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nursing diagnosis and scientific explanation?
Is it out of the mouths of babes?
some help please?
Do you know a promo code for the Gillian McKeith website? I've found a £5 off one, is there a free one?
How much exercise should I do everyday/week?
I would like good sensible regime of eating please?
How can I tone up my bum!!!??
If I de tox for a week, just eating fruit, brown rice and chicken, realistically how much weight will I lose?
Roughly, how many calories are in a coffee mug full of normal tea which has 2 sugars and milk?
weight training, Help with Ripping up as i cant seem to rip up my lower chest for example. Any help please?
whats the best way to motivate youself to do anything?
I feel like exercising indoors, what shall I do apart from 'dancing'??
when lifting weights, is lifting to failure recommended?
Healthy eating for children?
should i eat breakfast before or after i go for a brisk walk or jog in the morning?
How long does Hypnotherapy for weight loss last? I've had great success with it over the last 3 months.?
does this website excist www.gicapsule.co.uk i cant get it and i dont want 2 give my bank details over the ph?
has anyone had a abdominoplasty and did it hurt?
I need to tone up quick, but don't want to add muscle, just definition, what do you suggest?
Questions about elastic bands - braces?
inflammed gums......Need remedies please help x?
can i have an emergency dentist appointment (UK)?
How long does the proses from the start take to get braces?
bad breath problem help!?
Can my dentist refuse to take my tooth out tomorrow?
is it a wisdom tooth ?
lisp when pronouncing ch's and j's?
NHS braces question.?
Stitches in my mouth. What to eat?
taste of blood in mouth and blood appeared in mouth out of blue?
Why can I taste metal when i eat a boiled egg?
I'm getting 4 teeth pulled, does it hurt?
how do you get wobbly teeth out easily?
Help my orthodontist told me I should get braces BUT I need to have teeth pulled out what happens then?
Why do I have cracks in my tongue?
How can I look after my teeth to reduce dentist costs?
Braces - Evaluating my choice...?
Large hole in wisdom teeth...terrified of going to the dentist. =(?
half the root of two of my teeth came out..?
How dangerous is CLL?
2 years out with stage IV colon cancer metasticized to the liver biliary ducts blocked and bilirubin 21.?
what kind of complication from smoking is this?
What changes in urine production would occur in a patient who suffered a surgical injury to the hypothalamus?
what does an oncologist do thru out a normal day?
why is it so hard to live with cystic fibrosis?
lost 3 and a half stone?
When you are on a slimming diet do you fatter before you get thinner?
I'm traveling to Europe, is there anyplace I can purchase anabolics?
Unfit, need help?
Has anybody heard of a slimming pill called Gi Capsule is there any side effects to taking it?
where are there yoga retreats where you can have massage and detox?
How do you calculate BMI?
If I gave up coffee, what are the health benefits and what differance would I notice in myself?
I want to start the Atkins diet....?
has anyone ever heard of bonsal diet pills?
Do you think it is true that if you indulge in fattening food it will show on your body as fat 3 days later?
best way to loose weight and tone up in a gym ???
what are the best foods containing vitamin B12?
Is there a website where you can fill in infor about yourself to see if you are healthy and how to improve it?
I want to tone up a flabby belly any really effective exercises.I cannot do a full sit up?
What is the absolute minimum amount of food a healthy, reasonably active female should eat in a day?
My back hurts from rowing... what should I do about it?!?
everything i eat cheese i twitch & get palpitations but i dont want 2 give up eating cheese?
can I have some tips for building up willpower for my diet please?
Recurring tooth abscess?
I suffer from TMJ disorder and have a question about Chewing gum.?
What is wrong with my jaw/mouth/neck?
My jaw has been clicking for 2 months now and won't stop?
one of my brackets felll off but its still on the wire?
Do you need a NVQ to work in a care home?
Can you get a gold crown on the NHS for a twisted tooth?
One of the metal bits of my brace which glues on to your teeth has come off within minutes of going to dentist?
why do people want to get their teeth pulled out?
mini gap between two front teeth...?
Do i need braces or Not?
how long does it take a wisdom tooth to heal after extraction?
i went to the dentist the other week he said i have a shadow on one of my teeth does anyone no what this Could?
Am I the only one who thinks listerine is way too strong?
smoking and dental work, is it to late for me?
I always get an ulcer in the same place?
Random tooth twitch/spasm?
My gums are swollen and when i pop them blood comes out?
Could do with some advice please.?
Can my retainer change my teeth at all ?
Can i have dental treatment under general anestetic?
Can I drink Gatorade With Braces?
Weight Loss?
How many calories roughly do you burn swimming for 25 minutes.?
about hunger and eating.?
Have any of you girls got a six pack & if so, how long (honestly) did it take to achieve?
Electronic Gymnastic Device?
does training your abs loads add inches to your waist measurement?
which exercise if best for losing fat? short sprints or long jog?
how to loose the fat around the lower abs?
is it true some famous people eat living worms to help them lose weight?
Is the Fruitarian diet safe?
how can a peel my arse off the sofa and motivate myself today?
what is the antagonistic pair of the abdominal muslces?
i wana help a kid who is suffring from blood cancer?
Do I have breast cancer?
my boyfriend died of cancer?
My dating problem could be my tooth?
INTENSE PAIN from retainer?
Teeth removal!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I make my teeth whiter? It's stained.?
I have just had three fillings..one big one and two tiny ones. Can anybody tell me when am....?
Help! What sort of brace will i need?
what colour braces make your teeth look white, orthodontist tomorrow, last appointment:)?
swollen gums after tooth extraction?
is it normal to feel exhausted and lethargic after tooth extraction?
I get very short of breath just by getting a round?
Anyone got a treatment for bad breath that does not involve mouthwashes or chewing gum?
is it baking soda or baking power that people use to whten there teeth?
Dental abscess How do I make it less painfull or stop it getting worse?
Why does she have a white line on her teeth?
Getting a Cavity Filled on Lateral Incessor Tooth?
I had two of my teeth took out an hour ago; what foods can i eat?
does bulimia change the colour of your teeth? and why ? and can it be reversed ?
I got headbutted in the mouth, my left central incisor and the lateral incisor are loose and in pain.?
Questions about Braces (train-tracks) ...?
I plan on getting Braces and I am wondering how are they applied to the teeth, and does the procedure hurt?
I have crooked and gappy teeth and I want to know if there are any alternatives to having metal braces?
Lump under my tounge ?
Will i need a filling?
Is it possible for me to get wisdom teeth?
Another waiting list question?
Huge dentist fear! Encouragement?
should i pay for nhs dental treatment 3 times for the same problem?
How to best source foreign dental patients (UK dental health tourists) who are after cheaper dental services?
Can a tooth that had root canal treatment for an abscess develop another abscess in the same spot a year later?
Having my braces off tomorrow?
3 weeks after having teeth out my face has gone numb?
best way to d-i-y a filling?
Getting braces tightened on Tuesday?
Is the chemist open or closed?
teeth getting worse after 2 days of getting braces?
What can I do to help my teeth?
swollen gums, tooth ache and ulcer?
had wisdom teeth removed on wednesday?
one of my canines are really high up, how long will it take for it to be noticeably "pulled down"?
Dental problem. What do I have?
What are the effects on teeth of no fruit?
Untreated Tooth Abscess?
What does repositioning your teeth mean?
Help for spacers when you get braces?
Can anyone out there remember an old mouthwash, I think it was called Borasco or something similar.?
How long does it take to digest beef?
Does PPP offer its members subsidised membership to any gyms in London?
Easy ways to incorporate fruit and veg in a diet?
Has anyone bought/tried a Lateral Swing Stepper?
which body building supplement is best for building muscle on small built people?
any good gyms in benidorm spain?
I can't eat any kind of fruit or veg. without feeling ill. Is it poss. to be allergic to all plant stuff?
boerd swiiming?
where can I buy a walking stick in southampton?
how can i lose a stone by the end of november?
where can I find statistics on child obesity in the world?
How can I stop the aching?!?
does anyone find exercise tedious and unpleasant?
What can be done to reduce fat in the belly??
Would you hire a personal trainer??YES or NO - Please briefly explain your answer.?
has anyone tried this lighter life diet programme?
do you know anyone that has ever stored and used Cord Blood?
Where Cancer Prognosis discovered?
3 year old brother with cancer?
Can you get cancer or any sickness from your hard drive?
Can Illegals get health care? Simple question, don't bring your biased answer please.?
should i have been charged to see the hygienist?
Refered to the hospital by the dentist, what to expect?
Is it normal for teeth to feel really cold and shivery after braces are put on?
What sort of brace would i need?
crest whitestrips.......?
How do i get my teeth whiter?
Can I drink liquids or rinse my mouth after having a amalgam dental filling?
Veneer or not to veneer?
Tooth extraction trouble?
My dentist has just been been refused NHS funding?
do you know anyone working for london bridge hospital as a nurse.?
What are fissure sealants for?
if your teeth are removed because you have gum disease can you still get implants?
The brackets on my braces keep coming off!?!?
How can I get whiter teeth ( NO PRODUCTS PLEASE!)?
Can I still get braces?
How to get really white shiny teeth?
Is there a way to grow natural teeth back?
I keep grinding my teeth when i sleep. And they hurt in the morning :'(?
why have my braces changed colour?
why does the inside of my mouth feel numb?
How to repair a tooth that fell out of my dentures?
Why does it feel like my wisdom tooth is pushing through but the gum won't break?
what do dieticians mean when they suggest 6 meals a day?
Tone the thighs?
Does anyone have any tricks?
How do i get my thighs firm and muscly again?
how do i put on wieght with an extreemly high metabalism?
am i walking enough?
Wanting to get good muscle tone. abs, biceps etc.?
How to REALLY get rid off cellulite..?
Can use a size 0 model as a floatation device?
How can i get my legs to grow a bit fatter?
I wana know why situps makes me so tired after i have done like 5 who can help?
is it true?
Best songs for listening to in the gym?
Can I swim with a rotator cuff injury?
my fridge is leaking CFC gas. My landlord said it won't harm me. Is it safe ?
Hi me again regarding weight watchers points iam on 24 points a day but have just redone points test?
im 20 & my weight is 7 & a half stones is that ok or is it less 4 my age?
water weight loss?
pilates in croydon?
my dentist said I was a bleeder?
My gums are really painful?
I keep getting toothache but only at night?
I'm not sure whether I'm for definite getting Braces?
what colour braces should i get?
after a wisdom tooth extraction, can I use a teething gel to numb the pain?
My gum won't stop bleeding!?
My retainers don't fit and i don't understand why?
Is it bad if you bleach teeth?? (10 POINTS!!)?
I need to go to the dentist but i have no money and have not been for 12 years?
two severe tooth abscesses + braces = which treatment?
how long is it until you get fixed braces after you get the moulds?
Dental treatment, please read. Opinions appreciated . . .?
why is my sons adult teeth coming in bumpy?
Tooth hurts after filling?
is it true hydrogen peroxide works as a teeth whitener?
Should my daughter fly after getting two teeth out?
Can you straighten wisdom teeth with braces if crooked.?
Good teeth whitening kit you can buy at Boots or UK supermarket?
Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief?
iv had a crown and bridge fiited and the teeth are longer and bigger than my own can my dentist file them down?
I dreamed i had leukemia what does this mean?
What can i do to raise money for charity?
If I fall off m bed, what are the odds of dying?
Lump on lip for over two years now..?
How to lowr PSA levels?
What does hard plaque look like once it's picked off teeth?
Can I get teeth whitening done.....?
dental health help please!?
i had an incision made in my gum and have dissolvable stitches, how to tell if it's infected or just sore ?
Crack in front tooth?
My Teeth are messed up, any help please?
Mysterious wisdom tooth popping out of nowhere?
sinus infection/tooth ?
Had 4 fillings in my teeth and all eventually went bad?
Do I absolutely have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out?
apicoectomy pain 6 months later?
Why does biting the foil of sweets, hurt your teeth?
my teeth keep chipping?
Do the retainers work?
Root Canal Extraction?
What to do about a sensitive tooth?
Dry socket - can it return after treament?
how to get white teeth with braces?
question about envelope fillings jobs?
do removable braces hurt? :(?
Any good links for partial denture design?
What exorcises works of your......?
what does protein do to fat if you dont eat any carbs?
where can i get lipotrim in england?
how much could one sell a fitness solution for?
Has anyone used Zotrim? Did it work for you? And were there any side effects?
how can I loss 2 stone in one month?
How much calories should I intake a day to lose 40lbs in two month?
how is pilates taught?
what's the name of the medicine that stops your fat from the food being absorbed by your body?
Has anyone been on the "Apple Diet"?
Can you loose weight using Laxatives it worked for Anna Nicola did it work for you?
does anyone know of any weight loss pills that work?
does weightlifting stunt growth?
keeing slim and having a good diet doing shift work, how do you do this????
i have just started the atkins diet could anyone give me some simple recipes?
can u build muscle from fat?
When is it best to eat when I work out?
Where in London might I find a bodybuilding class?
what is the best idea for a healthy diet?
My boyfriend has ibs and hyatal hernia, we are adapting our diets,please suggest any good recipes?
any tips on how to relieve absesses?
Straightening up my teeth ???????
Question about human canine teeth?
how to apply for lost nhs prescription exemption card?
My teeth have been bleeding when brushed for the past week, I'm 17, what's wrong?
I got braces and my teeth are gone crooked again NHS?
how can i get my loose tooth out ?
how do i register with a nhs dentist?
How long do I need braces in for?
How can I fix my overbite? I'm not able to have braces?
Any tips on daily dental care/ hygiene for sufferers of dementia?
Tooth has Moved,what to do?
what would I have to do to get into dentistry?
Can you still get your wisdom teeth at 29?
Where can I get braces I'm am 20 and need braces but I have no insurance I need a dentist that isn't expensive?
Which brand of cigarettes has the most nicotine?
how do you stop your collarbone from showing?
is it a cancer may not be anything else?
can phenylalanine cause cancer?
Ha can we call Hemorrhoid's from now on Grapple Berry!?
lump next to my chin, under my cheek?
My dad has prostate CA w/bone mets & lymph involvment. His Gleason score was 9. Whats the stage or prognosis?
My mom had breast cancer, and never knew it til she went to the hosp. My grandma doesnt. will I?
If you were on an "Oil-er" in the Gulf of Ton kin (for 3 tours 1968-1970), in Vietnam?
I'm having double wisdom teeth removed. Should I be asleep during this procedure?
why does my teeth burn when i brush them?
will i be able to get into dentistry at Bham uni?
how do i get a NHS certificate?
Getting Braces? Free?
PLEASE ANSWER! How long would I need to have braces on?
A fair few dead teeth... should I be worried?
Is variety is the key to losing weight?
Do we really need 5 portions of fruit and veg a day?
whats the best known way of toning up your abs without the effort?
Slendertone Flex Max. Do they work?
whats the best diet to go on??
Detox...Whats the best way?
When's the best time to take Red Bull?
How can one gain weight, if one is a vegetarian?
what is linseed and how do you eat/cook/use it?
best excercise to loose belly?
Are Jelly Sweets That Fattening?
can i get free dental care if im a student?
Given Vitamin C worked last time?
What to do about a sensitive tooth and sore gum?
Can anything be injected into gums to stop gum desease?
What is this weird burning feeling and metallic taste in my tooth, even after having it filled?
Wisom tooth extraction?
Has anyone not had local anesthesia shots not work for deep cleaning?
How bad are my teeth *pics*?
Can I sue my dentist?
are clear retainers right for me if i grind my teeth?
What is the best thing to eat/drink when you have really sensitive teeth?
my brackets on my dental braces have come away from my teeth?
I had a tooth removed today can I put my removable brace back in?
What are the difference between dental caries and tooth decay?
What foods are good to eat when you have fiber tumor?
what does a girl with a yellow bone mean lol?
What is the prognosis for my Dad since his mouth cancer spread to his lymph nodes?
Certain Leg Cancers????????
Does a c-diff infection that occurs while patient has colon cancer have any effect on the cancer?
What kind of food should someone diagnosed with myeloid leukemia eat?
photos of swollen lymph nodes on a dogs neck?
How does one get Cancer?
if you have multiple myeloma, what would be the results if your kidneys failed?
Are braces less effective now than they were 30 years ago?
where can i find a list of foods that do not contain cholesterol?
Im wanting to tone up my stomach and arms, please help.?
middle age spread?
how would you get your vitamin B12 FROM A RAW FOODIST DIET?
Trying to lose weight .and not a good cook .i need as many low fat recipes as pos.?
why when i start to work out at the gym, on the cross trainer does my nose run like ive got a cold?
best way to gain wait and eating fatty food dont work for me?
Would you find it sickening & disturbing to see a guy tell a 14 year old, 5ft2, 65 pound girl she sounds cute?
Where can I get a diet plan for free? Never dieted before, but I need to.?
has n e one ever tried the chinese herbal tea for weight loss and if so does it work ?
hi does ginger beer make u tall?? lol or does anything else make u taller?
whats the easest and fastest way to lose weight without starving urself?
I am depressed about my weight, do I have an eating disorder?
how many calories is 1 weight watchers point?
back problems can you help?
Cambridge diet consultants?
where can i bye be happy and healthy fruitfull products.i llive near lichfield in the midlands?
Has anyone heard of or tried EQUIBA weight loss pills?
Sleep depravation is what we all need to see things more clearly, don't you agree ?
How do i develop bigger thigh muscles? Diets? Exercises? Training techniques?
really bad tooth abscess!!?
Dental treatment, please read. Opinions appreciated . . .?
Brace Removal....can you help please?
Not sure of the diagnostic of myelodysplasia?
Why has the FDA not approved any drugs like MMS,vitamin B17 or DCA for cancer?
i have this little bump on my back and its hard. is it a tumor?
What is the paint code number for breast cancer awareness pink?
Recent Cancer Studies?
I have epileptic seizures but I want a lip piercing. What type of piercing won't hurt my teeth?
why the girl like diet?
I've started using my cross trainer, i can only use it for 1 min as it hard on the thighs?
how many grams of carbohydrate are there in a bottle of wine?
what do gogi berrys actually do for you?
Parents do you support the proposed 9pm watershed on junk food advertising?
I have a UK size 6-8 figure, which I love, but my bottom is big. How can I reduce it?
Prescription weight loss pills ?
assorted poo?
High calorie healthy diet?
can wire retainers be used to fix minor crooked teeth?
Has anyone had teeth whitening? What is the truth,does it hurt, how long does it take,what is the aftercare?
What do you think? should i still have to go to the dentist?
Can bone marrow transplants happen between males and females?
6-mercaptopurine and leukaemia?
How can a kid help find a cure for cancer by raising money?
leukemia / lupus question?
Receding gums on the backside of teeth?
I sliced my gums and would like some help please?
Large front teeth after braces?
I had 4 wisdom tooth taken out and its still bleeding?
Tartar around Braces?
Gum disease treatment help please?
Braces are creating a gap in my teeth ?
do you use a retainer with invisalign?
Do gums still heal even if the cut is on the actual gum line?
the gums behind my 2nd molar is swollen, what is wrong?
Can you be caught claiming free dental care in England whilst working?
Will my retainter make the airport sercuity things go off?
my teeth really hurt on one side of my mouth, both bottom and top, i'm booked in at the dentist on 29th?
What's this stuff after I brush my teeth?
Honesty please. Do my teeth look wonky?
crest white stripes? (dental)?
Nervous about my doctors appointment! Help?
Do they need to use a rubber dam for a root canal?
Why do we have wisdom teeth?
I'm 13 and missing adult teeth ( I hate my smile ) please help!?
I have Braces, my teeth are getting worse, help?
need to know i have to have some?
Weight Training And Suppliments?
I am 33 yrs and weigh only 48. How do I put on weight? The best possible & effective way to put on & weight?
why is this??????
What's the easiest way to lose weight?
When do early teenage molars come through?
looking for online dental nurse qualifications!!!?
What is your favorite dental floss?
Quick Answers please?! Braces off tomorrow, i have a sensetive back tooth!?
I had a tooth out and blood clot fell out after 4 days?
My dentist charged me Lab Fees for an empty space in my mouth for building a bridge. Is that right?
will i get a temp tooth while waiting for help as my front tooth has fell out?
Pain in my jaw following injection at dentist 2 weeks on!?
I have a cut in my mouth from my braces, how to get rid of it?
grinding my teeth with braces?
conscious of my braces !?
Is it possible to change dentists while im going through treatment?
why do you get really white stuff on your teeth?
Do I have bad teeth?
Does getting braces make you wanna gag?
im getting toothache but theres no tooth?
Would you see results if you got your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist after one visit?
why does my breath smell?
Does anyone know why I keep getting mouth ulcers?
The left side of my jaw really hurts ever since i have been to the dentist, what would you suggest i do?
How do you dentist white teeth?
How often does "the pill" cause gum disease?
whay wouldnt adult teeth grow in?
What is wrong with my bladder???? PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
Questions about what happened to my father, please READ bipolar/cancer?
High CEA levels and doctor has left me bewildered?
How many pack of cigarettes and bottles of liquor it take to get cancer?
What are symptoms of pancreatic cancer? How old is someone when they usually get it?
Large pink bump on breast!!!?
How old can an 80 year old survive with leukemia after two years with it?
I heard cancer has been cured for decades and big pharma hides this, have you heard that?
Aren't there certain supplements that can prevent melanoma?
Is there such a thing as semicolon cancer?
Brain Tumor question...easy 10 points !?
Stage 4 Kidney Cancer and Ascites diet?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong ? [Swollen lymph nodes] :?
I am getting chemo and don't like it. What should I do.?
Really scared about this mole?
can any 1 tell me how to get a flat tummy at home?
are sliming pills any good for you?
i started the herbalife diet a week ago but have lost nothing. do you know when i should start seeing results?
i am in agony from exercising too much, how much are you meant to do?
What are the hazards of cycling in England?
how can i get a six pac and strong muscles?
how do i sign in to my weight watchers esource account...what's the web addy?
Weight and depression.?
I have white patches on my gums?
NHS Dentists (or lack of)?
how long does it take for stitches in your gum to dissolve?
New braces need help from experienced?
What you think is a better choise in the UK?
I have broken my fixed retainer!?
Is water in Scotland fluoridated?
what can i use or do to make my teeth stronger and i don't mean just flouride toothpaste?
I have a huge lump under jaw.?
Can you identify what's wrong with this girl?
Do you know how long my braces will be on for?
how to keep removable braces clean?
On my braces, there are sharp points at the ends of my brackets that irritate my mouth, is this normal?
What could this be :'( ?!?
Gum irritation - Wisdom teeth?
What causes sores at the side of the tongue?
Can you have more than 1 filling on a tooth without the other falling out?
Dental advice required please!!?
Will this help to ease the needle pain when getting a tooth extraction?...?
Can you get gingivitis and tonsillitis at the same time?
how much will it be for braces in cardiff?
what does it mean if a person with cancer gets a chronic sharp pain in their nostril?
round lesion projects on the rt hilum p and lateral view?
How likely is it that it will turn to cancer?
swollen and sore gum?
Orthodontic treatment. . . . jaw operation!! Any knowledgeable orthodontist???? please answer. . .?
Does anyone know where to buy replacement heads for a "Dentatek Plaque Remover"?
Shoud i get braces? read please:) What Kind Of Braces?
I hit my tooth, (not that hard) but now it really hurts to touch it - have I damaged a nerve or something?
1st orthodontic appointment but lasts for five minutes appointment? what will they do?
dentists help me please!?
I actually hate my teeth, anything i could do?
could i get my metal fillings replaced with white ones?
When you have your braces taken off?
Is it unusual for Wisdom Teeth to not come through?
How much does it cost to get your teeth cleaned at the Dentist?
all wisdom teeth being taken out..what to expect?
Are my braces meant to be like this?
Trainee Dental Nurse Interview, Please Help!?
Would love advice about apicoectomy ?
can you get clear retainers in the uk?
my son is seven and milk teeth has not fallen yet .Please advise?
Wisdom tooth extraction?
is there any shops in town city centres,(i live in manchester),that sell crest whiting strips?
why is my tounge yellow?
im gettin my some removeable braces next week and im not sure what they'll look like ?
Dentist help pleasee!!!?
metal taste after fillings?
Do you burn more calories eating celery than it actually contains?
What's the best way to motivate yourself?
Flapjacks: Junk food or a good source of post exercise energy?
Is it fine to give half boiled egg to a child of 6???he doesnot like hard boiled egg.?
what is the best type of alcoholic drink to have on the atkins diet ?
is olive oil fattening?
healthy diet?
How do you put weight on, I need to bulk-out, any suggestions?
what can i do to reduce my abdomen,i tried several exercises no positive changes.please help?
whats the best fitness dvd to get in shape?
does anyone know of any good appetite suppresent pills that are available in the UK and not bad for you?
has anyone tried bonsal slimming tablets.?
how do i loose belly fat?
does anyone know wher I can buy a second hand rowing machine?
losing weight quick?
loose wight feel great detox detox help?
When my dad takes his teeth out his nose falls onto his chin.Does the same thing happen to you?
Do you think i need braces?
How do Dentist treat abscess/infections in the gum where there is no tooth?
My teeth are naturally yellow and I want to try an OTC whitener.?
I just got braces on my top teeth, they hurt so bad. my gums are sore, my teeth ache, how do i deal with pain?
Can Dentures really cause a gum abscess/infection?
im really scared of the dentist and have had treatment under local anastetic but i cant afford it any more so?
Is it possible to get an infection/abcess in a gum where there is no tooth because of dentures?
I'm 42, wisdom teeth erupt and recede every few months, never gives me enough pain to remove, is this normal?
Will i be safe to drink alcohol after taking theese antibiotics?
Who else has sore teeth?
Does gum surgery hurt please answers.?
incognito braces good?
What type of braces can u get on the nhs?
I need braces (i think) and i'm terrified?!?
i need to keep my mouth shut!?
How long are you allowed retainers of while eating?
Can you get braces twice from the NHS?
Hygienist will help my smelly breath?
hey!! help!! question about headgear??!!?
i have just got my braces put on for first time. when will they start really hurting?
Possible cavities in front teeth?
Likelihood of cancer from a cigar?
Can anyone reccomend a good detox plan/diet ?
Can I add No Added Sugar Squash to my water and it still count as part of my 8 glasses a day?
can u get free gym memberships at the doctors?
what is the best and quickest way to build my arms up and make them bigger?
Is This Normal or Eating Problems??...?
The gym scale?
Can someone recommend the best software or website to track my diet, workout and progress?
what is the recommended Calorie intake for a 3yr old Boy in the UK?
how do you decide if your bodys pear shaped or curvy?
need2lose about10pound from my tummy in ten days?
How can I get fat quickly without anyone noticing until it's too late?
30 to 40 minutes a day of exercise is enough to keep healthy?
Are more people prone to receding gums?
What Would I Expect From Wisdom Teeth Removal?
why is my whole mouth sore?
Pain in the inner side of my gums?
Should i have a root canal done or just get the tooth pulled out?
Is my wisdom tooth the problem?
How Often Should I Use Interdental Brushes?
Dentist question - Temporary filling..?
had my wisdom teeth pulled out exactly 2 weeks ago?
Is it expected for humuns to get worse teeth as we continue to evolve?
could you explain me why the acute pulpitis cause pain at night?
i think one of my big teeth is loose?
how do you eat with a retainer in?
My Jaw came out of place!!!!! HELP?
I seem to be waking up with blood in my mount every morning and on my teeth. they dont seem to bleed after i?
Mouth Ulcer on bottom lip is killing me, ts quite big as well ,What can i do?
I have an overbite an want an invisalign is it still possible if i have two crowns on my back teeth ?
Maxillary impacted canines removed?
How to pay for veneers?
i have got VERY painfull toothache how do i ease it before i visit the dentist tomorrow?
Whats a HalfBite? In Orthodontics?
Question about braces?
my left hand side of my jaw keeps popping and clicking? the noise is very loud, and others can hear it too?
How can i get my teeth whiter?
Food and tablets feel they are going up my palate when I try to swallow them?
dentists... cakes chocolate and sugar?
I am on my 4th day of antibiotics and my tooth abscess shows no signs of going away, help!?
Do i need braces? Phooto :) Do i need a Expander?
Do this mean i have narrow teeth?
How do you know if you have a narrow mouth?
will my daughter lose her greying teeth?
Not entirely sure if I've chipped my tooth?
how many back teeth do 1 year old have?
can baking soda mess up ur teeth?
how can i prepare for my appointment at the dentist?
Tooth ache, how to make it less painful?
Chalazion remove or root canal?
Cyst in the gum, will it have disappeared ? so i don't have to have an apicectomy?
Need help to improve the condition of my teeth and gums?
My 4 year old sister is having 6 teeth pulled out HELP!!!!...?
who do i see to get a maxillary protrusion consult?
how would i approach fixing my large bottom jaw and balance my bite?
Teeth problem's ? Over grown t?
Is it possible to lose weight (fat), whilst maintaining all of your current lean body mass.....?
Can anyone tell me what Pilates are please?
Question for a doctor only please advice?
has anyone tried the maple syrup/lemon detox diet, if so how did you get on?
is there any1 or tv program in the uk looking for morbidly obese people to help the with there weight problem?
I have never really lifted before so should i buy 35kg dumbells/barbell?
what is the percentage of people who think skinny models should stop on the cat walk and why?
Major bloated.... what do I take?? How long will it take it go normal??
need a good diet,people who have had results please?
any healthy carb-free EASY meals anyone?
how can i put on weight, so many diets for fat people.Wot bout skinny people who wonna be more plump?
lump on upper inner thigh not sure if its excess fat or a problem?
If I plan on walking 8 miles per day,what diet should I eat?
keep fit and fat away!?
how many thyroids does the human body have?
what should i take with me to the gym?
can you give me 100 facts about health and drinking water?
weight watchers?
does the lateral thigh trainer work?
what could this be? is it deadly? cancer? stroke?
Could this be skin cancer?
what benign pre cancer polyp means?
Crest Suprme Pro White Strips?
How can i sort out my teeth?
Pain inbetween teeth?
You brush your teeth with alcohol?
My mouth hurts so bad?
How long have your dental Crowns lasted with normal biting and excellent oral Hygiene?
Can a tooth split due to not having wisdom teeth removed?
What's the difference between NHS and Private dentists?
help !! my breath smells?
Can i have a day of school tomorrow, i have had 2 adult molars taken out today and very painful?
I had a silver filling about 3 hours ago: can I drink tea now?
What's going on? Any dentists?
i have an very painful toothache?
Any dentists out there - receeding Gums - can this be treated?
Can having braces change the structure of ur mouth?
Is it ok to go back to bed if you have a toothache, or is it lazy?
terrified of oral surgery?
I am currently experiencing sensitivity on the right side of my mouth whenever I bite what is this?
Should i get metal braces in may? Read please?
I have white squares under my braces and im worried!?
Why do NHS dentists become money grabbing as soon as they get you in the door?
is it ok to take a toddler to the dentist with you?
what food is good for speeding up weight loss?
advice on what foods to avoid for a low thyroid?
I dont get up til 6pm no work what can I do?
snorring,desperate help needed?
How do you get a six pack?
Do you think it is good that Jamie Oliver plans to go to America to get rid of unhealthy School dinners?
Is it true that drinking a spoonfull of honey every morning makes one lose weight?
Do jam or marmelade contain any vitamins?
Is it good to have 1 protein bar a day? for running?
What motivates you? (on a diet, what keeps you on the diet and loosing the weight?)?
Is it ok to go to the gym every day?
how long till it works tae bo and exercise bike???
Hi, I'm interested in fasting?
cell-tech or maxi muscle cyclone?
Slimming tablets? appetite supressers? do they work?
What allows us to move our bones oddly?
why is it that when i go to the gym or for a walk, i dont feel any better afterwards?
Did anyone know that is there good yoga class near Green Park tube st.?
I am feeling run down and have problems with mouth ulcers why?
how long will it take me to finish my overall dentist course if i do it in america?
?Shoud i get metal braces in may? Read please?
Overbite? My top teeth are covvering my bottom teeth halfway down?
Shoud i get braces in may? Read please?(matal braces)?
can you get braces if you have half bite?
Mouth suddenly completely dry and saliva free?
Do the bottom front 2 baby teeth hold a space for adult teeth?
My jaw keeps clicking?
Is it safe to take 4 30/500mg co-codamol?
How can I stop thinking over my teeth?
I had a root canal on a molar and my dentist removed the cusps but put a venner?
im looking to buy a teeth whitening toothpaste?
is there any other cheap way of removing a tooth gap instead of teeth bonding and or braces?
overgrown teeth.. read pleae?
my mouth and tongue is constantly sore why?
can i get braces for having a small overbite,,?
whats a overbite? I have a small overbite some one told me?
Getting braces help.......................?
Knocked out baby tooth, can anyone reassure me?
Question About Wisdom Teeth!!?
Best toothpaste for senative teeth?! :/?
How can i become a penpal with a child or teen with cancer?
Should I Be Scared That I Have Brain Cancer?
Can women get breast cancer if they always happened to bump their breast?
21. A test was developed to detect a certain form of cancer and is 99% accurate?
How long does it take to get oral cancer on average?
whats a creative name for a esphopagul (sorry bad speller)cancer group?
how can i get a heathly body ??
How do i shift those last pounds?
what effect does eating a lot of fruit have on the digestive system?
whats the best exercise to do to get rid of a beer belly?
i go gym 4 times a week but how can i loose a stone by the end of december?
gi capsule?
Hula Hooping: it's fun and keeps you fit too. How else can staying healthy be fun?
I am of standard stature. I did sports. Once I went into university, I stopped. What exercise regime?
A healthy low fat diet what else other than tablets can control high cholestrol levels?
Exercise bike or cross trainer?
has anybody tried Zambroza health drink?
Difference between sit ups and crunches?
whats the quickest way to get a six pack and big pecs?
I need to get fit as soon as possible for a fitness test.....any tips?
anybody tried taking iron supplements such as spa-tone? is it effective?
haw can i gain some wieght?
Is smoking skunk that bad if u you can hold up a job?Drunks are a lot less careless agreed?
I know appointment times vary in terms of waiting lists but is there any NHS targets?
Is this normal with a tooth extraction?
brushing teeth vs chewing sugar free gum?
Can I sue my dentist for Malpractice?
why do i have to get so many sealents?
I'm getting my braces off!?
Natural White 5 Minute Whitening Gel. DOES IT WORK?
swollen gums help please?
if you switch to menthol cigarettes can you stop brushing your teeth?
How long would it take to make a teeth retainer at your local orthodontist?
What precautions should I take after a tooth extraction? How long will it take to heal?
Mu gums are swollen, and part of it turned white/yellowish near the teeth, what should i do?
Sharp feeling wisdom tooth after filling - normal?
I'm pretty sure this is a tooth abscess I have but......?
dental insurance question?
Wisdom tooth: Still bleeding 8 hours later?!?
Boil and bite mouth guard, would this work?
why doesn't england sell crest products?
wisdom teeth or fillings?
Do problems always show up on X Rays for root canals?
What's it like to get braces?
what do i have to do in colege to become dentist? in uk?
What do I need to do to raise money for breast cancer research?
swollen lymph nodes and itching- lymphoma?
Does anyone recognize this lesion as being cancerous?
Doctors are ignoring a critical patient, failing to schedule tests THEY themselves order and need. What to do?
Can febrile seizures cause permanent brain damage or be fatal?
Alternative treatment for colon?
do you regret smokeing? and why?
how likely is it to get cancer from radiotherapy?
Doing well during chemo and then really bad after chemo is over. What is that about?
What are dark spots on the brain?
how to improve your diet?
How much weight can I lose if I cut out alcohol?
Stopping drinking?
How many calories do I have to burn to lose 1kg?
how many calories in a quality street toffee penny? syns if u are on slimming world..thanks!?
thinking of starting a dieting club does anyone have any comments on the rosemary conely classes?
I think i'm fat at 8 stone when im 14yrs old. Am I or is it just my imagination?
how much exercise does a 13 year old need??
what would be the best way to lose body fat?
We are being bombarded from all corners for being obese (quite rightly so)?
any tips on getting fitter? I want to maximise efficiency.?
How do you know if ur enamel is wearing out?
How much does a wisdom teeth extraction cost?
Would it be okay to wear my lip retainer tomorrow for when l go to the Orthodontist?
Peekaboo poledancing pole?
Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?
First orthodontist appointment?
Question about braces?
Do you always need spacers when you get braces?
Can anyone give me any information about this kind of exercise?
best diet and exercises for to lose fat and build muscle for rugby players?
How old does a child have to be to start weight training?
Do i need Braces? Photo..? What Kind of braces? Tell me why if yeah please :)?
Do i need Braces? Photo..? If yeah tell me wha kind?
Do i need Braces? Photo..? What Kind of braces?
I Have just bought an AB trimmer?
Does anyone know where I can buy 100% pure dextrose from in London?
I'm not registered with a dentist but i have an abscess on my upper gum. What should I do?
Should you not brush teeth after drinking wine as it brushes the acid in?
Why does my stomach seem to?
whats the best way to speed my metabolism up? also is it true it slows down near middle age/?
What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?
slimming pills?
is there something wrong with my teeth?.?
what are the average fees a private orthadontic at 15 years old?
Sore swollen gums (braces for 5 years now)?
Do students get free dental care (UK)?
Whats the best thing for toothache?
Want retainers/braces again...?
hi does anyone know how much immediate dentures would cost to get in ireland or england?
does it hurt when they put on your braces?
Would Nhs see me for chipped front teeth?
Tooth crown. Tooth very sensitive to hot and cold?
Is this normal for wisdom teeth coming through?
how much dose it cost?
is it possible for me to get braces for $2000?
Do teeth Underbites make chins look bigger?
If an abscess in the gum where there is no tooth is drained then is there anything esle to do?
When the dentist person ( i forgot what they are called) puts the braces onto your teeth does it hurt?
i am trying to get a calorie counter online is there a web page i can go to?
Has anyone else had major problems trying to contact LA Fitness?
smokers- do you want to quit?
is there any health benefits from linseeds?
what kind of food can fatten one up within 2 weeks?
How long will it take to loose weight?
What setting on a treadmill to get fitter?
do fat burning pills really work? has any one used them that would recomend them?
iam getin marrid in july and need to lose whight fast how can i do that?
Yoga, Hatha or Kriya?
whats the best excrise to do?
Taking laxatives to lose weight?
can you loose a stone in a month?
Bigger arm strength?
hoodia fat burner tablets?
Is it possible to get gym membership on prescription.?
Would one be able to survive eating only cat food?
are muller light yoghurts bad for you????
For digestion, it has been advised not to take tea and coffee.?
how do people workout for so long i did it for like 2 weeks then gave up wats a good motovation?
Are there any exercises to reduce a double chin?
Does anyone know what a metallic taste in the mouth can mean?
My daughtor has been fighting multiple myeloma cancer(bone marrow plasma) for over a year?
In infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 3, t3n1mo classified should timoxifin be given if ER,PR,HER2 r negative?
Can someone tell me what a " Cancer Clinical Programme Group" ( NHS) is please?
What are the effects of large quantitys of morphine on lung cancer patients?
When In the past has someone tried to destroy a whole gene pool?
does this sound like liver cancer?
Has anyone experienced problems after Jaw Surgery a few months down the line?
Wisdom tooth: What's it like having it taken out?
Are my gums receding after abscess?
14 weeks pregnant and found a lump on my jaw?
What should i do Loose braces wire?
any one know of any cosmetic dentists in the west midlands(birmingham area) that offer payment plans ?
Side effects of Lansoprazole?
I keep seeing the advert for "How a Mum found out to whiten teeth for free" on the internet. Anyone know what?
My Back Teeth Are Shifting Out Wards And Causing Me Pain . What Too Do ?
What can I do about my teeth turning badly yellow after only a few weeks of having a brace?
Dental help, NHS & problems with braces in the past do i have to pay now?
white bits on teeth ?
My orthodontist wants me to brush my teeth/retainers in school after lunch but I get bullied for it?
Question about a habit I have, dentist's answer needed :)?
what is inside the nhs quit kit please?
I just had a crown placed over my implant. I don't like the appearance at all. The crown looks thicker?
Do things have to make contact with teeth and gums to damage them?
How to help someone who is scared of the dentist, please help :)...?
Do I Need Braces or An Operation?
help what can be done?
hereditary tooth decay?
What do I need to do for Dentistry (UK) ?!?
are lingual braces covered by a medical card?
my teeth (bottom) are dirty brown inside. I have never smoked in my life . what are other causes?
Do I need to go back to the dentist?
do human adults teeth grow?
is being a dentist a good job and is it worthwhile studying as i am 12?
how often can you take antibiotics before they stop working?
where can i buy hydrogen peroxide to whiten my teeth in the UK? and what percentage should i look for?
Why do modern dentists push implants over bridges?
Root Canals! How long does it take for a nerve to die after being exposed?
My teeth are slightly out of alignment because my bottom jaw is crowded. How much would it cost and how long?
Has anyone had their teeth whitened or straightend ?
I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and eat breakfast and my breath still smells bad for some reason.?
im looking 2 have veeners fitted on the nhs as i get free treatment?
lump inside mouth, on gum?
Im going to the densist, advice?
I get people who make fun of my teeth...?
What are teeth made out of ?
dental question please help ..?
if i went on the lighter life diet would i lose weight with an under active tyroid?
Skipping? any good as a form of exercise to lose weight?
whats the best way to drop a dress size in a week?
Is it right to lose weight just to find a GF?
what are the risks of binge drinking?
very slow start up?
i want to learn how to breakdance does anyone know any tips,and do u have to eat healthy and be fit,and how lo
eat healthy to loose weight a high fibre diet and five veg but no toms wot?
how do i g et pecs?
What is the normal heart beat rate for an adult?
what is the quickest way to lose weight for my friend?
has any1 got any good things / tips?
i need to loose weight?
somebody knows why....?
what to eat?
wat do you prefer tall or short, skinny or fat??
I'm 5ft2 Ive been eating a maximum of 800 calories a day i weigh 114lbs. will i lose weight?
Gift ideas for a caregiver?
Please Forgive me cancer answers?
wisdom tooth extraction?
Teeth problem's ? Over grown t?
Teeth probems? Over grown teeth D:?
How long can i take my retainers off before my teeth start moving?
my tooth came out what i do?
sore jaw,bleeding gums,horrible taste in mouth?
Can i have my wisdom tooth removed?
I have dry socket ,its soooo painful help?
Implants for dentures..................anyone know a registered Polish dentist over here in England?
I know its bad I neglected my teeth..but....?
When(Age) do your teeth stop grown down?
When do your teeth stop growing?
fitness? i need to prepare to go to the army, how long will i need?
(have lost 1 stone 2 pounds) but feel a binge coming on.... how do i get control of myself before this happens
i need to loose 5 pound for the 23 of November can any one help?
What is the most weight you have lost in 6 weeks?
which foods increase your metabolism?
why does my stomach make so much noise even after a big meal?
Is it usual that occasionally a dentist will touch a nerve before giving more anaesthetic?
What are some soft foods I can eat after tooth extraction surgery?
what can i get my my teeth fixed ?!?!?1?
How can I get a filling done when I'm so scared of needles?
a small painful bump on the roof of my boyfriends mouth?
tonsil stones or not?
To Get Whiter Teeth, Should I Brush My Teeth Before Or After Meals?
Got my braces off and would like to know...?
worse toothache ever?
I didn't get charged for my dental treatment UK?
I had 5 teeth removed at the front of my mouth, most of the stitches have dissolved but there is one that wont?
Has anyone suffered from a paralyzed face after a wisdom tooth filling?
Help! Braces! ASAP! Im begging!!?
i dont claim any benefits as my wife works,am i entitled to free dental care on the nhs in scotland?
i have several silver fillings are these dangerous?
Gum shield...............?
having my upper jaw widened but need my loswer jaw moving foward?
When you think about sour food....?
when my son was 3, his dentist took out his 4 front teeth, he is now 9 and still has no front teeth yet.?
Can anyone advise the rough price of dental implants?
I would like my tooth patched rather than extracted. Do I have to do what the Dentist says?
After M.Sc Food Science now can I go in for BDS?
What is this cosmetic procedure called where you have your gums moved so your teeth show more?
I have white lines on the sides of my tongue and inside the cheeks of my mouth (between the two rows of teeth?
Has anybody had a lingual frenectomy to correct a tied tongue?
why is there a funny taste coming from my crumbling tooth?
Scared of the dentist - what can I do?
Gum abscess remains slightly swollen after treatment?
how do i rid bad breath?
getting my braces off??? what to expect also what retainer should i get?
PLEASE HELP!!!i had a root canal on monday and am in horrible constant pain...?
How to become a Dentist starting from GCSE?
How do I tell my Mum I want Surgery?
what if the dentist had like REALLY BIG hands?
what happens when the antibiotics do not get rid of the abscess?
extreme tooth pain after filling?
is it possible for the inside of the mouth to be too small to fit around the teeth?
When can i drink alcohol again? I had four wisdom teeth removed.?
i had a tooth out and now my other tooth has moved...?
how much would it cost to have my teeth professionally whitened?
brush alot....yellow teeth?
blisters in mouth? blood?
Can anyone reccommend a good teeth whitening product?
what is wrong with my jaw?
about my front tooth suddenly going sensative?
Why don't many dentists accept NHS patients?
My 3 year old child has cancer i need some advice?
Should smoking be Illegal?
How do I give up smoking?
some one help please if she dies i will have no one left?
Why does my child have cancer?
Is cancer curable if it is malignant and not removed?
what is the best type of exercise to do, while on antibiotics?
Do different cooking methods alter the type of fat found in seeds from good to bad?
how can i put weight on, i am so slim and i hate it!?
Running a marathon when you are sick?
how could someone check their BMI?
i am 5 feet 3inches in height but overweight,i weight 75kg,i want to reduce it to 60kg.plz help me out?
i do weights curls, and benchpress and the next day my muscles dont hurt,is that becouse im stretching b4 and?
Is it true low income families and bad diet lead to violence?
weight watchers dvd?
What is a dietician's role?
Which vitamin or mineral supplements are best for healthy skin and hair?
Why do people say that they are jealious of my legs i know my legs are 32ins long why cant people just be?
how long and how fast should i walk on the treadmill for best results?
Im a bit blonde, My dad cant help but worry when i ask such strange questions! How can i improve my dumbness!?
what is the average weight for a 6 yr old girl?
how can i loose fat on my belly?
If I snort live yoghurt will I still reap the physical benefits of it's active bacteria?
is soya milk unhealthy for woman?
how do i loose 21lb by New Year,?
Teeth straightening and whitening?
Does the dentist jab hurt?
i have had a crown fitted on my front tooth and its nothing like my original tooth was what can i do?
My half built up tooth feels odd?
Corsodyl Daily Defence Mouthwash ?
when i brush my teeth i find i am spitting out lot of blood- seems 2come from gums area? -is this big problem?
What could be wrong with my Teeth?
PArt 2 of the brace Question?
Why can't you give blood if you have had complicated dental operations?
back tooth help please??????????
Can you get invisalign for you'r bottom teeth?
Cancerous lump...depressed...?
For colon cleanses, if the patient is a female,is it required for the doctor performing to be female?
How can I cleanse my colon at home?
Whats your opinion on cancer? So many people get it is it in the environment?
lump on my left breast HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it possible to get Cancer from a friend?
What does it mean if my upper left lateral has moved backwards?
what possition should you jaw be in when you sleep?
medium size bump in my mouth pleasae help!!!! ASAP?
Mouth ulcers all of the time?
Loans for dental work?? Dental insurance?