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Does anyone know where I can buy a littmann cardiology III stethoscope (black edition) in Vancouver, BC?
Dental anaesthesia?
does anybody have any gum?
What shape is NHS dentistry in these days?
Whats the most annoying thing you've got stuck between your teeth?
Can anybody recommend a good dentist for lumineers in London?
ne1 know how to stop mouth ulcers?
Can a NHS patient change there dentist when they want too?
how long do you have to train to become a dentist?
I want to become a dentist in the UK- can I have my own practice?
How much more expensive is the cost of a private dentist compared to a NHS dentist in the UK?
I have a small hard painful lump on my upper gum next to my cheek.?
lump in my mouth?
How to make dental pain obsolete plz thnx?
Can a tooth abscess cause nausea?
gum problem?
Temporary bridge problem ..?
i have a front crown which is wobbly the post is broken what can dentist do as i dont want to be without tooth
What is the survival of malignant pleural mesothelioma?
number of cases of myoma uteri in the philippines?
hormone treatment houston?
Does anyone know of any places that house kids with cancer I would like to send them some christmas cards.?
Which is healthier????????
How long would it take to get a body like this?
Omlettes or hard boiled eggs healthier?
What do you think is the average height of a 15yr old turning 16 in september of this year?
Have I eaten too many calories today?
Animal Training paks. Ripped and Peeled?
Will I see results if I do the same workout every day?
Hi everyone!! I'm really confused and was hoping someone could help me!?
What is a good start of working out?
Ab Excercise suggestions for 18 year-old female?
how many calories in my food list?
How healthy is frozen yogurt?
Struggle With Extreme Weight Lose?
How many sit ups and curl ups would I have to do to obtain a tight flat stomach?
How to get back into shape?
How come I stopped gaining weight?
how can i drop 50 pounds before march with restrictions due to a right shin injury PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!?
Are there any teen weight watcher programs out there in the St. Louis area?
Would you be able to notice 7 pounds?
How come i got a tooth infection for 3 years but no pain?
Do I need a root canal?
I keep getting infections with my lower wisdom teeth but they are not coming throu - what can i do about it?
1, 2, 3 ok, 4, 5 ,6 what?????
How do you know if you have a tooth abcess or if it has spread to brain?
Is an tooth abcess visible?
I have receeding gums?
what is the cost in english money (sterlin, pounds) of having your fenum clipped ?
why can i get a gold cap fitted on maternity covered NHS but i cant get a white filling done?
Whats this on my gum??
tooth whitening,,,,,,,,,,,,just to say thanks?
can i take my tongue ring out when i go to the dentist ?
dental care?
Is it possible to have oral thrush without the white covering - have the stinging tip of tongue, roof of mouth
something like grinding teeth?
Are Crest Whitening strips, etc. available in the UK?
If you have a tooth infection but no signs of abccess or pain, is that serious?
can i have my teeth taken out by general anesthetic?
How can I know the top cosmetic dental surgeries in my area?
how much is it to get a false tooth?
Can Levetiracetam (Keppra) drugs hit you with its side effects when you go back on it?
can you get cancer more then once in 2 differnt places?
What is ICS doing for the cancer patients?
Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma...what should we be watching for if he is in fact failing...yes dying!!!?
How do you know if you have kidney cancer or not?
Pituitary Tumor removal?
What is eosinophilia leukemia?
what imaging professional is also a physician?
How does smoking cause lung cancer?
Why am I gaining weight?
Is it bad to exercise if you haven't eaten?
need help losing weight or toning up some?
What is the best electronic ab toner belt to buy?
What is going on with me and my body?
Can you buy slimfast shakes with Arizona food stamps?
Any way to make myself a bit shorter?
Why am I always hungry?
Why am I getting stronger but not bigger?
Seriously, this is ridiculous?
What is a jog and is this enough?
need help getting a six pack?
how much exercise should you do a week? am I doing the right amount?
What should I do to loose weight fast such as how long should I work out for how many days what should I eat?
What is a good supplement for getting ripped?
do metformin help you lose weight?
If I'm trying to lose weight... Is a cheese stick a good breakfast?
Im kinda chubby, 16 years old, im like 6.06 feet, and weight like 202 pounds... and like fast food?
Have you ever had silver nitrate put on a verucca and what happend?
cleft lip and palate?
I had a tooth out 5 days ago and i'm still in pain...?
Lost tooth ?
Hi!! Can someone help me? Need to know what are the exposure factors for DIGITAL panoramic x-ray!!!! thanks?
NHS and dentists do you think this is right?
teeth problem ...?
When do antibiotics start to work properly.?
Discoloured Teeth?
hiya,went to the dentist today,he wants me to go2 hospital for xray?
Milk teeth...?
Americans - are those your own teeth???.............?
Do cavities on the front teeth hurt more?
What do you call the that little bit of tissue that conects your lips to your gums in the middle top and botom
i need to go to the dentist but i am so scared, can i ask to be put to sleep, will they charge me loads more?
How can a person know if they got an infection?
I quit smoking a month ago and my lungs have hurt ever since. Is this normal?
Who do i get rid of a cough?
What do I do about his snoring?
im so sick , help me please !?
about pinworms.?
My friend has lots of nosebleeds?
I need to know about sleep aphnia, help?!!!?
does experience makes you more confident?
if a psychiatrist is psychotic?
Anyone else take Lexapro or Esipram?? ?
How can I imporve my breakfast?
i have a very, very, very bad stamina. how to improve my stamina quickly?
Cardio+crunches daily or every other day?
I Need To Lose Weight, Any Suggestions, Tips etc?
Give me your thoughts (Pictures included)?
if i take fiber and digestive vitamins do you think that would help me lose weight?
Skinny 15 year old needs help getting muscular at home. HELP!?
Diet help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone have an old style weight watchers user manuel not the new pro points one?
Weight watcher??? My friend wants me to join weight watchers with her.?
When does weight gain show?
How much longer is it going to take me to lose 20 kg?
Is that enough food for a day?
exercise thc out of system?
How can I become a size 00?
I eat a lot of junk food; What if I just eat a lot of fruit?
Questions about Gaining weight, why did I stop gaining weight, etc?
is eating cover lint bad for you?
I just ate an orea mcflurry!!!!!!!?
I want to lose weight...?
How do they get Aquafresh toothpaste in the tube without mixing the colours?
i went to the denist the other day and i have a dry socket. what is a dry socket?
physics teacher or dentist?
I have a horrible bitter taste in my mouth when I eat food lately, any suggestions as to what is causing it?
Question about Partial Dentures?
How did reneeduffin get on at the dentist...did it all go ok.?
How easy is it for a Dental Technician to be self-employed?
Removing 2nd Molar tooth...?
one of my back teeth is broken and split in two?
need some advice about dentists?
wisdom teeth at 14?
Braces: When do you start noticing changes??
dental gum?
How can GI defects be prevented?
My dog is peeing blood and has bladder cancer, is there anything I can do?
which parts of the human body can adult stem cells not help?
could you get cancer faster by chewing gum well smoking?
how long should we avoid shave, apply soap/talcum powder on the face after radiation therapy for oral cancer?
Is it reasonable to want to put a port/pic line in someone with congestive heart failure?
What methods are in place to monitor exposure to radiotherapy?
if your eyes pressure is normal does that mean high chance you dont have brain tumor?
Could I have inflammatory breast cancer? 18 year old girl....Please help!?
Which parts of the body get smaller with weight loss?
will ab massager help to reduce weight?
How much exercise do i have to do to lose..?
Im a regular guy who has an unbalanced weight problem. I just cant seem to lose weight upstairs.?
I am on diet, NO MILK, so what can I eat?
Quick Trim Diet..................?
good or bad ? normal or not normal?
How to become stronger faster?
why aren't i losing weight?
NOT gonna have an eating disorder but need to lose weight?
How long does it take to not be hungry without eating?
I'm 5'10 nd weigh 130 pounds. How much muscle could I gain if I work out for 2 hours everyday for 7 months ?
Is this a healthy breakfast?
Question about the splits.?
Dietetics with kinesiology degree?
It's now ok to look down on 'Smokers' Why isn't it ok to look down on 'Fat People'?
Do you lose or gain weight during menstruation?
How long does it take to gain muscle?
Losing weight and getting sagging skin?
is this a good protein brand?
Would this be a good diet?
Can you use just dance to lose weight?
Will meditating help me in school?
Is netfootie.com anygood?what problems if any could one expect?
my > 12yr old greyhound has brownish stains around her mouth. any thoughts?
How can I get Rid of Lock Jaw?
I have toothache after root canal, is this a bad sign?
I like to have major work es to my teeth including implant but the cost is horrendous any help or experience ?
how do you get used to dentures,never worn them before .dreading the thought?
Is sugar-free chewing gum good or bad for children's teeth?
Can i be put to sleep when getting Dentistry work done on the NHS?
re- the chewing gum issue.?
Are Reprohealth Stiff strips, a genuine product?.?
Has my Dentist cheated me!!!!!?
Where can I buy Crest whitening strips in U.K. shop or online?
how much does a dental check-up cost in london?? any recomendations?
Dentists open on Saturday or emergency treatment - Bristol area?
how long with braces before you can eat hard things daughter had one fitted 3 days ago dentist said to eat onl
Can anyone recommend a good teeth whitening product from Boots???
should i try smoking weed again?
Has anyone had someone close to them suffer from end-stage COPD?
My uncle has been exposed to asbestos at work. What should we do?
if you have 2 children with adhd can it be caused threw blood from familt?
Needing ideas on how to quit somking!!!?
How Can I Stop My Snoring?
is this asthma or another type of lung problem?
Have your ever had sleep paralysis and saw a terrifying presence?
I took ecstasy last night with my friend and today I have 3 lymph nodes. Is that bad?
What all causes cancer?
does breathing in lead paint chips cause cancer?
What is classed as a swollen lymph node?
Need info on kidney cancer...?
For cancer patients/survivors?
is there anyone know the meaning of the following terms (in breast cancer analysis)?
how can i eat balanced diet with cheapest prices?
How can you get rid of the chin fat ?
Where can I buy frozen acai berry?
Am I wasting Protein?
What should my BMI be?
Why am I so hungry even after reducing my exercising?
Shaun T's insanity workout!?
How much minutes of exercise do I need to do to lose 2 lbs per week?
lifetime fitness cost?
I'm a teen that'd like to lose weight, as quickly as possible?
are you serously overweight when you lay down and you still have a gut?
What do you think about my weight, height, and body-fat percentage for my age?
i haven't lost weight but i feel slimmer?
Can someone help me...I'm 18 and I'm overweight i feel horrible with myself what can i do?
Am I turning bulimic ?
Is 31 inches around the waist healthy for a 13 year old girl?
Right side of abdominal hurts especially when working out....?
quick easy weight loss?? please?
Whats the best protein shake i can get from GNC for weight loss/muscle gain?
Which fruits are bad for your teeth and may cause Decay?
i have an exposed nerve in my tooth andi can not get to the dentist yet..what can i do for pain?
Is it normal for a 12 year old to have a wobberly tooth?
How long after apecectomy before I can apply pressure on the worked tooth ( front-one, which is also a crown?
Reccomened time for brushing?
i dont have any teeth, is it worth going to the dentist?
i was thinking about laser whitening but my teeth have never been naturally white? am i wasting money?
can alcohol make your tongue swell?
Is there a site for people that have things on there mind to vent? ?
cosmetic dentistry not finished and i swallowed a tooth...?
hi im a 26 year old male i have quite bad teeth how do i go about caps and how much are they?
how well does go smile work?
If during extraction the pressure is also applied to other teeth, is it normal to have pain to the teeth/tooth
Does anybody else suffer from air hunger?
Braces / Orthodontics Question.?
I Have had braces on for nearly 2 years and am worried about getting them off, Will there be any stains!?
is 2nd hand pot smoke any better than tobaco?
How does infection drain from a tooth?
How do you floss... and why?
I want to know about Dental implant in Hungary. Please tell me how was it?
I need help with my braces?
If you need antibiotics after tooth extraction doesn't that mean the source of infection is still there?
Front tooth slightly chipped. What choices do I have dentally?
it appears my teeth are starting to fall out due to a problem with my bone deteriorating.?
How much will it cost to have my teeth cleaned and stains removed with a private dentist.?
When during Apicetomy do they put you to sleep or that is not neccessary?
What is a healthy percentage of body fat for me?
How can i get a personal trainer ?
I'm underweight and i need to make it look like i weigh more when i go to the dr?
whats the best combination of suppliments for building muscle?
Can dentists tell if your kinda bulimic?
how can you measure your body fat percentage?
Quick way to lose weight?
how long are short triathlons?
How do you make your waist smaller?
Does this sound like a good daily workout for a 16yr old?
will i grow taller when i am 16?
How long will it take to gain muscle in 3 months?
What do u do to keep yourself from eating bad foods when trying to lose weight?
How can I get stronger arms?
Measurements teen bodybuilding?
help.... with creatine?
How to get STRONGER!?
sis really needs to lose weight?
I need to lose weight...help?
if i weight my self before and after a workout would the results show?
stomach cancer and pregnant?
i have acute leukemia and was throwing up today. Any advice on what to eat/drink after.?
how much money will one get if he/she finds the cure for cancer?
What kinds of toys can a child with Leukemia have?
thyroid lump, is it cancer?
What percentage men and children benifit from revenu collected by Susan Komen breast cancer charities?
how can i drop 60 lbs fast?
How can I better tone my body?
remove fat for a six pack?
How much calories and protein in 3 egg whites total?
most effective way to lose weight for guys?
how do i get a stronger quad muscle in a week?
need to lose weight so bad plz help?
Maple syrup detox help!!!?
What to eat before PE?
What are some healthy things to eat for supper?
should i lose more weight?
A good and easy way to lose belly fat?
How can I politely decline conversation during exercise?
Is organic food a good way to lose weight?
What are sone diet foods that make you loose weight fast?
I need to lose weight?
Do any weight loss pills work with enough diet and exercise?
Are abs are to keep showing?
I want to know How to Get Big Arms?
Confused about weight loss?
What does depression do??
our dentist charges £15 for a 3min., check up,how can you do a full check in this time?
what was your post-operative jaw surgery face swelling like and how long did it take to go down.?
Do you miss the old tubes of creams and toothpastes before the plastic ones came along?
where and who is the cheapest cosmetic dentist in manchester?
is that important to take out the theeth?
Have antibiotics never worked for you for a tooth infection?
my front bottom teeth have receded so badly, i fear they will fall out at any moment..........?
does gas at the dentist work?
What are metal fillings made out of ?
Invisalign tooth alignment... any good?
how much is it for a tooth filling?
Nicotine Gum????
What age do you have to be?
If antibiotics become resistant because used many times, then how long before they can start to work again?
Hiya denture problem thanks?
Wisdom tooth pains and gum pain?
If your ajacent tooth is infected after extraction of the one next to it would antibiotics clear it up?
Do dentist's know if a tooth is still infected even if antibiotics have cleared it up?
hi i am a overseas dental graduate.how can i get a dental hygienist registration in uk for me to start workin?
hi i was told if you have teeth marks at the side of your tounge it was your liver?
How to eat breakfast before early morning workouts?
I think i'm becoming anorexic? help?
How to stop eating so much junk food?
is it better to workout whole body or couple parts per day?
I get full after eating one piece of pizza, is there something wrong with me?
I keep gaining weight how do I stop?
Weight struggles.. Advice Please!?
does resistance bands put strain on your bones & joints like free weights will?
Will i gain weight?! HELP!?
how to get rid of small double chin?
how much weight should i lose?
Good ways to start working out?
is a 36-31-37 a hourglass, rectangle, apple, etc?
how many kilograms is 179.5 lb?
why do people who are anorexic have abdominal pain and constipation and or diarrhea?
Help getting the 6 pack abs I've wanted!!!?
How much weight can you lose in one week with prescription adderall?
How do I get rid of my stomach and love handles?
Should you drink a protein shake before or after you work out?
should i weigth myself every day?
I have a really skinny body, and a chubby stomach, how do i even it all out?
Can someone tell me more about their dental implants? how long did it take? does it hurt? and was it expensive
im gettin gmy braces off in a couple of weeks, does it hurt? if so..more than putting them on?
What does by the skin of your teeth mean, when our teeth have no skin?
has anyone experienced ......?
Who can recommend a good dentist in London or South East area? I need a bridge on my front teeth.?
how much would it cost for veeners on front four teeth?
are all abnormal moles cancerous?
Diagnosed Pre-Skin Cancer rt. forearm/face. Dr. then froze it...whats next.?
Red spot above my left breast.?
impact of collaborative communication between patients and caregivers on healthcare outcomes?
When im junping a little fast i feel like pressure in my head?
PCOS and Ovarian Cancer?
can you tell me any disorders related to the respiratory system?
My dad's chest feels heavy?
Is this possibly sleep paralysis?
what is idiopathic? I have hearing problem in an ear! 10 points for the BEST answer! Explain!?
i want to loose 40-45 pounds in 6 months?
Am I bulimic if I.,...........?
What are my Ideal Body Measurements? Anyone?
Which Are the best tasting slim fast snack bars and meal bars?
body fat percentage for a 4'9 13 year old girl?
i can feel my abs but cant see them?
What are the effects of food restrictions and eating disorders? important please respond?
What is the ideal amount of water...?
I need help getting motivated to weight lift, again.?
is this a good diet?for loosing a lot of weight?
What are the negative effects of purging?
Do we lose weight on our nose?
How can i get a proper nutrition for muscle growth?
How much weight will I lose considering my diet and exercise plan...?
How much do you pay monthly for your Gym?
are my hcg levels too low?please help?
What is a good diet for a 160 pound,14 year old girl?
How can I stretch out the skin on my stomach?
can you buy oral anabolic steroids at a corner store or gas station?
How can you live healthy starting at the teenage years?
What are some foods that will help burn abdominal fat?
dental implants-how painful,how long lasting and how needed ?
thanks for responses about dental implants.?
my jaw is stuck?!?
i have to get to dental implants which will need temp crownes just wondering can i get them straight away?
i have a fair few teeth missing in the back of my mouth so i need 2 implants just to get the braces even on my
Listerine total care, teeth with few brown bits?
I had a root canal 34 days ago on a abcessed tooth #31-I have been back to the endo twice for the pain-?
Worst case scenario if I pull one of my wisdom teeth?
I have two molars at the very back of my mouth?
i had a broken tooth and this happened months again september. Dentist cancelled appointment due to illness...
How bad will it be for my five year old to have a milk tooth out at the dentist tomorrow?
How can i relieve pain from a tooth abscess quickly?
Colchester. Can anyone recommend a good & gentle dentist (private or NHS)?
Why does my 2 year old not have her 2nd incisors yet?
Can dentists find out if your are working but you told them your on the dole?
Do i still get free dental treatment if i was working but same time my jobseekers claim was open?
Anyone got any Teeth Whitening (Home/Pro) Experiences?
does anyone know of financial help for cancer patients?
Know anything about a pituitary adenoma personal experience?
are other substances found in cigarettes, besides nicotene, addictive?
Bladder cancer ct scan..?
Where can I find a Cancer Ribbon Necklace?
Help! I think I might have testicular cancer? There is a small bump literally on my testical. ?
What could cause numbing of left collar bone to the deltoid and over left breast.?
Do you have a gym membership? And do you use it?
fat face, skinny body?
How long until I start losing Weight?
I went from benching 105lbs to 140lbs from late november till today?
Statistically, how many times a day do people snack?
I eat more than 3 meals a day..?
how many calories should i eat daily to lose weight?
Why I can't lose weight?
Could this be considered 'disordered' eating?
Most effective way to burn stubborn fat?
steps to digesting an apple?
How much protein do i need to support muscle growth?
What is the best way to lose weight fast?
will i loose weight eating these?
4'11 in a half 15 years old..?
Was this alot to lose?
Not seeing improvement on bench press..?
how to get a flat stomach ?
Can the way caffeine affect you be genetic? I'll explain more...?
Im getin my braces off this week, wts the process? Does it hurt?
my teeth are going a bit brown?
I have slip ot braces and gum sticks and pulls them out?
My braces are coming off at the beginning of May. But we are going on holiday in May and have to book soon..?
dentist surgery in London crouch end NW?
Wisdom teeth help!!?
what is ELYZOL used for?
Can someone tell me where I can find a tooth colour chart online?
has anybody had all 4 of their wisdom teeth out?
is it safe to take paracetamol/ibuprofen whilst taking metronidazole?
How come when i eat an apple my teeth feel itchy and i want to bite into something!?
Dry socket - how long is it until I am safe?
Bros gapped teeth...?
How much is the average price for vinnears in the uk and do dentists accept monthly installments?
How much would it cost me to have a molar extracted? I'm not registered with a dentist. UK?
Listerine antibacterial mouthwash?
Can anyone recommend a good toothpaste for whitening teeth?
Ihave bipolar and i dont know how to deal?
Hating Life?
What can i expect in a psychiatric hospital for paranoid schizophrenia?
Black and white mind?
I really dislike my personality and want to change but is this possible?
A bit slanted teeth (only slightly?)?
I m 67 male. In my upper jaw, I have two front incisers, left and right premolers close to cannine.?
Im having a hard time breathing?
when i move jaw to the right, a lump is visible on my cheek, is this normal?
having trouble breathing?
zoomtooth whitening?
I have 4 slightly crooked teeth in my lower row from using the bottle too long when I was little?
Do I have post nasal drip?
Got a bacterial infection?
procedure of fitting removable braces.?
any good home tooth whitening kits out there?
Air sick? Panic attack? What is it?
which mouthwash do you use?
porcelain veneers!!! info please?
I am having all 4 wisdom teeth extracted under general anaesthetic, what will this be like?
what qualifiations are needed to become amidwife and how long does it take?
does route canal work get covered by restorative dental work on a dental plan?
abcess tooth??
Can anyone tell me of any product that can whiten teeth. Mine are going a little bit dull!!?
kids toothpaste?..?
if you eat less calories in a day will you gain weight?
How can I bulk up and run track at the same time?
~Why did I gain 6 pounds in 2 days?! I'm sticking to my diet and eating healthy!!?
how to looooose back fat?
What's the best way to gain muscle AND to trim down on fat?
Can a 16 year old, 5 foot , LATE BLOOMER girl still grow?
What do you think of this daily?
whats happens if you work out like a body builder but don't eat like a body builder?
would meizitang botanical slimming diet pills show up in a drug test?
What happened to my weight loss?
Can I lose weight by jumping rope? How much?
how to clear out my waste and improve digestion?
is there any 2011 before summer excersise programs for free online?
how much weight will i lose every week if i barely eat throughout the whole day and do 1 hour working outdaily?
How much should the body rest after working out?
What can I eat to be less constipated under these conditions?
I'm going to start going to the gym, I need help though!?
tips on how to lose my belly fat?
good body for a 16 yr old?
Is there any website with a body shape calculator?
Type of cancer for fictional character?
Do i have cancer????
is it likely i have a cancerous tumor in my back?
Can i still kiss my boyfriend with a wobberly tooth?
Centre bottom teeth on toddler are loose. Damaged or normal?
~Why did I gain 6 pounds in 2 days?! With a daily intake of 1000 calories?!?
Do you think Diet Drinks are Dangerous?
What should my diet schedule be?
Easy ways to loose 15 lbs fast?
Like that i will gain more than 2 pounds per week ?
Why shouldn't I take testoripped if I'm not 18?
Is drinking Green Tea, Ginger Ale pop, real natural Cranberry Juice, and water healthy?
i need help with this fast....?
best diet for school student 16?
Sit-ups for a flatter stomach?
I have been extremely gassy lately. I am not eating anything out of the normal.?
Is this going to work?
Exercises to do sitting down to tone-up abd/or loose weight?
Does it matter what age to take phosphatidylserene?
I am fat please help?
do you know why i don't exercise?
ways to lose lower belly fat ?
can you really loose weight through hypnosis?
help me get a six pack?
Is this a good diet for building muscle?
badddddd toothache?
Is my leg damaged in any way as i bashed into a rock?
I have a lump on my hand.....?
Please help me i am a hemophilic patiant with factor 8 deficiency.please help me by telling a successful cure?
sleeping problems, please I need advise.?
What does it do for me if I use the equipment in the gym that work on my back, and back area?
How to get the best weight loss results within 5-6months?
question about bicep, tricep, shoulder muscles?
Is it best to workout 1 muscle a day?
is almond helpful in weight loss if they are how much can i take quantity on daily basis?
should you eat pre or post workout?
How to exercise with a wild child?
How much weight can i loose in a week?
Is a 5 ft 4 female considered short?
Lifting weights at the age of 15 effects your growth?
What's the number 1 thing you should do before dieting and exercising?
whats a good diet plan?.......?
How to make the gap between my legs bigger?
Does theHCG Diet work ???
Will this help me lose a few pounds fast?
Is it okay to eat a little bit of sugar??
Question about muscle soreness?
How to become stick thin fast??? Speed up metabolism and lose around 3 stone?
what should i wiegh, i'm 5 foot, 1 wiegh 150, my age is 49,?
Can someone fit help me out a bit?
I have been weightlifting for 3 months and i stopped, how long will it take for my muscles to go back?
Can anyone suggest an adult toothpast that doesn't taste of mint?
mouth opperation?
does teeth whitening over the counter treatments work ?
I have a red spot on the side of my cheek inside my mouth and my tongue keeps on going numb every so often.?
Why do we, as humans have to brush our teeth, when animals don't?
I need my teeth whitened- Any good experiences?
what are the differences between dead and vital tooth?
Calling all dentists. Does anyone know why adrenaline is added to local anaesthetic ?
how much are porcelin veneers and how long do they last?
Grinding Teeth?
advice needed from the U S A.thanks,,,tooth whitening?
mi pregnancy?
where can i buy hydrogen peroxide?
why is one of my teeth turning white?
I have recently had a root canal treatment done on my front tooth?
My doctor said I have a "comin" cold!? What's that? What's going to happen to me!?
What is the total cost of lung transplant (single and double) in the US?
TB test result help? I'm in a panic?
what can i do to stop my roommate from snoring?
What is a Nettie Pot and how does it work? COLD AND FLU ADVICE?
My twin brother has cancer, I could really use some advice?
I have a lump about the size of a marble on my collar bone what would the doctor do If I go?
had people known about the bubonic plague, what might they have done to slow its spread?
Has anyone heard from AM recently?
what are the do's and dont's for a patient with thrombophlebitis?
Could this be cancerous? Please help.?
my dad has hogkins lymphoma and my mom recently got diagnosed with non hogkins lymphoma.?
Is an italian wrap a healthy choice?
Should I eat more eggs?
what should i do at the gym to tone my body?
why do people say u dont lose weight when you dont eat you do because i did so why do people say that?
Is this a healthy diet?
Is this a good workout routine to lose my belly fat?
Why am I gaining WEIGHT?
what is the most muscle an average person can put on in a year?
Am I overweight? 90 pounds at 13 and 5'4?
Where can I purchase the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand?
How many reps should I do to get a good burnout set in?
does sugar mess up your diet even if you dont exceed your daily calorie needs?
Does the sacred heart diet work?
Spin class... how long will it take?
I'm a 24 old boy with a height of 172 cm, but my weight is just 54 kg. How can i improve my weight? ?
does it really help drinking fat free milk?
What are some good exercises to tone up?
Are body fat tests online accurate?
I'm not hungry after 2 days?
How much do healthy trim diet pills cost?
i cant get rid of belly fat?
Will pancakes make me fat?
Does anyone know what a USA dental hygienist would have to do in order to work in the UK?
My tooth abscess is no longer reacting to treatment, is it possible that it has spread as I now have a bad ear
What is the most effective whitening toothpaste?
Bridge preparation??
What happens when you get retainers?
How to cope with the stress of passing away of my mother?
Do any of you have ideas on how to get around the new legislation for Childrens dental braces?
is atat leukemia cured at this time?
will global warming have an effect on brain cancer?
Smokers of All Ages ?
Slimming Sauna Belts: Do they work? How long? How to wear them correctly?
Am i at a healthy weight for my size?
How many miles does the average person walk in a day?
what are the top 10 health risks that are caused by unhealthy eating?
why do people tend to lose weight?
How much more weight should i lose?
How many calories do you burn eating strawberries?
How to look ripped with using weights?
My age is 18 years, i want to increase my height but i have no idea to increase my height i was try many pills?
Is losing weight apart of growing up?
What exercise 2 get rid of the fat on my stomach?
How much weight should I lose?
How can I get a flat tummy quick? ?
Slimming down after gymnastics?
Does track slim your legs?
what can you do to stop height growth?
Threw up. Should I eat more?
Following my diet, but gaining weight?
what tea can i drink to make go to toilet regulary?
Home exercises for buff upper body?
I'm 78 yrs. old, I've smoked 62 yrs. Won't quitting affect me adversely?
Does smoking really causes Parkinson's disease?
How can I beat this Christmas Cold?
coughing after quitting smoking?
help my really sore throat?
Lung cancer and the respiratory tract......?.....really need help....?
I have been coughing up yellow phlegm for more than three weeks now....?
What are the bad effects of using proenamel toothpaste?
Is it possible theyv left sum root in there?
does anybody remember Gibbs Dentifrice toothhpaste?
Dental Question, Does anyone know how long a white filling should last for?
Sensitive teeth?
What is a crown, a bridge and a cap?
when i lift weights i crunch my teeth, any solution on protection?
unnecessary dental work?
sensitive teeth!!?
Dental/ Chemistry question. Do metal/amalgam/composite fillings contain nickel ?
Why is my tooth giving off a sweet metal taste?
how can i overcome my fear of the dentist?
NHS dental...?
i want to get cosmetic dentistry maybe in poland as i understand its alot cheaper any one can recommend some o
Can you get cavities in your dentures from using too much artificial sweetner?
Inman Aligner???
what is the name of the mouthwash used for bleeding gums?
Is a bagel & cream cheese really unhealthy?
Any exercises to improve vertical jump?
Drink Calories V Food Calories?
i need a daily exercise routine ?
Is there something I can replace caffeine with that is healthier but will help me get over the addiction?
The right side of my chest seems to have more fat build up than my left. What's up with that?
if i do 50 sit ups 25 pull ups and lift a 10lb weight in both hands 50 times and run for 4 minutes every day?
I'm having problem with my weight?
How many calories should I be burning & eating?
What Body Fat % is this?
Why am I gaining weight?
What are good things for a skinny guy to eat after a workout if he wants to gain weight?
A Daily Workout Plan?
Is it bad to mix these vitamins on a daily basis?
What would be the ideal weight for a long distance runner?
How tall is the average teenage girl?
Eat 600 calories a day?
What is an easy, effective workout plan/diet?
Can I join the LA FITNESS GYM and workout the same day?
How much should i weigh for...?
If I starve myself and make myself throw up, does that mean I have anorexia and bulimia?
How is that cancers escape the complex process that usually regulate the cell cycle?
A friend of mine got an intestional infection from the FU chemo. She is off chemo?
How do i know if 20mg adderall is enough for me?
suicide pacts?
Question about getting a spinal tap?
Professional advice please about a bump on my collar bone?
What organ system does Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) affect?
Where can i have a consultation about accelerated orthodontics in London?
Signal Toothpaste - where can I get it from?
My wife is pregnant and has awful mouth ulcers, how can she treat them?
Anyone had a tooth implant?
How can i become a dental hygienist?
Anyone had professional whitening from their dentist? What were your results like?
is teeth shaving necessary for invisiglign?
Getting braces off...?
A toothy problem.?
Will removing tooth cause fever?
Help! My (tooth) crown has fallen out from the front of my mouth!!! HOw can i get it fixed on a Sunday?
has anyones braces ever broke ??
Is eating honey bad for your teeth?
World's worst.. Please help me!?
Advice, what creams to use during weight loss!?
Im losing weight by doing nothing help?
Why do I eat so much?
My lower back hurts after I run.?
Did I do great,fine,bad with exercising and dieting?
Should I see the dietitian?
how to lose 40 pounds in 4 months?
I'm 5'2.5" and almost 13. Am I average, tall, or short for my age?
What is the average weight for a teenage girl?
i need a good routine ?
Do I have skinny arms for a girl?
How to gain weight the right way?
I'm addicted to eating?
How can my girfreinds get rid of her Love Handles?
Is the sodium content of home made chicken broth unhealthy?
How Can I incease my max chin ups?
What are some good snacks at this house?
How could I get stronger to the point were I can bench 180 or 190 and squat 230 or 220?
can anybody move their top lip to both sides?
dentist, orthonist?
is halitosis contagious?
is thire any mecanizem to make a teeth white that was dameged by Floride , i ask the doctor but they r not ,?
where online can i buy a hard acyrilic mouthguard?
help ive got Toothache?
why is one side of my face numb after a few days of going to the dentist?
Gnashing teeth?
Lip/Labret Retainer?
pros & cons of using superglue on a broke tooth - temp?
BOOTS - teeth whitening products?
wisdom teeth question?
What can u do with mouthwash liquid besides washing the mouth?
Hey all, I have just had my first fillings?
My surrounding top gum, of my month is sore?
Whats the worst of infected wisdom teeth?
what do you think bad breath from?
Pain in chest and hard to breath?
please help do i have pneumonia again..ten points to whomever helps most?
hey yahoo users how is pneumonia caught and how do you get rid of it??
how the public can help combat increased antibiotic resistance?
Asbestos Removal?
panic attack symptoms?
What does Pleghm look like?
prednisone what is it used for?
hubby's snoring is costing me hours of sleep! how can I get this to stop short of sleeping apart?
does breast cancer come before breast feeding?
What is a Thyroid gland?
Ectodermal dysplasia.?
Weird bump on my leg.......could this be cancer?
what do they do different for palcare in hospital than at home?
what does a breast cancer lump feel like?
Does P90X work if you want to get a flat stomach fast?
Will this workout help me gain muscle?
whey protein natural substitute?
can someone suggest me a good diet plan ?
Whats a healthy diet consist of?
I have an eating disorder but I can't tell anyone, please help?
Need help getting my abs to show please help!?
Is it bad to take more than 5 pills from GNC?
Are Push Up Bars best used when overweight?
i feel like i 'm losing weight but the numbers the same?
How long can i lose this fat in?
Is my elliptical calorie counter accurate? 700 cals in 1 hour?
Ways to tone inner thighs?
If obesity is a disease, then can you call into work sick because your fat?
what will happen if you do not eat for 3 days?
How hard would it be to put on 4 lbs of muscle a month for 2 years?
Walking 2 miles and eating 1,200 calories daily! Will I lose weight fast? What's the average?
Will this idea work at all?
job seekers and dentists?
What should you do if you have brown or orange stain on your teeth and you can't get rid of it?
How long does it take a nerve to die in a tooth?
Recommended amount of milk per day?
how much does it cost for a visit to dentist?
I`V LOST MY DENTURES ( only 3 teeth on a plate ) any idea how much a new set would cost?
Piece of my gum came off. HELP!?
I'm having braces ?
Why do you gag when cleaning your teeth? You dont exactly stick the tooth brush down your throat?
Anybody knowledgeable in NHS dentistry issues?
My teeth are yellow?
I won't gain weight.?
looking for a weight loss partner?
weight risk. health advice. teenager. prom lol help!?
I started to go to the gym but?....?
I want to lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks, how can I do that?
anybody have a diet designed for more energy?
are my hips normal, i feel like they prevent me from getting a v shape?
Will this workout plan do anything?
How can I loose weight fast?!?!?
What r some healthy meals for lunch at work?
What to eat after protein shake?
Do you think this is normal?
Read Carefully! How many calories are in a regular salad with tomatoes onions and thats it?
Is there any job related to dietitian?
Which do you like better: oatmeal or cream of wheat?
Is drinking too much sweet tea bad for your cardiovascular system/endurance such as running, swimming, etc?
Have a MAJOR problem with food...please read....?
can a 16 year old sign up for a gym membership online with a parents permission?
how to lose 70 pounds by june 2011?
Will having more calcium now make up for a deficiency?
How much weight can a person lose in 1 day by not eating?
Living with a stroke survivior?
Hi everyone, im 15 years old, i have been coughing up dark green stuff everyday at least 20 times in a?
have you ever been coughed at and did nothing about it?
I need help. I have a lot of pressure on my chest and.....?
I lost my asthma inhaler and need it badly!?
My brother told me he has a cavity in his lung. What is that?
serious coughing and wheezing?
How can I get rid of my laryngitis ? I want to at LEAST get my voice back for a couple hours :[?
Should I get a Flu Shot? [w/ details]?
Grandmother has blockage..?
The major sign of hypoventilation is?
I'm sick.. I just threw up.. but I accidentally somehow inhaled some of the vomit and can't stop coughing? :/?
can a cancer patient die before the expected time?
couple questions about nutrition specialist?
Are there secret drugs for the rich, or is everyone equal?
Is chester bennington really suffering from throat cancer?
is this skin cancer or a zit?!?!?
How is MS diagnosed please?
I have Periodontal Disease what is the the most effective treatment?
a card which can let you go to NHS see dentist free of charge??
Teeth cleaning programme for an adult with SLD?
Do wisdom teeth and/or cavities cause horrible migraines?
retainers fitted in?
If Amoxocilin dont work for ur tooth infection can metronidazole work?
How long after drinking dieters tea do you go to the bathroom?
Flat stomach, two months, what do you think?
Does a lot of Splenda affect you health? ?
How many calories do I need?
Is 2000 Calories OK? Anorexia...?
Are there any good work out dvds?
Is This OK? Help Gaining Weight?
I want to lose weight with out stop eating?
Would higher rep workouts be better if you increase the weight while doing them?
Myoshock vs naNO X9 MuscleTech?
I would like to lose a little bit of weight...?
what are belly workouts called?
dose music help in weight lifting?
Anyone know of a 5 day cleanse?
I want to lose weight fast!PLEASE HELP!!!!!:'(?
My son is 5,7 and 13 years old how much should he weigh?
Do you think I am fat?
Losing Weight Easy and Fast?
which swimming stroke would be best for fat loss ?
does doing a "core workout" burn belly fat or just build abs under the fat?
How much weight could I loose in 20-25 weeks?
What disorder type?
Is this really worth going on with?
I have sever fear of spiders, and need some help!?
Mental Health problems?
scan anyone inform me on Graves Disease?
Severe pain when breathing sometimes?
Coming down with a cold =( ...?
how do doctors test for asthma?
Nasal Congestion and Sinus?
does anyone have and weird hiccup remedies that work?
Is a guy with a smoker's cough a turn-off for women?
how long can a sinus infection last?
How do I know if my son is getting all of his puffer? How do I know if he is taking it right?
do i take an antibiotic for a sinus infection?
how to look hot in a bikini but not anorexic, looking for ways to get skinny for swimsuit season in Florida.?
If I eat 968 calories in a day and burn off 900 will I loose weight?
Was arnold's lower pec muscles the most thick around age 20?
Should i Weight myself at night or morning why?
Slim for summer ? Please help me?
Need help with breakfest!? I'm an athlete and eat healthy but need tips..?
Im 14, around 5" 4' and like 120 lbs.. am i overweight?
How should I split up my workout routine?
is this too much cardio?
How much weight would I lose in a month?
Easiest way to lose weight?
tips to slim down in 5 days?
Best flavor ON protien?
Can smoking Marijuana and exercise help lose weight? like body fat?
How can I lose weight?
Anyone have some smart dieting tips?
How can I loose weight by exercising?
How long does it take for you to start losing your muscle if you stop working out?
How to get a lightning fast metabolism?
Is Amplified Creatine 189 any good?
Is hydroxycut safe? i used it before it helped me lose weight fast with exercise. Should i use it again?
confused. dentists help please?
teeth need whitening!!!?
Whitening teeth that have tooth-coloured fillings?
I nead new dentures?
Instant teeth whitener - pearl drops?
"One, two, three, four OK, four, three, OK"?
how can i get free braces?
Oral-B Sonic or Oral-B Rotating Brushes (ProfessionalCare 8500)?
Do Not Know what to do about Dental Complaint in UK?
Philips Sonicare FlexCare or Oral-B Sonic Complete DLX? Which one would you recommend?
Amount of fluoride in the water in North London?
With mouthwash after you spit out do you rinse your mouth out?
abscess in mouth not healing?
why do I keep bleeding around the same tooth when it's not even loose or painful?
I've taken Antibiotics for my Wisdom Tooth & the pain is fine now, but does it still need to be taken out?
clicking and aching jaw?
Mercury fillings - bad?
Is cancer a dominant trait?
Please help me, I think my mom could have cancer!?
Excruciating ear pain and diarrhea related?? :/?
Lymph node swollen and not sure why?
is it possible to bring my aunt to usa from overseas to treat cancer?
Should I see a doctor?
My son (5yrs) has an adult tooth behind his baby tooth, but the baby tooth isn't loose. Should I worry?
i am scared of the dentist he recormends i go under what should i do?
Can I get a second opinion on the NHS?
what happened????
Crest White?
I am grateful to those kind people who have advised me to file down the sharp piece?
Never been to the dentist and gappy teeth?
why worry going to dentist I asked?
Is it right for my mate to be proud of the fact he has had his teeth for 14 years even thou they are rotten?
mouth problem!?
TMJ question?
gappy teeth?
small back teeth?
how long to have grommit fitted in a adult?
What standard of teeth is needed to be 'dentally fit' for Denplan?
Braces- Advice?
How are fixed braces removed?
What is the legal meaning of the term "organic" on a food label?
Help I'm shaky and my legs are wobbly?
How do you know if you are anorexic?
Bally Total Fitness monthly membership?
Will I gain weight if I eat meat?
I want to gain weight!?
What would you think about a man who sits on other men´s laps?
Good tips for losing weight fast! Help please!?
will chopping wood help me lose weight?
what is a good guess of my body fat percentage in this picture?
Teen girl losing 10-15 pounds in 2 months?
13 Years Old, Height and Weight Questions?
Why are senior citizens in this country being denied food stamps?
Health and Fitness Jobs...?
how long until a 6 pack shows?
Will my eating disorder show up in blood work?
Wrestling weight gain help?
Can Weight Loss Affect the way your stomach feels?
How many time should I excercise during the week?
Question about my hips?
What's the perfect weight for..?
How to gain muscle while flattening my stomach?
Is it safe to put Vicks Vapor Rub in the bath?
Anyone know about asthma?
How can I stop my nose from constantly dripping?
Problems breathing after someone you care about dies?
what is bronchoscopy ? what are the risks involved in it ?
Is this really true about mold ?!?
What exactly happened to me?
What drugs can you take for perseveration?
i want to kill myself but i promised some1 i wouldn't?
What is these two types of clinical trials, Product registry & disease registry?
What would be the cheapest way to be checked for throat cancer? Who accepts payment plans?
Is this skin cancer ?
Prefixes can cause a lot of confusion. For example, Peri and Para sound similar and mean very different things?
I have mild pre cervical cancer what is going to be the procedure that gets rid of my cervical cancer?
What is the average rate of pay for a dental nurse in ireland?
My teeth are a creamy colour. Not yellow but not white. How long would it take to get them white?
how do you know if dental abcess or a wisdom tooth symptoms are similar??
which is the easyest dental school to get into?
dental crowns?
where can I order dental products to be delivered to Tenerife?
once you get Acid erosion in your teeth, can you make your teeth stronger again?
My front teeth have transparent edges, is this enamel wearing away?
Teeth Bleaching?
Help please lock jaw?
Dental care : best prices in europe?
how long does it take for your wisdom teeth to come through?
will applying bonjela more than advised heal a mouth ulcer quicker?
Bad breath?
What diets are there for people my age?
what is wanted to lose weight?
how can i get a flat tummy?
Two question about salt in your diet.?
do you think this will help me to loose weight/build muscle?
can you burn up to 200+ calories form daily activities?
I can't eat in school and school is 8 hours long.will I still lose weight?
will i lose weight on this DIET? still?
What do you call the fitness machine that you spin on?
21 one yr old gy needs diet advice?
My fat is all concentrated in my stomach, what should I do?
Is this cellulite on my stomach?
Can I turn lose extra skin in muscle?
how longs it take to lose stamina?
Do I need to exercise EVERYDAY? is 3 days a week enough for a kid?
How was your Curves experience?
Will i lose weight by eating this way?
How to lose 10kg in 1 month?
What are some fun creative ways to stay motivated for my weight loss journey?
If i have my wisdom teeth out, will i need to take time off work after it's done?
tooth whitening kits?
how long would I be out under general anestheia?
Recently had brace fitted, is this normal?
how much does a dental implant cost in England?
how does dentyl work?
mouth ulcers !?
bulima help?
How far does the NHS strech in terms of teeth?
i have to have my root canal filling changed to gold. i dont want the injection, do you think it will hurt.?
does anyone know how to help with sore teeth?
I've had porcelain veneers done on the NHS as i have no enamal on my teeth,can i have them redone on the NHS?
Is there any side effects from restalyne and how long does it last for. Also does it hurt. R U happy with resu
what type of anaesthesia is safe: local or general?
Metronidazole Anti Biotics , i'm, about to take them for the first time ever ?
Pneumonia - Insomnia?
what is a safe antibiotic for urinary tract infection?