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Hula hooping to tone the stomach?
how much does the average 25 year old male bench press?
What should I tell my doctor?
I think I might of torn my ACL?
i have had the same headache...?
What is wrong with you if your head hurts for three days?
Why do why knees and hip joints grind?
How to relieve fullness after eating?
what do you do if you feel dizzy? and your head feels like it's going to burst?
Can we get herpes from bread?
Contacts are they hard to put in and take out and what type of insurance you need in order to get them?
I was exposed to bright light, now what's happening?
What is depth perception?
Fear of putting in Contacts?
can you have a drunk lazy eye?
URGENT pink eye question?
Do i have cancer if my hair is fallig out?
www.cancer-prevention.net- is this for real? Do you really think this may be a solution?
What kind of cancer can you get at the age 16?
Cancer Doctor in Lahore Pakistan ( MOST URGENT HELP )?
Does frying with oil cause cancer?
Does my bf have a good chance of getting cancer?
Left tonsil is HUGE, covered in hives and i can't see the doctor yet?
is there a cure for hepatitis b?
Is it okay to take phenazopyrid with nitrofurantoin for a UTI?
Can a person take to much antibiotics?
If you hugged someone a day before she got a stomach virus does that mean you're going to catch it?
Y am i getting bad stomach pains after i eat ?
is there any way to get rid of burnt feeling on tongue?
how do i help my back, its really sore!!?
Does Dr.Scholls Freeze Away hurt?
anybody willing to give me a back and foot massage?
What is my doctor talking about?!?
Could this weight lifting activity be bad for my shoulders?
Do I have a thyroid problem?
I have two lumps- are they malignant?
Got a cancer question? Need some good advise?
HELP! My dear friend has decided to celebrate her birthday early,tomorrow. Just diagnosed w/ breast cancer?
Found out my mom has cancer... headed back to college... need advice?
How many teens get brain cancer a year?
When should you see an Ophthalmologist instead of an Optometrist?
Will your eyesight become bad if you keep using sunglasses?
Can glasses with nose pads, rather than frames that simply rest on the top of the nose, cause problems?
Is there any treatment for amblyopia(lazy eye)please help??????????????
Has anyone managed to cure myopia naturally?
Is it me, or are my glasses just crooked all the time?
i had a blood test 4 days ago and i just noticed a knot in the vein in my arm. should i be concerned?
Ear stretching is bleeding? :/?
My ear bleeds every time I put an earring in?
Are silicone ear plugs dangerous for stretching?
Help my grandma just got a cut on her finger?
pressups for 14 year old?
Am i Fat, thin or obese?
Will i gain weight when i go to a tea house?
Drinking Soda once a week on diet, is this okay?
Is this a healthy breakfast for weight loss?
Need serious help from experts! I think that I ruined my health...?
How to loose weight in 1 month? (Read Description)?
I'd BABY POWDER harmful?!?
Why do my calfs hurt so bad?
Need Advise please! Marijuana Help?
What happens when you have too much iron in your body?
what are these symptoms of...?
shouldent the QLD Health department?
Headache lasting for Five Days, Help! ?
HELP: fractured wrist?
I might have a fever. Eyes hurt bad, headache, my back neck and lips are hot. Both my legs hurt & short breath?
why do i have numbness in my arms and hands through out the day?
Why does my body hurt when i get cold?
Got headbutted in the nose yesterday... HELP?
Side pains nausea please help!?
Ultrasound for lipoma?
Does green tea and honey really help?
Can you get cancer from removing moles?
What cartoon character may get skin cancer from working outside, he has excessive sweating?
What are the top 5 most common types of cancers in China?
What kinds of cancer does UV exposure cause?
When an two parents have AIDS will their kids be born with Aids?
Tongue peircinggg?????
What could be wrong with me? Should I go to the hospital?
Can I call and ask the ER for a vicodin prescription?
Question about lateral release knee surgery...ADVICE PLEASE!!!!?
Pain in Chest under Breast?
Abdominal pain when running?
what does it mean when you have a black stool?
cant look at food without feeling sick achy all over yesterday...flu?
my children have eaten ibrufen tablets mistakin them for smarties there are 4 missing each tablet is 400mg?
Smoking cant cause a stomach ulcer can it?
How does contacts give you eye infection ?
How long should i wait to wear contact lenses if my eye is sore and bloodshot?
should I see an eye doctor?
I just received my colored contact lenses, can I wear them right away?
Do they sell an anti fogging spray for your glasses?
Eyestrain and double vision?
Will your vision get worse because you wear glasses?
How good of an idea is it for a diabetic person to have...?
my dr drew blood to test for diabetes. my dr said my levels were at 89 and normal was 17.what does this mean?
How can a Type 2 diabetic put on some muscle mass?
i have diabetes type 2 i have my sugar under control but my body still be in pain. mostly my?
what happens when a diabetic suffers and injury to a muscle cell ?
what do you do with paralyzed diabetic iguanas?
Questions about Cancer?
Besides cancer, what can low white blood cell count cause?
Why do people get smoke related cancers years after quitting?
doctors/ nurses...lump under armpit near breast?
i smoked weed for 9 months, and just quit forever a week ago. i've been coughing up phlegm with black specks?
Could I be pregnant ?
I Want To Loose Weight?
If you have a sinus infection can vomiting be a symptom?
My husband has had bell's palsy for a year now, what are more cures we can try?
What holds heart in place after top of right lung is removed?
Does wearing heels/wedges help tone your legs and abs?
Multi-Grain Cheerios?
What burns more fat quicker over the long term? What spares muscle loss? HIIT or Low Intensity cardio?
173cm, 45kg. Way below normal weight. Help?
What happens if you stop eating sugar?
How do I motivate myself to run?
Will i lose any weight if i exercise just three times a week?
What color leg cast should I get?
i think i broke my hand about a week ago, what can i do?
I'm still forgetting things 2 days after I got my concussion. Is that normal?
What did I do to my thumb?
horrible pain in hand/wrist/forearm?
Falling unconscious from standing up?
Why does no other civilized country not circumcise?
Having bad body oder problems?
Why do you need to aspirate when administering an IM injection?
Can I over-dose on Gingko Biloba?
What can I take to help my skin stay elastic?
Can you overdose on codiene cough syrup?
What is a legal subsitute for meth?
Should I take NyQuil tonight?
What happens if you abruptly stop taking antidepressants?
How long would THC stay in my system?
I can hear my pulse in my ears?
Servere back pain after a day of heavy lifting?
im 14 and my knees hurt so bad how do i get to stp?
My jaw hurts out of nowhere?
Tailbone problems, is this a problem or am i normal?
Help for my daughter??????
How can I give up smoking?
Can my father's cancer been caused by asbestos in our house?
Cancer: everyone gives these scenerios if the cancer is "caught early". What does that mean?
Can any anyone help me to find a drink for cancer people?
Do people generally feel better or worse after they "survive" a cancer compared to before they were diagnosed?
How long does cancer have to stay in your body before you experience symptoms?
Problems with my contacts for the past decade, please help.?
How long do your eyes stay glossy after smoking weed?
Should I be concerned about a sudden tremor in my eyelid and surrounding facial muscles?
Which lenses are better Shamir autograph or VARILUX?
i think i am blind in one eye?
What happens if your large intestine is on top of your small intestine?
Would a cyst cause lower abdominal pain or could it be a std?
Is a "Herpes Simplex Virus 1/2 IgM" blood test type specific?
is shaving with a used blade dangerous?,can it cause aids?
how does breast cancer awarness walk help someone in the community?
My platelets were 22 yesterday, what do you think they'd be tomorrow?
My mother is sick, need help, I beg you!?
Is getting the Gardisol shot for young girls really a definite they won't get cervical cancer? Is it really?
How is angiogenesis related to cancer?
What is the therapeutic range/dosage for epidural and spinal anesthesia?
I pulled a muscle in the side of my neck, I'm in pain HELP ME!?
Help? There's a lump?
I have a really bad head ache that won't go away?
is white flours really bad ?
how to grow muscles without gaining weight?
Is it true that people who don't sleep much put on weight? If so, why is this..?
How do I burn chest fat and get muscles?
Help for a 16 year old losing weight?
How much water weight can be lost in a period of 2 month?
My back & Stomach hurts sometimes when i need to urinate?
Do I have hemorrhoids?
Are these cramps or a serious problem?
what age do you consider being old?
Does my brother really have a fever?
Im scared to eat due to a sickness pls help!!?
Is it excessive to drinks 2-3 pots of coffee and smoke 10-15 cigarettes daily?
Is marijuana harmful if your prego? ?
symptoms: fever, but really cold and shaky what could this lead to?
should i see a doctor, or is it just a cold?
Does Vanadium really have positive effect on Diabetes?
my blood sugars are horrible?
What's the blood glucose level of a normal individual in fasting, random (person who's not diabetic)...?
What course's vitamin d sortage in your blood?
What are the sites of breast cancer ?
follow up mammogram due to skin flap?
I might have Breast cancer.. any good places to go to in Boston, Massachusetts?
Help i have a lump under breast on my ribcage?
What does Pituitary Gland Disorder consist of?
PLEASE HELP?earache to the point of im in tears?
My throat really hurts. Why?
lower left abdominal pain when i exercise ?
I have had a headache in the back of my head for about a week. Aall the symptoms point to a tension headache?
Has anyone ever been hit in the jaw with a bat and had no real damage?
I recently went tubing with two buddies and got severely injured...?
I broke my leg and i have questions!?
Why is my whole arm discolored (black/ dark red) from shoulder popping?
vertical double vision(ghosting images)?
Where did my contact lenses go?
How big a deal is it to drive at night while wearing contact lenses?
Can new glasses cause headaches?
How can i make my eye stop twitching?
what are symptoms of colon cancer?
how deadly are Brain stem gliomas?
(survivors or newly diagnosed) cancer patients , may I ask you some questions?
Can chewing gum cause cancer?
Help! I have lower back pain and hip pain!?
What are the symptoms of Carpol Tunnel Syndrome? And how do you spell it?lol!?
my tongue percing is bleeding and ive had it for 5 days now is that bad should i worry?
Heart ache, I dont know what to do.?
My throat is hurting really bad what should I do or take?
what are alternatives for hip replacement?
The inner side of my knee hurts. What can I do to fix it?
I have been suffering from Head,Neck,and Back Pain since yesterday, what can be causing this?
How long should I stretch a day to be able to do the splits in one month?
Optimum 100% Whey Protein?
Why do I feel as if I don't want to eat?
How can i lose weight and do nothing for now?
What is the right amount of calories per day for me?
Can i transform my fat body within 5 months?
How can I resist junk food?
What kind of activity level would you say I have?
can you use cold sore medicine for herpes?
Why have I been so hungry lately?
What happens if you take happy pills and you don't need them?
how much castor oil do i take for constipation?
how to not eat all the time!!?
how much does marijuana cost?
Would I get drug tested?
Is there any way for two people to switch bodies?
How much Dextromethorphan is in one bottle of Zicam Cough Max Spray?
Why am I coughing so hard that I either feel like i'm about to throw up or can't breathe?
Why is it whenever your under the blanket you can't breathe well?
Is tuberculosis painful in any way?
Does an enlarged prostate mean cancer?
Swollen Gland Above and to the Left of Adams Apple Thats Painless With No Other Symptoms?.?
I think i might have cancer?
what month is breast cancer awareness?
Understanding a mri please help?
My daugher in law just had surgery due to breast cancer, in a week she will be going in for radiation treatmen?
what is that disease called...?
Is AD really a metabolic disease, since neurogenesis isn't triggered in the onset of pathogenesis?
Do I have mono???? Please help!!:,(?
How to get rid of the common cold?
Pain on pressure point right side of face down to ear drum :(?
Does it hurt to die of blood loss when using a needle in the arm veins?
So depressed I have a constant headache and havent eaten on two days?
Pain under my tongue!?
For those who have frequent migraines, what are some 'helps' besides the meds?
can you have red eyes and not be high?
My eyes are hazel in the morning..?
Should I have a low vision cane?
Only person in family with bad eyesight? ?
I saw some RayBan's 5121 eyeglasses on amazon that are made in china. Does that mean its fake?
What are some good prescriptioned contacts for a low price?
Question about astigmatism?
I cant put contacts in my eyes?
Is there any way I can remove a mole at home?
Serious face burn please help!!!?
Why is aspartame dangerous for diabetics? How does it affect one's blood sugar level control?
What are symptoms of diabetes?
Novolog/Apidra help? Preferably people who have switched from humalog to novolog?
Question about pancreas?
Is this a sign of diabetes?
if someone broke fasting they doesn't know doing wrong what they can do?
how can i lower my a1c and i'm not dietbtic?
is tanning for a long time under the sun can cause skin cancer?
do you think there is a cure for cancer?
How treatable is cervical cancer? What does the survival rate look like? And what are the symptoms like?
im not sure but i think i am devoloping colon cancer?
Is it possible that I have leukemia?
what should i do about my broken wrist?
i daughter had an orif operation on her right ankle 6 weeks ago and has been in no pain atall untill friday 21?
I was skating today when I was trying to pull off a huge ollie, the upper part of my thigh felt pain?
Pain since Banging head 43 hours ago...?
what can i do to set my calf muscle higher?
are labral tear of hip and arthroscopic surgery common?
bandage stuck to finger wound PLEASE HELP?
what is a good weight for someone who is 5'2?
how to lose weight in three years?
dont want to go near the scales!?
According to a vegan diet, did I eat well today?
Whats a healthy weight for a 19year old girl thats 5'3?
Larger people in the gym?
how can i gain weight?
Wy does eating mangos before smoking weed make the high better?
why is my elbow like this?
why do i feel so dizzy?
is vomiting a direct reflex of pain?
Anyone have experience with Heparin shots?
Painful lump on heel?
Why does my ear hurt really bad?
Ideas on marijuana as a healing medicine?
How do you cure yourself of tonsillitis..?
how can you treat a under active thyroid naturally and inexpensively?
Is it ok to take Kudzu with Milk Thistle?
Can chlorophyll and spirulina be taken together?
I think Pau d'Arco tea cured my life?
On a scale of 1 to 10, how dangerous is homeopathy in the treatment of TB?
What is the best childrens rectal laxative?
I'm BLIND in my right eye and my left eye is 20/1000 vision do I qualify for disability ?
Sleep Problems. What to do?
why do some eyeglasses have longer temples than others?
My eyes are getting really bad, what can I do to improve it?
I slept with my contacts in and now my eyes hurt?
Does the back of your brain feel mushy or soft usually?
has anyone heard of oneminutecureforcancer&otherdiseases.com…
What could this lump in my armpit be?
Would chemotherapy make me lose weight?
i just seen my mum looking up canser websites!!!!?
Do I qualify for Tenncare or Medicaid?
Is it bad to get drunk once a week?
What are the symptoms of marijuana leaving the body?
Why do people smoke when they know it's bad?
Why do i shake when i get angry?
does it really have hair?
I'm Sick Why do I Crave Wendys?
being around someone with hepatitis b?
can i get herpes from this?
my lower right rib hurts! help?
My neck hurts, what should I do?
Whats wrong with my thought?
Why does my blood vessals hurt?
sure, im smiling but inside, im dying......?
Weird intestinal pain, please help?
what is the best way to get rid of a headache ive had for four days now?
MRI of Neck can someone translate?
is lack of sleep bad?
How do people who cut themselves get past doctors?
I get nauseous... i think im just hungry!?
can i bring my blood pressure down 15pts in 1 month if so how?
do i have food poisoning?
What can i do to not get sick?
has anyone recovered from chronic Hepatitis B?
Constantly fatigued. Healthy all around. Any ideas?
What could be wrong? No fever, but a sore throat?
Hepatitis C Question?
where can i get flu mist in new york city?
if i have food poisoning, how far back should i look to identify the likely bad food I ate. Is it 1/2 days?
What are your chances of surviving pancreatic cancer?
Beast cancer test it or not? read discription first please~desu?
If you forget to pack your medicine when you go on a trip can a pharmacy in that location refill it for you?
What medical specialty does breast cancer biopsys?
Where can i get help for illegal immigrants with cancer in San Antonio T.X?
I am 5'6'' and weigh about 108lb, but why do I feel fat?
Is 5'1 and 101 pounds a good height and weight for a 13 year old girl?
How do u keep a small waist an a fat azz?
What are some healthy, low calorie juices?
What percent of Americans are underweight?
whats anoerxic skinny?
What is the Best blood pressure + blood sugar checker?
night time hypoglycemia?
White bread & sugar make my husband pass out but the doctor said blood sugar level is normal. What is it?
Type 1 diabetic. Please help...really worried.?
What are the symptoms for Diabetes?
I think I have abnormal eye vision?
does the cylinder and axis change over time for eyeglasses prescriptions?
Do contacts make things brighter?
Could this have caused my back problems?
Why is my ear clogged?
Has anyone experienced leg pain with a herniated disc in the lower spine?
I'm 110 pounds and 5'9,in a mix how much ambien,hydrocodone and vallium would it take for me to die?
I Can't Get A Full Breath Because My Diaphram Cramps?
Is it ok to take a paracetamol an hour before drinking alcohol?
What should i do to treat a caffeine headache?
What causes BLACK phlegm?
Why do my hands and feet fall asleep so easy?
does certain food effect?
My grandma died in her sleep last night and i don't know what to do?
I feel absolutely horrible. Can anyone tell me what I have?
Is it oral cancer?can it is cured then what is the chance of survival?
Swollen lymph- node. Should I be worried?
Do black people get cancer?
colon tubular adenoma with focal moderate dysplasia?
do i have bone cancer??????
My doctor said I have 1 year to live if I don't quit smoking, how do I do it? It seems so hard! Help, please?
What is wrong with my foot?
torn tendon, any doctors?
is there a possibility?
Amoxycillin and Gonorrhea?
hsv1 dilemma pls help?
I'm trying to gain weight but I can't stop dancing?
How does this diet sound? 500 calorie diet. Read description.?
Am I fat? (Picture!)?
What is the healthy weight for 5'2 women?
How to handle cravings?
i cant lose anymore weight?...?
Could I gain weight from this?
How come I can do push ups but I can't bench press my own weight?
Whats Is The Polio Jab For ?
What kind of illness do i have?
How do you get rid of ringworms?
am i sick or have a disease?
Should the spot where the cyst was lanced at be sore ?
What kind of Sickness is going around now ?
Question about second hand smoke?
Am I sick or something?
Genetic Counseling for cystic fibrosis?
sinus infection????help...?
I have a bad soar throat and my voice is scratchy, How to help it?
I'm having trouble with sleep please help?
how to make yourself throw up (without using finger)?
What is this sharp pain?
What are the symptoms of Gout?
why does cutting your hand off hurt?
I really hurt my hand! Is it broken?
Would a ear, nose, and throat doctor be able to help?
Is Pudding Gluten Free?
How do you cure a sore throat? Is this a cold or allergies?
Bad Allergies? Please Help!?
what are prices on eye glasses?
My eye got super red help please!!!?
Possible scratch on eye...?
My new contacts make me dizzy?
Did anyone ever have the lymphoma B symptoms and turn out to be something else.?
Is someone with leukemia ever able to return home?
How much are mris and catscans?
Swollen lymph node. Any medical professionals out there?
Why did my Grandfather die with his eyes open? Please help, I need answers and peace.?
What in Cigarettes make you slow?
My stool this morning was two colored?
Am i going blind? Or is this normal?
muscular system question??? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!!!!?
There's something wrong with my leg!!!?? help!?
is taking half a 10mg vicodin the same as taking a 5mg vicodin?
no one is answering plz answer?
Upper Chest and Throat Pain?
Ibprofuen and Tums OK together?
My wrists hurt.. and its effecting my life.?
What could cause a numbness and tingling in the hand?
can i take excedrin 4 hours after i take tylenol?
Guys, any tips on building muscle?
How can you find out how much someone weighs and how tall they are from their BMI?
Is it true that if you don't USE it, you LOSE it?
does smartfood popcorn cause stomach aches?
What Does It Mean When You Feel Extra Fatigued When Exercising?
is gaining your eye vision or improving it possible?
What happens to your eyes if you go blind?
How to keep glasses from sliding down the nose?
Why did this happen to me when I closed my eyes?
Does lack of sleep and alot of computer games damage eye sight?
How long after being infected with herpes will you get a wort?
If i went to the hospital and they took blood and said my blood test was fine i dont have an std right?
Can i get tested for STDS without my parents knowing?
Cancer? Support for a friend? Suggestions please.?
do you know which is worse ? smoking question...?
Anyone who's experienced breast cancer or cysts...?
I was my mother caregiver and she recently passed away with cancer and been felling very depress anything I ca?
When you sprain your ankle is it possible to lose feeling in your toes? ?
What is this weird "problem" with my ankle?
Can I play basketball with a wart removed?
My shoulder hurts from working out?
Should i continue kickboxing with slight knee pain?
Serious eyes issue,please help me?
My eyelashes hitting my eyeglasses lense?
if chlorine gets into your eyes or contacts is it bad?
Will slight astigmatism blur vision?
Does no prescription contacts weakened your vision or stay the same?
Eyeglasses question: easy 10 points!!!?
What is the average cost for ray-ban glasses?
What is the most important bone in the human body?
How to stop nose bleeds?
whats the best drug test kit u recommend frm the smoke shops?
I am 12 and i weigh 54kgs and im 150cm, and i overweight?
Does anybody else have this problem?
Mouth gets really dry?
how much taller will i be?
does my body look good? pictures included. easy points if honest!!!!?
Why can't I lose my weight? I can't get past 131! What am I doing wrong? 10 points?
How can I get better at pushups?
Do you think my legs look big?
is this a good healthy idea for breakfast?
Is an Ear Infection a sign of becoming deaf?
case study - typhoid fever?
Can a person be infected with diseases such as HIV if another person uses an infected nail clipper?
Help needed please on sickness?
flu Question??? please help?
what is the best wig for someone with cancer?
Which thyroid pills have only t-3 thyroid in them?
Can a phone under your pillow cause cancer or similar?
What would be a better choice for a fundraiser for breast cancer research?
Can you be "milk intolerant" (not lactose)?
Acidophilus tabs VS Yogurt?
Would taking Antihistamine Tablets before drinking relieve my allergy to alcohol?q?
Why did i have a nosebleed, feel dizzy nauseous and vomiting?
Is it safe to take dayquil and claritin at the same time?
What type of mold is on white cheddar cheese?
What could be wrong with a popping jaw?
When i open my eye,the area near my tear duct really hurts. what do i do?
I rececntly dislocated my shoulder?
please help me! anyone know of healthy, effective, pain relievers?
Does having impacted ear wax removed by a doctor hurt?
Is it safe to bite on someones mouth herpes if they are taking medication?
can you get syphilis from drinking after someone who is infected and has mouth ulcers?
A foodborne illness is a disease that is transmitted to people by food?
can black people get cancer?
Can a 14 year old girl get back cancer?
What are some vitamins for my grandpa to take, he was recently diagnosed with stage 3 small cell lung cancer?
if i swallowing hair it woulde be digestion?
"Fatty" looking Platelets in donation bag?
What are the chances of someone with stage 2 cervical cancer surviving?
Eye contacts??????????????????????????
Colored contacts versus regular ones...?
Do eye cysts/styes go away on their own after a long time or do they they only go if treated?
if you don't blink your eyes, will that affect your vision.....?
how long do you have to have glasses before you can get contacts?
What is the size of a regular eye contact?
How many hydrocodone 5-500 does it take to get high?
i had knee surgey in july and my bone hurts and i dont know why what do i do?
havig siatic nerve pain, has been years. A dr gave me medication (was 1 pill) can't remember the name of drug?
Why do my ribs and back hurt?
Any eczema home remedies for the face?
best way to keep high blood pressure down?
There's a picture of my cousin smoking weed...?
Really Quick and effective ways to clear a stuffy nose?
Is it safe to take dayquil and a claritin at the same time?
What is the name of the herbal remedy that is supposed to help alcoholic withdrawal symptoms?
need help with my diet?
can i workout legs and abs everyday?
Question about special k cereal?!!?
Is 2 hours of cardio too much? Help me please!?
Am i fat for my age and could i lose weight?
Which is better for you, plain white bread or toasted?
Educate me! What causes your stomach to growl, and make all thoses wierd noiseswhen you're hungry?
I have ha a knock on my nose how to make the swelling go down?
Could I have a growth spurt now ?
Can a left, "dropped shoulder" also cause left sided hip or walking difficulties?
What do I do with my smashed finger?
What are the different ways to smoke marijuana?
Any idea why I have this pain in my back?
Why haven't I been tired at all the past couple nights?
why do paramedics make so little but a ambulance ride cost so much?
What can you do for a pulled muscle?
What's the fastest way get marijuana out of your system?
I need a way to hurt my Wrist?
Is it true that applying a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder on acne spots helps to make them disappear?
Do dark skins sunburn easily?
How do I get rid of a planters wart. SUPER fast!?
Is laser surgery the only way to treat icepick acne scars?
How can I tell if i have head lice.?
How long does it take for zithromax to work?!?
how can i get better from a cold?
If two diseases combined...?
abnormal posterior pituitary on brain?
Is it okay to hide a potential terminal disease from someone?
grandmas in e.r, she woke up not being able to walk and face is swollen?
cause of indigestion problem?
can there be a disease where a lump in the breast is formed but it isnt breast cancer?
What to do about internal hemorrhoids?
Why does my neck extend forward instead of straight?
My hand has progressively been hurting worse and worse when I write, what could it be?
I have a sharp pain in the left side of my middle back..?
why do i feel so weak after ive been working out?
cost of hydrocodone-acetaminophen 7.5-750?
what can a 12 year old take for a headache?
Glasses prescription question about axis and astigmatism?
I have bags under my eyes, and I wear glasses. If I were to start wearing contacts would those bags go away?
A Fly died in my eye!!!!!!!!!?
I have red eyes that looks like pink eye, but it doesn't itch. What is it?
-6.00 both eyes age 12?
Can you wear contacts in...? ?
Side effects of wearing glasses?
How do the cortisone nasal sprays de-congest a congested nose ?
Celiac disease and lactose intolerance?
Is it okay to have one more allergy pill than recommended in my case?
how many people in america dont know that they have aids?
will drinking bleach kill aids?
Will sour creme and onion ruffles give me a stroke?
Can I use chili powder instead of baby powder on my body?
will i lose weight with this diet?
I need someeeee Diet help!?
Weird weight loss. Is this weird or normal?
Is this healthy(Please answer!!)?
How important is breakfast?
What do you think is wrong with me?
I'm drowning in post-nasal mucus. How do I make it stop already?
I coughed blood a couple times?
can you catch asthma?
I tooted an hour ago and i still smell it. Is there something wrong with me?
does bananas really help with cramps?
My dad's leg hurts and he took some Aleve pain relievers?
Can bad posture cause upper back pain which can lead to upper abdominal pain?
How does it feel getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
Can blood be used after death?
I have some questions on being a pediactric oncologist?
Can u get cancer from standing to close to the tv?
Is it possible to have uterine or ovarian cancer for 2 or 3 years without knowing it and still be alive?
I am a cancer now, has my sign changed?
Does Five year survival rate mean that you only have up to five years to live?
It hurts when I ice my injury?
Mild Scoliosis???? will i need a brace?
help with a shoulder injury?
Should I get my ankle checked out?
this is the part where you fall down and bleed to death?
My pulse is 51 is that normal?
My hands and feet are always cold?
can i sew my school for this?
what part of the vocal chords change as we get older?
Is a bad trip unfixable?
Need to get over a cold fast, what to do?
infectious disease specialist or pathologist?
I have been sick for too long, what wrong?
Question regarding my UTI?
A question about blood testing?
If your diet isn't great, but not bad either, can you still get abs?
Help to develop an excercise routine?
I wanna be 90 pounds im 115 now any advice?
I NEED HELP with loosing weight and feeling good?
Teenage weight loss (NOT one of those am I fat questions) ?
I'm 5'8" and I weigh 210 pounds.?
Why can't I yawn right?
i randomly get a sharp pain in my thumb?
Pain in chest? Plz answer?
What happens if I took 24 Tylenol?
How can I sleep with a cast on my leg?
Is skin cancer deadly?
Scared that I might have Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
Please, my cousin is facing serious cancer problem he got from his work place, my question is?
My GF acts as if she has cancer, is it possible?
Acid or stomach Cancer?
what's holistic cancer treatment?
How do you stop frequent dhiarreah and excretion urges?
How do I weaken my sense of smell?
Could passionate kissing have caused a canker sore? What are homeopathic remedies to treat it?
What's the best relaxation technique you know of?
Is Debridement Surgery (removing dead tissue) safe?
Does Adderall make you lose weight?
I can feel a pulse in my left eye?
Eyes of mentally disturbed persons?
What kind of 'Squint' is it?
My contact in my right eye gets blurry and dry, but my eye is watery and then feels scratchy.?
does sleeping restrict some oxygen from getting to your eye?
how to stop a black eye from starting?
Is it a good idea to shower when sick?
Why does my left eye keep twitching?
I'm 14 and having pains on my left side...please help (10 points)?
Should I consider seeing a doctor?
how do i get my medical marijuana card?
Is it true that sleeping helps you cope with pain?
help i have been having pain near the bottom of my rib cage?
Does anyone know what this could be?
How can I stop the knee pain?
pain pills selections?
pulsing in my lower back?
Can I get AIDS at the hardresser?
Is it possible for an STD not to show up for a few years?
Can your tongue piercing get infected from oral?
Is it true you can get AIDS from...?
How do I protect myself from a nosebleed?
Is d Dizziness while doin hookah is caused due because of eating while doin hookah?
How can I get better from a sinus infection?
Is it ok for me to work for 48 hours non-stop without sleep?
How do I stop coughing when lying down?
i am haev brother 15 year old and if he maked push up is he getted short? or no?
What are some successful diet tips?
What are some good tips for working out???
if your on a diet what did you have for lunch?
what foods or specific nutrients cleanse the human body?
How can a guy get a body like this???Any weight lifters&fit men out there that can help with this question?
My brother is telling me I need to Lose Weight :/?
can you get cancer from this?
I need some advice on this?
can greasy food contribute to prostate cancer?
What medical condition causes you to have to wear a fanny pack with a tube in it?
ESR sed rate finally decreased from 101 to 16?
Bloody Nose because of dry air?
How to get rid of allergies?
How did I develop cat allergies when I grew up with one?
I'm not sure if I have maybe allergies or maybe sinus? Help?
Is it possible for someone to fracture their shin?
What's wrong with my heel?
Having a dislocated hip as a baby?
Where can I get buash and lomb softlens natural color contact lenses?
Can I wear my old glasses?
what do the result of my eye test mean?
does the eye expel everything no matter how far in it gets?
Is it ok to wear contacts with a broken blood vessel in my eye?
bad headache for three days now?
I got 2 attacks of gallbladder trouble i went for an ultrasound?
My throat burns soooooo bad!?
Pains in lower abdomen, lower back and chest area,nearest to the heart?
do i have stomach cancer?
My mums cancer is very advanced, doctors cant help. can anyone else advise? plz?
Have you donated to a cancer charity? Do you know how much of your donation went towards finding a cure?
If somebody is on life support, is it possible to make a full recovery?
Lung cancer diagnosis....tumor that is 1/4 size of his lung. any advice?
sleeping problems...........?
I got a question on marijuana?
what can i do to have a clean syatem by tomorrow?
A question about smoking weed first time?
We can have mental pain or physical pain. Which, do you feel, can cause the most suffering?
Ways to relieve stress ?
whats wrong with my friend?
Help me!!! Am I getting sick?
Does anyone have any diet tips/help?
How to lose 5-10 ponds in 3 days for wrestling?
My MOM told me I should lose weight D'''''':!!!? Do I really need to :'(??!?
what kind of food do you not eat when your trying to lose weight?
What do you think a good weight is?
Will chia seeds lose vitamins/antioxidants if you cook them?
My stomach has been acting weird lately after i stopped eating for awhile..why?
Can i take tylenol warming cold multi-symptom while prego?
What are the causes of overdosing?
Lower back pain when doing exercise ? Army.?
is somas a narcotic,I have a lot of muscle pain,will somas help?
Does reading help headaches?
I like to hurt myself?
Is tramadol better than hydrocodone for pain?
can a severe bout with the flu give a person arthritis?
One swollen lymph node for 3 months and nausea.?
what is the immune system responsible for?
why do we sleep at night?
Is my labia normal? Any one able to help me please? Ive been worrying about this since i was a child.?
Can I get HIV at barber shop from Scissors and Comb?
My single mom has cancer. IM 14, and take care of her, is god really there for me, i feel so alone in this?
Thyroid questions if anyone knows?
Cervical and Ovarian cancer?
Is there a particular group of people likely to get kidney cancer than another group?
Do lenses damage your eyes?
Can a person holding a diploma in optometry get a job as an optometrist in a hospital in Singapore?
HELP! My eyesight has become very poor compared to what was before. I got an eye test and my vision was: 6/18!?
don't have insurance?
If a person needs glasses... wouldn't it be consistent?. My blurriness and double vision varies throughout the?
Does laser eye surgery destroy the retinal cones?
What happens if someone uses a ventolin inhaler without asthma?
PLS help me with this. I held my breathe my friend pushed on my chest. and i passed out.?
My 8 month old had a nosebleed out of nowhere last night and was very uneasy about it. What could be wrong?
Help my knees hurt, I'm 14?
Why am i getting WEAKER from working out?
Help, am i too young for fibromyalgia?
Sore tail bone when bowel movement feels like something is ripping but nothing is?
I broke my nail.. its hurts, help?
How to not feel guilty for using resources?
What organ passes waste food out of the body?
Can a person receive a nursing license if they have a past felony? If so, what are the hurdles one must clear?
Help stop smoking weed?
Weight loss and BMR...help!?
How do diet pills work?
Is there a muslim diet?
if your on a diet what do you...?
what not to eat to lose weight?
Would losing 5 or 6 more pounds kill me?
Dry mouth naturally after exercise? Is this normal or am I dehydrated?
Is it possible I have a concussion?
How long does it take for your lip pircing to heal?
please help where can i turn.i went to this witch doctor and paid him 300.00 to cast?
why do lortab 10/500mg pills make me feel much higher than 10/325 norco?
helpppp ! can u overdose on vitamin pills ?
will 25mgs of tramadol help me sleep?
What supplements increase dopamine?
How to make myself throw up?
If you were a doctor and found that a patient had certain symptoms?
why do we have star sighs because mines cancer ?
Why is breast cancer the most important cancer?
Is there such a thing as a swollen gland in your breast ?
where is the location for the mammogram truck for ofs?
After squeezing blackheads off my nose, my skin starts to peel!? like the skin is still stuck but you can peel?
Doctor put me on Doxycycline pills for acne?
can anesthesia cause acne?
How to deal with sciatica? HELPPP?
Why does my tummy hurt so bad?
Finger pain, is it serious?
I have a Pain in my Hest when I breath what might it be?
How would you describe color to a blind person?
I have a prescription for glasses?
I have perfect vision but I want colored contacts. Will they mess up my sight?
Are you aloud to wear contacts when you have a cold?
What does my contacts prescription mean? SPH +2.00 CYL -1.25 AX 180?
Tea bags for eye stye?
How can i change my eye color?
Why are eye pupils perfectly circular?
What is your opinion on natural eye care (for example exercises and pinhole glasses) when dealing with myopia?
Is sharting a symptom for herpes?
Soothe a scratchy throat QUICKLY?
my golden retrievers nose is dry what should i do?
Cough Syrup and alcohol?
Help!!! Cant breathe out of my nose!?
What are meat and dry been high in?
I'm pretty sore today, should I skip my workout?
Would you rather work out at the gym that has people you know but dont care for or at the gym that you dont?
Am I going to gain weight eating/exercising like this?
Does drinking water really make that big of a difference?
Taking Prenatal Vitamins If You're Not Pregnant?
How young should you be screened for colon cancer?
symptoms of cancer, what should i do?
Throat cancer - preventive measures?
I had Radiation Treatment for Thyroid Cancer now I'm pregnant should I be worried? =(?
Can you get breast cancer by someone punching your breast?
Am I overreacting about this? Colon Cancer?
How does one know if a lump in ones breast is cancer or not?
Does Marijuana make you a nicer person?
Hard lump on the inside of skin near jawline?
Could i get medical marijuana for this...?
I am having a terrible headache, it's the most painful one that I have had in a long time..how can I help it?
my friend takes 6 advils a day and has been doing this for 3 weeks she's been shaking and light headed help?
Upper back and lower back problems?
Ringing in my ear driving me mad- Goes if i press finger on vein behind ear?not?
question about codiene?
what do you think about weed?
k2 weed, quick question?
Does toradol pills make you drowsy ?
Does acupuncture work? and how does it?
Do i seem to have the cold, flu or sinus?
How to get rid of a sore throat without medication?
i was cleaning my ear and i poked something in there..result it began to bleed! what should i do? help:(?
What is water borne infection ?
How to fake a fever???? ?
why is my right pupil centered up higher then my left?
My doctor wants to put medication in my eye by a needle. Is this ok?
A piece of mechanical pencil lead went in my eye!?
Reading glasses for computer?
i was just wondering if green eyes are rare?
colored contacts, pupil size?
How much do colour contacts cost? HELP ME!?
I think my friend is gonig blind?
Ovarian cancer: Is bloating usually in the upper or lower abdomen?
Any woman out there with displaysia?
do i have skin cancer?
what is it like to have Chemotherapy?
should i try to remove cancer surgically?
Abnormal Breast Ultrasound Result?
how long do x rays take?
How long would someone who has several abrasions, broken bones, and a concussion have to stay in the hospital?
pain in both knees? extending lol :D?
HELP! Stitches in my forehead!?
My friend says its unhealthy to sleep for 12 hours?
Why is it that after a night of no sleep, in the early morning i feel motivated to do things? Is it normal? :s?
how much will it damage your body...?
Is it possible to become addicted to pain killers such as motrin or advil?
is standing for 8 hours good for your legs?
What is the cost of a knee osteotomy on both knees?
how do i relief emotional pain?
What are the symptoms of a blood clot in the leg?
Head hurts when chewing?
If I ever got breast cancer, would it be a given that my breasts would have to be removed?
What do lymph nodes do?
morphin side effect for terminal stage cancer treatment?
How can people be so cruel when someone dies of cancer?
My husband just got his thyroid cancer results back and it is cancer?
too fat to wear a bikini in public?? be honest. pics included.?
Which is better a Shake Weight or a Pull-up bar?
How to reduce weight at the age of 65?
what are the side effects of crash diet?
151cm 12 year old girl weigh?
What did you eat today?
drinking and smoking marijuana..? yay or nay.?
What do you use for cold sores?
Basically all I enjoy in life is getting a buzz?
question for people with ocd?
Herpes and having children?
How long daz the hiv virus stay on a rozar blade that an infected person was cut with?
i just got tested positive for chlamydia?
can tiny particles of dirt actually get into your eye, making it harder to focus?
The blind spot in people eyes?
will pinhole glasses cure my astigmatism?
HELP! my eye is swollen!!! whats wrongg?
New contacts, is this normal?
Do I need glasses????
I have a really bad stomach ache D:?
My jaw makes popping noises?
how do i cure an ear ach quik as possible?
my lower back pains a lot,even I feel my thigh mussels and calf mussels have become heavy and my toes pain.?
What is wrong with my finger? Help?
Headache, dizziness, fatigue?
can a bakers cyst be mistaken for a blood clot on a doppler test?
i think my mom has breast cancer but isn't telling me?
How long does it take for hpv to turn into cancer?
Can talking on a cell phone too much cause cancer?
Should I see my doctor again?
What can I substitute for a massage table?
Is Sandhi Sudha Oil effective?
will pomegrante juice clean out ur urine jus as good as cranberry?
Whats the best cure for staphyllococcus aureus?
what type of doctor is able to determine your height?
How long would you wait to take your 2 year old to the er if they had a temp of 104.2?
will i get the stomach flu if i used the same spoon as the person infected?
how long dose pink eye last?
4lbs=qt how much is it and put it in a simple way so i can understand?
Is dysentery funny or not?
How do I prevent herpes blisters?
Is it okay if a type1 diabetic doesn't take insulin for meals/snacks as long as they are below 15carbs?
Stats that prove people with diabetes are more likely to get AD?
how do you lower your high blood sugar in one day?
Can I safely get "drunk" while being a type 1 Diabetic?
can old insulin kill you?
Smashed finger question?
what else can i wear under my walking boot?
Knee injury HELP please?!?!?
what do i do if my toenail is coming off?
My Fiance is dying. Please help?
How can i tell if my arm is broken?
Anyone know how to take care of dandruff?
I got a sharp pain in my right lower torso, like right above the waist?
ankle injury incident?
I'm vegan and I have dry cracked lips- how do I fix them?
How can I get rid of spots?
Left eye twitch for long priods of time for the past 5 days...?
why does contact lens selution sting my eye?
I have a question about taking care of contacts?
How much does LensCrafters charge for new lenses?
How can i pay for contacts without insurance?
How do I cure a runny nose?
I cannot stop sneezing?
Do I have Sinus Infection?
Allergic to something?..?
i've change my eye glasses for several times , why does my headache always attack still ?
Always full, heartburn and painful stomach?
My heels are literally cracking?
I've recently been sick with what I thought was a sinus infection. Why do I now feel dizzy?
does this cough sound normal?
what do you do when you cant breath?
My mom wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot breathe please try and answer?
sinus and plugged ear for 10 days now- help!?
I have trouble breathing...?
Why does my body hate too much food or water?
Im 5"5, how much do you think I should I weigh?
Easy question about milk?
Am i fat :(???? emegrency?
to recovered anorexic? please help?
how to louse 30 pounds in 3 weeks?
HELP! people who take shakeology!?
why im having this mild Headache is it cancer?
Should money that is available for cancer research be directed toward prevention instead of cures?
Is there any point in going to doctors?
Has anyone who's had the cervical cancer jab, had children after?
Are there any causes of an enlarged lymph node besides lymphoma. node is 3cm, not changed with antibiotics?
Is there such thing as a stop smoking camp in the UK?
why does my severe lower back pain disappear after going to the restroom?
What are the chances of dieing because of "Old Age"?
Autoimmune diseases....please answer?
any cure for being a hypochondriac?
Can someone help me out with this Please?
Really weird question? Feeling sick, cramps, unable to sleep?
What can one do to ease a sore head after being punched repeatedly in it?
is p24 antigen protein present on both hiv 1 and hiv 2?
Oxycodone Overdose Symptoms?
100bmp while resting on my bed?
HOW CAN I FEEL WELL RESTED AFTER STAYING UP? please, please, i'm sleepy!?
can i buy hydrocodone without a perspiration?
I need information from people that have chronic back pain?
why isn't there a lot of shots against aids?
Can 17 year olds get breast cancer?
does the human body need cancer cells to function?
Does anyone know much about stage 4 breast cancer?
How can i tell if i have swollen lymph nodes?
How can doctors get away with not telling their patients, but patients family members about diagnosis?
If i buy a frame glasses from ebay, can i take it to any opticians for the lenses?
The white part of my eye (think its called the sclera) went red...... WHY?
Will having one cough drop that contains mentol affect my drug test?
Laser eye surgery which company is best?
How to deal with floaters?
Does anyone know what this is >.<?
Will I get food poisoning?
Where can I buy E. coli specimen?
can you get rid of a bladder infection without antibiotics?
If you and your "partner" are not infected with HIV can you still get it?
im at school and getting sick?
I have this thing on my foot....?
I was prescribed Vicodin and .....?
which piercing hurts worse?
Pain in the right side of my head?
what are the symptoms to a broken foot?
Why do I have a pounding headache when I'm hungry?
What does it mean when you have stomach pain, headaches, and throw up your food after you get done eating?
27y/o in 2 car accidents, mucho shoulder/neck injuries, 40+drs, need help plz!!?
I fell and hurt myself. Should I be worried?
Cut off circulation in hand?
Brain tumor worries.? I'm 15,?
Can ponytails give you headaches?
Can someone actually prove the cannabis cancer cure wrong?
Do or did I have a tumor?
What is considered "Right side" and "left side" on ultrasounds?
What was the youngest age that breast cancer was found?
Hard, Tender Lump Under Skin?
Best glute exercise? ;)?
Did I really burn 4 pounds of fat over the past 4 days?
Drinking while in the middle of a training period. How bad is it?
Working out 7 days a week good, or break day needed?
Limiting my carbs at 150g a day, what can I eat?
What should an 11 year old girl be eating to stay healthier?
How can I lose 10 lbs in a week?
Is keeping your bed on the floor bad or unhealthy?
Is psychosis classed as a disability?
I urinate every 20-24 hours?
do they sell serotonin and dopamine in a pill?
The gateway from the outer ear to the middle of ear is the?
Can I have a couple of drinks while on Chlorphenamine (antihistamine)?
Is a pulse of 112 high? I was lying down and when I got up I checked it and that's what it said.?
Vision problems????????????
I'm in the 10th grade and I'm starting to see not clearly in the distance.?
why iam getting eyes watering,went doctor ,he says no problem,?