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Age restiction on protein shakes?
diet question........................?
is 5 stone underweight for a 13 year old?
what exercises can i do to tone up?
How to make the veins in my arms pop out?
Ahhh my holidays in two weeks!!?
Was i healthier then than i am now?
Im a girl and i want abs?
what one would you pick?
Whey protein made me dizzy.. Help?
please i need your opinionnnnnnnnn?
Why have I gained weight and can't seem to lose it?
Why is it so hard to lose the last 20 pound (of weight)?
What are abs? i am doing my bmi and it needs you "abs"?
OK, this is freaking me out! What is going on with my weight?
I have both bulimia and anorexia?
How much effort would need to go into indentfying hazards in the work place?
Will i tone up in 2 weeks?
reductil and xenical can you take them together?
We are told to eat 2500 calories a day. What evidence is this based on?
Am I underweight, I'm nearly 15?
how do i lose weight if i am 5 ft tall twelve and 10 stone?
im 17 and trying to build myself up - please help!?
Q: What are the best sources of vitamin E?
Help! My stomach is huge!?
whats the idifference between maximuscle products? mainly cyclone and promax? i?
should a 16 year old male take force max?
should i worry about bulking up to 70kg?
How can i make myself eat?
Gym Membership...........?
Am I Getting Enough Excercise?
14 year old girl, recently eating alot and never feeling full?
Can I still drink and smoke on the weekends whilst training for a marathon?
What is the best Exercise you can do without any equipment that uses up the most energy?
Tummy ache after eating anything.?
can you get into decent shape just by doing cardio?
i think my cusion in anorexic how can i tell.?
What kind of exercise regime should I do?
how do i get rid of a double chin? help please?
how long to see results from bodybuilding?
Does Gensing Gerimax help you lose weight?
is there a best time of the day to workout?
Does adding a lil bit of squash take away any benefits of drinking water?
what are the hazards & risk of swings,Dog’s poo,Ponds, littering,in kids park? gd detail answer 7/8 points?
am I not workingout right?
is this weight okay for me?
I am currently taking EPH30+ tablets.?
Excess fat/"redundant tissue"(?) - lipo/tummy tuck to get it removed, what's the rules on age you have to be?
why can't I cut weight?
how many weight watchers points in a fish in parsley sauce?
how much should i weigh on average!?
Can anyone suggest a good fitness DVD?
am i too skinny??? please help!!?
How many calories....?
How do I gain weight?
whats the fastest way to get a toned 6 pack at the gym?
Need help from experienced bodybuilder.?
Tai Chi Detox or Bioenergiser?
Guys, curves or skinny on girls?
COULD I lose weight and gain muscle doing this?
Is it possible to lose a stone without doing much?
Is this a realistic goal to loose 2 stone by christmas?
What's the most healthiest breakfast you can have?
I need help, i am starting the gym and need to know the correct things to eat.?
if you keep running on a bad knee....?
will i lose weight if i eat just soup and ham cobs?
is this healthy weight? i want to lose some?
im 16 and i want to get big muscles, i go to to the gym regulary and eat healthly, should i.........?
low or no carb diets advise please?
Can anyone tell me a little more about Protien Shakes?
How to thicken out my writs?
how can i lose weight/ get a flat stomach?
how can you get some one out of a routine and what should i do?
How long before I lose wieght? and how often?
anyone know how to stop comfort eating ?
how can i put on weight?
1000 calorie diet for weight loss. how much will i lose?
what is wrong with me?
Will I lose weight if I eat 24 grams of fat per day and 500 calories?
I'm 17yrs old and Im 5ft 8 and sleep 8hrs during the morning?
Which exercise machine should I buy?
Is this girl skinny, curvy or chubby?
Is it true that more salt in your diet helps you sweat less?
if it works for lindsey lohan, why wouldnt it be right for me?
I have lost about 11 pounds (I am 141 pounds) and 5'2. Will I lose weight from my face?
will this exercise help me loose fat fast?
What form of exercise is best for someone with knee problems?
how much should a 18 year old weigh who is 5ft 8 ?? what is the healphy BMI also is resotto healphy?
Whats a good snack to eat before a workout?
Is this normal weight?
How to get up early in the morning daily?
Do you think I will be able to maintain my weight with this diet plan?
Best brand of creatine?
Calorie burning after 6?
about getting a six pack ?
Will I Throw Up Again?
Why has my body shape changed?
Need to lose 5 stone.....with this, how long?
Is coconut (pure) a low carb food?
how many calories in this?
Need Help, Getting Fit!?
good diet ideas please?
how do i get a 6 pack in 6 weeks?
are all fats thats in food a slow relesing energy?
Am I Getting Enough Excercise?
Tummy ache after eating anything.?
I carnt seem to loose weight and i do loads of exercise?
i drink at least six beers a day and eat about 500 calories a day will i get fat?
what are the hazards & risk of swings,Dog’s poo,Ponds, littering,in kids park? gd detail answer 7/8 points?
Have I been exposed to radiation? Could I get cancer?
What Will My Treadmill plan do for me?
Can i still get taller at 17? (late bloomer)?
Is going on a diet of only milk, banana and water and a balanced meal in the evening a good idea?
can you do weights after you ate something?
my tummy and body LOOKS quite flat (apart from maybe my hips) but I weigh loads...?
can i split my workout routine?
how can i loose weight from legs?
If I'm a healthy weight, does it matter if my waist size is too big?
Best order to do these exercises in?
what would be a realystic weight loss targat for my friend Elly?
How much weight will I lose...?
im a bit of a health freak and ive just eaten a donut....if?
how many calories roughly have i eaten today:P:) i'm useless at this stuff lol?
Side affects of smoking weed and canabis.. what does it do?
does anyone have a york inspiration rowing machine and know how to turn the resistance up?
How much should a 5"81/2 should weigh?
Will boxing keep me from getting buff?
Do I have a problem, or is she overprotective?
how can i get more flexable?
Question about Acai Berry Detox?
does actimel make you ill? I just got a really bad throat and chest after having an actimel binge.?
Exercise, same diet, will I lose weight?
Asians are getting fatter. What frustrations do asians come across when trying to lose weight?
Need a low fat diet - how does this look?
If I do this every day, how long will it take for me to tone up? Any suggestions how I can improve this?
I'm putting on weight but why?
Tips on putting ON weight?
how much calories will i burn if i do this exercise routine?
I have braces, but the dentist didn't let me have a color, will i get a color later?
Scared of the dentist! HELP?
teeth coming in weird?
Canadian dental benifits?
what is the new salary DENTAL HYGIENIST IN 6th pay comision?
I am looking for a pediatrician who accepts new patients, in the verdun/ville emard/lasalle or close areas?
Teeth whitening?
I have yellowing teeth which are really embarasing me,can someone help me with the best solution?
I am looking for cheapest price for the dental crown (in Toronto)?
How much do braces cost?
I would like to know what would cost more a child with baby teeth or an adult to go to the dentist?
is it normal for your wisdom teeth toget pulled before they break through the gum?
i had this root canal i had the number 6 fixed it hurts should i have it pulled my family is poor and cant?
I have pain in the back of my jaw....(wisdom tooth?)?
any tricks for throbbing wisdom teeth?
I got my four teeth pulled a few hours ago?
How long does it take for teeth to rot on the inside?
Can I use orthodontic wax on my teeth?
help with teeth?
Making fake Grillz?
White pox like thing in mouth that hurts?
I'm really, really scared..long overdue cavities?
Do I have to take my retainer out while I eat?
Numb Mouth w/ Funny Taste?
Diet plans? i need it.?
Which is the best workout or yoga dvd?
I work 12 hour shifts 4 on + 4 off days + nights. How long must my break be? Thanks?
Diet Problem :( . . Holiday in 4 weeks !!?
sensible + proper diet and exercise routine to help me get slim and not muscly legs?
i need help with my weight issues ?
What is the best ceral to have in the morning?
what are your experiences with pilates?
can you do bench presses without a machine?
Best way to get a flat stomach?
How can I train to build mass and endurance without spiking Cortisol levels?
How to increase my stamina?
Stretch marks from anorexia recovery?
can someone tell me some bodyweight exercises which will get me ripped?
Why is she refusing to eat if she's just found out she's pregnant?
How can I tone my lower abs?
Which setting do i keep the cross trainer on?
how many calories is this (about)?
i have lost appetite starting january 2010?
how many press upps should i do a day?
Is it bad to fast once a week?
to build muscle do i have to gain weight?
What is the best Whey protein?
Need help on looking skinnier?1?!?
Is the maple syrup and water diet safe?
who has the best abs in body building?
how does the ab sculpting belts work?
IM losing 4 pounds a week is that unhealthy?
i am a size 14/16 If i do 1-2 hours of exercise 5 days a week and eat healthy low fat foods what size will...?
Am I eating enough....?
Just Got Braces?
Tempro Mandibular Joint Syndrome?
Really want to get my smile back and need confidence my employer pays up to 1500.00 where can I go and do?
Is it possible to get braces on only one set of teeth?
is this normal?
Braces, I get mine tomorow and I need help!?
should i get veneers!!?
I got braces about two months ago and now im starting to see more spaces than there was before??
my 15 mos old pulled her tooth out playing with the other dog, is this common.she has healthy young teeth?
Aquafresh White Trays?
is there any way i can stop my addition to candy?
My dentist says I need Braces!!?
PLEASE ANSWER im so scared to get a plate exspander or (palate exspander)?
what's more stressful: being an engineer, or a dentsit?
What is that?
Doesn't braces hurt to get put in because they dont numb your mouth?
Childs back teeth on bottom(molars) growing in improperly?
How can I get my teeth noticeably whiter in 5 days?
Can braces fix my bite problem?
Co workers bad breath?
grinding my teeth?
Am I developing a dry socket?
Do i have cancer i Feel Some pain?
I ate a McDonalds burger, and while taking a bite accidentally inhaled. A bunch of grease went in my mouth.?
is my excercise plan good?
I'm 130 pounds and 8% body fat, will it be pointless to work out? I only have 10 pounds of fat.?
is this a good strength workout?
Could i have body dysmorphia? what exactly is it?
no-carbin' it...................?
Stomach feels tight and in pain after working out?
Should i take spinning classes?
im on healthy diet what food should i eat for lunch?
What is the membership fee for Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing in Bromley?
Need to lose weight but is a really pciky eater?? HELP?
Is this a good exercise to make the waist smaller or just a waste of time?
Cheap Fittness Equipment?
Wondered why i havn't passed out or anything yet?
HOW DID SHE lose 100lbs so fast?
question of weight loss?
whats the least amount of caleries you can survive on a day?
Morning Stretches?? Anyone?
how do i know when i have?
which has more fat, milk or white chocolate?
some one find me a decline weight bench pleaseeee?
Problems Sleeping, Waking + Eating?
urgent weight loss help?
For anyone that knows about gym equipment?
I am really worried about my mate who we think is trying to be bulimic or anorexic!!?
Anyone have any good aerobic exercises?
Have I eaten too much or little today?...?
Anaerobic and aerobic training?
do you have to get a good looking body?
How can i lose muscle?
Exercise Before or After dinner?
If i take Creatine Ethyl Ester and DO NOT work out ?
has anyone tried these for weight loss?
how much weight could i loose by walking 6 miles a day?
whats wrong with me??? help please?
whats the best protein shakes to build up weight quick?
why is it important to encourage a healty diet?
Can chin ups stunt my growth?
How to stay motivated?
How Can I Gain Weight?
natural remedies for testicular cancer?
Do I Have Cancer??????????????????????
Are these symptoms of lymphoma?
I use Grizzly straight dipping tobacco, How long does it take to devolp mouth cancer?
how is the placenta similar to small intestine and lungs?
I got a regular tooth pulled out 2 days ago. Now the teeth beside it hurt a lot. is it normal???
if you have buckteeth and you get braces, what will the result be?
wisdom tooth question?
how do you heal cheeks?
I cant open my mouth wide after an extraction?
I need an emergency pediatric dentistist in Mississauga, ON for my 22 month old son!!
How do you get rid of an overbite?
Why am I having problems with gums after wisdom teeth surgery??
hey am i chewing gum addicted:( and is that bad???!!!?
i just got my bottom braces. help?
How much $ is this Periodontal treatment?
whiteish patch on front on bottom gums?
Braces And Tongue Stud??
I'm getting Teeth implants..is it worth it?
is it painful when inplant tooth is remove ?
teeth are getting loose can c10 help or other suggestions to tighten loose teeth?
Problems with wisdom teeth, and 9 month old baby?
Any successful dentists here.........?
Can your teeth still shift even though you wear a retainer?
How many times do u have to go the orthodontist? ?
I take 2 laxatives on average twice a week.?
How much should i lift on the bicep curl to be effective for muscle gain?
does smoking make you put on weight?
How can I loose around 3-5lb's in 10 days?
do i have disordered eating?
Is 7.5 miles in 38 minutes fast for a 17 year old?
I can't poo if i eat healthily?!?!?
Just want to know what the best laxative to use is and how many per day or how much per day.just need advice!?
Nutritional guides for weight training?
How to drop a dress size or two?
just a quick question on my diet!?
weight watchers points question?
Could i get ripped in 2 months by doing the following:?
How do i reduce my body fat, but gain weight at the same time?
what is the best heart rate to gain fitness?
is there a website that measure how much calories you have to consume depending of your weight?
How many calories have i eaten today?
quickest NOT best way to lose weight in two weeks?
Whats the best way to get a 6pack or "fit body" ?
I'm really scared, I've put on so much weight.?
weight watchers and pregnancy?
how have i lost 1.2 pounds a day?
How much weight would I lose?
Assessing Dietary Habits?
How reliable are the hand-grip pulse sensors on exercise bikes?
Can anyone help me with toning?
Chips or Salad which one !!!!!?
Why do people get six packs (abs)?
who can help me please!!!! im begging?
Do pull ups, chin ups, sit ups, or push ups stunt growth ?
what machines and classes will help me get Abs in the gym?
Would I lose weight if I didn't eat after 7pm?
can any body help me?
Cut time off 1.5m jog?
Just starting off at the gym, what is the best exercise? I go 3times a week for 30mins each.?
lose 2 stone and tone up?
Would I lose weight this way?
5lb weight gain in 3 days?! helpppp!?
Can you call a patient at work?
do i have colon cancer?
weight question-is it True that the people on the?
If I start by not eating so much, then I ate more and more gradually each day.....?
Just now I exercised vigourasly and now my stomach hurts, why is this?
weight loss plan help?
cristiano ronaldo daily nutrition intake?
if i follow this killer workout for the next 8 weeks, will get ripped?
when i am on night shift! All i eat is oat cakes or porridge oats?
Does microwaving vegetables retain the goodness and nutrients?
Am I the right weight?
Is this ok what I have eaten today? Trying to lose some weight!!!?
Any tips on getting fitter and growing bigger muscles?
white stains only some days?
about dental hygiene?
I'm getting braces soon and I want to know what colour I should get...?
Ow, Wisdom tooth pain.?
Questionable dental surgery....long details?
How lon gwill it take to whiten my teeth?
18 and still have 1 baby canine left,and the permenant one also came in place!!!!!!!!?
Chipped tooth What to do?
No pain but little discomfort with wisdom tooth...?
Whats it like with braces?
Three of my tooth have a small grey spots?
Owww. Wisdom tooth pain?
second part of root canal, is it supposed to be like this, helpp please?!?
I had chipped my molar, or the cavity came out, after it got fixed/filled...?
I have a bad breath problem?
lump on my lip :( help!!?
How much would it cost in canada to remove an extra tooth?
should my child get Mercury filling?
where can i buy elastics for braces?
Keeping Teeth White While EAting?
Which is harder: Bone or Metal?
OK on my 6th day now what?
PLEASE HELP i didnt react to the medication at the dentist?
Food disgusts me... Eating once every few days?
Overweight and Needing Help?
im 14 and i weigh 8.5 stone and i have got a round face and tummy but i don't no if im over Weight?
How long do Beechams Powder Capsules take to work?
15 mins on stepper each day?
Would I lose weight if I did this?
What is the recommended allowance of fat, carbs & protein per day?
How long will it take to safely lose 3 stone?
what is 45"x65" in cms please?
does sweat smell differently depending on what we eat?
How can I speed up my Metabolism?
need to lose 1 stone body fat, or else wont fit into my wedding suit next month, whats the fastest way, how?
docters for a bad diet!?
What can I do to get thinner legs?
Do you have any tips on this?
where should i place dead lifts in my work outs legs or back?
will cycling to college every day and swimming a few times a week..?
comment about bulimia/anorexia.?
help me with dinner please?
what exactly does BMR mean?
Is my weight bad for my age?
after the body goes on starvation mode, will it ever get off it or will the metabolism just be slow indefinite?
how do i build muscle mass after anorexia?
is three pints of water in one go bad for you?
Scars on my fingers will they go away?
What is the government doing to prevent obesity in children and teenagers?
Taking T5s while on Lipotrim?
how long does it take to lose weight when at the gym?
is my excercise plan good?
I'm 130 pounds and 8% body fat, will it be pointless to work out? I only have 10 pounds of fat.?
How to get past a plateau?
If i starved all day then ate at night what would happen?
Does anyone know the Slimming World password for w/c 22 February?
dentists please look (DENTIST QUESTION)?
What age do you floss and use fluoride on your child's teeth, my daughter is gonna be two next month?
can your wisdom teeth be extracted..?
Throbbing in my molar?
Wisom teeth, swollen?
What tooth brush Brand do you use? WHY? and also, Do you use a soft, medium or hard bristle tooth brush. WHY?
What can excessive brushing do to your teeth?
How much is teeth whitening?
Im worried about getting dry socket?
affordable, effective white teeth?
Where can I get a Smilegem for my tooth in Vancouver BC?
Will braces fix the gap into between my two front teeth?
Can braces make you sick?
invisalign and blocked ear?
Should i be getting the metal plate taken out of my jaw or should it be staying in?
Is chewing gum good or bad for you?
Teeth Sensitive & Sore?
Im 14, having pain in my mouth. Could it be wisdom teeth?
is it safe to use those crest whitening strips at home?
What coulor braces should i get?
Can you use 'Polident Daily Care' to clean your retainers?
Frequent Canker Sores?
Will a labret piercing damage my teeth?
Weight On A Rope & Pull Towards?
do weight pills help?
what are antioxidents good for ?
why shouldn't you eat before and during exercise?
which is best for the army muscular endurance , strength or power ?
anyone know where to get colon clense from ?(shop not onlne)?
Exercise with a skipping rope?
What can i do to burn 1000-1500 calories a day?
WILL I LOSE MUSCLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
By One day, IS IT possible TO get fat/gain NOTICABLE weight by the FOLLOWING morning ?
45 minutes workout.. how many calories burned?
Is this a healthy weight for my height?
Have I eaten too much today?
I think I have gallstones because I have these painful attacks (pin pain) on my upper abdomen area. I went...?
Need Colon resection for a colon polyp with no insurance?
how hard is it to become a fitness instructor?
how long should I work out on treadmill and crosstrainer for,in one session?
How can I "bulk up" and loose fat?
Diet for gym/ weight Training?
how to I tighten the skin on my stomach area? will loosing weight do this?
What are the best ways to get rid of a belly and thighs?:)?
Do hyper people burn more calorie?
hi, i dream about having a flat stomach and thin legs, does anyone have a solution?
I've started going to the gym just to tone up. but now i'm getting stressed out...?
Should I lose a bit of weight?
Can i reach my body goals in 4 months?
How best to exercise?
Where can I download/install the fat burning furnice for FREE?
Which UK gyms do under 16's sessions?
in 50 days can i lose 2 and a half stones?
Is this ok to eat for a healthy dinner?
Why is the weight just dropping off of me?
What vitamins are available for weight gain?
Am I the most unhealthiest person ever?
If your hardly eating anything during the day, will you gain weight if that little bit of food is unhealthy?
I need to lose a stone by the end of April?
Is Complan any good for weight gain?
is 12-14 weeks enough time to get a good body?
i have a pallet expander, what foods should i eat/not eat?
cracked front tooth????????????????????????????????
What is the salary of a dentist in Calgary?
Is it normal that since I have braces, my chin is looking bigger?
how much are veneers in canada?
teeth pulled without anesthetic?
Not wearing retainer for 4 days, will it mess up my teeth?
Questions about Crest Whitestrips?
How much does teeth whitening usually cost? And do you have to have more then one session?
Braces question,.....?
My two front teeth are spreading apart?
iBraces, I have a few questions?
how long can I last without retainers?
How can I whiten my teeth?
Getting braces off?!?
Question about lumineers vs bonding?
Do crest whitestrips work?
FIlling, and cold water?
Why do my teeth do this?
How much does it cost to have a crown placed on a molar?
Braces Please Help!!!?
If a dentist takes a mold for partial dentures, and the dentures don't fit, do you have to pay again?
Will staying fit and healthy now help me be healthy and supple when I am old?
Jogging twice in a day for 40 minutes the same as jogging 2 days in a row 40 minutes each?
calories and fat in food?!?
am I loosing weight by doing this?
Is it better to do 4 sets per exercise? and is 5 days a week good for working out and what is a good schedule?
do diet shakes work any advice?
what would be the daily protein intake to maintain 14st as a bodybuilder?
One week of strength training - effects noticeable?
how many weight waters points in fun gums?
What is the importance of micronutrients in the diet?
protein and creatine?
how do u get defined muscles fast?
how to tone the body quick??!?
Anyone tried "Alli" slimming tablets ?
I've been going to the gym for 3 months and no weight loss?
I think I have Bulimia and I NEED to stop?
Is this a good workout?
what is 703 kg converted into stone? & 703lb into stone?
I need a diet and exercise regime that works quick, help please?
Any advice, healthy eating but dying for some junk!?
Does it seem like I have a possible Brain Tumor?
Flax seed oil increases the risk of prostate cancer?
What's this lump on my left forearm?
need advice about how much to eat and exercising?
How do I work my lower abs?
When will i begin to burn muscle?
Is this workout a good idea?
do i need to worry about calories?
Shall i join gym or not?
how to stay disciplined?
how can I lose body fat fast?
what would you eat in a day if you didnt gain weight EVER?
Where to get liposuction in the UK?
is my sister's spare tire unhealthy or is she just tubby?
whats the best exercise?
Has anyone been taking pilate lessons? do u enjoy it and hw long did it take for u to notice results?
how can you tell how fast your mettabolism is?
what happens if you dont eat?
Is it ok to do crunches like this?
im a female i weigh 164 and im 5"8...?
whats the best or a more extreme way to loose weight and tone up?
My mate is really skinny and lost a lot of weight....?
is my weight too low?
is the milkshake i make unhealthy?
I have a small frame but a quite large round belly, any help?
I would like to start going to the gym by don't know where to start from?
does it hurt to get braces on , and how much do they cost?
Do Root Canals Hurt, what should i excpect?
what is worse: drinking beer w/retainers or not wearing retainer...?
Bleeding out the mouth a lot, for the last 4 hours?
WiSdOm TeEtH Question??
can teeth be too small for braces?
Any ideas for colour of braces?
Can Novamin really "remineralise" decayed tooth and give continual relief to sensitive teeth?
getting Invisalign braces?
There is a tooth under my permanent tooth.?
Sharp Edge Where Wisdom Teeth Extracted?
My teeth are smaller on my right side of my mouth...?
Where can I buy a bite-wing pro?
is it possible to cut the top of m y gums so that my teeth seem higher?
so i have the info now that after a root canal the temporary filling will come out and the crown will?
should i close my teeth tight, now that i have braces?
Why does the inside of my mouth have a blister?
Teeth in bad condition?
A few questions regarding my recent wisdom teeth extraction?
Can braces effect my talking/singing?
How much for a new dental retainer if you don't have any insurance?
I am on a diet, will two cans of beer be very detrimental to me weight loss?
how many calories do you burn per hour walking up a mountain?
I want to tone my stomach help?
Is this ok???????????
Slimming world advice please...?
is it better to eat, rest and then exercise or exercises and then eat?
kidney pains after eating?
I'm looking for a cross trainer for £100 or less?
Mma workout schedule?
is there anyone who lives near eastleigh hampshire who can help me lose weight please?
Is creatine healthy ??, and please help !!!!!!?
does the rainbow diet make you thin?? yes or no please answer?
Fitness routine help!?
Is this girl fat and what size do you think she is?
why are bananas such a big deal when they have the same calories as a chocolate bar.?
Wanting to lose 4 stone, advice, ideas and support.?
how do i shed a stone?
What is a good protein and fattening shake that i can use without whey protein?
Approximately how many calories would I have burned walking for 6 hours at the speed of 3mph?
Workout plan help please?
Is this overweight for a 14 year old girl??
how can i stop snacking on cornflakes?
I am cancer patient and i need to know?
Can acne grow on a cancer lesion?
What are some American charities that work with researching AIDS and Cancer?
Why is exercising not working?
1 stone in 6 weeks ...can i lose it? no drop ads please?
Help me out P90X Workout Day 24?
how is it possible that i have put on this amount of weight?
Can I do bodyweight exercises daily?
how much protein per kg should i ingest?
Best Exercises?? Help!!?
need to gain 2 stone..HELP?
good exercise for slimming stomach down?
how do I stop eating so much so that I dont have to make myself sick?
How much Yoga should I do a day/week to get toned?
anyone know a good diet sheet for ibs?
Past few days i've only eatten 500 calories...?
Will i gain any weight (I kind of binged today)?
How many calories have I eaten?
What is the best way to carry my protein shake powder while on the go?
l am trying to loose weight and currently exercising for 1 hr everday . is this enough . l have cut out dairy?
Am I overweight for my height?
Eating disorders........?
can drinking make you gain weight?
Why can't I loose weight?
Why am i not losing weight?? (its been 3 weeks)?
i have recently lost my girlfreind and am convinced it is because i put on weight, can i lose 3st in 2mths?
Am I too thin? How can I gain weight when nothing works?
putting on weight, tell me how to please?
What are the names of some good natural laxatives?
how many calories in tea?
Around what weight should I aim for to fit into a (UK) size 6 if I am 5'2"?
can i lose weight by july?
Blaoting problem, please help :)?
My mum says I've put on weight. How do I lose it?
Even if you eat less than the GDA of calories, can you still get a flabby stomach?
3 Questions.....plez help.......?
How long till flat toned stomach?
Cabbage soup diet...should i have lost weight by day 2?
will the cereal diet be better than what i am eating now?
Help losing weight?...?
i need help with diet eating plan?
why cant i put on any weight?
Is this a good dietary/exercise plan for a slimmer and more muscular body in under 8 weeks?
I am slowly trying to lose weight...is it ok to eat pizza?
Is this a healthy dinner?
Retainer question, help?
Is this a gum problem, or teeth problem. Im in pain.?
I was wondering how long you should wiat befoer playing sports after gettign your wisdom teeth removed?
Can you have a dog in a dental practice?
I have an ortho appointment tomorrow and...?
What to eat - Wisdoom teeth out?
I have some gaps in my teeth what can i do ?
How Can U Get Braces For Cheaper? Plz Help!?
Im gonna get my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out?
Surgery/TMJ questions?
Invisalign Questions....?
What is an absessed tooth exactly?
Is eating hot food bad for your teeth?
Do you think I have TMJ?
how much does an i-touch cost?
Purging and teeth damage?
How old do you have to be to get your teeth bleached?
How long does it take the orthodontist to put fixed retainers on teeth?
wisdom teeth and eating?
How old do you have to be to use crest white strips?
When i floss one part of my teeth bleed?
Is meow meow/Mkat better to take in smaller doses more frequently than bigger doses less regularly?
what does it mean when you burp atfer eating?? does it mean indigestion? does that food turn to fat?
does kalonji oil help to loose weight?
will i gain weight from having nothing all day but then having kfc for tea?
how many situps would i have to do a day to gain a 4 pack ?aswell as exercise?
what kind of body type do i have? *reposted in the correct section!*?
Am concidering recovery shakes for aching muscles after sport...would i be better off with build up powder?
I really want to lose weight rapidly....what can I use or do?
Im 16 im 5,10 and weigth 240 i wanna lose weigth and gain muscle i go to the gym 5 days a week?
Can selenium and iron supplements be taken together?
Tips for today??? Healthy advice?
I have a 5 pecks. Is this normal?
diet pills please answer?
i want to benchpress at home wihout a spotter. is there some way of setting up my bench to let this happen?
Does anyone know the slimming world password after running (sat 15th may)?
avon reps health benefits go in effect how soon?
Muscle gain questions?
Why is frying worse than grilling?
best way to get rid of or reduce the apperance of stretch marks?
How to grow taller fast?
i need help to GAIN weight?
looking for somebody to get fit with in my area?
Colin operation question?
the doctor says they found a mass on top of my uterus. i'm stage 2 when its five its cancer. is it cancer?
i have stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma?
who gives enema treatments?
Do "Crest Whitening Strips" remove small yellow marks?
Can I take Advil (ibuprofen) instead of Tylenol 3 for my wisdom teeth?
When I have braces can I eat sugar free jelly?
how can i get whiter teeth fast.?
Getting Clear Braces?
Owie :( my jaw and gums are hurting BAD!! WHAT IS ITS ISSUE?? HELP?
omg i hate my smile..:'{?
When you get braces....?
would a surgeon or a orthodontist be a better job? and why?
What is the price range to get a filling for a cavity in Alberta, Canada?
i am confused on dental insurance. please help?
My Bottom Teeth,Someone plz Answer?
teeth hurting around extraction site, is that normal?
Do braces hurt? cause im really scared?
Have you ever used crest white strips more than once a day?
My jaw is locked....help!?
I have had braces for about 2 months. I've had an overbite before my braces, and now it has gotten worse!?
My 2nd last tooth is loose. Is it supposed to be?
Wearing an retainer to school?
Do crest White strips really work? ( i dont really have yellow teeth..just a couple shade off.. :) )?
Is it illegal if the former denist retired without notify his customer and pass to next dentist?
pics included am i fat ?
What exercises to help tone?
mi fiancee needs to be put on a diet?
how much should i do at the gym for the first time?
how can i lose 4 dress sizes in 2 month and keep the weight off?
is 7 1/2 stone safe for someone with the height of 5ft 2?
I've started doin push ups to get fitter but get drain at 5 puush ups is this normal?
got eating disorder...?
am i short, tall, average?
eating disorder.....no silly answers thankss?
Reducing body fat % through exercise? No diet changes.?
Does the name fabian make you think of a fat person?
slim fast, how much weight have you lost ??
How to keep fit during exams?
How many calories have I burned roughly (:?
is this possible?!?!?!?
Any suggestions for how to gain healthy weight?
i really want to get skinny...help me please :)?
In your opinion, would you say I exercise enough daily?
is decline pressup for your lower chest and incline pressup for upper chest? thankk you?
Is it okay to eat 3500 calories every day?
Are my body weight numbers normal?
Is this a good health plan for a complete fitness novice?
2 hours of exercise in the morning then 2 hours at night for 12 weeks?
is it possible to gain 4 pounds of musle a week for 3 weeks?
Xenical tablets .... help .....?
im going to try to lose some weight this summer. does this seem like a good work out?
Afternoon everyone. I wish to start a weight training programme. I also wish to lose some flab.?
how long will it take to see physical changes if i start to run?
How many calories in this Sunday Lunch?
What are weight watchers points?
I have binge eating disorder - will I ever lose weight again?
how much do i have to weigh to be in a uk size 8?
Help please - weight question!!?
What is Lecithin? And what does it do?
How to motivate myself to lose weight?
Does drinking milk makes me taller?
How do I sort out my arm proportions?
my friend wants to know how much weight she would lose if...?
Am I Overweight? Ways To Loose Weight? Quickly?
Is it bad to eat bread a few hours before you go to sleep?
does any one know about the "wheat bread" diet plan ? are there any consequences ?
Would I lose weight this summer....?
How can I lose weight around stomach area?
Could this be cancer?
Getting a crown soon?
Help!! Got a filling done..but now in more pain then ever!!!?
What is an exercise that the stars do to strenghten their jaw?
What is this gum commercial?
If you get a Gum lift...?
How do I locate a "reputable" Dental Practice in Ontario, Canada?
do you think this is worth getting braces?
After wisdom teeth removed, cluster of tiny hard bumps normal?
witch is cheaper invisalign teen or braces?
How Often Should I Go To The Dentist For A Cleaning/Checkup?
how much braces cost on average in Canada ?
bone shards-do they fall out naturally or do i need a dentist to remove them?
how do i get whiter teeth !?
I got one little sore inside my mouth a few days ago and now there multiplying and I dont know what they are?
Is dental wax avaialble at pharmacy sections of superstores or at pharmacy shops ?
Aquafresh iso active?
Does it hurt while you're just starting to get braces for the very first time and then having them to stay put?
Should i wear my retainer all the time?
do you think braces are painful?
Braces Colors???????????????????????
whats wrong with my tooth?
Need some advice on braces?
How do I tell my Boyfriend About my Binge Eating and Purging?
am i supposed to ache after going to the gym?
how many grams of fat should a 12 year ols girl have ?
What Protein diet and Complete Workout do i need!!!?? PLEASE HELP?
Problem with constipation?
if i eat 1500 calories but go over my daily fat limit will i gain weight?
right arm gives up before left arm does anyone else get this?
Is UK size 6 too small for a 5'7" female? I am currently UK size 12, UK size 6 is my aim...?
Slimming world diet............................?
My last night before I start a strict 800 calorie diet?
What should I do? Lose the weight in the certain areas I want to or build muscle in those areas?
are all these food bars healthy?
How quickly can I get rid of water rentention?
Diet question!!!!!!!?
what are some exercise's to lose fat in your lower abs?
Is it normal to crave salt/salty foods?
Am I eating okay or too unhealthy?
healthy or not ?please help?
Good Healthy Meal Schedule?
There is pizza on the kitchen table - to eat or not to eat?
when you lose weight where does it come off first?
I'm to skinny. Please help me. I'm turning 16 this year and i weigh 38kg.?
exersize over the summer?
Do I have skin cancer on my lip? (Strange freckle/spot)?
am i at risk of lung cancer from just ONE incident?
Please help. I have someone in my family with stage 4 lung cancer ....?
Im 23 and dying of terminal cancer and my family is in denial and dooesnt believe that i am. What should i do?
in your opinion which weight would i suit best...?
Does these seem like a good diet plan?
How many calories should a 14 year old girl have a day?
Is there really an easy diet that works?
im 12 i wanna lose 30 lbs i weigh 115 can you help?
where to buy eph30 complex pills?
Will a person gain weight if they're skinny but have slow metabolism and eat one veggie burger a day?
Why can't I stop eating?
Gym , healthy eating ,two weeks?
How do i stay strong in a diet ?
how many calories can i burn off in a day without exercise?
134POUNDS- 6FT1 [ what should my eating be like & what type of exercises should i do to gain a 6PACK & ]?
Question about diet and exercise! HELP!?
I have bought the hannah watermans dvd and now have slowly managed to do the whole dvd.Is that ok?
How to GAIN weight in thighs and carves with supplements and no gym membership?
Atkins diet vs Healthy diet?
Karate, arms gone sore, does this mean muscles are growing?
how old do you have to be to join David Lloyd's?
Loosing 2-3% body fat?
When will I see results in the gym, and what tips can you give me?
what is your weight in stones and ounces if you are 182kgs?
16 year old thigh size?
is 15.22 a good time for 2 miles?
how do i get big....and not dont mean down below ..mean in the gym!!?
what is faster in terms of weight loss?..........?
What effective exercises are there to get thinner thighs/ legs?
ive been going the gym now for 2 weeks and i cant see any difference?
Advice on how to start jogging?
Need help with lowering body fat percentage?
will I die even thought I am eating?
How much exercise should i do in a week????
how many pull-ups should i be able to do?
I Have Done Vigourous Exerice, My Clothes Are Getting Looser and I Am Still The Same Weight Whats Going On?
eating daily intake (3 questions) please answer ^^?
im 15 stone 5 now im looking to lose about stone stone half in 12 weeks is it do able?
If I ride my bike everyday for an hour...?
Do you think I will lose 20 lbs by the end of the summer?
Best abs exercises in the gym?
Is going to see a nutrionist worth the money?
if you have eaten alot of sugar but burn it off is it still bad for you? e.g toxic?
If a person is on a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet ...?
Did this video make YOU cry too?!?
last stage for bladder cancer?
least common cancer types?
which is biggest in dermis papillary or reticular?
what should I eat for dinner?
Are there any cheap but effective protein shakes ?
What exercises can I do to lose inches off my thighs and calves?
Im 14 and i weigh 5 1/2 stone. We go to the doctors regulary and dieticians but they dont really bother eveyti?
i am 13 and i have streach marks help !1?
what are those bits called sort of below your stomach?
how many calories did i eat today?
What would you like to ask?how long to lose 10 pounds, im 120 ish?
i am finding it hard to eat health as anyone any helpful tip on how to eat the right things?
How to get a body / six pack like these people? Help please!?
Why am I suddenly putting on so much weight?
Why am I not losing weight?
Does "curvy" mean fat or just proportioned?
how many calories in a tiny bit of cheese?
My parents are convinced I'm anorexic?
where can i buy organic grade b maple syrup in auckland new zealand?
I need to tone my Legs Bum and Tum in 4 weeks?
1,000 calorie diet! any tips?
Do you think that my weight's bad?
Is around 1300 calories per day a healthy amount to lose weight?
When you lose/gain weight do u lose/gain it in the same areas of your body each time?
What's the best way to get fatter?
What is a good way to lose weight?
I got a nightguard 8 weeks ago and I've already cracked it in half on both sides?
this is my first time getting braces and im getting them tomorrow is there any pain at all when getting them?
for people who had braces..?
crest classic whitestrips...?
How can i get rid of a bloody lip?
Hi, my name is Nour and i really need your help i want a simple way that helps me to make my teeth whiter?
how bad the swelling can get after tooth extraction?
whats the best whitening tooth paste?
I have braces and the front on my gums are smooshed together?
how do you get the swelling to go down ?
What's the deal with dead teeth?
Should I be back to normal by then? (wisdom teeth)?
they have me on antibiotics for tooth or gum infection from failed root canal infection hasnt gone away?
Afraid Of Dental Appointment?
Can an "extra" tooth just show up?
can you have a lip ring with braces ?
why cant i open my jaw wide?
I forgot to wear my elastics for my braces! HELP PLEASE!?
I lost my retainer!!!?
I am looking for a Kid Friendly Dentist in the Mississauga / Brampton Area.?
Which branch of medicine do you visit if you have jaw discomfort?
Who does Dwarfism affect the most?
how would removal of 95% of the stomach to treat severe ulcers or cancer affect the digestion and absorption?
Fundraising ideas for a Relay For Life Booth? (Like what type of things should we sell?)?
Lymph Node Biopsy Question?
Does anybody know what this weight/strength training equipment is called?
Can i just drink a protein shake without working out?
Specific plan to get ripped?
Is it safe to store various vitamins in the same container?
Chest - Am i working out correctly?
Atkins diet question?? how long will it take..?
So my knee is wrecked right now(but i dont want to compromise my exercise)?
Will I be able to reach my ideal weight and improved health by the end of 2010?
Help!!! How many more calories?!?!?
iPhone App / Website that shows virtual route across the world?
What is the difference between slim and thin?
anyone fancy joining me in my quest to lose weight for summer? :D?
again diet buddy of 16 to email and lose weight for the summer?
Pure Hoodia... Any websites you can recommend?
I go gym 4-5 times a week. Looking to lose roughly 1.5 - 2 stone as Im 29 years,18 stone and 6ft1. Any tips?
Blood pressure 105 and pulse rate 93? optimal?
Exercise regime - little bit of help please?
i want to lose 28 pounds !?
im tyring to loose 1 stone in 2 weeks will this diet help?
how to gain weight fast?
what do the nutritional numbers actually mean on food labels?
PROBLEM: i get hungry at 4p.m everyday?
would you lose of weight walking 9 miles a day?
5'5 what's the ideal female UK size for this height?
what clothes size would a girl, 5 ft 6, 115 lbs be, on average?
please answer its important!!!- to me?
Lots of reps in 1 set. Will this show results?
how do you loose 5 pounds quickly ?
Is This a Healthy Meal For The Day. ?!?
Any ideas for breakfasts under 200 calories?
how long would it take to see a difference to your muscles after starting the gym?
my diet seems ok, but its only 1000 cals help?
I want to lose at least 10 pounds in one month, where do I start, how many calories a day etc?
is 15 stone a good weight to be?
Help, I'm putting weight on rather than losing it!?
i have trouble with weight issues?
How many calories do i burn per jump if I'm jumping rope?
If I already have a toned body, how do i make my legs slimmer?
Why do i keep retaining fluid a day after an endurance ride.?
How do you throw up correctly?
Can you ever lose your natural speed. If your out of shape and regain your fitness will your speed be affected?
Please, recommend a diet while body building?
I'de like to buy a new yoga mat but do not know what to look for and whats the best?
i have 63 days to loose as much weight as possible, suggestions?
how can i try to loose weight without my mum knowing ?
How can I make laetrile?
Is there a cure for Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer?
There's a lump on my hand and knee. Do I have cancer?
Case Study; Biology project. White Blood cell, hematocrit, and platelet count of someone with melanoma?
Anyone know of side effects with Gleevec?
i only had 1 ct scan to check for appendicitis everything came out fine but im so scared about the radiation..?
How long will it take me to loose a stone.. ?
whats a good way too....?
im 16 and i eats loads but i dont put no weight on im 6ft 2 and 11.3 stone why dont i put weight on?
If i was too... ( 20 characters )?
Is my weight okay...........?
what weight should i be?
Weight training question- Can anyone give me an example of what a "superset" is and also what is HIT and HIIT?
Thigh/Leg Exercise .....?
anybody know a lot about healthy eating? nutrition etc.?
The maple syrup diet?
I'm 5ft 71/2, is a 27 inch waist too big?
what is better for losing weight?
is this a bad weight for my height?
what are the best exercises to loose inches from your chest need to loose like 4 in 4 weeks?
Pic of body.... your opinions?
Does Anyone know how many calories i burned running up and down my stairs for 10 minutes?
how many calories do i need take?
have i eaten enough today?
if you skip dinner do you put on weight or is it myth?
I am Joining the RAF, and i am doing my training, i can only do 20 press ups in one set!, Is this bad or good?
What exercises can i do to reduce my waist?
What do you think this means?
some times when i excersise after mostly if it has been a hard training session i get bad anxiety?
what's the best & most healthiest way to lose weight?
What causes jaw deviation?
How to whiten teeth without strips etc.?
How much pain will I be in?
how do i find a good toronto or mississauga orthodontist?
I have dental surgery to remove my wisdom teeth tomorrow and I have asthma?
Do I have TMJ or is it something else?
My wisdom teeth are coming in what would you recomend to help with the pain?
I used whitening strips while I had braces?
Can a dentist remove a silver tooth crown and replace it with a white one?
Can i ask my orthodontist to remove my braces a week earlier?
tooth extraction is it easy?
Is there any way i can get my teeth whiter without having to go buy things?
root canal retreatment?
Should I get my tooth pulled out?
I saw my gums are getting dark near teeth?
im 15 and have 12 canine teeth?
Gums are aching at the back where wisdom teeth is , how can I stop the pain?
People keep making references to my weight...?
wii fit daily routine?
Carbohydrates, help please?
Im as lazy as ****! how do i motivate myself?
what is a healthy well balanced lunch for when im at school?
If i drink protein shakes after my workout..?
i need to lose weight fast?
I'm on a diet and my friends don't know - how do I get out of a meal without telling them?
Can too much vegetables make you feel bloated?
Help with Atkins....?
I just made up a song......what do you think?
Im a man and want to lose a stone fast.I cant do a diet how many calories shud i have per day to loose weight?
going on holiday for 5 days!!! how to avoid ruining a diet?!?
does being fat (not obese) make a difference getting a girlfriend?
How much should i weigh?
Am I too skinny/put on good weight?
will more rest and more calories help?
shall i go to the gym or workout at home?
Will I get a 'washboard' stomach this way?
recently embarked on a diet and exercise regime...?
why arent i losing weight?
what happens when the organic part of the brain is injured?
How can you avoid Teen Cancer?
what is used in smokes?
Natural way on making teeth whiter?
How to get rid of gum erosion?
Does constant pain in my upper jaw mean an impacted wisdom tooth?