happen?
is my body normal messurements?
I am a guy how can I lose weight around my thigh hip area?
Is it good or bad to walk 10 miles a day?
Is it okay if I don't exercise today?
How can I make me limbs less skinny!?
the best weight tranning split routines?
Sketchy looking mole?
Is there more chance of a kid (8-13) getting cancer than there is an adult?
My daughter is loosing to much weight,could their be a medical problem?
does the zumba work out system really give you a toned stomach?
How much weight can you lose in a week drinking herbalife?
Am I anarectic? or not?
Diet !!!Can I relax it now I`m taking a Statin ?
whats the best meal replacement diet?
how do you do the splits!!!?
Diet plan and exercise for 2 weeks, how much weight can i lose? read description please?
Is there a such thing as weight gain tablets?
I want to tone up after christmas, what kind of exercises can I do at home?
Is there really a quick way to a flat stomach?
are wotsits ok to eat while on a diet?
whats the best book to get on nutrition for a six pack?
do toaning tables help you losse weight?
Am I fat, thin, or normal?
Are hunger pains a good sign of losing weight?
Am I over indulging in my eating?
Any good quick ways of loosing weight?
can anyone guesstimate her measurements n weight?
i want to lose a stone in six weeks but I have bad knees.what is the best exercise to do instead of running?
Does granulated gravy contain a lot of carbs and fat?
cant seem to burn body fat?
How to beat bloating?
Can i eat Fish and Chips if i exercise all the time and i am 74 kg's.?
how was my diet today?
How can i lose weight from my thighs without building up muscle?...?
Just started a new diet and am eating lots of fruit and veg?
Why do i hardly put any weight on?
how to lost weight healthy ?
Can your G.P prescribe free gym access in the U.K?
bulimia ruined my speed...what can i do?
Lose Weight, Gain Muscle!?
my son wants to have big biceps?
i,ve just taken up runnning again and thinking about joining a club?
what foods bloat you?
Laxatives for weight los?
healthy eating and losing weight ?
poll: does it count as exercise if?
Ahhh, hit on self esteem or what, PLEASE ANSWER...?
confused about calories, can someone explain please?!?
question about BMR and bed rest?
How can you tell if you have lung cancer?
What should be a good/average weight for a girl who is 5"7.5?
How can i get more fat on my arms?
Help me - dieting advice!!?
how much weight can i lose...?
Whats the fastest way to loose weight?
is this wierd????????????????
Protein powders please help?
which foods are carbs?
When is the Alli weight loss pill out in uk?
how many calories is this about?
Will this routine help me lose weight?
Heart/chest pains during exercise..?
Workout videos with modern upto date music?
Gaining weight help!?
How much weight can be lost in 28 days?
How to get a toned stomach and toned legs?
Good gym equipment for toning tummy?
What's the difference between Anorexia and starving?
is 8.5 stone too heavey for a 5ft 2 16 year old girl?
when your finished with braces and are onto retainers is there anything else left to do?
how much is to have your wisdom tooth removed and where ?
help! i'm scared to get a tooth extraction, because of the needle involved?
Correct order for brushing teeth?
Brackets Irritation!?
Can teeth be regrown by Stem cell or DNA injection?
How do you stop mouth ulcers from hurting so much?
the right technic for brushing teeth?
Dentists advice needed?
Chewing Tobacco?
How can we people on low incomes keep our teeth looking good?
^^ what are the pros and cons of a lip peircing?
how do i prevent cavities?
Help !! 3 weeks after wisdom teeth removal and still pain !!!?
what is the best whitening toothpaste available in australia?
personally i reckon that those that ask medical questions here are making them up or too scared to see a medic
How long does it usually take to have braces put on?
What's the best thing to use for mouth pain?
My teeth have shifted after braces, I see more of my gums.?
are radish good for you/ i eat them every day for lunch but wonder if I am getting enough nutrition.?
calories fat ??????????????????????????????????????????????????
Question about weight...?
How Much Weight Will I Lose ? ?
i need to gain alot more weight by. july 1st. as if right knaw im 5ft 5 and only way 55kg.?
Wheat Intolerant help.. please?
Do i have anorexia? i can't see what other people see apparently...?
does plj lemon juice work for slimming?
does she weigh to much?
whats the avridge healthy weight for a british 13 year old girl?
If i do 500 crunches...?
is this a good way to loose weight?
tried to get acai berry berry pills of internet but had no luck?
How can i get a 6 peck and Tight my Stomach?
*Why have i stopped losing weight whilst on a diet so soon?*?
Need to lose weight!!?
How can I lose weight off my big muscly thighs?
How many calories in...?
Taking food to work ?
Lose a little weight?
Want to be a Oncologist..but...?
what the typical meals a day for building muscle?
what is the best workouts with dumbells or excersize to develop pecks? or pills to take?
how many calories in a large big mac with fries and coke?
perfect weight for a 5'5" 16 year old girl?
why dont you go on a diet please?
what will happen if you take alli and you bmi is lower than 28??? any one know?
Lose weight in 2 weeks ?
i've got the six second abs but i haven't got the dvd does any one know a website that i could buy the dvd ?
Diet Help! (20 Characters) x?
Do I eat too much sugar?
What are the diet pills the doctor prescribes people to loose weight?
im addicted to sugar is that bad?
interval training.....?
Odwalla Super food juice is there alternative in the uk?
Can you target weight loss?
why am i doing this to myself again, weight is back!!?
what are good foods to help lose weight?
Have you tried Alli???any side effects?
child who grinds her teeth....?
Where I can find Dentinox teething GEL in OZ?
what can i take for infection around my wisdom tooth?
When are we going to see some kind of rebate for dentistry work in Australia...come on it's out of control
Receding Gums Help?
how can i get my teeth white in one day?
wisdom teeth blues?
what is the normal price of a deep cleaning for teeth?
i hv got white spots on my teeth.how to get rid of that.......plz help me out...?
does it really hurt that bad to get your wisdom teeth pulled and how many days do i need off of work?
Does our breath have a natural scent?
Just got braces! Is there anything important that you'd like to tell me?
Is dry socket charactarised by preasure, like heart beating into the tooth while walking?
Porcelain Veneers??? Are they any good? What problems have any of you experienced once applied?
How do i open the battery compartment on my ionic white, Does it really work?
Is it possible to get high off of tylenol and how???
What's the truth about Root Canal?
Is there a dentist in Australia that uses Calcium Oxide (Endocalex) instead of Gutta Perca for RCTs?
Lump on the head????