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Should I be worried that i might have OCD?
I'm really scared and I need people to answer my question?
How to be more self confident?
Could a psychologist fix this?
Do I have anger issues?
I feel disconnected from my sister?
Who got the cane when they were kids?
Whenever I know I need to get to sleep coz im getting up early I cant sleep.?
Anticoagulation in thrombocytopenic cancer patients?
ive had cancerous cells burnt away ever since i have discharge why?
waht is difrent betwen cancer and tumer?
what are the structural units of lymph nodes?
How can some cancer cells resist the drugs used to kill them?
has anyone ever tried quitting smoking with champix?
Tooth abscess not healed even after extraction?
are newly fitted veneers supposed to ache/hurt a little?
what do you do with your tounge, i dont get it what happens when its inside the mouth?
Will I Get All 4 of me teeth veneered? (READ MORE)?
orthodontist and braces?
nhs/dental waiting lists?
What will take this wisdom tooth pain away?
Teeth problem. 10 points for best answer?
Twin blocks (braces)?
best invisible braces?
Where can you get Crets whitening strips in the UK, Newcastle?
my child is nearly 7, and hasn't lost any milk teeth yet. Should I be concerned?
why do i have mouth ulcers?
what work can i get done?
please can any one tell the best home solution for teeth calcification?
course of antibiotics?
my mouth is hurting wot can i do?
I have a weird white thing inside my mouth, under my tongue at the bottom just below?
Does any one know of a remedy to stop the pain after having a tooth out?
Where is the best place to get Retainer Brite from?
do crest whitestrips classic really work?
can you remember things differently then how they actually happened if your depressed?
What do you know about LifeFlow meditation?
Do i see myself differently in the mirror?/anoriexia?
why does achieving help with confidence?
how can i change my sleep pattern in 4 days?
I have trypanophobia (needle phobia) and i have to have 3-5 needles tomorrow and i am really scared what?
Can someone please help me with this question?
Upping dose of Lexapro 10mg-20mg sight effects?
Memory Techniques For the Ederly?
i sometimes have physic dreams. not only that, but sometimes it feels like i can talk to my mother in my mind.?
what do you do when you have bad behavior problemy?
Anyone who have this problame or Dr can help me. I need urgent help pleas.?
What can I do to make my legs more proportional?
Safe amount of weight to lose constantly?
Am I overweight? How can I lose weight? Please answer?
Nutrition/Fitness question?
queston about detox your body?
Is it bad to take these vitamins together?
if i eat 1000 calories a day how many pounds will i lose in a week?
how to thin your legs?
How long does it take for me to get a flat stomach?
What does the average 18 year old male bench?
Whats the healthy weight for a 15 year old girl?
how much body fat does a can of pepsi put on?
Is this too much protein intake?
Losing alot of weight?
Can you add days to the couch to 5k program?
I am a newbie to working out and I have A few questions. Any tips or tricks will be welcome! Thanks ?
Do You think I'm fat?
I have a question for anyone who is bulimic?
witch one bruns more calories drinking warm lemony water or freezing cold lemon water?
if i lift an 8lbs weight for about 25 minutes each day, would it cause me to gain any muscle weight?
Am I doing a sufficient workout? or suggestions?
Teeth oversensitive after MRI?
I have very Sensitive teeth and none of the Toothpastes work?
I have braces and didn't clean my teeth properly..?
what toothpaste is the best to maintain a healthy teeth?
Does braces hurt?????????'?
I'm 14 and I have a wobbly tooth..I think all my baby teeth have gone..?
what happens when having 2 upper canines removed?
Is there a way of slowing down the proccess of turning grey?
I have a few questions about cavities and the dentist...?
My crown has broken after jsut 8 months!?
whats goin on with my teeth?
NHS dentists: how much to fill a chipped tooth?
Dr Michael Lebert Dental Surgeon Sydney Australia?
white spots in the mouth?
Will i need a repeat prescription of Amoxicillin before my next dentist appointment?
Lose Teeth During Braces ?
Buying crest strips! please help?
Can mouthwash be harmful for the teeth?
crest white strips are they goodd?
Teeth have moved back! Any point gettting braces back on?
Aching numb tooth feeling?
Are invisalign braces better than ordinary braces?
The right side of my larynx is swollen, and hurts?
Why do the number of genetic mutations vary for different cancers?
Cellphone tower danger?
Describe the structure and function of cutaneous, mucous, and serous membranes.?
who invented the CT machine and when?
Anyone ever been bullied and emotionally abused in a mental hospital?
Have you ever swallowed?
How long does it take when they are putting your brace on for the first time ??
Where is the best place to get dental veneers in north east england? for front four teeth rough £'s please?
What is wrong with my filling?
A question about braces?
Stains on teeth?
Severe Pain in Teeth and Gums?!?!?!?!?!?
Any good (and safe) tips for getting tea stains off your teeth?
Apart from surface staining can drinking a lot of tea harm teeth?
do i need braces for a gap in my teeth?
How long after a filling can I eat normal foods and brush my teeth?
teeth whitening....??
childrens milk teeth?
Wisdom Teeth???? Plz Help =(
Contact details for Free emergency Dentists in London
When will my braces come off?
Help with teeth problems :s?
Does Size Have To Do With Pull Ups?
How can I improve my physical condition?
How do you loose fat from your thighs?
Weightloss Tips Please?
Is it good if you eat a protein bar after you go running?
How do I gain muscle and gain weight?
What is a normal weight for a 18 year old female athlete (swimmer)?
Is this a healthy morning breakfast?
vitamins for metabolism?
Weight loss plan....?
Will I lose 50 lbs in 5 months with this lifestyle?
What's a good diet for me? (NOT about weight)?
how much do i have to excersize everyday to become 110 lbs?
How to lose weight and get the scale to go down?
what foods will make my skin pretty?
Is 5'5 and a half and size 6 jeans fat?
Can dates and honey be the cause of my fat gain?
is it better eat before or after workout?
DENTISTS? or anyone who knows about teeth..?
Is it unhealthy to brush your teeth four times a day?
ask about the time of dental conferences ,workshops or courses in america?
I am a qualified dentist from india with 6.5 ielts score, can i work as dental nurse in uk with 6.5ielts score?
I have Enamel Hypoplasia, is there anything i can do?
toothache?or just my sensitive teeth?please help!?
how do make braces look stylish?
Broken tooth - Having a nightmare getting hold of anyone.?
Has anyone had dental work done abroad?
Why do I get a build up of grey scum on my electric toothbrush?
What does it feel like when your wisdom teeth are coming through?
I bought these incense, I just saw the label that says they cause cancer and birth defects +.I have a headache?
If I didn't take ANY medicine would I not feel sick, like throwing up?
When did leukemia become known?
Hodgkin's lymphoma survivors?
Can cervical cancer spread to any other parts of your body?
what is the etiology, treatment, and risk of anisocytosis?
oh hai do you even fap?
lymphoproliferative disorder has to be treated by hematologist or oncologist?
I have cancer and I fell behind on my bills. Where can I get help?
How does dipping snuff (Skoal,Kodiak) cause mouth cancer?
how to be underweight and not have a eating disorder?
Do I look like a feel like going to the gym? Picture .?
how many calories should i eat a day?
what is the weight loss powder that you sprinkle on your food called?
How much would I lose?
How do I eat healthy and lose weight?
I am an eleven year old and I am 4" 6, how much should I weigh to be healthy?
fitness question for a 14 year old athlete?
Is this a good plan for weight loss? and i have some additional questions...?
Will this plan work to lose 60lbs in 4 or 5 months?
Master Lemon Cleanse?
Can someone help me create a good workout/diet routine for teen boy?
I'm 112 pounds and I want to loose a couple of pounds!?
How to remove stubborn stomach fat?
What are some good exercises to give me six pack abs with no equipment whatsoever needed?
Do I have to lose weight first to get abs?
What are some good exercises to give me big biceps with no equipment whatsoever needed?
Some girls are calling me fat?
Is 2,000 to 2,200 calories a day healthy for my life style?
how can i ask my doctor for a HGH injections?
Need a Funny/Clever name for a weight loss team...?
I am 14 years old I way about 100lbs and I am about 5'2" what is the fastest way I can loose weight?
Question about ab exercises please?
what are these usesd for?
How long do big teeth take to come through?
Can/is there any point in a 19 year old get their teeth professionally whitened at the dentist?
Taking Meds to Relax prior to Dentist appointment?
i had a tooth taken out on monday and my mouth is still hurting, ive also got a few blisters and it seems like?
Oh No, Extraction site :O?
What is Fluoride? ?
How do Six Month Smiles treatment compare to other orthodontic treatment?
can u get silver fillings replaced with white ones if you're a non fee paying nhs patient?
i have braces and a gap in between my bottom teeth, long will it take to close?
Dentist! what would be the average cost of getting a filling? Like an NHS dentist, do students get discount?
Complicated tooth extraction?
Pain after root canal?
when will i have my braces fitted?
I want to straighten my teeth myself?
Whats the longest braces can stay in?
Do you Have to sweat to burn calories?
Why do I eat so much?
Can someone please make me a good Diet plan?
If I work myself up to walking 5 miles a day, will I lose weight?
Looking to gain lean muscle?
Am I really toning my arms and chest?
Is this goodddddd weight?
Can I lose 110 pounds by the end of the year?
lost the weight from having my son, how to tighten my stomach?
how much should a 13 year old..5'4 weigh?
Is it ok to do speed training four days in a row?
How to lose weight fast for a 12 year old boy?
When you work out for the first time?
Question about burning calories....?
How can I lose 40 -50 pounds in a 3 month period?
Does Tazo Zen tea have EGCG in it?
How to stick to a diet?
Is it better to eat extra calories before or after exercise?
Fix dopamine levels?
in what stage people who have cirrhosis get admit in hospital?
How long does it take for swollen lymph node to go down?
lymph nodes adjacent to the left aspect of the aorta?
is a spindle cell tumor always malignant?
Thin and mushy stool...?
I am really REALLY hungry?
How to get a body like this?
should i bulk or cut i am 13 years old started weight lifting and i do abs workouts please answer quickly?
what are nicknames for weed from a once to a pounds to kilos i want nick names?
18 years old, 5"2' tall, 140 pounds heavy... How much weight...?
hi i weight 68 pounds for a 11 year old almost 12 is that over weight and i live on a farm and milk goats?
How do i gain 10 pounds fast?
I want to stop smoke and gain weight?
What can I do to lose weight?
Does smoking pot before working out help you burn more calories?
Am i Tall enough for my age?
dose ali work..i am 13years old..5foot 7inches and 185lbs?
What kind of push ups fill up your bottem chest?
Ive taken up beans as my alternative to white bread, pasta and dairy?
what happens if you were to take more than....?
P. trainers: do you give your cell or house phone number to your clients?
Am i perfectly fit? can you give me some suggestions on toning belly fat and thigh fat?
What is a good weight gainer I can use?
Having Periodontal Disease Means You Can't A Boyfriend?
do wonky teeth bother you? as far as dating goes?
i think ive broken a bad part of my brace HELP!!!?
Oh no! Please help! I need answers!!!!!!!!!?
help - dental vaneer?
gross teeth :( :( :(?
Are there any ways that i can clean and whiten my teeth apart from cleaning them?
Will my black tooth make my other teeth rot?
tooth extraction....?
How long do you have to have TMJ problems before something gets done about it?
Why Are My Dogs Teeth Falling Out?
hi, i went to the dentist as i had severe toothache (or what i thought was toothache) ?
my front tooth hurts ?
What is the difference between a crown and a poreclain veneer?
I have just left the army and am self concious of my teeth and want a brace how will i get this via nhs?
dentist in a week!! pls help with whitening?
Filling without freeze painful?
can my normal nhs dentist peform tooth whitening treatnent on me?
I'm trying to loose weight, will my plan work?
How does this dinner sound? Healthy?
how do i get rid of this fat?
Thoughts on my diet plan?
ive been trying to loose weight for nearly a year now and i cant stop eating?
could i still have an eating disorder?
Force Factor Questions!?
how to stop a burn from burning?
Bench with resistance bands effective?
need to gain 6lbs in 10 days?
Hi am 20 years old i have flabby arms &legs &fat stomach pls help me i don't look attractive anymore.?
is a size 28 in waist fat for a girl of 12?
how to lose 4 stone quickly?
how would you know if your stomach ruptures from bulimia?
Looking bigger after working out normal?
What is the best workout video?
am i slim?? fat?? what do u think?
help on weight 15 years old?
if I ate wheat free pretzels and....?
hi all I recently put up a post about losing my mind and not focusing or concertrating when I go out in public?
Any way i can fund cancer treatment with out money?
How many of you joined www.nationalbreastcancer.org?
My love is going to die from brain cancer, give me advice?
Is myelodysplasia and myelodysplastic the same?
elderly people must worry about getting the right amount of medicine because of decreased?
Do any of these food colorings cause cancer?
question about exercising:)?
Which diet pill is the best?
Should I boil or sautee broccoli while on diet?
How do I break down my daily calories in Fats,Proteins,Sugars etc.?
What should a 13 year old girl weigh?
What is the best way to become a personal trainer?
Want to lose 10 pounds in a month?
I think I might have an eating disorder?
Will (moderate) vegetarianism and working out help me loose weight and get a good beach body by summer?
I am trying to loose weight and gain muscle.?
Why is it bad too eat to much bad fat?
How can I lose 20 pounds by feb 28?
How Long until Anorexia works?
This s good workout routine?
is the atkins diet good for you?
how long does it take to get a 6 pack?
Has anyone ever used Thalgo Ocea Draine Detox 10 day Programme?
How do I lose weight fast?
if your 14 122lbs and 5 ft 7 in how many calories should i eat a day to loose weight?
How can I be gaining weight?
trouble opening mouth?
i am having tooth refilled shoud i have to pay again?
why have i got a saliva problem? HELP!!!!?
Has anybody had jaw sugery aboard...any recommendations where to go for cheap surgery?
How Many Teeth do children have?
What do americans get done to their teeth to make them stick out more? what is it called plz x?
Please find a Dental Surgerys in Wilmslow accepting NHS paying patients?
Is this oral thrush again?
Why are fillings always so big?
2 different techniques for colour and shade matching of dental porcelain crown?
I am 13 and i weigh about 60 kilo am i to fat if i am give me some advice how to loose all this fat ?
can someone tell me anything about this Supplement please ( Dark cyde supplements REIGN)?
I'm having trouble progressing in my workouts. Why?
Im 17 and have a big bum and big bell from eating to much a xmas!!?
I ate sooooo much And I feel so bad. what can I do?
When my leg bounces up and down constantly, does it build muscle anywhere in my leg?
my height is 6 feet and my weight is 92kg i need to lose 10kg from my body weight pls help me?
Whats the best way for me to put on muscle? (Reps/Sets)?
Can you make up for overeating by not eating the day after?
strict diet chart for reducing weight?
Does anyone know where I can get beachbody dvds for free?
What does peptides do?
can i mix milk in my sons pediasure?
Can exercising stunt my growth?
What is the best Supplement or Protein to take when trying to build muscle loss fat?
16 Year old body building?
How long does it take to die of starvation?
i want to lose the little stomach i have left. ive been unhealth and bullemic in losing my weight the 1st time?
What to eat after p90x, shoulders and arms?
Smoking wrong can cause tongue / mouth cancer?
I had my cervical cancer injection nearly 2 weeks ago?
Leukemia Cancer bracelet or bumper sticker?
Breast cancer help; fast?
My friend has ALS & little communication left.?
what are the middle mediastinal masses?
Spleen removal, recovery..?
Am I overweight...................?
What would my perfect diet be?
Would you consider this as good?
Is it realistic to think that I will be able to get to 18% body fat by the end of this year or next summer?
How do I stop myself from eating?
does Hylexin for dark circles work?
is celery good for u in a diet?
do you stop bloating when your body recovers from anorexia?
I want to loose at least a 100 lbs.?
Ways to lose weight?......,.....,.......?
How do I convince/ make a commitment to losing weight?
fitness question, im not fat, just wanna get fit, my workout plan and p90x question?
What are the list of peptides?
Why is fiber necessary in a diet even though it's not considered a nutrient?
Bulimia, i don't know much about it?
where can i find real steroids? i mean legit steroids?
how can i get motivated to lose weight?
Is the lemonade diet safe?
I'm working out and want to?
Is it possible to have a completely flat stomach?
Good effective workout regimen?
I have had a crown fitted today..........?
white head spot on undeside of tongue?
I just got my braces taken out, there is a wire looking thing on the bottom of my front teeth, what is it? 10 ?
Pain in teeth, but nothing wrong?
Think i could have a dry socket?
What is the best teeth whitening product in the UK?
I had a canine tooth top oneremoved on 1st december the socket is sealed but i still receive a aching pain fro?
why did my blanx toothpaste tasted so minty now?
i have really painful toothache can anyone help?
Wisdom Teeth?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Toothace like i've never had before?
am having 4 teeth out tommorrow under general and very scared?
why wont the dentist treat my nerve? will i lose my tooth?
would the dentist give me a bridges on the nhs?
Why have I got tooth ache?
I just chipped a tooth, do I need to go to the dentist..?
dentigerous cyst question?
my capped tooth is sore to touch, have no soreness on gum was told this is an absess and would need root canal?
Are woman dentists as good as men dentists?
my partner as got bad toothache hes had it a week now hes been to dentist and was suppose to have it pulled ou?
I have taken my wisdom teeth beause doctor said it was in ackward position but now it is swollen, painful and ?
Is tap water (England) good for teeth?
Ways to pull a tooth out?
How do you know when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
My tooth hurts sooo bad!!?
Dental loose and hurts when I bite down?
Weird tooth growing in my gum?
Any teen have tounge tie?
hole in my gum?????????
Do you have a sweet tooth?
what to do to get rid of ulcers?
Glued in retainer?!??!?!?
What are the effects of SWALLOWING a bit of TOOTHPASTE?
new braces and pain...help?
How much can I get Braces for?
Do you have to pay extra for ceramic braces ?
How small is the tooth fairy?
I have an incoming wisdom tooth and I feel sick?
local dentist churchdown. glos?
Dental treatment under general anaesthetic..?
I am gaining weight--I'm 5'6 and I now weigh 115 pounds. Is this still considered thin?
Can I lose 8kg(17lbs) in 12 weeks?
How do i lose weight at 14?
Is a 27 - 28 inch waist fat??????????????????? :(?
p90x workout schedule?
Fitness for an unfit 20-year old.?
Do you have any simple program of detox diet ?
Bicep and Tricep Question! Best answer gets 10 Points!!?
Can crunches change fat?
P90X question... The guide, diet, etc?
What is the healthiest menu item (appetizer) at TGI Friday's?
what foods do you usually eat on your cheat day?
What is a preworkout PUMP?
5'4'', 145-150 pounds, female, 18--is this fat?
Does the dance work out Zumba actually work?
How can I get as skinny as Miley Cyrus?
would this be considered as an eating disorder?
Muscle Milk Usage?????????
How To Lose This?!?!?!?
armpit lymph node swollen for about 3 months?
What could be the cause of this benign thyroid nodule?
Do people die like parakeets?
Possible brain tumour?
What are free radicals?
Why do you get lymphadenopathy in cancer?
What is the recovery time (at hospital & home) for esophageal cancer surgery?
did people get cancer 500 yrs ago?
Swollen Gums D: ? Help Please ?
pain after having a filling?
if fluoride does more bad for you then good! why is it in toothpaste and our tap water?
my sons has 3 wobbly teeth but one has caused concern as it is grinding on his new tooth underneath?
is it possible for wisdom teeth to come through at 39 years old?
V sensitive tooth, How can i get rid of it?
How do you stop getting Cavities?
abscess on my gum! please help!?
My teeth are so discolored. Please help x?
Can I sue the NHS for a botched laparotomy?
What do they do at orthodontist appointments?
Braces? Dentist? Huh?
Is it good to brush your gums?
i get pain in my knee when i press on ground or press on it . when laying down and press it against anything.?
what is a healthy diet?
How long does it take to lose 30 pounds?
Looking for an Ana buddy.?
How do i stop eating at night?
weight loss 14 pounds in 10 days?
How to get help with an eating disorder?
How many egg whites is a healthy breakfast?
my stomach is pretty thin but i have a huge pouch?
healthy low calorie breakfast/lunch/dinner/s?
Weight lifting??????????/?
What is a less-fattening dinner choice? Spaghetti or soy burger?
Going to the gym but it seems like I can't lift more?
How to work meh muscles?
How can I lose between 40 and 65 pounds in about 6 months?
What is the difference between sit ups and crunches?
Can someone help me customize a workout plan?
Is there a way to get skinny by Summer?
Carbs before an intense workout or just protein for fat loss?
How many pieces of broccoli is enough to eat?
Will this exercise routine help me gain muscle and get in shape?
How long will it take me to get a six pack?
Swimmer and Calories?
This is kinda embarrassing...?
how long does a Braun rechargable toothbrush typically take to recharge?
Whats a good denture fixative to use that will keep your teeth in all day?
Is there a way to make it so you NEED braces?
I have Cut my gums while opening a ketchup bottle last nyt ?
Impacted Wisdom Tooth?
Dental Question About Malpractice?
Is this ok to use with Braces?
I have just had 19 teeth out while awake, it didn't hurt till I come home, then my head was pounding.?
I have a lump in my upper arm, no pain but I am scared its cancer.?
how is nanotechnology helping the fight against prostate cancer?
19 when my Mom died, how normal is this reaction?
i get easy bruises inside mouth, does it mean tht i maybe a mouth cancer patient?
is schizophrenia hereditary?
Thoughts of overdosing again... Help?
TMJ Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction Advice Please ? ?
What are good toothpastes for strengthening enamel?
Pleeeeaseeee help? Braces?
Please help has anyone else experienced this with braces?
Is this normal? gum problems?
Is my extraction site normal?
what is the average age for the eruption of the upper permanant canine?
does this sound like a quad helix expander plan?
Really need some help on this!?
17 year old daughter has a tooth greying?
dentist said my teeth were really clean, how is that possible?
Help with braces!!!!!?
Dental abscess, Boil and swollen gland! All related?
What if I eat the same thing as my sister?
Quick ways to burn calories?
How fast and how long would it take to lose a pound on a treadmill?
what is the healthiest food in the planet?
Best way to flatten the lower stomach in 4 weeks?
Im getting stitches more frequently?
where would you find thinspo?
I need to lose as much weight as I can--fast! PLEASE HELP!!?
Can anyone tell me about Weight Watchers on Line?
I need to lose as much weight as I can--fast, PLEASE HELP!!?
When you are trying to lose weight do you cut down on fat, carbs, or calories?
will i fill-out (gain weight) as a get older?
Why do I feel nausous every time I eat actual food beside fruits?
Best way for me to get six pack?
How to get fatter or gain muscle fast?
help? skinny-fat and want to get fit?
What does a 5'5 140 pound woman look like?
Heavier after lifting weights??!?
I need to get a six pack in 4 months?
Do you think I'm fat?
P90X Routine - Help Please?
Mum of 4 being emotionly and verbaly abused by 11 year old son.?
How can I stop my mild depression from ruining mine and my boyfriend's relationship? I don't want medications.?
What do you think dentistry will be like in 25 years?
3 crowns fitted but gums really swollen?? any advice?
What does a dental anxiety management clinic involve?
Where do I find retainer cleaners?
Triangle shape bands on braces!!!!!! HELP!!?
cuts in top of mouth :-(?
question about healthy eating and regularity?
If i do the follwing will i lose my belly fat?
Need to turn my life around - starting with health. Where to start?
Diet pills? help. what i need to know?
how can I lose my abdominal fat especially the low area?
how to start working out? age 15?
Have to lose 35 pounds asaap?!?
workout programs.............?
Why do I feel lightheaded?
is it healthy to eat cereal on a diet?
how often should i workout?
is there any way to get the P90x nutrition plan with out buying the whole thing?
how to losses weight fast?
How fast will my muscle come back?
Why is it important to have body fat?
How to GAIN weight?...........?
Which method is a healthier way to eat?
Will I lose weight if I eat like this?
2 quick diet questions!?
do oncologists measure vital signs?
cancer & DLA related question?
worried about wheezing?
a fear of get sick or pain or dieing?
Do the annoying kit-kat ads cause cancer?
what are the probable causes & treatment of left chest pain in upper part of left breast?.?
stage 4 aggressive cancer how long do i have left?
Do you get rubber bands on your braces near the begining, middle, or end?
Can i leave it on for longer than 4hrs before i wash it off?
When are you allowed to get free braces, how long do you have to wait?
I've pulled the wire out of bottom of braces?!?!?!?
does anyone ever feel like ripping their braces out?
Grey Spot on back of Incisor?
Brown Spot on back of incisor!?
i have a milk molar teeth & another 1 is growing on top will it fall out?
just intrested to what it could be, one swallen tonsil?
Cavity question/problem ?
i think i have depression?
What are the chances of survival if a person is diagnosed from stomach cancer in its early stage?
what are the most recent advances in the treatment of pancreatic cancer?
Info on my Moms Chemo?
What stage of colon cancer involves blood in the stool?
IBS / Colitis or Cancer?
What is the anti cancer food?
could i have throat cancer?
braces/elastics question?
Chipped Tooth Bonding Pain?
Information About Under-bite Surgery & Braces?
White lump inside lip and braces?
My tooth hurts when I chew?
Could i get a brace on nhs as an adult if they removed teeth for overcrowding and never filled the gap ?
i don't know what to do anymore, i hate life?
im being selfish aren't i?
Can you guys help me out here. i dont know what to choose between the p90x or insanity.?
Should I expect to lose weight after eating this way?
1,400 calories burned in 75 minutes? Does not make sense!?
teen exercise and fitness help?
my boyfriend gets hungry after big meal? :/?
how do i get a six pack? please read..?
Best creatine product?
I need to slim down (but not a lot) for this dress by Feb. 12th!!!!!! HELP?
How can i tone my thighs? Mostly directed at my inner, and back areas?
Am I living a healthy lifestyle?
Is my bench press good?
Do i sound like i should lose weight?
for people who actaully lost weight, how'd you do it?
Does chewing gum reduce chubby cheeks?
How to make good abs?
Does bulimia give you a flat stomach?
Do we burn atleast 1 calorie a minute? if so then we NEED 1440 calories?
How can i get curves?
Is my friend Anorexic?
workouts for my stomach?
I'm a student who wants to diet. Slim fast shake diet...any good?
molar tooth hurting..?
is it the same producere for the back teeth?
Ways to stop braces from aching?
i don't know what to do, my dads suicide is messing with me?
what does the term poor risk mean when referring to cancer patients?
swollen lymph node on left side of neck...please help?
Radioactive Iodine in a 20-year old.. help!?
Mom just found out she has stage 4 stomach cancer with chemo how long will she possible live?
Problems with Colon?????
Is this hemorroids? Help!?
Lab stool sample cancer?
how do fibroids appear in ultrasound?
Are there any ways of preparing myself for having my braces fixed? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
I live in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland & need to have a root canal on my back molar. What can I expect to pay?
After train-track braces, how long do you need to wear a retainer?
will baking soda get rid of calcium spots on my tooth?
how much to have have your teeth capped?
Will the dentist remove my braces without parental permision?!?
How do you get more enamal in your teeth?
Is it better to use a electric toothbrush or normal brush when you have braces?
Are there any ways of speeding up the process of braces?
How can you make fixed braces as less obvious as possible?
what exercises are best when your trying to lose weight?
Please help? sizes for swim team?
how many calories should i consume?
Is 85 pounds a good weight for an athletic girl thats 4'10????????????
How do i get skinnier legs?
How to tone your arms, legs, and stomach?
Should you only eat when you're hungry?
How much am i burning?
I get out of breath when I run up stairs?xo?
Are 1500 calories a good amount for weight loss?
is their a website that shows different body types?
How to tone up my calves & thighs without loosing weight?
Soda to loose weight ?
13 year old + weight loss?
What's the best way to burn fat from love handles?
I recently had surgery, what exercising and eating habits can i take in order to stay healthy?
I can't eat 3 Big Macs in a row anymore, am I going anorexic?
Abs hard even when not flexed?
Consuming 500 calories a day: will it cause weight loss?
What is a good protein shake for building muscle?
i am on a clear liquid diet for 3 days and ....?
Drug Addiction.... Please help need advice!?
Ive an abesos & cant get to dentist till after bank hol whats good for pain nuropen not strong enough?
Dental, retainers, please help?
Should I get my adhesive bridge re-fitted?
Toothache from a Crown, Please Help?
if i cant tolerate a denture what alternatives do i have on nhs?
Stress has caused me to gain weight?
Can you have a personal trainer at 15?
I just started working out and I am trying to rid myself of water weight is water pills a good solution?
Help! i need to lose weight but how?
i need help losing weight?
what supplements should i take to buil muscel on a budget?
The best way to lose stomach fat?
How to loose weight?
Why do my ribs poke out especially when I breathe in?
how long should i run for?
I need a Workout Plan- Busy Mommy?
What is the fastest way to get rid of my skinny arms and legs?
please please read!!!?
How much weight did you lose switching to drinking water only?
Need help so badly please!? ?
How can I loose 20 - 30 pounds in a month or 2?
Any parent with teenager with bad anxieties about going to school?
Stress at work..I need some answers...!!?
How much are braces on the NHS?
converting a UK dentist degree to US standards?
What rules and regulations do dentists have to follow?
Fixed Retainer Broke!?
Please read this and help!(sorry 4 the lenght)?
root canal infection?
do i have buck teeth?
my teeth hurts it bleed once, but hurts when i eat.what causes that to happen and what can i do to stop it?
I have a mass on my hip that is becoming painful.?
will dr.miracle products work for dreads?
Help, I'm thinking i have pancreatic cancer?
Could I have early stage leukemia?
My Gunie pigs has a hard tumor on her back what could it be?
Do you think my mom has throat cancer?
Low white blood count - cancer?
Does Boba cause cancer .?
Im eating alot sometimes, and sometimes i dont eat anything . HELP! am i going to get fat :S?
Can I lose weight by dancing?
Is a lean body mass of 177 lbs considered weak, medium or strong?
How often should i go to the gym to see results muscle wise?
Is it healthy to lose 16 pounds in three weeks?
How often should i workout?? ?
How can I practice my push ups?
what food is good to give a 1yr old english bulldog to help him gain weight?
If you are 5'2" what should you weigh?
dose the nutri system or even the Ediet work?
When I was Skinny.......ER?
What kind of leg excercises can I do?
Is this a healthy diet?
What can i do at home to improve my bench press?
how much should a ten year old weigh?
I'm looking for a fitness watch with a heart monitor, calorie counter, step counter and stop watch...?
A friend recommended this exercise?
Teen girl gaining muscle?
i need to lose 30 pounds fast. i dont care how. suggestions?
How to get ripped in 2 months?
can i take amino acid pills and 25 g of whey protein together?
Special K Challenge + Intense Exercise Routines?
what is this? depression?
I'm heading into a depressive low....?
where to find NHS pre-payment for prescription charge?
Does things sound like they are now going ok? (acut ginivitus, had 4 quadrant deep scale and cleaning)?
is there a danger of tooth breaking under crown when braces put on and taken off?
I have a hawleys retainer at the top? It feels loose is this normal?
One of my front teeth has suddenly become very sensitive today?
I got punched in the jaw?
Molar Tooth With Filling Has Broken?
Orthodontic movement question?
How to gain fat fast without gaining muscle?
Does calcium 600 mg make you lose weight?
how many calories burned walking for 2 hours?
Had a late breakfast?
question about lifting weight?
How can u reduce your fat without any side effect ?
If I continue this routine will i lose weight?
America and obesity in 2015!!?
, Do Greens Help In Weight Gain?
What does a good diet consist of?
Can one's shape of leg be improved?
How many calories are in a pancake?
What is your favorite Dance Workout?
How can I make my stomach smaller?
is being 5'7 and 132 ibs beulty?
What are the effects of yoga on you?
i lost 6 pounds in four days?
Do Sauna Suits Work?
What does junk food do to our physical and mental health?
How can I slim down my hips and thighs?
Why is it bad to hold your breath while lifting weights?
Should I get checked for Ovarian Cancer?
Can a mole become cancerous if it is never exposed to the sun?
lining of blood vessels?
What are the 5 most common types of cancer in CANADA?
bump in throat-maybe nothing but worried?
Model for lung cancer project?
what is the legal max dose of seroquel?
dentist porcelain veneers?
Dental problem! please help?
Do retainers maintain treatment of an overbite or just keep the teeth straight?
Grown up tooth moves! :O?
I really need to get to the dentist! ?
Does it look like I need braces?
i have come across with an idea of whitening my teeth?
Are my retainers normal?
exactly how tall does one have to be at least to be considered a giant?
if i didn't eat for 2 days?
how long do it take lipo suction to heel?
Gym help????????????????????
Is it bad to go workout at 5:15 am and when you get home to go straight to sleep from staying up all night?
How many crunches should I do a day?
Endurox R4 or P90x recovery formula?
Under my tongue hurts when/after running?
Anyone ever heard of Zenalean Pro?
If you hardly eat anything for a month..?
I need Exercise help?
Healthiest but fastest way to lose 80 pounds?
anyone who uses shake weight, does it really work?
Is it bad if I stop eating for a week?
How to do 50 pushups?
how can i get abs the easy way ?
Can you make your legs/thighs skinnier?
Do the ab belts actually work?
Does this put up any red flags?
Do sit ups actually work?
Soo.. iam on a diet!?
Exercising and losing weight but have a problem?
in your experience, are resin fillings less likely 2be painfully sensitive to heat & cold than silver amalgam?
what is a good dentist in lewisham borough?
i have a cold and my teeth hurt?!?
Horrible taste in my mouth after i eat anything?
What are Twin Block Braces like?
what does an anti depressiant do and what do you feel like when your not depressed any more?
how do i explain to the guidance officer at school that i have been cutting myself?
my dad has stage 4 small cell lung cancer his neck and chest is swollen what is his life expectancy?
How would I know how much sun exposure gives cancer?
my aunt has breast cancer? please help.?
could i have lung cancer????
Would this be a healthy breakfest?
Help me with my workout?
Why am I gaining weight?
Good Starter Workout Plan?
Will My Diet Be Effective?
Is it ok to eat unhealthy when you do intense exercise?
About the T.V show " I Used To be Fat" ?
Why am i gaining strength on a low calorie diet??? i'm confused?
How can i do the splits?
Help me please??!???
Is it possible for a skinny girl to dance , and only gain muscle ?
do you think i weigh too much?
What exercises should I do?
What's an effective method for burning fat around my lower abs?
Thigh weight lose help! Any answers, every answer welcome!?
weight loss and gain problem?
How many calories should a teenage girl be eating?
How can I get toned and loose weight with a busy schedule (14 years old)?
Is this healthy to lose weight or is it anorexia?
Whitecross Dental Practice, Ilford.?
Why can the dentist not find out what is causing my tooth ache?? :(?
Can i change my retainer?
Labial Frenectomy stitches come undone?
Can veneers be used to..?
Is chewing gum good for your teeth?
expereicnes with St Johns Wort?
Convincing yourself to believe.?
Could I have an anxiety disorder?
How can i feel more better about myself?
Can you get a dry socket a year after your tooth extraction?
Can TMJ cause a cyst on the tonsil?
Should i get light purple braces or light purple n light pink braces?
plez help i want to troll...?
Anesthetics at the dentist?
Underbite and chin. Help is much appreciated?
Do you think getting my tooth out will hurt?
Best over the counter diet pill thats most effective and safe?(:?
How can I lose weight faster? What foods should I eat?
Am i working out enough?
How do I know if I have anorexia?
About how much weight would you lose?
Y are my friend worried about me?
been eating healthy and doing cardio 5 days a week for a year plus+?
flat belly fast for teens?
trying to lose weight? are these good choices?
Getting In Shape for Next Season?
How can I lose 15 lbs. in 2, maybe 3 months?
How much should i weigh if im 5 foot 7 inches and female at 15 years old?
can martial arts help me lose weight?
how to reduce foot cramps when working out calf?
Can you do pushups/situps/bodyweight workouts DAILY?
Help on slimming down around the middle?
Am I okay...pleAse read?
how long to lose a pound on a tread mill help!?
Is 6'4 250lbs a healthy height/weight ratio for a 48 yo man?
Is this a normal bight and weight for my age?
How to get toned but not bulky legs?
Hurt Feet And Ankles From Working out?
I'm looking for survivors of Thymic Carcinoma to speak with for stories of hope?
1 month to loose weight..?
I want to lose about 25 pounds? Does anyone know some excercizes I can do?
what are the benefits of getting stronger?
When will I stop gaining muscle?
How old do you have to be to work at The Rush Fitness Center?
Are there effective treatments for edema and damaged bone marrow caused by palliative radiotherapy?
If my therapist finds out that I've been cutting my wrists, what will happen?
Help, friend going to die soon unless someone intervenes!?
what's your phobia, what are you scared of the most?
Should I be worried that i might have OCD?
Are my wisdom teeth coming in?
how to fix an uneven jaw?
Had braces for a long time?
How can I lose inches in my thighs?
Nutrtion help and workout help for "martial arts" class...?
How long would it take to lose 50 pounds?
Ewww stretch marks!!!?
What body building results can i expect?
i,m currently 200 pounds whats the best diet can i loose by april 2011 if i start now?
do sit ups before bed help you at all?
whats a good workout plan for a 12 year old?
Whcih would be better for a upper body workout?
What qualities would make someone anorexic?
How do i correct this problem? Bench press?
How to build ab muscles?
how to lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks?
Eating healthier? Need help?
Is tyson teriyaki chicken actually a good thing to eat?
Healthy low calorie lunch?
Which store allows you to return used excercise equipment?
How could I loose some weight?
If I lost about 15-20 pounds for my BMI to be 19-20..................?
What is a good diet plan to keep rock hard abs!!!!!?
17 pounds a month, possible?
Sleeping Issues. Please help?
I failed my drivers licence test 3 times because I dont listen to the instructions?
living with a adhd or bipolar?
Do i got ocd? I'm 15?
What past crime should you not tell a therapist?
What is the chance of Lymph-node And Ovary Cancer Survival?
what is the chance of having ovarion cancer?
how do you get testicular cancer?
Paranoid about Melanoma, not sure if I should be worried?
i have this bump right in the middle of my chest is it cancer?
Turquoise braces make teeth look whiter or yellower?
What have your experiences with the NHS been like?
are there any alternatives to Porcelain veneers?
Braces Procedures? Help...?
Overbite correction surgery?
the negative calorie diet?
What happens if you only workout on your biceps and triceps?
Do i have an eating disorder no joke please?
How much weight will I lose by the end of the week if I do this routine?
Is it better to grow fast or slow?
How did I gain a pound?
I need new Excersice Ideas, heeeelp me pleaaase?
What can I do to keep my weight down?
How to lose 5 pounds in 3 months?
what program is best for loosing weight?
How many times a week do you have to work out to start losing weight...and for how long each time?
At what time of the day working out is the most beneficial to your body?
How do i stop snacking?
I am so hungry all the time?
why do people who starve themselves gain all the weight back ?
How do I know if Iron pills are working?
How can I lose 15 pounds by May 2011?
Drinking Lipton Green Tea (bag form) + pilates in the morning?
Why do i feel so fat?
i heard somewhere that once your body stores fat you can never get rid of it?
Why do some voices make my head feel fuzzy?
Advice regarding GAD?
i am new to bipolar???
Body conscious/ lack of self confidence?
Can schizoids become aggressive?
How much does electroconvulsive therapy cost in Australia?
gap toothed solutions ?. :)?
Should I force my retainer in?
I have severe overcrowded teeth and I have braces, then a tooth pushed backwards, Is this normal?
Braces - How long will I need them?
size 9 to size 3 juniors before april from today January 16?
How long does it take for a bowflex to ship?
do you have to be 13 to work out at 24 hour fitiness?
Helppp Please W/ Diet Infoooo. :)?
How Much should i be able to bench?
how much should a 14yr old weigh?
What is chemically happening to fat when it is lost? How does it go from Hydrated Fat, to dehydrated?
Starting at the gym tomorrow and i have a few questions?
Okay, do you think this will work?
Am i eating a lot of fat?
Recommendations for a sensible diet and exercise plan?
Help losing weight please?
5'8" and 132 pounds, how much can I lose to be skinny?
How can I lose weight by excersizing?
How often is it healthy to take a dump?
Pre/Post Workout Nutrition Question?
I got a poor back posture and I slogs sorry that I can't spell it alot how do I strengthen it?
Weight loss while taking Whey Protein Isolate?
Are my exercise routine and food choices going to be effective?
Sauna or Steam bath - which one is better for:?
Eating less than 1000 calories a day and exercise 2 hours a day?
How Do I Build Muscle and Lose Fat?
I told my teacher I was cutting myself ..?
What do you know about LifeFlow meditation?
Has anyone had success with Zoloft for Depression or Social Anxiety?
Could I have some motivation?
Has any one had a Guaiac test before?
Have you had a pain pump? What are all the good and bad things about it?
I want to help Cystic Fibrosis have a cure by doing a walk but im only 10 what do i do?
state the diagnosis of the skin cancer?
how many hours do PCA's usually get?
Is this right about PET scans and cyclotrons?
what is spider lymphoma?
What are some home ways to stop a toothache?
Question about forcing a retainer in?
Some strange blob came out my mouth?
What can I take for a sore palate?
the band around my tooth at the back has come off.. is this a bad thing?
I did today a root canal therapy of a tooth and my dentist told me to take benuron, When should I take?
am i fat? i want the truth!?
Do calisthenics exercises work on helping you lose body fat?
Am I eating to much fat?
What exercise do i need to do for a small waist?
Will doing cardio after eating help digest food faster?
working out schedule?
how can i lose 2 inches on my waistline?
How can I lose 15 pounds?
How to gain weight 15 year old ?
What is the best kind of tool to use to get abs?
Help with losing some weight?
Is this a good routiene and how long till il get a 6 pack?
A good plan to lose weight for a 16 year old girl?
do girls think my abs are hot?
i am 5'6 181lb and i need to lose 20lb in 1 month does anybody have a game plan?
what kind of pasta is in lean cuisine?
New diet is it working?
Im on a diet but im starving! What should i eat?
i had removable braces then had teeth out?
Ive got a small white spot on the inside of my bottom lip.?
Painful filling? (over a year old)?
My gums (mouth) are really big and everybody at school are telling me that i will an operation, is it true?
Brushing your teeth.?
Is my tooth suppost to be this sensitive?
How many fingers can you fit in your mouth?
Just had my wisdom tooth taken out?
can cancer in the bone make you shrink?
Large bruise after punch biopsy?
If your brain is fried from drugs?
Lymphoma or leukemia?
Mental health question?
Ways to improve you short term memory?
do i have bipolar? someone please help?
need to lose weight HELP PLEASE!?
What do Prenatal vitamins do to your body?
Is it possible to lose 5-10 pounds in a month?
what can I do to get fatter if I have a high-motablism?
i really need some help please .. :/?
What do pushups help you build? I don't want to lift wrights because I don't want to affect my height?
Unsure about my weight and size?
what could help me on upperstrength endurance?
Now how do you incorporate FITT into your work out?