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how many calories should a 12 year old have in a day?
does the shake weight for men really work?
How to become a yoga teacher?
If a person bites the skin off their lip & swallows it, does this have any chance of making them gain weight?
Am i obese................?
what are some good workouts I can do to slim down my lower tummy?
can people ever be too fat to be a dancer?
I have a stress management problem. Help!!?
I have been like this for awhile now, and am wondering whats going on, here is my rant...?
pre cervical cancer?????
I had face pain on left side from last 15-20 days.then on Friday i got tongue burning and throat burning .IT?
My thigh muscles wont tighten :S and its keeping me awake!?
I have a really sore neck when i turn Right.?
tight scalp muscles caused by lower back?
sharp pain under right side ribs... when breathing or move in a certain way?
why is there pain in back on right side?
Eating after laryngectomy?
pressure on my knee, feels as if something in building up;; like a bubble?
What is the best pain relief during labour?
how much money does it take to fund cancer research for a year?
My neck has been hurting for like more than 3 months. Please tell me if this going to be permanent?
i need help for losing weight?
What are good brands for Fish Oil tabs and how many should I take?
How can i get taller and more muscular?
how do i lose weight at 12?
why do you not weigh 1kg more if you eat 1kg of food?
i cant eat and im not sick wat shall i do. ive always had prolems eating?
How fast can you lose weight? Party in 5 days!?
what meals are best for weight gain?
I NEEP HELP....How can I lose my ROUND cheeks??? =(( HELP!!!?
What is the best way to lose 30 pounds?
On a little diet. Why this includes no seasoning?
Whats 180 days from 9/2/2010?
How can I lose my ROUND cheeks??? =(( HELP!!!?
Needa Lose weight!?!??!?!?
i usually eat like 800 calories a day and today i ate 100?
i feel like im to buff i want to be more skinner and less muscler how do i do this?
Do I need to loose weight, or just tone? (pictures)?
Is animal pak good for people who are not bodybuilders?
How to healthily gain weight?
What's the best protein product to buy for fast effective muscle growth?
What should I pack for lunch?
will they ever stop regenerating!!!!?
Expensive dentistry (crown?)?
Are ultrasonic toothbrushes worth the money you pay for them?
had braces and my teeth have moved. can i get them free on the nhs again?
had wisdom tooth out 19hrs ago got massive sore throat is this normal?
Why do many mouthwashes have acid in if acid damages teeth?
dental nurse to forensics?
Teeth whitening - there are several methods - which one's best?
How to control withdrawal symptoms of smoking?
panic attack what is it?
Respiratory infection in baby rat?
Kennel Cough.......................?
Treating a cold with chest congestion and asthma?
is there any correlation between gender and lung a capacity?
If there was a serious problem found in a CT scan they call you right away right ?
Are there any such things as in-patient addiction treatment facilities for smokers in Ontario?
help my mom is having hard time breathing - dizzy?
Muscular Dystrophy.....?
Toddler with a cough?
why do my lungs hurt?
Help I'm feeling down and don't know what causing it?
When I get up on a morning my ankles are tight and my wrist sometimes hurting?
i woke with a strained neck cos i slept wrong, how to get better as soon as possible?
P90x question please help?
Are there more calories in one medium apple or a kiwi?
When on a diet with a cheat day, is it ok to alternate the cheat day?
What are good things to do when wanting to lose weight?
What does it mean when you have very painful calve soreness from jogging?
What is the differnce of lose fat and hard fat and what fat is better?
how to resist chocolate?
hi, if i consume a diet rich in protien and in carbs, but fewer calories, will my body still gain muscle?
How long will it take to lose an inch of fat from my stomach?
please help! good workout?
the 3 day diet, anyone who has done it please help?
Any one who has done the 3 day diet please help?
Is it bad to eat too many clementines/tangerines?
what would happen to the human body if it only ran on water for 30 days?
How long will it take to lose 30 lbs if I go swimming 3-4 times a week?
I need some fitness help?
200 press ups and sit ups a day and not gaining visable muscle?
Are these okay measurments to have? I'm a girl waist 26 inches hips 36 inches bust 36 inches?
What weight do yu think I should be?
If someone stops drinking pop will they lose weight?
I get hungry but as soon as i eat I get full. whats wrong?
need to get rid of this mouth ulcer a.s.a.p, any suggestions?
Who invented the toothbrush and when was it?
Urgent teeth problem?
Teeth Retainer ;o?
Recurring panful gum infections, do I need to have my teeth extracted?
teeth whitening tips?
What can i do?
gummy smile?
how to get rid of ulcer on my tongue?
I have a hard lump on my upper gum its behind my upper teeth its about the size of 1 pence sometimes its sore?
dental anaesthetics?
Anybody ever bleached their own teeth with household bleach?
I have an odd hard lump under my tongue?
nhs dentist in cambridgeshire! desperatly needed!?
if it takes 2hrs 10 mins to dig 3m3 hole?...........how long will it take to dig half a hole?
Have I got the beginnings of dry socket?
Why am I so grumpy when I have this toothache?
Ive Had A Horrid Bitter Taste In My Mouth For A Few Days ???
A result of little secretion of the hormones by the pituitary gland.?
What are the odds that I will getsick?
Is there a cure for acute lymphocytic leukemia?
Is it bad when someone randomly coughs up blood? what could this be?
How to help my mom while my grandmother is dying?
what are some statistics of arthritis?
Any dentists out there?
im so nervous of the dentist i am 4 months pregnant and eed teeth out any advice how i could relax?
How many of you in the uk haven't got a dentist?
A contact number/e-mail/postal address for Oral B UK?
What can I eat/drink after having a filling?
Can not taking paxel for two days give you constant headrushes?
Predisone and beer hmmmm?
being on the computer too long cause insomia plzz help?
My 11 year old yellow lab vomits 5-6 mornings a week. It is bright yellow - what could be causing this?
ive been coughin for years now,and have chronic bronchitis?
i have some blood taken and i want to see if they can see it but i havent smoked in something like 2 years..?
very sore throat and cough and cold what to do?
my grandmother has cold symptoms and coughing up blood.. what do you think it is?
I have post nasal drip, and I am supposed to make herb tea, with lemon and honey... HOW?!?
If I were to start trying to lose weight in January (now) could I lose 40-50 lbs by June?
Will I have a six pack after ..?
If sports and activites such as yoga are?
how can i lose weight?
I've been benching for about 5 weeks know but cant seem to lift more then I am And my chest docent seem to gro?
Is it bad to workout abs if your trying to gain weight?
I really Want to Lose 40lbs Before March 14?
Do I need to loose weight?
Ab exercises that actually work?
I just ate two huge portions of cheesecake and a bowl of pasta?
I want to lose 40 pounds, but I already eat a low calorie diet and exercise. Any suggestions?
Website That Gives You Healthy Meal Plans For 30 Days?
Is everything included in the price and what is the starting fee at Lifetime Fitness?
Will my breast size reduce to like before?
Advice please!! i want hayley williams body (paramore)?
what does amino acid in protein shake does to your body/muscle?
Do you think this is a Possible Goal?
How many calories should i eat a day ?
How to lose 3 or 4 pounds a week on weight watchers POINTS PLUS ?
Took lots of hydrocodone?
According to the doctor my thyroid nodules which are going to be biopsied are solid and liquid in composition.?
omg please help my moma?
is the cervial cancer jab more harmful than the cancer?
How to remeber the steps of mitosis?
what the chance of something happening during brain tumor surgery?
how long does it take for a biopsy result for mouth cancer?
Iam getting my braces tomorrow does it hurt ?
is it a wisdom tooth coming through?
dentist bds nui?
im in Neath,Wales.looking for a dental course..are there anyone know where to find imformation.Thanks alot.?
wisdom teeth removals?
Dental Checkup?
What're the dangers of getting my tongue done?
I need a dentist near wn74jp?
What could this pain be?
Yellow teeth, YUCK!?
When will my lisp go?
How do you get rid of white spots when you have had braces?
I got my braces off a year ago and now my teeth are going crooked again! Help!?
My tooth has started to hurt only when I run! (or tread heavily) Any ideas why?
where can i buy the oral b professional care8000 toothbrush on sale?
Recommend a great laser teeth whitening clinic in London?
Good workout equipment/work out videos?
How can I build some arm muscle?
how do i get my weight to go down?
I am a recovering anorexic who started drinking 2 ensures a day, adding up to 500 calories, to gain weight, i?
Which works faster: Herbalife or no eating after six?
Doctors recommend 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, I do 10-15 am I doing enough?
Are my vitamins giving me too much of each thing?
What should I make for my lunch? (healthy)?
how can i loose fat and muscle in my thighs?
i need a good healthy diet course?
Is doing 30-45 minutes of cardio four days a week enough? What should I eat before? please read the details?
What would be a cool name?
How can i get my body fat % to 6% but still put muscle mass on?
i weigh 172 lbs. i am 13 years old and want to lose weight. what is a good weight goal for me?
Will this help me get 6 pack abs?
is this going to help me lose my tummy?
question about bodybuilding products?
What's the perfect weight for a 5'4 21 year old ?
which meat has more cholesterol beef or pork?
whats a good way to gain lean strong muscle quickly?
What body type is this?
WHat have you eaten today? what are you planning on eating for the rest of the day?
How many Aboriginals are living with Schizophrenia in Australia?
where does whooping cough exsist? (List of regions/countries)?
Problems breathing..?/?
Possible ear infection, it stopped hurting but..?
What does this mean from a doctor's notes? "Hilar markings are mildly prominent."?
Sick with Strep and Suppose to run Marathon Oct. 28th?
Becoming a Certified Asthma Educator?
For people who take QVAR and/or Singulair?
chest pain after alcohol consumption?
Hard Lump on Floor of Mouth - HELP!?
my teeth arnt bad but coiuld do with sum whitening what is the best way to do this without buying anything?
How long typically does a mouth wound take to heal?
Is Zoom Teeth Whitening any good?
where can i buy a mouth guard to stop me grinding my teeth?
Please help!!!!?
UK Only. Anyone had a brace fitted privately - how much did u pay?
breathe and bitter taste in the mouth...?
i have a spot behind my lower lip?
How would you sterilise dental hand pieces?
Can a dentist instantly whiten and fix teeth?
Gap in teeth?
Has anyone had surgery to correct an overbite?
Gum disease?maybe gingivitis? help?
what happens if you have a cavity?
local dental anaesthetic. What's in it?
red lumps on my little toes? hurt too!?
what causes muscle spasms that can only be stopped with high intake salt?
Breast cancer or acne?
What all is done durin a bone marrow procedure?
what mass of iron (III) sulfate is needed to react with 1.33 moles of calcium nitrate?
Can they survive brain tumor surgery?
Does anyone know of any Grief Support groups in corona,ca?
O que é Sedação local? Em caso de ser usada para Biopsia de Medula, sente-se dor?
Pleeaseeeeeee Helppppppppppppppp !!!!!!?
My Tongue Hurts!?
People With Dental Implants?
Does anyone know of any good cleaning kits for braces???
should i be worried???
What is the average cost of a white filling in the UK?
teeth question?
2 Teeth growing facing each other what is it?
first tooth filling?
Root canal treatment?
I would love to hear feed back on teeth whitening treatment that only takes 30 mins from 1o2 in Hornchurch?
I have yellow teeth and braces?
Can you have veneers replaced with crowns?
Dentistry Qualifications
depression suicide on medical records???HELP
I have been told I have been put on the hospitals waiting list, will I get a confirmation letter?
I cant afford dental treatment,a hole needs filling,help!?
What factors make a dental nurse stressed in their job?
interview at the nhs
Can vitamins add solids to urine?
Is it normal for vitamins to make you extremely nauseous?
wieght loss . gain . help?
working out problem. whats wrong?
i am 16 years of age and would like to grow taller than i am?
will i loose weight if i pnly eat oatmeal and fruit for 5 days?
Insanity workout is it worth it?
How can I loose 55 pounds by this summer?
Simple exercises to do to lose stomach fat?
what are good times to eat....?
What is a good workout routine for bench?
best way to train lats at gym?
Do skinny girls have to do any type of cardio?
how do you read treadmill of calories as it shows me 20.3 with 2.5 speed?
Is it bad to add lemon on everything you eat?
i have a small head..?
I'm 69, how many calories do I need in a day?
Are there any fitness trainers that I can contact with questions?
workout routine help?
I need workout songs that get you pumped. Prefereably rap/hip hop?
can anyone find the site?
I cant cope with these retainers anymore. What will happen if I leave them out?
Dental treatments costs in the UK - please help!!!!?
Cut out all sugar?
Painful Abscess ?
Can i get a crown if half of my tooth is broken at the front?
can anyone talk me through the process of having my front tooth capped?
Have you ever had retainers (the type of brace that you have AFTER having normal braces)??
What is rootecannaling in teeth?
I am looking for a dentist who will make custom veneers in the shape of fangs?
UK people, have you ever had a crown at the dentist and....?
My tooth's falling to bits!?
Has anybody been to the tuam dental practice or the forster court dental centre in Galway?
do you think that i have a stomoch bug?
What is the legal age in Australia to buy Paracetamol?
what is the best way to treat sundburns, (the least painful)?
Need Help paying for Breast Cancer Screening & Tests?
nephritic syndrome life expectancy?
Do I have a bladder infection, has anyone gone threw this?
can a rash be skin cancer?
If doctors detect Liposarcoma early & diagnose it as Stage One,will the patient only need limb-salvage surgery?
Diagnosed with Idiopathic Myelofibrosis at 28 years old?
How can i gain more weight and get curves?
Do you think my workout is good? (Age-15)?
Weight limit for the Ab King Pro....?
What are some really healthy 11 year old lunches?
i need help putting weight back on?
How do i lose 30 pounds in one month and i really want to look skinny.?
Uggggh! D; did i gain weight?
What is the muscle opposite your calf called?
How do I lose my inner thigh fat?
What is the average weight for a 13 year old?
What's a good free way for a busy girl to keep in shape and get motivated?
I'm dieting, and still live with my parents......?!?
How to hide not eating from your parents?
What are good foods that are healthy and boost up energy?
How to get big arms?????
can ull suggest a diet in which i can reduce 5 kgs in a month?
Is it water weight or fat?
How long will it take to lose some noticeable weight?
I'm top heavy, I want to lose upper body weight but stay the same on my legs?
Mini stepper pain...should i stop exercising?
how to not feel suicidal?
Has anyone been treated for depression and anxiety for a year and felt worse?
i need help with my emetophobia?
Is there any tips for quiting Ocy cotin?
whats that bit of skin in the middle of your mouth?
I have been having some breathing problems and yesterday I took some medicine?
What is the best way to get rid of a sinus infection? ?
wat iz pcp??
Who has had non-successful nose polyps operation?
ratio-salbutamol HFA?
do i have sinus???????
Need info. on rainrot. Our horse never had rainrot till she was with another that had it after they got her.?
Has anyone had bad headaches after using albuterol inhalers and primatene mist?
Smoking Chart Websites?
what is correct about the neural mechanism of respiratory control?
I was diagnose with H-Pylori some time ago , treatment did not work.?
Losing weight ? Help thighs nd belly ?
What is a good workout for a 14 year old?
Does BMI affect how long it takes for the body to metabolise fat?
do Ab king Pro work?plz tell me ...?
What do you think of this exercise routine?
Has anyone tried the Medifast diet?
what can us hypoglycemics eat to lose weight?
why do i feel sick when i exercise?
Werewolf Training - Good ?
What exercise is good for removing fat from my waist?
What is a good way to detox?
I need to lose a stone in a month... i am obsessed with the gym but can't shift the pounds?
Need motivation to lose weight?
Starting the Master Cleanse, should i do a colon cleanse right before or during to get the best results?
When should I eat if exercising in the morning?
how long does will take do get rid og kneefat?
Basic fitness plans I could use for my friends and family at home?
Losing weight by walking?
how can i reduce my big stomarch?
I want to lose a few pounds! How? ?
Weight loss? Is this possible?
im trying to drop 10 pounds?
Go for a dietitian for weight lose i'm 15pounds overweight?
What happens to your body if a fat person doesnt eat?
Terrified of the dentist...?
i get bumps on the back of my teeth what is it?
Tooth stains???
just had my tooth out and....?
Anyone ever had there teeth 'filed down' by a dentidst?
My Teeth again, cost?
Braces On Tues!?
UK: got an absess, can i go to hospital now and get anbiotics?
I am looking for mouth wash liquid which has no animal derived and non-alcoholic. Advice me please.?
My daughter, 13, has found white flecks on her top front teeth. What can they be?
can i have veneers in , just i have 3 front teeth i hate , will they cover those thee up with veneers?
dental help?
Dentures...what to do if they don't fit?
Braces Coming Off?
Dentist's :] ?
Any shops that sell polish toothpaste - elmex?
clicking and gap in front teeth?
Does anyone use a SONICARE HX6932 TOOTHBRUSH if so what are your reviews on it?
Average cost to have a tooth pulled out??
Is it possible to eat your own mouth?
what is the main cause of oral thrush?
since 4 years my platelets are lowering n recent blood count is platelets 111 and monocytes 11.8 and tcl 3.65?
What is a sinus tumor?
How much $$$ has Susan Komen made to date and what have they achived with it?
What is wrong with me? [personal]?
Chest Pains when I take a deep breath in?
Does eating breakfast help lose weight?
Is keeping your stomach muscle in tone (purposefully contracted) for the whole day considered a good exercise?
Read description please help me!?
At what age does a girl's metabolism start decreasing ?
What is a healthy amount of time to lose 8kg?
drinking and working out?
how to lose 10 pounds in 15 days?
I'm 21, 5'10, 207lbs, medium body frame. How much do I need to lose?
Struggling with Anorexia treatment?
i can i juggle between diet shake 1 day and normal meals the other ?
Am i starting to devolop Anorexia? what eating disorder?
15 yr old Basketball player?
Can I lose weight fast throught weight lifting?
2000 calorie diet and burning 2000 calories?
waight loss (no "quick fixes")?
how many carrots do you have to eat to turn your skin orange?
One stone measurement of weight equals how many pounds?
What's the difference from crunches and sit ups?
Is the elliptical good for you?
has anyone tried zumba ??????????????
HELP!! Question on Bulimia!?
food lovers fat loss system?
What happens if you use a puffer and you dont even have asthma?
How to make a carrying case for your asthma inhaler?
Snoring Habits=Lying Awake. HELP?
Im wondering if anyone else has problems swallowing as a result of inhaled steroids for asthma?
was there any differences between the respiratory rates after excercise for athletes and non-athletes ?
Nicorette Gum/Patch (Ex)Users?
Is there any benefit to using Flovent just for a short period when you have a cold?
How things can help me get into the Respiratory Therapy program?
IF u Like Tobacco yes or no?
how long does it take to die from choking?
palate expander : how much do they cost?
Hair Line Fracture in My Dental Veneer, Will It Crack?
Temp Crowns Advice, can anyone help?
17 years old and i have a missing tooth?
teeth surgically removed?
Tooth Ache/tooth out?????
I have an awful mouth ulcer, and would like to ask is there any quick fix to ease the pain and get rid of it?
Stitches in my gum....?
is there any other way to get to the dentist quicker on NHS?
crest premium plus??? have you heard of it any good?
is it true if u gargall water it freshens ur breath ?
What is the best way to remove stains from teeth and whiten,without dental work.?
how much does a brace cost on the nhs because my dentist is telling me it will cost thousands,i'm 21.?
putrid smell from my mouth following extraction?
Really bad tooth ache?
dental problem? broken tooth face has swelled up?
Anyone able to estimate how long I'll have my braces on for?
Have you been a victim of bullying at work or have you done it to someone?
why does depression have to be so hard?
What is the psych-k, is there at Sidney ?
Mental conditions with fantasy lives?
do i have munchausens or hypochondria......?
name of drugs causing "esophageal Irritation" ?
cry cry please help my momma?
Absess in colon after surgery due to cancer common?
Swollen Occipital Lymph Node question?
Veterinarian who specializes in cancer in dogs in the Bay Area?
is this the right way to use a semi colon?
lymphatic system question?
Why can't I throw up? (pro-bulimia people onlyyyy!)?
Dangers for taking slimming pills at age 17?
Do I look skinny????????????
Why don't a lose or gain any weight?!?
Is it crucial to have a day to rest when working out everyday, every week?
What are some good protein shakes to drink after working out?
how can a person lose twenty pounds easily but not requring a treadmill?
what are the best pills that really curb hunger?
How can I gain weight?
What are some nice, simple workouts?
how can i get an amazing 6 pack to start getting ready for summer?
why don't i feel like eating? (a little help here please)?
health? diet? problem.?
Why can I eat and eat? I need help?
Is eating goat cheese "ok" while being on a diet?
I'm soar from working out is it bad?
which height is the best?
how do i loose weight?
Any diets that allow you to eat sweets?
If i lost 10 pounds would it make a difference or noot?
whats this lump?
Should you floss before or after brushing your teeth?
How to slow teeth cavities?
dental filling????????
dentist how myuch does itt cost to have a tooth removed?
should a dentist????
Broken teeth and pregnancy?
Wobbley Tooth!?!?
Is an Apple really good for me?
Is it normal not 2 B able to chew a week after getting train track braces???
Sausage, stone chipped tooth?
what is the best combination of balanced diet food you can have/prepare or buy after a tooth extraction?
whats easier to take off , glasses or braces ??
teeth whitening in surrey/london ?
Any suggestions,pleeeease.?
tooth dental problem?
Would you trust a small private dental practise without recommendation or reviews?
I feel pain in my tooth, but x-ray shows no cavity. Whats the problem?
why do we swallow even if theres no food in our mouth?
does apedixin works?what are athe side effects? ?
plz suggest an effective ayurvedic medicine to cure asthama permanently?
Light headed after smoking?
why does the right side of my chest hurt, or ache?
Has anyone been employed in a correctional institution for a long period of time?
Had a cough for a week and coughing up green phlegm?
what cause sweating on tile?
Advair causes infertility?
Information on herbal sheesha for hooka?
Is it safe to take Imovane with sleep apnea?
My 6 year old has a permanent tooth emerging behind a lower milk tooth?
Had a back molar extracted a fewdaysago,finding it hard to keep socket clean?
hi this is a weird dental problem?
Over 60 years old lady visiting from abroad & broke her fake teeth,can she fix it here for free?
Do you Floss?
has anybody....?
Ive just finished going to my orthodontist BUT...........?
mouth related question?
What is right with the NHS ?
Had my dry socket stuffed last week, it's all out and still a big hole! UK answers pls..?
The best cosmetic dentistry in uk?
how much will i pay for the mammogram examination, in Polymedic Hospital?
what is the range for bone density?
I found a tobacco, nicotine, and tar free hookah tabacco does that sound legit?
Pediatric Orthopedic Question?
Wearing false eyelashes during chemo?
What is a hot spot as a result of a ct scan?
the best and cheap cosmetic dentistry, uk or abroad?
What is a gum boil?
hi, i had my lower left wisdom tooth removed a week last monday?
23 with messed up teeth?
affordable dentist in northern ireland?
Dental nursing communications keyskills ??
Easy quick not painful way to pull a tooth out? please =]?
Why does it feel weird when i bite down ?! Just had a filling today.?
does gas anesthetic take long to work?
Teeth,,,,Holiday,,,,What Will I Do :( ?
Does anyone know anything about NICO or jawbone cavitations?
What is the best toothpaste even if it cost..........?
any good tooth whitening paste that actually works??
Please can you give me last minute information ?
Dental Bridges questions?
Retainer question?
Why are jawbone cavitys (NICO) neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis overlooked no much in dentistry?
Iv got a lump on my lower gum?
Teeth Question? Anyone?
Why does my tooth feel like it's trobbing but I got no pain?
how do I whiten my teeth which have "yellowed" a lottle with afe (68 yrs old?)?
How to resist food cravings?
exercise question??????????????
What supplements increase muscle mass or speed up the gaining of muscle?
I need a good work out routine, plz help?
Urgent help needed! 10 pounds in 2 weeks?
Healthy Dieting for a teenager?
how can I lose weight?
Okay so lately ive been pwning my bad eating habits, i eat well?
Whats the most dessert you've had? worst binge?
Trying to lose weight, but I keep splurging?
Can i get a 6 pack in 3 months?
I am 16 weigh 110 i took 2 excederin with a half a liter of coke what will happen?
How much weight will I lose in a month if I do this?--?
How much is 3000 Calories?
If I stop exercising, can I LOSE muscle in my shins?
Front tooth missing! Help plz!?
I get free dental treatment as I'm pregnant... (UK)?
crown preparation?
I have to have a root canal?
Will it be expensive to have my mothers spare dentures altered to ?
Anybody No Were You can get vaneers Done cheap? i heard poland ,but not sure?
cough with electric shock?
Vector of the whooping cough?
Do nose polyps go away?! What causes them?
minimum age to smoke in a shisha bar?
Is smoking weed worse than smoking cigarettes?
Is bronchitis caused by a specific organism or is it a disease defined by symptoms?
Smoking tobacco with weed led to a dry throat and migraine?
If you had the choice of flu to get which one would you choose human, bird, or the very delicious swine?
What's the best way to help a friend with depression?
If you were thinking of going to seek counselling, what qualities would you look for in a profesional helper?
does oxycodone and hydrocodone show the same in a standard 10 point urine test for employment?
Pains in my lower stomach?
Fait le symptôme de cracher beaucoup de flegme paraissez au cancer du poumon d'un centimètre?
what are options for stage one small celllung cancer?
what is low grade papillary epithelial neoplasm with squamous features?
35 year old menopausal patient has a 1.5 cm sized pigmented lesion on her back which of the following forms?
Out of work but not claiming benefits.?
does anyone know somewhere to get teeth done?
Loose tooth bone structure?
Dental People please answer this?
Survey: Realllly random question?
Fluorosis teeth glowing!?
Is swelling after a root canal normal?
Are amalgam fillings bad for you?
I have a denplan extensive cover, can I go abroad for treatment?
What will i do with an infection on my tooth?
2 Of my front teeth start hurting when I brush them?
Do dentists take the pi** when it comes to paying for dental?
does laser teeth whittening last and how long?
What are dental night guards like?
White fillings are they preferable to amalgam ones?
Really need help with my weight!?
Is This A Good Diet? : 1200 Calories a Day and Burning It all Off at the Gym?
Can I get a 6 pack in 3 months?
What would people like better: Personal training in a busy gym or in a private gym with a few other people?
how to loose stomache fat and bingo wings?
How to get cut(muscular)?
Please Help! I need to lose weight!?
How many pounds will I lose every week/month if i eat 1000-1500 calories a day and do 1 hour of cardio eachday?
Slightly embarrassing question about metabolism?
Did I eat too much too little or just right?
good exercises to lose fat in my thighs?
Why do i keep doing this?
I want to loose weight. How?
I think my stomach is toned but still has a pooch?
I recently started taking OXYELITE PRO and I was wondering if anyone else has recently tried this product?
I'm trying to gain weight. About how many calories should I eat daily?
Could this help me lose weight?
Do I look fat???????????
Whats a could way to lose weight fast? Any advice would help me. Thank you:).?
Do you guys feel like your every day is your last?
Why do i keep getting mouth ulcers and how do i get rid of them?
What's better for your tooth enamel?
I had not brushed my teeth for a couple of days compared to my regular scrub?
Does laser thereapy help for smokers?
i have been taking champix for about 2 months now with great results - except for hot flashes - night sweats -
Fire Hydrents..?
What does *COUGH COUGH* mean?
Can Mucinex-D keep me awake if taken in the evening?
i just got back from hospital and ...?
Severe Chest Pains. PLEASE HELP!!?
how to help a cold. I want to feel better.?
Right Ventricular Hypertrophy - Infant?
Can neck problems cause bad vomiting?
I want to lose some fat, especially on my stomach, how would I go about doing that?
will i lose weight if i??
How much weight will I loose...? (Details :D)?
Do you think this I have big muscles?
what should i do to lose weight on my abs?
what are some good ways to work out at home?
Would it be safe for a teenager to take African Mango?
What is the best sugar substitute when it comes to watching your weight?
How get slim thighs?????????
So i have sort of a plan for summer?
Why am I not gaining weight even though I'm eating again?
did i eat too much/too little?
If i have 11 percent body fat and did alot of ab excersizes would i get a 4 pack or 6 pack?
Why do you burn more calories and boost your metabolism when exercising in the cold?
can someone lose weight by...?
How to quit chewing tobacco?
What can I do to stay active when lifting weights?
I know I'm over weight at 203 pounds, and 5'8", will my build effect this?
can i lose 7% percent body fat in one month?
What the difference between DKMS and Be The Match?
I need to know could testicular cancer cause a hormonal imbalance that could cause cystic acne on the back ?
Name of the protein that is made by the prostate?
How serious is a calcified granuloma in the right sylvian fissure?
am i at risk of getting cancer?please help!?
i recently went to a dental hospital and the dentist kept saying B.O.P. for the nurse to note?
Sensitive teeth?
How much does it cost to have a wisdom tooth taken out on the NHS?
Teeth Chattering?
Pain under upper lip?
Mouth ulcer infomation...?...?
Hi.I havent been to a dentist for many many years.If I visit a dentist will they take me on as a patient? Thnx
Is it possible for the infection to still be present after tooth extraction?
Do you still have to take antibiotics after extraction when you've already taken them before?
which countries dont use dental amalgam?
sensitive teeth ?
Why do I have pain in my gums?
I had a terrible calf cramp, what should i do?!?
i feel my body is vibrating ? why?
Me and my friends want to make dieting some sort of compeition.. incentive?
Nitric Oxide isn't giving me any results at all?
i throw up after i eat lots of food , would that makes me lose weight?
Does fat and sugar just convert to calories?
how to lose 10 kilo in 15 days?
Please Help! I Have Always Been Skinny, and now Suddenly I'm Not! 10 POINTS!?
anorexia- i need a partner or group to help me online.?(: tips loved?
How can i make my calves look thinner?
what is better for your muscles when you are trying to get them bigger, hot or cold?
how much weight will I lose?
Is eating Fiber One every morning a form of laxative abuse?
20. What is the recommended calorie intake of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.?
How to maintain my current weight?
need to lose 10lbs in 2 months i work on my elliptical for 30Min's an burn 400 cal and im not losing any?
I need help with my diet, can somebody spare some thoughts.?
Whats happening to me?
When I try to purge the cookies I just ate, only the salad I had for lunch earlier is coming up?
These days, I am trying to gain back some healthy weight. I am a recovering anorexic who started drinking 2 en?
Does yoga help you release pheromones?
how much does it cost to have teeth whitened by a dentist?
Zoom teeth whitening are the results any good?
are there any doctors on here?
itchy gums please help me?
Bottom tooth removed now top tooth hurts?
Will i need braces?
strange tingly feeling at the back of my partners jaw, but not all the time, what could it be?
Does teeth whitening toothpaste work?
can i get treatment at local hospital?
pain after a tooth extractiomn?
How long does it take to recover from twilight sleep?
do u look in da mirror when u brush and floss ur teeth? lol?
if ive got chips outa my front teeth wat r my options?
I don't have a dentist. Where could I get a bridge and crown done?
how much does a crown or "cap" cost on the nhs dentist ?
i really need braces but cant afford them?
How do gaps in the front teeth occur?
Why is the product Asmanex (although approved for use) not available in Canada ?
I quit smoking for 8 yrs and then started again for 1 yr, I quit a yr ago cuz of coughing up mucus.?
Sinus Problems- still no better?
I noticed that i run out of breathe easily, and sometimes i cant breathe well, and when i sing my voice????
two week long dry cough?
name of the microbe that causes the whooping cough?
Asthma Sports, helpp?
Chest pain, Left side! Help please. (any docs would be great):)?
bacterial pnemonia?
what uis inhalation?
What are the causes for ulcerative colitis?
can you get an artificial larynx?
Is it possible that I had a long sinus infection?
How safe is angioprim to replace lipitor, metropolol & ramipril?
what are the blood vessels bringing blood into the pulmonary circulation called?
Have you heard of movember.com?
how are mutatius and cancer related?
When your immunity is weak,can heavy smoking for 1 year give you squamous cell lung cancer?
What are sopme of the factors contributing to cancer cachexia?
Is it true that B&B SUPER GRO has hormones in it that can cause cancer?
Death- does it scare anybody?
Ridges on my bottom teeth
I am probably getting braces either late this year or early next year (in 2009)...........
Can anyone recommend an orthodontist in the Harley Street area in London?
Do braces taste strange (fitted ones)?.............
Toothache problems help me
Does Teeth Whitening hurt?
How long do white fillings last in children?
is there a reflex to make a adult open there mouth, if so how do you make somebody else open there mouth
braces second time around??
removing my gold tooth!?
tooth problem!! any dentists on here?
What is causing my toothache?
Had a tooth taken out.
Palate expander information please!!!
Why has my doctor reffered me to the hospital to have my teeth out?
What is the dark discolouring appearing at the base of one of my front teeth
Refined sugar v.s Natural sugar?
can someone tell me how to loss weight so for one night i can feel confident?
I'm trying to get rid of my binge eating for good. any advice on what I can do to help?
16 year old, how to tone body?
Hey i have a question about p90x?
am i smaller than i should be for a bodybuilder at my age?
I'm 5ft6 and 56kg, is that a healthy weight?
Am I fat? Be honest...?
HELP(: im trying to lose 30 pounds in 5 months!!?
Drastically low hunger?
Is Mega-T Green Tea safe for teens?
Am I eating the right amount of calories?
Is this true? (weight loss)?
i think that i am really fat but no one agrees with me am i?
Im 15 and my brother wants to drop me off at lifetime fitness by myself ... Can i go in alone? ?
just one quick questionn ;) ?
Im 15 and i would like to go to lifetime fitness by myself... Can i go in alone? ?
wat sort of food will in eat to gain weight?
What is a good product that is good for losing weight and gaining muscle at the same time?
Realistically, how long does it take to tone your body? ?
My fiance`e grinds her teeth! help
How can I make the stained white bands on my braces white again?
I think my wisdom teeth are coming through? Help?
is there any specific age you start getting wisdom teeth
Interesting..Do you think only child's are disadvantaged in childhood development?
Help!!! is there sumthing rong with me?
Needing help with anxiety probs?
I believe my pipe SHS may have killed my friend could that be true.?
How many children get cancer every year?
I need a Poem For my teacher who has a son that is a cancer patient?
Does the symptom of coughing up blood appear to the lung cancer of 0.5 centimeter?
What does Personal Hygiene?
i chipped my tooth to day ,?
how can i protect my gums from eroding more than they already have?
Dentist Help? My Tooth Hurts?
What is jaw correction surgery!?
I'm getting my braces fitted on Monday here are some questions I would like to know about them...?
I have a flabby piece of gum (teeth gum) which is hanging off the top of my back tooth. What is it?
Dental Help please?
im really self concious about mii teeth?
Have you had orthodontic braces as an adult?
Any one know the pay rate for a dental nurse in Ireland? Thanks?
yellow teeth?
Major Toothache after Dental Work?
any maxillofacial surgeon out there.....?
How many calories should I have?
Do you perfer guys who are muscular or non muscular?
Is my weight okay for my height?
Do you need to drink protein with creatine?
Why are YOU healthy? Answer!?
Has anyone used the The Rack workout as seen on TV?
How to lose 30lbs by june (or sooner)?
What should i eat everyday?
I am 40 years old, about 190, would like to lose 10-15lbs. Just started working on a eliptical about 3/4 days?
i want to lose 40 pounds by spring break is that possible?? and how?
lose ten pounds on 200-400 cals?
could i lose 90lbs before August 4th with The Diet Solution Program?
My muscle transformation (pics)?
is it possible to gain so much in two weeks?
How many calories are in this? Is it healthy?
how much calories are in this?
Does a dieting person loose mass or weight?
Prepreation for a week of not eating but just drinking water/juice?
Ladies, do you think I am good looking?
how often should i use my fitness dvd for a good result?
Are there any ex FOSECO workers reading this...ASBESTOSIS?
My 9 month old has chronic upper respitory issues and low weight gain?
What are the earliest symtoms of emphysema?
I have a chest infection and when I sneeze or cough my chest,shoulders and arms start to tingle and hurt alot?
what is better..a warm mist humidefier or a cool one? what is the difference? my son has a stuffed nose, cough
Are cigarretes the same as weed? what other types are there?
im 15, im currently starting off on the step 2 nicotine patch, if i have 1 smoke a day, will that hurt me?
I have had a bad cold, with sniffles....?
in the morning when I get up I feel awlful....achy,tired,light headed and sometimes short of breath,about 2 ho
Do dentists ever need fillings?
difene painkillers?
How do you make your teeth whiter naturally?
Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal Fistula: Does any one know where I can get info?
Ultrasound reviled nodules on my thyroid. Now what!?
What is an neuroendocrine carcinoma?
Thyroid nodule? Need your input!?
Does the symptom go out of the first stage when getting a squamous cell lung cancer?
What is the survival rate for melanoma?
Which of the following is true of benign tumors?
Dental Dry Socket?
If I am claiming job seekers allowance can I get my teeth straightened for free at my dentist?
Has anyone had any treatment by a periodontist(gum Specialist) and did it hurt?
Bacteria that clean teeth?
Tooth extraction in Sumatra with some difficulty?
Can anyone tell me if it is worth the high cost for dental implants. And are they painful to have implanted?
teeth braces?
What is my body type, based on these measurements?
Healthy weight for 14 year old girl?
is too much exercise in one day?
why am i so hungry at school?
What happens when you take more than 8 doses of pepto bismol?
Workout Supplement Question: Jack3d and......?
Can you guess how many calories I ate today?
What to eat before a half-marathon?
help my mum loose weight?
Questions about a workout product?
Need was to lose weight fast?
What kind if stretches can i do while watching tv.?
If my mother lying about fruits & vegetables?
I am trying to lose weight?
reduce weight fruta planta?
I'm 173 cm tall and my weight is 56 kg. Is that normal, or should I loose some weight? I'm female, 23.?
What's the absolute quickest way to lose weight?
Normally at what age you will stop growing?height?
Will I be gaining weight on bed rest as a recovering anorexic?
i need to loose 30 pounds by may it is now january please tell me what to do?
How to become in shape?
Hypnagogic hallucinations is rare and seems to be geographically episodic?
Possible problems from lab tech not paying attention and using dirty needle?
Anyone suffering from trichotillomania in Australia?
Front tooth sticks out - how much to replace it with a fake one?
Is Pulpitis dangerous?
Can my brother have a root canal whilst wearing braces?
Rio Professional Teeth Whitening System?
Anyone have or had porcelain teeth...?
Just had my tongue pierced?
How to make your teeth whiter apart from brushing normally?
What's the different between NHS and GP?
Bad dental treatment?
These are so innoying and i dont know what to do about them HELP?
After a tooth extraction is it normal to feel no pain unless I eat in that area? How long before I can eat ?
Orthodontics and race question...?
How do I treat my Dry Socket inbetween dental visits?
how to use crest whitestrips?
Will antibiotics work after root canal treatment.?
Acid erosion!?On teeth??
I had a tooth out about 3wks now??
incisors missing !?
Are there any rules of thumb to ensure that your retainer is fitted in properly?
Long-term cough in women?
Is this a symptom of a certain condition/disease?
how much CO2 does a human breathe out in a day?
Whooshing sound from lungs when I move??
I'm feeling so tired (comes a goes like waves) all day and have cough for last 2 month. Anybody have answers?
Sinus infection + loss of smell?
Could I have an pneumonia or tuberculosis?
What would you do to improve the air you breath near you?
Brown phlegm, sore throat, no cough?
Why does hyperventilation increase pulse rate?
sore throat question?
Whats wrong with my Dad? Please?
Is the "Breast Cancer Awareness" Facebook group real?
what is the life expectancy rate of a person diagnosed with stage 4 undifferentiated carcinoma?
prevention of autolyzed tissue?
Is this bump on my neck cancerous?
With the para gard did anyone experience hair loss?
Why am I working out my legs, but losing weight on my stomach?
What are the arguments for and against the Atkins Diet?
Only one lb a week? kinda discouraging?
how much weight can i loose iff ?
Is this too much for breakfast?
Do 'carb blockers' really work?
If I were to use a rowing machine everyday for an hour for 5 months, what results would I see?
More aggression and mood swings upon eating better, is this normal?
Does the 5 hour energy shots have calories?
is cordial bad for diet?
i go to a gym but i dont know a simple protien powder to take ?
I binged yesterday 10000 calories what do I do know?
How tall are you now?
If I ate loads of sugar but ate half of my gda calorie intake, would it still be stored as fat?
Is she fat? Am I ? We both think we are?
does no diet liquid protein work?
Does the cheekbones get smaller as you loose weight?
why do some people say i need to gain weight and others...?
What would be the best fitness regime for someone who plans to join the Royal Marines?
What is the best excercise for saddlebags?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
How do i make my teeth loose?
What to expect from a dentist?
Got my retainers today, keep digging into my gums and it hurts, help?
Blue glue used to bond bands?
invisible braces? how much?
does salt help uclers?
what causes a root canal crack?
Do you need to pay the high dental fee's for your child or are they free?
Is there any way I can fix my overlapped tooth apart from veneers or brace?
After getting a new tooth brush?
eastern european dentist?
whats the best ? xxxxxxxx?
Have you ever had a love bite?
wisdom tooth advice?
has anyone ever had a cavity fill itself or a missing tooth regrow?
i hate to see needles in dentist and doctor , ?
Black Lump Next To My Uvula?
referred dry socket pain please help?
What is the best excercise for saddlebags?
What is the beat way to lose belly fat?
Jiggly or muscular calves?
What are good exercises to tone your legs?
How many calories redo?
if you did 60 situps out of the blue, could you have strained your ab muscles?
How to get a 6 pack and lose stomach fat at the same time?
Can you plan me a diet to lose weight?
How much more do boys eat more than girls especially during the age of 15-25? Is there a big difference in the?
hey..ive had my cereal this morning ( chocolate squares ) (carried on underneath..)?
hey..will i loose weight if i only drink water for a week?
Is this health regime actually healthy...?
Can you use your running shoes for jumping rope?
how many calories we have to burn aday?
am i the right weight for my age and height?
Did I overdue my exercise today?
how much does jessica alba weigh and what is her waist size?
Did I over due my exercise today?
What is a healthy weight for a female who is 5'5" tall?
Can you live off water, vitamins, fiber pills and protein shake?
Can someone give me a good diet plan for a 12 year old that is very healthy?
What vitamins should I be taking?
I dont know how to spit out mucus?
Where can i get TB testing done in Kitchener on short notice?
sick ryukin? maybe a disease?
free dental care??????
How do you keep Brushing your Teeth without forgetting?
My essix retainers are dirty smelly and foggy after only a day.. I've had them for 3 days, how can i clean em?
Does any one know aprox how much it will be to have my two front teeth replaced ?
How much would it cost to get bonding done to my teeth?
To get teeth braces do you have to pay if your under 18(15 years old)?
Are whitestrips good? How effective are they? (teeth)?
How To Pull My Tooth Out?
still got baby teeth?
Price of dental treatment?
My essix retainers have cracks in them what shall I do?
Can i drink a glass of cold dr pepper with my essix retainers on?
What are your views on cosmetic surgery and is it worth the risk?
Will My Orthodontist Have a Go At Me Because I Broke On Of Mi Braces ?
Have you also decided that all "celebs" cannot all have perfectly straight shiny white teeth ?
Dental problem..Help please?
Mentadent P toothpaste. Just opened a new tube and it's different stuff. Have you noticed?
Can i drink tea after just having a filling?
how to whiten my teeth?
Has anyone used magnesium taurate for depression?
when do we get the carers bonus anyone know thank you?
How to deal with anxiety and depression without...?
Can a dermatologist easily identify a benign mole from a cancerous one?
Actinic dermatosis is what?
does a LUCENT on a bone x-ray mean bone cancer?
Would this product work on breat cancer?
bad breath?
If paracetamol tablets are out of date by 4 years do they still work?
Ok, I have 3 questions.My teeth are healthy and aligned, though I have a gap in the front. How much would ..?.
Can I eat some pie (details)?
All answers welcome, am I overweight?
Would doing hiit everyday cause me to lose muscle?
can you gain weight and still get ripped on p90x?
I think my friend has a eating disorder?
Does Phentirimine work well to lose weight?
in search of an easy cook book to compliment p90x program?
Is it possible to build a well toned and defined body without taking any supplements?
Workout method for 17 year old 5'8 chubby 170 lb male?
Can you help me make a work out plan?
Does diet snapple really have NO calories?
im 179 in i need to loose this?
Diet pills that enhance your weight loss?
Please help with fast healthy permanent weight loss?
Losing weight while eating....?
Am I overweight/at health risk?
Is it necessary to workout each day to get 6 packs?
Do you lose weight when your body gets toned?
how to to lose 20 lbs in 3 to 4 months?
If the food I take in goes straight through me, does my body retain the calories like it normally would?
What workout should i use?
Can my biceps get bigger?
How can you treat people with Paranoia?
Im going to the doc on Wednesday..?
Just had a baby health visitor says get free dental care til baby 1 what do i do if dentist tryies to charge?
I had a root canal done a few months ago.?
dental implants?
How can I get rid of mouth ulcers and not get them again?
how long does it take for the anaesthetic to wear off from the dentist?
new tooth coming through but part of gum hanging off in a little blob. doesnt hurt but would if i pulled it?
identifying bodies or remains by dental records?
what the diffrence between the oral B Pro white electric toothbrush and the 7000?
How do we avoid the black things that grow over our teeth?
Tooth removal and bleeding to death?
Should i by an electric toothbrush or that water-pic thing?
what is latin for teeth?
What is the best weight loss pill?