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Could this be oral cancer?
are MRI brain scans safe?
what do you call a person that works with cancer patients ?
Will my father get threw this Cancer?
Is this a cyst or cancer...or neither?
Does cancer run in families..?
How do doctors determine weather a person has any type of cancer?
Do you think this is a good idea for my sick grandmother?
do i have a tumor on my face??
Can a watch cause cancer?
how bad is the lost of appetite when u have cancer?
Picked on because of braces..?
how can i bleech my teeth at home with out damaging them?
When can you drink after your tooth extraction?
bottom TEETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have increasing pain 7 days following a molar extraction....Any ideas? Thanks JJ?
NHS dentist appointments?
brace removal tomorrow?
Does having your teeth extracted hurt whilst being extacted or when the numbness wears off?
Having buried teeth taken out?
Does anyone else have to wear retainers for the 'rest of their life'?
I hate my teeth, what can I do, braces are very expensive in the UK?
Braces off............?
I dont know what I want to do with my life.?
Do I need molds/impressions to have braces?
I had a filling 7 hours ago, but it still hurts?!?
How to make my teeth whiter, but in an inexpensive way?
dentistry - happy air?
Back molar removed... something else growing through?
Enamel care toothpaste anyone tried it?
my front two teeth capped and they have discoloured my dentist wont replace wants me to have a bridge i dont?
How many tooth fillings do you have and how old are you?
How to cure asthma? one of my colleagues is suffering from it and she has to use inhaler.?
how does a grape fruit help weight control ect.. after eating?
what is the best diet plan ? my weight 165?
has the lighter life diet not worked for any one?
What is 4st 9 lbs in kg?
Does drinking 3-4 glasses of water during lunch or dinner will lead to overweight..?
What are the guidelines of alcohol units per day/per weekly for men and women?
whats the best form of exercise for a female who is 3 stone over weight ?
some advice please?
How To Lose Weight Quickly (If You're A Teenager)?
How do you lose weight in your face!?
How can I put on weight?
Are strawberries fattening?
ive been off work 3 and a half months now with abroken ankle?
what is the ideal weight for a 5foot five woman?
How quickly does a vegetable's/fruit's nutritional value deteriorate once picked?
How do I prevent saggy skin when losing weight & any ideas on how to get rid of stretch marks??
New research has shown that when women look at cakes the fat is absorbed through their eyes. Isnt life cruel?
Does any body no?
i saw this webiste that said that if you it cardboard you burn calories? what are your thoughts?
How can i lose weight fast?
Do you think it is wrong to drink alcohol every day?
Meal Replacement Bars?
does a blood test tells you if you got cancer?
questions about cancer? please?
My bf found out that his dad has colon cancer. He wanted to stop our relationship, please help.?
my gf has stomach cancer?
No period since the Cervical cancer HPV jab? Need advice.?
"Lymph nodes swelling"?
what is a pathologist?
What is the likelihood that I'll get breast cancer at the age I am now?
Know anything about Melanoma?
Breast Cancer : 2 different pathology results?
Aside from aspirin what is a more effective medicine to dissolve blood clots in my legs.?
how do you feel about smoking?
Please, Pray for my husband?
Causes of anemia?!please help!?
what are the chances of getting brain cancer at 14 years old?
Could chewing 4 pieces of Mentos sugar free gum give me brain tumors?
My brother is thiry-five and they found a mass in his lungs. Isn't he a bit young for lung cancer?
cancer from coca cola?
im doing a research paper on cancer i need help?
How can we compare testicular cancer and prostate cancer?
So I have a clicky jaw ...?
tongue piercing facts?
when you have an abscess why...?
Why do i have so many ulcers?
Can you use mouthwash with braces?
the dentist diagnosed my tooth as having an exposed nerve?
had a tooth taken out 4 days ago when will it heal?
Is jaw surgery only way to treat my deepbite?
Ok, truthfully. does having teeth out whilst being awake hurt?
Has any one had their teeth whitened?
Why should mouthwash be alcohol-free?
Which is more likely to cause dental decay...?
does getting teeth bracers put in hurt?
i someone has bucked teeth can the problem be fixed with veneers or do they have to get a tooth bracers first?
Teeth Whitening In Australia?
deep root filling..................?
Dental Advice Please, I need work done and need to know where I stand with costs?
is it normal to leave the dentist in more pain than you were when you went in?
what would the pain be when i get braces?
What types of braces do you have?
I am thinking of buying a bowflex home gym. Does anyone have any experience with one? Do they work?
in no way am i condoning or thinking about becoming an anorexic...?
tooth dilema in 16 month old?
tooth abscess problem;.. PLEASE HELP?
Can betel leaves help prevent bad breadth. how are they supposed to be used?
My cat has got mouth ulcers?
a lump in my mouth any idea?
Problem with the surface of my front tooth?
Should I Get Braces??
Getting braces soon help...?
why do we hate to go to the dentist so much?
Bad breath, white spots?
Can oraldene burn ur mouth?
My jaw keeps on clicking?
i have really bad breath all the time what do i do?
my jaw clicks when i open it more than a centimetre?
tooth filling or not?
I cant brush my toungue......?
How much do braces cost in the UK? (average prices)?
Wisdom tooth pain. Help!?
any chance of me getting nhs dental treatment i am 74?
Do i have Melanoma? Please Answer?
Cancer is not curable. Then why painful CT,RT etc are tried ?
my grandma smoked around me?
what causes pneumomia to rapidly spread in body?
question about leukemia ?
I have a constpation problem?
if your parent smoked can you get lung cancer?
please a oncologist doctor..?
What is the survival rate for Stage 3 breast cancer and cancer of the lymph nodes?
What's a good slogan for breast cancer?
A love one is going to go through chemothrapy and I don't know what to expect, can anyone help me.?
Will I get skin cancer?
What is the most common type of cancer?
I am so scared, what are the chances this could be something other than Lung Cancer?
Starting radiation for breast cancer next week.?
Done with chemo, going back to school?
Is Aspartame one of the causes of Cancer?
is it a breast cancer ??
Can a person live with one lung?
Wife's breast biospsy report...help needed in translation.?
Shortness of Breath and low oxygen levels?
Should new private dentures require lining to fit perfectly?
would baking powder have the same affect on my teeth as baking soda?
How much does it cost usually to get a root canal done in ireland?
What color braces should i get?
How to stop bleeding from tooth extraction?
Part of my back tooth has fallen out.?
green bacteria on tongue?
Im having an MRI scan for toothache?
Does caffeine give you wrinkles?
How long will it take to get a six-pack?
I am very thin and skinny please help me to gain weight.?
whats better........?
can some1 tell me a diet that will loose me belly flab??
What is the best diet to loose weight quickly?
what is the maximum heart rate for a 42yr fairly fit man?
Help me please........?
My sister-in-law has cancer, how do I help my mother-in-law?
I'm 14& have looked up all the symptoms to breast cancer ?
White blood cells -cure for advanced cancers ?
can you get cancer by swallowing a dime?
What's the difference between chemo and radiotion when it comes to treating tumors or cancer?
is it a good idea to clean your colen once a week?
My mom has cancer, what will happen?
prostate cancer is dangerous?
Friends father too ill for Chemo?
Everytime I smoke cigarettes/nausia.?
i need answers on cancer ifanyone is fighting to beat itlike myself I need your input?
Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia survey?
Radiation therapy question?
testicular cancer???
Is this true about cancer or tumors/lumps?
EMERGENCY QUESTION ok i'm getting train tracks(braces) and i need some help!!! all friends are on holiday SOS?
hi living in galway and want to get teeth whitening and 2 veneers done ....very expensive here any cheap local?
Gappy Teeth, what do I do?
but has anyone actually tried the svelte strips and had success because i cant seem 2 find a web site 4 them.?
Braces fee covered by the NHS?
Whats wrong with my teeth?
Who else has tried the new Arm and Hammer enamel, sensitive toothpaste?
What are those little tablets called that you chew and it shows the plaque in your mouth in different colours?
where can i go to buy and get a gold tooth fitteed to a gap in my teeth, where ive had a normal tooth removed.?
chipped tooth where having a root canal...?
I had 4 tooth extracted by week ago but still i am aving pain. doctor told i don't have infections nor dry soc?
I have a lump in the side off my neck quite big i have oulsers in my mouth and have had 2 nose bleeds toda?
Do you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out?
What kind of braces do I need?
as stated in a previous question, my friend is doing this Lipotrim diet, she has lost 5lbs since Monday......?
weight issues, pls read and give advice?
How to use the GYM ball??
Weight and walking problem help needed?
what is clinically obese?
what are proteins used for in the body?
help please with abdominal exercises?
if i do 55 min cardio 5 times a week, will i loose a dress size by new yr?
I drink a bit too much and feeling dodgy in the stomach area- not to bad but any advice?
what damage do carbonated drinks do to your body?
when did Jamie Oliver's campaign for healthy school dinners start?
Should we leave mince pies out for santa?
Can I donate my hair even tho is very short?
I have metastatic breast cancer, does anyone knows how to get the money for treatment?
Can anemia people get a tan?
Help me solve this argument, What is worse epilepsy or cancer of the blood.?
Do I have a high probability of cancer?
Why is it optional for the NFL players to wear pink? Shouldn't we all support breast cancer awareness?
Why is my lymph node above my collarbone swollen?
I'm Brain dead =() !!!!!!!!!?
My dad has cancer, what do I do now?
Treats for Chemotherapy patients?
I'm scared, later in my life could I be a victim of ear cancer?
What are good inspirational songs for the breast cancer walk?
wearing braces and playing clarinet and singing ?
Topical number- bonjela?
Teeth pulled out, playing the flute?
i have a missing tooth?
How do i get good teeth?
my girlfriend cut off my johnson last night in a jealous rage, do i need a surgeon or can i use no more nails?
will pearl drops whitening toothpaste damage my teeth?
how long will i be wearing braces?
How do i get my gums pink?
Is snogging bad with braces?
Proper brushing routine?
whats a good teeth whitener?
Where can I get affordable braces in London?
Where sells emergency dental/filling kits?
Do I need braces.............?
Can something be done for my clicking jaw?
My dentist is pulling my teeth out and it's going to look awful?
what type of crest white strips work best?
Whats the average cost to get a nightguard made up by the dentist?
Professional teeth whitening at dentist - is it any good?
Dental charge complaint?
anyone ever had laryngitis?
why do i always get mouth ulcers?
can i take co-codamol for tooth ache?
how old before braces look awful?
I was lactose intolerent till aged 4 and ceoliac from birth, my top front teeth are eroding gum level?
Do i trust private or NHS dentist?
Have you been on the lighter life diet? What happens to your skin?
muscles are they good for you?
best way to reduce a pot belly?
What foods are best for a carb free diet? What should I stay away from?
Diet Breakthrough!?
Xenadrine Maximum Strength?
Need advice on the best workout plan after having a baby by c-section (12 weeks ago).?
Cup of tea anyone?
Vitamin C-how long does it stay in the body? How much of it is safe to eat?
Does anyone have instructions for a LeisureNet Cross trainer?
How do you increase your testerone naturally?
How long does it take 'Accomplia' (aka Rimonabant) to start to work?
how can i improve my haemoglobin??
What exercises will soften muscly legs?
Does anyone know any callenetics classes in Hertfordshire?
I've been VERY bloated for the past few days, what is wrong?!?!?!?
how can dibetes affect children during exercise?
is Ephedrine an effective short term weight loss drug??
Follow up question: Can big muscle be gained by anyone or are some people not able to gain muscle genetically
What does it mean:'you are what you eat'?
would apricot kernels help fight cervical cancer caused by hpv?
i had cancer when i was six and am sterile so?
whats happens in the cell cycle that causes the formation of cancer cells?
So I've had rectal bleeding for the last week or so, whats it mean?
What is the medical name for breast cancer?
Are miraculous cancer cures credible?
adrenal mass of 3.5 cm on ctscan. which of the following should be done next? a) MRI b) measurement of urine?
How i can diffrentiat between lumps of breast cancer and any gland or lymph node that may be enlarged a little?
Can you get Skin Cancer or Diereses of the Level from Water?
Are redheads without freckles still at risk for skin cancer?
nerve cells are also not divisible, but brain tumour occurs. why cancer doesnt occur in heart?
My husband has pancreatic cancer?
is my throat being constantly blocked up a sign of cancer?
can breast cancer spread to other parts of the body?
I bought a belt that causes cancer?
Large lump on left thigh?
can so-ya milk substitute cows milk for cancer patients? Is so-ya safe for cancer patients?
where to find a dentist who is actually taking on nhs patients?
Whats a good toothpaste thats whitens your teeth,because Colgate dosn't?
i have sensitive teath!?
is there a Turkish Dental Register web site and how do I access it?
Where exactly does the dentist inject the anaesthetic?
Tartar build up on teeth ?
Had half a root canal done today ....?
how can you tell if your teeth got pushed back? from a hit?
tips for dental nursuing applicant in university?
will it take until sept?
do crest white strips actually work?
how much is it to get your teeth proffesionally whitened in the uk?
Am i going to get dry socket due to clot being removed 8 days after wisdom tooth extraction?
MY nice TEETH is ruined...!!?
Bleeding gum....................?
Bacteria in back of mouth?
i read on the internet that putting honey and lemon in warm water can help with weight loss, has anyone tried?
what is peg feeding and how long does it take each session? thanks?
at what heart rate that you burn your fat?
i want to get a high level on bleep test, any tips? need quick results?
Is brain cancer surgery can cause dementia / amnesia?
what is a ct scan of the liver?
what can this be????????????????
can i get cancer from wearing a watch all the time?
How long after you are diganosed with leukemia are you given chemotherapy?
will i always loose my hair with chemo?
Help! is this cancer?
Could he be checking for stomach cancer?
Girls who had their cervical cancer jab...?
what causes hair loss and nausea when taking cancer medications?
are there certian regions know more for sickle cell than others?
Where can I find a cancer facility that helps the uninsured?
does aspartame and sodium nitrite links to cance?
My fiances mom just found out she has breast cancer, what will happen now?
Can cancerous growths just go away by themselves?
Brain Tumor found during coincidental MRI, should I read between the lines?
school age kids : how important is nutrition at this stage in preventing future disease?
Questions about smoking cigarettes.?
I have a tumer on my neck?? Im scared? Please help me and be serious?
question about smoking...?
Home remedies for Sinus Infection?
could i have asthma?
do smokers subsidize the health system?
help please.... sick baby?
i recently went to hospital and this happened PLEASE READ!?
why is my friend coughing blood?
Why do I have to rinse my mouth after taking asthma medication?
composite veneers good?
tooth abscesses are they contagious?
is there a kind of cigarette that doesn't cause any harm at all to your body?
what health risks do smokers pose to nonsmokers?
theres is no age limit for brain yumor.why?
Anyone know what could cause this?
What organs besides the kidneys are affected by kidney cancer? Plz help.?
Chemo and Pregnancy...?!?
A family friend has stage 2 cancer what can i do to show my support?
What do you think I have?
what to do when you have a stage 2 breast cancer?
When you have cancer how conman is it to have more then one tumor?
cancer-what do i say??????
Is seeing a specialist for a diagnostic mammogram and going to a regular doctor for a mammogram different? ?
how long do you have after being diagnosed with lung cancer?
Does eating burnt food contribute to a risk for cancer..(and if so what kind?)?
breast problem.............?
I am doing a 20 page research paper on Cancer can anybody give me some helpful links so i can finish it up ?
What is prednisone supposed to help with immunohemolytic anemia and hemangiosarcoma?
What does a women look like with cervical cancer?
where can you buy face masks for immunosuppressed people?
Is parvo in dogs a type of cancer?
Internal Hemroids?
Invisalign questions?
will corsodyl daily toothpaste stain my teeth as it is brown?
Ate a crisp, its gone down the side of my tooth and it hurts...?
What can I do about my painful receding gums?
What foods/beverages are harmful to dental hygiene?
why is the gum that covers up my moller teeth is really really swollen?
what can I do to get rid of the redness on my swollen glands under my tongue area?
whats happend to my teeth arrggghhh?
what can i use for my tongue?
How painful is it to get a broken back tooth extracted & a filling?
Sensitive teeth - so painful?
Is ceramic crown covered under the NHS dental service?
I got my braces of today!?
How can i treat this when i don't know the cause??!!!?
NHS dentists some help please?
What are your views on water Fluoridation?
the palet of my babys mouth is the shape of his pacifier (dummy)?
Root Canal Treatment?
What is involved in a (Dental) complex scale and polish?
removal retainers - retainage period?
Should i take my daughter bk 2 the hospital, she had fever since thurs i gave her what i was told. not working?
Do you HAVE to have wheezing as a symptom to be classified as asthmatic?
How does weed cause mental ilness?
What could finding a spot on your lung in an xray mean?
True or False? Antibiotics help control asthma?
is their any diet tablets that really work?
is there a website that can tell me how to keep fit?
hampster diets?
how can i slow down my metabolism?
what procedure do i need to follow to get obesity sugery on the nhs in the uk i fit the criteria please help i
Weight training getting no results?
weight training and vitamins?
How do I calculate how many calories I should intake each day?
Need help to quicken my metabolism?
dark circles around the eyes mine are really bad please help?
Majority of the Londoners often eat lots of junk food. How does this harm to the health?
Has anyone taken the cyq personnal trainer exam lately what can I expect?
Increasing Muscle Mass in Legs???
bodybuilding nutrition?
when would my metabolism be at its highest? i work nightshift 10pm - 7 am?
Don't have an appetitie .. losing weight too quickly?
What exercises can i do at home to firm up my bottom ?
What are the best vitamins the give my 2 year old son?
Whats everyone having for lunch?
Help grip test?
Can't eat enough, can anyone help!?
Is Splenda safe for teeth?
White patch on teeth and bleeding?
When a body is cremated, what happens to any gold in the teeth?
I have a root canal for 10 years .and 4 years ago,I started to feel pain on my gums + bleeding please hlepme?
Split gums after extraction?
Braces pain.. help please :)?
Should I stop using Corsodyl?
my dentist has told me i have a cavity in a tooth,she wants to crown it.should the tooth be filled first.?
how old do you have to be to have your teeth whitened?
UK my son has a tooth problem that needs an operation-hes in great pain every day?
stitches in mouth for a month, how to get them out?
What is it like being a dental nurse in the navy?
UK do i have to pay for dentist treatment ?
how can I get rid of mouth ulcers and why do I constantly keep getting them?
is it supposed to hurt after you get a dental crown?
how much do braces cost about cos i have a massive overbite and me dentist said i need braces?
Swollen gum after tooth removal?
Wisdom tooth? PAINN!! Arghh?
Would a child getting their adult teeth come though cause them to have a fever?
i just got braces and i must eat with my retainer is that normal and its very difficult does it get easier?
My Teeth are overlapping :(?
I can't help clenching my jaw, help?
How long will it take to become a yoga/pilates teacher?
Lateral Thigh Trainer?
Which is less fattening, red wine or beer? why?
is lucozade bad for u?
Does anyone else think Gillian McKeith looks like a chipmunk?
Do Americans think Victoria Beckham looks good, because most Brits thinks she looks emaciated?
What are good topics for a date?
Where does the expression "Bingo Wings" come from regarding flabby arms?
Weight Watchers or Slimming World??
how many cal a apple have?
What is the burning, itchy feeling I get in my legs and thighs when I walk?
how do you preform incline hammer strength presses?
What is the degression in cancer patients?
Is it very likely I have cancer?
is this oral cancer? im worried :S?
Cures for preeclampsia?
Breast cancer "arrow" t-shirts worn on the view?
how do you go about finding a reputable doctor?
What is the life expentancy for liver cancer patients?
what is the difference between.....?
Does Chemo have an affect on having kids?
I have T-Cell A.l.l. and im in remission.i was wondering if it would be dangerous to take a ecstacy pill?
if i have pre-cancer moles, could i have cancer somewhere else?
could i have bowl cancer?
bone cancer helpp please?
Where can you get a full-body MRI?
Does anyone know the "official" paint code for "breast cancer pink?"?
Who had/has cancer before or knows someone that had it? Or hates cancer and thinks it is bad.?
brain tumor ..anxiety..or sinius problems?
what's the normal schedule of vowel movement?
Lymph Node Treatment?
Is there any case for the iPhone 4 that reduces radiation?
I have heard you can donate pop tabs for chemotherapy for other people, is this true?
Elastics on Braces, What do they do?
anyone have any experiences of tooth whitening?
Braces - How bad are they?
will i have to get the missing tooth replaced?
How do I stop braces scratching my mouth?
After getting your braces off, how long before your teeth start shifting?
How long after root canal before you can start eating and drinking?
What causes spots in the mouth?
bottom jaw not grown as normal peoples?
Have you ever just had braces to corret a gap on front teeth? HOW LONG DID YOU HAVE THEM ON?
how long before the anaesthetic from a dental filling wears off?
is it normal for adult teeth to feel wobblyafter extraction?
Could my dizziness and nausea have something to do with my wisdom toothache?
What are they likely to do about my wisdom tooth problems?
Hi looking for some reassurance please?
My saliva tastes really funny?
Will they put me to sleep to do work?
doess it hurt getting braces on?
can a local anaesthetic injected by a dentist promote an attack of anaphalaxis?
i had all my teeth removed yesterday under general anasthesia yesterday, how can i recover quickly?
I've always taken z-pack but this time on day 3 I've had diarehha and feel realy weak and out of it.?
what can I do to get larger hips and more pertruding rear end surgically, naturally!!!!!!!!!!?
Advice please?
what does flab feel like?
my stomach is flat but i want it even flatter how can i get it flatter?
how can i increse my body weight?
Modelling in Italy?!?
what is the face lift diet and does it work?
Just started smoking again...?
high energy natural foods?
any distance learning courses that are invloved in sports/health and fitness????
Is taking calcium in pill form as good as taking it from diet?
cross trainer weight loss?
What Body Parts Do I Train If I Workout 5 Times A Week?
I'm tired of sitting around doing nothing.Should I take up yoga?
Every time i do sit ups my back seems to hurt more than my stomach, am i doing them wrong?
What would you say is a Lazy exercise? And why?
Low stamina?
At the gym, which machine is best for losing weight?
I have started to go to the gym but my stomach looks fatter than before, are there any reasons for this?
How do i get fit?
What is a good workout if you're very underweight?
im trying to lose weight & I have started walking 2 hours a day for the last 2 weeks but I have put weight on?
i go to gym regularly and eat healthily, wot do u think of slimming tablets and do u know any good brands??
i would like to know if anyone has details for suppliers of adult and paediatric resuscitators.?
My dog has broke his back molar tooth--think nerve is exposed. We're moving--how long can it wait?
Toothache? dentists? fillings?help?
at the weekend my nail went crusty and black, should i pull it off with pliers or paint it ?
I've just turned 16 but I want braces on my teeth. Do I have to pay?
I have bad tooth ache in my top back tooth?
How to get my teeth whitened?
What colour braces should i get?
could you advise if anyone uses WaterPik how long do you charge each time after the first charge.?
brace's teeth question?
Hygienist visits? Maternity exemption card?
Gold Inlays or Onlays on the NHS?
twin block brace questions ?
natural ways of getting whiter teeth (apart from bushing them more obviously)?
How much does Invisalign cost in these days (transparent braces).. im sure prices have gone down...?
I'm having 1or 2 wisdom teeth out in private hospital soon...how long will i stay in hospital for after the op?
I want to get my teeth whitened?
i am a dental nurse i want to work in USA what do i need to do so?i am registered with the GDC UK?
when you have veneers do you still need to visit the dentist?
CPD's ... Please help!!!?
smoke stains around my mouth?
Is this wrong for dental treatment on a 14 yo?
any pain relief advice for an infection around my wisdom tooth?
Teeth whitening....How?
lump/ swollen gum ? Could this be cancer?
tooth abscesse help!!?
i had a cvs done last tuesday and results are alresdy back a week after is this good or bad?
Diet and giving up cigs?
whats the best kind of exercise equipment to buy for the house?
How can I lose weight after suffering from Eating Disorders and with a slow metabolism because of them?
Does anyone know of a diet that works FAST!!!!!?
FISH OIL BRANDS! How do i know which brands are safe to take and which do not cointain any toxins?
How good is porridge if you are dieting?
I'm thinking of doing a low fat, vegan diet. Any advice?
whats the GI diet ????
Any body have any ideas of a great diet plan that will work for a busy mum with no patience? with good results
Are all steroids illegal?
what is that thing called that women wear to cover the fat bum, hip and saggy breat?
does eating lots fibre burn fat or doz it help to burn fat?
How many weight watchers points in a calypo???
How do you loose weight?
Cracking Bones!?
help loosing weight?
Do lateral thight trainers work?
I need to lose weight fast, must be safe! Any Ideas?
Toning Thighs Fast?
energy food?
How do you....?
the best center in usa in treatment of liver cancer?
What's the name of a doctor who checks woman for cancer? It starts with a G.?
Can you get little lumps on your body?
Does leukemia go away easily?
could i have a brain tumor?
So i have a swollen lymph node i believe, why would it become swollen?
Bottled water causes breast cancer?
Friend going to die of cancer...?
my mother has got bone narrow?
what kind of people are at a higher risk of skin cancer?
at what age do you have to be to tan in ri?? :]]?
What is the likelihood of passing genes from me to my child. is it dominate or recessive?
help me? hurt by cancer!?
best hospital in the world for pancreatic cancer?
I had breast surgery?
When it comes to bone marrow transplants?
Can you get breast cancer when you are a kid?
What is diet related cancer?
What does a cough caused by Lung Cancer sound like?
triangel #7 cause canser?
my 2/3 treatment on root canal ?
Once you get your braces off and have a retainer do u still have to see your orthodontist regularly?
can you get lingual braces on monthly payments?
I have been referred to hospital (privately) for the removal of my impacted wisdom tooth...?
New teeth, how would I go about it (+costs)?
Does whitening damage your teeth?
Does eating hot food give you bad breath?
dentist..?:S---really worried?
Has anyone had a letter from Boots about Dentyl mouthwash?
going to the dentist soon have not been for 18 years not bothered about work just needle is it bad as remember?
Could I have TMJ? Does anyone know about this?
major pain in the back of my mouth. i think its a wisdom tooth coming through.?
Why am I missing so many teeth?
BIg hole in my upper left molar and it's getting bigger! HELP!?
Please help!! Where are these teeth?!?
my grandaughter aged 6 has hypoplasia tooth enamel of her first teeth, will it be the same with her 2nd teeth?
I got two fillings a few months ago, and for ages the teeth were sensitive. Now they hurt. What's going on?
I am looking for a statistic - how many people have dentures in the UK and how does that break down by age ?
My canines are really high up, can braces make a difference?
I absolutely hate my teeth?
how can i carry on my training as a dental nurse?
2yr old with asthma has alot of trouble breathing while sleeping how can i help?
Undiagnosed asthma in adulthood?
cures for morning sickness!?
in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation for babies.is it necessary to tilt the neck of?
how do you say urainary tract infection in spanish?
I need help with my homework... does anyone know the respiratory system?
I stopped smoking 8 weeks ago and was doing fine, but recently I'm starting to obsess about cigarettes. ?
can you hear sounds when you sleep?
My Husband has this small white thing in the back of his throat, it doesnt hurt or smell.?
lose weight?
im too skinny?
for real i bench 95kg and weigh 71kg at 16yrs is this respectable-ish?
im 5'2 and weigh 130 and i wanna lose a couple inches off my boby is there a fast pace weight lose plan for me
My mother is a diabetic....What is the best way to loose weight?
what food bruins of fat?
Check up before being allowed to register with an NHS dentist?
Why do the back teeth (wisdom teeth) hurt?
does getting teeth bracers put in hurt?
i someone has bucked teeth can the problem be fixed with veneers or do they have to get a tooth bracers first?
is osterarthritis preventable?
Mole looks like melanoma?
How do i prepare myself for my grandma dying?
how does liver cancer connects to evolution?
How can you tell when CANCER has spread?
Can I get addicted to the nicotene? will I eventually....?
How does radiation/chemo for melanoma work?
Is muscle twitching a sign of cancer?
Grandfather with Cancer, need advice?
My dad is going crazy...?
Wondering about what this message means... about cancer?
i am a recovering cancer patient.?
Does anyone have some info on Melanoma they can share?
How do you get or catch cancer?
How can I get a colostomy bag?
if you have this scars long time ago. and you may undergo for medical the scars detected for x-ray?
I live in a different state than my parents. My dad has had cancer for almost 6yrs now.?
My front teeth no longer 'fit' together ?!?
i have had my braces updating with the third to last wire.?
whats the best way to whiten ur teeth?
how common is acid erosion in teeth and can it be fixed?
How much for full set of dentures?
I am having my wisdom tooth (bottom left) out the wk after next & wondered how long people have off work after?
If you have a overbite can you train your jaw to come forward?
Amalgams and occupational health (UK dentists only please).?
how can i get free orthodontic treatment?
my son has an extra piece of tongue under his tongue which is what it looks like?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
Can Inlays and Onlays be done on the Dental NHS?
what happenes with laughing gas?
Has anyone tried 'Pearl Drops' for their teeth?
Veneers or crown which dentist do I believe?
I have a black hole in my tooth, can it be fixed?
when did government change the way they paid dentists?
Is it too late to correct my over bite?
I need to have crowns on four of my top front teeth. Which would you recommend - NHS or pay higher price?
do i need a root canal?
How many months would a person have to keep braces on the top if they have one gap between front teeth?
I've just chipped my front tooth and I feel pain when I put my tongue on the chip.?
Denture with only one tooth £198. Full set dentures £198?
where can i find the best cosmetic dentist in dublin ireland?
is it okay to have cheese while dieting?
hi please help?
I never need the loo?
does toning abs and building on abs muscles burn calories?
i want to buy those electronic abs builder, go on the following link and let me know what you think of it?
No gym equipment, a good workout?
What would make you join a gym?
Skimmed milk or soy milk (reduced calorie unsweetened).. which is healthier??
what part of an boiled egg it protien and which part is the fat?
What is a sensible amount of carbs to consume on a low to moderate carbohydrate diet ?....?
Which foods sit on your hips?
can something be done if you sweat far too much and nothing has worked so far ie roll ons from doctor?
Correct form when deadlifting?
Weight loss and muscle gain, weekly plan.....?
anyone ever heard of a steroid called triple x?
So how many units of alchohol would .5 liter of red wine be? or one pint?
why do we need a life,legs,arms,brain when we run?
Help, Need motivation?
gym or exercise classes?
would i be be able to live without eating if i were to only use supliments such as carbs and protiens etc?
I am attempting to put on weight and need to know how this can be achieved safely.?
I've just kicked cannabis-but what can I do to help myself fight off those cravings?
Can exercising too much cause cancer?
Y we only use half of our brain?
what can cause an abnormal biopsy? please help?
my boyfriend is going to prison and i don't know when he is getting out and my mother has cancer.?
What kinds of cancer are there that happen in the chest?
how to decrease my chances for melanoma...while still getting a sun-kissed beautiful tan?
what causes breast cancer?
chemo and hair loss, what do I wash my head with?
encouraging poems for brother with cancer?
tumour affect which part of the colon can cause diarrhea?
I'm worried I have a brain tumor.?
whats a good slogan for breast cancer?
Any useful websites about pancreatic cancer?
i m scared i have pancratic cancer im only 26?
Cancer and mom?Please help?
swollen lymph nodes 4 months?
Would the NHS pay for Clear step braces for a 17 year old in full time education?
how do i get rid of stain on my teeth?
Is it normal for my 6 year old to complain about pain in her gum.?
Teeth, Braces + Jaw Alignment.?
My wisdom tooth on the left hand side (bottom)...has only grown through a tiny bit?
i have a tongue piercing, what will orthodontist say?
receding gums from tongue piercingg?
Will my braces make me beep?
What are the roots of teeth made from?
How much to replace old crowns?
Dental Filling that really hurt?
my dentist says that i have sensitive teeth..?
Can you see a GP(doctor) regarding dental problems?
Is this pain my wisdom tooth coming through?
list the content of a standard local anaesthetic cartridge?
Omg terrified of dentist....?
dental charges? private or nhs charges? is my dentist a crook? is he trying to get me to pay more? please help?
hurting mouth (oral surgery earlier today)?
If Mercury is so dangerous why put it i fillings?
Braces...what can I eat?
Can you whiten/brighten veneers?
Can a nerve be pulled out when having a tooth removed?
have i really made a mess of my tooth extraction?
Has anyone else had a fixed brace too fix there overbite ?
i have 10 weeks until i go to america on holiday, any tips to tone before i go?!?
Detox info?
CLA- Does it really work?
Has anyone heard or tried slim ball? does it really work?
if you wash a food that has been fryed then squeese it, will it be better? in terms of fattening?
iam 13 st,7 3 kids going to gym month na started makin myself sick 2day will dat wrk?
How many calories do you eat a day?
what will happen to a male who adds an unlimited numbers of fruit to there balanced diet?
Has anyone ever taken Adios slimming pills?
what is a good diet for someone who wants build muscle mass?
How to tighten skin around the tummy?
an apple has 60 calories, what is the quickest way of burning that off?
i just done understand why my slim sister makes herself vomit after she eats? how does she even do it?
I have gained two stone in the last few years,but I want to be slim in time for the summer-any ideas plz?
making yourself throw-up, how does it make you so skinny?
Anyone tell me a good running machine treadmill needs to take a hefty weight?
Little and often or three a day???
which of the following is a a better breakfast? (i wanna loose weight)?
High calorie breakfast???
What can I do to get rid of flem?any foods that help? thanks?
how is pneumonia controlled??
is it cancer?i'm scared?
What do you do if you feel you are being discriminated against because of cancer?
Can marijuana use cause cancer if used only sporadically? 2 weeks?
Ever been dropped by your insurance carrier b/c of cancer, etc?
How long does it take to kill cancer cells with chemo? Not a large amount. Just asking for a general time span?
whats the most wide spread tissue in the body?
Which Stages Of Stomach Cancer Are Operable?
Amputation or limb salvage, do I have a choice in the matter?
my baby has a small lump on his neck they did ultrasound and now want to do ct scan to see more im scared?
my friend died yesterday because he had leukemia should i get depressed i really miss him alot?
worried sick - Breast pain?
my mom was tested for cervical cancer...?
Mom's oncologist told her I need to get biopsy. How should I request this?
Stomach cancer survival!?
cancer cells in cervix and weak immune system?
questions for cancer survey?
pancreas medication, fotent, have you heard of it for a cure?
can paint smell cause loss of brain cells?
Any breast cancer survivors...I have a question?
i have pre-cancer cells can i get pregnant?
What is a pathology report for cancer?
what can cancer patients eat when it gets difficult for them to swallow?
how old were you when you got your first dental filling?
How do they get braces off?
When I woke up my tooth was bleeding...?
braces braces braces...?
how long do porcelain veneers last?
will i be able to have a white composite filling?
I have crooked teeth, Help needed!?
how can i get rid of my fillings? is it possibe?
I missed my NHS dental appointment.....?
what should i do i am 16 and might be getting a molar removed?
would you buy your dentist a gift?
question about dental charges?
Small cut in my gum; how do I fix it or at least ease the pain?
Child of 6.5yrs old; Milk teeth haven't fallen but new ones are appearing. Should I be worried?
pain in tooth :SSSSSS?
very sensitive teeth how to get them whiter..?
If I leave Crest Whitestrips on longer than the recommended time (30 min), will it make my teeth whiten faster?
How can i stop grinding my teeth in my sleep? What damage can it do to them?
how long do white coloured bonded fillings last on front teeth?
why is it important to have good oral hygiene and how and why this can be encouraged for children?
Swollen gums behind front teeth?
Calories burnt to weight loss?
Has anyone out there taken Orlistat for weight loss?
Average weight?
Can I gain more explosive pace by doing squats and weights? If so how much should I do?
Putting ON weight??
My total cholestrol level is 3.5 is this good or bad. Im male 58 and 13.5 stone.I walk quite a lot.?
how long will it take?
Best machines to loose weight in the gym?!?
How can I encourage my partner to live a healthier lifestyle?
How often should I eat cheese and other dairy?
Has anyone tried the Rosemary Conely GI Jeans Diet??
Any good quick diets?
How many calories?
Slimming Pills?
does anyone know this weeks slimming world password please ?
Lean System 7?
Im a size 8/10 however with little clothes on my figure doesnt look the way id like, what do u suggest?
What is the best energy drink/tablets?
Whats With My Weight...?
love handles anyone???
are seeds good for your health and how do they help?
any one know of a good detox deit?
a question about bronchitis or a bad cold?????????????????
My nose...?
What do you think will happen if all mothers gave up their jobs and become housewives?
how to get rid of phlegm... 10 points,emergency!!!!!!?
What does it mean if you hyperventilate?
how do you deal with a panic attack in class...if they won't let you out of the room!?
Is smoking shisha more harmful than drinking alcohol?
About teeth whitening what do they do?
Why do we get oral ulcers?
is it possible to get veneers that look natural?
i chipped about a third of my tooth today, it doesn't look nice at all?
I'm a 16 Year Old Student in High School....Do I have to pay for my dental?
Where can I find Orthodontic wax for braces?
nearly 14 and soo scared bout goin to dentist!?
How long does it take for orthodontists to actually apply traintrack braces on top and bottom teeth?
Do i go to the doctors or dentist?
chipped my front tooth help please?
had my braces tightened today, well atleast i think i did? help?
what do u have to have wrong to get an 'emergency or urgent dental appointement'?
dentist problem....please help...?
i am 16 and i just chipped my front tooth help?
Should a tooth crown be under guarantee if so how long for?
how long does it take for a tooth to heal up when its been pulled out?
whats the fastest way to straighten teeth?
The whole wire has came out of my brace?!?!?
would you have a molar out, or a root filling??? i have a choice and have a month to decide?
Why can't my dentist get me completely numb? no matter how much novocaine?
Just found out my mom has breast cancer..?
Brain damage and cell phone use?
What happens to you if you have Melanoma?
what is the proffecional name for someone who helps others with their bone problems? ?
if you get severely burned will you get cancer?
What would be considered "bad" cancer?
Which Cancer Organizations or Web sites have helped you?
How to explain cancer to teens?
Two moles on scrotum?
what is cancer where do we get cancer?
please tell me wat is lung cancer?
Cancer doctor - what would you do about your cancer?
People with colon cancer what where your symptoms?
What are the odds of getting cancer?
do radiation can cause skin cancer?
Can anybody tell me a useful website that has a picture of the normal apperence of tissue in the liver?
HELP! Is it cancer?? I'm not sure!!?
what is another name for...?
Spinal fusion with bone overgrowth?
can just smoking cause you to have cancer like smoking tea bags?
how long do people live after beating lymphoma?
Wisdom tooth extraction? How Painful? Risk of nerve damage?
how many months would you need to have braces in to correct a gap in front teeth?
Your stranded at the north pole with a friend but no food...?
how can I avoid having a pot belly?
Isn't high intensity aerobic exercise dangerous for the obese?
When will the documentary "50 Shocking Food Facts" be aired?
Why should you not take a bath straight after you've eaten?
How do I work out my BMI?
Im male 30something and want to flatten my beer belly, quickly.?
I'm a thin vegetarian male, whats the best way for me to gain muscle without having to eat meat?
I have a bad habit in eating before going to sleep any suggestion on how to stop?
A question about whey protein?
How can I boost my Energy??
Where can I find a nutritionist in my area?
which is the best diet to follow?
Does anyone know of a site that does personalised weekly meal planners?
is present day diet better or worse than 50years ago in the u.k?
whats the best weight loss program?
what is the best heart rate monitor for running?
exercise free downloads?
True or False?
”How can you eat so much, and stay so thin?
If someone stops eating and starts to exercise like crazy how much weight will they lose in what....?
I live in Shepherds Bush, london. Where is the cheapest and best gym to go and work out?
what is colon cancer?
Atypical marker test of lymph node needle biopsy?
Cervical Cancer jab!?
Colon Cancer treatment ? help! Mother has cancer?
how is chemotheraphy done?
what other organ the the brain work with?
Do Obese people have more chance of getting skin cancer?
please give the remedy for abdomen cancer treated by radio therapy,resulting lose motions, weightloss?
Does punching somebody in the breast give them breast cancer?
which one of these behaviors reduce(s) the risk of cancer?
My father will need a bone marrow transplant for his cancer, I am 17, can I be the donor?
what could these symptoms be?
what happens to the body after not smoking a cigerette for 58 days?
Does deodorant cause cancer...?
what are the two main organs of the cns?
i dipped for 7 months and now im paranoid..help?
Blood? Help!!!!!?
Around what year was it discovered that smoking was the main cause of lung cancer?
who has had any luck quitting smoking using gum?
braces?Do you need a train track on eath tooth?
Any Dentist's On Here, Or Dental Nurse's?
Tooth extraction and the choices..?
my teeth have gone wobbily..?
What's the difference between a dental technician and an orthordontist?
how long does it take to become a dentist in uk?
whats the best teeth whitening procedure?
White stuff around mouth!?
Braces/Overbite question?
I have a gap in my front teeth that has re-opened?
What to do about pointing out that your local dentist is incompetent ?
do you buy your toothbrush for the colour........?
Why are people so self conscious about smiling because of their teeth?
up stairs,down stairs,inside or out,what do you enjoy most?
I'm following the Sonoma diet. I'm only on day 3 of wave 1 but I feel tired & lethargic. Is this normal??
How long will it take?
Someone recommended I try a colon cleanse from the health shop.?
how the person could be fit in a month?
Has any one tried the slimfast diet?
could my bulemia be the reson why i am putting on weight.?
Are eggs healthy?
Will this get me stronger?An interesting approach-read on?
Are brown sugar and honey any better for ones health than white sugar?
Should we stop giving crisps and chips to young children?
Bodybuliding - Supplement guide needed!?
what support do the NHS offer for losing weight (i'm about 6 stone over my healthy weight?
Mr winkie winkers....winkng?
Does an egg from a free-range chicken contain fewer calories than an egg from a battery hen?
Need carbohydrates!?
Can a doctor or a person with Thyroid Cancer answer this plz?
what is the disease of the lung caused by asbestos?
any way in which blood platelets can be increased?
Eggs - how may eggs are we allowed to eat in a week?
Need To Lose 9lbs By The End Of April.?
What's your favorite Healthy snack?
Everyone is saying this is nothing, are they right?
Is cheese flavord Chex Mix really fattening?
How many in america die each year from cervical cancer?
how many calories in a banana?
Cancer and Treatments - two questions?
My wife wants to follow the weight watchers or slimmer world(?) diet ?
Could I have a brain tumor?!?
I have a lump under my armpit, should I be worried?
skin cancer??! help!!
Is it standard procedure for my dr to see my naked after my surgery to get my thyroids taken out due to cancer?
Canker sore or cancer? pictures included?
why does a person"s eyes becomes yellow when he has liver cancer?
Skin Cancer Question: In 2006 I had 2 precancerous moles which 1 out of the 2 has grown back.?
Is it safe to eat this? Will I get cancer?
cancer stats question?
kidney removed why green vomit?
Anemia or something else...?
Death by cell phone radiation?
Ulcers any one??????????????
Before they put your braces on, do they polish your teeth, just to make them extra clean?
Went to the Othro...Elastics...HELP!?
Invisalign questions??
What Do Braces Feel Like?
Does it hurt to have your tooth pulled out?
gap in my teeth any idea how to close it?
My front top tooth is wobbly and aches and im only 17 why and what can i do about it :s?
Is colgate oxygen any good and does get rid of white tongue?
What do I do with my sharp tooth?
What is the best method of teeth whitening?
why did my mouth droop to one side after the dentist gave me an injection before a filling most unusual?
Why does my tooth hurt ?
I have a fixed brace, but I'm now having second thoughts about it.?
I'm having root canal and crown for the first time and really need some reassurance.?
I'm from the UK. How much do you think it will cost to get me teeth done?
I had two teeth out and a gold Chain fitted around a tooth? how long should i stay of school?
If you wore/wear braces, please can you answer these questions?
the cost of dental implants?
teeth whitening pens..have you tried them and do they work?
Looking for bee propolis toothpaste?
what can you use chewed chewing gum for?
what's the best way to whiten teath?
At the dentist I had a routine oral cancer check. The dentist asked me to move my tongue to the left then to?
lump in my gum.....................?
do all the girls wear laser white teeth?
Is chewing pens bad for you?
Dental problems...brown dots?
Asking for a friend ' how long would it take to get from yellow teeth to white teeth using advanced whitening'?
Brush before or after breakfast?
Embedded stain on tooth?
Question about braces..?
My Bracket on my brace broke off and my tooth hurts/?
Has anybody had upper and lower jaw surgery for asymmetry and open bite?
whats up with my teeth?
If my two front teeth were longer then my other top teeth, could they file them down?
question about the orthodontics ? ? ?
Can anyone recommend a really good dentist in London?
Does Nitrous Oxide work?
OverLapping Teeth PLEASEHELP !?
How long will it take for a twin block appliance to work?
Removable braces digging into gums..?
What to do when i have toothache?
Can you give me reasons you would like to take a cancer patient on a world tour?
What is it? Ear Tumor/Cancer?
Who is your care giver?
My grandfather has a 2.8 cm tumor/mass in one of his lungs and his throat hurts. Could it be benign?
In my twenties, I have a lump/bump in my right breast..Fibroadenoma?
headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, chest pains, shortness of breath ????? please help me?
My friends are treating me differently because i have cancer?
i hang around with smokers a lot, how dangerous is the second hand smoke?
Anything can get you cancer for doing it one time?
Lymph nodes for 8 years?
What causes blood in cough?
Could This Be Cancer, Please Answer?
Cance this cause cancer?
What is the dangers of smoking from a toxicological perspective?
if a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer..and..?
ways to help with breast cancer ?
blood clot in lung, is this serious?
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia... Is it really?