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i have a lump in the right side of neck?
Could this be mouth(oral) cancer?
is this colon cancer?
What kinds of physicians are there?
plz help about smoking?
Chest or Esophagus Burning and then aching?
what is the main cause of ashma?
Tongue pain and sore throat on right side?
brace's HELP?
Is it possible to get fillings on my bottom teeth while I have braces on the top ones?
i am going to get braces?
My wisdom teeth have to come out soon but the pain is bad. Any advise?
How do I tell my story on the interne about a bad dental experience?
When do my wisdom teeth stop growing?
Lost my brace?
tracheostomy kids?
does running through a rainstorm on a full moon cause your teeth to go yellow?
I have a missing tooth how much can I replace it ?
i am currently undergoing medication because i have a TB. is it ok to smoke while doing the medication?
Why is the left side of my jaw bigger when I open my mouth?
Cant stop coughing!?
Has anyone ever gone under the xperience of laughing gas in the dentist?
my 2 year old son I think has brittle teeth, or looks like edges on them?
Im getting braces this saturday! i need help with choosing my color?
can i eat breaded artichokes?
Wisdom tooth infection in the bloodstream?
Asthma peak flow meter levels?
I'm sick, but what do I have?
Enamel on my teeth question?
I'm getting shallow breathing/short of breath and yawning for last week or so. Any ideas?
Problems with my daughters space maintainer?
Why does toothpaste have an expiry date?
Chesty cough & Sore throat on & off for over 3 months?
How can you tell the difference between a cut on your gum and a start of a cavity?
Do I have a tumor on my tailbone?
what persentage of people get lung cancer from 2nd smoke?
Breast calcifications--what is this?
I need info about liver cancer!!?
Could I have bowel cancer?
will doctors be able to tell?
When someone has cancer in their lymphnodes, does that mean it's throughout their body?
Had tumor five years...changed to cancer?
I need to find 10 questions to ask a person who had skin cancer. ?
Stomach Cancer help?!?
can someone help me answer this prostate cancer question?
signs of pancreatic cancer?
A few questions about colonoscopies?
please help! cervical cancer..?
Is the doctor suppose to tell you if you have cancer after an biopsy?
A close family friend has just been diagnosed with cancer and given 1 to 6 months to live. ?
My Grandpa's health... can somebody suggest ideas?
Should i go for a CT Scan?
Can anyone help me with holistic treatments for cervical cancer?
head gear?
How do you know if a filling has come out?
Signs of a filling coming out?
how can i make homemade braces?
Why am I still swollen after wisdom teeth removal?
Is there such thing as a retainer that goes on the top teeth?
a question about my teeth for braces/expander?
Do Crest Withstrips really work?
i just ate hard chips am i fine?
why is rubbing salt on your teeth good?
Do your teeth feel like they are loose after having a scaling and root planning done?
Root Canal?
Are there any over the counter type products for people who grind their teeth when they sleep?
Where online can I buy fluoride paste like the dentist uses?
My tooth isnt coming in?
Im getting braces in a wweek WILL IT HURt!?
Does Crest Whitening Strips work?? Will it make my teeth really white and sparkle IF my teeth is very yellow??
What is this dental procedure called?
How do you prepair a 6 yr old for dental surgery?
What to expect after having a back tooth removed?
dental implant?
should i use crest white strips?
Does Xenical work has any one tried it and had success?
How much weight can I loose?
where can i buy jordan's workout?
starter's formula for herbalife weight gain?
Is there a Health & Fitness centre in Rugby that opens at 6:30am?
what is the best workout dvd?
Which is more important -?
can i take reductil (15mg) and xenical together without killing myself?
i want to volunteer for the testing of sports supplements?
Why is it, that it's only fat, obese people that tell me to quit my ciggies?
What are the benefits of garlic and are the capsules as effective as the real thing?
Does skimmed milk contain the same vitamins and minerals that are present in full fat milk?
I stopped drinking drinks containing aspartame 3 days ago and just drink mineral water and now i feel awesome!
Has anyone got the Dirty Dancing workout DVD? Is it any good?
How can I slim up for a party in two weeks?
20 month old grinding teeth?
How could I get rid of a tooth absess without antibiotics? (or at least improve it)?
what does it mean i have a strong tongue ?
ways to do post graduation in u.k. in dentistry?
Cavity Question?
How do I make my gums stop from receding?
Strawberries = Whiter Teeth?????
I need help with Dental Work Financing. I do have Dental Ins. But I dont have the Money for my part.?
Wisdom teeth extractions?
do u brush ur teeth after using crest whitestrips classic?
Does anyone know how to use a dental water pick ?
Question for those who has finish to wear braces or for orthodontics dentist!?
Why I'm drooling so much with my braces?
urgent question help please!!!!!!!!!?
Are dental fillings painful?
braces and retainer?
I have canker sores how do I get rid of them??
Over time, will the flouride in my Listerine give my teeth brown spots. Urban myth says it will. that true?
Braces? What to eat?
BLACK DOT: Cavity, Stain, or other ?
Scheduled for gum grafts(3), I wear a partial denture(upper front), when can I start wearing my denture again?
Did Dio died at may 17 of stomach cancer?
What is the cure for cancer?
Are you at a greater risk for cancer if...?
Is it possible for a 15 yr old to get skin cancer (melanoma)?
Do these pills mean my sister has cancer?
has anyone ever got all the cancers at once?
i have a swollen lymph node...help?
Pre-cancerous cells? I don't understand this..?
should i tell my dad that i want this removed? or am i just thinking about to much?
Whitch is worse Smoking ciagrettes,or weed?
Diagnosed with leukemia - feeling suicidal but family says no?
3 mos. prscription of vico done. been a little over 3 mos. will the doc consider me addict?
Will my mom survive ovarian cancer?
when having a low blood count, is this the symptoms of HIV or cancer?
When someone is diagnosed with cancer in the whole body..?
Microwave oven effects on brain?
could i have cancer?
What are the treatment options for marijuana?
Nasal congestion for 3 weeks. ?
there's a little bit of a dust storm outside, is it bad for my lungs?
Does my little one really need antibiotic for her flem??
i recently had a bad cold....?
What do chest x rays reveal about a patient?
pain in the chest??????
does any one know any sea sickness remedy's?
wh does high blood presher do a lot of harm as myhusband died of it?
Please help urgent I think I need to go to the hospital!!!!!?
In which part of Canada Can I practise as denturist with dental technician license?
Pros and cons of metal and clear ceramic braces?
Please help me i go in in a hour?
Yellowish Teeth?
can u possibly catch the disease of bleeding gums by kissing ur girlfriend who's gum bleed???
Where can you order a Root Canal do it yourself kit?
Wisdom teeth?
dental hygiene?
Can you recommend a dental adhesive......please?
What happens to your teeth and fillings if you chew on tin foil???
What can I do to promote the healing of my gums???
My jaw is giving me trouble?
help with braces problems??
If you inhale second hand smoke, will that result in damage to your dental implants?
Is Listerine Harmful in any way?
Getting 8 Teeth Pulled?
Can a root canal help my gap?
Help! does anyone know how I can fix my Braces problem?
i had 13 teeth out and that was on Wednesday, and well i have had my drenches out to Ranice them off .. the?
Has anyone tried the Listerine whitening strips?
Can a retainer straighten slightly out of place teeth?
Leukemia, I'm scared.?
My daddy has cancer in his left lung and ?
My brother is 60 years old and has been given a diagnosis of metastatic liver cancer. How long does he have?
death from breast cancer?
What foods can you eat to increase your platelet levels?
what is a treatment for scurvey?
Bunch of little glands in my neck, on both sides.?
Do I have Lung cancer?
I have a lump or fat tissue on my right cheek. What is it? is it cancer? or something else?
hey, my friends mum has just been diagnosed with cancer...?
Am I at risk for skin cancer?
A little freaked can any and everyone give me your thoughts on this?
Viscontour serum question?
How likely is it that I'm going to get skin cancer?
My breast look kind of different to each other . do i have breast cancer ?
is this bump on my upper chest cancer?
does the pituitary gland cause depression?
A relative of mine died of cancer. Am I allowed to wear a St. Peregrine necklace?
Cervical cancer question.................?
Is a purple spot under toenail a sign of cancer or disease?
Why is my gum blue where I used to have a tooth a long time ago?
how do u get rid or white spots on my teeth?
How many people die % wise in the chair for wisdom teeth removal?
my nose has become pointed,long and frontal part of nose is not rigid as before and is dropping?
good cheap dental implants?
I just paid over $900 for two fillings for one child and one filling for the other is this right?
Is this why the British have bad teeth?
How many adults are there with no cavities or fillings in thier teeth?
I want to know what it was like to wear an expander...?
I'm getting permanent teeth pulled tomorrow, and what should I expect?
How much does getting your teeth cleaned and having a plouride done cost approximatly?
braces affect jaw in 20s?
How much do braces cost?
How much do braces cost in ontario ?
Twice tonite without warning blood came out from between the middle molar. i hate dentists last went 20+yrs.?
laughing gas??
what are white cist like dots on my 6 month old daughters gums?
In which quadrant will the area be if x>0 and y<0?
my 7 yr old son fell and knocked his front (ADULT) tooth out, can it be reinstalled again? it's in milk now
Is there Law?
How many hours a day does a orthadontist work roughly?
My symptoms describe which infection/disease?
can join the royal navy with mild controlled asthma, iv never had an attack or being even close to one?
what is this pain in my chest?
Can a sinus infection cause digestive problems?
thudding noise in chest when breathing out hard?
Please help with chesty cough?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
what factors would have caused the decrease in deaths from communicable diseases?
chronic heart failure?
i can only breathe through one nostril?
Worst dieter in the world. I need help and advise losing weight!!! Help!?
I have recently broken my leg and cannot do any cardio for 6 weeks..?
Is it medically ok for 3 people to drink 18 litres of water in a day between them?
How much brisk walking do I have to do every day to maintain good health?
How to run for long periods of time?
i ate so much fatty food that i threw-up, but it made me glad that i did throw-up. did it do me any good?
What you fink of my yummy breakfast. 100% healthy or not?
Jumping rope to lose weight?
I am 12 years old. i weigh 114.5 pounds and i am 5'1''. Am I over weight?
iam taken some natural pill:C L A,ultra water,thermo burts,L-carnitine?
Is it true that eating soya produce blocks thyroid hormone for Hypothyroidism.?
is it possible to excrete food 10 min after eatin even if ur ill at the time?
How much potassium is there in a bannana?????
is this healthy?
weight issues?
walking and fitness?
i am 5"2 and I weigh just over 6 stone. Is that a healthy weight?
beginners jogging! want to start jogging, anyone know how long I should run for?
anyone know what to do for water retention?
ok, a weird question but it was in a joke and it got me thinking......?
maximuscle thermobol from china?
My daughter's two front teeth fell out?
Hows the new teeth mate?
Can a dental office submit claims to insurance LATER?
is there any good "diss" for ppl who make fun of ur braces??
Denturists in Toronto?
What is the best way to take away ulcers in your mouth?
Does anyone know of something son can do, thought he had dental coverage thru his work,?
how much will it cost to have two teeth pulled? they both had fillings which fell out..and are getting worse..
How long does it take for puffiness to go down on gums after getting braces off?
where in canada can i find Dantek toothache kits or temparin temporary fillings?
When u need to get dental xrays for braces being sent to a hospital by an orthadontist...?
Crest Whitestrips?
I have my wisdom teeth all out already.. one is removed but the rest of fine..?
Gum harming teeth...?
omg.. Not headgear?!!!!!?
what year was the electrick tooth brush invented?
concequences of palet expanders!?
what is the best way to clean the slime off your teath that crest whitestrips leave?
I have 2 tooth growing on the TOP of my gums!?
Expander!!!! Aaaah I'm freaking out! D:!?
Do you still have gingivitis even if your teeth doesn't bleed?
Is wearing emerald ring good for cancer sign?
Ideas to cover a picc line?
the left side of my brain is washed it's hurt since 1998?
if someone has lymphoma and gets a bone marrow transplant... are they completely cured?
vomiting almost everyday looks like chewing tabaco?
Do I have cancer? I'm really worried!!!!?
if a mother has brain cancer and has 2 boys what is the chance one will get brain cancer?
i from pakistan my uncle suffering from cancer,how can u help to advised us,we have all reports,?
What are the 3 countries with the highest skin cancer rates?
cancerous growth, what is it?
My mom has a lump on her leg but it's not visable could it be cancer?!?
Is it possibly Cancer?
Question about Lung cancer?
Ping pong ball lymph nodes, abdomen pain,back pain, fatigue and confusion?
Hard lymph nodes in neck and groin. Any reason to worry?
does smoking cause cancer?
What are the genetics of osteoporosis?
I am Living with cancer?
I feel like im missing a part of me!?
Braces make your cheeks and lips puffy?
How long does it take for a cavity to form?
How long after a root canal does all pain subside?
Gum stains near crest of teeth??
is anybody else totally allergic to local anaesthetic?
impacted wisdom teeth removal stiches?
do deptartment store teeth wightening products work? if so which on is the best?
Help it's an emergency?
Recommended Orthodontists/Dentists in Toronto/Ontario?
is there an alternative to putting braces?
Why does Madonna have a gap on her teeth?
Another monroe piercing question?
I woke up this morning with a swollen face !!!?
Are there any benefits to receiving porcelain fillings versus amalgam or resin?
I'm getting 4 teeth pulled?
Whenever I jump or stamp my foot hard the vibration hurts one of my teeth. Touching or brushing it is fine.?
Natural Ways to Whiten teeth?
Crest White Strips ???
Why do people think that Fluoride and Chlorine is ok in the water?
best time to use crest whitestrips premium plus?
how old was lou gehrig when he got diagnosed with als?
Will a nose job help my asthma?
i had a cold,but now i think it is a sinus infection.its been almost 10 days.how long should a person wait?
what is the mode of transmittion for pneumonia??
Why does coughing increase during the night hours?
do i have E.I.A (exercise induced asthma)?
I am doing strength traning and i need help with what i can eat especially with what kind of PROTEIN to drink?
losing weight on my stomach?
Do these Body fitness things work?
i want to lose the fat off my stomach more than any other part of my body?
How do you lower your pulse rate?
What is the healthy weight for a female of 5ft 7?
Cancer symptoms.......?
Brain tumor symptom plase help!?
looking for dr. blasini
Recently my left lymph node in my groin swelled but it only lasted for 1 day, what caused this?
Is this the healthiest way to smoke?
What are her odds???
Are these signs of breast cancer?
i am so scared, what is this pain in my lung/chest?
Ovarian Cysts Treatment and Cure?
Do cigarette/tobacco company owners smoke?
Could having cysts in ones liver be cancerous?
Drinking with Liver Cancer?
stopping in breastfeeding suddenly causes cancer- true or false?
how can i donate my hair??????
I think I might have cancer:/..?
Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck?
Does working with powder paints cause cancer?
Is the u.s.a on palliative care?
Are big bumps on the back of your tongue normal?
Tongue got stuck on braces?
My jaw joint still hurts 2 months after dental filling; bite changed?
is there a cure to heal a burned mouth pallet?
What is the meaning of Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth?
How many teeth do you have??
Could you help me out? Cracked tooth?
Root Canal with IV Sedation?
I will be getting braces very soon and was wondering how long it will take for my gap to fill in?
Her teeth only have 1mm (1 degree) 32 teeth= 32 mm WOW?
Dentist Bill?
how do I stop my cavity from getting worse?
I have had my braces on for only 3weeks?
how many cigarettes can be rolled with 30 gms. tobacco?
My Partner is trying to quitt Smoking...?
How long can a fourteen year old girl survive with pneumonia without treatment?
My cats all got cold and starting having cold symptoms, no diarrhea and no vomiting just sneezing and slightly
How can asbestos affect my health?
Bad cough. 4-5 times a day I will have a coughing fit - that leads to dry retching. how can I stop coughing?
what is the lastest treatment for the liver cancer ?
What do you say to a friend whos dad is dying and she is very sad but she is trying to hide her feelings ?
how do i find the best cancer doctor in usa?
Do I have Skin Cancer?
Is it safe to fly after having chemotherapy or radiation?
brain freezeeeeeeeeeeee?
Brain pressure!! HELP?
Just for all who don't know, it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month...?
Swollen lymph node help plzz!!?
Can you get skin cancer from one bad sun burn?
Chances of 17 year old girl having leukemia with these symptoms?
Whats wrong with you if on testical is soft and the other is larger and tougher?
What is the life expectancy of a 60 year old woman who has Emphysema and Stage III Ovarian Cancer?
Stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma(Pediatric).......?
Could I have Cancer or something else?
what bone does the purity gland lie on ?
I can't chew on sugar or sugar free gum, is it bad to chew on facial tissue? like kleenex?
Bumps on Tongue!!!?
Gum Infection Question?
Can there be a brown blotch with oral flush?
who here already has had jaw surgery ? orthognathic surgery...?
I just had a huge filling put in to fix half a tooth. What would the dentist say if I ate a huge jawbreaker?
Has anyone used Patientlink to finance a dental procedure (braces or invisalign)?
Wisdom teeth?
Hot/Cold sensitive to my tooth in the back?
It's been about 4 days with wisdom teeth have question?
teeth whitening??
how much does nose surgery usually?
how do I deal with a tooth absess if I have PSTD?
how long will it take for dentist to clean my teeth?
Sixteen and 12 year old molars?
should I go to my doctor instead of dentist for my gum abcess?
how does an occlusal adjustment work?
dentist bill complaint, san antonio, tx?
How strong/hard is the Enamel on your teeth?
Wisdom Tooth Pain?
ok I need wisdom teeth operation helppp? did you ever removed it or...?
Chipped my front tooth.?
What are the steps to get orthodontia fixed?
Is It Possible for a 15 year old to have wisdom teeth growing?
Polanight bleach kit from the dentist?
Crooked teeth!! Help!!?
a tooth pulled & root canal.?
Caps? Please Help!?
Bad breath, not knowing if it's me?
Sore Tooth ?
Why do some people have wisdom teeth and some don't?
Wondering about the sequence of wisdom teeth coming in?
What if you develop an infection from a tooth extraction and you are swallowing the puss? Yuck!?
My Dentist told me I'm "Too young to get my back molar pulled" is this true?
Braces Problem Should I Wait or Get it Fixed?
Canker Sore?
Toothpaste Expiry Date?
Would a good orthodontist recommend headgear?
anyone know where i can buy dental floss piks in canada?
What is Epinephrine sensitivity? This has developed during dental procedures. Is this dangerous?
What can I use to clean my headgear?
It's digging into my gum? Help?
Do Cervical Cancer Cells show up in your blood work? ?
what's childhood leukemia?
Controversy of Chemicals causing cancer?
my sister is in the hospital , she had a bone marrow transplant due to having had leukemia?
Will I get skin cancer? Please help!!!?
Risk of throat cancer?
mesothelioma symptoms amd causes, has a cure been found?
With end stage renal disease i was considered disabled. With a transplant will social security say i am not?
What are the most effective ways of fund-raising to find the cure for cancer in this economy?
How does smoking effect you?
what test should be done to rule out cancer?
does my mom have cancer?
Where are your lymph nodes?
Has anyone gone through this?
My brother has a lump on his chest he's had a blood test waiting for results :S hes really worried?
Breast Cancer Awareness Question?
My dog has cancer and I was wondering what types of treatments....?
If smoking cigarettes causes cancer. how come if i smoke cancer it wont cause cigarettes?
Sibling has just been informed of a solid mass in her breast and has to have it biopsied...?
where do i get help for mortage payments while under treatment for cancer and low blood count?
building stamina?
Holding abs in all day?
Multi Gym machines vs loose weights?
Challenge time! how good is your balance? I know its late but.....?
Have you heard of people keeping their own blood in vials...?
Health Packed Lunch Ideas?
decisions for exercise tonight?
Has ANYONE tried slimming pills from a clinic?
Does Hypnotherapy work?
why am i tired all the time?
i feel like eating 4 wholemeal bread for dinner: 2 with banana, 2 with cucumber?
gaining body mass but dont want the belly?
is there any benifits of eating breakfast twice? eg 6am porriage 8am 2 slice of wholewheat toast?
im tied of doing exercise, can i just eat normal and not loose or gain any weight?
whats the best food to eat, to put on weight to turn into muscle?
eating 6 times a day??
why is it that even though an obesety problems exist,gym memberships are so expensive?
How can I find out if he really does love me or if he just thinks he does?
has anyone used that 6second abbs thing yet?
What are the healthiest fruits and vegetables? And why..?
Clinically Approven and Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programme, what do you think?
Do you know about dental labs in Toronto, Vancouver?
braces and a muroe piercing?
Wisdom Tooth?
my mouth hurts :( help......?
Is it possible to freeze something yourself like dentist freeze your mouth? And if so, how?
cause of chipping splitting teeth?
i got a tooth pulled and im worried about getting a dry socket. how would i know and how easy is it to get one
Using crest whitestrips while smoking?? Pointless?
How do I make my teeth more naturally white?
I had an absessed tooth ................?
dental medical coverage?
I Have Four Infected Imbedded Wisdom Teeth Please Help.?
im getting braces tomrrow what colors should i get?
8 Teeth Pulled Out!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!?
Why would they take blood work for my dogs bleeding gums?
I am thinking about getting dentures made at george brown collegein toronto. They charge around 250. a plate.?
Amalgam/"Silver Fillings"?
Elastics for braces, is this normal?
can my penicillon be making my jaw/tooth infecion worse?
im getting braces next month(april) and i have to get 4 teeth pulled. will it hurt?
do they sell aquafresh white trays in canada???
searching for a dentist who use laughing gas?
How many times a tooth can be refilled?(Either Silver or White).?
how will you die?
Will I get skin cancer?
Liver Cancer Charities/Financial Aid?
What would a prostrate screening level of 17 indicate?
Can eating food when it is hot increase the risk of esophageal cancer?
ddoes alkaline have side effects?
exactly how serious is an esophagectomy for a 43 year old woman without cancer, just unable to swallow?
are mushrooms raw or cooked poisonious to cancer patients?
My German shepherd has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma . Prognosis ?
what's the name of the source gland of dwarfism?
my frndz got intestine cancer. docs tell its the 4th stage. how many months more does she hav.?
how can I cope with a family member having cancer?
what biological response modifier is used to stimulate red blood cells in cancer patients and renal patients?
If I an have Ovarian Cancer in stage 1C, can i still get pregnant?
Are there any types of toxins that are not potentially fatal?
What are the symptoms for Ovarian cancer?
i am scared i may have lung cancer and need answers!?
I have asthma and want to build up stamina?
is there something that anyone does that makes colds seem not as bad?
Shortness of breath and Diahrrea?
Does flying cause muscle and or backaches?
why do i feel like i have a cold about 90% of the time?
Had my first asthma attack...and flying home from Europe tomorrow?
Asthma:Swallowing Inhalation?
Where can I buy Vicks First Defence spray for colds in the united states?
What causes a chronic cough?
he has taken the pills prescribed by the specialist in spanish?
URGENT!! HELP! please... Problems with my medical examination for VISA 457?
Dentures turning dark?
Is there a such thing as getting partial braces for teeth???
can I use Colgate Total and Arm & Hammer: Extra whitening, mixed together?
General anaesthesia?
after having an impacted wisdom tooth removed how long until it should stop bleeding and form a clot???
Does it hurt to get braces for the first time??
I am looking into getting some temporary Dental Cement has n e used it how long does it last?
Do Palate Expanders Change Outer Facial Appearance?
Blister/Canker Sores - What to do?
Retainer options?
What type of electric tooth brush do you use?
ghetto teeth whitening?
Herbst Appliance?
I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled in 5 days, they are grown out completely and have cavitys, will it hurt?
I had all 4 wisdom teeth out on Tu, March 18 in the morning. How long should I feel pain?
2 or 4 Wisdom Teeth?
Braces help?
Very Mild tooth pain with Wisdom Teeth...?
how can i get a dental plan?
Jaw pain??
I'm freaking out about surgery?
how long can u have lymphoma and not get treatment and live?
Is it possible to have esophageal cancer?
Re. Bladder cancer surgery?
Is this cancer on my foot?
what is folic acid and how does it affect prostate cancer?
75 year old patient, Leukemia survival rate? PLEASE HELP**?
why is there hepatomegaly in cases of chronic myelogenous leukemia?
If you get enough infections from chemotherapy, is the treatment stopped?
Are all chromosome abnormalities genetic?- Can I pass this to my kid?
I'm a 14 year old girl andI have a lump on my neck that feels thin and long?
Diagnosed with Stage 4 Skin cancer on my upper arm near my shoulder. What questions do I as Dr.?
I heard this is good for pancreatic cancer. My husband has cancer in the body of his pancreas .?
small sore bump on head?
Lobectomy cost??? EASY TEN POINTS:D?
Please read this :[ (about a woman with lukemia)?
where can i get hyperbaric oxygen treatment in south africa?
Please help do you think I have some sort of cancer?
Why are my lymph nodes swollen?
Does kimchi prevent cancer?
my mother has ovarian cancer, she took kidney failure dew to the tumours?
Small Cell Carcinoma!?
If you have had a root canal do you necessarily need a crown?
Right Molar Pain - Cavitiy or Wisdom Teeth Related?
I am wondering where can I buy the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide in Canada?
My 6 year old son already lost 4 teeth due to infection, including 2 molars. What can I do?
does smoking with braces cause your teeth to stain?
a Question Regarding braces...?
how long does a wisdom tooth ache last for?
is there any way that you can move teeth without braces??
What is the longest you have gone without seeing the dentist? What was the worst that happened...?
What are the top 5 Oral Sugery Programs in the U.S?
I had a root canal today, my dentist was able to complete 2 of the 3 canals but?
Anyone know any affordable othodontists in Toronto?
Does anyone know the cost of a soft tissue graft (dental)?
My Jaw clicks, hurts, and gives me headaches?
How long do antibiotics take to start working? Abscessed tooth pain.?
bulimia and damage? is it noticable?!?
i am getting braces for the 1st time will they hurt and how long will the pain last?
can sharp teeth cause irritations and white sores on the sides of the tongue?
Getting wisdom teeth out tomorrow, any tips?
BRACES!!!!!- Elastics?
My mom has been suffering from severe backpain,stomach pain in early morning, weight loss,poor apetite.?
how should a radiation worker feel about the use of radiation sources?
my 5 year old has an enlarged liver her alkaline phosphatase levels are 3732 normal range is 140-400 any ideas?
What sunscreens have no risk of cancer?
a question about biopsies and cancer?
I have multiple cysts around various parts of my body?
How do I donate to Cancer?!?
does my mole have cancer?
Bump from previous melanoma biopsy?
how old can you get heart cancer?
Whats happening to me, please help?
Does it madder how much ciggerets you smake to get lung cancer?
what is a site i can download breast cancer videos?
How is a biopsy performed on the Overie?
What does cancer in the mouth looks like?
how are mutations and cancer related?
what is calcification, and its meaning?
Why am I craving salt after my thyroidectomy?
soft lump behind ear on hair line?
What illness do I have?
Respiratory nursing...?
Why is there no cure for COPD?
I live in NYC. When is allergy season?
does squash, tea, coffee etc count towards 8pnts of water a day?
How many calories does this burn?
Why Cant i loose any more ?
where can i get a exercise chart for the power bow?
i havent been to the toilet for over a day. what could be the reason? is it a sign on weight gain?
i worry about everything i eat...?
what am i doing to myself?
Does chocolate contain caffeine?
Weight Watchers Online?
Do the diet pills "bomb" work?
how many calories in my salad?
weight loss loads of it thanks x?
Dieting with soup?
Oral Surgeon vs othredontist who gets the better pay?
my bracket broke off, is that OK??
Snake Bites & Monroe ?
Opinions on teeth gaps?
bulimia stains?
What does enamel look like?
Getting Braces Friday ;; what colors??
What is the best retainer after braces?
i have really pointy teeth?
what are some symptoms of having a cavity?
New to band, but I have braces.?
Is it normal for my gums to bleed when I wear my retainer at night?
Looking for a good pediatric dentist in Scarborough?
do you need 80s or 90s to get into dental school?
Cavity fillings HELP!!!?
i got my all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled almost 2 weeks ago and today i noticed a deep hole?
why do brits (both men and women) have such poor teeth?
When is the best time to use mouthwash?
what is a precancerous condition diagnosed by a doctor?
Human Genetic Code & Cancer?
throat worries?
Foods for a Cancer patient and diabetic person?
What happens in blood cancer ?
Question about Cancer?
if you have a brain tumor/ cancer, where would it have to be for you to have a seizure?
I have a blood clot in my lung..How many beers can I have and still be ok..?
Do I have breast cancer??
is there a shortage of organ and body donations?
Are lymphoma nodes completely painless?
effects of cigarettes?
lymph exits the lymph node via the _______ vessels?
exactly what cancer is hereditery?
I feel sick & barfing - pleasehelp***?
Enlarged lymph nodes / CT scans? Need some clarification?
I think I'm dying...?
a really good friend of mines has cervical cancer stage 2?
fun facts on demerol?
Anyone out there been thru Sarcoma cancer with a dog?
does squamous cell carcinoma responde to tarceva?
I have a gap and i talk with a lisp. is it because of my gap i talk like this or was i just born this way?
dental plague?
is my piercing under my toung look infected?
Is it bad if my gums are moving in between my teeth?
Could I have an infection under my tooth/gum without apparent sign?
crest teeth whitening strips?
What Color Braces Should I get?!?!?
Why does my mouth have this throbing kind of pain?
I have burnt the roof of my mouth badly.......?
Price of wisdom teeth removal (Canada)?
Etobicoke or Mississauga, Ontario dentists?
Can we have braces and a seperator at the same time?
How long will it take to cure my swollen gum below a tooth affecting my eating?
What kind of benefits are dentists entiltled to???
The best toothpaste?
IV sedation at the dentist?
~Can You Keep Your Wisdom Teeth When Getting Them Pulled out?~?
How much do braces cost?
will all this tooth work hurt?
What does it mean ,for a person to have a gap between their front teeth.?
Do whitening stirps for your teeth actually work?
How safe are the teeth whitening strips you buy at the drug store?
How long? Braces?
why does bread tatse sweeter as you chew it?
is chewing gum addictive?
what is the quickest, healthiest way to lose weight in a week?
Protein bars?
i am very thin, how i can gain weight ?
what is the nest supplement/supplement mix on the market?
how many calories should a person who wants to keep the same weight eat for breakfast?
why am i aching after excersise???
does anyone think slendertone stomach toners work?
what is a good way to lose weight with a busy lifestyle?
Uber weight loss and extreme training!?
will an 80 day work placement (shift work) and going to the gym tire me out?
Is training to run a marathon something people over sixty and seventy can benefit their health from?
how many peaches shud a normal person be allowed in 1 day?
I need to lose 1-2 kilos over the next 3 days...any ideas for crash dieting? Has anyone ever done that?
Heart rate?
calories in vitamins?
help! excersize questions?
How far and how fast should I be able to run on average,at fifty years of age.? I used to smoke but dont now.
Does anyone know how much membership at Gymbox (in London) costs?
Balanced lunchtime foodbox for shift worker?
Withdrawal Symptoms from Ephedrine / EPH25?
how do i find a typical bodybuilders diet plan??
I have been gymming for last 8 weeks now, with average gains. Is Creatine recommended?
The truth about nicotine?
Ct scan report can you explain me?
Does the color orange represent Leukemia?
Home Remedies for Lymph Node?
Sensitive lymph nodes in my groin?
Is this breast cancer?
Does this sound like Leukemia?
Skin cancer?
Cancer awakening things?
Please help.. im so so worried about skin cancer!!?
My chemo ended in Feb. My hair has not grown back. Oncologist does not know why. Any answers? Arimidex?
Cancer check b4 Menopause meds normal?
List 5 different carcinogens?
how long do lung cancer patients survive?
Menstraul cycle- tissues are strange, and lump in breast.?
Is breast cancer more lethal than non hodgkins?
is this serious with my lymph nodes?
How high is the survival rate for malignant melanoma?
my grandpa has stomach cancer is there any cure when his wife finds out she well get a heart attack im crying?
What does it mean to have orange mucus in my bowel movements?
braces --- purple or blue ?
Why do my teeth feel sore when eating stuff?
How long does it take for a baby tooth to grow?
K have braces im in my teens and i have not overly yellow teeth and i was wondering if i could undo tht ?
how to deal with tooth pain?? root canal tomorrow..?
Baby Teeth?
I got a tooth pulled out last year and it's not coming in, & dentist says it will never come in. Is this true?
Dentist freezing!?
what's th best way to kill bacteria...?
How to do i remember to brush my teeth?
What is the prevalence of emphysema in society now?
the ventilation history?
Can Usual interstitial pneumonia be healed? If 'Yes', how and where?
every morning my two year old boy's feces has phlegm, is it the effect of ceelin?
Chest infection help?
10 pointzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz helppppppp mee!?
What is the treatment for :MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY DEASIS:MDD?
Why am I always so warm, could it be the neurocardiogenic syncope?
how long does it take to get system of a broken VP shunt?
How to cope with with a loved one who has had tracheotomy?
which crest white strips should i buy?
Dry Socket?
Molar sensitive to touch near gumline? Scared!!!?
Why are my teeth so yellow?
Root canal?
i have a bump inside my right breast?
My 5 year old golden retriever is dying of cancer..?
if i have high risk of breast cancer and micro calsification shoul in both breast going for double mastectam?
I'm a 37 yrs old women i went through breast cancer at the age of thirty three, but before then I had notice?
Have any quotes about Cancer?
Mammogram Place for a check?
Lovastatin miracle for pancreatic cancer ?
Cancer? Please Help?!?!?
my mom had a mass on right side of neck which dispapeared on its own but has now cme bk.any idea abt wht it is?
Cancer / leukeamia question ??
Possible blood is stool? What can this be caused by?
does vitamin water cause cancer?
Sodium Laureth Sulfate?
Can Mono and HPV cause cancer?
Mammary cancer in cats?
what site can i seek cancer donations from?
What does Breast Cancer do to the human body?
I had an ultrasound because my mamogram found I have dense breasts.?
what is the cause of chlamydiae?
What Do Cancer Researchers Do?
are ovarian cysts a sign of cancer?
how much does an operation to remove a polyp from the colon privately in the uk?
Is this cancer? My Golden doesn't feel good at all...?
Mouth/Tooth Guard?
My wisdom teeth are starting to grow in....Any advise on the pain and the procedure??
What is a cc? $300 per cc, how much is a cc?
How do I determine if I have torn ligaments in my mouth?
Pain after extraction?
Can sever toothaches be from a headache?
Best teeth whitening kit???
What toothpaste works best for your sensitive teeth?
Why DOes the dentist change the wire on the braces??
what is the best thing to do to get job in uk?
Fluoride (I think?) Stains on Teeth?
how long should you wait after getting teeth pulled out, to drink alcohol?
Where to get Braces?
What's the best toothpaste?
Why does the gum near my one front tooth hurt whenever I brush there but not at any other time?
Can a filling on the bottom tooth cause pain to the tooth above it?
Baking soda with toothpaste..?
How strong is the blood clot on a tooth extraction site?
Have you ever been to a weight watchers meeting and been weighed?
Is a sandwich a healthy lunch?
whats the quickest way to get a six pack?
best way to get your strength and stamina up?
if you eat lots of fruits........read on?
Has anyone tried getfit.com?
whats the best way to get a six pack?
How do I suppress my appetite?
Cardio help?
9 month baby refusing milk before bed, any suggestions on what to give as waking during night hungry?
I'm a coffee addict can anyone tell me what the best decaffeinated coffee?
I want to gain more weight?
does anyone know of a supplier in the uk for a gymnic arte fit ball please? can only find suppliers in the us?
Which gym equipment is best?
Why has my goldifish got fatter?
I am burning 1000 calories each time I visit the gym (4 times a wk) is that too much (I am eating about 1600)?
What can i do???
What is the current state of the fitness market?
is the bone scan injection of mdp painfull?
how much and where can i get a voice transplant?
is it possible that a benign cells may transform or shift to malignant cells after a few years?
Is it possible to have bone cancer (bone marrow cancer) in the tailbone?
proctosigmoidoscopy..What is it and what is it used to test for?
do cigars show up in a physical test?
pls help!!i hear a little "cut" type of sound while breathing....lymphedenopathy too..?
what are the survival chances of brain caner in australia?my cousin was diagnosed today?
what is this bump on my neck? please help?!?
will a xray show a lesion?
you can get vitamin d naturaly from the sun. what other vitamins can you get naturaly?
I was just digionus with skin cancer what should I do?
What are examples of hypokinetic cancers?
please please has anyone had a loved one die of.....?
Do I have cancer?? so scared.. please help?!?
i cant quit chewing tobacco,35 plus years of use.?
Why do some people smoke cigarettes for years without getting cancer or emphysema or anything like that?
Is Water From Air, Atmospheric Water Dangerous To Drink with Out Regular Filter Changing?
What will they be looking for?
Shouldl I attempt to go to school when I don't feel 100%?
do you think having an african grey is bad for my asthma?
Pl information about the PATHOFISIOLOGY mechanism causing respiratory arrest in patien with hemopneumothorax?
Sound like a Chest Infection?
Pathophysiological mechanism of Acute pulmoary edema mean?
Dietary Fibre Deficiency .....?
HI, Any body know how to get a job as a respiratory therapist in australia for United States Certified Rspirat
which muscle are used to breath when running?
why does my chest hurt when I breath?
Really bad cold, any advice?
I am 22 weeks pregnant and have a sore throat and cough. what medicines are safe to combat this sickness?
I'm on an antibiotic called AVELOX for a bronchial infection, etc. When will I no longer be contagious?
can your nose become larger even if your full grown?
Has anyone had anything to do with Muzzstop?It's a give up smoking programme?
Tissue Growth In Extraction Site?
anti biotics, alchohol, and wisdom teeth?
What are some good products you would use to fight gingivitis?
I'm 18 and gettng braces this Wednesday, what should I expect?
Root Canal?
why did the dentist not extract my tooth when it was painful?
what do you think about free dental and hospital care ?
Is there a good dentist in Edmonton,Ab someone can recommend?
I have really bad tooth pain.?
I was just wondering if anyone has a similar situation?
Just got my wisdom teeth removed (2 days ago)?
pro-namel ?
did you have perfect teeth after your braces?
Can I chew gum with braces?
How often should I rinse after having wisdom tooth out?
can u switch / change the kind / type of braces u have.?
how do you get braces on?
bone replacement and implants ??
How long should i use salt water rinse after wisdom teeth removal?
What does getting a filling feel like?
Prostate cancer - how is the prostate effected by prostate cancer?
i have a twin sister who had ovarian cancer, im geting the ribbon as a tatoo how can i mke it more special ?
Looking for a colon cancer patient support group?
What do you think about it?
can u get testical cancer growing on a cyst in the scrotum ?
what is the lump on the back of my neck?
is it too much radiation for my brain?
is formaldehyde cause cancer if it touch my head through hair straighinig?
Could this be skin cancer?? Ahh?
Cancer from Cell Phones!??? Help!?
Is stage 3 chronic leukemia bad?
is there a man out there with male breast cancer and how are you treating it?
my friend was recently diagnosed with sarcoma she has had neurofibromatosis since childhood she has not seen?
Is urine formed by the renal pelvis, bladder or by the ureters?
can I get sick if I'm around radiation treatment patients?
I want to be an oncologist..advance preperation?
braces question?
Please HELP!!!?
what does it feel like to have multiple teeth extracted and wear dentures, without a general anaesthetic.?
When you get braces....?
Silver or colored braces which are best and why?
Fixed Retainer Vs. Removable Retainer.?
moth ball breath?
Is this a case of malpractice?
I asked a question about my 15 mos old pulling out a tooth, I meant dog I'm new at this and has to rewrite it
are flippers very uncomfortable? how long does it take to get used to them, and do you EVER really get used to
Would you take a piece of chewed gum out of your partner's mouth and chew it?
Too much? Bad idea?
Does chocalte cause gum cancer?
I've been developing rather large sores in the back of my mouth on my gums, I brush regularly, any ideas to do
Dry socket for wisdom teeth?
Do i need braces????
Dental Night-guard?
braces help??
whats worse an incision and drainage or the actual root canal?
when you get your wisdom teeth pulled do they stick a tube down your throat?
Tonsil Stones linked to nasal problems?
my daughter has colds and having a 38 degrees temp..?
I am after help for constant sore throat - non bacterial, non allergic-see below for more information?
Normal human PaO2 is about 60, and PaCO2 is about 40. Do you agree?
my friend has the same problem as me too, but she has headache as well as lack of breathing.?
Do u think i have pneumonia?
i am looking for a Foradil Aerolizer for my breathing . i have the pills for it . just need the aerolizer .
my nose is crooked and i want septopasty to correct it, would it be better to have it performed by an ent?
nose bleeding or leukemia in children?
where is the shot interferon taken on the body?
can you have liver cancer with a normal red and white bloodcount?
can you die from throat cancer?
Places for a Free cancer screening?
Are Ct scans an accurate test to find brain tumors?
Do I have a cancerous mole?
Doubling letters and words in dementia?
What will surgeon do to remove bladder cancer?
is tannin cause cancer?
Relay for Life Team Name???
what types of brain tumors are there?
What is the ratio of people that get brain cancer each year?
Why are my breast swollen and sore?
How long do it take the body to swell after death.?
If I have Leukemia APL will I be able to have kids?
what happens if there was tumor in the adrenal gland in females?
HELP! my elastics are causing me to have an underbite?!?
Bad clove taste of dry socket dressing?
I have a small lump under/behind my jawbone, underneath where my wisdom teeth are.?
Do specialty retainers cost more than regular ones?
Can i skip one day ahead for new invisalign tray?
My child lost a tooth?
Is it necessary to get your wisdom teeth out?
dental surgery...HELP ME !!?
what if i lost my second set of tooth?
Is 2 weeks recovery enough for wisodm teeth extraction?
can i get a crown replaced? will it be covered by dental insurance?
I tried using crest whitening strips and felt pain?
Dentist help..?
Getting braces on Tues. and really need help!?
My new Herbst Appliance! (ugh.)?
Gum infection ? [10points]?
What is TMJ and how can you fix it?
flossing with bracesss????
Elastics On Braces?
How can I prevent mouth ulcers?
i have a mouth infection the dentist confirmed it .?
I am getting spacers and braces soon which hurts more?
my bottom tooth is overlapping the other should I get braces or spacers for that?
I need to know whether or not those teeth whitenign systems are good to use and do they actaully work?
Last appoitment before you got your braces off?!?
do crest whitestrips work for you? any pointers?
I have a 3 millimetre overbite do I need braces?
Loose teeth?
price of post for a single tooth?
At home braces removal????
rubber bands...braces... help!?
Braces - DELMA!?
How soon after your first visit to the orthodontist will you get braces (usually)?
Is this normal: Purple gum?
My gums on my bottom teeth are receding???
Insanely sensative teeth VS braces?
On my front right tooth I chipped it a little. (Little Sliver). Does it need to be filled or what. Leave it?
How effective are Crest White Strips?
Lung Cancer?
mental treatment in kerala?
Can i donate bone marrow at the u.s if i'm not a citizen?
Are all pulps found necessarily cancerous when you get a colonoscope? ?
testicular cancer?
concentrated pain on leg bone?
how can u get skin cancer?
do i have throat cancer please help im only 20?
What are the chaces of chatching this?
HI I am twenty years old and have been dipping for the past 2 years.?
I'm afraid that I might have cancer?
How can I get around chemo brain?
what is lymph nodes ?
Painless Hematuria Is there a lab can culture my urine discretely. I want to rule out cancer.?
do you have any ideas regarding life span of patients with cancer stage 2?
Can leukemia relapse after 5 years?
How many teenagers (13-20) die of skin cancer each year in America?
skin cancer question?
Could I have skin cancer, how do I get my mother to take me in to get a screening?
how do i clean my stoma?
Can chemotherapy ports be implanted in patients with breast implants?
Eating late at night and exercise advice please??
Can I dance?
how can i motivate my self,?
is twining fruit tea really good for you? if so how?
is it true that with a barbell when u do weights over your head it stops u growing???????????????????
does anybody else feel a burning in the throat when running?
How much does a standard egg weigh???
What excercise is best to lose tummy fat??
weight gain?
Baby Belly help!!!?
is there anything wrong with having the skin of mangoes? if so what?
how can i loose weight very fastly?
anyone reccomend a GOOD diet?
will my diet make me loose belly flab?
Need support through weight loss?
Is it normal for a dental bridge to not touch the gum?
Do whitening strips really work =o?
Crest Whitestrips?
I have 3 porcelain teeth and one of them is cracked, can a dentist do an easy fix??
Has anyone tried Professional Teeth Whitening?
I have big bunny teeth how can i make them smaller?
because my wife was suffering from leukemia?
Teeth Extractions ?
What are the most up-to-date cancer treatments (all categories), and the survival rates for each?
The Dental Surgeon cut the back of my mouth/ throat somehow, any suggestions on what to eat?
Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer?
does coca cola have a cancer causing agent?
What is a dental hygenist earning?
Locking jaw?
Can children be around chemo patients & success rate of stage 3 lung cancer?
Wisdom teeth removed?
bottom retainer... how do I floss??
Suggestions for foods/drinks after three molar extractions?
Is Vitamin C a free radical?
My friend is only 22, she found a lump on her hand...?
oxaliplob cancer treatment medicine - spelling and at what stage it is used and what is the side effect?
how big is the brain?