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Do you like your man chunky or slim or just fat honestly everyone have their own taste?
To get abs, should I be eating a lot of protien?
Is it true if you don't use it, you loose it?
Are you still supposed to eat a big breakfast if your just going to school and sitting all day?
Who knows about Slimfast?
Why can't I go back on my diet?
What is catabolic exercise? Is it important for losing fat?
Is it bad to lift weights days consecutively?
how much sodium, calories ect...?
im i going to put weight on from eating walnut cake?
Fitness Help?
Is my diet healthy?
What do I do if I move to a different state and still have braces on?
Hi i got 20 10mg lortab's for my wisdom teeth, Im running low and dont know exactly when i can refill?
just got braces......?
I was gargling mouth wash this morning..and blood came out in my saliva. What could this mean?
Can I get kicked out of the Navy for TMJ?
when your gums are bleeding?
my back right bottom tooth hurts so bad!?
I am 16 and I have 27 teeth is this normal?
if you have toothpaste and on the expire date say (month) (day) cp what does cp stand for?
Programs for braces in NY?
one of my permanent teeth is loose?
Can you guys provide me with pictures of before & after with someone who has/had yaeba teeth?
My retainer broke, a gap is forming in my teeth!?
Dental wax is stuck on my teeth?
My jaw bone is really sore. It is a bit swollen from the inside.?
what to take for toothache?
Dentistry term? please help?
What do you think about braces?
How can I get the edges of my teeth to wear down a little bit?
Im getting braces, any advice?
Oh shlt wat is goin to happen to me?!!!?
Do you know any Direct Dental programs in the USA?
My tongue please help. Am I gonna die D:?
Can my wisdom tooth move forward?
does everyones teeth look good when braces come off?
What's going on? My teeth feel weird.?
My whole tooth is turning black where I have a silver filling and it is now hurting. What could it be?
what can you do when you have loose teeth?
Bottom Wisdom (impacted) teeth hurt?
What color should I get for my braces?
Sunken cheeks because of teeth clenching or the overworking of the jawbone?
My bf had a mouth infection should I see a dentist or doc?
Crowns, molars, my story and questions :)?
I'm 25 and still have mamelons (ridges/bumps) on my front teeth top and bottom?
I have a lie bump on my outer gums how do I get rid of it?
What do a baby's gums look like when their molars are coming in?
Is it okay to go under anesthesia while on antibiotics?
how to tell if u have a cavity?
So like I have these realllly tiny bumps on the corners of my mouth and above my upper lip.. is it normal?
what would you rather do get a root canal or not?
What can I put on my gums at night so they do not dry out when I breathe with my mouth?
How do blind people know if there teeth is clean?
What would happen if you use mouthwash every hour?
when i went to the dentist they said my tooth was wobbling, what can they do with that? i dont want them to .?
Saint Louis area dentist?
I want to lose 20-30 pounds...?
I exercise and gain weight?
What's a good diet for a 17 year old track athlete?
How long do you think it would take to lose 20 pounds?
CAn playing sports improve my confidence?
If you do nothing to stretch marks will they eventually go away if you loose weight or will they stay there?
Does drinking a lot of water really help?
Vision blackout after exercise?!?
Does giving blood affect your runs?
What is a good calorie intake?
How much saturated fat can i have dailly?
What are the five parts of physical fitness that help you stay healthy called?
should i lose more weight?
I need help getting to bench 200. im 17 5'10 175 pounds and bench 40 i need help?
The most vigorous and effective Ab exercise for six pack abs?
is is normal to move a bowel about 3-5 times a day?
What is my rate of speed in miles per hour, for 5 hours and 180 miles?
Does the Green Tea Fat Burner work? How much is the average weight loss?
whats the quickest way to get a flatter chest?
What's and easy diet plan to stick to and great for loseing weight?
Always Tired And Less Hungry ?
Waht would happen if i have my braces on with out my monthy check-ups?
Do I have a dental abscess?
What should I do about the retainers?
How many teeth should you have on the bottom of your mouth? Including wisdom teeth?
question about braces?
What Color(s) should I get for my braces?
Is it normal to have extra teeth.?
Can I have a cigarette? O.o?
can dehydration cause dry mouth, if so how can you stop it causing bad breath?
is it okay to chew gum w/ braces?
i have bracess and i cant close my mouth...will i be able to once i get used to them?
What to do with a weak, bleeding gum?
i have a bad cavity thats decayed, and now my tooth bleeds, what does that mean?
Teeth starting go down hill, need few tips fast =( Sad i have to ask this question: i only 18 years old!?
What can you put on your teeth or mouth to make you smile?
How do I make my teeth whiter without any chemicals?
I started brushing my teeth at the age of 17, is this bad?
Help with Dental Implants?
Why does one tooth hurt from braceS?
could this be root canal or not?
how did i get cavities?
Is it ok if the fillings inside my tooth are getting out? i got a root canal and im getting a crown next week?
Can sports gels make your teeth sensitive?
I want to lower my upper jaw slightly, is this possible?
Ways to naturally whiten your teeth?
Is this tooth a cavity?
i think my braces broke but.....?
What are some fun thingz to do with Listerine Breath stripz?
how long does an orthodontic retainer check take?
In which country do dentists earn the most in? [considering this career]?
Invisalign braces need some info on them.?
Can i get cavities filled that lasts 50 years?
wisdom teeth arent out but gums are hurting?
I need Jaw Surgery and I don't want it?
when you do not have dental ins what can be done about bad ones?
I have removed 2 right moral teeth and 1 premoral, after 7 months i noticed that a dirty saliva secrets?
what to eat without top teeth?
Somebody PLEASE Help. Before My Tooth Falls Out.):?
what are the symptoms of dry socket and can it occur within the first day?
my gums are blood red but I am not pregnant I been going thru menpause.?
for my wisdom teeth surgery should I get laughing or novocaine?
How long should I stop smoking weed before getting my wisdom teeth removed?
Is there a way to move your teeth on your own without any special equipment?
Short tongue frenulum / web . Piercing help?
i need good working out tips!?
Am i a little thin for my height?
Help with arm troubles?
gaining muscle (13 yr.)?
Eating dark chocolate after training?
Is white flour occasionally okay?
How to get big quads and hamstrings?
I need to go on a diet and get my body in shape.?
when people often give me answers,the most effective ones are the links..what page do u follow to lose weight?
I am almost 5'9", 143 pounds. Am I overweight?
how to get fat in life?
what should a 13 year old do to lose weight?
What are some good exercises to flatten your tummy and shape your thighs?
First visit to Planet Fitness tomorrow. How do I "sign in"?
lose weight ... fruta planta?
I"m trying to lose 10-15 pounds can anyone tell me what kind of foods to eat while on this diet?
I feel like i've gained to much Weight...?
How to loose weight on my stomach by May?
Is the 14 day acai berry cleanse worth buying?
Question about weight; please help:(?
If i havent worked out in a year i hit the gym extra hard and ive been sore for 5 days?
braces with extraction gaps?
Any dental hygienists out there than can answer this?
Getting my mouth un-numbed?
Does a root canal hurt really bad?
Why do I have two I.V. marks?
Do you know of any Dentists around the Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park Area that take Medi-Cal besides Western Dental?
Fracture? Sensitivity? Second Opinion?
is there any website i can go on to see what i will look like with out braces?
How to get free dental care for a disabled person?
How long does it take for an extracted tooth to heal?
i have had chronic tooth pain for 2 years now. Will it affect anything else in my body?
Im Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out Today!! :'(?
The pain in my temporary crown is gone. Do I still need a root canal?
After braces, My gum is coming bigger and bigger .. how to make it coming smaller and smaller ?
how many branches in dentistry is there?
do i have to have an x-ray of my jaw ?
My molar's loose, how can I get it out quick?
Why are my gums so huge.?
please tell me wut to do..my filling came off after root canal and nxt week dey were gna put a crown, scared?
do most dentists offer laughing gas?
is the a ultrasonic toothbrush worth the money?
i just got a powerbchain and rubber bands on my braces.. is my treatment almost over?
Can the Dentist tell if i smoked weed?
Im on a diet...How did i eat today?
Has anyone tried the HCG diet drops?
How to say no to food?
Does the "Special K Challenge" Work?
how many set when strength training?
protein bar AND protein shake?
how much should a average 13 year old girl weigh?
Im 17 and bench around 50 not even how can i bench more because i need to start working i weigh 176 im 5'10?
Age limit of Daniel Lloyd Gym?
is this good enough..and?
What are the best workouts to do at home?
What Value of H (hours), does Quick Move and Heavy Lifting off the same equal deal?
teenage girl..i need to tighten up and lose weight?
How many calories can you eat and still lose weight?
Putting on muscle/weight?
Will I loose weight if I..?
how to lose 20 pounds in 3-4 months for a 15 year old girl?
Will these machines help me lose weight?
what is the quickest way to lose weight off the tum, but keep my curvy shape?
Is white rice good bad for you?
Left are way bigger than right?
Does fluoride give you cancer after a long time?
self harm how can i stop?
is there a difference between mental illness and insanity?
how to whiten your teeth with home products?
What are some FREE ways I can whiten up my teeth in the span of two weeks?
Does fracture/crack pain come and go?
Why does my mouth look like this?
Does fracture pain come and go like this? Should I seek a second opinion?
some ways to whiten teeth...?
unfinished route canal?
Can I Play Soccer Even If I Have Braces?
Wisdom teeth!!.................?
Primary Or Permanent Tooth?
i lost my retainers!?!?!?!???
$275 for dentist appointment?
hook on my braces hurts my lips?
i had a huge absuss on my wisdom tooth from my temple to my jaw was over twice the size?
developing a gap in my mouth. is it normal?
I need help with Dental.?
If my teeth rot away, can i get replacements?
is bleach ok for a cavity?
what is dry socket and how is it treated?
i have a fear of tooth fairies?
what is the best solution for small gaps between your teeth?
how bad do braces hurt?
I'm 14, i weight about 117, im 4 11' and i want to lose weight. any suggestions?
How much weight will I lose by only eating vegetables for 2 weeks?
how to improve my lifestyle/health?
if you were overweight before anorexia will you become overweight after recovery?
Is it okay to weight train?
I really wanna go form a size 5 in jeans to a size 1?
Lets say i burn 600 calories through exercise daily,,,?
i cant stop eating i have gone froma size 6 to a size 12 in less than 6 months what should i do?
How to start a diet as a kid?
Easy ways to slim down a little?
What would be the best way for my overweight chihuahua to loose weight?
i need big help! please! anorexia!?
underweight and have to gain - dont want to look fat?
How do you lose belly fat?
I am really trying to stay away from sweets, snacks and carbs....but I have a bad sweet tooth.....please help!?
Why did I gain 1.5 Kgs in One day ?
Hey guys when i lift weights? pls answer?
How a girl builds muscle?
what the easiest way to lose 20 pounds in 3-4 months for a girl?
Im 130 pounds i just had a baby 3 weeks ago i want to know what are some ways i can lose 25 pounds in 3mnths?
what should I do to..?
healthy choices to make!??!?
do i look bad with braces?
hole in my tooth?please help me?
what do you do when the stitches fall out of your mouth ?!?!?!?!?! hurry?
When do you think i will get braces? 10 point reward!!!!?
are the more expensive toothpaste brands any good?
What do orthodontist have to do with science??!?
home remedies for exposed nerves in mouth?
what is this toothbrush on the advetisments on facebook?
Just got braces, how much longer do i have to withstand this pain?
Im getting braces soon and i want to know howit fels to get them on or how they put them on?
is it normal for my front two teeth to be slightly transparent near the tips?
Tooth positioner after braces, please help me?
im on Medicare and can't find a dentist that is trustworthy, can someone help me?
Hurting/swollen gums?
How do you prevent a wobbly permanent tooth from falling out?
when orthodontists say "the base" what are they talking about?
Was does my top teeth hurt when I had a root canal on a bottom tooth?
Worried about wisdom teeth?
Gums just randomly started bleeding?
white patch on side of tongue?
Do i need braces???!?!?!?!?
(x - 3)2 is this the correct procedure?
I hear noises inside my head?
Pain After Root Canal?
I have a sore in my mouth?
when you get braces can you have lip piercings on.?
How long will my Invisalign braces make my teeth itch/hurt?
Back tooth coming in I'm 17 and have had my wisdom teeth out help please?
Wisdom teeth dry sockets !?
how does the dentist know what type of pills to prescribe a patient?
how long is your tongue swollen when you pierce it and when can you talk normal again?
Can i go to my dentist without an appointment?
Molar extracted Tues. pain gone FINALLY! So much around all teeth!.?
Will braces ever fix really crowded teeth?
dentists please help?
i think i have tounge problems?
What is the metal thing on cavities called?
what can i eat? i just got gum surgery since yesterday.?
Can I use whitening trays from the dentist if I have a permanent retainers behind my top teeth?
how long does it take for your gums to heal after you get a wisdom tooth pulled out.?
Just wondering if i am right?
One molar band fell off, should I see my orthodontist?
Which Crest White Strips are the best?
Why do my teeth look smaller in the morning?
Can I take erythromycin for a tooth infection?
I'm 5'4 and 98lbs am I underweight?
How much saturated fat per day?
tips on weight gaining?
Vitamins for weightloss/to boost metabolism?
Why can't I get rid of this last bit of fat?
Is it possible to lose this much?
Is this a good meal plan for dieting?
I know this is really unhealthy but can i lose 10 pounds in a week?
im 14 and want a flat tummy?
Is Subway a good alternative to fast food?
I recently started a fitness business, what are the best ways to advertise online?
Is it unattractive for a girl to get a Six Pack? And how can I get this?
Taste of African Mango Pure Fitness powder?
Will the tire and sledgehammer workout help me lose fat?
weight training________________?
Sierra Mist natural not bad for you?
I'm 14, 5'6 and I weigh 125 pounds, is that overweight?
Im 5 2 and weigh 145 pounds. I have been eating 1500 calories a day and work out an hour/5 days a week.?
Which is better for gaining muscle mass? upper body one day then lower body the next or certain muscles each?
i have a chain on my braces to help close the gap...?
can my wisdom teeth be the cause of my severe head pressure?
Do i have to pay for braces?
Yellow teeth with bracess? helpppppppp?
just had 3 teeth removed and lots of bleeding - what should i do to stop it?
Getting braces off soon?
Can i get braces and checkups with different orthodontists?
Braces and sore teeth?
I have a stiff jaw and need help?
What are periodontal diseases?
Braces Help Please......?
When will the rest of my baby teeth fall out?
I don't have enough teeth?
my jaw hurts. please help?
My front tooth hurts when i bite down?
wisdom teeth taking out on August 31 and i feel nausea why is this please read detals?
Why are my gums in the far right back bottom of my mouth inflamed and itching?
what can i eat. i just got gum sugary. how many day to heal your gum sugary?
I want to become a dentist?
I just got my braces. What can i eat and not eat?
dental hygienist Information?
is exhaustion normal two days after wisdom teeth extraction?
How to deal with an ex-boyfriend who is verbally abusing this girl I like?
At what age range do people usually develop OCD?
Can You Become a Lawyer If You Have schizophrenia or any other mentall illness?
what do you think of my "friend" is he being rude, disrespectful or am i over reacting?
Will Psychiatrists still be in demand in a few years?
How am I meant to deal with my best friends death? I'm so angry so confused just want to hurt things?
I think I may have depression. Please help.?
do i have add or adhd?
i have bipolar and i need help on what to do?
Why do I no longer feel love?
I think I'm a psychopath.?
Is there any cure or hope for someone with social anxiety?
I did something with a guy because I was scared - whats wrong with me?
Is it normal to get depressed?
Tooth growing under gums and small, thin, white bump but can't go to dentist- Help!?
help me whiten my teeth pleasee, white strips?
is it bad/harmful to brush teeth after single time you eat something? even after a little snack?
The cement that I bought for my temporary crown is not working well, can I do?
I need to quit chewing for only a month so i can have my teeth whitened for senior pictures.?
getting a wisdom tooth pulled next week?
how do you know (your body) if you have cancer? i had cin3?
what colour braces shud i get?
2 isolated spots on my gums hurt. Why?
My dentist has an obsession?
Red bump around my Tongue piercing?
is having stain like things on your neck something bad?
My Teeth never get clean no matter how much i brush them?
How much would it cost to replace a bottom retainer?
Am I supposed to brush after using Crest White strips?
whether flouride can be removed from drinking water?
Cracked tooth? Sensitive filling?
are the molars adjacent to your wisdom teeth supposed to tilt inward after wisdom teeth are removed?
Bruxism question. Plz help...?
I just got a bracket glued back on (it fell off), how long do I have to wait to eat something?
does it hurt when they pull out a tooth?!!?
my two front teeth are pointy does it matter?
can i get braces or invisalign on my top row of teeth?
Why does stress cause bad chest pain and difficulty breathing?
does water help ur toothe ach?
how long do i need teeth braces?
How can I relieve toothache pain?
Best denture dentist in Bend, OR.?
I had 3 wisdom teeth removed, how soon after surgery can I take neurofen?
western dental in the 90201 zip code?
Baby tooth just fell out?
is it better to have three teeth that are a infected molar an impacted and regluar teeth tooth to have it?
Do u know any safe medicine or antibiotics for Gum Bleeding?
what is the procedure in filling red ribbon documents and where?
How is it that my tooth is healing itself after being chipped?
getting braces off soon!?
I am scared of the ROOT CANAL procedure, i never experienced it, please describe it to me im really scared?
Root canal re-treatment question?
What can I eat 5 hours after I whiten my teeth?
What does it mean when a dentist "watches" a small cavity?
What Food or Drinks make my Gums Puffier i wear braces?
Dentist need your help...?
need help with teeth?
Wisdom teeth, did it hurt more when they were showing, or when they were under the gums?
im getting my wisdom teeth taken out and i have a question?
Am I Eating Enough????????
whats the best way to build muscle and get big regardless of gaining weight?
I need some nutrition tips and workout tips to lose weight?!?
what is the most a gym is suppose to cost?
Does Jorge Cruise's The Belly Fat Cure diet work?
What are the average measurements for a 14 year old girl?
How can I make my thin thighs and hips thicker?
How did former anorexics recover?
How much weight can i lose in a month?
Should I avoid squats/lunges if I want smaller thighs?
Help with continuing losing weight?
What measurements do anorexics have?
how much weight does a glass of water add to the scale?
help me develop a workout?
Any tips on losing weight and slimming down my legs?
fish sandwich for p90x?
Great workout routine?
healthy fast food for p90x?
How much weight should I lose? (PICTURES)?
me psychiatrist has left?
What is the best way to get read of a tooth ack?
My teeth hurt from braces!?
how soon after having my tooth pulled can i drink soda?
Could I have dry socket?
you can get a hairy tonge?
Can a removed filling cause cavities?
I got my braces and expander on at the same time, and now there is a small space between my front teeth?
Fastest over the counter teeth whitener?
how come the bottom of people's teeth are more yellow than their top teeth (this is even when someone?
I got my bottom left furthest back molar pulled out yesterday?
Do metal dental fillings contain mercury?
Tartar behind teeth!?
I have horrible toothache and every like 10 seconds i feel a sharp pain in my head really scared?
what is the meaning of the colored line at the bottom of each toothpaste tube?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
how much does a Oral and maxillofacial surgeon make ? an how much does a Pedodontics make?
Why is my jaw sore after using a mouth guard for rugby?
Tooth growing under my bottom left gum?
My dentist moved and left another dentist in charge to finish my braces treatment.?
is it the toothpaste?
What local stores sell retainer cleaners?
Why is my retainer tighter all of a sudden?
I need some advice on this?
can greasy food contribute to prostate cancer?
Need help gaining weight.?
Can you only lose weight and stay fit if you sweat?
Question about HIIT workout?
Why do i sweat alot if im not even fat?
i have weight problems...help?
Eating a grape fruit. (diet question)?
Is my excercise enough?
what prevents fat uptake to the human body?
17 day diet book and cd?
what's the best way to lose weight?
How do you eat fruit in cold weather?
How to work out when you have no energy?
Is my weight ok for a 15 year old?
I want to start doing morning yoga before college but?
what food can I eat to loose weight?
by speeding up you heart rate do it make you lose weight faster?
Chewing your food right (diet question)?
Working out after eating ?
Is eating 200g of protein enough for me to gain weight?
Losing weight on upper body?
I binged for 3 days will i gain a lot of weight?
a couple of little dots on my gums help me?
would crunching ice have any long term effects on my teeth?
Can I take the rubber ligatures off of my brackets?
Use isoactive toothpaste after full mouth debrivement?
Does soap in your mouth make you sing worse?
Whats a good way to get stronger teeth and prevent cavitites?
gum help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lip surgery,Toe surgery, Braces and Fake Teeth? Help!?
should i pull out my own tooth?(a molar)?
how to put metal spacers in?
Getting my braces off tomorrow...?
Invisalign overbite/overjet?
How do you eat garlic without getting bad breath?
Endodontist said I have a perforated root and if he tried to root canal it the filling would "blow through"?
What Is The Best Whiting Tooth Paste Brand.?
I wan to get my teeth sharpened?
is there anything i can do to stop my gums/tooth aching?
i have mouth ulcers after eating sugar and sugar products?
Sore, inflammed gums.?
how will i know if i have an abscess after getting my wisdom teeth out?
Chronic bad breath, my stomach?
Why does my teeth show like a toddlers?
i have a 3cm gap if i get braces how long will it take for my gap to close?
what is periapical xray?
problems with st johns wort?
What do I do? Please Advise?
I have just been told i have borderline pesonality dissorder, I am scare and advise out there please?
ummm I can't sleep and it's 6:20AM now.?
Terrible insomniac in need...?
Have you felt any guilt inside you that you dont know what it is?
Is my cavity too large to fill?
How effective is the oral-b vitality?
What can i do to keep my breath fresh?
Why does my lip ring make my lip go numb?
Mini mirrors from the dentist?
Overbite Correction, No Braces?
how long do aquafresh white trays take to work?
How do i get the diamond teeth the rappers have?
Is invisalign teen just for.....?
Wisdom teeth hurt REALLY BAD?
itchy gums from tooth abscess?
Will i be able to work 20 hours a week and do pre-dentistry?
Retainer Impressions?
im 16 and i need to get braces help!?
is efferdent safe to soak my false acrylic teeths in?
does filling your tooth hurt?
Tips after wisdom teeth surgery?
How can you get rid of stains on a clear plastic retainer?
Which is better braces or invisalign?
Can a simple Teeth cleaning process get rid of a massive toothache?
i brush my teeth for ages and in the end only 2-3 teeths are nearly white and the rest still yellow-help!?
Breast implant shape different on one side?
How long is treatment for kidney cancer?
Which types of electromagnetic radiation is used to kill cancer cells?
How to you properly perform a breast self check?
14 Year Old Going For a Lean, Fight Club Body. Need Advice?
the best food to eat to burn body fat?
finished p90x, little arm change?
Omg I just sure pizza and I'm on a diet helpppppp ?
How can a 15 year old lose 12 pounds over a few months?
Am I overweight/fat?):?
Ways to eat healthy.?
what's the best way 2 get in shape when u'r already slim?
Indoor Exercise Idea/Tips?
How to get a toned stomach?
What is a healthy weight for my age, and height?
What is a normal amount of calories for a person to eat every day?
Am I a fat azz???????
What stretches and how long a day in order to do te splits?
lose weight and get toned?
Where can I find a step-by-step diet program?
is it really that important to know my exact bra size?
I'm 5'4 1/2 or 5'5 & I possibly weigh about 94.4?
How much should a 4 foot 10 13 year old girl weigh?
Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in two weeks?
my gums are hurting. help?
How can i whiten my teeth?
Dental Crowning to deal with Bruxism?
Extreme filling pain, a week after i got it filled?
I swallowed my mum's thrush medicine. HELP!?
can i take antibiotics while pregnant?
Im growing more and more teeth, when I do one breaks.?
Tooth hurts and I have unexplained bad breath?
Wisdom teeth...HELP ME!!!?
Ok so which piercing hurts worse? nose or bottom lip (right side)?
All current dental hygienists please answer...?
wearing my retainer issuess?
i have a tooth that slightly sticks out from the rest. how do i straighten it?
Braces Question (20 char)?
Whats the exact age to start flossing your kids teeth?
lost or broken retainer question?
how to stop food getting stuck in the extraction hole?
How to lose my tooth?
What is the best use for a woman's mouth?
How long would it take to close a gap with braces?
Any homemade methode for bad breath?
Should I get a my tooth capped or pulled?
What Does A Dentist Do For A Small Chip?
whats the difference between a dental implant and a crown?
can retainers cause or have an influence on tmj?
please please answer-- brace(dental)?
grinding teeth dream.....?
Swollen gum around one tooth?
Third molar problems?
Cavity question????????????????
Is this Weird To Request: Removal of all dental fillings?
why do i get these things?
Why do have cuts on my tongue?
Is dental caries lifestyle or lifecycle related?
i have a 12 crown bridge teeth cemented to 5 teeth, do you think it will last long?
Flute and braces? Help :)?
Clear bands on metal braces ?
What is the most effective way to whiten my teeth- WITHOUT a whitening treatment?
crest whitening strips?
food getting stuck in the extraction hole?
Jaw is so stiff and swollen after wisdon tooth extraction 5 days ago...?
what happens when you grind your teeth at night?
How do you remove the tar on gums?
how do you loose weight?
I am beginning Boggest Losers 30 day jump start. Any advice I should have?
Does drinking diet dr pepper cause stomach problems?
I have a question about elliptical machines?
How many Weight Watchers Point Plus daily would a man get?
im 16 and 5'8 could i reach 6'+?
who is the mexican belly dancer?
Best at home workout for my body type, with no equipment needed?
which is the better supplement: hgh factor vs growth factor 1 vs Muscle?
I am wanting to lose over 150lbs but I dont want flabby skin.... HELP?
what is the greatest ab workout?
Am I doing it wrong with my diet and exercise plan?
Please Help: Steroid for Height Increase?
How much should I weigh?
Best diet?prom in five months and need to loose wieght!?
would i lose weight faster doing two a day workouts?
I Mainly Only Eat Bread During The Day?
A malfunction of the lymph nodes would most likely interfere with the?
Is this a brain aneurysm?
2nd cervical Cancer needle then swimming race help ?
Lymphoma, Or What...?
HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY, what is the difference?
depression medication... (maintains weight)?
citalopram - anti depressant was working fine now isnt!?
Where Can I Purchase Bulk Quantities Of Travel Size Toothpaste?
dental bone graft?
How can you treat an itchy roof of your mouth?
what is a best way to get rid of a toothache?
what causes mouth ulcers & what is best cure?
Where can I buy bulk purchase travel size toothpaste in the UK?
what is the latest age wisdom tooth can still comes up?
Why is it impossible too find an nhs dentist in the bloody uk.?
how high or low would the vibration decibel have to be so it could damage a tooth?
Can I drink hot liquids after having a dental filling?
Where can i find an nhs dentist in the north east of scotland?
how do i over come my fear of needles?
I have an awful salty taste in my mouth that I can't get rid of. Any ideas?
wht are the dangers of denatl etchants ?
where can I find the tablets that disolve in the baby"s mouth to help sooth teething pains?
Does anyone know? Is there a way to sedate a 4 yr old if they need a filling...?
what does root canal treatment involve?
ae morgan publications dental technician?
has eneybody else had this problem?
are teeth made of bone? what about nails?
I had anerexia for 8 years and subsequently my teeth are in real bad shape due to the acid in my vomit?
trying to find a nhs dentist in falkirk scotland?
Surely is there a cure for rhinitis? what is it if it is there.?
Bad Bearth?
Procedure for tooth implant?
If your over the age of 19 how much do Orthodontic Braces cost and can you get them on the NHS?
Having had a tooth extraction could it be infected and upsetting my stomach?
why is the "toothbrush" so-called? Surely "teethbrush" would be better?
what are the signs that you need a filling, i have no pain in my gums?
How come I've got toothache now that I've started flossing?
I've had a tooth extracted but it is still very painful plus I've got infection, I'm taking anti-biotics and I
what are dental i.m.z. or ceka bars?
what can be done to help prevent tooth decay?
if your teeth are yellow, can you make them white by brushing regulary?
find dentist in Plymouth who still use sedation?
What will happen and will it hurt?
Wisdom teeth extraction!?
O-O so ... DO you have to change your brace bands?!?
what is internal fixation?
How can you gain weight in a healthy way?
What is your opinion on a all sandwich diet?
Is this weight gain normal?
Is 36 grams of carbs a lot for two slices of multi grain bread?
Is sugar from fruit a no-no when dieting?
Oxyelite Pro Chest Pain?
How to gain weight effectively?
whats the best time to exercise and loose weight?
I'm quite fat, 85kg, 5"10 or 5"11. 16 years old. i want to lose weight,iknowhow just need some help?
If i like to gain muscle faster, wich product is better to take (not anabolics). Thanks?
starting p90x, what do I need?
What happened to me.....?
will runnin change body shape?. would it make me leaner,toner,ripped or WHAT? im not sure what i need to do?
Can someone please give me a recipe for a protein shake that does not use protein powder?
Question about pregnancy diet?
what is better balanced diet who sit chair as whole day?
biggest binge, how many cals did you eat?
How to cut down on sweet cravings?
'Does ECT help with schizophrenia?'?
How do hospitals deal with borderline personality disorder patients?
Lung cancer outcome and surgery risks?
Compare hyposecretion of the adrenal cortex to hypersecretion of the adrenal cortex?
Head pressure! and swollen lymph nodes?
Cancer, or Something Else...?
What is the function of insulin in the body?
i have a cfl can it kill me?
Do any foods help to increase TSH and T4?
any ideas on helping stopping/treating frequent re-0ccuring mouth ulcers?
Is TMJ helped with having false teeth?
what is brixum?
Can I get fillings without my mum knowing?
Britain DENTAL HYGIENISTS I am doing some research on this occupation. Can you please help by telling me?
Has anyone got their mercury fillings removed in the UK?
Daughter had an extraction - what do I do?
I'm scared to go to the dentist?
Where can I remove my mercury fillings in the UK?
Whats the best tooth whitening product (not toothpaste) to buy here in UK?
can you recommend a good dental clinic in bangkok?
Do people believe that silver mercury filling cause harm?
What exactly is laughing gas?
Can anyone recommend to me cheap teeth-whitening kits? As cheap as possible please!!!!?
Asthma Inhalers?
does altitude affect indigestion?
Avoidant? Weird? Shy? Introvert? or do i have some real problem?
Help me ive taken lsd and im flipping out?
how to loose fat from the body?
I'm on the HCG drops and just got sick, Is it healthy to keep on with the diet?
How to properly diet?
can anyone link me or write me a guide or dvd, routine / guide to get Fit, and a good body *not BUFF* just fit?
i need help with training?
How much should i weigh?
how do i lose weight with asthma?
How to loose my Belly Fat?
Drinking a Pint of Semi skimmed milk After workout?
Lose my voice after working out?
let me be honest with you?
What is the best way to loose belly fat, a cross trainer or a rowing machine?
Can somebody tell me the P90X complete diet and workout schedule?
Is there such thing as a non-binging bulimic?
Why do we eat dinner?
should a thirteen year old do p90x?
What's the best way to get lean legs?
download power yoga dvd by shilpa shetty.?
if i do cardio exercise for 50 minutes each day on a 1200 calorie diet for 3 months, would i lose any weight?
Yellow canines?
Does anybody know anything about teeth...is there any orthodontists out there?
Has anyone tried velform smile for whitening teeth? Does it work?
my friend was told he has "white spots" on his gums, what does this mean?
Has anybody had invisalign used on their teeth?
Can the damage from mild periodontal disease be reversed?
after going to get your teeth cleaned how long does it usually take to get braces on?
teeth shaking?
what causes of bad breath from mouth and whats the real tratment?
What's it like getting a root canal?
How is a toothbrush made?
why did the romans think that greek urine was better than other peoples urine for cleaning their teeth?
will inhaling air wick kill you or give you cancer?
any info about medicine or treatment for curing 'terminal stage' cancer?
Brother with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.....?
rapid growing thyroid nodules?
Has the cancer metastasized? Pancreatic cancer, then whipple procedure, now lesions in lungs.?
None of my family members have cancer and thry all used to smoke?
What is the difference between mitogenicity and carcinogenicity?
Why do i think people that live on my street hate me and think i'm crazy?
Is this enough: to fall asleep not wake up?
is there something wrong with me?
How old were you when you were diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder?
HELP PLEASE: Borderline Personality Disorder or just 'normal teenage behaviour'?
I said I had depression, my doctor told me to get over it?
are there any dentists in west yorkshire halifax taking on new patients if so leave number plz?
can my mum get some false teeth fitted free?? she is 67 and retired and cant afford to pay...please help...?
When does a tooth need extracted?
the roof of my mouth is tender and my two front teeth feel loose..what could this be?
Is there any over the counter drug I can purchase to cure gingivitis.?
Teeth tapping/TMJ syndrome?
I missed a couple of checkups and got taken off the NHS list onto private, is it possible to get back to NHS?
My dentist said my teeth are very clean and i havent had fillings for ages but my teeth are quite yellow.?
has anyone experienced skin rashes (redness of skin and small spots) linked to TMJ?
can chicken pox scar developing teeth?
Mt friend has a constant white 'furry' coated tongue - she asked me what it means - any one know?
which european country has the best dentists and most reasonable costs?
Where is the good place to get bodybuilding supplements in the US?
How do i make my thighs a lot slimmer without gaining muscle?
does the world have an unhealthy obessesion with sports?
Will i become fat if i dont watch what i eat?
what muscle building supplements can be used?
What is the best time to eat fruits?
What are the best weight,mass gaining, muscle growth supplements without any side effects?
does drinking lot's of "cold water" will make your belly bigger?
i have been going to gym regularly...?
How does the Nutrition Pyramid Work?
14 year old get bigger ?
How many lunges should i do each day?
What pills are best for increasing energy and weight loss?
Is the Force Factor supplement healthy for a 15 year old?
How do I get a flat stomach in one week, but keep it flat aswell?
What kind of excersizing should i do at the gym?
is this a healthy diet?
What is cardio workouts?
Need to lose weight, what's the recommendation?
I Wanna Lose 30 Pounds In 5 months?
any organization in singapore that provide financial aid to cancer patient?
782.2bx axillary mass?
what do cancer cells do to interfere with immune system and thus survive to multiply rapidly?
do tumors occur more in children?
Left hemisphere brain tumor?
is this lung cancer symptoms?
How does someone prove that there is a link between gas drilling in a neighborhood & cancer in the same place?
Does Hydroxicut really work?
If I do long distance run and jump rope alot then will my thighs and calves with get skinnier?
if you excersised and didnt eat healthily and you were a size 12-14 (UK) would it all become muscle?
Is eating junk food in the morning worse for you than eating it later in the day?
eating a low calorie high protien and carb diet?
Im thinking about bulimia, is that wrong?
Grossmont College gym & track. Who can use them?
Is this a good workout for a 14 year old?
What are the best ways to loose weight?
If I run for long distance, will my thighs and calves get into shape?
Whats so bad about girls being a little chunky?
Can you mix amp massxxx with amp whey protein? ?
does the following boost metabolism ? easiest points ever, simple answer, please help ?
What is the best hgh supplament?
Am I healthy for my size?
Confused, diet/weight question.?
Is it okay to take two vitamins a day?
Hi. i was wondering if Im at a healthy weight and if not how can i lose weight?
if i only eat 500-600 calories a day how long will it take me to lose like 40-50 pounds?
what do you do to get abs?
How can i flatten my stomach?
6 year molars came in with cavities?
Why do i get a tingling in the back of my mouth when i first take a bite out of something?
What is the best filling paste that similar to the enamel characteristic?
opening hours of glasgow university dental hospital?
can a visit to the dental hygenist damagr a tooth?
free dentist?
bridge work. is this price right?
Can Grinding Teeth cause an abscess???
anyone had a bridge at the lower front?
I paid £45.00 for a scale and polish today it that expensive?
My 3 year old sons tongue it becomes blisterd all over and it stays for a number of days?
how much is orthodontic treatment nowadays with steel or damon # brackets?
Has anyone else experienced this?
What is the cause of my mother's insensitivity?
What is your opinion of the documentry Making a Killing?
Does listening to negative talk, naturally lead to anxiety, and why?
>>> Do I Have OCD <<<?
How much for dental surgeory??
How do you get a stripe in toothpaste?
When a dead person is so disfigured they have to be identified by dental records....?
dental question- serious answers only please?
why my gum becoming darker?
how long does it take for an abcess to receed?
how long does it take to make a set of false teeth?
looking for a placement for dental nursing in london?
pain after dentistry?
is periodontal disease catching?
Why can't I taste anything after using Crest mouthwash?
how long would it take to put on 25kg of muscle?
Do you Still need to drink the protein drinks after you maxed out on muscles , and still working out?
How to tone my stomach?
Am I too fat (with pictures)?
any effective tips for losing weight?
How many Calories should a growing teenage boy eat per day?
If I eat alot and exercise alot will i get taller?
If you burn fat while exercising can this esentally burn cholesterol ?
What can a diet high in calories and fat and low in fiber can lead to?
Is this a good way to lose weight?
I am 5'8" and 67kgs, I know that is not very small, but I want to be get to 100kgs of muscle...?
Is it okay to exercise within the hour of taking a medication?
How do I look like this?
My daughter wants to lose 5 pounds?
Would I be burning the calories I just ate if I worked out now?
What are some good books on exerecises without equipment?
how do you get sculpted arms and legs?
Good free online trainer?
Is it normal to look fatter after working out?
How can I lose weight fast?
Good workout plan using a treadmill?
Arm exercises wit weights?
What are the symptom of cancer.?
question about drugs tests?
can seborrheic dermititis cause swollen lymph nodes and tonsil with pus ?
mouth cancer symptoms?
Do you find it hard waiting for results of a mammogram?
My mom has two tumors?
Mid Back Pain Radiating.. Help Please!!!?
Do you get defensive when people are just trying to help?
What common job is regarded as the least stressful job?
is it possible for depression to create negative spins on events that didnt actually happen?
Is it a Disorder for a person to relive and enact previous conversations (with other people), to themselves?
I have a secret I don't know what to do with...?
Severe Soar Throat, help Please?
do i have depression?
stress control methods?
Suddenly losing the memory n recollecting the old memories n behavng lik tht!!?
I live in la and I'm depressed. I have no insurance and don't know where to go for help. Any ideas ?
What is the best type of voluntary work (in Melbourne Australia) to make friends?
A question for dentists please!?
want new teeth?
my husband has a white patch inside his mouth (inner cheek) and has taken tabs for thrush but no improvement .
please help im off to the dentist?
Any UK Dentists out there? How temporary is temporary?
How much does one tooth implant cost in the UK?
How do I find a dentist in southport uk with space for new patients?
how does an ulcer form???
Can any1 recommend an effective teeth whitening solution/toothpaste?
Dentist Negligence. Is is possible to sue a NHS dentist for negligence.?
Can anyone tell me dentists offering teeth whitening near the strip in las vegas ?
How much does it cost to have cosmetic dentistry?
Is it possible to lose this weight?
Please answer asap. How much do the Herbalife Shake Mixes cost and what stores can I buy them from?
What are the best exercises for me?
If i do 15 crunches and 15 jumping jacks per night, how much weight will i loose per month?
How can I become anarexic?
Amount of Protein needed? 18 years old weight 140?
How much do the Herbalife Shake Mixes cost and where can I buy them? Please answer aSAP?
what can i do to lose weight?
I need to loose 15 pounds!!! HELP!!?
Are exercise bikes good for losing weight?
I need to loose weight, FAST!!!?
How do I tone my hip region?
Is this a healthy weight?
Do sit ups and crouches burn fat that's on top of the belly?
russian gymnast diet?
How many pounds do I have to lose before I see results?
Has hcg drops helped you lose weight?
How can I gain weight?
i need workout tips help please?
there are some bodybuilding trainer on puerto rico that can help me with my trianning?
roughly how much does it cost to get a filling at a private dentist in England?
Why are there so many types of toothpaste?
Best dental plan?
Hollywood teeth?
how much would it cost for a full upper set of dental implants?
how much is it cost to wear a brace on the teeth to correct irregular alignment in Newcastle? i am 26.?
i was told i had a abscess now i have a lump in the roof of my mouth how do i get rid i have antibiotics?
i need tooth help, its sticking out, can i have it replaced?
nearest emergency dentist i live in dinnington s25 2nu?
how do i become a volunteer for dental students?
what is the possibility......?
My Internet friend needs chemotherapy how can i help?
Retinal blastoma as a baby. i am pregnant. what are the chances of my child getting it?
please help, my mother is dying and doctors cant find why?
swollen glands and vomitting?
Does bulimia postpone puberty?
Will switching birth control help weight gain?
stretch marks from weight lifting?
would i be considered fat?
can anyone give me a review of the abc diet or the skinny girl diet? from personal experience please?
Is it better to do push-ups slow or fast?
So I need an honest answer on this question?
I was thinking of joining wrestling for next year (senior)?
I'm 5'9 1/2 and I weigh 145 pounds...I want to lose 15 pounds, how do I do that?
How would I look if I lost 30 pounds?
Guided meditation scrips please?
Do I look fat to you?
help!!! diet to gain weight?
Is my daughter overweight?
help me lose weight 165 to 155?
How can a 12 year old lose 30 lbs in a week?
how to get a flat stomach like a victoria secret model?
What should I do to lose weight?
How can I gain weight?
Best exercise routine to do before Spring Break?
Need urgent root canal treatment in tooth filled 6 weeks ago @ huge expense.Was it bad dentistry in 1st place?
Can you still get Gordon Moore's red cosmetic toothpaste?
There is space in my masuda and last tooth which is now coming over. it smelling bad. what i do?
does anyone know of a tooth whitening toothpaste that actually makes teeth whiter?
What does occlusal; mesial; distal; buccal; lingual and palatal mean?
con't to my last ques: so regardless of 1 or 4 wisdom teeth extracted, NHS covers it all and we only pay a fl
How much would it cost as an adult to have my protruding teeth fixed?
Anyone out there had dental or cosmetic surgery in India and?
Is the "All Brite" tooth whitening kit bad for your teeth?
how can i make my gums grow, they started to receed after an illness and i want them back.?
Can any one recommend a good cheap dentist abroad?
Good teeth whitener?
Does lifting weight help you lose arm fat?
why when I do planks does my back and quads hurt more than my abs? I don't arch my back or anything! help!!!!?
When you're keeping a food diary/activity log, is a negative net calorie figure good or bad?
losing weight slowly?
Which would get you more fat: 100g of wheat or 100 g of white rice?
I am a 16 year old girl and i am 5'6 and I weigh 180-185 pounds... reasonable weight goal?
Perfect diet for a Six Pack?
what is the best supplement to gain muscle?
How to lose weight after Prednisone?
fat people????????????
Workout to rid of love handles and belly fat?
Acai Berry Cleanse age limit?
would it be bad or harmful for a 5'11 15 yr old to start taking creatine, works out almost everyday?
should i drink protein shakes?
what is the simplest diet/way to lose weight FAST!!!!?
How much weight is safe to lose in 100 days?
How to not eat junk food ... picky eater?
if i do 10-15 crunches in the morning and at night everyday and eat less and more heatlhy will i lose weight?
NEED HELP WITH PULL-UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What would you like to ask?a node has the ip address and it is?
Should Superbowl field be painted pink to raise money (awarene$$) for Susan Komen fund?
what are possible side effects of hyoid bone removal?
Could this be a tumor?
does white vinager whiten teeth better than all the expensive whitening products that you buy over the shelf??
I've always experienced pain at the dentists, this week altho' numbed the pain was intense while drilling
Is tea a cause of bad breath?
Would a 7yr old child be fitted with a dental crown?
Why is the standard of dentistry in Britain so bad?
orange squash?
branch of medicine concerned with dentistry and all things dealing with the mouth?
Why does our National Health Service exclude our Teeth?
Filling, then antiobiotics, now my tooth is wobbly. Why?
Is there something wrong with me that i feel like i have to switch off my emotions all the time?
Best soft tooth brush on the market?
how are dental radiographs (x-rays) instantly processed?
DENTURES. False Teeth.?
My sons front tooth has gone dead since he hit it at the playground, he is nearly 5. Will his next 1 be OK?
Can protein drinks damage teeth?
do your bottom teeth fall out?
what percentage of the dentist`s fee does the n.h.s pay?
is it true?
when her tongue is yellow she isnt dry at all,she gets drinks when ever she wants.?
What do Cancer look like on the skin?
treatment for cervical cancer and side affects?
i have a lymph node in my right side neck that flares up very painfuly and will disappear within two hours...?
Can I get cancer in my stomach?
my three year old has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.... what is the survival rate for him? PLEASE HELP?
what kind of cancer did katherine paterson have?
There was plastic in my icecream?
is eating curtido everyday bad?
Fat over my abs :33 lol?
I am jumping 500 jump ropes a day and lift light dumb bells and do three reps of 20 Read more detail?
should a 14 year old girl weigh 108?
fourteen and 115 pounds ? bad ?
Is spinning a good work out or will it just give me insanely huge thighs?
What is the most effective mass gainer powder from Gnc?
How many calories in and how many calories would I have to burn to lose 7lbs a week?
i need to lose 50lbs is that an unrealistic goal?
How many pounds should i be able to shed with this weekly workout?
Weight-loss buddy? 133 lbs., goal is 90 lbs. in 5 months.?
is it the same results for someone very skinny to try to gain muscle than a person normal skinny?
Ideal weight for 110 lb, 5"6.5, 13 year old girl?? please answer((:?
i need a 2 month diet plan and weight lifting routine, help?
Protein, Carbs or Fat Before A Workout?
Is 142 Lb overweighted?
What are some leg workouts I can do with a set of dumbells?
my parents make me feel fat?
What is wrong with my scale?
What would be a good weight goal for me?
has anyone had inplants?
Nearly all my teeth hurt when brushing them, what's going on?
Dentures last for how long?
Why do big 'brand baby' companies sell teethers that can't be steralised ?