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can u get ill from old fillings?
What is the name for when you have a joint replaced in your jaw?
do you think that we our teeth will evolve over time to handle the extra amout of sugar, thus not decay?
Are you born with the roots of your teeth already formed, and if so how big are they?
looking for the name perrtitious i ave an gum infection and the doc said it could be fatal im on antiboitics b
Is there another way to fix an underbite that doesn't involve surgery?
need funny greetings card with a dentist theme!?
How can you hypnotise yourself?
has anyone out there overcome emetophobia?
What are some tips for breaking a bad habit?
Depression and relationships, have you been in that situation?
about sleep talking --question--?
What advice do I give my friend to stop cutting herself?.. Please help!?
I think i am RatSchit no one will help me...this is my cry for help?
Psychiatrist tells patient "You don't have a Life"...how can this be good for a patient?
anyone know a sure cure for catarrh?
Do Broken Bones Always Hurt?
My elbow, knuckles, and finger bones have mild numbness, a tingling sensation, and pain when in use?
Wisdom teeth extraction. where and how much???
My Dentist told me one of my teeth could erupt into a hole, is there anything i can do to prevent this?
If I have work done by a dentist abroad and it goes wrong, what are my legal options?
Root Canal and Gym?
Does any body know why I have itch in my tooth. It is hapening periodically and last for 3-4 days.?
Dental bridge fitted in the uk ?
hi ive had cancer of the mouth and had to have a metal plate put in my jaw this has caused me to loose my teet
Has anyone flown with a root canal problem and did it affect the problem tooth?
How Much Dentures ? I have only got 15 teeth left !! in various degrees of bad repair or loose, want to have a
If you cant do a handstand, are you fat?
How do you lose alot of weight fast?
Does this seem like a good meal plan for tomorrow?
Can you gain weight from one day of bad eating?
Im a 5'11 210 pound junior.I play football and i workout 3 times a day and run twice why i not losing weight?.?
If I run on the eleptical for a hour and a half how many calories will i burn?
How many calories should I eat to lose weight but not so my body thinks it's starving?
How do I write a letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger? What address should I use?
What's a good diet Plan?
Do you think I'm overweight?
ideal weight for a 14 year old boy height 5ft 6in?
Can i get fit doing this?
Workout help, for teens?
how do you quit chewing instantly?
Bicep and tricep workouts with dumbells?
I'm 15 years old and I wan't to buy some supplements to get bigger, strong type.?
I think I have been eating too little?
Should I use Muscle Milk?
How can i gain my muscle back?
Do people who are prone to cysts have a greater chance of developing cancer?
How can I find an organization of mamas cancer for immigrants?
what cause bleeding in cancer and what is the remedy?
Cancer: how it begins, how the body fights it, and how it eventually kills its host?
What is ttp and what are the survival rates?
How is a thyroidectomy done?
Is a cure for cancer was found? If so, it is natural or synthetic drug?
Please help me im scared?
Nodules in lungs....Lung Cancer?
Can You Still Have Leukemia, If You Have A Normal CBC Test?
What would i be like if i had ADHD and was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder?
Can an overdose of Avanza (Mirtazapine) be fatal?
Sharp pains! Appendix?
I've heard that its better to brush your teeth before breakfast than after it - is this true?
polyp on inside bottom lip in mouth? are they dangerous if left?
Root Canal Treatment?
why does the tooth enamel appear transparent at the bottom of the tooth and opaque at the top?
has anyone had more than 1 dental bone graft on same site?
Canada and teeth?
sharp shooting pain in my jaw?
how much is the gold worth in a gold crown?
For bridge-work, how many anchors would you need at the top of your mouth?
what are your favorite workouts to do for core strength?
Personal trainer good or bad job?
how to lose weight in thighs?
How to lose some weight?
Do I weigh too much for my age ?
If i use jack3d will my veins start to pop out all the time? And if i work out hard will i get bigger faster?
Would it be too late to join a swim team?
How Can I Lose 50 Pounds In 177 Days ? Help Me Please?
my girlfriends fat jiggles when she moves is this normal?
Help with losing weight and calorie counting?
Diet? Good Body By Summer? Help Please & Thank You :)?
im 14 and NEED a good 'diet'?
How does my eating schedule sound for tomorrow?
will this help me loose weight?
How can I lose muscle mass?
Targeted areas for weight loss?
im 5'4 and i weight 150?
Someone please help me im deseprate I MUST LOSE THE WEIGHT I HAVE TOO?
What are some good food to increase metabolism?also does cold water change metabolism?
Plan a workout for me?
Symptoms of drug withdrawels?
Any way to calm down quickly?
human anatomy neck glands?
Rationale for leukemia?
First signs of cancer?
Why should the U.S government fund for Cancer research?
Question about my mother glands please help?
Would using a gas mask with a filter cause cancer?
what drugs were you given after your your lumpectomy [lump removal]?
I need to find a step by step Apicetomy procedure, from setting up surgery to end of treatment?
what do you understand by the term comprehensive oral care?
What is Neuralgia?
What are the work base actvities of a Dental Nurse?
Who can I complain to?
How would one get NHS dental appointments?
Give a brief description of why you would like to attend the dental nursing nvq level 3 course?
Painting teeth?
In The U.K. when you get a filling at a private dentist is it the same as an NHS filling?just a higher price?
will my dentist replace private cosmetic work if i am not happy with results?
Do vegetarians fangs (teeth) blunt because they aren't eating meat & where can I find evidence online?
Does anyone know any good ab workouts?
Excersice suggestions for around ribcage?
How to make breasts smaller?
Im 13, and cant do a single pushup?
Is it possible to lower your cholestrol level without doing aerobic workouts?
how can i loose most of my belly fat really fast?
some help for losing weight?
Aerobic exercises help?
I need help making a body building workout plan!?
I love cookies and health eating?
What type of vitamins do i need?
What should be the max number of times the average person SHOULD eat out per week?
Is this an eating disorder or am I just weird?
how do i gain weight?
Help me make a diet plan?
how long would it take for calories to turn into fat for me?
Weigh More than you look?
How long to see results?
How can a 10 year old lose weight?
Whats a good ab workout machine?
Braces At The Back of Teeth?
Does any one know of a good dentist (private or NHS) in NW London area?
Why do nhs orthodontists have no funding?
How much does it cost for a fixed bridge in Ireland or Northern Ireland?
To dr. sam thank you for your information re dental abroad I am trying todo as much research as possible?
Why, do you have to wear elastics on your braces... what does this do??
How much are crest white strips?
i have a tooth growing from the roof of my mouth & am soon having it removed am i likley to need stiches?
can a post be fitted straight after an extraction?
What is the bit called under your tongue called, the sort of webby bit that stops it going to far??
dormant wisdom tooth & a dormant fang?
what is the largest group of malignant neoplasm?
What causes spongey skin?
Woukd I know If I had testicular torsion?
Will St. Judes stop treating a teen if they turn 18 before completing treatment?
My Grandma has stage one colon cancer and has surgery today at 2...................?
How long can you live after lung cancer?
My gums have holes in them?
I really hate my teeth and want veneers but they are so expensive!?
Can overjet in teeth be corrected with a 'Hollywood Smile'?
Would it be fair for me to dress as a female and wear?
Lately Ive began to drool in my sleep, but when i mean drool I mean like pints of the stuff!!!What causes it??
Discoloured front teeth!?
i need some help its really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has your chin piercing caused you gum problems? Receding of your gums?
I'm 14 and am autistic and dyspraxic and i am too hypersensitive to brush my teeth, any ideas?
Can a cusp fracture cause bacterial infection?
Is not eating breakfast bad for your skin?
has anyone tried intermittent fasting?
Trying to gain weight..help?
What is a good exercise plan that i can do about 3 times a week?
Anyone know of any dietary supplements to aid in weight loss?
Diet question please help?
does my mom think im fat?
How Do I get a 6 Pack in 3-4 Months?
Healthy Weight Loss, 15 year old female?
how much will you loss weight if you dont eat.?
i am over 50 and working out 3 times a week i want to lose as well as gain muscle?
Best video on Yoga for abs and core strength ?
Will the Insanity warm up and stretching help me lose weight?
WHY DO I CRAVE V8 ? Is this Normal?
Will Working out help gain muscle?
recommend me a protein supplement?
Is fasting beneficial?
would this work to loose 70 or more lbs?
How do you loose facial fat?
Do Zinc Supplements help you lose weight?
Why can't I keep my back flat on the floor?
How can I get a flat stomach?
I'm in high school and my dad has cancer, am i the only one?
Moderate pelvic fluid and involuted cyst?
Anyone had a nodule on their thyroid more than 4cm? What was your experience?
8mm Lesion on Kidney ultrasound?
What is the best cancer hospital in india?
Is ovarian cancer and cancerous ovarian cyst the same thing?
Im due to have an osteotomey (sorry about the spelling) in a next week and would love some advice?
Two lumps in on my bottom gum, and my bottom teeth hurt. Anyone know what this is?
Milk Teeth?
do you know where i can find a dentist that uses general anistetic?
What is the difference between Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis?
How much does it cost to Adjust braces in the UK?
What is a rough idea of cost of a trip to a dental hygenist (private) in London?
Is there a cheaper alternative to porcelain veneers?
Does anyone know a website or software to put smiles on my actual photo? major dental work being done?
Seriously infected Wisdom tooth extraction 4 years ago leading to a big lump on my pallette ?
I live in la and I'm depressed. I have no insurance and don't know where to go for help. Any ideas ?
What is the lifestyle of a Psychiatrist like?
help i think i got anger problems?
17 year old drop out, hate my life!?
going to the doctors about anxiety?
Can Adderall be abused? And if so how?
How do I help him go to rehab?
Am I Going Through Depression?!?
is anyone familiar with lexapro and the side effects?
Can anyone help me? :D?
Can I take a pre-workout supplement along with my fat burner?
i drink green tea 3 times a day but............?
How does having the TV on prevent REM sleep?
Should I run with a weight lifting/gaining routine?
What can I do to get my legs toned?
Did I eat too much today?
Can someone calculate my Points Plus allowance?
should a 16 year old girl take any protien shakes before workouts?
If i run 6-8 miles on an Elliptical every other day, how much possible weight will i lose weekly.?
Am I anorexic???And how to loss weight in like a week or two?
prescription diet plan?
Trying to lose 50-60 lbs, How should I do it and How long should it take?
Any Fitness Trainers out there for a clueless 15 year old?
can this diet and excercise routine help me lose weight and biuld muscle?
BMI important question?
Could anyone help me lose lots of weight!?
What is the normal weight for a 14 year old girl?
Have I done to much damage to my body or can I still fix it please read?
How to have less fat on my body?
I am super skinny. What is the best way to add bulk ?
Sensitive teeth?
What is a dental root resection or 'ipisectomy'?
Bony lump appearing in my lower gum underneath my tongue, any ideas?
Can anyone clarify something for me what in Dentistry terms is a sounds like Clusoe.?
has anyone had a serec tooth filling done in the UK (London) and if so how has it lasted?
False teeth glue?
fixed braces?
I cant seem to find an orthodontist in London..anyone with any ideas/adresses..?
what would you rather be a dentist, orthoontist or a cosmetic surgeon?
Tips for getting in shape?
what is a "weight watcher" like site that is free?
Should I take Monster Milk?
need to loose weight i need advice please.?
I found a lavender and white capsule in the seat of my daughter's car. No imprint. What is it?
Will this help me lose weight and tone up?
Do you think this is an ok weight...?
Does Jenny Craig Work? I mean, has anybody used it and succeeded in losing significant weight?
i have 2 different workouts. will my muscles eventually get use to these workouts?
Easy 10 points: Too skinny for my age, how to gain some weight?
Did i over eat today?
Wil eating calories or taking in calories keep your metabolism running?
A doctor recommended this diet? Please help!!!?
Am i underweight average or overweight for my age and height?
Someone help me what body shape am i?
How should I eat if I'm less active?
Is 4'7 considered 'normal' for a twelve year old boy ?
Am I at a good weight, or should I drop a few pounds?
How do you get abs like this?
Running to burn fat/build muscle?
nauseous from not eating?
Is this mouth cancer?
smoking weed with FAP?
What is the Black Spot on my Spinal Xray?
Leukemia, Or Anemia...?
A few questions about bad cavities?
is wanting to be a dentist/orthodontist ok. does anyone elce want or no anyone elce who wants to be one?
how long does it take before permanent teeth start to show after milk teeth have dropped out?
where do i get a good root canal treatment in london ?
I have noticed some gum recession on the bottom part of my teeth, is there a fix for this?
Small cavities!?
where in the UK will i be able to get free dental treatment not on the NHS?
What is the best way to get white teeth that are currently stained from coffee?
about cavities?
Which vaccinations must a dental nurse have?
what's a good weight lifting plan?
i need some advise ,,,?
What at home exercises are good for building leg muscles?
question about diet pills?
How much weight should I lose?
I weigh 159 lbs is this normal or overweight?
Can dentists pescribe antibiotics? Whats the best instant pain relief for Wisdom Teeth? They're killing me!!
Can dentists perscribe antibiotics? Whats the best instant pain relief for Wisdom Teeth? They're killing me!!
is kick boxing a good workout?
What workouts are best for me?
A typical weightloss question regarding diet pills..?
Whey protien is nasty is there anything elese i can drink that will taste better?
Is this a good workout routine?
Does muscle toning build stamina?
What's a good healthy diet?
i had a tooth out 2 days ago, and now I have a vile taste in my mouth . could it be infected?
Help in toning my body (pictures)?
Can anyone from the united kingdom give me the address and phone number for Ayr dental hospital ?
Dr. T K Duncan at Melrose Dental performed dental procedures that "doesn't meet the standard of care for the
Should I have a root filling?
why do i have to pay extra for porcelin crowns on the NHS?
am i fat? and should i lose a few pounds?
RE porcelin crowns?
Does anyone know if you can get a travel case for the Braun Oral B battery toothbrush.?
Dentists in south yorkshire & what do you think of this quote?
can anyone help me?
anser my questions?
stiff jaw...?
porcelin crowns again?
Can I slim down my forearms?
can anthing be done about this dentist in Vista California?
I have two question's and i need help with them . There about a collge course .?
my dentist recommended a cerec crown for my back tooth.?
Question about smoking/ being in my system?
Ohio Child Cancer Cluster Cause Theories?
This is interesting. On the internet, some oncologists say they would NOT take?
Should I combine wieght/training with cardio? I'm 42 male 5/8'' and weigh 235lbs?
How can I burn calories quickly at home?
Will this help me get my dream body?
Can someoen give me a link to a calorie intake generator?
What 3 exercises develop Strength, Mass and Endurance?
fat girls having small breast what to do?
How old do you have to be to go to Lifestyle Family fitness gym?
Eatin just twice a day?
How much can the average 13 year old boy bench press?
how much weight do you think i can lose?
Is my exercise plan good?
What are squats good for?
Question about the calories in a banana?
Excerises for skinnier legs?
How to burn belly fat?
rate my transformation?
how can i make my thighs and calves bigger quickly?
I workout and I gain weight from muscle but dont lose fat?
How can I improve my agility for badminton?
How many calories have I eaten?
Does mustard have any calories?
would this help me lose weight a lot or not really?
Laser tooth whiteners that u can buy of the internet, do they work?
can i have silver fillings at the dentist when breastfeeding ?
Anyone know the best enamel strengthening toothpaste?
What Have I Done To Get A Clicking Jaw? And how can I get rid of it?
what is the cost cap at dentists in scotland?
why have`nt they invented a pill that will destroy plaque and tartar for oral consumption, like a mouthwash?
What does instant processing mean in the dental industry?
I had a small injection at the dentist at 10am.Its now 13:28, and my face-muscles STILL don't work.?
i have a permament taste of salt in my mouth?
I've got a very painful wisdom tooth?
What's the difference between a Porcelain jacket crown and a Procera crown??
i have just had my tonsils out 2 days ago its really sore and i have got a horrible taste in my mouth?
i have a sore back of mouth. is this an absess of my gum or a wisdom tooth and is there any way to know ?
does the premature aging process of hypothyroidism affect the teeth and gums?
what is topical fluoride?
I'm having root canal on tuesday - how bad will it hurt?
Are dentists naturally gifted in the kitchen? i.e. cooking lol?
does knauf cavity wall insulation cause health problems?
Broken permenant tooth HELP?
Help me on this (University course entry requirements ) question?
what is the salary of a UK doctor after coming straight out of training?
i had 3 fillings replaced with the white ones and have had nothing but trouble since anyone had this problem?
Should I have veneer? I don't want braces...anyone with this problem??
white marks on teeth?
child of seven needs injection at dentist?
does anyone know of a company that does dental insurance in the uk,all the ones i,ve looked at are money?
Orthodontist in Fresno?
Can Changing Tooth Paste Make Your Teeth More Sensitive?
Do they (doctors) tend to wait until after the holidays to break bad news or no?
Does seabuckthorn help in leukemia treatment? Anyone with experience?
does this increase my risk for brain cancer or other cancer please?
what's the role of PGI2 in inflammation ?
Can eating from a dirty plate cause cancer?
Small lymph node - I am paranoid and worried!?
is b6 naturally occurring or added? please help?
Is this a healthy diet?
What is Power Training?
Exercise program help. Fat Q's?
do the ab rollers in the gym actually work?
Ways to eat healthier?
Is This Gym Workout Ok? Will It Help Me Lose Weight?
Do you think it's ok for a 13 year old to drink coffee?
what muscle does the isolateral incline chest press target?
Am I fat? I'm 160 cm and 53 kg..?
What is the average body fat for a 14 year old male that is about 5' 2"?
Weight lifting and running? Can you still build muscle?
is it normal to work out until your muscles twitch, or am i probably over-exercising?
What are the best and safest diet pills that have rapid results ?
I want to loose 90 pounds by april 18 what should I do? such as what should I eat ?
If i drink ONLY orange juice for a month or 2 will it help me loose weight.?
What are some gyms open 24 hours a day?
question about metabolism?
Am I being paranoid??
does anyone know about periodontal packs?
if you were a dentist, orthodontist, cosmetic surgeon or GP would you work on your partner or family and frien
how do they take the brackets off cause im having my braces off wedsday?
i have clicking in my left ear; is it anything to worry about.?
What are teeth made of?
How much does a filling cost at a private demtist?
Teeth whitening kits?
I need nhs dentist in central birmingham -preferably very gentle?
Ab Crunch Machine (ie Ab sculptor)?
At what age do a girl's hips stop widening?
im 5'3 and 152 pounds will i lose weight by working out everyday?
Im 5'1 and i weigh 109 ?
How do I lose inches off of my waist and my hips?
Does this one hundred pushups challenge actually work?
How active would you say I am?
How did I eat today on my diet?
What do you like to put in your oatmeal?
I want to lose 30 pounds in 3 months is this good?
Does jumping rope for 60min. non-stop make you lose muscle or gain?
5'6" 17 year old girl, 130 lbs?
Can you gain 5 pounds in a week?
Any Trainers that know what they are talking about, that can give an ADULT a start up workout/diet plan ?
Does zumba fitness DVDs work for losing weight ???!!?
Is a shot of vodka a day healthy or unhealthy?
does my husband have bad joints because his parents wouldn't let him have any fat in his diet as a child?
How can i get bigger but still be toned?
Do you think I'm fat?
Is it safe for a 14 year old girl to be working extremely hard on getting abs?
What are some of examples of 1400 calorie day?
Where can i buy signal gel toothpaste in uk?
what good ways r there to keep my teeth nice an white? (other than brushing regularly)?
Diagnosis needed for symptoms!?
I have the dentist later today as i have a sore gum ....?
how do you know which are the best dentists to go to in Budapest for implants?
What is the characteristics of tongue cancer?
I have pains in the center of my chest ( breast bone area).?
single large ulcer on tip of tongue?
Will I be able to still play my flute when i get train tracks across my top teeth?
Question about Lymph nodes?
how are factors for platelet estimates derived?
Can you get teeth attachments at the dentist to bring far-set teeth forwards so teeth appear straight?
Why are national health dentures made from cheaper material than privately paid for dentures.?
Argh, the cap has come off my tooth...?
me and the hubby both wanna do the same exercises, can he do jillian michaels with me?
Any good FREE yoga videos online for me?
Help with getting flat abs!!?
Want to recover from anorexia?
Amp Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and amp pre post training pak?
Are cheat days okay for weight loss?
How can i tone up my legs?
I need to lose 30 more pounds?
five small meals a day?
I saw a back/chest workout machine on an infomercial and I can't find it online.?
Womans Fitness Help please?
How can I lose 20 pounds before May?
Teenage Boy: Putting On Weight?
How do i loose 25 pounds?
Is Herbalife worth it?
Losing inches and water weight?
how many days should i work out per week?
I need to lose 3-4 pounds by next Wednesday?
IntraMAX vs Melaleuca vitamins?
How to deal with anxiety?
i haven't slept for two days. i'm getting worried.?
emotional moving house excited but so so so sad please help me?
Keep having the same dream/nightmare Help!?
Forgetting to take my bipolar medication?
How to i resolve my mothers addiction to World of Warcraft?
Bipolar disorder perhaps?
One for any child health, dentists or parents of 5-6 yr olds??
U.K Dentists?
Do you have to pay for eye tests and dental treatment if you get dla or carers allowance?
Anyone on line from the West of Ireland?
I need braces and I was wondering about how much do they cost and do they hurt really bad?
How long after taking a course of metronidazole is it safe to drink alcohol cos its xmas tomorrow !!?
If you got lung cancer, does ur blood pressure go high or low ?
Could someone please explain this?
Chances of getting another concussion?
when gel electrophoresis has been discovered ? short complete history ?
Does music help you maintain positive mental health?
I have mind disassociation, help :(?
About the kids help line?
How can you tell if you're depressed or not?
Does anyone here have tried Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?
im worried about my mum. im 15 years old. please help...?
Whitening teeth.................?
where does ear wax come from and what is it made of?
A pointy thing in my gum?
what % of uk dental practices now use some form of practice management software?
is there a way a dentist can take a mould just 4 a front tooth without filling my mouth with all that gunk?
What is the approximate costs of braces?
Why does everyone keep singing about me?!?
dentists on tv?
Can my mum get help with dental treatment?
Are there any Dentists that anaesthetise (knock you out) in Edinburgh or the South East?
How long for dentures to be made?
what would happen to you if you tried to smile but had no mouth?
as if im not poorly enough! what can ido about this prob?
Root Fractures, Treatments Please?
Has anyone else knocked one out today?
How do I lose 30 pounds?
I just ate a 7 hour old burrito?
My sister is fat and I'm worried about her?
Does hydroxycut really work?
Does weight watchers really work?
How do I lose it? To look like her? How do I do it? Lose weight?
would eating processed meats as a one off pose any health risks? (weight gain, or any other?)?
Six pack in six weeks with a slim stomach?
I'm skinny and I'm starting to drink water. But I dont want to be skinnier I just want clear skin!?
What are some small diet pills at stores?
How Can I Loose Weight In 4 Months?
5x5 strength/compound routine?
i binged now what? please help!?
Example of a Cardiovascular fitness Routine?
weight loss for girl with curves?
will chewing mentos sugar free gum make me gain weight/?
Protein shakes for women, help lose fat?
What do you think of this situation?
i have white spots under my toungue what are they?
does any one know anyting about dental implants is it cheaper to go abroad ? whats the price ?
how to use floss thread in teeth?
how long do i have to have retainners for cause i had my braces off?
braces, good cos they will give straight teeth or just plain horrible?
Is it normal to lose more hair at beginning of vitamin deficiency treatment?
Can dried paint cause cancer? ?
lymph node?? HELP PLEASE?
what would cause this to ?
Can binine tumors convert into malignant?
what are the problabilities of survival from a stage 4 Leukemia and what is the life span?
Can anybody help me??
if the inside of your mouth and throat is wet, how do you know when your drinking??
why do we get wisdom teeth?
HealOzone. Would you recommend it for a seven year old?
Has anyone tried invisalign (invisible gumsheild type braces)?
Okay I need some healthy advice! Please help!?
weight watchers points plus?
why arent i losing weight?
Hi, I'm 14, 5 foot 1 and weigh 113 and i would like to lose 8 pounds?!?
How can I lose around 15 pounds in 7 weeks?
when your doing a 3 day diet do u only do it for 3 days or do u just continue with it?
Roughly how many calories can you burn from swimming?
is it true that it is better to count calories rather than carbs on a diet?
Whats mora attractive curves or no curves?
I am not losing weight and have been exercising for 3 months. i want to lose 5 lbs?
Do you want to find a new way to lose weight Healthy, Safe & Fast?
Best weight loss pill?
The best way to trim down my thighs?
So I've been doing well on my diet but...?
How to change my metabolism?
Is this a good workout ?
What should my goal weight be?
What should i do about this?
how can i stop snacking?
Looking for some decent ankle weights for reasonable price?
Would i be considered fat?
How can I improve my attention to detail?
im worried for a friend, i think she needs mental help....?
I"m on anti-depressants etc...I have been severely depressed since I can remember.?
What would happen if....?
friend committed suicide 6 years ago?
My Step mum displays classic signs of depression what should we do?
i have holes in my gums yet due to a debt problem cannot afford a good dentist is the nhs my only option?
Ecstasy question about depression?
A question about dentists who take on both NHS patients and private patients.?
dental composite shade guide?
Is it normal to be in bed and you feel awake but can't seem to move your body?
If things seem strange, is it because they are? Maybe it is you, or me, or them?
Doctors who perscribe medication for ADHD / ADD in Perth, WA?
If yoy dont have a tooth but a crown , can you still can get a Abcess & if so what can be done?
can you grow a new tooth?
Alternative pain relief to injections during dental work?
how much does invisalign cost???
what can be the cause?
Is sterality hereditary?????
why slow stomache digestion is causing me headaches?
So all you people who donate to Breast Cancer charities, are you happy Obama banned Avastin and doomed women?
do you still have braces? as had my off the other day but now have to wear retainers.?
What happens to the rest of the teeth in the jawline after an extraction?
DENTAL PROBLEM: Can anyone tell me where I can buy a crown repair kit?
Receding gums??
Is my dental history unusual?
where and how can straighten very crowded teeth WITHOUT removing ANY teeth.?
hard brown thing on teeth?
anyone giving up smoking. it will be just two weeks on tuesday,having a bad day today, on my mind, any advice?
Tooth extractions - will i have trouble eating/??
have been told i have early gum disease. treatment from a specialist is costing 3000euro. is this norm?
I have a friend who is a very nice person, But they will not clean there teeth?
What are veeners like?
Why is there a metal line visable on my crown?
Dentist's Hygiene and sterilisation?
how can a teenage girl loose belly fat?
Need help with nutrition?
Workout ; Better Body .?
Do you think that im fat?
how can i get abbs faster?
do you have to get sore in order to build muscle?
Around how many inches would losing 5 or 10 pounds be ?
purifying "city" water?
If I go to a hypnotherapist to lose weight what are the chances?
How to lose 90 pounds in 7 months? **Best answer gets all points**?
How many calories are in a tiny piece of pizza hut thin crust pizza without cheese?
is losing 20 pounds in 70 days realistic?
If I eat spam will I die?
What protien powder is best to build muscle?
Do you think that i should lose weight?
How to keep away both good and bad witches at old age?
How bad is this lifestyle?
average height....???????
Has anyone tried Adapexin-P or Slim Xtreme? I am trying to decide which supplement to use. can anyone help?
What is an alternative treatment for Cancer?
Such thing as micrometastsis?
When do you think there will be a cancer cure?
Is there any help for E D other than perscriptions?
What are the symptoms of lung cancer and stomach cancer?
Nicotine replacements and Cancer?
what is causing my white blood cell count to go up after being on antibotics for over a week?
my mom is getting a CT scan from a mass, which might be a tumor, and she has melanoma and what are her choices?
Is there any organizations that will help me get my meds.?
how much is it to have one filling at you're dentist?and what country/state/county is it in?
Good Dental?
six years ago the news media stated "in five year time one would be able to have tooth implants from stem cell
What effect does long term abscesses have on the body?
What happens to the flap of skin after the wisdom tooth has come through?
Can dental work cause a fever?
my chihuahus got a hold of a chiken bone.should i be terribly concerned?
What is the recommended daily dose of vitamin c & can too much give you ulcers in the mouth?
Receding Gums?
if i had my teeth done, privately after the treatment can i still go to my old dentist or continue privately?
has anyone had Jaw related surgery for cosmetic reasons..How did you honestly feel post surgery????
where can i see pistures of false teeth on plates?
Crown Problems?
whats the cost to have one tooth filling on nhs also cost if went private?
If you are or studying to be...what made you want to become a Psychiatrist?
at what time of the day, do you feel the best?
Do I have Obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Any advice Answerers?
im always tired but can never get to sleep!!!!!!!!?
Lose -20-30 Pounds In 28 Days Too Much ?
what are the best exercises to put mass on my legs?
im trying to gain weight and was wondering if sleeping to long is bad?
ratio of fat female vs male fat cells?
is it ok to eat a lot if u exercise regularly?
If i need to loose 10 lbs ?
tips on how to get a 6 pack?
Any good ab workouts or diet plans?
Is my weight muscle or fat?
How do i lose a stone in 3 months?
how much caloires do i burn per hour playing just dance 1 and 2?
Has anyone ever drank green tea to lose weight?
Would a liquid only diet for 5 days be dangerous for me?
How much exercise should I be doing?
average weight for a 15 year old female in kg?
since im not 18yrs or older, do i need to bring my mom with me to work out in Bally TotalFitness ?
Where can I get the P90X workout nutrition plan?
why should a fitness instructor/trainer have a good level of fitness?
why did I gain weight?
read out down carefully?
Snowboarding Fitness?
wisdom teeth?
My dentist doesn't care...?
who has heard of geographical tongue what causes it and whats the cure?
How much will it cost me?
just got my retainers today?
I keep waking myself up by biting my tongue when I am asleep.?
What can I do to reduce a receding gumline?
I am looking for information on offshore dental laboratories serving the UK market.?
Why do my teeth seem a little yellower than they should be?
Aquafresh toothpaste. It used to have only two colours of stripes didn't it - white and blue?
Pit and fissure stains or cavities?
I had a wisdom tooth pulled 7 hours ago, but I can't get the bleeding to stop.?
Abcess on tooth/gum - help !?
Dental Implants?
i have crowns on every tooth in the top of my mouth which are now about 25 years old?
Froot Teeth Crowns?
I just took my dental brace off, How do i stop my teeth from moving?
do cell food get acid out off cells?
First case of cancer?
osteoarthritis in foot - help with shoes please?
When I get a big unexpected fright, my armpits get a sore tingly and itchy sensation?
Why does water feel colder in your mouth after brushing your teeth or eating something minty?
the dentist and my 6 year old query?
Can receding gums be reversed and, if so, how?
Is losing 15 pounds in 5 weeks a realistic goal?
When is the best time to eat dinner?
will danabols ( anabolic steroids) show up on an employer dot drug test?
How can i lose 80-85 lbs by june or july of 2011?
I have stretch marks. I'm 16. If I loose weight will the stretch marks fade so I can wear a bikini confidently?
Is David Lloyds Gym worth it?
Tips for a 15 year old to lose fat? ?
How does weight training release fatty acids?
Has anyone had any actually had success with the HCG weight loss program? ?
How to lose weight in my belly and hips?
How can I lose over 100 lbs?
Slimquick Drink Packets and Mega T Green Tea?
Where do I measure for my waist and hips?
How do I stop binge eating on the weekends?
Need to lose it? Help?
Am I Fat or something?
38-30-42 and 5'5. what do you think? Fat or what?
How do these look (pics included)?
16 Overweight Boy Needs Advice?
Which has more calories in...?
If i do weights and run also will i lose weight?
Why do i worry myself about what people are thinkin of me?
Chromosome abnormality?
where are stints used more?
What is the survival rate for breast cancer?
How does the body control fluoride levels?
Is leukemia hereditary?
I have Grade 3 Spondylolisthesis and i want to know what others with this condition are useing for pain manage
TaNonG LaNg .... Does anyone know a good dentist in the beach area of La Union, Philippines?
Getting braces! need some help..?
Any Natural remedies for gum disease for Diabetics?
Anyone with a Cleft lip and Palate?!?
Don't understand root canal treatment?
do students get charged dental fees if the go national health?
My tooth feels a little funny! Do I have an abcess?(Not sure of the spelling!)?
Wisdom teeth upper?
nhs complants procedures?
ive got this really bad taste in my mouth?
Is it true that inhaler usage can cause fractured cracked teeth ?
is there a free advice nhs number that you can call if you need imformation?
Has anyone just seen the news about the 'dirty dentist'?
Can chewing gum damage the alignment of your teeth?
Is there a a home remedy that I can use for a dry socket, and how long will this last?
does thin face became better after gaining weight ?
Will i lose weight if i walk at a fair pace about 10km per day and do weights?
Weight Loss Help Please?
I'm 6'3 inches tall, and my weight is 340 pounds. I am actually really active, I play basketball at the Y?
can i lose 36 pounds in 42 days?
Questions about the Cabbage Soup Diet?
are oats good for health?
Weight Loss Tips for Teens?
High school gym class- how to not stink?
How many kilos can you lose in 5 weeks?
What is your weight in ounces?
What supplements should I take to gain some good muscle mass?
Am I developing Borderline Personality Disorder?
Do you think i should leave my job?
where could i get cosmetic surgery for ab implants in the uk?
I had to take my 10 year old to dentist yesterday his adult teeth are coming through his gums but he still has
Is it ok / safe to brush my teeth with hot water from the hot water tap?
at 56 i still have a baby tooth, is this a record?
wisdom teeth?
Do you really need to love science to become a dentist ???
my friend grinds her teeth, how can she be cured?
What do you think is wrong??
When you are HUNGOVER?!?!??!?
how do you improve the flow of dental inlay wax?
Any dentists out there who cxan help me please?
how much is teeth whitening from the local dentist in the uk? and how effective is it?
What will happen?
Can a hole at the base of a lower front tooth be repaired?
Pain in the neck...Literally?
Intrathecal chemo question?
Please help. A couple of weeks before my period my lymph node in my left armpit gets swollen?
Could I have cancer? Details below......?
Does anyone recover after cancer has spread to someones heart?
Had MRI done pelvic and ct scans?
alveor rabdomyosarcoma symptoms?
I 'am a total larngectomy( no voice box) wanting to learn how to do esophageal speech.?
cleaning of teeth?
Does anyone know????
My cavities!?
tooth filling?
dental abscess?
How much does it cost to have a check up and a filling at the dentist?
Dentist charges in hospitals in the UK?
Isn't it strange how you look forward to the pink drink at the dental surgery?
Iv just got braces?
teeth whitening medicare in liverpool st london?
If the dental implant procedure is so long and involved do you look like you have teeth in the interim?
i am a full time uni student aged 20 livin on my own, am i entilited to get dental treatment on the nhs.?
How long does it take for Dentists to put the braces in?
Is it serious if i have little gum pains in the mornings?
I just got my braces off yesterday, now i have to wear retainers....?
Help Please!!!!! feeling Emotionally Depressed?
using Blackmore's Metabolism Advantage pills after expiry date?
How to loose the ten pounds I have gained from working my graveyard shift?
Eating disorders/ wanting to be thin?
How to i quit being Addicted to sugar?
How many nights of 100 crunches would it take to get results?
Is being 117lbs healthy when your body fats at 22%?
awkward looking thighs?
How do I safely gain weight and height ?
How do I make gatorade?
where can i purchase anabolic steroids besides online?
How can i make my curls loose?
can you guess my weight and ethnicity?
Wanna gain lean muscle...confused on what to eat? See details.?
How do I build abs? Getting at least a 4 pack.?
What are some workouts that give you a 6 pack?
how to clean out my intestines?
does turbo jam work? how fast?
Perfect sit up exercise devise ?
Need help with weight loss, about 15 pounds. any SUPER LOW CAL but delish recipes?
My dad doesnt support me much when i try to lose weight, how can i get him to?
how does toothpaste keep its stripes?
role of materials in dentistry?
Is it possible to see Hygienest without seeing dentist?
Can veneers be whitened?
Do older animal lovers look after their canines better than their children?
i will probably have 2 teeth taken out for braces...?
Excess saliver caused by dentures, is there a way of overcoming?
Why is the dental profession such a complete joke in the UK?
pain after dental treatment?
Idon't like my baby tooth. Third tooth from the front on the left. help.?
does anyone know a website that explain the process of visiting the dentist ?
How do you get rid of discolouring of the chains on your brace?
How can i get a brace again, after the first one didnt work?
does anyone know how much cosmetic dental costs?
I have toothache, why does it hurt more when I lower myself?
Would I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled before i get braces again?
what are these pains?
Shoulder Hurts?
anyone having foot pain after wearing "mbt" shoes?
Hi I have had sore hips (and knees) for a few years now. It's worse at night and wakes me up.?
I,ve been troubled with RSI in both wrists for 15 months now.?
I have joint, feet, knee, elbow, finger, shoulder, lower back and hip pain. what do i have?
can someone give me input?
has anyone have a bone biopsy and how was it done?
My husband was just diagnosed with cml....?
how can i tell if my gpa is getting ready to pass away?
Is Desmoplasic a curable cancer?
Wwhat causes lymph nodes on the lower spine of a woman?
how effective is the bone marrow transplant for a sickle cell patient?
Why do we get down and depressed? Is depression a social (stress), behavioral, medical, Or is it hereditary?
What body percentage do I need to see my abs?
Does P90X really work like they say?
i want to lose weight help please?
why i cant lose weight?
losing weight questions?
How to loose 30 lbs by June 1st?
how to burn 15000 calories a week?
Know any good 1200 calorie diets?
what are good vitamins to take for beauty and health?
Approximately how long does or should it take to gain 5 lbs the if done the right way?
Is it good to workout everyday?
Best time of the day 2 exercise?
Why am I thinking about food weirdly?
I was feeling hungry but now I feel weird.?
How can I diet without any support from my family or friends?
Weight lifting help!!?
how can my son get the abs he wants?
How can i get sugar out of my system fast (cant sleep)?
help me get rid of my extra fat..?
am i too skinny.............?
Restorative injection?
I can't send messages from yahoo mail due to red cross at the corner of my mail box what can I do to m?
My fillings not bonding to my tooth?
Can anyone tell me where I can buy "Gordon Moores Toothpaste"?
stopped smoking?
I have had forearm pain for nearly three months now.?
looking to buy an ultrasound machine for muscle therapy, can anyone help?
i hurt my back at myer's 12 years ago witch put me in a weelchair i been tacking tramal sr 200mg for 8 years
I have caps on my top two teeth...?
i have a white spotty patch on my front to teeth?
What instructions did you have to follow to ask/answer Yahoo questions?
i have for the last couple of days had a sore front crown, and now my front of my mouth has swollen up?
How can you overcome a dental phobia of wanting to vomit something out your mouth when put there? gum shield.
I had 6 porcelain vaneers fited 2 months ago now and i have had to go back 4 times already .?
what dental charges do i pay when i am 60+?
the worst and the best?
Does Anyone know who invented the FIRST Electrictly rechargeable Tooth-brush?and when?
does roots continue to grow?
Does anyone know how much teeth braces cost for an adult in the uk and is it very painful?
oral thrush?
Is anyone out there having trouble getting NHS treatment at a dentist?
fluvoxamine side affects - 'electric shock sensations'?
Do i have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
My stressed mum has gone too far now. Help?
I asked this before but didn't get a lot of responses, any help?
How do i make him understand?
What percent of my donation to susan komen goes to research?
I'm a sixteen year old girl, am I at risk for colon cancer?
Does anyone know any forums for teens whose parents have cancer?
how to slow down cancer without chemotherapy?
Am I underweight?? Please help me?
okay im 15 and im 5'8 in height can u give me a list of exercises i should do and for how long so i can get ab?
will this help me lose weight?
cures for binge eating disorder?
Why are protein useful?
What is the absolute best way to get a toned tummy?
What workout videos actually work?
GUYS: do you think I'm fat???? i really want to know!?
How much do I look like I weigh?
Calcium or Magnesium; which is better for joints? And do they counteract each other?
What is aerobics in exercise?
Could someone please tell me why I gained weight so quickly? What happened here????!! HELP?
if i take creatine and when im done it i take cutting pills.. what will happen?
Why do people always ask me if I have an eating disorder?
i've been working out for YEARS, and cannot get abs... its discouraging me?
What is the Best Muscle Powder to Buy to gain muscle?
How much does Acai Berry cost?
Which foods actually promote weight loss?
Diet changes, please help?
how can i gain weight ?
hi i was hurt in 2004 and trying to get my bisabilty i got a brain mri shows 2 spots on my brain?
Whats the best way to relieve stress?
Three months after a breast reduction I am still experiencing quite a lot of pain. Is that normal?
Can't lose last 10 lbs?! Fitness advice.?
Virgin Coconut Oil to lose weight-has anyone hear of this and what do you do and how long does it take?
I'm almost 15 and I'm 5'5...?
Am i workoing out enough to build muscle mass?
Working Out Question?
Around how many inches would losing 5 pounds be ?
Can you get brain cell loss from car fumes, while jogging through city streets?
my daily calorie deficit is 2333...?
Will i still keep losing weight today if?
Is it bad to only have 500 calories? ++?
is it possible to lose 60lbs in 2 months?
how do u define pretty....and also how do u define fat?
What can I do to tone up at least a little in 2 weeks?
I need to gain weight! Snack ideas?
Health Class Question Help!?
what not to eat on a diet?
I am a 5'8 15 year old gil and i weigh 135 pounds. is that considered skinny or fat?
If you are detoxing from toxins and become constipated, would said toxins absorb through colon back into blood?
How can i gain weight? are there any secrets?
Strained elbow?
I don't know what's happening but...?
Side Effects of Celexa and Prozac?
Antidepressants?? people who have delt with them? and their affects?
How much disappointment can one ?
I feel confused, lost and i can't think properly, what's happening to me?
Diagnosis and treatment of depression?
could i have prostate cancer?
Mom has cancer, how to make a bright christmas?
how long does a typical ua detect alcohol in system?
What are some intense abs workout?
How to lose weight in a very short period of time? PLEASE HELP!!?
How to lose 25 lbs? Please help.?
how much should a 12 year olds wast be?
What should an overweight 13 year old do?
Is This A Normal Weight And Height For My Age?
cabbage soup diet..help please!?
a full abdomilnal workout that works fast... and s noticable.?
slimquick ultra fat burner, does it work?
ALR Industries Hyperdrive 3.0?
Cardio before or after a workout?
I have braces and an awful gum itch! I brush, floss and teeth cleaned regularly. Also bruxism- is it related?
how much calories should a...?
are the metal braces more comfortable than the clear ones?
i have heard that baking soda is good for bad breath? is this true? how does it work?
Do I not put enough weight on my foot?
can a pull-up bar alone help me gain muscle?
vacation (remaining in good shape)?
No carbs after 3pm? Does it work?
is it ok to brush dentures in a public rest room?
Is it healthy to lose 2 pounds a week for 4 months?
Does this sound healthy?
How many calories in a chicken wing?
my friernd fell and damaged her front teeth can she claim help for dental treatment as she receives?
I want to lose some weight can I lose about 35 pounds by June?
Why do so many people in the UK pay extra for private medical cover, rather than contribute extra to the NHS?
i have just recently had my bottom fixed brace removed in place for retainer?
Discuss how quantitative and qualitative research approaches have helped in oral health promotion and future?
i have also been advised that i can have a bridge done instead of braces. tell me what is the best option?
what is the name of this procedure, when a dentist uses instrument to whitind your teeth?
how long is the nhs waiting list for braces?
sometimes when i chew i get prolonged toothache in a lot of my teeth and it does not go away for ages?
seen by consultant at hospital at may 06 for braces, do i still have to be on the waiting list? it's now 2007
My NHS dentist fitted 2 oversized bridges 1st cracked/lost 2nd broke teeth below. Distraught where do I turn?
Does anybody know of a really good dentist in the North West London area?
back /rib pain?
I feel worthless and I also feel everyone is against me. I have O.C.D, anxiety and an eating disorder. HELP?
what would you class my body as?
How can I get back in shape again?
What is an average weight for an 11 year old?
ii lost a lot of weight, & now ii wanna tone up my stomach & arms (V line, flabby arms?)?
how much tanning and gym at snap fitness mt airy md?
How to get rid of Dense calf?
What is the best way to get rid of armpit fat, and lower stomach fat?
How can i lose weight and tone up my hourglass shape in 5 weeks?
Why don't I lose weight ?
how to lose 20 pounds in 4 months? please help?
How do you not think about hunger pangs? How do you effectively 'not eat'?
I have no stomach fat, how do i get a six pack?
if i froce myself to throw up will i lose wieght?
I need help with fitness ( 10 points) PLZ HELP?
lately ive felt like i was getting fatter?
how do you lose weight in you thighs or legs?
so like I will have a horrible stomach ache and then it would go away like 15-30 minutes later.?
Is going to the gym two days a week enough to lose weight?
HELP. -trying to lose weight, will my skin go saggy afterwards?
Osteoporosis in animals?
St.Jude's vs. St.Louis Children's hospital?
i have a lump on my neck is it serious?
I bought a "Take Charge" charger case and there's a warning label on it saying may cause cancer?
how many minutes should i start off with jogging?
I'm struggling losing weight?
would i lose weight if i walked around 20 miles a week?
what are some exercises i could do at home to tone my stomach?
Can you lose weight while you gain muscle?
can i lose weigth eating 3 small meal a day?
Food Question? Please help?
Why am I not losing weight?
Which of these two supplements would you recommend?
How much should I exercise in the morning?
Ok, want to know what you guys think about my body measurements?
Does anyone have a diet mon-sun that you follow to lose weight?
im a girl and i want a 6 pack i keep exercising but nothings happing?
Am I too young for flirty girl fitness(10 points)?
how much weight can i lose in a week with this scenario?
How to lose weight? long question. read more please.?
how do you think i ate today PLEASE be honest!!?
Weight loss question, please answer. Would greatly appreciate it.?
why is a stock tray unsatisfactory for many dental items???
has anyone ever used gentain violet for oral thrush and did it work?
Has anyone ever bought any tooth whitening product online?
I am about to get braces, is it ok to find my own orthodontist?