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What is the best thing to do about swollen gums?
HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!
Questions about teeth braces
I have a lump in my neck, what is it? Is it cancerous?
rt. mid ureteric stone[ 8mm ] with moderate hydronephrosis and hydroureter.?
Fluoride question
what could be causing these break outs on my son?
Swollen bump behind last molar on left.
do i have gum cancer?
what cause protein in urin?
Side effects of chemo and radiation...will they go away? Please help answer?
I have a VERY big passion to help with caner?
Gray mole that hurts when I press on it?
I have a ? about Leukemia.?
is there anyway to straighten teeth without braces?
What Toothbrush would you say is the best?
A quarter of my tooth broke off at the gum line after having a root canal only 3 days ago. Can i still save it
Can my teeth be saved
Ever get braces as an adult?
how do you fix a partially chipped tooth?
is non-fluoride toothpaste better for your teeth?
i am 7 stone 5 foot 4 and my waist is nearly a size 6. Am i under weight?
need to lose weight quick any suggestions ??? plzzz?
How long do taste buds take to change?
has anyone tried slimming world and does it work?
Do you think inside every fat person a skinny person is trying to come out?
Anybody know? i have been having pains in the center of my chest as well as to the right and left.?
Costo-chondritis, how long does it last?
do i have a chest infection?
What is this (diagnosis please)?
Pulmonary Function Test, Low Inspiratory Values?
A good friend of mine suffers from breathlessness, but only when se first gets up in the morning.?
Do you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis?
is australias air pollution levels getting better or worse?
Has anyone else found that taking Yakult every day helps with asthma symptoms?
I have VERY HURTFUL mouth ulcers. How can they be treated?
What are the risk factors for Periodontal Disease?
8 year old son lost permanent tooth in bike accident.?
Is it normal for a 13 year old boy to not have lost all of his baby teeth?
Urgent dental question, please help me?
Tongue barbell + X-RAY to periodontist tomorrow = !?!?!?
Do you have to lose all of your baby teeth?
i live in ontario, canada what is the average cost of lower dentures?
why does my root canal still hurts?
What is the difference between a Dentist and a Orthodontist?
bone grafting and teeth implants??
What is the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water to whiten your teeth?
HELP? serious answers plz!?
Do you think it would be bad to leave whitestrips on longer then 5 min?
what is the best teeth whitening on the market right now ?
need Help!! is this a mistake done my by dentist???
Anybody else never been to a dentist?
Does it hurt to get an abscessed tooth pulled???
4 wisdom teeth extracted?
Labret piercing stainless steel hurts my gums, any other resorts rather than taking it out?
My white blood cell count is 16,000 what does that mean.?
Is Gut bugs triggering cancer?
Is the cervival cancer jag sore?
what tools does an oncologist use?
Can I potentially have melanoma?
do i have stomach cancer?
About cancer. Is there a cure for cancer.?
what is the standard and scope of John Hopkins Hospital?
Would it be more or less difficult to make a wig out of human hair vs. synthetic?
Is it a Mole or Skin Cancer?
how much to cancer doctors make?
does this sound like i have leukemia? would leukemia show up in a regular blood test?
Large bald spot and bump on head? Only 14?
Could this be esophageal cancer?
in the state of indiana can you lose your job while on sick leave for cancer?
When might someone have primary and secondary health insurance?
what vitamins can be safely taken during radiation?
Braces! Help! Again!?
URGENT---please help?
Any severe "teeth grinders" out there?
wisdom teeth question?
Which mouthwash is the best that can prevent cavities, kill plaque and also contains fluoride?
How can i avoid coffee and smoking from staining my teeth?
Hurting gums at the back?? Help!?
I just got my braces now and my teeth are very sensitive when I touch them and talk?
how do you make your breath not stink?
can u chew gum with clear plastic tray retainers?
I had 24 teeth extracted 6 days ago and I still cannot put my dentures in, is this a problem?
Do dentists allow payment plans in Ontario?
Is Hydro Floss available in stores?
Chewing gum whitens your teeth?
im getting braces on monday. anything i should know ahead of time?
what roles and responsibilities do dental nurses have?
Does dentist Hurt???
steps to become a dentist in Toronto, Canada?
A question about enamel and toothpaste, to do with whiteness?
why does my jaw crack....?
Im bringing up a bronze brown coloured phlegm. Why? I have other symptoms incl aching ears?
Website with info/graph that shows the rate of smokers in the past few years?
Can a cold have only one symptom?
are there long tern effects of smoking for 2 years, if you quit. 20 years r u gonna b affected or r u healed?
can atenol be tested from blood test?
How is the deadly asbestos disposed of?
has anyone got hyperthyroidism?
about chest CT scan (HRCT chest)?
It feels like I am choking.?
why baseline observations are requared prior commencing a transfusion?
Does anyone have a child with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension?
What is the certification needed to become an Oncologist?
My uncle has a problem and i don't know what it is?
details of oncology nurse?
How does cancer kill you?
Question about Leukemia testing?
we don't know what tumor it is , occurred in left side of brain of 33*49m in brain. can we know if this seriou?
Aflatoxin is a carcinogen produced by a fungus.Which type of cancer is it related with?
How would you explain to a patient with leukemia who has a greatly elevated white blood count the important of?
Can somebody help me?
will a X-Ray or sonogram pick up a small tum er or growth?
Medical terminology, diseases,treatment.?
Does lung cancer cauce pain?
anyone know the survival rate for stomach cancer that went thru stomach completly?
Sponsor child with cancer?
Is there something wrong with me? do I need to get a cat-scan?
Is there anything to worry about my Swollen Lymph Node?
Could one get skin cancer if they don't go out in the sun much?
Is screening for skin cancer for me?
There was a lady on Oprah that 'cured' her cancer by eating whole foods, vegetables... Did she write a book?
A radiation used for treating cancer is...?
when are menthol cigarettes being banned?
what would be the effect of loss-of-function mutations in a growth inhibiting pathway?
What colour's should I get on my braces?
How do i get sharper teeth?
Is it normal to still have a sore jaw 2 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction...?
how much slower do ceramic/clear braces work compared to metal braces?
How stressful is being a dentist?
White spots when braces come off?
How do I know when my Wisdom Teeth are coming in?
why do some people grind their teeth when they fall asleep?
gummy smile reduction by lip repositioning surgery - what's the cost?
Whitening Teeth: Good products?
Need advice on Retainers?
Wisdom Teeth Removed ? ?
Is it embarrassing to get braces when you're 17?
I have an abscessed tooth....?
My brother got hit in the gums.Looks pretty bad. Theres an O shaped hole in it looks tanish(color).?
Do i need Porcelain veneers?
a couple T.M.J. questions?
what is the difference between a splint and a night guard?
my front tooth omg!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Mouthguard with Braces?
whitening teeth.................?
why is it that after 15 years and never practicing and putting on weight, that i can stil do handstands?
Ive Lost Weight and have skin under my chin and other areas....?
unhealthy diet?
people say sleeping is a bi part of loseing weight, how much sleep should i get?
i eat so much for breakfast, and hardly anything else throught the day. am i getting fat?
Should i go for?
Would you consider eating less or no meat to reduce your risk of getting cancer?
How long does one stay on treadmill/elliptical machine in the gym?
How do I get my six pack to show?
limiting my calories to 600 a day made me lose all my muscles, how do i get them bak and not get fat?
is it possible 2 loose half a stone in 2 weeks just from goin 2 the gym?
i have like this thing in my tooth?
What to eat or chew so my breath won't stink ?
Where in Toronto can i find a good lingual braces orthodontist(s)?
teeth expander help and question?
what is the daily dose of fluorosilic acid that prevents tooth decay in children?
should i get braces??????????
Does mouthwash really help bad breath?
how long until i can stop cleaning my tongue ring after absolutely everything i eat or drink?
Is it okay to get my wisdom teeth out when I have a cold?
what will I do know with my braces?
my two front teeth r going in.. any other options to straighten them?
i am having an abscess on my gum? It has pus. and my right side of cheeks are swallen? what should i do?
I have 4 rotten and broken teeth (no dental plan, no employment at the moment).?
how do you make out with braces :$ ?
permanent lateral incisor not coming in?
Which job is better, an orthodontist or a dentist?
What is it about pop/soda that rots your teeth?
When dentists ask you complex questions in the middle of your root canal can they understand you ?
I wore my retainers again and they are messing up my teeth instead of fixing them help!?
Can you help with wisdom teeth?
My jaw wont stop cracking:(:( ?
how much will replacing a retainer cost?
My dad has agressive cancer or aggressive prostate cancer with a gleason of 7 ?
leukemia or lymphoma?
Bone Marrow..................?
how long can one live with a cancer infection?
Has anyone finish taking radiation for prostate cancer and what has been the long term effect ?
What is cancer????????????????????????
How many years is life expectancy reduced for a 65-year-old smoker?
my sister was diagnosed with cancer and I just found out that her stool is white, what does this mean?
Cancer question, answer?
cervical cancer surgery needed and no way to pay?
Do punch biopsys hurt?
Liver cirrhosis and liver cancer?
A question about organs transplant.?
Any advice from anyone on diet who has had their colon removed or an illestomy?
is it necessary to remove a woman's womb if it is swollen and what will be the side effects after the womb has?
Which tissue does a sarcoma arise from? Which tissue does a carcinoma arise from?
what is vocal cord cancer and is it serious?
Does chemotherapy have the same affect on dogs as it does in humans?
Can anyone help re sense of smell and taste after septoplasty?
Long term effects?
i have a TAAV steam vaporizer but dont have instructions?
What nasal decongestants can someone with hypothroidism use?
how long before flying after lung surgery?
what will calm my nerves?? rescue remedy?
How passive is this passive smoking?
is there any one with asthma taking SINGULAR?
What is a Saline Challenge Test
are guinea pigs ok for slight asthmatics?
surgery to open nasal cavity?
I was told by my doctor,that i have Pneumonia,how many days off work should i take? i'm a pre-school teacher
Something my heart(?) does when I breathe in. It feels stuck?
how can i be a dentist in Canada(Toronto)?
Can I use Therabreath as a mouthwash even I have braces?
Are liver nodules serious?
Is rectal cancer hereditary?
Can any one please suggest me SLS free shampoos available in India?
how is my dads health?
is this a symptom for mouth/oral cancer?
inhaling in spackling dust?
what has the ozone layer got to do with skin cancer?
Is this Cancer? Infection?
Possible Breast Cancer?
Breast Cancer question?
Can the ingredient cyclopentasiloxane cause Cancer?
can this be a sign of skin cancer?
what bone in the body is not connected to another bone?
Dignified death, a humane way of dying why didn't they honor his wishes?
What is the treatment for pathological liers?
advice on quiting smoking?
Mom with breast cancer?
mouth cancer? ?
im 5ft 6 i weight 144 pounds, how much would i have to eat and do no exercise to maintain my existing weight?
Any good nutritional food websites for a cheap and healthier life style?
compulsive eating?
Where can i buy Crest Night Effects in Canada?
Teeth sore from spacers?
Help I am getting braces tomorrow! ?
What happens to a radiograph if it spends too little time in the fixer? ?
Root canal or extraction?
bad breath...help please?
is it better not to take antibiotic when you got extraction of teeth?
Wisdom teeth - swollen ?
How do you get rid of a canker sore?
Do Crest White Strips work well?
Swallowed Braces Wire?
Which colour braces should I get?
Which is the super painful wisdom teeth extraction, the uppers or lowers?
My braces arent tight i just got them.?
Getting teeth pulled, some advice .?
Have you had your teeth whiten at the dentist's office?
Which is cheaper dental implants or porcelin vineers?
my front two teeth are kinda big and out of the line of the rest of my teeth.?
How to fix extracted tooth?
Anyone know if Arm & Hammer Dental Care Gum is still around?
i am getting a Labial frenectomy done soon, anyone had it before?
How do you get rid of cankers in your mouth?
When will I get my braces off?
Scolious brace for sleeping, if you have one, what is the design?
cancer in liver and lungs? what is expected to be? is there any hope?
how would a message get from your hand to your brain?
How to diagnose throat cancer/?
What are the opinions of people against experimental treatment?
If your ear is bleeding, is there a chance that you have brain cancer?
which cancer is sneakiest- low detection and low morality?
Stimulate Your DNA _ For Cancer?
I need the name of the name of the thyroid hormone that really works.?
Even though I have a cyst on my overy will i be able to have any more babies?
pregnant, and a lump, whats going on... im worried about cancer :(. help please?
im bleeding heavy and hurting could i have cervical cancer?
does fibrosis disease lead to cancer?
is it true that the new animal bracelets give cancer?
how do we tell my brother my dad might die because of lung/bone cancer?
black and milds vs cigarettes?
Is it curable ? In last stage what are the chance of life ? any miracle happened yet ??
my frnd got a testacular cancer, had a surgery, now on chemo,1st one?
Does wearing make-up at an early age increase the risk of cancer?
chest Lipoma -benign?
can light therapy cause cancer?
Enlarge tyroid (sp?) help!!?? Mom?
How could DNA recombination cure cancer?
causes of chronic sore throat?
the three components of cigarette smoke are tar,carbon monoxide and nicotine,explain how how each of these ?
short term and long to consequences of not getting enough calcium?
Vaporizer and tobacco-free hookah?
Is Humidifier good for babies having Asthma ?
What causes breathing difficulties when fast asleap?
Breathing difficulties? HELP PLEASE.?
had a sudden hearing loss a couple of days ago. I was taking an antibiotic (Ciprofloaxin)?
What is this? breathing?
Where can I find Hydrogen Peroxide 35 % Food grade?
please help i cant stop snoring?
how do you make the bottom crest white strip stick?
gum infection after extracted tooth?
if u have a clift pallet and lip can u french kiss?
Fluoride In Water... Water dangerous!?
Listerine whitening question?
Im 14, having pain in the back of of my mouth. Could this be wisdom Teeth?
I have my first orthodontist on February 16,2009! What does the orthodontist do?
I had a root canal on a molar 3 months ago and now experience underlying ache. What could be the cause? ?
What can i do to stop swelling after my wisdom teeth have been removed other than warm pad?
Does anyone know what my average has to be to get into a dental hygiene college?
How can I make my teeth really white?
Help? Wisdom teeth?????????????????
How long should I stay away from working out after having wisdom teeth pulled.?
sensitive teeth? what will dentists do?
children's adult teeth?
What can you not eat if you have spacers in your teeth? ?
Do I get my braces off for a cleaning?
Dilemma Following a Root Canal - I strongly prefer a regular filling and NOT a Crown!!- is this Reasonable?
Dental Insurance for Canadians in Manitoba?
How long after a root canal...?
How do you find motivation to work out?
what does upperbody mean?
Get In Shape?
is soup ideal for breakfast, dipped with a wholegrain bread??
Has any one had any success with body toners?
I'm looking for list of fruits including calorie,sugar,vitamin and colour group ?
I have a Bsc in nursing and want 2 do a MA international relations, which job with that combination?
I would like to loss at least 1 and half stone, that is how much im overweight plz help me need help or tips?
How can i be guarenteed to lose two pounds per week for 5 weeks?
why does stress impair your fitness?
How much weight should i lose?
Am i likely to have saggy skin if i lose weight?
I have been working out for about 6 months why is my stomach bigger than before I started working out?
I am very slim and need to add weight please can you help me.it is a problem for me cos i really want to add.?
can drinking black tea or coffee help reduce fat( weight)?
Can I take STACK 11 fat burners if I am on Citalopram anti depressant tablets?
Is it true that eating 500 calories a day makes no difference to weight loss than if you ate nothing at all?
the best exercise for getting a toned stomach?
Mass Building? How to pick up weight quickly and safely?
why do I get a headache after excercising?
Tiered of Being The Fat One Of My Friends!?
If a clogged milk duct isn't treated can it turn into breast cancer?
Anyone have a ovarian cyst?
is it withdrawl from smoking?
I am doing a research paper on why people should be an organ donor.?
is it true that Cancer cells differ from normal cells in that they usually have elevated levels of telomerase?
Is it possible to shrunk at 28?
Painless, hard, 3/4 of an inch lump behind right ear?
I have a bump on my right shin bone?
Question about Proposition 65 "This product contains chemicals that can cause cancer"?
smokers who have quit, any tips please?
do i have tongue cancer?
Do you know anyone who had stage 4 endrometrial cancer? How long did they survive after diagnosis?
Possible cure for leukemia etc. trying to get someone important to see this?
why do i keep getting sick, w/ unrelated issues?
what is the symptons of breast cancer?
How long can you have a cancer like melinoma before it shows up.?
are menthol cigarettes better then normal ones?
Small headache for about 2 weeks in random parts of my head?
Is it possible to have Lymphoma and have the swelling of certain lymph nodes go away on it's own?
Why is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
I have a tender spot in my left armpit, hurts when you hit it just right. The PA ordered bi-lat mammogram. huh?
what does it mean if you have super pale pink gums?
Orthodontist Question - Bleaching teeth?
What type of jobs are there in a typical dental office?
how long would it take to fix a gap tooth with braces?
What is it like getting braces?
quick question: how much does the average dentist earn in Ontario, Canada?
Had wisdom tooth removed and now the molar beside it is throbbing?
thoughts on white strips teeth whitening?
I have soft enamel, what are my options? Veneers, Lumineers?
Do I have a cavity?!!!!!?
What happens when you kiss with braces?
Teeth gaps...what are your views on them?
Why do I Always have something stuck in my mouth when I wake Up?
Tooth Pain?????????? ?
I am getting my braces off next month. I am a social tea and coffee drinker - will I have stains?
Food getting stuck to braces?
getting braces on! i need tips?
Is it normal for there to be blood 12 days after my wisdom teeth extraction?
is it true that for some dental surgeries they have to break your jaw?
My back tooth problems?
some clews on prevention of vehicular pollution than cure?
How to sing well with a sore throat?
My Chest feels heavy and im a little out of breath?!?
steroids effecting cycle.?
when i get nervous i feel like im dehydrated.. my mouth is dry and yeh.. feel awkward.?
How long can your lungs stop working due to tensing up?
which is stronger clarithromycin 250 mg or amoxycillin 500 mg?
Can recurrent bouts of tonsillitis in an adult lead to a decreased immune system?
Is nicotine deadly by itself?
Chemotherapy Leukemia IV Body Rejection?
fello team mate was just diagnosed with cancer, what could the team do to show our support?
swollen lymph nodes on my neck?
Mouth cancer help for young person?
How do you detect Testicular Cancer?
What does a .7 lump in breast cancer mean?
HELP!!! Is this a canker sore on my tongue or something else?
Low blood counts...chemo delayed?
Can I get cancer by using only the wrap from cigars?
Non hodgkins cancer.?
What are symptons of colon cancer?
Do I have a Brain Aneruysm?
what two types of cancer have a higher incidence in some families?
Could this be skin cancer?
Possible cancer site?
My dad has a ball at the base of his spinal cord, could it be a tumor? It's like a bump.?
Has anyone had tumor shrinking: good results from Tarceva used 4 NS Lung Cancer?
My first cell..Any request?
what is the proper technique and motions of brushing your teeth?
Does the development of the molar suggest you have finished growing?
Can u tell me abt Dental Hygiene program? Howlong does it take to be Dental Hygienist?
Oh sh*t, i think my extraction site opened up, please read details! can you help?
Lump under my daughters tongue?
Is there I way I can whiten my teeth at home?
A question about teeth.?
Do spacers and braces hurt? Also, how long does it take to put the braces on?
Can I tell my orthodontist that I think my teeth are straight enough ?
Is it worth getting braces?
Could I rinsh with biotene mouthwash?
Hole where upper wisdom tooth was?
What is the procedure for this?
how much is it to get your teeth whitened at the dentist?
how much do dentists earn in Ontario?
How many times a day can you brush your teeth without unnecessarily damaging the gums?
when you brush your teeth do you rinse with water? 10 points! ?
Are my teeth gunna be okay!!?
How Often Should I Go To The Dentist For A Regularly Scheduled Appointment?
Why do I have bad breath? And what can I do about it?
When in the braces treatment do you get elastics?
Is it hard to put muscle on if your limbs are longer, rather than shorter?
Which is better for getting decent sized byceps & 6 pack: weights or a chest expander?
what do you about sagging skin after losing a lot of weight?
how many calories is an egg without the yellow part?
i cant control my portions of food i eat, help!?
Exercise order...?
So depressed about my weight?
The Atkins Diet?
I need some fitness help...?
Bikini diet?
I have been having a throat infection for a week and it is often. How can i prevent it?
What is a perfect size for a woman?
Water retention pills?
What exercises wittle down the waist?
How can I get rid of my jelly belly and love handles?
About how many cals and fat in my stew are there per 100g roughly?
how often should you run in a week should you rest your muscles?
Mum had pneumonia twice.. now again?
Chest pain....................?
Is smoking some hay rolled in sticky notes going to kill you if you do it one time?
Does my guinea pig have Renal failure?
inhaled foreign object into lungs?
Does anyone else have Nystagmus?
ozone)therapy for Cancer by personal experience?
My father got throat cancer and my moms mom got throat cancer died 10 months apart. will my child or i get it?
Does anyone have personal experience with a cancer treatment center in Ca. that they could recommend.4 a child
I suddenly couldn't swallow?
What is a Chem 21 blood test?
what is the difference of plasma from lymph?
Need some help. Blood in urine?
if i have lung cancer and my white blood cells are low how can i get them back to normal?
Pea sized lump in my bisep!! Please Help!!?
examples of cancer patients and articles about it?
Potential Breast Cancer Awareness Club Names?
tumors and masses.........?
whats the best way to raise money?
Is it time for a biopsy?
my father has stage 4 diminsha and we just found out he has brain cancer he also lost 12lbs in the past 3 week?
What percent of early-onset breast cancer is caused by a mutation in the BRCA genes?
are wards and moles the same thing?
How does cryotherapy helped cure brain tumor?
how are cell division and brain cancer the same?
How to pay for surgery/ treatment... and where to find help?
Can someone provide me with a list of lymph nodes that start with either "A" or "O"?
What happened to the enamel on my teeth?
Is it normal that my chin is looking wayy smaller since a couple of months? (BRACES)?
Can you drink alcohol the night before wisdom teeth extraction?
My Teeth are painfully sensitive. Help Please?
does blue cross ( i think that`s the one ) cover a chipped tooth ?
What can you eat when you get braces ?
How large or deep should the hole from the exctaction be?
I have private insurance and was charged $990 for root canal (molar) at endodontist. Was I charged too much?
Jaw problem! Keeps getting stuck.?
what does it mean when my tooth stings and i dont have cavaties?
How to stop my Toothache?
Has anyone had mini dental implants in Ontario, Canada? If so, what dentist and what was the cost?
What food am I able to eat?
is dental cleaning a waste of money?
Best toothpaste in your opinion?
i had my front tooth pulled and was wondering how long till i can eat solid foods?
Could it be a problem to use a night guard intended to prevent grinding, after being diagnosed with TMJ?
I just got my wisdom teeth out...?
My teeth hurt really bad... can sinus infections cause this?
how long exactly until i can get them?
Will Hookah Stain Braces?
do you brush your teeth before you go to bed every night?
How to get covered for braces?
are my teeth okay for braces?
I have a tooth that's become discolored. The dentist recommended whitening it.?
HELP PLEASE:Question for anyone who has had Lumineers?
is it possible to file down my front teeth with?
i think i got jawlock?
Is swallowing the gel from Crest Whitestrips harmful?
getting tooth bonded, do i need to get new retainers?
Tooth Sensitive After Dentist shaved off tip?
Is it true coca-cola is more harmful to your teeth than coffee?
baby teeting late? left lateral incisor before central?
Why do my teeth hurt after eating something particularly sweet?
if i chipped my front teeth a little, should i see a dentist?
my teeth fillings just fell out????!?!?
Causes for clenching jaw or teeth while sleeping?
About pulling a tooth out without numbing it first...?
Im Sick HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what type of cell is the lung made of?
can someone please find me an argument for air pollution not causing asthma?
Is recurrent Bronchiolitis normal in infants?
Smoking Ciggrates?????
My 4 yo boy smells like he has got an infection, he complains?
Need some information on Pneumonia?
coughing up blood after big fall from dirt bike?
I haven't been able to breathe lately and I'm starting to get really worried.....can someone help me PLEASE!!!?
what is reduktil? what does it do? where do you get it?
what schools did Jamie Oliver's school dinner go to?
i have a running machine in my gym...?
So is it bad for your health to eat waxy apples?
is it possible to concerve during or after treatment?
How to help a Friend with Cancer?
Why do I keep getting headaches? Please, I'm really scared...?
Do you know prices of Gamma Knife treatment in the Pittsburgh, USA? ?
how long time take to develop Diverticula?
My grandma has stage 4 lung cancer. Her cancer went in remission, and now is now back. ?
Help! Not sure how to cope with all this death! And helping to comfort others, too!?
What are some good words for someone with cancer?
Help bf has Adrenal gland cancer also known as (Adrenal Cortical Carcinoma) need some minor help!?
Can you have a child if you have cervical cancer?
prostate cancer spread to the bones?
Ovarian Cancer, someone please answer?
Breast Cancer Awareness?
is breast cancer a gene or chromosonal disorder?
Mom just had cancer surgery, is in the hospital still, now has internal bleeding, what are her chances?
My girlfriend has a lump on her breast but it's now a scab?
We are putting together a team for the Susan G Coleman 5k run and we need some name ideas!?
benign tumor in cheek?
Treatment for leukemia?
Treating Thyroid cancer without chemo?
what stage of cancer is incurable?
How can I get started? I am interested in starting a cancer walk to raise awareness about Melanoma.?
Is this a Sore Throat?
can I add protein powder to my porridge?
Fat without the pill?!?
Do you need a EX-COMMANDO personal trainer?
why am i fatter......?
I would like to loose a stone in weight? Can anyone recommend a good diet?
Im lifting lots of weight but not increasing muscle mass can anyone help ?
what is the daily routine in a nursing home?
reasonable expectations? 6 weeks to body perfection?
need help have had fall and torn my cartilage need to keep to my exercises to lose weight but knee wont let me
How many calories does a fried slice of bread contain in comparison to a normal slice?
Can anyone please tell me if chinese tea works for weight loss and which one is the best?
I am trying to build up my muscles (6-pack etc). Do I need to take all these protein supplements?
That is it,I am on a diet?
i cant seem to gain any weight ?
No matter how much I diet my stomac is always large and feels windy and bloated?
Is there a weight loss supplement that actually works?
what are the advantages of drinking lots of water?
More definition if????
has this been a bad eating day?
Anyone tried diethylpropion?
How do I work out Calories?
Ladies, Advice on exercise?
Braces!?! i pick best answers!!!!!?
Would it be weird to ask my dentist to elongate my canine teeth?
can dental bonding remedy loose teeth?
question about sore in my mouth?
Why is there a white line running across my gums?
Help how painful is geting braces?
What are springs for my braces?
gum biting problem HELP!?
Would blue braces cost more?
My orthodontist quit suddenly?
Is my dentist a complete idiot...?!?
Good toothpaste AND mouthwash to stop bad breath?
braces... what colours go good together or single colours?
how do u get rid of cankersaurs(can't spell)?
Braces Colors!?!?!?!?!?!?
I had gotten too much freezing at the dentist is it normal to feel dizzy the morning after....?
How long did have to wear your retainer?
How long will you have your braces on or how long did you have them on?
ive become the worst.?
How can i get healthy gums fast?
How do I naturally soothe mouth irritations without numb?
Is dental hygiene a good career for Canadians? is a non-accredited school a good choice?(such as Maxwell)?
HELP. Lump in throat?
can anybody tell me what Plasma cells are please???
free mammogram clinic in northeast houston tx?
lipoma or swollen gland?
Can you get cancer if you write on yourself?
would appreciate any information about treatments available for adults with AD HD?
I think I got oral cancer.These r the symptoms(see box).Money's tight here, so I want to be sure before testin?
I am looking for acute leukemia survivors who had it when the were 5 years old and now are 30years old?
i was told i have nodules on the lung, what does this mean?
Low vitamin D levels and ovarian cancer?
Symptoms of Phenomena?
Can you feel cancer spots?? please help?
Tanning Beds question on skin cancer?!?
My Dog has Hurnia can she still have Puppies?
what are the symptoms of leukemia and howe old are you normally when you get it i would like to know thanks?
Sorafenib/Nexavar, how much and does insurance cover it?
are there any mental symptoms of melanoma in any of it's stages?
Quercetin + Vitamin C, anyone tried these supplements against cancer?
My mother is 65 years old.She is always weak. What exercise aside from walking can she do ?
What should a patient with colon problems eat?
if you have Non-hodgkin's lymphoma did you have to stay in the hospital when you were first diagnosed?
Britney spears ovarian cancer?
Tight calf muscles after training for half marathon?
i go on holiday in a week. i want to get a good tan when im there. is there any thing that i can take to help?
How do you stop walking in your sleep?
My jaws don't line up?
i just got braces and my gums are swollen behind my top front teeth and in the back?
Braces Tomorrow!?!?!?
What covers a temporary missing tooth?
Braces Question..............?
i just notcied white spots on my teeth..?
Is it really possible for braces to lock together when kissing?
I have a terrible pain in my teeth and red line on gums.?
What should I do to prepare before I get my wisdom teeth out?
I just got braces, what are some foods to avoid?
Do they use this in Canada?
I got a root canal done and I was wondering......?
I have a weird white hole in my gum?
Brushing and Flossng with braces?!?!?
Will pulling this tooth out hurt... or no?
Possible crack in tooth - why root canal?
How did you select your dentist?
How is the life of a dentist? What do have to say to young kids who wanna become dentists? Any advice?
Do I need a future Wisdom Tooth extraction?
tooth needs to be fixed? HELP?
how long does it take to die from a cavity?
Has anyone ever taking thyroxine before for weight loss?
what is glycemic index?
Is anyone knows a diet that I can loose 10 kilos in a month or less?
Motivation for Fitness?
Weight training for a boxer?
Please provide information on Bannatynes Health Clubs? Prices? Recommend or not?
How do I lose weight in my legs without gaining muscle?
Has anyone tried LA MUSCLE FAT STRIPPER?
Whats the best way to train my abs? Any good websites?
!!!!WARNING !!!! Should Childerens sweets full of eeeees?
Rhinoplasty - personal experience?
Healthy Lunch Ideas ??
Are there any unhealthy fruit and vegetables?
How can I quit sweets/candies?
I Likes Running!?
is it possible to enlarge ur breasts without surgery or pills?
what is the best pill on the market for loosing weight?
I feel bloated what s a good way from not feeling bloated?
Can someone give me a 7 day eating plan.?
question about exercise?
could anyone explain what basal atelectases in base of lungs means please?
What are some ethical issues in radiation therapy?
Do most people usually survive or die from cancer?
what is the total body scan?
I am worried because I have pain in Left breast.....?
My dad have cancer before?
Will this give me skin cancer?
Will getting a CT scan once give me cancer?
PLEASE Ovarian Cancer Question....?
what are 3 types of carcinogens in lung cancer?
what are the 7 whole grains
Do flamin hot cheetos cause cancer?! I am addicted to these chips. I've been eating them since I was little?
what are some educational needs for a terminal cancer patient?
Hi.my friend might have leg cancer can anyone tell me something about it and how i can help him?
Help reading breast mri results?
Three lumps in my neck?
Is there anyone who has taken Erbitux for colon cancer? What are the side effects?
Testicular Problem?
i want to start a charity for breast cancer, does anyone have creative names :)?
i have swollen lymph nodes in my neck?
Is there any way to prevent sagging skin while dieting to lose a lot of weight?
whats the funniest joke you ever heard?
do those body wraps work where u lose inchs on ur body?
difference between dietician and Dietassistant?
some people say done eat too much bread, but why in the food pyramid does it say you should eat LOTS of bread?
What are some non-areobic activities to try?
is walking uphill bad for your knees?
Yoga at home is there any good DVDs?
Can exercise reduce the iron in your body?
my hip bones stick out and i can see my chest bones. what does this mean?
i always think about what im gona eat........help me!?
Quickest way to lose weight/tone?
Is there any non-expensive, fairly healthy way to whiten teeth?
low monthly payment plans for braces?
Help with teeth! Please!?
can a dentist see an infection in the gums by using xray?10points best answer?
should i get braces ?
i'm getting braces next week...?
Is Clindamycin a strong enough antibiotic for a tooth abscess that has spread to my face and neck, and beyond?
If a doctor nicks your lung during removal of a kidney due to cancer, is it possible for the cancer to spread?
Why is induced hypothermia used for patients who are undergoing certain surgeries?
smoking weed develops cancer?
Any doctors who can help out there?
person's with leukemia getting deaf?
What doctor should I go to if I suspect I have liposarcoma?
enlarged lymph nodes between small and large intestines?
does any one know what a worstien tumor is??
What are the symptoms for SKIN CANCER?
i have bruises on my shins that just appear..should i be concerned?
colon cleansing?
My boyfriends dad has brain cancer :(?
do i have breast cancer?
breast cancer awareness fundraiser ideas?
how to cure a patient with no sleeps?
Can cooking with scrated pans cause cancer?
tramadol_does it put on weight??
should you take low fat protein shakes when ur training at the gym?
Diet Dinner Help! Recipes anyone?
Lateral Thigh Trainer?
Does anyone know a store in the UK where i can buy liquid egg whites (not online)?
Can Soy Protein entirely replace whey protein in a body builders diet for someone who is lactose intolerant?
Bullying At The Gym?
will jogging on the spot help burn fat of my bottom..thanks?
Has anyone tried orlistat?
how many calories does sleeping use?
what is best?????
plz plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How Do I Lose 10 lb. In 1 to 2 Weeks Free?
How can a 11 year old girl loose weight in 1 month?
What are some pointers to going on a diet?
what illnesses cause you to loose weight?
What are your views on diet pills that can be prescribed by the doctor?
malnourishment help please?
How long does it take to go from Flab to Fab?
Trim tummy?
Do any of the over the counter slimming tablets actually work?
how can i gain weight?
Ok i want to drop a stone ?
jogging and vegetables full of iron?
I Have a Few Questions On Anorexia, Can anyone help?
Does anyone else get really hungry late at night?
whats the best diet for someone with sweet tooth?
What is my calorie entitlement??
How can I lose weight easily?
How many weight watchers points can I have?
eggs? anyone an experienced low carber!!?
gym training days off?
What is the average weight of a 13 year old?
whats the best protein food which is low in carbs?
raw vegatables?
low carb diet?
what kind of clothes should i wear if i am fat and short?
ive been weight training for 2 years?
been diagnosed with gallstones having trouble with what to eat until op done sick of chicken and fish?
From the point at which you stop drinking liquid to the point you die - when approx. would you stop peeing?
Weighing 100kg and joining a gym any good info on how to lose a good bit of weight on the machines?
can someone tell me healthlab.co.uk is reputable website for purchasing Hoodia Gordoni?
I need advice for Invisalign?
If a filling falls out, approx how much to get a new one put in?
Braces coming off and extremely nervous?
just got braces about....4 hours ago and they dont hurt?
How many days after wisdom tooth removal do I have to be careful about eating?
Is there a retainer that could help fix an overbite? (without braces)?
Tell me everything you know about retainers.?
Do whitening strips/trays cause damage to tooth enamel?
How come my toothbrushes...? (please answer if you have braces)?
Tooth extraction and signs of healing?
grayish teeth due to Iron supplement..?
Nerve damage from the dentist?
dentist or someone who has had a root canal?
why do HUMANS but not animals get cavities in their teeth?
Braces + Basketball = !?!?!?
wisdom teeth question?
Orthodontist Appointment!?!?
Do you think a UK size 12 is fat, apparently 97% of British women do??
abdominal crunches with a weight on your chest for xtra resistence?
i want to know the best way to do sit ups or crunches to flatten my tummy. How many and how often?
If my fat RDA is 80 grams what will happen to me if I eat a lot less?
what is going on?
I run 7miles 3times @do upper body workout 3 times each week I am 68 years old?
Now for the men... What (uk) dress size is your ideal size on a woman?
6 second abs machine !?
how can i increase my iron intake?
is water really a girls new best friend?
is there anybody who had rectal cancer and was treated and then after 4months it came back as stomach cancer?
Does sweet and low, splenda, altern or any other "fake sugers" cause cancer?
What is happening to me?
is it normal to become violent when you have cancer ?
Radio isotope scanning using recombinant TSH?
How to identify an external lump with pain on the body as an infection (bacterial) or cancer?
can a proscrate cancer return after the prostrate has been removed surgically?
signs on skin cancer?
My closed friend ask me about information of cancer, expecially about lung cancer. anyone can help me ?
how to find nicotine in ur body?
I have a swollen lymph node in my neck, will this keep me out of the Marines?
Can you get leukemia from a bad diet?
Could this be lymphoma?
So if they find pancreatic cancer in a 17 year old boy?
Fast growing cancer (phase 4) started in the esophagus?
what is ovarian cancer?
How is chemo given to someone with lung cancer?
Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans?
when are all the times a cell phone harmful to us? what are the cases during which a cell emit radiation?
How do other cancer patients fund their families while being treated?
What are the most deadly types of cancer?
what does bruising on the skin over the spine mean?
dental question-is it hopeless?
A question about braces and orthodontists...?
Is swallowing the gel from Crest Whitestrips harmful?
losing weight under my chin and around my face????
I lost half a stone whoooooooo!!!!!?
Has any1 ever used the "Everlast Slimmer Belt" from argos?
does cutting out dairy really get rid of spots? oh and wheat? or would it b ok 2 just cut out dairy? helppp?
Anyone a UK 12/US 10?
I haven't used my free weights since Christmas as I joined a gym. Now I want to use them again but the...
Please can you help me lose weight?
Gym question??
Gym tomorrow????
Can yo-yo dieting have major health effects?
How come you want to smoke more when you are travelling and whats the best way to beat these cravings?
does anyone know if cycling exercises the abdominal area?
where can I find an exercise plan for use on a cross trainer?
ive lost weight.....?
trying to fit into a dress?
How do I burn body fat, without losing muscle mass?
Can you correct that? 'To be a good air-hostess, you need a lot of experiences.'?
when trying to diet - what do you "think" to stop you pigging out when you have the urge?
Why is it you put on weight after you've given up smoking?
What will 30 minutes of exercise on the stationary bike do for me?
Need advise on a new diet?
Do slimming pills work and if so what are the best ones?
Is it true that if you drink hot water you can loose weight?
What causes blood sugar levels to drop?
what is the weight that an average man can bench press?
I have hypertension thats high blood pressure can i take epherdrin to help lose weight and not worry to much?
Exactly how does the calorie count in food translate into body weight ?
diet diet diet?
what should my blood pressure be?.?
Slimming world?
what foods should i cut out if i want to lose weight? like what not to eat at all? and not so much of?
Why is it when I go my fruit shop?
Hi what is body cleansing?
I am doing weigh watchers but would like some tips on boosting weight loss for a special event?
today ive had a sandwich, a mousse and a packet of crisps. is that bad??
How to get a good body fast?
please rate my diet, im trying to tone, and lose weight!?
are there any weight loss pills that really do work?
Why do I always go off my diet and never lose any weight?
How can i gain weight???
how to loose your belly fat?
Jumping Fitness Shoes ??
am i over weight or normal?
I'm going to the dentist please help?
My top 4 front teeth are not straight, what can i do?
Needs a dentist in Toronto?
Wha hurst more? Braces or Spacers?
how can i work my chest muscles at home without a bench?
To get gains with working out with weights do you need large amounts of protein every single day?
Loose weight from your bedroom?
anybody know any homemade appetitie suppressants?
What can I do about my terrible addiction?
help with excercise?
am i to thin ???
Can you recommend a metabolism booster?
how many calories would running up the house stairs 20 times burn?
What is the best time to go to the gym?
I have eight weeks to loose a stone help?
Anybody got a weekly password for Weight Watchers online?
Did you know, if you snog for 60 seconds then you burn off 26 calories?
Why does my weight yo-yo??
I am a size 10-12 which i didnt think was that big but i have terrible stretch marks on my thighs! any ideas?
Dieting Tablets?
the best diet plans?
Atkins Diet Question???
is not eating during your working day bad for you?
What are the best exercises to get the six pack n obliques to come out? Once it's already there?
diet ideas?
Please give us your best slimming tips?
Do I have a potential eating disorder or the start of one?
when under your under arm hurt does that mean you have brest cancer?
could it be cancerous?
how would a doctor tell to his patient that he has colon cancer stage 3?
what is the different between dysplasia and benign neoplasm? ?
My mom's bf has cancer and she's taking it hard x10. She's so depressed! What should I do?
What do "free-radicals attack" (What do they attach to that makes them so dangerous) in the cell?
Does nail melanoma cause a low WBC ?
does this is due a brain cancer please help?
when diagnosed with Melanoma T4 NO MO, stage two with 50% chance of recurring; what exactly does that mean?
border collie nose tumour?
Could it be vulvar cancer?
my mom has starting of mulitple miloma?
10 POINTS! I need a cool team name for Relay For Life [cancer]?
3 months into ABVD chemotherapy?
Does anyone know where I can buy a Breast CAncer awareness t-shirt?
What can you do to reduce your risk of Leukemia?
Ginseng medicine for cancer? What to get?
Is it possible for a pregnant woman with leukemia to pass the disease on to her baby?
how is dipping tobacco addictive?
best health products for cancer and chemo help?
How much does the average dentist make a year in canada?
Wisdom teeth - Approximately how long does it take for the blood clots to set and be fixed?
I had my wisdom teeth removed 10 days ago, can I use mouthwash now?
I have a long tooth in my mouth ,I need to find a dentist in Toronto who will grind it down a little bit ?
Stubborn husband with missing teeth?
Does whitening toothpaste really work?
Does whitening toothpaste or strips do something to your teeth?
Limited dental insurance and desperate!?
My teeth hurt from braces?
what would you do if your lips and the inside of mouth was black, How can I turn it back to its natural color?
My front 4 teeth are crooked , I live in Bc & was wondering a $ to get them fixed :)?
Do teeth turn yellow if they're not exposed to air?
If I Get Metal Braces will they look as bad as the Ceramic ones?
Why is smoking so bad for your teeth?
im thinking of becoming a dentist?
Does having your wisdom teeth removed hurt as bad as everyone says?
Has anyone tried Coral White toothpaste? Is it effective?
Teeth Whitening with "Fake" Teeth?
A question about the MOLD they do of your teeth before braces?
Braces and Moving Out of Country?
Why would they have me remove my wisdom teeth when I am having an even harder time keeping the crevaces clean?
hard time with braces (dentist please help me)?
How to get rid of painful canker sores?
how do i hide my smoking?
How does chemotherapy work?
my left thigh hurts when i walk...and sometimes sharp pain in my thigh...im scared its cancer?
Do mobile phones really give you brain tumors?
21 and lump in breast :(?
what is the success rate of cancer?
how many americans have lung cancer in 2008?
Bone pain? Could be cancer?
what are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?
My DH was told he has Renal Cell Carcinoma. My question is , can I or one of my kids donate a kidney?
What exactly is cancer?
Should a thyroid mass that is 3.8cm, be taken out if the TSHr mrna is negative, and 6 biopsies are negative?
I have some caregiver questions?
how can i support breast cancer?
What immune cells induce apoptosis in cancer cells?
i had two moles removed three months ago and both did come back precancerous and now one is growing back.?
Please Help! I feel like I am falling apart. Could it be serious?
What are the different types of breast tumors: Benign and malignant?
what are some books about someone living with a family member who has cancer?
Why didn't my ovarian mass show up on the pelvic ultrasound?
Lymphoma Question - Advise, Please?
I am scared that I might have skin cancer!!!?
What is in chemotherapy?
is there pain when you first wear your ortho head gear?
Can you make gum at home?
i'm 20. dentist says i need bracs.i'm worried ovr extractin ma teeth fr makin space.hw mch wud t alter ma face?
why is my roof of mouth so sore?
Cavity Question -Is this Normal?!?
I just got a cavity filling and it feels kind of rough?
How can I tell if I have an obsession for brushing my teeth?
I'm poor and need dental work done, does anyone have any suggestions, I live in Calgary, AB?
How can I make my teeth whiter ?
Is there any Dentist that would do a dental work. In exchange for shop or House renovation ? canada?
What are some home remedies that are sure to get rid of those painful canker sores?
I think i've got an infection in my mouth...?
Where can i buy Grapefruit Seed Extract?
Should I go through with my wisdom teeth extraction or not if...?
I brush and floss twice a day, but I still have puffy gums?
my fingernail is crach half way..?
i'm getting braces on in august...does it hurt?
I Just Had A Filling 2 My Tooth , After The Numb Is Gone Its Still Hurt?
small cell lung cancer?
canker sore on the side of my tongue?
How Do I Get Rid Of My Tooth Gap?
braces, for how long!?
Question about bonded wire retainer after braces ?
EMERGENCY I NEED Urologist OR ANYONE HAS experience in removing tumor from bladder can answer me? pleaseeeeee?
what happens after you are diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma?
My uncle has kidney cancer :(?
how do i become a paid caretaker in the state of illinois for my mother who has cancer?
does dental laser affects negatively after breast cancer therapy?
treatment plan for Breast Ca stage 2?
Feline luekimia and me?
Signs of Cancer? What to look for? Where to go?
Form of cancer like breast cancer?
Is it normal for doctors to keep a 18 yr old on round the clock chemo?
are cancer nodules usually itchy or painful?
I want to ask a question here. I had a cytoscopy done 2 weeks ago at hospital for my condinued blood in the?
lung cancer xrayyyyy?
leukemia question?
wisdom teeth :( really sore throat?
Do braces hurt your gums or teeth?
Are there professional that check my teeth?
What can you do with a tooth that cuts your tongue all the time?
Molars hurt after eating pretzels?
Is Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste or Aquafresh Enamelock toothpaste better for strengthening enamel?
what is the secret to whitening teeth?
I need a dentist who can solve my problem?
Does invisalines cost more than normal braces?
Where can i buy Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare?
Getting my wisdom teeth out?
Why do you have to brush your teeth before and after you sleep?
Do teeth become nicer over time?
Is it possible for my gap to VANISH when I'm older?
Orthodontists, Damon braces help?