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do celebrities get shots?
Question about numbing shots at dentist?
I have to get braces next year do they hurt?
how do i clean my tongue?
will i get braces for free uk?
how much money does a dentist make?
Im having laser gum surgery on next tuesday. Will it hurt?
How Long Does It Take For Marijuana To Get Out Of A Humans System?
My boyfriend was sick...will I get sick?
How is sleeping with the tv on bad for your health?
What is in marijuana?
What happens at a 12 yr old physical examination?
Questions about HIV/AIDS testing?
If 2 people are a couple and NEITHER have STD, can they get STD among EACHOTHER still?
What can I do to stop cold sores?
how can i get this cough?
How to treat my worst cold ever?
is hemorrhoid cancer?
What are the symtoms of a sore throat?
My Friend Has Cystic Fibrosis How Long Will She Live?
How does asthma effect/contribute the following ?
my doc put me on citalopram hbr is safe?
Does sleeping on a freshly washed towel really help treat and prevent acne?
Did omega 3 cure my depression?
what happens if I take 3 anti depressents and 3 adhd pills?
How to relieve upper back shoulder pain?
Has anyone had the problem when they get a head ache that they lose their hearing?
Does natural death hurts?
My heal on my foot really hurts and i dont know why??? HELP PLEASEEE!!?
How can an athletic person get skinny?
Nothing but junk food in the house?
Trying to lose weight and incorporate a healthy diet. What are realistic and inexpensive foods to eat daily?
What is the healthiest sport drink?
Is this a good gym plan?
Teen Weight Loss Buddy? x3?
Should he go to the doctor?
Do this sound like alcoholism?
my mom can't hold in her urine?
Constant Headaches all day every day.?
What kind of OCD is this?
Sleeping tablets: are they prescribed? are they dangerous?
It is so strange, I feel very hungry, but I feel full.?
do different eye prescriptions do anything?
Buying glasses online?
Can you get laser eye surgery to correct vision after severe orbital cellulitis?
Will my nephew need help seeing through only one eye?
How do I stop my eye from twitching so much?
Broken blood vessels in both eyes?
I go to the Walmart Eye Care Center for my eye appts....and?
How can i keep my toothbrush clean without having to boil it?
PLEASE HELP. Want to be a DENTIST but ..............??????????
My partner grinds his teeth in his sleep?
My dog ate my retainer!!!!!!!! will i need braces again?! (pics of teeth included)?
Explain aftercare for dental implant?
i have recently been prescribed aspirin to stop blood clotting?
What happens when you put a tooth in a glass of cola?
My spacers hurt :{ ...?
How can i stop my calf muscle from seizing up?
I think I have a broken pinky, and I don't know what to do about it!?
i punched a wall, hand i severely swollen?
What will happen during my surgery?
How do you know if you've had a concussion?
What causes high blood pressure?
Does Omega 3 Fish Oil work to protect your heart as soon as you begin taking it?
Is it bad if you heart beats too fast, always?
What's wrong with my heart?
treatment of heart failure in newborn?
I went bowling and now my wrist hurts?
You ever been adjusted at the chiropractor?
Creaking neck when I turn side to side! Help?
Why does my ear hurt so much?
why do i wake up so sore?
Special type of clothing to fix poor posture and relieve back pain for guys?
Severe sore, swollen throat, what could it be?
does smoking weed really reduce your chance of getting brain cancer?
bone marrow tranfusion?
I'm looking for a encouraging verse for my best friend who has been battling bone cancer for 8yrs now?
I was in a wreck last week and my left breast looks like a giant purple grape and a huge knot in the skin part?
I have chronic pancreatitis and have had it for about 3 years?
How do I get over a cold? Fastest way?
i've heard that expired medicine, (prescription and otc) should be taken to your pharmacy. why not just flush?
What is wrong with me? I am getting worried.?
Is this figure attractive? *pics included*?
What food types exactly should I be avoiding if I want to lose fat and gain muscle?
What would be a good diet schedule for me?
:/ I feel fat and want to diet help?:/?
Does Weight Watchers really work?
im 17, 5 foot 9.5 inches tall and weigh 117? is this normal, or even healthy?
Walking with 5lb weights bad?
Im 14 years old , 5'4-5'5 wiegh 110 is that average?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
A good Acne solution for me?
Will drinking tons of water & taking a multivitamin give me flawless skin?
How do I get rid of these scars on my face?
What can I eat if I have acne?
Help!!! what choice would u make...?
what are some solutions for Pancreas cancer?
Should I keep wearing my retainer?
Chewing gum with braces is ok!?! Right?!?
how much longer do you think i will have braces?
Purple Braces Or Blue Braces ?
intermitently swelling in jaw along with teeth?
eye pain.. plzz help?
I just bought colored contacts of the internet....?
I can't wear bausch and lomb purevision lenses?
My eye is getting "smaller"?
how do you get alkaline water?
I have a cold and im on my period can i take both medicine?
pengen nanya.. ap sih fungsi narkoba dalam bidang kedokteran? mkasihh?
What's in both gatorade and capri sun drinks that my sister could be possibly allergic to?
What is wrong with my nose?
Is this splenda poising? Just an allergic reaction?
Any itch-relieving medications for my worsening itchy scalp....?
Is it possible to be allergic to your own tears?
How to stop allergy symptoms?
So my friend just found out she has mono. Just like yesterday I hugged her and talked to her face to face...?
WHat is the definition of Croup?
Anyway to get over a cold quicker?
Should i take another dose?
How to heal throat lining?
Candida, chronic yeast infection?
is this just a common cold or what?
Getting rid of a cold? Pleeaassee help?
How to make this migraine go away?
My throat is in pain (feels like it's burning), please help?
Why I have often heartaches?
Slight headache after playing games?
Really itchy patch on my neck !?
reasons for white blood cells in urine?
Can you die if you outside in the cold for six hours?
My friend has some sort of health problem that has made his legs and feet larger then normal. What is it?
What Causes Thyroid Disease. ? And What Cures It. ?
want to know about my disease?(papillary cancer)?
what kind of cancers can you get from smoking weed?
does anyone know any current clinical trials in california for anaplastic thyroid cancer?
Why do people going through chemotherapy have to flush the toilet twice?
cheap dental insurance?
Do you get braces because of overbite? Do braces hurt?And will they look good in purple?
What is the white on my gums?
What happens to girl who brushes her teeth?
Should I go to the E.R. or can this wait til my appt?
how much do people really value virginity?
Please help,, i need to get sick!?
I just got shocked.. now im worried?
goodnites or adult diapers?
How often should I do push ups?
am i average weight and height?
What is a good weight for a 5'3" 18 year old woman?
How would you go about losing 30 pounds over the course of 3 months?
Should I keep exercising or rest?
Can sit ups help lose some belly fat..if yeah then how many a day?
i self harm and my friend hates it?
What to do my forehead hurts after wall hit?
where does your body hurt if your appendix hurts?
what does it mean when my chest hurt and my my left arm gets numb?
My right eye wont turn to the right whats wrong?
If I'm using 1.00 reading glasses should I go get my eye's checked?
Can someone explain LASIK eye surgery.?
Why is Vitamin D so important?
Is lung cancer less common below age 45?
Swollen, painless Lymph Node! What is it?
colon cleaning!...............?
does everyone die or get skin cancer from tanning?
Cancer Curing Theory?
I am so self conscious. (i'm 12)?
Could one die from sadness or depression?
What is wrong with me?
plz help!!! my doctor gave me a 4 month prescription for ativan for anxiety, how well does this work in the?
is there any vitamin that is known to help anxiety?
My mother called me a sociopath?
If you take cocaine do you do your homework faster? ?
Is this from cigarette?
whatshappens when fall down a stairs onto a needle from a serenge?
Been bitten by a guinea pig.?
When did the red cross began to screen for HIV in their blood supplies?
Can Bactrum cure Gonorrhea?
Can Strippers Get Aids?
What are some useful natural sleep aids?
are Phentermine pills and vitamin b12 safe?
How many robitussin hard white pills does it take to get high?
Is it okay that I take my prescription drug (antibiotic) with milk instead of water?
i want to use alka seltzer for my hangover but have none...can i use baking soda and water instead?
Do I need braces for a gap in front teeth?
I might be getting a tooth taken out tomorrow, is it possible to get a false one?
how messed up are these teeth?
Help with dental care please?
Having a wisdom tooth extraction, when I'll be able to smoke?
Blood pressure = 105/64. Is that OK for an 80 year old man?
How dangerous is this blood pressue issue?
Is Arginine better than Diltiazem?
could a person die from a hiatal hernia?
Whats wrong with me? heart or circulation problem>?
is there any danger in smoking pot while taking heart medication?
When to take Motrin after Oral Surgery?
Migraines ! This question is for my friend . She has the worst migraines . She gets them a few times a month ?
i have a headache and i really want to get rid of it?
lower right pain just above my hip what could it be?
Why is my tongue really sore? Please help!?
My nose fell off but it doesn't hurt much.?
Headache won't go away ..............?
How did you find out you had cancer?
Maybe Colon Cancer? Please help answer?
Do Electronic Cigarettes cause cancer?
Could my friend have kidney cancer?
what kind of testing is accurate for breast cancer?
what helps lose fat and weight?
Is it ok to take a week off from lifting?
How do I get more sleep?
Is it worth doing cardio if I'm trying to gain muscle?
Is 120 pounds overweight for a 15 year old female?
what not to eat when trying to lose weight?
do i have to use pure maple syrup for this Detox diet?
Blindness in the dark?
Do i have a bad vision for my eyes?
I got cataract surgery on right eye and now using progressive lens for that eye.?
My eye has been red for about two days...what do I do?
Should i still wear my contacts even though..?
i have promblems with blood..?
I know that I have overdosed on caffeine, but it is only acute; should I take a laxative or induce vomiting?
What is wrong with my health (breathing problems, chest pains)?
cigarette smokes creeps in through the apartment walls...is there a machine that will get the smoke?
Difficulty breathing sometimes, especially at night. What could it be?
if you have a panic attack what do i do?
Can you get pneumonia from running in cold weather?
Throat, Coughing A LOT, Fever, Eyes Hurt?
Can i get Aids' from.......?
How can you tell if you have a fever without a thermometer?
how 2 not get a cold?
Smoking cigarettes while sick? Don't know if it's strep throat?
Would you rather get down's syndrome or cancer?
Am I crazy or what? Why the f**k do I still like her?
Why is there soo many people wanting to wet the bed? its not fun trust me!!?
Will you pass out if you don't sleep for two days?
How to solve a sore throat?
Will using a humidifier help my sinuses?
I might be lactose intolerent please help?
how should I clean my carpet if I have a cat allergy?
Pet allergies and antihistamines?
is deodorant edible i need to know!!!?
What is the name of a rare disease food allergy?
How do I find a specialist with knowledge of blood?
Is there such thing as a full body MRI?
what are the dangers of combining methodone and azithromycin?
How do I go about telling a doctor about my ADD symptoms without making him think I am a pill seeker?
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?
could i have cavities?
How would a Dentist fix a chipped tooth?
How many anaesthetic injections would someone require to have a molar root canal carried out?
My teeth hurt got braces today?!?
What dental procedure is necessary if I have a tooth that has little enamel left?
how long does it take to heal from bone impacted wisdom tooth extraction?
Why do my hands hurt and are swollen! HELP!?
Is it possible to get arthritis from cracking your knuckles?
Phantom pain ...... ?
I feel dizzy and sick thinking about class discussions. I worried for days in advance before class.?
Extreme pain in torso after eating?
How can I tell if my tailbone is broken, if it is, what do I do?
What should I do Now?
marriage cancer and have kids?
Which type of cancer most dangerous for life?
is it possible for a three year old to have breast cancer?
Leukemia or still growing?
First time surgery questions?
I fell on my wrist and now it wont stop hurting and my dad wont take me to the doctor?
I slipped and fell in hospital a year ago, can I sue even if I don't have life threatening injuries?
why do reading glasses leave me woozy? i use these for computer work?
Question about body types (read detail please)?
Does lemon with water make you lose weight?
will I lose weight? (pic)?
weight question, need help!?!?
is this a good diet plan?
What is the easiest way to lose weight in the stomach and thighs areas?
Would you pay around $60 a week for a dietician, supplements and weekly visits?
can you get HIV/AIDS from becoming blood sisters with wine?
Is it ok for a dentist to remove the top part of a wisdom tooth and leave the root in?
Treatment for mouth ulcers?
Can i use a toothpaste 4 sensitive teeth though i have healthy teeth?
I have a bad habit of biting my tongue?
My tooth is bleeding a thick and dark blood, what is it?
Anyone ever been able to get parents on board with marijuana?
Blue Blueberry Hogs marijuana?
Is it possible to get high off Dramamine?
Would a doctor say anything if he found THC in a 15yr olds urine?
Best Vitamin for Women?
What is the best foods to eat for muscle development-healing-strength?
How long will one fat joint (about a half a gram) of high quality marijuana stay in my urine?
A little boy died because surgeons found ants in his brain! Is it is possible ?
how to cure stage 2 brain cancer?
Could blood tests have missed anemia?
Should i smoke another bowl?
Is anyone allowed to be in the presence of someone taking radiation pills for hyper thyroid?
How can I do Yoga, Who can tell me some TIPS?
What is meant by abnormal rhythm ecg?
Can narcolepsy cause brain damage?
Doses dinnan love me.?
hi my daughter has lp deasease and her bloods show thar her platelets are slightly high ,?
Question about the diagnosis of Marfan syndrome for a doctor or an actual patient?
What does it mean if you feel like your heart is jumping?
what is the difference between first degree and second degree heart block?
Is it bad to smoke a joint with yellowbook paper?
how to quit smoking....i hav been smoking from 7 years...i want to quit nw...plz give me valuable suggestions?
What is the cause to my headaches?
Is hydrocodone addictive?
My tailbone has started hurting?
Constant ringing ears after concert?
home remedies fro muscle spasm?
How to ease the pain?
What's wrong with me?
what was the survival rate of the Bubonic Plague?
Should I be worried about my stye eye?
Will getting my tonsils out hurt?
What happens when you get your tonsils taken out?
Is it normal to get frequent nose bleeds whilst having a cold?
how do I know if I have an ear infection?
bacterial vaginosis ??
Wisdom teeth removal..?
Okay, I've had my braces for like 4 years. My bite is messed up but I really don't mind it. ?
Help! One of my brackets came off on my braces.?
How can I get my breath to smell good?
Will my teeth be rotten after I get my braces off?
What causes cramps and how do you stop them?
My heart/chest hurts?
does it hurt to tighten your muscles while you insert a suppository?
I have a small round pink pill, no imprints, just a line down one side...any idea what it could be?
Why does she have severe head pain?
Why am I getting knee pains?
Can optometrist peform LASIK eye surgery?
if you're prescribed glasses but you don't wear them cos you don't need to, will your eyes become worse?
Red eye, white gunk, and can't open?
Help with weight, lots of answers please?
Should I count my calories or just eat when I'm hungry and eat what I'm craving?
I eat A LOT but I don't gain weight.?
How much sit ups should I do?
loosing weight - is this healthy?
Can you build muscle underneath fat?
Im having auditory hallucinations....its not tinnitus, im not mentally ill, old or hard of hearing.?
How Do They Test For ADD?
why is my stomach feel like a fist?
new to celiac.. where do I start? how/tips to be gluten free?
Have high tolerance to cocaine, weird head feelings now/?
Can you name this disorder/Disease?
What does tensing your body?
Why hasn't Michael Douglas or Elizabeth Edwards loose their hair during Chemo?
what are the chances of breast cancer recurring?
I have a sharp pain in my breast, could it be cancer?
how to prevent a bloody nose from happening again?
stopping the tickle in my throat?
allergy question about allergy testing?
Alcohol Allergy Questions!?
What comforts you when you’re feeling down and lonely?
I can't function without anti depressants anymore?
My friend cuts her self! what should I do?
Coping with Obsessive Thoughts?
i had a ligament reconstruction?
I went to Physical Therapy and it has been 2 weeks since they had me limping Should I be concerned?
Should I go to the emergency room?
Can you use a brace for a broken leg?
My stomach had a low pain in it yesterday and today, now its really bad?
This is for the guys?
My husbands ear is leaking clear sticky fluid?
how long does weed stay in your system? for a urine test?
I want to know what happened to me yesterday?
i have severe stripclub problems?
How long do herpes symptoms last?
Can someone get STD's or STI's from making out only?
do dating reality shows test contestants for std's?
ok im 15 years old and the last week ive been having some bad wrist pain.?
Acute pain in the stomach, what could it be?
Need help with Arthritis pain.?
Trapped wind, burning abdomen, pain, cramping, bruised feeling?
Crackling in my chest?
what are signs of pneumonia?
how do i know if i actually have asthma?
A bunch of questions about my asthma?
What causes chronic nausea?
DRY SOCKET, its been a week?
Do braces make your teeth look better right after you get them on?
What color braces go with my skintone?
How did you prepare for wisdom tooth extraction?
Can you drink water or brush your teeth after you remove Crest Whitestrips?
can someone who has translucent teeth still have healthy strong teeth?
wisdom teeth being removed?
Help..I am 15 years old and l have melanoma! What to do?
how long can you live with leukemia?
husband just diagnosed with colon cancer metastatic to liver what is life expectancy with treatment?
How long can my mom live?
i drank vodka since friday and early this morning my heart was hurting and i had trouble sleeping?
How likley is it to get a heart attack.?
heart racing after alcohol consumption?
Blood pressure 90/65 - Is this too low for a 16 year-old?
What is your favorite eye color?
Is it safe to wear another new pair of contacts even if it's been in my cabinet for almost two months already?
is there a cure for avoiding eye contact and insecurity?
I broke my leg can I still drive?
Fake Headache! Plzz answer! Don't want to go to doctor!?
Why are people with curvature of the spine advised not to take codeine?
Need help correct posture.?
How can I deal with this situation. I am about to have a Total Hip Replacement Operation.?
My father is recovering from colon cancer, how should I take care of him?
does anyone here have/has had/or is a professional on uterine cancer?
My husband has to go in for radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer?
Anyone now about mouth cancer symptoms?
I have had breast cancer,broken ankle,and have spinal stenosis,would you blame me if I retired at 62?
Stress relief activities?
what happens when you end up in a hospital, but you do not have health insurance and you you have no money,?
How long does it take for cigarette cravings to level off a bit after quitting?
Why one feel whistles in his ears sometimes?
i have that disease where you uncontrollably pluck the hairs off your head? :/ help me?
how long with braces you see a major change?
Please Help; It's about braces.?
Can I Eat Takis WIth Braces?
4 Full Grown Wisdom Teeth Perfectly Fine, but need pulling why?
How come my jaw cracks when i open it and close it!!!!?
Is $4250.00 a good price for braces?
What stuff should I get after my gum infection goes away?
Gingevectomy questions ?
Help Me!!! Please!! Why Am I On Fire?
Why can I do this with my eyes?
Is it bad if my head is shaped like a water mellon?
What can I do instead of cutting myself?
how exercise effects the muscles?
Licked toxic nail glue; HELP!?
Do thyroid pills have side effects?
How many mg of tramadol can I take?
clinical lab science .. best field ?
does xenadrine work? is it dangerous?
Replacement for 40mg cr Oxycontin?
How u smoke a joint? Serious?
I am planing on taking Melatonin?
i am now a women and also going through a stage help?
Has anyone any personal experience or done any research on treating illness using coloured light?
how can i get skin cancer?
which cancer is transferable?
why are both of my knees hurting from walking or standing on them.?
Did or does any of u had or has scoliosis?
Whats the difference between Tylenol and Ibruprofen?
is liquid hydrocodene APAP safe to take ~10 years past expiration?
Shoulder/upper back pain, feels like burning?
I just had my baby 3 days ago and my legs ache?
I have an eating disorder..what do I do ?!?!!?!?
Did I eat too much today? Will I gain weight?
how many calories should I take in to lose 5 pounds a week?
I am skinny and i want to gain weight?
Prom Night In June! helpp please?
gained 20 pounds.. will 17 day diet work?
Am I skinny or fat...Victorias Secret model?
Hiv infection through scissors's cut in saloon.?
What can I do to nuke this cold?
how long does a vaccine last?
Should you go to hospital for food poisoning?
I took antiobiotic eye-drops for 'Pink Eye' and the first time it made my eyes WORSE.?
I am so scared I have darker vision in one eye?
Eye/contact troubles! Scared!?
I want colored contacts and i have astigmitism?
My elbow doesn't sound broken, right?
Re-injury of Scaphoid?
I was hit in the eye really hard three weeks ago and its still hard to see clearly out of it, what can i do?
Not sure if my son has more than a sprain?
Temporary way to close wound on cat?
Are cold sores a sign of an STD?
Question about my kids getting std's?
Help me i'm sunburnt?
what is going on with my body?
inside of Lip swollen help?
How to get your hopes down?
Had a root canal on front tooth.. now its hurting again?
Do all people have to get their wisdom teeth taken out?
I've taken 24 Aleve in 24 hours because of a severe toothache.?
Why is it legal to force kids to get braces?
Does Lemon Juice really work?
How do you know you have a cross bite?
Whitening sensitive teeth.?
Will insurance pay for a mastectomy for a breast cancer patient if the biopsy showed no cancer?
How would you tell someone you have cancer?
I don't want to be cremated or buried?
Sharp chest pain won't go away?
I haven't eaten anything weird so why does my tummy hurt so bad?
my eyes hurt when i blink or rub them, any ideas on whats wrong?
serious head concern. i want to know whaat it could possibly be?
What causes migraines?
back pain? need help...?
Sore Throat!!! Need Help!! in pain :(?
Question for people who smoke? Just something I'm curious about...?
Bump on my left armpit?
Marijuana safety question?
I Smoke a lot of weed.......now i have throat problem pls help?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
is it possible for a human to be allergic to a human?
Best medicine for allergy/sinus relief?
Why are we allergic to natural things?
What to eat if you have a Wheat allergy?
Does sugar have gluten in it?
Signs of cancer help!!?
How can I avoid cancer?
what are physical way to get cancer?
My mother purchased single person policy a few weeks ago, yet they just discovered she has breast cancer.?
What cancer it is if heart is paining?
Advance bladder cancer or prostate or urethra or kidney cancer?
Left lymph node near jugular is as hard as a rock!!?
Do these kind of teeth need braces?
Teeth misaligned after wisdom teeth extractions?
Are you suppose to brush?
How do I prepare and put in Circle lenses?
Contact.. colored contacts [10 points]?
Would I have astigmatism?
What is the best place to buy color contact eye lenses ?
An emergency question about about my eyes... 15 PTS?
Hey my glasses prescription is -5.25 with 0.25 antisma in my right eye and -5 in the left eye?
My eyes keep blacking out in the morning?
Is the Dilated Cardiomyopathy causing the atrial fib or the other way around?
How scared does someone with coronary artery disease have to get for it to trigger a heart attack?
if there was something wrong with your heart would your oxygen level be normal?
Can you give me two topics that related to the heart?
Pain and popping while doing push ups?
I need to help my mom, she has chronic back pain.?
Why wont my head ache go away and being dizzy?
Does a CBC blood test detect the funtion of the liver and kidney? ?
Is this a sign of inflammation?
Whats up with me :( shortness of breath, IM 15?
What does it mean if I don't every five hours I get extremely shaky ?
Blackouts, shaking, and memory loss.?
Stretched stomach muscles?
How common is the sickle cell disease trait in an American population?
Can you do two CT scans at the same time?
can a benign tumor convert one day to cancer?
Im Scared I Have a Tumor PLEASE HELP?
whats wrong with me super worried?
Why do my fingers/hands get sooo cold?
Why is my rotator cuff sore?
How can I get rid of Tendonitis?!?
Do you think my bone is broken?
I need help with herpes now!?
how does smoking weed affect you in a long time?
my girl complains that I use too much toilet paper on one sitting....?
What's the best way to get rid of an ear-ache?
Sudden pounding headache and nausea....help?!?
Kink in my neck for over 10 hours?
my groins are stiff no matter how much i stretch and i think there getting worst (long read help badly needed)?
How do you get rid of a headache?
Guys: Do you think a gap in a girls teeth is a turn off or cute ?
drool..is that normalll...?
What can I take to relieve the pain from swollen gums?
If I eat psilocybin mushrooms tonight (early evening...between 5-7pm), will I be sober/fine by tomorrow?
what over the counter pills can i take to boost feritilty?
Sore throat coming on! any suggestions (other than honey & lemon) to cure before my exam on Monday?
Has anyone used Chaste Tree Berry to help with Amenorrhea?
Curious about vitamin D?
Strange reaction to cold?
Will waxing my chest and stomach make it grow back nicer?
What are the symptoms of having a blood clot in your leg?
Whats wrong with me? Do i have a disease that was born with me?
what's the type of cancer that can affect a teenager and doesn't show that much on him/her?
What do I do about my bloody stools?
What's the most painful surgery a person can have?
I am a 16 year old boy and doctors think I have cancer?
Is teeth tumor harmful and Is there any treatment?
help i need advice? please help?
Help...ATKINS DIET tips, grocery list, brand name foods to get etc...?
Does the shake weight really work?
How long does it normally take to see results in weight lifting? (please read details)?
Would you say this is a good diet to lose 15 lbs?
Why has my tummy gotten bigger in like 2 weeks?
Can painkillers be properly used in working out and sports?
should you pop a blister that is the size of a silver dollar?
When both of my legs are sleeping ....?
how to remove kinks in the bottom of my feet?
if my chest/body x-ray came back normal then whats causing my chest tightness and back tightness. ?
I have got a pain in my lower left side of my abdomen. I have had it for a couple of weeks now.?
Morning nausea after 4 weeks of brain radiation?
what is opposite sign of Cancer?
Can a brain tumor cause brain cancer?
what body system is the femur in?
Whats your opinion of Crest 3D white?
why do i always have bad breath?
my tooth behind those sharp teeth are loose are they sopposed to be?
What is a good kind of gum to chew?
Can I get braces on before I get a root canal?
What is the cost of Coronary Artery Bypass?
Panic attack or heart attack?
My sys mmHg is 164, my DIA mmHg is 106 and pul/min is 93?
Why do milk products make it uncomfortable for me to sing after I consume them?
whats the chance I will be allergic to this antibiotic and die?
What is the fastest way to unstuff your nose?
Why are my hands always cold?
Flu Shot area red, swollen and itchy 2 days after getting the shot - Should I be concerned?
will keflex kill yeast?
Is me being a vegetarian causing this?
Could I be getting strep throat?
what is that vaccine or liquid called?
I feel really weak? Like my legs won't hold me up anymore.?
possible eating disorder - don't know what to do?
My dogs ear is very red n swollen n shes shaking her head alot is there ne home remedies for her ear?
scoliosis? how do u know if u have it?
I'm having constant lower back pain what's the best type of massage can I get price is not an issue.?
Playing guitar makes me cough ?
Pain in my leg, please help.?
headache, fever, back pain, dizziness, puking?
How to make my mum to take me to the doctors?
What do you think of this?
I have a hot tingly feeling on my lip and i think it might be a cold sore?
Cancer question? please read?
Is this permanent eyesight loss?
why is marijuana sometimes subscribed for your eyes?
Can someone explain the differences between a weight lifter and a body builder?
Someone help me, i have a very serious problem...?
Can I workout biceps twice a day?
I am five foot nine and a half, what do i do to grow half an inch?!?
Calories in a deep fried pretzel?
How do i loos this fat belly?
I need a diet buddy ?
how to lose weight and get a six pack?
I recovered from a fever, can I consume pudding with dairy?
My mom thinks I smoke?
Making my family believe my diagnoses?
what should i use instead of nasal spray?
i have a really personall problem..i need to know wut to do ..?
Can tying a band around your head hurt it?
Do I have a broken toe or a broken foot?
My mom doesn't believe I still need crutches?
how does stretching help prevent injuries?
how long does it take for grade 2 hamstring strain to heal completely?
WISDOM TEETH! Can they grow in a different times!?
On Wednesday i had two rrot canals and was prescribed *Calindamycin* - three tablets taken immediately and one?
I just got my wisdom teeth out?
Is it worth getting braces when you will get wisdom teeth later?
can somebody help me with this?
is my friend faking breast cancer?
How did you get cancer?
is this a sign of skin cancer?or am i just overreacting?
Low blood pressure and a high pulse rate?
what is radiation treatment?
how long can someone stay awake for? as in not sleep.?
Why are my hands ice-cold to the touch?
Chest Pressure and hard to breathe?
Where can I get my prescription of Roxycodone filled in South Florida?
What's the best way to get over cramps?
Why is my vein cramping in my hand?
Tingle in my foot, is it pins and needles?
how do i prevent myself from getting alzheimer's and dementia?
Am I insane if I have an imaginary boyfriend?
Is it weird to feel this way?
Schizophrenia question?
I cant get over my past?
Is anti-glare coating for glasses worth the extra money?
Replacement crystals for Guess Eyeglasses?
What are 'doe eyes' and do I have them?
Does he have unusually far apart eyes?
where can i get quality colored prescription contact lenses?
medicine question about allergy relief?
what is the chance of someone growing out of asthma? peanut allergy?
my best friend is a coeliac and needs help getting to grips with it. advice ?
Whats the pain in my lower abdomen?
Constant headaches ( what can be wrong)?
Unrealistically Frequent Calf Cramping?
HELP!!!!!!!!! SHARP PAINS COMING FROM RIGHT SIDE (ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)?
Chest wall pain--Good sign that it my not be anything serious?
Does chemo and/or radiation make you a non-eligible donor?
Can living behind a radiology center cause cancer??? HELP!!!?
My middle finger lost grip, no numbness or pain, any ideas?
why do people like to blame smokers for second hand smoke when the air we always breath is often worse?
What are some things I can use to help lower back pain?
How to get rid of a cold sore FAST! in less then one day. ?
Can you get Medical Marijuana if you suffer from Insomnia?
i dont know what to do anymore!?
how easy is it to get addicted to pain medication for chronic illness as a teenager?
My mom told me about the diseases in my family. Should I be worried? (Read on please)?
Help me pliz!!!?? I having a really really bad and very bad headache!!!!!!I can't handle it!!!!?
getting braces off!!!?
why do I get cotton mouth so often?
Cost for front tooth root canal?
I use the Crest 3D Whitestripes?
Guys I need help in my dental table clinic topic?
How would i know if i had herpes? Any way to check?PLEASSEE!?
fracture on hand but treated as a sprain?
Why do my hamstrings go tight the day after i play sport?
Please help..dislocated knee cap question?
i sprained my wrist a year ago and it still hurts and my bone makes a noise if i move it a certain way?
I got slipped on 2nd post operative week.now i am on 6th week but 40% swelling remaining.is it due to retare ?
Dislocated knee question?
What causes Migrains?
Why is everything making me tired?
Im perma fried on shrooms! D:?
how long should i be dry to know my bedwetting is finally over?
Is it better do do acid in your room, or in a comfortable outside place?
can you catch hepatites from fluid drops of saliva?
Is it common to get mono at age 20?
does xanax increase or decrease serotonin?
Why are babies vaccinated against Whooping cough when they are a few months old?
Pain killer for fever that isn't an anti-coagulant?
Why am I so tired lately?
White thing on my tonsil?? Help!!?
LIVER ???...........?
how fast will i lose weight on this diet?
Does coffe every once in a while boost your motablolism?
You have such a pretty face, why not try dieting?
Help with 5y/o son gaining weight?
such horrible heartburn/acid reflux during pregnancy and the doctor can't help me?!?
What is this and how can I get rid of it? (Every time I breathe in, it feels like someone is stabbing me.)?
kidney stone... how to make it hurt less?
when i stand up im getting light headed?
Is my blood pressure ok?
Need to no if this a medical condition?
Can Green Tea Cause Indigestion?
Is it wise to have an extra pair of glasses?
Do I need braces?...............?
how much does it cost to get my wisdom teeth removed?
Do you remember what it was like when you had orthodontic headgear?
How can i treat eye flashes?
I have Been wearing glasses my whole life life and now I have dark circles around my eyes what can I do ?
what is a white spot on my eye from and my eye is red could you please let me know what is the cause of this..?
Braces problem PLEASE HELP!?
Do I have gum disease? HELP!?
Can a cat scan of the brain pick up mental problems?
I have a medical question which I cannot find an answer for?
How would you feel about someone doing pills instead of smoking weed?
Think I might have pneumonia but no insurance?
Have you had pleurisy? what causes it?
My father feels dizzy sick. scared, please help. 10 pts.?
is the bullet slowly causing paralyzation?
is Swimming a good way to lose weight?
does drinking black coffee aid weight loss? have you ever tried it?
Why do I get tired after exercise?
What's the best way to loose weight quick ?
Is this too much coffee for a 15 year old?
Does eating less make you skinnier?
How much would you guess i weighed?
How to jumpstart your metabolism?
Why does my back ache so much whenever I stretch?
Ear and head problem please help me?
Will my hip get better i really hurt it in pilates last night?
If someone were beheading you, does it hurt really a lot?
Please help? Misdiagnosed 3 times don't know what it is.?
Why does my tongue hurt after eating pineapple?
Help! I'm panicking! Could I get sick?
What is my stool issue, and is it serious?
Urgent Help about Hepatitus B Vaccine?
Should a healthy 19 year old get the flu vaccine?
What kind of sickness do I have? ?
What is multiple sclerosis?
can oral herpes form on the tip of your tounge?
Why do I always wake up like if I had a cold and my noise gets runny and I sneeze but then it goes away?
My physics teacher told us that herbalists can legally grow marijuana. is this true?
Is it possible to be dyslexic even if you do great in most subjects?
Question about clothes, underwear in particular.?
If a doctor asks me if I smoke, does it count if I do shisha/ hookah once a week?
What's wrong with me?
Trying to understand my doctor can someone help?
I need medical help please on Marfan's syndrome?
Should i go to the hospital?
Should I take my my pill if...?
What diagnosis could all these symptoms include?
Have you ever been so lonely you dont even want to be with yourself anymore?
does Add cause a person to disobey?
How long does it take to recover from hip replacement surgery?
Would you consider me Bipolar?
I have anxiety - how can I stop shaking when I answer a question in class?
heel hurts, something serious?
Why is it easier to...?
My foot fell off, halp?
Why when i get really mad or upset i blackout?
I injured my arm? Help please?
Do i have a concussion?
I'm a coffee lover and just this time noticed that my teeth is getting some stain.what should i do?
How can I have an awesome dentist visit?
baking soda and hydrogen peroxide make your teeth white, but how long does it last?
Anyone here have a snap on smile?
Hi Is there any oral medicine man is unconscious or unable to go to sleep? Announce the consumption please?
Will braces and rubber bands affect my singing?
What is the difference between Dental Insurance and Dental Discount Plan?
why does my tooth hurt and is a little loose every night starting at 8pm?
My mom has breast cancer. I have questions?
Is it possible to quit smoking? How?
What are some complications that can happen with ALL(Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)?
I asked this before but didn't get a lot of responses, any help?
What helps a stress headache go away ?
Scabs on my scalp ? Is it cancer?
What is serum fsh?? and its abnormal..is it treated and how?? anything i should know about it?? thanks?
What percent of my donation to susan komen goes to research?
PORT Surgery tomorrow?
What is the current thought in the development of cancer? Food additives or contaminants?
Can I take Omeprazole with normal ibuprofen?
What's the best position to sleep in?
i need help reading my contact prescriotion! can you help?
Weird blob in my eye that gives headaches?
Freaking out after lasik surgery,, any suggestions?
Help me please......I want contacts?
eye contacts question !?
Im SO tired of being fat!help.?
ia drinking powerade better than drinking soda?
Am i too fat for my height?
What is the healthy bmi for a 14 year old?
in how long i could build a nice body in the gym?
How do you feel about increases in airflights for the obese?
I have lower knee pain...?
solution for facial nerve damage pain?
If I remove my wisdom teeth am I no longer wise?
Could this be something serious?
How would I know if I had dengue fever?
Is this a chicken pox?
my father died about one year ago from lung cancer can i get social security survivor benefits ?
Kidney infection untreated?
throat infection, help?
Is it okay to lick another person's open wound to clean it?
Could this be GERD? (14 year old girl?)?
What is the point of the uvula?
Why is there a lymph node in the neck called a Cervical lymph node?
I have a deep knot on the right side of the back of my neck.?
Hi, my mom is diognosed with a IDC grade 3 breast cancer, i'm giving her histopathology report, i want to know?
Can i have babies if i have varicocele?
is hair loss really a symptom to breast cancer?
I have a strep throat question?
Any idea what I can do to ease my sore throat until I can get to the doctor's office Monday?
what's wrong with me?
what was this weed laced with?
Any idea why my throat hurts so bad?
How much more, if at all, do you think I'll grow in height?
Are you supossed to get paid more for working with HIV patients?
What is wrong with my tongue? Please answer?
Review of the crest White strips?
what is the best gum brand my aunt has never chewed gum in her life?
Is it possible that braces can force your teeth into a position that you're not comfortable with?
how to keep your toothpaste in your mouth and not onto your lips or skin?
how often to clean your braces?
Are warts contagious?
Home remedies for an allergy/cold?
What are some ways to deal with lactose intolerance if I love to drink milk?
Can I take Benadryl and Zyrtec at the same time?
I have metal allergies, could it be possible I am allergic to my razor blades? I itch unbearably.?
occasional severe chest pains getting worse. should i see my GP?
On my RIGHT side, I have facial tics, arm and leg muscle twitches... double vision and joint pain...?
Close friend overdosing on Tylenol PM for 2 years, how to help?
Question about leg cast. please?
is laser correction good for programmers?
can coloured contacts mess up your vision (if you can see perfectly)?
About how much do night lenses usually cost?
How do I improve my lazy eye?
Is wearing other people's glasses going to ruin my eyes?
Is It Bad That I Accidentally Shined A Bright LED Light In My Eyes?
do i need glasses/contacts? i don't know how to talk to my mom about it?
I got my nose pierced twenty mins ago and .,.,?
What would be wrong if you can't bend you knee?
Why does the middle of my shin hurt so bad?
Feeling like something is stuck in my throat?
What would hurt worse?Please answer!?
How can I heal my back?
How can i fall asleep faster?
What worked best on your acne?
If I started getting acne when i was about 12 or 13, when will i stop getting it?
How fast does your heart have to beat for an heart attack?
What's wrong with me?
I had chest pains in middle school and now my heart's rhythm seems all off...?
Kid with high blood pressure?!?
low blood pressure????? help?
why do people overestimate the risk of cancer and underestimate the risk of heart attacks?
Why wouldn't the office tell him the results of his ultrasound?
Its legal, but is it ethical for someone on YA to claim they have cancer simply to promote a treatment?
Will an xray always show lung cancer?
to cancer patients or related people only?
Can a cancer patient who smokes pot please answer this?
Vision and Dental Insurance?
Stitches from wisdom teeth fell out already?
What happens to your teeth if you only drink soda and never drink water?
Question for dentists: Teeth Whitening?
Do I need braces or not???
What should I eat?my tummy hurts :(?
I have read that Tramadol can cause seizures when taken with Paxil. Anyone have info about that ?
Is there a disease where you cannot run?
does anyone out there with ostoarthritis in the hip have trouble with pain while sleeping ?
How much Xanax can I safely take with oxycodone?
rheumatoid arthritis at age 37 all the symptoms but neg blood test?
Is black/purple toe nails a sign of other serious heath issues?
GP is rubbish in my area?
Hhow can ilose weight fast?
Does anyone have any tips for gaining weight in a healthy way?
How much time do I need to lose weight (please read details):D <3?
Does anyone think that I am overweight? Please help.?
My fingers won't go far enough down my throat?
Recommend a suppliment?
How much is an amoxicillin without health insurance?
Can someone who has had their ears pinned back PLEASE answer?
Losing weight while constipated?
What symptoms are these?
Pharmacy price of Adderall XR?
how can i help my body fight the virus ?
My cat got this, how do i cure it ?
I Forgot my 3rd dose of Hepa B Vaccine! What to do!?
How to avoid getting pink eye?
How long do your colds last?
Should I see a doctor?
How can I make myself throw up?
When can i start wearing eye makeup again?
does any1 know a good website to buy prescription colored contacts and or glasses?
Does my optometrist have to give me my PD?
What are proven natural ways to improve your gums?
Is dark purple braces too dark?
Is Pain and Sensitivity after a Filling normal?
Can I get braces then go to school the next day?
How much does it cost to do a lot of repair on teeth?
why might my gums be bleeding?
4+ day muscle cramp in calf :(?
I have severe legs cramping, thigh, foot, calf. I am completely imobile when this happens. What are some of th?
aching pain in wrist feels like its a vein?
I have a odd pain in my forearm(reoccurring)?
Possible O.D. on morphine?
Food for Ulcerative Colitis Patients?
Is my finger broken?
i jammed my finger in basketball yesterday..?
Is my wrist just bruised or is it something more?
Bone sticking out of ankle? (pictures included)?
How to break your wrist ?
Why does my ankle still hurt!?
How to heal muscle pain?
I jus found out im HPV positive & Im 11weeks preg but My Doc doesnt seem 2 concerned about it cuz of my age?
Is there is really product can cure herpes ? If yes what is it?
What is an all carb diet meant for?
Should a teen take creatine?
Do you fancy a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries sprinkled on the top?
What kind of food that makes you gain alot of weight?
Is it bad to go on a temporary diet of only fruits and vegetables?
How good shape am I in for a 13 year old boy?
Can someone list everything I need to do for the 30 day shred?
Rapid weight loss? HELP!!!?
What is this workout tool? I don't know what it is?
How much weight do I look like I need to lose?
My appointment to get my wisdom teeth pull is @4. I had two cookies around 12:50. Is that ok?
An awful habit, how to stop?
i need braces but i'm 23............................?
Why aren't I tired anymore?
I went to the dentist and she 'scratched' away hard plaque from behind my bottom teeth..?
Is it okay to brush your teeth with just mouthwash?
What are the requirements to become a vet dentist or animal dentist?
How much do teeth 'impressions' cost?
Air Traffic Controller or Dentist?
What is it like to be high on marijuana?
Why do I get bad gas when i drink milk?
Why am i having lip twitches when i get nervous?
Am I addicted to cigerettes?
I need help really badly.. It's urgent. ?
The left side of my face feels like it is hanging, why is this?
headache every time a each an orange?
My girlfriend is having cramps and sharp pain, but no blood?
Some people say taking a bath right after a meal causes problems?
How long before Rheumatoid Arthritis becomes debilitating?
Are thyroid conditions genetic?
Worried about my son?
what is the best anti acid and anti GERD?
Can someone please help me?
What's it like with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), what do you do?
Not feeling hungry. Is that bad?
Do you wear single vision glasses all the time?
Is it normal for my eyes to change color?
Does visual acuity decreases in case of Intracranial hypertension (IIH or BIH)?
if gastroenteritis doesn't affect your stomach and only your intestines, then why do people throw up?
you are not helping i stll can,t get in?
What's the difference between these STI's? Viral, bacterial and parasitic.?
How can I stop chicken pox from itching?
So my doctor says I'm fine...but...?
How to combat the flu?
Do I have another UTI or is this something else?
Will my brother survive?
Did CT scan give perfect result about Diverticula?
Would A CBC Test Show If You Have Leukemia?
Stomach Cancer, Help!?
How long has my mum got left?
Survey for smokers with kids;?
My throat hurts above my adams apple.What could this be?
Help with my headache?
can low oxygen cause joint pain?
From what part of the body is blood being returned to the heart...?
i have an odd burning sensation in my crotch area- what could this be?
How do you tell you have HIV?
Shoulder pain, what could it be?
Rashes and stomach ache?
My blood pressure is 150/80 is this bad for my age?
my heart beats at a accelerated rate at times for no reason?
Is it Hypertension(highblood)?
What does high blood pressure feel like?
i haven't slept what should i do to stay awake all day?
Is it gross to have a longer second toe?? im freaking out a little bit here!!!?
Question about sedation for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
Is it possible to be this allergic to cats?
Can acid reflux untreated cause problems with breathing?
What part of my nose is closing up?
how long does it take for facial allergy to show?
what diets did u go on that helped you lose weight?
i think i have an infection down there it dnt really hurt but is eatching way to much help pz anyone know what?
Do most orthodintists let you pick colors?
is it bad to brush your teeth too much?
How can I stop my cough medicine addiction ?