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How to get white teeth (please help)?
what do i do about my wisdom tooth?
Why auto cure resin is better than heat cure to make a orthodontic plate?
My daughters tooth Hurts PLEASE HELP MEE....?
How much should I be paying for white fillings?
My underlying teeth show through my new porcelain crowns?
Please tell me if I'm at risk, I'm really worried?
what are the systems of bladder cancer?
can i get breast cancer?
what cancer requires PSA blood test?
UCLA Medical Center-leukemia?
Does this sound like IBC?
abdominal never rupures paralizing left leg?
CAT scan radiation.....?
think something is wrong with me...maybe cancer :(?
Can an MRI show a soft tissue tumor that a CT scan hadn't shown?
what is colon cleanse?
It's been a yr since I had cancer, my hair grew back normally but now i'm starting to lose it is that normal?
Strange symptoms... Ovarian Cancer?
Colon Cancer Project?
I am in need of a surgeon?
Can a black and mild cause cancer?
Benefit entitlements after cancer?
What causes a tumor to form in a cancer?
What is wrong with me?
how do you no when to get you wisdom teeth out?
my tooth is clear looking?
Can you brush your teeth too much?
Wisdom tooth problems?
I'm 14 and I haven't lost any back teeth, is this bad?
should i get braces!?
palateless dentures costs in canada?
Is it normal for my braces to go slightly over my guy or should I call the orthodontist?
Is there a call for making full dentures out of marble?
teeth whitening question?
help! i am not sure about this dental surgery! please help everyone!?
Do you have to pay to get a tooth capped....?
i have very sensitive teeth.?
How much did you pay for your braces -in Canada?
I dont have dentil coverage i live in canada im 18 in pain do you know of any programs that cover anything?
ok i got my lip pierced 3 days ago aand somehow last night i lost the ring out my lip and i live no where near?
Pain lingers after having wisdom teeth removed - what can I do?
2nd wisdom tooth coming in?
When does my teeth turn white? i've been brushing for 2 weeks twice a day?
dentist root canal 2 stages how long ...?
When will all my grown up teeth arrive!?
virus and cancer question?
Could I possibly have cancer?
Question about liver cancer?
Leaukeamia / cancer ???
What does A-typical diagnosis mean ?
i think im becomin bulimic?
Is it safe to share deodorants? Me and my friend are having a big debate over it.?
what are the symptoms of bone cancer?
what are the chances of my getting breast cancer?
who is most affected by cancer .?
does sally hansen cream bleach include hydroquionone - the toxic chemical that causes cancer? ?
Is RH negative blood caused by a mutation?
Head is so tender to the touch?
could i have leukemia?
Could it be skin cancer?
I have a lump the size of a golf ball on my arm behind my elbow?
where can i find pictures of smokeless tobacco (chew) ?
who carries the hair gene?
19..missed 2 periods..spotting lasted 4 days...cancer?
What is the purpose behind developing and maintaining this massive collection of data in the cancer registries?
Ummm idk what to name this? ?
Cherry Angioma or Cancer?
My mom died of metastasis cancer.?
how many cigarettes does it take to stop being dizzy after smoking?
im sooo scared, tumor?
Mole removing and testing?
Could I have a tumor?
Lump underneath the skin?
Can I donate anything body-related if I lived in England from 1980-1996?
Cervical cancer.....?
I'm scared about my ultrasound?
urgent, please any body know the truth of the Egypt doctor who have the cure for cancer ? new phone no. please?
What is wrong with me?
Informaton about an Ostomy reversal?
how do you identify cancer spot on your skin?
my sister got dx with lung cancer in februrary of this year she went through radiation for one month only for?
Has rudimentary peni ever been to the usa ive heard hptheyve cancelled for grants cancer but my friend said he?
knowing abut pancreas?
I am looking for fundraising ideas for the "Komen Race for the Cure". Any suggestions?
HOSPITAL, KIDS WITH CANCER, HELP! please help me with this questions ...i hope i can get at least 20 answers.?
how can i help cancer patients.?
symptoms of liver cancer?
is Chemotherapy expensive when treating testicular cancer ?
Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel?
BRACES QUESTION.........................10 POINTS..?
Wisdom teeth...when do they usually start swelling?
Crest Whitestrips Classic?
Will crooked teeth straighten out after wisdom teeth are pulled?
help for teeth, braces, headgear?
brush than use listerine?
What to expect after getting braces?
Stopped wearing elastics. Loops moved?
What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist ? which job is better In the states ?
Why doesn't Veoh work?
who thinks cavities are the worse?
What's the fastest way to recover after you get your wisdom teeth out?
For the Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, which side do I use?
When can i smoke i got my wisdom teeth out?
I got my Wisdom teeth out yesterday...?
Dental bridge and tooth?
Getiing braces soon...do I need to buy anything in advance?
How can I get used to eating/talking with tongue thrusting corrector?
Is fluoride treatment mandatory when have your teeth cleaned?
How to get really white teeth with out using white strips?
How long does your cleaning usually take?
Is pop such as 7up bad for toddlers teeth ?
can roots grow back on adult teeth if loose ?
Impacted Canine Tooth Exposure?
How come when when you have a dental infection, your white blood count doesn't rise?
how does skatebord cost?
Does the dentist needle hurt?
how do you whistle using just your mouth?
How do i whiten my teeth for under 5.00?
Alternative to Braces, and other question about braces.?
How do you brush your teeth with baking soda?
A question about retainers.?
What kind of things should I expect to get done by a dentist considering the fact I have not been to one in 8?
Question for a Dentist?
Can I get Invisalign after getting porcelain veneers. I am getting Veneers at the moment but it seems i need?
how do you move teeth?
My teeth are a bit loose?
how can I treat a cavity in the gum line?
Who has experienced the application of PREVORA.?
Will my dental insurance(Industrial alliance) pay for my upcoming dental fees(partial,I know) at the time of?
Gaps in teeth after braces!!?
What is the normal weight for a 13 year old?
Phentermine for weight loss?
Will one day of eating what ever u want cause u to gain weight?
is medical marjuana legal in illinois for cancer patients?
what does bone cancer look like on a cat scan?
Enlaged lymph node behind earlobe.?
Agent orange and Viet Nam?
Is a rigid sigmoidoscope still used or does a flexible sigmoidoscope the only one that's used currently?
Lump in the bottom area of my throat/neck?
Being treated for Classic Hodgkins. Absolute Neutophil dropped to 0.1 Got next treatment anyway.Any concerns?
Small white sore on tongue. cancer?
Chances of Colon Cancer in 20s?
My 84 year old grandmother has a knot, or ball like thing on his shoulder. What do you think it is?
breast cancer awareness month facebook status ideas?
need help ___ Are spaces within the node through which lymph flows?
Hi every body...do u have any information abut Implants? is it the bast way or not?
what are the signs and side effects of a tumor?...?
where can i donate my hair in manila for the filipinos cancer patient?
weird lump or bump on right thigh. please help ASAP?
What is Gene therapy?
pancreatic cancer what are?
What to expect for surgery?!?
im going on a diet and was wondering would just a cereal diet be ok,say weetabix cornflakes rice krispies etc?
Prom fitness regime?
Obesity!? Could eating past satisfactory lead to obesity?
Why do I feel all shaky and funny after exercise?
Is hacking/ coughing up phlegm better than swallowing it?
what does it mean if your breath is stink?
I have a missing tooth Do you know how much can i replace it ?(the cheapest price)?
Is there any way to tell if something is a cavity or a stain?
i have a really rotten wisdom tooth?
Why do we have ridges on the roof of our mouth?
some companies have commision in dental hygiene?
Root canal postpain 6days later......WORRIED?
My tooth is infected, what to do?
What is the best way to remove stains from your teeth?
why dose my gum smell so bad??plz help?
Can a large overbite cause you to not chew properly thus making it hard for you to gain weight.?
Why do my gums smell so bad?
If You Have Braces...?
How do I stop people from making fun of my braces?
How is this called (orthodontic)?
Why does my mouth feel sore after eating too much sour? My teeth feel ticklish too?
What is the procedure of getting your wisdom teeth pulled out?
How much should an Orthodontist pay for materials, staff, and other costs?!?
How many calories are there in Wagamama's saien soba?
how does exercise effect the muscular system?
i want to know do u people think im fat or average for my height and age? i am 21 ,5"6 and weigh 6 stone 10?
Whats going on with my weight?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
Can someone set up weight lifting program for me to get stronger and bigger?
What's the best way to lose that half a stone which has crept on, and taken up residence on my back?!?
What are the main aspects of a low carb diet?
how can I lose about a kilo and a half of body fat?
Does anybody know how to do that quick turn thing at the end of a swimming lap?
Whats the best way to protect yourself from the sun?
Aerobics shaping?
when will vitamins Kick into the bodys system?
i am starting up a business as a personal trainer, please could you help me come up with a name.?
do i need to eat more(i did this Q b4 but ers more detail)?
what are the most effective toning exercises you know of?
is eating too much....?
Rapid but healthy weight loss??
Should I cheat on my diet?
if you ..................................?
Does anyone have the 4 week workout schedule for Billy Blank's Boot Camp?
HI anyone tried Kava ,what were the results?
My grandfather had horrible stomach flew, my brother got it, and I got it.?
Is there any research to cure AIDS through Stem Cell Treatment?
has anyone with SLE ever had chemotherapy?
Treating breast cancer?
How to support the spouse of someone with leukemia?
Is this skin cancer? Please help/ answer this question!!!?
Mole appeared a year ago, hasn't changed....cancer?
what can cause this????????????????????/?
Does cancer hurt dogs?
I have a question about kidneys?
can you live wit stage 3 brain caner that has been oerated on?
Regenerate Blood Cell Count After Chemotherapy?
Have a lump in my breast and a shooting pain in them? someone explain this..?
weight watchers question?
Is it bad to use bleach on your teeth to whiten them ?
Is it really necessary to get your...?
how many teeth does a human have?
Rubberbands on braces?
What does it mean if you grind your teeth at night?
Does This Look Ok?
Do braces effect your kissing ?
Should i rinse with water after using mouthwash (like listerine)?
Are cavities in teeth permanent?
Infected tooth and eye?
I have to get teeth pulled? HELP!?
Do I have to do root canal?
How much do braces typically cost?
Crowns vs. Veneers?
lumineers cost?
Dry Socket question. 10 pts!?
fix teeth gap?
best teeth whitening strips?
Dental insurance through the canadian government for low income person??
What is the furthest distance your dentures have flown during one of your sneezes?
I have had gum reduction due to 7-10mm gap (bone loss to support teeth)which should be normal 2 or 3 mm.?
Crest whitestrips?
so my braces were 'unthreaded' but my mom popped the wire back in the hole. am i okay?
Food Presentation?
How effective is PHYTOLACCA BERRY's Mother Tincture? If any have tried it how much they lose and long to tell?
Is my exercise programme actually making me fitter and stronger or is it a total waste of time?
why do people use cling film to loose weight?
on alkaline diet is there side effects?
What is more beneficial - the gym or a run ???
can anyone recommend a good all round workout exercise bike?
What am I doing wrong?
What is the best and most effective legal supplement to burn bodyfat?
best way to lose weight quick?
i am addicted to diets?
ok, i'm not actually 5'9 im 5'11 and 203pounds,am i still fat,and im 14?
How long will it take to lose weight around my thighs,hips and tummy?
What should I eat if I want to put on weight?
how many years study does it take to become a physiotherapist?
2 yrs ago i lost 7 stone prior to having a knee replacement op?
Light Healthy Dinner time Meal ?
What is a Calorie?
has anyone tried these diet pills?
gym routine help?
How do I gain weight as a vegetarian?
Walking - How much do i need?
does anyone know any branded tinned soups that are low in salt?
im about 5 foot 9ish and weigh just over 12 stone is that bad?
with exersize and eating healthy how healthier better can you look in 2 weeks?
if i continue my diet and exercise do you think theres a chance ill get a six pack? if so how much longer?
any reports on gi capsules?
How long does it take to get mouth cancer from dipping?
Can someone please help for writing a grant proposal for a weekend retreat for cancer patients?
A warning sign of possible cancer would be any of the following except?
Powerlines give you cancer?
Mysterious "scar" on scalp?
what are the signs of having cancer (leukemia)?
what does a abnormal blood test mean?
i found a lump at the back of my head..im only 17?
Please answer!Serious help! :''(?
what is cancer? Hurry!?
does sleeping with your cell phone near your head really increase your chances of cancer?
chances of surviving lung cancer?
could a plastic surgeon make you look anybody you want?
Is Donating Bone Marrow painful?
Cancer Help?
how long does it take for cancer to form?
swollen lymph nodes?
my friend has cancer the size of a bb in her breast.?
What is anal cancer and it's symptoms?
lump on bottom of foot?
What could be causing my abdominal pain?
is there a way to correct an overbite?
why do people chew the wrapper of stride gum? i tend to do it but i dont know why...?
Help!! I just got braces today!!?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
I really ~want~ braces, but how do I like ask my dentist?
Questions about teeth whitening?
If the cement bonding on fixed retainers is not smooth, is that a hygiene concern like possible cavities?
should I see my dentist?
Aquafresh White Trays.?
My Friend is getting braces on July 15th. Should she be nervous?
how long does it take for your mouth to fully heal after getting wisdom teeth out?
crack tounge?
How much baking soda should i use daily to whiten my teeth?
If I kinda have buck teeth do I need braces?
Is it safe to wear post-braces retainer at night after getting your tongue pierced?
how to whiten teeth without going to the docs?
What pliers should I use to pull my wisdom teeth?
lost a tooth?
Does the French Healthcare system subsidize dental and eye care costs to its citizens?
how to feel better about crooked teeth?
Loosing weight?
does anyone own or have used a york platinum x720 cross trainer?
Does drinking oolong tea really help when it comes to weight loss?
Help, i want to get fit!???????????????????????
how can I lose weight quickly and easily without harming my health?
help me plz?
Girls: How many of you out there lift dumbells and what can you lift?
inch lose as opposed to weight lose?
Any similar situation?
Need some Help With Protein Shakes?
Need some more help wid protein shakes ?
Healthy shakes?
whats is the SLIM FAST diet like?
Protein Intake for a vegetarian (me)?
Gym equipment?
Is 68kg at 1m68 fat?
My 12 year old daughter is 9 stone is this normal?
My bums are sugging is there any kind of exercise to firm them up?
what is the best diet?
Why are Anorexic women's head appear normal but the rest of the body like starve prisoners?
Massive help needed to massive calves...?
whats the quickest way tolose weight?
where can I buy toilet paper at this time of the morning?
When I try to do sit-ups I can't keep my feet on the floor- is this normal?
Do food cravings indicate a deficiency?
What is 12.6 stone in lbs?
does the cleansing diet work?
Is it true that carbonated drinks may cause bone problems later in life?
can you still loose weight but eat the same things?
Lactose free diet.?
how can i get taller ?
Can someone share online Yoga resources?
I'm trying to loose weight what would be the best slimming tablets to buy?
I'm 16, How can I become healthier and fit, I need some advice.?
Slaving in the gym?
does eating mangos increase weight and blood sugar?
how can i loose that FAT in my arms?
Does the 3 day diet really work?
weight on stomach and legs?
how to eat well?
How does the slimming world diet actually work?
Big Boned??
Anybody got any good tips for losing weight for a wedding?
how does leukemia affect a person's life?
what is cause?
What are songs about already overcoming cancer?
Bowel cancer question...?
Water fountain+PVC = Cancer?
What can a rise in PSA from normal to high in 6 mo mean?
could it be cancer related?
what types of drugs are there?
Can melanoma START in the brain or does ir have to spread from the skin?
what is Melanoma's scientific name?
do i have oral cancer ?
If someone has cancer...?
what would cause stabbing pains in upper left breast?
what is radioactive therapy?
When was breast cancer first discovered?
what is chemo therapy protocol?
can you get sun cancer if you only been burn once in the summer?
WHy does cancer often return (with a vengence) when it is completely excised from a localized area?
abs toning belt?
Grapefruit and dandilion tea diet? Does it work?
30 minutes on treadmill 7x .5 miles per day = 10. 5 miles wk can I expect to lose?
Should you rest when you have really high BP mine is 195/90?
have you been to slimming world or weight watchers?
Does binging mess up your metabolism??
stomach pains on slim fast shakes ?
what to u wear when u go into a steam room at the gym?
can i improve my memory by exercising my eyes 30 seconds a day?
how can teens lose weight?
How should I eat if im going to do 30 min of tybo at night?
Which milk is better for weight-loss: Soya or Skimmed?
Does anyone know where I can hire a treadmill?
What chest strap can I use with the Technogym Run 700?
low calorie, but filling meal ideas needed?
How do I improve my Upper Body Strength for soccer?
Are Porcelain veneers best for cracked teeth?
Can my brother get his wisdom teeth pulled if he has a broken leg?
Will teeth expanders hurt my nose??
I have locked jaw, now what?
How much did u pay for your braces?
What is the difference between general dentist and dentist?
why did my ortho but the wire through the top, not bottom....?
Tell me your favourite toothpaste and mouth wash?
Most read Nursing and Dental magazines in Canada?
I currently don't feel any wisdom teeth pain but doctor says I should get them removed now, why? ?
how long until the orthodontist will start correcting your overbite?
What does a retainer do?!?
Wisdom teeth..bump after extraction?
does anyone here have braces on all their teeth?
why do you get your wisdom teeth removed?
Tightening braces procedure......?
How do they put on braces?
Is vancouver water fluoridated?
How to brighten teeth without whitening?
How do i straighten my two front teeth?
Cavity, but no appointment scheduled?
How To Fix A Tooth Ache ?
Tooth Pain from Retainers. Please help.?
i dont want to pay for weight watchers..does anyone know how many points i shpuld have a day?
Line Dancing?
im 20 & my height is 5'4 & my weight is 8 stones=50kg is that right for my age & height?
Changing our lifestyle?
What is best exercise, as in burns up the most calories, walking or cycling?
cross trainer and upperbody toning?
Can anyone recommend an elliptical cross trainer that is less than £150 online pls?
i am entering a female bodybuilding comp in aug can someone help with posing routines?
will doing 100 sit-ups make a difference? and how long will it take?
Im too short for my age, Im just 5'0 feet and im 15 year old guy...?
hi.. im trying to loose some weight and im trying to stick with lunch and tea and thats it will i loose any wa
Fitness dvd's help!!?
Why can a grown-up human become reversibly fatter and thinner but not taller and shorter?
what's the best forms of exercise to do to lose weight? i go to the gym but what shoild i do when i'm there?
what is the nutritional content ok Kaliber 0% alc beer ie:- Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates?
Are there ANY safe diet pills or herbal substitutes that are safe to use in pregnancy?
before i changed my lifestyle to healthy, i use to drink tea with lots of buscuits. CARRY ON READING...?
whatis good nutrtion or food to eat when been training at the gym?
I'm thinking about getting a treadmill can anyone recommend a good one for the £600-£800 mark?
What bodybuilding supplement should I take to build my body firm and strong?
How can i whiten my teeth without going to the dentist?
How Can You Stop Drooling When Sleeping?
Do I have a dry socket!!?
What should I do about my daughters chipped front tooth?
Waiting for my root canal appointment, tooth hurts a lot, any ideal on how to make it better for now?
How can you make teeth straighten faster?
how long do i have to wait to drink through a straw after getting my wisdom teeth out?
What is the average cost for braces only on the top?
My son has dental issues?
How much does a typical visit to the dentist cost in Canada?
what r good soft foods to eat after u get wisdom teeth pulled?
answer please red sore on my gum?
Is it OK to wear someone else's dentures?
Getting teeth extracted and some braces! Some questions?
Needles for a root Canal?
When is Mady Gosselin getting braces?
Dry Socket from pulled tooth?
How come celebrities have their teeth whiter than paper?
What will I feel like/act like after my wisdom teeth get removed?
Home remedies for Gingivitis?
How many wisdom teeth to extract?
are hickeys and bruises the same?
Could I have bone cancer?
Does anyone know of any good cancer documentaries?
This sounds pretty ridiculous, but...?
Painfull lump, very scared?
Which is more expensive Femara or Arimidex ? Both were given to me by my oncologists.?
An evoked potential test indicated I have lesion behind left eye?
Cervical cancer jab..?
Question about cancer research events and fundraisers?
Cancer possible linked to Fungus?
I just found out I have ovarian cysts. Ovarian cancer runs in my family. Can cysts be cancerous ?
one Internal Hemorrhoid ie 3cm long.......?
Is this lymph gland cancerous?
Does anyone know what a "blood filled vascular lesion" of the breast is?
How long does it take to become untoned?
Is it ok to eat after taking a laxative?
Weight Watchers??
should overweight breakfast tv presenters be in bed getting some rest?
Low weight high repetition exercise?
How may pounds are needing to lose, to drop 4 dress sizes?
i need to loose around two stone?
Beetroot? Does eating a lot of it, make your poo red????
i am over weight and need to exercise mostly my tummy and bum?
Exercise/Gym Ball?
lose weight in 2 weeks?
i need to lose weight but not to sure where the best place is.?
Going to the Gym for the first time!! I did this Gym induction about a year ago & never went back essentially?
Brown sugar?
weight loss??????
How healthy is rootbeer compared to cola's?
why oh why?
why does a pint of cider give you loose bowels?
I want to start jogging on a regular basis?
I'm looking for a "cheer me up" Breakfast?
weight lose and hypno theraphy?
5 factor diet?
What is the different between yoga and fitness-yoga?
How to make low calorie soup?
Is the level of fitness measured by how long it takes to return to normal breathing rate after a work out?
Something.... QUICK-EASY-CHEAP-LOW-CAL-VEG only?
how much weight can you lose from liposuction?
how can i make my stomach flat without loosing weight?
Do MBT Trainers work?
Exercise and losing weight?
I want to buy an elliptical machine....?
is it possbile to put on a couple of kg in one day?
What weight should I be?
How many calories are there in a Chicken kebab?
i dont think im fat but other people say iam should i diet?
The cause of a breast tumor?
Possible Lymphoma maybe?
How long before tobacco will cause lung cancer?
My mum has cancer - what do I do?
I am the one with a terminal disease. I want to leave my cheating wife?
i need a spiritual healer at norfolk hospital asap is there one that can come?
I'm looking for some suggestions for t-shirt slogans for cancer to make for the cancer walk. Any suggestions?
What Stains Teeth (read all the way down)?
Tooth problems?? help 10 points?
my gums smell bad 24.7 i tryed every thing plz help me.?
Is it normal for your gums to bleed after going to the dentist?
Im getting Braces soon I have a couple of questions!?
should i get braces or invisalign?
would someone working for Statistic Canada have a dental plan?
I'm getting braces in less than 2 days...............?
Can dentists or doctor put teeth back in?
Can orthondontic elastics cause my nose to bleed?
Why is my face and tongue frozen without having a needle or eating anything cold?
Is it bad to dry out your tongue?
Do crest whitening strips keep your teeth white permanently?
Is it true that salt water can help your gums?
Why does my tooth hurt after filling?
For wisdom teeth is it normal to..?
Im getting braces :S?
How long does Novacain WITHOUT epinephrine last?
Can a dental hygienist afford a million dollar home in toronto, ontario?
How much would it cost to graduate from University as an Orthodontist?! (from the first year to last year)?
How often do wisdom teeth appear in later life?
How often should I use my tongue cleaner before I start seeing results?
hi can anyone tell me what 30 kilos is in lbs or stones?
A question about Chinese "stir fry" and peanut oil?
Do I have a eating disorder?
What's the best way to maintain a high level of energy all day?
what is the best pick me up after a heavy drinking session?
I want to be curvy?
Will an exercise bike tone up my bottom?
How do i get a washboard stomach with a six pack?
If muscle is heavier than fat?
best way 2 achieve a toned stomach ????
Steroid question?
Will cycling tone up my thighs&butt?
Is white chocolate more fattening than black chocolate?
Can pure nicotine give you cancer?
Does any one have lung cancer? I am writing a paper...can I interview you?
does carecard reduce or do anything for dental check ups for your teeth?
Do Braces Hurrrrrrrrrrt?
where can I get some free or cheap dental work?
Will this help take the swellig down?
the study of hematology?
I need braces and elastics. Help!?
Help me i need tips for getting braces and elastics. what what they do when they are putting the braces on me?
My teeth has some weird discolorization, how can I fix it?
I am scared...do I have gingivitis? is it serious?
Can Hernia become cancer?
i should not use brightening toothpaste if i have braces right ?
what are the chances in canada of surving bone cancer?
where can i stick patient who has an IV going below the antecubital area and has a mastecomy on the other arm?
could i have some type of cancer?
Does a breast cancer patient benefit from chemotherapy (besides hormonal therapy) if she is ER+,PR+ and HER2-?
How do you identify skin cancer?
Orthodontics Question, Please Help?
With Invisalign, how does it work for appointments?
How much does the tooth fairy give you?
Have you ever had braces?
If i get dental reconstruction surgery, how much would it cost?
Humongous tooth/mouth ache! Who can tell me what I have?
Do teachers get a benefit discount on veneers for their teeth?
Spacers and braces question.?
The pallet in my mouth has been INCREDIBLY itchy?!?
Do the common side effects with increased dialantin decrease with time?
what do physicians do?
do i have cancer please HELPPP!!?
Picking a mole , will cancer be cause ? ):?
Do I have cancer or anything if.....?
how long for results ?
Is it likely that......?
Will my teeth shift forward if the wire put on after braces comes off?
Jaw throbbing after wisdom tooth removal?
why is my gums swelling, it hurts so bad what to do?
Teeth correction procedures?
how do you whiten your teeth at home for little cost?
Diet for PCOD?
Has anyone used hoodia gordonii and has it worked?
has anyone tried slimming patches, and were they a success?
I think im gettin fat nd have stretchmarks. Ive tried not eating and other diets but they just dont work!help?
wats the best exercise to burn fat?
How many times a day does the average person breathe in and out?
anyone out there had lipo and/or tummy-tuck?
does anyone know?
Thin out my face ??
I am getting married!?
how do anorexics hide their condition? apart from obviously wearing baggy clothes and saying they've eaten tha
what is the difference between yoga and pilates?
What is perfect figure of women body if she is 5 feet tall?
Work this out...my next door neighbour is skinny eats like a horse?
im getting my braces of soon and i wanna get white strips ?
i know it a posion but ....... ?
Toothache, earache and headache!?
In Canada, how much does it cost to have a tooth pulled?
Bad breath problems? Plaque, too? What is it, anyway?!?
what does plaque look like on tongue?
What Do You Think Will Happen?
In so much pain...help!?
Spacers/Separators Questions.?
What should I expect when I get my braces put on next week?
what Colour should i get for my braces?
Can smoking weed damage your teeth?
I can't open my jaw more than an inch, is this normal?
I sleep with a clenched jaw. Does this affect the correction of my overbite?
my tooth hurts so much i think im going to pass out?
When will the freezing stop?
how to treat swelling in the inner cheek caused by a growing wisdom teeth?
Bottom retainer causing excessive pain?
Recommend me a good electric rechargeable toothbrush?
About Braces, Please help!!!!!??
does it hurt when they take the braces off?
What's the best way to tone my arms...?
i would like to tone up my thighs a little,whats a great pumpy position?
what is the most weight that can be lost in a week?
any good advice on toning bums, thighs and tums?
can any tell me who makes opti fit bio yoghurts for aldi ?
How can I lose inches on my stomach and thighs?
I'd like to purchase a JUICER but there are so many - easy to clean and best value for money?
Weight gaining?
It would be better to consume odd- or even-numbered fatty acids ?
if i burn 200 calories by exercise and eat 1000 calories will i lose weight?
? Website you send a photo of how you are now and they send you one of how you would look if you lost weight?
Is 6 Second Abs any good?
iv lost 7 stone but still have lots of loose skin, i do exercise but it doesnt seem to help!!!?
Just out of curiousity, how much weight do you reckon someone can lose if they eat just 4 apples a day?
Howcome Ive gained 2/3 lbs during the day? But now cant shift it despite regular excersise n no change in diet
Am I Overweight?! HELP?!?
How Do You Get Rid Of Bingo Wings? LMAO!?
am'I obese?
Is This A Sign Of An Eating Dis-Order?
20 mins every other on treadmill @3.5 mph walkin 1.1 mile?
Any ideas to cure or improve the inner upper arms? I always?
what is the best thing for getting rid of a hard on?
Braces! How many people got their braces off before their estimated treatment time?
Is it normal for half of your mouth to be frozen and numb 5-6 hours after dental work?
General Anesthesia? help?
normal having braces at 16?
crest white strips? (classic)?
What does it mean when someone blows smoke into your mouth?
Where can i get my wisdom teeth coated with silver?
is it alright to get my nose ring changed if i have a chipped tooth?
I recently got 8 cavity fillings, will brushing/flossing too much damage the fillings?
in canada does helthcare cover invisiline.?
I'm getting my braces in 15 days and I have a few questions.?
Whats going on with my gums?
Pain from my bracess?
Why do i get chills down my teeth when i bite?
What is the scope of Dentistry in Canada?
How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Breath?
where do i find a cheap upper plate in canada from port huron?
I recently got braces, and it hurts so much. Anything to cure it?
How Can I Get My Braces Off Earlier?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed today, and i'm deathly scared of throwing up.?
Blood Test: C19 significance?
Cancer colors for ribbon?
what type of radiation do cell phones give off? is it dangerous?
Are menthol cigs banned?
BLOOD CANCER research experiment?
Gaining weight and cancer?
what are the signs of lukemia in aging adults?
My breasts are really sore?
How do i know i have cervical cancer?
Can a person having had a bone marrow transplant travel long distance?
how do i eliminate my stage fear?
Is my dad going to die soon?
can you help me with this please..?
what is the difference between radiotheraph and chemotherapy?
Do I have lymphoma (Lymph Node Cancer)?
What Is Cancer? How is it formed?
is the blacks n mild cancer paper bad? should i take it off when i smoke them?
Is My Mom Sick? cancer,lumps?
Does Pfizer Inc. (PFE) Have The Cure Advanced Pancreatic Cancer?
i have a question about smoking?
Best way to lose weight?
Is it really possible to get rid of cellulite? If yes, how?
Any good website on exercises ? which is detailed and free?
sonic or mario?
How effective at lowering your fat intake, is removing bacon rind before cooking?
i'm 13 5ft 6 and 12 stone am i overwieght please help me i'm worried if i am and how much do i need to loose?
Keep fit exercises for a guy who works in a office now.?
weight weight weight! HELP!?
Effects of Anabolic Steroids?
weight help?
Hi, people i am just wondering has anyone lost weight from smoking?
who"s started their diet and work out program ready for the summer ??
if your slim but have belly fat: how much would you have to eat jus to keep the same weight?
To lose weight i no u need 2 do aerobic exercise&weight trainin.wat weight trainin exercises can i do at home?
Weight Watchers points - Wagamamas?
My daughter's silver cap fell off what do I do?
Im getting my braces off in 2 week yay!!!!!?
braces gone bad , what can be done .?
i need tips 2 get braces :'( im scared help!!!!!?
Why do people clench their teeth while they sleep?
Wisdom teeth being removed and I'm nervous!?
Tooth ache! 16 years old and don't want to lose a teeth!?
do teeth chip easily if you dont drink enough milk or eat things with calcium?
wisdom tooth in borizontal position?
My teeth are super sensitive, help?
Is it important to have white teeth ?
How long will i have to wear invisaligns for if i have a bit of an overbite and a gap?
What's a good method/product to help whiten teeth from tea/coffee that is affordable?
How to fix a crooked smile?
My two Central Insicors moved?? !!?
what do the dentists have to do if i chip my tooth?
Can I brush my teeth before going under anesthetic?
Does Crest recommend brushing your pearly whites immediately after taking white strips off?
My tooth really hurts.?
Paying for Braces? Please answer...............................?
back from the dentist..?
Question about braces and permanent retainers?
How much does a simple invasalign cost?
Can you overdose on creatine or whey ...what are the symptons?
How much weight can you loose in 7 days?
bingo wings....?
Body builders welcome?
Any motivational thoughts for weight loss?
Why do people buy their milk skimmed when if you take fat out of milk you just get water?
does anyone starve themself to lose weight?
low Glycemic Index foods?
i eat very low fat foods,in the morning+afternoon fine,nights i am starving and eat loads of meals?
vitamin e foods?
is 3 days in the gym good for boadybuilding?
how do you get through the hunger?
Is it normal to hobble around like an old woman three days after an intense workout?
HELP on slimming legs?
if i was skinny before i got pregnant?
Diet Partners?
how many mg of chromium picolinate is it safe to take a day?
Is there any way to get bigger?
I see loads of questions on here about the best way to lose weight!!?
Does rice double in weight when cooked?
how many points (weight watchers)?
My friend is going to stop Heroine with tamgesic tabs,where i can find best information over this treatment?
What happens if Melanoma goes undiagnosed for a few years?
How much can Melanoma progress in a few years time?
last may i felt a lump in my neck,then i started having pain behind my tonsil,?
What would a tumor feel like?
spleen cancer/ problems with your spleen?
What is the average cost of using immunotherapy to treat cancer?
i need to know some information about pancreatic cancer?
question about a core biopsy?
My sister n law has cancer?
Is there anyone kind enough, to donate at least 25 cents to fight against Leukemia & Lymphoma?
How do you comfort someone that may have ovarian cancer?
how long more until he gets mouth cancer?
how long does some one with stomach cancer live up too if it has spread in their body already?
Do you eat noodles always?
I've had a swollen lymphnode for 3 weeks....?
What are kinda CBC test results would a cancer patient get?
Anyone experienced a sore tounge after eating a baconator at wendy's?
at what stage of braces do you get a band on second molars ?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled and not being knocked out.. help?
What is the best at home teeth whitener?
can a 3yr old tooth that's been shifted be pushed back?
anyone know where to buy a water pick and how much?
do your teeth ache if you have h1n1?
when a floss to hard, why does it feel so good?
Ceramic or stainless steel teeth braces...is one better?
why do i have red flacky sores at side of mouth is there a home remedy thanks?
What type of braces should I get?
How long until i can get my wisdoms pulled?
how can i whiten my teeth fast? with out laser treatments!?
Help! I swallowed one of my braces elastics and now there's a pain in my chest?
Lower midline is off (Jaw)?
PLEASE help, I am 13 and absolutly HATE my teeth!! my smile is awful! please answer!?
Rubber Bands for Braces?
What are some natural ways to whiten your teeth?
i got ach in my front two teeth?
how much does it cost to get your dentist to clean your teeth and polish them?
Whats the average income for Orthodontists in Canada?
Can my gums be affected during the first week or 10 days of pregnancy?
Question about a tooth abscess?
are almonds a low carb food?
Has anyone used the 6 SECOND ABS?
bad hangover?
How bad for you is salt really?
what is the best exercise to make you fitter?
Has anyone else put on weight whilst dieting & excersising?
thermobol ??
Just started to drink water how long for clearer skin?
Starting a fitness plan?
i have been eating "skinny cow" icecream?
weight loss help?
Can't stop over-eating?
Question about root canals Ok I have caps over some of my teeth and I have this tooth that has been bothering?
How should I clean my plastic (clear) retainers?
invisalign Braces ?
Feeling sick from a tooth abcess?
$6380 for teeth braces?
do i have gingivitis or gum disease? (after braces)?
Had a tooth extraction/Infected.?
what is the best tooth paste for braces?
What happens to an infection after tooth extraction?
its about cavities?.. help please?
Brushing teeth?????????????????????????????????????
I can't afford to get my wisdom teeth out....what should I do?
Dentists and the like, or people who've had wisdom teeth problems...?
When my braces come off, will I be able to floss normally again?
Would I be able to sue my dentist?
Honestly, what do you think of my teeth?
Braces on the top row of teeth?
what kind of a bite do i have ? professionals can tell .?
Underbite. How severe is it.?
what is invasive phase?
dont think this is fair...what do u think?
Could thickening around the colon just be scar tissue??
What is a phalgial flap ?
How long will Hydrocodine stay in my system?
Can cancer survivor break rent least of his health is at stake?
How long is your brain if you rolled it out?
my mom has has diarrhea for 1 week now..she's complaining of pain in her rectum when she urinate there's blood?
Any help with swollen Lymph node?
How can the removal of enlarged lymph nodes for microscopic examination aid in diagnosing certain diseases
Is ultra-red therapy bad for cancer?
Is it possible to get cancer from taking a couple of puffs from a cigarette?
Cervical Cancer Jab help?
is this ovarian cancer that has spread to bone?
What kind of breast cancer are MDA-MB-231 cells?
what are the effects of microwave radiation? is it luekimia?
Help! Does this look like a melanoma?
answers on medullary thyroid cancer?
Do I have Lung Cancer?
Types of deadly lung cancer.?
Nasal voice from swallowing phlegm?
I chipped one my molars.?
chewing gum everyday?
The metal taste, well he has dentures.?
BRACES. if you've had them, how long have you had them for?
wisdom tooth thing???
Wisdom teeth extraction question?
My braces hurt soooo much!?
wisdom teeth removal?
Do you get your braces on your first appointment with your orthodontic?
how can i really get my parents to get me braces?
What are some good foods to eat when first starting off with braces?
for those who had braces...?
will a night guard help?
Why is my mouth still smelly even if I brush my teeth everyday and everynight?
Really sensitive skin inside my mouth?
What are the chances of getting an infection after tooth extraction?
Do u have to have a retainer after having braces?
What color braces should I get in January?
What can I do about possible cavities?
Why do wisdom teeth have to be removed?
I would like to know if people c fluoride as a benefit in mouthwash? If yes would u buy a non fluoride mthwsh?
Outer Pectoral Creases ?
what is the best way to gain upper body muscle?
is drinking alot of water good? does it bloat your stomach and make it look bigger? im thinkin of drinkin..?
i need your help, i keep coughing for no reason?
trick to get whiter teeth?
A question about ALS?
Can a laporoscopy miss uterine cancer?
lymph tissues in throat and tonsils were removed 7 years ago she is 15?
Question about people who receive radioactive iodine as treatment for Thyroid cancer?
Is there any way to reverse or fix stage 4 chirossis?
directions for taking barium sulfite solution for a catscan on my back. I have two 450ml bottles of Readi-Cat ?
do i have throught cancer ?
Lung cancer - how can I help?
My dad just had prostate cancer and now has an infection? What does that mean? ?
The hormone released by the pineal gland that reduces body temperature and prepares you for sleep is?
i think i have testicular cancer?
do some types of skin cancer look like dry skin?
have ovarian cancer. Had gallstone surgery. dr says the gallstone surrounded the cancer did cancer spread?
if they saw cancer, wouldn't they tell us right away?
does bone cancer spread to other parts of the body?
what are thr symptons of celvic cancer and the remedies?
chest pains, sign of cancer?
so whats the deal with cancer?
If i had pancreas cancer?
Anyone tried Dwyer and Michaels 3 day miracle diet?
why near vision loss in old age?
When would a doctor prescribe diet pills?
is it possible to lose half a stone in a week?
why am i not losing fat?
where can i find the website for this product slim thru?
What can I eat after the gym???
how do i get rid of my obliques(love handles) when weight lifting?
Does anybody know if the ESTOSLIMBALL is available in UK and what, if any side effects does it have.?
what foods would you say are a must in your diet?
What does it mean if you have a lean body?
how many calories does skipping burn?
does anyone out there thinnk that they are too skinny sticking out bones skinny?
If I have a break from working out how long before my muscles atrophy?
The side-effect of slimming tea? Other than getting slim.?
I recently started doing spinning classes how good are these for fitness?
starvation mode?
losing weight, feeling confident?
What exercise do you do to keep in shape? How long do you exercise?
Ideal weight for a 5'10 woman?
important question about weight nd fitness?
how do i lose weight?
Does anyone else like those Nutri-Grain (Elevenses) bars?
Food alternative?
what are your thoughts on this unusual breakfast? good or bad? why?
how many extra calories can drinking green tea help burn? averagly?
can a 50 calorie soup before bed effect weight?
How safe and healthy is the Djarum cigarette?
its 2am, why does bad food taste so good....?
Is Milk Thistle good for Hangover and your Liver?.?
I'm looking for good,easy-to-understand information about resistance exercises.Can anyone help?
What is the best way to develop a positive mental attitude?Is there a tried-and-trusted method?
How long should i row for to lose weight?
Why does the body need Potassium and what does it actually do when it's in the body?
the benefits of a rowing machine?
Good DVD for learning how to strip!?
how much does the herbal life diet cost?
Please help....stressing out!!!?
is indian food fatty?
who are the woman and girl in rice crispies ad?
Do I have oral cancer?
How can I make my dad more comfortable?
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy cancer?
how long after showing signs of cancer (leukemia) would the average person realize something was up?
Small lymph node on upper leg?
8 months pregnant and keep having lymph nodes swollen from time to time?
Recommendations Mammogram testing?
How long does it take to get mamogram results?
do i have stomach cancer?
i smoked out of a bong about a week ago and a friend of mine had mono is it possible to get it from him?
hmo vs ppo for cancer treatment?
Who takes nicotine? (some other questions too)?
can a non-living tumor become living?
is there tobacco in K2?
15, never smoked, lung cancer?
A patient is on oral fluid restrictions of 1500mililiters for a 36 hr period. he consumed 40% fluid whats left
What is a rough estimate of cancer treatment cost in 1 year in california?
is that Malignant Parotid Tumours is curable , what are the precautions to be taken for that treatment?
what is conventional chemotherapy ?
what does pancreatic cancer pain feel like?
where can i find the best denture creme in toronto?
Is there a wrong way to floss?
I went to the dentist today and they sprayed something that felt like mini rocks. Do you know what they are??
Bad habit...?
Any relief for a teeth-grinder??
are braces a good option to have missing teeth areas filled in?
bonding in the clinic?
Questions on overbite?
If you teeth is hanging loose?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled almost a month ago, and am having ear problems.....?
I just got spacers before getting my braces, My gums anf teeth hurt like CRAZY!!help!?
elastics on braces?
Electric Toothbrushes and TMJD?
Why did my grandson blood clot in the tube?
big stomach?
Why is one Arm weaker?
Craving a fry-up!!!?
How effective is flaxseed oil for weightloss? How many spoonfuls do I need to lose weight?
please tell me im doing this right.?
whats the best?
An Energy drink to make that gives you more energy when needed and can last you all day?
Which vitamin?
Improve my life?
how tall am i, if i'm 172 metres?
Whats a good....and attractive....weight for a girl who is 5'3'' and 14 years old?
I want to loose a easy five pounds to fit into a dress.?
I need a fast diet to lose weight, please provide solution?
hiya i know all the health reasons but how can i loose weight really quickly any ideas??
Bones, muscle and weight......????
diet and excercise?
Can you point out some websites where i can count calories and body mass index and so on?
How can I get my appetite back?
Abs Tightener?
When do you become classed as fat?
How much should I drink? I heard that you should drink atleast 2 litres a day but I only manage at most 500ml?
Melanoma question.....?
What is the scientific name for Burkitt's Lymphoma?
How big a deal is this (ovarian cysts)?
I want a career where I educate people and spread the word about cancer research and other diseases. ?
Endotracheal Tube VS Spinal Anaesthesia?
What is acute patient care?
I have calcification's on my left ovary?
Accumulated Cellular Dematitated Malfranis?
I have used Chewing tobacco like 5 times. I stopped completely now. should i worry about cancer from the 5 dip?
What is the health effects related to skin cancer?
Is there a good Neurosurgeon near or around Connecticut?
if a 3 year old boy has a tumor on their optic nerve, what are best case and worst case scenarios ?
Lymphatic 'tumors?' ?
Someone with knowledge of cancer please...?
can you pass leukemia from one person to another or are there other ways of getting it?
can you give appealing statements to be printed on shirts in our breast cancer campaign? thanks!?
DO i have brain cancer?
How can I tell that I have ?
Dealing with post chemo fatique?
Where can i go for a bone marrow transplant patient?
What does 'shadowing on mammogram' mean? I was just recalled for a second mammogram and now ultrasound.?
Why do they nerves in my mouth still hurt after wisdom teeth out?
Is it true that 1-800-dentist is a scam?
Are Teeth bridges supposed to hurt after temporary bridge is placed in?
I Get Braces In 13 days. Do they hurt?
what colour braces WONT make my teeth look yellow?
White spots on gums?
How long does it take to get your braces tightened?
cost of dental insurance in toronto?
How long does it take for gaps to fill?
What is the average cost of high speed braces in Canada?