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How long does it take for dissolvable stitches to dissolve?
Help! question about dental retainers!! any input appreciated!!?
if my dentist doesnt do a filling correct & it still hurts should they redo for free?
dentist terms. monitor buckle pitstain?
Would I get cavities from having my jaw wired shut for 4 weeks?
Can i bleach my own teeth?
How didnt i have pain with a wisdom tooth!?
why do my teeth hurt when....?
Is tootache classed as emergency dental care?
A question for dentists?
HELP! My sons tooth is falling out and he's only TWO!!!?
Any Time i Start Poking my Tooth , It Gets Really Sensitive!?!?!?
is it wrong to brush with ultra-soft toothbrush all the time?
how much do braces cost me when i am on on jsa?
Braces help please x?
what is the best diet to lose 2 1/2 stns?
i want to lose 1stone in a month is this possible and how would i do this?
can someone tell me which is the best fitness machine to get a flat tummy and where can i get one.?
does harton comp school have swimming pool?
I'm on the Shapeworks/Herbalife diet, why have I stopped losing weight?
how do you get rid of cellulite?
is counting calories and exercise an affective way to loose weight?
Is drinking a litre of vimto(diluted of course) equal to drinking a litre of water for my litre a day?
how can i tone my stomach area by exercising?
What exercise is best?
how do i loose fat off my stomach and my theighs?
Whats the best training program?
Does milk lose ist health benefits when added into coffee?
wots the point in drinking water if ur just gonna pis.s it our later?!?!?
How to burn calories and whats the best weight way?
what causes a stitch ie when jogging?
mirror mirror on the wall who's the fattest git of all?
What is detox diet and is it any good?
If you sign up for the breast cancer walk as an individual can you join a team later?
why glycoprotein cell wall deposits can impair immune function?
Are they any treatment for mesothelioma cancer?
Am I at risk for lung cancer?
What are the treatments ?
Dentistry and my AS results!?
Can anyone recommend a nice, non mint toothpaste for my 8 yr old, please?
Plastic retainer pain?
Do i now need to get this tooth removed?
can i get braces immediately if we have the money?
My braces hurt and I have had them for a whilee!?
invisalign braces, any good?
Question about braces?
Is there any alternative to a denture with a plate for missing front tooth?
i had a tooth extraction nearly 48 hours ago, how long will it be before it stops hurting and being so bloody?
What's the best tooth whitener to use out there?
Does this mean I will need a root canal or extraction?
How to convince my dentist to let me have braces?
My filling has fallen out but it feels nice?
If I Started To Use Toothpaste Whitener, Within How Many Months Will I Be Seeing Real Resutls?
How to keep my dental 'dry socket' packing in place?
Why does it take so long for my back to stop bleeding?
Teeth hurt when I have a headache or if I run?
what's this jaw problem called?
Tooth hurts when I chew on it/put pressure?
Please answer if your a dentist, I have a sore lump on my gum or infection.?
Chipped tooth earlier, cavity showing, good mouthwash to essentially sterilise mouth?
lost retainer teeth shifted?
Cure for Gum swelling?
Does Blanx tooth whitening toothpaste work?
has anyone had re treatment of root canal and how was it?
Does Colgate total plus whitening whiten your teeth?
how to get white teeth ? fast?... TENpoints!?
i can see the roots at the bottom of my teeth!?
Bleeding gums? Irritated and stinging with a very bad taste?
Why does my throat/mouth hurt when i swallow?
Growing one wisdom tooth on the bottom right row of teeth?
my child has new front bottom teeth coming through and has raised white gums what is this?
How do i make an appointment with an NHS orthodontist?
what does it mean when the dentist calls out -one zero one zero...when looking at your gums?
Dental Advice: Teeth Whitening?
are braces meant to hurt so much?
Will Medicaid Pay For My Braces!?
why are dentist so overpaid?
Do fillings hurt without an injection?
why is my chest stiff after i get out the bed? my back hurts and has a sting type ache?
is it better to do cardio in the morning and weight training in the afternoon or the other way round had how?
I have started wieght training, and was wondering if a 3 or 5 day split is best?
How to clear fatty liver from fat?
where does the term 'a six- pack', with regards to the abs come from?
Paul MCkena or other.?
i am slim but my belly is not toned it's a bit flabby,how can i make it toned?
where can I find a owners manual for a Schwinn SRB 1800 Recumbent Bike?
Seen on TV an advert for rose star mini swinger, a body fat reducer piece of equip. Web site needed, help?
where can i get a decent, fun beginer piliates dvd?
anyone know a good training schedule for beginners?
How can I stick to a diet without going "off the rails"?
What is speedwork?
Will eating hot chillis speed up someones metabolism?
How can I get re-motivated in my diet?
how do i gain weight within short period of time?
how can i get the lateral thigh trainer instruction manual?
how many calories will I burn in 50 minute high energy aerobics session?
What to say to somebody that has lost a loved one to cancer?
why are most Americans fat?
how much weight can you lose on ten day water fasting ive looked everywhere on the net but no luck please help
t shirt ab control, by power net?
is past really fattening and bad for you? i hear so many different things these days?
What would be a good first job for an 18 year old with an ileostomy?
What kind of results for exp. would a blood report show if you had leukemia?
What colour braces would suit me?
I have this really bitter taste in my mouth...?
I just got braces, but my gums ITCH! Why?!?! :(?
Brackets on braces keeps coming off?
best tooth whitener? in your opinion?
PLEASE HELP my horrible teeth are ruining my life!!!?
why does my front bottom tooth when cold air gets to them?
do orthodontists class losing the little bands on your brackets as a breakage ?
There is a crack in my tooth - serious?
why cant i drink alcohol after having my tooth out?
Tooth extraction: How long until I can eat normally again?
wisdom teeth coming through?
Which whitening tooth paste?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
Does having braces on a guy put girls off?
bad breath problems? any help?
should i get a bottom brace for my teeth?
I dont eat vegetables and little fruit. What are the consequences for my health?
how can I loose my wt. I am 70kg and 165cm.hight?
Can BELLY DANCING tighten and tone the abs...?
dieting gets you traped?
I am a vegetarian and i want to lose 15kgs in next two months does anyone have a diet plan ?
has any one lost weight on tablets called easy slim?
i'm 17, female, and have above average in size arm muscles. does anyone knows how to get rid of them...?
why does going to the gym make me more tired, even though its meant to be good for you?
does anyone know of someone who is looking for a personal trainer on a one to one basis?
how can i loose waight at the same time gain muscles?
How can I buy Phentermine in Ireland?
Am I the only girl who thinks diets can only be started on a Monday?
How can you lose weight quickly?
Does anyone know where i can buy phytolacca berry( Mother Tincture) from. It's used to help with dieting.?
i want to quit smoking?
testrosone! what are the side effects?
How long does it take for an electrical ab toner to start making a difference on your abs?
What is the best way i can build up my arm,chest and six pack without going to a gym or buying equipment?
out of all the brands of super-greens available what one do you recommend to help weight loss?
when my anotiboitcs (for abcess in mouth) have finished will tooth be ok or will i have it removed?
Strengthening teeth mouthwash with braces?
how long are teeth sore for after getting them fitted?
Why hasn't my tooth grown back yet? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER PLEASE HELPP ME?
Do braces hurt or is it just aching? Do they make your mouth look weird?
Corsodyl mouthwash leaving unusual taste in mouth?
Wisdom tooth is coming through, the pain is horrendous, what can I do?
My tooth broke today, help :(?
I finished my brace but then I notice my jaw is shifted to the right, What should I do?
Few questions about teeth?
Front tooth filling? PARANOID Help!?
Do braces hurt, i am really worried :(?
Chipped my tooth! :'(?
Lump Under Chin Lymphoma Or Bacterial Infection?
What is the life expectancy of someone with Leukemia and an inoperable brain aneurysm?
How easy are lipomas to diagnose just by a doctor feeling and examining it?
My uncle has throat cancer...?
Why doesn't my wisdom tooth hurt?
Dental extraction of broken teeth?
can my wisdom teeth come in at 31 years old?
throbbing tooth pain on my back left teeth top and bottom. what is the cause? it is getting very painful?
Why would I start grinding my teeth at 22? Should I see a dentist?
How much should root canal with a white crown cost?
dentis & smoking ? can they tell ?
HELP! I recently got braces and one of my front teeth are starting to overlap!?
At ur Dentist, is zoom or home whitening trays better?
Braces wire came off with one tooth?
Limp/blue lip since I had a filling?
Do any shops sell crest whitestrips, or is it just over the internet?
can you get braces if you have cavity on you front teeth?
3 of my filled teeth really hurt when I eat, why?
How long should it take for swelling to go after an abcess is drained?
Why does my teeth hurts when I wake up?
How can i make my mouthguard taste not so yuck?
orthodontist/dentist help?
Wisdom teeth HELP!!!!?
Teeth Problem!?!?!?!?! HELP!?
how long does it take to get braces in and out?
Im having my wisdom tooth out, does it hurt?
I smoke, drink, and consume too much caffene and dairy, I want to detox for two weeks?
Has anyone tried the Lighter Life diet plan?
slimming pills..safety?
Has anyone had experience with Curves? what kind of results did you have?
I'm engaged to my man, he wants me to add some weight, should he be angry or scared if i stay out late?
when exercising, will i burn more fat with a Heart Rate of 130 or with a HR of 165?
Does anyone know of a pole dancing exercise class in Doncaster?
Energy foods??
Is it possible to be Glucosamine intolerant?
Am i getting fat or not?
Stomach Exercises?
whats the meaning of love?
Does ADHD run in families?
How do I get a friend from around the globe who'd be prepared to advise regularly on my health? I'm Diabetic
what is the best time to do exercise?can i do it in empty stomachordo i take anyfood before doing exercise?
is it possible to learn yoga properly from dvd's or books, or do you really need to go to classes?
If I've never worked out a day in my life, but I weigh 105lbs and not eat gross, am I considered unhealthy?
Protein drinks?
Why did I have to wear retainers BEFORE braces?
what should i do about my retainers?
do you think i should have the gas?
Red spot in mouth??????
my molars havent come out yet, can i still get braces? or anything that will help?
Is is possible to remove permanent retainers?
teeth whitening tips?
'Spot' appears on roof of mouth after eating (not hot foods either)?
Just had my teeth whitened and they are really painful?
Tooth help (crown)!!!?
Dental anaesthesia question?
Will it be okay if I use a friend's retainer? (read description..)?
Braces; My elastics got took off but i've got a gap and it's not closing?
worried about braces coming off?
Brace problems please help i am getting really worried :'-(?
How much would a white filling be if done private, also where in london can i get it done cheaply?
Can i use listerine mouthwash with braces on?
Root canal?! Help please!?
Retainers Question Helpppppppppp... Please ? ;)?
My NHS dentist has done a root canal on the wrong tooth?
why a partial splenectomy is better than a complet splenectomy?
My son wants to be a radiation oncologist.?
I know someone who has cancer. She is 22 has no job and no home. She stays whrere she can.?
Whats going on with my teeth?
What are some good teeth whitening tips?
How do dentists fill cavities?
Is Listerine bad for you?
What color braces should I get today?
What can I do to improve my receding gums and whiten my teeth?
gums began to bleed out of nowhere?
what gas used to be used at the dentist?
How to make tooth pain go away until I go to the dentist?
using a tea bag after wisdom tooth extraction?
wisdom tooth extraction under ga?
In the UK is NHS dental treatment or private dental treatment better?
chewing gum???????????
Treating sore inflamed gums?
pain relief for toothache?
Teeth Whitening Backing Soda?
How much do braces cost?
How much does tooth whitening cost in the UK?
A question for dentists about hydrogen peroxide?
Heartburn, spray talking and bad breath - what's the connection here?
Which is healthier and burns more calories - walking or cycling?
Help, I've had too much Ice Cream and need to lose weight?
does anyone know where i can download a fitness workout video?
what are the best trainers for the gym?
whats this new diet pill im hearing about?
How fast and far can the average teenage male walk in two hours, and How often should breaks be taken?
I'd like some information on the atkins diet, how much weight could I lose in two weeks, I'm a girl, 5ft 3in
are protein powders a waste of money?
if it was possable how long do you think it would take to WALK all the way round the world?
where can i buy rimonabant?
What are some good foods to eat while I'm working out everyday? I have frequent cravings! It get's on my nerve
Middle age spread and crisis?
the right exercise equipment?
how do you get rid of the fat on your thighs?
when running a long distance race, is it better to breathe through your mouth or your nose?
Has anyone tried or heard anything about the Ab Lounge?
can anyone out there help me im trying to lose weight and cant seem to get rid of my chunky ankles and knees?
i really want to lose weight in my stomach and chin does anyone have any ideas??
When running what causes a stitch?
What is the maximum about of oxygen a person can be given?
Does anyone know of a good protein drink for a cancer patient whose also diabetic?
other than radiation, are there some drugs that are used to treat testicular cancer?
cual es la dieta para las personas que sufren de el higado, el colon y las vias renales?
is this an abcess or just a sore gum?
Receding gums showing bone?
i think my permanent tooth MAY be loose?
any dentists out there? please answer:|?
My little sister has a wobbly tooth - adult or baby?
What does an alopecia sufferer lack?
Gum pain where I had a root canal?
Hot or cold.... which is better for toothache?
where can i find the best speicalist dentist in the uk?
how to stop tooth ache?
Mouth abscess will not go away!?
Teeth Problem Question?
Help! dog chewed my retainer!?
How much does professional teeth whitening cost?
Is it normal for a dental crown to crack the first day?
The bracket on my braces won't stick to my Vaneer.?
Would a gum shield be the same as a retainer?
When is the best time to brush my teeth in the morning? while I'm washing, or after breakfast?
can you be a model with a retainer ?
My tongue piercing has a whiteish yellowish puss coming out of it, i got it the saturdaybefore last?
what happens when dental fillings expire?
wisdom teeth removal and bleeding?
I have a mouth ulcer on my tongue, what are the treatments?
is coffee bad for anxiety?
Is it best to count calories or fat grams when trying to lose weight?
i like to lose wight what is the best way ?
How do you make an isotonic drink?
what exercise should i do at home to stay fit?
I do about 800 situps 4/week, different variations, my belly is flat but not tight or with abs, WHY??? xx?
Each time i eat something, I need to go to the toilet !?
can anyone tell me where online i can buy and get sent to a u.k address the slimming drug IONAMIN? PLEASE?
how can I handle jet lag?
does eating junk food just include Mc Donalds and other takeaways.?
Is it safe to take slimming pills containing bladderwrack if you have an underactive thyroid gland?
If you are allergic to whey can you eat cheese?
what do i do to burn the fats on my waist?
where can i get now slim diet tablets?
Is there any rosemary connelly classes in ipswich?
has any one got any quick ways of losing 6 stone by this time next year?
on average, how many miles does the average female walk in her life?
Has anyone tried Stimerex-es?
Does anyone know any exercises for toning saggy stomachs?
Has anyone tried the Kelloggs diet before, how much weight did you lose?
Does it hurt when you have an injection in your gums?
what's causing the left side of my face to go a bit puffy?
How can I tell my new girlfriend that my teeth are false and when I take them out my nose hits my chin?
My tooth hurts really bad, is there a quick way to make it stop?
I want to whiten my teeth, but what's best, tooth paste, strips, gels or whitening trays?
my child used hair removal cream as tooth paste what should i do?
Can you wear retainers while fasting?
I hate smiling b/c of my braces!!!?
I have 8 wisdom teeth and one teeth down the bottomn of my little teeth?
How long will my teeth take to straighten with braces?
will my Doctor and Dentist be able to tell? :S?
Does storebought lemon jusice make your teeth whiter as regular emon jusice does or is supposed to ?
i have a removable brace on my top jaw to pull my fangs in and push the rest of my teeth forward?
How will I feel after getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
Worried about brace colours!?
Do fillings hurt? I wanna know please!?
Cancer & Genetics question?
How do i get involved ??????????????????? Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the actual and ideal medical management for Cystoclysis or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy?
lump in my tongue ...cancer? help !?
Will exposure to Dioxin in paper plates everyday cause birth defects?
Just had a filling, how long will be gum be numb for?
If I lose a tooth undergoing treatment, will they replace it free of charge?
Why would one of your teeth moved once you are fully grown?
My teeth are itchy! am i normal?!?
Braces still hurt? ...?
Are Damon Braces free for under 16's in the UK?
what are the dental fillings you buy in pharmacies like?
Braces are thier free in the uk?
I have a cavity help?
do you have to get a numbing shot at ant time with braces?
Hi There This is a Dental Treatment Question?
Any way to straighten my teeth?
What do people think about perfect teeth?
i have a bad tooth ache?
A few questions about braces.?
any dentists out there? please answer:|?
What could cause high haemoglobin levels? I don't smoke or live at high altitude and am quite healthy?
weight issues?
Stacker tabs - anyone used them? Are they any good?
do you lose weight by using a exercise bike ??
what's the right exercise?
anyone got any ideas for veggie salads please?
Any one know how many steps in a mile?
Normal bingeing?
What is in spam?
if you start from scratch, being totally unfit and no stamina, how many months/years would it take to train?
I have been weight training for about a year and have decided to incorporate creatine into my diet?
how do i know if i look too fat or not?
Not lost weight infact gained 4 pound.....?
What is the new slimming drug recently mentioned on the news?
how do you resolve flatulence problems?
Why does body mass index use the square of height when one would expect the cube?
has anyone tried the scarsdale diet? did it work for you?
complan? any good?
I have started running three times a week, how soon will I notice a difference in my size, shape or weight?
any one know any good exercise routines i have a treadmill and bike?, i wana no so i can lose weight?
does anyone take phentermine for a weight problem?
i've never been to the dentist?
Colon Cancer III... Chemotherapy...?
what is tramadol..........................................?
I have my perioday Over 2and half weeks now?
wisdom teeth and fizzy drinks?
why did my dentist not fill my front tooth?
Home teeth whitening help? thanks x?
Im 15 and want to have braces?
No injection and felt no pain while dentist drilled root.?
help with wisdom teeth pressure?
im having my wisdom teeth pulled in an hour.....?
is fluoride in london's tap water?
Xanax and Dental Treatment?
My tooth hurts after the filling, again?
should i put salt on a mouth ulcer?
How reliable are tooth disclosure tablets?
what is the best way to have extactions?
how to treat an abscess?
How Do You Make Teeth Perfectly White?
I want to become a dental nurse but not sure how to?
prefer my old broken retainers :(?
How old do you have to be to start a dental nurse course?
Does anyone else gag when they brush their teeth?
i have braces and 1 of the plates is faulty?
Which is worse pain braces or spacers?
Could I get a brace free on the NHS?
What does it mean if there's a "small" chance of needing root canal?
Help me please...this is a serous question?
I have a slow heart rate of 54bpm at rest is this normal?
Vitamin tablets - are they as good as real vitamins or a poor temporary substitute?
Anyone know whether you can learn belly dancing from a DVD? if so any recommendations please?
Why do you become fitter when you exercise?
Ive controlled my calories but havent lost anymore weight...?
whats the best way to loose weight from your legs & bun without turning it into muscle?
What exercises are good for increased muscle mass?
Losing weigh?
where can you buy MBT trainers in york?
best diet quickest results?
What actually happens during meditation?
Whats the best way to loose cellulite from your thight and bum?
i need 2 build my upper body strength? any ideas??
whos' tried the kellogs diet?
If cows eat vegetables and we eat cows does this mean we can get our 5 veg a day by simply eating meat?
Getting my braces off tomorrow! What should i expect?
What are these dental tools for?
my dad is 70 does he get free dentist charges?
Braces.. do i need them, please help..?
Is it bad to have fillings when you haven't had any sleep?
Has anyone been a patient at Orthoactive? (United Kingdom, Suffolk)?
Does Getting Braces Hurt?
I know guys like different things but do some guys like big teeth. I have really big teeth?
A friend of mine has had major surgury abroud, can their treatment be continued here?
What are the chances of getting cancer from a pilonidal cyst after having it for about 2.5 years?
My brother has been diagnosed recently with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. What are the chances that i will get it?
what type of milk brands don't have cancer risks?
I have a bump on my armpit I'm 13 years old?
how can i get rid of the numbness from tooth extraction?
why does this happen ?
I have just finished my A-levels... do i have to pay the dentist at this very moment?
blood 'bubble' after tooth extraction?
Had a molar removed and have either felt sick or been sick since it's been taken out?
Can too much stomach acid causes gum disease?
27 teeth 13 on bottom? never had one removed?
colour of braces pleasei?
Problem with mouth ulcers?
Can a mouthwash be used when i have a temporary filling?
10 points... help with my retainers?
What Colour Braces Shall I Get?
UK Question: How can I get a chipped tooth repaired?
My Braces Hurt Wat Shall I Do? Feel Like Taking Them Off Bt I'll Regret That!? :S?
do you HAVE to get your wisdom teeth pulled out?
my teeth hurt with braces!?
Had braces fitted yesterday and these cap things fell out?!?!?!?!?
is my train-track brace normal?
my front crown(is that when teeth are filed?) has slipped after only about 3 years?
How long will it take for braces to close two big gaps?
My mother does not want me to get braces, what should I do?
I went to a dentist and is this normal?
so i brushed my gums and it started bleeding?
Help! I need some advice and encouragement....need to loose 10 kilos but am breastfeeding at the moment?
a good aerobics class in sheffield?
whats the best way to exercisethe adductor muscle?
What are growth hormones and how do they work? and are there any bad side effects?
Has anyone ever used slendertone and does it work?
How much protein shakes should you drink per day to increase muscle development?
How can i improve my body Height?
Cheap exercise?
is there a way to loose wait fast?
Healthy diet menu plan?
can anything be done about stretch marks?
which exercise is best to lose weight and tone at the same time?
Best workout for legs?
weight training.?
If I used muscle building supplements, without training, would I gain muscle.?
any info on jean montac diet the one kylie was on?
Is it okay to workout at the gym with a summer cold? I've just joined and now I've got this lousy cold.
Does anyone know how many weight watchers points there are in Wagamama's Chicken Katsu Curry?
Help with my tooth problem/Question?
Spacing after Braces removal ?
Would permanent retainer help my teeth shift back?
How to look after my teeth?
can i do dental surgery in the same/different colours gloves?
Getting braces offf.....?
I have a purple mark on my tongue and it hurts a little and this is the second what is it and should i worry?
I am getting my braces tightened should I stay off school afterwards?
Is this a sign of gun disease? I have noticed i can see some of my bottom teeth through my gum?!?
Should I go to the ER?
is this normal/(tooth ache question)?
I had a dream where my canine teeth had grown, what does this mean?
Loose front tooth? Trauma?
copper taste in mouth?
Stains on my teeth when I wake up?!?
Could I get veneers for my small teeth?
I got a tooth out yesterday which needed stiches but it has been bleeding all night and now?
when shoud i use salt-water?
When can i eat normal foods?
how long will it bleed?
Can anyone help me please?
Clear retainer!!! Ouch!!!?
Will i die :( im scared?
Team Name Ideas for Race for the Cure?
Should I still go to the doctors?
can a ct scan show thyroid tumors and goiters?
Can earphones with little fluff like pads cause cancer?
Are veneers suitable for me?
I Had My Wisdom Teeth Removed and Now Swelling?
whats the average pay for a qualified dental nurse?
what is invisaline? (quick question)?
Does this seem normal? One of my wisdom teeth (on the bottom) is breaking through the gum?
Is this a mouth ulcer?
getting my wisdom teeth removed.. help!!?
what should i do with my wisdom tooth?
Would Clark's Twin Block work on an adult?? Help!!?
I just got a retainer?
By what time should all of your baby teeth fall out?
I've got a wisdom tooth Do you hav 2 pull it out !!?
Whats The Best Colour Braces To Get ?
Questions about braces?
Gum Disease maybe : ?
Am I Going To Have To Wear The Wax For My Braces Untill They Come Of?
how do they remove oral stitches?
Few questions about braces...?
Help bad dental phobia appointment tomorrow!?
Tooth hurts when I eat sweets?
does a craze line on a tooth always appear straight?if the line is slightly crooked is it a crack?
Overbite question. Please answer?
Do I have receding gums?
What is an Empty Calorie???
Does anyone know how many weight watchers points there are in Wagamama's Yaki Udon? Thank you?
gain weight QUICK! please read, dieticians or doctors preferred but anyone?
Body Fat???!!?
has anyone heard of the diet pill hoodia and if so do you know if it works?
Weigh Watchers Success Stories I need Motivation?
Anyone tried the Paul McKenna's Easy Weight Loss CD?
Why do I have so little energy, and what can I do about it?
What can I eat on the atkins diet?
Designing a diet for a lifestyle, anyone want to help?
I am a full time mum and would like to do a course in fitness in Hampshire?
Why is water good for us?
how much water am i supposed to drink a day, and can it include sugar free dilute pop?
what effect can taking too much vitamin a and d have on you? both mentally and physically??
what is v8 juice and where can i get it?
What are warning signs your body can't handle your extreme diet?
can too much exercise cause swelling of my fingers?
im trying to go on a healthy diet casn anyone help me eat?
Morbid Obesity?
Dynamic tension exercises do they work?
What is the likelihood that...?
If a women has breast cancer and chose to have them both removed.?
I got stitches for a tooth extraction just over a week ago. The stitches are dissolvable but they have just?
getting my braces on thursday?
My teeth are wobbly due to me just getting braces. If i wobble them could they fall out?
Help about nasty teeth?
Gotta big hole in my molar and now I have jaw pain. How long can I wait before the dentist?
Will the NHS cover pectus excavatum repair surgery?
my Childs tooth has fallen out but it looks like the root is still in. What do i do?
Teeth whitening question?
My local dentist uses an anaesthetic called Scandonest. Anyone know if its likely to cause constipation ?
are you scared of the dentist im 12 and i wet my self is this bad?
Unable to get a suitable orthodontist appointment?
permanent teeth whitening solution?
Question about your teeth?
Can you go straight to Dental Nurse team leading after University?
I'm Getting My Braces Took Off but... ?
Puffy, red, painful gums?
I have a crack in my tooth..can aeroplane pressure make it worse?
White thing on my tonsil not coming out?
Does orange juice do bad to teeth?
when brushing my teeth?
i've done something terrible and i don't know what to do?please help?
How long does it take for a tongue piercing to close completely?
How much impact can your teeth withstand until it breaks/falls out?
Chipped tooth insicor (erosion)?
I have terrible teeth... PLEASE help!?
Sensitive Teeth! Which is better? Potassium Chloride, Potassium Nitrate or Strontium Chloride?
How long does it take to brush Walrus tusks?
can you get wisdom teeth at 13? and what happens when you get them?
Wisdom tooth? operation?
My tongue is green,has lumps on it and is causing bad breath?
What is a cheap and easy way to get nice clean (white) teeth?
what is the best way to correct an overbite?
taste blood, spit and there is a bit of blood there.?
Is it too late to save my teeth?
Painful lump in my mouth? is it an ulsa?
gaps in teeth?????? help!?
What qualifications do you need to become a Dentist, (NHS or Private Practise)?
Why does it hurt to chew?
Help! Im not getting on with my removable brace !?
Chronic bleeding gum?
Im getting braces soon help!?
Why is toothpaste always mint flavoured?
How much would it cost if I only wanted to adjust my bite at an orthodontist?
can i still use crest white strips while wearing my retainers?
What are these symptoms signs of?
What are the chances that a lump in the prostate is a malignant tumo?
what is wrong with me? please help?
If a zombie eats a brain with brain cancer, will they get stomach cancer?
Does a paracentesis hurt?
Are there affordable skin care products that won't cause cancer?
weight problems?
whats 9st in pounds and kilos?
Whats the best thing to eat while body building?
can you get travel sickness in space?
I need to gain wight like by Christamas?
how can you get a perfect body for the summer?
lose weight.?
How do i get rid of fat on my hips and sadlebags?
what is Lecithin?
if your muscles ache after doing exercise does that mean you've done a good workout?
swimming infomation?
I weight train and have good muscle development but am finding it difficult to get ripped I need a good diet?
whats the best and quickest ways to tone up?
My brother has started to put cling film around his stomach.....?
which vegetables are carbohydrates?
What could cause Yellowish/orange Eyelids?
High energy foods????
If you have been taking vitamin pills ( un-nessercarily) for sometime then suddenly stop, will there be any ..
what should be the weight of a guy aged 23 years old and his height is 167centimeters?
Would anyone like to be my weight loss buddy? Only serious people please!?
is the drink lucozade orange fattening?
Infected wisdom tooth, and I'm in another country!?
What to eat after oral surgery?
What's the best type of crest white strips..any experiences?
A bit of my tooth just broke off :s?
I got a filling, ohh ohh?
I have been told that I have periodontal disease and have loose teeth and badly inflamed gums?
Why haven't my back teeth fallen out yet?
Lost my retainer a week ago but I cant afford to buy a new one... help plzzz?
Is Invisalign Teen worth it?
What are the types of infection you can have in teeth?
What are the metal rings for on my braces?
Filling dropped out, repaired without the dentist cleaning it…?
Can Bacteria caused by dental 'caps' be reversed?
I have a question about retainers...?
Can You Buy Removable Braces Online?
What can I do to tone up my bum and thigh within a month!!!?
Where can I buy/order "China Show Light Essence?"?
ab toners, do they work??
Which is worse, too much salt or too much sugar?
I am doing the Dublin Marathon on 31st October, how much training should i be doing and how?
how many calories will i burn if i do an hour of cycling on my exercise bike at 15mph?
Im on a diet so If i Jogged everynight for 30 minutes or more, how much do u think i would lose in 28days?
how long does it take to build good quality muscle?
what is the best protein drink for mussel gain?
Apart from your legs, does skipping help tone any other part of your body??
does anyone else have a lateral stepper?
I have a sweet tooth what is the best foods to eat that help curve sweet cravings?
Help with Yoag anasas?
Are there any foods that really make you loose weight ?(fresh air doesn't count!)?
After given birth to two children, my tomy is now big and hip too. How can i reduces them especially my tomy.?
body fat analysers and moniters,do they work?if so which one is the most accurate?
Weight loss surgery?
how do i stop sugar cravings????
Cure/ test for MSG- food addictive?
help i need to lose weight, can anyone tell me a website with information on a sensible diet?
Can lumps on the back of the neck, sides and front of the head be linked?
My friend underwent stage 3 colon cancer surgery. Anyway, she is healing well and?
Tooth decay - Tartar? worried 17 year old?
Why is it in this modern age, Hospitals no longer wash patients?
What is happening to my mouth? HELP?
yellow teeth, profesionall toothwhitening?
Should I go to the dentist?
We are YOUNG! We run FREE!?
After using Zoom whitening do your teeth fade a little before they whiten?
What is better for teeth whitening crest strips,listerine or aqua?
how long does the aftertaste last?
Got shot with a bb gun in the mouth and knocked my front tooth?
Is there anything I can do before getting a filling?
can you get wisdom teeth at 13? and what happens when you get them?
help me get my retainer off!?!?!?
taste blood, spit and there is a bit of blood there.?
Questions about Braces...?
does hynotherapy work?
I've hurt my foot - help!?
Can anyone make up a 30 minute exercise plan for me combining this equipment?
Can morning walk helps in reducing the weight?
how to eat exotic fruits?
how to lose inches effectively and keep it off?
How many Weight Watchers points are there in turkish food? Is it relatively low point?
what is healthier - bitesize shreaded wheat or the normal shreaded wheat?
does marijuana stunt your growth and what other affects can it have ??
i have been diagnosed with candida so need a yeast free diet, can anyone offer any diet help please?
Has anyone tried Adios slimming pills?
wot do i do?
why do we get dizzy?
Been so bloated and tired for the past few months? Any ideas why?
Can anyone recommend any diet pills that work and that are not expensive?
callanetics for the abs!!!!?
How do I build lean muscle quickly?
If you brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste and Aquafresh at the same time...???????
swallon on right side face after a filling?
I have been advised to put cotton wool over the wound where I got a tooth extracted?
Swallowing GC Tooth Mousse?
When you get a blood transfusion, does your heart renew your own blood in time?
I have a bump on the back of my neck...?
Could this be Spasmodic dysphonia , if so, what form is it?
do you think they have already found a cure for cancer ?
how long will the pain last from dry socket?
how to cure a toothache?
plz help i think i have the weird teeth?
How Do I Apply Bicarbonate Soda On My Teeth? How Often Should I Use It?
towards the end of the implants expiration date,what are side effects one is likely to have?
CLICK HERE and i will give u 10 points?
Do teeth fillings hurt?
Am i intitaled to free dental treament on the nhs becouse of my health problemes?
What do you think about these colors for braces?
wisdom teeth pain or something else?
do veneers make your mouth more ''bulky''?
How do I make my rubber bands in a zigzag shape for my braces?
can you over brush your teeth?
Swollen Gums - Have Antibiotics, but what about the pain?
my daughter is 4and1/2 years & her 1st tooth is lose .is it the right age of her for falling teeth?
what do you do to apply for a job as dentist after completing a BDS course?
should i have tooth removed or braces first, and what will it cost?
i got a excruciating pain where i have had a root canal, i don't what to do and i can't sleep.ne1 know wut2 do?
what nerve supplies the palatal gum of the posterior teeth?
Is it possible to make your teeth white from brushing ?
what does swiming tone and how good at toneing is it and what is the best stroke for abdominals?
how many calories should a teenage boy burn each day to stay fit?
Why do people go jogging?
Whats the verdict on creatine?
I have lordosis in my.Which elliptical cross trainer would help me most? Do I really need adjustable incline?
Do HOODIA GORDONII slimming pills and patches really work.?
If low fat is less than 3g per 100g how much is low carbs per 100g?
Is wheat flour good for you?
best exersice to get rid of saggy man breasts?
any tips on how to skip using a skipping rope i really wana learn but cant do it help plz?
hey i'm back and i wanna get better!! with your help?
Substitue for caffiene fizzy drinks?
Cereal Diets?
I want to buy an elliptical proteus eec 7088 any comments?
My Gum Has Been Inflamed For Two Weeks Now And Its Not Healing?
what are retainers for?
my dog has a rotton tooth, i think its dead, will this be causing her any pain?
how to get rid of a lisp with braces?
Cant afford dentist fees?
need a filling asap help!!?
White stuff on back of my tounge?
My braces keep coming off in my sleep!?
Would you have dental surgery without anesthetic?
why is the roof of my mouth yellow?
Can I get braces for free in the UK?
whats the best pain relief for toothache?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
remove 2 teeth on nhs?
what the pay like for trainee dental nurses?
Does drinking water after eating sweets help you not to get cavities?
Will i look horrible? any people who have had this done? (Teeth Pulled)?
i think ive done something to my tooth :(?
I just caught a cold the other day...can I get my tongue pierced?
I am having trouble trying to register with an Nhs dentist .?
What is the best thing to............?
My dentist says its ok not to wear gloves as long as you wash your hands. What do you think about this?
Is it ok for a dentist not to wear gloves or masks?
Have their been any cases where colloid cysts have been cancerous?
occipital lymph gland hurt?
I need to know the dying symptoms caused by a cancer of the lymph nodes?
Private patient or public patient?
Will my teeth move after braces are off?
How much to get the tooth pulled out?
I've only just noticed that I grind my teeth...?
How to deal with Braces?
wisdom teeth extraction?
is it normal for a tooth to hurt after getting an inlay? It didnt hurt when i had got the temporary filling?
Why is it that when I snort, these smelly things come out?
How to treat initial decay which the dentist says aren't sufficient to fill?
I didn't take physics for GCSE, can I still be a dentist?
Got my removable brace today and was wondering ?
k so hi, my JAW has been LOCKED for like almost 3 months?
Weight Loss Tablets?
slimming pills?
Has anyone tryed phase2 tablets?
Compiling a playlist for the gym - what songs get you moving?
don;t like dieting but i also want to loose weight what should i do?
I have a big, fat head?
Ideal weight?
Slimming World......?
carbohydrate-addicts plan?
Love handles horror...!?
has anyone lost weight on the master cleanse diet (liquid, beyonce diet)?
What are the negative effects of eating unwashed fruit/ the pesticides that are on them?
how do you get rid of a hangover?
Has anyone got an Airwalker ?
whats a good web site to learn about bodybuilding please?
which is best, rowing machine or elliptical?
how to make your teeth better apart from brushing your teeth?
how long do dental stitches take to dissolve?
Tiny holes in a few teeth -what will happen?
How to get pearly white teeth at home?
Can I get dental work done under general anaesthetic?
How unhealthy do these teeth look?
I have just had a filling replaced, and i have noticed there is now a crack in my tooth?
Is ingesting a tiny bit of a familys blood ok?
Worried about my mothers bump on her arm?
what are the signs of lung cancer?
I want to know how do the patients think about Dr. Michael Tong in syracuse?
paano malalaman kung may breast cancer ang isang babae?
Breast cancer survivors out there?
I want to find teens who have had or have cancer that live in my town?
Can you get skin cancer from getting permanent laser hair removel?
how can i??
cambridge diet suppliers in bedford area?
What Is The SouthBeach Diet?
Can anyone recommend good trainers for Walking?
What is the average time it takes for food to be digested (i.e. eating to shi?ting)?
Which slimming club is the best, Weight watchers or Slimming world?
Tried this before but only got "funny"answers comics stay home PLEASE Any sites with 6 second abs workout on
how much taller can pull-up bars make you?
can i go to the dentist high?
How much would Braces cost for this?
is getting tartar removed from teeth painful?
How long does healing take following Widom Tooth Extraction?
Bad breath how can I stop it?
Does everyone have fully straightend teeth after thier orthodontics treatment?
Why do your teeth move back to its default position after your orthodontics treatment?
which dentist are taking patients on?
Stained front teeth-discolouring or something else?
why do teeth have nerves?
think i got a splash of bleach or cleaning product in my mouth when cleaning last night. what to do?
having teeth out information?
How to make teeth white?
i have my tooth(molar)badly decayed its making me mad i m planing to take it out does it hurts?
Dental Bone Grafting: How long to recover to eat normally?
Will it hurt at the dentist?
why UK government cannot provide free dental treatment to low income group?
30 year old with bad dental phobia but bad dental problems?
My front teeth feel quite rough?
I have a hot aching sensation under my crown.?
Im getting upset because i cant speak with a brace, i just want to be myself, what shall i do?
More teeth coming through- possibly wisdom teeth?
Whats the best whitening toothpaste?
my oh had a root canal filling over a week ago and is still in seriouse pain he carnt eat wot should we do?
What Grades And Training To Be A Dentist In The Uk ?
Do you think Hypnosis Anesthesia works?
what have i done to my tooth? and what can i do to stop it hurting?
i cant afford tp pay for dentist, im 19 and full time college student?
Braces and rubber bands?
is it ok that i dont brush my teeth at night but rinse it with water?
I'm 14 nearly 15 and I still have my milk teeth is anything wrong?
help !!! Brace Problem?
Do you think l should go back to the dentist about my extractions?
Does anyone know the cycle to a tooth nerve dying?
What are signs that your wisdom teeth are coming through?
what are retainers for?
how does an appointment at the dentist cost in Ireland?
can i get a braces on the NHS i am 46 years old i had a brace when i was 12?
need a filling asap help!!?
How do I lose weight fast? I really want to shift over a stone in 9 weeks. Help!?
i need help in getting a flat tummy?
Does Hoodia really help attain rapid and extensive high weight loss?
hi yall!im having a strange experience at the moment with my body.Iv recently lost a few lbs,unintentionally..
Has anyone tried any diet pills? Which ones and what were the effects?
Is it true that chinese food is good for your eye sight.?
What causes calcium deposits?
phentermine weight loss?
Keep the weight off after quitting the nicotine-how?
Is 4.9212ft and 111.6 pounds healthy?
does the lipotrim diet really work and how hard is it to do?
How can i gain weight quickly but safely?
Do you want to get back to your old weight?
how much fat in grammes should an adult women be consuming per day?
Exercise Bike?
I want to los weight and cant seem to shift the last stone. On Slimming world currently - any ideas?
how can i tone my arms up?? and get rid of 'bingo wings'??
is slimming world any good?
How much is liposuction?
Cancer organizations?
Enlarged Lymph-nodes HELP IN HORRIBLE PAIN?
my kitten has been tested for feline leukemia?
how much does it cost generally for a person to have a stomach tumor removed?
Would a full blood count show signs of a serious illness.?
My Dentist won't let me get braces?
Braces: do orthodontists like to leave them on longer even if teeth are straight?
what is the best method of anestetic?
Swallowing dry blood after wisdom teeth?
root canal filling question........?
i don't know what's going on?!?
If you drink ormus water is it possible to grow a new tooth if you have had it extracted?
What weight should i be ?
what can i do to keep my Tommy flat and what kind of food do i take and what type of food do i avoid com?
Using my excercise bike?
Know where I can purchase Phytolacca Berries on the www?
When are diet companies going to realise that fatties eat because they like the taste not because of hunger.?
Is it neccessary for apples to be waxed?
problem with my shoulder?
i'm a thin guy with thin arms.. can going to gym make me big?
What muscles does a pull up bar build?
Pump it up!?
How many people actually go Swimming at there local leisure club ?
what specific food is good to boast a weak system??
Would eating only oatmeal (porridge) and drinking only water for 3 days have any negative effects?
im going in for a tummy tuck and was just wondering if anyone knows how long after the op can i drive again?
I think I may be anaemic?
tae-bo for toning up...........?
What is the diffference between lemonade diet and a liver flush.?
do you have any information on the GI capsule? it is different to the GI diet as you don't have to diet!?
root canal - what are the consequences..........?
Gum Disease... Can it be cut out????? help!!?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
braces..confused??? help?
Question about oral thrush and how it should be when clearing up?
Using extra bands on braces?
extracting teeth for braces as an adult.?
what is it like to have a root canal treatment?
First time getting braces help??????
How do you tell if a tooth is loose or coming loose?
I have invisalign and the gum at the back is growing into my tooth and the aligner is squashing and digging it?
tooth broke off, help please?
Can I take my retainers out for a couple hours?
Why do teeth move around when your braces are removed?
Why do Adult teeth grow in the wrong position on some people?
Around how much does it cost to have all four wisdom teeth taken out?
Why do I have so many Oral Ulcers?
How good are my teeth doing? (just want to know before going to dentist)?
Is my dentist honest?
Mouth Cancer? Doctors PLEASE!, or anyone, someone who knows about it, or has found out about it.?
Firm Lump in Side of Neck...Lymphoma/Cancer?
How will doctors be able to correct post-traumatic bone deformities in the future?
High school kid wanting to help Canadian Breast Cancer Society?
Unbearable toothache?
Bump on gum over non-extracted wisdom tooth? Help please!?
I am going to get 4 teeth removed so that I can get my braces,After I have had my braces will their be 4 gaps?
whats the strongest crest white strips?
Tooth problem please help!!!!!?
How long should i use pola night teeth whitening gel?
i have a tooth that gets food in it its very smelly when i get the food picked out what should i do??????
confused about whats causing my tooth ache?
braces PAIN! helppp =(?
Is it normal for my teeth to ache really bad after not wearing my retainers for some time?
i have braces how do you get rid of swollen gums?
Does 44% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitener actually work?
(uk) i might be getting a tooth out at the dentist tomorrow?
Found a Hole in my Gum :/?
Why do orthodontics treatmeants cost so much?
how does the family adjust to a change after they have undergone a crisis?
losing weight?
whats e best way to loose some few weights n my tummy?
how to lose weight in right way?
what is your favourite free weight excercise?
Does anyone know a way of loseing weight fast???
Im 6ft 6" and 20stone Whats the best way to lose weight without becoming a fitness freak?
Why have I lost my appetite?
How to make a beutifull body?
Is eating only fruit and drnking water a good detox?
have reached thirty and am having trouble toning hips and bum never a prob before?
is there such a thing as being addicted to eating ??
how can i loose weight in 10days?
Whats the best way to lose fat?
Does this Hoodia stuff REALLY work? Where can I buy it in UK/Ireland, (I mean GENUINE Hoodia) thanks folks!?
Whats The Average weigh For A 12 Yr Old ?
what are eating disorders?
Strange body shape?
what are the symptoms of depression? apart from the obvious feeling down..?
help..i have fat, but im average weight???
Toothache on a tooth that has had root canal, nothing on xray?
How do i change my dentist? UK?
Would Lumineers be ideal in my situation?
plz suggest me some remedy for toothache?
Ive Got Tooth Decay On My Front Right Tooth, What Do I Do To Get Rid Of It?
which is the best choice for a 23 yr old girl who needs bone grafts, multiple implants due to?
Who else is scared of changing the light buble?
dentists taking on patients in Cardiff?
Crest Whitestrips Supreme?
Orthodontic Appliances?
How to get rid of mouth ulcer on the OUTSIDE of my lip?
i think i need braces?
can you get a built in top retainer?
When do human canine teeth start to form?
What colour braces do blonde haired girls with dark blue eyes go for?
My Brace Wire Has Turned Yellow ?
is corsodyl available in India?
D'you think if I needed any fillings, the orthodontist would have mentioned it?
what is the small sore lump on the roof of my mouth?
Wisdom Tooth Pain HELP?
energy loss at gym?
Can somebody tell me how to count calories in our Nigerian dishes? Eg garri, yam, cassava etc?
does the pineapple diet work? if so, how long does it tkae to loose weight?
What is the average weight of the person who is UK size 8 and is 5'7 tall?
Which is the best yoga video/DVD around at the mo?
where can i get effogin tablets?
what d quickest way 2 loose weight in your face?
My leg hurts..just below knee at side of leg when I exercise or walk for long periods. Any advice?
anyoe know how tribes look after their teeth and how comes they never seem to have tooth ache?
pronamel toothpaste..........?
Is it true that baking powder whitens your teeth?
cavity with braces, what will happen?
My Molar Band Ring Came off! Help?
What could cause toothache if my teeth are fine?
Is brushing your teeth once a day bad?
very sore gum inside of cheek?
Can you get tonsillitis as a result of a tooth extraction?
Wire came out of bracket?
Is the tooth nerve removed during a dental implant?
How soon after having a tooth filled can you eat and drink safely?
having tooth out and filling information?
Why are my gums bruised and swollen?
Two teeth came through when I was 16 - these are wisdom teeth, right?
should i have a root filling or have my tooth out, which is the best option?
What colour braces should I get?
I got braces today and there's a part sticking out that's irritating me?
Strange tooth problem... ongoing for nearly 4 years?
how do you get rid of mouth ulcers?
I have really senstive teeth and i have tried sensyone tooth paste?
IBS or another problem?
what are the best skin barriers (flanges) for ostomy patients?