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I got elbowed in the tooth now super sensitive. help!?!?
White spots after using aquafresh whitening trays?
Should I pour de-icer into my mouth wash?
How old should I be to get braces?
what would cause black gums on my 1 year old girl?
Canines pulled for space?
is there a way i can keep my teeth from moving for 2 weeks?
how much money are gold grills?
I think I may have depression?
Tips to stop self harming...?
I tried to kill myself today?
A few questions about kids helpline?
Do you think that just as there is passive/aggresive there is friendly/aggresive?
valium addiction question, how to kick them or reduce taking them..?
Is this symtomp a ocd symtomp? Please help emegrency!?
I'm not sure, but I think I might have a mental illness?
why do I drink and I think im depressed?
Do I have some sort of disorder?
Complex post traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder?
Yellow teeth after braces and white horizontal line across teeth?
Is fluoridating your teeth using a retainer safe?
Braces tightned..will it hurt?
is the cut in my mouth infected?
how to keep my teeth white with braces?
Why would getting your teeth pulled out not hurt?
When they take pictures of your teeth before braces and when braces get put in,do the retractors feel the same?
How can I get rid of a really bad tooth ach?
What is wrong with my jaw and how can I fix it?
what's the best teeth whitener?
Will the dentist prescribe me anymore pain meds?
One of my front teeth (Top front two) is noticeably bigger, how do I fix this?
do lingual or incognito braces give the same results as traditional braces?
What is the best home made teeth whitener recipe?
Question about braces?
How do you make your teeth whiter?
What days are dentist offices usually closed for the holidays?
When a tooth is extracted, is the nerve removed with it?
Is there anyway to fix the bracket on my braces?
I pushed my tooth into place, but it's in serious pain. What should I do?
How Could A College Student Pay For Braces?
can I listen to an iPod at the dentist?
How can i lose weight fast?
Gaining Weight?
how can i loose weight fast?
are apples fatening if its the only thing you eat??
I just need to know?
i'm a 5'9 15 year old male is there anything that can make me taller in a short amount of time?
Weight Gaining Tips- i take advice from all.?
Lose thigh fat and cellulite?
So i hiked 12 miles the other day up and down hill, about 4 hours time. Supposibly, the calorie counter said?
I am a newlywed and my husband has testicular cancer?
Has anybody here had any success (or heard of) with the Budwig Flax Oil Diet?
How old do you have to be to get breast cancer?
how long do people last who have small cell lung cancer in both glands?
Anyone know a list of preventive tests we should be having done?
Any Web about anti-colorectal cancer recipes?
what causes childhood leukemia?
scerldome cancer?
cancer treatment?
looking for top rated Thyroid surgeon?
cancer centers of america?
Friend or what?
I have breast ca and have undergone surgrey, chemo and radiation. What are cancer markers?
why are RBC's packed only in heamoglobin?
If I donate my hair to a cancer organization, will I be able to see them, meet them and take pics with them?
What is a radiation oncology physicist?
what is the best vitamin or herb is helpful for alopcia- hair loss.?
If someone has had a mole with jagged/blotchy edges for theyre entire life, could it be melenoma?
How much will teeth whitening cost?
Clorets Chewing Gum has it been discontinued?
Burning tongue sensation after dental operation. Help?
Eating pizza after wisdom tooth extraction?
How long do you have to be bulimic until it starts becoming recognizable from your teeth?
Removing only upper braces?
How could i whiten my teeth?
Does Dentist's numb you this way before they start doing work on your teeth?
is this my wisdom teeth?
How long are you supposed to wear your retainers?
when you get your braces does it hurt?
Is it possible to develop crooked teeth at age 27?
How will this help it go away?
Do I need braces ? Pics?
Does AHCCCS cover braces or anything of that sort?
Most of my teeth don't meet?
Why does my breath smell bad, even though I brushed my teeth really good?
Can overzealous dental care harm natural flora and fauna?
How do u get rid of bad breath from a capped tooth after it was pulled?
Why Do I Feel A Sudden Shock Of Pain In My Heart When.....?
I need help... can somebody please help me?
Will an EEG test help diagnose me?
Is it possible to have many amazing nights/memories home alone?
I'm depressed, how do I tell my teacher?
cant bring myself to eat?
Would you delete someones facebook account if you could and if you really hated them?
The human race and animals are scaring me, how do I get over this fear?
If there was a kid you really disliked (his very rude) and could hack into his Hotmail account, would you?
how do i stay awake.... it will kill me?
How do I tell my parents I think I may be suffering from depression?
Why Do I Worry All The Time?
How do you get rid of a feeling?
Please Help Me! I Can't Do This Anymore. I Want to Die! Please Help Me..?
am battling suicidal thoughts and was wondering...?
Will I lose any weight?
how did i do yesterday?
What the heck is six, 8 pacs, can i live without them?
I'm not overweight, but I am really how out of shape....how do I change? I'm depressed.?
please answer,, six pack question?
by summer...?
whats a good diet for a young lady.?
what is some good thigh workouts? that require no equipment, well besides treadmill.?
Weight & Body Mass.?
What can they do for a tooth that never fully grew in?
How long will it take for my teeth to stain?
How do I brush if I just got braces?
can a tooth be pulled in one piece to use as evidence?
How Do You Pull Out A VERY Loose Tooth Without Pain?
Is there a way I can...?
Will I lose weight if...?
Just got braces - brushing with vs. without toothpaste throughout day?
Braces...gingivitis, HELP?
Why do i chew the inside of my cheeks?
Diets Plans?
I need to slim my thigh, please take a look at this?
Is it possible for yellow teeth to get whiter again?
tooth pain after seeing the dentist?
why is it taking so long for my teeth's gap to close?
Easy way to get my teeth white?In a week?
Nite White 22% ACP leaves my teeth patchy white?
my 12 yo cracks her jaw all the time?
My wisdom teeth are coming in... ?
What feature borders the occlusal table of a posterior tooth?
Is it possible i have TMJ?
Remove stains after braces?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
Is it normal to only have 3 premolars pulled?
tooth cracking. Need some help just understanding.?
My daughter is 2 and she still hasnt 2 out of her 4 top front teeth come in, she has a gap between the 2 which?
Why are my gums purple ?
Please help my tooth hurt but no holes?
Can my broken retainer be glued?
i'm thinking of getting invisible braces, however is it posible to pay in instalments rather than all at once?
how do you get whiter teeth when you have braces on?
what is the possibility my tooth is dead?
When will I get my braces off?
Throbbing horrible tooth pain?!?
What can we do if we don't have money for the dentist?
Do dentist needles make your tounge and throat go numb?
hi i have a palatal expander?
Teeth misaligned overnight -- significant overjet?
How often to people survive brain tumors?
plz answer this really hurts?
stomach cancer?
I have two teeth that are a little pushed in and you can notice them when I smile. Is there an alternative to?
Is there any way besides waiting?
What is the effect of the drug Sertonin in cancer treatment?
Is it illeagal for a doctor to write a script for premarin with out a mamogram ??
What do I do about this tooth?? It's making my jaw close crooked, and it hurts a little?
What does ciggartte smoking do to to your surroundings?
theres a hole in my tooth...?
How long do retainers hurt?
whats the life expectancy of a person with leukemia taking gleevec?
TYpe of doctor that does tmj surgery?
What would a dentist do with a tiny cavity?
You've heard of lip lock what about braces lock?
Is it fine to remove a medicated pad if the time has passed for the dentist to remove it?
I felt something rough with my tongue on one of my front teeth.?
with me having sickle cell trait is it possible for me to endure pain in my joints?
What is the chance of getting breast cancer?
my granny has good health insurance through chrysler, and medicare part a, which is hospitalization.?
How do I get rid of my fear of guys?
Always feel like im falling backwards?
Interesting question About ADHD?
What do you do when your in a bad mood?
telling a therapist your gonna hurt someone?
When people find out I have depression, they are nice but then slowly slip away?
Will I get addicted to Valium if I take 5mg every few days?
what are some more common causes of ptsd?
When will my gaps close in my teeth with braces?
Toothpaste causing canker sores?
who invented the tooth brush?
Will my ortho take this out?
coincedence of cavity?
We did not find results for: Anyone know if good dental plans in Virginia for my kids and myself?.?
WOuld you need both bottom and top braces to fic an overbite?
how long does it take an antibiotic to work for a tooth ache?
where can you find a family dentist that cover a medical?
How will my teeth be fixed?
braces?? pictures included?
Scared to get wisdom teeth out?
I have a really bad cavity how to I get it to stop hurting?
people who click their dentures...?
if a tooth is broken under a bridge ,can the bridge be saved?
My Temporary filling fell out. help?
i have braces and i'm getting them removed in less than a month?
What is causing tooth pain in my rtop right tooth ? Thank You.?
It's my first time giving oral...?
Why is the arch behind my righ tonsil sore?
I just got my first cavity and I need a filling. What should I expect?
Do orthodontist make a good salary?
Would a teeth bleaching kit work on thin teeth?
How do i muscle maintain in the offseason?
i want to take a break from lifting for sports. What do I do?
how can i exercise my arms well ?
does salt make you gain weight?
how many calories?
slimquick diet pills for woman?
How fast can I get skinny?
help me?..?
10 points!?
muscle building and fat burning tips?
how can i lose....?
What Can I Do??!?
Can i take Craetine Monohydrate with glucose ?And how much time before ur workout its more effective.?
is cinnamon good for my body?
Healthy Weight Loss?
How Much Should A 5ft, 14 Year Old Girl Weigh??
how can i tone up and look leaner. what is the best way?
please help me!!!!?
How much would a cartilage piercing hurt (link)?
Can I get braces with damaged enamel?
If a tooth has a hole in it,does it necessary mean it's a really bad cavity?
how long did you have to wear braces?
why do my teeth get sore when smoking weed?
All about retainers :D?
My Dentist keeps saying I have Cavities?
Jaw problem help sounds?
So I don't have health insurance, or a lot of money. What am I supposed to do if my gums are bleeding?
what is the best electric toothbrush to prevent gum recession?
Wisdom Teeth. And Dry Socket questions.?
What is this??? Should I be concerned?
What's the fastest way to mess up my teeth?
can you wear grillz or gold caps if you already have a retainer glued on your teeth?
how do i get my teeth clean again?
Pain behind my molars?
Is this what you would consider a "broken bracket"?
advice please? :) :) :) :)?
Do I have a problem with my gums?
can you help with teeth problems ?
Can one use baking Soda to whiten teeth if they have a fixed retainer?
Lymph is moved by : (Pls. let me know the best choice from below)?
What are the current protocols ot the Pittsburgh Children's Institute?
Do people who have cancer ( diagnosed or undiagnosed), find it difficult to excercise?
Thyroid cancer?
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia?
get some information about treatment?
is there anything to consume which will increase body mass?
List two problems that the growth causes for cells.?
Aspirin - can it cure cancer?
What are the pros and cons of radation therapy for leukemia?
cna a doctor visually tell if specimen is cancer?
I went for a lung mass biospy. I work tomorrow and am supposed to call at 2 pm for results. I don't know if
a question from my sister?
How long a peson who has adenom carcinoma stage 3 will live?
Where should I go to get screened for skin cancer?
What symptoms or problems may result from the destruction of endoctrine glands in the neck due to radiotherapy
Restriction Breathing?Slight Tickle?
Ever since a traumatic event at school (6months ago) I've had depersonalization - Help me please?
How have your lifestyle change since finishing high school?
how did paxil work for you?
Depression and Appetite?
i dont know if they are panic attacks... how do i stop them?
I constantly worry about everything and all i do is think about it.?
what can happen to someone who has amotivational syndrome?
I've been depressed for two days now, I want to go out and do something exciting, but it's very late?
When In A Dream, What Does It Mean When You A "Very Powerful"?
Is it bad to use crest white strips twice a day if it tells you to use them once?
Bumps on the roof of my mouth?
Sensitivity 1.5 weeks after a filling? Worried about flying.?
dog chewed up retainer? do i absolutly need to spend so much money and buy a new one?
tooth hurts when its cold?
will gingivitis go away after i get my braces removed ?
A "bubble" on my gum has appeared overnight. What is it?
My teeth is moving. Help?
I had wisdom teeth pulled almost 1 month ago,1 on top I have leaking into my mouth from sinus?
Regarding The Teeth...?
White-ish stuff growing on the inside of my lip, any help?
Why does everything taste different after brushing my teeth?
Its difficult to floss in between my teeth?
can i get a retainer instead of braces?
Where is the buccal cavity found?
I chew gum every single day! How to stop?
is it a cavity or not?
What to major in for dental school (please read)?
help worried about wisdom teeth extraction holes?
Does getting 5 baby teeth pulled out hurt?
Can teeth be sharpened when they are too flat?
What should I do if the heel of my feet hurt?
"Regular aerobic exercise gives an individual more endurance"is a sentence that shows cause and effect
Help with losing weight, especially in the chest area?
How much should....... Please help?
best cardio to thin legs?
I'm a man weighting 70kg right now...And, I wanna gain weight as fast as possible. My goal is to reach 82kg,
is there a way????
nice workout plan?
whats better for abs, crunches or situps?
how many bottles of .5L (water) i must drink to get 90oz?
pain on inside of cheek of mouth help please!!?
Banded teeth are grey around the edges?
i got a mouth gaurd thing to use while i sleep so i dont grind my teeth?
How to get rid of sore gums?
Can you kiss with expander and braces?
Wisdom Teeth Still Swollen!?!?
I need some dental work becuase it is vary expensive in usa ,so any body know any good dental clinic in mexico?
I just got rubber bands for my braces?
Will the dentist be able to tell i smoked once and once only in a lifetime. The dentists appointment is 2 days?
I am not sure if I have a cavity?
One of my canine teeth is becoming flat, how do i get it sharper?
this is a dental question...?
I still have milk teeth at 33 why is this?
how neem extract and pine bark whould be used for parodontal pockets?
will decalcification in my teeth ruin my image or appearance?
what do they do at the dentist?
How do you clean the invisible retainers?!?
Bottom braces question?
How hard is it to become a dentist?
What is it like to....?
Where to get free or low cost or sliding scale dental work done near santa clarita ca need major work done....?
Help with infected gums ( w/ braces) ?
Does TMJ ever go away on its own?
major crooked teeth... is there anyway with out getting braces?
my teeth! please help me?!!!?
[Braces] Wearing 2 Rubberbands? [QUICK-10-POINTS]?
How can I make my invisalign less shiny?
I really want braces?
My retainer wont come out! How do i do it?
Is it okay if I only take out my retainer for 7 hours a day?
Plus White 5 Minute Whitening OR Crest WhiteStrips?
My tooth is in a lot of pain.?
I just have 4 wisdom teeth extracted in 1 shot...I know right.?
What type of braces does Medicaid cover? Spacers and braces at the same time?
my teeth are rotten and need pulled, what can i do about the black spots on my teeth where enamel is missing?
I'm afraid to go to the dentist. Please help.?
dentists/ dental students............?
Do you think my dentist will write me a script for pain meds for my toothache?
Where can I find dental help in Charlotte for Students with low income?
What Should I Do? Please, Help?
Teeth whitening baking soda?
How to get rid of plaque?
Are there any mints or chewing gums that whiten teeth?
What does preventive, restorative, oral surgery-simple mean when talking about dentists?
Did I dislocate my jaw?
Got cut in the back of my mouth from braces, i put wax put how do you cure the cut ? 10PTS?
whats is the purpose of wisdom teeth?
I think i have mania, but not sure what to say to my GP.?
How do I stay focused?
Could I possibly have ADD?
my memory loss is getting worse?
Can you help, My wife is on 150mg Effexor and has been for 12 years, is it safe?
how can I get rid of depression or make it better?
Cyste or abces on my tail bone? PAINFULL?
Could removing a Portacath be harmful?
what kind of green tea is a good fat burner?
was this a good dinner??
how can i loose about 5-6 pounds in 4 weeks?
Should i take whey protein?
weight issues)=!!!!?
calorie counting?
I am 13 years old and weigh 88lbs is that healthy or not?
do you think i am fat?
I need to build muscles?
I need a flat stomach by the 25th of April. Any help?
Do I need to sweat to lose weight?
does this sound like a 200 calorie snack??
a good Vegetarian Diet ?
Weight loss question?
So whats more important in a diet? the calories or the calories from fat? whats the difference?
i am 17 and have started to take whey protein.?
Teenage Workout Question?
If I lose weight too fast will I lose a substantial amount of muscle even though I'll be muscle training?
what does atypical glandular cells mean after having an abnormal pap smear?
healthy weight?
diet and vitamin questions....?
testicular stones?
How can I lose just a little bit of weight?
Please help me?
OK Why is it that when i eat a lot i don't gain weight, but if my friend does, she gains weight?
two scales, different numbers. which one is right?
Is It Safe To Stop Eating All Carbs ?
how much estimated weight would i loose if...?
Health difference in Bread?
Am I a healthy weight?
New experimental med. for shrinking brain tumors? Have you heard of it? How would one get permission to try?
is it possible that chili peppers may reduce the growth of prostate cancer?
cancer prevention or treatment?
soccer training?
Are iced teas or juice still good to drink while on a diet?
I've been doing crunches?
Opinion on article about diamond ingestion?
Tonsilitis? helppp :(?
Questions to REAL Dentists - What type of brand of toothpaste...?
What is the material that forms from plaque and cannot be removed from the teeth with normal brushing?
How do i get my braces off?
what are those bumps you get on your toungue?mothers often refer to them as lie bumps?
I have wisdom tooth broken.in unbearable pain.the ER refused me. i hve no money or insurance. what do i do bes?
are my wisdom teeth coming in?
does milk make your teeth whiter?
How long do you think i need braces for? (D)?
I changed dentist why does the new need my x-rays from previous dentist.?
what color braces should a 21 year old get?
Got my retainer today, hurts really bad, can't go back, what should I do? ASAP?
tooth hurts extremely bad...?
Can someone explain how does professional teeth whitening work?
Why did I suddenly get salty saliva?
need dental help fast!?
can you grind up teeth and snort them to get high?
What can be done to be less fearful of the dentist?
a permanent crown popped off when I was trying to remove something from my teeth. Can I fix this myself?
Is it normal?!? (Dentistry)?
Where can I find out if I have a brain abscess for free?
Got a swollen lip from canker sore?
Need dentist willing to accept payments without applying for credit in Carson, CA?
why does my tooth ache?
Which hurts more, getting a filling or a crown?
How to relieve pain from "spacers"?
My dentist says I should take off my braces now.?
I have a gum abscess that is expanding rapidly...?
How can i remove a rubber band from my throat?
Should I go under for getting wisdom teeth out?
Should I be scared for braces?
is it ok to use peroxide after you get a tooth pulled?
root canal helppppppppppppp ?
Is getting a mold for a retainer that bad?
my daughter is 14 and needs braces, i was told she has to have 4 wisdom teeth pulled out and 4 regular pulled?
What Color is your toothbrush?
Can a dentist tell if you smoke only when you drink?
I have a sore on the roof of my mouth right in back of my front teeth?
Will headgear speed the time of my braces treatment?
what is a dental point?how do we count them?
Best way to pull a baby tooth which is rotten? =/?
what is the advantage of a bridge vs an implant?
dentist appt this morning at 9?
if your body needs nutrients to survive then.. Cant we just take vitamins to survive?
What do you think would be people's diet 25,000 years from now?
how much would i lose eating 500 calories per day for a month...without excercising?
How much can I lose in a week?
Hoodia Gordonii is the latest in weight loss. comment?
Help me to like myself...?
What is a good 1 week fitness program with emphasis on group work. I am 35 and a body builder.?
jessica alba fitness?
are weight gain supplements safe to use?
Did I eat good today?
Why is this?
alli diet pills/ or hoodia?
Weightloss Buddy?
about how many calories did i burn; details inside?
Am I really overweight ?
any one use velform sauna belt?
can i use an exercise ball instead of a bench for shoulder presses?
How'd I eat for today?
help me please! im soo fat.?
About Working out......?
Do gym employees get to use the gym for free?
My thighs?
Is this good workout?
define akathisia and give a clinical example related to psychiatry?
can my doctor help me out today?
Would you stay with a bi polar pregnant woman(now fiance)?
I cant control my brain it automatically makes my heart race?
Anxitey? a bad reaction? help me!?
Hey, peeps with eating disorders?
how does alcoholism effect chemotherapy for breast cancer?
question about catatonia?
Question about WHITE COUNT.....I have been having a elavated white count for a while now.?
People with eating disorders...?
I don't enjoy going to sleep?
how do you let people know that your a counter-dependent narcissist?
Is this part of the schizophrenia?
Anyone ever heard of neck pain only when walking or laying down. Have had this for 2 months now.?
i got a permanent retainer and a removable retainer?
Is my gingivitis getting worse?
Is it normal to get shaky whilst at the dentist?
Does smelling your breath alot kill you. im scared?
wisdom teeth out and hard lump on jaw?
Cavity fillings and process?
Please help! There is a bump on my gums?
Is it normal to have yellow teeth?
why is my tooth turning brown?
Is my wisdom tooth coming in?
Sudden swelling of the gums?
Does dental insurance cover the cost of getting a cavity filled?
Why aren't my teeth white? Are there any whitening products that actually work?
How to pull a molar tooth ?
How long is it until I am in the clear from getting a dry scoket?
I don't get it. Literally my teeth are falling apart why? Any Dentists online?
Can anybody snap their tongue?
Jaw creaks when I open it or chew?
How Many Teeth Out Until Braces!?
Do braces hurt? If so how long?
help about braces! please help!?
Baby teeth don't think it's ritht?
On my Pre-Op sheet for my wisdom teeth removal, it says not to smoke tobacco ten days prior to the surgery..?
What are some easy way to whiten your teeth?
I need help really really bad with crazy glue?
How long do braces usually hurt for?
levo-sugars and tooth decay?
what are the different types of dentists?
Did i dislocate my jaw?
Can you get your teeth proffesionally cleaned with braces still on?
I am 13 and a tooth that was suppost to come out when I was 8 is coming out now?
Minor getting wisdom teeth extracted?
can someone please help me with this dental?
i had a dream my teeth were falling out on the side of my mouth where i gride my teeth alot.?
What are good colors for braces if you're a guy?
blood clot after tooth extraction?
How long will my gums stay swollen after having my wisdom teeth pulled?
What are some good teeth whitening kits?
parotid papilla help?
If u have it should u pull all your teeth at once?
How come i have 2 hairline cracks on 2 of my bottom teeth?
Teeth question? can u get just a plate from the dentist to straighten your teeth instead of getting braces?
How can I knock my own tooth out?
What to do about blisters on the inside of my cheek?
Why am I still feeling so much pain a month after getting wisdom teeth out?
Where should I go after dental school?
Early period after i started to take slimming pills...is it normal???
is my bodyfat right 4 a 14 year old?
How can you tell if your skin is healthy?
can you overdose on fruits and vegetables?
Do you have abs?
i need to get really fit in a short?
where can i find diet plans for a 13 year old?
how much should i weight at five foot five for a dancer?
how long would it take me to lose 40 lbs?
does the wu-long weight loss tea work?
now my weight is 90kg. i want to lose my weight.how i can lose my weight?
Anyone know a good free UK calorie counter?
protien shakes?
Am I On The Right Track?
how to loose 30 pounds?
What's causing the pain in my shoulder? and what can I do about it?
Can't stop thinking about regrets?
How do i get over being scared of death?
how can i get rid of my OCD help please:(!<3?
Is what I'm feeling normal? Is it just an after effect?
I am so desperate for someone to love me - is that so bad?
should i seek help????????
depression recovery stories..before and after?
How do I convince my father that I cannot sleep at all?
Will children with behaviour problems benefit from being taught using the montessori method?
Am i depressed and im 14?
mum has depression what can i do!?
i need help with info on how to pay for my meds1LOVENOX,myinsur only covers some i will need 700$ more i,m di
what r signs of brest cancer?
does soda cause bone cancer?
Anyone have a tumor that did not show up during a barium x ray?
lung cancer back?
can a bartholin cyst turn into cancer?... how can it be turned to cancer?...?
Question about stage 4 bone cancer?
I am participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life May 11-12in Pinellas Park, FL .?
how do hedgehogs catch cancer?
Has anyone ever been cured from cancer in the esophagus?
Does anyone have health issues from their tour in Iraq?
I need mad homwork help!!!?
Is teeth whitening gay?
I am constantly touching my lips, biting them, and picking the skin off with my fingers and teeth.?
Small cut on my gums?
I recently received a Dental Skin Graft from my dentist...?
Do you think i have bad teeth? (pics included)?
Helppp ! My permanent retainer (10 points)?
White, 'egg' like stuff forms in my mouth with braces?
Gum problem after tooth got pulled out?
i have braces and i had white rubber band and they turned yellow?
How much hydrogen peroxide is in Scope White?
i chiped my left side back molar and its kinda hurting now?
Why wisdom tooth extraction in Ukraine costs $150 and in USA - $700-$1000?
My kids teeth won't grow?
Is brushing with two types of toothpast and mouth wash twice a day good or bad?
How do i make my gums bigger?
Can dry socket dressing easily come out ? I mean I only notice it coming out when I eat, so when I am done I?
I have food stuck in my wisdom extraction socket?
okay so i need a dentist?
Can I just walk into a dentists office to get help?
Cavity Help!! Any way to fix/regenerate them? Do I have to drill and add filling?!?
how long does a temporary tooth filling last?
Tooth surgery - hot/cold compress?
how can i make mouthwash with chlorhexidine at home?
why does my jaw click?
Is baking soda mixed with table salt better for brushing teeth than toothpaste?
A teeny tiny piece of my temporary tooth broke off, I think I swallowed it...?
Braces Elastic Ligature Helpp ? D:?
I have a hole in my tooth.?
Teeth Whitening Tips?
what could be causing my gums to do this?
i lost my retainers and my dentist said it would be 600 dollars to replace?
Tooth extraction post game advice!!!!?
Weird thing wrong with tooth?
Does a root canal hurt?
how long will it take for 2 vicodin to get out of my system?
Is it possible for my tooth to completely deteriorate down to the silver filling?
what are the most effective and easy products for whitening teeth?
How to make braces stop hurting?
Teeth still growing at 20 or not?
When will the pain go??HELP!?
I have a canine tooth that is really high up and want it pulled!?
I get my braces put on Monday. How long will this take?
what if you did pay for dentures because they appeared to look good in the low lighted office and once you got?
i just got my braces on yesterday and they dont hurt to much, its the eating part thats killing me.. help?
how to heal canker sores and the roof of the mouth?
Only 3 of my teeth hurt but i have a fear that ill get to dentist and he will tell me i need to remove all my?
Will it be safe using 0.5kg ankle weights 3 times a week for jogging?
how many crunches do I haveto do?
Tips on how to lose my stomach...?
Weight controversy! Is this even healthy??
Is it possible to go from a buff to lean body type?
does jar king off stop your growth and what s the relationship be ween your shoe size and your height?
When im on a DETOX diet, will this mean that i only can drink liquids? Is it possible to do this for 3 months?
is this diet, eating light?
if you eat 1000 cals. a day and burn 600 working out. how much weight can u lose?
how build muscle?
what foods are good for getting buff?
How many calories in bite size hersheys?
Does anyone know any exercises to help bulid muscle in the neck?
why does running on the treadmill hurt so bad?
My psychiatrist has given me a provisional diagnosis of Bipolar. Do I need to tell my school?
do you think this is normal?
Im so scared to sleep, please help me!?
I took a valium (5mg) 2 hours ago, and just took 3 panadol (500mg paracetamol): Is this okay?
What's the safest way to cut my wrists?
I need to get my wisdom teeth removed!?
What was it that spit out after gargling astring o sol? beige colored and looking like a plaque?
Do I have Gingivitis?
What causes occasional pain in the roof of your mouth when you?
Calling all Dentists?
Why do i always have ulcers?
What is the fastest way to reduce swelling after getting my wisdom teeth removed?
can acid reflux hurt your teeth and how bad?
my left back tooth hurts...I had wisdom ones removed....?
Is it possible for someone who has no teeth to have infection in their gums?
Will Braces Work For Me? I Want Straight Teeth.?
I liked my teeth before braces?
What could this bump be: Its a swollen red bump with a black dot in the center of it, in my mouth.?
Is it bad not to get your braces tightend ?
I have to go to the dentist for a basic cleaning?
when braces are about to come off... ?
How do i get fresh breath naturally?
What teeth brush AND tooth paste is the best one to use to make your teeth white?
can osteoporosis have different stage levels?
Could you tell me the publisher of this piece of literature. "Ackerman LV:Verrucous carcinoma of oral cavity."
Is there some place I can go to find help dealing with a spouse with lung cancer?
what is a hyaline in pathology?
When do you requst a liver biopsy when trying to dertmine if a lesion is cancerous or not ?
Lump on lymph gland...size of ping pong ball?
Has anyone beaten breast cancer? how?
What are the statistics on survival on spleen removal due to cancer?
why is it that patients always delayed in seeking for medical help?
What is the best liquid for your liver?
I recentlyhad a blood screen and these two areas came back abnormal. What are they? ESR(MM/HR) and RA screen?
my belly sticks out....?
how can i get rid of heart burn fast?
how to lose 20 pounds in three month?
help me lose 15 lbs?
I exercise reg & don't eat alot of sweets.Lately after meals I'm immediately craving sweets. Anyone know why?
do you think im fat?
does energy drinks really work?
How to lose weight quickly and effectively?
Whats the best way to loose weight? other than eat healthy?
lower ab fat. and body fat %?
Question about body fat?
5'4 145lbs+alli=?
Can very high repetitions be bad?
im 13 years old and im only 135 centimetres. thats the height of a 9 year old do any of you know why this is?
Will speed walking bulk thighs?
work out question?
need to gain!?
What are some foods that have protien in them?
how can i loose 2 popunds through exercise at home?
How fast would you lose weight if...?
How much will you lose?
good work out plan?
how can i make myself be able to??
What sorts of behaviors would you use to minimize boredom or distract from or eliminate the symptoms of dement?
Most people feel depressed at some time in life. Are there people who never feel depressed?
Are people who never marry or have children usually mentally ill?
Are "dreams" impossible?
i feel very weird about hearing something...?
what is the exact name or diagnose for a cutter?
Even with bipolar disorder?
I get real bad Anxiety HELP ASAP!?
I'm 24 and everyone keeps telling me I have adult ADD. what do i do?
Will i be ok or will i need to do something?
Can a psychiatrist become a psychotherapist?
help i need to know, do i have OCD?
How do I stop people from controlling my mind?
has anyone tried these books for anxiety?
What are some questions to ask involving mental health / illness?
Team name for Cancer Walk???
Anyone here recieve Cladribine for hairy cell leukemia?
Degermed corn?
whats a good website where i can find a list of doctors in my area and that has patient reviews?
Did Turanoble fallout cause an increase in thyroid cancer for children living in the united states?
my friend has colon liver cancer age 67 started in cojon spread to liver skin ture yellow?
I have lymphoma cancer and stop itching can anyone tell me something to help me stop itching!!!!?
Anyone care to comment on Kevin Trudeau's books?
i got braces and they get stuck on my cheek help!!!!?
When to eat after molar extraction?
I have a crooked smile HELP?
HUGE sore in my mouth!!! HELP!?
Question about Crest white strips?
The end of my wire came out of my braces ?
what dentist do the dallas cheerleaders?
Can I gain experience with a dentist/doc?
My son lost his partial plate which has only one tooth.It is next to the front.?
Can I get a chipped tooth fixed?
What is the process of when a tooth drops?
iv had a tooth removed !?
When will my third wisdom tooth grow?
I'm getting a molar pulled soon and was wondering what the doctor will likely prescribe me after its out?
Will I be able to get braces?
Can getting teeth extracted on only the top teeth cause jaw issues(teeth extrated for braces)?
does smelling your own breath kill you later in life?
Does lemon and salt mess up braces?
I know commercial tooth-whitening toothpastes are a joke. What is the best of the commercial brands?
Invisble insurance card?
Is dipping causing my teeth to fall out?
Quitting smoking grinding teeth?
Wisdom teeth..PAINFUL!?
I've had this stomach ache for 5 days now...?
side effects from cymbalta?
what is the exact name or diagnose for a cutter?
Will i be ok or will i need to do something?
I need help with a health and mental issue?
How do i eat right?
Best suppliments to increase energy?
where can i get a killer ab workout? i'm already doing cardio, i just want to tone it up =)?
drinking power juice for muscles , and working out ?
workout routine?
Ok so I love monster and rockstar but im guessing caffine is bad for me cuz i get stomach cramps right after?
How can I loose weight quickly and keep it off?
Has anyone used ZyrtecD? Does it work?
how to lose weight fast?
Gym Entrance/ID card?
best way to bulk up yet stay cut for a 17 year old???
what is a good diet plan that dont cost a lot of money?
trying to lose 30 pounds...any good advice?
is this good?
Am I fat????
Does anyone have homeopathic treatments for late stage Chron's disease?
Do you think Multiple Myeloma can be cured by an allogenic transplant?
How much alcohol increases your risk for breast cancer?
Why 10 years ago cancer researchers?
o2 elements?
What does the term "pancarcinoma" mean? For example what is a pancarcinoma antigen?
Does anyone know the diagnostic code for: History of adenocarcinoma of the prostate?
NURSING CARE PLAN for thrombocytopenia?
Define dystrophin, discuss its normal function, and describe the diseases that arise when it’s abnormal.?
please read details below..............................?
how many lymph nodes are in an armpit?
What is the origin of the word 'cancer'.?
lump onlower breastbone.?
Would there be a chance that I would be at risk for Uterus Cancer?
can lexapro cause you to not sleep good?
Please tell how can i protect my mind ?
Not sure doctor helped with my depression?
My behaviour is becoming increasingly more Neurotic, why?
Question about mania caused by Effexor XR? Please help!?
How do you get someone you love put in a group home?
I just don't feel happy about myself anymore...?
mmmhm , outta control :|?
How bad are my eyes and could my eyes get worse in 3 months?
calories in grams....??
Weight Gain?
What Vitamins / Nutrients help you stay hydrated?
How much walking is enough?
is this good?
the name of the fitness exercise guy in the 90's on tv?
press ups biceps?
what do you think?
what is the best chinese dietary pill to eat to lose weight?
what juice do i use if i do juice fasting?
home excercises?
I dont know if I'm doing enough cardio?
Any ideas?
over eating???
Flax OiL??
vitamin B. HELP!!!?
Need to shed the winter weight!! any tips? that actually work!?
Does shaving increase the chance of getting skin cancer?
Suggestions for a stressed out friend?
Have you or anyone you know ever had chemotherapy prior to surgery for breast cancer?
How does low-fat diets reduce the risk of Cancer?
How do fruits and vegatables reduce your risk of cancer?
How many children are diagnosed with leukemia each year?
IMRT is it advisable to patients with brain tumor?
Constantly short of breath, lightheaded, occasional chest pain - Suggestions?
Has anyone been prescribed mirtazapine for depression? What were your experiences?
what would happen to me if i was put in a psychiatric hospital because of cutting ,depression ,suicidal thorts?
Any tricks to help get to sleep?
I think I'm a hypochondriac please help?
pls help...........................?
how can i lose 10 pounds in 1 month?
What are some easy techniques that you guys used to lose weight "without money".?
important weight loss question.?
suplaments to make me stronger for football?
Is it good idea to take Vitamins everyday???
Will I be able to tone up after doing this??
Is there an energy pill or capsule on the market? One without sugar?
guilty coz of eating too much food when on a diet?
What do stretching thighs do?
Would you get fat and lose muscles?
Dropping 20 pounds!!! How can I get started?
I eat alot, but I never gain weight why?
can i eat raw meat now!!!!?
When u sweat?
How long should i train on my running bike to lose 1000 cals? How many hours?
Lately I've been waking up every morning starving.?
Which is healthier?
How can a 13 year old boy get a very low % of boday fat but still keep his same % of muscle?
Is it possible to have 12 abs ?
Muscles question?
I suddenly grew popeye muscles?
Why I'm 5'3" tall?
Have a Loose adult tooth?
Which hurts more, getting a filling or getting teeth took out?
Who should I see about my jaw clicking?
What is the best precedure to replace a tooth without effecting the surrounding teeth or getting an implant?
Regardning Teeth Bleaching?
what should i not eat&drink with braces?
Can tooth root blunting heal (braces)?
My teeth are in serious pain Dx?
A Chipped tooth with discoloration?
Some is wrong with my gums. They're white/?!?!!?
I have bleeding gums, any ideas?
Is fluoride mouthwash good or bad for your teeth/gums?
I have braces on and im moving out of state. And i dont know what i need or wat to expect when i tranfer to ?
why can't i chew with my mouth open? help?
What if I brush my teeth 3 times in a row?
i got a root canal through an old crown , then charged for post and build up? is this right?
if my teeth are already straight but I have an overbite and a small gap do I need braces?
Are my wisom teeth coming through?
How long can a dental syringe be reused?
need help for whitening up boyfriends teeth?
whatever happened to Mentadent toothpaste I still have 2 Refillable empty pumps?
How can I stop chewing the inside of my mouth and reverse the subsequent lines around my mouth?
Throat Cancer?
Can i stay with my friend while he is getting chemo?
I have a one cell cancer on my Prostate. Had two bi-ops in 24 months?
Parentless children and their lives as adults.?
I'm scared about a thing that happen in movies and can't sleep at night,what do i do?
What are the chemical imbalances during pschosis?
I suspect a friend of mine is repeatedly lying?
Question about mental illness and difficulty in relationships?
Would it be wise to start my escitalopram again im feeling depressed?
I just don't know what to do anymore?
110 pounds 12 times=what for max?
Detox diet?
I'm an African American male, age 22, weight 300, and i'm only 5'5. How many calories should I intake daily?
anybody know a surefire way to gain weight? leading me to any diet websites would be preferred?
What kind of exercise can i do to reduce my waist line?
what is best work out to trim down the thighs?
if i starve myself wil i lose weight?
Hey im working on getting nice abs but i'm not sure what kind of diet i should be eating?
I need some advice on whitening my teeth?
How much to fix chipped tooth without ?
Tooth abscess popped. Help?
Do I need braces ? ( picture included )?
canker sore, and now a toothache?
Wisdom teeth surgery?
i have the worst toothache !!?
does blue sheild athem cover or partly cover the cost of Invisalign braces?
Please help! Ball under jaw?
Help with...Bad Breath?
Hi, the other day i got a bad baby teeth pulled, the dentist told me it was probably a baby tooth cuz the?
I have a question for orthodontists?
questions about a broken retainer?
Does brushing down your gums and gumline push out plaque?
What is a odontoma and a supernumerary bud? is removal very painful?
can i still wear retainers even if iv been slacking to wear them?
whitening teeth.....slobber?
Why are my teeth so sensitive to candy like reeses and snickers but this never used to be so?
im getting valium and demerol b4 my wisdom teeth surgery.. is the demerol putting me to sleep? please help?
Do you have to get a root canal or extraction after a tooth abcess?
How is Kerstin Fritzel and her family todate.?
Why my tooth is doubled?
I sweat a lot in meetings when others attention is on me. Why so.?
My lower right 2nd molar is slightly cutting into my tongue, what can I do?
Horrible Toothache. Waiting for insurance to kick in?
What is the best way to get white teeth?
why does my mouth smell bad after tooth extraction?
How long does wisdom teeth pain last?
will it look weird with veneers on only the two front teeth?
i cant smile anymore and its affecting my life! what can i do?
why do they call the teeth in the back of your mouth wisdom teeth ?
Fear of tooth falling out inducing strange feelings?
What foods cant I eat when I get teeth pulled?
what do braces feel like?
Im getting teeth extracted soon and I was wondering does it hurt? Will there be a hole where the tooth was?
My wisdom teeth are growing in and they are Irritating!?
How to get my teeth whiter in a day?
can i using dettol in mouth?
I have toothaches all the time in my back teeth mostly on my right side?
Where should I turn to with my tooth problem?
Spacers coming off,what to expect on my second Ortho appt?
How can you get rid of this taste?
I woke up with my lower back teeth swollen but I have braces is that normal?
Why do some people practice good oral hygiene and still have bad teeth?
What are the childhoods of transgender children like?
What do do about a too witty,too sarcastic and self focused, but good friend? keep my distance still?
What are some experiences that can result in loss and grief?
My looks are never enough...?
does anyone know where i can get a diet plan from?
abs by summer?
would you do this to a kid if he didnt pay ya back 2 bucks he owes you?
Depressed, and confused?
Why do ALL the diet plans sign up celebrities and pay them ??
PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!! {WILL Pick Best Answer!!=]}?
Should i take weight gainer?
Help! I think I have OCD!?
Will i be able to go for morning runs???
how can i make myself more angry?
Why is my mum so crazy?
Sleep paralysis - what is it really?
healthy snacks??
workout routine?
how much steroids does your own body make?
Please help.....Me!!?
how many calories?
iam working out, sholud i take amino acid or protein ??
please tell me if this would help me lose weight?
Strength Building Workout Routine?
Any Comments?
health issues?
bio/diet question?
Any advice for my teeth?
Help! I think I swallowed my cracked tooth.?
Can wisdom tooth removal cause post nasal drip?
Is this a cavity? What should I do?
Is it possible to accidentally push wisdom teeth back into the gums?
Why is this gap between my teeth back?
can you get a cross bite in your 20's?
does lingual braces really work?
Dry socket question? Please help!?
What could the large lump on my gum be?
my chipped tooth grew back?
Is hydrogen peroxide safe for a child's growing teeth?
I'm having tooth aches (upper)....?
Why is my breath through my nose(and mouth) bad?
If you get a cavity, will that tooth inevitably fall out at an old age?
Do you think I need braces?
Can I double the rubberbands for braces to speed up the process?
why are my teeth like this?
Braces? Helppp me please!!!!!! I dont knoww.?
braces, brackets discoloring?
What is the best teeth whitener?
i always have to be chewing on something?
How can you remove your own braces?
what is hpv? what is SIL?
wat are the steps for treating breast cancer?
gallbladder removal?
Crown After Root Canal?
Recovered Bulimic, teeth question..?
can i drink hot chocolate with braces on?
antibiotic for tooth?
How to get white teeth?
Mouth turning pale white?? Cancer? Bad Infection?
Tooth knocked back. Severe pain and bleeding.?
What are the cure for tooth arch.?
help Anyone know wear I can get free dental care here in Sacramento?
only one part of my gum is swollen and is slightly receding?
I swallowed some wire from my braces?
will there be novicane?!?!?
My teeth hurts.help me please it killing me!?
How can I get braces?
Do spring retainers straighten teeth?
Is there a certain age you have to be to use baking soda on your teeth?
After two antibiotics given within a 6 weeks period I still have a hard pus socket under my molar?
what do you do with a numb mouth?!?
my teeth have been yellow since i was about 8 years old im 40 now.?
anyone have their eye teeth pulled down from your gums by chains?
Where can you get a Tooth Tunes toothbrush?
Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effect question?
Whitening teeth with peroxide?
Need muscle help... Whey protein way?
any body take MORPH a muscle inhancer.?
im paralyzed, how can i loose weight?
Six Pack in a couple of months? Please help me out guys!?
Is there a pill you can take to give you motivation?
Whats the best thing I can take legally.....?
Is there a tasteless protein powder to mix with drinks?
diet plan help plz?
serious eating help!!!!!!?
what is my ideal weight??
Mon:Chest/Shoulders/Tris,Tues:Rest,Wed:Legs/Abs,Thurs:Rest,Fri: Back/Bicep,Weekend:Rest..good routine or not?
What's more attractive? A guy who is skinny or a guy who is a little overweight.?