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Squat Machine?
Hi, I am 15, I'm a girl, and I am 5'6. Is 148 pounds really that bad? I'm trying to get down to 110 to 115.
exercise question?
Name 10-15 common foods that I can eat in moderation to help me lose weight quicky.?
how can i loose 15 pounds in two weeks?
Has anyone tried growth FlexV?
if I eat....????????????
Well HI You Guys..Im 16 years old and weight 175lbs..summer is around the corner..how can i lose 20lbs?
What are some simple tips to keep a healthy heart to live longer?
Whats it like working out at the gym? Is it akward? thinking of signing up. thanks:)?
Help with six pack abs...?
a good diet to help me reduce my spots and weighit?
Whats the best thing to do to get toned quick?
How can i lose 15 pounds soon??
When you have a filling do you have to have the metal?
Suggest a working quick fix for yellow teeth?
i liked a frozen metal thing and it ripped off pieces of my toungh wat should i doooo?
home remedy for teeth whitener/cleaning?
What can i do to stop my teeth shifting whilst i wait to get a new retainer?
Have you had dental work without being numbed?
How to whiten teeth? I can use a kit, but I'd prefer a homemade product?
Dentist payment question?
Dental Crown fell out. What to do?
what do dental hygienist major in?
Any help or advice would be nice please?
will it hurt when my dentist cuts the gum muscle to put braces in?
Do you brush your teeth with warm or cold water?
Tooth cracking years after a root canal?
Lost retainer and can't get a new one for two weeks! will my teeth move?
what should i name my dental staffing agency?
Is this bad breath or something else? *10 points*?
Do you know anything alike J&J REACH TOTAL CARE dental Floss?
How do I stop overproducing saliva?
I brush my teeth 3 times a day. do i still need a moouthwash?
How and when do antibiotics become resistant to a tooth infection?
Beat Cancer 3 Times?
Early stage non-hodgkins Lymphoma Survival Rate?
Someone I know recently passed away from liver cancer?
What does a 33.9 MCH" out of range" hematology rating-maximum 33.5- indicate?
why is it that my friend's oncologist prohibits the use of scented candles?
Is it possible to have skin cancer where the sun never hits?
What is the best diet for Lukimiea to get the white blood cells down ?
Is it true that drinking water from plastic bottles left in the car may cause breast cancer?
what is the latest inhaler for chronic asthmatic?
anyone know about or have experience with spitz nevi moles?
Dose strokes effect indivisuals Glial cells differently or do we all react the same?
better deoderant?
Stage 3b non hodgkins lymphoma?
i say that atlas collars that are made by ossur collar ar for laryngectomy and trachieostomy?
What can you do to stop a toothache after a tooth has been pulled out and put in again?
I'm really confused...?
What should I do? DENTISTS PLEASE HELP!?!?!?!?
I have to keep my retainer in because of a fake tooth...?
Coldsore on the inside of my mouth, how can I numb the pain away?
Teeth problems. HELP!!!?
does meth affect babies teeth?
I am 12 and my ortho wants me to get 4 teeth pulled&braces do you know how this will affect my face badly?
What is happening to me! Am i alright?
Wisdom tooth filling and biting down on my cheek afterward; Why?
I want to whiten my teeth but Crest White Strips hurt so bad! What can i do that's fast and doesn't hurt?
vampire fangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
QUESTIONSS on braces...?
What can you have instead of a mercury filling?
fixed income denture care near Pittsburgh, PA?
what will it be like t get my tooth pulled it is rotting in my mouth?
Is this normal after wisdom tooth extraction?
Porcelain dental crowns and braces?
i need a list of dentists that take citrus caid?
Question about braces????!!! please help!?
do i suffer from depression? :s?
I haven't been thinking start lately?
Please help social anxiety?
Im so angry all the time - any advice?
How can you hide that you've been crying?
is there anyone taking welbutrin for depression and anxiety?
Help please.... when to know when someone has stress?
Zoloft and medication for colds...?
what happen if you escaping the hospital?
Is there any scientifical proof that Psychiatric Service Dogs can help patients with OCD?
exercise to burn 500 calories?
Diet help?
getting six pack abs....am i doing it right?
AM I OVERWEIGHT? I am 5'0 and 107.5 i am 12 and a girl?
How can I lose 35 pounds in 5 months?
what excerise can i do for chest and back muscles to get bigger?
Can i Get Tooth Bonding at 14?
What's with the smell with my Colgate motion?
How much is invisilign for the top teeth?
does it hurt to get braces and RPE?
help pulling out a tooth!?
How to cut or push back a braces wire?
the pain medicine dont seem to be working for the pain in my swollen jaw..what do i do?
How can I safely write words on my teeth?
Severe pain after wisdom tooth extraction and getting worse every day?
Will a dentist just remove any tooth?
I cracked my invisalign, I should I still wear the cracked one?
Dentist Please! Cracked tooth ? I need help....?
My mouth is numb from the dentist today. How do i get rid of it?!?
question about wire on brace?
Wisdom tooth is really bothering me, what to do in the meantime?
What's happened to my gum?
is it painful to get your tooth sealed?
Calcium spots (white marks) on teeth from braces?
What does D.M.D. stand for in the Dental profession?
Wisdom teeth cut out 5 days ago. gross taste in mouth and slight odor, is this caused by food?
What am I going to do about my teeth? ASAP?
Braces braces breaces!?
What are all the ways people can whiten their teeth and the pros/cons of each?
Why my gums feel itchy?
Do....cause skin cancer?
what race is more effected by lung cancer?
SCARED PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!...Going to the dentist?
Serious ?. My mom is dyin of cancer and has an addiction problem. I'm completly lost.?
Does this mean my orthodontist isn't doing a good job?
Am I overreacting?
can having too many vitanins cause cancer?
If you major in dental hygiene do you have to go to dental school for it also?
How many years of Dental School do you have to take to become a dental hygienist?
Would I be able to tell if I'm getting stains under my braces? Can my orthodontist tell?
What is the side effect from adjecent people have get radiotherapy , for the child and the adolt?
I have two bumps on each side of tongue that dont hurt wonder wht it is?
What do i do if the college i want to go to doesn't offer a dental hygienist plan?
Where can i go in fl to get my wisdom tooth pulled out? i have no insurance and barely any income it hurts!!!!?
dental schools in atlanta that work on patients free or low cost or other cheep alternatives for unemploied in?
Adult braces....... Need help?
what is a glioma anaplasticoligodenroglioma tumor?
I had brst cancer removed. How do I put up a website to see if everyone could donate $1 to help with surgery?
How Can I Make My Parents Understand I Need Braces?
american cancer society?
Could you have an infection if your teeth don't hurt?
What colour braces shall I get?
Can a 14-year-old get their teeth whitened?
what is the difference between amalgam and composite fillings of teeth ?
The little metal bar on the wire of my braces just fell out, what should I do?
Dental:What is standard rate for root canal&crown, and for replace crown..no problems encountered.?
Pain after wisdom tooth removal?
Confused thinking, help?
What symptoms have you had on Pristiq?
Is it possible to have a one off anxiety attack?
self absorbed friend? what to do?
What does 'Affect: Blunted' mean?
what type of phsychiatrist is Dr Sobel in analyse this?
do i have to wein myself off zoloft to take lithium carbonate?
is it possible that some one with bipolar will stay faithful?
Do pretty/hot people touch themselves?
My Mother has apparently been seeing a psychologist who told her I have abandaoned her!!!!?
Need Help: Tone my thighs, bum and tummy?
Weightling: Strong pains in all out my joints.?
how much weight could i lose if.........?
EXERCISE question?
Who Does mainly Yoga?
I am 14 years old and I weigh 95 kg (1,65m), what can be done to become normal by the end of August (summer) ?
loose weight/ body fat?
i feel really fat?
how do i increase my willpower to exercise and eat healthy?
Not Eating.?
i want to become a bulimic?
Ok people can you please answer this for me?
all guys: how r mi measurements??
What works better: Alli or Akavar?
Is this normal?
i was wondering if i should be taking NO Xplode..and need to know some more information about it?
If i do this, will it help when im on my bike?
how to get rid of saggy bell fat?
My ? was why and how does smoking tobacco injure bodily health NOT the smoking of cigarettes / .?
Pain after a root canal and temp crown?
Does getting your gums shorten hurt?
will chew sticks like the Africans use make my teeth whiter?
Recently pulled tooth?
i have a wisdom tooth that craked in half. half of the tooth is left an hurts so bad what can i do at home?
DENTIST please read!! wisdom teeth removal?
how can i make my teeth whiter?
why is there a bracket on one of my back molars, but no wire extending to it?
It is possible for a dentist to miss a part of your wisdome tooth?
what are the best foods to eat after getting your wisdom teeth out?
Is it possible to become addicted to chewing gum?
something fell off my braces?
Does anyone know of a periodontist on westside of cleveland, Ohio who takes uninsured?
somebody help with braces?
I don't feel I should pay this Dental bill I received in the mail today. Advice?
what do i do when my wisdom teeth has been removed (molers)?
How to whiten your teeth without paying too much?
Dentist Appointment - Braces?
How to keep your teeth white!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Which tooth stain color is worse? Orange, yellow, or brown? 10 POINTS!!?
Do I need to tell the dentist about this?
when can I lift weights again after wisdom teeth removal?
i have really bad underbite and it is off center and i have tmj....?
what are these blisters in my gums.?
I have severe bone loss in some teeth, and dentist says bone graft will not work, what should I do know?
What does it mean if I feel a little dizzy then get a huge head rush and ears start ringing for a minute?
my wisdom tooth hurts reallt bad?
Getting a tooth pulled tomorrow...?
How do you know if you have a concussion?
If i'm classed as mentally disabled can i get my teeth straightened on the NHS?
Why am i hurting so bad?
anyone who knows where i could buy FRASACO dental model (typodont) in the PHILIPPINES!?
Help! how damaged are my teeth?
Braces questions? Bite?
How much do braces cost ?
There's a bump on my gum and it's hard, what could it be?
What is the WORST thing about braces?
I need some help please? haha?
How bad do your teeth have to be to wear braces for 5 years?
Feeling after brushing?
does weed stay in your teeth?
I wan't to be a dentist, How would i go about doing that right after high school?
How do you become a Dentist?
Can smelling your own breath harm you or kill you form smelling it too much?
Which brand of whitening strips is most affective?
Do I get my wisdom teeth removed?
cost of gamma globulin treatment?
What kind of breast cancer can you die from?
Does tachycardia commonly affect men or women more?
Is there a cure for esophageal cancer?
Can someone tell me a safe website to order meds?
was wanting to know if cancer behind the trachea and in a lymph node, what am I to expect? anyone been there?
ovaries cancer?
…………a coordinate medicine for cancer?
i cant sleep on sundays i don't know why do u think its from school i need help?
Is there a way to be a happier person?
I'm definitely definitely worried.. why did they cancel judge wapner? uh...people's court?
My good freind is sick and taking her bad mood out on me?
Brad King's Fibrelean?
help with pedometer....?
is ther4e any way to gain weight...?
is this good stats for a 21 year old?
please answer! i need heelpp!?
Anorexia Nervosa vs. Starvation?
How do I tone my inner thighs??
are protein pills or creatine pills better for getting big and not ripped?
I am finally waking up and and wanting to improve my lifestyle....?
Anyone have any tips/plans to get bikini ready?? Any help I can get! :)?
Protein Shake as a pre-work out drink?
what is the best/fastest work out for abs?
Dieting, and weight loss help please?
Hi, I have a pool party May 4th, I need a flat belly by then, and need to loose 10 lbs. How do I do it????????
i have a question about my weight???
what is a healthy toast?
my weight ?
help!!! im in a office bet...and to win i need to catch up to the winner and loose 8 lbs in 2 days!!! help!!!!
will my weight loss plan work?
Weight Lose....Easy 10pts.?
wieght problems?
whats the fastest way to lose weight?
i'm trying to loose some weight but I can't quit snacking.?
My Herbst ripped through my top lip can sombody help me?!?
I'm looking for a dentist around the Pontiac, Ill. region that accepts medical card for dentures.?
Should I wait to get braces if I'm moving?
Can super glue stop tooth pain?
How can i take my braces off myself?
when should i rinse off the teeth whitening 35% carbamide peroxide gel applied using pen?
crest white strips vs crest whitening mouthwash?
What are the hooks on my upper braces for?
How do you know when to remove wisdom tooth ?
braces=ulcers... great -..-?
K-9 tooth protruding from top of gum line?
Do clear braces(not invisalign-just clear) cost more than regular metal ones?
What is a root canal and does it hurt?
Is this normal when you have metal spacers in your mouth ?
Does having braces make making out awkward?
Billed by the Dentist?
help my dentist sad i need a big metal filling and a white filling on my molar tooth will it restore it?
Husband and I are getting dentures next month. How can we get our jaws ready for them NOW?
Do i have a Cavity? Gingivitis?
Does a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste whiten your teeth ?
Questions about spacers and braces.?
in present time where are you sir because i take to treetment my wife on brain clotting to you from allahabad?
What are some foods/drinks to avoid while having braces.Also whats the procedure for getting braces?
One of the colored rubber bands on my bracket fell off?
laser brighten bridge?
My gum hurts help!!!?
what colors for braces?
If there's a lump on the gum, does it mean a tooth would be there? And the chance of it growing back?
will my canine tooth come down on it's own?
How come people use the headgear instead of the elastic bands (braces) to correct underbite?
My teeth seem to be getting brittle. I see the dentist regularly. What can be done?
Which is cheaper? Porcelain lumineers or classic porcelain veneers?
Teeth help...................?
Why doesn't my cleft chin show?
What the best & cheapest place to get a root canal in Dallas area?
Wisdom teeth out, gauze question?
How can you get your front two teeth to grow?
Can you switch from metal braces to Invisalign after 3 years? How much would it cost?
Two of my daughters have braces and we're moving from NC to OH, will they be able to be seen by a new ortho?
Hard bump on lower gum line, possibly retainer?
Would I be able to go see a midnight movie the same day as getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
If a little bit of the rubber stuff in my tooth came out, will my root canal fail?
What to do when so tired can't sleep but it's due to stress?
Is it true that pregnant woman get angry fast and forgive fast (or do they remember a grudge forever)?
WHAT DO I DO?!! please emotional support needed...?
Is my mother impulsive/ going through issues?
I keep telling people i feel numb and dead inside but no one believes me?
Secondary cancerous lumps?
is thrombocytopenia only in newborns?
Sonograms, breast cnacer treatments...?
do i have cancer?
my mother she had lump measuring 5-6 centimeters (breast). what are the chances that cancer hasn't spread
are atlas collars made by ossur collar for laryngectomy and tracheostomy?
What is the difference between Colon Cancer and Intestinal Cancer?
lab results on blood specimen,monocytes & lymphocytes high.segmented neutrophils & absolute neutrophils low?
Ok my friend has stage 3 lung cancer and its spreading and her doctor has gave her many differet meds but?
where can I find lymphedema therapy in St. Clair Co. Mi?
Don't know how to deal with the pressure related to breast cancer surgery/chemo and day to day expenses.
Please I want help to re-write this essay briefly ? just the important information?
My tongue is numb and i have rashes on my elbows , I just got a new retanier from the orthodontist.. my tongue?
Will it be ok to drink alcohol and smoke after root canal?
How can I have white teeth without going to a doctor?
How often should you replace an electric toothbrush.............?
i have 2 white lines inside both cheeks going across the middle to my lips with 2 small red bumps over them?
How to reapply my veneer on my tooth?
i got parotid salivary gland openings with my Linea alba, should i be worried?
Will my linea alba go away?
I have braces and I accidentally moved my front tooth while chewing! help?
tooth gap problem ??????
Why do my teeth sometimes hurt?
question about braces?
Is it a cavity or just a sensative tooth?
why do I have receding gums?
which is better crest white strips advanced or crest 3d whitening strips?
Can wearing my elastics the wrong way for 10 days, delay me getting my braces off in a few weeks?
Deep cavities filled. DOES IT HURT?
like stiches or anything?
Can you grow wisdom at thirteen?
How do you know if a tooth is growing back in?
Why do i have 6 sharp canine teeth?
I have a plan for a diet. How do I stick to it, and motivate myself to exercise everyday?
Unique Liquid Multivitamins?
dose basket ball after ifting weight make your muslce not get bigger or shrink??
difference between workouts for bulked and ripped abs?
i am 14 yrs old and am 5' 4''?
Best way to build muscle?
Overweight, fat or just OK?
please somebody help me. :(?
what good diet pills make you lose without doing anything and for young age?
that last question about getting high and loosing weight didnt have to do with both i just wanna lose weight.?
Glutapure or Whey??
How can I lose weight in my thighs?
can your hair get oily from drinking herbal and decaffeinated tea????
What is the BEST diet pill you can buy at drug stores that worked on you?!!?
Shin splints......?
fast way to lose unwanted weight?
any tips on loosing weight for the 10th of may plzzz help?
swollen gums causing the lower back tooth to shift outward?
Do you lose your second to last tooth at the top of your mouth?
How long do you suspect I'll have braces?
does anyone know how to cure a lock jaw?
Since a capped tooth was replaced I now have blisters on gum and persistant irratating cough and wont heal up?
Asking to have teeth pulled out; good choice?
How long can I have my retainer out?
Why do dentists have such high front desk turnover?
why does my jaw lock n pop on one side?
Throat/mouth health concern ?
(: do braces hurt :( (?
what is the best dental insurance ?
As a follow up to my questions about having a root canal; At what point in?
Tooth loose - what does that mean!!?
Would plastic studs show up on an xray?
Do u have to go in and let the dentist tak out da dry socket stuff that they put in or not cuz I didn't?
Pain around my wisdom tooth?
When am I clear from a dry socket?
My teeth are Bad? please help?
I burnt my lip with toothpast while tryna get rid of a cold sore. What now? please help?
Can't put pressure on the side I had a cavity filled, some sensitivity to cold also- wasn't there before...?
how much do braces cost for gapped teeth?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
what happens when you get your wisdom teeth pulled?
I'm terrified of the dentist!?
My grandmother has dementia and keeps spreading stories about my family?
whats the difference between social and emotional wellbeing?
Please help the grieving?
help? please? very important!?
how long does it take to rotate a tooth?
Gum Of wisdom tooth? Feels weirdd?
can i eat and smoke hours after getting a tooth pulled?
I just got spacers in my mouth and it doesn't hurt?
i havent worn my retainer in a while and now they dont fit?
When molars are growing in, its it sopose to hurt alote?
Tooth enamel damage? HELPPP?
what is ortho banding procedure?
I Need Colors For My Braces HELP HELP! Something that will bring out my eye color, Thanks for your help (:?
question about braces??? please answer?
Do I need a retainer?
root canal and cap help please.?
Still bleeding 6 hours after tooth extraction?
How do i whiten my teeth?
Do I have really small teeth?
Does getting a cavity filled hurt?
one wisdom tooth coming through pain is unbearable im only 16?
Brushing teeth with bar soap is healthier than toothpase?
22 and wanting to replace my upper teeth with dentures...?
If a retainer no longer fits (won't go on)...?
How safe is Hoodia? Only answer if you've taken it.?
Am I over weight? (not complaining)?
Anorexia nervousa?
Yoga Question ?
Best Way To Loose Weight When School Starts?
i have really skinny legs but my stomach isn't the tiniest, what should i do to even myself out?
Has anyone ever had their stomach stapled?
im 14 and i want to lose weight?
how to work out?
Can you tell me if i am over wieght?
help with my question?
Will I lose weight and is this health(READ DETAIL)?
i'm 24 years old 4'11'' big **$ and t!t$ weigh 165lbs very curvy wants to weigh 135-140 i need help with
I heard that gum helps you stay away from junkfood?
Is it really bad to stop a medication cycle for a 2 days to allow for a few drinks and then restart after?
will i see "visible" results on a drastic diet?
lets just for a min pretend its ok?
Getting Very Very Very frustrated!~!!!?
does this sound like an ok lunch?
What burns more fat?
how much weight can i lose if i workout like this?
abdominal pain for 4 weeks accompanied with emesia and diarrhea--To request etiological factor and treatment?
How far (miles) should someone live from a high voltage power line?
what is bilaterally?
Can anyone give me a support group for people that have had a lung removed?
im about to start chemo for cancer in my uterus what will this involve?
after recieving radiotheraphy for 6 weeks ?
medical surgery?
Why and how does it matter whether a leuakemiac growth started from the B or T lymphocytes?
Looking for Neurologist in Guadalajara, Mexico who performs Thermatrx?
how to qualify for home care?
Medical professionals please help - lung problem?
does regular teeth cleaning hurt?
Anyone know any teeth whitening remedies?
Question for an orthodontist?
Reason for swollen painful gums?
i have an overbite and 2 crooked teeth how long would i need braces?
Molar mass to formula question?
My jaw pops when I chew?
Does Hydrogen Peroxde REALLY whiten teeth?
Am I done growing or not?
The Worst Toothache Ever!! Help!?
is there anything else i can do besides get braces?
something wrong with one of my teeth?
Water makes teeth whiter?
Crowns for a 6 yr old?
how much does a private dentist make a year in the uk ?
My back tooth needs a crown - next to it there is not tooth and next to that is a healthy tooth.?
Please please answer i am so worried x?
4 Adult teeth pulled?
did anyone have to wear orthodontic headgear?x?
Are front teeth more sensitive to pain than back teeth?
My jaw keeps cracking, and locks sometimes as well. Is this serious?
Are braces sore?? PLEASE ANSWER?
I have some questions about partial dentures and dental implants?
What are some self mutilation disorders?
I feel 'out of sorts' and foggy all the time, a kind of haze, trouble focusing for months now. Am I sick?
Am i sleeping too much?
Permanent teeth whitener that is worth its value?
I haven't lost a tooth since I was 10. (Baby Teeth)?
Can i continue my braces with another orthodontist in a different country?
what colour braces should i get?
What's worse..... Getting an Xray of your teeth or getting a dental impression done?
Wisdom teeth help please?
Does anyone know a good honest dentist in Tampa, Florida?
Does getting a big cavity filled hurt with sensitive teeth?
Pro's and con's of being a dental hygienist?
is anyone familiar with humanaone dental cs500 or safeguard dental plan hmo would any1 know if they are good?
the side back part ( infront of place wisdom teath grow ) hurts realy bad especially when ...?
My mouth hurts whenever I try to dunk, layup, or do a jumpshot. What should I do?
Question about expanders?
If i have a crooked tooth and am past the age of 23 what are my options?
Do bottom braces irritate you forever?
How big is a big hole in a molar ?
What color should i change my braces to?
Pulling My Own Tooth?
Jaw surgery at 14 underbite?
Is there fake teeth I can put over my braces?
Questions about braces, help?
Question about braces?
What is a good work out plan to build lean muscle and keep excess weight off?
how do i get stronger in the fastest time possibe without stunting my growth??
how do drink the herblife?
Has anyone tried SLIMQUICK supplements....?
what must i do?
Should I switch down to a 100 calories diet as Im not losing weight?
what foods should a 13 y/o teenager eat during lunch time, to treat his constipation?
No Carbs Diet?
How to get one size higher in shoes?
Help! whats going on?
How can I lose belly fat?
I am not seeing any results! Please help!?
How to look like a video model?
nutrition and exercise?
how will it take to see a difference??
Does anybody else get kinda shakey after lifting weights?
Sudden increase in facial fat?
how much SHOULD i weigh??
i am 15 years old and i want to know if i can take pills to lose weight?
Positioning barbell weights?
Uh, what does this question mean exactly (smoke-related ques)?
Can't eat still - got braces Thursday.?
Hooks on back molars?
My tooth is a little dark (light black) and it hurts when i tap on it or bite down?
Help im worried i might froget how to breath?
How would i cut my own gum to stop pain?
Someone please tell me why my gums hurt!?
(Picture Included) Is this tooth going to be tough to get out?
Dentists: Do you like halloween?
is it safe to whiten you teeth while pregnant?
Getting a tooth cut out tomorrow, will it be painful? (See Pic)?
Does it sound like my wisdom teeth are impacted?
how do you know when your tooth dies?
How do I floss the back teeth with braces on!?
I get my braces off in a week and 3 days, how can I reduce my gum puffiness?
Is it okay to wear rubber bands and have powerchains on at the same time?
what do they do to you in teeth cleaning?
Is it safe to whiten my teeth like this? and what are some ways to whiten teeth naturally?
I had one of my bottom molars extracted last friday and it seems to be healing fine. My problem is that I have?
felll down on a hard surface and hurt my front teeth ,, it hurts when i touch it?
the way i deal with sensitive teeth is making them fall out!!?
What should I do about my depression and family?
Who knows self-help groups for severely-addicted liverwurst users? (additional problems with gherkins)?
Ive just started taking Cymbalta?
I am about to start a new job with my employer should i tell them that i have depresion and anxiety or no?
How can i stay awake without caffeine and with out being bored.?
how can i stop anxiety and depression from ruining my athletics abilities?
Whats the difference between SSRI's & SNRI's?
My upper front tooth was knocked out. Took me an hour or so to clean and put it back in. Can it be saved?
Is this really over the top?
toothache for the past 4 months, help?
Can your gums strech and engulf most of your teeth?
everything about braces?
Is it required to wear a retainer after having worn braces for 7 years?
i made fangs out of acrylic powder the smell is still there and i wanna know if its ok to put it in your mouth?
TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder) Can a "splint" actually make it worse?
does any dentest in delaware do braces for free?
Would I need a new crown?
I always have way too much spit in my mouth is there anything i can do?
Can an infected molar cause sore throat and swollen lymph node gland on same side of neck as the tooth?
Does anyone on here use either KaiserPermanente or Pacificare HMO plans?
I used peroxide&baking soda and now my gums are white?
Help me? Should I get braces? Share stories for me? :(?
i am looking for a medical appliance that can check up how you teeth health, could someone let me the name?
What is this bump on my gums?
What is this Pink thing hanging from my missing tooth?
Why does my tooth still hurt after i got my cavity fixed?
i have a bubble feeling like thing in the back of my mouth on my gum what is it?
How can you get rid of a canker sore quick?
something really funny going on with my teeth please help me?
What weight lifts works out thew following?
What are some supplement stores in Brazil? Looking for something similar to a GNC.?
how can you lose your love handles quick?
Is it okay to exersize the same way for 30 minutes a day, or should I exersize different parts?
lose 10 pounds in three days?
LOVE HANDLES, HOW TO GET RID????????????????????n?
fat in very inner tip of thighs! need results FAST?
is it legal to use pro hormone supplements in the air force since steroids arent legal?
How to tone around my naval and lower abs?
when you lose weight ,how much of it is water weight .?
help me lose weight plz???
Whats the easiest way to carry my disabled dad around?
I am trying to lose weight.?
How to Lose Weight?
I have cellulite in my thighs.?
Do i have an eating disorder?..?
do you think?
Will i lose weight?
how many pounds will i loose a week if...? and give me true answers and tell me were u got them form:)?
What is this stomach issue?
Good Blog on Life--written by me today...?
What body/blood test is the best test for cancer in the body?
a patient after cholesistectomy suffering from low grade fever?
do blood test detect oral cancer?
Has anyone had a lumpectomy? did the cancer come back?
What is the prognosis of leukemia?
breast cancer question?
What exactly is cancer and how does it start?
How can a cancer patient's blood disappear after a transfusion?
Mother, 87 yrs young, esophageal. cancer. Had chemo. Docs suggesting stent. Any experience/comments/advice?
I'm 16, how does a baby tooth extraction feel?
how can i get my teeth naturally white?
what should i brush my teeth with? i have a canker sore!!!?
Is it normal to have a under bite and a over bite? Mine is adjustable?
Last question about my braces?
How can I solve my excessive saliva problem? My dentist said I was born with this problem?
In orthodontics what is a "mobile device"? Is it used to treat temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)?
im getting oral surgery soon and i was wondering.. 10 POINTS !!!?
where can i get teeth pulled for free?
How long will the result/effect of teeth whitening last?Will the teeth return to their original/old color?
is it good to use peroxide and baking soda to make teeth whiter?
i have a silverish spot on one of my teeth at the back of my mouth?
Have to get 2 fillings but no cavity?
when i chew tabacco.....i get light headed and dizzy?
Why won't my dentist give me pain medicine for sever toothache?
crest whitening strips?
what if the world ends and I still have braces -_-?
When are my wisdom teeth gonna stop bugging me?
Teeth whitening question....help!?
Can someone tell me why my gum hurts?
Stomach Aches and cramping?
Braces and my lower jaw?
Dipping smokeless tobacco: How do you dip? Help me?
average working hours of dentists in new york?
I all of the sudden have two canker sores and have never had them before?
why doesnt invisalign take culinary insurance?
How much are retainers in Portland OR?
Is there a relationship between teeth growth and chin length?
Why does my friend have a gap in her front teeth now?
how many teeth do you have before you get your wisdom teeth?
What should I expect when I have my molar removed?
I got 1 more question about my braces?
Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is that an issue for a dentist or something you'd see a doctor about?
weird bump on roof of mouth? what could it be?
root canal and temporary crown question?
A got a question about my braces?
Advice on dental implants for full mouth.?
prescription mouthwash or listerine?
what medications are generally used to remove wisdom teeth?
Braces- separating and banding?
I had two wisdom teeth removed today and they didnt even ask me about laughing gas or sedation why wouldnt?
Does anyone know of or recommend a good dentist near DC or Bethesda MD?
small, white, hard, raised bumb on side of tongue?
Can I get braces? Or a retainer?..help :/?
I miss my friend :( i have no want to live. help ?
How can i keep my imagination going?
On Meds... any hope for me?
If someone is psychotic....or seems to be ranting and raving like they have bipolar....?
Could the one off use of acid or mdma cause depersonalization disorder in a person whose mind is not "attuned"?
binaural beats possibly deadly?
when im in a big crowd of people i can hear their voices in my mind insulting me is that called schitzophrenia?
Why do the braces on my wisdom teeth hurt?
is it a good idea to go get dental work in another country?
Is it worth keeping my other tooth?
Braces question?????
What is treatment for receding gums?
Hard bump on the roof of my mouth?
Can I eat popcorn with braces?
I have a small swollen bump on my lower gum of my mouth. there is no pain but it is soft and red. what is it?
I have braces and my gums are growing down towards the brackets?
Pleaseeeee Help/problem with tooth?
Orthodontist Question?
How To Treat A Toothache?
how do i take care of my mouth?
i got my wisdom teeth out a year ago and my gum seems to be infected?
Do I really need a root canal for this?
Wisdom teeth coming in at 13 years old?
i Think i cut my tongue?
why are some foods to eat after the first two days after 2 wisdom teeth removed?
Disolvable Stitches after Wisdom Tooth Extraction, and Dry Sockets ..?
Should I go to my orthodontist to get more elastics/rubberbands?
How long do you brush your teeth for? and does toothpaste really whiten your teeth? whats the best kind?
This knot in my mouth ?!?
is there anything that could give you tooth abcess symptoms?
Denial about bulimia?
try to make myself throw up?
What can i do to slim down my thighs?
Help, i'm OBSESSED with counting calories?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!...?
should my friend be on a diet ?
The Gazelle workout machine?
I am 5'9 and I weigh 115 pounds. Is that called fat?
I would like to know what is the easiest way to lose 50 lbs. in 2 months?
HELP!!!! i'm completely OBSESSED with counting calories!!!!!!?
is Ripped 5x good for under the age of 18?
I want to get in shape, but I've been injured pretty badly?
What should i bench?
number of pushups at a time?
If you tell me about the belly fat about the meal to provent and how to bring down now. in easy....thanks...?
how much for gym membership?
is what ive eaten today ok as part of a calorie control diet?
I would like to know about any kinds of vitamins which are necessary for skin.?
WTF?! I don't know how to control my weight.?
what if a diet is not healthy?
How do you know if...?
4 a 15 year old are these good supplements?
5'10 and a size 0?
How long should doctors observe a small unidentified mass in the lung before taking action on it?
What is Leuk Eserase?
damaged stomach muscle?
has anyone heard of zeolite? the cancer cell fighter? does it really work?
What are stem cell disorders?
my teeth are overlaped in the front and i need an alternative to braces...i cant afford them?
Should I have a tooth removed for a brace?
Losing my last milk tooth at 20?
can anyone help haven trouble finding the right health insurance that has dental too.?
How could I work as a dentist in USA ?
does nicorette white ice mint really whiten teeth?
why is it so hard to get orbit gum out of the package?
The right side of my jaw always clicks?
If someone gets all of their molar teeth pulled, how do they eat?
I'm getting my teeth pulled soon,and i was wondering,should I use Fixadent,or Seabond 4 my dentures?
do braces hurt a lot???????
I don't have a dentist..someone please help?
How long does it take for a cute to heal on the inside of your lip?
Gums feel weird after wisdom teeth extraction?
does teeth become sencitive to colouring (turning yellow) after having the 2 front teeth filied down?
Wisdom Tooth Removal.. How Painful IS Painful?
Im going to get two of my wisdom teeth pulled in a few weeks, will i get pain pills? If so what kind.?
what 1 or 2 colors fits me ?
I just had made new crowns for my front teeth. Now I sound funny. Is it normal?
I'm 25 and don't have dental coverage and have a real bad cavity, where should I go?
My mouth is raw from sour candy...?
Recent Root Canal. Pain due to failed procedure or regular?
I can't open my mouth properly?
Dental band question ;)?
When do I stop using the gauze..?
My Gums Have Swollen?
what do i do to convice some one to wear a jacket when it is 35 degees outside?
do i have gum disease helppp meeeee!!!?
How much will my teeth move?
which dentist should i go to?
If you have a few stains after braces come off can you bleach them or something?
When Wisdom Teeth come in straight can there still be pain?
Breathing through my mouth?
Recently i got a new toothbrush thats medium and i have been using soft...?
I've been told I need dentures. What should I expect ?
Hi, I had a root canal treatment done to my lower left fully grown wisdom tooth two weeks ago.?
Dry socket? I had my wisdom teeth out 5 days ago....?
Is pulling teeth after braces are on normal?
Dental question: what is the procedure dentists follow to replace temporary filling with permanent filling?
what are the best teeth whiteners and mouth washes?
My little toothbrush that the dentist gives u for braces to go into the middle broke in half?
I can see part of my teeth through my gums?
Braces helpp.?? :P please help me? any orthos out there?
Mouth wash made from tooth paste and water?
What cause blood in the mouth?
Does jogging make you look older?
diet and workout routine to help my vertical?
Is this a good diet?
How do you lose a stone in 21 days?
If someone got fat from binge eating,would they lose the fat if they quit binge eating,and exercised evry day?
i want to play football is this a good weight?
is going vegetarian the right answer?
what are some good exercises to get weight off of your theighs??
what bikini should i wear i am to fat?
i need help on losing weight fast!?
swallowing trouble etc...?
Does anyone know a good vitamine?
how to loose a stomach?
Why do I have lots of breakouts on my face after a strenuous workout that fade away after time to time????
Why this Crazy Ankle Pain?
Chest pain when walking.
My very back teeth hurr so bad!?
Help from someone with braces?
I started experiencing a popping jaw. I don't have TMJ do I?
Do Root Cannals Hurt?
Soft foods I can take on a field trip. (just got my braces tightened)?
Question about braces?
Dentist help: Sore teeth and gums. What should I do?
Can receded gums grow back naturally (without surgery)?
My teeth are turning brown!?
Free Braces for adults in Cincinnati, Ohio? No income...?
Question about my wisdom tooth?
Whats going to happen, seeing that i havent worn my retainers all the time, but my teeth are still perfect?
How long will it take for braces to straighten out my teeth? (orthodontists preferably)?
how much will it cost to go see a dentist for a severe cavity....?
PLEASE HELP!!! im scared about going to the dentist?
Do you think this is a cavity?
Got a cavity filled today, wasn't numbed enough when they drilled it, how long with this sore last?
Do I NEED sealants before getting braces?
Can a missed tooth fragment after extraction cause an infection?
Pressure on my front teeth?
will my teeth move back?
Is it possible to go from having zero cavities, to having 10?!?
Does anyone out there have HER 2 negative breast cancer, and if so, what kind of treatment are you on?
Am i crazy? if yes what is wrong with me?
No-Xplode should this be?
i need to go on a diet but how ? HELP?
will i loose weight if i just eat my regular meals per day and no snacks in between?
Diet Pills?
Vertical Leap?
My teeth feel slightly loose.?
Can you get a lip stup with braces?
What jobs can you get with a pre dental degree?
Can you replace your braces with a herbst?
how to calculate the molar mass?
can someone tell me about oralmax is it real is it work someone use it !?
How to stop my braces from hurting?
getting a post and crown 2moro- scared?
what are "crowns" for?
What Should I Do About My Wisdom Teeth?
retaines for braces just broke.?
im getting braces on nov. 4th and im a drak complected guy what colors will look good on me? any Suggestions..?
Will pills still work if you chew them up and swallow them?
took a hit to the face and now jaw is grinding behind ear?
Is Anesthesia safe in my conditions?
what are suture lines?
Can listerine create a weird taste in mouth?
do bruxism patients wear denture?
Can TMJ cause an overbite or is it only the other way around?
tooth filling fell out! but theres no pain....?
my tooth is very sore and when i touch it it starts hurting very bad it been hurting for 2 days now i am in?
my botton back tooth is hurting so bad when i touck it hurts or eat someting hard it hurts is paining so bad?
do you hear about nasopharynx cancer and it's occurance age?
cancer treatments in Western Washington State?
straighten teeth naturally?
Mouth sore with grey border and dark center?
Why do my teeth hurt so bad?
i have a redish white bubble on the outside of my lip ring is it infected?
power chains and braces?
Will a dentist be able to tell if you're bulimic?
So, Hubby's front Cap fell out ... The dentist wants $150 for a straight forward re-cement . Any alternatives?
I have all my adult teeth except for one that is taking ages to come down.. Can I still get braces?
Are there "good" bacteria in your mouth?
I'm getting braces but i have small teeth?
What happens if i swallowed gorilla glue?
What med makes you loopy after getting teeth pulled?
I think my bracket is loose?
All taste buds falling off the tongue?
What is the cause of my tooth pain after Composite fillings?
Question about braces?
little movable tooth type thing behind 12 year old molars?
Would removable braces move my two front teeth back in line with the rest of my teeth?
POLL: have you ever had braces? If so, how long did it take for them to get put on?
can a person get free teeth work is there any programs?
i have a sore throat and red swollen gums with white canker sore looking things what could it be?
Braces????!!?!?!!?!?!?!? helpp?
DOes anyone know any good exersices i can do at the office?
If I want to give blood quickly (beating my dad's time of four and a half minutes) what will make it faster?
what can i do to loose weigth?
What is your daily weight watcher points for your weight?
Can someone give me a good effective workout that won't take up half my day? (results in maybe two weeks?)
Is tea ok to drink if you are trying to lose weight?
easy and effective arm and ab exercises?
Is Botocs that bad for you? Am 30 and thinking about getting it.?
can i do this?
dieeeeeet, heehee!!?
do you know how to calculate?
please help-diet related..food replacement shakes?
how many inches would i lose if i did 500 sit -ups a night and had a diet?
im about to get an oral filling?im clueless! tell me eveything!thanks?
Does the tool orthodontists use to keep your mouth open when you get braces make you gag?
Discomfort 4 weeks after getting temporary filling in a root canal?
Getting Braces Off.... Retainer help?
Is it bad to smoke out of metal?
Did time seem to fly by when you had your braces on, or did it drag?
how long does it take to get use to braces?
Wat are my options for replacing my ruined teeth with implants or dentures?
I have to get a tooth removed but im terrified of the dentist?
Hard bump on the inside of lower lip?
Is it normal to have small little bumps on your tongue?
Please help- pick gums until they bleed?
Have your chipped tooth ever grow back/?
How long it takes a tooth to sane? after take out?
what are some ways that i can calm myself down at the dentist?
What should I do for my Mouth Ulcers?
Getting braces this upcomming week.?
a way to get free dentist work?
Questions about Invisalign...?
Bruised bump on the roof of my mouth?
What too do about tooth behind my others?
how can i get my tongue to be healthy looking?
Allowing sounds to interrupt focus and concentration?
blood donation effect....?
Does anybody know anything about astrocytoma?
the wipple surgery my friend has to have it done whats the rick?
my boyfriend has cancer in his leg and i am so afraid of making it worse or hurting him....what do i do?
where can i get tarceva?????? the one that can stop cancer from getting worse.?
What type of pain meds would generally be prescribed for a patient suffering from anaplastic thyroid cancer?
Does this sound like cancer?
can polycystic kidney disease cause cancer,if so who has had cancer and how did u do?
Australia; Free Breast Cancer Screening.?
Can anyone help with a specialist regarding breast cancer in louisiana?
who is affected by oral cancer?
my teeth hurt one day outta the week?
How long do i use mouth wash after every meal?
How long will it take my gums to go from black to pink If I brush 3 times a day?
wite patches on gum line?
Anyone over 40 had had an impacted tooth pulled into place successfully?
im getting four teeth pulled out! :(?
i got my braces on 2 days ago and i feel like my brakets are lose and about to fall off?
Open-Bite Surgery Question?
Is there any natural product that can prevent decay; my dentist said I had decay spots?
what sort of grades to become dentist in UK?
About how much would it cost to get braces on just my 4 top/center teeth?
every one of my teeth behind my k-9's are all really pointy... why?
what do you whiten teeth?
Why is my jaw clicking?
Need help asap,I'm so afraid and drained at the same time.Looking for a great dentist in my area.Help me?
rubber bands on braces?
what does it mean to have insurance?
If i have braces on four teeth will i get them on all the other teeth?
Can chewing gum make your teeth crooked?
i have a cut in my mouth?
My 8 year old's front baby teeth already fell out like 7 months ago one of them is already out but the other?
Does 3D Crest Whitening really work?
I heard a person speak of a diet drinking water every hour you’re awake (8-12 ozs). Could I die?
I need to lose 2 stone by may 20th,can it be done?
I want to purchase some excercise equipment.........?
does anyone know any way 2 lose weight fast and healthy?
Does chewing gum count as a diet?
How do I control My Hunger!?
no x-plode?
how can i loose weight without having to work out?? what fruits or drinks make you loose weight?
How long after a tooth extraction until you can eat on both sides?
Can use denture tablets to clean flossing sticks or tooth brush?
First time dipping (moist snuff) am i doing something wrong?
Why do babies grind their teeth?
Is it ok if I go out of town after my root canal?
Why won't my dentist give me vicodin?
Does wisdom teeth cause swollen/sore glands?
Hey Help On Braces Please?
sudden tooth movement after wisdom teeth removal?
Wisdom Teeth Extractions?
my mouth is sore! help !!!!!!!?
My dentist told me I have the option to get Dental implants, any info on that?
My tooth hurts but...?
Help on Braces Again Please?
how much longer with braces?
just got my wisdom teeth removed, can i eat Ramon noodle soup?
I had a dental implant done a year ago and still have no cap. now the dentist said the bone can be decaying?
I got my braces off sixth months ago and I wear my retainer, however my teeth are getting crooked?
my wisdom teeth come in and out, several times a year every year?
Why would one need a labial veneer?
TMJ disorder? What should I do?
Help.... i have a problem?
ADHD ADD Diagnose in Australia?
Do i have some sort of stress-related illness?
what would u say if............?
Braces Tightened, Took Four Midol?
I got a cavity filling, but it hurts why?
how to cure periodontal disease! please help?
I'm looking for a dentist to do root canel and crown off of your income or low income!?
Lose tooth help? Easy 10 pts...?
Question about braces !?
Can I still get off of alternative senticing even if i havent paid it off?
Can you speak and work while wearing a mouth gaurd?
Whitening teeth strips?
is trident bubble gum okay for braces?
what is my dental coverage?
Do people know what they are saying after taking anesthesia?
Amalgam Tattoo Removal?
Underbite surgery question?
Can I chew gum if I have braces ????????????
what is the name of the 'clear flexible' partial denture.I saw it during my search.It ends with---plast.?
If i need to see a dentist but have no insurance where is the best place to go without braking my pockets?
Essix retainer question?
i was washing my teeth when sudenly a piece of my back front tooth came out why do you think it came out?
I felt a pop in/under my tooth?
i have one cavity and i need 4 fillings how long will this take please help asap thanks?
I have recently discovered a plum sized lump that I'm sure is within my head, have constant headaches. Help!
9mm lung lesion?
what are all the aditional investigations,for a patient who is found to be a non small cell lung cancer?
Does a Cystocology hurt?
i want elaborate details about use of ultrasounds in dentistry?
what color are malignant/benign tumors?
when preparing for a liver transplant surgery due to stage 3 liver cancer, when do you start medicating?
What foods are beneficial to a person who has upper Gastro-intestinal Cancer?
Do you know anyone suffering from cancer?
does splenda really lead to cancer?
Any radiologist: how harmful are X-rays to the human body?
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia?
Is it true that after operation of any cancer disease, the cell cancer is still exist?
thyroid patient?
i have white patches on my lips what is it?is it cancer what type?
Should I see a General Practitioner or a Dermatologist?
pls help????
NO-Xplode not working?
sleeping gas?
I want to lose 50lbs by july 20th?
What are some things I should and shouldn't eat before hard exercize?
what is good for Growing Height?(I'm 13, with a very normal height)?
What's the best way to use creatine?
when can i stop worrying about getting a dry socket?
Rubber bands (braces) won't stay in?
I Just Got My Wisdom Teeth Removed, Can Someone Help Me?
why some times i`ll chew and a sharp pain happen ?
Best tooth paste to use to whiten teeth?
DENTISTS!! What mouthwash and tooth paste do you prefer?
Will I need a root canal or a cap?
Cant see blood clot in tooth?
how do i remove yellow stains on teeth?
How old should you be to whiten your teeth?
How is it dentists make the effort to remind their patients when it's time to?
How many out there have an amalgam removed without any precautions taken by the dentist?
if you HAD to choose, what kind of dental fluoride tastes the best?
Permanent or movable retainer?
does root canal really hurts? Does it really need to be performed by an endodontist?
Cleaning metal retainers?
when do wisdom teeth stop shifting after breaking through the skill?
lose alot of bone can we teeth be capped?
I have a small hole in my gums?
Have you gotten mercury amalgam fillings removed to prevent poisoning and what were the results?
Is it safe to use an electric toothbrush when you have braces?
How can I tell if my cavity is severe?
I have a sore in my mouth that HURTS?
why is it good to remove impacted teeth?
Went to my doctors appointment today?
I notice quite a few people who have gunk between their teeth. Is it plaque or what? It is gross!!!!?
Where can I buy fake grillz for cheap?
will i get white spots after i get my braces offf ?
where can i get braces that arent very expensive ?
My husband Had his teeth pulled17 months ago I had mine 7 months ago. We are getting Dentures Thursday.?
Can i get invisalign for free or cheap?
Teeth Straightener Please?
Is it ok to whiten teeth even if you have buildup?
After a filling pain, instrument used?