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What's wrong with my "tooth"?
what is the best whitening tooth paste? no strips or anything please...just toothpaste!?
I have a dentures problem.?
are your teeth white or yellow?
Realistically how much do dental braces cost, privately in the UK?
Dentists, please help???!!!!?
Why do American's have such good teeth?
I have chipped my tooth. what will happen if i leave it?
why would one be advised to throw out their toothbrush after a burglary ?
How long should you have pain after dental extractions?
How to help a toothache that has a cap over it, and is a molar?
how do you know if you have got holes in your teeth?
combined pill question, please help?
My crown clicked out and I pushed it back up?
i have a gum infection and was prescribed the drug METRONIDAZOLE?
My teeth feel like they are really loose as i have braces...Is this normal?
I'm getting braces! Do they hurt a lot?
how can i lose weight really quick?
does anyone know wat a healthy breakfast is/?
how many grammes in a pound ?
Starting the Gym?
To all women who have miscarried,did you find the urge to binge on junk-food?
How many pints of water are you supposed to drink a day?
i am 40 and have stopped 3 weeks ago to eat white bread or rice or potates.?
is burnt toast bad for you?
What exactly did BEYONCE do on her DIET?
What can you bicep curl and for how many reps? How old are you?
How many calories are in a human being?
does anyone go to Moorside high school in werrington?
Whats Fat?
im 41 and am 9stone 7lbs,and only 5ft tall what is the average weight for my age, i feel fat but everyone keep
when do you put on weight?
i need help on rdcucing my thighs!?
what do these readings mean?
Is it bad to brush your teeth more than 3 times a day?
Question about nerves in the gum?
i have a shooting pain when i bite?
is it good to chew wive your mouth open or closed and why is it so hard for me to shollow my food some times ?
Tingling in teeth after drinking/being drunk?
the back brackets of my brace on both sides have come off my tooth...can this be fixed?
Can you have your teeth straightnened without braces?
Ok what good brace colours are there?
tooth is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are dentists free to see in the UK?
Wisdom Teeth Surgery Recovery?
My sister left bleach in a tray?
Tooth filling - how long after ...........?
How to make my teeth whiter within one week?
My New Electric Toothbrush Sounds Like A Drill - Is This Normal?
10 points:What shop can you get Crest Whitestrips in england?
Should i avoid soda when I have my metal tooth rings in?
Can a dentist refuse to do what you ask?
Burning sensation on my gums?
Ive got a brown line on 3 of my teeth...?
selling your organs is it really posible?
Imagine you have no scientific or academic background but stumbled on a cure for cancer.. would you sell?
Is smoking good for you?
Can animals get cancer?
Are we all doomed to get some form of cancer at some point?
can silly bands give you cancer?
how old do you have to be to be diagnosed with bone cancer?
My mom has cancer. Why can't they just cut out the tumors?
My dad has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. he s75. is there a good chance he can beat it?
I just found out my 18 year old friend has lung cancer... how much longer do you think he has to live?
Some teeth advice please.?
My front tooth is loose?
teeth..... how can i get them really white without using chemicals?
I have so problems with my teeth and it seems my dentist cannot figure it out?
How much do braces cost in the UK?
Keeping Good Oral Hygene?
I had an upper tooth removed 19 days ago and have slight problem?
whats the best cure for toothache?
What's the best NATURAL teeth whitening technique?
Need a new toothbrush! Recommend me please?
Question to all those out there with false teeth?
I am 19 and a student , i need to know if the NHS will pay for my precriptions, glasses, and dental care?
how much do braces cost if you're over the age?
I have a weird milky taste in my mouth and it wont go away?
Is there something between my teeth?
Can Vaseline rosy lips rot teeth?
my husband has terminal cancer and he is really depressed and sad. I need help with dealing with his anger.?
My grandma who is now 70 yrs old has stage four of breast cancer she refuse to have her breast remove,?
if your mom had cancer would you......................................?
Chronic illness that has been going on for over 2 years. Dr's are at a loss?
does coffee cause cancer?
does anyone have information about Xenical and how to register with Roches for freebies?
how do i work out what my optimum heart rate should be when exercising in order to burn fat?
Yoga or Swimming or Badmington?
Has anyone ever got any results from a good exercise dvd?
Does anyone have any low carb / GI recipies that are dairy & egg free?
what are stackers and how do they make you loose weight?
how many times each day can you use a nebuliser also what amount of salbutomol solution should be administed
I want to lose weight this way....?
im a little overweight and dont feel confident?
Would anyone recommend Weight Watchers as a good way to lose weight over 4/5 months ?Serious answers only!?
why do people always fuss so much about loosing weight?
best ways to get fit another at school we have a cross country run & out of 54 i came 35 i need help?
is a manual treadmill any good. does it work. has any one had any experience with it?
I am 5 ft. 9in. and 150 lbs. is that fat?
Which Fitness DVD (avail in UK) would be best for me to lose weight but is not too advanced?
what use do fitness instructors use in ict?
where can i ride my yzf 450 off road in the midlands?
Weight watchers or slimming world?
are boiled eggs fattening? cuz if not ill be eating bare of dem?
does anyone have a slam man? how good are they and are they worth the money?
Emu oil and chicken fat when rubbed into the face can make one ten years younger?
fluorosis with braces?
Has anybody ever used the "secret to whiter teeth", that is always advertised on the internet?
How do you know if a tooth is growing straight?
does the colgate sensitive pro relife toothpaste work ?
Tooth-ache problem...?
i need dental implants on my back teeth, has anyone had this?
What to do with a hurt tooth after one of your wisdom teeth been taken out?
how do i get rid of white spots on my tongue?
Have been feeling weak for the last few days and have had a number of dizzy spells. What is wrong with me?
Anyone know whats wrong with my tooth/gum?
I am a very high on hygine and cant stand a man with smely feet or mouth,?
Have a deep circular hole in my lower gum, any ideas what it can be?
What DENTAL Practises Are Taking Patents On? (UK-NW Manchester)?
what do retainers actually do?
where can i get professsional teeth whitening from in uk?
How can I tell if it's an Ulcer or an Abscess?
Am I using the right toothbrush?
Do more expensive dental products really make a difference?
Getting my colonoscopy done and scared as h***?
Can cancer still be in my family even though....?
What are the best cancer forums?
what are some good foods I can make for my son who is receiving chemotherapy and can't manage hospital food?
Will my cancer get cured....am scared??
starting chemotherapy???
does neone have any advice 4 quiting smoking?
I get people who make fun of my teeth...?
dental question please help ..?
How can i get rid of bad breath?
im 16 years old and want to get a removable brace do you no if i would be covered on the nhs?
can i ask the dentist to postpone any work on my teeth until a later date when i can afford it?
my stepdaughter is 17 wore braces now teeth are continuing to move?
Why do the say mercury fillings and vaccines are safe when mercury causes damage to the body?
which crest teeth whitening strips work the best? only crest strips please !?
do teeth become loose when you get older due to bone density ?
bone/tooth fragments after extraction?
Dentist botched my teeth...?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth? HONESTLY?
Having braces taken off and getting a retainer?
my dentist has buggered my teeth?
Baking soda tooth bleach.?
I'm 19 and just had a baby my teeth have turned yellowy is there any teeth Whitening that works?
I have just stopped taking a 4 day course of ammoxicillin can I start taking cefalexin straight after?
one of my wisdom teeth is coming through is it normal that i have a swollen lymph node under chin on same side?
What is the best exercise to tighten the backs of your arms?
fast n effective ways to slim (excercise etc)?
I want a six pack, what is the fastest way to do this and lose moderate amounts of fat.?
Would large amounts of Omega 3 Fish oil make skin oilier?
Why would cutting aspartame out of your diet make your body ache all over??
What foods contain msg??? Do foods legally have to tell you on contents whats in them???
whats the quickest way to get a six pack and how do you do it?
I am looking for a gym in east london that has good spin classes?
could anybody tell me how many kcal and saturated fat are in a SPEILGA yogurt?
how would an 11 stone guy like me build some upper body muscle fast i only use my gym 20 mins a day to tone up
I headed a melon at the weekend, and it hurt my neck, guess did I bust the melon or not?
how do i get rid of toothache?
How can i tell my mum i need to go to the dentist?
If I use special teeth whitening toothpaste will it damage my teeth?
Large lump on my lip?
help toothache what will help?
What can I do if my teeth are starting to rot?
How much are braces in the UK?
does root canal treatment hurt?
Very nervous about going to dentist.?
how bad is it really?
Teeth Straightening Options And Is NHS Still Available To Me?
arghhhh filling feels werid?
hi im 20 years old and i have a tooth at the top at the top of my mouth like a fang?
Broken tooth - removal or repairable?
my mouth fills up when im talking?
Ive had braces for 10 months, ive just had elastics put on. how long will i have them on for till i finish?
is it legal for general dentists to remove wisdom teeth in the uk?
Plus white just 5 minutes speed whitening gel/kit? UK?
will people call you a geek if you wear braces headgear and glasses?
i have to have a wisdom tooth out tomorrow, how much pain will there be after the operation?
Huge phobia of dentist, but really need to go.?
Is cancer a danger to one's health?
does dipping always cause cancer?
Does Cancer Research do stem cell treatment? I want to raise money for them but I don't want to sin?
How to makr sure I NEVER smoke?
What are the chances of having breast cancer again in a few years after you're done with chemo and all that?
Who can get colon cancer?
relationship between cell division and cancer?
risks of heavy smoking?
Cancer is characterized by...?
Could this be cancer?
Parents, are you afraid of your children getting skin cancer?
How many standard size cigarettes is available from 25 grams of loose tobacco?
Has anyone taken Thermobol?
how can i boost my bust naturally?
how to cook low fat herb dumplings?
How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?
if i just do curls and bench press is it better to do every night or once week how many days gets you bigger?
what is the best way to detox your body?
Please could you?
Are there any good NHS dentists in Ipswich UK?
DENTISTRY - what can i do to increase my chances of getting in?
how long does dental pain last?
When I close my mouth properly, my gum gets caught between my wisdom tooth and my upper tooth, what shall i do?
A bit of my back tooth with filling has broken off HELP?
im scared of going to the dentist - please help!?
What braces do i have?
How can i encourage my adult teeth to come down through the gum into the mouth?
Would you like an after dinner mint?
does getting a tooth pulled out hurt?
which is worse?????????????
Will i get fixed braces?
My dentist won't extract my painful tooth, why?
New partial denture question?
Swollen Face and in a great amount of pain due to Wisdom Teeth which are apparently growing through jaw?
Anyone ever had a referred pain to a top tooth after an extraction of a bottom molar?
I didn't wear my retainer, my teeth have moved and now it won't fit helppp!?
what is whitter?..............................................................................................?
Really Really Bad Toothache!! What can i do to ease the pain until i see my dentist?
Are silver fillings dangerous?
How much would new teeth cost?
How do you get over a loved one's cancer diagnosis?
are all lumps found in the breast due to breast cancer?
I think i have melanoma!?
Dad/Chemo what should I prepare myself for?
does a wound that hasn't healed for 2 years can cause cancer?is there anyway that it could be cure?
Is cancer contagious?
Is there anybody that can help me with a cancer question?
sis 1month to live hubby is talking nasty to us about his private needs is this normal we don't like it?
i am now 14 and i have had a lump on my left ball for 14 months, is it still possible that it might be canser?
Can you have cancer in your ear?? :(?
What are the affects of smoking?
Can vinegar cure cancer?
What do tumors taste like?
question about cigarettes......?
what is the best toothpaste brand?
how can i stop gritting my teeth when i'm asleep?
Can amoxicillin be enough for treating dental infection?
How much is dental care in the UK?
its really getting me down :(?
Is there something wrong with my tonsels, should I get them out?
Hey I am getting my braces off a week tomorrow- what will the orth. do? i'm soo excited!!?
i have a loose tooth from being punched on friday when i was drunk, will it stay loose forever?
Elastics On My Teeth For Braces?
Purple-ish gum with bottom wisdom toooth pushing up?.. please read?
how to cure mouth ulcers?
How long do I have to wear a bonded retainer for?
when will i get my braces of?
how much documentation do I need to prove my new address to a new dentist?
what is maxilofaxion surgery before i get braces?
where can I buy Phentermine slimming pills locally? I live in NEWTON LE WILLOWS merseyside?
Does anyone else get griping stomach pains when they eat chicken?
What foods contain alot of the fat soluble vitamins? the ones you have to be careful with?
what is the best way to get rid of a flabby tummy?
Get lumps in the chest after working out?
What is more fattening to eat?
weight loss pills by a ciet doctor wigan area?
I have been reading Slimming Magazine for years and publication has now stopped does anyone know why?
has anyone used phytolacca berry? are there any side effects to that?
growth hormone and testerone release...HOW?
18in4 diet, does it really work?
What does a Slimming World consultant earn?
why do skinny people hate fat people-shouldnt it be the other way round??
Why don't the people in exercise vids sweat or get out of breath?
how do i avoid snoring when sleeping?
i trying to put on muscle and loose fat any tips?
How do I stretch my shins? i.e the front of my lower legs?
Where can I get a DVD or manual of side stepper exercise programs?
1 am 3 stone overweight and have just bought stimerex-es weight loss tablets . anyone tried them ,do they work
has anybody tried useing diet pills? do they work? how long did it take to loose weight? did you excersise to?
Can humans properly digest milk or dairy products?
Why did my mole turn into a bump, and should I be worried?
How to Detect Early the Fatal Colon Cancer?
what is anemia?????????????????????
How do lollipops help with chemo?
Can tmj go away naturally?
how to close 2 mm tooth gap between two front teeth without braces!?
My wisdom teeth are coming through and I keep accidentally biting my cheek >< :8(- anything I can do?
My Gums From Where My Teeth Were Are Always Uncomfortable When Eating?
is it because of my braces that my teeth look yellow?
why do you get the sensation of an electric chock when tin foil comes into contact with a filling?
My toot hurts... :( please help?
Scared of the dentist?
cracked tooth and bleeding gums...what do i do?!?
What colour of braces should i get?
what does it mean if you swallow a lot?
waht colour braces should i get?
every time i bite into something i have severe pain in my jaw but i only get pain on the first bite?
I haven't worn my retainers for a few months (maybe a year?) and my retainers hurt a lot but they fit?
What colour braces would suit me?
What happens during a dental hygenist appointment?
So Petrified Of The Dentist I Requested A Referral?
my front two teeth are slightly bucked out by about a 1cm ... how long would i have to have braces for?
Really odd dental question but please bare with me :)?
Braces questions!! URGENT?
tooth ache think chipped?
is it cheaper to have a dental bridge done in south africa or the uk?
how to loose weight quickly when you are on asian diet?
good diet?
What is the fat content of different types of milk?
Do you smoke and still do sports?
I'm a beginner in the gym...... can you give me any tips?
during a workout at the gym what is bettter going at a faster speed for a short time or slower 4 longer?
Government health warnings on Fat Peoples Clothes?
I have finished my first successful week of dieting....?
I'm 16 weeks and was wondering how much weight people have gained?
i'm on herbalife for a week now?
What is the best and quickest way to lose weight and keep it off?
which muscle groups should i work first (chest,back or legs) and could you recomend exerises for each?
Cutting down to 2 day workout at gym?
what do grapes green grapes do to our body?
food and drink?
Skin Cancer on Fingertip? (see photos)?
Why do alot of young people get diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?
can a toung piercing give you cancer?
could this be colon cancer in my 2 year old?
symptoms of advanced colon cancer?
white lump on surface of tongue,?
I have a pretty big hole in my back upper tooth can it be saved?
where can i get gold teeth for my dog, i just love gold front teeth all the family have them?
If You need a filling will your orthodontist tell you?
How long will it be before my teeth move?
when a baby aged 1year 3months loses his milk tooth after falling, can it grow back?
Painful gums... do I have gum disease or an infection?
Brace trouble? Please answer?
bleeding gums when i brush my teeth?
My daughter is 13 yrs old,her permanent front top teeth in the centre is loose/shaking,pls.advise some tablet?
Tooth extraction Question. Query please?
TMJ mouthguard and gum question?
Sedation Dentistry is a God Send?
Are braces supsosed to hurt this much?
Help the wire popped out at the end of my braces?
how do boxed elastics work?
my tooth has been extracted...aback molar?
once a tooth comes through,how long does it take for the whole tooth to grow?
my clear braces have gone yellow?
UNREAL pain days after deep filling. how long do i wait until go back to dentist?
what foods make your teeth whiter?
is there a kiddies toothpaste that it not mint that contains flouride on the market?
(dentistry) What are the disadvantages of Periapical x-rays?
can you only email NHS applications?
Why are my teeth yellow?
weird lump on gum, doctor or dentist?
i had my tongue pierced just over a week ago..?
Question about banging a tooth?
does using baking soda to brush your teeth once every two weeks have a bad effect in the long run?
Where can I find an electric toothbrush online?
Sensitive teeth after fillings?
My veneer has broken, will I have to pay top NHS costs?
Would I be a good dentist???? be honest?
which method of whitening do the x factor contestants get done to their teeth?
Problems with a molar crown?
omg i have to get another 2 molars out ? the first two were agonyy helpp?
penicilin for tooth extraction infection?
does anyone else feel unwell/get ill after a visit to the dentist?
How to get rid of mouth ulcers?
tooth ache..........?
Both my brother and I are getting braces help needed please?
Braces info needed [: !?
pure hoodia?
are grapes negative calories?
whats do you think the best way of loosing weight is?
Footballers Diets (English football) for 14 year olds?
should i take steroids??
exercise equipment to flatten the stomach and make your bum smaller?
why shouldnt you eat spinach if you have an underactive thyroid?
Go exercise to reduce bust size is there such a thing?
Are any supplements for weight training any good and if so which ones?
How can my 15 year old rugby playing son gain weight healthily?
do things to speed your Metabolism up really work?
How can i put weight on?? i have been trying for ages ... any tips?
Any ideas for me please?
im addicted to crisps but have high blood pressure whats a good alternative?
whats the best product to take to get ripped and cut up??
Whats the definition of Cardiovascular endurance?
Why would someone who has water retention be told to increase their water intake?
Has anyone used Hoodia with any success?
Dieting Pills?
Where will i get another one?
best exercises/diet?
what would u do if u found out u had cancer?
Lost Dad To Lung Cancer?
Question for doctor or nurse? Opinion please?
Why do doctors recommend anti-oxidants to cancer patients.?
stage 4 lung cancer and my grandfather?
why are dark-skinned people less likely to get skin cancer?
i'm scared i have leukemia?
should smoking be banned in offices?
does breast cancer even exist?
what are the side effects of radiation therapy for brain cancer?
How many cigarettes can give you cancer/permanent health effects?
What colors should I get for my braces?
How to get white teeth (had this problem since i was 7!)?
Tooth ache after root canal.?
Age you can have veneers?
What are these qualifications?
how do you name or number teeth?
If i loose this card, where is i can replace? NHS tax card where you can visit all doktors for free. Where is?
can you have teeth bleach with a bridge and crown?
Is it normal to be exited for Braces ?
Root canalled tooth sore after 2 months?
Are dental cotton wool and normal cotton wool the same thing?
can you have Lingual Braces if you have slightly buck teeth?
BRACES. The bracket broke and the wire is wobbly.?
Has anyone ever gotten over jaw clenching/bruxism?
How long does it take for your wisdom tooth to finish growing?
What Needs To Be Done When I Get A Dental Crown?
how to play flute w/braces?
My jaw wont open wide, what could be the problem ?
are these a levels ok for doing dentistry?
Tooth came out ........?
tooth help.?? please!?
Waist hip ratio?
Can anyone tell me more about the Grape Cure?
Will exercising at night harm me or be less beneficial?
does the atkins diet work?what is the best diet?have you beaten fat?
Whats the name of the slimming aid you get from gps that eliminates all the fat you've eaten- quickly!!?
how much weight can i realistically loose by christmas?
is it possible to put on one and a half stone in 2 months?
why do I get cravings for chilli?
These hunger pains are just too much! What can I do? I must eat a bacon sandwich right now or I will die!?
Natural Diuretics?
What is the point of eating sweetcorn?
Whats the best way to tone your tummy?
i am tryin 2 lose weight after havin a baby i ave tryed everyting as ani1 a gud diet dat actually works?
i have just started goin to the gym whats the best food to have every day?
London marathon moonwalk?
Gymnastic splits?
Does anyone have any low or no carb dinner suggestions?
5 ft 10 . . . 10 stone . . . overweight , what does it say about thier health?
Has anyone ever tried something called okappa for weight loss and did it work?
Why is it that our bodies crave sweet things and why do we go for chocolate and not a sweet apple instead?
Diets again!?
I am a12 year old girl, and i weigh 10st 12lbs. Am i over weight? i am 5ft 2in.?
Has anyone tried or is using Rosemary Conley's Facial-Flex?
Lung Cancer?!?!?!?! :O?
Nausea after smoking?
Disgusting, somewhat controversial, but awful question... Would you get cancer if you ate a malignant tumor?
Would the doctor prescibe radiation if they weren't sure someone had cancer?
Why cant anyone tell me what's wrong?
Could this mean Testicular Cancer?
what colour is a healthy tongue?
extracted molar...72 hours go...?
My daughter is 11 can she get free NHS Dental treatment?
Why does my jaw always hurt?
Dentists in the UK, what do you do on a daily basis? and how much do you earn a year?
BRACE; HERBST - can it only go so far then stop adjusting my jaw? Until it is adjusted again by Orthodontist?
is it normal 2 have 2 little lumps in mouth on both sides of mouth?
why are my teeth so sharp? i dont mean in the vampire way before u ask, all of them are just realy sharp?
have you paid a ridiculous amount for dental treatment that failed?
molar extraction 48 hrs ago?
Should gums be this tight?
UK Dentists - Will I have to pay for this...?
What can cause the canines to go light brown, while the rest of the teeth are okay?
I have a light tooth cavity. what should i do?
why does food/drink taste so weird after you finished brushing your teeth/tongue?
Why is my jaw sensitive to touch?
Can you get clear brackets for braces on the NHS?
What is wrong with my Jaw?!?!?
Can you get clear braces on the NHS?
I have a lot of pain on my left front tooth.?
I had 2 teeth extracted 5 days ago and can still taste antiseptic/hospital - why?
i was eating a cookie and my left back moler just feel out, i have no blood and the pain is just now starting?
At the Dentist he told me i need to drink fewer cokes because my teeth were beginning to De-Calcify.?
Chronic toothache help?!?!?
I am looking to buy a lazy town toothbrush ,but not having any luck , can anyone help?
I have a tongue ulcer! any advice?
Hi! Is anybody knows how to find a trainee dental technician job in the UK? Thanks?
is it ever to late to get orthodontic treatment?
Can't speak properly with a retainer :( please help?
whats the best toothpaste?
How do I stop a gum infection?
Bulimia Ravaged My Teeth, Will Any NHS Dentist Sort Them Out For Me?
has anyone out there been caught by the white teeth scam involving pure white and dazzle white?
Can i take my braces of before due time ? best answer 10points?
wisdom teeth removal tomorrow?
How do you get rid of bad breath.?
When your nervous and your mouth gets dry is there any way to stop it?
Can I straighten one tooth and how much does it cost?
I just ate some white chocolate and my teeth are now stained. What has happened and will go away ?
Does anyone know what the chances are of curing Multiple Myloma through natural cures vs bone marrow trans.?
What should I do for my mom?
What exactly is Chemotherapy?
My sister just had breast cancer surgery and just got home sunday.?
Is it possible to cure a tumor lung cancer without surgery or chemo??
What can my Sister take to reduce the side effect of her Chemotherapy?
what works for you?
Weight Loss Question?
Cancer-free Smoking. Does it exist?
Cancer Survivors, Did You Re-Evaluate Your Life?
Is it true that only good people die from cancer? Do bad people die from cancer as well?
When you have cancer, you lose your hair, but it'll come back, so then why do ppl donate their hair to them?
What factor increases the chances of a cancerous growth?
Is it possible to detect cancer from blood tests?
Will water tablets help?
Hi. Is Pradeep fat?
list the beneficial effects of a well-balanced diet?
What do u class as fat?
Is it possible for Leukemia to be mistaken for Mono?
I need help with gym workouts?
How can I lose weight on Paroxetine?
Achilles Tendon / tendinitis?
slimming tablets?
Fat kids in the Sun Newspaper?
How can I loose weight round my hips?
maximucsle product?
Im a size 10 and want to lose a stone in weight to become a size 8.?
Know of any groups that I can get in contact with that teach you about holistic health?
Low Carb Diet Question?
Are muscle supplements bad for you?
the gym wat i need to do to lose weight?
I am thinking about trying the Kelloggs cereal diet. Has anyone done it?
I'm getting my braces removed tomorrow and would like to know a few things?
My front teeth appears to have cracks on it ?
How to connect portable dental unit to air compressor?
what is the cost of NHS dentist check up please.?
what's the minimum no. of A*s needed to apply for dentistry in UK?
i want to ask about medical fields after dental surgery?
How to get my teeth white again?
haw much wold cost to have every think of 10 years youngers?
does loss of weight mean cancer?
Is cancer random or am I crazy?
Are these signs that I have skin cancer?
I had a dream that a Dr. Said I had breast cancer what does that mean?
I could not believe she had the nerve to ask me and she asked me on facebook!!?
what does cancer cells do on a molecular level?
i have a friend who has cncer but she needs a c a t scan but she is too large for the machine?
Does eating microwave porpcorn cause cancer?
is it possible to get brain cancer at age 16?
Is cheese real fattening?
Is salt good for you in anyway?
Is aerobic excercise like walking really going to help you lose weight very much?
ExERCISE....easy, simple, and fat burning!?
If i do pilates..how many times should i go it a week?
what are good foods you should be eating?
If you pig out for a week, do you lose the weight afterwards or does it stay?
what is the quikest and healthiest way to lose weight?
im on a diet, whats the best exercise?
Boney figure?
what are the health benifits (if any) of spending time in a sauna and steam room?
Why do women constantly moan about losing weight?
Dramtic weight loss?
How does one de-stress?
Can anyone tell me some info about the CAMBRIDGE DIET?
Which sporting activity burns the most calories?
Exercise for the bum?
how many cals will i burn by walking 10 000 steps a day?
Lads, am I fat?
could anyone recommend a reliable, safe and effective diet pills and where to get it?
Being Put To Sleep Whilst Having Teeth Out, Im Scared :(?
I have a crater in tooth, it only hurts when i touch it, not with sweets and cold water, WHAT TO DO?
Should dental surgery be free on the NHS for the general health of the population?
Where can you get a free dental check in London?
how many times a day is it ok to brush your teeth? is 3 or 4 to much?
How much dentistry can I get free if i'm on Jobseekers Allowance?
white stuff on top of my teeth, how to get rid of them?
I am finally going to the dentist tommorow!?
Composite bonding on NHS?
when you make out with someone, when your tounge is in their mouth, what do you do with it?
im getting braces in 1 month does it hurt plz answer!!!!! im scared?
Grades and subjects to be an orthodonist?
i went to my orthodontist the other day and he "tuned up" my retainer, but now it doesnt fit right!!?
Invisalign? for teeth?
What is the proper way to brush your teeth!?
My teeth won't just stay White! why!?
Should I look into getting braces?
I think i lost an adult tooth - Help!!!?
My 11 year old had a baby tooth taken out last Thursday and we did all the after care that we were told to do?
Verrucca root help please?
My tooth crown has the feel of tile. It only feels smooth straight after brushing..?
would a dentist let a 16 year old volunteer in there?
anyone know a good dental technician in london central for false teeth thanks?
diet for people on thyroxine?
Repairing muscles?
Why after 14 days of daily fitness regime and restricting the my daily intake of calories?
Is Thermobol good for losing body fat?
How loong does it take a person to become unfit. What I mean I can leave off my?
Resistance training without having to buy expensive equipment?
how can i become fat?
best product for fat burning?
is there any way of not getting a beer belly without stopping drinking alcohol?
What food or drink can have a detrimental effect on an arthritic joint. How about tomatoes and oranje juice.?
Cancer survivors: I know when you have cancer it can affect your tastebuds.?
Does this look like skin cancer?
How does cancer spread throughout body?
does tanning cause skin cancer to everbody?
what is a good book for a cancer patient in the hospital?
is it likely you will?
How soon after a wisdom tooth extraction is it safe to drink carbonated drinks?
How do I know if I need a filling?
What other problems would come of not having a severe overbite corrected?
I recently got my tounge pierced.:)?
my husband's tongue has a yellowish/brown colour down the middle. Is this a sign of ill health or too much tea?
has anyone had dental treatment in leeds, uk on a pay monthly basis?if so how did you get it?
Just had a Dental Crown/Cap fitted in - worried?
toothache ...please help!!?
When you first get braces on, do they hurt enough to stop you from going out the following night?
Why is it free to see a doctor, but not a dentist on the NHS?
Do Orabrush actually work?
my gums hurt whats wrong with them?
Tooth extraction 3 weeks ago got dry socket which was treated but still very tender is this normal?
Can anyone give me information on what the NHS gives for free on teeth for under 16s?
How to remove signs of Dental erosion - Zig zags on teeth?
Does it hurt bad when you get your braces on? I am getting them in three days and I'm kinda nervous. [:?
my crown was installed 3 days agoand it looks and feels too wide on the inside of my mouth feels werid?
What places offer NHS staff discount?
Teeth whiteneing products: What's the best one I can buy at Boots but still get really white teeth from?
A dental question, my front tooth?
Dentyl Ph, why must it avoid contact with plastics? and what might it do to my mouth guard?
process of getting braces in the UK?
I BEG someone to please help me?
a question about wisdom teeth?
Is my dentist no good; he suggested bleaching to restore whiteness to my teeth, when the yellowing is enamel?
Root filling failure?
One of my tonsils are swollen and dotted white, but there are ulcers all around my mouth too - what do I have?
Im 18 and smoked for 2 years and lung cancer is in my genes i just quit but have chest pains should i worry?
Help Me Keep Faith. Please.?
my mom got a colonoscopy?
whats happening to me?
a tumor is located where in your body?
what is Mild Dysplaysia? Is it Cancer?
4. Which type of cancer is the fastest growing?
why isnt there a cure for cancer?
does it hurt when you have teeth pulled out?!?
Mouth wash help dentists opinion needed (UK)?
Sensitive tooth issues?
How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?
Whats a really effective way to clean your tongue, and get rid of all the whiteness?
How much do fillings really hurt with no injection?
should my tooth still be hurting after a filling?
whats it like to have braces?
can I make an appointment for my boyfriend to have his tooth removed?
How long does it take to get braces put in?
How many germs are on a toothbrush?
How can I make My Teeth White With Braces?
how do they know when its time to stop wearing retainers?
The back of my brace which goes around my tooth keeps poking into my cheek, and I now have a cut on my cheek?
Small amount of pain on my upper left Molar. What should I do before it gets worse without Seeing the dentist?
does anyone know a good dental tectnician in the islington area please?
Will a dentist be able to tell I have been purging by my teeth?
How to keep mouth fresh naturally throughout the day?
where can i buy dazzle smile and alta whitening from in london?
How many Calories in a Greggs Sausage roll?
seriously how did JANET JACKSON loose all that weight soo quick when a year ago she was a blob ?
Weight training - what muscle groups should I work together. e.g. biceps with shoulders, etc?
what is your favourites hobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How many calories in a cherry tomato?
Instead of slimmimg stuff, can anyone rise up and talk about gaining weight to help those who never get big?
Someone knows about a product that makes your metabolism goes faster?
does anyone have any good tips for kicking boxing strengthening exercises?
Losing Body Fat Advice?
As anyone used the mygym exercise equipment. And if so is it worth buying.?
Trouble loosing weight?
what is the ideal weight for a 32 yr old 5ft 9er?
Diets on a budget?
Bingo wings?
which is the best fun fitness dvd out in the uk?
Which exercises for stomach can I do if I have back pain problem?
is there anyone else?
I really wanna lose weight and get fit but it seems quite hard..ANYONE WANNA HELP ME ONLINE??
How is Rheumatic fever and a Heart murmur linked to toothache and abscess formation?
will i fail nbden dental exam if i fail the multiple choice part of paper a but do well on all other parts?
does anyone else feel unwell/get ill after a visit to the dentist?
petrified of the dentist today, maybe getting a root canal!?
Does the brace process hurt?
If you had cancer, How would you answer these three questions.?
Are there any people die because of smoking at the early age of 15 or twenty-something or thirty something?
Someone told me that talking on the phone causes you to get brain tumors/cancer?
Colonoscopy Prep didn't really clean me out like I thought it would.?
i am 15 years old, and i smoke....?
I am losing alot of hair and I am only 23...do i have cancer?
Can you live with a partial brain?
both parents have cancer... I FEEL HELPLESS?
how we can help people have cancer?
Is it possible that I have a brain tumor?
How are mast cell tumors treated?
can colon cleaning tablets also get weed out of your system?
I have a mole -- should I be concerned?
Is it common to need fillings when a brace is removed?
Jaw problem? .?
How soon can a dental abcess return after a round of antibiotics?
What should i do i hate my teeth?
Getting braces!! :( ?
Yellow teeth - the hydrogen peroxide trick?
Tooth out and something there!!>?
Everytime I smile I try to cover my teeth with my mouth, I used to have braces. Is hypnotherapy a good option?
What can i do or take to improve my gum health?
what will braces feel like for the first time?
Problem With My Teeth?
questions on teeth and braces?
If you extract the tooth after you had a root canal, can that get rid of the whole root canal procedure?
Wisdom teeth extraction! Please help?
Gap in teeth and whole! :(?
ive got some white spots on my teeth?
Someone help pleaaaase!?
is any difference between this electric toothbrush and a sonic one?
How Does Teeh Whitening Work?
Has Northfield in Birmingham (UK) got fluoride in its water supply?
implant vs braces which one?
Wisdom teeth really painful?
Wisdom tooth extraction?!?!?
sea kelp? any good anyone used it what are peoples views on it?
Vo2 Max . . ?
How do you keep a healthy heart?
Yoga dvd's to recommend?
What can I do against cellulite???? help!!!!?
Does lifting weights give you more energy?
how to lose weight in a week?
Sit ups abs??
Coach potatoe wanting to active?
wat is the fastest way too loose belly fat?
What type of illness can occur during fitness training activities?
what choice of gyms are there in West Ham and nearby area?
Lilia's workout dvd?
Has anyone any tips to improve cellulite on my bottom?
How to lose weight quick. especially off the face and chin?
can i have a bridge fitted on the nhs this will be a front tooth and i just dont feel i could handle a plate?
How do people get hyponatremia if almost everything we eat has salt?
If cigarettes cause Cancer why do they make em?
at what age can you test for lung cancer?
please help i think i feel a lump?
Does a person with cancer lose there hair eyebrows?
Do I have Cancer ?? please HELP I THINK IM DYING?
Need any info on colon cancer with mets to the liver?
Is it possible to have two different types of cancers at once?
My aunt just got diagnosed...?
I was just diagnosed with Stage I colon cancer, what do I do to stay healthy now?
Stage 4 liver failure, high ammonia levels, cirrhosis, death?
pressure in the back of my head -is that brain cancer?
wat treetment use for prostate cancer?
Do you think I have breast cancer?
Do experienced surgeons grieve over patients they lose or do they just move on to the next like nothing hapnd?
How long will i take to develop lung cancer?
If a person is strangled and subsequently embalmed, how would a pathologist determine the cause of death?
What is wrong with me?!?! Please help?!?!?
If a mole all of the sudden rises up and itches does it mean cancer?
Does Gingivitis go away?
What is an easy to use teeth whitening which I can use at 16? my teeth aren't yellow but im vane...?
Is this normal behaviour for a dentist or...?
Is it possible to........?
Questions about braces?
Can you clean clear (essix) retainers with denture cleaning tablets?
how do i stop my little brother grinding his teeth together at night?
My 13 year old daughter is having braces put on and she wants to know if it will hurt, does it?
teeth(after braces) NEED hELP?
would you brush your teeth with stinking bishop cheese?
I just recently had a bottom train track brace fitted!?
Toofy Pegs ... Anyone got them?
Can i get invislign treatment on the NHS for my teeth or if not how much does it cost?
teeth grinding while sleeping -> can this be a problem?
Huge crack in wisdom (big tooth at back) tooth?
Wisdom tooth or some other problem?
Can I sue my orthodontist?
What is the bad breath solution?
Having braces taken off?
help me guys! im goin 2 the dentist?
Any non-acidic drinks?
I am not over weight in fact i am slightly under weight but i have a flabby belly will exercises work?
do arms that have stretch marks ever shrink back?
white Vs brown bread?
best yoga dallas?
How many calories does 250 ml of red wine have?
Is caffeine really bad for you?
I noticed someone asked if slimfast worked when losing weight.?
am i overweight?
Resting heart rates...?
what is the best way to lose fat from my stomach.?
what are the biggest foods to avoid on low gi diet?
Does the body digest Sweetcorn??
how do you make losing weight fun?
Is My Friends Coke Habit Dangerous to his Health?
does slimball work?
weight watchers?
What do you think about fitness-goals?
i purchased a cross trainer to help lose weight was it a good choice?
how much is it for a tummy tuck?
how can I make my calf and thigh muscles slimmer?
what are the most nutritional beneficial foods to eat? and why?
lumps cancerous?
my friend has a bump on both of his breasts at the age of 13 what is it???
Throat Cancer?What else could it be?
In a very weird state of mind right now. [Brain tumor question]?
Can moles become cancerous?
how can I medicare health benefits,if I am a 50 old, american citizen with stage IV, colon cancer, disabled?
Could I have cancer?Help!?
What causes Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Subtype M2?
I need to know about my moles:?
Help! I'm worried I might have cancer?
my doberman has been diagnosed with advance lung cancer aged 11?
if u have cancer , how do u no u have it?
Is it possible that recieving treatment for her cancer caused my grandma's dementia?
Do you get colon cancer?
Chance of getting lung cancer from smoking weed?
what does it mean if you have prostate cancer?
why is my voice scratchy after smoking a cigg ps i dont have throte cancer?
do all forms of cancer cause enlarged lymph nodes?
my mom had ovarian cancer stage two it has spreaded to lungs is chemo really going to hep this time?
what answers can i give in a dental nurse interview?
Hi have a wisdom tooth growing through.?
what happens on your first ortho app. for braces?
Childs electric toothbrush?
Where do i go to get the type of surgery i want?
Will having whiter teeth make your smile appear wider/bigger?
Do teeth really become whiter if you use this strawberry method? (10 POINTS!!)?
Please answer this really fast?
my retainer doesnt fit any more??
Are gums meant to move?
can any 1 help am in bad pain with my wisdom tooth and ear and face cant open my mouth much and nt got denist?
What Happens On Your First Orthodontic Appointment ?
How Long Is The Nhs Braces Waiting List?
Can anyone recommend a good dentist in bournemouth?
Is it ok to whiten my teeth this way.?
Why do people with bad or discoloured teeth always smile?
I had laughing gas at the dentist!?
What Causes Bad Breath?
How to whiten your teeth?
weird taste in my mouth?
weight loss?
what shall i have for dinner?
what is the best food to eat before and after excersise, and why?
what part of the human body weighs approximately 8 pounds?
i think i might something wrong with my colon i try and go to t?
Cancer Sleep?
Is it natural to feel this way?
my dad has cancer and dosen't know that i know ?
how i can leave smoking?
can a spinal tap cause brain damage or tumors?
What's a heme-ridge?
Help! Is this skin cancer or a normal mole?
when do u know u have breast cancer and how do you check?
Is there a cure for cancer in other countries?
Can Cell phones cause ear cancer or tumours?
Are CT Scans bad.................?
What are some good fundraiser ideas?
what choices can you make that could help reduce the risk of cancer?
I Need An Answer About How Long My Sister's Dad Has To Live?
lump in mouth getting bigger?
i think my teeth could be straighter and i'm having my braces off thursday!?
Electric Toothbrush / Teeth Whitening: Any Recommendations?
getting braces off next week and i think i should have them on a bit longer?
can you use colgate icy whiting on a dog?
wisdom how long should i have wait to smoke after having my wisdom teeth out ?
Which is the best Tooth Whitening Toothpaste ?
tooth pain please help?
tightening twin block braces help!?!?
No matter what she won't swallow it?
My husband chipped his tooth and it was sharp he cut his tongue on the ragged edge what should he do?
I Have Dry Socket - Please Help?
Horrible taste in my mouth. I got teeth taken out.?
lip filler with dental block in manchester?
I took laughing gas but didnt laugh?
Any1 reccomend a good toothpaste?
How to get rid of ulcers?
wisdom teeth pain pain pain?
Jaw problem - cant open my mouth and in pain?
I have just had my braces off. I have to wait a week for a retainer. Will my teeth move in that time?
One side of jaw "pops out"?
HELP!! do i have cancer? maybe?
could this be oral cancer?
i have pre cervical cancer.should i be worried? how long will i live?
How likely will i get cancer within the next 10 or 20 years?
My son is 2 yrs old and got his gallbladder removed we found out cancer was in there. Anyone else?
I have moved in with my older sister who is dying from cancer. Could I be paid as a caregiver ?
what is wrong inside of my brain?
Missing School Because of Cancer?
should i smoke weed if i have cancer?
What is wrong with my child?!?
Does smoking for a month cause cancer?
How should I expect my chemo to go?
How Do You Know If You Are Dying From Cancer; 19 Y/O And Scared To Death?
My sister was just diagnosed with brain mets and I can't cope?
Do I have cancer, I had a blood nose today?
Is it possible to have melanoma?
Does anyone know of a great cancer treatment center?
Has anyone bought any equipment from SportEquipment UK? I'm thinking of buying a Energizer Delux treadmill?
Weight loss help?
how do i get energy without eating too many carbs??
Has anybody joined Boots new weight loss programme?
whats the best advice anyone has given you on dieting?
Is the all bran cereal fattening??
Is Green Tea good for you?? why??
If I just want to build muscle mass, should I do more weight/fewer reps, or less weight/more reps?
To all you porridge eaters out there; Can you say what porridge oats do you prefer and why?
how long do i need to spend on my excerise bike to loose weight?
How long does it take sugar to reach the blood stream, from the time of drinking a sugary drink?
i want to lose weight but i am sick when ieat but when i eat fruit i am not sick?
How can i lose it?!?
laxative abuse?
am i under weight?
Will I Lose Weight ????
What is the best way to detox?
Im female very small framed and toned everywhere except my stomach y?
I'm on a major health kick and am eating 6-8 pieces of fruit a day. Is this too much?
What would happen if you kept on eating even if you're full?
what other types of fish contain omega 3 other than salmon.?
Can't get rid of flab yet exercise lots and eat healthily, help?
18lb in 4 days Help, does it actully work, if so how?
do i need another filling?
Does any one no if the NHS Walk in centres offer dental care?
What could a dull ache in the lower jaw, gradually getting more constant, mean?
two days before the day after tommorrow?
Would braces be removed if?
Bad Toothache !! very worried as Dentist says its not Urgent ?
what would happen if i put lots of elastic bands round my neck?
roof of mouth n front tooth really sore! any advice i dnt know wether it could be sinus pain?
How long does it take to pull a bad tooth?
i have bad breath al the time? help?
Does anyone know of a way to stop snoring?
i have a gap in my teeth?
Why are my teeth still getting bad?
Why do i have a bad taste in my mouth constantly?
can a person get continue brace treatment if he/she missed an appointment for over a year?
Blood like Bubble on Gums?
tooth extraction - implant ?
Kinda odd question for dentists or anyone that knows about teeth (Toothpaste & mouthwash)?
I get the occasional tonsil stone but does this mean I have bad breath?
Fixed Brace's Help...?
teeth making in one level?
what happens when someone first goes to the orthodontist?
my teeth not in bad looking but i want to put braces some of the tooth in front in the lower part not tidy/?
will eating too much sweets rot my teeth?
Why to my teeth become numb after I do any sort of exercise?
was on oxycontin for a week, developed a horrible taste in my mouth..?
How do I fix the popping in my jaw?
Help please! Braces! and paracetamol not working?
Best Chewing gum in the UK?
Removable braces, Help?
I hate my crooked teeth?
whats causing this bad breath?
Only one of my teeth have moved because half of my permenant retainer broke. Is there a way I can fix it?
I had two molars removed a few years ago and now find it uncomfortable to eat?
pain killers..... ive taken my max amount today for broken tooth?
Wisdom Teeth Agony - Please Help!?
Question about brushing teeth before bed.?
Wisdom tooth extraction in France, price and reimbusment with EHIC?
how should I look after my teeth?
How to use discolouring tablets?
Will getting my tongue pierced affect my braces?
Tomorrow I go to the dentist for an infected tooth,will the x-ray show how far the infection reached?
How good does your eyesight have to be to become a dentist?
best pain relief for a broken tooth?
Does touching a leaking battery cause cancer and death?
Who can get cancer? please help.?
my friend has cancer?
am i beginning to develope cancer?
Chemotherapy+Wig HELP!?
If cancer was represented in one color what would it be?
[Please help]I think I have a brain tumor[Please help]?
Can you have nose cancer?
what the signs of postrate cancer?
how to comfort sick family member?
prostate cancer 65 year old dad, im scared... help?
I have cervical cancer?
does this sound like colon cancer?
What if you were to smoke cigarettes half your life and chew tobacco the other half? Cancer risks lowered?
How do people get cancer?
Does this sound like lymphomas?
should we give up my dad he got bone cancer?
If someone has been smoking for 34 years what is their chance of getting lung cancer?
What is the best way to loose my baby weight?
i have a baby boy weight 7.8kg, my friend same month's boy is 10kg is he healthy?
Are there any nice low fat sweets in the UK that you can recommend?
meals out of potatos and pasta?
ive taken speed whilst beeing on steroid cycle, what might happend to me now?
i Wud like 2 no places were steroids can b injected?
i suffer from psoriasis &use the creams from my GP daily but my psoriasis is getting worse any tips on how to?
if jamie oliver and and dawn french had a fight who would win ?
What is ectoplan?
THINS / THINZ ? Are they any good?
Have you tried the 2468 diet?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a double chin without surgery?
How do i calculate how many WW points i need in a day?
I wanna lose 8.8 lbs - wanna support me?
Do probiotic drinks namely "Yakult" actually work?
Best way to regain pre-pregnancy shape. I weigh similar to?
What are the benefits of drinking hot water with freshly sqeezed lemon juice.?
How Do I Put On Weight Quickly?
any mums out there wiv rubber ring of chub about there?
Eating and drinking after a filling?
Further Root Canal Queries ? ?
i need detailed description on wards incision for removal of wisdom teeth [impacted ] with figures or diagrams?
hey i just had my braces done and its starting to hurt, How long will the pain last?
My filling which was put in only last week, just broke off. Do I need to pay my NHS dentist to repair it?
how can i get my teeth straight?
What A-Levels should I take if I want to be a dentist?
Is there A Dentist Around, I am losing my Mind! Help...?
Braces: Inside your mouth!?
What do you wear the elastic bands on braces for?
Pain in tooth when chewing bubble gum?