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I know someone who has got lung cancer?
burning sensation in chest?
if a horse has yellow snot from one nostrel is it a cold or just flem??
Brain tumor anxiety...HELP!!!?
How does skin cancer spread?
Can Vicodin/Percoset cause cancer?
mum in remission,what are the chances of it coming back?
if my mom feels something under her chest, is there a big chance it has to do with breast cancer?
Can an infant suffer minor brain damage with low oxygen?
my daughter is 15 weeks with a cough?
I have sleep apnea and I am having a real problem with the machine. Any advice?
Is sneezing dangerous ?
what does 12m stand for on the bottom of a toothpaste tube?
Apartently I've heard that Chewing Gum isn't good for you, is it?
Who else feels that Going to the dentist is VERY SCAREY.?
If you have a filling taken out and refilled?
Orthodontist questions...?
question about having a brace?
I have been to the dentist 3 times to get cavities filled one them still hurt every since last friday march 28?
dental infection? please help?
Food which can whiten teeth?
What is the best whitening toothpaste on the market?
Constant awareness of presence of teeth?
Help! I'm looking for a kind dentist who'll let me film a comedy sketch in their surgery!?
i have really bad toothache and my bottom gums have swollen to the point where i can hardly talk. need advice?
does a root canal hurt?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Is it better to numb a tongue piercing when you get it done?
Teeth Whitening treatment, general queries!?
i had white filling in my teeth after i replace the siver?
will i have to pay for my sons dentist?
tooth extractions...whydo you hear?
What has caused this pain?
Tooth extraction / Gums?
Othordontics Think they can help?
How can they be so hurtful?
if you get sore lumps on your tongue?
anyone tried yoga?
What is the best diet to go on to loose a lot of weight?
I want to convince my friend to have a more healthy diet. How?
I am after a new fitness video, can anybody recommend a good one?
How long should it take to lose a stone?
So i turned to a healthy eating diet?
I want to loose weight!?
im looking for a good weight gaining healthy diet?
What do you think about GM food, for example food from McDonalds?
Can anyone tell me whay rhubarb is supposed to be a super veg?
What Colour Should I have for My Braces?
Dentist Phobia?
How can i pay?
Is it safe to take antibiotics?
white teeth?
Has anyone had their wisdom teeth removed?
which one makes more money,a dentist or a nurse anesthetic?
Help with wisdom tooth pain?
please help toothache!!?
I thought tooth extractions didn't hurt?
whitening toothpastes that ACTUALLY work?
Does it hurt when you have them?
why are my teeth yellow in morning but white at night?
weird question on porcelain veneers?
some parts of my gums are black patchy tho?
Any suggestion to help get teeth nice n white?
Tooth extraction on abcessed tooth?
How to resolve bad breath?
just had braces.. but there not straight!? help?
natural ways/home remedies to make your teeth whiter?
My tooth is killing me?
wisdom tooth misery whilst pregnant?
is ear wacs a help for toothache?
how much for a small white filling?
He was diagnosed with glioblastoma... Feeling helpless.?
Cervical cancer symptoms and info?
i have a this lump in my neck right underneath my face?
Blood in stool? Whats the treatment?
Call back after breast biopsy for appointment?
can a person who is 68 years old who have a cancer lesion on his lung be operated on?
Does this make me a bad person? (cancer)?
I'm 24 and have never had a cancer screening is that bad?
do all skin cancer melanoma mole hurt?
how does medical marijuana help aids,cancer,glacoma.....?
talkin on the phone gives cancer?
does cancer spread if you have surgery?
cwervical cancer scare?
help for cancer patient?
Sent to oncologist???
a question about breast cancer?
man in search of cures?
Do smoker's think that smoking make them more efficient at work ?
Teeth crooked after braces?
Is there a way i can whiten my teeth without: peroxide,baking soda,toothpaste? i want a serious answer.?
I only have 1 molar on my bottom left mouth help!!?
My tongues gone white today?
I would like to get my teeth whitened whats the best you can buy on the market?
geographic tongue driving me crazy! doctors/people with this condition please help!!?
Is hollywood whitening any good? UK?
Should i get a removable brace or a porcelain veneer for one crooked tooth?
I really need braces help?
What is the best mouthwash to buy if you have bad breath?
Braces help and Insurance Questions?
How much money will the dentist charge for root canal treatment?
I'm freaking out with anaesthetic effects after dentist appointment help?
Can you do oil pulling with braces?
Please help...Bad tooth ache!!!?
opinions about chantix?
Why are some people more prone to blood noses than others?
asthma or really unfit?
my 6yr daughter is always tired the doc has taken her blood and ruled out mono iron level?
Will fixing a deviated septum thin the bridge of my nose?
What is nasal voice?
What does a "rattly chest" mean/sound like?
What is hypoxia with regards to the respiratory system?
how does 'roll your own' tobacco compare with packet cigarettes healthwise?
I need to gain weight and eat more but...?
I want to lose some weight well ok i dont wanna lose weight i wanna tone up?
i need help with an exercise that isnt too energetic?
Trying to stick to a diet?
south beath diet?
Has anyone read You on a Diet:The Owners Manual For Waist Management,if so,does it work?
Loosing the flab!?
crane sports,is this a good make of rowing machine?.?
Does anyone have cervical cancer on here?
some parts of my gums are black patchy tho?
I thought tooth extractions didn't hurt?
Another question about TMJ.?
which whitening strips work best for whitening your teeth?
I saw "The Ionic tooth whitener" on the Shopping Channel- does it work??
Which is better-Crest White Strips or the new Rembrandt whitening system?
Do you have to have your wisdom pulled in the dentist office if they are already exposed?
Do dentists charge too much money for the work they do?
how much does it cost to get a cavity filled without coverage.?
How to look at your Best?
tooth whitening?
does crest white strips really work? What about the brush on colgate stuff?
Did you ever get fillings & you felt it was not necessary? Any sharp pains resulting this?
Has anyone tried the Ionic White Tooth Whitening System(21 minutes) and does it work?
Is there a difference between anitseptic mouthwash and just pain ol' mouthwash?
A question about tooth brushes.....?
is it bad to sniff plaque?
Will beer cause gum recession?
What is the best way clean your false teeth at end of the day?
Does eating something with sugar after brushing your teeth at night really give you cavities?
How long until I can comfortably eat after getting a filling?
Is a crack anything to worry about?
What is wrong with me?!?
how dangerous is breast cancer?
Underarm pain - no lumps?
very worried leukemia?
what IV formula do you give to the patient when the TPN rans out D10 or D50?
Can this lead to skin cancer?
is being sleepy all the time a sign of cancer?
Are there any other colon cancer survivors out there who would like to talk with me about their experiences?
Do you think my dad has lung cancer???? help me!?
Small lump on my breast?
Am I going to get skin cancer...?
mono or hodgkins disease?
Could I have Oral Cancer?
When a doctor sees a spot on your lungs and you have pneumonia is there a reason it takes 3 months.....?
i was stretching jaw?
Colon Cancer Could I Have It... Help?
Is a persons rectum a body cavity?
my cousin has cancer?
I was just diagnosed with melanoma.?
Can dehydration cause Cancer?
would breast cancer show up in a CT scan if i had the dye stuff?
Hi i have had sinus infection for 2 weeks?
why do i have a yellowish phlegm?
Is a pulse ox of 95% bad for a 9 month old baby? ?
can sleeping with your hair wet cause a sinus infection?
my question is on steroids?
my dad has been smoking 4 the past 20 yrs, i noe i cant stop him completely, but how do i put him off?
Sinus Infection Cure?
Wondering if anyone has or knows anyone who has kienbock's disease stage 4, and has had the operation.?
Diseases are making a comeback and doctors are struggling to treat them, why and how is this occurring?
has anyone tried Adios diet tablets, and do they work?
Is anyone on the Lipotrim diet and can give me advice?
can you get fat just by eating lots of different fruits?
which whey protein is the best for body building?
What is the best excercise to loose the most weight in the least amount of time?
Has it been proven that eating organic food is better for you?
Prom is coming up and...?
Is it ok to give children semi skimmed milk as opposed to full fat?
Weight loss on the slimming world program. Has it worked for you?
What is the fastest way to digest your food?
Ive got 10 weeks until i go on holiday - any1 got any ideas on a good gym workout as i would like 2 trim up?
Do asthma medicine make you gain weight?
Underweight daughter?
Heart Rate Moniters?
3 foods in the minimum basic diet. What are they?
Whey protein which makes are best?
On a diet at the mo for my wedding but find eating lunch makes me sleepy as before I prefer biscuits.?
What is your gender, weight and body fat percentage?
I am using Nourkrin, what else should I include in my diet?
What's the best kind of exercise for a recovering couch potato?
is drinking boiling water folowed by a glass of ice,bad4my teeth?are the 2 bad for my teeth no matter what?
i need an easy effective cure for a toothache,my filling fell out and my dentist appointment is in 3 days?
How can I treat/prevent mouth sores?
Storing unprocessed dental film in refridgerator?
hey i'm using Crest Whitestrips for the first time and hav some questions..?
If you get a blister on the gums above a molar, is a root canal necessary? Hot or cold does not bother it.?
Can a bone shard be razor sharp?
What food should you eat if you have spacers?
How much are braces?
Does pineapple help heal a sore mouth?
My back molar was removed? What's the Norm?
Questions on Peroxyde and Baking Soda?
How Do You Know You Lost the Clot? Help?
What does the 5th dentist recommend doing, and why does he always have to be the odd one out?
Do the enamel of your teeth grow back once it is worn out, as in from sugar and plaque?
How to be a dental researcher in Canada? What usually qualification needed?
Do lumineers permanently damage your teeth? Are there any lumineer certified dentists in Canada?
how do the working poor get free dental work in Ontario?
How can I prevent canker sore?
Will I ever feel like a non-smoker?
What is this chest pain? And what can be done?
what is the BEST way to stop smoking pot without the agro that goes with quitting?
Do I have pnemonia?
please help !!!!pneumonia!!!! ?
What is an MS attack?
Can I take Mucinex and Zicam at the same time?
what can i do to stop pneumonia coming on?
WHAT IS CROUP? I had it a couple of times as a little kid but can't remember properly.?
Sleep Apnoea?
Prada Willi Syndrome. Age expectancy and what to expect??
how to stop uncontrollable coughing?
my father has emphysema and has for a few years now, the doctor advised him to be on an oxygen tank which he?
Can using lotions and body sprays, etc. give you cancer?
At which age should I get my first mammogram if it runs dominantly on my dad's side of the family?
my wife has cancer the medicine cost alot .where can we go to get help?
What's the youngest a child could develop lung cancer from second hand smoking?
Can a brain tumor be detected by running a blood test?
I may have accidently inhaled Americium-241, am I safe?
What are best options for cancer treatment?
Deodorant can cause Cancer?
Does shaving cause skin cancer?
Where can I get Dr. Natura's Colonix (colon cleansing program) in India?
Help!! Will I pass a hair drug test if I've smoked pot 3 times in the past year?
I have a 17mt. daugher that started out with ear infection. A lymph nodes swelled behind her ear. Then it got?
Can Enlarged Hearts run through the Family?
my father has liver cancer?
Consistent Swollen Nodes?
got a cyst in my breast.....?
how good is white tooth filler for cavities?
Implant and denture question for US and Canadian Dentist/and or Dental Staff?
Disposable stiches Question?
What can I use/do to make me teeth stronger?
Pregnancy and dentistry?
I can't find my daughter...she forgot about her dentist appointment. Will I get a bill for it anyway?
can receding gum lines be fixed by a dentist ?
I just had a tooth filled and now my tooth has become very sensitive, will this go away in time?
what are the cheapist dentures in Kingston Canada?
impacted canine tooth?
Does getting orthodontic braces hurt?
Gums ache all the time...why?
If i have uneven teeth?
How long do you think it takes for a grownup tooth to come in after you lose one.?
Describe the parts of a clinical record?
Does anyone know where to buy orthodontic wax in Guelph, Ontario?
Is there a law in the UK thats says a patient with aids has to tell?
can I cure my own gingivitis? if so how long will it take?
why are my gums swollen and bleeding wheni wake up? I had my librae pierced last week. connection?
how much are veneers?
where in Toronto, ON can I buy food grade hydrogen peroxide to heal gingivitis?
How much are veneers?
Where can I find cu-sil denture cleaner?
How can i tell if iam no longer grinding my teeth?
I have 2 wisdom teeth that need to be removed, what is better to use laughing gas or I.V sedation?
Where can I buy a T4k trainer for kids?
What is a good site for answers to dental problem?
Dental Hygienist?
Are Veneers worth it?
Why do we girls attend to our hair before out teeth???
19 month old only has 4 teeth??
Would your tooth melt in Pepsi?
Iam getting braces andd.......?
Question for wheelchair users.?
Lymphoma question. Can touching lymph nodes make them bigger? HELP!?
Does talking on the phone to much give you brain cancer?
I found a lump in the bottom portion of my right breast, I am breast feeding should I worry about cancer?
I went through puberty very early: could this affect the spread and overall fullness of my facial hair?
Do I have some sort of cancer!? HELP!!?
i have had a persistant dry cough for the past 2 weeks. When i breath in it hurts and i start coughing........
My 3 years old son has croup and he is coughing hard everywhere. How to keep him away from my 4 months baby?
does snuff (snorting tobacco) damage your nose?
What is a Stridor?
I have acute bronchitis and today there was a severe dust storm?
Does Sleep Apnea cause snoring at night?
how can i stop gastric refluxes when i sleep and stop choking?
Stuffed Nose?
I can't get rid of phlegm? PLEASE HELP ME :]?
Can Ambulance officers treat Asthma without transportation?
Is hacking/ coughing up phlegm better than swallowing it?
Hi, guys. I just discovered cold fusio-HrrrNGRRNGHGRRRRRR?
help I got mac'n cheese noodle in my lugs?
Ortho help?
flossing question?
Dental worries....?
braces helpp?
im getting braces, what should i prepare for?
if you have an abscess, how long before it kills you if you don't have it looked after?
Braces Before _ortho help asap!!1?
Im Getting all my 4 wisdom teeth pulled Next week and im being put to sleep does anyone have any advice?
Brand of Toothpaste?
ortho Appointment?
Can root canals make you sick? Root canal cover-up / by Dr. George Meinig - Fact or Quack?
Scared about an ortho appt!!!?
braces. what do you expect?
anyone an orthodontist>?
anybody know anything about orthodontistry?
Iam goin to an orthodontist tomoro Iam worried!?
denture clinic in Toronto?
an answer would be nice!?
dental help!?
Pearl Drops Toothpaste in Canada?
Growing teeth?
What in the world is in my mouth???????
Is it much cheaper getting cosmetic surgery in mexico?Say like,getting breast implants?
Can you lose weight by this?
Is it true chocolate makes you shorter?
does height matter?
how many press ups should i do a day to get nice pecs as quick as i can?
fitness/exercise question?
giving blood?
What of the callanectics exercises focus on lovehandles? Does anybody know?
Has anyone ever used ENUSRE drinks?
am i overweight?
Is it bad if my blood sugar level is 3.5?
what would be better ?
my daughter is 7and average height and weighs over 5 1/2 stone she doesn't over eat is it her thyroid.?
how much do curves charge per month and do they have a joining fee?
What does skipping do for you body wise?
Iam 15 years old and i want to get muscle, so can u give me some help please.?
preventing starvation mode?
help! people of complain about being overwieght but i have the opposite problem. i eat healthy, wat shud i do?
Any tips on how to tone up my thighs and tummy with the minimum effort?
Xenical -- what am I doing wrong?
i had a chicken delii from mcdonalds and im on a diet!!?
im so fat!!! think im going to explode!!?
to all the people with flat tummies?
can someone tell me what the effects of too much tea are?
ok is dental collages good?
stitches came out to early??
about how much would braces cost? for a 12 year old, and just the top front.?
Should I use Tea Tree Oil or Oil of oregano?
Any Good Dentist in East Vancouver?
Teeth/gum hurts?
I got a tooth removed yesterday, if I vomit will this irritate the hole?
need a quick and cheap cure for a tooth ache?
Dental Phobia!!?
Do you have dark spots on your tongue? What do they mean?
How do you get the Crest white strips to stay on your teeth?
Re: Lumineers....I have extremly sensitive teeth, anyone out there know if getting Lumineers would help?
How do u get rid of a tooth ache?
how do i get more teeth?
Tooth Pain after root canal?
what should I do about a canker on the inside of my lip?
Compare 3 mouthwash for mouth ulcer?
wisdom teeth!?
where can I buy dental bonding cement?
Can someone put my mind at rest!?
why is smoking a health issue?
I Have smoked weed for about 4 years now pretty constant, stopped for a month and tried to start again!?
what is the full form of smoking?
narcolepsy or sleep apnoea??
i get my ct results today and am very scared!?
im worried it is worse than the doctor said?
Albuterol inhalers discontinued???
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency?
what could bloody thick mucus mean?
What's the most common treatment for bone cancer?
Blood test and cancer?
Possible Breast Cyst?
Will a biopsy always determine if there is cancer or not, should it always be done before surgery?
I think i have testicular cancer, can some1 help me?
my grandma needs help?
where can i donate my hair for cancer patients?
is marijuana a carcinogen?
URGENT: My best friend was diagnosed with lymph nodes cancer and he doesn't have insurance, I need advice!?
Someone please help... Do i have a brain tumor?
If your nanna(granny) just died 2daii from her 2-year battle with breast cancer what do you do?
I need your hospitable help.?
what are the odds? (lung cancer question)?
what is a purple circle on the breast?
if cancer spreaded in ur liver can i have a baby and will it affect my baby if i do have one?
I have a lump at the end of my collar bone?
how effective is colgate visible white?
Why do my teeth hurt?
Do I hav Trench Mouth ?
Tooth cleaning?
does a schwartz removable retainer/expander hurt?
How much does X-ray cost and average 1 day in hospital in Canada ?
Pearly White White ?
Will TMJ go away on it's own?
I live in canada where health care is free but why is dental not covered,isnt a smiling face important?
This might be kind of gross... but I have a piece of popcorn stuck in my gum, and it's... waay in there...
did anyone have orthognathic surgery before? if yes please can u tell how was it?
Can soft water from the softer cause health?
i had some dental work they had to pull out a front tooth on the top, there is your 2 front teeth then on the?
what is the best extra whitening toothpaste out there!?
orthodontist - Removable Expander.... :(?
what does it meen when a little white spot on your frount teeth. , if anyone nows , pls let me no thanks.?
Sensitive Teeth - Can Coca-Cola cause tooth sensitivity???
after a root canal, how many days does your tooth hurt?
What are the different materials that are sterilized in the autoclave?
Are veneers even that good?
what is 12.5 stones in pounds?
Hoodia Gordonii in Saudi Arabia?
If I were to use my treadmill today for 30 mins set at 3.00mph walking 1.6m,?
i need to lose has much weight as possible in 3 weeks what sthe best diet!?
how can i lose a couple of inches off my waist line... for Saturday!?
is adiso the slimming tablet good?
how do i lose weight quickly without crash dieting?
can i use Xenical and Reductil together at the same time to lose weight?
Can i lose a stone in a month?
are the calories in fruits easier to burn then other fruits?
what are the best diet pills?
What do you think the ideal weight is for woman 5 foot 2 inches?
I want to lose 10lbs as quick as possible!?
does eating chilli's helps to slim down or boost metabolism rate ?
Where is a cheap place in Ontario for dentures?
Does it matter HOW you take flaxseeds,if they are ground,soaked...??
Best Diet?
Why can't I leave food alone?
is it okay to go jogging at 250 pounds?
weight loss doing nell mcandrew dvd?
How do you work out calorie content when you juice your own fruit or veg?
what health benefits does walking have for 40 minutes per day?
How long is it safe to be in Ketosis ?
I have this gap between my 2 front teeth but its because of this peice of skin?
my mouth still in pain?
Why would a dentist take out metal filling and replace it with white filling ?
Canadians: Is dentistry covered by health care?
how can some one that's scared of dentists get over there phobia of them??
So they say drinking tea stains your teeth, but what if i brush right right after? Is that effective?
How do I get rid of Canker Sores?
Is The Work of A Dental Hygienist Boring?
Want to keep weight with healthy eating?
I just had jaw surgery, and my teeth are wired shut... is it possible that my adult teeth are become loose?
Anyone ever have a tooth repositioned?
I'm getting invisalign? Does it work on serious overbites?
Does blue cross/blue shield cover dental braces payments?
I have a rotten tooth on the top left side of my mouth. it seems to hurt my ear, and I'm experiancing vertigo
Know any cures or suggestions for a toothache.?
Braces and 6 month cleaning~?
My son got 4 of his back teeth pulled he has to get spacers. What are spacers?
what would cause a metalic taste in the mouth?
Does gum chewing hurt your teeth or anything?
Which liquid other than tea,coffee or any acidic drink is most harmful for teeth?
do u know any hollywod star who had braces?
I just had an MRI done and I need a some help understanding it. Can anybody help me please?
Is the cancer coming back?
my friend had brain tumor 18 years ago and now it is back , what can they do the second time around so he can?
I recently had a root canal done and now my dentist tells me that I need a post.?
At the dentist for a filling do you get the freezing or not?
At the dentist: Have you ever refused freezing for a filling?
does anyone know?
dentist - I'm freaked out, will I lose my tooth?
what does dry socket's mean after having a tooth pulled?
My 14 month old does not have one tooth. Is this normal?
i have a really bad toothache what can i put on it?
Are there any part time dental hygiene schools located in Ontario?
I am having Jaw surgery?
i have been taking antibiotics for an absessed tooth but now there is swelling. is this normal?
Does standard dental amalgamn still contain mercury, is it harmfull?
Need a way to choose braces colors?
Which is more efficient? "Brushing before flossing" or "Flossing befor brushing"?
Dental Tourism?
my jaw cracks several times a day.?
Dentists and Oral surgents only please???????/?
I have numbness in two of my front teeth. What does that mean.?
scared please help, i think i might have cancer?
is it possible to have cancer in your bones that makes them breakdown (erode) but not have tumors anywhere?
do i get cancer if i'm 70?
can you die from colon cancer?
Can Fluoride Cause Cancer?
wig help please!?///??????????
Cancer that has traveled from one part of the body to another is?
can i get pregnant while he has prostate cancer?
why is brown bread good for you?
does eating pro or pre boitic yogurts affect how antibiotics work?
Any tips - going back to football training after 12 months?
Whats the best diet/healthy eating plan to go on?
Why do you appear to gain weight at the end of the first week of a diet?
how do i lose body fat,and increase muscle mass?
Is climate change a big Govt con? ( again )?
when I laugh really hard i start coughing..Is there something that can cause this? ?
I'm being treated for Sleep Apnoea with Cpap how long did others take to realise the full benefit?
Sleep apnoea...................what can he do?
OK im 13 years old and i have Crohns disese and im taking predisone will it stunt my groth?
How to stop coughing?
How can i make my mum stop smoking ive been telling her ALL my live to stop?
how can you get carbon monoxide?
Why do cold drinks make people cough?
on an oxygen machine for 12 hours a day, please help me?
How do Dentists number your teeth?
Why do I feel like I'm developping the Flu 3 days (about) before I get my period?
I've just had a tooth out, how long do I need to wait before I have replacement fitted?
Are there any books/material to prepare for the admission test to the dental hygiene program?
Hi! If someone know how to receive a Canadian equivalent of MD in dentistry please let me know.?
on dental plans how does it work with two plans and do they cancel each other out?
My teeth are messed up does it hurt to get braces?
how do i clean an electrical toothbrush head?
braces ceramic and metal?
Know anything about about a geographic tongue?
Is there a dental school near warren MI?
Can your teeth move out of place even if you are wearing your retainer FAITHFULLY?
what is best way to get my foot out of my mouth?
How can a nailbiter stop biting thier nailes?
BRACE -- i think thats why the problem is beginning?
do u get the molding for your retainer before or after your braces come off?
Braces probs?
In need of a GREAT dentist in Houston, TX. I am deathly afraid of the dentist, had a very bad experience.?
Question about Rembrant whitening and teeth?
How are drugs administered in chemotherapy?
I'm almost positive I have a brain tumor..?
hi my girl friend might have cancer she throws up, get head aches, never sleeps,stomach pains what can i do?!?
stem cell, it is guaranteed to cure any kinds of diseases.?
are there pills for leukemia?
Worried about friend with stage 3 cancer. Any info?
Liver enzymes high .. could that mean cancer ?
how to i comfort a friend who's dad has cancer.?
is nicotine an illegal drug?
i have this white patch in my mouth, i think it may turn into oral cancer but i dont drink or smoke wat is it?
Fundraising for cancer research?
Herbal supplements to cure cancer?
Please answer..Just too young and I am very scared?Is this colon/bowel cancer?
What do a vaccine really do?
Is there a Dr. Who knows about throat cancer to answer my question!?
what does mouth cancer look like?
i have a bump on the left side of my neck.?
Can I still be an organ donor after radiation?
after chemotherapy or radiotherapy can you end of speaking a new language?
is it true?
Do Crest White Strip cause your teeth to?
Is there any benefit/harm to letting my children chew sugar free gum on a regular basis?
How much does it cost to get your teeth whitened at a Dental office?
New filling just fell out - what do I do?
What complications of tooth extraction are there?
Are Crest whitestrips BAD for your teeth at all? what bad effects can they have on them?
What's the best teeth-straightening method? Invisalign?
How do I use baking soda and lemon juice to whiten my teeth?
I have a wisdom tooth barely coming out and it used to bother me now it doesnt hurt,I think its properly?
What is the difference between a cap and a crown?
why does the dentist ask if you bit your cheeks?
I'm probably going to need a root canal. What can I do about this excruciating pain?
What kind of highschool marks do you need to get into a dental hygiene program?
when i drink cold water my tooth makes a cracking noise like when you pour liquid over ice. isthere a flaw?
Isn't it disgusting the way we reuse our toothbrush - putting all those disgusting germs in our mouth.?
Any one out there have a child with Dentinogenis Imperfecta?
I have a tooth, I think its the first molar. That well, Its hard to explain it doesn`t hurt or anything.....?
Attention Dental professionals or dental hygienist.....seeking work and good neighborhoods??
chances of 3 years untreated lymphoma?
Does anyone know any natural remedies for Esophagus Cancer?
What is life like living with melanoma?
is there herbal treatment for mammery cancer in dogs ? ( I'm in the UK )?
I need cool ideas for my biology project its on cervical cancer.?
i smoked a month ago..will it show up on a drug test?
How do you get CUP ( cancer of the unknown primary).?
Swollen lymph node under chin and on sides of neck?
Help me plz?
can't get a dentist in toronto to accept ODSP insurance what do i do now -i;m hurting?
Terrified of needles.therefore no shots or dental work done!?
braces help?
Do the white strips for your teeth, really work?
Tooth decalcification?
Can your wisdom teeth fall out?
How do you stop a child from grinding their teeth at night?
My daughters temporary teeth in the front have gone bad?
What does it mean when one of my molars starts bubbling green material?
does Medi-Cal insurance cover invisalign braces?
My brother has a blister like bump on the inside of his lip...?
Can anyone tell me what the follwoing dental codes respresent? 41230,43404,43440?
Any place for cheap braces?
Wisdom Teeth?
talking about root canal price?
How much longer will my braces hurt?
Impacted wisdom teeth removal procedure?
I need extensive dental work, are there any pro bono dentists in southwestern Michigan?
what should one do while having flu?
Asthma and rashes , are they linked?
I Can't Breathe Properly?
what herbs can i smoke?
Why am I having chest pains at 22 years old?
Daughter in distress and hearbroken?
What can a common people do to prevent water pollution??
my voice is raspy and i can not holler. What can i do to make my voice stronger ?
Why does my lungs feel cold?
how would the doctor kno if your airway was blocked by the way with stheascope?
Does anyone else have HHT?
A recurring cough in a three year old?
statistically, does lymphoma usually show up on blood tests?
So, Do I have cancer?
Does it take you longer to heal while you're undergoing chemo?
Are there risks of cancer from working with x rays all the time?
i found a mark (that looks like it could be melanoma) on my body should i be concerned or when should i?
Do i have breast cancer?
leukemia! PLEASE HELP ME?!?
Dental Hygiene Exam?
What are the risks of getting your tongue pierced?
my tooth is very sensistive to cold after I got a cavity filled. what could it be?
Does OHIP Cover Removal of wisdom teeth?
Skin cancer? help i am scared?
Is H pylori curable? I have read it causes cancer and the prevpac does not cure it nor does any other antibioc?
My friends cousin has cancer, how can I help?
what should I major in to become a dentist before I go to dental school?
how to not be nervous when on stage?
found a lump the size of a dime, do i have breast cancer?
Has anyone had a radiologist tell them they think you have breast cancer and the biopsy came back benign?
I developed small cell lung cancer January this year. I have not been able to eat since this time.?
White Blood Cells? (Question listed in details.)?
Chances of throat cancer for smokers?
Question about a quote?
is it okay for tooth fillings to fall out?
RBVHS Marching Band In the City of Vista ...Dentist ....Dr. Duncan?
could i have skin cancer?
Blood in stool?
What type cancer can children die from?
Can tobacco give you a hang over?
How much do venners cost in Canada?
Retainer Vs Braces?
Herbal remedies for tooth pain?
Crest Whitestrips or Colgate whitening?
what precautions should i take before having my wisdom teeth cut out?
what can i do about braces?
How long will my mouth be numb?
How long does it take for something you have eaten to turn to fat in the body?
Do toning waist belts work?
Drop a dress size?
How to tone up?
Gym question?
whats the best way to get your stomach muscles toned after having a baby?
What are the most effective d?iet pills? What is Ephedrine / EPH25? and where do you get it?
Xenical Slimming Pill?
What kind of weight lifting programme should I start on?
I am on WW and never seem to lose weight the wknd b4 my period. Is this water retention or something. Is there
protein/ supplements?
Why do I put on weight when stressed?
How can i learn to like vegetables?
Anyone lost lots of weight?? Whats it like to be slim????
am i over weight i'm 13 and 7 stone?
how does the host respond to pneumonia??
Possible side effects of long term use of Sudafed Pe and Rhinocort together with alcohol?
Coughing for months, what could be wrong?
Have you ever been misdiagnosed for an illness?
Is a stab wound to the chest with a pocket knife enough to cause the lung to partially collapse?
Changing opinions - Middle lobe collapse, pectus excavatum & pneumonia?
why do people kept underground in cellars get pneumonia? why is the air down there so bad?
my husband found out he has a collapsed left lung and feels great but refuse to get treatment what shoud i do?
How long would it be until signs of lung cancer shows up if i'm around second hand smoke everyday?
What could be the cause of this laryngitis?
what are the first symptoms of lung cancer, or early lung cancer?
I am taking a z-pack and and prednisone to clear up a small chest cold can I drink?
what kind of cough condition is this, please help?
common signs and symptoms of having a primary complex?
ulcers in windpipe?
does any one suffer from sore throats and are singers?
a question about braces...help?
im so worried everytime my teeth with braces are hit by accident.. are teeth vulnerable?
What is it like to get wisdom teeth pulled out?
Dr. Duncan a Dentist @ Melrose Dental across from RBVHS and near RBVLL in the City of Vista?
gums bleed while exercising?
Can I eat jelly beans with braces?
How long does it take to fill a cavity?
my mother got a tooth pulled a couple of years ago and they left a peice of the tooth in there on accident and
Should I pay if I had to go back to same dentist under great pain for my same tooth at the 3rd time????
what should u do if your fillings keep coming out of your teeth?
Cold sores????
Tooth Ache?
What is dental freezing?
HI, i got my braces on 5 months ago and i want them off. I hate them so much.?
Just had my wisdom tooth pulled...no stitches is that normal?
Should I get braces????
my temporary crown cracked down the middle...help?
Bracket falling off?
Having wisdom teeth removed?
Wisdom teeth?
How do you use baking soda to whiten your teeth?
Possible pituitary tumor?
what is the best food to eat to beat cancer?
Are there any doctors out there who can write me a note, please?
what is the treatment for stage 4 cancer?
Is it breast cancer after being in remission?
how does cancer gets cured?
Breast Cancer Help Please?
i want the government list on cancers?
Can a tick bite cause cancer?
removal of skin cancer?
pet scans and cancer finds?
Should you eat or drink before you do a Computed Tomography (CT) of the brain?
what is causing my armpit pain?
could it be skin cancer?
Can a tumor be removed?
anybody undergo a bone marrow transplant?
can ashma turn into lung cancer?
I am having a LIPOMA removed next week?
Lumpectomy or Mastectomy for a single woman?
Breast Cancer?????????
Does anyone know any safe pills that supress appetite?
Best Way To Weigh Yourself??
I'm a couch potato who wants to change my life.Can any ex-couch potatos tell me your inspiring story ?
What is the 'normal' healthy weight for a 17 year od girl who is 5' 3" tall, medium built.Is 10 stone not okay
Is there another affect of eating too much carbohydrates than getteng fat ?.?
is there any fast way to get rid of a spot just on your lip?
does anybody know how many steps we should do everyday?
where can you buy canned protein drinks/meal replacement by the crate whats not too expensive?
What's the best way to deal with work related stress, while in work during the day?
Can swallowing chewing gum be a problem ?
Has anyone else lost weight just by walking 30 minutes a day?
Crosstrainer machines - advice please?
How long before I start losing the weight?
someone just told me about a slendertone belt where can i get it?
BMI calculator accuracy?
What should you eat when you have a head cold?
How many months would it take to get a really respectable physique?
What's worse: Too much salt or too much fat?
what is the key to sticking to a plan?
how many calories does a miles walk burn/take?
What is better? Running 4 miles three times a week, or running 2 miles six times a week?
Can I Use Crest White Strips Twice In A Row Instead Of 2 Seperate Times During The Day?
Wisdom Tooth Pain?
Is it normal for my 16 month old daughter to not have her lateral incissors?
what is the difference between basic and major dental work?
how do i get teeth whiter with homemade tips?
hi how is insurance there?
if i have a cavity and my dentist says thats it's not and it gets worse could i do someting about it?
Is there anything that you can do to help sooth the pain from a tooth pain?
Question for dentists...how many teeth would you extract during an appointment?
will a sealant cover the stain on my tooth and do sealants go on top teeth to?
can sealants also go on your top teeth too?
gums bleed when i woke up..?
Why are my 11 month old daughter's teeth turning yellow?
Does my seven-year-old need sealants on his teeth?
Cracked tooth, but no pain?
i was just wondering do most dentist have air abrasions?
Is it okay to drink Beer with a Retainer of Braces?
Does anyone have...?
reliable dentist in mexico city?
Wisdom teeth and monroe piercing?
hi i went to the dentist last week and had a filing now i have a bi bump under that tooth on my gum any ides?
Why does your saliva go thick and gooey after a hard sprint or run?
I have a bit infection in my gum, I'm taking amoxi the dentess gave me tylenol 3 pills?
How do fillings get placed in a tooth with a cavity?
When will i get my braces off?
Fillings in teeth?
What is the best tooth whitener to use?
Does wisdom have anything with your ears hurting?
Why am I embarrassed with my teeth?
Deep Teeth, what to do?
wisdom teeth?
How soon will my teeth start to come together with braces?
I just pulled out a tooth but the one that was growing under grew really wrong...?
How deep are the stitches put in when i had my tooth extracted?
how can you whiten your teeth?
Wisdom teeth making others loose?
how old on a horse before they loose teeth.?
Is is better to brush your teeth before or after you have a meal?
Gingivitis? Periodontal disease? Absess? which one is it?
What can I do for an abcess on my tooth to relieve the pain until I can get in to see the dentist?
Wisdom teeth removal?
Pain under my tongue?
Question about a tooth?
crest white strips: the foam?
I have a sore on the bottom, right side of my tongue and it hurts.?
Formaldehyde is used in?
Where would i go or email in order to interview a cancer survivor?
My art teacher has agreed to DREAD her hair in support of cancer, do you think it will be successful? ?
What Are Cancer Cells? And What Can Thay Do To A Women At The Age Of 56?
What are symptoms of cancer of the blood?
Does any one know anything about cervical cancer?
Do I have Skin cancer?
if i give my bone narrow would i die if im weak?
Why are some cancer so deadly and others so easy to treat ?
Sketchy looking mole?
I found this knot on my tail bone?
When a person's hair grows back after chemo is it possible to grow back a different colour?
when you take a Hemoglobin Blood test, can the results tell you if you have any signs of a cancer?
Swollen lymph nodes.?
I found that my skin gets whiter under the hair and i dunno why ?
Colon Cancer and the future of my mother.?
Could having a low red blood cell count mean leukemia?
My freind was just diagnosed with breast cance?
How do you stop cancer and do you know have any doctor's phone number that can help to stop cancer?
Do you think I have pancreatic cancer?
Whats a good exercise for losing excess flab....?
How to exercise without going to a gym?
Am I too old,I recently bought a treadmill but after only a few minutes on it I come over dizzy?
help... i have a protruding stomach..?
need to lose baby weight?
Do you really have to be within the healthy BMI index number to be of healthy size?
am i retaining water?
Training programmes? Help?
how bad is it to smoke from a "hose bong"?
three stages of respiration?
Could you get asbestos dust on clothes off washing line?
upper lobe atheromatous aorta?
Persistent Chronic Cough - Please help!!!! ?
cystic fibrosis?
My mum is considering a lung reduction operation. anyone that has had one could you please educate me.?
What can I do to get pretty much instant relief of a panic attack?
Staying healthy when having CF?
life expectancy of 55yr female suffering chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
how do I stop coughing.?
difficulty breathing, congested nose?
My aunt...??
Is skin cancer easily cured?
does Justin Bieber have cancer?
What should i do.?
what do i need to major in to become a medical researcher and find a cure for cancer
Itching mole...something to worry about?
Information about Cancer?
How long does it take to recover from testical cancer?
can going on sunbeds/tanningbooths, be safe?
i am not sure if i have skin cancer (melanoma)?
How do cervical cancer develop?
Wens, are they cancerous?
animals getting tested on how to crue cancer?
My son has a lesion on his eye?
Is smoking a 2 year old cig bad aside from the taste?
Please tell me the symptoms...?
is gum cancer serious?
Where to buy dental rubber tips?
What are the best ways to avoid getting teeth cavities and teeth fillings?
What will happen if I don't get braces?
what is a oral diseases, the systems of oral diseases can anyone get it, how long can a person live?
Popcorn and Braces????
permament teeth not growing in?
After I work for 6 months I get 50% Benifits.....?
what is a root canal?
does any one have any ideas to keep kids to not be scared of going to the Doctor or getting shots?
what can you do if you can't get in to the dentist for 2 weeks and you have really bad chipped tooth?
How do dentist fix chipped teeth?
Half of bottom lip still numb a day later....help!?
braces soon?
Has anyone had on the tooth on top of the side of the mouth on the gum line its feel like there is something?
What can you tell me about a "le Fort 1 Osteotomy"?
Widsom teeth question?
i need teeth implants have medicaid can any one help?
Palate expander?
my son is 10 and he just lost his second to last tooth on the bottom, Is he supposed to loose those teeth?
what are the white splotches on my teeth?
Please Help;i have a lump on my neck & its been there for a few months & i have a loss of appetite & tiredness?
I have been diagnosed with Neuro Endocrine Cancer. What next?
I have a grape-sized, movable, hard lump under my jaw. I have a history of cancer in my family.?
i have a swollen lymph node, but for what reason?
Differences between cancer and normal cells?
Will using Hand Sanitizer alot or everyday give you some kind of cancer?
i want to quit using chewing tobacco?
Ovarian Cancer???
Is there such thing as a cancer nurse?
I need reassurance ASAP!?
can pop rocks cause cancer?
do i have skin cancer?
I have 1 neck lymph node that has been enlarged for 4 yrs. I now have a new one with pain, is this o.k.? ?
what could be the cause for my swollen lymph node?
What are adult cancers and what are children cancers?
Will using mobile phone on flight mode cause cancer?
testicular cancer question?
Cancer or a disease......?
Can cancer paralyze someone?
I recently posted a question about my tongue cancer. I don't ask if rad. and chemo are same, my question is:?
how long does a kidney infection normally last?
Can Primary hypertension be benign?
What are some effects of smoking?
what does smoking do to your re productive organs?
my chest hurts when i press on it.i smoke. what would it be ?
Has anyone heard of Edronax causing one to SMELL FUEL FUMES constantly though nothing is present to cause it?
neti (sinus) pot help!!?
how long would it take for an asthmatic to get emphysema?
I stopped breathing for a couple of minutes?
ok is having...?
what are milk teeth?
When the dentist does the surgery for a tongue-tie... ankyloglossia...?
Does anyone know the average wage for a dental hygienist in ontario is?
Tooth whitening, what do you think?
What is ok to eat after a tooth extraction?
Mouth Ulcer/Canker Sore for almost 2 months now! How can I get rid of it?
How much damage can a dental hygienist do to your mouth? I had my teeth cleaned 2 days ago and am in pain.?
Rice stuck in wisdom tooth hole?
Naturally whiter teeth?
is it proven that charcoal ashes contain hydrogen peroxide which is good in whithening teeth??? thanks!!?
looking for Colgate Cinnamon flavoured toothpaste in London Ontario Canada?
Is dentist aloud too take a tooth out from a pregnant woman?
How long should a blood clot last after tooth extraction?
damon braces?
Wisdom teeth pulled quick tips to recover FAST!!?
I have a retainer. And I like to chew bubble gum. But it always gets stuck to my retainer how can i get it off
Does anyone know about my jaw?
Whitening Trays?
I've heard a lot recently how soya beans are good for you, but I can never find them anywhere in the shop?
Can anyone recommend a detox diet I can do for a few days?
Any dentists in Ottawccept OHIP Card for their work. Am not a student but cant afford ins.wisdom teeth hurt?
wat can u do to get rid of a toothache?
can anyone give me the weight watchers point system. im really eager to start?
People who eat bogie's. When you have a cold, do you use a straw?
Which ciders (strongbow, blackthorn etc) are gluton free. Thanks?
Monosodium glutamate intolerance?
What is the best motivation tips for jogging?
My dentist was doing a root canal on me and a piece of the instrument broke into my gums, they said thiswas no
wot is the best exercise for your quods?
I'm fat! I hate it. I want to be 45, not 55 anymore. Help me to loose this weight.?
i have joined the gym if i go 3 times a week for 2 hours and go swimming for an hour after it aswell?
Can any one recommend a good personal trainer or a good gym where i can be trained one on one i am in the UK?
My tongue keeps getting cut by the sharp back of my front tooth. Anything to do to help it heal?
Teeth Whiteners...HELP?
Can i drink alcohol 34 hours after getting my wisdom teeth removed?
all four wisdom teeth removed?
Would a ultrasound detect breast cancer?
My aunt has colon cancer and she only has one week to live . i'm sooo sad , how do i deal with this pain ?
My sister is 21 yrs old and she has her cuspid tooth coming in, is that normal and what should she do?
Has anyone out there had surgery on their jaw due to TMJ and would you recommend it?
Tooth pain from deep silver filing?
Should I have a rapid palatal expansion?
When i was 11 i chipped my front tooth, Please help.?
Is the large intestine necessary for survival?
How long should I wait to get a second opinion?
what would dental equipment have been like a couple of generations ago?
Diagnosis of Leukemia?
wisdom teeth protruding from jaw?
Can 17 years of Drinking Coca Cola really kill your teeth?
Has anyone had to undergo a hair follicle drug test for a custody case? How far did it go back?
Where to buy Temparin In Canada?
does skin Cancer affect people emotionally? how so?
I've had a lump in my neck, about 1 inch in size, for almost 6 months now and it won't go away. Cancerous?
What does iron help to do with you lungs heart and brain or why do there organs need iron?
I had a outpatient lumpectomy today to completely remove a breast lump in my left breast....?
Is this normal with my lymph nodes?
This question is important! My friend has Cancer, what now?
lump on my right side of my neck/shoulder, need answers QUICK!?
I just found out my classmate hasn't brushed his teeth for....?
i have a 15 minute appt. before i get braces..is that for spacers?
Are swollen lymph nodes for 2 months normal for teenagers?
What type of cancer would you be?
Do Dr.'s read blood work results right away?
what side of the body is my appendix?
What is the best way to deal with dental work you can't pay for immediately in Ontario?
what is a natural remedy for gum disease?
I am an RDH in CA and am very interested in owning the hygiene department in our dental practice.?
can anyone be able to tell me how much a dental hygienist makes an hour in Reddeer alberta canada?
cancer's a b**ch........?
I heard that chip implants possibly cause cancer, is this true and are there any other side effects?
I've got a black hole above my rectum? Medical Question?
When do you know if you have cevical cancer?
jogging first thing in morning on empty stomach?
Rowing machines? Any good for Pecs?
What's the best/fastest method to get a 6 pack?
effective tricep exercises?
is it bad for your knees if you run on grass?
What is the easiest way for a man to get a nice chest without having a benchpress?
I want to skip my dinner to reduce daily calories.please tell me the lowest possible calorie option at dinner?
how do you create an overactive metabolism?
can i go home on my lunch break at work...?
When doing exercise, does wrapping my body in cling film make me lose weight faster?
stretch marks?
do you think i should go on a diet?
How much is your gym membership / month?
the caffine in tea, how does if effect you?
my friend is a size 4,she has started pole dancing once a week,will she put any weight on.?
Is it possible that some girls might have better ability to build muscle mass than a guy, in some situations?
My boyfriend hates mushroom. but what alternative food/snack could he eat to make sure he has a balance diet?
Does anyone know where i can find pictures of the proper tooth brushing process? online somewhere?
I have losted several teeth fall out since having children WHATS WRONG?affordable porcelain veneers in usa?
how do i get rid of the smell of alcohol?
Braces and toothpaste...?
A Broken Half Tooth?
I found out my little brother hasn't brushed his teeth....can he save?
Is your breath bad?
Cheap dentists or plans in Vancouver?
Can I swallow my saliva after rinsing my mouth with "Listerine with fluoride"?
If i rip a stitch from my wisdom teeth?
for the last 2 months my jaw makes crazy loud popping sounds ( like cracking knucles?) any idea why? Am I?
after finishing my A Level courses,can i directly join the dental school or university?
Im going to get a root canal in a mth time.. Im having serious pain.?
Does Canadian Tire sell Oral-B Vitality Rechargeable Toothbrush?
How much does OHIP cover Orthognathic Surgery?
did it hurt to take your braces off?
Did anyone else look different after having their wisdom teeth removed?
What is a pointy, bony projection in the center of the roof of my mouth?
Is it okay?
When people lose their hair to chemotherapy, does it ever come back?
would a small amount of cigarettes harm you?
Will chicken sausage with NO sodium nitrate still increase cancer risk?
what cancer kills the most people?
Likely hood of this being cancer? my mother in law?`?
Skin cancer! please help!?
there is a small bump on the side of my neck., what is it?
Could this be cancer?
what is the worst cancer to cure?
Can acne be a sign of cancer?
Info on b cell lymphoma and alternative traetments?