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Does having a canine milk tooth pulled out hurt?
Please help. I'm having two canines taken out tomorrow and I'm terrified. Any advice? ?
morning breath????????????/?
What are some good teeth whitening products that i could buy in Boots?
Approx how much does a UK dentist charge for sedation?
whats wrong with me? someone please help!! :(?
Feel lonely. Husband needs the comforting not me?
Being in a relationship with someone who has MDD ( Major Depression Disorder)?
Still anxious on anxiety medication?
I started lexapro 8 days ago. I'm sleeping 18hours a day & really faint how long till i feel better?
I cut myself... i want to stop...?
Im always sad but cant get help? please help me.?
What is wrong with me?
suicide??? can anyone help ?
whats the highest rate of stress teenagers?
How I can help to a person with heroin addiction ?
Can you cheer me up?
Why do I always feel so down?
Help :( dont know if I have depression?
hey Im having problems.?
Does Effexor Mess you up?
How long can it take to get over the death of a parent?
I stopped taking .5 mg Xanax XR, slowly. How long should I wait before I have a drink?
Boyfriend depressed / unhappy! Advice?
Am I having Hallucinations?
What kind of cardio can I do at home?
how long does the calcium in milk take to absorb and leave your stomach?
I would like to start working out but I am new to the whole gym workout thing.?
Things to do on a healthy diet?
weight watchers points?
Why does every body say my arms are big but I think there small?
I'm bored of eating the same thing everyday?
How should I lose this weight?
What is a good healthy lunch?
Need help with weight loss- but there's catch...?
How can I reduce excess fat on my body?
Can i drink water while exercising?
i need some advice about the GYM?
Does anyone have a treadmill that you use the ifit workout cards for?
What other exercise for the shoulders exist besides military presses?
Do 24Hour fitness send a membership card after order?
Does eating white bread and rice daily make u fat?
Is this smoothie healthy?
What is the best diet?
I want to know if this rite?
i am trying to lose 10 pounds fast?
Where can I buy fitness equipment and protein shakes besides www.fitnesswonders.com ?
how much protein should i take?
Braces question???? ?
Dentist please... teeth holes?
english girl scared of dentist but in pain living in france.. should i go here or wait till xmas when im home?
Tooth/mouth infection?
Why is my tooth still sore? :(?
can anyone explain the proceedure for seeing an nhs dentist these days?...i have been told that the registra?
i have pointy teeth what can i do?
Broken tooth????????
Approx how much is it to have those new invisalign braces?
questions about having teeth taken out?
Question about an infected tooth?
How long(approx) would a root canal take on an upper 1st premolar?
Infected tooth - question about anti-biotics.?
Anybody who's had a root canal....?
How do you know if you have sensitive teeth?
How much do dental nurses earn?
Question about a tooth extraction?
Gap year suggestions?
Is it possible to buy dental dams from pharmacists or supermarkets?
Does Quick Trim Work ?
what would you do if you were me????? I need diet help!?
How many miles should I run everyday to see results in my physique?
Im doing Weight-Watchers, what exercises should i do?
How Can I Lose Weight From My Thighs?
Career options for someone interested in health/diet/nutrition/fitness?
big depression in the wrist while performing a bent over row/gripping exercise ?
How many reps on a ab lounge should i do a day to tone my stomach?
How Can I Balance My Diet?
do you think i am fat?
How did you lose fat on your belly and how long did it take?
Is it okay to bath RIGHT AWAY after my 30 mins running session?
help with food scales?
can not eating cause?
Has anyone used or is currently using IGF-1 like that is found in the deer velvet ?
What is a great exercise plan and diet for a semi lazy beginner lol?
Do rusty water pipes pose any danger for iron overdosage?
How Much weight will i loose?
What is so attractive about muscles specially 6packs?
Does using too much TRX shrink arms?
do I really need to do the p90x yoga?
Why do i feel like this? I really need help. Those who are or have had depression?
Why do i feel like...?
xanax and coma?
i think my boyfriend is depressed. what can i do?
Depressed Ex-Boyfriend?
I can tell people how they are feeling and im so ......?
i dont know if this is just depression or something more,can anyone whose experienced it please tell me?
Dealing with anxiety when my boyfriend goes out with mates?
should i do industrial design or an apprenticeship?
how do you gain self control?
What can I do to help my friend?
Its really wierd and makes us feel wierd?
is this panicattack or me just going crazy?
how can we raise mental health as an issue?
Can chronic insomnia cause personality disorders?
how many diazepam wood kill you?
Depression, antidepressants?
lexapro does it work?
What past crime should you not tell a therapist?
ive got a cerebral palsy brother please help i need answers?
does anyone have these fears
do i have lung cancer?
which of the following drugs is useful to treat cancer of the central nervous system in animals?
what are the main symptoms of ovarian cancer and what other illnesses are the symptoms similar to?
does it mean to have cervical cancer?
Walk for the cure. What should I wear?
does anyone know who Masaoka is? The one they based the Masaoka staging for thymoma?
are all growths on adrenal glands considered tumors?
I keep biting the inside of my cheek?
Help anyone? about fixed braces..?
i have just got the plastic braces, how long will it be intill i can eat solid food?
Is toothsoap www.perfect-prescription.com actually better for your teeth than normal toothpaste?
how much will it cost on the N.H.S to have all my teeth removed?
Anybody had their wisdom tooth removed?
Need to find a good nhs dentist in brighton!?
My little boy is 2 and my dentist tells me that he has enamel hypoplasia on his molars. What causes this?
i have an abscess and my jaw is locked, will a dentist be able to take my tooth out still?
dental insurance in the uk?
Do i have to wear retainer all the time?, etc.?
Gum Disease - How can you stop it?
i had a tooth extracted last thursday?
Is it to late to make them look good?
can teeth move much in 3 months?
How long does it take to become a Dental Hygenist?
Does the health of your mouth affect your health overall?
severed nerve in mouth?
Can anyone tell me why my mouth is peeling on the inside ? ?
Anyone Know a Good Tooth Whitener?
iv found a way to over come fear of detists, wanmna know?
selling Lindora products on Ebay?
What is the best way to combine Hip Hop Abs With Insanity both by Shaun T. To reach my fitness goals?
How to get a flat stomach for a female veggie of 54+?
I am hungry a lot........?
What shoud I be eating?
Is it possible to get diarrhea from not eating alot for a few days?
Would burning 300 calories be too much when just starting on a diet and exercise program?
how can i burn 600 calories a day?
if I did this....would i loose 60 pounds in three months?
im a guy how come all my fat goes to my thighs?
Question about toning exercises..?
does anyone know how i can lose 3-5 pounds a week?
How to stop binging???? Help!!?
Working out the same muscles everyday?
Are there any exercises to build up muscle around the ribs?
does Nutrisystem work and is it a healthy way to lose weight?
If I work every part of my body, with out running or jogging, will I still get thinner?
Help losing weight in 3 months?
What is the best time to have my last meal if I go to sleep at 1am.. im tyring to loose weight?
Will stretching your legs make them appear thinner?
Should I go to see a psychologist for depression and addictive personality (like shopping addiction etc)?
i want someone to know but ...?
I've never felt like this before, please help?
Where can you go and sleep if you cant sleep at your own home cozof so much noise?
wierd feelings? what does this mean?
Thoughts of overdosing again... Help?
anxiety question.....?
Avoidant Personality Disorder?
Help...I have a serious codeine addiction. I have used it every night for the last 18 months. 2-3 a night.?
I've been going through a rapidly downhill cycle of misery over the past few months. What do I do?
what does this dream mean?
what are some good songs to cheer you up?
my daughter has been prescribed zoloft for post natal depression...?
question about dole money(URGENT) i have panic attacks?
I'm really stressed and worried?
Is it safe to take Effexor XR that is past it's use by date?
How would you describe the following types of mental illnesses ?
do i have an eating disoreder?
I forget to take my medication??
(Repeat) Temportal Elation before Anger?
Does Acai Berries pill diet really work?
What is a good abs work out?
Is it imperative to have a shower immediately after a strenuous gym workout?
Want to get my stomach/hips more in shape?
Troubles Getting Situation Back?
what are the best exercises for your back to get muscles on them? best answer!?
what are the best exercises for you biceps? best answer!?
how can i buy laxatives without my parents knwoing or noticing?
Help??? excersizes? help!!!?
Does Soy milk have casein protein?
What are good healthy snacks on a diet?
Have I gained WEIGHT?!!?
What exercises are good for working out abs?
Does skinny magic work?
Ok, I once heard that putting the shower to cold for 20 seconds burns 100 calories?
am i overweight? or fat!?
Is eating ice cream all that bad really?
Are there diseases that make you gain weight without eating?
I want to slim down my arms. What should i do at the gym?
Am I fat?????!!!!!!!?
All of a sudden I have sore gums!?
Hi i would like to no what courses a big white soft lump on my pallet?
Temporary filling has come broken and come out?
Gapped teeth . Casing maybe?
Mint Free Toothpaste For Adults?!?!?
The gums around my bottom teeth are really sore, what can it be, I cannot see the dentist until next week?
Receding gums.. what can i do to prevent them?
Is it normal for a wisdom tooth to grow when in your 30's?
is getting braces sore ?
My 3 yr old daughter had a composite filling done almost a month ago in her front teeth and now they hurt her.?
Can chillies rot your teeth?
can bottom 2 big teeth come threw behind the milk ones when the milk ones have only just come loose,my sons 6.?
acvice about tooth abscess?
Brace question HELP PLEASE?
How many teeth are you supposed to have on the bottom set?
I have dental abscess, on antibiotics 1 day left of 7 day course?
I NEED TO GET MY TEETH WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
How long do dental crowns last for?
White things on teeth?
oral cancer?! help me PLEASE...?
How do you tell the difference between a oral ulcer and oral cancer?
Remedies for Golden Retriever with cancer?
weight loss please answer?
How tall do you think I will be?
how many calories did i burn during my workout today?
How can I gain some muscle?
What is the best stuff to eat to get bigger thighs?
Is dancing randomly/crazily good exercise?
What can I take to make My body more defined ?
How much is a 16 year old girl supposed to weigh? i'm 5'5?
Am I losing Weight?!?!?
I broke my ankle and I still want to lose weight. Is it possible without exercise?
How to lose 20 pounds?
How bad is alcohol for muscle gain?
what is nitric oxide for?
how to exercise indoors ?
Can you faint if you don't eat for a week?
How to become thin like this?
How tall will I be if I'm 5'6 and I'm 13 and a half years old?
what is the fastest way to lose weight?
Should I still work out tonight or no........?
ab workout routine help?
whats a healthier alternative...?
How do I become the person I used to be?
i am really tired of life and depressed?
Thinking Im getting skinny! READ?
i need a cure for boredom?
are any of you on here on Abilify? I am and I hate the medication. It a lot of the times?
I can't keep my mind sharp..?
My 8 yr old daughter has bipolar. Her paediatrician and psychologist agree she shows clear symptoms of bipolar?
i am a very nervous person and suffer debilitating panic attacks and i am agorphobic what can?
Any way to worry less?
Why do i feel so sad all the time?
Why is it that everytime i sleepwalk,i go to the toilet?
Does this sound like im depressed?
What led to finally to accept you have schizophrenia?
questioning my own self worth and don't know why?
Does Having Braces Hurt?
What filling would I get at one of my front tooth?
Dental abscess!! Help!?
I have a dental abscess, have finished antibiotics and still feel ill and drained?
white stuff come out of my mouth at night when sleeping? HELP!?
Hi, just a couple of questions about the orthodontist?
can a make a complaint about my dentist?
my dentist said my problem is sinus not teeth?
How much it is for a full gold tooth?
Have you ever heard of the uncle that didn't´t brush his teeth?
I have a NHS exemption card through working tax cred. Can I use this for free treatment with private dentists?
I smoke and drink A LOT of tea.?
Does toothpaste really make your teeth white?
has anyone had a root canal before? i have to have one and am tres scared! does it hurt?
help me with the elastics (braces)!?
grinding teeth...why do people grind them?
What brings on Neuralgia?
i want to lose wieght in 2 weeks.?
How to get a flat tummy quick(:?
How to gain muscle quickly? [for a girl]?
When should i be taking protein shakes/bars?
How Can I get my Arm Mucles Bigger?
Has anyone here ever tried COCOA Powder? Please Help?
What should my ideal weight be at my height and age?
Xbox kinect can it help with losing weight?
Do pushups work alot better than Dumbells for your arm muscles?
How to raise my metabolism?
How to decrease arm muscle?
Is losing 4-5 pounds of JUST exercise in a WEEK too much/bad?
Is there something wrong with me!?
I need energy for the gym!?
Can I get bikini ready by this May?
Why does this keep happening? (not enough calories)?
How many calories does a person need a day when working out?
Is this a good goal ?
Could my sister be anorexic ?
I'm not losing any weight?
How often does a Low-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion lead to cancer?
I have this chronic head pain on the right side of my brain.?
do back teeth fall out?
why do usa think englis hav bad teeth?
are retainers supposed to be sore after having braces ?
dental plague off tablets--do they work ?
Could i get my teeth filed down past the 'greyish/blue line' on teeth?
HELP! I HAVE A Spit and Saliva problem, every time I wake up in the mornings I have saliva in my mouth!?
Going to the dentist - HELP?
How to reduce gum swelling?
Why is Thymic Carcinoma so rare? What is the survival rate?
Receeding gums question.............?
Does anyone know of any NHS dentists in the Harborne area of Birmingham?
What is atypical squamous cells and can you give it to you'r spouse?
i have just had a denture fitted and im struggling with it. ?
Is it possible to pass out from toothache?
should i get root canal?
What are 'hyperplastic teeth'?
Clicky jaw?...I can't stop?
Thisis a repost: A profound question for everybody especially those who have asked for help.?
Small white spot on tooth?
So you think your the only one?
Eleva Anti Depressant? Pros & Cons?
Leaving crest white strips on over night?
Why am I feeling moody?
How to whiten a Brown Tooth?
What different types of mouth ulcer are there?
how long does it roughly take to put on train-tracks.?
I was quoted €625 for root canal treatment on a moler - is it that expensive?
registerd at two different dentists?
how long does it take to recover from depression?
need some good advice please helpp?
did i almost pass out?
why can't you take cymbalta if you are under 18?
whats wrong with me? depression?
Serial killer questions?
how come on hospital admission forms........................?
how do u look after a pet that has been though a eating disorder and has been hit kicked and had a rough life?
is it because ive been touching myself??????????
I am terrified of taking a walk. Is it right or wrong for my fiance to help me?
can yoga help to overcum or forget past relationships?
is this normal or strange?
which class burns more calories, Zumba or Spin?
i need help figuring out what this diet powder is called?
How do i help my Bulimic best friend?
hi i am another 14 year old boy who weighs around 165 and is about 5'7 or 5'8.?
How to lose chest and belly fat?
I think I pulled arm muscle?
how many times are we supposed to chew our food before swallowing? I heard at least 20 times.?
what is the best workout and diet plan?
Is it possible to lose 50 pounds in 5 months?
I have an exercise bike... calories?
I take NDS Pump Fuel before working out is thier anything that I can take as a post work out supplement also?
The best exercises walking or eliptical?
the age to use diet pills is 18 and up but is that just a suggestion?
diet questions please help?
anyone have any tips for a diet?
How healthy is it to water fast, when post op gastric bypass?
How to loose weight?
will i gain weight if i eat this vitatop before i got to bed?
How to get slim for summer?
Im 15 and a half but im only 4"9ft! :( how can i speed up my growth?
any cheap private dentists in london.?
will this hurt me ?!?! :S?
i pierced my upper mouth (monroe) about 2 days ago, the actual piercing doesnt hurt but the end of the ....?
I have always been scared of the dentist which has stopped me going for a loooong time, I have now booked an..?
best teeth whitners on the market?
Any good and quick methods to whiten teeth?
i have an absess under my tooth!?
Lump in the back of my mouth?
Anyone used this teeth whitening company?
I had a tooth out on Sunday and my gums are painful?
something to do with teeth ?
salt water rinse or Corsadyl after 2 extractions this morning?
What is the best teeth whitener?
Can I receive NHS dental treatment whilst under the care of a private dentist?
Advice anybody plzzzzzz?
food after an extraction?
I'm getting a retainer! Help! What should i know?
What type of race to dentists use for an overbite?
I need to know some stuff about braces.?
Can I use a whitening toothpaste with an electric toothbrush?
Please give me your wisdom.. ?
wearing a pedometer...how many steps each day to lose weight?
12, girl, fast weight loss no pills?
does this kind of make up for not going to the gym?
What sort of equipment would i need to workout at home and get good results with?
Is creatine dangerous?
Overweight and need to lose weight. HOW?
Does the P90X program work?
My legs. Weight question.?
i have to eat pork chops but im on a diet!!?
How to tone my muscles and lose exra fat around them?
How can I loose weight before summer and NOT look like this again!?
Sports I can play for weight loss?
Drinking to loose weight ?
Can i still work out biceps when they are a little sore from yesterdays workout?
How much is a 5'7 girl suppose to weigh?
Should I have cereal or eggs and toast for breakfast on diet?
Depression. your storey?
Question about schizophrenia a symptom?
Every now and then I get this random, sudden feeling of grief as if someone close to me has recently died?
Why do I keep remembering this memory from when I was five?
Do you think i might have OCD?
I'm 16 and pregnant and my mom is too? My mom is happy for me because we can go through it together?
whats wrong with me ?
a possible eating disorder?
hi my brain is damaged from mental illness and druds?
SLEEPING PROBLEMS?! help please?
how many people use or abuse valium and xanax?
Has anyone here tried to hang themselves?
Why do i cry so much?
my mood swings? why does this happen?
A man once told me that doing jigsaw puzzles can cure people who suffer from nervous problems?
How does the husband of a bipolar wife feel?
a question to someone that may be able to help?
What are the best ways of coping with depression?
2 long term behavioural effects of alcohol?
Is it possible to die of boredom?
Statistics on Lymphoma recurrence?
Can you develop a brain tumour as the primary source of cancer?
my picc line has broke and theres some still in my arm?
Can i start learning karate now.....?
Breast cancer what does this all mean?
how big can a dental bridge be?
My root fillilng has just fallen out!! Its new years eve - no ones open, im in agony!! HELP?
BEST teeth whitening kit avalable? under £30?
Wisdom Teeth Removal Painful?
is any one a dentist ?
why do wine gums smell horrible?
How much for dental work??....?
Tooth help please...?
What should I do about my swelling cheek?
how can i turn my teeth white?
A few dental doubts...???
I would like to be a Dentist when Im older, but I need help! x?
anyone who's used baking soda on their teeth?
What is the best teeth whitening kit to buy online?
£250.. is this a reasonable price for 1 porcelain veneer?
does anyone know how much its is to replace a metal filling with a normal 'tooth coloured one?
What is a cavity filling like?
How can i strengthen my gums?
I reall need to make?
what is the qualification needed for dental hygine?
How do you make a complaint about the NHS dental health care ?
which is better and why listerine or Dentyl pH mouthwash?
I have a very FAST question?
How Can I Lose My Stomach Without Losing All Of My Bottom!*?
How can my husband lose as much weight as possible in a month? Hes in the Army and has to lose it fast!?
Did i eat healthy today?
Whats the best creatine to get.?
if i stop eating, will i lose weight?
Is this a normal waist measurement?
what will happen if u eat a donut stick that was expired september14 2010?
Elliptical machine 30 min a day?
when should i weigh myself?
Help with building Muscle?
Low Fat and Low Calorie Lunch For A Teenager?
How many pills to take for trichonomia?
P90X and Intensity together is it to much to do?
Am I Overweight / Too Skinny / Normal?
Can i lose 60 pounds in 90 days?
I really want to lose 10 pounds, how can I do this quickly?
i really need to loose weight?
is it bad to exercise when you have a cold?
How to get skinnier thighs?
emotional abuse in family?
Depression? Do i have it? i need help please?
Ways to improve you short term memory?
help please help no one understands?
hey guys can u help me wid my problems?
can my body get used to my antidepressant?
Can someone please give advice on this?
anti depressants for depression & chronic pain
can i join the military diagnosed as Bi Polar 2?
im looking for some obsecure mental disorders ?
blog sites to talk about addictions?
anyone here taken ambien to sleep?
The signs of depression?
What do I have? (sorry it's a little long, bear with me)?
Struggling at school?
Coginitive "Analytical" Therapy?
im really confused...should i seek medical help?
bleeding gums - help!?
root canal!!!.........?
Fibroma on gum or not?
I am getting a retainer! HELP! ?
ive recently noticed my gums have went really dark,but ive no pain n they dnt bleed,also my teeth are white?
Teeth whightening at home?
loose front tooth......?
how much does it cost to have a tooth extracted in Ireland?
What color braces should I get?
ist normal for 4 months old baby to have his 1st tooth?
Would you or have you used?
how does dental erosion happen and why?
is it legal for a NHS dentist to charge a £10 deposit for an eight year old child and £30 for an adult ?
Acid Erosion on teeth, any way to get rid of it quickly?
got a tooth growing in my gum sideways?
Problems with Invisalign?
Teeth problems, can anyone help?
i have a swollen gum any help?
Tooth Filliing - Does it hurt?
I just got my braces out... ?
Braces... bullying..please...help?
please help.... what should i do?
why do I age faster when I eat unhealthy foods?
I need a good diet to go on?
What is a good diet suppliment to take?
Do i look fat for a 13 year old?
I want a flat stomach...how can i get it?
work out routine question...?
How to get energy? your answer heree vv;)?
Need help fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Where can I buy liquid form multivitamin supplements?
I need to know the things i can eat to lose weight?
are these good measurements for my weight/ height/ age ?
Why do people consume more than 20g of protein?
Why am I losing so quickly or is this average?
Help with putting on weight?
does milk have more calcium that yoghurt?
i have 5-6 bowel movements weekly, is it normal? i also evacuate very easily and effortlessly?
how can i lose stomach fat?
PLEASE HELP! WILL I GET SAGGY [email protected]!?!?
What to do to cleanse my body (inside)?
Any good resources on Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
Non-hodgkins lymphoma tumor?
my dads breast cancer?
which drugs cause cancer?!?
How can I find a picture of a little boy with cancer?
Could he have a personality disorder or something?
How do you tell if someone possibly has a mental problem?
hai, i got one question.....how can i control things by using yoga?...Pl'z?
does having an imaginary friend always mean that your Schizophrenic?
no dog causing depression?
what is the risk of addiction for valium and xanax?
quick q for all that care to answer?
iam dieing with inferiority complex , neuro anxiety... please can anyone suggest some medicinal solution?
Am I going crazy?
I have anger mangement issues!?
anyone experienced 'Dissociation'?
Symptoms of a mental condition?
I'm experiencing symptoms of depression. Help!?
I need a personal insight into any form of Anxiety Disorder?
whats wrong with me...what do i do?
What Do You Think is the diference between a Hospital environment or Hostel for the Mentally ill?
What can I do? Help...?
Does anyone have experience with being on a high dose of zoloft?
Gap in teeth.........?
Braces...please help!?
Do children need a full set of teeth before braces can be fitted?
i need advice about an abcess please?
hey i have done my graduation in dentistry from india,so what are the ways to get into post gratuation in uk.?
What do you do when you lose your fang tooth ?
Which is more painful, the tooth removed or root canal?
I've knocked my front teeth, will they be ok?
Is my retainer necessary?
Where can i get the 6 month (braces) smiles in the north east of england?
help having Nine fillings a root taken out of my mouth the week after next whats the best way to recover ?
How long does it take to heal from a jaw bone biopsy?
Do you have to brush your teeth with cold water?
I think i have an abscess but not sure?
Can I share drinks even though I have a mouth ulcer?
How many ppl in the UK have dental phobia?? This is for an essay! Lolz =P x?
Tooth paste on spots?...?
does being sick seriously damage your teeth?
Adult milk teeth, bonding, bridges and dental costs in the UK?
push ups and weight training?
i weigh 137 and trying to loose, i take three 1 hr walks and eat about 800 cal. daily but don't loose, why ?
not eating food please help?!?
how to "want" to eat healthy?
how to get rid of my high metabolism and gain some weight?
Whats a good workout to tone and lose weight?
Do guys wear boxers under workout shorts?
My doctor started me on anabolic steroids, is 100mg every two weeks enough to see a difference in my physique?
I have been running 8miles every other day on tredmill at 4.0MPH....?
drinks that speed up a teen's metabolism?
I gained 2lbs and am really worried?
14 year old trying to lose leg and belly fat before summer?
if i am 5''2 and weigh 114 pounds what is my chance of being a flyer in high school?
Is anyone losing weight drinking shakes?
Why is that i actually feel hungrier when eating 6 small meals than 3 square?
Can I gain weight and muscle at te same time?
If I have a pain in my left elbow from exercising, what can I do to help it heal faster?
I'm underweight but healthy?!?
Since I can not afford an ionizer, what can I do to get alkaline in my digestive system?
What is an unhealthy weight for a female that is 5'3"?
Is this a healthy fitness/gym schedule?
Is it normal to occasionally trip over your words, stammer (N-no), etc 1-5 times a day?
advantages of watching television in mental health?
How to overcome a fear of vomiting?
Helping special needs children with grief....?
Im getting very homesick?
i don't know what to do anymore, i hate life?
Is there such a thing as addiction addiction?
Im so scared to open up to people and let them really get to know me because Im so full of hurt?
OCD Help? (20 Characters)?
How are you meant to not feel jealousy when someone else has what you want?
Sleeping Issues. Please help?
Medications for AADD or AADHT (adult version)?
Is anyone else on here on Rivotril? I have been taking it for over 12 months now?
Can Paxil be a dangerous drug?
Body conscious/ lack of self confidence?
What is the best medication for your borderline personality disorder?
How to stop troublesome worrying thoughts?
are there any boot camps for teens is australia?
how can i overcome sleeplessness?
Weird emotions all over the place?
Question for autistic females?
Bi-polar brother is affecting the whole family, getting very abusive - help?
how various oral anatomical features influence the design of custom made dental devices?
Can anyone explain why for the last 2 to3 mths my jaw a the top near my ear and and my cheaks feel pressure?
how do u go about getting gold teeth i live in Scotland can any one help ?
Grrr have i messed things up?
does eating freash pineapple rot your gums and teeth. ?
what are Densite and Crystacal?
smoking ulcers ???????????????????????
What causes "ulcers" on tongue?
"It costs £250 per tooth, it lasts 10-15 yrs, it is effective.." what is my dentist talking about?
Why do veneers only last 5-10 years?
which is better - a crown or veneer?
Really bad tooth and jaw ache! ?
Braces on tomorrow!?!?!?!?!?
Dental care before toothpaste, what was used?
What is a healthy lunch and dinner for a teenage boy?
i need fast weight loss tips?
the best way to lose water weight?
What to do at the gym?
good healthy lunch for me? I'm dieting?
How much weight do you think I can lose in 10 weeks if I push myself VERY hard?
Is it better to exercise before or after you eat?
is drinking cow milk healthy?
How long does the body take to digest?
Exercises for a flat stomach?
How do i go about dieting and exercising without the result of excess skin or muscles?
lose weight fast for spring break?
I Need To Lose Weight :( Help!?
help with my protein servings..?
I think I got up way to fast?
bmr and weight loss help!!?
how much weight can i lose by May? I'm a big girl?
I can't lose fat on my stomach!?
How do we get iodine in out diet?
will one spoon full of cookie dough ruin my diet?
on a diet how much do you eat a day?
Tips for restarting my training program?
Something's up with my brain. Hope it's not a tumor.?
do epithelial cells provide hair growth?
Anyone an oncologist?
What is poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma vs. well differentiated adenocarcinoma?
Brain tumor fears - 20 year old female.?
Has Cancer research led to other medical breakthroughs?
Help With Dental Polymers ?
What do you think my teeth!! Pictures!!?
I have an abscess on my gum?
Sore white gum after extraction?
Should I get braces?Read more for detail...?
I just got braces yesterday?
oral thrush i know how to minimise getting this ,rinsing etc after using symbicort,?
How can my friend become a dental nurse?!? Please help!!?
How long does it take for the first appointment at the orthodontist?
can anyone help me with a second opinion about dental lab fees?
would a crown or vaneer glow up in ultra fluorescent lighting?
Please Help!! i need some home work help for my girlfriend!!! she doing Dental Hygiene?
Gold Crowns, do they look really bad?
What to do:Tooth do i keep it or not?
i have an ulcer in my mouth?
When having teeth out...?
can anyone help with my dentist problem, uk?
Sleep dentistry advice needed?
would taking testosterone blend at 6mils aweek , affect my teeth from moving with braces?
retraining as a dental nurse?
does anyone know someone who has anti social personality disorder who is a good person inside?
So i was told i had bipolar but..?
is it normal if you cant see other people in the eyes/face?
Shaking? Maybe a disorder..?
How to stop talking to yourself in public places or when you think you are alone?
Please help me I Need to break this isolation?
Worst insomnia ever, what should I do?
What is wrong with me?
how come we start to think more rationally after a panic/anxiety attack?
Why am I so obsessed? Is there something wrong with me?
How can i help my mum?
if u get caught with adder all or ritalin can u get jail time on your 1st ,2nd,or 3rd offends?
Am I developing an eating disorder?
Why am i like this.. I dont understand. PLEASE HELP.?
Will it be difficult to get future promotions if i go on stress leave?
Why do i have no emotions.?
PART 2 CON.c(abuse) ?
Having problem "doing" life lately, depression taking over again.......................?
Is it better to work one or two muscles? or more?
how many calories do...?
what kind of weight am i losing?
I need help losing weight?
help on making my spring break body?
How do you loose 1 stone in 4 days?
How much Human Growth Hormone does L-Arginine produce?
What way is best for eating vegetables?
Do artificial sweeteners increase insulin levels like caloric sweeteners?
hgh can increase height?
i need to loose my gut ASAP?
Opinion: Girls with biceps - good or bad?
What is a good workout/exercise plan to build a big chest and abs?
I'm trying to get in shape, how many miles a day should I be walking?
How can I get back to weightlifting this week?
Can I lose weight if I drink only vodka?
megaplexx and other prohormone dectection at MEPS?
why am i putting on so much weight?
Are fitness and nutrition plans helpful and if so did it benefit?
I need help losing weight!?
Not eating? Please help!!?
gum disease?
would allergies cause symptoms lke bad breath especially?
How much do tooth crowns usually cost?
I'm in the UK. Does anyone know of a web-site with dentist reviews and recommendations???
diets for dry mouth sufferers?
Do those teeth whitening gum shield things that they advertise in the papers actually work?
Does anyone know a good cosmetic dentist in North London?
White spot on the gums?
I recently had a tooth removed.?
If I get laser whitening how long would I need to wait before breastfeeding my baby?
Is it possible to find a NHS dentist in Perthshire?
where can i get this done?
ALL - Leukemia, Lung Operation?
i have a swollen lymph node please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
For 4 days now my submental lymph node has been swollen..?
Are you able to brush rubyredgalleria's wigs?
Should i shave my head for Cancer?
How much is a hair transplant for a scar?
Can getting in touch with erogenous zone help wish away cancer?
Name the four receptors of the skin?
Pat Burns expectancy?
14 year old turning into a psychopathy?
Why do I sometimes act the way i do?
has anyone out there tried hypnotherapy?
I don't feel happy for who I am?
Can someone please interpret my recent lung function tests for me?
Imagining situations and thinking too much abt thm makes my life disorganised. Please suggest remedy.?
I like the my therapist pls halp?
i feel really numb right now?
Could these be Signs of Depression?
My friend has a severe anxiety disorder with depression?
I have a student in my class who has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Any suggestions?
I think someone i know has General Anxiety Disorder. How can i help?
anyone anorexic or bulimic?
I don't know who I am anymore..advice?
will medication really help me for depression?
How do i cope with Borderline Personality Disorder?
why am i so irriatted?
should i kill myself?
Why is hard liquor less harmful than beer for people with kidney problems?
Am i more susceptible to infection after I exercise?
Could drinking green tea make me slimmer?
Guys and Girls, How Many pushups can you do?
how do i properly do a two handed kettle bell swing?
Dieting with water and vitamin?
Is calamari healthy? (the whole squid cut up and WITHOUT batter)?
How do you get rid of back and arm flab?
how many calories would this meal be?
Does eating fruits ripened with calburo (Calcium Carbide) bad for your health?
How do you work out how many calories are in something?
How Can I Gain Muscle And Lose Fat? Need Help...?
Do you think this diet will help me lose 20 lbs?
How do you convince a parent to let you be on a diet?
Is this too much oatmeal for breakfast?
Do one a day teen for her vitamins help your metabolism'?
Slimfast shake question!?
Is this a good weight loss plan?
Question about fitness?
I want a trainer similar to the game shows, someone who can push me?
which is the right toothpaste for you?
How long does one have to wear a retainer for?
Is there any cons about getting your teeth whitened by the dentist & what are the different methods?
gum problem?
Decayed wisdom teeth?
Some answers about partial dentures?
Is there any thing you can do to take away a toothache besides taking medication? Like some ingrediant?
how long should i take off work with shingels?
where can i find a NHS dentist in blackpool (urgently)?
How long untill i see results using crest simply white?
Where is the cheapest and best place to get inplants or bridges?
Teeth extraction by GP referral?
I want to get my teeth done, a brighter smile ect?
ok this is going to sound weird but my tooth hurts when i clench unless i eat something why?
do dentists still...........?
i think i have body dysmorphia?
Anyone here thinks that only girls can understand them?
Please, Help! Zoloft side effect ? !?
Stress/Illness - clinical term?
Emotional eating - can antidepressants cause this?
Do anti depressents help make people more relaxed?
Antidepressants for anxiety, OCD and depression?
Side effects and withdrawal from Cymbalta?
is this as bad as it may seem?
WHAT DO I DO?!! please emotional support needed...?
expereicnes with St Johns Wort?
family members who are menatlIy ill?
Im constantly upset and worried. help ):?
please any tips for seasonal depression? its so cold already?
Why do some voices make my head feel fuzzy?
Why does this scene keep appearing?
Pleas help me with depression?
do u think that is insane to do something against our health when we´re well?
how to handle my bipolar?
9yr old student makes herself throw up in class?
i want to be a pediatric oncology nurse HELP!?
Where do i go for an oral cancer diagnosis?
what is the functions of cancer in a breast & the function of a female's breast?
**URGENT** Does anyone have Myelodysplasia?
does picking the skin off your lips cause cancer?
my tongue is discoled, do i have tongue cancer ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
can my mam have her tooth romoved while sitting up?
looking for a dentist in millwall manchester anyone anyone in mind?
I'm English, and all my teeth have fallen out due to the diseased genes of my dissolute imperial ancestors?
How much do braces cost in UK for a 17 year old person.?
I am nearly 22 weeks pregnant and have a terrible toothache, i don't have a dentist, what do i do?
Can I brush my teeth with soapy sand?
Need a good dentist for mayor work in or around delhi, any positive feedbacks?
Has anyone had or got braces on the inside of their teeth?
does vitint safe and white teeth whitening gel really work?
why do we have wisdom teeth and how do they take them out?
Tooth Whitening - Bicarbonate of soda?
What is the best home detox/cleanse diet?
Possibly getting cellulite?
What is a good Cardio workout video?
does the age 28 bring with it weight gain in the gut and stuff?
Best Time To Work Out?
how long dose it take to see results for a six pack?
i have lost 7 kg but now stopped how to i loose more?
I am never hungry, but easily bloated. What's wrong with me?
Can fat become "Hard"? Please answer?
am i getting buff at all?
how many times can you check in per day at 24hr fitness?
What are the measurements of your thighs?
Arm fat!!! AHH!! How to get rid of it?
i'm 16 and i'm a 36c? I have tiny hips, i was wondering, is that ok?
Need fitness advice! Im puzzled.?
Why am i not overweight?
How many calories do you think I need to maintain my current weight?
is there a proven workout for abs with results in less than a month?
What is the best & most effective weight loss product out there currently?
Anytime Fitness Key FOB?
Please help - moods bringing me down :?
Do anyone take Geodon and Lexopro combo?
symptoms of depression?
What would you call mature?
Is there a place to get free online counceling?
how does one care for a schizophrenic friend , how much do the meds help?
My fathers bad time management?
Does anyone feel like they need someone to talk to?
Depression - lost, abandoned and scared I'm relapsing?
Need 1 eg. how physiotherapy has diversity of clinical specialties for unique needs of diff. client groups?
How come i cant decide what to do?
I think I may have an anxiety disorder?
Is it true that if you watch TV or play games straight after study you will forget most of it?
Help with Mental Health Problems?
has anyone taken escitalopram here!?
Do you know of the best support groups online for Adult ADHD ?
Dentist or Doctor which one should I visit?
how can i get HC2 certificate for free dental?
had twelve teeth out yesterday due to gum disease under sedation at the hospital ?
What do you think is the best mouthwash?
UK: where can i buy dental glue from? ?
Do those retail teeth whiteners really work?
Help??Mouth Ugler Plz Help?
Please help, what can my done, my little sister's bottom jaw is visibly swelling up by the hour?
does it hurt to eat chocolate AFTER you have cleaned your teeth?
Quitting Smoking - gums bleeding?
How can I get my teeth as white as Obama?
UK: Can anyone recommend me a type of dental glue used to fix crowns.etc?
help my lip is really sore but i just cant stop!?
Dentist salary in UK?
After my wisdom teeth have been removed, when can I drink from a straw?
Tooth Problem Please Help...?
Teeth Veneers - pros and cons?
Is it dangerous to have a molar removed if i have a bleeding disorder?
Since my husband quit smoking his breath really stinks...?
i have a loose tooth next to the two big ones at the front can i pull it out myself?
sisken centre dental norwich norfolk uk?
will the chances of getting other cancers if......?
Pediatric oncologist.?
how do you make breast cancer ribbons for facebook?
Should I be worried about this pain in my lower leg?
I have a thyroglobulin AB result of <20 IU/ML is this normal post Thyroidectomy?
I am real self conscious. Need advise!!?
What is most crucial in a clinical relationship with a client factual content or process of relationship?
switching 5htp to lexapro?
Hunter Valley Depression Support Group?
Advice on maintaining good mental health when dealing with long term psychological abuse?
how do i find out if someone has legal guardianship over my aunt who leaves in inkster michhigan?
i have BPD without meds its tough at school help?
Are party pills legal in Western Australia?
Anyone taking topamax & doing 90 min work out in 40 deg temp. Can you easily sweat ? any other side effects?
what does an anti depressiant do and what do you feel like when your not depressed any more?
Behavioural changes with Lovan (anti-depressent)?
the effect of bullying?
does anybody suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder?
Is it possible to volunteer in a mental institution? (Australia)?
i am in all time impatient what i should do to liquidate from this nightmare ?
private psych hosp advice?
Why isn't Inositol more well known if it's as effective as an SSRI?
sister with depression?
has any one ever had this type of depression?
Help! Dissolution...?
Scared I'll never be satisfied with my body..?
Vinegar for weight loss???
Does this seem like a good food diet for tomorrow?
Can I work the same muscles of my body on consecutive days?
I have gained 20 lbs since may 2010!?
For the salt water cleanse can I use kosher salt?
Good workout program during summer?
I can't stop eating??? Help?
i want to lose weight!! help!!?
How many carbs should I be eating?
How much does one D breast weigh?
im going on a fast and i was wondering...?
what crash diets works the best?
in need of a good workout plan?
What diet should I use to get rid of my flabs?
How can I get nicer legs? I just need to work off the extra fat. Any suggestions?
Would Zumba classes be more effective than dvds or are they the same?
okay i really need help?
what is the best way to use crutches in order to build upper body strength?
can my dentist file down my crowns ?
How do i tell if i have my wisdom teeth?
How many mouth ulcers have you hed this years?
What's it like having gas before a tooth extraction?
will my dentist still pull my teeth tomorrow?
Lip Rings!!!!?
temporary tooth malfunction problems?
which are the universities in Ireland offers postgraduate studies in dental sciences.?
how much money does a dentist make in a year?
finally i had my braces on.but still almost four weeks on some of my teeth hurt a lot and some feel numb.?
There's a hole in my palate?
How long is "normal"?
Every time i have a tooth out another one gets infection, i had 6 so far in 2 years, why?
Anyone ever had complications after tooth extraction like damage & extraction of other teeth?
Is Capri-Sonne good for your teeth?
Do YOU think my cell phone may give me cancer?
Why would I have a nodule on left side of thyroid?
I think I have skin cancer..please help?
If an M Protein is high in the blood (Kappa Light Chain) what other ailments will cause that besides?
Anyone have a breast mass biopsy and have the nerve or muscle accidentally cut?
What STORE can i get a colon cancer silicon bracelet ?
My armpit has been really hurting for 3 days now and i dont see a bump but im scared it is cancer im only 16?
How much (aproxitmatley) would it cost to get your teeth straightened?
bad breath solutions?
does anyone know of any retreats specialising in relaxation therepy?
How much does electroconvulsive therapy cost in Australia?
Has anyone heard the term "chaotic thinking"?
fear of being seen in public?
question for australians who are on disability pension for anxiety and depression?
12 weeks pregnant with Anxiety Disorder, help!?
why do i feel depressed and not want to be around friends?
How do you pronounce dysthimic?
Would it be hard to hit your jugular vein?
What exactly can hypnotism do?
Has anyone tried SAMe -a natural medication that's supposed to help depression?
I'm so stressed out and depressed-please help?
Can anyone provide Four characteristic indications of the neurological/psychiatric disorder deprerssion?? ?
Quting Opium?What Is the best Way to Quit Opium?
Has anyone had side effects such as a rash or hives on cymbalta?
I want to hear happy success stories about the drug cymbalta the anti depressant, fire away?
How to lose weight with out changing my diet much?
Would Ensure help me gain some weight?
How can I get really fit?
why does this happen?
Good workout routine for someone just starting at the gym?
Motivation for weightloss?
what would you say about my hip/waist ratio?
How Can I Gain Weight?
Am i the average weight?
Is this enough exercise?
Did I stunt my growth?
How Can I get a six pack at age 13?
What would be the correct workouts at the gym?
How many calories does swimming burn?
how do you gain weight?
Feeling very weak and fatigued after workouts. Just out of shape or inner problem?
How can I eat healthy without fruit?
How can I get rid of my love handles?
It is advised to use fluoride mouthwash twice a day. Is it safe for an ADULT to use it more times a day?
Does salt corrode your teeth?
I have been told i need 3 teeth implants at £1700 each is there any cheaper in uk?
how to find out molar bond enthalphy?
Lips are tingly and numb..what is this?
Would bulemia have affected my implants?
Does pasurized cows milk cause decay if drunk from a baby bottle at night?
have u ever had 2 get ur filling refilled?
Is it possible to do another course of Antibiotics for a different tooth if already done 4 months ago?
do all teeth click?
Is there a country somewhere only for people with rotted teeth?
Where can I find 2oz of dental acrylic in the UK? Polymer/ dental resin?
What's wrong with my Mouth,?
veneers or crowns??
Do you think i have dysthemia?
i have a really obscure habit of wearing my g-string backwards when i go to sleep?
what drug is compatable with tofranil?
Panic attack over a washer?
Help with 'Romantic Depression'?
chracteristics of almond?
Anxiety Medications Do They Work?
i need advice. im dating a widow off and on. we started a relationship after one year of her husband passing.?
Any ideas on how to cope with Anxiety Stress and Depression?
What do you think is wrong with me?