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how much are dental implants in ireland, and can u claim tax relief each implant??
What can products make teeth whiter other than dental surgery?
who owns a necklace with a sharks tooth on...?
I've had my wisdom teeth out, & stitches put in my mouth, how long do they take to dissolve, & how do they?
how many of the worlds population suffer from submandibular masses?
My girlfriend's mother has cancer..?
how do i prevent my boxer from getting cancer or at least lower the chance of getting one?
Small lump underarm; history of breast problem?
How dangerous is cancer of the sinuses?
Is Humming Healthy or Unhealthy?
Motivations for weight loss? ?
what goes in must burn out?
Wat are some exercise tip for children ?
What's the best scales?
Am i overweight for a 15 year old?
is 80 grams of complex carbs after workout too much?
Help! Why am i so hungry...lately?
How do I get motivated to loose weight?
I sometimes like being fat over average size?
I'm 14 Years Old. Can i Start Lifting Weights?!?
my bf's mom and my friend called me fat...am i?
Whats the normal height & weight?
Is it true you burn calories by singing?
im 14 and pretty skinny, 5ft 10in. 139 lbs. I eat lots of meat and healthy food, when can i expect to get big?
Is 900 calories a day bad?
Will i see results if i lift weights for 10 minutes a day after 1 month?
How to drop weight instantly?
Addicted to dying my hair after being hospitalised for depression?
Does anyone in Mental health have got some sort of Mental Illness?
Which of these diets do you think would be most effective in losing weight?
how do you improve on getting your legs higher for cheerleading?
How to get the nice popping out abs?
why are my thighs soooo fat?
How to quickly loose weight and look better for a show?
Scared to go to the doctor?
What music or activity would make you get off your duff and exercise?
Best way to lose weight?
What are some Energy pills/Thermogenics that actually work?
what are good exercises to get in shape?
Is this to much to eat for 13 year old girl?
Is this a healthy dinner?
I have excess fat on my face, I really hate it! What can I do?
Do slim fast milkshakes work?
What should i weigh or my ideal weight be?
Is it okay to exercise ?
What is a really great way to lose weight?
Theres this party in one week..how can i loose some weight for it?
how can i lose my baby belly fast?
i've lost a lot of weight, now i have 55 kilograms but still have belly fat, what should i do?
What kinds of health test should a 40 Years old person should go to do ?
Found a lump on my shoulder blade?
i have heard of drugs in like canada or somewhere you can get drugs that cure cancer is this true?
NHS dentist in SouthWest London ?
Braces HELP!!!?
Why are dentists allowed to blackmail the public?
Anyone else bored with brushing their teeth?
Can you buy Crest Whitning Strips in the UK ?
Inlay put on a root canalled tooth?
Does anyone know the approx cost of a pair of fixed braces?On NHS or private?
wisdom tooth infection antibiotics?
teeth veneers?
when you get your braces tightened, is the pain longer or shorter to when you first got them on?
Orthodontic Question...HELP!?
Please tell me what I should do!!! I am supposed to be going to the dentist on wednesday....?
Do those detox foot pads work?
why arent i losing weight?
Does this workout....?
Are those protein drinks bad for you?
ive been working out for a while, no results?
can you eat too many almonds per day....I love them?
I need to get in shape but I don't Know What Kind of Exercise machine I should get !. Help.?
Why am I always thirsty?
How many calories in a can of peaches, light syrup, are in the peaches and how many in the syrup?
I was doing great in my weight loss but ended up failing advice?
i want a belly to overhang and jiggle more?
food i can eat at work?
Question for zumba people?
I need to lose weight, I'm just lost. There are so many different ways!?
What work outs can I do to tone my abs?
Do you wish you were like me when it comes to exercising?
Just got fast food...on a diet?
How do I know if I am bulimic? Could I just be a pig?
is this apple heatlhy?
help me plan an excersize routne PLZZZZZZ and a daily diet?
how much are lumineers?
Can you use other brand's replacement brush heads on a waterpik electric toothbrush?
How Much Does Invisalign cost?
Wheres the closest place to Lincoln that does Braces?
I have a six year old daughter and there are white 'blotch' marks on her secondary incisors. what's the cause?
can anyone recommend a good dentist in glasgow thanks.?
Can you get orthodontal (braces) treatment on the NHS?
my b/f needs tooth surgery but until then what can he do?
perforated bone tissue in dog?
I have been suffering from dry mouth for about 5 months now. can anyone offer any solutions?
where can i get free emergency dental treatment in london?
How efficient is a second apexceptomy?
I had 2 teeth out last week, but the gums are still hurting me?
where can i get my placenta encapsulated?
Best friend worrying about her dad, who is very ill with cancer?
Help!!!! Any Doctors??!?!?
Colon cancer for my grandma question?
What is Oncogenes and what is the fuction of it ?
I found a lump in my breast that's kinda flat with a kinda bumpy surface and a little sore. I sleep on that?
thrive fitness membership..?
If I eat less than 1000 calories a day but eat a lot of protein/carbs will I lose body fat quick?
Would you rather be really skinny (not anorexic) or really chubby (not obese)?
How can I be 'fit' skinny sorta thing?
Does the Ab Doer Twist work?
Need Good Workout Plan?
could I gain much muscle by.........?
I dance 12-13 hours a week but am sill a little heavy? Help.?
which sport in wii sports gives you the best workout?
What's the healthy way to gain weight?
What exercises can I do for hockey so that I'll skate faster?
Skinny teenager . wants to get broader?
help needed choosing a protein shake?
should I buy It or not?
Calories and weight gain from juice?
Calories in two pancakes?
what is the best bodybuilding magazine for workouts and do the workouts in them work?
wanna get a good body in couple months?
How can i losse wieght in the winter?
Is this a good routine to tone me up?
What should the weight and height of a 13, 14, and a 15 years old boy be?
Anxiety problems please help!?
Do you think Im totally insane?
sore hand and beneath thumb?
Whats wrong with me!?
How long does it take antibiotics to kick in?
How long before permanent crown can I have temporary "thing" safely?
Any idea why my retainers are giving me a headache?
if a teeth has been took off from mouth is there is a possibility that due to some causes bllod comes from ear
another wisdom teeth question sorry!...?
Im going for underbite surgery......how long does it take for the swelling to go down?
hi i have a chipped eye tooth?
when a dentist gives you the cost for the braces what all does that include?
suffering from dry socket,i've had it packed and unpacked for 3 days,how much longer shall it take 2 heal?
My tooth has broken and .....?
What causes mouth ulcers and what's the best way to cure and prevent repeat attacks?
gums. skin?
how soon after a tooth extraction can i fly?
what can i use to clean my teeth so that they be white?
Help with admissions to Dentistry in US?
Any ideas on how l can get cosmetic dental treatment without paying over the odd prices in London??
how can i get a flat stomach?
Can anyone help me write a list of HEALTHY snacks?
What is the easiest way to lose ten pounds in two weeks ?
food that speed uo metabolism?
What kind of fish does GNC use in its vitamins?
gym membership type change?
Could I lose 20 pounds (or more) in 3 1/2 months? and any weight loss tips please ?
What weight should I be?!?
how to lose weight in 1 week?
I'm starting on a vegan diet?
Bodi-Tek: Ab-Tek Belt..?
zumba dance routine please help?
The lemonade diet!!?? help?
Six form General Questions?
Is this a good diet plan?
why does my stomach pop out when it not fat?
How to burn belly fats through herbal medicines?
Is It Possible To Lose Weight By Walking 30 Mins A Day?
is 5ft 2 short for a 13 year old boy?
Possible root canal?
dental implants?
Does anybody know the daily routine of a dentist?
Whats it like having a retainer put in?
Teeth removed. Possible Infection? Damaged Sinus?
Squeezed epidydimis. Doctors or anyone with experience in this field please answer though all answers welcome.?
MRI rule out bladder cancer etc?
How do they get the Red and Blue Stripes in toothpaste ?
feeling furry?
sons teeth?
My Best Friend Just died of Bone Cancer?
Tooth extracted - What should the blood clot look like?
any way to reduce swelling of the jaw?
is it possible to get invisalign braces in florida, when i live in uk?
Brothers Baby Teeth..?
does the NHS pay for my braces or retainers. im 15?
dentists emergency?
How much does it cost for a teeth brace if i on working familys tax credit?
just been told i have severegingevitis and abscessin gums will i have to have all my teeth out am scaredto go?
Can any one recommend a good orthodentic in LEEDS, UK ?
Bad Teeth...?
How am I suppose to take GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Muscle Igniter 4X and N.O. Loaded?
What are the K-pop stars diets?
what is the best abb work out?
what type of excercise do i need to do get a body like Christina Milian?
If i workout like this everyday how many lbs should i expect to lose?
How long would it take for me to lose 30-40 pounds from starving myself?
this protein shake mix?
What does Vitamin K do for your body?
Is P90x right for me?
What can be my diet plan for now Help me please...?
Biggest loser competition with family across the country?
Why am i losing weight? i'm 13?
if im taking 100% whey protein suppliment?
I gain like 2 pound when I'm on my period why?
MYYYYYY legs hurtttt?
how should I accomodate a new "desk job" lifestyle?
is eating alot of mackerel bad or good for you?
can you swallow seeds in the passionfruit 10points?
Should I go ahead and lose ten more pounds?
Whats my body type with these measurements?
How long will it take to loose 15 pounds?
smokers, can you go 5hrs without a cig?
Is it normal for someone to feel the need to smoke early in the morning?
Can acid reflux damage your voice/vocal chords?
When i eat it makes my acid reflux worse and not better?
I've spoken too much and now my throat is heavily strained...?
Anyone had dental implants?
Why many people say it's difficult to find a dentist in the UK?
what is a mercury free dentist in the uk ???????????
My other half tells me it is quite alright to swallow chewing gum..?
Plz help im a total dental phobe ..... havent a clue read on?
in my mouth it always sour it do-in my head in y? help!!!!!!?
I need help to treat my mouth ulcers?
Have any 1 ever got their wisdom teeth removed for money,how much did u get&was it worth it.I'm in London.
Where can I buy Welby/Gianni replacement toothbrush heads?
How much will it cost to get the perfect smile?
Has any one heard of gum infections in babies aged 1 year?
all about smile quest teeth whitening?
root canal treatment?
Whats the procedure for placing an amalgam filling???
leg muscles sore still ok to do cardio?
what is the p90x nutrition plan?
Can ab lounge replace regular sit-ups?
Why am I not sore today?
Is eating 800-1000 calories healthy?
BMI of 29 and still healthy?
Does meat taste bad after you have not eaten in for a while?
If I eat bad but exercise a lot, will the exercise have any effect?
what is different about weight watchers points plus?
How physically active am I?
How to see how much my breasts weigh?
I have been on a lot of medication and put on A LOT of weight, please help?
How do i gain healthy weight?
Can someone please give me some HEALTH and FITNESS phrases and questions/ answers in FRENCH? Easy fast points?
only eaten 30g protein in past 2 days due to sickeness?
do you think i have an eating disorder?
I think I am anorexic but at the same time I dont?
I'm going to Del Amo eating disorder program and very scarred heard bad things.. Any input?
What foods is good for ouself?
Jumproping on tip-toes for calve muscle?
How can i be skinny for the day?
Give me the name of clinic or hospital where treatment of hepatitisb do.?
demographic of Adenocarcinoma of the Lung?
marinol for cancer patients is it prescribed in the staTE OF mO.?
can smelling your breath cause lung cancer?
My grandma has colon cancer?
ALL and every possible symptom of ovarian cancer?
What is the Oncotype test?
does smelling your breath cause lung cancer?
How much peroxide is in Crest Whitestrips Premium?
What is a free dental plan?
Tooth straightening?
had wisdom tooth out fri and numbed me up with the max amount of stuff they can give me?
Can a 3 year olds tooth be forced back into the gum?
How much would you expect to pay for private dental treatment?
has anyone had their Jaw broken whilst having their wisdom teeth removed under anaesthetic.?
work experience at the dentists: all comments very welcome!?
If you know alot about braces with elastics please help!?
Are teeth living things?
vitint safe&white whitening brush?
what are the difference of braces & retainers?
21 & teeth are slipping behind my others I dont really want full metal braces is there any other options?
dental problem?
whats wrong with brushing?
How much weight will i lose?
Oat Porridge Vs. Bran Flakes?
Would this help me lose weight? What other method can I use with this?
How can someone exercise all the time and still be fat?
Exercises For A Great Muscular Build ?
How will sit ups affect my belly fat? Will it make my stomach look bigger or will i lose the fat and...?
Are these good maxes?
has anyone used fatblaster max? did it work for you?
If I take a multivitamin daily, can I take a hair vitamin too?
Rate of Body Fat Increase over Time?
What can I do about my eating disorder?
Can you input your weight into a Nordic Track c900?
Would drinking one Coke be enough caffeine to give me trouble sleeping tonight?
cutting weight for wrestling?
what kind of exercises can i do and food i can eat to get skinny im 12 and weigh 125 please tell me?
What is whole grain foods?
what can i drink other than soda? that is healthy for me?
Couple questions on working out?
Protein Supplements...Should I take them?
How can I lose 20 kgs in 5 months?
side affects of lexapro?
What is the difference between......?
i had my tongue pierced over a year again i've tried to get it out but it wont twist?
Ceramic Hip Replacement?
have you had periodontal scaling done, and what was your experience afterwards? Did it work? recommend it?
What do you have to pay for at the Dentists?
Red spots in mouth...?
Does anyone know how much Invisalign costs?
Whats a good toothpaste for clearing tarter?
Have you EVER been refused anaesthetic at the dentist when you were having a filling?
Sinus problems after dental work?
How much for dental treatment in the UK?
where can i buy baking soda and hydrogen peroxide???
i have TMJ disorder and my oral surgeon told me that there is nothing I can do. Is this true?
what happens if retainers arnt worn after mouth braces have been taken out?
What is the fatality rate for oseous and nuero. sarcoidosis?
Question about my grandmother... help?
How do kidney stones get so large?
Brain tumor?! helppppp!?
Foot long tumor between the lungs?
why does my nail tech ask me to sign a waiver form regarding the UV Gel because she say it may causes cancer?
If I continue eating one meal a day, and going too much exercise, will I become skin and bones?
im 5'2 and 117 lbs...?
is chipotle good for a weight lifter?
I already do dance class for at least an hour a day but I am not losing any weight, how do I lose weight?
how long does it take to get abs?
Is 40 pounds in 20 weeks an attainable goal?
Can pancakes ,crackers and a fruit salad cause a upset stomach?
i want to loose weight..?
is this overweight? average?
Looking for a homemade shake and or smoothies that fills you up.?
whats a good fitness to do when you have have fat at the lower sides of your stomic?
What problems would occur with a long term chicken/water/multi vitamin ONLY diet?
someone help me get a fat belly like this?
How can I keep my stomach but gain weight in arms/legs?
on food labels, it says the calories or energy for it, but i can';t seem to understand what 100 ml is or ...?
how do i get rid of love handles?
how many fish oil supplements should you take per day for weight loss?
How do I lose weight on my thighs?
if there is 130 calories in 1.25 cups...?
I got a wisdom tooth out and 2 fillings at 12.30m My face is still numb?
Anyone know any orthodontists that do damon braces in berkshire area?
Who doesn't like to go to the dentist.?
how long until my mouth gets better after a tooth extraction?
how can i stand up for my friend, whose sister is picking on her for having a eating disorder?
My brother went into a spaceship and came out weird?
Ghosts: Have they connection with our mental health?
dentist's ache?
verniers good or bad?
Toothy pegs?
Could you tell me how to order Blotting Brushes For your Teeth?
Im going to the orthodontist and.... ?
broken tooth,?
Dental Fee's?
Have you ever had a senior moment ?
I have chipped my tooth, a milimetre or so wide, and was wondering...?
How will I know if I need a root canal?
Sensitive Tooth?
Opalescence teeth whitening?
An orthondontist question ...?
i have a very severe case of swollen gums. anytips to reduce the swelling?
What's the alternative to a brace to correct a wonky tooth?
Is there a dentist in Penzance who will take NHS patient? Just cant find one and cant afford to go private?
Filling in molar...?
wisdom tooth?
Achey legs in pregnancy...?
How much smoking will get you addicted?
I would like to try Duromine?
Can anyone give me some advice on workout/ body building?
Is it okay to eat before bed?
what happens at the end of 127 hours?
increasing food intake for ED?
What's an easy, healthy way for a 17 year old to lose 10 pounds?
If I ate 1000 calories a day, would i lose weight or gain weight? plz help!?
Which P90 Program Lean Or Classic?
Is 850 calories enough for a day?
I worked out on tuesday and my arms wont go down so how do i get unsore?
Wait Gain help???????
Is bike riding a good form of exercise if wanting to lose weight?
how can i lose weight?
when will i start noticing differences?
Help with weight loss!?
Is it okay to exercises when you're sick?
What is the best weight loss produst that you can buy in a general grocery store?
About how many calories did I consume today? Will I gain weight?
Im a 14 year old highschool frshman and i want to be a really good running back?
Does Ryan miller have cancer?
Why is smoking harmful for people with the Factor V Leiden gene?
i have lesions on my hands about 11 arm chest and face?
Question about Breast Cancer?
How can I whiten my teeth naturally without using any chemical products???
Gum Bone Mouth disease. Does having all the teeth out cure it?
denture cleaning, whats the best way to clean off the hard deposits that can build up on dentures?
Ok so I want to lose about 90 lbs in 5 months.....?
how can i lose 90 lbs in 6 months?
i need a workout for a teen girl?
How does a guy get a 6 pack?
Is this a balanced diet?
Do slim fast products work?
How tall should I be at 16 to be average?
The 17 Day Diet. Pleas give your opinions. What are the/pros/cons.?
Average weight for girl?
workout plan, can you help me with some information?
I'm 14 years old, and a freshman in highschool, im 5'9 and 172, do u guys think im fat and need to lose weight?
Overweight women with overweight friends?
Working out at home vs Working out at a gym ?
any wrist workouts to make my wrists bigger?
does chocolate help you feel less nervous?
How much weight could I lose by the end of Feburary doing this?
how can i tone up my body?
Is working out after soccer okay?
so is this good or bad?
Please help me lose 10 pounds quicko?
Effect of Protiens on Teeth?
Does pearl drops work???
What is the best whitening toothpaste on the market available in the UK?
tooth whiting whats the best one?
fer of dentist treatments?
What home remedies are best for toothache?
teeth over sensitive?
When you hve your baby (milk) teeth, are there more than one adult tooth lined up behind it?
How much would a dentist charge for twilight sleep.?
Fused teeth in 2yr old?
Any experiences with Rio Teeth Whitening Smile Sensation?
what are bite rings?
what is the pink material that dentist's make dentures out of ?
One for the dentists out there...?
Does anyone know the best pain relief from the growth of a wisdom tooth?
Is swallowing chewing gum bad for u???
Tiger teeth canines?
If I live and work in Wales, but have a prescription from a dentist in England do I have to pay at the chemist
Whats wrong with me, Why?
What are these Symptoms? ?
How can i find out who I am?
How do you say colon cancer in vietnamese?
how can you get cancer? and can lead cause it?
can i donate human hair wigs that have never been worn to cancer patients?
My friend has got an extraocular melanoma - is it serious?
Is there any different between these 2 ct scans please im afraid lot?
Bladder Cancer ? or something else?!?
what could a mass on the lungs be?
Has any one taken the sonography program at ccri?
Does the Shake Weight acually work?
How much should I weight at age 13?
Shake your stomach to loose weight?
Bruce Lee workout suggestions....tips....advice?
How long will it take to lose the fat I gained?
Will mineral oil taken with meals stop your body from absorbing its calories?
So will this work to lose weight?
How much weight can I lose doing this workout for 5 months?
Is being 6 foot tall at age 14 considered tall at my age?
does blackberry wine have same health benefits as red wine?
exercise routine that help burn?
How many LBS can a person lose in 7 days if they do not eat?
Is it bad to lose 5.5 lbs?
Conditioning Question?
Does baking chicken breasts get rid of the fat in them?
i need to lose weight....i weight a lot!?
Can you recover from bulimia on your own???
Am I eating too little?
Wich food od drink has 1000 calories?
A question for fitness intructors?
When are you suppose to floss your teeth?
plastic lip ring?
What is the best tooth whitening product in the UK ?
how do you get really white teeth without getting them whitened.?
Does having teeth removed cause back problems?
Do fixed braces hurt?
could somebody tell my which local brand of tooth paste is most popular in UK? and it's website, thanks l lot.
Is there any way to relieve burning lower gums? Has anything worked for you guys?
tooth extraction?
does getting train tracks on your teeth hurt?
Tooth Whitening?
where can i get sterilised teeth for primary school experiments?
What is the difference between a hygienist and a dentist??
good cosmetic dentist? wales?
how can find about anaesthesia pratitioner training in the uk?
why is a tooth abscess bad for you?
what are fillings like?
When i pull my foot upwards I am having severe pain shooting up the inside of my leg.?
smoking in the shower ....does it really not smell?
What's the UK record for keeping a full set of teeth with no dental work?
when should my stitches come out/?
Temporary filling in a wisdom tooth?
I have to have a molar tooth out and have to have sedation as?
Teeth straightening, which braces?
Can chewing gum while smoking cause mouth cancer?
Do those chest expander things work? if so is there any special on to get?
help its my tongue?
braces and foods?
i need a dentist to treat me at my home.do you know of one?
Black mark on groove of back tooth - normal or not please help!!!!!?
I need a new ful set of dentures, as beautiful as possible within easy reach of Bristol?
in pain and need a cure soon...?
I've had several crowns fitted. They are so sensitive and I feel very unwell. When will I feel normal again?
General anaesthetic?
my son has a hip disease called perthes he is 8 and constantly on paracetamol and ibrufen for the pain?
Possible sign of skin cancer?
does adult acute leukemia affect the mitotic or meiotic cells?
How can a woman get breast cancer?
Might my mom have cancer? (microcalcification)?
Brother-in-law has chemo-brain and can't remember medicines... Help?
I want to tone my stomach and legs?
Does my Uncle have Cancer?
Will those high sugar low fat / fat free candies / treats make you fat?
 Did this family's courage and persistence inspire you? How?/Lorenzo's oil?
I want to lose weight like 45 pounds!?
how to stop eating so much?
i drink alot.........?
How to get from a Size 12 to a size 8 within a month?
is there a website that does this?
candida diet questions five lac three lac?
am i taking care of my body the right way?
how many calories can i eat to lose weight. I'm a 5-2 and 177 lbs female.?
Am I pear shaped or hour glass shaped? (pic)?
Am about 27, pretty active, I do weight lifting some time though, well I have had a pain on some few occasion?
Workout question [very simple]?
Tips for weight loss?
How to loose fat fast, easy, cheap?
I feel so freakishly fat!?
i am 5 foot 4 and i'm 154 pound//11stone. This is not normal any advice to loose weight?
Will a displaced tooth get back into position?
Flossing problem?
Pulling milk teeth?
Is it possible to regain witness of teeth's?
What is the best home teeth whitiening kit? i was thinking about the boots one?? Any advice?
witch tissue salt to take after tooth extration?
can i use bicarbonate of soda mixed with a regular toothpaste, or by its self to make my teeth whiter?
Insomnia medications available in Australia?
should i go to hospital?
which photo do you think she looks better?
Aspergers' info? I think I may Aspergers', Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder or Social Anxiety. HELP?
What should I do about this?
Would you be concerned, or worried about this possible situation?
The pain of loneliness...?
can someone explain acute and chronic stress for me please?
How do i lose weight in the winter?
am i too skinny or am i okay?
Do you think my weight is healthy?
Someone talk me out of this...?
Do I count the calories I don't eat as burned calories?
How much protein should you eat a day?
Could this omelette really be 820 calories?
Trying to loose weight, what should I look at on the nutrition facts?
how can i lose weight?
Dance workout program dvds?
Can you get baked off of catnip?
how a 13 year old can build arm muscle?
Is 420-590 calories too much for a meal or a perfect amount?
Lean cuisine, Healthy choice or Smartones?
Why am i so ridiculesely fat?
on a diet .... freshly injured .... help?
How do I go about the Slim Fast diet?
dental insurance and braces?
Do you always need tp brush your teeth before you sleep?
Removable braces and speech problems?
I have to get 4 teeth out and fixed braces =S help ='(?
Am I entitled to help with dental treatment costs if I have an abnormal heart valve?
receding gums but I'm only 17!?
how do people with taurettes syndrome receive dental treatment if they cant sit still?
I have coffee-stained teeth. Should I use the Crest White strips or go straight to something like Britesmile?
dentist needed for jaw wiring?
why are throat packs used during general anaesthesia?
Where to find Mrs Doutfire/Tootsie teeth?
Boots Expert Teeth Whitening Stick-did somebody try this ?Does it work?
If you get a laceration in the mouth, does it form a scab like it does on skin?
What is the most effective whitner toothpaste??? (In the UK)?
Is there a Dentist in the house ?
pearly white teeth!!!?
I'm only 13 and one of my teeth (not a baby) has gone wobbly!!! what should I do?
Histological observation of the liver of goat?
I'm dying what should I do?
New Cancer Treatment, Rapid ? Treatment?
i want to know if this could be something worse?
Are these white blood cell counts normal?
pro protein and cancer?
The cheapest chemotherapy drug?
gallblader trouble help?
there is a diet out there where you eat red meat for 3 days for weightloss.anyone know the detials?
Im doing exercise n i was wondering is this good or bad?
how many tums does it take to overdose for a child who weighs around 30 lbs ?
How to gain weight with a high matabolisim?
need help with weight training set/rep guide?
This might sound weird/gross but does anyone else feel this way?
What would be the best workout to lose weight?
How many calories have I eat today?
Why am i gettinng no muscle engagement in my left bicep? ?
Best abs and legs workout video?
How many calories should I eat each day?
I Need an advice to Gain Weight?
what should i do to my body?
What's worse for you?
How to lose 10 kg a week?
can dexamethasone help to gain weight?
the correct way to lose ten pounds and gain it back in muscle?
how do you loose weight in your face?
Is this subway sandwich low calorie and good for losing weight?
Whats the fastest way to gain weight?
is my diet and work out healthy?
How expensive are crowns with an NHS dentist??
What is the best enamel toothpaste to use?
Is there anything i can get to stop my gum line from reseeding its really painfull?
Sharing drinks?
Please help meee!!?
What causes mouth ulcers?
How much are white fillings?
i have a lump in my gums?
how comes dentists dont do root canal on the nhs, on the molar teeth?
Do any other adults have braces?
how do you count teeth?
can you get nhs treatment twice?
I got my braces off a year ago i think and got told to wear this plastic retainer..thing is.....?
Any dentists out there to help my million problems?
How many years does it take to become a qualified dentist in England?
Just had a filling- please please help!!?
Help me i am sorta phyco?
I have a severe needle phobia... PLEASE HELP!!?
Is this healthy to go two weeks on two weeks off?
How much is 20% off of $100?
Are cheat days on your diet good for you? I keep loosing weight after cheat days..?
meals under 100 calories?
Whey protein promotes weight loss?
Gallbladder removed- gained four pounds the next day?
what is the best energy food ?
How many tablespoons for protein shakes ?
how many calories total did i have today?
What is the most effective workout routine to tighten my stomach or get six pack abs?
Is there any way to lose 20 pounds in one month or maybe two? Is it possible?
is this a healthy breakfast?
How to lose 10 pounds in a week?
is kale bad for you to eat?
how to lose weight at HOME in the winter?
Stomach rumbling so much ?
girls would you date a guy that does not exercise?
How to lose 5kg in 3 weeks?
does Protandim make you gain weight?
I need help to get rid of some extra weight?
how not to care or feel nothing ?
chronic leukemia stage 0?
Survey For Smoker .. follow this link?
i don't no if i'm depressed or not needs help and advise?
Are you bored right now?
How many dental x-rays can you have in 1 year?
chipped tooth?
what does one do if your mouth stinks?
what would cause a 60 year old man to have swollen anterior pectoral lymph nodes?
how do i get apost and crown front tooth to stay in it has come out 3 times in the last 6 months?
Arghh! Braces Broken!?
Dental flossers?
I need direction to apply for registration of a Herbal Clinic, how do I go about the procedure and application
What diseases do smoking and second hand smoke cause?
My mom gets this weird feeling in her throat and chest, what is it?
Is this a wise idea for working out?
how do you go to the gym with sore muscles?
Dumbell exercise programme?
How to get muscled & what to buy ? HELP :)?
Why are raw egg yolks better than cooked?
losing weight...new ideas at the gym?
Can I do both yoga and gym?Does it affects if i do both?
what is a good diet pill?
What can I do about my parents buying nothing but junk food?
Does my body look weird?
does ENSURE, the drink really work to gain wight, and look thicker? is it healthy?
If I do 10 sit ups in the morning 20 in the afternoon and 10 at night how much weight will I lose in 2 months?
What is my optimal calorie intake?
Is this a healthy weight?
Am I fat and is my weight goal realistic?
teen trying to lose weight???? ?
Over weight please help...?
Interdental toothbrushes - TePe vs. Curaden?
Why Cant i find a NHS dentist for my kids?
Advice on tooth?
do i need to wear braces if i have a 10mm overjet, can i wear the ceramic braces as i have an allergy to nicke
wobbly crown on my tooth..can it be replaced?
whats the best product to use for whitening your teeth wihout seeing your dentist?
What is chewing gum made of?
my 8 year old daughter is on her 4th lot of oral antibiotics (penicillen & fluoxicillen) for a skin infection?
it feels like i have a hole going up from under a tooth of mine. should i be worried?
Advice Needed ... My dentist thinks I need to see a Neurologist !!?
can silver tooth fillings be painted white so they are less noticeable?? if so how much?
Is there an international site for recomending dentists?
What's the best way to whiten teeth?
suffering from dry socket,have had it packed with gauze for the last week,when?
Dental Crown Question - Please Help!?
Crybaby problem.......?
I found this distressing..?
Depression or Bipolar ???
Is there anything worse in life than being kicked out of home?
What will the courts do to make sure you child is safe with the other parent when you know they have a mental?
any medical proffesionals on here? I need some urgent advise here?
Why do I like it when people feel sorry for me and pity me?
What are some bone cancer myths/Beliefs?
what kind of recovery period for spinal fusion?
Help!!!! Doctors please?
ear doctor at imus cavite?
Seven months pg n live with smokers ?
Could the cancer i had be apart of this?
Why am I not losing weight?
I want to lose a quick 5 pounds?
will i lose weight by walking?
Am I fat or is it just muscle?
How to I lose fat in my cheeks?
What are FUN wii games to loose weight?
have you heard about the diet...?
Weight training at home.?
how to lose belly fat?
I'm trying to break a weight loss plateau........?
how fast does yogalates work?
want to bulk up in a healthy way?
how much water should i drink a day>?
i need help loosing weight?
Low carb high protein/fiber diet?
Is it healthy for a 14 year old teenage girl to be 115 pounds and about 5"4? If so how can I get there?
So in 30 years......What?
How can I lose my stomach weight?
eating lots of oranges still a calcium deficiency?
Is there such a thing as too much splenda ?
Why does my body when doing workouts?
I'm needing to drop as much water weight possible over the next 4 days, any functional advice?
How can I prevent myself from snoring?
How much (£) might it cost?
Is it normal to get asked for a £10 deposit when joining a new dentists as an exempt NHS patient?
how much is root canal treatment?
Which Quality Street chocolate is best for breaking teeth?
Is there somebody that can help financially - medical related?
White fillings on the NHS?
dental sedation question?
I'm looking for a flouride toothpaste that does not have sodium lauryl sulphate in it?
In Britain, how do I find a good dentist? How can I be sure I'm getting value for money?
y r ppls gums brown?
i tried some moutwash this morning, and it felt like it was burning my gums, why does it do that?
tooth cap or false tooth?
Tooth removal ?
when you squeeze toothpaste...?
Is it true that you can regrow natural teeth as I saw an article on the internet?
My husband got a headache?
Can someone help me answer this question?? "Back Pain"?
Did the Pepto Bismol song ever say "headache"?
why do i have pain on my lower tummy??
Is there a safe diet pill to helP me lose weight?
How to get stomach/body like this?
How much can I get my bench, squat, and clean up by August?
how much weight will i lose?
Does 24 hour fitness drug test new employees?
something to keep me fit and healthy?
Why can't my tummy feel fullness?
looking for an abc diet buddy?
please help? weight problems?
how long till i see results? 10 easy points!?
why do you need to exercise in your "target heart rate zone"?
Has any one tried african mango extract and does it work ?
I am overweight and have turned over a new leaf. I am curious how my body will turn out in the end.?
Couple questions on working out...?
How can you loose your muscle weight/mass fast?
What do you think should I do?
ahhhh, i'm hungry but i can't eat help!!!! ;.;?
How do I help her! Is this an eating disorder?
Is 1 gallon of water too much for 1 day? I'm trying to lose weight.?
how do you format a letter of complaint?
my clean teeth!?
tooth problem?
dentin pentrating into enamel?
Braces how many more appointments?
Why do people grind their teeth when they are asleep.?
Can you buy Colgate Luminous in the UK?
Why does toothache throb?
Is it worth spending extra money to get a better crown rather than the nhs standard one?
my tongue is shaking please give me solution of these problem almost 4yrs?
Dose nicotine gum actually burn.?
Its 3rd day and My Headache is not going.?
How long to recover from pneumonia?
How do I avoid getting sick if my common law partner is coughing and congested? I have no symptoms...yet.?
Abdominal/Digestive or Something More?
Does anyone know where I can find a good summary on estrogen therapy?
How can you tell if someone has lung cancer?
why is the lymphatic system important?
Can you make a cancer ribbon symols, like this ♥ but a ribbon?
how are cancer risks categorized?
Braces 14 yrs old?
wisdom teeth ?
my pregnancy?
Does NHS Tax Credit Exemption cover the cost of a dental crown?
My daughter has lost 2 teeth, she is 5, is this not too young?
More teeth problems!!?
What are wisdom teeth? And why are they called this?
White fluorosis marks on all my teeth are much whiter/more visible after bleaching. Will this subside at all?
Can wisdom teeth be black/grey colour coming through, is it because its rotten?
my dentist says i have white gums and has reffered me to dental surgeon what can this be woried?
i have a cap across the bottom of my two front teeth which has fallen out.i dnt have a dentist or dental insur
Is it normal for other teeth/tooh to hurt after an extraction?
What time do the Chinese go to the dentist? Tooth Hurty!!!?
chipped tooth?
Unable to eat with false teeth.?
do you think depression is 'trendier' than other mental disorders?
How much weight will i lose if i eat 1000 calories a day for a month?
how do i gain weight?
I'm trying to lose 10 pounds by April any advise, anyone? :(?
Explain the leech diet.?
Whats a good diet or people who play sports?
I want to know how i could lose ten pounds a month wth excercise and diet ?
How do i get physically fit?
Height and weight...?
How do you get ready for swimming season?
What are some healthy foods?
I'm not hungry enough for all the recommended servings of fruits and meats and stuff. Should I force it?
How many calories do I burn doing this?
I need some quick and easy crash diets?
weight loss by diet only?
To get a 6 pack, how low does a mans body fat percentage have to be?
I'm eating more HELP!!?
Diet/Fitness Help PLZ?
What is the closest thing to ephedra that you can buy at drug stores?
How can I look as perfect as Chanel Iman?
What should I do after I fast? Please help!!?
I bench press 125 how long till I'll hit 200?
Will not eating help get a flat stomach?
i have a lump on the inside of my mouth near my bottom lip i was told it is a polyp what is this? and is it s?
How do i know if my wisdom teeth are coming?
brace ..anyone have one in their late teens?
Toothache for 2 years!?
Where can you purchase replacement brush heads for an Elysee Sonic Toothbrush?
symptoms that causes mouth odour?
Wisdom Tooth Extraction?
I am searching a support group for victims of dental negligence?
information on places to train in the uk to become an equine dental technician?
Intermittent Toothache - How Is This Possible ?
i have ceramic crowns on my teeth and they are begining to slightly discolour - what can i clean them with?
ciprofloxacin side effects?
My Oma is in hospital with fluid around her lungs and heart!! what does that mean????
does smoking actually release stress?
Will this solve my asthma problem?
I have upper back pain, feels muscular, any suggestions how to ease it?
Why aren't cigarettes illegal especially since secondhand smoke causes cancer?
Sign or Symptom of Oral Cancer?
I have a Cholesteatoma and I have a question?
my uncles is dying from brain cancer what can i do for my mum?
Is this an eating disorder?
how often do you exercise?
Why does the nutritional value on my daily multi vitamin say this?
will eating healthy clear skin?
obese people? please help soon?
Is my weight normal for my age an height?
What do you think my activity level is?
Is this too big of a dinner?
What are some daily exercise habits I can get into?
Do you prefer a Home Gym or a Fitness Club?
Lose weight without exercise?
is this excess skin or fat ? pic included?
Crunches are straining my neck! Help! 10 POINTS!?
Hey does this sound good ?
Is PeakHeightOnline is not refunding my money, ripping me off?
whats a good diet for teen?
What is the best shoulder blade workout?
Can you explain how a muscle works?
Trying to lose some weight and tone up?
Is it normal for an 18 year old guy not to be hungry for a day?
Can I Eat a Slice of Pizza on my Diet?
Would you ever take dieting pills too loose weight?
where can i get a copy of the new points plus book for weight watchers?
anyone who did or is doing the 17 day diet?
How long does it take to die from not eating?
How many calories in holy bread?
How long will it take me to lose 20lbs...?
Help! Need to stop binging!?
5 foot 7 and 107 Pounds?
how many pounds will I lose by the end of the month?
:O Questions about "Starvation Mode"?
Why won't my love handles go away?
How Much Weight Can I Lose ?
Anyone know any workouts to get a beach body?
Im 13 going on 14 how can i get abs?
Can you pay per visit at the YMCA? 10 points!?
Are these vegetables good enough for a healthy diet?
Is leg press machine and leg extension machine the same thing?
Do you hear beeping when you back up?
What could i do to lose inches around my waist?
Have I eaten too much today? And yesterday?-Have I eaten healthy?(Calorie wise)?
I'm 5'11 and 110 pounds?
Lately i have been very self conscious :(?
Drugs - how long will these people last?
I have no self confidence?
I'm seeing a doctor about possible social anxety..what do i say?
I has a person on here taht said taking Aropax will make my ADD worse?
Is there a disorder...?
Does this sound like DID?
Really bad gum pain- wisom tooth pushing through.?
about my tooth?
Braces? I have the new damon system braces!?
how big does a lymph node have to be to be biopsied?
After a couple of salons visits, feeling wrong...?
Is it bad my fibroadenoma grew?
are cancerous cells synced to your body's immune system?
bone cancer symptoms?
colon detox..............................................................?
SPN, chances it is cancer?
What is the best climate to live in when I have COPD?
cigarettes vs. cigar!!!!!!!!!or hookah?
I have been sick for over a month now. I thought it was the flu. I have?
Am i eating enough calories?
seriously please help.?
how to lose 30lbs in 5 months?
is burning calories the same as burning fat?
i dip grownded up coffe beans because my parents wont allow it?
what?... how did i gain 10lbs in a week?
Do you think I am fat?
Desperately need a diet buddy!!?
Question about having an apple shaped body, and losing weight?
what can i bring for school lunches?
Insanity Workout diet?
do u consider this to be "fat"?
How can I tell what body type I really am? can there be a mixture?
does anyone else feel the same way about their body?
if i have surgery to fix the bump on my nose, will recovery take a long time?
College student, what should my grocery list be in order to gain weight?
whats the right weight for a 13yr old?
how did I gain 2 kilos in a day?
I need help with my eating habits?
Helpful tips for weight loss?
What is something filling around 200 calories?
can you help?
how do i get my teeth to be whiter?
toothache after being to the dentist?
swollen gums?
can anyone help me with a reccomendation for a european dentist?
Is teeth whitening dangerous?
I broke a bit off a front tooth, and now my tongue is sore constantly licking it, because it has sharp edges?
Abscess worry?
Anyone know any good and affordable dentist in Clapham London?
Can anyone recommend a good teeth whitening system that doesn't ruin teeth?
mouth ulcers?
bad fillings?
Baby's top teeth?
Where can I be fully sedated to have much seriously needed dental treatment done?
any one give me some dentist advice please?
Can u have a mouth ucler with out pain?
Could I die if I take these drugs?
Back pain sciatica?
I need tips on coping with neck pain, sore temples and pain in the back of the head?
I weigh 60 kilos, used to weigh 55. I want to go back to that weight. I want to tone my tummy&tighs&celulite! ?
Do I need to eat more than I do to grow taller?
I want to know what work out equipment is worth buying..?
Is mass gainer good to take for a 16 year old?
I was wondering about P90X?
Is ostarine banned by the NCAA?
how much weight should i lose?
How do i get motivated to workout?
Is it possible to have complitly toned legs/thighs by may?
How can I get better at push ups?
I have been told that food safety standards in the U.S. are ranked lowest world-wide. True or false?
working out with a broken toe?
Any flat itons that are 20-30$?
How many pounds can I lose by jump roping?
How much does she weigh...she's 5'5".?
Which workout it best?
I have lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks, is this slow weight loss?
eating and gaining weight?
will running help me slim stomach without losing weight?
Which is better creatine or protein? Why?
What can i do at the gym to lose weight?
Has anybody used GNC Total Lean Products? Do they work? I'm more interested on the shakes.?
How can I open my nasal passages without medication?
Inhaling too much bleach?
Can anyone suggest help for chronic sleep apnea besides the air flow machine?
Any recommendations for teeth whitening?
Unhealthy tongue?
Teeth probs?
an 'embouchure' is the shaping of the mouth when playing brass instruments? TRUE OR FALSE?
Why is there a ball in my neck?
What is a Make-A-Wish trip like?
bump on my collar bone?
sad monologues about cancer?
My auntie has just died of cancer...?
Is working out 15-20 minutes three to four times a day a good workout?
treadmills calorie burns: 250 means Kcal or only cal?
how to loose weight really fast?
weight lose in a hour?
Why am i puting on so much weight ?
best ways to get bigger more muscular arms?
i have a question about the "starvation mode" and diet?
Will this help me to lose weight?(please...:'()?
Is it true,is there any scientific information that states you will eventually crave the foods you were eating?
why don't i feel hungry anymore?
Do you think I can tighten my belly up in 4 months,(post baby belly picture)?
What is a good work out to get fit, but not to loose weight?
I'm losing weight but the "fat" is still there!?
Lately Feel so tired, sleepy n powerless even I do exercise more n more!?
I need advice on body? Help?
Do i have an eating disorder?
Does walking/jogging do any good?
I want to loose weight fast. What diet could i do? And what exercises?
Question for Protein users?
I need to gain 10lbs in 2 months!?
Do TUMS make you hungry if you eat them?
Why do people continuously continue negative cycles ...isnt this a form of lying to ones self?
Any way to cope with change?
should i attend counselling? ?
Help me pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee!?
i want to die, (wtf 20 words who gives a f*ck)?
other ways to help depression and loneliness? ?
13 Year old, Trouble Breathing?
Sleep apnea and oximetry question.......?
Cough for three months..hasnt gone away..what next??