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Is it too old to get braces if you're 17?
Where can I find a chart that tells me how much someone of such height should weigh?
HELP: N Student BUT How__________?
£95 A month? What do you think?
Cardio combat, this is killing me, but the woman are lovely, and ooh aye ye get really fit, anything better???
What's the best way of kick-starting my diet/fitness regime?
what is the different between flab&fat??
Help i need to loose 2 and a half stones in 4 weeks any ideas ?
How do I keep the weight that I've lost off?
I need to lose 1 stone in 6 weeks any tips..?
Should I eat before my morning cycle?
Steroids cycle Question for pro's and users?
Does anyone have the current Slimming World password? Thank you x?
Just took my blood pressure with one of those machines.......?
could you tell me...........?
how to down size theighs????
What type of trainers do you recommend for aerobics or jogging?
Has Anyone Tried Trim Secrets?
How do I slim up the tops of my arms?Getting married soon gone all podgy!?
easy at home exercise to tone the body?
how much should i weigh if i am 4"11?
can any tell me a diet that actually works?
Which diet is the best diet for me?
other than cancer, what could this mean?
Susan Komen Fundraising Ideas?
Is this a UTI or a sign of bladder cancer?
what is k2 herbal and its effects?
i dont chew tobbaco alot but had some questions?
How can I become unaddicted to smoking?
can u get cancer from constant use of cellphones?
I was diagnosed with gastric cancer?
Is it normal for them to have removed a thumpnail worth of precancer cell?
Should I be worried? Ovarian/Cervical Cancer?
Questions based on Stem Cells.?
question about non-filtered cigarettes?
can taking proscar lead to cancer in men?
Will i be able to be ripped (buff) after chemotherapy?
Has anyone developed rheumatoid arthritis as a result of chemotherapy?
how much longer a person with ca colon survive who is 64 year old after the surgery in stage III?
lukemia or mono or an other cancer?!?
prostate cancer cures?
two lumps im my throat?
If a lump is not growing, does that mean it's not cancer?
Skin cancer statistics in arizona?
Quick easy tone ups ?
What is the best diet to lose weight in a healthy way?
When is the best tine of the day to weight your self?
how to build up chest muscle?
Is the truth out there.....some say that fat turns to muscle when you exercise?
Results from purging?
Has anyone tried Nordic skiing and is it very tiring? Looks fun and thought I could include it in my?
What are the statistics of healthy eating and diets in the U.K for all ages??
what foods help the immune system?
Has anyone used evening primrose oil to help temper?
Is this bad for you............?
how much calcium is there in ice cream?
Is it ok to heat Ensure nutritional drinks or will it lessen its benefit?
flat stomach?
how can i loss weight?
friends, plz help i want to reduce 25kgs!by 2mnths & want to reduce the fat from tummy and face too. any help?
Why does your weight fluctuate from day to day , like a few pounds?
how many calories does the body use in a 12hour waking period by sitting idle?
Is it bad/is this normal?
When I open My mouth I have a cracking sound coming from my Chin ?
Tooth before wisdom ?
Is it required to have A's to get accepted into dental school?
What can I do to help my gums?
There's this quiet popping sound when I chew?
why do guinea pigs chatter their teeth ?
Suffocation in near future?
Should I get braces for the second time?
part of my tooth broke what shud i do?
teeth and gum pain radiating from my teeth, gums and so much pain?
ouuuuchhh the teeth in the back of my mouth are killing mee!!! what are they?
I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled, my mouth kills.. what can I do to soothe it?
How do I shorten the experation date on my question?
is it good or bad to chew on things?
how much will getting my wisdom teeth removed hurt?
where do dentists earn more money: Canada, or The States?
Why is my mouth always dry and what does it mean?
3 of my front teeth are over the bottom front teeth, what should i do?
Did/do you have braces on your teeth?
what causes tingling on the tongue?
Sores on hands and feet after chemo?
Can anyone recommend a good veterinary oncologist in Houston, TX?
Does this sound like anything to be concerned about...?
1 in 2 men develop cancer? does that include all 3 skin cancers?
what makes a breast cancer cell?
Pediactric Hematologist (Oncology) Nurse?
does sleeping with richard morecroft give you cancer?
How much is laser hair removal?
Doctors told my boyfriend he might have cancer?
A surgical technique is performed on seven patients. you are told there is a 70% chance of success. find the ?
is this cancer or a tumor?
Do people survive non hodgkin's lymphoma?
what do i do about lumps?
Is Fiber glass insulation as cancer causing as asbestos?
mom diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?
Dangers of aromatase inhibitor?
75 yr old patient-Leukemia survival?
could one smoke grizzly straight snuff?
symptoms of stomach cancer..? or is it just an ulcer or something?
How long after finishing chemo for colon cancer should I have my next CAT Scan?
is coconut good for you, low in fat etc?
Can Horse riding help you to burn calories/lose weight and help you to tone your muscels up?
if i run about 2 miles in 20 mins how many cals will this burn?
Has anyone tried holland and barrett Hoodia Gordoni?
What are your top 5 tracks to workout to in the Gym.?
Do NHS doctors perscribe weight loss medications?
Do you prefer to cook quality, healthier food at home or do you prefer to eat out all the time(read on)???
does anyone go to slimming world, i would like recipe for egg fried rice but it is not on web site?
how can you workout bmi?
How do i gain muscle or make my fore arms bigger?
6-week fitness plan for a footballer?
Front tooth pain/pressure post sinus infection. Could it be something else?
wierd feeling on my teeth?
Can tooth enamel be restore?
Just had the first part of root canal?
What happens if your filling falls out and you don't get it replaced?
I Have Braces just fitted can i eat ice cream?
Braces Tomorrow! I pick best answers!?
Tiny white spot on upper gum by inner cheek?
haven't worn retainer in a long time?
Would my mom be better off attempting to get her teeth fixed, or just getting dentures?
How to bring down inflamed gums?
If I start flossing, and it looks worse, should I continue?
I chipped two of my top middle front teeth slightly with spoon is it serious?
if im 5 months pregnant do you think a dentist would oull a tooth for me?
I think my tongues infected?
do Slendertone machines work?????
is there a fizzy drink that is delicious and sweet but healthy ?????
Has anyone ever joined Curves? It's the gym for women only.?
Prescription Diet Pills?
are the sands of time running out?
I just started taking Hoodia XP, does it work or cause more problems?
anyone know any good diets and where to get them from for diabetics?
What type of punch bag is best?
Does anyone know of any sports teams that need members in wovlerhampton?
Please give me some advice..?
How manysteps?
Bucking bronco?
louise redknapp on c4 about size 0?
What goodness do we lose by drinking skimmed milk?
Can anyone recommend a good work out plan in order to increase muscle mass ie to bulk up?
how to get six pack easily?
Could my dog have mouth cancer?
Any ideas for breast cancer team name?
I don't want to bash smokers" But !!?
Can someone give me a prayer i can sa for my friend who has leukemia? ?
What are two ways in which smoking causes changes in lung cells that can lead to cancer?
Do you know anyone with breast cancer?
whatcanidotohelpmycat she has cancer?
Could vitiligo possibly become a cure for melanoma?
does discloid lupus turn into SLE?
is it possible for my 3 Month old Guinea pig to just suddenly die with no cause?
what is the expected client response to radiation therapy of the head and neck region?
if u have hepatitise c and lever cancer how long do u have to live?
what are my chances of getting mouth cancer?
Skin Cancer? Is it deadly? Can it be treated in time?
What are the odds the someone will get cancer before the age of 40?
what can i do to taller?
how can u get 6 pack?
How to lose love handles and gain stomach muscles!?!?!?
does any body know if there are energy booster tablets for sale anywhere in big retailors?
Tall people!!!?
Does too much salt in diet lead to quick temper and anger?
fibermyalgia patients only please answer this.?
Will a MRI of cervical spine,cervical spine series, and a brain MRI detect neck abnormalities?
_____, released from the adrenal cortex causes sodium to be absorbed?
do you have permanent palpable benign lymph nodes?
C a n c e r - H e l p?
Loss of senation of the bladder?
does DCIS hurt in the breast?
Cervical cancer?????????????????????
do i have lung cancer?
could this be oral cancer?
What does it mean if two tests for leukemia were done and one came back positive and one came back negative?
lymphoma cancer,or leukemia in teens?
laryngeal cancer///////////////////////////////////?
what does this mean? Medial collateral ligamentous complex: Increased T2 signal and lamellation of the...?
My blood work was perfect but they still want to do an upper and lower GI. Is it necessary?
Can i exercise with swollen lymph nodes?
how long can you live after allogenic transplant?
What is the risk of getting lip cancer from tobacco at the age of 13?
i need to know about cancer!?
I have cancer and I'm on medicaid. Now I'm afraid to get a job because I can't get insurance to cover cancer.?
How long before I'm a goddess?
Has anybody used a powerball strength device? Opinions please.?
How would someone put on weight?
getting round sholders?
What is this cancer/tumor medicine called?
Have had 7 weeks of radiation for throat cancer last treatment was 4/2010 8 months ago?
I may not need bone marrow transplant ?
Cancer bio- markers? in the development of a therapeutic agent?
Is this a sign of bad things to come?
Why rocket fuel in water, food, in Lompoc CA causing birth defects, breast cancer, was in Lompoc Record paper?
do we still need chemo after remission?
Can stuttering (speech) be a symptom of brain cancer?
Lump on the head????
what are the effects of bladder cancer on the body?
do you think it will cure him that disease?
what is the final end to cancer?
what trestments are available for skin cancer?
Could this be oral cancer?
is about of charity care?
what are my chances for disability?
Cervical "pinched nerve"?
i think the tumors getting worse?
i think my dog has a spread of mast cell tumors and there are many tumors on his body. can this be fatal?
I have been on diet for 10 days but I can't do it anymore...?
can you get rid of cellulite if so how??
Calorie intake needed to lose weight?
Apart from greedy people, why is it that many of us lose our appetite in hot weather?
what is the best way to lose weight ?
what is a FLEET KIT???
Hi, I had a fitness test today and my Systolic BP was HIgh? Do I need to worry?
why does my stomach go cold when i excercise?
best exersise to lose weight?
whats better?
Where can I buy breathing masks here in Toronto? Like those used by dentists and doctors.?
i swallowed something???
How important is it to have a good smile? guys? girls?
do you wear elastics while your sleeping?
Retainers? (easy question)?
I had braces for 2 years, now wisdom teeth are coming in horizontally!! will i need braces again?
Do Crest White Strips actually work?
Is it weird that I never got spacers or bands around my teeth(braces)?
I have a cap on my tooth and was wondering about whitening...?
Wisdom tooth pain!!...Help!?
information on jaw realignment?
How does the dentist fix a chipped tooth?
Pain from Wisdom Teeth Removal?
What is there, that you can take or do to ease the pain of braces?
Getting braces the day before my friends beach party? Will i be in too much pain to go?
What can happen if you wear away all the enamel on your teeth?
Is it possible to have an infection in a post-op wisdom tooth area a year later?
how to get healthy?
Balanced diets?
Do you think "The Coffe Diet works"?
i'm 14, 5 ft 7inches and nearly 9stone, am i overweight? (girl)?
would this protein shake be good?
how to get abs fast?
What happens to your body when you haven't eaten for 3 days?
how do i lose the weight on my but?
Apparently going to work on a egg is bad for you?
do i have bulimia?
Anyone suggest a good workout dvd?
wats the most weight a 17 man can lose in a week.??..healthily i might add?
best ways to motivate myself?
Cancer run ...?
Which side does the pink streak go on the hair to support breast cancer?
pancreatic cancer symptoms?
Sparkling water mixed with hydromorphone?
Lumps; Dangerous or normal?
How can I tell what this hard lump is?
what are the side effects of cervical cancer?
What can we say on our cancer bracelets that we are going to sell?
i have a tumor with central blood flow in my thyroid, is it cancer?
What are the options for uninsured people that find out they have cancer in Georgia?
Spine cancer?
ive been a non-smoker for two months. what can i do avoid a relapse?
the thermomiter broke in our pool and i swam in it will i get cancer?
A florescent light accidentally broke in my hand, cutting me. I was told there is mercury in these bulbs. bad?
Can you really get cancer from this?!?
where can i get a good picture of cirrhosis, fibrosis, liver cancer....?
Can smelling dip cause cancer?
Braces, And a Herbst! Any tips???
How much are root canals usually?
I know, I'm a HUGE chicken?
Cost of dental crown in Mississauga?
wisdom teeth question?
are there any permanent retainers that can push your teeth back?
How should i tell my orthodontist that some of my teeth are not straight?
Do you think it is possible to achieve to become a dentist even you don't get A's in university?
when can i eat after removing my wisdom teeth?
Is there a way to get braces ON faster?
Something other than braces for my teeth?
Bruising after wisdom teeth removed?
What to do? Retainer question?
Facial numbness with a toothache is it normal?
been taking perkicets since saturday because i got my wisdom teeth out cant seem too have a bowel movement?
Does mouthwash whiten your teeth the slightest bit?
I had a root canal done on a molar 3 months ago. Why am I experiencing on and off pain?
Question about Listerine white strips?
what is the best way to sharpen your canine teeth?
Who has had Invisalign? Would you recommend it?
Need answers for new work out plan!?
How many pull ups and chin ups a day to develop really big lats??
How can i loose 7lb in 7 days???
What weight (in lbs) should I aim for?
Loosing ab fat and gaining a six pack?
I need to diet but need to lose weight fast ready for my holiday, can you help me please?
Does the Beyonce diet (the maple syrup one) actually work?
does the detox diet really work?
Is Now Slim 2nd Generation Thermo Product a scam ? They claim these pills are Fat Burners .?
What slimming pill can i get for less than £20?
Advice on starting to run?
do fat burners/metabolizers work, if so which ones?
What is the nutritional value of carrot tops?
Healthy what food is healthy to buy?
whats the best excercise to get a big chest and arms?
yoga holidays?
Tomorrow I begin my master cleanse, would it be better with hot or cold water?
how do you get to a size 10 from 12 as fast as you can?
food for healthier hair?
Are resistance bands/tubes as good for toning as weights?
Can blood counts go up if you have leukemia?
I need help please..?
Is colon cancer surgery major surgery?
Anyone with Leukemia?
If you needed a bone marrow transplant, would you have chemotherapy too?
I have a history of breast ca-now a CT showing lung nodules-what are odds of ca again?
where is peritoneal in human body?
What are the signs of someone close to dying of liver/bone cancer?
What is this black mushy dot in my throat ?
I have had enlarged lymph nodes in neck for more than 6 months, enlarged in underarm for 6 weeks, fever,?
Why is gastric carcinoma often discovered late in the disease process?
throat cancer from smoking?
Question about a possible MS Diagnosis?
when you have cancer,what is Lymoiths?
medical research - CA-19-9 >1000.0 U/ml , can someone tell me if these results can be real and what they mean
I have a 95% chance i have bone cancer. Doing a biopsy on tuesday. What do you guys think i should expect?
brain surgery- length of time in hosp?
How many bananas is a healthy amount to eat a week?
have you tried the diet aid pill Adios?
diet pills...........?
I hear you can eat limpets..?
tried and tested diets - what's the quickest and easiest way to lose weight?
what do you honestly think of women who are a size 14 aprox?
Is 160lbs on a 5'4 girl too heavy?
Costs for Lighter Life weight loss programme?
candida..how can i get rid of it through diet?
does the tea called wu long work?
What can I have for a healthy breakfast?
Abdominal issues?
whats good for a bloated stomach ?
is leukemia that quiet a disease?
they found a mass in my intestines, is this cancer?
Major info needed on 5FU Chemo?
Regarding the swollen lymph node question?
Question about Papillary Thyroid Cancer?
what makes your bladder empty slowly?
If you were developing a drug to stop cancer from developing what stage of the cell cycle would you target?
What to do now that I have cancer/ losing health insurance?
Where can I buy breast cancer ribbons?
Chances of developing Lung Cancer?
is there anything you can do for bone/brain cancer?
neupogen where to sell?
cancer from smokeless tobacco?
will joe harts method work for osteoporosis?
leukemia question...?
um is this abnormal for my voice?
How do you know if you have breast cancer ?
where do you go to check if you have cancer?
how can you tell that you have pancretitis cancer?
My hand is all bruised for no reason. Do I have leukemia?
Do I have cancer? whats wrong with me? Im very worries please help!?
what is eterocoxib(arcoxia) for?
how to dipgnose throat cancer?
Immigrant in Canada in need of dental work?
does eating parsley get rid of the garlic breath smelll?
Sensitive teeth treatment, Dentalm from Prodacta Essentials - dentist recommended, anyone tried it?
braces removal question?
What is the best way to remove denture adhesive left in your mouth?
i've had braces yet my teeth still look a bit bucked?
Is there any product in store that will whiten naturally yellow teeth?
Toothache ..... For Christmas ?
Can your teeth shift after taking out your wisdom teeth and do I still need my retainer?
Two fistula's....abscessed teeth?
Do I NEED to get my wisdom teeth removed?
how long after luch or dinner i should brush my teeth?
1. How close are your front teeth when . . .?
What to expect for my first small cavity filling tomorrow!!!!?
How do you get rid of a tooth pain with no medication?
would it make sense that home teeth whitening strips are making my gums bleed?
Why does using crest white strips make my teeth hurt?
where to buy orthodontic elastics/rubberbands in Toronto CA?
PLZ HELP !! i hav a white bump under my tooth which kinda hurts ?
I have a dead tooth, what do i do? What are they all about?
Does overbite correction give you a bigger chin or change any other feature of your face?
Skinny and underweight - to the doctor?
Is there a fast and easy way to do the splits?????
Weight Counselling??? Uk Only please?
how is slimming world different to weight watchers? can you still eat every type of food like you can?
Is it possible to drop a stone in a month?
If you eat loads of fruit will the fruit sugars be bad for you or derail the intended healthy lifestyle??
chest press?
How many litres of water should an adult male drink per day under normal conditions?
Please help?!?
Any idea's on how to loose a stone in 1 month?
how much should i weight?
would pulling a newspaper trolly that is full of papers in it.. would it give u muscle on arms?
What sweets/cakes are less than 3g of saturated fat per 100g plz?
What foods can you eat and cannot eat while on the atkins diet?
i want to be skinny!?
i want to go on a diet?
gastric bypass operation?
how can i lose a bit of weight?
Am i supposed to eat before of after exercise??
diet and exercise question?
can hookah cause cancer?
any doctors out there?
My dad has esophogus cancer?
Where can I setup a donation system for a little baby boy with cancer?
Breast Cancer - difference between a sports bra and compression bra and suggestions?
might this be breast cancer?
Who here has HAD, prostrate cancer or presently has it?
How have scientists studied the problem of EMFs causing cancer?
What could cause swollen lymph nodes in the neck, fatigue, and a low fever?
what are the implications of stage 3 cancer?
Lung Removal Op...Info Please?
TMJ!! What is the proper way to get help with this?
Spacers or Braces??????????????????????????????
Im getting my braces off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you whiten teeth while you have a built-in retainer?
Braces - a few questions?
Toothbrush has caused some damage & require some advice?
I am getting my braces off in 9 days but i still have a gap!!!!!!!!!!?
does getting your braces of hurts?
Why am i clenching my teeth at night?
What is the average time for someone that wears braces because of a mild case of crowded teeth.?
how to get white teeth with spending a cent?
my son is 3 and it looks like he as a cavity in his back tooth. why would he have a cavity at this age?
Does the dentist night gaurd reverse the effects of tmj?
Will the dentist know i smoke, and how will they know?
What is the best teeth whitening system available in stores?
Can getting braces change your cheeks?
What is the best brand of teeth whitening out of these?
Why are my teeth yellow?
How much does a root canal cost?
Anyone did dental implant in Toronto area, how much it cost?
Is chewing gum good or bad for my teeth?
Excerises to help me loose weight quickly when im 15?
How do YOU keep your weight under control?
what does omega 3 do in the body and what (other than fish) is it in?
HOW do you get rid of weight on the face?
Whats the best way to increase muscle mass on my chest muscles?
Does caffein aid fat burning?
Cellulite treatments??
How much lemon juice do you drink a day if you are on the lemon detox diet?
is it safe to come of meathadome at 2mills a week?
Would it be weird if I took up yoga and went for a massage once a week?
what is acrylamide? should we stop giving chips and crisps to young children?
how can i loose wheight in 6 weeks???
what are the best tummy flattening exercises?
help omg goin away in 9day and...?
Gettin bigger at the gym...??????????
how can you improve your metabolism?
Am I the only person who needs someone to hold my ankles whilst doing sit ups?
losing the tummy fat?
Is exercising after beer dangerous?
weight training young girl?
Is this diet im on okay for me?
Why aren't braces/orthodontics covered by insurance in North America?
Average Dental costs?
16... and still have half my baby teeth?
Baby tooth filling has bad smell when I floss either side of it.?
Can surgery fix an overdeveloped jaw?
why do my teeth hurt ?
Is there a toothbrush that has floss (Like a 2 In One)?
A few months ago... Is there anything I can do?
Where can you buy fitting gold teeth in montreal?
My tooth hurts, over a year...?
how much do braces cost in vancouver area?
Can I get a veneer to fix crossbite?
I just got a expander (RPE)?
I had a tooth out Thursday and it still hurts?
Will my teeth gaps close in?
I live in canada, I have bridge work and my crown has fallen out. I hate dentists, and all I need is the bondi?
Question about Crest white strips?
Crest Whitestrips advanced seal questions.?
wisdom teeth removal intramuscular injection?
how to buy dental insurance for senior people?
Looking for experiences with wisdom teeth extractions...?
10+ mouth pain any ideas?
What is the best floss handle or holder that is reusable and lets you use your own floss (link please)?
why should cancer research be funded?
what parasites live in the colon?
I have a Lump near my neck.?
If someone had bone cancer, what would a doctor recommend for them ?
how do the two new cells get all of the organelles the need?
im afraid of ................?
has anyone here get a negative mammogram, but positive ultrasound of breast?
Would a blood test show leukemia?
Swollen lymph node behind right ear PLZ HELP!!?
Support during ovarian cancer?
Anemia or something else?
Does diet soda REALLY give you cancer according to RECENT studies?
Can anyone give me some more info on the people who give ultrasounds?
Leukemia and Cord Blood?
What is Lung Cancer, and how does it progress?
Smoke from the inside of body?
Getting that body???
will i ever be able to do a cartwheel??
Whats better to eat for lunch?
Which beer is best for drinking if you are on a diet?
how much should i go on my lateral thigh trainer at any one time?
What food can I eat on the Atkins Diet?
Weight watcher points allowance?
I've just joined the gym,how long should I work out for at first?
What is the best gym chain In the U.K?
Protein foods?
Want to get fit tips please?
what if i eat only salad with apple acid...and lots of water+ black tea or caffee...can I lose fat fast?
how much does "drinking a lot of water" help losing weight...does it really boost metabolism?
help me boost my metabolism...tell me anything u know ...i do walking everyday...what should i eat?
how to get fat arms or fat hands??
Does anyone use milk thistle which is available from the health food shops and, if so is it any good?
Why do I find it easier to do pull ups with my knees bent rather than letting my legs hang straight?
is it possible that trying to stay too healthy?
How do I 20 lbs in 2 months?
the inside of my mouth is really sore?
My tooth has just fallen out, but? DENTISTS?
should i get my filling before my cleaning?
Architect or Dentist?
What to do when i first get my braces and they hurt?
I had a small toothache on my tooth after trainee was removing plaque around my teeth?
i am getting my braces off in 1 month but i am worried....that..?
How much does Whitening cost?
Is there any way to sterilize your mouth?
My Cavity Is Hurting?
When I wake up in the morning, my mouth is filled with foul-smelling sputum?
Loose tooth after fall?
crest whitestrips are turning my teeth gray?
questions about braces :)?
Will my teeth continue to grow in?
What is somethings I should do to prepare for my braces to come off next month?
Before I get braces do I have wear an expander or a seperator if my top canines are a bit raised?
Has anyone passed out after gum surgery?
Lingual Fenectomy Cost? Will Insurance cover it?
My orthodontist got stuff on my lip that burns/stings and is supposed to eat away at cement?
What colours do braces come in?
the small intestine:?
can drawing on your hand give you cancer?
Hy, i need to know if anyone has an idea of where could i get the marijuana treatment for cancer?Thank you!?
Our team is "Making Strides Against Cancer".?
why Leukocytes happen to our body?
For a project i am researching cervical cancer, how does it come????? PLEASE HELP AND QUICK! xxxxx?
sinus infection or cancer??!?!???!?
i have a question about thyroid cancer.where can i get the answer?
Tongue cancer?!?
How far should you keep your cell phone from your head or body while sleeping?
could it hurt u?
what is hilar mass. is it cancer. is biopsy needed.?
What are the reasons to be aware of breast cancer?
I have found a small pea sized hard lump under my armpit.?
increased production of the hormone epinephrine from the pituitary does what?
Double Mastectomy with "gummy bear implants" gel filled implants but muscle still tightens up?
what is the reason for white blood cell count to be off?
What can you tell me about hybrid/mixed lineage leukemia?
Too thin is horrible...!?
how do i lose weight very quick?
What are some REALLY good exercises to loose 10-15 lbs in LESS than 2weeks???
Does exercising release human growth hormone that makes you grow taller?
Sportsmans fitness?
hey, does anyone know any good websites that show the muscle contraction cycle?
would anybody be so kind enough to let me have this weeks slimming world pass word?
3% body fat w/ a six pack. but when i eat lots of food i end up with a layer of fat over my abs. is that food?
Is it possible to run 4 os on 1 hard drive?
i am 17 years old and weigh 8.7st and do 1 or 2 hours of exersise everyday. i diet in the week and eat?
whats the healthiest food to have?
workout not working?
How can I slim down my calves?
How many calories do you burn skipping?
Do i have insomnia or some other kind of sleep problem?
I want to lose weight fast as possible help?
foods belonging to Nightshade family?
I am trying to be healthier?
Is 1000 calories enough for a day?
I lost 18 lbs this summer. I want to gain muscle. Help?
I want to toughen up..?
Has anyone succesfuly rehabed a serious groin injury?
I'm too skinny! Does herbalife weight gain quickstart actually work?
What does stain mean when you use Crest Pro-Health?
What do i do if my teeth are shifting after i got my braces tooken off?
Just had fillings--now have instant cavities?!?
Elastics moving jaw weirdly?
Braces Colours?
I'm scared about my wisdom teeth removal!?!?!?
How can I find out the cost of a surgical procedure in Alberta?
It this possible ?
My friend just got a molar extraction what can she eat and drink?
If i got my wisdom teeth out, will my other teeth go back to normal?
why is it easier to get accpeted into dental in the States than it is in Canada?
bump on tongue ?
My braces keep getting caught on my lip when I talk?
big hole in wisdom tooth?
Dentists in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada?
i have a bad smell from my mouth i think its coming from my stomak then to my mouth?
Part of my orthodontic brace fell off!?
Best facility to treat acute graft verses host disease- asking again?
Would there be any chances of me getting skin cancer by tanning in the natural sun for 2 hrs?
how do you get a license to grow marihauna for patients who are approved?
my mom is suffering a lot with internal piles-what to do?
what is maltodextrin?
Chemotherapy Appetite?
Cheap silicon bracelets?
i need to find an oral surgeon to remove all my teeth,but i,m on medicare i need them out very soon .?
Cancer surgery questions?
Lifelong mole turns into a scab...is it skin cancer?
I would like to organize a drive in my state to help find a donor for Jasmina Anema, how would I do that?
Childhood cancer foundation?
can any one help me find out the diffrerence between m.e. and adrenal fatigue?
i want to do the brazilian keritan treatment but will it cause cancer?
how much does a pharmacy technician with one year experience earn at moffit cancer center in tampa, fl?
Clinical trials in the uk?
My Husband was told within the left iliac bone is a 3.1 cm lytic lesion what does that mean?
I need help creating a Blog Name Help! I am creating a blog name for Cancer Survivors. My name is Allison My n?
Is it healthy to eat?
How much weight will I lose in 2 months time if I cut out 500 calories a day (every day)?
weight loss quick?
If eating greens and vegetables help in losing weight, why elephants gain weight?
What exercise tones legs and bum?
zotrim tablets?
How to loose 15 kg in 6 weeks?
Has anyone tried the new diet pill Alli yet?
i need tips on how to maintain my existing weight?
help in growth?
Whats the better way to exercise..?
Stopped smoking 3 years ago and now for first time am wishing to buy a pack - put on a stone since stopped and
joining a gym?
how do you become a faster and stronger rugby player?
which has more calories rice or potatoes?
I need a quick fix post holiday diet - any ideas?
Only for those who are (or have been) on Lipotrim?
a healthy diet?
ever had a wisdom tooth pulled?
Do i need braces?
Does getting a spacer taken out hurt?
Anyone out there has ever filed theie to to make them less long?
How much does a gum graft cost? If it's more than what insurance covers, do they just send me a bill?
Braces for your bottom teeth ?
ANOTHER retainer -_-??!! what to do??
stitches following wisdom tooth extraction..?
why does my gum hurt in 1 pleace when I touch it or floss there?
What is a dentist's salary?
I am being bothered by lasers into my home 7/24. Anyone experience this and can you help with med/dental?
Is anyone here a dentist?
does anyone know any stores that sell baby FINGER tooth brushes in canada?
why is my orthodontist such a grouch?
My top and bottom jaw doesen't touch on one side ONLY!!!!!
what is the best product for teeth whitening?
1 week after havin all 4 wisdom tooth out I am having mjr pain i hav taken 4 tylonel 3's n no diff ? wat nex?
Immunoglobulins Results?
My Dad has cancer What can he do?
Abdominal Cancer Chances?
Does Karmanos help people with no insurance?
What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?
Do I have skin cancer?
How good is the care at Md Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas?
Hard lump on Cervical with a soft lump next to it?
where can I find a family physician in Walterboro,SC who actually cares for his patients?
cigarettes withdraws?
doing research please help?
What is ANION ? What is its component ? It is a sanitary .?
Cervical cancer stage 1a?
Dilating and no fluid?
how do you know if you toar your colon lining?
What is the relationship between skin cancer and the cell cycle?
Something in my throat for 2 months!!!!?
prostate cancer???????????
can stress cause leukemia to return?
Bone marrow transplant for pancreatic cancer?
is there another type of treatment to get celebrity looking white teeth without laser? ?
Joining a gym, I want to go everyday of the week and then have weekends off? Or should I go everyday?
I have a friend with a eating problem?
For a girl who's 5'4 and 100lbs, is 34C/34B an average breasts size?
what is the weight?
been going to the gym for 3 months is going 5 days a week too much?
what can i eat and what cant i eat if i want to be a supermodel when im older?
HELP!!!! Will this work??
Hi i just wanted to know that has anyone taken any of those multivitamin tablets everyday and are they good?
ATKINS diet?
Does Okinawa Tea (Chinese green tea) really make you lose weight???
White Stringy Poo Is it Normal?
What is it like being a breast cancer specialist?
Could I have Esophageal cancer?
How do certain classes of drugs help with neurotransmission in the brain?
ovarian mass... cancer?
can pkd be misten for hydronephrosis?
Can Getting Extremely Sun Burned On You're Head Cause Brain Cancer?
blood clots appearing on my body how?
what is a non invasive papillary transitional cell carcinoma?
How did the discovery of cancer help?
granuloma annulare question?
my dads bestfriend was just diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma yesterday, what are his chances of surviving?
what if i have bone cancer?
Cancer??!?! or is it normal?
Angiosarcoma, it can happen to anyone - please spread awareness.?
thyroid nodules & lab results, can you help me understand these?
can i buy non tobacco herbal snuff if i'm under 18?
I have had a CBC blood test. Thyroid sonogram and blood work. Abdominal xray and sonogram. All came back 100%?
How plasmodium comes into human body?
sharp pain under left lung low?
So my sub-dermal cysts smell like rotten cheese...?
What do you do when you have a loose bracket?
Does invisalign fix overbites?
Adult eye teeth in upper gums?
Flossing with braces?
How do I stop wisdom teeth swelling?
How do I get whiter teeth?
my son is 12 years old , still of course loosing his baby teeth, but the last 3 teeth they all crumbled in hal?
How Long Until I Get Braces!?!?
at nights, when i'm sleeping i press my teeth hard together and i get jaw pain, how to stop?
Random question but always wondering about it...?
THIS IS WIRED ! how come every time i go to a gum ball machin i ALWAYS get red !?
What are some ways to keep teeth white with braces?
Is it only me... or can you NOT STAND THE BURNING taste of your mouth wash?
I Have Gotten Atleast 4 Cavities Each Year And Always Get Them Filled How Many Is Too Much?
why are you not supposed to swallow toothpaste or mouthwash?
Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Is it normal for a babies gums to bleed?
How much weight can i lose??
I have now frozen in my weight loss progrmme? What can I do to lose more weight?
Any Tips on getting a 4 or 6 pack please?
muscle tone after a c-section?
wats the normal weight 4 a 18 yr old girl?
Why is my sister soooooooo fat?
weight training?
What colour?
how to lose fat on thighs and belly?
Can somebody please suggest to me a high fibre diet which is varied and interesting?
i am really fat now and i hate it and don,t think i am ever going to?
how many calories does a water melon have per portion ?
JUST LOST 10LBS-why are my arms still so HUUUUUUGE??????
I want to get into shape, but i keep getting drawn into the party lifestyle that is negative to this...??
how do I tone my abs at home?
Any exercises i can do at home to build my abs and arms?
Warming up before the gym?
Quick simple weight loss plans/ideas?
how did the exercise equipment "a chest expander" get it name?
losing weight being not overweight, it isnt working?
Which exercises get rid of the fat on my back? I have toned everywhere but there!!?
Dairy products and prostate and breast cancer?
what is the difference between Apoptosis and Necrisis?
Help Please :( What kind of food is good for the brain ???? everi1 reply :D?
What are the going rates around Chicago for a biopsy?
When should I be concerned about swollen lymph nodes?
Autophagy in cancer, please respond?
arteriovenous malformation?
Permanet bone damage? plz help?
What can I do for my Mom who has stage iV breast cancer?
Can Par-4injection kill brain cancer cells and prevent recurrence of tumors in brain and cure brain cancer?
Is statistically a cancer cell more demethylated or methylated more deacetylated or acetylated?
can you please give me a general pathophysiology of benign parotid tumor.. directly or from any site?
Bartholin gland abcess?
anyone that is a cancer patient and is willing to answer some interview questions re:Prop 215 is for my class?
everything about brain tumors?
what is cystic squamous metaplasia?
i'm 31,few weeks or a month i felt a mole on my right hand side of my skull, is it something to worry about?
Pain on the back right side of my tongue/throat?
I have a brown stripe from cuticle to tip on my thumbnail...?
I need to know about ovarian cancer. It's pretty urgent.?
Could this be lymphoma?
sore ehad everyday,family history of brain tumours?
any good excersizes that i can do AT HOME that work effectivly and fast ?
Vitamin intake/good or bad ??
girls weight?
enouth to lose weight?
What is the advised guideline daily amount of carbohydrate for a moderately active adult female...?
where would i buy large quantities of pearl barley from, I am not a business, but need it for health issue?
weight gain?
what kind of weight excercise whould help??
Does anybody have a thigh trainner?
Green tea, everyone says that it is good, but I am not sure.?
could sombody tell me which are good fats and which are bad fats iam trying to lose some of my fat?
could anyone give me some songs whcih would be make want to excercise?
Carbs or protein ?
how can you get a six pack fast!!??
whats the best diet for a very busy mum .?
has anybody tried those chinese tea for weight loss?
is protien good for your heart?
I gave up smoking last week any idea's why ever since ive been really bloated?
can caffine cause muscle stiffness?
going on hols in 2 weeks hav lost weight but would like to really make effort to look better any tips/?
my breast size has decreased?
When i lay down to sleep after a while i get dizzy and cant breath right like im suffocating?
Anyone used "Tarceva"/lung cancer?
can someone help me find?
Advanced Cervical Cancer?
I need a little help please.?
I havea lump on the left side of my neck.. Ganglion cyst?
how long does nicotine get out of your system?
connection between tobacco and cancer etc.?
A health conscious friend asks whether eating carrots is better for the eyesight or for preventing cancer.?
mosegor vita capsule effectiveness?
Radioactive phosphate onto PVDF membrane?
any one know were i can get a picture of a brain of a schizophranic?
if i have hereditary spherocytosis and still have my spleen can i get waivered if im depped in the navy?
Looking for anyone to give me answers on platelet counts?
what is Ki-67. this is a marker in cancer cells.?
Are you or Someone you know a Breast Cancer Survivor?
Does Clobetasol Propionate foam cause hair loss?
turberculoid bladder?
can this cause breast cancer?
How can I get smaller breasts without surgery? Dieting hasn't helped.?
How can I do sit-ups so that I pull myself up with my stomach rather than my back?
Atkins diet?
whats the best way to stop smoking cannabis?
I really want to lose weight i was on the weight watchers diet before and lost weight.?
if we burn fat based on heart rate, does that mean in theory we don't need to be active at all..?
how many calories should i eat a day to loose weight?
can anyone tell me the medical reason that drinking green tea helps you loose weight is it metabolism?
Who/What is to blame for anorexia?
how can i lose weight?
I am a working woman (a secretary to be precise) and I intend to watch my diet and weight.?
How long after should it still hurt? *mole?
Could this be a tumor or allergic reaction?
Lump on back of head. (Lymph node or cyst)?
What are free radicals?
what is the one piece of scientific research currently investigating a type of cancer?
what could cause this?
could you tell me the product that Olivia Newton-John was referring to in the self exam for breast cancer.?
i have a hard bump on the right side of my neck, i have had it since i was a kid but it has gotten bigger?
Whats wrong with me??
according to selye a women undergoing chemo for cancer(which causes stress) is going through which of these?
how does heart disease affect the body?
Why are carcinomas more common than other forms of cancer?
where can i donate my hair in cebu, Philippines for wigs for cancer patients?
what kind of skin cancer is it when freckles have black dots in them?
Is Damage Control Master Formula good for chemo patients ?
How does smoking become adictive?
help! i need to get fit for back to school in the fall!?
What is multiple myeloma?
Is it thyroid cancer?
How do i keep my teeth really white?
How did my dentist make my teeth so white?
Does anyone know where I can buy an Electric toothbrush?
wisdom teeth and small lump?
How long should I wait for this toothache to go away?
How much do ceramic brace?s cost in Mississauga (ON, Canada)?
my question is about braces..!?
i think the dentis messed up my mouth?
Gettin an expander and I hate pain!?
I'm taking 8 teeth out in one day, 4 of them are wisdom teeth, will I be able to go to a party 2 days later?
road to becoming dentist...?
What does Pre dentistry mean and please give me examples.?
Can a wisdom tooth replace a missing molar after braces?
is jaw popping normal?
Swollen Gums and Salt water?
Does Trident Extra Care (Recaldent) Gum really help teeth?
What is the best way to whiten teeth?
Im Getting a Tooth pulled out PLEASE HELP?
Getting braces.......?
What can I do about the tooth pain?
Help. Sensitive teeth after using Crest white strips?
i have just washed my retainers with listerine and there rough now is ther a way to fix this? thx a lot?
How long after getting my wisdom teeth out (all 4) will I be able to wear my retainer again?
Painful rash above my ear and swollen Lymph Node on the right side?
Name of radio person with ranch in N.M for cancer kids?
Help with blood test?
Important info on lymphoma type cancers ?
After having groin lymph node dissection left side-have swelling of left ankle-not blood clot-can a?
caughing up blood i have lung cancer it stoped now it started again?
is there a hospital that give discounts on mammogram in mississippi area?
Annual physical examination and routine screening procedures are referred to as what?
If the patient didn't have brain aneurysm operation, can he still be able to be back to normal?
Free skin cancer screenings near Monterey, CA?
Could be possible a patient to die during surgery?
Do i have a brain tumour :O?
if you get hit/kicked in the breast to much will i get breast cancer?
Could this be eye cancer?
Where can a physically handicapped 15 year old (post humerus allograft from Ewing's sarcoma) work?
Are these salivary ducts or what?
What does skin cancer look like?
Are protein supplements okay for cancer patients?
why am I getting more skin spot moles since I turned 25?
if you are genetic to get cancer, what steps should you take?
Teeth and Gums question?
New tooth filling beside existing filling?
is it normal for your gums to be a bit swollen and hurting after a tongue piercing?
How much does it cost to have 4 teeth pulled out?
Why can't I open my mouth after getting my teeth pulled out?
is there any way to reduce the time of having braces on?
Hey, I got a tooth/gum problem?
Could i have throat cancer?
Does anyone know of a support group for he loss of an only child in Milwaukee Wisconsin's area?
lumps on each side on spine?
Teenager with Constant Body aches.?
How do i get rid of this aweful toothache?
My Gums Hurt Alot Please Help:10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER?
Can't chew with back teeth?
2 extractions for the braces?
Does taking your braces off hurt?
Does anyone know about "6 month braces"?
How to cure swim bladder?
the Surgeon said he was sorry he was being facetious?
Does cancer develope only in the area I put my chew tobacco in my lip or can it form on the top of my cheek?
I am worried about my friend having cancer.?
how long will he live?
Is somazina approved as a therapy?
is there anywhere where they do free cancer and diabete screenings right now?
Whats the song that goes like "Brush my teeth with...... cuz once i leave im not coming back......."?
Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare...?
New Aquafresh Iso Active in Canada?
I chipped my tooth... someone please help me!?
if I need to get a filling what is the cost?
What is the cheapest way to whiten my teeth really quickly?
A question about my retainer? (recently had braces)?
Is there a dentist or somebody who went through this help me?
how do i cure my bad breath problem?
Wisdom tooth erupting and hurting as heck. Is that normal?
If you brush your teeth for longer than you usually do will they get whiter?
How effective is salt against canker sores?
What painkillers/drugs do they give you after having your wisdom teeth out?
Can ingesting rust over the course of 2 months cause contribute to cancer?
Hi Please give me any information u know about free Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment in India?
Holding a fundraiser to raise money for my dad who has cancer...?
Is it possible to reduce the number of fat cells in the body as opposed to just shrinking them?
hey jus wondering if anyone can help me i need to lose about 4 stone and im hoping if someone can help me out?
Has anyone choked on trimspa?
Can any one recommend a diet that helps you loose weight quickly but doesnt mean cutting out carbs etc?
Get moving!?
I'm really fed up with my fitness and diet. What is the best routine to get toned and fit.?
how many points do men use at weight watchers at 14 and a half stone?
How do i go about getting myself a donor card?
Can this be something other than cancer?
what is Johns Hopkins known for?
Where can I receive a free breast cancer care package?
Colorectal Cancer check?
what do doctors need to know about children?
what causes billy ruben to show up in urine?
chances of survival of cervical cancer?
Cancer Project Help!!!!?
where is there an affordable ct scan in metro manila?
Which of the following minerals is involved in the transportation of lipids through the body's lymph and blood?
how long do menopausal sypmtoms last?
what are the signs of having interal cancer?
Lately underneath my chin has been hurting also the side of my neck what is this? Read description?
my almost mother for me,died from acute leukemia yesterday,why?
where can i find the liqiuid formaldehyde?
questions about braces!?!?
question about wisdom tooth?
Cost of braces and everything for crooked teeth in Ontario ?
exercise and hypermobility?
Which fruits/vegetables are known to be good for your skin?
how long will i need on the treadmill to loose 1lb?
i need help and i need it now?
How Can I Loose Weight && Tone Up In 3-4Weeks??
How effective is Pilates?
Anyone taking Xenical(orlistat)?
Where can i purchase that pill Hoodia Gordonii in Birmingham?
anybody got any tips on making me feel healthier?more energy etc??
diet advice please?
Following my last question, can any one advise me on what carbs are as I always get confused?
do anybody have the James Zeta diet?
What is the best way to get a body like one of the mens health cover models?
Does anybody know any songs about healthy eating ?
Diet and Fitness?
slimming world help!?
what is an average weight 4 a 14 year old?
If I eat scones, I feel very anxious. Any reason why ?
Do You Have To Be Anorexic/Bulimic To Be a Model?
How do I lose and burn fat from my back?
Does any one know how many weight watcher points makes about 2000 kcals?
my dog has a ear tumor?
what weight is obese?
i have ibs and i need to know what foods i should and shouldnt eat?
what is making me so forgetful what am i lacking in my diet?
info on birth defects?
Why does Northern US Coastal States show higher levels of Skin Cancer to South's Higher UV levels?
has anyone had a laproscopic kidney biopsy?
s it better do do heavier weights but only like 2 curls then lighter and 10 curls?
Is there any harm on the human body caused by using cell phones?
whats best for increasing iron levels?
is this cancer, or a flu or...? please help?
i have stage 2 precancerous cells in my cervixs how much of a risk of becomin cancer r they?
Can anyone tell me the hourly wages of a Radiation Therapist in Canada, and finding work?
should i be worried/ovarian cancer?
cancer fundraiser team name?
i threw up the barrium sulfate what are my allternatives?
Weight training - protein drink?
which is best ...slimming world or ..weight watchers??????
does slim fast work?
I will like to start a stomach cancer foundation but I will like to know where to start or some real facts.?
what food should my 7 year old son be eating?
what is the pathophysiology of phyllodes tumor?
How long should I wait to put on the nicotine patch?
I got my biopsy results back this morning?
how do i start running?
I only have to do six weeks chemo for breast cancer what can I expect ?
Will is the likely hood that my cancer will return?
Can chemotherapy end early? (PLEASE read description)?
What do i say too himm?
lumps on my chest and back?
What are some signs that your body is shutting down when you have liver cancer?
stomach cancer question.?
should a person get breast radiation treatments with a history of lung problems (asmah, namonia, etc.)?
How much does a neurosurgeon in Maine make annually?
What does a weaken lymph system means?