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Will losing weight make your face thinner?
how mqny calories is in a gregs pastie??
URGENT Weight Loss!?
if i run evry other day for half an hour how much weight do you think i could lose i a month?
how do I loose 20 pounds in 3 weeks?
how many times a week should i exercise ?
I HATE My Height!?
best way of slimming?
speed help me?
How can I gain weight?
Hi help me.. I want to loose some serious weight?
do low carb diets really work?
How heavy a barbell should I lift?
My son who is eighteen wants to build muscle naturally!?
Close to Anorexia?
how do you know if your overdoing it while training?
have you ever tried a "slim-fast" diet? is it successful?
good diet to follow that does work?
What's the best diet for losing a lot of weight fast?
i am 7 months pregnant?
does food have a cirtain place it goes?
swimming question?
how many calories in a cup of tea with 2 sugars and milk?
Hi , i measured myself in science class and im !.57 metres , what height is this ?
i dont want lose weight. i only want my muscle to be toned help me.?
how to lose noticable wieght in a week?
does anyone out there ever feel like they are always on a permanent diet? i always feel?
does protein powder make you stronger?
how to lose weight quick, ive got a fat tummy everywere else is fine,got a big nite out next saturday,plz help
what is the most number of miles you have walked in a day?
i have adeep fat frier but havelost yhe bookleton fimings etc itis ithink ausers manual can i download acopy?
Jordan lost 2 stone in 6 weeks on this diet, was this mostly water weight or could you lose fat doing this?
will i lose weight if i just dont eat?
Which kills quicker, too few, or too many calories?
have u got any ideas about how i can improve ma fittness,apart frm runnin,push ups,pull ups ,gym etc?
I need help.................?
Need Something To Doooo!?
Loosing Weight?
Do you think people will ever learn?
Atkins diet!!?
chocolate is good for health?
Too fat for Bikini?
Maximuscle confusion?
Can i be big and strong,on a vegan diet.?
Vitamins, Minerals, Iron, Nutrients, proteins, Calcium tablets ? Good for what ?
What should the height and weight of a 14 year old girl be????
How do you convert lbs into kg?
am i too fat ?
has anyone had a small lump appear at the injection site after a stereotactic breast biopsy?
Could I have cancer?(Pics&information)DOCTORS PLEASE HELP!?
do girl like a sixpack or big arms ??
Is this ok?
How old do you have 2 be for a tummy tuck?
does swetting when exercising help clear your skin up if u have spots?
i wana lose weghit?
can my doc put me on a liquid diet? i need 2 loose 5 stone, cant afford lighterlife!?
energy foods?
I need help but I don't think I'm brave enough to ask for it - I think I'm anorexic.?
this may sound strange but....can any slim girl please tell me what their daily diet comprises of...?
Hugely Bloated, Help!?
Was my diet healthy today?
i hate my weight?
where do you think looks the best place for a girl to carry fat is?
why is grapefruit reccommended for diets? is tinned grapefruit the same?
has anyone tried the lighter life diet?
wot pills for boosting metabolism?
Which is the best?
I workout all for an least 60mins a day, i have a healthy diet..why cant i lose more weight?
Hi, I wonder if anyone can advise me which is much more healthier and less fattening oatcakes or ricecakes?
Power/Losing weight?
Olive oil, consume or not 2 consume?
I want to go on a diet - could you help me?
how long does this surgery take if you have cancer?
i have a hard bump on the right side of my neck, i have had it since i was a kid but it has gotten bigger?
Do i have cancer i Feel Some pain?
How much weight would I lose if I decided to eat only 1000 calories per day?
Where can I find information on carb levels of fruits and veg?
i'm 5'7 and currently weigh?
why am i so underweight?
right, i sweat like a pig haha whats the best doederant?
what is the ideal weight for a 17 year old who is 5ft 1"?
This is a qeustion for men*...?
im 16, healthy weight and i still look fat??
If i do this for 2 months?
help with wieghts plz read im sure you can help me and il give u 10 points?
is the atkinson diet good for you?
why is energy drinks bad for you lot of people say this?
I am a beginner at the gym?
im a 16yr old girl. around 5'5" and a size 10... but some how i look really fat.. help?
how is swimming good for you to lose weight?
how long does it take to lose?
How many points am I allowed on Weight Watchers Points Plan?
i want to gain muscle not fat, i weight train three times a week, help????
Why arent i losing weight anymre :S?
Is it bad to exersize with make up on?
will u put any weight eating 2000 calories in a day??
right then i am 16 and i love to surf but......?
pink patch and hoodia?
Hunger Shots do they work ?? Just had one still starving anyone tried them?
Somewhat high blood calcium and chronic low-grade fever... WHAT'S WRONG?
unexplained weight gain?
How do I get a girl to show her tummy if out and about?
If I am on a GI diet what kind of food can i eat?
anyone tried this?
how long is it gonna take to get a six pack?
Im 18 and wiegh 65kg...is it overwieght?
Gain muscle mass?
I'm 14 and 5.5 and I weigh between 9 1/2 stone and 10 stone. How can I lose weight?
how can i make my legs/thighs thinner?
I'm 13 years old i have just started puberty can i make my muscles bigger yet?
has anyone tried the pink patch?
Going from a lowcarb diet to a low fat diet, will this cause me to gain weight?
A typical class A address,,, can anyone tell me which o
how to you say your mum is fat in french???
Exercise and daily calories?
What was the "You can pinch more than an inch" about?
are you on a diet?
From starving myself to binging....what has happened to me?
how can i loose 1inch off my waist in 1 week ?
Does anyone know of a way to lose a bit of excess weight from the hips thighs and waist only?
Which is better?
am i anorexic? or too fat?
how is the sugar in fruit good for us?
whats the best way to loose weight quickley?
So does being a size 0 make you happier ???
What is this weeks group password fo slimming world...i forgot to get it?
I'm so hungry right now, help????
I am cooking in 40c heat I have lost about half a stone in the past couple of weeks?
Fat upper arms?
I have two months to take 4 inches of my waist..How can I do this?
what would you prefer a sixpack or muscley arms?
what is the average weight for a 13 year old girl at 5.4lbs?
When starting a new exercise regime is it normal to gain "muscle weight"?
Is it possible to lose flab without exercise?
How to improve a Gym??
Health question?
Ripped six pac.?
What foods and dinks are best for diets?
What is the best exercise to get fit and healthy and also what would i have to eat?
15 year old male doing wates. how much should i lift and how often?
diet question please help thankyou :)?
I am 14,am 5'4,weigh 98 lbs,and am a vegetarian,and excersise 2.5 hrs everyday. am I healthy?
Do you keep an eye on your weight?
what is the ideal weight for a 16yr old female that is 5ft 4???
does ADIOS help in weight loss?
anyone know any other excersizes to help me?
Has anyone tried the Apple Cider 600??
Lose weight??!!!?
getting a six pack?
im going on a diet?
what is the best supplement to gain muscle for a slim person?
Making porridge sweeter?
have got fat and boyfriend made comment? help?
how many calories will i burn?
I'm I over weight or under weight?
is being a vegie healthy?
need to lose weight am i doing good so far?
How can I loose 60 lbs in about 2 1/2 months?
How much weight could you lose?
My bmi says i'm normal but i'm not happy?
losing my stomach?
If I was to run in the morning and then in the evening ...?
building leg mucles?
My tooth is loose but not sure if I can pull it out?
1-2lbs a week- How can I loose them?
How to lose weight in 4 weeks?
Will regular excercise stop the risk of having a heart attack?
how much will i loose by doing this
How can i stick to my diet?
Why do I run out of strenght before energystamina at the gym?
What are some slimming waters?
do girls care about weight and size about a boy
why is it that after exercise i crave cheese, is my body lacking in something??
bodybuilding supplements
ab exercises to build a 6 pack
I am 5ft 10 and my feet are 26cm. is this normal?
What can you do to motivate people?
how much does a personal trainer charge ?
i do very hard diet and when is top the diet i eat lots of food without stopping can you give an advise pleas?
How Can I Lose Weight Fast?
How do i get rid of love handles?
What do you think of this workout?
My son is a very healthy (almost)15 year old and loves to do reps at the gym?
making a training programme that suits me??
what would happen if i ran 8 miles a day for 2 weeks?
what is a hemroid??????
Cures for preeclampsia?
Do i have cancer?????? ?
breast cancer?????????????????????????????????????
Is a mammogram not necessary after an ultrasound for my breast?
Not as much muscle mass as last week. Why?
Am i a normal weight?
hi i have been on diet tablets for about 5 we eks now?
exercise and toning?
How can I put on weight ?
400 cals a day? how much weight loss?
Im overweight and have been for quite a few years. recently I have begun to feel very odd?
Will drinking diet coke stop me getting abs?
whats the best diet to burn fat and speed up your metabolic rate ?
working out and eating fattening foods?
after a 100lbs weight loss will i have saggy skin?
why is it you get tired after eating food??
what is my ideal weight?
im 18 and over 400 lbs i need help to lose wieght and need results fast ?
how can i tone up without loosing weight?
Quads Problem Help!!!?
weight loss help!? serious people?
Does the effect of gravity build muscle?
Weight loss and Muscle gain?
putting size onto my arms. ?
How can I lose 9lbs in 6 days?
detoxing my body after years of abuse can you sugest any products to help the process?
will i lose or gain weight?
thicker arms, want more [ ] than []?
5 stone over weight. uk?
Best for fat loss on Treadmill?
Okay I need a healthy food to replace buiscuits and crisps?
how many calories today ?
If schools want us to be so much healthier?
i get really bad direhha EVERYDAY please help?
Leg building exercises?
Will this diet plan work?serios anwser please!?
any one know what the deal with the calories in super noddles is it tells you the amount of calories for half ?
What is my problem with food?
how long will this take? please answer xxxx?
How can I get stronger arms and shoulders in 30 days?
Is too much fruit juice bad for you?
How long would it take to lose 2 stone if i trained hard and lifted weights and had a balanced diet?
How to build muscle quickly?
why havnt i lost weight?
can ne one can give me tips to loose 5kgs in 2 weeks?
a question about Weightlifting!!!?
My friend weight 100kg and 6ft tall do you know how much kg/stones/pounds should he be?
weight loss help please...?
is there anything i can eat that can make me dangerously thin and slim?
How to get a 6pack and pecs quick?
Is there a food you eat, that when you start, you really can't stop?
Healthy eating tips please?
how many calories did i burn if it was cold?
is this ok or should i do more exesize?
Is this exercise advice correct?
what would be a good breakfast to have if your on a candida diet?
whose machine should i believe......?
what would you say was a nice weight for this person..?
is this enough food in a day?
Help with taking protein shakes? How much will I need and will I also need anything else?
weights ?
How to get big muscles In 3 Simple Steps?
what is the best exercise to burn calories?
what is the best exercise supplement on the market?
How can i tone my thighs without loosing weight?
Do dancing dvds help loose weight and..?
Unexpected weight gain?
ive joined a gym and think its too expensive?
how can i tone my tummy im not fat but i have so mcuh selulit please help?
Doing heavy weights help?
pasteurising does it remove vitamins etc?
Obesity - Want detailed answers?
Need to put weight on?
A few questions concerning lung cancer? ?
My grandfather just passed away what do i do?
how do you get cervical cancer?
how is bone cancer transmitted between people? if yes, then what are some treatment opetions?
what is leukemia? give its full description?
Food's always on my mind.?
hi, does anybody know how to have flat stomach fast?
what do you take in for lunch at work (or school)?
im overweight i weigh 10stone and im 5'1 and i just cant seem to loose it please help?
am lookin for a weight routine that i can do 2 - 3 times a week , am tryin to put weight on?
im trying to get in shape for this girl can you help me in what sort of training i should do?
what is the best exercise for weight lost?
7 months since having my baby and still overweight! HELP!?
What do you think of my diet and exercise? 10 points =]?
how do you tone the stomach?
Is it better to eat a certain calorie and burn it or not eat it at all.?
Toning the stomach help?
Do you think the only reason why people want to look skinny or lose weight is to look younger?
Does anyone know the equation for calculating your BMI?
Good Post Workout Food/Drink?
Low fat foods to snack on?
whats the quickest way to lose weight?
which whey protein powders are the best?
Do fruit and veg count towards your daily calorie intake count?
Can having only soup and water for 2 weeks really make you lose a few pounds?
how can i loose weight gradually?
I couldn't exercise and suddenly I can?
I got this body for life protien shake from Tesco's and it says whey protien on it, I have some q's about it?
how can I curb my appetite?
is the v-fit stepper good to make the bum smaller and in tone?
what is the best exercise to tone my abs?
where can i buy footboll skills, and fitness training dvd from.?
i have 7 weeks to tone up and lose weight?
A diet query?! Please help!?
Help with supplement's ?
Is this healthy for a 17 year old?
please help me get rid of my fat back?
whats quickest way to loose weight?
motivation needed to stick at it!?
what diets work the best ??? for u?
If i want to lose alot of wait before christmas without being bolemic what do i do?
Help me please... health?
need help with my fitness/body?
Diet Coke or Normal Coke?
how do i lose my gut?
how do i not eat for a day?
has anyone lost weight by eating less not by doing extra exercise? ?
eating carbs at night?
Whats the best way for me to put on weight?
Lipobind - is it like orlistat or xenical?
how to get rid of a bit of belly fat?
I live under power lines, am I going to get cancer?
how bad is mouth cancer?
what does the white blood cell count have to be in order for you to be diagnose with leukemia?
my dad is really sick and I don't relly know what to do. He thinks he has cancer and hes in a lot of pain?
I am 19, is it possible that I have throat cancer?
What is the cheapest protein shake on the market? ?
Does all exercise count?
Im a uk size 8 and ive got cellulite!! Help!!?
Can you have an overdose of vitamin B?
Best supplements/shake for bodybuilding?
what should i do with my body at the moment?
Young Male Body Mass?
Any Advice on a Power-lifting rack ?
How many calories should i eat to lose weight while doing no activity? ?
Will i lose weight?....?
AM I FAT? and how much weight shud i lose?
How do I get a bigger bum!! please help!!?
would you consider scrambled eggs...?
why did i gain weight?
What is your favourite breakfast when you are on a diet?
how to be a model?????????/help please?
My bum is out of proportion with the rest of my body...?
How can i put on weight?
how many calories i have got today?
need you help please!?
Good Cardio Exercises?
Protein powders and weight gain!?
How many times a week should you workout?
is they any point? pleaseeeeeeeee answer!?
what the heck is wrong with me?
anyone know of any diet pills that actually work?
question about fasts!?
how can I get in shape?
do u think i can lose a stone in 2-3 weeks ?
Shoulder exercises: Which is the best?
what do I wear to the gym?
What I've eaten today?
doing a project on bulimia...what order do bulimics throw up their food? ?
Whats your favourite form of exercise?
I never do excercise, im a UK size 8/10 - WILL THESE LINES ON MY STOMACH FADE...?
i wanna eat anything i see?
Slimming Pills- Millenium 'slim & trim'?
any body know a good back and leg workout with rely good results?
what did you eat yesterday and how much do you weigh?
what have you eaten today/yesterday and how much do you weigh?
i have started to drink 2 litres of water a day, i am fatter than ever in 2 days ! how come?
exercise question??????????
worried about weight?
how much weight do you think i should loose?
How can i lose my tummy?
Is it just me or are your hormones particularly high first thing in the morning? Would it take much to get?
would you call this a binge?
what foods are healthy, high in calories/protein/crabs and low in fat?
I want to make my body more felxible...?
which drug is safer?
is canned sweet corn one of 5 a day? ?
what weight should i be at?
How can I determine how much I am overweight? (weight and height details provided)?
Am I Anorexic, I have a doctors appointment later...I'm worried?
what's the best way too lose looads of weight before christmas?
I'm not bulimic, but what can i do to stop?
Why haven't I lost weight?
Weird question I know...?
Is the credit crunch exagerated?
why am i very weird with my weight?
pleasee help guyss ...need helpp badleyy!!!?
need help and advice on weight training?
Any good fitness routines to lose weight?
What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything?
Help with my new years resolution?
Workout help/tips/hints? What else should I do, how to not get bored?
Flat stomach?????????????????
How do we stop our 4mth old choc.lab from eating tissues when out for a walk.?
does eating late at night or 1-2am?
Help Me Cleanse....Simple....need real answers?
please help me get to my aim (size 4-6 (uk))?
Does obesity stun puberty?
Take a look Hoping that you support me in losing some weight- just made a new youtube video see what you think?
I am pregnant, how do you eat healthy with 5 portions fruit and veg, thats crazy!!!!?
Is this a good diet for loosing weight and being healthy...?
What is a healthy weight for a girl (14) and 5'9.?
how long to lose 60 lbs?
if i went for a jog , would it help the flu i got , burn it out off me ?
What's your ideal shape?
if i lose 60 lbs will i have loose skin?
i need help to stop drinking?
Do anyone know any low carb cereals?
IS it good to be in minus calories if u are trying to lose weight?
16 year old weight training?
whats the best weight to loose weight of your theighs and stomach fast?
Can Slendertone be used for any other part of the body?
Do i have signs of skin cancer?
Non-Toxic Goiter turn into Cancer later?
Best type of wig for a cancer patient?
am i a healthy weight? or should i loose some?
why am i losing weight?
Major Problem! ?
im scared about my belly can any1 help ?
is my weight ok?????
how many calories would i burn if i jumped up and down for 40 minutes?
Is this diet working for me!?
there is an advert on tv at the moment for diet pills? what are they called please? its something one a week ?
I'm starting a 2009 diet on Tuesday the 6th of January - anyone want to be my online buddy for it?
Any food/recipes that helps lose weight ?
Can anyone recommend some foods that will help me GAIN weight?
Does this sound like a good diet plan? Any recommendations?
Do you think it would be good If i lost some weight?
32 cm waist is it too big???????
How to loose about 4 pounds a week?
Is there a best time to attend the gym?
whats the best way of acheiving a flat toned tummy?
How can i get rid of my beer belly?
Do like morbily obease people get cold?
Will doing 60 press ups everey 2nd day build muscle????
If I do this should I lose weight?
Working out doesn't help me to lose weight....Instead I put it on! Help! Whats wrong?
why do people put on weight when they stop smoking?
Can I go to school for Dental Hygiene with a DUI charge?
slim fast only diet anyone?
I need to eat 2000 kcal per day to lose weight, if I eat 4000 one day,then 0 the next will I get the same loss?
whenever i eat i feel like my face is getting swollen . or getting fatter.. is it rational thinking? ?
urgent height worry please answer!?
I hate going to the gym is there any good exercises you can do at home?
Will I lose weight if I do this.........?
What are the positive and negative effects of exercising?
i binged for the whole day 2 days ago, how come i did not put on any weight?
what the right amount calories?
How much calories should a woman intake in day ?
if you could eat as much as you like?
Does anyone know good recipes from Slimming World using low fat cheese and/or pasta?
My neck is starting to hurt with the situps. Should I stop and get a gym ball and do them on that?
i am always hungry and i cant stop eating?
how many calories in this?
Im 5ft3 and 9stone. I train 6x per week. Is that a healthy weight?
Will a combination of cardio + moderate weights cause hair loss?
i got a big stomach and i'm slim, how do i loose the stomach.?
would this be a good diet my friend is on it?
How to lose this much weight?
Are wafers a pretty healthy snack food?
if i work out will my frame change?
Which type of cancer is this? please help.?
I have a lump in my breast that feels like a pea.. could it possibly just be a swollen gland and not cancer?
uant diagnosed with lukemia?
I Know A Girl who is 11 and is 11-12 stone?
weight loss - froze ?
i want to lose as much weight as possible in one week ...?
Why is Anne Hathaway SO much skinnier than she used to be?
Can anyone recc.web site to buy ephedrine thats not fake or going to rip me off using for weight loss thanx ?
need help with my tablets and my weight..!!!?
POLL: Do YOU Think "Fat Pills" should be available without prescription?
TRUE WHEY vs MAXIMUSCLE PROMAX-What is the difference?
HELP!!! I'm FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
16 years old, 6"0 tall and weigh 11stone9... am i over weight?
I want to lose more weight..?
what would be a good exercise regime for me?
answer fasting question please & thank you?
Has anyone got any advice on how to strengthen self esteem? Mine is rock bottom?
What food should I eat to get my thigh fatter...... Mine is so thin :(?
big arms .....................?
muscle loss if you come off protein?
How do you lose weight quickly?
which food is more fattening?
How much does the tooth fairy give you?
I'm poor and need dental work done, does anyone have any suggestions, I live in Calgary, AB?
How long do i leave the Crest White strips Daily Multi-care on my teeth for?
How long does it take to become a dentist in United kingdom?
Do crest white strips work quickly and effctively?
I want to do sit ups in my room. What is the proper excersise tool I need to hold my feet down?
How do i lose this weight from my stomach?
Best Food To Put on weight To Convert to Muscle?
could i get away with eating one meal a day?
is it better to drink light soy milk than drinking semi skimmed dairy milk? ?
at the miniute im at a miserable 11stone,and looking to gain weight,?
Has anyone tried the new Alli weight loss pill?? ?
how many cals freeze dried instant coffee?
How often to work out?
do u no any websites for getting ripped like diet routines trainin routines?
how much calories in a portion of white rice?
woooo, I'm going to Ibiza..... Diet plan?
What foods to eat to put on weight?
Losing weight - exercise question.?
i dont no what to eat help ?
what exactly does protein actually do to your muscles to make them bigger ?
how many calories are in a small portion of popcorn?
is it still possible to get big without going to the gym?
is this enough to lose 2 stone? plz answer!!?
what exercises put muscle on your legs?
Is Power plate really working?
Tips on how to loose weight fast please?
is swimming better than the gym for cardeo and toneing?
i need to loose my beer belly! my friend has just booked us a holiday for september!?
what is your bmi??healthy?
what do you think of my diet today? cant i just eat few aero bubbles mint?
I'm 15 about 5ft 4 and 10 stone 5 is that ok?
Is it unhealthy to be a bulimic?
Physically fit, but hearts beats faster after i have eaten junk..?
Losing weight but want to keep my bust size .... ?
ive got a fat belly!!!?
how do i stop my cravings?
i was inging so bad lately but instead of putting on weight i lost a kilo. how is that possible?
I need a low calorie diet please?
My tummy fills up with air even thogh i eat, how do i get rid of this?
Can I lose 78lbs (5 stone 8lbs) in 11 months?
How do I choose an exercise bike?
how much weight?????lol?
About exercise 3 months?
Vibration Exercise Machine:?
Cutting diet for someone on the move?
lose weight and exercise?
everyday i eat the same food what could i eat thats differnt?
whats your best sweets?
I'm afraid of parabens?!!!!!!!!?
Neck Lumps- HELP!!!!!?
i deadlift 400 pounds...is that good for my size?
best way to take creatine?
what clothes will flatter my curvess x?
Question about walking for weight loss?
How much protein (g) is in 2 slices of white bread?
What shall I have 4 dinner, I have eaten 20 cals so far and it is already dinner time. I only want 1000 a day.?
I am taking Levthyroxine Tablets for underactive thyroid, will I lose the weight I've gained.?
What is the best exercise to do?
Can I Achieve A Flat Stomach By The End Of August?
do u think i can lose weight with my schedule, or should i add a bit more?
Toning Upper Arm ? ? ? ? ?
Does dieting make anyone feel generaly more sleepy and less energetic?
what is the best way too?
I need your help and advice!?
How do I lose 15 pounds by April 1st?
OMB just scoffed 2 bags off crisps and 2 cakes help?!?
Fun ways to exercise?
is it possible to do much cardio work?
What are the best slimming pills?
Is bein 14st 13lbs and should be 13 2 im i to over weight 1?
does walking twenty steps quickly really burn one calorie?
Average weight for a 16year old female?
HELP- weight/ getting fit advice needed?
Hi I'm wondering how much more I can weight than someone 5'5 and "normal size" yes I know it says 150 but I am?
is this too unhealthy . .. . .??
what's the most effective diet pill? Am 176 lbs and i want to lose 35lbs as soon as possible. CAN U HELP ME?
Am I eating too much protein?
Apart from an overactive thyroid?
How To Get Stomach Muscle & Upper Body Muscle?
does anyone else do this?
What should I build on?
Why Do People Sweat Alot?
What ever happened to H2Cocoa?
how do you use dumbells?
Where can i find information on which foods are healthy?
double chin, what should i do?
I've managed to put on 7lbs in a 5 days just by eating rubbish. SO very shocked as I was dieting before.?
okay can some one explain?
Are CT scans accurate for finding brain tumors, blood clots, etc?
what are signs that breast cancer has spread?
what is caused by mutations ?
I have my first appointment with an orthodontist in a few weeks, and should be getting braces?
Big chest, dont want it :-(?
Whats the fastest time to get a toned stomach?
what are the RDA's for....?
I am f/149lbs and 5'3. If I lose 28lbs, will it come off my face as well?
what leg muscles are stressed most by jogging ?
Whats wrong with me ?????????????/?
I'm a 16yr old boy, who wants to lose a bit of weight in time for the summer hols, any tips?
what is the best exercise and food for heart?
hoodia pills, do they work?where can i get them?
Im ok health wise i think?
Activities in North London?
how long will it take to see results if i.....?
Why are so many yahoo users so horrible to people with eating disorders?!?
i dont really understand BMR?
need help!! skinny arms, low weight! what can i do?
I'm addicted to wine gums, microwave noodles and microwave pasta HELP?
what is the average weight of a 5ft 7'' 14 year old?
why is to much protein bad for you and what are the dangers?
cheapest exercise bike cycle?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my tummy?
how do you loose weight?
Is there anything which can motivated me and make me run and not quit?
i want to lose 2 stone, can adios help?
Vitamin and mineral supplements: are they really useful?
Plz Help: I feel so bad- Put on weight!?
concept rowing machines, difficulty levels?
Will i be in minus calories?
How can I get a big physique?
where can i get a diet plan to compliment my weight training for free?
what do you think about Size zero?
whats better a hour in the pool or a body attack class?
starting a new gym planning to go three times a week?
How can I lose weight on my hips?
Am i really really fat?
high cholesteral how do i get it lowered?
I don't know what to do...?
Is there anything i can do to make sure i grow to the max?
does anybody know the 'secret of tricking your body in 2 losing weight, iv tried everything, im at my witts en?
? need help exercising?
this is what i have eaten today, is it okay?
Help, I am getting really frustrated now with my health.....?
am on the slim aid pill but i still eat to much but dont seem to put on weight, which pill do you think you?
I eat loads but im always hungry and dont put on weight why?
could what i drink affect my kidneys,i dont drink alcohol,but i do drink a lot of coffee,and cola?
i'm 20 ,5'11 and 11 stone!recently put on a little weight,advice on calorie intake & exercise please?
What will happen if I keep doing the following?? PLS ANSWER?
What are some really healthy meals?
Whats Wrong With Protein Shakes?
can you take orlistat for weight loss if you are on blood pressure tablets? im on felodipine.?
would i put on weigh if i have started my perido then i weigh 6 stone?
What is your fave slimming pill and why?
I get light headed when working out my legs... but why?!?
Why do YOU want a six pack ? :)?
See any improvements on my body ? (PICTURES)?
ED Help!! Buddy Needed!!?
How can I be healthy with out a car?
im 16 and skinny what can i do to build up my chest (pecks)?
what are squats in exercise term?
Good exercise for the very top of your thighs?
if something is 169 per 100g how do you work it out for calorie content 30g ?
I am buying creatine because need to gain muscle, need information please?
how does this sound what i've eaten today?
how to get fit for the british army?
How do i lose fat and gain muslce?
do jaw expanders hurt?
Tooth Problem Help 10points ?
I had a tooth get pulled and cant get a clot! ?
Desperate can somone help me with a dental problems PLEASE HELP ME, ?
Large, recently painful lump underneath skin on back of neck?
Should I be worried about mouth cancer?
What is a weird type of cancer?
how do you buy time for a cancer patient?
I have this lump on my neck..? im 14?
i always seem to feel dizzy?
Please help with soccer and muscle building?
Will I lose weight on this diet?
how many pullups or chinups can you do?
What's the average healthy amount to eat each day?
Please answer this Diet question?
i started jogging again.?
I need to crash diet. can you tell me what to eat and how much exercise to do?
is it possible to gain 8 pounds in three days?
17 years old, 9 stone 2, 5'5 - is that overweight?
Am I the right height and weight for my age?
how many calories roughly are in my dinner?
what do speed bombs do to ya?
Giving up..... Help!?
if i start runing 3 miles a day how long will it be before i notice im toned up?
wil lemon juice help me lose w8?
i really need to gain weight.?
Im 17, ive got size 14-16, 5'7 and a 34D is that fat?
How can I make myself feel better about my stomach , it's pretty flat, but i just have this bump .?
has anyone lost a pound a day and how?
Is this unhealthy?????????????
i am 12 nearly 13 and am quite tall am i overweight i weigh.......?
I have broke my fast and need help sticking to it :)?
Alternative Exercises Question?
How long will it take to get into shape?-any anecdotes?
what would my uk cloths size be if i weigh 97lb at 5ft 2?
Tips on loosing weight?
How do I lose weight- FAST!? 10PTS?
Is the York T275 treadmill any good?
weight gain help ????????
how can you losse weight fast?
Is mackeral healthy?????????
i wanna lose weight and build muscle get 6 pack, big muscly arms etc. is it possible in a month?
1200 kcal a day diet will it work?
What does wide chin ups do, With your hands apart all the way to the end of the bar,?
What should I eat before I exercise?
need to talk to some1?
Did I put on weight due to depression (because I spent most my time at home)?
i just want to know if a brisk 20 min walk every day will help me loose some wieght?
Best way to loose weight?
has anyone tried height pills?
how does drugs affect your brain?
What should you say to a friend whoose mom is dying of cancer?
When should I be concerned about swollen lymph nodes?
i need to lose weight in two and a half weeks!?
whats the minimum amount of time to spend weight training per week that will still be effective?
What is my avrage weight suposta be?
home work out sessions? what do you do?
making squats more effective?
from a blood test can doctor spot an eating disorder?
I have added 2lbs in a week while trying to lose weight.. Is this significant?
i want to put on 2 stones as fast as possible how long will it take me?
maximuscle, keeping weight on.?
i need help to diet please?
i have a flabby tummy and would like to do something bout it?
weight loss & stuff????
getting stronger and eating more without effecting speed?
I need help getting rid of recently gained weight due to accident and being unable to exercise.?
I NEED to put on weight!!!?
how do i get thinner quicker?
can you run 3 km without walking?
Help......Hungry ALL the time?
i have an excersize routine but i need a diet plan?
Lose 3 pounds a week?
Where can i get body building protein supplements?
Some weight lifting advice ect?
What to eat after eating a lot of sugar?
Please come and answer my ?
I have Teeth Issues...?
can i put orajel on my toddlers tongue?
I have a rare bacteria introduced into my face from dental work. Can I take legal action against the dentist?
fake tooth flipper denture vrs implants all are options?
Retainer... after braces. Question.?
abscess on gum, nothing showed on x-ray?
HI I am twenty years old and have been dipping for the past 2 years.?
Best way to got biceps and triceps bigger ?
my stomach is weird!!?
i would like to blog on my weight loss where people can read and comment on it? preferably in the uk?
how are some people naturally different weights?
is coffee fattening? what are the disadvantages?
how is this,,,,please let me know!?
how can i become skinnny?im like 110 lbs. n i feel fater than my other friendas except 1!please help me!!!!thx?
how can i put on weight?
Explain why the food we eat is important for good health and the possible consequences of a poor diet?
how best to lose weight?
How many times should I exercise?
counting calories all the time?
I want to start gettings fit! How often should I......?
Am I being ripped off here?
why can`t i lose weight,,,help?
where am i going wrong?
I can't believe it! 4lbs in 1 week!?
i am a 28 year old male 5 foot 7 inch what would be an average weight?
i want to gain weight, is it better to eat 3 meals a day or five small portions?
Whats the differnece between weight gain and protein shake ?
What helps you take a #2?
Easy way to loose belly fat :)?
how to stop cravings?
WORK-OUT routine question?
i want to be size 8 by the end of the summer by august?
Do I look fat in this photo?
Am I overweight? Please look?
how can i make my flabby leg go away?
how do i put some weight back on?
i need to loose half a stone?
14 year old building muscle mass?
i am 5''2 and weigh 7 stone 7 i am female. how can i gain weight?
will taking cod liver oil suppliments make me fat?
Cheating with weight gain?
strech marks on a 14year old?! :(?
I Have to get in a dress..in 5 days how will i loose 2 kilos fast...?
How do I keep motivated? please help meee?
Where do you get gel for exercise belts?
Is it possible to lose 4stone in 2months?
How to get rid of 'Armpit fat'?
should i put my crosstrainer on easy or hard level to lose weight?
drinking then jumping about?
How to lose weight in at least 5 days?
Does anyone know can i buy xenical (oristat) in spain at pharmacy?
Is there any Symbols of " Cancer ? "?
Mass in throat area-- could it be cancerous?
my cancer marker for ca 19.9 is 47 , , and liver funtion sgpt/alt is 56u/l pls advice?
Cancer of the neck metastasis, how to stop it?
Inflammatory Breast Cancer?
ok Problem with wisdom teeth!!?
Gross and weird...headgear cleaning?
gum infection?
Teeth help!?
Are vegetables good for you?
What exercises can I do to make myself look bigger?
Are the drugs Lansoprazole and Oristat compatible ?
I want to lose 10 more pounds?
are plain boiled noodles fattening?
How much weight can you lose from a two day fast?
What is a guys ideal body shape?
What do you think about my health?
has anyone taken Obestat? did it work and where did you buy?
Maximuscle prograin shakes are they suitable for kids aged 14yrs?
How can I loose slight fat rolls?
developing wings????????????
how much should i weigh ..?
can you take oxytetracyclene tablets with orange juice?
When doing sit-ups....?
Metabolism and such...?
Approximately how many calories have I taken in?
does drinking the water vegetables are cooked in, have any benefits?
Any decent fitness websites?
I am 5"2, 14 years old and 9 stone ( 126 pounds )?
i need to lose weight fast! help?
who is to blame for children not eating properly?
how do i tone up my thighs by tomorow (:?
is it possable to be ... ?
can i lose 48 lbs in 6 weeks?
how much weight can you lose in 12 weeks?
why isnt the gym working???!!! not a pound weight loss!!! :O?
Whats the quickest way to lose 14 pounds by 21st June?
can 50 sit-ups a day help to loose weight?
what are the most helpful ways to exercise?
Belly Rumbles are really loud.?
How much skipping do i have to do?
Is my reduced calorie diet stopping me getting nutrients and other things?
Best way to loose weight of these parts of the body?
So tired! Have no day off in 27 days. Can't sleep. Need some good advice and tips to keep me going please!?
what is the best way to loose weight?
Should I be lifting more weight each set I do?
im looking for a diet buddy? ...i want to lose weight for modelling so sum1 with a bmi of about 20 wud best :)?
How to Lose Weight/The best way to Lose Weight?
1000 calories a day bad?
How long before I start to see results?
whats the best exercise to do to burn fat?
can u help me pls is weight watchers any good can u loss weight on it when u been on i for a long time?
thighs just build muscle and dont slim down?
help!! ive been on a diet for 4 weeks not cheated, but put a pound on im so deppresed,?
Apparently, my dad has cancer?
what are possible signs of throat cancer?
If a crash dieted...?
I have my diet all planned out, but now i just have one problem?
what can be eaten on carb free diet?
i need techniques on how to win and make my moves faster. any tips?
Body building diet advice...?
what sort of stores could i expect to buy a weight bar with heavy weights and at what cost?
is it good being able to do 15 pull ups when you weigh 325lbs?
is it ok to eat at night?
how does this as a weight loss diet sound?
What should i eat before weight training?
Safe diet???!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I am a bit over weight well at least i think i am how do you lose weight?
Tone thighs? any ideas?
How can I make my back fitter?
Osteoporosis and Ready Brek?
Why don’t guys like a toned stomach? (pics)?
does caffeine tablets help you lose weight?
protien health shakes died?
is there any foods that help you grow?
what to do when youve lost your gym key?
How much Weight Will I Lose Every Month With this...?
What happens if I mix adavan with tylonal 3?
Am I underweight for my age?
whats a good snak to have before dancing?
Help with this supplement?
Are there any BodyBuiding/PowerLifting Gyms in North London?
how much weight will i lose?
Are processed foods partly to blame for rising obesity levels?
am i overweight? (13 year old)?
what to eat on a low carb diet ?
how healty is popcorn?
how many calories should i have (least amount)?
Atkins Diet & Alcohol.... Help?
What shall I do to lose 2 stone in 2 months+2 weeks?
eating 6 mini meals per day can a protein shake count for two of them?
Lose weight question?
When will my abs start to show?
I want to lose as much weight as possible in 2 weeks?
Despite exercising I still have a horrible wobbly stomach - please help me get rid of this!!?
is my mini stepper broke?
Losing weight + toning up question?
what is the cling film diet?
What's Your Opinion on Gastric Banding?
Im not loosing weight?
why cant i put on weight?
I want to start lifting weights etc and am considering buying a weights bench?any advice would be welcome?
i am 16 years old and weight around 150pounds at 6 foot tall so my bmi is normal?
weight watchers point book?
What UK dress size is best for these heights?
what is a one rep max bench for this amount?
please help, weight loss issue!!?
how do i get a flat stomach?
how to get a flat stomach?
why do i lose weight when i drink alcohol?
buying alli on line?**********?
what's your favourite type of healthy food?
What is a normal weight?
am i too heavy?? am i fat?
why are there so many fat people about?
does being in a very hot country makes you burn more calories?
i bought slimming aid tablets today...?
what is a good workout at the gym?
lunch under 200kcal please?
To all those who have lost weight?
i eat way to much..normal?
Best workout at the gym?
Is this diet and workout okay?
is this serious with my lymph nodes?
Can I get more toned in 3 weeks?
What will the effects of 3 hours swimming a week be over 8 weeks and other exercise advice?
size 8 jeans just wont fit me!?
what is the most weight you can loose in 7 weeks?
how to lose stomach fat and become leaner?
How long roughly do you think it would...?
Am i eating enough every day?
daily calorie intake?
what size should a 5ft2 18 year old girl be?
do protein shakes make you gain weight?
5 ft 2 and 96 pounds at 16 - healthy?
hi just wondering if they was a way or any exercises that could be done to deepen my voice!?
low carb diets do they work ?
best exercise to loose weight?
exercise regime: how fast would i loose..?
how do i lose a stone in a week?
I need tips on losing weight...?
How can I get from being a size 20, to a size 16 in 4-5 month?
Going back to the gym... plan?
I need help with training for body?
Question about my ribs?
how to help my overweight friend?
can you tell me some good diets which have actually worked for you.......?
How do you pull a muscle?
Think I'm doing quite well?
my mom has blood in her urine and has had excessive weight lose a lot of pain in lower back is this cancer?
If i walk 2 miles a day?
how to tighten your bum?
confused about treadmill reading?
Question on weight loss and ideal weight?
5 foot 9 and 137 pounds?
Is 5 stones good to weigh when your 13?
how do you lose weight quickly without getting stretch marks?
What is being curvy mean?
what alcoholic drink or combination has the least calories.....?
Help me on my exercise program !?
can i Boost my growth?
how much can a stone overweight low you down?
Is it possible that i can lose 20 pounds by September?
Tone my tummy before holidays?
Exercise Question!"!$£"!"$!%$!?
when trying to build a body...?
i can run 1.5 miles in 11 mins 30 does any 1 no a fast way to improve my time?
Why am I never hungry?
How to get more wider and bigger?
Help With Dieting && That Pleaseee !!!!!!!?
Is this gonna help me lose weight?
flab attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, Weights...?
am i underweight?? help...........?
Will this be a healthy breakfast?
I am 5 foot 9, weigh at the moment 183 pounds(13 stones) and I have really broad shoulders, well a hefty top?
Ways to keep fit and healthy?
Does patting food with grease absorbant paper remove calories?
What comes Under Cardio?
Is 49.8kg a good weight for a 15 yr old girl? (7 1/2 stone) height is 5.2?
when trying to bulk up should i be trying to eat a lot more calories than normal?
how long should you run a day to tone up, not lose weight?
will cruches alone burn belly fat and make u skinny?
I like to work out, i am 14 and i am a little short, if i work out will i stay short?
I need a diet plan that suits out my work out plan and i need advise?
I want to gain muscle and toned in two months?
is it true that creatine is like a legal version of steroids?
Diet :-) which one to go for?
im from the uk Can anyone suggest meal ideas please. i want to lose weight and alot of people sayi should eat?
how would you name this?
Is There A Way To Lose Fat?
5'6" - 112pounds - thin frame but got a bit of flabby tummy over the summer?
how much calories should a 18 year old male have daily?
waist size and weight for a 16 year old girl?
Does this sound ok for my diet ? 10 points best answer?
im having problames eat?
whats the best way to loose weight on my thighs?
How do I loose & tighten my bum & inner thighs?
what are the most healthy/least unhealthy?
How can I become taller in 6 weeks? What excercises can i do?
How to get to sleep apart from pills?
losing weight real quick?
Holla!.. Reliable source help.?
All I have ate today is 5 fish fingers which my parents made me eat.. how many calories?
Ladies..How much do you weigh in Stones and pounds?
I want to work in a gym, what do i need to do?
Please help tell me Beginner workout routine for gym?
17, wanting to get more active!?
If I do exercise one hr after my dinner will I burn calories ? I Had 2 eggs and some french Fri chips?
HELP!!! Scared about weight gain!?
Does "no carbs after 4:00" mean all carbs?
How do I build up muscle in the MIDDLE of my chest? =[?
can someone help me with a fitness regime?
i want to wok out but i dont have a workout plan or a diet to follow?
i am 7 and a half stone and my height is 5ft 5 is this my ideal weight?
What does a consultation at the gym mean?
Help,, im 5'3 and chubby?
addicted to pick a mix sweeties....?
How should I go about losing 7kg by the 26th of this month?
is a fried egg and vegetables healthy?
how to get tiny hips?
im 130bounds how should i lose it?
Did I eat too much today PLEASE HELP!!!?
Ive gained about 3stone in 3years and ive this double chin thats sooo annoying, how do i get rid of it!?
is 7 stone fat for a 15 year old at 5ft 6?
is the slendertone active fitness training system for women good?
How different will someone look when they lose 4 stone?
What excercises are good for the stomach?
what else should i do other than jog?
how many calories a day are u allowed?
i want to loss weight how to do it?
2 days to a flatter stomach....?
If you only ate this?