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how dose life styles change after being diagnosed with leukemia?
Bumps on inside of lip, PLEASE HELP! :'(?
is it normal to have me melanoma at age 14?
What are my chances of developing cancer?
pictures and visuals for leukemia!?
ph of chewing tobacco?
Cancer cures found in rainforest quote?
what is causing my body to have enlarged lymph nodes?
Constipation, nausea, abdominal pain. For 1 yr?
Health anxiety??????????????
Prenancy, infection, cancer, other? ?
hard lump on back of leg?!?!?!?
i have a friend who has cancer?
New Rules and Regulations.?
Love Handles?
Is it true prison break season 3 is already out in Norway?
how can I get whiter teeth?
orthodontics technician?
Do dentists still give needles on the roof of you're mouth?
Are whitening strips harmful for teeth?
Wisdom teeth extraction.. I need food help!?
NICE TEETH COMMENT to a girl im interested in?
How do you brush your teeth really good with braces?
Getting Braces? Help!!!?
What is the average salary for a dental hygienist in QC?
I have tmj and I'm pretty sure I grind my teeth at night could something bad happen?
When doe your jaw stop growing ?
Top wisdom teeth coming in - Questions?
I drink a lot of club soda. It's sugar-free, but is it bad for my teeth?
is it bad toothpaste?
Do you have to get spacers before you get braces? Appointment on saturday?
How can I whiten my teeth without doing any damage?
Getting Braces Tomorrow morning and don't know what to do?
crest whitestrips advanced seal made my gums turn white!?
how much is it to get your wisdom teeth removed?
what does it cost to have a tooth pulled in canada (calgary)?
is toothpast ok to leave on teeth?
wisdom teeth romoved after care, four questions?
how long did it take to fully recover after ur wisdom teeth extraction?
How can we encourage our 3 year old to eat a healthier, more varied diet?
can you find me a cake?
what do you do on the gym induction?
Looseing weight around my midrif. Any advice?
How do I get myself to go back to the gym?
I want to know where I can get the pink necklace that the MLB players had for cancer?
cancer question about chemo!!!!?
when a student do drugs, how many brain cells are they killing?
what ways do volunteering help people diagnosed with leukemia/cancer?
does breast cancer patients need to take vit. E supplements?
my mother has stage 4 cancer and has been in the hospital for over a month.?
How long will it take chemo drugs to full leave my body?
The Theme for our overall Relay for the whole county is the colors of cancer whats a good name?
Are lipomas supposed to hurt?
Can I minimize radiation damage?
This is for anyone who has had childhood cancer..?
if your child has low platlets does she have a less chance of dieing in sleep?
What are some good breast cancer sayings?
How long does ostomy reversal hole take to heal?
Cavity preparation question?
Can a dentist do this?
Recovering time after IV sedation for wisdom teeth removal?
Do you lie about your flossing habits to your dentist?
Crest Whitestrips left white spot on tooth?
Will my teeth turn out nice like this person?
how long should my teeth hurt after ive had a filling?
How much does a filling cost at your dentist?
Wisdom teeth out yesterday, bubble forming, excruciating pain?
I'm scared of the dentist drill, but i have needle phobia, so what should i do?
Can you choose to get a Bonded Retainer on your upper teeth?
what food to eat after getting braces?
I have big bumps tord the back of my tongue?
My son only has one top tooth and it's been weeks?
Does glasses and braces look bad together?
what is better partial denture made of metal or plastic?
Can you have an expander and invisalign braces at the same time?
How do they put you to sleep/drug you when you have your wisdom teeth removed and what does it feel like?
Do braces usually cost more for adults then children or is it all the same?
Went to the dentist and now I'm in a lot of pain?
Wisdom Teeth Removal - 3rd, 4th day question?
WHat does this mean ?? [..20.]?
Question about cancer - please help?
In another forum there was this question can anyone answer?
I am terrified my dad will get lung cancer:- Macmillan help!! SOMEONE HELP!!?
Anyone had their cervical cancer jab yet? How was it?
How soon after you finished active treatment did you begin to travel again? Is it safe to go right after?
I have a knot on my right colar bone right of the sturnum?
How can bone cancer become fatal ?
Soft tissue mass on Sternum. Hernia or worse?!?!?!?
Cancer questions!? Very important!?
health cell metabolism?
did slimming world work for you?
calling all women between 8 and 8 and a half stone.....?
protein/muscle gain?
When i will stop growing at hight?
has anybody ever tried the slim a life or cambridge diet?
What would be a good breakfast when embarking on a muscle building weight training program?
Benefits of giving up caffeine?
Why after not eating anything hardly at all in the past 3 days have I gained 3 pounds?
Reducing Cellulite?
Importance of protein shakes?
how many calories?
what excersice equipment can i use at home, to tone my tummy?
contantly eating all the time?
Muscle Building?
Bored all the time?!!! HELP!?
Is it strange to feel old at 20...?
NV diet pills?
Diet Pills from Thailand?
do you drink a protein shake before or after a weights workout?
Gym exercises without using lower back?
how fast will i lose weight>?
What is the best time to do exercise in regards to going to the gym?
Adult enamel fluorosis?
Still having problems after having my wisdom teeth out a month ago?
help with tooth pain plsease :(:(:(?
how long dose it take to get ur wisdom teeth taken out?
What does it feel like to get braces off?
Is 11 days enough time to FULLY recover from wisdom teeth extraction?
Is it safe to makeout when both you and your partner have braces? ... :S?
Should I Get My Lips Pierced or should i wait til my braces or off?
How do you brush your teeth with braces on?
How do I put a spacer back in my mouth?
how long do i wait to eat after getting teeth cleaned?
i have braces what colour of elastics are the best?
weird bumps on my gums?
Wisdom Teeth: Being put to sleep or just freezing?
Do I get put to sleep when I get my wisdom teeth pulled?
Is there a better toothpaste then sensodyne?
How long do most people where their palatal expander for? [ie.on average how many months?]?
Anything i need to know about braces and the herbst appliance?
is it possible to get TMJ disorder on one side?
Is it Possible to have more than one root canal in one tooth?
how much do braces cost?
true or not?
weight watches...where can i view how many points certain foods are please?
Slimming World...confused.?
I have a broken leg and can't do much of anything what can I do to help myself loose weight?
does anyone goes to curves?
Does anybody watch Diet Doctors on Channel 5 What do you think?
Im just starting out on a weight training,i need a program or system to work to.?
How many calories are in grilled squash and grilled zuchini?
How fast does a person walk per mile?
what is the normal healthy blood pressure in a man and woman in there 50s?
my liver atl is 110 how bad is that. And is Liv-52 worth buying?
how much is too much?
getting cramp after swimming. why?
Whats the best exercise for top of legs and bottom?
What UK companies are doing healthy lifestyle/eating stuff?
What is a diet plateau mean? Is this the weight that you are suppose to be?
whats your fave web sites that you cant resist looking at everyday?
I bench press 102.5KG and am 18 years old how does this compare to the average teenager.?
Construction workers are found to have higher risks of head, neck, and esophageal cancers than the general...?
biopsy for complex cyst?
which chewing tobacco has the least amount of nicotine?
I am 16 years old and I've done 38 radio-graphs (x-rays) till now. What do you think?
hey chester what was happened to you i.e. u r suffering from throat cancer?
Oesophageal cancer help?
Any of these osteporosis drugs is a bisphosphonate ? a. Primosa, b. Shelcal CT, c. Acenett, d. Aceclofenac?
Trace amount of blood in Urine?
risk of skin cancer increase in males?
After having a lymph node removed, it continued to fill with fluids. After 3 weeks the surgeon inserted a?
causes of enlarged pancreatic lymph nodes high wbc abdominal cramps?
Is this normal for hemroid banding?
what is organ and bone selling all about in the Philippines?
Who has cancer that would like to be a email pall?
i have a hyper active thyroid with a nodule you can see in my neck it has been left untread for at least 9?
On tamoxifen for 3 years &it has stopped my menstrual cycle. Does this mean I cant conceive later?
Do epilepsy and cancer have any relation?
Is it possible to have colon cancer if you are having constipation but normal sized bowel movements?
I need a graph for skin cancer?
is this cancer????????? or just anxiety?
Any suggestions to get rid of back fat?
Why after 2 weeks of strict diet and exercise have I only lost 1 kg?
how many calories are in a packet of koka curry noodles?
What size is "size 0"?
Please tell me the benefits of excersise?
hoodia. can you buy it in health food shops.?
A food digestion question.?
How to get from a size 13/14 to a size 9/10 in two months?
i am 60 yrs old male ..i want to start bench press, any advise would be great.?
Anybody have positive results with the gadgets sold on tv like the slendershaper and sauna belt?
weight consern?
Whats the best thing to eat or drink for your skin?
Is it true that caffeine slows down your metabolism?
which sports do you like when you are free?health is very important for everyone.?
just been to the gym?
can you lose 2 stone in a month?
has anyone here lost over a 20lbs in a month?
is there any tablets i can take to speed up losing weight?
how does Adios really work?
Whats the best exercise to do for your tummy?
Are you a fat woman who has self confidence?
metaboliser tablets 14 day dietplan?
Receding gums after braces?
How long should I stop on my Exercise bike a day ?
gaps/spaces in teeth?
Teeth very yellow after braces removed.?
Wisdom Teeth Recovery Question?
Atkins diet???!!?
How much more nutritional value have fresh tomatoes over tinned?
are tinned tomatoes cooked or raw?
What is the best fitness dvd to buy?
What would you say is the cause of my problem?
Is it true that drinking hot water can make you loose weight?
Home equivalents?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled 12 days ago and...?
are humans supposed to be able to grow their teeth back?
Have a fast metabolism, how do I gain weight?
Retainers question??????
Im 34 and my dentist wants me to remove my wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth removal - creats big gaps in my gum!!!?
What is the normal amount of antibiotics to use per year?
crack in front tooth? will my tooth fall out? help please.?
Does tooth extraction hurt a lot?
Do I have a dry socket?
would it be hard for me to become a dentist? and what subjects would i need to take to become one?
why is dental work not considered as part of good health?
how long does it take to become a dental hygienist?
I am looking for a completely liquid diet for medical reasons, does anyone know of one?
ovarian cyst.................?
Normal levels and cancerous levels?
I found a lump under my 360. Did it just contract testicular cancer?
Which body systems does chemotherapy affect and does it heal?
Is lymphoma currable?
Is this a Type of Cancer?
A couple questions about cancer?
Does this sound like a symptom of ovarian cancer to you?
Do I have breast cancer? (Women only please)?
Question about testicular cancer. Is this possible?
Can sepsis cause heart damage in cancer patients?
what are the classification of lung cancer?
How many people die from skin cancer each year?
Can taking laxatives lead to bowel cancer in later life?
Have swollen lymph nodes in 3 places, breast, groin and armpit,does this mean cancer/leukaemia?
how can i clean my brain?
lymph node question...?
Can cocci be a cancer?
What is the incidence rate for leukemia?
where can i find floor plans for a specialized liver center?
Is this statistics "common"/same for smokers and non smokers?
whats a good diet I'm thinking about losing 20 pds enny advice !?
Hi,Im going away in 3 half weeks,If i start bench pressing, and doing curls every 2nd night till then?
whats the minI'mum of calories i need in a day 2 loose weight. im 14st and want 2 get to 12st.?
what is the average weight for a 14 year old girl?
help me have a flat tummy again?
my belly piersing fell out of my belly it just ripped out and i've got a scar can i get rid of it?
whats good and whats not?
timetable for exercise! please help!?
what is that ab thing they used to show on t.v? that you just put it on your stomach?
Which is healthier: Indian Food or Chinese Food?
obese man walking across the states.?
to anyone whos lost weight sucessfully?
How is this possible?
Has anyone lost over 60 pounds in weight?
Toner pads - safe with piercing?
sweet potato - how many ww points and any recipes????
would lifting 20kg(each arm) doinf bench press be enough to biuid muscle( iam using dumbells)?
Do people who take "diet pills" consider themselves to be drug users?
does anyone know of any tablets that are full of caffiene or ephedrine to give u a kick to start your day?
do rowing machines that you use at home keep you fit?
my friend has asked me to ask anyone on this for advice on getting rid of a spot?
How can i lose weight on the bottom half ?
how soon after giving birth can i resume my body pump classes?
has anyone done the drop a jeans size diet by kellogs does it work?
my best friend tuffy my dog is sick very i just found out he has liver cancer and about day or two to liv?
my mum has lost approx 6 stone since december 09im really worried what could this be a sign of?
how often would you have to use chewing tobacco to get oral cancer?
what are some lymphoma symptoms?
Is vellore a good place for oral cancer treatment?? please provide as much information as possible.need urgent?
Awareness Month Free Mammograms South Florida?
Malignant Glioma.....................?
What are the chances I have oral cancer from dipping?
a genetic test to detect predisposition to cancer would likely examine the APC gene for involvement in which t?
what is a a relationship between probability and hereditary?
What is the "old way" for the diagnosis of skin cancer?
Do I have to take tamoxifen with food ? When is the best time to take it ? before or after meals ?
bone marrow transplant patients receive?
sylodysplastic it's suppose to be a blood disorder that affects the bone marrow?
can agent orange be linked to stomach cancer in vietnam vets?
Is it possible to greatly prolong the life of a person with Stage 4 stomach cancer?
Lymph nodes found the back of head?
what parts of the body does playing tennis tone?
What do you look for when you look at a gym's website?
whats the best and fastest way to improve cardio fitness?
Whats the best way to lose weight and tone up in the gym?
how can i make oily fish taste a bit better! i want to get them in my diet?
is 515 calories a lot to burn off for a 14 year old boy?
does drinking hot water or cold water help you lose weight?
Do you think a 8.6 stone 11 year old child is clinically obese?
being thin is really getting me down...?
Is it ok to lift weights if you are overweight and wanting to lose weight?
New to gym?
Pull ups????? Will they build muscle?
split recti.. stomach muscle?
Is there any good exercise you can do in your own home?
what is the best exercise for the arms and face?
what is the best way to prepare 4 a fitness test in 2 days?
Is this good exercise do you think?
What excercises(with dumbells only or press ups.. ect) to build upper pecs?
need to lose weight on thighs/bum?!?!?!?
I will be 17 on Sunday... I'm 5"7 and about 175 Pounds.. What's the best diet plan for me?
i need to loose like 50 punds in like 25 days. i weigh about 300 pounds though. what do you think i should do.
Anatomy and Health........!!?
Can lupeol kill pancreatic cancer cells?
Can you give me any tips on quitting smoking?
What are the signs of testicular cancer?
If I used to have Burkitt's Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, is the chance of getting a glioma increased?
how difficult is the operation for stage 3 colon cancer?
why do laryngeal cancer patients clear their throat so much?
what are other ways to get the sickle cell disease?
can you get cancer from just 1 black and mild?
Cancer of thee throat or blood deasese 15 month old baby?
best probiotics prodout in the market?
Could you please let me know best hospital for brain tumour?
Dull Pain Around Lung?
Can osteoarthritis affect several joints at the same time?
Are you or do you know any ovarian cancer stage III or IV survivors?
is a lump normal after piecing?
Lumps in my mouth...?
Relay for life team name? Where's Waldo?
My almost 3 year old daughter is going in for dental surgery on her 2 front teeth,?
I need tips on how to whiten your teeth fast and easy .?
How can i tell If I have The Damon Braces?
So I just found out my wisdom tooth was growing in completely sideways... someone who knows about teeth?
My braces gave me overbite?
Do silver fillings without mercury exist?
What to eat when you had your wisdom teeth pulled?
my 8 year old is losing molars?
Hi there, im getting a filling at my dentist, but im scared of the needle for the freezing so what should i do?
Through comparison, how much do braces hurt?
What is a good teeth whitener ?
Where is the best place to buy an Oral B Triumph?
Dental Question ? [ Gingivitis ]?
what to do with bleeding gums?
What are these braces called?
Invisilign Questions.?
Is it possible to see a cavity?
Wisdom tooth recovery period?
I have 2 lumps in my mouth, what are they?
Whats the Best dress Size? Are you a Size 0 Fan?
Help Me Lose The Weight?
Kellogs Drop a Jean Size?
have you tried it the Lighterlife diet programme?
What’s your guide to a balanced lifestyle? And why so?
i eat 6 weetabix and 5 fruits for breakfast, is it normal to loose weight?
what detremental effects does drinking tea have on you?
Could a person survive on bananas alone?
best mat for yoga?
is it OK to exercise after belly bottom pierced?
Feel fat - makes me sick?
Are you a runner?
can chewing gum increase the metabolic rate?
Can stryofoam cause cancer?
what is cancer adjacent to the spine?
maybe lymphoma what else might it be with symptoms?
Cancer Quesstion ...?
Question about nasopharynx biopsy?
If I'm diagnosed with cervical cancer, will it prevent me having kids?
Could this be skin cancer.?
Where can I get nicotine patches to stop smoking in Desoto County MS?
I'm a senior cancer survivor ,I had a stomach cancer removed and lucky me don't need chemo. How can I have a?
my 8 yrold grandsonhasbeendiagnosedwithspitzoidmelanoma. it has been removed butwe found out today that it has?
I only smoke my weed out of backwoods instead of dutches and i was trying to see if it increases cancer risks?
has anyone out there that has cured themselves through diet and meditation alone,from a lung carcinoid tumor?
Breast(mammary) tumor in cats, why 70% malign(aggressiv)?
My lower armpit and a lump, dangerous sign?
tumor or something of the sort in my mouth?
Could it be cancerous if not growing in size?
Treatment for fabella syndrome?
Thinking of getting an air walker?
as a kid whats the best way to get into healthy food .i struggle a bit?
Skinny ! Whats To Small ?
i need to lose weight fast for ivf help i just cant seem to shift it I've tried everything.?
What's the best excercise to tone up a 'flabby' belly after pregnancy?
how many syns in a subway ham and turkey 6inch on wheat?
if someone eats a couple of mouthfuls of food a day some days nothin do they have an eating disorder?
anyone else done a week detox fast and colonics?
I don't understand??
What is the best form of exercise?
Why is it im dieting but im not losing weight on my stomach?
I need tips on how to lose weight from my legs and i need the to lose it fast!?
weight conversion?
How many Ab Crunches do you do a day?
What do you think?
What percentage of my daily calorie intake should be gained from fat, and what % from carbs?
Is Bananas healthy to eat, when you want to lose weigth?
eating too much gives me gas?
what damage can creatine do to you?
Gym Help???
How can i lose about 10-15 pounds and keep it off?
Pep pills. Are they likely to make you fat?
Lisa Ray Cancer Yellow Diaries?
Is osteosarcoma genetic?
Heyy!! Questions about Cervical Cancer?
Overexposure to UV-A radiation?
im really scared do i have ovarian cancer?
Where in the brain does the choroid plexus hang?
What treatment is there for b cell non hogkins lymphoma?
Correlation between Lithium carbonate and breast cancer?
question on lymph nodes?
Songs For cancer to sing,?
Enlarged Mesentric Nodes-1.5X0.4CM-1.9X0.7CM ill defined hetrogenous nodes?
what would cause painful lymph nodes with no other symptoms?
DIEP surgery after having a mastectomy done?
do cat scans detect colan cancer?
Does protuberance on temple hurt ?
Which antioxidant is good at attacking free radicals from smoking and pollution?
my partner has had throat cancer he has radiotherapy but stil getting a very bad sore throat any help?
How often is cancer detected before it reaches the lymph nodes?
What could these lumps be?
what is stricture formation? what is it in Prostate Cancer Patients?
brain pressure....read more...help?
Are those teeth gap bands a good idea or not?
I have very loose eye teeth is it ok to pull them out myself so i don't get charged 250 by dentist?
My molar hurts and Im afraid?
Best store bought Teeth Whitening product?
have you ever had to get your wisdoms taken out by surgery?
Possible periodontal disease: What kind of toothpaste?
What if I have a loose tooth while wearing a palatal expander?
how do i get orthodontist coverage and also braces is there any help out there for this in ontario?
I'm a bit freaked out about the Orthodontist...?
Crest White strips (or more)?
My front tooth hurts, like not bad but you can feel it?
Where da gold at? GRILLZ?
Guys - Opinions on body shape?
Proteins, Carbohydrates,Fats,Fibre?
Can a dentist tell you smoke even if....?
Loose Adult teeth...?
Teeth Grinding(Bruxism)?
I'm getting a palate expander tomorrow. Help?
Dentures for crooked teeth?
binge eating and weight gain?
what if i was to remove first molar for wisdom tooth?
my wisdom teeth still haven't come in?
Should I get Lumineers or would they not be the solution to the problems I have?
Nightguards? Please help?
Do you think I should get braces?
Do nightguards work?!?
How do I lose fat???????????
Do I have really strong legs or something?
I'm 13 and just under 6 stone and 5 foot 2?
What is a fast but effective way to lose inches from the waist?
I don't feel like l am doing enough to lose weight?
Is just exercising enough to lose weight but you can eat what you want?
Solutions to fat face & skinny body?
How long will it take before i see weight loss?
How important is cardio vascular work e.g. treadmil in the gym.?
can walking help you lose weight ?
How much weight would I loose doing this?
Help, Anorexic girl, in need?
Is it normal to feel full nearly all day after having breakfast?
how to stop food cravings? not pregnant wanna lose weight?
How to loose 2 stone in 2 months?
What side effects will high protein intake have?
Which foods are good for when your trying to GAIN weight?
How to lose weight help?
What would happen if I took 4 sennacot?
Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?
I'm 15 an REALLY need to loose weight..please help.?
Anorexia recovery.......?
Im a girl and have muscly arms?
Do Acai berry pills actually work?
A Pretty Disgusting Topic?
How long does it take to see effects of going to the gym?
What exercises can you do for lower stomach muscles?
can yoga positions make you grow?
Is it normal for heart rate to stay at 180-185bpm for 2 hours while exercising?
i'm not eating properly?
How much weight a week would I lose about with slim fast 321?
Why is it that some people have beautiful symmetrical faces and then..........?
Is it bad for a 14 year old to whiten her teeth?
Bottom of my Gums are fading away?
I just got my bottom braces off and I don't have any Crest White Strips, what can I do?
BLEEDING GUMS!! I just got braces? help!?
Do you stimudent your teeth?
Numb gums and cavity?
my jaw makes a cracking sound every time i open it?
Using a flashlight I looked down my throat and saw two pink things on each side. Are those my tonsils?
what happens if i don't turn the key on the Palatal Expander every night? does it really make a difference?
I have like a broken molar. I am a 12 year old boy and i have like a broken molar.?
A home-made toothpaste for teeth whitening safe?
My teeth are gross looking in the morning?
I don't keep up with brushing my teeth and I need to go to the dentist?
any way to get straight teeth?
Best whitening toothpaste that works?
Where can I go to get dental coverage?!?
it's been a week since wisdom teeth were pulled?
Are there other types of Plastic surgeons?
Getting braces TOMARROW!!!?
I'm so embarrassed by my dental hygiene!?
Getting Wisdom teeth out! Meds?
What kind of braces should I get?
If there was a test to determine if you would have cancer in your life, would you take it? Why or why not?
why do doctors want to do a biopsy?
Smoldering Appendix...any ideas?
Where are the identified cancer clusters?
what is the role of parasympathetic ganglion in medullary part of adrenal?
Are all stomach cancers caused by malignant gastric ulcers?
if i take ecstasy will it show up on a bone scan?
brain tumor discovery?
how can one do breast analysing by her own for checking if there's breast cancer?
chances of getting cancer from a florescent light breaking?
Saw Ear Nose & Throat doc about lymph node swelling?
How many times going to tanning beds cause cancer??????????????
I'm trying to find a gynecologist surgeon named Dr/ Elease?
Lump on the sternum, with discoloration? help?
What are the signs of ovarian cancer?
do u like the cancer sign?
what are the actions that increase the risk of skin cancer?
Where can i find a violet Hodgkin's lymphoma rubber wristband online?
Is calcification early stage of breast cancer?
Sauna & Steamroom - Health benefits?
what products can cleanse the body of sulphites?
Why does alcohol make you feel like you've lost some of you'r muscle ?
What are cardio, squats and crunches?
will i loose weight doing this?
what is the best protien for buildin lean muscles?
would i get a flat belly?
New job and a nightshift every other week?
why do people loose so much weight when...........?
do t5 slimming pills help you to loose weight?
how to gain weight quickly?
What's the best juicer to buy?! please help!!?
I weight close to 170 and im 5 foot 4. What Should I Do To Loose 50 to 60 Pounds? HELP ME PLEASE?
how can fruits and vegetables and green tea help you lose weight?
need help with weightloss please!!?
Am I becoming Anorexic?
Which is the best diet for weight loss that keeps you feeling full?
Is this excessive eating normal:L?
am i fat???? i feel it?
CRASH DIET!!!!!!!!!!?
is this a good daily workout?
How can I get fit and tone muscles without losing much weight?
is this ok to eat when hungry?
Iv bin wrking out for two wk's + drinking protein shaks, my biceps hurt when I stretch them any idears?
30 Min's on the elliptical trainer and 20 Min's on a exercise bike?
In "Starvation/Preservation" Mode; will a big meal cause MASSIVE weight gain?
Does Malignant Melanoma fail to meet EFMP Requirements?
cervial cancer.........................?
Has anyone been put on the trial cancer drug XL184?
What are the chances of a 19 year old developing terminal cancer?
Does Strong Hosptial hair test for drugs?
If you become disabled while unemployed in California can you collect both UI and SSDI insurance?
Were there always so many chemicals in cigarettes?
High Lymph Percentage and Low WBC?
My best friend if facing the possibility of having stomach cancer?
my friends grandpa is unresponsive?
Should I be concerned about the lumps I have under my rib cage?
my tongue and mouth are numb- could this be mouth cancer?
In which way does leukemia affect humans?
140 pounds and 5'5, how to lose 21 pounds in 2 months SMOOTHLY?
How long should one take colon cleansing tablets for? A couple days, a month?
i go to slimming world every week?
Need help with my weight?
How can i lose a stone fast...?
How Much Does The Average Model Weigh?
How To Lose 4 Stone Fast..?
What happen's if you have lots of empty calories?
I Want To Be A Model But How Much Do I Have To Weight And What Should I Be Eating..?
How to get rid of flabby thighs?
How many calories would you burn walking 3 and a half hours?
Advice on calories needed?
Im 5'1, 15 yrs old and a female. how much should i weigh?
Is jogging bad for you in any way?
i need a piece of advice on a muscle building program?
What equipment is required for the Px90 fitness program?
Help!!How can I loose weight?
Fats? Carbs? Fibers? Calories? Whats the deal?
whats the best way to lose weight?
if i have big thighs, how can i slim them down?
Per 100g/ml how much fat is in 2 tablespoons of canola(rapeseed) oil?
Do you really need to remove your wisdom teeth?
i have a question about tooth enamel?
can i use ,,,,ofloxacin ....or....ciprofloxacin.....for a tooth infection ?
How to stop grinding my teeth at night?
I still have one baby tooth and..?
One of my front teeth is growing over the other.....?
I lost the ball to my tongue ring but theres a catch?
I always feel like I have stinky breath?
What do I need to do to prepare for my braces getting off?
How much would gum reduction cost?
Will my clear retainers melt when I wash my hands with dirty/sticky fingers?
I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday...?
Baking soda with Hydrogen Peroxide or not?
Can you hide decalcifications on your teeth>?
why are my gums receeding?
Is the colgate wisp available in Canada?
how can i whiten my teeth under 25 dollars?
General information on lung cancer?
my sister is in remission from AML and has been for 13 years now has high iron levels serioulsy has giving up?
what whereto happened if some ate an adrenal gland?
Can hair dye really cause cancer?
what can an individual with retinoblastoma expect with their lifestyle,limits, and lifespan?
Where are leiomyosarcomas located in the colon wall?
CEA result was 179 i believe the normal range is 0-73 is this correct? As a smoker would it be this elevated?
Eye cancer? Scaredfor best friend need help?
Lung Cancer fundraiser...?
what are all the symptoms off lung cancer?
•Why will the treatment for Her-2 cancer not work for BRCA1 cancer?
i have a lump in my arm?
name the tisue that lines the abdominal cavity wall?
Was this death due to morphine allergy?
Do you think I have cancer?
can i eat before my ultrasound?
what does duodenal ulcer mean??
Zoladex implants are indicated for use in what purpose ?
Too many painkillers, swollen lymph nodes, bad?
one side os the collarbone is protuding. should i be alarmed?
Are benign tumors in the lung rare?
is this going to cause cancer?
I weigh 54kg can I weigh 50kg?
Can someone please tell me, what do I have to do at the gym to get a slender, toned body?
how can i get my legs model thin?
How much weight can be lost in 6 months by..?
How many squats should i do a day to lose weight?
Is it possible to weaken your tooth enamel after having one really bad hangover?
Getting braces??????????
How do I stop spitting accidently while talking?
What chewing Gums are Halal in Canada?
Help?! I can't crack my jaw anymore?!?
I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, OMGOMGOMG...?
Will I have trouble speaking when I get my palate expander OFF?
What insurance policies in Canada provide orthodontic coverage?
Will drinking 3 cans of soda pop a day hurt my teeth?
Even after I brush my teeth I feel like my mouth still smells bad?
I have small,but painful white little bumps on my tongue,and i get them all over?
How do I put my powerchain back on?
Is is true that having the top wisdom teeth removed will have less swelling than the bottoms ones?
Are my post oral surgery symptoms normal?
lower back gum right next to tooth is swollen?
Hourly pay for dental hygienist in Toronto?
I can't taste anything sour?
it is okay eat Bear paws with new tightned braces?
How much do braces normally cost around?
My mom has breast cancer, what do I do?
Body Regecting Nicotene From Cigarettes?
Can you have Ovarian Cancer for years before it is detected?
If a cancer patient stops taking Tamoxefen what will be the side effect ? Why does it cause nausea ?
causes of abnormal bruising?
Where can I get a free cancer patient wig? In Wisconsin!?
Lump on Bone? Cyst? Tumour?
What are the symptons for lung cancer?
I have a small bruise on my arm, but all of the surrounding area on my arm hurts, even with no discoloration?
How many young people (under 18) get skin cancer a year?
can this cause brain damage?
Why do non, or ex smokers....?
does syntroid cause inflamation in your brain?
ultrasound showed an ill-defined hypoechnic measuring appox 4 x 2 x 3.6 cm. what does that mean?
Can radio frequency from a Router cause Cancer or any biological problems?
life expectancy for secondary brain cancer?
Is it likely that I have Leukemia?
signs of cancer on body..?
does anyone here have colon cancer? and would like to share your experience so far?
Do you know anybody with cancer?
My girlfriend wishes to lose weight around her bum and thighs! Will bike riding achieve this with results?
Good exercises to get rid of body fat?
Is this too much??....?
share your anorexia recovery plan ?
What should be the exact hight and weight of a pit bull female ? She's 9 months old now , and her hight is 17"?
weight dilemma! any suggestions welcome [:?
Getting rid of Sweet temptations?
I need to pile on the pounds.(: Any help then?
Why do i look about 4 months pregnant?!?!?!?
How can I lose some weight ? Permanently?
please can you help me lose wight!?
Increasing amount of calories and protein consumed to gain weight, what will this do to my body?
My left lower premolar had been loose for about a year. Well it came completely loose last night so i decided?
I am getting some work done at the dentist and i am afraid of being numb?
Awkward bite after visit to dentist?
Small white bump on tongue?
Do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed?
when do wisdom teeth grow in?
How much would my braces be?
what happened to my jaw?
Wisdom teeth help please?
for milk to help your teeth, is it just the fact that its touching your teeth or digesting it that helps?
Does this mean I can't eat candy,ice cream,sweets? ?
Do I need/What color braces would be best for me?
what colour of braces should i get im tall skinny green eyes blonde hair and sorta yellow teeth?
What are the gold or silver caps for your teeth?
How is oestosarcoma likely to cause..?
Acute Myeloid Leukemia?
What are the social and cultural conditions hampering the diagnosis of BREAST CANCER?
i have fibroadinoma in both breasts from 4 years, i have consulted the doctor she made me testes and told me?
What is going on with my (lymph node?)!?!?!?
Do you think I have lymphoma?
I had a breast ultrasound, and everything was normal but my Doc wants to see me for a clinical follow up.?
sunlight exposure melanoma?
How long is my husband's life expectancy and Can we still have a baby?
4 month premie has lump next to spine upper back?
i'm curious and worried about my friend. do i need to be?
Official cancer ribbon colors?
colon cancer and dry eyes?
disability and breast cancer?
What is a thyroid storm?
Who is the better donor for a AB + recipient? Choices between B+ with O antigen or AB+ with no matching antige?
Match the following i need help with summer program?
No cure for cancer do to?
How do you loose weight on your .....?
Which chest exercise is the most effective?
Am i too short w/ my height?
At what age does your bone structure stop growing?
How can I stop FEELING fat and accept my new shape?
Is my height and weight ok for my age?
What does the word crossbite means?
Will a small cup of French Vanilla coffee every morning stain your teeth?
Wisdom Tooth Blood Clot Questions.?
Only getting top braces? Help!?
unbearable tooth pain.. please help! 10 points!?
can you intravenously use tramadol?
Mass in throat area-- could it be cancerous?
How long does it take for lung cancer to come back?
Can direct microwave exposure give you cancer?
Weird Pain in Ankle and Shin Bone?
Non-Toxic Goiter turn into Cancer later?
Esophageal Cancer Patients?
Grandmother Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: Good Gift Ideas?
Have you read the article by James P. Siepmann, MD?
What can this epigastric lump be? Workout-induced?
technology used in cancer?!?
What happens if after you go through chemo you still have cancerous cells? More chemo?
small knot where jaw and ear meet. Cancer?
I'm in need of information on Arachnoid cysts?
In general what is the life expectancy with occipital Lobe Tumor that is cancerous?
What are the stages of Histiocytosis?
Do i have any type of brain damage or anything?
Is there a free press-up ipod app?
Tips for going to the gym for the first time?
What are some healthy lunch and meal ideas?
How do you work out how many points you need on the new Weight Watchers plan?
Shakeology-Is it as good for you as the adverts suggest?
Can't eat anything any answers?
Serious tooth pain, no money for a dentist, need some help!!?
What to do about root canal?
Half Of My Tooth Is Loose, But The Other Side Isn't!?
white dental filling 10 hours ago tooth hurts?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled a month again and I have holes in my gums still. Is it okay to now eat rice?
Why is my gum swollen and how do you get rid of it?
A few questions about braces...?
Getting a filling re-done and my braces tightened...I'm really anxious?
What do Unislim do? Is it the same type thing as weight watchers?
Is 1500m in 6 min 31 secs good for a 14 yr old girl on an ergo machine?
how many propoints is my hubby allowed?
what is the daily calorie intake for a 13 stone man?
How can i get bigger?
Will I get a growth spurt this year?
does this a brain tumor please i cant sleep thinking?
How does Mesothelioma cancer affect the functioning of the lung?
Passing out scared of hospitals?
in what year invented of anti-cancer skin cream?
If you had prostatectomy, have you recovered after? How long did it take you? I'd love to hear your stories!?
question about lymphoma?
Cancer strikes again?
Once you've had Melanoma and had the surgery, can it return?
Why albinos commonly contract skin cancer?
1. from which tissue do precursor *stem( T and B lymphocytes derive?
the part of the brain that coonects the medula to the midbrain is?
Is there any information regarding the New York Cancer Hospital (aka "the Castle") changing into lofts?
any medical coverage for preexsisting conditions and cancer in oregeon?
what should be done with adreno cortical carcinoma lung mets?
Will medicare cover anti rejection medicine for transplant done overseas.?
Overexposure to UV-B radiation?
Central Line Question?
is a black hole normal for an MRI?
what parts does the pharynx include?
What are the symptoms of throat cancer?
of the following is a treatment objective most characteristic of outpatient groups?
Help out with Retainer?
Can a dentist put a patient to sleep for a root canal?
Do I really need a root canal and crown?
how to stop biting your lip?
After braces how soon should i whiten?
Wisdom teeth removal?
how much does it hurt to get braces?
does bleaching/whitening your teeth remove all unwanted spots right away?
Question about Oral Surgeons?
How to get your teeth whiter?
Having oral surgery - any tips, advice, words of caution...?
Can Enlarged Circumvalate Papillae hurt?
does eating a lot of strawberries help whiten teeth?
what is a tightened retainer?
How many teeth should a normal person have?
Why do some people get black spots on their teeth?
How much do braces cost? What if I only want the bottom part of my mouth done?
My dentist said I don't need braces , but I want straighter teeth ?
My tooth is sore when i press my tounge on my tooth?
I'm getting braces soon and I'm wondering about colours?
About Braces and Teeth?
Is it okay if I use fat burner medicine to reduce my weight ?
How to get flexible in a day?
In the gym, which exercises are best to lose weight in the bum and hips and tummy?
What can I eat that is low-fat, healthy, vegetarian and actually tastes nice?
Which Treadmill would you recommend?
Question about this Bench Press I bought.?
Will I lose weight if I jog for 20 minutes a day?
i have a low white blood count of 1.9 and about 4 bumps around my neck and above collarbone.?
Can anyone please help me?
Is it possible to take embryonic stem cells and infuse them into damaged areas of another body and regenerate?
My LG ax275 has an SAR rating of 1.34 watts per kilogram, is that bad for me? Will this cause tumors/cancers ?
Fundraising ideas for cancer research? xx?
What is a colon fold?
could i have cancer /?
Should a person stop taking TB medicine who has lung cancer?
gums are slightly swollen...?
How in the world.....?
I just lost a tooth. need help!!?
food portion size question?
what do i weigh im 5ft 2 and 34 waist?
What happens to your metabolism when you stop smoking?
How do adios slimming tablets work? ?
How to get a body like 15 year old mike tyson?
is it safe to use nicorette gum that past its used by date?
im looking into becoming a pilot for the air force, however i am on preventative asthma medication?
How can the patient‘s environment promote or detract from successful treatment for depression?
Do I have something in My Brain?
how can I tell if I have leukemia?
the cell cycle and cancer cells?
Bad, consecutive sunburns and skin cancer?
bones cancer surgery?
Besides celiac disease, what other conditions can cause duodenal mucosal atrophy?
Does acute leukemia (type ALL) in adults has a cure or life expectancy for a above 60 years man ?
Why is it easier for me to avoid dipping when I have my can?
Whose Doctor Signs My FMLA Forms?
Buccal mucosa is ideally suited for what ?
I need a dermatologist in austin TX.that wiil accept medicaid for children?
In swimming, what can be worn/done to protect an implanted infusion port (chest) from impact?
IBS or cancer? :(( What is wrong with me?
I am sick "pre cancer cells or can it be something else?"?
How can i stop myself from biting my nails?
How long do you have to wear a retainer for after braces removal? What about teeth shifting?
I just got braces...tips for eating and stuff?
Getting my wisdom teeth pulled out in 2 days!!?
Im getting 2 teeth removed for braces, is this good?
Does creast 3d white tooth paste work in 2 weeks?
All my girlfriends have bad breath, why?
Can you use 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects, twice a day to reduce the time using them?
Do girls like braces on guys ?
What is dry socket & how do you get it?
anybody have any tips for braces ?
Braces: A bracket fell off, what happens if I don't go back to the dentist to glue it back on?
White teeth???????????????????????????
will my dentist switch my braces to invisalign?
Would it be okay to not wear my retainers to school?
I have braces on, why are they pulling my teeth apart?!?
One of my brackets came off?
What's the best brand of toothpaste that can be bought in stores?
WHY do I get all kinds of thick saliva/mucus in my mouth/throat after brushing my teeth?
Is my gum infected it's been 2months....?
how would i floss with a wire behind my teeth?
Is one uneven tooth bad?
Do you think four tooth extractions at the same time is a good idea?
How many reps shall i do with dummbells?
How many Calories have i eat so fat today?
What exercises in the gym is the best way to reduce fat on the bum, and hips and thighs?
How Many Pounds Should I Aim To Lose A Week?
i just bought pre load creatine complex and the directions say on training days use 1 to 2 scoops?
Always scoffing junk at night.. Help?
Whats the easiest way to loose facial weight?
i eat 500-1000 calories a day, is this healthy?
has anyone heard of this weight gainer? could you please check the link bellow would be a great help. Thanks.?
Was the great depression started by the wall street crash?
How good are the creatine capsules you can buy for building up muscles?
What are the best foods to eat and the foods best avoided while dieting?
slim and healthy protein powder diet?
How can i give my front teeth a bigger gap?
how do you fix this when your teeth look like this?
why r my gum bleeding please help?
Can you get coloured braces at first?
Will this teeth whitening be effective or some scam?
What can I do for a toothache?? Please help!?
My teeth are becoming crooked after having my braces off?
when can i smoke after dry socket treatment?
Braces for graduation?!?!?
Expensive to get braces?
HELP! How much more expensive is Invisalign compared to braces (In Toronto, Canada??)?
How do people pay for braces?
I just got a root canal 2 hours ago and it hurts really badly? it hurts the hafl of my head as well?
do i need braces?Thx guys?
Will my jaw shrink much from tooth extractions?
does whitening toothpaste actually work?
Should I put my retainer in?
I went to the dentist like 4 days ago or so ..?
implant, moving teeth, braces?
Cut inside mouth help!?
How can i stop myself suffering anxiety. I get short of breath quite often from it. Im so sick of it.?
process to ensure physicians are competent and qualified to see patients?
What field of work would you go into if you wanted to help with leukemia cancer?
does leukoplakia hurt?
why would i need a radiation ultra sound?
What does cancer look like on ultrasound?
what website can you see where people have died from cancer since the year 1930?
is this a mole or cancer?
how much it would cost to perform an MRI scan in Macau?
Is it normal of "Dark Spot" where your mole was after skin Biopsy was done?
Leukemia in a one year old?
what is tramadol for?
what i meant to say is i haven't smoked in 7 months until this weekend i smoked 2 cigs when will it be gone ?
Does my rat have a tumor???!!!?
I am serious on this new marijuana law?
Skin cancer? Should I be worried? (Please read if you have experience)?
How to retire a jersey for a little girl with cancer?
if you have cancer what does throwing up blood and bloody stools mean?
PLEEEEASE PLEEEEASE HELP!! How much would you lose in a week if you eat 800 calories per day?
am i fat???? picture included?
Reducing your body fat?
How can I lose the weight?
will i loose weight?................................?
i gain weight/fat easily. should i avoid whey protein?
Loosing weight/Getting a flatter stomach?
How can i loose weight from my stomach with out leaving my bedroom?
Is it bad to go to the gym every single day, should there be a rest day?
Is it better doing more reps of 10kg weights if you can?
am i the normal weight?
What can i take instead of protein shakes?
Can you loses 80 lbs in 3 months?
Does it matter if you have a bit of fat on your belly?
do you think that fat people should go to fat camp or risk losing there benefits in the uk?
post-liposuction tips?
Where do I go to dye my hair pink for breast cancer?
about what percentage of the u.s has cancer?
Relay For Life Team Name??? :)?
My mother has a cancer marker of 344. She has a while before her doc appt. We are wondering what it means?
how fast can leukemia kill a person?
List the other organs that work with heart system?
How many children, adults have cancer?
Cervical Cancer Screening - low attendance?
My grandfathers Lung Cancer.?
What does this pain mean?
What is Center Stage Syndrome?
How do you test if a cell phone can cause cancer or not?
cystoscopy--what to ask to doctor--do i need to ask something specific?
can lithium ion batteries cause cancer?
my mom has cancer well lucimia and i want 2 help her?
how would I organize a fundraiser for my Aunt?-- She has Leukemia..?
Does anyone have a good diet plan/ excercise routine if you go to school and come back at like 4pm?
Muscles used during a power clean?
Any great Protein Meals?
Maybe Lean Muscle or Bulk?
How do I lose weight a stone in 2 weeks?
how many calories a day should I be consuming?
How long will it take me to lose 10 pounds?
How much weight can I lose from now before march?
What is a quick and easy way to lose weight?
I want to gain weight any tips?
iam 5.7 and 23 years old boy.m i tall,average or short?
Exercise routine for 11 year old girls ?
is it better to eat 3 meals a day and no snacks, or 3 meals a day and snacks inbetween?
Advice on shifting extra 5 kilos?
if you eat 500 calories or less how much weight would you lose in a week/month ?
Dumbell shoulder press without backrest?
Is it true there is 3,500 calories to a pound?
If i go over 1000 calories in a week will i notice a big difference ?
Where in the UK can I find Mind Boost by Mastermind Supplements?
Is it physically possible to get an 8 pack?
What do you think of my regular diet?
How many sit ups/crunches would i need to do a day?
I got metronidazole with 4 of the 500mg tablets is there suppossed to be more doses with 500mgs?
how often should i use crest white strips?
ITS ME! a 2nd grade child, why hasent the tooth fairy come yet? my tooth came out but its the tooth fairy?
Does anyone else find it harder to exercise at home?
How can i lose 14 pounds in 6 months?
Are squats, lunges best way to lose weight on bum, legs and hips?
Eggs ! fried, scrammbled, poached, boiled...........healthiest ?
Vegetarian Diet Plan? :)?
will it work?.......................?
Will this cause any long-term damage to health?
How to gain muscle mass?
if i burn about 400 cals a day...?
Eating frozen vegetables?
Excess body fat - body building?
how can i get a flat tummy and inner thighs?
healthy foods.?????????
Could you recommend a diet for me?
i seem to get constipated when i change my diet?
Cold i be developing anorexia?
How might I become a Victorian strongman?
What is the recommended daily nutrition intake on a low carb diet?
what food diets do you know of?
If you start doing exercise every day, like 50 mins cardio, how long would it take to lose 3 kgs?
I have terribly big hips, and thighs, what is the best way to lose weight their?
I am 16 and my mom is a 4.5 year breast cancer survivor. My cousin is 15 and her mom is a one year survivor.?