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is there a mouth guard that has you stop biting your cheek?
I'm reaally scared of the dentist!!?
few small pink bumps on floor of mouth?
Help With Brace Problems And Tips Please... :)?
was i adoped aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
Will my teeth look bigger after I get braces off?
what's a good teeth whitner- not expensive, that you can get in boots, that actually works!?
Should I be put to sleep or get laughing gas for wisdom teeth removal?
How should it look after a Tooth Extraction?
Pain lasts how long after wisdom tooth surgery?
is it possible for this to happen?
Diet and belly fat?
how much water should i be drinking each day??
am i fat???
help me out?
how can i loose 10 pounds in a month ?
A question about calories?
how can i fit in excerise, as a single parent?
18lb gone in 1.5 weeks, what's going on?
How long will it take to lose this?
I still have a snapped off piece of root in my gum and I still have pain the day after having it removed.?
can you use too much mouthwash?
Can I keep my MOLAR? HELP!?
Where can I get information on teeth whitening?
why does your breath smell worse after sports?
what do crest whitestrips taste like?
permanent tooth not grown in, need a retainer with tooth on it?
I had a cavity filled on one of my back teeth about 4 weeks ago and when i chew on it it kills, why is that?
I have a bump on my gums in the very back and it hurts. What could it be?
Checks from delta dental, do i just sign them over to the dentist?
after getting a molar removed. how long does it take to heal?
how to get rid of lump inside my mouth by lip piercing?
I had 2 wisdom teeth out last Thursday and I'm wondering if I'll get dry socket?
What are some things that wisdom teeth can do if left in for too long?
cavity help please scared?
Is it normal for your gums to be bleeding a little after a dentist cleans your teeth?
Reaceting gum line!!?
what is wrong with my tooth?
What does teeth loss and dreaming about your own death mean?
How long until I need a bone graft?
Black sore in my mouth behind teeth...?
I just got my braces off and my front teeth feel loose, and i'm worried they'll fall out?
Why is gardening not permitted when my white blood cell count is low?
My uncle just died of a car crash and my dads friend died of cancer is it the end of the world please answer?
Breast cancer and smoking odds?
I am taking gefftinet medicine for lung cancer can Idrink alcahol?
I have a sister (78) who has esophogeal cancer (stage 3). What are her chances of survival?
Anyone ever thought of being an oncologist???
is there any body who has a information about oral cephalosporin antibiotic in 4 generation groups .?
When itching of the breast is cancer?
Is there any danger flying after removal of lymph nodes?
What is/are the major hinderace/s of Boron isotope in treatment of tumour of brain?
I went on a huge run yesterday with my grade. it was fun but now the muscles in my theighs really hurt!!?
What dentest accepts medicaid/medicare?
Anyone have Careington Dental Plan?
Has anyone's front teeth ever hurt after getting their septum pierced?
the roof of my mouth itches and my tounge has really painful splits in it what is it?
My impacted wisdom teeth and lower wisdom tooth which is causing lower right side of my month to be numb claim?
Why does my powerchain on my braces keep snapping?
im going to my appointment at the orthodontist today what are they going to do to me?
front tooth hurts, had root canal done long time ago?
Question about Teeth Moving and Tounge thrusting?
Can I have a tooth removed under sedation?
feels like im drowning at the dentist?
Smallest teeth ever!! What can I do to improve them. PIC?
When you hit a nerve in your mouth while getting it numbed what can happen?
why are the wisdom teeth called this way?
Can fully grown permanent teeth become crooked?
off late my jaws have started paining?
Should I get Invisaline I have pretty straight teeth but........?
why does my jaw pop everytime?
If the deciduous teeth are eventually replaced by permanent teeth ,why do we've deciduous in the first place?
It might sound silly but help on braces pleaseeee?
braces & rubber band help please!?
what does 67% saturation of heamaglobin in the blood mean?
Why do I want to bite/chew so badly?
do i have to wear my retainers 24/7?
how much do braces cost?
The filling in my back left tooth fell out and just a little tooth was left now its loose.Should I pull it?
I was told I need a root canal. The dentist removed my silver filling and replaced with porcelain.?
a hole was drilled in a front tooth by a dentist in order to whiten it. should a post be put?
chewing food with which teeth?
My Tooth hurts for when i chew my food?
Im getting my wisdom teeth out on the 20th of this month?
Will braces fix my problem?
locked jaw, wisdom teeth coming in?
How can I get rid of the spaces in between my teeth?
Why don't my teeth just fall out already!?
what would happen if i took my braces off early?
can abscess on the gums go away on its own?
is it possile my dentist cracked my tooth on purpose?
amalgam-1 suf.prim/perm?
Best diet for braces.! {20 Characters}?
dental hygiene slogans?
Dental Procedure gone wrong?
My teeth chatter during sleep. Should I be worried?
teeth don't feel right after braces?
I am 25 years, i have been going to aerobics but haven't lost any weight?
intensive training, lose fats??
Gaining Muscle Mass: Help Please?
Why can't I lose weight?
How can I lose the most wheight?
What are some good diet pills (Is Trimspa good)?
What could possibly be wrong? Why am I feeling this way?
Inches of my waistt?
How Do I Tone My Pecs And Abs Withouth Using Weights?
digital scale?
pecs are diffrent sizes and like.. look diffrent?
Leaving a Low Carb Diet?
Fenphedra and 72 hour detox that comes with it.?
Skinny Skinny Skinny?
what is the best way to lose weight?
I'm a 151/2 year old guy and I weigh 115 pounds. Does anyone think I should gain more weight? If so, how?
Was this a healthy choice?
fat burning food are they good for you?
wata wata wata?? 8-10 glasses = ? oz.?
Has anybody taken Hawaiian green tea fat burner soft gels?
can somebody please read this and see if its okayy? thank youu?
I'm a teenager, how healthy should I eat?
Healthy snack help?
Do i have bowel cancer? or a kidney infection? or like, anything bad!?
Does mouth bacteria cause acne?
little brother teeth problem?
Are there alternatives to braces?
Why are overbites bad? is it just a World thing?
What type of acid can dissolve teeth? Alternative to wisdom tooth removal?
does medicaid or medicare pay pay tooth fillings and cleaning?
I cut my mouth open brushing too hard can I still dip tobacco?
How can i become a Dental Hygienist?
Does anyone else have cavities on their adult teeth.....?
What's so bad about braces?
Question about after wisdom teeth extraction.?
I had filling in my left molar and the filling came out a while ago. At first the pain was unimaginable for ab?
i have the white filling and ive had it for about 6 months(pain)?
im 16 and i have to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. im really scared. should i be as nervous as i am?
Am I being ripped off?
i got my braces off and?
Tongue thrust appliance?
question about adult and baby teeth?
Can giving a horse sugary treats give them cavities?
Where can my son go to get help?
bleeding gums...what medicine to take?
How do you change the sound of your voice?
For people with Damon braces?
is coffee bad?
iam 13 years old my height is 5 feet?
what are long-term health effects of exercising?
NUTRISYSTEM. i was wondering how it was. or if the wer any negative results. ive only been hearing good things
whats the best way to loose weight out of these?
is the milk in office coffee machine powder milk or normal milk?
what would be the best workouts for a schoolgirl?
why slimming slows down in week 4??
Am i doing too much exercise?
how can i slim down my thighs before summer or june ?? and loe inches on them?
help me please?
stomach hurts while excising....what does it mean?
Have any of you used Hoodia for weight loss?
what is a good colon cleanse product?
How can I loose 15 pounds fast?
Protein Shake question?
eating disorder venting..?
What can I do!?
Whats the fastest way to loose weight in your hips/lower back?
can I eat alot of fruit while on a diet ??
Best way for me to get a Six Pack?
really really easy question???:):)?
Green tea is known to stain teeth,?
Whitening a devitalised teeth?
Wire slipping out of brackets?
How long do bottom braces hurt?
I need some advice on becoming a dentist.?
how long will it take for braces to fill in a gap?
Wire around my bracket instead of the bands?
Pressure between my front bottom teeth ?
Can you brush your teeth too much?
I Have A Gum Problem Any Body Help Please?
How to straighten my teeth?
Is it okay if I spit blood out after getting my wisdom teeth pulled out?
How long do I need gauze after tooth extraction?
My daughter's ortho wont release her dental records?
What should I do if a piece of my tongue is hanging off my tongue?
How long do you wear a retainer?
need help with braces issues?
I have an overbite?and braces?
I have a tooth that is loose and I think it might be an adult tooth?
What is the small barcode on the bottles of ACT Flouride Rinse for?
I have experienced pain in my upper left abdomen for a couple of months now. I also have had rectal bleeding.?
more defined abs (6 pack)?
i have just had a baby and am going on holiday in June how can i lose 3 stone can it be done??
how many calories have i had today?
workout for thighs?
workout plan or fitness?
How much should my cousin weigh?
my bf is extreme dieting... what can i do to stop him?
losing weight?
How to lose 10 pounds fast??
so my weight??? please PLEASE answer!!!?
wieght loss time?
My 16 year old Son does not want Braces. How do I persuade him to go for it?
one winged maryland bridge, stain on the holding cement?
After all these years havent floss evolved yet?
I have Receding gum line?
tooth implants not integrateing with bone?
Wisdom teeth???? what are they for?
what type of foods can i eat if they surgically removed the following teeth: 2,4,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,30,31,32?
Does anyone know??????????
what is the best dental procedure for this problem?
pain 1 day after internal bleach treatment for a front tooth that had a root canal treatment long time ago?
Is it safe to take Mobic, aka Meloxicam 7.5 mg for pain and swelling of an abscessed tooth?
where can i find dental tools for a vet tech where can i buy them at?
Question on braces & moving?!?
Do teeth get whiter or darker in the 48 hours after whitening?
My teeth are moving, what do I do?
Getting my 2 back teeth pulled { baby teeth}?
What should I do (please help out, i'm a sophmore in hs)?
so i have metal braces..... wanna switch to clear?
I have to get root canal done but I don't have the money to get the porcelain crown..What else can be done?
Whats the best way to get plaque off my tongue?
Question about retainers..? (10pts?)?
how can i whiten my skin?
Just got my bottom right tooth extracted worried about dry socket?
what major would be good to become a dentist?
How long will my braces hurt?
Tooth pain after wisom tooth extraction?
Why do I have yellow teeth?
Braces - Teeth taking long to move and not lining up!?
can i smoke before wisdom teeth surgery?
what age do children lose there front teeth?
which is better plastic or porcelain false teeth?
what is the best over the conter medicine for a tooth ache?
would hubba bubba bubble gum be a problem for braces?
what does gum disease look like?
Something wrong with my wisdom teeth...?! HELP! :(?
Does it hurt when you get braces?
i have a abscess tooth can i get somebody sick if i kiss them even tho im on antibiotic's for it?
A large black cavity?
Do you think that I will need braces? Pictures available: the denist says I have a crossbite?
What is the process like to get a cavity filled?
does trident sugar free gum blow bubbles like bubble gum?
Tmj =[ Please help How to get rid of it?
can Listerine go bad / get watered down after a while?
what is the dental procedure tom cruise used on his teeth?
I had my braces off about a month ago, and now i have a retainer. But one of my teeth feels wobbly! HELP?
I got a lisp from my bite plate?
Why do clients with dementia have difficulty beginning, focussing on or completing tasks?
Friend likes to weigh herself right after she eats--is this accurate?
Is this hypoglycemia?
Supplements that go well with N.O. xplode?
Should I go see a weight loss doctor or not?
10 points to best answer!?
i am 15 years old and wondering how to lose weight the easiest way possible?
Whats the serving of the milk group you should have each day?
Can someone give me a thigh workout?
would multi vitamins help you survive in a foodless situation, if there wasnt much else.?
what can work just like a laxitive very fast?
do epson salts work the same as a laxitive?
Can water make you lose weight?
Is my friend considered overweight?
Does anyone need to loose or want to loose around 100lbs???
how can i loose weight in 2 weeks?
I am trying to find an item called The Stick used for massaging sore musscles after a hard workout?
Muscle gain?
urgent help needed. anyone know any good exersices for legs and bum?
HeLp!!!!! PlEaSe ReAd!?
whats the difference between a magnetic elliptical and one with a belt?
Oral Surgeory scared?
i grate y teeth, any way i could stop it or make it less noisy?
how to fix a chipped tooth at home?
im getting braces tomoro :)?
Broke dental crown into 2 pieces, should i use the temp dental repair kit?
i have gotten teeth pulled and i was wondering how long can u wait to have them replaced?
My jaw hurts after dentist?
did the colonists during the boston tea party have bad or rotten teeth?
Do bridges for braces hurt?!?
Can I get my teeth straight again without surgery?
Would someone recommend a good dentist in bay area?
does dentaworks whitening pen work?
Why Cant you sleep with snap on smile?
why do i have bad breath?
I have nasty cold and now swollen and sore gum under 2 bottom teeth ?
Braces , & Palate Expander ?
Accidently pushed tooth loose ? ( I HAVE BRACES )?
how long should it ache after pulling tooth out?
How much is a dental crown reattachment?
Best treatment for canker sores?
Editing Braces Off (:?
Which hurts more-- Dental bridge or implant?
i had a tooth removed, the stitches came out and i now have a hole where the tooth was, what should i do?
Im getting my braces off tomorrow, will it hurt?
what can I eat after I get a tongue pierced?
So I have a sleeve and I want to switch my major to being a dentist. Will I ever get a job?
can anyone tell me some characteristics of the mandibular canine?
Two of my front teeth are feeling slightly loose... I'm REALLY worried, HELP PLEASE!?
Do in-ovation braces make the treatment go faster?
does this sound like it has to be pulled?
what is the best whitening toothpaste?!?
How has your experience been with lumineers or other types of bonding?
why does my breath start to smell 3 hours after i brush my teeth?
How to get free or very inexpensive dental work done?
what causes a canker sore and how to get rid of them?
my puppy broke her lower right big tooth off to the gum line. Will a new tooth grow back?
Is marijuana legal in Canada for medical uses?
I'm getting my braces off thursday, but....?
Cavity Fillings Question?
I got four wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It is still badly swollen?
Will ink on my teeth stain them?
on average how much is teeth whitening?
How can I stop periodontal disease from getting worse?
why am i losin inches but not weight?i dont want to lose inches... HELP,my clothes dont fit.?
what excersises should i do to lose weight?
HeLpPpPpP!!!! PlEaSe! =]]]]]]]]]] ????
Will jogging a few miles on a treadmill help boost my energy?
Is it best to weightlift before you eat or after you eat?
drug test help?
I've gained weight...?
How can I lose weight?
what im gonna do to make my body fat?
Can a person gain on 1700 calories or less?
constipationn =/?
is this a lot to eat?
I am fat and I need help!?
What would really help?
Is it puppy fat?
♥ a few quick weight/toning questions ♥?
Still Carrying Baby Fat?
How Do I Loose This Weight??
They say you lose 100 hairs a day...how come I am the only one I know that does lose that much?
how to build good abs?
when will my abs start showing more?
Should i take Whey Protein?
What's a good diet and exercises for six-pack abs?
ulcer on gum near behind my two front teeth > HELP ?
Do I need to go to the same orthodontist for a replacement retainer?
I just got an invisoline(sp?) retainer...?
How to make teeth whiter?
wisdom teeth question?
What is the name of gel that you use on your teeth after you get your braces taken off?
Impacted canine surgery?
Am I getting my wisdom teeth?
My filling on my front tooth fell out?
I Have Crazy Canker Sores? Please help?
When will my tooth come in?
What to do if you eat a metal spacer?
hi i am getting braces tomorrow and want to know some info...?
Possible to ask for the treatment to end faster?
Can getting Invisalign aligners cause swollen salivary glands?
can i sue my dentist?
Bought opened toothpaste?
Is it bad if your "hard palette" in your mouth is small"?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?
After i get my wisdom teeth extracted...?
i need emergency dental wrk now?
Question people!!! about Braces?
teeth indentations after tongue piercing on tongue?
What is wrong with my gums?
first tooth out.. HELP!?
What dental insurance would you recommend?
After infection, wisdom tooth extraction hole won't heal.?
Why are some of my teeth hurting so bad after white fillings?
can i sew a orthodontic for not perscribing me antibiotic after pulling my wisdom tooth out?
how can i close my gap?
Is Listerine Zero just as affective as regular Listerine?
How can i tell if my tooth is a baby or adult?!?
How do i get rid of bad breath?
I keep my mouth very clean. I floss, brush atleast three times a day including?
Questions about braces!!!?
if you kiss to much can you get a white bump next to your mouth?
Is chewing ice bad for you healthwise? I heard it was bad for your teeth (causing fractures in them).?
how do you get vampire teeth discoloured?
how long until you can take a lip ring out before it closing up?
Is it possible to have a partial denture and a retainer?
Is baking soda burning your mouth natural?
how did people brush teeth in middle ages?
Wisdom teeth worry/question?
Does anyone know of a Dentist that takes Medicare?
Tongue Piercing.... Ulcer?
i just broke my retainers what should i do, and do i have to pay to replace the broken retainers?
is it possible to get a ear infection after having your wisdom teeth removed please read below for details?
my does it look like my toddler has stains on his teeth?
How can I make a tooth stain go away!?
jaw cracks when i yawn...?
Help me I may have a problem with my gums. Help?
I had a numbing injection at the dentist, but it still really hurts...help!?
how do you clean retainers?
what do you eat with braces tightened?
Ever since i got my wisdom teeth,i constantly bite the inside of my cheek,could it be that my mouth is 2 small?
Been a year since I wore my Retainer?
How to pull a tooth out Painlessly ?
I was wondering if using a toothpick would damage your dentures?
How can I whiten my teeth?
Does any one remember the name of that Trident gum .?
has anyone ever visited a free dental clinic how are they compared to regular dentist?
How much did you get quated or pay for your kids expansion plates (arch)?
Will my teeth still be ok?
Wisdom tooth extraction, ALOT of swelling and pain, what can I do?
How come sometimes one person's tooth is whiter than the other teeth in their mouth?
I have dirty teeth how to help?
I have a cavity and can't get it filled for two weeks. a host of questions in the details!?
I needed alot of procedures done for my teeth, and the office I had at the time was charging for procedures th?
Tongue connected to bottom of mouth... does that make me a bad kisser?
How to get rid of pain from braces?
Help with Self Denture Repair?
my molars have been hurting really bad , i have an appointment tomorrow but im scared what do you think it is?
why do some plastic surgeons ask for a credit card for free consultation?
How could I easlily whiten my teeth?
uhmmmmmmmm my braces hurttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone used Invisalign from PearlDentalClinic?
Q and A about Braces?
Are there programs to help with braces?
Taking braces off early?
would like to know how how i can receive a refund sent the brace back explained it did not work and receivde?
I woke up a few days ago and brushed my teeth and noticed a sensitive spot on my gums on closer look...?
What is comfort wax for Braces?
wisdom teeth are coming out?
why can not open my mouth? my wisdom tooth is hurting bad..?
My teeth are uncomfortable in my mouth?
Any one have a cyst in thier jaw bone?
best color for dental office waiting room?
Do you think i'll need two years braces on ?
Will this work with invisalign?
can zispin stop you smoking?
My oral surgeon sent his proposal for two wisdom teeth removed one of them is impacted does this have a good?
what are those whitening strips called?
Getting braces tomorrow :)?
My tooth really hurts??!!?
how do you get rid of plaque?
what can i take for a tooth ache?
Does anyone know which Dental Insurance providers cover Invisalign?
Will it hurt to pull out my tooth?
Braces!??! what does this mean?
ive had my braces for 7 years will i have white dots all over my teeth?!? and im getting them off soon?
im going to the dentist to get a cavity filled and i was wondering will they tell me if i need braces?
can't afford dental implants, how do I keep the bottom dentures in ?
where can i get more information about leatt brace?
When should I get my wisdom tooth removed?
what to do for spasms in jaw after long dental procedure?
I just got braces but no wire?
Has anybody ever sued their orthodontist?
Woke up with a swollen bottom lip (only right side)...why?!?
How long will I need braces for?
i feel bitter taste on my tongue?
I have been told I have a weak gullet (oesophagus).?
Barium swallow test in babies?
what does a dry socket look like?
I'm having all 4 wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow and was wondering how long does the blood clot need to stay?
HELP! just poked a hole in my teeth?
Can I just use a plain plastic athletic mouthguard for bruxism (teeth grinding)?
my puppy's tooth is loose what can i do?
receding hairline neeed help please?
tooth abcess and it has one side of my face swollen what should i do?
Why does my husband's jaw hurt after going to the dentist?
Does it hurt when you get spaces for your braces?
Why does my back tooth's hurt! ouchieee help?
can you smoke and wear braces?
I am able to crack my gums. What is actually happening in my mouth?
i got my tongue pierced. how long do i have to wait to change my ring?
small growths on my gums dentists or anyone help?
Gums are bleeding in two spots?
What are the coloured rings which come with Braun Electric Toothbrush heads for?
how to relieve wisdom tooth (growing in) pain?
My wisdom teeth are coming in and it feels really annoying?
how long till i stop hurting after impacted wisdom teeth removed?
Question about my daughter's braces and her ortho?
I HATE my Essix retainers its killing me and it hurts when i'm trying to pull it off? Can I switch to hawley?
why do i always have tooth problems and it seems my tooth is soft it just break of?
which carb is WOSRE for you... candy or white bread?? (equal amounts)?
for the master cleanser when you started how much did you drink in the day, are you still on it.?
my friend is 5 foot, 26 years old now...she is asking what weight is considerd perfect for her?
Is there a way i can get kinda ripped?
I'm sorta obese and im 14.?
When using creatine is it mandatory to lift weights or can i do all calisthenic workouts?
Which is better fitness gym or kick boxing, for females?
How might I lose 6-7 pounds in 7 weeks? in a healthy manner?
can smoking Creatine cause adverse problems/effects?
will i lose weight like this?
What is the best product to use to cleanse your body?
is there a healthy way to gain weight?
Will Doing 90 Mins A Day On Cycle Gain Me Weight?
can speed walking be as effective for losing weight as jogging?
Losing weight?
how can i lose 15 lbs.?
My friend and I are doing a weight loss challenge...?
How does my nephew eat so much and stay so skinny? It's so unfair.?
if you did 200 sit-ups how many calories have you burned?
Maxing out in the gym?
Geting fit - fast or diet?
slight pain in lungs when take dra gof a f a g?
My molar hurts but shouldn't?
what 's the difference between vital and non vital tooth ?? i want at least 10 point :S?
Any bad stories of adults after wearing braces?
Is this sopposes to happen with braces?
the gap in my front teeth closed?
im having tooth and jaw pain !!! help?
How can I become a volunteer patient for dental work in San Jose?
Should I Continue taking My Penicillin Antibiotic? I have a Retreat Root Canal at 8:30 Tomorrow Morning.?
How long will I have orthodontic elastics/rubber bands on for?
Information on braces please.?
Dental Hygiene Wages?
can i whiten my chipped tooth after its been fixed?
smoking after teeth pulled?
Root Canal Front top teeth with out Crown How is the possible?
Need a professional dentist's advice please...?
What would I look like with braces?
where can i find a dentist that accepts medipass for dental for adults?
What foods stain braces elastic and how can i prevent staining?
invisalign in toronto?
I have an Abcess on my wisdom tooth?????Help?
My daughter 7.5years old. Her upper central incisors have not fallen till date.?
what happens if you bite your canker sore?
Do I Need A Mouth Guard For Basketball If I Have Braces?
Can soda's damage dentures?
I REALLLY don't want to have all my cavities filled. help?!?!?!?
how long does a crown procedure take?
can you put braces on just 4 teeth?
Wisdom teeth stiches untied or unknotted ?
Pus in gums beside molar?
I have an hour dental appointment on the 6th and I am scheduled to get a filling filed how long does it take?
How to reccomend to a dentist what teeth you want worked on?
can a wisdom tooth come in/out if it's under the bone?
How can I make my teeth straight without braces?
What should I do i completly chipped my friends front tooth?
If you are short on insurance coverage?
is there anyway to get help with dental care for my children?
Weird bubble/lump on floor of mouth?
what are some dental hygenist schools?
im 16 and have 3 baby Canine teeth?
When you get sutures in your mouth, are they the kind that dissolve?
I went to dentist almost a month ago to have 9 fillings filled. I have went back twice to have them ground...?
Getting my braces tightened in a couple days?
After putting up by brass to my under teeth . my under lips started to grow more. Its so irritating?
Why may someone keep feeling winded?
please kelp my 3yr old boy with coughing fits?
is it unhealthy to put a computer in your room?
diet help????
Can I lose 15 pounds by early May?
does anyone know any diets and exercises i can do to lose weight for the 10th of may?
Please help me :D x?
body help?
crystal light green tea... good or bad..?
how much does the lida weight loss pills cost [please]?
Normal weight gain from workout?
whats the easiest way to lose my voice ??
how many ich. does it makes 5ft?
help please my son have a broken tooth?
braces are always loose!?
getting braces off maybe?
is there any way to dissolve resin?
r there any teeth whitening procedures besides using the gel trays that work?
Why am I whistling when I use the letter "S"?
my partial denture broke and teeth that was covered is now quite yellow how best to remove this stain?
What is this yellow thing I have?
What do i do about my teeth now?
Elastic bands on braces?
Wisdom teeth problem?
What happens when you hit your teeth and it feels like your head shakes?
Chipped tooth problem....?
Orthodontist V.S Dentist?
what is the best toothpaste ?
How much would this cost?
Broken retainer won't go in?
Some questions about braces!?
my tongue always had some kinda cut in is that bad?
Jaw and tooth hurts???????
how much to gat a tooth pulled?
canker sore?? idk what it is?
What it takes to become a dental hygienist?
help! i accidentally used a dirty toothbrush that was used to clean the bathroom?
can you over dilute bleach?
Is this normal, or should i go back to the orthodontist?
im 15 and have big teeth will they look smaller in a few years?
what is the home remedy for bad breath/?
When growing up, children sometimes pull their own teeth, can an adult pull their own teeth?
What can i not eat or drink after tooth bonding?
What to eat when your braces hurt like crazy?!?
Why does it hard to find an honest dentist?
is banana juice good for canker sores?
how do i get rid of white spots on my teeth?
Im getting braces soon and im not sure if I'm going to get it on the top or bottom, or both.?
pain after tooth extraction 4 molars removed?
how long do we have to put retainers?
How long will healing process last after wisdom teeth extraction in lower jaw?
Can a worn down filling cause pain?
Teeth Whitening in my Retainer?
braces help!!!!!!!!!!!??????
my tooth seems to be growing out of the gum and its very painful?
why is my toung white?
crown filed too much?
easy ways to whiten your teeth without the strips or actual bleach?!!?
Is it too much?
How can I eat healthy?
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! I NEED WEIGHT LOSS HELP! (best answer will be chosen)?
I started going to the gym last year. I lost over a stone in weight, and now its nearly all gone back on. why?
ToningWeight Loss?
How low should i go?
What is the ideal weight for a?
Whey Protein Flavors?
need a flat stomach?
Exercise Bike Info.?
How can i loose weight fast?
Flabby arms!!!?
What muscles are being used, and are worked out while hiking?
Getting Abs and getting rid of stomach fat?
Which is the easiest way to loose stomach flabs?
please help :(?
how do you get 6 pack?
Good weightlifting routine?
need a better body in three weeks please! : (?
what are the most effective ab workouts for a 14 to 15 yr old?
Overbite--How Long Will I Have Braces?
If you had Invisalign, did it work?
why do my teeth hurt its like when i eat sweet things?
list of food to eat with spacer AND braces brackets but no wire?
If I keep on drinking a lot of milk then will my adult teeth come in faster?
can anyone tell me what is itchy tongue. I searched in google but no correct reason.?
what medicine can I take for the pain caused by a lost tooth filling?
How To Know If You Need Teeth Pulled?
Is an uncareful dentist a bad dentist?
My Crown has fallen out for the third time!?
What's the bump on the upper gum for?
Is it normal for my tooth to still be hurting?
How do i know what my teeth are going to look like straight i really need to know!?
I have soft teeth ,can i get veneers?
Cost of 3 Cavities w/ 80% covered still $460?
I have very healthy teeth, but my gums are receding?
Think i'm missing top right canine adult tooth.?
How long after wisdom tooth removal would you feel permanent numbness if you had it?
exposed root, SOO SORE HELP!?
Has anyone ever experienced jaw pain and a painful fluid bump on their temple?
O carb, 0 sugar shake/bar suggestions?
Does exercising effect your period even if you're on birth control pills?
Question about losing weight?
Want to know if I can lose 15 pounds by doing this?
ugh. need help?
i need help with diet, muscle mass and toning up?
who do u??
Apple Juice Detox?
does the laser (for body hair removal) cause cancer?
is breast cancer curable?
My dad died today........ :(?
Where can i get a heartbeat sound?
I am supper supper supper scared of the dentist what can i do i really need to go ? ASAP?
signs of infections?!?
I'm a little confused about my braces...?
Do I have a cavity? Or is it my wisdom tooth coming in?
Does it hurt when you get your expander removed?
Do Jaw spacers hurt...?
Can this pain be from wisdom teeth?
cracked my back tooth?
How much will my braces cost?
Braces- Power chain snapped?
i need a doctor that accepts medicaid for route canal!?
i swallowed a whole sweet help!?
a piece of my gum turning white?
extractions with a sinus infection?
Taking care of baby after getting wisdom teeth removed?
is toothpaste better than baking soda?
Wisdom teeth effects?
I'm ready to pull my tooth out. Is it the tooth or gums?
Any tips for color braces brackets? And what should I do incase tightening gets boring and long?
Do we all get wisdom teeth?
Can baby teeth look like real or as big as real "new" teeth?
after you got ur braces they give u retainers after the retainers do you get ur teeth whithened?
Nerve damage? Please answer....?
Information about braces?
should i get braces??????
my tooth is hurting & my jaw is the size of a baseball? could this be an abscessed tooth?
why does my band hurt when i bite down?
How long will I have to keep braces on for?
Does invisaline work faster then traditional metal braces?
How long will it take for my tooth to grown in?
When will my adult tooth grow in?
Do dental implants hurt to do in the front?
Helpy why wont ym baby teeth loosen?
What does it mean if the back of your mouth near your throat hurts?
Hole in tooth? Feeling no pain?
how long should cheek stitches hurt?
A question about my teeth straightening? read description?
Do the dentist keep teeth casts?
Do they put you in General Anesthetic in Root Canal?
HOW MUCH IS Implant Tooth Replacement,?
Do I really need a root canal?
Do you know of a TMJ dentist in Tampa, Fl or near?
dentists in italy and costs of treatment.?
190 pounds and 5'8" how much weight can I loose by Feb 28?
I have lost weight and muscle in my legs. I do a 5 mile workout every a.m. What should I be eating?
If im 5'4 and wiegh 113 is that too much ?
What are crunches?
I have my baby fat belly how do I get rid of it!!! I am 14!!!?
TO you all does fruit juice be it 100% or other and ice-cream make one fat or add weight?
Can someone help me?
PROTEIN POWDER, what it is, and the effects???
What is the ideal number of carbohydrates in a normal person diet, and a low carb-diet?
Do i have a problem?
my tooth is kinda loose and it really hurts?
I have a phobia of the dentist.?
My jaw hurts..really badly?
i was hit in my mouth with a 2by 4 stick and it chipped my 2 front teeth?
Normal to hear a ringing noise when you clench your teeth?
What color brackets should I get for my braces?
False Tooth for Lower First Molar? Is it possible?
My tongue has pushed my tooth forward making the gum recede. What can I do?
Braces and moving jaw???? People who know stuff about teeth?
The left side of my jaw HURTS!!? Is it dental-related?
how can i make my teeth uber white?
Do I need a dentist recommendation to get braces?
My braces bracket fell off and my mouth hurts, what do i do?
Do you need expanders with braces?
A good orthodontists?
who can help with getting money for dentures?
teeeeeeth; is it bad that...?
Teeth hurt very bad after getting braces?
How long will it take for my teeth to be fixed?
my friend has four fake front teeth ( the dentist made it look like a retainer but with four teeth on it)?
Where can I find the "retainer filling material" that orthodontists use?
What is the oldest age you would consider to young to start wearing dentures?
Is there a chance I might have cancer?
i have tiny swollen lymph nodes but they go away after a while, im 14, but they are only in the cheek and chin?
Does anyone know how many people have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 10 years?
if my plastic retainers crack will it move my teeth?
Why are my gums MORE swollen after brushing and rinsing with peroxide?
raised canine tooth, what should i do?
Gingivitis reversable?
Are braces worth it 10 points bst answer thx guys?
could you have a dental checkup and cleaning only 2 months after the last one?
Is my front tooth dead or is dying?
extremely nervous about getting fillings today?
Tooth Pain from braces ?
Help! swollen face and abscessed tooth for 5 years..?
Which is more pain? Root Canal or Extracting Wisdom Tooth?
Flossing regularly but it still hurts?
Why is my smile really bad?
does it hurt to when you get braces?
what do the orthodontists do when your at you checkup for your retainer?
my tooth and ear hurts and i cant keep my balance, What dose this mean?
How many teeth should I have lost by now?
Why am I growing an extra tooth?
I have a wisdom tooth coming in painfully but I have to leave the country tomorrow, what should I do?
Dental crown fell out?
what does it mean when you have a lump on your gums behind your last tooth at the bottom?
Are my braces going to hurt? What are good colors to get? What are good soft foods to eat?
After I get my braces off...?
Just out of curiosity, incase I don't kill myself?
Is it important for counsellors to have been through their own personal struggles...?
What are good recipes for jaw surgery?
Why does mouth rinse make you have to spit a lot?
is sleeping with mouthwash in my retainer bad?
My braces' coloured rubber bands came off, is it ok? or do i need a replacement?
Unbarable teeth pain gum swelling bleeding what do I do?
I am getting jaw surgery, what can i expect?
The tooth where i have a crown hurts!!!?
Does twisting the orthodontic rubber band make it stronger?
Sensitive tooth issues?
do i neeed braces? i have a small overbite and i have a small gap that you cant see.?
what are sing and symptoms f your wisdom teeth being impacted?
Braces HELP! PLEASE !?
Urgent answer needed How can i heal my infected taste-bud?
Inside my ip in my mouth a ball like thing?
How bad is my overbite?
how to get the swelling to go down on a lip piercing u did yourself?
how do i clean my dogs teeth's?
if i have an impacted tooth could i still get braces?
What's the expected healing time for a baby tooth extraction for an adult?
Can lip piercings ruin your teeth?
What could we do if we didn't have teeth?
i broke my jaw before and now my ortho said..?
Question about moles...?
Are there any articles that link marijuana use to the remission of cysts/cancer or other kinds of sickness?
Meaning of swollen lymph glands?
I would like to know people who help single mothers for their studies base on charity?
how do you get somethin out from between your teeth?
Does Braces Being Put On Hurt?
is there free dental in minnesota?
Should my mouth hurt?
When are my canine teeth going to come in?
why do you give the name of a dentist who does not want to work with you if you have no insurance, it is all a?
why do some orthodontists prefer clear retainers over hawley retainers?
why are my teeth moving? :(?
I'm scared of going to the dentist?
Clear Braces vs. Metal Braces?
I have had my teeth removed and all the bone grafts completed to install implants to hold my dentures in place?
Bottom left molar infection spreading to neck?
High arch palate?If you move your index finger up your mouth,how up does it go?Use teeth to measure. Plz ans?
its been 4 days since my wisdom teeth were removed and.....?
Have you ever tied a string around one of your teeth, and pulled it in that manner?
Problems with Filling :(?
My tooth are nice , did not damage anywhere even once..?
my front tooth has been jammed in help?
Help! I fell in love with a woman only to find out that she doesn't exist!?
Feeling dizzy, fainting and about to collapse when socialising?
Could this situation happen if you had dissociative amnesia?
What should I do about this oral condition?
What do you call the teeth next to the pontic in a bridge?
What is the use of all the ingredients in a tooth paste?It is all washed away?
what should i do about my tooth?
i have 2 bumps a little smaller than dimes on the roof of my mouth... is this normal?
do i need braces and if i do any info?
a little help please?
ifeel good i exercise my jaw by chewing and i think its not TMJ maybe its only a lock jaw what do you think?
how to set up for a root canal?
What do i do if the gauze is not stopping the bleeding from getting my Wisdom teeth removed?
Electric/air driven handpiece at dentist..?
Braces and molds! PLEASE HELP!?
what do i do now..after wisdom teeth?
can one make a bracelet again if the first time doesn't work?
what do I need to know about my wisdom tooth removal tomorrow?
how much do braces cost?
What are the chances I'll need a crown after my root canal?
i am removing my second wisdom tooth because of a cavity what will happen?
will iv sedation work for me in this situation?
i just got a moler pulled..?
Can someone give me the male/female ratio of dentist?
Is it possible to only braces on lower teeth?
Im scared to pull out my tooth :S?
what does it cost and does insurance cover weight lose surgery?
anyone got suggestions for muscle milk?
Would This Work??!!?? (((PLZ Answer)))?
Simple meal high with protien?
How effective are stackers 3's?
Did you know- this statistic?
what is the best supplement made by muscletech, and do they live up to the hype?
*~*Weight Problem*~*?
for people who have lost weigth or are losing weight: what has helped you do it? tips or pointers? anything?
I need a harder workout!?
I'm 19 yrs old. What is the best vitamin to take to get the right nutrients & what not?
how can i improve my body?
Will you tell me wht you think of these measurements for a 16 year old girl?
Is it ok to get 6 teeth pulled out at the same time?
Read slowly plz!!hopefully a payment plan!!?
swelling after wisdom teeth removal?
Tooth Extraction and blood clot [HELP]?
gotta an important dental question?
whats the function of the lower lips skin that changes when a dentist gives you novicaine before filling a bot?
Sharp pains after Root Canal?
pieces of tooth coming threw the gums after they have been pulled?
crest whitestrips pain!????
I got Tooth Problems. Please help.?
I had a root canal on left side back tooth 1 year ago since then I have had two other back teeth removed on th?
Question about novocaine?
What should I do my braces wires got bended and I'm in Pain!?
Dental/Sinus problem?
Questions about novacaine?
Do puppies loose there teeth like babies do?
what is good for whitening teeth?
What is the typical amount of time for mouth numbing to go away? From dentist.?
Why does my mum have excess saliva?
Where can you can get vampire teeth caps done?
Can medications stop emotional responses?
side effects from cymbalta?
where can i find statistics for stress levels in the philippines?
I got a problem yeah i can't sleep?
Can the cold make you anxious?
i want to enjoy my bday how can i tell my thouhghts to go from me?
Why do alcoholics like to pick fights?
dad is dieing, how do I cope with it?
Can you guys please give me you opinion about drug abuse and drugs in general?
My son has "Complex Processing Disorder" has anyone heard of or been diogonesd with this?
How do you not feel awkward calling lifeline and spilling out your emotions to a complete stranger?
What are the signs that someone you know has Trichotillomania?
How Long for tooth to decay?
All my wisdom teeth were pulled?
The gum around my wisdom teeth hurt and are black is that bad?
I got 2 spacers from my orthodontics, please help?
Is baking soda too abrasive for teeth brushing every day?
Where to buy ionizable toothbrush?
How can you lose your teeth if you practice poor dental hygiene and have very crooked teeth?
getting braces tommow?
How to get money cheat on farm ville?
if i wear my retainer only at night...?
just went to dentist and he pulled out my last teeth and said it was not possible to put new one,is it true?
question about tooth extraction?
Can chewing gum mess up a tooth filling?
why do some people medicated by the dentist act weird?
Crest 3D Whitestrips Help?
My teeth are chipping and wearing away. What causes this and how can it be prevented?
why do i have blisters on my gums after 4 days after having my wisdom teeth cut out?
i have a ? about my jaw?
what do u do if ur tooth turns black?
i've had a tooth pulled out but a bit of it is still in there. will it come out by itself ?
how do you deal with a palate expander?
How old were you when your wisdom teeth were removed and how long did it hurt?
what kind of workout should i do?
Working Out a Half Hour a Day?
Is there a good way to work on your abs?
what is better for biceps, standing curls or sitting curls?
Will this workk?
Has anyone ever used "Natures Way" Laminaria Extract for weight loss ,and doe's it work.?
Desperately need help?
Does this sound healthy?
I'm getting braces soon-- what color would look best?
Do i need to get braces?
Kanker sore on the back of my tongue?
I need some low priced or free dental work done asap in the little rock or conway area is their any dental pro?
Do I need a root canal? And have a tooth pulled out?
fang questions.........?
i have an infected tooth?
a part of my front tooth broke off while brushing my teeth, can it be fixed?
braces question, help pple? =[?
what should i name the gum ?
What's your experience with Crest Whitestrips ADVANCED?
Why is the top of my tongue white?
My gums hurt,what could it be?
My husband is having severe pain in the tooth and gums. Had a little swelling also. Is there any OTC ?
I have a tooth that is having sharp shooting pains. I looked with a dental mirror and saw some almost like?
What courses do you have to take to become a dentist?
Is nitrous oxide helpful at the dentist?
do you like purple for braces colors, if not what color?
What are the colored bands on your braces for?
mouth cancer mabey need opinions asap?
how do i cancel my florida medicaid?
How well do dental offices and hospitals monitor radiation?
what happens to a person with Leukemia? what are the symptoms and the progression of symptoms if one goes....?
Custom fit night guards?
My two front teeth are different sizes?
What's causing PAIN on one side in my teeth and down the same side of my neck under my ear near my jaw?
I want to get my 2 baby teeth out in 2 days.. Read details for reason, thankyou?
Deep cleaning of teeth rejected by insurance but dentist told me prior they would not charge if it was.?
What's a good, locally made waxed dental floss with quality comparable to Oral B?
Will braces fix my teeth problem?
what is the average front tooth size?
Does this mean i have TMJ?
Why do I spit out my retainer when I sleep?
How long will it take for me to get braces?
What does the latex elastic do to my teeth?
best way to fight sensitive teeth?
dental hygenist high school classes?
Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign?
How to get white teeth?
Roof of mouth sore and swollen?
Do you think the shot in the roof of the mouth is painful?
Can I still get laser teeth whitening if I have a lip piercing?
Concerns with amalgam fillings?
what to do if the insurace say you cant get braces?
A man is 43, about 5'11, 250lbs. He is working out but not losing any lbs, why?
wanna lose weight ,what route should i take?
Any good tips on how to workout at home with a 15 month old??
this week plan of calories any good?
I want to become thin.?
would this diet give me weight loss?
Why do I feel sick when exercising, especially if I drink water?
dizziness during diet?
is this a good breakfast?
is bario rice wild rice? is it a complex carb?
is it so that we shouldn't consume carbs and protein together?
im sick, what should i eat?
how many calories can i have to weigh 175 lbs.?
good work out?
whats a good weight?
Ready to make a serious change...need advice?
my curves?
How do you use/take psyllium seeds?
Is there such a thing?
what would be the quickest why to loose weight ?
How many calories would I burn ?
Get out of Gym?
teeth moved right after braces!!! help :'(?
My daughter is 10 and one of her canines and the molar behind it was just pulled out by her because she said t?
does getting rubber bands on your braces hurt?
Need help. Please. EMERGENCY!!!!?
invisalign retainer help !!!!?
How long does it take plaque to permanently stain teeth?
Why does my husband's face keep swelling?
6 days after wisdom teeth extraction?
Which teeth whitening kits actually work?
I've been wearing a retainer for over a year and my tooth is loose/hurts?! WTH!?
i got my tongue pierced, now its white?
will invisalign work for me?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME...........................................................?
Question about my tooth?
Why does beer make teeth hurt?
I have small red spots on my tongue. They are sore and bleed when I brush my teeth... what could it be?
small red bumps/lesions inside of mouth?
Why do I get a stomach ache after brushing my teeth in the morning?
what kind of food can i eat with braces on?
My resin filling broke off. What now?
Hypergranulation development on my tongue pierce!!!?
Straightening teeth at home..?
Is this a normal eating pattern???
work out help! please!?
how much should i bench if?
Does working your abs help fat from your hips go away?
Not eating.?
Quick question?
will water really make me lose weight?
I need to loose weight fast!?
How much should i weigh? I am 6'0 and I am 204 lbs. How much should i loose?
Snack after working out.?
Prom is in two days!?