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does the velform chinwrap work?
advice on quick weight loss please?
want to gain weight what do i do?
STOMACHE pains when i drink larger?
how to get shaped biceps like this 1 in da picture?
Do protein shakes made by companies such as Lonsdale actually work or are they a waste of money?
Is it possible to have a perky bottom with exercises? How?
Does the Shape of your skeleton have any effecet on bodybuilding?
Predict my hight? Currently 14 years old and 170-173cm?
How to lose weight? please help!?
does this count a being anorexic?
herbicides and cancer...?
question about lung cancer?
what are the most common cancers?
What will happen at my consultation for Invisalign ?
I got braces yesterday and I'm in a lot of pain. What can I do?
How can I quickly heal that canker sore in my mouth?
Teeth question? help?
How much, on average, would a filling and x-ray cost at the dentist - without dental care?
17yr/F getting brace in about 3-4 months and my treatment includes braces for two years and then oral surgery?
What should I do about this dull toothache I have after a filling?
is it cancer or mouth ulcer?
What exercise can I do at home?
How come you gain weight when you sleep too little and at irregular hours?
What does 3x5 mean when lifting weights?
have you lost weight using a vibration plate?
is it normal for people to feel less "lively & energetic" as they grow into their 30's as compared their 20's?
My friend takes tons of appetite suppressants, whats this doing to her?
Why do some people say that Chocolate is even HEALTHY for you ,,if eaten in moderation?
If i burn 200 calories in 60 minutes is it good?
How many calories is in this meal?
Too much sugar in one day?
how do i lose 25 lbs in 2 1/2 months?
how many calories should i eat to lose weight?
Does this sound right?
I'm almost underweight but I look fat?
how much weight can i lose by going on a 500cal a day diet and doing a 20min run every other day?
which is better to loose weight?
how does this diet sound? protein shake morning, salad lunch, soup dinner, celery/peppers/fruit snacks?
What weight category am I?
Should i lose weight via cardio and diet first before building muscle if i am overweight?
ugghhhhh... i ate too much today.... AGAIN?
burning 2000-3000 calories a day?
How to get a toned stomach?
Will you loose weight faster by walking or running on a treadmill?
Do i have a really fast metabolism?
Xenical.. Will it work for me?
does coffee reduce your growth?
Feedback on my workout plan please?
how long long of a work out a day to burn 3000cals?
If your metabolism slows down when you eat less...?
is liquid iron better than ferrous sulphate?
Is my weight loss real!?
what is a good excercise to firm your neck and chin?
help in losing weight without going gym?
does the eating for your blood types diet work ?
How are these measurements for a 15 year old girl?
Does anyone know of a London based clinic which does the HCG diet? i want to do the injections, not the drops?
slim / thin girls...do you ever do this?
I have a strong dislike for vegetables of most types, is this bad?
I am a 14year old girl and ithink i am fat please help me?
Any advice on books about healthy eating?
any body know of any liquid diets?
Want to lose belly fat so my stomach is flat- skipping?
what's wrong if u lose great weight really fast?? is there any way to maintain that loss?
I have eating problems. How can I change my ways?
I'm 13 and want to lose weight (for health reasons)?
Is it ok to just have fruit for lunch?
What is the best way to lose weight really fast?
Im a 14 year old male and im 5,9 and im 10stone is this overweight?
Help, my friend is slowly killing herself and i don't know what to do?
why do people put themselves on youtube of them gaining weight?!?
If you've been losing weight through exercise..?
is size 14 at 4ft 11inches fat?
Overweight but ideal waist to hip ratio?
Are you supposed to go backwards or forwards on a crosstrainer/elliptical machine?
Hey, need help, best way to diet?
I binged and probably had over 7000 calories yesterday?
Can You Help Me Come Up With Some Ideas For Healthy Eating?
Surgery procedure to lose weight?
I want to lose 20 kg in 3 months ? is it possible ?
is it alright to drink alot of water before bed time?
How do i loose weight :(?
how to get toned skinny arms without having big muscles because im a girl and i dont want big muscles?
how long does a person with throat cancer live?
is it bad to sleep if you have lung canser?
i need to loose weight?
Weightloss help, DESPERATE.?
I Need To Loose 46 Pounds ASAP. Please Help?
Can you eat cooked beans on a raw food diet?
hi i want to lose weight i am 15 yrs old and i am 12 stone how do i lose it and get something near a 6 pack ?
Will eating late make you gain weight....?
If you want good looking and slim body without any side effect, then visit here.?
someone who knows about weight loss!!!?
what is surgical iodine?
if i had a brain tumour in the front of my head would i get headaches in the back of my head?
What is a health centre personnel ?
Do teenagers get saggy skin after weight loss?
Should I get a port for chemo?
How do you get stomach cancer? I just wanted to know because that's how the Rev died?
Any who has bowel cancer/knows about it..?
what color top tube would I use to draw a PSA?
Is Anabolic Mass a Good recovery shake after workout?
ways to loose weight very fast! dont care if its not healthy!?
should i lose 1st7lb ( 21lb ) ?
whats the easiest way to make money working for yourself?
will i gain weight if....?
how can i lose weight in 2 weeks?
My body hurts from going to the gym for the first time what can i do?
I am 21 stone how can I get into shape?
what do you think of dog walking as a business to get fit and loose weight?
I want a six pack how do I go about it?
I Go to the gym 3 times and have a ten month deadline, will I lose unwanted fat by then? help!?
Can you lose a double chin through rigorous exercise?
Something is seriously wrong with my appetite?
How many calories does an hour of gentle breast stroke burn?
weight loss..............?!?!?
copyright free workout videos?
How to gain weight and get healthier skin?
Is this a healthy meal?
Diet Plan to grow taller?
Did i eat a lot today?
How do you lose weight?
do lumineers or veneers keep its white color?
Getting my braces off...retainer question? ?
what is harmful about electric cigarettes?
kidney stones by stool?
how does Cyclone Maximuscle work as a protein shake?
I'm a chocoholic how do I get over the craving for it !!?
i have heard that it is bad to eat at night is that true?
How many calories does an hour of jogging burn?
I've eaten two apples and two slices of bread today. How many calories do you think that is, approximately?
WAS this a healthy lunch? - 2 jam crumpets a cheese spread sandwich, 1 muller yogurt and a special k breakfast?
why do ii always feel like this?
Is it still dangerous if you make your self sick only occasionally?
is 9 stone when your only 5' too big?
Has anyone had an inch loss body wrap and are they any good ?
five small meals a day?
HELP PLEASE need to lose weight?
im 7kg under my ideal weight, should i be worried?
What do bodybuilders/movie stars like Arnie use to make their muscles shine?
At 5'10 and 145lbs...? (Pictures)?
what are some LEGIT CRAZY diet ideas?
Would this lunch be healthy?
How much beef should I eat per day for my diet of six pack abs?
whats the best stomach flattener exercise?
Is 108 pounds underweight?
Would someone correct my diet?
When will I look normal again after getting my wisdom teeth out!?
The right side of my jaw is coming out of socket and I am having alot of pain. I'm unable to close my mouth!?
Braces, Wisdom Teeth, and an Impacted Tooth?
Lymphoma B Cell Patient Stage 3 - Had her first Chemo - losing hair - what else we should expect ?
where can i download the sit-up bleep test for free?
how much does a size 10 woman weigh if she is 5.1ft?
how to lose weight off my cheeks?
how to take vitamins when it says take one to two tablets daily?
is using the WII Fit a good way to loose weight when you're 13?
Would you lose fat (and get skinnier) if you only had one apple a day for a week?
is moobs natural at 13?
Im a 14 year old male and im 5,9 and im 10stone is this overweight?
I just need a straight out answer, How much weight would you lose if you didn't eat for a week?
Local or General Anesthesia for this procedure?
i want to get my teeth shaved down...?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out?
Differences between the Speed systme braces and Damon Sytem braces?
I need to take out 4 teeth for braces?Is it realli worth it?
Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?
Cure for Canker Sores?
Liver cyst that is growing fast?
How do you get back into a sleeping routine?
OMG my GYM is trying to kill me! help?
My daughter is getting fat how can I tell her?
My mum is practically forcing food down my neck, now dangerously obese ?
how do people get so fat?
normal, chubbier, fat or overweight? :/ (with pictures)?
If 1pound is 3000/3500 calories..does that mean..?
Is it ok for a 16 year old to take acai berry capsules when It says 18 on it?
Is this a healthy weight?
What is the recomended daily amount calorie intake for a woman?
Is this related....eating and running advice?
Does drinking water increase metabolism?
How to be physically healthy?
what kind of education does a cancer biologist need?
What are the major cancers in Florida AND Georgia?
how much fat should you eat during pregnancy?
how much protein should a 65 year old male need to eat?
Question about building muscle?
Can you gain more weight if you have only 500 calories a day?
Do you put on weight when you stop smoking?
what energy foods are good when I am training for 1/2 marathan?
Does exercise give you spots?
how do a friend lose weight?
How much weight do I need to lose?
Which foods are good for the brain i.e - concentration etc?
How many minutes do i need to walk for it to be a mile? (brisk walking)?
Eating and Throwing up?
did High Intensity Interval Training on elliptical this morning, was sick...?
Can the capsule of an omega 3 pill contribute to high cholesterol ?
how to lose waight before christmas?
is this too much to eat in one day?
Is it ok to chew the Babybell wax?
is this bad that i'm not really eating?
How can I lose 3 stone in 6 and a half months?
How to tone your bum up?
Permanent bad breath?
I think abscessed tooth?
how do you know to get a tooth filled/crowned?
whats this thing on my tooth?
What are signs of having a cavity? PLEASE HELP 10 POINTS!?
did you ever wore braces?
Some questions on dentistry...?
Unknown Teeth Stains.?
Can somone help me with an implant problem. I'm desperate?
Braces payment questions?
Is it mouth cancer or just a canker?
How To Lose Weight Fast?
How do i become and stay physically healthy?
How little can I eat today ate too much yesterday ?
If I were to hit the rowing machine for six months straight..?
If I eat like this every day will I lose weight?
WEIGHT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why Do I have stomach upset during excercise?
anyone tried the atkins diet? does it work?
how can i lose weight fast?
What are good excersize's for a 16 year old who wants to be in the marines with limited equipment?
Poll: Do you care about how much you weigh?
Do you think my daughter is fat?
how would you lose 30 lbs?
What muscles does swimming and walking tone up?
Is this a healthy weight?
What is a good, healthy breakfast that is filling?
how to gain height pls help me?
am i overweight for my age,height etc?
give list of protein food?
Is 200 - 300 a lot of calories to loose in 1 day?
how many grams of porridge oats should i eat for breakfast (im trying to lose weight)?
weight problem? 10 points to best advice?
radiation treatment for prostate cancer, pls read.?
Pediactric Hematologist (Oncology) Nurse?
what are all of the qualifications to be a dental hygenist??10 pts.?
Whats the point of a Herbst appliance when you could just use elastics?
braces coming off soon?! What will it be like?
Why would you need braces?
approx. how much do braces cost?
I went to the dentist a while ago.. ?
i ate a whole cake did that ruin my work out?
can u have top and bottem braces with a herbst appliance?
almost 7 months pregnant and horrible wisdom teeth pain?
wisdom tooth removal...eek?
The question, ingredients in toothpaste?
im in 7th grade and i have 3 baby teeth wats wrong with me ? all my friends have all adult teeth?
quickest way to lose weight?
How often should I go to the gym?
do very low calorie diets work?
Need help working out a daily exercise routine?
Is green tea good for weight loss?
What exercises will make my lats stronger, because they're weak at the moment?
500 or more calorie burning workout for a 21 year old woman-know any?
I Sweat At School!! Help? :)?
how much more weight do i need to lose to model?? pics?
Does anyone know alot about bodybuilding?
Building muscles, Weight Gain question?
What can I use to increase the muscles in my upper arms?
How can I improve my posture?
have you done the master cleanse?
I have to lose weight for a wedding i'm invited to in 12 days. help!?
is there any way to get rid of chubby cheeks you get when you puke a lot?
How can I lose about 14lbs in weight?
How do I make my legs fatter?
Please help me with my weight :(?
right, i'm on the pill for about 5 months now..?
How to lose weight fast and keep your appetite small?
The average bra size for a 14 year old?
Can i get rid of my fat tummy with a slender tone machine?
Marker 19-9? Does the high level CA19(12000U/ml)always necessarily mean that the patient has pancrease cancer?
130kgs exercise program for a non exerciser?
Is Aspartame in Beer / Larger. thanks?
what does getting your braces off feel like?
Addicted to caffeine - is this dangerous?
sticking to diet on school trip?
What snack do you have before your keep fit class?
whats a healthy dinner i could have?
will i fit for job and cut my incapitiy benefits?
im skinny; how to get fatter healthy?:D?
What is my activity level? very active, moderately active, sedentary?
Overweight and want to start exercising. How long should I........?
Looking to get in shape , looking into tae kwon do and boxing on separate days , but?
great workout plan for limited equipment?
Please tell me how I can lose 3 stone in 2 months ?
Help!!!!??? Pics Included!?
Lifting weights for four months but not getting any stronger!?
What meal would have the least amount of calories from this menu?
Can you suggest some lump/bit free liquid foods please?
Exercise routine and weight GAIN?
hi, how many centrimetres tall am i please?
is the food I have eaten today, healthy unhealthy or avarage diet?
Where calories come from?
Can I lose 15lbs in 2 weeks?
What gym equipment should I use to quickly lose weight?
How bad is a pack of black & mild a day?
Question about Cancer drug Taxol?
Places to buy breast cancer awareness gear?
What is the normal weight for a 14 year old female?
How can you get work placement in the gym?
What have you eaten today, honestly :) ?
Can anyone recommend some good meals that I can have to try and gain muscle?
How can i get a FLAT stomach?
What is the difference when you call someone skinny or underweight?
How many calories in homemade stir fry?
help with eating.....please read?
how to lose a c section belly after 2 years?
weight lifting advice?
How to get a wide ripped back?
Is it true that if food tastes too good then it's either full of fat, salt or sugar?
Have I got a double chin or is it in my head?
Opinions wanted: Do you think that my hips are too big?
how to lose belly fat?
how can i improve my abs?
When somebody thinks a person is a bit underweight is that the same thing as saying too skinny?
Is fruit juices alot healthier than fizzy juice?
is 10 stone overweight for a 13-14 year old?
how can i stop binge eating at weekends?
Why should we eat less fat?
Whats the difference between normal & greek yogurt ?
How would a splenectomy increase the number of circulating platelets?
men or women have a healthier diet?
ive lost 7 pounds in roughly two weeks..?
Filling out form - "Are you currently in good health?"?
Will you loose weight faster by walking or running on a treadmill?
Xenical.. Will it work for me?
I need some help with getting a 6 pack?
Periodontal Disease and Extractions?
How painful are braces?
a patient has swollen ankles and signs of degenerating organ functions, what is the likely diagnosis?
getting tattoo will get you leukemia?
prostate cancer and high PSA reading?
Possible to have Underactive Thyroid but extremely fast Metabolism?
Should i go to the doctors about my weight or will i be wasting time?
how many calories ? thanks?
would you be jealous of a girl that was 5 foot 11 and was 12 stone?
if i dont go to the gym for a month will i loose muscle mass?
I eat chocolate every day but I'm not fat what does this mean?
How soon after eating should you exercise?
i want to lose wieght?
Is it true that not eating after 7pm helps you lose weight ?
How does a 7 day detox benefit your body?
Whats the risks of only drinking 2-3 glasses of water a day?
24 hrs after wisdom teeth removal still some blood?
How much does a Root Canal cost? My Dentist says they have a failure rate too and people can lose their teeth?
Any tips on boosting confidence?
UK Which Body builder protein powder increases life expectancy by up to 10years?
What's the best and fastest way to loose weight?
How often do you weigh yourself?
Im' 17 5'7 and 7 stone, obviously under weight?
i need some facts on anorexia?
is 40g too much sugar?
Butt and ab exericses for girls?
im 14 years old and im 4ft10 and i weigh 112 pounds am i over weight?
whats d best food shold b if u r working out 5 days a week?
What foods are high in protein?
How to make milk safe to drink?
how long would it take you to lose 50lbs if you only eat 90 calories a day?
Does anyone know how long it takes to see benefits to drinking water regularly?
if you lift 20 pound weights for 5 minutes do you loose weight?
is this really fattening??? i dont want to eat?
a question about the omega 3 pills?
How to lose as much weight as possible in 2 weeks?
What does 3 x 1/2 max press ups mean?
How do I tone up my thighs?
Could this be skin cancer?
does the late stages of brain cancer cause people to go through with euthanasia?
In August of this year, I lost my mother to lymphoma cancer.LPD Care was applied ...?
What are Vibro Plates? And do they really work?
whats the best way to tone your legs without going to the gym?
i think i might be a binge eater?
i got a cut in my mouth from my mouth piece in football how do i get rid of it?
How do I know if my retainer is in properly? best answer 10 pt?
Food to avoid with freshly chipped teeth?
What products are available that will permanently whiten my teeth?
Will it reduce the chance of getting cancer?
How much weight can I expect to lose?
5ft8in and 130 pounds, how much should I eat a day to get down to 110 pounds in two weeks? Really important :(?
im 1502cm tall and weigh 51 kiloz is dat fat ? xxx?
Do vegetarians really gain weight?
how do i improve my maximum benchpress?
5ft 9 and 125 pounds, please help I need to lose 20 pounds in the next couple of weeks?
how much should i way?
What is the best way to lose some tummy fat in one week?
How do you not put on weight after you quit smoking?
Should I gain weight (fat or muscle)?
how much should I weigh?
pro's and con's of alli slimming pills?
Is it normal to gain 2-3 pounds in one day?
Should I Take Hoodia With Food?
whats the best way to lose wight?
Why do I get hungry if I wake up early morning around 5am?
if i eat porridge for breakfast,salad for lunch,banana sandwichs for dinner is that healthy to lose weight?
is Banana Sandwichs ok for a dinner?
I am a 16 year old, that is unhappy with his body shape any tips?
Can a woman with brain cancer have a baby?
anyone been on a diet of liquid food? how much weight did you lose? how long did it take?
Fat Burning Exercises?
How long is it possible to go for without excreting?
How Many Calories In This Lollipop?
am i the right weight for my height?
I need fast diet ideas?
Diet For Highly Active Person?
Help: I need to shift some weight...?
Do Sweat Suits really work? i would like to know?
what would my height be when i'm 21?
Am i fit or healthy for my age? (Seventeen)?
I was on a strict diet, now what do i do to stop me from banging it back on?
5 fruit/veg a day ? Does it just fill you up?
ive gotta loose 5% of 16 stone. how much weight is that ?
If i play Wii Fit 20-30 minutes a day how much calories will i burn?
How much weight can I lose in 9 months?
Swimming, dryland exercises that will tone stomach?
I can do 30 press-ups and i have no muscle. Im basically skin and bones. How come?
is this a good workout plan ?
Can some foods really be "negative calorie" for some/most people?
Daily healthy eating plan?
what are the consequences of over hydration?
how do i increase neuron connections n my brain?
They say cancer has been cured and they give proof with testimonials and web site you believe?
My entire family has never had any problems with cancer, what are my chances?
i was told i have nodules on the lung, what does this mean?
Does Froot Loops give you cancer?
mom just diagnosed with cancer...?
When I lift weights why does it hurt my forearm more?
does sleeping with richard morecroft give you cancer?
calories gained from binging and purging?
What is the best way to gain "muscle" size for a lean person?
Can a healthy 16-y-o female have a BMI of 16.3?
Am I the average height for a 14 year old?
I need to gain weight but i want to in muscle...how can i?
I'm losing weight and need to find a dress which is slimming and one which I can fit into?
if you had a bad diet ,and then ......?
Healthy food's to snack on?
are crisps high in fat and sugar?
Help with improving physique?
did hitler like eating sweets?
what is the best type of protein shake to build muscle?
how do I get rid of my chunky calves:'(?
I need chest exercises?
Is a BMI of 19.6 fat, skinny or average?
will i lose weight if i only eat a little bit each day?
do you think matt lanter has a bit of puppy fat?
Is there any cheaper diet that can replace Cambridge diet?
is running more than once a day bad for you at 15?
anorexia - how long before lost period?
Diet-Health-Please Help?
Balanced diet what is your idea of a balanced diet?
Would a Morphine Sulfate pill that's 3 years old still have any effects?
how long does radiation and chemotherapy last for breast cancer?
Permanent retainers?
Diet:What To Worry About?
Under Weight but want to lose more !?
is tea bad for 19 year old?
what's gonna happen if i dont eat fr a week, and just drink water?o?
Am I fat for a 13 year old?
Should you reduce your carb intake?
Im 14, 15 in november, and i am around 14 stone (196 lb).?
How can I loose weight of my stomach? without loosing my shape..?
Can you see the weight loss yet?(with pictures)and how can I lose more?
how long does it take to digest pasta?
how to lose weight at home?
Effective exercises to lose weight?
please answer! whats the best weight gain drink/powder?
what weight is classed as anorexic?
How fast should you run 4 miles in hot weather?
get more fruit and veg in diet?
Am I the right weight for my height?
what is it about bulimia?
im 28 and weigh 14 stone am i fat?
How do I know if I am anorexic???
Are T5 fat burners safe to use?
oral cancer in the stage t1 n0 m0 of squamous cell carcinoma?
Do you know any websites on which we could get free consultation on dental problems ?
can you straighten your teeth with ONLY retainers?
Miley question, teeth?
What is wrong with my teeth?
TOOTHBRUSH???????? help?
how to get rid of tummy fats?
Im feeling unfit, I want to become fitter again and gain more muscle mass?
Im fat. How do I get skinny?
Do you think I'm anorexic...?
Why do i feel pain when i do pull-ups/chin ups?
is exercising at 12 years old bad for you ?
Appetite affecting my body temperature?
What can I do to avoid loose skin while dieting?
I am looking into getting the gastric band/lap band.?
How much on average does a fitness instructor earn in Ireland?
Friends bad body odour?
Girls, I need some motivation, can you help me please?
Binged for lunch, no more calories left ?
protein muscle building pills....can someone explain how it works/if its safe etc to me?
How do you weigh yourself accurately?
Can I eat anything else?
what body shape do I have?
i am five feet and 12 and i weigh 89 pounds am i fat?
have i ruined my diet?
What do labs do with skin samples for skin cancer tests?
Really worried help! Could this be colon cancer?
how could you perform biopsy?
interpreting blood test results?
What do I tell the doctor if I want a full cancer screening test?
Why so expensive to get impression for my braces?
Is it true you can get a certain pair of braces that you only have to wear for 1-2 months?
How long does it take to be a pediatric dentist?
Is there a difference between Chewing tobacco and Snuse?
I just got 5 teeth pulled and my mouth hurts a lot. The freezing has stopped. What should I eat?
Top tooth extraction?
is it safe to swallow tooth paste when your bushing your teeth just a little but if it i always seem to ?
What to do next with my brace?
Hypnosis For Weight Loss-what is it and how does it work?
If I'm trying to lose weight, should I stay away from 1 yoghurt a day?
What would you rather be... 5ft6 dark hair and skinny, or 5ft8 blonde hair and curvy? Guys what do you prefer?
When losing weight, they say you cannot..?
Do you think my weight is OK for me?
how do i lose weight?
prefer fat womon or fine womon?>?
my brothers getting married in may/april and i need to loose atleast 2 or 3 stone !!!!! HELP !!?
What do you think of LA Fitness ?
Anyone here take Vitamin B everyday?
how many calories in one chicken nugget?
Do you think bariatric surgery is a waist on public money?
body measurements? are mine good?
Whats the best PAINLESS way to lose weight and fat FAST?
I can't eat in the morning or eat lunch?
am i under weight for my height?
Would you say 98 pounds (7 stone) at 5'9" is too skinny?
i dont want muscle gain!?
IS my weight Bad? with pic?
How much effort does it take for you to lift 112 lbs?
How much weight will I lose?
Ideal waist to hip ratio?
I am taking dieting pills which I shouldn't as I don't exercise?
Can junk food give you spots on your face?
Anyone know where i can get a full workout programme?
do pull ups have the same effect as lifting dun bells?
does this sound good. would it work?
Is my body similar to Kim Khardasian's body?pics?
can you eat crackers when trying to lose weight?
need to get a bikini body desperately!?
BODYBUILDING HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do I have to workout all of my body to then go and get bigger arms?
What weight is uk size 10?
How much weight by Christmas would i need to lose if i ....?
I'm hungry is it really to late to eat ? its 11pm?
health and fitness. help?
What size weight should i start of on?
Is it possible to build muscle in 3 days?
Am i too young to start building muscles?
What's the easiest way to lose 12lbs in 6 weeks?
could i eat this cereal bar?
a diagnostic procedure that involves removal tissue sample for study is what called?
I want to start a cancer organization?
What to do for a 3 yr old with 2 weeks to live?
Does bread lose any nutrition toasted?
What gym equiptment makes you lose the most weight?
there any calories in strepsils honey and lemon lozenges?
Can marajauna kill a healthy person?
does the elliptical machine really works?
Would this cause me to gain weight?
can you take colpermin without GP/doctors prescription?
Anyone for a decent linebacker workout?
im 4ft 10 and 11 stone how many points can i have a day?
do protein shakes help put on weight?
how do u lose weight from your stomach but nowhere else?
how do i slim my legs?
Should I continue liquid dieting?
How many calories would you say this adds up to?
do doctor diet plans work for 13 year old girls?
How to make my legs less muscly?
i need a flat stomach tonight!!!?
Do I need to gain weight?
What are the Pros and Cons of the Pill?
recovery time from a workout?
Is it too late to join the fight against cancer?
If a doctor nicks your lung during removal of a kidney due to cancer, is it possible for the cancer to spread?
I'm having a endometrial suction catheter biopsy done?
Can you be terminated if you're still going through treatments?
Awareness Month Free Mammograms South Florida?
how to get rid of sweat smell?
Please help.. Posted 3 times.. 9 Months to lose weight?
i ate a can of soup and baked beans for lunch healthy or not?
What is wrong with me :O?
Best way to lose weight fast without any crash diet?
can someone give me a NO CARB DIET PLAN PLZ?
is there any way to make itself have a really good metabolism ?
is my body normal? answers please.?
Diet For Highly Active Person?
Please come here!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I do bigger poo's?
Am I just a picky eater?
How to get motivated?
multivitamin yes or no?
I need change very quickly!?
I exercise for an hour or more each day...?
im young i guess..(15) and im at a healthy weight....?
what are the best meals on dietchef? lunch and dinner?
If somebody says you are quite skinny? you wouldnt think they mean unattractively skinny?
best n effective diet chart needed pls?
whats the best way to get motivated for housework apart from an energy drink and music?
How can I lose 2-3 stone in 2-3 months?
had a bad break up last year and have been putting weight on since?
Help me with some weight loss?
how can i get a nice flat stomach WITHOUT getting too much definition in my abs?
How much do you reckon I'll lose?
how do i lower my metabolism?
Do I need to lose weight?
what is the best food for me to eat if i want big muscles?
how can i make my legs fatter?!?
it true that 100 pound over weight person can lose weight faster then a person 35 pounds over weight?
Breast cancer Volunteers please?
catch cancer from gypsy tears?
how to change the bodys metabolism?
Why does my body ache the next morning after I do the stretches..!?
how to loose weight fast?
What weight is good for a 6ft man ?
How did I gain almost 9lbs (4.1kg) overnight?
How long does it take to do the splits?
how can i lose weight (need motivation)?
i want to lose 3 kgs in one month. Is it possible?
Quick weight loss diets?
Can i get some conveniant meal ideas for weight loss?
What are some filling but low fat and healthy snacks?
skinny but my stomach is slightly bulging when I do sit ups?
Is it possible to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time?
how many calories do you eat to lose 2 stone?
How do I Change My Face?
green tea can it help to loss weight??????
what should i do?? helpp?
Strong stomach? Here's a gross question?
i need to lose a stone in weight whats the best way?
Women who are 5'1" to 5'2", how much do you weigh and are you happy with it?
Is this okay to eat today?
i want to donate my bone marrow to my dad and everyone that needs it?
what are the chances of coming out of a 2nd coma after a brain aneurysm?
what is the easiest way to lose a few pounds in a week?
I'm 15, 5ft 2 and weigh 95 pounds. How many calories should I be consuming to maintain weight?
Do vitamin C supplements work?
Is it bad to have only eaten 9.7g of fat today?
loose bodies in knee after 6 mnths of ACL surgery?
i am a 22 year old girl and my wt is 49 kgs and my hight is 5'2. my weight is right according to my hight.?
If I walk 10 mins 3 times a day will that help me to lose weight ?
I am a 14 year old boy i am 5'11 i weigh 224 pounds and i have 13 feet How tall should i grow?
any tips on loosing weight fast?
What would be the quickest way to see a difference?
would you say women have more endurance than men?
Do fat metabolisers make you lose weight?
food plan? can someone help me?
How can I lose weight fast?
I want to loose weight, but i don't know how?
Is it possible to lose weight through diet alone or is exercise important too?
What is the difference between Muscle Toning and Muscle size?
Exercise Machines from Argos for Teen?
Is this a good weight for 16 year old girl?
I am embarassed as I did so badly in body step class?
Can all guys get a chiseled face if they become muscular in the body?
who has done/doing a water fast?
hELP! do I HAVE Ovarian cancer!?!?
Im getting braces HELP!!?
I just had a root canal done and the dentist broke a file... ?
diastema and crossbite
major dental and pregnant!!
something funky is growing in my dads mouth...doctors PLEASE HELP!
dental work problems
time to quit dipping. help?
do i have oral cancer?
cancer cell questions?
why you look fat.........................?
Exercise bike most days?
Should I stop or continue weightlifting at age 18?
A few questions on the gym..?
My friend told me that in order for me to gain strength i will need to take vitamins, is this true?
how are carbohydrates, protein and fats digested in the body?
why does my stomach rumble even after ive just eaten breakfast?
how much are used fat ps3 at ganestop?
How can i become more stronger? Im weak!?
is this an eating disorder?
can crumpets be good for dieting?
Am I too fat or podgy?
Am i a good height for my age? im 6'3" and 18 years old.?
I am 13 and really want to loose weight! any ideas of how?
I'm 16 and is it bad for me to have such supplements as protein bars or whey protein shakes etc. ?
Help! I'm putting on weight at an abnormal speed!?
sugar and calories in fruit?
what is a healthy breakfast for a 16 year old girl?
Im A Size 12 (Uk) So Am I Fat?
How to do sit ups??????????
I really need more exercise, what would you suggest?
how do i become broader?
Where Can I Buy Power 90 (like P90X) in the UK?
What is the ideal weight for a 20yr old female who is 5ft5?
my brothers getting married in may/april and i need to loose atleast 2 or 3 stone !!!!! HELP !!?
I broke a fluorescent light bulb in my bedroom, will I be okay?
can you eat pork scratchings on the dukan diet ?
What is the best multivitamin and protine shake for an 18 year old trying to get into shape?
Whats the best protein shake brand?
What is the best way to measure height and weight?
Why do i shake when lifting weights?
What is a good way to bulid musles and to lose weight fast and heathly?
I'm interested in becoming a woodland firefighter and I need training help?
How to loose 20 pounds?
growing taller...was told it was possible...?
What's better for fat burning?
healthy food i can eat to lose a little weight around my midsection-im very picky.?
Any advice on how to lose weight? :)?
need toilet every morning?
how can i lose weight and tone up in 3-4 weeks?
What food can give you a very high energy boost?
How many calories does a slice of chocolate cake have?
What to do? My Dad Or Me?
Does the snsd workout on star king work?
I keep being sick after eating?
how long does it take Aqua Ban herbal start working?
What to eat or take for this?
How to stick to a water fast?
Pain in joints...cancer related..?
puffy cheeks with braces and herbst appliance?
toddler teeth grinding?
Help with really BAD teeth hygeine?
How can you improve at sit ups?
What time should a weigh myself and take my measurements?
i need to gain weight? UNDERWEIGHT.?
Am I underweight....?
I have only been eating 700 calories for the past week or so, today i ate under 870 but i feel fat?
Whats It Called When People Find It Hard To Lose Weight But Easy To Gain?
Is a 30-32" waist okay?
My weight is 141lb and my height is 5´6, I´m fat?, or just a little chubby?
Does Green Tea Suppress Your Appetite?
how do you get a hot body? do you need to be thin or muscular?
How long to loose weight?
By losing 20lbs, can I shed 3 inches off my thighs and 4 inches off my hips/bum?
im 15 and i want to gain a lot of muscle and stamina what products should i buy and exercises should i do?
Does anybody have the scales that sends your weight to Facebook or Twitter etc.?
how to burn as many calories as possible?
how much does one shreddie weigh?
What should I do to get generally fitter?
has anyone changed from weight watchers to slimmingworld?
good substitute snacks?
.......is 14 stone alot.......?
Why am I feeling so bloated & full?
I have a small lump on my neck that is scaring me it is about 1in and 5 and it moves around. it dosent hurt?
I have a sharp pain Under my rib cage. ?
Saw Ear Nose & Throat doc about lymph node swelling?
Do I have a reason to be worried about Leukemia... ?
How to kindly tell a friend to loose weight?
How can i keep my weight the same ?/?
hey im 16 im 5ft 11 is there any chance i could reach 6ft 2?
Why do I Build muscle fast?
Any secret diet tips?
Berocca I have just started taking this on a daily basis?
Will i lose weight if i stop eating after 5pm?
You are what you eat or do you?
should women take protein shakes?
exercises to improve posture?
Is red meat healthy food?
people in LONDON, are there any recently qualified fitness instructors who have found work?
I cant loose anymore weight, what should i do?
How can I increase my upper body strength?
How much weight can you lose on a 12 day water fast?
Ab circle pro reviews?
Does rowing (Gym rowing machine) train and strengthen the pectoralis major and minor muscles?
is there any way to make gaining muscle easier?
Get rid of overbite if it's not too late?
Im getting my wisdom teeth taken out today.... I'm scared!?
i am having my top teeth pulled on Nov. 5th. I am just sick over this. For the past 3 weeks i have had 5 fil?
i know it a posion but ....... ?
Why Do You Get Stronger By Doing Weights?
Speed, stamina & strength increase?
is building muscles make you shorter or Only LOOK Shorter?
Is it true that oatmeal helps you digest food?
How can I have soda can tabs donated?
What are the official cancer ribbon colors?
medical question about my grandma!?
what would happen if you only ate apples for 3 days?
Do I need to gain weight?
Why am i so thin?????????
should i lose more weight?
Anyone got any slimming world sucess stories? Im starting next week?
How can I lose weight effectively?
catchie business name?
How much should I weigh?
Which diet plan is better?
How much fat will I gain with 5 months of bulking?
My facial skin is peeling after using moisturising cream?
wot should i eat before and after a gym session?
Do I really look overweight?
what else should i do ? what exercises tone upper arms?
is walking on a tread mill good for you as well as running?
I want to lose weight?
I want to start taking a Whey protein drink?
Healthy but always tried?
9 stone 4 lb considered fat?
how do i get rid of my belly fat?
im thinking of becoming a dentist?
gum hurts right above right tooth?
Can someone tell me where they paid less than $5000.00 for braces in toronto, on?
What do I get for thousands of dollars of orthodontics?
what is the best exercise to do when losing weight?
How many calories do I need to maintain my weight?
Is it bad for my health?
I would like to lose 3-4 stone in 10 weeks is this possible?
If someone was overweight and was a heavy person, if they lost weight would they become lighter?
how can i loose a inch on my waist + gain one on my hips?
Is it better to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day or 3-4 big meals?
Pecks in one week and losing hips in one weekk ??
how can i get tallerr :(?
which is the better option?
im 13 years old how to lose love handles?(please read)?
How do you get rid of fat on the area between the top of your thighs and your pelvis? The front of my hips.?
Height issues please help!!!?
Did u ever considered visiting a sports nutritionist/or general nutritionist to help u achieve the ideal body?
am I to fat to model or to short ?
why the products in the UK has as much sugar and fat?
I need good running songs?
loose weight or build muscles?
phentermine 37.5ml...?
What are your views? is my friend too weight obsessed or is it normal?
Tell me about Stabilizer Muscles?
How can i figure out how much my gold neck less is worth it weighs about 4grams?
Can I lose 9 pounds a month?
My plan to lose weight.?
how could you perform biopsy?
Can you wear a palate expander and braces at the same time?
I just got braces to fix a gap,and they put somthing called turbos behind my 2 front teeth,what do they do?
What causes a really?
How bad is it if the enamel starts to come off a crown?
would u rather have a herbst appliance or elastics to correct your overbite?
I found a couple days ago that a few of the my adult teeth have become slighty loose,can they be saved?
can i still lead worship (singing and playing guitar) if i get my wisdom teeth removed on the same day?
Should i have a dental x-ray today if i just had a bone scan done yesterday?
Is this a realistic goal for losing weight?
How to lose weight fast?
I have fat legs(pic included) should I get lipo?
What if i replace all of my meals with special k?
How Long would It take For Fattening food to Add Weight To Your Body?
Good Exercise Regime For A 13 Year Old Girl?
how many weight watchers points is in sweet potato?
"The Diet Source" - advantages and disadvantages?
Getting the bad stuff out of my system?
Is this a healthy amount to eat?
What counts as exercise when helping depression?
How can I get a flat stomach?
When should I do weight training?
whens the best time to drink the "fuel you muscles protein shake"?
I'm back on iron tablets & worried i won't lose any more weight or put it on?
GIRLS. losing weight?
What Snacks Can Fill You Up?
Does drinking tea make you lose weight?
do girls bother about muscles?
What foods contain protein?
Do/Would you prefer to go to the gym or workout in your house?
I've started adding oat powder into my milk instead of whey protein, what is the difference?
My friends cousin has cancer, how can I help?
puffy cheeks with braces and herbst appliance?
If a patient has every risk factor for a serious disease, is his physician liable if he doesn't test for it?
Thyroid tissue in paratracheal lymph node?
how much is "bacc off" smokeless tobacco?
Strange lumps on neck?
What would cause your sigmoid colon to sweel and will it require surgery?
tips on prostate cancer?
Jordan dropped from Breast Cancer cause...opinions?
Calories burnt on an air walker/gravity strider?
I had my son three months ago and i'm really struggling to loose weight, any idea to loose it fast?
Slimming World diet plan - advice please!!?
Does anyone have the slimming world password for this week please?
muscle building routine?
what are ideal meals for protein?
Which is better: High calorie whole grain crackers or low calorie regular?
What is the best alcoholic drink to have with the least calories?
How tall were you and how much did you weigh when you were 15 years old?
Help . . . . . . . . . .?
im 5ft 2-3? and i weigh 7 stone 10?
Not feeling like eating anything anymore!?
how often should you "graze" at work in the day for optimal weightloss?
i want to lose weight, help please?
Has anybody used clenbuterol before?
average weight for me?
is it possible to loose 2lb in a day?
How to stretch out my muscles?
Can you tell me the health benefits of what I had for breakfast?
Can breathing through your mouth push your teeth out?
Maybe a silly question - Can whitening toothpaste whiten porcelain crowns whiter than their actual colour ?
What is the procedure of getting your wisdom teeth removed?
Do I need braces? (Pic included)?
Does it hurt to have braces? Please answer!?
Is it possible for your wisdom teeth to grow back in after getting them taken out?
Does Trident™ or Excel™ damage your enamel?
can another orthondontist rather than the one whoput the braces on you remove them?
can a dentist save loose teeth from falling out?
nerve cells are also not divisible, but brain tumour occurs. why cancer doesnt occur in heart?
how would i knowif i broke my hand?
I need help losing weight!?
Hi I am 13 what can i do to get good abs pecs and biceps?
what should I eat before runing?
help me lose weight im desperate!?
Is 12 stone fat for a 5ft 3 girl?
What happens if you have chronic constipation for a long time?
What would be a good weight?
How do I change the speed and distance from kilometres to Miles on a Wislo R20 exercise bike?
website for nutritional takeaway including calories and saturated fat?
training program for losing weight?
how old do you have to be to buy pro plus caffeine tablets?
how to tone my bum, thighs and stomach?
Can cell phones cause cancer?
lytic lesion on upper half of humerus ?
My friends mom has breast cancer, i don't know how to make her feel better, help?
can carcinoma be removed and or treated and cancer free ?
what effect does fasting have on your body?
what can one do to reduce face,thigh and Tommy fat?
How much weight would one lose with this diet?
ways to lose weight without joing gym?
Aspartame, the artificial sweetener, is it good, bad or indifferent for you health wise?
How can you become anemic? What happens when you are?
are metabolism pills diet pills it think NOT but noone agrees with me i need something to help me not gain?
How can I get rid of fat on my stomach.hips and thighs?
Why is it good to spread out your exercise instead of doing it all at once?
How can I do sit-ups without the liquidy sound in my stomach?
I'm 14,09 st and i want and need to lose weight?
is it unhealthy to drink loads of coffee?
Any Tips on how to loose weight quickly?
How can I lose 20lbs in 6 weeks?
advice on my workouts?
How to get a flat tummy for a 13 year old?
Most effective way to give up smoking?
How many calories in chicken mushroom from a chinese?
started to bake my own bread, however when I eat it, it gives me really bad heart burn. Is it the yeast?
Does this sound a lot, i am 53 kgs and 5ft 4 (163 cms)?
Is it true that fish omega 3 is unsafe?
my tooth is swollen ?
I eat 500 calories a day and I feel full?
Im 13 and I want to be smaller?
loosing too much wight?
How many calories should a 15 year old female of 96 pounds consume to maintain weight?
can protein shakes make hair grow very fast?
Come here please 10 points..?
answers please on weight loss?
What body shape am i?
does the elliptical machine works to have a flat chest?
how can i get a flat chest?
is eating sandwich healthy,eating them for dinner?
Im 13 and a size 10/12, is that normal?
Please come here 10 points ABS..>!/?
what do you always have for breakfast?
What body shape am I?
i dare u to be totally honest you?
I have stomach abs and im 13 is...this...?
About xenical the diet tablelts?
how much calories is their in a scoop of spuds and can i eat them when i am on a diet Thanks?
Why am I losing weight?
if a made myself throw up would i loose weight?
hard bony bump on back of skull, could it be a tumor?
is ms hereditary to me?
How do you lose fat around your love handles? For dudes?
Do you want to Drop 2-3 dress in Minutes?
How much weight will i loose by not drinking alcohol each week?
Can you help me select the lowest calorie option from the following menu?
Questions on Weight Loss?
is this breakfast more healthy than bread?
Do you think I'm find the way I am?
Does anyone know of a good Body/Health Maintenance all in one Guide?
Am I Under the Average Height?
I need to build arm muscle, can anyone advise some at home excersises?
Emotional Treatment Centers?
Tooth Hurts After A Filling.?
Is five foot eight, a good height for a girl?
Can any one tell me how much i am suppose to weigh?
I need to loose 13 pounds help tips?
I have a big tummy. I am male 57 How do I get it smaller?
whats my body shape ??????
looking for a good dentist in Boston for veeners?
Question concerning Teeth
How many calories will i burn doing this exercise?
Fybogel Hi-Fibre Orange Fattening?
How many weight watchers points am I allowed to have?
Is eating chocolate once a week fine if your trying to lose fat?
Would u have surgery to lose weight?
Is This 12 Year Old Girl Fat?
how can i get more energy? (without drinking caffeine)?
Body Building -protien?
How do you girlies motivate yourselfs to stick to your diets?
Does weight gainer has side effects?
this guy thinks he isn't fat. a girl posted her picture and he said she was fatter do you think he is fat?
Last but not least..what is the average weight of a teenage girl?
Is it bad to go to the gym if I have a chest cold?