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is exercising makes you taller?i mean grow taller?
What are the benefits of joining the gymnacium for female?
How tall will i be?
crioting increases water retension so if you stop training will you go fat?
can someone help me with my diet?
wanna pack 20 pounds of pure lean muscles?
one meal a day???
Lose Weight and Tone Up?
How long can I use the same rubber bands for my braces?
How can I stop biting the side of my mouth?
i have a abcess tooth i went to the dentist yesterday please read?
Does any know what this sensation in my mouth can be?
Face is swelling and inside of mouth is bluish/purplish after oral operation?
Where can i find a low cost dentist to fix a broken tooth on a as seen basis?
I just bit metal foil with my tooth that has a filling metal filing. It was painful like my Nerve was exposed.?
Wisdom tooth pain!!!?
Where can I buy denture repair kits with teeth?
I wish to buy sugarless gums?
I've Got A Few Questions About Orthodontic Twin Block Braces?
Spacers and Palatal expenders for braces ?
How much is a high nobel dental crown?
I got my wisdom tooth pulled last Monday, but now my teeth are feeling funny!HELPP!?
Think wisdom tooth is coming in and I am terrified?
How safe to have major dental work done in Mexico?
What does the dental surgeon do with your wisdom teeth after having your wisdom teeth removed?
Is It ABOSOLUTELY Necessary to remove Wisdom Teeth?
I'm going to the dentist. HELP!!!?
The end of the wire of my braces came off the bracket.?
need help to quit or just any advise :)?
What is depression can someone describe it to me?
how prevalent is multiple personality disorder in Australia?
how can you tell if you are sick if everyone is telling you that you are fine?
just started tegretol and feel awful?
What does everyone think of controlled crying/comforting?
How do you escape abuse?
what is the Australian statistics on the prevalence of youth depression?
my singing voice?
when you have palpitation,what kind blood test they do??
can the presence of proteinura cause bowel/ colon cancer?
sickle cell anemia?
Does anyone have experience with Vitamin D3 for cancer treatment?
how can cure the diseases- nirofibroma?
Lung Cancer and swollen foot?
what is the history of colon cancer? websites please!?
Saccharin in toothpaste!?
why does my teeth feel weird after a eat spinach?
Ulcer or canker sore? on my JAW?
Wisdom teeth extraction question?
I just got my wisdom teeth out...?
what should i get to substitute for teeth? (science fair project)?
I'm getting braces on the 22nd of December what should I expect?
Should I file a law suit against a dentist that left bruises on my 3 year old while filling a cavity?
Do anyone know of any dental insurance that covers all or most on braces?
I am terrified to go back to that dentist?
Will my lip be ok or is this bad?
Dark spot on dental xray?
Should they Get fixed yet?
Can I get my braces fixed up by one dentist and go to other dentist for daily treatment?
I think i have gingivitis..please help!?
I have receding gums... some one tell me home remedy.. plzzzz?
Another question on BRACES !!!?
Why can't Krazy Glue be used on teeth?
Wisdom Teeth removal and facial paralysis?
I'm not sure how long I should keep my retainers on 24/7 (excluding eating)?
How can i make my own orthodontic lip protectors?
can't afford dental treatment, how long can i wait?
what carat size and shape of diamond can be implanted into a tooth?
Do i have arthritis in my knee?
diets, weight loss, weight gain?
Bradycardia- Weight loss?
is 126lbs. okay for 5'6 3/4?
flat stomach?
do you lose and gain weight only when you sleep?
Eating Disorder? Please help!?
im trying hard to lose soem weight but i wana lose about 5lbs in like 5 days, so can someone plz tell me how?
what for breakfast?
I'm 13% body fat...?
getting a 6 pack... (plz read this)?
what's the right weight fr a 13 years old girl?
i need to lose 30-40 pounds by august 15 for free?
How much should I run?
i am 16 and 160lbs and want to lose wieght. if i run every day how long would it take to lose a lot of wieght?
Eatting a lot of calories one day and exercising the next...?
Can't stop drinking?
Does anyone no of any ways to put weight on the lower body. i want to put weight on my thighs and bum.?
how can i tone/skinny my triceps!?
why did this weightloss thing happen to me so weirdly?
Would these pills help me lose weight?
Curling Dumbells?
impacted upper canine tooth exposure?
Does Florida Medicaid cover braces?
my retainer cuts the inside of my mouth?
my jaw keeps clicking? help!!!!?
Do people hear you when you swallow saliva?
whats this weird taste coming out from my extraction sites?
What if my spacers break? Will it be okay to get my expander on without the spacers? Can I still chew gum?
Should I report this dentist? I really feel that I need to report this dentist?
Can an inflamed tooth be treated with antibiotics? I am told that my x-rays show inflammation around a tooth.?
would veneers fix my teeth?
Kinda embarrassing but can someone help me w/this?
Would you talk to someone if their teeth was crooked?
My gum is a lil swelling above one tooth not really hurting can feel it what can i do for the swelling?
How much does invisalign cost nowadays?
How to manage the pain of getting braces plus having teeth pulled out?
Who has gotten their wisdom teeth out awake (and laughing gas)?
My son brushes his teeth everyday but how can he get some decay on a tooth?
I had braces before, and i didnt wear my retainers. my teeth are getting crooked.?
Can my teeth get better or will they only get worse? (pictures included)?
brace question help, anyone?
can i use waterpik in shower?
Is there any medications I can take for anxiety (for a wedding)?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ?
My self esteem is terribly low. I don't want to go back to my counsellor. Help?
why isnt my baby tooth coming out?
Brushing my teeth with baking soda?
How many days of flossing before my gums/teeth feel better?
how to make teeth whiter at home ?
Will a loose bad tooth fall out?
I have white bumps on my lip?
is there another tooth under your wisdom teeth?
My baby brother fell from the stairs.. lost his botton tooth!?
Can't swallow saliva?
Whitening or a Tooth Brush?
Are dentures an example of a corrective device?
Weird bad taste in mouth can't figure out what it is?
Is there any possible way to have braces and perfect teeth?
Braces,, they applied blue stuff , how do i take it off?? please people with braces?
Wisdom teeth help!!!?
Can someone help with my bad breath?
A week after tooth extraction is it normal for there to be a red layer to be across the area?
is it bad if your teeth hurt when you have a retainer?
Taking a sleeping pill before one wisdom tooth extraction?
catchy name for a dental care center, please needed asap?
Cow urine in the treatement of Cancer - does anyone have experience on this ?
Basal cell skin cancer doesn't spread?
Has any one had a laproscopic appendectomy and if so how long were you sore?
Has anyone quit smoking (or done anything else) using the SAY IT, THINK IT, FEEL IT method?
Does anyone know of an on-line support group for people who have family going through cancer treatment?
what are the best stoma bags on the market?
Negative pap smear , but high risk HPV?
What is atypical intraductal hyperplasia? How can it be cured?
My oncologist has suggested that I see him again in about 90 days. Is this excessive or overkill?
If I dip once will I get mouth cancer?
How fast can skin cancer spread?
What is skin cancer?
A great deal of research on the causes of and a possible cure for cancer focuses on the genes that control...?
why wouldnt pink and black braces look good 2gether?
What type of teeth person should I go to?
dental crown broke off, and little pieces of wire?
what to do if tooth feels loose after being hit?
I just got braces so dof they hurt?
how much will it cost to get my small gap tooth filled?
Explain how dental insurance will be affected by the new healthcare legislation?
A tooth getting infected,how long can i take penicillen ?
Broken tooth. In agony. Relief? Helpp?
t4k brace cost and treatment?
premolar extraction procedure?
I Haven't Worn My Retainers In Over a Year...?
What to expect from braces?
How do you prevent yourself from getting "morning breath"?
Do you teeth do this at night when you have braces? O_o?
someone give me braces info?
I just go braces...OMG?
Am I having TMJ and should I really get braces?
im getting 3 baby teeth pulled!will my dentist give me anesthiaif i request it??answer soon getting pulled tom?
pls how can i add some weight?
I am about 4'10 to 5ft I am 84lbs is that healthy?
Running up stairs.?
Just wondering, I'm a 130 lb 16 yr old and im putting up 175 lbs max on the benchpress.?
about how many calories do you think I burn when...?
Can you give me an example healthy meal-plan for a day?
Creatine when and how should i start using?
Fat loss before Summer?
lose weight??
am i fat? or average?
Was this a good day of food?
Is a BMI of 24-25 bad?
serious calorie burners???
My mom is a singer, and everytime she sings inside the house it makes me sick in the gut?
How is the loss of social skills (negative symptom) addressed in psychosocial treatment of psychotic disorder?
I feel depressed in the worst possible way?
eating disorder ... compulsive binge eating.. help?
Enquiry about the Effects of Xanex?
Do you think people with O.C.D. should go to a mental Hospital?
What is O.C.D.????.......?
Im terrified of being alone?
I am really confused and do not know what to do - please help me?
is this anxiety or some nervous disorder?
Going through depression stage?
question about depression?
How can i help??? - I don't know what i should do now.?
Chest problems?
Klacid antibiotics?
First Xolair injection - what to expect?
how to i eat with braces on?
Does anyone know of an inexpensive oral surgeon. My 13 yr old needs 4 teeth extracted.?
i got my back tooth taken out on the upper on my left side the dentist didn't explain a lot?
How to take my clear retainer out??????????
i can't close my mouth right while wearing my retainer?
whitening strips for sensitive teeth?
Does the size of your wisdom depend on the pain and the recovery?
I need advice for gum surgery and dentist.?
What do u think about black and purple braces?
Can smelling your breath hurt you?
if i have braces am i ok to drink larger?
My filling came out today?
What is the most cost efficient way of straightening my teeth 10 years after orthodontia?
dose calcium deficiency in pregnant affect her teeth?
Abscessed tooth and other symptoms?!?
Is it normal for your jaw to crack/pop if you wear rubber bands with your braces?
what is the value of my weber dental chair model # flh 11779?
Gums behind molars feel swolen?
My gum is swollen...?
Is it possibly to push your gum up and make it stay like that?
What happens if I don't wear my retainers for a week?
I took a fall and hit my front teeth now one is turning pink?
Why did I lose my dental hygiene license?
Should i get braces ??! ??? !?
how can i help my baby ?
My gums are weird with braces...?
Wire for my braces too long?
How does the coloring of braces go?
could i have an abscess in my jaw?
Can You Have Lemon If You Have Braces?
How come Her Teeth Tingle?
How do orthodontics pull teeth down ?
My back tooth's root is open, and I have a small lump in my throat on my lymph node. Can the open root cause?
when will my tooth stop hurting i been on antiboitics?
I have a really bad ache above my front tooth.?
I get these little sensitive white spots on the tip of my tongue from time to time. What are they?
What do i do about the tartar?
blood lump in my mouth help!!?
Should i do kickboxing even though i have braces?
Halitosis question, serious answers please?
What color braces should i get?
Anyone know any good ways to whiten teeth?
Lower Jaw Soreness, wisdom teeth coming in?
4yr old loosing tooth?
low lonh would it take me to lose 15 pounds?
is there any one out there who needs to know how to do a split cause i can do one and i have the best advice?
Really unhappy with my weight?
Extreme Exercises?
I have high metablism, i cant put on any weight. HELP!?
What is the perfect diet for a teen?
THis Diet??
Is it true you can eat more cals at time of the month?
max on bench press?
how do i loose 5lbs in a week?
Complex and simple carbs?
Is this a good diet?
help with protien tablets or something?
CREATINE ethyl ester safe ON 16 yr olds???
if i burned every calorie i consumed through working out at the gym... would i lose a ton?
weight loss tablet? Any positive results with any specific one?
I need the steps to get from a perfect size 5 to a perfect size three. like about how many pounds to lose?
is it possible to get in shape for football in 17 days?
How do I get rid of my love handles?
Diet team!! Join in!?
i am to skinny what should i do??
why do estrogen positive cancer metastasize everywhere else but the ovaries and uterus with estrogen aplenty?
Cancer is on both sides of my family. My 2 grandfathers have had it. Am I susceptible to get it?
Genetic Testing?
about cancer!!!!?
Has anyone recent heard about a new cancer drug discover by a companynamed IDM Pharm., Inc.?
how many oncologists are there in the united states?
has anyone heard of nos?
what does it mean abdominal swelling and lymphoma?
hard lymph node scared i have cancer, what test will they do to ease my mind?
if you have done surgery for oral cancer will you need another surger in future?
is there another way to treat oral cancer beside surgery?
So if someone would have cancer and the doctor removes and get ts all what happens then?
Could this be a cyst or cancerous?
has anybody ever experienced "spots" in the lymph system suspected of being metastic cancer, being wrong?
stomach cancer?
I keep getting mouth ulcers...?
slightly loose front tooth?
How much would this cost?
Can a broken upper wisdom tooth cause all these problem?? Pls HELP?
why are my gums irritating me?
Does everyone have to wear braces before jaw surgery?
Will my orthodontist get mad at me?
Is there some kind of removable brace for only when sleeping?
the best teeth whitening?
I'm 17 and I just lost my last baby tooth, will the one beneath it grow in?
just got my wisdom teeth pulled...?
famous people that had braces when they were a kid?
Tooth decay on 6 YEAR OLD?
I Stopped Wearing My Retainer!!!?
why does my tooth and other teeth ache 3 days after my filling?
will i need braces (pic)?
My braces braket came off but it's not the crooked braket that came off . Can it hold for 2 days ?
How to get a plastic retainer for my teeth. ?
do braces make you mouth area stick out less after you remove braces?
I really need help with my teeth i don't know what to do pro's please :(?
Whats wrong with me?????????????????
What pays better in orange county ca dental front office or back office for a new grad ?
Causes of tooth pain?
Braces, Crowding Help Please!!?
what do i do if my braces start to hurt?
Dry Socket 1 Week after extraction?
Is it possibly that if you wear your retainer from braces for some time you will never have to again?
If i asked my mom asked orthodontist to take my braces off, would they?
is my tooth infected?
Are my wisdom teeth coming in?
My tooth broke again....?
Chipped tooth or cavity?
Infants and teething?
How do i make my tooth loose?
Feeling you get in your mouth after not eating?
will a dentist pull abcessed teeth?
What are the signs of wisdom teeth growing in?
Should I get my premolars or wisdoms pulled out for braces?
My first orthodontist appointment is on Wednesday. What are they going to do?
is it bad if a tooth is growing behind your molar?
Sharp Pain In Incisor!!?
A blister in my mouth?
How much do adult braces cost for top teeth only and do I have other options?
My teeth won't stop bleeding?
Getting my wisdom teeth out??
who is that model?
After I work out and sweat alot the more water i drink the more dehydrated i feel- Is this my imagination?
is there a special diet for people with a underactive thyriod?
Weight loss...?
Am I fat person?
Question About my Training Routine?
how to mantaine my weight.........HELP!?
Excercising alone?
Fitness trainer career?
What are the main symptoms of major, psychotic and mixed depression, dysthymia and manic depressive illness?
Is this the tipping point, I dont know what to do.?
Twitching when trying to sleep..?
Why can boyfriends be so obsessive?
What is meant by a prodromal phase of schizophrenia?
what would you do if you had to choose between saving yourself or Justin Beiber?
What is the difference between childhood schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia?
How do you cope with the stress of...?
Which enzyme is digesting beta carotene?
where can i find financial help for my son who has cancer?
A co-worker and I quit smoking a month ago. Still having problems with nausea. Need advice and how long last
are there any diseases that have no symptom - you can't die from and no known cure?
certain genetic mutations in a cell can result in uncontrolled cell division?
When can I expect the brown, dimpled, freckled spots to go away from radiation treatments for br. cancer?
does anybody know what lymphoma is?
What are the four categories of cancers?
Describe the two mechanisms by which cancers are spread through the body.?
how do you change a colostomy bag?
Has anyone found any link between mds and nutrition.?
What are scientists still unsure about in regards to telomerase?
how much duration is called early (curable) stage for Lung cancer?
my husband is suffering of colon and rectal cancer, what food and best medicine shall i give him?
Why is there an upper age limit to being a bone marrow donor?
I need to know the ingredients in Nutrilite Double X multi vitamins?
White spots on teeth after whitening them?
What toothpaste you used?
can a rotten tooth cause neck/cheek pain?
Hole in lower tooth at thefront?
How to get rid of toothache?
Open hole in my mouth after getting out of a wisdom teeth extraction?
I'm about to freak out here!! I need help, what orthontist do I go to?
My permanent crown fell off. How long can I wait?
What causes an abscess?
My daughter just lost a molar(babytooth)& there is still a piece of tooth in her gum, is this normal?
Smoking after wisdom teeth?
My Uncle used to never brush his teeth, but he never got a cavity and his teeth stayed healthy. Why is this?
Why haven't my 12 year old molars come out yet?
The bottom of my two front teeth look transparent?
I haven't worn my retainer!?
Whats happening to my teeth?!?
How long does it take for a tooth abscesses to go away on penicillin?
Where the tooth fairy come from?
This is a teeth question?
are you aloud sugar-free chewing gum when you have braces?
Getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. Can I go camping in 7 days?
I got new upper denture. I have pains in my gum when I put the denture on what can I do?
does jaw clenching cause bumps on gum?
Is it possible to do a root filling in a tooth at the back of the mouth (Upper Third Molar Tooth) ?
does putting braces makes ur underbite more noticable than it was before without any braces?
after 4 years of dental school do you need any more training to become a dentist?
what is the connection of stress and strain in putting braces on teeth?
What causes underbites?
Can i take my retainer off?
how to treat root canal pain?
I had a tooth ache for one day, then it went away?
Help! Root canal too expensive - Want to keep tooth - Irrigate?
what is the best way to whiten your teeth at home?
can i buy Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional Strength in london ontario canada?
how to have fresh breath all day without mints or mouthwash?
I have a crooked tooth and a slight overbite. I want to fix this but what can I do?
how to make the time go by faster?
What is the white fuzz on your tongue called?
Can a night guard protect teeth from further shifting?
I had a tooth pulled 2 days ago, when is the risk of dry socket gone?
I just got a wisdom tooth pulled and the doc sez don't spit or drink from a straw...?
Why do i get canker sores?
How do i get a six pack ???
How do I get a great body?
I need a book for a used Cardio Glide. Thanks. Joanne. [email protected]?
Is it Possible???
how to become fat?
what are the components of a balanced diet(include vitamin A,C and iron)?
How miles a week does one have to walk in order to lose weight?
Running Stairs For 5 mins ?
Is my body that different?
can you give me a pargraph on chocolate(chocolate is healthy or unhealthy) for kids cause im a kid?
Weight loss?
here is more informations about me i am 67 kilos and i don't play any sport also my body type is athlete .
what will help me build muscle fast?
a good diet plan??
Whats a good definition workout for me?
More muscle mass?
extreme weakness?
What would i need??
what is the average height & weight for a 4 yr old and a 14 month old girlls?
How many calories should I be eating?
Is this weight skinny?
hey everyone :) any good tips on how to loose weight on you inner thighs?
after being put off work, 4 mth ago and being 67 i have no life in me to go out all i want to do is sleep?
How do you find out who you are?
If i cut myself in a hidden spot, is it safe?
Depressed the night before school...?
What can alcohol do to the mind?
How can I stop cluttering in my speech?
What are the skills for people with Asperger Syndrome to make friends?
i cant aford braces...how can i have streight teeth?
what would happen if i have a loose tooth and have braces?
CAN U PLZ ANSWER! should i fix my gap?
Please help D: !!!!!?
Is becoming a dentist harder than becoming a doctor?
i have a wonky smile?
Which whitening strips won't hurt my tooth?
how to whiten your teeth?
plz help i got really painful tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My canines are too big and too yellow?
Do custom mouth guards say for MMA or other high contact sports protect your bottom teeth as well?
I had a root canal pulled out and Im swollen?
Why do my bottom gums hurt?
Mouth still numb a day later...?
What is the usual cost of a dentist w/out insurance?
what can I do to prevent serrated teeth?
What does a valium do before wisdom teeth extraction? i have 2 take 1 of those and they are giving me demerol.?
Has anyone had problems with colgate max fresh toothpaste causing breakouts?
Age for dental implants?
Fractured Front Tooth?
colour for braces...........?
what is wrong with you if your red blood cell is increased?
What happens after a tumor is removed in the hospital?
What type of leukemia did Bill Walsh die from?
what is hodgkin lymphoma?
I am my husbands caregiver. He has lung cancer, extensive stage. Can I get paid thru the state for this?
Anyone here ever get skin cancer from tanning bed use?
Can pancreatic cancer be genetic?
Lung Biopsy by needle?
I have a website; Miles-n-Smiles.com. What words do I need in the tag line to make first page in search.?
I heard that Robin Roberts of Good Morning America has breast cancer. What stage is it? She is having surgery?
What mouth wash is best for fast teeth whitening?
above the back of my upper teeth (the last one) the gum hurts?
PLEASE! help me! My front teeth is gone?
Teeth and kissing problem?
I've had a leukoplkia on the inside of my mouth for 8 years....?
what could this be??please help?
What are these braces called and how long is treatment time with them?
What are some common toothpastes found in supermarkets and drugstores that DONT whiten teeth?
Are fourth molars really that rare?
Smoking Marijuana 5-7 days after wisdom teeth removal, is it safe?
Molar Extraction Nov 17th 2010 Still major pain?
How many times will the dentist remake anterior crowns to get the shape/color right?
Is this my baby tooth or not?
Wisdom molars? Mine are coming in and I'm 12 turning 13 soon?
Is it bad to chew "Artificial Flavoured" Gum?
How do dental cavities form?
help i cant figure out how to eat with an expander on?
question about cavities?
Why is my breath stinking?
Is it a good idea to pull out a molar?
What to do after tooth abcess infection?
What can hydrogen peroxide be used for?
Gaining weight???
are brown beans high in estrogen or only soy, and black beans are?
hi I'm 12 yrs old and weigh 60kg and I'm 153cm tall does anyone have any tips on me losing wight?
how many calories do I burn?
My friend and me both wear a UK size 16 but I weigh 30lb more than her! Can anyone explain this please?
what is the normal weight a person should be...?
eating only fruit,veggies and almond milk..?
15 yr old guy trying to lose weight?
Why can't I eat as much as I used to be able to? Hard to explain - more info inside!?
Why have I been so hungry?
is it true that??
weight loss tips?
i need to shed a few pounds! help me how to?
How do I increase my metabolism?
crash diets?
im skinny now?
how o i get a flat belly?
sorry to make another one but.. weight problem ?
What Protein would be better for gaining muscle and mass?
Leg Muscles?
Would this be a suicide attempt ?
do i have depression? Im so sad?
Dealing with depression, anxiety and OCD?
How do I know I was raped?!!?
will eating 10 sleeping pills cause death?
is this a good treatment for depression (please read) (st john's wort)?
how do i stop my choclate addiction!?! i just love it!!!?
What's wrong with me?
why is the australian mining industry full of girls blouses ?
Will Colgate toothpaste work with a Crest toothbrush?
Where can i buy fake braces?
I busted my mouth on ladder and broke my front tooth in half....?
how many teeth does a baby get at one time?
I have a lose tooth!?
What is the best way to get rid of yellow teeth with braces?
PAINFUL Blister in Mouth!!!!?
Dental anesthetic... feel sick... pain?
I HATE my braces, what should I do?
braces coloures to get x?
Dental implants/retainer/sticky bridge?!?
Wiggling teeth after braces?
Wisdom tooth pain behind where the tooth is?
Is it normal for bottom teeth to hurt after I lost my crown?. also my jawline does too.?
Is Pain Normal after getting Retainers?
What is the prossesc for a root canel on your front tooth?
what is better practicing pharmacy or becoming a dentist?
How do I convince my parents to get me braces?Best answer 10 pts?
I chipped my tooth... HELPP!!!?
okay i want to now how to get my retainers and nothing else!?
What was the first cigarette ever produced?
Where can I find a really good root canal dentist?
dental billing question?
The back of my two lower front teeth are itchy?
Can I drink smoothies with braces?
My Orthodontist told me I get can either the permanent wire or retainer. which one?
My Neice needs help with the dentist?
The wire of my braces popped out and I can't get it fixed for another 2 weeks?
What are the risks of having reconstructive jaw surgery when growth is still a factor?
My sons baby tooth is weird compared to his other teeth, please help?
why would i have a metal taste in my mouth for days?
what is an at home way to whiten my teeth?
How do I get white teeth without bleaching?
I think I have a piece of gauze coming out of the site of my tooth extraction?
What color braces should a 20 year old get? Repost?
what are these bumps in my mouth?
can vaneers be changed?
Looking For A Good Dentist in Aiken, SC?
What are some good ways to get your teeth whiter?
what is a normal dental filling procedure for a 3 year old?
Do braces hurt when they get put in? And do they hurt after they're put in?
how do you get rid of canker sores?
i am 11 yrs old and 194 lbs how can i loose weight?
What stores can I buy good exercise videos?
Toning abs while losing weight?
honestly, am i fat?
Best Weight Loss Pill - Experienced users only?
could having a growth in the stomach be cancer even though the biopsy showed no cancer?
can opium smoking alter normal flora and pathogen in pharynges and nasophrynx?
Radical or Modified neck dissection?
i have thyroid...?
could i have inflammatory breast cancer?
are there any v-tech survivors on ANSERS?
Help me!!! anyone. My mom have servical cancer.?
is there any bad things about using self tanner, as far as cancer or anything?
what is cancer and how does it spread /?
my mom had rectal cancer, what are my chances of getting it to?
where does the optic nerve get its input from?
Do I have some form of an eating disorder?
Is there a link between lack of activity and feeling depressed, anxious or nervous?
resources for bipolars?
Will Psychologist or Psychiatrist help with my problem?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
What do I do about my work colleagues? just be polite?
Can anyone suggest some informative books on schizophrenia?
Depression leads to being even more isolated because people dont want to know you when you are down?
Can my dentist find out that I smoked weed? And could he tell my parents?
How long does a pack of orthodontic wax usually last you?
Skin/Gum Flap after pulling out a loose tooth?
My retainer broke please help!?
laser to take gum tissue off?
Braces off, worried abour staines?!?!?
Cavities: 7 I need help!?!?
is there a connection with jaw pain and tooth pain?
Is there any dentists in tallahassee that take the share a cost medicaid?
Question about using Crest white strips?
help with braces...................?
Overbite question??????
Dental issues please help please?
Wisdom teeth extraction:The aftermath?
My wisdom tooth is extremely loose and i want to remove it but i want to know if it hurts..?
What happens when wearing teeth whitening strips for too long?
is ceramic braces a good choice?
What is the best product for dogie bad breath. I USED MINTS he wouldn't eat them?
How to make breath fresh without tooth cleaning supplies?
When im 18 can i get braces?
Dry socket - do i have?
How to close the small gap in my teeth ?
What are the different Dental subjects?
I really need to know how fast!?
so what will running outdoors as opposed to indoors do for me? besides the view?
lifting for mass?
can i loose alot of weight by doing this?
how can i tone my thighs?
sit up amounts?
2 workouts a day dangerous?
Lose some pounds?
Diet Question? Please Answer! Will pick a best answer.?
It's really simple so just answers it!!!! please :)?
loose weight FAST?
is there any supplement that will help me lose weight and not lose muscle??
Lose 30 lbs b4 May 23?
If you want to encourage someone stuggling with weight...?
Any suggestions what I can do now to avoid curvature of back in old age? I'm 57 years old.?
I need To know how To Keep MY mind Off Food?
are there any negative side effects for using creatine?
Whats fat?
exersises to work my inner thign?
how can in lose 10 pounds in one week? I'm not overweight so nothing big plz.?
how can a 13 year old lose body fat?
Can someone help me please?
how long will it take?
Who are the top dentist in Trinidad and Tobago?
Why are my teeth so sore?
Ok,i need help again,this time with my mouth?
Lump on my gums...............?
infected tooth turning into BIG problem?
scared of getting dry socket after tooth was pulled.?
why does my tooth hurt after root canal?
will sensitive teeth go back to normal ?
Swollen tongue help please?
how do i whiten my teeth?
I'm afraid of the dentist?
What should I do about my infection that originated from a cavity if I have no money or insurance?
what entrance do you use to enter uic dental department?
Three of my braces brackets are broken?
let me try this again.. gum problem?
After dental extration?
my gum itches after a tooth extraction?
Can you switch from metal braces to invisaline?
Whats The Best Brand to get Your Teeth whiter?
How to fix a broken retainer wire?
Braces?! A little help please!?
what is this metal taste in my mouth?
stage 4 non hogkins lymphoma?
A patient is diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and has a hematocrit of 70 percent. what is this condition call
For a colonoscopy, what is the diff beween removal of polyp & removal of node? Doc said everything looked ok?
can collagen tabs. be taken also by male?
What is this?
Swollen lymph gland, right groin?
three hereditary factors?
Do Homeopathic Doctors Really Heal Chronic Depression?
does atypical cells and blood in the urine usually mean cancer?
is mucinous carcinoma terminal?
struggeling with school work plus health problems......?
who else is taking wellbutrin and has it helped?
Why isn't religiosity diagnosed as a syndrome...?
has anyone had experience with electroconvulsive therapy?
is it weird... that i find it weird... that i saw my counsellor smoking?
Why is my heart racing? I feel tense all the time!?
How much is laser gum removal averagely cost?
i have braces i need help?
how to have a pretty smile with crooked teeth?
Brown spot on my front tooth?
Sensitive teeth caused by accident?
I have a black mouth ulcer. HELP?
How can I fix my lisp?? Retainer issues.....?
i have an over bite, it would be possible to fix it?
What are the most fast and effective white strips under $75? :(?
can u pop a blister in your mouth from a brace wire with a needle?
Do I have a cavity...?
How to strengthen my teeth?
Loose tooth and braces? HELP PLEASE?!?!?
Dental Hygeniest??????????
how do i sell my dental practice?
is there any way you can fix your teeth without braces?
Dental advice needed.?
How do you know if you have a cavity?
I have black line on the back of my teeth?!?
Why does crest whitestrips Pro Effect advanced seal only used once a day?
Is there anything to do about spacers(they hurt)?
I just got braces! Can't eat?! ?
does anyone know the name of and whereabouts of a doctor in this country who knows of vocal chord dysfunction?
What are some good excersises to do at home?
Can salty foods cause cellulite to form??
good way to tone belly fat?
Can anyone give me a dieting plan, tips, or anything to help me lose weight!?
how can I!?!?!?!?!?!????
i need major help with my diet?
Unable to shed baby weight despite diligent weight training/exercise--suggestions?
stomache toning?
how many sets and reps of standing calf raises should i do do get good fast results?
who is the guy with the weight-free workout?
Is my weight right for height?
How do i find social security health benefits online?
What are some good exercises that make you look wider?
Build Arm Muscle?
how do i use kettlebells?
Where can I buy Reductil in Malaysia?
How can I become taller?
what are some strength training excersizes i can do at home?
Hi, I recently purchased Creatine powder, how much liquid do I take with 5 grams of Creatine Powder?
fast loosing weight, drug using?
i need strength when i left weights any help???
Work Potluck; how do you turn down food withought being rude?!?
if you are weightlifting and your squating body weight does that mean you will become faster or jump higher?
Anyone know anything about rotted teeth?
I think my case is different cos the minute i brush my teeth, ten seconds after and i still get this horrible ?
How bad is it if you don't floss?
My wants to take me to the dentist?
How can I get rid of my cat's gingivitis?
Is there anyway to get rejected from the Marine Corps due to dental problems?
salt water rinse for oral surgery?
Swollen, pink, non-tender, non-bleeding gums with braces?
My front teeth are caps. I want to make them whiter. My dentist says he needs to break them. What does He meaN?
About Dental Hand piece.?
Best breath freshener? (gum/mints)?
My gums feel loose Is this bad?
How do i kno if my tooth is dying?
Extraction site red puffy thing?
I'm 19 and I want my teeth back!!! :(?
Sections of my teeth are different colors?
Question About My Jaw?
After bleaching my teeth can smoking weed stain them?
what is wrong with my tooth?
What next in terms of treatment?
Is there really any relationship between breastfeeding and breast cancer?
recipes for liquid diet or food ideas?
tell me if liver cancer come from smoking.?
could this be oral/head and neck cancer? or maybe something less serious?
I heard that if we injected telomerase into adult human cells, it could cause cancer. How and why?
Chemo and allergies?
What is the incidence of leukemia in kids with Down's Syndrome?
What's the latest in pancreatic Stage 4 cancer treatment?
HPV & cancer - Does anyone know the actual statistics of the people that get cancer?
Baby Powder causes Cancer?
Is it appropriate to send this poem to my teacher who was almsot diagnosed with cancer but is ok now??
i would like to make wigs for cancer patients, who do i need to contact for more information?
how many people have had or still have cancer?
I got my braces off but...........?
Tooth roots showing in gums? Not receding gum-line or anything, I mean at the bottom of my gums?
Diminished taste after wisdom tooth removal?
chip side of front tooth?
Listerine the opaque purple bottle?
I have a lump/mass at the base of my skull on my neck dry mouth with white tongue and inflammed taste buds?
I need someone to unload to?
I have an unbearable tooth pain that comes in waves?
who are good therapists?
how to fix a hyper-extended jaw?
Whats the process of getting braces?
does ambien help you?
Has he lost his old personality?
how can i help someone who is self harming ?
Can I ask my dentist to put a spacer between my front teeth without getting braces?
Can Dental Fillings cause Alzheimer's?
need some help with some dental work?
dOES IT hurt to get a RPE and braces?? plzzzz help!!!?
How bad will my teeth hurt?
what will the dentist do?
When I get the retainer for braces?
Crest White strips, any advice or experience ?
Tiny painful white bump on my tongue?
What is a blood clot?
my teeth and a white spot on the front one, i know its not harmful but since my teeth,,?
Question about previous post?
i need to get buff to impress my gf I'm 14 and i all ready have a 4 pack?
overweight or not? 5'5 , 234.?
Any idea how to get more muscular and bigger looking?
A little help for the basketball playin' boyfriend!?
abdominal crutches?
Weight loss?
What sort of life-style I should adopt after pneumonia?
can you buy expudex cough bottle over the counter?
does it hurt to get braces as an adult?
the roof of my mouth hurts..?
question about my slanted jaw????:(?
I just turned 20 and have Receding gums. Where can I find Gengigel Mouthwash?
Is there a way to make a receding gumline to grow back around the teeth?
Need dental work have no money and no job what do i do?
Tightened braces, hurts, how long wud it hurt for?
is working as a dentist in doha safer for ladies?
Tooth ache cant visit dentist?
pain in left arm after visiting the dentist?
i have 5 -6 cavities and am scared of the dentist.. help?
braces with rubber band latex?
can i possible die? im scared D:?
What should I do about my mouth problem?
How do I use my teeth?
I lost a couple of teeth, whaa will the dentist do ?!?!?!?!?!?
I was cleaining my patient chair today and?
Will Braces for underbite help my tmj?
I rarely brush my teeth, is that bad?
Around How Much are Top Braces?
wisdom teeth? already showing gahh!?
Help torn gum what do I do?
Is it worth leaving everyone behind?
Does this happen to anyone else?
I get some sorts of bad and dirty thoughts at once! I am extremely worried about this mental problem!help me?
Why and how do people put rubberbands in there braces?
Depression and Recovery?
when it comes to depression,is it pessimistic or realistic?
How long does it take to get your braces?
Something red came out of my tooth?
can the orthodontist tell if you smoke?
I'm getting braces and I have crowding on my lower teeth. My orthodontist is giving me the OPTION...?
How can I afford braces ?
Do you ever have days like this?
Broken brace! How much?
Is it possible to get your braces off within a year?
would a tooth infection make u sick?
What is the best toothpaste for whitening teeth with braces?
Tooth Bonding or Invisalign?
i have yellow teeth,whiter???
Can teeth be removed for long-term severe tooth pain?
Im 15 bored with life recently found out im depressed i cant even explore life thanks to parents. Help?
How much pain am I going to be in for? I've let my gorgeous, expensive teeth rot.?
Dentist advised strongly not to eat sweets any more?
How do you prevent 3 and 5 year olds from getting more cavities?
Teeth are de-colouring even after I brush alot?
Braces!!!! HELP!!!!!?
Whats wrong with my tooth/gum?
Can I get my braces off?
Is this woman having problems in her left k9 teeth?
What should i do , to get this white stuff off my tongue?
Lump in neck under jaw?
What does skin cancer look like?
what is, primary site tubular?
Can a person's bladder drop from its normal position in the body?
What kinds of researches have been made on tonsil cancer pictures?
General health question about low white blood cell & platlets count...?
Cancerous polyps?
hi i have a son who is one years old he has thalasemia major and we found out today that bone marrow is not a?
what can i type in if im looking for a dr. that does colon cleanses?
Worried this is cancer; if not, what else could it be?
How do I make my [possibly] terminally ill friend more comfortable?
everyone calls me fat?!?
Am i underweight, overweight or normal?
Is being at 115 lbs at 5 ft. now overweight?
Will this make me gain weight?
WHAT happens if?
Are there any protien in these fruits and vegtables?
I dont need to lose weight i just want to tone my muscles before i where my bikini?
I wanna lose weight?
Diets for a kid?
I play football?
what can help people get taller?
have you tried wu-long tea before?
Ok is this a fat day?
weight loss pills?
Can you use a fat metabolizer and still gain muscle mass?
well.. this is gonna sound weird but..?
height help?
has anyone tried the abs in 23 days website for weight loss?
what exercises trim fat thighs and hips?
I'm taking MRI: Pro-Nos Protein. I'm thinking of taking glutamine powder.?
Is Coffee bad for your diet?
lose weight...FAST!?
Best excersises?
Braces or Veneers??????? PlEaSe HeLp?
Is it normal to have a bunch of little bumps in your mouth?
can retainers straighten teeth?
Dentist prescribed pain killers and accusing me of fraud?! Help!?
does baking powder help a cough?
PLEASE HELP! What is wrong with my teeth?
Do I need a root canal?
How soon after I get my braces should I expect to start noticing results?
What is a good toothpaste?
what is wrong with my tooth?
Is it normal for me to have a lump in my lip after having my lip pierced for one week?
Cleaning my braces during school?
Is this Orthodontic practice unneeded/unethical? HELP?
Swelling of gums after braces?
which retainer hides a lip piercing better?
I'm getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled this week and thank goodness I'm covered for all 4.?
My teeth and gums need HELP! ?
brases for my teeth????
Am I allowed to brush after having a dental filling? My cavity was removed and filled with porcelain?
Help for full mouth extraction?!?
Tooth Extraction - Stitches?
hit my tooth {experience preferred}?
has anyone taking wellbutrin felt like this?
i want to know if is it possible for a person to be totally black-out for few days?
DO you have to be rich to afford braces?
ihave a hole in my tooth @ have no money to go to the dentist . what can i do?
I need a little bit of inspiration with my braces?
did i hurt my jaw...................?
Sharp pain in tooth whenever I bite down?
I got my braces off!...But I have bracket marks.?
Novocaine (lidocaine) question about chronic nausea?
Why do I have bad breath?
how can i fix these yellow, crooked, messed up teeth!?
I get cold sores in my mouth alllllll the time?
i have a abcessed tooth and in alot of pain but i have no money or insurance?
How can I prevent a dental abscess on baby teeth?
whats the best/fastest way to get whie teeth?
Can a wisdom tooth be pulled if it has a hole & infection in it and what can be done so it dont cause bad?
Does a temporary, clear retainer cost money?
Will my teeth move.. Help :'(?
hi, i'm 25 and i'm disturbed with my new teeth growth?
Western Dental, how much to replace lower retainer?
Is my wisdom tooth impacted?
are immediate dentures supposed to be replaced after initial healing?
a question on weight?
weight problem???~35-40lbs!?
creatine users?
I have cellulite and I've been going to the gym. Seems like the gym is making it worse. Help!?
what are the best exersizes to do to get rid of back fat?
how long would it take me to get toned?
i am diabetic patient and would like to know more about food what i can eat during brakefast, lunch & dinner t
I am taking whey protein supplement...what is another good supplement to take with that...?
what are the benefits of drinking whey protein?
children bleed faster than adult?
Food with lots of porteins?
nothing is healthy?
does pilates really work for you?
problem with gaining weight?
is this a good day. please rate i need big help?
Pointy thump Behind my front teeth?
can i fix my not straight smile?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled?
How do you know when your breath is bad?
Braces. (: I'm a girl. ?
Tongue thrust appliance problem (please help)?
I got four teeth extracted for braces... ?
My mum has a bruised upper lip, what can she use to make it go away?
Is there anyme that can help me get money to get fake teeth.?
My jaw hurts a little bit?
to be a dental hygienist....?
I have a weird lump in my mouth and I don't know what it is??? (its NOT a cankersore)?
what kind of training do you have to have to be a dental hygienist?
Why is my gum bleeding only above one tooth?
Is it safe to leave mouthwash in your mouth and drink it?
Does wisdom teeth removal change anything as far as your...?
Whats it called when both your front and bottom teeth stick forward?
Swollen gums. sores, sore throat what's wrong with me? ?
Why do my teeth grow so slow?
last night I had a terrbile toothache (abscess)?
dental help? please please please help?
I Need sources for a dentistry research (removable prosthetics) about relief in complete denture.thx :)?
WEB MD leiomyosarcoma define?
Does cancer ever occur in muslce tissue?
how can i be a medical social with cancer patient?
what is an e-ciggerate????????????
Hodgkins Lymphoma. Genetic inheritance?
What is the relation of bone metastasis and cancer?
skin cancer???
Artifical vitamins and minerals are causing cancer, yes or no - answer w/Web...?
lung cancer treatments are just dragging survival , and cannot make to disappear disease?
i feel i have breast cancer in my left side but i don't have money to go for check up,what should i do?
provide the nutrition side effects of cancer surgery to the head and neck?
what are the signs of breast cancer?
Duration of Chemo Brain?
I asked about the pain in my back that radiate to my chest etc.?
Surgery with metastic stomach cancer?
Hodgkin's Lymphoma.?
whats causing this lower back pain?
Friend has had voice problems for 5 months!?
how long does weed stay in ur system if u didn't smoke it just was around it?
I think im depressed?
Will voulenteering at an Aniaml Shelter help build my confidence?
Are under-weight people more likely to have Mental Health problems than those who are overweight?
Is it possible to imagine or think so much to the point where you feel that you are really sick?
can you please interpret this - analyse the impact of climatic conditions on safe sports participation.?
i want to buy one of these but i dont know what its called?
Can we just brush our teeth with water since it already has fluoride in it?
how long does it take to become a dentist and an orthodontist after high school?
help im 15 and tooth just fell out :'(?
Is it sad that I look forward to re-filling my stapler at work?
Wisdom teeth question please help!!?
Anyone have a cure for bad breath?!?
Will I get braces? :(?
When I get my braces, will my orthodontist give me options of different types of braces?
Can a tooth naturally slide lower?
A few questions about braces?!?!?
Upper lip numb................?
my dentist told me to wear my retainers for 30 days?
Missing Permanent teeth?
white spots on teeth with braces on?? help?
what can i do if i need a root canal done on a tooth and don't have any money to do it?
Did tic tacs get bigger or are am i just shrinking?
When do I discard the Opalescence syringe?
Oral hygiene help please?
Home remedys for a tooth ache?
I need to like whiten my teeth really fast, i want real changes?
Is it normal for a white structure to be protruding from the wound caused by tooth extraction?
Nutrisystem Question..?
any 1 used BSN's nitrix?
exercise when b/p is high?
why my blood suger goes dwn after eating simple carbs?
what is the press exercise they are talking about on this site?