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Phlegm in throat mostly in morning but also throughout the day... What is the cause?
What is a lung's function?
Since three days ago, its hard to breathe for about 20 minutes every night. What is it?
Breathing Question Help!?
How come I have had this cough since December 2008?
how to stop a mild stutter?
Are Protein shakes Good for kids?
I hate exercise, it doesn't make me feel good, but I want to be fit?
Is it ok for ME to take whey protein with milk?
Gaining muscle question. HELP!?
Why am I not losing weight?
Am i fat averahe thin or skinny?
Eat 600 calories a day& 3 cups of green tea?
will being high help me lose wieght?
what is the best creatine to use for working out?
I want to water fast! some advise??? (kind advice please)?
anyone know any good not to hard workouts ?
How to get a flat stomach in a few days?
Can Crossfit make you big?
do U think this Workout Schedule work?
What is the average weight for....?
How many calories are in this?
does your shape fitness evolved on kinect actually make you loose weight?
Best way to increase flexibility in legs?
weight loss tea dr stuart slim tea?
Is it possible to have a double chin from gaining 3 pounds?
What are the positive and negative aspects of exercising?
What vitamins do you need more of in the winter?
Starting to work out?
what is this and what is the cause?
How does radiation therapy work to get rid of Mesothelioma cancer?
what restrictions are in having pancreaticobiliary cancer?
Technical name for a rare brain disease....anyone work in neuroscience?
why does it make you itch if your kidneys dont work good anymore?
Why do I still have infection after two weeks after extractions?
Whats wrong with my tongue?
My teeth are so bad!! Need dental advice?
Dental Bridge?
What is the expected lifespan of a filling?
oral cyst removal?
Why have i got an abscess in the tooth where i had the nerves removed 4 years ago. Also do teeth turn black?
Dental Depression?
what is the besrt electric toothbrush?
I'm really excited about getting braces but my friends say that i shouldn't be. Am i wierd to be excited?
mouthwash- av just tried one, and are they really?
can you sleep with dentures because i heard you can?
I'm getting dental braces fitted at the end of the month, any advice?
Tooth extraction.?
what treatment do I get at a NHS dentist for a set price (£44)band?
Kayleigh in Hull asked if flouride was in local water. Is it? In ppm?
Baby teeth not falling out?
Manual versus electric Toothbrush which is the best?
HeLp!>!> BrAcEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do figure our how many calories I burn?
why do veins pop out of hands when writing?
Around 200 calories to much?
how much weight loss is healthy?
Protein drinks healthy?
Best healthy lunch sandwiches or just healthy lunches?
How much water should I be consuming a day?
How to loose weight quickly?
Do Twist-a-cisers actually work?
How can I find my body measurements at home?
anybody know a good low carb plan that will help me lose weight?
whats the best way to go about tightening your stomach?
Is running in place good for someone?
I have just ordered the P90X workout videos and nutrition guide.?
If I walk 6 miles a day, how long will it take?
What is the healthy weight for a 16 year old lineman in football?
Is it possible to be addicted to food, yet not over weight?
how can i gain some weight?
Weight loss motivation?
Does this sound too skinny?
Realising The Severity Of My Social Anxiety?
What exactly do councellors do to help?
Damage to my body by smoking 500 cigarettes?
How can a nurse smoke?
HELPppppp please?
I sneezed, all sudden something was in my mouth and when i spit there was blood?
Tooth extraction.?
Make-over programmes?
I am having breathing problems, feels like throat is closing ,on naproxen is that it? i am worried?
not making enough saliva mouth always dry ?
is it only humans that get two sets of teeth? baby and adult teeth?
can you get pneumonia from begin depressed?
Why would smoking help my cough??
looking for reasonably priced teeth whitener?
Over/under bite, fashion or future health problems?
My jaw always clicks when i open my mouth..?
Wisdom Tooth?
Can dental adhesive be used for any other bodily function ?
can i find whiting cream foe face in uk?
what are the white bits on my upper lip?
My dad has a chest infection?
is my working out routine correct ?
I'm hungry all the time and putting on the weight, what good snack foods that fill me up but few calories?
HOw can I lost 50 pounds?
yoga and starting pilates?
what happens at jenny craig?
im 13 and im pretty skinny! any advice on how to get built up?
Help! I'm a male and i have a pear shaped body?
Difference between raw food diet and whole food diet help?
what is a healthy Natural/unrefined carbohydrate i could eat for a snack?
calorific values when eating out at a noodle bar?
Is this a good diet plan?
What should I weigh??!!?
Is it okay to take more than one diet pill at the same time?
how much do you think i could bench?
How many calories should i eat to lose weight, 5'11 + 145 lbs?
How to get stronger?
Have any of you here tried Jillian Michaels' DVD workouts?
What weight loss pills have worked for you?
I have a node on my Adrenal Gland that is getting larger and releasing excessive hormones ...?
what does a cancerous lump feel like?
Questions on Donating Plasma?
Do cellphones conduct radiation when they're off?
Does SPAM Cause Cancer?
Itchy moles @ age 15?
why do people say tobacco causes cancer, when it doesn't without chemicals added...?
What is the best diet plan for an endomorph?
health websites, with routines, diets etc?
Is my BMI overweight?
What is concidered overweight for a 14 yr old girl that's about 5'3?
Did I get ripped off?
Would you notice my weight change at all?? ((PICTURES)) HELP?
What are some things I shouldn't eat when trying to lose weight?
how many calories do you need to cut out to lose weight?
what are the best vitamins to take for a 19 year old?
I keep eating but i dont bulk help!!?
If I skip breakfast and lunch,and just eat dinner,is that bad?
hey should i workout slowly as not to create muscle aches tomorrow?
Will eating ground coffee give me energy?
Cant do strenuous exercise on my knees- how can i lose weight?!?
How much protein & fibre does your usual breakfast contain?
why Indigenous Australian's life expectancy so low?
Does Going On A Diet Make You More Critical Of Food Intake?
Looking for a weight loss buddy? (preferably around age 18)?
Is Peptides Could Help Control Obesity?
Anyone know any good novels about someone with depression or schizophrenia?
does anyone take celexa for depression?
Is it normal to sometimes think about suicide?
How can I control myself from thinking too much and be more productive?
can i use whitening strips on my new cosmetic fillings i have had my front teeth done with my nhs dentist?
does half fake tooth work with braces?
can an 18 year old still be growing teeth?
Recurrent mouth ulcers.....?
Can small cracked fillings really give you referred pain as though you dont know which tooth it is?
When a molar has been extracted how long does it take till you are able to chew on that side of the mouth ...?
pearl drops liquid calcium whitening system?
What types of electronic filling are there ?
does anyone know any good websites what tell kids about braces?
I need help with my braces!?
has dental floss got a use by date?
do i need a filling?
My friend has had his teeth veneered but they look very strange.?
hi ive just had a brace fitted and im trying to find out if i can buy the coloured bands, can anyone help ta.?
what is the fluid that bathes and nourishes the tissue cells?
Is it possible (or common) for a doctor to not feel any swollen lymph nodes when examining a patient?
I have a bump on my collar bone, what could be the causes?
Emails of Melanoma Doctors?
How old should you be to get checked for breast cancer?
Any suggestions on how to get a FAST appointment with a dermatologist/skin cancer specialist?
What is the brand of that $500 food processor that cancer patients use?
Leg soreness? What could it be from ?
Does warm ginger ale help coughs and colds?
heart and lungs hurt slightly with an off and on cough...what can it be?
my cough took 2 months to dry up despite of the medication and yet i had no TB.what could have caused it?
What do they attach to you in an overnight sleep study?
Going for a lung biopsy next week, anyone that has had this done??
breathing problems at night...............?
how the human beings breathing?
What happens the first time you see the orthodontist?
can anyone tell me where can I free books regarding Restorative and Esthetic Dental Material, Dental cement?
if i cant afford veneers what do i do?
Does honey rot teeth like sugar does?
Is my dentist qualified to do root canals?
does the companty sleeping tablets me uk still trade?
After Extractions and White Gums?
where can i find info on the development of teeth and and how to care for them?
sensodyne toothpaste?
Dentistry help, few Query's?
when do you start brushing your babies teeth ?
Is this a good way to cut back on dental bills?
why do people who have done drugs lose their teeth?
How do wisdom teeth affect orthodontic treatment?
Do you get a metal taste in your after you get braces in?
Does anyone have bi-polar and could share their story?
Why isn't my daughter eating???
How many calories did I burn?
does water get you fat?
Why do I look/feel bloated?
A Question About Weight Loss?
if i do yoga 2 hours a day every day how much weight cani lose?
Am I eating enough. Want to lose 10lbs?
I've been sick for weeks, i'm 17 and vegetarian who's been on a diet for a year.?
healthy/ideal weight?
Getting Leaner without gaining weight?
How many OZ can your stomach hold before feeling full?
How to cut weight for wrestling?
will cardio exercise make you lose weight even when you have the same appetite? in short, cardio without diet.?
How do I get obese fast?
My stomach not big, but?
how do i stop eating?
What does having veiny arms mean?
Model weight question?
How do you know if your lacking iron?
i need a diet and workout plan?? help please?
What is a really fast, easy weight loss diet?
Wisdom tooth?
Sensitive tooth 4 weeks after filling, should I be concerned?
How much does Jaw surgery cost?
HELP!what is the best whitening toothpaste?
Are dentures always uncomfortable or do you get used to them in time?
What is the name of the regulatory authority that governs dentists in Germany, and how do I make a complaint?
whats best for tooth ache solpadol or co-codamol?
please help me?
I had root canal treatment last wednsday and it has been really hurting since friday and i dont no why!?
Teeth guard?
had gum boil,i popped it,it wont stop leaking,how can i stop it,?
If you die and you have braces on would they take them off?
NHS Dentists?
The role of cilia and mucus in a healthy non smoker?
I have a small tumor-like bump in my vulva. What could it be?
what is osteoporosis and what does vitamin B-12 do for your body?
What do you think about pancreatic cancer?
Severe OCD Is Making Me Suicidal, What Can I Do?
What if I do pilates?
When should I drink a protein shake?
What kind of Diets are their ?
girl who weighs 120 pounds or girl who weighs 110 pounds at 5 foot 1? what would a guy prefer?
Stomach flattening exercise?
is it quite possible for someone who has suffered from?
What are some symptoms of Phenmonia?
loss of muscle in arm after immunisation for overseas travel?
Wut could i eat thats healthy ?
how can i lose 2 pounds a week?
What is a quick and easy way for a 14 year old girl to loose weight?
am i healthy if im 15, 5 foot 9 and 147 pounds?
How can i get my food digested?
Is this asthma or what ?
I must take a thc test in 3 days I'm a light smoker 1-2/wk. Are there any home remedies for my case?
I wantnice looking pecs by April 18. Please help me to GET PECS by then! (exercises without use of weights)?
I have chest/heart pain?
Good planned meals for weight loss?
I've been going to the gym everyday for the past two weeks?
I have asthma and take Advair?
How long does it take to get EEG results back?
My mom has TB. What can happen?
what do I have.. yellow phlegm?
why does my stomach STILL pouch?
what is a sleep-deprived E.E.G.?
please help me im scared?
what do sit ups help with?
Is this a sign of minor asthma?
how do you read an oxygen tank that one would use for breathing?
Tongue piercing and smoking?????
what is meant by the lymphatic system drains asymmetrically?
can someone please explain Tumor fever?
my fetal scan report says that a loop of cord is seen on the 3/4th side of the neck what does this mean?
Bleeding gums....?
when rinsing your mouth with the mouthwash, do you rinse in again with water?
Lump on gum after crown.?
mouth hygiene?
Is there a way I could find out what I'd look like with braces??
Am I dieting effectively?? this is not anorexic right?
What is a good weekly workout/diet for a 14 year old?
How to get thinner legs?
Am i overweight? Plz help. :]?
I'm thinking about quitting being a vegetarian?
How many calories are there in a Lemonade Iceblock?
How bad is anorexia? Would belemia be better ?
ab workouts?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
will i gain weight or lose weight need things to be cleared up a bit?
How skinny do these girls look?!?
Will i lose belly fat if i do this?
what is a good diet that works well?
Im 5'2 138 lbs m i overweight ?
Using an elliptical to train for running?
Would it be good to lose 6 lbs./month?
Does yoga make you lose weight + air alert?
Help with a eating disorder project.?
Can you gain weight from too many veggies, even if you eat no other foods?
will my excess skin go away?
What are some ways to keep me from snacking?
how long does it take to eat your body weight in food?
Dental Question horrid taste in my mouth tooth extraction.?
Is there anything you can buy over the counter to numb the gums before a scale and polish cos god it hurts?
one of my fron tooth is completely made of white filling.... please answer my question :)?
Do your gums bleed when you have a scale and polish at the Dentist?
Is it right if a dentist pulls a tooth even if you're not numb?
Help!...I think my canine tooth has moved, what should I do?
M jaws hurt when I eat..... why?
oral health TEETH?
strongest denture fixative?
how long does it take to get top and bottom braces on?
what are nhs dental charges in scotland?
where did the sterotype that british people have bad teeth come from?
has anyone had veneers?
braces help quick?
Dental advice please! very worried.........?
What can I keep my retainer in while I eat?
I have severe pain in lower back tooth, dentist says he thinks its an infection. I have antibiotics, nothin?
wisdom tooth?
can you help me find a dentist near to my home?
ahhhhh wisdom tooth!?
Coughing up green-yellow.....?
When measuring your chest while you are taking a deep breath it is larger than when you have exhaled.?
Is pneumonia contagious? I have the "start" of pneumonia and am taking antibiotics.?
Bleeding profusely through my shaft? Help!?
Can't breathe... how many puffs of an inhaler is too many?
Pickling salt for saline?
How can I avoid second-hand smoking?
Spitting Blood?
how do u get sick?
sore throat.?
Can I play the saxophone if I have asthma?
Jaw Supporter Can Help Prevent Snoring?
Can Metformin make your lungs burn and cause lung failure ?
articles about the harmful effects of smoking?
What can cause scar tissue in lungs?
How do you know if you have thyroid cancer, or if it's just globus?
when drs guess how long a person will live how do they do it?
why does it feel like I have fiberglass all over my body?
I am looking for enteric coated ferrous sulfate,but i am unable to locate any!?
Question about hereditary traits passed on to children?
Is this fatty tissue below my armpit or a tumor? ?
Childrens toothpaste?
Infected gum?
I have just had my dentist do me a teeth whitening kit, has anybody else had one and will I be pleased with?
Flossing with braces?
what are the EARLY symptoms of a tooth abcess?
porcelain veneers?
Is it true that NHS dentists will no longer remove tartar?
Is it true that sleep deprivation leads to weight gain?
healthy weight???????????????????????????
I am 13 I am 5'3 and I weigh 138 am I overweight?
ate a billion million calories lol?
How to Make Stubby Legs Look Less Stubbier?
What will happen if I lift everyday 7 days a week? does the muscle tear down to the point your arms fall off?
am i doing something wrong? im not losing weight. #2?
L-arginine pills ... health?
what should I eat after a workout?
How much is too much? - Height, child bearing, etc...?
Special K Diet Challenge?? Does it work? Have you tried it?How many calories daily?
When should i use Whey Protein and Creatine?
Will this make me thin? Like to wear a bikini. Can u help me with foods?
small workouts i can do every night to lose a couple pounds?
how many carbs are too many a day ?
What happens to muscles when they are exercised regularly?...?
Age: 24, Weight: 300, HELP?
Is jumping better than running?
Healthy eating- 13 years old.?
does anyone else have the same problem with prozac???
Can an RMT refuse to treat someone with a mental disorder?
what soothes indigestion?
help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
I have had a sore throat for the past three days now and I have difficulty swallowing.?
Does Cilia carry oxygen-rich blood away from the lungs?
what to use when dog has sylvia in his throat and is having trouble breathing?
Do kids who get pneumonia get better?
Lol.. Why do people freak out and not wait for a response first?
Having sever chest pains and wondering what to do?
my Montgomery glands might be infected is this normal at my age?
what are some social effects of rohypnol?
My lungs hurt when i swallow, talk, breathe, and cough. What is it?
i have been caughin up flem for about 2 weeks now it dosen't hurt when i cough but there's flem almost evertim
I have strep throat, and I cannot stop coughing?
Anything better than mouthwash?
what is adderall's effect on a toothache??
Do all cancer researchers collaborate?
What would happen if cytokinesis took place before mitosis?
need help finding steroid statistics?
What is a hydrocele and what is the treatment for it.?
What should i be concern about? Brain shunt?
Disease/Body connection?
i have stomach problem but i cant determined what it was.only i have slight pain in my right upper abdomin?
What is the going hourly rate for an experienced Dental Receptionist, these day's?
Brace trouble?
wisdom teeth?
Braces in NI?
is their anywere in ireland 2 get free braces??????????????
Is it possible to catch gum disease from kissing someone who has it?
how do they put braces on?
Tooth stain, due to louride drops as a child?
acid erosion?
Electric shock pain in silver filling?
Where can I buy candyfloss flavoured mouthwash?
Tooth Whitening Kit?
i keep geting olsers on my tongue and roof of my mouth. im 8 weeks [pregnant.?
headgear pain?
cracks at side of mouth?
Breathing Problems with other symptoms?
FAmily physicans available in Ottawa On?
Blood in stool? What does this mean?
I live in the us.can Iorder cigs from canaa?
My daughter coughs all fall-spring but not summer?
What are the actions or products that are most effective in reducing your asthma triggers?
Do you think Im fat??
Someone said they lost alot of weight from wrestling?
Is it possible to tone your arms/stomach or lose weight in two days?
How long will it take to lose 30 lbs?
What can i do to lose weight in winter?
What is the proper amount of exercise along with proper nutrition?
im 19 and a male and gain weight from everything?
How does exercising help control & prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc?
I want to lift small weights but I don't have the money to buy some ?
What speeds up metabolism?
could i lose weight by doing this?
is my body good looking? please be 100% honest!?
Will I lose this weekend binge weight back quickly?
can you get a sixpack by just doing situps?
if i do bicep curls in 20 rep intervals 100 times a day?
what protein should i buy from GNC to help get bigger as in bigger arms?
How can I burn stomach fat?
If you are relatively short, can it make you look fatter then you are?
Does anyone know why red wine stains some people's lips and teeth and not others?
Is it possible to have my tonsils taken out privately in London?
has anyone had a mucocele removed from their mouth? wer u put asleep and if not did it hurt?!?
Pain in my left leg ?
What can you do to make healthy eating choices for yourself?
Im starting this new diet tomorrow and i need answers!?
One spoon of petroleum jelly?
What do you feel are three barriers to eating healthy and why?
Muscle mass supplements too early ?
Help!! Im desperate! I need a way to gain weight fast!!?
Can a 105 pound guy gain 20 pounds of muscle usingp90x?
why does every time I work out I want to trow up after?
how can i speed up my metabolism?
Weight loss help...15 year old girl?
I take amplified wheybolic extreme 60 and it breaking me out?
how can i slow down my metabolism?
can teens drink protein shakes?
Are these exercises good for workouts in the morning that i do to lose weight?
What is p90x And how does it work?
How to get bikini ready in 4 weeks?
How much weight xan you loose in a month if you wank 30 min. a day?
Husband's pot belly: Getting concerned ... Ways to reduce it?
is this a eating disorder?
How many calories burnt in a 1hr weights session?
What's a high calorie, cheap, healthier/ish food ideal for gaining weight?
what is medical term for malignant brain cancer?
significant of mitosis?
definition of hospitalization rate?
What all does a patient care technician do?
Do I have cancer from dipping?
Do I have skin cancer?
Shaking after Asthma inhaler use?
a question about sleep apnea in children? Possible effects?
Chest, arm pain, and shortness of breath magnified extremely by marijuana.?
Is this Cystic Fibrosis treatment available in Canada?
Sore throat, lost my voice, and I can't sing anymore...what should I do?
I sing on the weekends and for the last 3 weeks my throat is uncomfortable and a little raspy. What can I do?
Does anyone feel pressure on their chest after they smoke weed? This usually happens to me wen im in bed?
i have been coughing a lot lately especially at night and i get up every morning with a sore throat and feel?
cystitis and cystic fibrosis?
side effect from panic / anxiety attack?
I've had a broken neck from c3 to c6. i feel cold and tightness from the chest down. i do work outs at the g
Any Dental Nurses about?
Closing Front Tooth Gap?
NHS and Teeth Straightening!?
Discoloured Teeth! How can you get white and shiny teeth again?
Will brushing my teeth daily with baking soda damage them?
Dental Bridge's?
how soon can i fly after having wisdom teeth removed?
How tall do you think i will be when i grow up?
what is wrong with me and my weight?!?
What happens to your body when you walk 30 minutes a day?
Healthy diet with bk lunch and dinner for teen girl?
Im fat and if i get skinnier will my voice change or sound different a little bit?
how can I make my waist curvier?
I'm eating more than usual and losing weight. Is this normal?
I'm always hungry. No matter how much I eat, I'm never full?
How much does the Fat Burning Furnace cost? And what kind of food can you eat or not eat?
Will adding ginger powder into my tea help speed up the labor process?
is it best to drink creatin during, before or after a workout?
Can you make your legs longer with exercices?
Is yoga good for teens?
Help with flattening my tummy?
Best way to lose pregnancy weight?
What would help me lose weight?
How to get rid of jello thighs?
Am I doing the right things to loose weight?
I ate 15 hershey chocolates today! is that bad?
Will losing 30 pounds be noticeable on my body?
how should i work out to get muscle every were and be skinny without a gym just at home?
i have already lost 46 pounds . but it jus seems like i cant lose anymore ... please help :'(?
which workout program is better P90X or Insanity?
I have 2 calorie-free recipes I am seeking. ?
Should i eat more or stop?
how many calories would 1 egg have if i took the yolk out?
How do you tell the difference between fat and muscle on your thighs?
Free meals when on a diet, how often?
Fat gain pills????????????????????
how should i use p90x?
which is worst to eat on a diet Fats or sugar?
Getting a six pack? (or flat somach?)?
oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla protein?
Fat gaining pills???????
anyone tried Slender Capsules (Tu Then) from china?
How to gain fat??????????
Should I do Ab workout before my routine or?
Age for Healthy Trim?
how do i make myself not eat?
How many calories should I cut down to to loose weight?
I need some feedback on these 4 back specialists if any one has some?
HELP! shoulder problem...?
What can cause sporadic and excruciating upper and lower abdominal pain that causes frequent urinating in men?
surgery coming up soon!?
Is being double-jointed bad for you?
How can I test my pain threshold?
maxillofacial question plzzzzz help....?
I need a good dentist in Balham, S.London. Any suggestions?
is there any nhs dentists left in the rotherham area?
any maxxillofcial surgeon out there?
where can I buy Denclen Denture Cleaner. Please.?
I've had a cavity dressing on my tooth - when can I eat?
i need help maxillofacial.....?
Root filling vs. tooth extraction...following a filling a fortnight ago?
Can I have my tonsils out if I have a brace?
Baby teeth?
Worried over my mothers health?
Based on skin cancer facts, provide an argument to convince someone to avoid sunburns.?
TMJ/Overbite Surgery Cost?
Manual or Electric toothbrush?
My Local orthodontics...?
what is the strongest pain killer available over the counter?
Teeth Implants in UK (ADP Dentist)?
does teeth whitenining make a big difference to how you look?
stressing outtttt?
Is root canal d cause of my headache...???
I have a mildly loose tooth, will it tighten again?
How do you return to a natural sleep pattern after skewed pattern too long?
Cant make friends?
Psychologist recommendation (WA)?
Every time I drink water, my stomach gets all bloated ?
How many grams of carbs should i stay under/ have?
How can I start dieting seriously?
Will the amount of creatine in pre workout drinks (NOX drinks) cause my muscles to hold water?
Im 5"6, 17 and 140 how much should I lose?
how many grams of fat should stay under/have when your dieitng?
Can you outline the differences between a Raw Food Diet and a Vegan Diet?
how many calories should you have in a day?
What's a simple way to boost your metabolism?
I want to lose 5 pounds in two weeks?
How to get broader and bigger?
I need to lose a lot of weight fast?
Exercises that tighten your stomach and chest?
Am i going anorexic? im 5'5" and weigh 110 lbs.?
Is this a good diet plan?
weight loss help ? please help !?
how does the body digest food including the pancreas liver galblader?
How to get muscle growth fast?
Does ashtanga or power yoga help you digest and loose weight fast?
Is it unusual to get your swellings back a couple months after it completely healed?
i work very hard in a kitchen,every day i get really bad stitch pain down my left side,any ideas to what it i?
Where can you buy the stuff for Dry Sockets which Dentists give you?
Can bicarbonate of soda and hydrogen peroxide be mixed?
stained teeth.....any home remedies??
Sonic toothbrush wanted (instore offers) around £50?
does everyone get wisdom teeth?
Orthodontist treatment?
tooth out @ hospita?
any ways to make teeth look white fast?
is it possible for a child to have a mouth ulcer?
how can i get my wab cam to work, it is a silver crest?
I am waiting for an appointment at dentist...?
who is berhan yılmaz?
How to find a NHS dentist who is taking on NHS Fee paying patients?
What causes bad breath and how can you get rid of it?
free dental treatment??
I had smart lipo on my legs Jan 7th and it's not Jan 23. Is it okay to smoke yet? ?
Im 6'3 240 pounds should i take monster mass?
How do I make my ribs flatter?
Has anyone tried the Reebok easy tone shirt? Could you tell a difference?
How much water must I drink to increase metabolism?
how can i lose my belly fat fast?
How can I get skinny by summer or sooner?
Does a fruit smoothie count as your 5 a day?
So i have a question about improving bench max/chest muscle mass?
Nude Yoga in New York City?
14 yrs old need to beef up for football any workout suggestions?
Zumba?i need someones encouragement!?
i have just ask a question that should have been 60 pounds?
what foods should i eat in order to gain weight?
Does Master Cleanse work?
Can I get my bench press up 50 lbs in 3 months?
Can I eat Philidelphia light on the South Beach Diet?
is this a good workout for 5 days a weekdays?
how to make your calves thinner?
Can i lose 3 stone in 6 months?
Does anyone know where I can buy the diet powder drink almased in Ohio Columbus area?
What are some careers that involve pediatric cancer?
Is it possible that I have osteosarcoma?
Cancer runs in my family.?
Should I be concerned about my 10 year old son who has a spleen in the upper limit of normal?
Why am I getting pain in my hips?
Why do my eyes Hurt? Help?
Shin pains - Can you suggest the cause?
Is it ok to go to the Emergency Department?
What could be the cause of this abdominal pain (middle region of abdomin)?
Back Pain and being a Massage Therapist?
why does my head hurt?
What is the Effect of slouching all the time ?
I'm 15 & 5'10 & I'm a pretty gud ball handler, but I'm also chubby. So if I lose weight will I become a PG?
I'm trying to lose 15 lbs and am having a hard time doing so.?
What is a better workout an elliptical or pilates?
How can i lose 10 pounds in weight?
Issues with digestion when trying to lose weight, what should I do?
How do I diet without turning back into an anorexic and bulimic?
How to slim muscle thighs?
Changing eating habits and lifetstyle?
Need to stop eating so much and exercise!!! I need help!?
How do I lose my armpit fat?
Low carb induction phase help. ?
Has anyone discovered an awesome ab workout yet?
Is it anorexia or bulimia?
I am 5 foot 6, and weigh 100 pounds. Is that dangerous?
Help is needed.. Please read this?
How do I beat my stress?
What exactly does a college level personal fitness class consist of?
new teeth?
My old dentist refused to put veneers on my front teeth even though I want them...?
I had a root canal 7 months ago and now the same tooth hurts??
dentistry in canada?
is there any websites where i can get information on dental prices in the north uk?
I have a chipped front tooth porcelain veneer can i get it fixed on nhs? havent gone 4 a long time & need to!?
how long does it take for my 9 year old to get his front tooth in?
does anyone know of any good teeth whitening kits?
Does anyone know what the 'Cold patch' that a dentist puts on your gum to num your gum?
list nhs doctors surgeries in east dulwich london se22?
My dentist cut a bit off my tooth what can i do?
Help please?!!!?
Permanent damage to lungs?
How paint thinner can be damageable for the health ? (vapor and long term exposition)?
Chest infections and asthma....are they linked?
i Think I have whooping cough, can anyone verify?
My left lung gets a sharp pain for about 2 minutes every once in awhile?
My fiance has blood poisoning and it seems like it's getting worse?
I need some medical advice,I've been gagging since last fall and it's getting worst?
What over the counter remedy is best for sinus pain or is there other things you can do for it ?
coughing Phlegm HOCKEY Hurry up and answer please?
I need an answer about a Respiratory Infection?
Are you stocking up on antiviral drugs?
does soy milk work same as milk for scrambled eggs?
How long do the effects of dairy withdrawal last?
I am 5'6 137 pounds 33 years old...cant lose weight?
Weight Plateau, What Am I Doing Wrong?
I cant stop starving myself...?
Did I gain weight or what?
how to increase height?
a blend of yogurt half and half ,skim milk,almonds,cream cheese and chick peas?
I cant even do a single push up correctly and i have to do at least 30 in 1 week?
Is this a healthy meal?
Diet Help Please?????????????
is it normal to get bloated by drinking water?
what should i expect to come of my abs after this "awesome abs" class?
Does fat gather around muscles?
How to get weaker in my arms?
Which is the best way to have a thin stomach?
At the Gym... Good or bad workouts?
how strong is a 13 year old?
Does anyone else have stretch marks covered on you?Or is it just me?
Will i loose weight if i have this amount on a diet?
Why am I so skinny even though I never work out or eat healthy?
Is 2.30 a good time to have an appointment with a Chinese dentist?
How Much Do veneers cost? I Live In IrelAND?
Plastic Surgeons or just a surgeon?
has any one used the new pearl drops brush on vaneer? what did you think?
dentist wanted to take my infected tooth out...?
What is the best way to clean?
Can I take my retainer out when I eat?
Im 13 with back pains? any help?
what is wrong with my ear?
How can I stop my tongue from burning?
i have a back problem!!!?
I have matted abnormal axillary lymph nodes. Anyone with similar experience?
How old do you have to be to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the cure walk?
Is it bad for you to eat alot of eggs?
Push ups: Elbows in vs elbows out?
I'm a 13 year old girl and I think I am overweight but everyone says I'm skinny!?
how do you get big biceps?
Average height for 15 year old boy?
Why do I block the toilet even though I eat very healthy?!?
How much weight would you gain if you at 3000 calories a day for a week?
Burning calories due to temperature?
Do you think I can loose 2 pounds a week on my diet?
What is the average weight for a thirteen year old who is 5'4?
Will this help me lose weight pretty quickly?
Honest opinion, should i lose wieght? (not fishing for complements)?
I'm 5'7 and weigh 100lbs, should I get a doctor?
Binged for 3 days around 7000 calories each day how many pounds gained?
Should your elbows press into your sides when you lift weights one handed?
I have to live on fluids for a while. What would you recommend I eat (tasty/energy), and how do I get fibre?
Help make me fat please?!?
So does monster mass build muscle?
Help me gain weight!!!?
I m very thin. What should I eat or do gym to be normal?
( pictures ) Do i need to burn the fat before i work on my abs?
What yogurt doesn't have fruit in it?
Anyone have the Oral-B Vitality Sonic?
root canal after care- what is normal?
1st trip 2 dentist in 8 yrs dont no what 2 expect?
Is there a law that stops an inderviduel from having his/her dentist to take all their teeth out for false one
2 lumps on either side of the inside on my cheek scared to death?
Cause of sore teeth when getting Descaled with sonic descaler?
Black Wisdom tooth?
im 17 and want my wisdom tooth taken out.?
NHS::what is the average waiting time for a cateract operation?
How long do i roughly have to wait for dental surgery on the NHS?
I keep imagining lassoeing my wisdom tooth to try and change its direction?
Ive just been to the dentist and had local anesthetic in my mouth, am i allowed to smoke?
Are veneers the way to go??
Your mouth produces how many litres of saliva a day?
My lower jaw sometimes clicks when i open my mouth, it doesnt happen all the time but it does sometimes?
What exactly is 'tooth mousse'?
does any one no a good site for informal chat with dentists?
I have a terrible tooth ache and the dentist gave me anti biotics before he can extract the tooth?
What principles are for clients access & equipty in the mental health sector?
getting back into shape?
need help tp lose about 25 lbs?
Rapid-Detox diet question ?
need help with weight loss how does what this person said sound? i dont know if that seems healthy enough.?
I did a lot of sit ups and now my stomach is very sore?
Healthy turkey?? or is it a lie ?
i need to lose 25 lbs quickly!!! any suggestions?
Is the body ball the best way to slim waist/build muscle?
what are the benefits of lifting weights when trying to loose weight?
Is there a free online plan or site that helps me watch what im eating or helps me in any way to lose weight?
protein bars and drinks for caffeine sensitive people?
How Much Should A Small Teen Bench Press?
How Much Should a 14 year old 5 foot 7 inch girl weigh?
What is a good diet..?
What are some of the best ways to lose weight?
does fasting make u lose weight fast?
How can i lose this fat?
Am I small/average/large build?
Ab problem, when flexing?
I have bad acid reflux and fat gives me a lot of symptoms can i eat low fat popcorn?
Does anybody here think im fat?
Does Weight Watchers work? Is it free?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I often have severe pain in my left arm?
please answer meeeeeeeeeeee?
simple cystic teratoma is seen age group?
Why was it previously believed that only DNA viruses can cause cancer? How can RNA viruses cause cancer?
My granddaughter was diagnosed with an arachnoid cyst on her brain when she was 3 mos old.?
could i possibly have cancer or something from 3 years of smoking?
Smoking relapse... what to do now?
Is a swollen toe cancer?
i'm 14 years old and in need of losing weight,any ideas?
difference between glycogen and fat?
Good protein shakes premaid ?
Which protein powder works better.?
best pill to help with the weight loss?
Should you always be sore in order to increase muscle mass?
Weightlifting: How to get sore??!!?
Why do I feel fatter if I've lost weight?
If you work at Cold Stone Creamery do your arms get buff or do they get toned?
Am I over wwight or under weight?
Is yoga worth my time?
About how many calories a day is healthy for this person?
running for 20 minutes daily?
Losing weight(healthy)?
How can I get small lags, and a small stomache?
programs for fitness?
Negative body image with weight?
standard time for children fitness?
I feel fat!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Smoked twice back in March/April and have had a mild cough since?
What really is Sleep Paralysis? ?
Home Oxygen container that I turn on nightly never needs to be replenished, why is this is it really oxygen?
is coughing every day bad for your heart?
Have you ever had someone purposely cough on you when they had a cold?
Can you cut a transdermal nicotine patch that is 21 mg in half if you know ...?
whats a deviated septum?
Question About Bronchitis?
I'm Sick?????????????????????????????????
Is it bad if my friend looks like she is sleeping but is not breathing?
whats the best food for keeping teeth really white!??
Whats the best mouthwash in the market?
How Can I Stop Biting My Nails?
Depresion, how can i deal with it?
How do you know if your Wisdom tooth is coming out?
Is it true impacted wisdom teeth or tooth are where you can't see them & can u extracted em under local anestc
i have a tooth that is half gone and i cant really afford to go to the dentist is there any cheap things to do
Disclosing tablets for teeth,anyone know a UK chemist that sells them?
dentist put stuff in my gem where tooth was and it still hasn't come out?
I'm 32 yrs and have to have fixed braces as i have an adult tooth growing in my gums, what will they be like?
Chipped teeth, the dentist says nothing can be done?
NHS dentists?
Im having 5MG of Diazepan before dental treatment to calm extreme nerves! will this work for me?
Has anyone any knowledge on the Dental Clinical Audit?
can an overbite be corrected in adulthood and can front teeth be ground down .?
Wisdom teeth?
Why does the dentist...?
Smoking With Braces (2)?
If you have only 2 yellow teeth can they have a crown put on or something, as bleeching can only be for entire
teeth whitening?
got to get inferior wisdom teeth pulled out.how much will I suffer?
Is this another abcess?
i am getting braces in 2 days and 4 teeth pulled out will it hurt? how long will it take?
Where in London can I buy Crest Whitening Strips and how much are they?
how long does it take to get braces top and bottom and 4 teeth taken out?
i had a wisdon tooth extracted today and im 18weeks pregnant what pain relief can i use????
Has anyone tried the Pearl Drops Brush on Tooth Veneer?
I got smacked in the mouth at the weekend and my tooth got lodged back however a managed to pop it back?
Has anyone any experience of "Twilight Sleep" while at the dentist, is it any good how does it feel ?
How do you get rid of a bad kink in your neck?
Why do I have a problem like a hurt from my chest, rib, back or anywhere?
Does anyone have a remedy to ease the pain of a heal spur?
does this due brain cancer please help?
Can injuries to the body (cells) cause Cancer or DNA damage? any docs here?
Ideas for breast cancer fundraisers.?
Help with a healthy meal plan?
Put on a ton of upper body mass before spring break?
Does this sound like a healthy meal plan for tomorrow?
Do I just have loose skin?
What are some good healthy meals to build and tone muscle?
How much does it cost for a basic membership to lifetime fitness in Illinois?
How can i loose belly fat?
How much should a normal person eat every day.?
About how many calories are in a pb&j sandwich?
Has anybody lost weight from switching to diet soda?
Treadmill 15 minute walk with asthma?
I've been told I need to gain weight. but everything I gain is going to my stomach!?
How long a day should I exercise?
Where can I buy Maqui-6 diet pills?
whats the max weight one can lose in 3 weeks?
what is a affordable good pre cor treadmil ?
Do i look really chubby? I really want to lose 20 pounds do you think that is possible? Im 5'6'' and 140 pound?
Trying to lose 15 pounds?
Are quaker oatmeal instant packages bad for you?
If I weigh 125 lbs and have a goal of 100 lbs, how long should it take to lose that much on average?
What is a healthy weight for a fourteen year female at 5'0?
How do you get nice white teeth?
What does FCO and SXLA mean
Getting my braces off next week.. but my jaw has been clickin ever since i had em on, will it still click ?
How much will this all cost?
Hi whats an abcess? I have this soft squishy thing above one of my tooth
I just got elastic bands yesterday (braces)
What is this spot above my tooth?
getting my teeth cleaned at the denist next week
which colour for braces?
Should I have my top wisdom teeth out?
Would you ever file your own teeth?
a bit of my gum above my tooth has worn away
can anyone help me with toothache?
whats wrong with my teeth????
If you have fillings in your teeth and you bite tin foil, it hurts why?
Do you think that Dentyl actually works?
Wisdom teeth gum infection ?
I've started using a peroxide toothpaste, but my mouth is sore. Could the toothpaste be the blame?
Should I brush between snacks?
why cant i cross my legs without pain?
Please Help with the pain in my stomach!?
My Left arm has been feeling numb for 2 days, should I be worried?
How does Nurofen target pain?
is it common to have a very sore shoulder after throwing about 100 pitches? pain last about 3 days?
back / breathing problems?
sore throat and coughing?
Does anyone know the medical suffix for sputum/phlegm?
Sometimes I Can't Breath Very Well?
Tonsillitis or Swine flu? ...?
Severe Sleep Apnea...?
What are some things I can get to eat in college?
I want to lose weight?
I am really active (4 sports) and eat SUPER healthy...yet I still have love handles? How do I get rid of them?
If I dance for 2 hours will I lose a bunch of weight???!!!??!!?
Well see I'm a Hispanic 14 year old girl & I'm way over wieght I need major help I'm about 186 or so advice ?
Does deep breathing really boost ur metabolism?
Is 15 Diet Dr. Pepper's a day bad for you?
I just can't seem to stick to my plan?
Working out in the morning or later on?
How could I loose arm & bellyfat but keep my thighs and legs the way they are.?
Losing a big amount of weight.?
How can I diet in college with a meal plan?
How many bench presses for a new comer?
is there healthy cream cheese?
how do i lose 50 lbs in 3 months?
Too Skinny? Is it possible?
so i really want to get fit what things at my gym should i do to help with legs?
How to gain overall body mass?
How to loose weight fast?
I have 7 weeks to drop 20 lbs. how do I do it?
How can I get toned at the gym without getting "bulky"?
5'3 and trying to gain weight - what should be my goal weight?
How do I find out how many lbs of fat I have in my body!?!?!?!?
is high prolactin, low thyroxin, low vitamin d related?
what controls the grandular secretions of the pituitary gland?
Please help does this pain in my head due cancer please help?
Diagnosed with extremely rare form of Cancer, only 20 years old?
my sister was told she has metastasized cancer in her armpit and my sister has no insurance. She is only 50.?
Does anyone have an idea for a PSA?
wisdom teeth???
teeth and gum problem?
I sometimes get a dry gritty sandpapery metallic mouth.?
spot on my lip?
hi there am due to get the implant 2moro, does it make you put on weight?
What's going to happen to my tooth?
Is it possible for a pregnant woman to get a teeth brace on the NHS for cosmetic reasons?
maxofacial/ dentist/ orthodontist plz help jaw surgery......?
What age do kids loose their milk teeth?
how do you keep a partial denture plate really secure in your upper mouth?
how much should a director of a dental lab be on a year?
Help.. dental worry?
I have chipped my filling and it's really hurting rite now whilst i am writing this...... Any cures anyone.???
26 and have lost most of teeth at top on one side wat can i do my dentist is useless?
What's the 'going rate' that the Tooth Fairy leaves for Children's teeth these days (UK please)?
Good Popcorn?
pain during preperation for crown/cap?
DOES HAVING BRACES help you loose weight?
I started to drink coffee and for some reason my left side chest is having a sharp striking pain every min?
I'm not sure If It's my appendix? Please read!?
Why would her back hurt...?
where can i buy numbing cream?
help me please right away?
Extreme Chest Pain. Please Help?
What could it mean if I have an off-center Adam's Apple and windpipe?
Do your hands breathe at night ?
Pain in chest on right side of body?
What do i do about mold?
I have Asthma, but do have it under control, lately I find myself breathing really heavy, any suggestions?
Am I eating enough for an 18 year old?
Healthy "Diet" Meals???????
Should I gain weight?
What is the best cardio dvd?
What is a good shake to loose weight?
Can I die from taking a preworkout supplement?
How do I build Muscle Fast?
Diet For Gaining Weight?
What's the best way to lose weight in the stomach?
How can I loose my belly, DON'T SAY DIETING.?
Exercise program to get lean/toned/defined? Or tips on how to get lean/toned/defined?
is having tree oranges a day bad for losing wieght?
How do I build leg muscle fast?
how can I lose belly fat quickly?
I weigh 108 lbs. I don't have a goal weight, but I'm thinking 102. I want a flat tummy, thinner thighs, and?
Are this tea brands Organic or 100% natural?
how to loose fat and see my sixpac under neeth?
How much should I weigh in relation to my height?
Did I eat enough food today? too much or too little? or just right?
jaw surgery plz help....?
What shall i do , please help?
My wisdom tooth is killing me?
I have a cut on my lip and i think its infected...?
Green stuff on teeth?
teeth extraction in children?
filling ?
Is something really wrong with me??!?
Who validates the competence of a psychiatrist or psychologist?
oxazepam - has anyone noticed different results with generic or cheaper brands. Serepax, alepam and murelax?
I am 6 weeks pregnant and wondering about antidepressants and the effects on pregnancy..?
My mother is going for abdomen ct scan today. She did not take her bowel for the past 3 days.Can she go for it?
If a man uses Premarin for prostate cancer?
Afew questions about breast cancer in family...?
where can i get donation for treatment of cancer in India ?
Can deodorant burns cause cancer?
my son has neurofibromatosis type 1 and hi is only 2years old what can i expect ?
does it mean you have cancer if your stool floats?
Bad side cramps when i run?
Right Knee Problem - Can Anyone Help?
i have a hot sensation on the top of my right foot any thoughts?
Which hurts more ..................................................?
how does massage help in behavioral management?
Has anyone found relief from shoulder bursitis and or tendinitis ?
Do you think there should be a age limit to dental Nurses?
How should I clean my retainer?
Finding a dentist?
My wisdom tooth?
Why do certain foods, like curry, turn false teeth green?
using baking soda to whiten teeth....?
Invisible braces - Wales, Uk?
piercin alert....?
Does 190 GBP for two cosmetic fillings sound like a decent price?
Does anyone know of a good tooth whitening toothpaste that i can buy in a high street shop ?
does bupa cover invisalign braces?
my gums are in bad condition. I don't smoke and I clean my teeth twice a day. What can I do about it?
How many wisdom teeth can come through?
Does anyone know where there is a dentists in sheffield that has disabled access for wheelchair bound people?
tooth extraction dry socket?
Can you whiten your teeth with a brace?
Swollen Jaw, Infected impacted wisdom tooth!?
How to lose twenty pounds in two months?
why do i think like an anorexic?
Cliff Bar and Muscle Milk Light during track season?
How can I get myself motivated to running again?
How do they find out calories in food?
How many weeks of consistent exercise does it take to tone your abs?
work out weight loss question!!!?
Can I lose 1 pound a day?
If I stop drinking coke will I lose weight?
How can I lose weight?
The p90x nutrition plan only gives 7 days of food for each phase.?
Binge ate, gained 5 and a half pounds overnight?
is it normal to feel nauseous after working out at the gym?