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does uv coating on clear lenses protect me outside?
can I asjust eyeball position with surgery?
Why is it that negative lens require prescriptions from a professional to obtain, whereas plus lens do not?
OMG there's soap in my eye help!!! 10 points! fast response please!?
What is the cause of breast cancer ?
any organization in singapore that provide financial aid to cancer patient?
Swollen glands/Lymph nodes in neck please help!!?
Do you know how drastic stage 2 breast cancer is?
cancer in my lungs and i dont know what to do?
Are nose bleeds normal for kids?
I keep having a burning, runny nose?
How to get rid of nose bleeds?
My head feels itchy when I wear my beanie?
Why am I suddenly allergic to apples, pears, almonds?
How to stop cracking knuckles?
Stress reliever????????
Untreated shingles a year ago and still have nerve pain/damage? Prognosis?
how to decrease the chance of muscle cramps and soreness?
Help,I kissed someone who is HIV +?
Stage 3 breast cancer, survival rate only 5 years?
Underarm Lump, Is this something serious?
can blood vessel tumors become cancerous?
where can i donate my hair?
i'm donating bone marrow to my sister?
Can you get breast cancer if you still have milk in your breast?
what is melanotan ii?
How to treat insomnia? Any suggestions?
How long will Weed stay in my System?
My friend is on steriods!!!?
How do I know sour diesel when I buy it?
I'm on zoloft????what should i do?
Which way is the best way to sleep?
okay i know this sounds dumb but does smoking raise your immunities?
contacts and pink eye?
Can I Improve my eyesight without glasses?
Should I take out my contacts before a shower?
What to do with black spots in your eye?
Do I have to get to get eye exam for contacts lenses AGAIN?
If someone has "eyeshine" does thst mean they have an eye disorder?
how do cramps happen while playing sports?
I'm scared, I have really bad stomach pains!!?
What are the pros and cons of these two professions?
have i passed my drug test at school?
Do I have symptoms of ADHD?
I seem to have a constant rushing sound in my ears lately. Any idea what it could be?
Will drinking alcohol kill the mucus in my throat?
is it weird to gulp down air so that i pass gass for my mom to hear?
Is there a point in quitting smoking, when almost everyone in your house still smokes?
what causes shortness of breath and feeling like your going to pass out?
Prednisone side effects?
This has to be more than an Upper Respiratory Infection..... Please help?
need a solution for severe cough?
chest pain dont know why it hurts.?
Shin Splints what is the cure for them?
What's the fastest way to through up besides putting your fingers down your throat?
Already going to the doctor, but any immediate help?
Why do i feel numbness in both arms.?
My doctor is an idiot.. PT making shoulder injury worse?
what is the kind of pain that comes with a spinal cord injury?
with a concussion, when is the soonest i can start snowboard again?
Head injury... Should I see a doctor?
Would I go to a urologist for a UTI?
how does head lice feel likes?
If a strep throat is left untreated for a month...?
Conducting Flu Poll:?
Could dirt infect a bite wound on your dogs leg?
Lyme Disease diagnosis or something else? Parkinson's?
Can I stop taking my malaria tablets before the course is over?
Is it dangerous to get multiple vaccines when adult?
Brain Cancer???!!! Im scared??
Does this sound like a brain tumor?
Do i have skin cancer?
Floaters in my vision?
Should smokers be allowed to the same level of treatment by the NHS?
im embarressed about going to councilling?
Anxiety about my business, advice needed?
Anorexia, should I tell my counsellor this?
Is depression real or not?
How much weight do you think ill lose (read please)?
Help me reverse my OCD?
do you see anything wrong with counsling? i don't think i'm crazy or anything but my mom just got dignoised?
Am I wierd????????????
Should I go to the gym right now or tmr?
Runnin on a treadmill vs Running outdoors?
How to gain weight fast? PLEASE help :(?
Will doing crunches plus a diet help out my abs?
I went about 20 calories over my recommended amount to lose weight. Will that make or break me?
How often should I give my eyes a break from contacts?
Is it possible to scratch your eye when taking out contacts?
What are causing my eyes to be red?
my optician says i cant repair my eyesight with laser surgery or glasses what could be the problem?
If they messed up my prescription, who pays for a new one?
what does my eye prescription mean?
I'm sick and it hurts to drink water?
How do I make my posture straighter?
Have I broken or bruised my foot?
Can anyone recommend a good knee brace?
HELP!imreally scared!could this be signs of brain cancer?
Help LPR and Cancer ?
Does all tobacco have nicotine in it?
can i get cancer if i pee on my table?
can seborrheic dermititis cause swollen lymph nodes and tonsil with pus ?
could it be cancer?.................................…
what is prostate cancer?
Having trouble eating?
Blood when blowing nose?
How can I pass a drug test on Wednesday?
I keep having pains in mi stomach ?
I have rashes every night and it itches. Is this allergy?
What medicine cure running nose?
am i allergic to alcohol?
do you have any std's?
can I get AIDS or HIV trough drinking urine or eating ****?
Can hpv(human papillomavirus) lead to HIV?
I have an sudden reaction to certain noises around me its getting worse I need help?
i have gallbladder.i am taking surgery for it.gallbladder surgery is safe or not?
Woke up and couldn't breathe...?
Why does my foot hurt when I wear athletic shoes?
I'm 16 years old and I have heartburn?
is flax seed toxic to my body?
Horrible pain after chiropractor visit?
what to put in tea when you have a fever?
good teas for when your sick?
How long will it take to break my tolerance to weed?
I am wondering about different ways to dry bud?
Eating once a day every day and exercising 3:00PM - 7:00PM. Good or Bad?
whats a good workout routine to get a flatter stomach and toned body in about 3 months?
Is it okay to exercise right before eating a big meal?
Too skinny! Gaining weight?
What do you think about my work schedule, post baby belly photos?
How can I lose weight and gain muscle at the same time?
I feel that one of my breasts is more solid than the other ?
155lbs. at 14 years old?
do i have lung cancer?
How to increase calorie intake but not gain fat? 5 stars to best answer?
how to cure a stage 4 cancer?
had pre cancer polyps removed 2 yrs ago having stomach pain with strands of blood. having diarrea for 2 wks?
Does Peptic Ulcer disease lead to cancer?
TSH and Thyroxine, Free Levels Abnormal?
I have strep throat but i feel sick...please help?
I have a mouth ulcer on my lip?
I Have A Fever Of 102.1? D:?
what is c-def and how long after the contact will i show signs?
My period ended on the 4th of jan...then it started again on the 10th...WHAT?
What does it mean when your left top eyelid twitches?
Is it bad for my eyes to remove the focus and blur everything?
Wearing contacts for 17 hours a day for a month?
how can I test if I'm nearsighted?
does contact lenses for astigmatism work well?
How much do MRI's usually cost?
How to switch from my pediatrician to a general practitioner? ?
Lower right abdomen rigid and swollen?
Im dizzy please help?
Stomach pain? Please help?
do you know any person who had their thyroid removed and then had cancer?
mass on bladder with blood in urine?
Can you get Cancer From Bulimia?
hirtuism is it hereditary?
my mom has rectal cancer. her ct scan said her CEA is 1.18. what does that mean?
Finding out about vocal nodules?
blood test and cancer?
Pea-sized lump on perineum?
is my finger broken or just hurting?
what is it like to get a concussion?
when can i start exercizing my knee?
If I broke my arm will i need a cast?
what does a pulled muscle feel like?
How do I heal my lip fast?
How to heal lateral meniscus?
will medicaid/medicare cover marijuana costs in Michigan?
Blood test for marijuana?
What kind of sickness do I have with these symptoms?
Eyes turns red when I drink water.. Why?
5 year old daughter has 106° fever with foot and stomach pain?
Do you think I ruined my eardrum with a Q-tip?
Omg please help me! Dentists, orthodontists, people that know a lot about teeth READ!!?
do these tooth pastes that say whiting are in the do they really work?
Brushing tounge please help?!!?
Having mouth problems, help me?
I have all four wisdom teeth coming through, good medication for it?
Swelling and pain with wisdom teeth coming in?
What color braces would fit me? ?
Im am fat and i want to loose wait but i cant! Can you help?
My mom's saying im getting too fat. which i am. i told her to buy me some diet pill....?
I need tips on how to lose weight cuz i cant seem to loose it:{?
which is a better breakfast?
Are strawberries dipped in chocolate good for you?
What does Creatine do?
What are the best ways to tone my body?
Am I overweight.????? Girls only?
Has there ever been fever and throwing up as a side effect of getting kids eyes dilated for an eye exam?
how to strengthen eyesight ?
Should I start wearing my glasses all the time?
How can I help my eyes?
whats the diffrent with clear pee and dark pee?
Will herpes show up on an army HIV test?
Which describes HIV that causes AIDS?
Getting AIDS/HIV from masterbation?
i am allergic to cat fur?
My eyelid is swollen what do I do?
Why is it so difficult to get straight answers from doctors?
do i have testicular cancer or something else?
Writing a story about a girl with leukemia help?
if patient has belly cancer ,and was operated,is it mandatory to administer chemotherapy?
Hi im18 years old & i suddenly got another spot on my body without even realizing it was there! is that normal?
Is my dad dying slowly?
bags under my eyes wont go!!!! i sleep plenty.......?
If my brother just discovered he has cancer but no health insurance, is there anything he can do to get it?
my hands are swollen and very itchy?
whats the difference between eczema and psoriasis?
Whats a good dialy routine to get rid of acne scars?
Searching for possible answer to bizarre leg pain?
People who have had wisdom teeth surgery, or similar?
How to gey off suboxone?
Constant pain in my left leg.?
How bad do tattoos on your ribs hurt? ?
Constant leg cramps for days?
Is it possible to have aftermath from a sinus infection?
I still feel sick at my stomach 3 days after drinking, what to do?
I've been coughing up blood.?
I have been feeling sick on and off for about a month now should i go to the doctor?
How do I breathe? When I breath what inflates: my stomach or my chest?
How to kill my sickness ?
the stomach "flu" made my ibs come back?
Does bengay work on fever blisters?
Can warts spread to your actual eye?
Flu like symptoms and short breath?
We have mold in our house...is that how i got staph?
Just got diagnosed with Celiac Disease I need help, I'm confused about what to eat!!?
As long as I don't see light, my vision is fine. Why does light affect me so I have double vision?
A question about Liver Panel Test?
Should I really be this worried? My life is horrible with this constant fear.?
Sever frustration and anger with hypothyroidism?
can I use kosher salt for a salt flush or can i only use sea salt?
I take Gabapentin 400 3x a day..would taking more than Dr.'s dosage hurt me?
Ritalin side effects.....?
Are contact lenses safe?
How does one go about getting tested for ADD?
Over eating remedies?
How do you feel after you wake up from getting wisdom teeth pulled out?
Clear vs metal (regular) retainer?
Mouth Pain.... hurts when i eat... please help!?
How do i whiten my teeth perfectly without using lemon?
what to use instead of wax on braces?
my wire has come off my brace?
What were the first false teeth made from?
Sick and can't eat food?
What is the first organ to develop in the human embryo?
why dont i get high anymore when i smoke?
I mustn't be sick tomorrow...What should I do!?
Does it sound like i have the flu?
what are the symptoms of alcohol abuse on your body?i mean physically to look at?
I don't think smokers should get NHS treatment?
Is there anyway to improve your eyesight besides glasses or contacts?
left corner of my left eye hurts what can it be?
I swear my friend's eyes changed color over the weekend?
How to loose weight fast! Dance coming up soon!?
am i ever going to learn how to stop eating?
I'm losing weight, but I look fatter?
How can I lose 20 pounds?
Could you please help me lose weight?!:)?
Is it possible to separate the brain from the body?
if your glands blood test come back normal does that mean that you dont have Overactive thyroid?
Do i have Thyroid cancer or other cancer please?
I can hear and feel a rattle/vibration in my left lung right after inhalation (asthma related)?
staying up late can cause liver cancer, right?
If your mom randomly died of cancer, what would you do?
Is there a cure for cancer?
Bad Sunburn HELP plzz?
Should I be worried about the severity of this cold?
My throat feels funny?
..Muscle Weakness on Right Side..? Ten immediate points to help me?
What are signs of knee arthritis?
Stomach pain.... What's wrong?
I have broke my Tibia how long before i can put weight down?
I banged my head. Do I have a concussion?
My Toe and Knees Crack Constantly?
My bf has had foot surgery and needs the metal taken out of his foot but they wont do it what should we do?
What age is perfect for a boy to get braces on his teeth?
Calling all Dentists or anyone with experience?? Please!?
If you have braces can you still use the arm and hammer whitening toothpaste with bakingsoda and peroxide ?
I have a really bad tooth ache and no medicaid what will make it STOP hurting Please help?
Do I have big teeth (pics included)?
What happens if you don't wear your rubber bands for the day?
Can you whiten your teeth by gargling bleach?
What can't you eat with braces?
Why do dentist / toothpaste manufacturers say plack is bad. I feel its a lie to make money off fear?
is it possible to get cancer after 1 year of smoking?
Questions about cancer!?
Does green tea help get rid of cancer?
Anybody know what this is?
herpes question..................?
how to stop burning pee?
The spread of herpes?
I just quit smoking with the Patch?
Symptoms: No smell/ No taste/ Runny, Stuffy nose/ fever..?
Has anyone else developed new allergies as they've gotten older?
I wanna know why I feel this way Is It Acid re-flux?
Tips for eating out with a dairy allergy?
i am lactose intolerant?
Concerned about having macular degeneration at age 23?
Can you share colored contacts (non perscription) with a friend?
Can you replace someones eyes?
How can I improve my hand eye coordination?
How can you tell if the GEO contact is the correct side or not?
Reason for bad eyesight?
My ears keep popping and feel a bit clogged, but they don't hurt...?
I just had my appendix removed due to appendicitis, how long do I have to wait before I can work out?
Painkillers that start with C?
What are these sharp pains going up and down my right arm?
Can taking hydrocodone be the cause of a neck rash?
How do I stretch out my hip flexor muscles?
Can stress cause lower abdominal pain?
Will I get any taller?
I smoked marijuana once a day from Jan 9-12. I have to take a drug test on Feb 2. Will I pass?
I have PE and i THINK i have flat feet :(?
What are the most effective ways to grow taller?
Iam a boy 19 yrs old,i want to grow taller for this i want to do stretching exercises,i hav confidence atleast?
What are the symptoms of lung cancer?
What could cause Cervical Cancer?
When can the doctor remove my stitches after Lumpectomy?
Mole in scalp has gotten bigger is it cancer?
What is the best hospital to treat cancer?
Does taking adderall and eating chocolate make people throw up?
best remedy for arthritis without medication.?
How long does herbal incense stay in your system?
What's the best OTC treatment for inattentive type ADD?
list of $4 prescriptions at walgreens?
Paul Carringtons Banish Tinnitus?
does the Meningococcal shot hurt?
i have pinworm please please help me!!!?
If my mom got the flu 10 days ago when will I be in the clear of catching it?
what was he MMR vaccine?
can i open Amoxicillin pill and eat it with somthing?
I have MRSA, should I go to the hospital?
If you get approved for braces, will they send the notification to you or your dentist?
I really want yellow braces but....?
what do i do BOUT MY TEETHH?
My Braces don't hurt?
Once your teeth are not sore anymore from braces, what can you eat?
I need help choosing braces colors?
living a healthy lifestyle.?
Do you think i am chubby?And is my waist big?
how to go from 125 pounds to 100?
Does "Eat This Not That" ever bug you?
How many sit-ups do I have to do to lost 5 LBS in 2 days?
How much ibprofen in a day is bad?
Tell me about your appendicitis...?
why do i get random aching pains at the top of my shins?
Can I take Prednisone and Naproxen together?
Is there any way besides pills to get rid of my cramps?
I have eye floaters and Visual Snow I have to see the eye doctor in 3 days from now what do they do?
if i .....................(glasses)?
Weird sensation in the corner of my eyes?
Should I use natural artificial tear drops (Refresh) every day to help my dry eyes. I don't know if its workin?
Liver Cancer Body Effects?
Any tips to help me keep away from cigarettes ?
can a nursing home keep a patient?
What are the sypmtoms of leukemia?
three reasons that smokers die?
what are the causes and risk factors of skin cancer?
Swollen salivary glands and a huge lump on throat?
Swallowed small somewhat sharp object. Will i die?
If I have cold sores, will it show up postive on an STD test?
STD question. Help please?
if a woman has hiv would the smear test come out abnormal?
On going ear problems...?
What's wrong with me?
how long does nausea from food poisoning last ?
Accidently had antifreeze?
Why am I Always Cold and Tired?
How is it being a massage therapist?
How i make the best of my talent?
what is the best medication or herbal remedy for social anxiety for a recovering alcoholic?
Can anybody advise on a good potassium supplement?
Recently had surgery and im suffering from anxiety?
what is the best way to clean all the waste out of your whole body?
17 year old female, 5 foot 1.. anyway of growing a few inches taller?
Can smoking replace a food addiction?
Depression help please...?
How do I get my boyfriend to stop using chewing tobacco?
Do I have testicular cancer?
Do I possibly have some type of OCD?I get obsessed with things that other girls have and must have same things?
Can resting a warm/hot laptop on your stomach give you cancer in the future?
Found a lump on my left breast?
Is cervical cancer increasing?
Movable lump in neck really scared?
what is a chemo port?
Dental+ health: What happens if ........?
Can you still develop dry pockett if the blood clot was dislodged on the 5th day?
My dentists denies that my front teeth should be moved?
can a dentist tell if someone is bulimic?
I have 28 teeth...is that normal?
i have a few questions about braces?
Which one is better???
How long will it take to get big arms?
Best way for pregnancy weight loss?
How was my diet today?
Skinny Body, Fat Stomachhh?? D:?
Do i eat a lot each day?
I need a diet and exercise plan? Please help?!?
Im wondering if I have diabetes or if it's just my extreme anxiety?
Is red wine ok to drink if you are type 2 diabetic?
gluten free, Dary free, small amounts of sugar?
What's the difference between type 1, type 2, and type 3 Diabetes?
Where could I find treatment suggestions for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic?
Can a Type 1 Diabetic get pancreatitis?
Could i have gotten salmonella poisoning?
What does "contaminated" urine mean?? Please Answer!!!!?
Possible stomach virus or food poisoning WHAT CAN I EAT?
are these appendicitis symptoms?
Really sick, I might miss my finals tomorrow? Help! How to get better?
someone help me? i have a cold?
can you mention the symptoms of masterbation?
Sharp pain in the outside corners of my eyes?
about hard contact lenses?
If you can't get clear polarised spectacle lenses, how come you can get clear polarised camera filters ?
Orange and blue glows in sunlight?
How to stop itchy eyes while wearing contacts?
Contacts and glasses feel weird.?
why is whooping cough called whooping cough?
What are the two types of airway obstruction?
unwanted hand movements?
I feel like somebody is sitting on my chest?
HELP, HELP, HELP!!! Alcohol Issues: Red Wine...?
i'm allergic to my guinea pig?
Should i change doctors? ?
What is a cancer besides leukemia that children under 10 get?
What happens during lung cancer treatment?
i asked about fat under chin your answer me gravity what is gravity?
My Grandad told me the name for this years ago, but I can't remember...?
Why so many women in 40s have like fat under chin?
I have a headache that just won't go away?
Question about MRI scan results?
Would the problem listed below cause extreme pain?
My back hurts. Any suggestions?
Pain in lower stomech on the right?
Is smoking a cigarette as bad as drinking a beer?
I noticed something about breathing...?
I have to get a tooth pulled. How bad does that hurt?
Is it weird I'm afraid a dentist will look down on me for having bad teeth?
I have these brown stains on my teeth. Is this just stained plaque and is it easy to remove?
What store sells Roxicet Elixir?
Why does my orthodontist take things so slow when he doesn't have to?
My braces aren't hurting? Is this normal?
Why can't I ever fall asleep in my bed anymore?
how does womens breast grow?
If you live somewhere remote like the Arctic, and had no contact with other humans, would you ever get sick?
Why do iget heartburn before isleep?
do anti-anxiety meds (SSRIs) help with blushing?
Do I have big feet? For my Age and Height?
How is a thyroidectomy done?
This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. o.o?
Is their a chance i could have pancreatic cancer?
Is there an actual cure for every cancer known to man?
Would Leukemia Show Up In A CBC Test?
Why does My Throat Hurt Every Morning?
Excruciating wrist pain?
Can painkillers be addictive?
what ICD-9-CM code is used for a degenerative arthritis?
How do I get rid of a stress headache?
I feel so sore all over my body! Please answer!?
Can anybody answer this?? What these combinations do?
Extreme pain when I stretch my calfs?? 10 pts.?
Can you smoke herbal incense ?
is there a Natural way to help me.?
Can you give me three pros and cons of U.S healthcare system? thank you?
can you sprain your ankle ice skating?
Injured?! My knee hurts badly! Help please.?
What do i do if my Big toenail still hasn't fallen off yet!?!?
Are color contacts still good to use?
I only used a pair of contacts once a few months ago. Are they still useable?
Is it true that Kiwis helps?
How to treat a bruised or crack upper rib?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is it safe to use prescription contacts for just a minute?
Which purple contact lens is the best?
Are glasses suppose to hurt?
Which STD is the easiest to do a research project on?
can you get HIV through saliva?
How do i get muscle definition?
Clothing sizes? I'm confused?
is this good or bad???????
diet plan for gallstones. 10 points?
I have a problem while losing weight?
What is this noise in my ears I am listening too lately?
human anatomy neck glands?
Life expectancy for kidney failure?
I just got my wisdoms taken out today?
what color braces should i get?
Question about Elastics?
10 points and 5 stars, White teeth?
what medicine will they give me when i get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out? how many will i get?
how to be not afraid when taking dental injections?
Is there a cure for herpes in the eye?
What do you do when you wake up with your neck in pain?
Throbbing pain in my inner calf for a month now, not sure what it is, really want to get rid of this pain!?
my legs are supper ichy !!!!!!!?
If I feel like throwing up because of something that went badly, can I take like medicine for my upsetstomach?
Why does my lower back hurt?
Im scared beacuse my forehead bothers me. usually it gets ice cold when i panick?
Lower side pain!!? What could it be? Should i go to the Doc.?
What makes you feel better?
What am I sick with? Help please?
whats that punching bag-looking thing in the back of your mouth?
This is really important poses help!!!!!!!?
Can tonsillitis cause crankiness or pull down general well being?
how dangerous is H.Pylori?
What is the best cure for Cold ?
how can i get over a fever?
If I have hepatitis B, will that mean i can't have kids?
How long does it take for your immunity to recover after chemotherapy?
Do you have to have bloody stool to have colon cancer?
partial thyroid removal?
What are the signs of cancer?
On a diet and things are very confusing. Help?
Is it okay to eat pizza that's been sitting out overnight (covered)?
what's an enema and what does it do?
How to loose 50 pounds in 6 months?
Was what I had today enough/bad?
How many calories are in one egg without the yoke (egg whites)?
How to get rid of sinus pressure from a cold? PLEASE HELP!?
Food allergies are making me starve!!?
has stressed ever caused you hives?
What is wrong with me??!?
Nasal irrigation help!?
Can i get medical marijuana?
How do I know if Fish Oil is corrosive?
how to cure a hemorrhoid?
Does weed boost your immune system?
What does OxyCodone do to you?
Augmentin side Effects?
Am i ok to still smoke weed?
What are the health problems that could cause swelling of the extremities?
Is this a panic attack?
Why is my ear is purple/ bruised?
Help! Really bad sunburn!?
What will make flea bites stop itching?
Can a ear candle make your hearing worse?
Still on my ear problem?
I'm getting bold and I'm only 17 years old?
I swallowed tooth paste?
Whats the purpose of..?
Brushing My Teeth With Baking Soda Mixed With ToothPaste?
My daughter's teeth keep splitting in half!!!?
What is the dentist likely to do?
getting my short leg cast off tomorrow! please answer! first time in a cast!?
Does anyone no what the sharp pain upper chest pain ?
NECK PAIN! HELP any tips to make the pain go?
back pain after cooking?
My stomach has been hurting for 3 days and i dont know why? please help!?
Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night with crutches?
i hit my head.. do i have a concussion? im 11 , please help!?
Thumb will not bend, is swollen, not in serious pain...?
Help! is my ankle sprained or just strained?
Could i be Bipolar??!?
What should i do..im really scared?
bored and angry all the time?
I can't sleep. What's wrong with me?
Friend with anger problems?
Does everyone with herpes get outbreaks?
could this be oral herpes?!?
does a Pelvic CT Scan find Cancers? Cervical Cancer?
My husband puts his tongue in my organ?
What is the food substance most commonly found to cause cancer?
Average Height For A 13 Year Old?
my father diagnosed with a colon cancer 2 yrs ago and undergo with surgery in his colon.?
can you wear contacts while running?
will i still need to wear my glasses when im not wearing my contact lenses?
Are contact lenses dangerous..........?(look inside)?
HELP!! i cant do my eye contacts!!!?
Whats wrong with my eye(HELP)?
Does my symptom sound like diabete?
How much is insulin at WALLMART/SAMS CLUB?
best way to lose weight while on insulin?
Cant lose weight TEST RESULTS.?
How long should I have to wait before the Glucose-lowering prescription drug starts to kick in?
Is it ok for a diabetic to eat 2 bowls of Alpen?
cavities between every tooth?
How can I get my boyfriend to care more about his oral hygiene?
Tooth extraction: Should I be worried about stitches falling out less than 24 hours after surgery?
im just worndering dose it hurt to get your wisdom teeth cut out im 17?
how to avoid bad breath?
THC and liver damage?
Eating SO much salt... no affects?
What is my illness - list of symptoms included ?
Autism, mercury detoxification, and the healing crisis aka retracing?
how long does is take to recover when diagnosed with celiac's (ceoliac's) disease?
Does it sound like I have Anemia?
Does anyone else have this disorder? I can't control wanting to grab my hair & yank it out?
What's causing my back to hurt this bad?
Elbow to the head in my sleep?
Help! My ear is plugged and It won't go away.?
How do i get rid of a migraine?
Hiv infection through saloon's scissors cut?
I was scratched by a cat?
What meds can kill the flu?
tonsil stones please help!!?
Is this normal for Strep throat?
Should I eat before or after I go to the gym?
Is it possible to lose 6-8 pant sizes in 6-8months?
alternatives to shakeology? what else works with p90x?
How many times a week should I exercise? What foods/drinks should I avoid to lose weight?
How to Do Exercise Bike Riding in Intervals?
How do you know when your done throwing up?
How can I lose weight, please help?
Help with sleeping ? ?
What home remedies are ther for a sore throat besides gargling salt water?
Would e-cigs help my mom?
I want to be a massage therapist, but my parents are upset...?
cancer risk for ex smokers?
do plastic containers cause cancer?
elevated protein in blood is it cancer?my protein is 8.3?
Im really worried please answer!!!?
Why do people say it's bad to smoke weed while you're sick, if weed is used as medicine?
HELP! Scared sh**less about health issues!?
Most Relaxing Way To Take A Dump?
Are there people with red eye contacts?
Are reading glasses bad for teens?
My dog scratched my eyeball help?
Why is my eye been red?????????????????
Front tooth loose after dental work?
Wisdom teeth or regular toothache?
Cavity question curiosity?
Cavity filling curiosity?
Whats the best tooth whitening toothpaste out there?
I got a tooth pulled today when can I smoke?
Do I have strep? SHould I go to the doc's?
Does anyone recommend an insurance plan that covers generic Adderall XR for adults?
When am I going to get my period?
What kind of drug is this? I want to know. Is it bad or what?
Help! Ways of getting to sleep?
my grandfather just at 6 raw shrimp, will he be okay? or should I be worried..?
What type of cancers are fatal and the patient can survive for more than a few months?
How can I get rid of someone?
Can you get ringworm from touching someone's shoes?
how to cure a canker?
Stomach Ache and Sore Throat?
Pain on the left side of my body ?
Homemade remedies for sore throats?
My right rib cage hurts really bad when i cough?
Whole arm is tingling?
Anyone out there suffering from HPV?
If AIDS is not really caused by HIV, what is the cause?
Is it true that being severely burned is the same sensation as touched with something really cold? movies?
human anatomy question how do you break your arm? Whats all involved when you do break your radius or ulna?
Should i put 2 rubber bands on each of my molars to speed up the fixing of my teeth?
How many brushes does it take to have your teeth white?
What's the best way to whiten my teeth?
can you whiten teeth after you had a stain removed?
my braces wire is cutting the my cheek?
does lime green braces acually look bad?
can you whiten teeth if the enamal is gone?
How do i stop my runny nose?
what's best treatment for translucent teeth? and will bleaching hurt them?
true or false; if certain foods make you break out in a rash, you may have asthma?
Why can't I breathe through my nose?
doctor tells me i'm not overweight but bmi says i am?
Does being around marijuana plants cause allergies?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Am i developing a food allergy?
Loosing wieght for summer?
are my breakfast lunch and dinner healthy for today?
How much would you say I weigh?
Weight loss and muscle gain?
My 3mnth old daughter's eyes shake back and forth rapidly when i lay her down on her back?
Why does my eye keep watering?
lenscrafters lenses prices?
VSP Eye Insurance???
I just got glasses a couple of years ago and need new ones. If I got to a glasses retailer, like lenscrafters?
Why do my eyes get tensed but tired when I stressed or mad?
Do I have a sinus infection?
How to determine if one is being exposed to asbestos at home?
How long does bronchitis normally last?
*ANSWER* whats wrong with me?
Do I have asthma or something else?
What can I do to relieve lower back pain?
??? Help help about feet?
Hurt my back at work...?
Cluster Headaches? Please read.?
Why do I keep getting headaches?
Pain for 4 days!!! It hurts please help?
an medicine question concerning ibuprofen...?
what can i take to clean out my system of marijuana?
is it bad that im 20 and im still scared of the dark?
Should i see a doctor because of a swollen lymph node?
Thumping headaches and nausea?
What is most real in life?
how to cure a swollen hand ?
what is lupus and what are its signs and symptoms?
I cant seem to stop coughing?
Can people that don't feel pain know when to use the toilet?
I'm 13, girl. I want to kno why i cut myself?
Acupuncture for acne? thoughts?
What are some herbal/natural cures for depression?
Lump on back of neck Is it cancer?
could a single brain ct lead to cancer or tumor as they told me?
This is how you cure cancer?
How do I convince my mum to let me shave my head for cancer research?
help, my retainer is too tight!?
Why does water feel ICY cold after chewing gum?
a day has passed since i put braces and i still don't feel pain! is this normal?
I miss my front theeth should I go to impant or bridge but I scared it's expensive?
I have spots at the back of my tongue. what are they?
What do you need to become s dentist and how long? Is 27 to late to start?
What does it mean if you have white lines on your gums?
Vomiting? High Fever?
Can a 13 year old healthy boy die from strep throat or any type of flu?
taking cephalexin, 500 mg for breast infection?
if i made out with a guy with a cold sore, does it mean i got the virus? Do all cold sores mean u have virus?
Why do people often get fevers after school?
How old do you have to be to have an eye test on your own?
How can I prevent myself from becoming cross-eyed? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Visions of blind people??
some months ago a red spot appeared on the left side of the white part of my left eye. now another red spot?
an alternate way to cleaning glasses?
Appointment gone HORRIBLY wrong! Please help!!?
Persistent Muscle twitches?
Small lump, back of head?
i got an awful pain in my knee ....what was it?
What would happen if i swallowed 5 pain killers all at once?
Everything I eat makes me have heartburn what does it mean?
How much do you think I weigh?
A question for anyone with bulimia, who has had bulimia, or has a friends or family with it?
how many calories am i burning?
Whats healthy to cook with hamburger?
what should you do when your underweight?
What can I do to keep my lower back from hurting when I do sit-ups?
does working out once a week make much of a difference?
Help, easy 10 points!!!! Is what i ate today ok?
Is there an std that a guy can have but not be able to transmit it to a girl?
Can you get an STD from using the Internet?
why do they call it the "clap", doesn't it have to do with some STD?
Really depressed. Sorta need a Emo to answer.?
How do I get over being insecure?
i dont care when i die?
How to cope with death?
is it healthy to run on 3 hours or sleep?
can you give yourself a sleeping disorder?
how to give yourself therapy?
Can metastasized cancer disappear after a few chemo treatments.?
Anemia, Or Leukemia - What Do You Think?
Does mobile phone radiation is carcenogenic ?
Can you give someone cancer?
After biopsy, does the area form a scab?
Ice or heat for a pulled/strained muscle?
Do I have a concussion? Please help?
I was at a judo tournament and i was on the ground on my back when i tried to push the person off of me with?
Are there ever any long term effects to elbow dislocations?
Smoker's neck hole, what if something gets inside?
legal addictive substances?
How should you sleep on your pillow?
I can't get rid of this feeling?
Extreme Headaches for a whole year!?
My thigh fell asleep and still hasnt woke up what should i do ?
stabbing pain in lower left side of back?
My brother hit his finger, he can't move it?
is it possible that the CBC test didn't show up leukemia or something?
My CBC is normal, but could I still have leukemia, or anemia?
Are These Worrisome Symptoms If My CBC Came Back Normal?
pink ribbons are for breast cancer--what color for lung cancer?
Whats wrong with my dad ? Is this cancer?
Zinc, how much is too much?
Does anyone know of any home remedies for adult acne?
does this medicine work?
5 month old what medicine to give for cough and stuffy nose?
does height increases after tonsil operation?
Contact emergency! Please help?
I'm 26 and was told I need bifocals. Could this mean I'm going blind?
Is a size 2 dress fat?
what should a 5"2 14 year old girl weigh?
How can I stop sweaty hands when im nervous?
Would it kill my diet to get a big smoothie?
Is my food diary ok... well i think it is..but mainly junk...?
If I keep exercising will I always ache or will it go away?
A medical terminology question?
causes of purple urine?
What's wrong with me ? ?
How can I help my girlfriend fight bulimia!?!?
After having a mini-stroke recently, I wasn't able to have an MRI or open MRI. Did I jeopardize myself?
Is it true that if u drink Monsters(energy drink) you will have heart problems?
Is High Blood Pressure like diabetes or is it curable like weight gaining?
What so you wear to sleep?
How to get rid of a nervous stomach?
Really weird ringing sound I get in my ear?
My back hurts very bad when I stand up?
A week long migraine?
Bad pain in left side, peeing blood. What could it be?
Is there a specific part of the stomach that Mobic causes pain, or is it generalized?
Toothache keeps coming back?
what does having cancer feel like? what are your symtoms?
I'm very worried something is wrong with me.?
Are there any fast food places that a type 2 diabetic can safely eat food at?
If the 90's range is considered Pre-Diabetic then why does everyone say anything below 100 is normal?
what is iopic name of glucose?
type 2 diabetes in children?
What tests can be done on someone who may be diabetes and how can they be monitered?
after eating sweet dish food, my blood sugar level after 2 hrs rises to 149 , is it High from normal?
Is tender coconut JUICE good for diabetes?
My stomach hurts really bad. What should I do?
Does Diovan HCT cause your blood sugar to go up?
If you are a psychiatrist and have your M.D. if you change your mind what else can you do?
Passing my drug test tomorrow?
how long does weed stay in your body?
what is wrong with me?
why are my eyes always watery for no reason?
Something wrong with my eyes suddenly, pls help i'm sacred?
What's wrong with my eyes?
EYES BOTHERING ME. ten points to the best answer..?
Honey in eyes?As eye drops?
I HAVE A SPOT ON THE CORNER OF MY EYE..10 points best answer?
if i call walmart would they?
How do I reduce finger swelling before morning?
My knee gets stuck and it hurts so i have to extend my leg to pop it back in????? Please help!!?
Chest pains. What is going on?
What is this lump in my air mattress?
How much honey can I eat a day and be healthy?
I have a little amount of fat on my lower stomach....how do I get rid of it before summer?
will i lose weight if i only eat one meal a day?
For some one a diet how many organic lolly pops can they have a day?
Has anyone tried the ultrafit diet?
HELP ! i have found a lump on the inside if me .?
Besides surgery, how can you reduce a double chin ?
how quickly can cancer grow and spread?
I have a severe peanut and nut allergy, and there are a couple of products I question, any help?
What is the Black Spot on my Spinal Xray?
how to get a runny nose & sore throat fast?
I have Leukemia! I'm really scared... What's going to happen to me?
should i be concerned about swollen lymphs at collarbone?
My grandmother needs help,?
Why does your heart beat so fast while pilled with triple c's?
Do Cell Phones really cause cancer?
i get a headache after drinking orange juice could this be an allergy?
I need help with this one?
Am I allergic to earrings?
What is the best supplement for anxiety? is L-glutamine good for anxiety?
Can somebody prove to me that Splenda causes cancer?
Is it ok to use calcium supplement after drinking a glass of milk or the like?
Does plain, natural yogurt cure Yeast infections?
How do i know if my bath salt contains mephedrone?
Made out with my friend last night. My lips keep feeling dry now? Is that a sign of STD?
Can I get aids from talking to somebody who has aids, on a two way radio?
What could it be?!?!?
Oral Hygiene Question... ?? :)?
Gum swelling from braces? ?
Why do I always have s dry mouth?
My Gums are sore and red? help?!?
i've had a chip tooth for nearly a year now, is it still possible to put filling in it?
Question about wisdom teeth removal?
Getting braces really scared plz help!! :|?
How normal is it to have cramps after Mirena is placed ?
I have stopped smoking weed since Jan 3 my urine test is the 27th what should I do? I'm 5'8 and 178lbs!?
What is wrong with my voice?
Will marijuana show up as an amphetamine on a urine drug test?
medical marijuana card help (serious)?
how to get rid of nerves please help me :(?
omfg my slurpee straw is stuck to my tongue helppppp!?
How do you cure a TMJ?
why do I get electricity like pains in my body?
my vein in my hand feels like it is moving?
What to do about sciatica?
1 month after rhinoplasty?
Is this jaw pain or something else?
How long will it take until my eye isn't so irritated?
Cannulas/blood testing question.?
I'm looking for contacts that make my whole eye totally red, and can't find any. Help!?
is it normal to stick my nose in my girlfrend's eye?
Do they collect sales tax on prescription eye glasses?
Brain anuerysm cause?
Brain anurysm information ?
Please help me, I have no idea what is going on, StrokeCancerOperationsFamily?
I am 13 and have a lump under my right armpit and worried i might have breast cancer?
what is pruritus? please explain?
Does hair protect you from getting skin cancer on your head?
Knee keeps on buckling?
Twisted ankle still hasnt recovered?
Cant breathe without thinking about it?
coming off of steroids?
natural ways to reduce Flem in lungs?
Do you think I have TSS(Toxic Shock Syndrome)?
Im 15, I've been heavily smoking for 6 months. I get random chest pains?
Cooking Spray substitute for weight watchers?
Is it alright to take two rest days in a row?
How long to get a flat stomach and see some abs ? picture incl?
I havent had an appetite(sp) for the past 2 days like im not hungry.. is this bad? help!?
Crunches develop hernia is it true?
What is the name of the anti-viral drug used for treatment of Swine Flu ?
What is the best way to gain muscle in the arms?
Why does my stomach hurt all the time no matter what I eat?
Braces. Painful?? PLEASE HELP?
When taking off braces, does it hurt?
Tooth filling problem!!! Please help?
can the dentist tell if you've smoked just one ciggeret and 1 joint?
Nasty and strange taste coming from my mouth?
Discuss at least one prevention, symptom, and treatment for heart attack.?
Cheapest place to buy Bistos Hi Bebe Fetal Doppler/Heart Rate Monitor, 2- 8.5 oz Bottles of...?
my best friend's mother had a heart attack and is in the emergency room. what can I do?
I am 57 years old. Can one suffer stress without suffering at the same time higher blood pressure?
How dangerous can heart palpitations become?
Whats wrong with my head?
i Have pain in my tail bone and left leg. Why?
whats wrong with me i been feeling dizzy and like im going to be sick?
Is my tongue and throat supposed to hurt after gallbladder surgery?
Any ideas about if I need glasses?
Why do my conacts keep tearing???? :(?
is using the laptop while lying in bed bad for the eyes?
If you stare at an object does it seem to like move?
Can you get contacts from your eye doctor?
does a doctor have to ask a parents permission to check for herpes if you ask them to?
HPV and mild dysplasia difference?
Is having more than one cold sore at a time anything to be concerned about?
Does anyone know who invented AIDS?
Quistion about a enema?
Question about colon flushes and other types?
How do i prepare for being a medicine doctor? I'm 14?
A health question about cheese and IBS?
any help with opiate withdrawal?
Does "Freeze Off" hurt?
what is slow healing a symptom of?
There is tingling at the tips of my fingers of one hand. This may be an indication of what?
Help how to cure constipation?
If you get Restless leg Syndrome do you later get Parkinsons Disease?
Help me pllleeaaseee?
Do cavities hurt when you get them filled?
do the crest two hour white strips work?
getting my braces off next week does it hurt and whats the process also hows a clear retainer :)?
Stitches hanging down?
Im kind of freaking out about getting my braces off! Please answer these questions please (:?
Are there any vitamins that can help improve focus?
how to increase height by home-remedies?
No Insurance. All four of my Wisdom teeth are coming out. Advice?
How could one commit suicide in the sea?
How do people no bottom half body go to the bathroom?
What are the long term effects of smoking marijuana?
Are these good steel toe boots?
I'm desperate to be put back in the Hospital??????!!!!!!!!!?
why doesnt anything excite me or make me happy anymore?? is there like something wrong with my brain?
Should I seek counseling? (Repost)?
Question About Cutting?
My loneliness is tearing me apart. What should I do?
Is it unhealthy to not leave your home for 2 days straight?
Upset/Depressed Help?
Could I have Ovarian Cancer?
Leukemia=contaminated soil and children 's polluted milk?
Orange juice for a Chemotherapy patient with colon cancer?
Can eating from a dirty plate cause cancer?
What options do you have when you have leukemia and chemo didn't work?
how to get rid of joint pain?
The outer corner of my right eye is hurting. What is it?
Pain in right side lower abdomen?
How long can Concussions last?
How can you tell if you broke your leg even more?
So my bf got into a horrible accident?
Is it normal for your foot to always go numb?
Why does my thumb feel so stiff after slamming it in my dresser drawer?
Getting rid of Hives!!?
Sore throat or sinus infection blood in nose and throat?
I have carbon monoxide poisoning?
Would you buy your allergy meds. at the dollar tree?
Could I be allergic to my dog?
am i lactose intolerant?
What would be a good weight for me?
Ughhh, belly fat losing tips please?
Do i need to lose fat before i work on the abs? ( pictures )?
Will i lose muscle if do more cardio? ( pictures )?
will i lose weight if i eat this?
Will i lose muscle if do more cardio?
Inserting a contact lense?
how can you read a eye perscription form for glasses?
What does it mean to have the nerves in the back of your eye elevated?
Does an eye mask that is 100% silk material?
Astigmatism; Will my eyes worsen with occasional use of glasses?
Laser Eye Surgery...too risky?
Can you have a high but somewhat normal wbc and have Leukemia?
A good cancer slogan?
In a pathology report is the phrase “it does not quite warrant a diagnosis of melanoma?
Oatmeals can cause stone-sort mass on our spleen.How true is it?
Ball of my foot hurts, sharp pain?
how to stop my sycho cousin from trying to burst her appendix?
WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH ME? im soo dizzy please help.?
Horrible headache? heelppp?
Is kidney pain with the stomach flu normal?
Do you think that swine flu is affecting the younger generation?
Is the flu vaccine safe for my 4 yr old son after he has gone flu type A virus?
What is Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) in SIMPLE WORDS?!?
Is it bad that I like to drink listerine (mouth-wash)?
Brain tumor or and infection??? HEELP!!?
hemophilia help heart clotting?
How is sinus tachycardia detected?
can a simple blood pressure test show if you have any partially clogged arteries?
What happens if you can't pay your medical bills?
Is there any connection between human pulse rate and blood pressure ?