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What is a healthy routine to stay thin?
Is it safe to eat a non toxic crayola crayon?
is tea included within the necessary intake of water on a daily basis?
Am I fit enough or not for my age?
Do you think I'm fat?
I need DESPERATE help with trying to loose weight PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME?:'(:'(?
could you explain how lung cancer can effect someone's health?
a few pre cancerous cells and pregnant?
Looking for some cancer care-taker's advice?
i need to go to the doctors and have no money?
Is vellore a good place for oral cancer treatment?? please provide as much information as possible.need urgent?
Benzoyl peroxide long term effect?
why is it that i always feel hungry and yet i NEVER feel full?!?!?
can i become a size 8?
im 18 and want to loose some weight?
hi guys Does anyone know any good rountine videos that will help me lose weight thanks .x?
Bodybuilders: What happens if you don't get enough protein?
FOood?? Arghh.. i hate to eat ..?
How can i lose this weight?!?
What will we get when we use tummy tuck program?
Is it true that 100% of obese americans are overweight?
Exercises to get a flat stomach?
What workout splits are effective?
What are your opinions on this diet?
How much weight can you loose in a week from barley eating ?
is 145.6 pounds a normal weight for me?
will i lose alot of weight this way?
how to recover from anorexia without gaining weight?
Foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin D?
am i over weight for a 13 year old?
How can a 13 year old lose weight?
how to get a friend to lose weight?
Does a body tonner / muscle toner help you loose weight?
Cost of cancer healthcare?
Is this cancer or not ?
Lost teeth 1 tooth due to athletics injury will braces correct this if they pull another?
Invisalign and Cosmetic Dentistry Combined?
partial braces for over crowding?
TEETH "FILING" reshaping?
braces help !?
Why should I go to the dentist?
what type of bacteria is presenct in advanced lesion of periodontitis?
Is a wisdom tooth extraction cconsidered a major oral surgical procedure?
A solid 2.9 cm mass was found on my right colon?
Calories burnt on a cross trainer?
I need help on losing weight, can someone please help me!?
I wanna lose a stone in 2 months?
is it possible to lose 1 pound a day?
any good one week diets?
Was it Really THAT Bad to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?
Could I chew gum with braces?
Is it normal to feel pain on tooth BESIDE extracted wisdom tooth?
How bad are needles for cavities?
My 5year old needs surgery for fillings Won't these teeth fall out anyway?
Do you know a good, honest dentist in Toronto?
Braces Question?
Wisdom teeth removal and impacted canine tooth operation! How much does it hurt?
what is a sensible diet for newly diagnosed diabetic?
why cant I stop eating??
Is there a pill other than vitamins that can make you fat?
What's the point of being skinny?
Muscles that cause t shirts to fit tighter?
CONFUSED about weight...please help!?
What are Syns? Original Syns, Smart Syns, Free Syns and Green Syns?
how to get in good shape? i need it pls!!!?
Morning Run Along The Beach?
How long does it take colax to start working?
question for the girls: i know its kind of superficial: abs super toned great body, or normal?
Am i massivley fat for my age?
whats your height and weight?
whats a good diet plan to gain muscle?
How Do I Lose 3lbs Per Week?
How do people get eating disorders?
17 years old with a BMI of 46.9!?
i am a male weight 14 and half stone?
Are parsnips classed as a vegetable portion or carbohydrate portion on a balanced food plate?
why do i shake all the timw?
Cant do any sit-ups y?
Would I be allowed to take HGH?
Will I end up being fat?
How to loose a stone in 2 weeks?
eating before exercise?
Has anyone tried a vitamin called "Gluthathione" ?
if i do boxercise will i lose tummy fat?
how many times can you warm up food that you have made yourself?
how many syns do the sweets called millions have per 65g?
What would be a good time for a 20 mile walk?
Slimming word password 12 September 2010?
Any young adults here face cancer?How did that change your life perspective?
How long will i be able to run while smoking?
bodybuilders faces used to be much 'leaner?'?
Does pro gain work...?
Can you lose belly fat by going walking?
getting ultra fit, need some help?
Weight training diet for beginners?
What height are you at?
What is the slimming world password for end of August / September 2010?
If you build your muscles up,do people treat you differently?If so,in what way?
what brand of protien powder should I take?
How many calories do i burn playing tennis for 7 hours a week?
Fruit Salad vs. Wholemeal Sandwich?
Does Steam-O-Belt work for weight loss?
I'm eating 500 Calories A Day & Need Help!!?
how much weight could i lose from this?
Why does it hurt in my forearm? and how do i fix it?
Is this Cho Yung tea diet really worth it? Does it work?
whats the average weight for a 13 year old girl whos 5.5.?
i weigh 12.2 stone :0?
Will i lose wieght if i only eat vegetable soup and exercise ?
i want cut off my belly muscles which has become very bulky after my ceasarean surgery?
whats this weeks slimming world group password for online?
where in the uk sells cheap whey protein!?
What kind of cancer is lymphoma? =/?
Prostate cancer....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is really going on gas is going back up, cigarettes are high also,when will this end?
do you think i need braces?
Should a person with cancer, taking treatments have outings?
Thin Black line going vertically down bottom tooth?
what color/s of braces should i get?
Teeth Whitening tips? PLZ! help is needed now!?
how come after i got 4 premolars pulled out my teeth beside the gap started to hurt and they are a bit loose?
Will i stun my growth doing weights?
What does muscle soreness really mean?
Is it alright for a teenager to be drinking protein shakes daily to bulk up?
What has a bigger impact on your health; what you eat or the amount you eat?
whats the best thing to eat for breakfast when trying to put on weight?
What is a healthy iron for 47 year old woman?
Hot To Lose Weight Fast ?
What exercise machines tone your bum?
How many times a do people mastabate? Is it safe to do it too much?
im 17 and eat like a normal person, but no weight goes on and i am very skinny, what should i do?
If I weighed 111.8kg and wanted to be 106kg by the 27th of August is that possible?
I am hungry but can't be bothered to get anything to eat cause i don't have anything want what should i do?
Would this be a good workout?
is my daily meal plan healthy?
what do you think of my old body?
1200 calories a day steady weight loss?
going back to gym after a year and a half?
How effective is this weight loss plan?
flat defined stomach?
How can i tone up my belly and thighs?
Does anyone no any way i can slim my thighs and body?
What is cardio exercises mean?
How many braces does the orthodontist put on everyday on average? ?
Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?
Kids having very bad breath!?
Will having turbos on your teeth make it hurt all the time, or will my teeth feel fine again?
What is the difference between Femara and Arimidex ? Which has less side effects like nausea, fatigue and hot?
Please I think i need to put on weight, but can't convince myself to do so.?
anyone advise me on a good diet paln?
This is regarding stretch marks and saggy skin.... help!!?
I walk 11 km a day at a brisk pace. How long before I get really fit and well and is this far enough?
how to lose weight fast?
Frozen mixed vegetables a good choice for dinner?
how to get a body like amy winehouse the healthy way?
why does exercise and a healthy diet increase libido?
How to get a toned tummy?
i want to lose weight, if i start going to the gym, 30-45 minutes a day, for the next few months...cont below?
Missing Chemotherapy Session?
i read an article that explain about cancer yesterday. i found that there are many cancer problem. could..?
Am I fat, thin, or normal?
Is working out for 15 minutes enough?
No Laxatives - How to get rid of constipation now?
where would u say i have to improve my body the most ?
weight losing excercises I can do, no equeptment, just a double bed and bedroom?
recovering anorexic help?
How can I loose weight with exercise, without going on a diet?
Whats a good sport for a 17 year old girl to start?
Corn flakes- you might as well eat the cardboard box. Is that true?
have i eaten a lot today? is it really bad?
how many calories in 2 small jacket potato's with half a tin of spaghetti hoops?
how can you lose weight really fast in a week ?
Are multivitamins and mineral tablets safe to take with a healthy diet?
cold when losing weight?
best way to tone arms?
is 9 stone fat for a 5'3 15 year old girl?
whey protein shake ??
What can and can't you eat with IBS?
Lemon Detox Diet Help ?
Reviews on the Ab Circle Pro?
Have any ladies used the T5 Super Fat burners.?
i just got a tooth fixed what can i do to stop the pain?
My son was 21 months old when he got his 4 front teeth ?
Invisalign for Canine teeth?
How can I get whiter teeth without expensive whitening products?
Front teeth decay (scared)?
Ball hit me in mouth, I have braces and teeth are loose?
Do your teeth get a bit loose after getting braces on? Best?
Im gonna grind my right front tooth with a Dremel tool, does anybody have any helpful hints?
Has anyone had Jaw surgery?
Getting braces this month, and I am really self-conscious about myself already, im worried they'll look dorky?
Plaque build up on my tongue ring, how do i prevent it?
What would a tumor feel like?
what are the effects of microwave radiation? is it luekimia?
Why do I have bruises along my spinal cord?
how do i tell my mum i have worms?
eating only 1100 a day without excercise to lose weight?
Get fit in a week and a half,?
Can Coffee help our body to be healthy?
does taking hoodia work?
Green Tea Helping me Loose Someweight!!!? Please help!?
Muscle gain for a 5ft 3.5 girl?!?
has anyone tried CleanseSmart herbal cleansing program?
What Cardio regime would be best for weight loss.?
How Much Should I Weigh?????
will i be underweight? -read.?
is it ok to do an hour rowing every day?
how do i gain chest fat?
muscle gain vs weight loss?
loosing weight problems?
How can I eat healthily if I can't stomach vegetables?
How long will it take for me to get a six-pack with my current workout?
what is a good cheap weight gainer?
Fitness And Cycling-What Is The Better?
How can i lose weigh a bit faster?
I need to lose 10 lbs Belly Fat/ 2 inches from my waist in a month?
Do I look fat in this photo?
What to do with a chipped tooth from biting down hard on a fork?
gum surgery to get crown fitted ?? is it required ?
I bit into something and now 3 wks later my tooth is real loose, will I loose it or can they fix it?
Teethh Whitening?
Sore gums?
Gap in teeth with braces?
How are these braces?
Dentists, look at this video. Is this how a procedure of wisdom tooth goes?
if i didnt eat and walked twelve hours a day how much weight would i lose per day?
Im confused about which multivitamin to get on Holland and barrett any advice?
How do you put on weight if you're naturally thin?
Best slimming pills in shops?
I'm overweight and need idea's for good exercise plans to keep to Ect?
i wanna start jogging. But never jogged in my life?
what do u think of my diet is it healthy enough?
Are there m/any cases of where previously obese people have turned anorexic?
Help!! Fat?? Stomach area! Girl...?
Advice on body building proteins ?
i know this isnt healthy but ive made up my mind to?
What body shape am I? (pics included)?
I'm Confused about my weight!!!!?
if i ate a piece of fruit that had the same ammount of calories as a chocolate bar...?
How much Bio live yogurt would you have to eat before it would give you a laxative affect?
I would like to get into the police and i've got pretty much everything going for me, except my fitness.. help?
what sort of movements burn one calorie?
Is there any point working out if you eat unhealthy?
If i don't eat all day and then?...?
how many calories are burnt with 20 minutes of jumping rope?
what is my weight if i only know my bmi?
How long does it take to burn fat after cardiovascular exercise?
Horrible Side Effects of Phone Radiation?
Teeth Pulled. :S?
How long does it take for the tooth to heal after a root canal?
My son was hit in mouth playing basketball.His front tooth bled &is loose.It is late.Go to emergency hospital?
Can I have Braces and a Partial Dentures at the same time?
I'm suffering from TMJD can anyone tell me where to find a dentist who is specialized in this area?
Which is worse tea or robinsons no added sugar?
IBS and a Gastric Ulcer, what can I eat and what not to eat, please help?
what is 5% of 20 and half stone?
Workout every day or every other day for weight loss?
Have you had any experience with LA Fitness?
How skinny am i for a 15 year old boy?
Is 125 - 128 pounds a good weight to be 5'6 - 5'7 and 16 years old?
Whats The average 12year olds weight?? and Height?
Myth Busters: do eggs more than 3 days old have no cholesterol?
i want to loose weight? can someone work this out?
Why does baked potato make me drowsy?
my new diet plan will it be effective PLEASE HELP?
Which weight loss diet has been most effective for you and what has helped you best?
how can i lose a bit of wieght without my paranoid mother noticing ?
How could i get bigger/hench?
i want to lose weight..i'm 110lbs now..?
How many calories in a normal sunday dinner?
I am 16, 6ft 1 and nearly 12 stone (164 lbs) is it a healthy weight?
I've taken up running but have put on some weight - is this muscle?
Am 5"1 and i weigh 121 pounds.How much weight do i need to lose?
Realist anwsers plz! My bf has cancer and his mom has breast cancer?
my mom has cancer i feel so bad for her but i don't know how to help her any ideas?
Can my son get cancer from his dad?
How long will it take me to lose 2/3 stone?
How many calories in a slice of apple cake?
How can I hide food? Pretend I have eaten it?
I need to lose 2 stone but can't exercise. Any ideas?
What cream is best for firming loose/baggy skin after weight loss?
Am i Harming of body by not eating?
i'm 14, is it okay to be on a 750-calorie max diet?
How many sh!ts do I haveto take to lose 20 lbs?
Wii Fit Plus Question.?
How to add curves to an athletic figure?
What kind of results could I expect within 10 months?
Is diet coke negative calories?
Is it possible for someone to have a stable weight and wont be able to lose any more?
Sugar-Free Sweet Tasting Foods...?
Help! I need to fit into a dress in less than 3 weeks?
AM I OVERWEIGHT?!!! ooohh dear :( ?
is it possible to loose weight without exercise?
How fat am I on a scale of 1-10? Also, best exercises to loose weight?
Workout everyday? Decrease muscle size?
What is your favourite low calorie snack?
i need a high protein diet plan?
Easy food to eat when bulking up for teens?
what is the best and quickest way to loose weight?
I feel guilty... should I?
Can cancerous growths just go away by themselves?
Whats happening to me, please help?
i have a bump on the my the outer part of my shin?
How can I find out if my mother is lying about having cancer?
GF had papillary cancer surgery what should i do to help her get back to normal?
What is in K3 that kills you?
are these yakult type drinks really good for you?
are orlistat xenical side effects only REALLY bad if you dont stick to a low fat diet?
Is 9.7 stone good for me I am 5ft4?
Anyone who's been for Eating Disorder treatment?
If I take protein powder, will it help my growth?
Has anyone tried Caralluma?
Needing some body building tips?
help im 13 how do you lose weight FAST!!!?
any one ever used ab toning belts/shorts etc?
This is what i will be living on the next 2-4 weeks, how much do you think i will lose estimately?
My brother who is 12 is 64 pounds?
i need a quick way to lose weight :/?
Can you eat fat and still have a six pack?
muscle building supplements?
why carnt i lose weight off my bum legs and hips? can anyone help xx?
Does your body respond to how much water you drink?
When weight training is it better to exercise opposing muscle groups (i.e. back/chest, biceps/triceps)?
Can I use just HALF a scoop of protein powder?
I want to loose weight for my holiday next year, any suggestions?
Im 13 and want a workout routine.?
Do diet fizzy drinks stop weight loss?
how to loose weight fast?!?!?!? HELP ME!?
What are your personal experiences with the diet pill/appetite suppressant 'Appesat'?
How much do you think I weigh? (Pictures, obviously)?
Wisdom tooth extraction unsuccessful--> Is this normal????
can i become a dentist after doing dental hygiene?
Crest White Stripes?
Teeth and Voice?
What's wrong with my gums?
Peridontal desease?
Will ephedrine affect my contraceptive injection?
Whats a good crash diet!?
Cant eat anything without worrying that im gonna put on weight..?
What foods contain protein?
How much weight would I lose if i had 500cals a day?
I was wanting to know about diet?
How long do you see and feel the effects of taking vitamins and why does it take this amount of time?
how to get rid of a cold really fast?
Does the colour of vegtables affect their nutritional content. If so what is best?
carbs diet please help?
Im doing 100 push-ups a day, how many months of doing 100 a day will i finally get some muscle showing.?
would a pure tic tac diet work?
How do I stop myself from gaining weight?
Underweight - trying to gain weight, please help?
What is brisk walking?
Lunch ideas needed pre-gym visit?
can eating bread make one to add weight?
**PLS HELP.. on my 3rd day of water fasting..?
Whats the difference between saturated and unsaturated fat?
How do you lose a 'beer gut'!?!?
does the atkins diet work?
different grips on pull/chin ups and what muscles the target?
What does it mean when a teenager sweats like crazy after jogging?
how do you do push ups?
i have been trying to lose weght?
Are there patented systems for root canal implant of false teeth?
I got braces today, and they are really sort of starting to bother me. What should I take to stop the ache?
starting new cereal diet?
if i eat 600 calories throughout the day, can i consume calories two hours before bed to make up?
what is the ABSOLUTE best food for increasing height?
Does p90x really work?
How To Put On Weight Fast?
any one find the weight watchres diet ok?
What Cardio Can I Do At Home?
How much weight will I lose 6ft male 210 pounds?
why havent I lost any fat/ even any body weight?
Im 13, 5ft 5, weigh 7 stone 7pounds, is this healthy?
cardio and weight training?
Why is my leg in a spasm?!?
What is (water) loss when dieting ?
What muscles would recreational rollerblading target (no stunts)?
Is it okay to cut out carbs from you diet?
how long will it take me to loose 20 pounds?
i cant stop eating???????????????????
what is your favourite snack? mine is cookies and ben and jerrys and chocolate?
Do hooks pinching the skin mean the braces need repairing or is it normal?
cold when losing weight?
is 9 stone fat for a 5'3 15 year old girl?
what is the healthiest fish to eat?
how to get thighs calves thinner?
USN - Muscle Fuel Anabolic, is it safe?
Help PLEASE is this cancer?
23yrs unemployed, how many calories should I consume?
I've lost a stone and half in six weeks, is that bad for health?
which is best for weight loss Body Combat or Gym workout?
is 1hr to much on the treadmill?
Is 1050 calories not enough for me daily?
Is this a good vitamin combo for a 19 yearold?
how do i get rid of fat on my face?
do i look really fat?
how much food is too much?
How can i lose my fat belly fast but so it Carnot harm me ?
Is 5'10 tall, short or normal?
How much weight can I loose with a water fast with exercise lasting for 1 month...?
Which Paul Mckenna 'I can make you thin' cd is the one to listen to?
why do i feel weird after eating certain food?
Fed up being overweight - struggle to change bad ways/old habits?
Started work today At Mcdonalds And i dont think its healthy for me ?
I'm 16, weigh 150lbs and want to lose weight by November?
Can you get a Phd as a dietitian in uk?
How much should a 108 pound girl eat?
Do you think I can loose 1 stone in 1 year?
Short question is this a good way to lose weight?
Does soreness necessarily indicate micro tears in the muscle?
I'm considering buying a chin-up bar, what will this work on?
MATADOR 89, can you recommend other liver cancer treatments?
Dental work in canada -- how much for veneers - on average?
One of my tooth is sore?
a lump on left breast?help?
what gym cans i weight lift?
Does anybody know of any natural ways to suppress ones appetite?
Am I Fat Uk and usa size?
Why do some people look heavier than they weigh?
I went to the salt factory and I stole expensive salt now I sleep walk out of guilt what do I do?
what foods can i eat and not eat if i want to lose weight fast?
about losing weight? will this work?
Help!! Fat?? Stomach area! Girl...?
Advice on body building proteins ?
After work-out burn/soreness (Weight-lifting)?
pea-sized lump in neck?
can colon cancer manestisize in a new location ?
Dizzy after getting up in the dentist chair?
What is my body shape - please help?
I'm fat and dont want to be, how can i lose a stone by mid september!!?
Can i lose weight on a fruit juice diet?
How can I prevent getting tired legs so quickly?
Is it safe to exercise on an empty stomach?!?
sick of being fat please help me?
If i drink protein shakes and don't work out, will i get fat, gain a little muscle, or nothing?
im having heart problems?
I need to lose 20 pounds in 12 days?
how many pounds can you loose in a day?
i need to lose weigt fast?
What routine should I use at the gym?
Can you give your best 3 tips when it comes to dieting? Thanks?
trying to get a smaller belly in a month, would this work?
types of cardio exercise?
If i starve myself for 1 week and drink nothing but water how much will i loose?
i am 140lbs (10stone) and i am 5 ft 6 i want to loose 20 lbs what is the best way any suggestions?
Tips on Losing 50lbs!!?
is weight training safe for a 15 year old?
Is a US size 10 fat ?
Help!! My sister has lost soooo much weight and is really ill.....but is eating lots...?
how many kilos should i loose to be ......?
Does your body use fat from food as energy before storing it as bodyfat?
how am i fatter than my friend?
How do you adjust your insulin to your food?
Semolina pudding/Slimming World?
22 year old and my weight?
How many calories in each dish?
Help, Why do I weigh so much!?
Is it skinny to be nearly 6"2 and only 105 pounds?
My niece had a growth spurt and is now very tall and I think also overweight. What should I do to help?
i want to start drinking protein shake....?
How much do you think I weigh?
what happens in hospitals if you are anorexic?
what really fast high calorie burning exersises are there?
Why do people go on diets?
what can i do to keep my momm from losing weight during chemotherepy?
How can I lose all my fat?
i can't exercise due to some medical reasons, will i gain weight with this diet *10 points best answer :)?
How do I get rid of the fat under my upper arms?
Exercising to lose weight....?
Can you get low back ache from heavy weight training?
Chron's disease - exercise and diet?
This probably gets asked all the time, but...?
slimming world password 14th august 2010?
How can i loose weight and keep it off?
How to make my stomach look flat?
Are cereals better than fruit for getting fibre?
how would be able to slim my legs through diet?
where to buy a V-fit los angeles 2 drive belt?
is barr lemonade caffine free? need to know as am pregnant?
What should the height of a girl be so that she's considered to be "tall"?
How long would it take for my thighs to tone?
I would like to start walking...?
What would you prefer, an 800 calorie diet or 1,200 calorie diet?
can anybody help me?/?
if someone were to diet and loose weight....?
What is the best bicycle type to lose weight on? e.g. mountain, race, tour, recumbent?
How do i lose 10 lbs really fast?
Why aren't I loosing weight? Please help! Answers much appreciated!?
What clothes sizes would you say are big/thin?
how much weight could i lose in 3 weeks?
an i too skinny help please?
How did i lose weight this morning but have put on even more now?
How much calories does the body use when awake but doing nothing (daydreaming, not moving around)? & asleep?
i am 27 and 385 lbs and i really want to loss it but i am always hungry. please help!?
whats the most amount of weight you have lost in 3 weeks and how?
Is it okay for me to run everyday?
How do i keep at a steady weight?
will i lose weight and see a diffrence in month?
Do you recommend Crest White Strips?
How many treatments to the dental office is required to see results of having ur teeth bleeched or whitened?
what is more healthier for me?
where can i find a sports supplements supplier,?
Am I overweight, average, or under?
will someone send me on an eating plan to lose 10lbs in a month?
how many mins going up and down the stairs to lose 100 calories?
Can't a low/no carb diet cause brain death?
When I Eat, I Feel Like A Failure?
weight lifting and endurance ?
is it true as you grow you get slimmer??? xx?
Have you lost weight? I want to loose three stone, how do i do it?
i would like a simple diet to loose weight?
How much weight can i loss in 5 months and by doing what?
How much weight am i looking to lose?
I want to become skinny!?
I can't touch my toes, how can i improve my flexibility so i can touch my toes?
what peps think bout this little read?
Loosing 43 lbs before summer ?
What is the grocery list for the detox diet in "The Organic Pharmacy"?
Fat neck and chin bits?
PERFECT BODY ? (Female body)?
I'm 2 stone overweight, how long will it take me to reach a normal weight?
A lot of arm muscle and it shows when i tense but not when i don't..... help?
If I get my thyroid removed how much weight would I gain?
How come i lost weight when?
what is the easiest way to gain weight on my thighs?
all the law fat products ( like milk and yogurts) or all the light products are really healthy?
how much weight will i loose?
anyone got any good crash diets..?
How much weight will I loose 800cals and 80mins treadmill a day?
Protein Supplements- Maximuscle or ON Gold standard?
How many calories to maintain weight - 5ft 5, 109 lbs?
Im 13, going into year 9 and im 1.51 meters. Is that a good height,?
i feel fat, everyday. and it's only in one place.?
I want to lose weight and tone up quick in 1 week?
6 pack workout for 14 year old male?
Do I eat un healthly?
Is it enough exercise?
Sit ups hurt my back?
been feeling ill since coming home from spain?
loosing weight - getting skinny ?//?
Will This Machine Help You Loose Weight?
is my weight ok for my age?
Any ideas what i can use to stop the Wii board from slipping and sliding on wooden floors?PLZ read below..?
How Many push ups and sit ups do i have to do to get fit and have a flat belly?
what is invasive phase?
Do i have brain cancer?
I found a diet plan to be used with a workout plan that involves gaining 1.5kg per week, Is this healthy?
can someone please put my mind at rest?
I am on a low calories diet since a week and I am constipated. Is it normal?
how much weight could I lose if i cut out snacks?
Am I able to lose weight?
How do I become a dietician?
104lbs for a 5'4" 16 year old girl a good weight?
Am I fat, please help?
Would this diet work?
How big (in inches, cm, whatever) does a teenagers thighs need to be to be classified as being fat?
what weight would you be if you were to be classed as anorexic?
best way to get a flat stomach?
is spinning good to lose weight off?
AM I FATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please hleeeppp?
What is the weight range for my age?
Is running on a treadmill or walking on a treadmill the best way to loose weight?
Would you prefer a tall girl or a small girl? A really thin girl or a curvy girl?
What is wrong with my child?!?
head and neck cancer?
Does an exander and braces change your face ?
gritting and grinding your teeth?
what is funtional fitness?
How many times a do people mastabate? Is it safe to do it too much?
im 17 and eat like a normal person, but no weight goes on and i am very skinny, what should i do?
if i swim 3 times a week, eat healthy and take a daily suplement of acai vitamins, will i loose weight fast?
I need a plan on how I should lose weight .?
What exercise do you do and which exercisers do you enjoy?
Fifteen year old girl needing advice ^_^?
can you change your body shape?
Can anyone help me please? :(?
how much weight will this help me loose?
How can i get a body like this? :O (PIC)?
low calorie alcoholic drink?
creatine and ecdysterone?
How to lose weight quickly?
have i eaten badly today?
What is the ideal weight for a 13 year old girl?
does grapefruit really help you lose weight?
motivate me into exercising? tips? best exercises to do at home?
Good workout/aerobic music please?
My bmi is normal yet me waist is over 35?
Would this be underweight?
8 weeks to tone post baby?
Do protein bars (lucozade) help increase muscle size/development?
If I eat 1200 cals a day how much weight will i lose in 6wks?
what does this sound like to you, Eating disorders.?
Iv'e got to loose weight for a minor op, my job is very physical and i only eat 1 roll in the morning and?
i am 1.84 m tall - what do you think is my ideal weight?
Why do people go to the gym?
Did I eat too much? I feel so guilty? :(((?
How to lose weight??????
how many calories should i eat a day if i wanted to lose 15lbs?
What's the best one-day gym workout?
what in your opinion is a really healthy weight for me?
how to become a dietitian?
Is fruit tea in any way bad for you?
I need help in the gym.......?
What is anorexia nervosa?
how can a teenager loose weight fast?
Where do you find vitamin b12 in food.?
Straight answer PLEASE, how much weight can i lose?
Is it true that if you chew on celery leaves, your teeth will become whiter?
Wisdom teeth extracted now it feels like my front teeth on the tongue side have receded gumline?
when can you open your jaw fully after having 4 wisdom teeth removed?
If you had a dental expander AND you are over 40 did you need surgery to break palate first ?
chipped tooth question?
How do you get rid of cole sores?
I am 5'8 and weigh 66.4kg. Is this normal or do I need to loose weight? x?
Not sure where to go next after weight loss?
what would happen to your body on a chip roll a day diet?
Hey everyone:) How can i loss 14lbs in 8 weeks?:Dxxxx?
recently i have been sleeping so much, im not over weight or dibetic,does any know why?
Is 17 too old to start taking up Salsa dancing?
i dont like subways take-out after the news bout the sick boy stickin a pieace of cabbage in his nose and?
Weight GAIN Diet Needed?
how many kilos do i need to loose??? plz help?
Is it true you can mistake hunger for thirst...?
Can a personal trainer make a lot of money?
How can i gain weight fast and if i don't like it loose weight fast?
Which diet is the best for a very overweight vegetarian please?
would eating 1100-1300calories a day help you lose weight but keep your metabolism high?
How can i tone up using diet/gym?
Am I eating too much/not excising enough (for a teenager)?
is this a good breakfast?
Trying to loose weight... Is this a good plan?
Is it safe to eat the whole apple including the seeds and core?
how long should it take for picolax to start working?
Help meeeeeeeeeeee :(?
Current exercise regime, recommendations?
how can i grow muscles fast ?
Does lifting weights get rid of bingo wings?
Losing Weight - Is this okay?
What is the most weight you have lost with weight watchers?
im 49 kg and i think im still overweight!!! im 5.1?
would you consider 5ft2 and 116lbs fat?
weight loss for december 2010?
Eating before Alcoholic drinks is better, or worse?
eating disorder? no period?
what happens if you didnt eat for 4 weeks and just drank water?
How can I get six pack abs ?
I'm a 5"6 12 year old girl I' weigh 107 Ibs does anybody think I'can be a model at the height and weight am at?
I want 2 change my ENTIRE lifestyle...PLEASE HELP!! Want to make each day count!! Possible?!?!?
Will this help me lose belly fat?
How many calories do you burn by doing 20 sit ups?
How can i completely renew myself?
Are there any artificial sweeteners that are good for you? Or at least any that aren't really bad for you.?
have put on some weight, not too much my clothes Still fit me but people notice?
what does 330 kcal mean?
Tips for staying off chocolate for good?
Am I underweight, average, or overweight?
i am 14 and i was wondering what dieting pills can i have?
In osteoporosis there is a significant loss cancellous bone. how the loss of the bone material can weaken?
How many calories are burnt per hour on a exercise bike?
Going gym, eating healthy, but not bulking?
What is the healthiest weight for this person?
On the Wii step? PLZ read below...?
I'm 8 stone and I want to become 7?
How are these vital statistics of this 18 yr old teenager (female) ? Is it considered chubby?
What is a normal blood pressure limit while working out at the gym?
What are the best exercises for pec's to do at home? I have a bench?
Clenburexin - 90 Capsules - fat burning tablets?
6pack and yet i have lower fat on my belly area?
Is this a good workout? ( lifter to runner )?
Is this tall for my age?
which burns more calories sprinting vs jogging?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To The Gym?
How do I lose weight in 27 days?
how long would it take me to get a six pack if...? 10 POINTS!?
Are Low-Fat Batchelors Super Noodles really bad for me? Alternative advice?
how do i get ripped abs fast?
what weight should i be at 15?
Can anyone help with information about fish oils?
does anyone have tips on how to lose a stone?
What drinks are good and bad for a diet?
How can i loss 5 pounds + why is water so important?
Sick of being so fat. Help? Pics included?
lose 30 lbs in 30 days is it possible and how?
Losing weight for me...?
I'm eating healthily but I'm heavier then when I started?
I have skinny legs how do I build some muscle up ?
what do unflavored whey protein shakes taste like?
Do you actually drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5-a-day?
How big a role does a person's genes play, regarding getting a firm body?
How much weight could I loose in a month. in a safe way?
Is it anorexia if I only skip one meal a day?
need advice on which crazy choice to choose!please?
Just wondering.. strange diet!?
How to lose weight healthily but quickly?
why does toast have more calories than in a slice of bread?
what is the best diet to help you grow ?
Bodybuilding or weightlifting?
is there a supplement you can take to reduce the aches and pins of the gym after a workout that reallyworks.uk?
How can a thirteen year old lose weight really fast?
Are there any good dental implant specialist in India?
bad breath?
Dark hair dye's and cancer?
Protein shake question please help?
are botanical slimming safe to take i dont seem to get any sleep with them?
i have high cholesterol and i need a low cholesterol diet?
is 110 beats per minutes dangerous?
OK is it wierd that i like being hungry!!?
Why does carrying a few extra stone make you really breathless?
I think I have a caffine addiction!?
Day 1 of the Master Cleanse...are these feelings normal?
Is eating meat justified if a person, due to, perhaps, intolerances, needs it for a balanced diet?
Am I fat/ skinny? Do I need to lose a few lbs!?
How much weight will I lose o. This diet?!?
Summer Holidays Are Here, And I Need To Lose Some Weight! or Do I? Please Help Me! x?
i need to gain weight, im pretty skinny but i have one problem that i cant find an answer too...?
Anyone tried the low carb diet? How did it go?
Weight Loss Routine, Without The Use Of Weights?
Fellow Yogis.... plz answer xx?
Can you drink diet coke whilst on the hospital diet?
How Do I Tell My Parents I'm Underweight?
what can i do to get a better six pack?
WIll I lose 15 pounds in 3 weeks if I ...?
If muscle weighs more than fat would i look fat if i had a 6 pack?
What does it mean if you drink lots of water?
Which do-it-yourself whitening product do you reccomend?
I had 2 white fillings put in 10 days ago. I am in terrible pain. Is that normal?
For anyone who has ever had a dental implant, would you please share your experience?
Major Tooth Extraction?
Why do i sweat a lot ?! anyone help?
New one hour gym workout ideas?
What is the best mesothelioma treatment?
signs of pancreatic cancer?
what do i do about lumps?
calorie count please help?
im a 13 year old girl and i want to lose weight.. help?
Stair Stepper a Significant calorie burner?
Men, Answer this please!?
Will an all fruit and veg diet give me all the proteins and vitamins and stuff I need?
What does drinking eggs do?
i want toshare my knowledgs with some body?
I'm 16, 5 foot 7 inches - I should be 9 stone right? :(?
D tall people lose more height with age than shorter people. Why? And by how much?
i dont think im fat :/ but i'd like to tone up asap?
my family keep nagging me about my poor diet?
What can you do if your body fat percentage is too low?
can i lose 2 lbs in 1 week by eating 900-1000 calories a day and exercise an hour a day?
how old do you have to be to buy diet pills in the UK?
Stretch marks, any tips/help?
Creatine Monohydrate mixed with protein shake?
Fastest way to tone stomach?
are there some bad habits that are good for us?
I'm trying to lose weight, but i'm still stuck at same weight. Help i need advice?
I am losing weight fast?
has my fitness dropped?
Am I overweight for my age?
Which musashi protein powder to go for?
How can I reduce my stomach fat?
How could i lose 5 pounds this month?
I haven't eaten in a few days and I need some food for energy. What is light and will give me energy?
Is this weird? How can i still be slowly gaining weight?
Percentage body fat for abs?
what healthy meals can i start eating to lose weight ?
What are we going to do about the ever-increasing level of obesity in the young?
Working two jobs and wearing down.?
i have 8week to drop a dress size how do i do it????
if i run for an hour everyday on a treatmill and bike..?
I'm so confused with what to eat to lose weight.?
How do I know If my legs got toned and muscular?
When ever I stretch out my legs and tighten my thighs, it feels really hard??!!!?
what to do to get abs?
I Need Help Burning Fat!!!?
Am I overweight / fat?
why our bodies return as before when we stop going to the gym ?
I'm 14 years old, I want to build muscle and work out. HELP ;]?
i really want to lose weight but dont no how to ?
How much protein do you really need to build muscle or get lean quick?
When can I start my pre-pregnancy workout routine again?
i am 14 years old and i have a breast abscess...?
how bad is hpv and skin cancer?
I have the feeling that food is stuck in my throat, it happened 2 days ago when i ate. Could it be Cancer?
There's something stuck in my tooth, been there for 3 days, it's not food?
removing bottom wisdom teeth!! i have some questions!!?
how to get rid of freezing in mouth from dentist?
I have bleeding gums and i need help on how to stop it.?
how to work on bum, tum, thighs and hips at the gym ?
How much will I lose on this Diet?
what food can i give my mum who is bed bound cant exercise?
what is the difference between diagnosis treatment and prognosis?
have i got a eating disorder?
i need motivation to lose weight please help!!?
how do i build muscle?
i think my diet is getting me into starvation mode what do i do?
i always feel so fat? how can i stop?
How do I make myself look slimmer for my next school year?
300-400 cals a day, how long to lose 2stone?
Does losing weight improve people's confidence?
I want to lose 10lbs in 9days.Is this possible?
When doing bicep curls is it better to do a lot of lifts with a small weight or not many with heavier weights?
Should I be bothered by this?
Do you have any weight-loss tips/tricks or methods that I can use?
Is taking too much vitamin c supplement dangerous to your health?
how do i get rid of cellulite quickly?
How many syns in a char sue fried rice and how many syns in a curry chip, from the chinese?
Is there any way i can loose weight?
How do you know if your'e overweight without weighing yourself?
Kirstie Alley and WeightFan.com?
will this help me lose weight?
why is it becomes so difficult to destroy these cells?
what does increased t2 signal mean of the brain?
whats the best diet i can do to lose a stone?
Can a morbidly obese person become skinny?
by becoming a vegetarian, will i loose weight from not eating meat?
How can I get my body fat from 16% to less than 10%?
hi i need some help getting back to my regular diet?
how to shrink the stomach (only drinking water for 3 days)?
I am thinking of trying wheat-free diet?
How can I lose 25-30 pounds in two months?
Do overweight people lose fat more easily than not so overweight people?
Ive been doing exercise and I cant see results?
is this a lot to eat in one day?
which alcoholic is better in term of low calorie content?beer,wine,whisky,cider?
how much weight can i lose in 5 weeks?
If you've ever lost any considerable amount of weight, what triggered you to do it?
How long does it take to build muscle?
Im 5'4 feet female im 14 and have 35% body fat is that healthy?
how many of your 5 a day does a smoothie count as?
Weight Loss PLEASE HELP?
Why do my calf muscles cramp up?
abscess tooth and 37 weeks pregnant?
Would an exercise bike work for me?
A question for women of all sizes?
Im 14 and weigh 12 stone is the Fat ?
What Body Shape Am I?
what healthy sauces can i make that would make pasta and rice have more flavour?
How much more weight should i lose?
How to run normally on a treadmill ?
All round schedule to bulk up in 28 days?
Do I need to lose weight (male)?
I am on a low residue diet, but i need to lose 30 pounds,?
I gained half an inch on my wist in 5 days?
What are some home remedies to lose weight really fast?
have a fitness test for the navy in a month and need to get fit quick?
Varied breakfasts and meal ideas for Atkins diet anyone?
how to get a thin stomach?
What's the weight loss average on the Atkins during the induction period of say 2wks?
Trying to get fitter, help please!?
How can I get thinner?
lymph nodes in my neck are swollen and painful?
Is the doctor suppose to tell you if you have cancer after an biopsy?
how much should i weigh?
How much weight can I realistically lose by september 6th 2010?
how do i ensure that my body will burn fat?
Will this diet work the same as the Special K diet?
okay with muscle-building how EXACTLY does it work?
How quickly does smoking affect your stamina?
Is a weight gainer protein right for my goals ?
How can I loose weight fast the healthy way?
How do I get toned in about 4 weeks?
4000 Calorie Diet; How do I do it?
Should I watch what I eat?
Is size 6 or 8 fat in h&m?
will if effect my height if i take diets?
why am i always hungry?
If starving yourself is supposed to make you fatter, when why are anorexics so skinny?
I want to lose 5 pounds in the shortest amount of time possible,Help?
if the flabelos vibrating plate for weight loss cause a prolapse?
I want to lose 4-5 KG NOWWW?
i really need to loose one stone in 2 weeks please help!?
How much weight can i loose in 1 week by doing this....?
Which has less calories?
recently i have been sleeping so much, im not over weight or dibetic,does any know why?
How can I lose weight?
Have had 7 weeks of radiation for throat cancer last treatment was 4/2010 8 months ago?
I have just today noticed 2 lumps one on my right and left breast on the same spot?
how long should it take for picolax to start working?
how to lose love handles! please help!?
When you lose weight can it make the skin of your face not as tight?
Stuck at the same weight any suggestions?
Anybody who's had a tough or long battle with an eating disorder, or any specialists,or anything close can you?
Is my healthy eating becoming dangerous?
how to lose a few pounds?
What exercises will help me to tone up in 8 weeks?
How to get a flat stomach in 4 or 5 weeks and keep it flat?
Loosing Weight Around Thighs?
will i have loose skin?
would this much swimming give you big shoulders?
how to get thin thighs?
If i stopped eating chocolate, soda & crisps would i loss weight?
What will happend if you drink too much milk?
What kind of things stop you growing taller?
can anyone give me some tips for excercise?
can I lose a significant amount of fat if I make raw food a lifestyle?
would you consider 5ft2 and 116lbs fat?
weight loss for december 2010?
Eating before Alcoholic drinks is better, or worse?
What happens if i took too much vitamin c?
can all doctors try to answer please.?
I don't have insurance live in Texas and I need to get checked for breast cancer....?
My boyfriend has a bump in the back of his head. Its medium-sized and it feels like a bone.?
how to cure prostatic cancer?
I need help, i think i may be developing an eating disorder?
how many pull ups can YOU do?
How to lose weight in about a month.?
im trying to lose weight whats the best soulution no harsh answears plz?
Can I lose 15 pounds in a year?
how can i lose weight on my tighs and belly?
Body help please?!!??????????
What's my body shape?
how many calories should i have a day if i am 14 and a girl ?
Help with getting fit, fairly quickly?
should i rest my body?
how deadly can a tumor be what would be the chances of cancer or death?
im scared is this cancer?
Would you remove your lymph nodes in armpit?
Progress in cancer cure?
How much weight can you lose in 3 weeks?
Hips> Best way to loose themm.. =S?
Is being able to bench press half your own body weight good?
Good tips for weight loss!?
how can i lose stubborn weight around my stomach? (pcos sufferers pls help)?
Female Muscles Weighs How Much On Average?
I Have Lost Weight And Gained Muscle, I Am Still The Same Weight As Before. When Would I See My Real Weight?
When i jog my right lower calf aches?
Im looking to make my bum more toned and rounder in appearance. How often and for how long should I work out?
im too skinny help me?
Can someone help me create an exercise plan to loose weight?
How much cardio should i be doing each day and weights to see a difference in my appearance. I am a woman.?
How to loose as much weight as possible in 6 weeks? please?
am i overweight?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When do the results of your diet start to show?
Is eating meat justified if a person, due to, perhaps, intolerances, needs it for a balanced diet?
Anyone tried the low carb diet? How did it go?
Hi ive asked this question before, im 12, 5 foot 0 inches and i weigh 137 pounds?
Is this a good way too loose weight?
why is it that shortly after i've eaten i'm still hungry?
If i eat really healthfully and only drink water would i loss weight?
how much weight will i lose in a week on a raw diet?
I am looking for a good dentist (general) in Mississauga/Brampton/Oakville/Hamilton area.?
how do you go about finding a reputable doctor?
Can too much Essential Amino Acids be a bad thing?
Have I got a fat bum?
hi im 12 years old,5 ft 4'' and 145lbs i want to be 110LBS how do i lose the weight fast ?
any reviews on the special k diet?
Would this work????????????????/?
Am i a normal weight?
Splits and strained legs???????
15 4NY0N3 4813 70 UND3R574ND 7HI5?
Diet and Fitness advice needed - 5 STARS BEST ANSWER?
Does this sound fat to you?
Is it possible to strengthen the abdominal muscles without doing sit-up's?
Is it really true that in America high fat processed food is really cheaper than raw fruit and vegatables?
How to slim down in a healthy way?
how to make my bely flat?
CAN you lose weight if you cut out rubbish,but eat loads of fruit?
Whats a healthy snack to eat?
do holland and barret diet pills work?
what kind of eating disorder is this?
Im 14 I weigh 119 pounds and Im 5 ft 2?
what do you use to distract yourself?
what is the average life time of stomach cancer patient? How long they will live after chemo?
what is the reason for having a fat tummy?
Cardio 4 times a week and full body training 3 days a week?
can anyone write me a 7 day diet plan i am 17 stone and six feet tall Thankyou?
i am seriosly Short !!! plz help!!?
why i look like ive gained weight or lost it in a matter of days? quite long but really need advice :)?
My boyfriend has been trying to lose weight...?
Drinking 3 litres of water a day?
how can i lose weight and stomach fat fast?
Has anyone tried or is using Tava Tea? Does it work?
Walking the same amount.?
im 14 and have 140 pounds is that veryy veryy bad ??? xx?
How could i lose 5 pounds this month?
Which musashi protein powder to go for?
Holland & Barrett Diet pills/ teas?
Weight loss ideas for a 14 yr old (im using my sis' acount)?
How to lose weight and get a washboard tummy?
need to lose weight in a week, so that dress fits...?
Why do mothers in England make their daughters eat so much?
How many pounds should and 11 year old weigh if she is about 4 feet and 5 inches tall?
I'm a 16 year old boy 5 foot 1 in height will i grow?
Do I Have An Eating Problem?
I don't want to look manly but...?
If I exercise like this everyday how long will it take until I see results?
White Tea And Green Tea?????
Can I get a membership to Snap Fitness?
im bad with food how can i bring myself to try other foods because i want to build lean muscle and look toned?
I am a skinny guy but starting to get a belly?
My gym closes for 4 days, should i still take my protien shake?
Can someone help me with a diet plan?
How to stop the munchies?
how long do you manage to stick to a diet before you go back to old habits?
How many calories in a KFC Fully Loaded meal?