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Whats a good color for braces im gettin braces soon and im not sure what color is good?
Do you think i can run with retainers on?
I'm 14 and still have 4 baby teeth!?
Can invisaligns fix a misaligned jaw?
do you have any dental care background?
How do you treat a swollen roof of a mouth?
Can I cut off the wires of my braces?
Is dry mouth a couple days after having the flu normal?
How much would Damon Braces be for a 13 year old (average)?
How to Fade the Color of Your Braces?
Tooth and gum pain question?
Im not happy with my smile because of my teeth and would like to know what I can do to make them look better.?
Do cavity fillings have to be redone?
I Got This Tender Small Bump On The Gum?
What kind of braces do i have?
my dentist says i should get braces?
Who is entitled to perform a wisdom tooth surgery?
After removing tooth how many days should pass to set NEW TOOTH?
Help! I can get my fingernail behind my crown?
toothache after filling?
why does the mandibular 1st molar have 2 roots and the maxillary 1st molar have 3 roots?
Does anybody have some advise.. My Mom is 68 and is very sick with Lymphoma and a shouler that needs replacing
Pontine Brain Tumors?
My tryst with cancer - how would you describe me? serious answers please.?
This thing called Olympia Fat Loss Gadget Massager, does it really help you lose fat?
How do I exercise when I can barely breathe?
whats the best core workout?
What is a good high protein breakfest?
losing weight in 2 weeks?
help please?
I want to grow muscles?
if i eat 1500 calories a day & do a M.O.S workout dvd for 1hr&15mins three times a week, will i lose weight?
Eating more to lose weight!?
Ab Issues?
how many months does it take for my body to become cut and muscular???
I can't lose weight for nothing, tell me how this is?
help me!!! diet diet diet diet diet im a fatty?
looking for a specific diet? anyone know of one similiar to this?
Does anyone know how absolutelythin.com works? I'd like to try it, but I can't figure it out.?
do they have a website like this for teens 13-15?
does anyone?
I am 11 and weigh 93 ponds am i fat?
How do I get into this kind of shape?
lose weight fast?!?
am i fat???
Should I go on an all liquid diet???
What do you think?
I had a tooth extraction 3 days today, I have sport today should i participate or sit out?
i have a false tooth, can i still whiten my teeth?
What should I do with 3 broken teeth and no insur?
Braces/Retainers Question! Why did the dentist add wires to my bottom row of teeth?
What happens wen you rinse your mouth with mouthwash with alcohal wen you get your monroe ?
Getting wisdom teeth removed plus more?
I chipped some enamel off the bottom of my tooth.?
what is the best teeth whitening tooth paste?
Should My Tooth Hurt 10 days after Crown?
will smoking weed 2 days before a wisdom teeth removal mess with the anesthesia?
How long does it take to get rid of bad breath?
I lost a tooth with a filling in it not the filling the whole tooth and do I have to get it pushed back in?
Teeth super sensitive to sugar?
Tooth Growing Behind another?? PLEASE IM FREAKING OUT.?
Wisdom teeth + dissolvable stitches question. Please help?
2nd attempt at a filling hurts when i chew please help!?
Is there something worng with me? WHat?
It's christmas eve and I feel really depressed again, why does this happen at this time of year. I feel alone.?
Can I buy Focus Fast in Australia?
My mom calls me fat constantly.?
is this unhealthy??????
People who have taken Sodium valproate (epilim) for epilepsy& bi polar disorder, what was your experience?
How bad is drinking for a 17 year old?
im 14, and bored of my life..?
Chest x-ray, at hospital?
My Fillings went from Smooth to Rough in a few days?
Is it normal for which a filling tooth has fallen out to hurt there?
My tooth in the front is turning blue what can I do about this?
Permanent yellow spots on two of my teeth?
so when i get my braces off they dont take the glue off?
I am 13 and i have 28 teeth and i have another moler coming in. is that normal?
so i recently got my teeth pulled out and now i will take two more pills than i normally take for the pain?
Can having a toothache cause your ear to hurt?
What kind of white strips are best for me?
why do i have a tooth that is growing out of my gums and i have one that s starting to come out the roof?
My teeth are hurting so bad its senstive to hot and cold ? please answer pleas Help!?
Is it normal for a retainer to do this?
Can lip biting cause a cyst?
Once my wisdom teeth came in they pushed my other teeth together.?
Having molar teeth out. Does it hurt?!?
I'm really sick of the orthodontist, what should I do?
best toothpaste for gingivitis?
My 5month old is starting to teeth. whats the best thing to do to sooth his pain.?
how in the heck does having poor oral hygiene lead to health risks?
Surgery to fix two slightly un-straight teeth?
Is it possible to purposefully stain dental crowns?
Why is that sometimes only retainers are used to straighten teeth rather than braces?
How to get rid of the pain of Orthidontic Spacers?!?!?!?!?
Could I bleach dentin if the enamel was absent?
Can spitting a lot dehydrate you?
How do i become a dentist?
What kind of metal do porcelain fused to metal dental crowns contain?
Im scared can i die from root canal im twenty?
gum pain no teeth and puss pockets?
How do you grow your gums back from forms of gingivitis?
What is the contact solution that comes with Acuvue Oasys?
Are retainers really necessary after you have had your braces removed? If so, how long must you wear them?
Another braces question......................?
is teeth whitening safe after expiration date?
Help with a cavity? Not sure if I have one?
Donate blood 26 hours before having teeth pulled?
Is it ok not to go to orthodontist when you have braces already?
Would it be safe for my teeth to do this....?
Can I get my tooth drilled if I don't need it ?
Is it possible for my dentist to fix my chip with braces on?
If there is dentist on please help!?
How many wires can a orthodontist put on your braces because i just got both wires on today?
Where can I buy Jerusalem Balsam?
Is anyboday taking the supplment zeolite? Is it dangerous for your body?
is there evidence that links diet to cancer?
skin MD.COM?
radiofrequency ablation stage four lung cancer tumour size 7 cm Enyone had that kind of treatment on lungs?
How can I get more support raising money for Leukemia and Lymphoma?
Do you think cancer rates are increasing or decreasing, and, how confident are you in your answer?
My friend is cutting herself and is depressed... who should I tell/what should I do?
Do many of you schizophrenics work still?
what is the best way to tone down my calves?
I heard that cognitive behaviour therapy can cure nervous disorders?
Does anyone even believe in the Tabula Rasa?
how can i lose fat...?
Drinking alot of water??
can i rejoin british army after medical discharge? discharge was due to Post tramatic stress disorder.?
weight gain?
how can you gain weight??
what's the best website to buy a bench press on online?
my little brother?
I am 16, 6' 4", 150lbs. i am a stick. What would be a good overall workout?
how can i lose wait(or diet) fast and gain muscle quick????
bench press is 185 pounds for 6 reps. is that good for age?
Why do I hate to see people happy and to be happy?
how to deal with my feelings caused by stress, depression and anxiety? also help with trichotillomania?
How do I approach this with my doctor?
dealing with the loss of a child when already suffering depression?
how to get rid of swollen gums?
Any reason not to get a full metal crown?
What whitens yellow teeth you were born with?
when you get braces tightened is it just the tight pain all over again?
why does my lip hurt so much?
I have straight teeth and everything, but...?
baby orajel overdose?
had a root canal monday, now i have questions?
If a 3 year old toddler loses a canine tooth, is it a big deal?
Does this ever happen to you when you brush your teeth (read details)?
Does laughing gas help when getting cavities filled?
How do you get 'Dry Sockets'?
My left side of my mouth is super sensitive to cold?
I have an absces in the inside of my bottom lip how do i get rid of it?
one of my teeth looks has changed?
How long can a chipped tooth wait?
ive got a small gap apearing in my teeth even though ive had braces what do i do?
how long to wait before stem cell tooth is available?
My wisdom teeth were taken out Monday now my stomach hurts when I eat or drink and am nauseated what is wrong?
Peroxide makes me gag. Teeth whitening options?
tooth growing in behind tooth in baby?
I have really messed up teeth but everyone says I have a good body. Can I get them fixed?
why do they add alcohol in mouth washes?
swelling behind my left molar?
After taking out a tooth how long it takes to heal the wound ?
How would people administer gas in the 1940s(like laughing gas in operation rooms)?
Havent worn my retainer in about 2+ months, putting them back on in stage 2 bad for them?
what do you do when a part of your gums hurt?
how to stop dry mouth?
Bone Scan lower teeth?
why is my gum hurt in the front by my chine by my two front teeth on the bottom . i don't now why?
working after wisdom teeth?
Problems with dry socket?
What do you feel about chuwing gum in school!!!!!!!!!!!!?
worried about gum disease? help?
I need advice from anyone who has had braces!?
wisdom teeth removal question?
When you get your braces off, do you get to pick which retainer you want?
What did people in the past do about their wisdom teeth?
Puss bubble on gums by wisdom tooth?
How to get rid of white spots on my teeth?
can you drink after an oral surgery?
What's the best way to quit smoking right before/during cancer treatment?
What effect does adderall have on cancer? Do you know of anyone taking adderall that is fighting cancer?
Ganglioglioma tumors/cancer?
lump on back caused by cancer?
does the skull get sewn back on to the scalp during an autopsy?
what is Large Diffuse B Cell Lymphoma?
What causes colon cancer? Websites please!?
Anyone know if vitamins/supplements/antioxidants interfere with radiation therapy?
does the sugar substitute aspertane cause cancer?
How can fruits help cancer patients?
Could self-tanner cause cancer or any other disease?
Listen. Cancer is curable.?
MRI results?
Anyone here who has had 'Breast Cancer'/Or Have family member with breast problems undiagnoised?....Reason....
Is this an overreaction to anxiety?
Final stages of Alzheimers?
Who would I talk to about social anxiety & possible ADD & depression?
I feel internally sick and can't cope anymore. Please help me.?
Do you think this is reason enough to see a doctor or am I overreacting?
Which drug is more weight gaining? Lithium or Epilim?
Suicidal Tendencies , Should I Go To Hospital?
What is wrong with me?
How long will the panic attack last?
what are the best exercises for seniors?
how to shrink skin??
can anybody tell me where i can find a list of foods low in protein?
I need to loose a few pounds...?
if i do this......?
is this a good way to lose 15 pounds? how long would it take ?
am i too skinny?
cardio ?? help?
Help me please?
(health)Is this normal?
Brace Face...10 Days):?
cOLUMBIa vs. Stony Brook Dental?
Why do my gums itch? ?
tips on brushing teeth ?
Why dentists should not wear rings while working on patients ?
I need a dentist from Illinois that takes the medical card so I can get dentures?
My tooth was extracted and the feeling in my face may not return for years, if ever. Can I sue?
does a retainer move your teeth back the way the should be?
Does grinding or clenching teeth slow down the braces process?
Are my teeth going to fall out? Please help?
Dental instrument stuck in tooth...?
What do braces feel like on your teeth?
What has to be done when tooth fillings get old and worn down?
clinics in mobile if you don't have insurance?
Is teeth whitening safe your teeth aka your enamel etc?
what's best Retainer (orthodontics) ?
My mouth is still numb?!?
When you got your braces off were they stained!?!?!?
Tonsil Stones black hole on tonsil?
If I use listerine, do I still need to floss?
Is it normal for my teeth to hurt whenever I use the Crest 3d white toothpaste?
Sometimes jaw/tooth hurt?
What Should I Do If My Filling Is Loose?
How much are crowns for teeth?
What are the chances of death in dental surgerry?
wearing only one retainer?
Cost of braces on bottom?
will i get braces soon or after 6 months?
How much do dental implants cost?
how do you get rid of gum disease?
Brushing my teeth four times?
i think my tooth is losing the nerves what can i do to help with the pain until my next appiontment?
Are these baby teeth?
does anyone know a good dentist in brooklyn ny 11230 that accepts medicare?
Can you get molar tooth extractions while having slight headaches?
Does anyone know of anyone having appetite problems, after having dentures put in.?
Whiter teeth tips/help needed?
im getting my tongue pierced, a week after that Ill probably get my widom teeth pulled?
I went to the Dentist 6 days ago and my jaw won't open?
Why does my face look flatter after braces?
What does carbs stand for?
how much would i lose not eating for 5 days? except a lil of fresh cabbage?
Was this a healthy breakfast??
at this rate how long will it take for me to loose 30lbs?
Carbs vs. Calories?
how am i suppose to get rid of water weight?
how to loose pounds fast?
Is this a good workout?
So Far I Have Eaten...?
Loss of appetite..?
how to get over jealously of others lives?
Is this inspirational enough?
ADHD (catapres) for sleeping not working anymore?
tingling in face... anxiety or MS? helppppp?
explaining mens behaviour?
Self harm.. feeling all alone.?
I feel extremely depressed even though I have made so many positive changes in my life?
I can't eat with my braces!?
Got my braces off today but i have a retainer question?
how can i help my friend ?
why do I cry so much?
wisdom teeth hurt help?
Can retainers fix my overbite?
What is it called when someone goes through a traumatic experiance, but then replaces the memories?
Will getting my gum lanced with a laser hurt?
I think i may have dyslexia, what do i do now?
qustions about jaw surgeryyy?
how long after you get a filling does the pain still hurt for?
Tetracycline tablets and teeth staining?
I just got braces an hour ago and bracket came off?
Will my lisp go away when i get jaw surgery? i have tmj?
Is Dry Mouth the same as Cotton Mouth?
can you brush your teeth too often?
Tender, swolen gums at the back of one side of my mouth?
Toothache, can't go to the dentist today, what can I do in the meantime?
Whats that part in the mouth called.?
How can I take better care of my teeth?
Decaying teeth wat can I do?
Questions about cavitys in my teeth?
Cheap removals and whitening?
why does my teeth feel sore and move a little ( two front teeth) from wearing my retainer?
my teeth............?
Pinched nerve in shoulder on back?
have i got an ear infection?
i just got prescribed fentanyl patches,? how do i put them on?
micro oven distroys vitamins on food? daughter knee and leg?
Can cervical cancer make you gain weight?
Where can I find :: Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art?
will a pap tell you if you have cervical cancer? how is that detected?
Can sitting close to a radio signal transmitter for several years cause cancer?
Cancer fighting strategies?
Can oral thrush (fungal infection) cause a false positive on a head and neck PET/CT scan?
Tata cancer hospital, mumbai or Rajib gandi cancer hospital, New Delhi> which is the best ? please help me.
Is nanomedicine possible?
Bladder cancer?
What can anyone tell me about Xeloda?
Is Collodals Colloidal Silver the answer to eradicate cancer from the human body?
Can anyone list some sorts of cancer that young teenagers might get?
Does deodarant especially clinical prescription strengh...?
Why do people squeaky noise with their teeth when they sleeping?
JAW HELP! pleez agffdgdhgghfhjgf,kmnbvc?
How long will the dentist leave me with no teeth?
how can I stop myself from gagging when I have a mold on my teeth?
One of my wisdom teeth hurts terribly HELP!?
please help me canker sore........?
i have to get a root canal in the morning...?
weird smell and taste coming from crown on tooth. Help please?
celebrities dentist in los angeles?
Can I eat gummy vites with braces after having them on for one month?
Which offer would you take...? the Zoom Whitening procedure or $400...?
If I break a dental crown how do I know it's infected?
How to improve my teeth??
Can someone tell me about removable braces?
Orthodontic expander question?
Being put to sleep for wisdom teeth?
How do I get teeth to get down faster ?
my child has tooth ache nothings helping?
IMPORTANT! Jaw Surgery Age?
can I listen to my ipod while getting a root canal?
Question about proper flossing?
Had A Root Connell On My Left Upper-side Tooth An It Got Infected Does The Deem Dangerous Or Fatal?
How do you make a tooth fall out?
is it normal to have 129/82 as blood pressure?
does this sound like anorexia?
How long can you jump rope for?
summer diet?
Anorexia-Please confirm?
The Master Cleanse???!?
is there anyway to lose wegiht other than excersocing or eating healthy or taking pills?
What is the best way to loose weight?
Muscle Building Protein?
best aerobic exercises for overall body?
What are some things that I could do??
i need help losing weight?
I eat a 1000 calories a day..?
Good ways to get toned?
need to loose 10-15 lbs. by june 20th?
Want to gain more faster...Do you think Thermo gain of Muscletech a substance to add into my daily meals?????
What exercise should I use?
health problem?
i need to lose weight help please?
i want gain weight?
big mistake! HELP ME?
READ PLEASE! Dieting??
Social Anxiety Where do I seek help? Hate living like this...?
Is this crazy.Is this a sickness.?
Why is it that large doses of EPILIM makes me feel so dizzy and faint...?
if the school has a child classified as having adhd ,is that child get a check without being on medication?
Cant get out of my head?
My body feels disconnected..?
How can I make my expectations of myself more realistic, and manage disappointment more productively?
Braces and glasses: dorky?
why do i occasionally wake up with a tooth ache?
i need a full mouth tooth extraction and i need to know the cheapest place in the indianapolis area to have it?
I want to quit smoking, I just got my wisdom teeth out, once i feel better will it be hard to resist the urge?
Do I Have an Oral Fixation?
Braces soon...color clueless:P?
Really scared right now?
can dry socket develop from a clot dissolving slowly over a few days?
Is there a wax that i can put on a broken tooth it keeps cutting my tongue and inside if mouth?
Do i need to brush my teeth?
Can a Palate expander cause speech problems?
Does the HydraBrush Multi-Head Power Toothbrush, aka 30 Second Smile, perform well?
Dental Problems help!?
Do I have TMJ? I need to know please!?
why do I always have to be chewing something?
What is on the bottom of my Sonicare toothbrush and charger?
How do I brush my dogs teeth?
Pain between my teeth?
I got my front canine taken out, how to hide the gap? HELP PLEASE?
Still bleeding after over 48 hours after getting wisdom teeth pulled out.?
Can you get dry socket after 11 days. I have been very careful. I did drink from a straw today not thinking.?
How many packs of whitestrips can i safely use?
Wisdom teeth swelling question.... ?
Why does my jaw pop when i open my mouth?
I have a benign tumor in my thumb, it is eating away the bone. Do other know how serious this may be?
When was the first reported case of cancer?
is it normal for wisdom teeth to grow only on the right side?
What if I forgot medicine for getting my wisdom teeth pulled?
My front teeth are gapping a little...?
is there a over-night mouth guard that straighens teeth?
how do you reduce facial swelling from braces?
I got braces 3 days ago and it hurts a lot!! And the worst part I cant eat anything!!! I CANT LIVE THIS! HELP!?
Can one or two cavities cause a constant jaw ache?
I'm addicted to candy, what candy can I eat with braces?
question about braces?
What do you think of my teeth? (picture)?
bad toothache, please help.?
I keep accidentally biting the inside of my cheeks!?
I took out my bracers around half month..If i dont wear my retainers for 2-4days will it cause any problem?
Why am I missing teeth?
Has teeth or tooth pain ever caused you to think just remove all my teeth and get complete dentures for life?
i have to get my wisdom teeth removed....?
Is it normal for your teeth to go numb after drinking a lot?
over-rinsed mouth wash, taste buds are swollen and hurt alot!!! help!?
where can i get the orabrush from and how much does it cost?
Broken plastic retainer wat to do?
question about my braces?
I had a pain in my abdomen everytime I run?
Will i be able to lose 78 pounds like this.........................? Review my plan. Thanks.?
how does the digestive track go?
Work out that leaves me sore for 3 days or easier daily workout.?
help! fast!?
how many calories should i eat each day if I'm trying to lose weight?
Weight Lifting?
am i overweight?
can i still take protein pills if they are 2 months expired?
Is this a good workout program?
Why take protein before a workout?
does ensure make you gain weight?
health and physical activity.?
diet and exercise regime....?
is it ok to eat these?
getting a good body how?
Why am i losing fat?
Another weight loss question?
will it cost alot to fix a dental crown?
teeth question help....?
Is it Weird that I.....pull at my?
Removing a stain on my tooth?
Wisdom tooth possibly growing in?
Braces/Rubberbands Question?
How do you go about getting a dentist?
Dented Retainer Help?
my two front tooth is like rotting or something..it hurts when i touch?
My teeth hurt when I chew, what could be causing this?
Getting Braces will it hurt?
I feel like the retainer on the right side of teeth is loose, about 2 months ago i got a new retainer it was?
I think my canine tooth has shifted slightly ?
Will the dentist still take off my braces?
Why do my teeth hurt so bad?
Should I get these cavities refilled?
How long dose it a tooth to grow back?
How do you know if your tooth is permanent?
What is the reason I am like this?
Is my tongue infected?!?
Where can I buy fake braces?
I've had braces and one of my teeth has moved?!?
Is this normal that all my teeth are whiter except for root canal?
What is causing this swollen gum?
I had a tooth extraction. the extraction site is open to my sinus will it heal?
I had my wisdom teeth removed Wednesday..?
If you go to hospital for an apparent failed suicide...?
Do any of you guys have an imaginary friend?
Problem with my mind. I think?
How to control random moods?
How to control my random moods? :?
Why does cancer kill?
Do you know what types of food cause and prevent cancer?
how to get more water into a person dieing of brain cancer?
Do filling hurt? does the injection hurt?
Why are my teeth hurting so bad?
Dental pain for years unresolved all dentist please read this will change your life?
I need some serious help with this one?
how do you get whiter teeth?
Retainer feels very tight?
I have 3 job options doctor, dentist, teacher WHICH ONE!?
teeth health question?
Second Molar Teeth Removed?
what could be wrong if i can't chew down on any foods but noodles?
small holes in teeth? cavities?
Is the excess glue from my permanent retainer going to come off?
How to remove stains on teeth?
the swellen of the palate in the mouth?
what to do when cats first teeth are falling?
why is my gum hurting so bad?
wisdom teeth removal?
How to whiten your teeth at home?
Can a dirty retainer, even one you only wear at night cause bad breath?
Wisdom teeth complications?
is this good for you???
What are the effects of too much zinc in your diet?
How do I know how fast or slow my metabolism is?
what is a vasolator ?
What grade does your figure get?
Exercises to lose weight?
what the best exercise for muscles to grow?
Diet Pills? HELP!!?
are there any good books on power yoga for women ? im thinking of taking it up?
Green tea for water?
Sudden strange weight gain?
How much calories are burned in the 12 second sequence workout?
I am thinking of using this product for weight loss called SlimQuick, I want to know how well the product work
How much should i weigh?
how can i lose?
I just got an ellitical &it has started to squeak - any suggestions?
What and how much should I eat to gain weight if i am currently undergoing a weight lifting program?
alcohol nutritional value...?
My Mouth Is Crowding Need Braces HELP!!!!?
whitening your teeth?
Please help...........PLEASE?
How to get rid of a canker sore?
How should I cure my mouth from this pulsating pain?
How can I ensure I wont get dry socket?
Should i get coloured or speed braces?
Why do they give you a 2 Minute Timer in your Braces Package?
worried about my permenant dental crown!?
Question about a cavity?
the right side of my retainer broke off-only the back wire is gone-CAN I GLUE IT TOGETHER?
Why does my tooth hurt?
Bubble in tooth, is this normal?
what do i do ? please help?
Question about braces?
How do I make my braces stop hurting?
Swollen gums around wisdom tooth?
How to get rid of dark stains on my teeth after jaw surgery?
Is getting food on extraction site bad?
Just got braces.... help?
How do you disinfect Invisalign trays to prevent from giving yourself strep throat again?
i got my root canal nd i need help on a simple question?
Played Amnesia The Dark Descent now I can't get to sleep?
I need some advice, i'm not sure of myself?
Folie a Deux: Define 'Delusions'?
Help me bring out my real self??!!!?
Can I buy Zoloft over the counter without a prescription?
Plan for an overdose?
Why is Obsessive Complusive Disorder so obsessively compulsive?
How do retainers affect TMJ? Can they cause it? Also do I even have it...?
why do i have dry mouth !?
Teeth Whitener like Avon?
My boyfriend has/had a strange bubble in his mouth?
I have SPEED braces and I got them yesterday. Today I noticed a bracket was loose. HELP? (read)?
My gums hurt and feel a little swollen?
Does you have receding gums?
Do braces hurt? Im getting them tommorrow and im really nervous!?
Are whitening strips okay for middle schoolers?
One tooth removal question?
What is jaw structure ??????????????
Just had a root canal yesterday and now porcelain is broke, what can I do?
Can a lip biting habit lead to permanent scarring in the lip.?
spacers and braces!!! HELP!?
how to fix rotten teeth?
Is this normal for braces? Please help i am so scared?
i broke my retainer, the pink part?
yellow teeth in kids?
Where Can I Get a Free Oral Syringe?
What color braces should I get?
Please help... so scared! Braces?
how long will it take for Novocaine to wear off?
How often do you go to a doctor to get Globulin injections?
easter bloating?
turbo yam workout system?
turbo dream micromasaje anticelulitis shorts"does it work?
Good Meal Plan??
What is Anorexia?
was this too much food?
what is the total amount of carbs, calories, fat, sodium, and protien that a typical teenager needs?
when should I take my whey protein supplement?
About Weight Watchers?
three mini bumps at the back of my left mouth/jaw area, what is it?
Okay my tooth fell out yesterday and I can't remember if I lost it already and I'm 12 years old?
How damaged are my teeth?
It hurts a lot where my wisdom tooth should be, please help!!!!?
I'm getting braces tomorrow and I'm kinda nervous and got 1 question?
Do wolves get dental plaque?
Gap in my front teeth?
I have braces, how can i make the pain stop?
Black Lining Between Teeth/Gums - What is it?
What Whitening strips are better?
Crest Professional Effects teeth whitening?
Questions on removable braces. ?
Wisdom teeth laughing gas?
Question about laughing gas...?
Do you think I have a cavity?
My tooth is almost gonna fall out and I dont know what to do?
What is this white spot on my top gum?
Dental Question? (Cavities)?
Why my teeth and gums are starting to hurt when they are clean but when they are dirty there is no pain?
If a porcelain veneer is longer than actual tooth, will it be more likely to crack or break?
Will I get into the dental hygiene program with these grades?
regarding when taking bath....?
Who's Side would you be on?
Exams, stressing bigtime. ?
is .25 mg xanax enough to make a difference?
What are "brain zaps" and could this be what I'm experiencing?
What is obsessive compulsive disorder and how can you fix it?
Coming off of Pristiq - any advice?
sleep paralysis: mine was different from what it says it should be?
could it be hypnagogic hallucinations?
My ? would be about my upper left pallett on that hard round thing that protrudes down.?
Are those invisible plastic retainers expensive? i lost mine and i dont know what to tell my parents...?
Getting partial dentures, what should I expect?
local anesthesia?!?!?
just lower braces? is it possible?
Is this toothache bad?
Removing retainers - how to?
PLEASE HELP!!!! something in my mouth...?
I want a great dentist in northeast Ohio ...talented, kind, etc.?
got dry socket want to smoke?
confirmation letter for patient's dental status?
Is it safe for me (15) to use crest whitening strips?
whitening teeth in a tanning bed?
Arizona Drinks?????????
4 teeth extraction headaches?
What happens when your wisdom teeth socket becomes infected?
What can i do if i had braces taken off TWICE already and im still not statisfied? :(?
How to straighten out teeth or overbite without braces.?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth when you have braces?
Braces open tooth space after eating?
Can someone recommend an over the counter medication (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc...)?
ulcer on my lip and it wont go away?
I have to get my baby teeth pulled, will it hurt?
i have a retainer brace, i need something to help me wear it?
swollen lymph gland?
The best doctors???
Any opinions on Lipson, Leon W MD - Peninsula Head & Neck Surgery in Palo Alto, CA?
How can I lose 15 pounds of fat in like 2 months?
Wati is a tea who's supposed to help loosing weight. I want to know if some people have already tried it,?
are you allowed milk/ porridge oats and honey on a no carbohydrate diet?
which is better hoodia or alli?
Is this a terrible diet?
lose more weight? pic?
what is the fastest way to loose weight and gain muscle?! HELP!?
good exercise/lose 10 lbs fast?
I think ever since I started working out Ive gained weight?is this normal?
Help Please?
Can you loose weight by consistently walking long distances?
My Weight....?
Dieting?`Please leave an answer?
help wedding comming up ...need to loose weight in 3 months?
Will I gain muscle and get cut?
Is it ok too...?
is there any way to speed up metabolism?
i just ate 2000 calories! how can i burn them off?
help! help!?
Is it bad to work out 30-45 minutes after you eat?
Can I overcome my pain and anger if I just "Go for it" ?
What exercises can I do to lose weight on my legs?
Fleshlight without parents knowing in Australia?
YEAR 12 STRESS i need help?
I always get homesick when i go to sleepovers please help?
I can't stop crying. What do I do?
Has you ever been stuck in a rut for so long?
Depression. How to cope?
I'm being driven crazy and almost suicidal by my weekly routine at college?
what are the signs of depression? how does it feel after being on anti-depressants?
what is a song that is about depression or losing friends?
He keeps sending me loads of texts? Is this an obsessive compulsive problem?
death feeling at night pls help !!!?
I am bipolar and taking risperdal, but I have a mania high almost everyday should I be on lithium?
Can you help me get some help?
What's the best way to stop bad breath?
how do you help gingivitis on a child?
Spaces between teeth?
I have pain in my left side of my jaw hurts to open and close my mouth and i have had flu like symp for 2 wks?
Fake nail glue is in my mouth. Help?
Are dentist expensive for a visit?!?!?
Abcess tooth??? PLEASE HELP!!!?
Tooth pain please help!?
Left side of my mouth hurts, i just got that tooth recently filled?
Felt something sharp while I was eating?
does medical cover for kids dental?
Any positive results with Crest whitening strips?
I'm living in rural africa and have a HORRIBLE toothache... HELP!!!?
Is it okay to wear retainers while playing soccer?
What is the longest you can wait to fix rotting teeth?
Have you ever thought you had a cavity then you find out by your dentist it not but it is a gum infection?
Where can I buy the Quail elastics for braces?
Would I go to the dentist or some sort of specialist for my gums?
Do I have an overbite?
are nicotine stains and coffee stains in teeth distinguishable?
I have atrophy of my thenar muscles and also other muscles of hand and forearm. due to never damage.?
do u need weight help?
how many situps should i be!?
how do i get my forearms built?
Something's growing at the back of my last tooth on the lower part?
Is it possible for part of your tooth to fall off from flossing?
accidentaly took 2 diet pills instead of the vitimans!!!!?
I need help on which teeth whitening product to buy?
Are not so perfect teeth a big deal?
what is the best diet 4 me..im only 17 years old?
Well my gums are bleeding, help?
If i have clear braces on dont floss will they be dirty?
Do cloves get rid of bad breath?
How to be an orthodontist?
How do I prevent myself from gagging when I get my braces tomorrow?
The roots around my tooth are exposed. Please help!?
question about losing weight.?
How can you naturally whiten the teeth?
Does this sound like pulpitis?
Tongue piercing!!!!!?!?
can medicine case white spots on teeth?
I woke up after after dreaming that one of fmy upper tooth has cracked and fallen. What does it signify?
do i have (impacted) wisdom teeth?
Why does my breath always smell like whatever I ate?
Where can I find healthy recipes that are quick and easy, yet also cheap to prepare?
I'm getting braces in... 18 hours... do you have any tips?
I have bumps inside my mouth, how do I get rid of them?
Does wisdom teeth pulling affect your falseto voice?
What do non-shovel shaped teeth look like?
How to get white teeth?
How do you get plaque off gums?
Can basil cell cancer come back?
what are the first signs of cancer?
My brother had a chemo therapy and looking for a place to stay in the Philippines while recovering..is there?
What are the causes of skin cancer?What happens to the skin?
rest period after radiation/chemo treatment?
Beside the field of medicine what else can an ultrasound be used for?
tiredness after breast ancer?
a person accidentally transected the spinal cord between T1 and L1 would result in?
what is the prognosis for someone diagnosed with lymphoma?
How does a pregnant woman be affected by a patient who is undergoing chemotherapy?
can anyone please tell me what tongue cancer looks like please & are dentists trained in looking for it?
what does the blue cancer ribbon stand for?
Bone Marrow Donors?
Help with WBC results?
Kids helpline online chat?
Parents put so much stress on me?
How to deal with ADHD?
Has anyone ever felt this way?
ppl with panic disorder: How do you feel once your panic attack is over?
Thinking about suicide.. Please Help!?
Have you ever suffered from chronological disorientation?
Why cant i just change???? I'm depressed now?
what is a dual personality disorder?
how can i start to feel better nothing seems to work?
Minor form of Tourettes?
What do I need to do to take care of my teeth?
i just moved and went to my new dentist for the first time. he recommended paradontal therapy because the?
how to have beautiful sets of teeth aside from braces?
Girls, how bad are my teeth? Could they be endearing or have some sort of good quality to them?
who is the best dentist in usa?
havent been to the dentist in 4 yrs?
What toothpastes will make my teeth whiter faster?
How Long Does It Take For Medicaid Take To Approve a Crown?
i keep grinding my teath?
Question about cavity filling?
when will i get my braces off?
Okay teeth problem! ?
How would I get my hands on 5 gallons of Lye?
should i get my wisdom teeth removed?
I didn't wear my retainer constantly but now when I do it doesn't hurt but feels off?
Will the dentist know that i'm bulimic?
What can i do to keep my teeth healthy?
Tell me more ways to get my tooth out?
i hate my smile. (question about dental surgery)?
when getting braces does it hurt that day?
HELP my wisdom teeth are causing swelling on the inside of my mouth!?
Can a child pay for teeth scaling?
the dentist put braces on my baby molar teeth, what should i do if it falls out?
What pain does a growing wisdom tooth cause?
coughing up thick brown mucus ?
when one is feeling to vomit, what is the cause?
Can anyone explain postural tachycardia syndrome in basic terms please..?
Meal plan to lose weight.?
Would running 5 days a week be more effective for fat loss than running 3 days a week?
Showing my curves?
i need advices for how to have a healthy body?
would anyone recommend a site...?
will supplements stunt my height growth???
i'm funsized and want to become king sized?
Does anyone know where I can find one of these?
I'm 17, my baby molars haven't fallen out yet but one of them has chipped really badly. What do I do?
About braces? Necessary help.?
About braces? Look inside.?
About braces how to? Question?
Is this normal after getting a filling?
is whitening gum a good replacement for a toothbrush?
Can someone tell me whats wrong with my gums?
how do I stop bad breath?
Who is the best orthognatic surgeon in USA? Anyone got that surgery?
Why is my molar wigly?
Does everyone need to have their wisdom teeth removed?
Is using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda a good way to whiten your teeth?
Back tooth band loose?
What type of sleeping gas and oxygen do they use for wisdom teeth removal?
Back tooth band loose?!?
Tooth pain after wisdom tooth removal?
some black spots on teeth was covered by the doctor, now its yellow.. can I go for a cleaning?
How can I get healthy gums?
what are symptoms of a wisdom tooth growing in the wrong way?
2 days ago I went to the dentist with a problem with my gums and tongue?
How long can I got without wearing my retainer?
pain after having wisdom teeth removed?
What Is The Best Way To White Teeth ?
My tooth beside my left front tooth is getting loose?
why does myTooth/Gum Ache?
What's wrong with my gums?
Does it hurt when you get your braces off? If so, why?
Whats a bioforce (braces)?
Will this swelling go down soon?
Pain after Wisdom Tooth Removal....?
how do you sleep with a retainer?
Compare and contrast Invisalign and Braces?
Is there any trick to speed up a dental anaesthetic wearing off?
Have my teeth shifted?
One of my bottom teeth are overlapped and it's affecting the whoe left side of my mouth?
for a cancer patient is there some kind of program to help them with transportation to thier doctors appt.?
I Chipped A tooth... Please help?
What causes bleeding gums and aside from the?
What are the steps I can take to help someone with bladder cancer and a recent stroke?
Is sunbathing good for a person?
Wisdom teeth removal?
will it help with a toothache?
problem with my gums?
My braces don't have color?
how do they do a bone marrow transplant?
Cause of lung cancer?
Can braces affect my jaw?
What are the best drugs for metastatic brain tumors?
what are all the symtoms of breast cancer?
CAT results, fluid on the brain & more than normal dead cells. What could be the cause?
oralpharangeal cancer?
Who is the Drug Company that makes Faslodex fulvestrant injection?
How can I receive any new data on my email on a certain drug?
How do you tell your parents you have cancer?
What is a "Holistic Paradigm".?
Oh, I thought my depression had gone for a while- but it's back- can't get going,don't want to do anything?
I'm scared and I dont know how to cope with the wait?
i am either super depressed or hate school (also health problem) and idk what to do?
Is there a psychologist out there that can help me?
So I guess I have problems?
Is it possible that i have been misdiagnosed?
How can i stop having bad dreams?
What can a 18 yr old ex drug addict female do to face reality?
Need advice on an anticipated YA social experiment?
My Wisdom tooth is somewhat loose under it's gum, what should I do?
The Dentist wants to remove my remaining teeth and put in artificial teeth for $4000.?
how to get rid of a lisp?
Do elastic rubber bands for braces hurt?
"fastbraces"...are they really that affordable?
Hurts to brush tooth after root canal?
Toddler has a loose tooth?
teeth hurt when eating and drinking!!! ? :(?
Chipped molar from orthodonist.?
how does a dentist fix enamel loss?
Enlarged Incisive papilla?
Does adding graft to a receding gumline hurt?
Another Dental Question!!!?
Should a sensitive tooth continue to give you pain long after the irritant is removed?
Braces to close to gum?
How do you get the taste of stinkbug out of your mouth?
Why do my front teeth hurt so much when I brush them/put pressure on them?
can anyone suggest me a dental clinic name more emphasizing on aesthetics n cosmetics?
Whats wrong with my gums?? help?
How long can you have a infection in your tooth before it becomes very serious?
is it okay to have tooth extracted if you have a high blood pressure?
If you left fluride toothpaste on a tooth for an extended amount of time what happens?
Have your finger to count? "Braces"?
if i eat 1.5 times my body weight protein daily,how much can i expect to gain in a month?
toning up and losing weight?
All look 14 year old male . i need help all my points to person with best answer?
What Diet to go on?
what's the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
summer body!!!?
I need to loose this weight!?
Is it OK to take creatine while taking whey protein?
Will this make me sick? Please help!?
I can't stop losing weight and I don't know what to do. Help?!?
Abs and arms.?
Is This a Good Workout Routine????
UGH i cant loose weight!?
What can I eat if I am not eating junk food or fried food?
what are the nutritunal requirements of crocodile?
Ballys and personal training.?
please help!!!!!!?
Which foods will make me full but use minimal calories out of my daily allowance.?
I'm 14 years old, 175 cm tall, and weigh 61.5 kg is that healthy?
is it a must to use cell tech with nitro tech???
what want to do?
I Want To Loose A Stone In Three Weeks, What Exersize&Food Should I Eat& Do ?
should you have seperate workouts for seperate days?
My Hip bone really hurts?
Random sharp pains in the index finger..?
For and against cardiopulmonary resuscitation?
does any one know about breath holding spells?
wisdom teeth recovery period?
what should i do if i have a cut on the web/string thing under my tongue?
I have terrible teeth........Can You Help Me?
How much does it cost to replace a cracked retainer?
I have a white thing on my mouth, should i be concerned?
I still can't feel half of my tongue 12ish hours after a tooth extraction. Is this normal?
Do I need to have my teeth dried before applying the Crest Whitestrips?
Do babies teeth come in in a certain order?
how important is a good smile? braces worth it?
Sore Gums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how long do i have to wear braces?
If I start smoking with braces will my teeth be stained when they come off?
I just got my braces on and my teeth, especially my bottom, are killing me. What can I do to help the pain?
Is my jaw okay, and am I alright?
Should I major in General Science or Biology for dental school?
Is it a canker sore if its on the bottom of my teeth?
Left Side Of My Mouth Hurts! What could be the problem?
how long will a root canal hurt after it is done?
CignaPPO Core Network coverage for invisalign?
Will you be fined/charged if you dont come to an othodontist appt?
What is the best at-home whitening product for my teeth?
When is the right time to get my wisdom teeth removed?
Lump on the inside of my gum?
Why does my dentist want me to get a root canal?
On a scale of 1-10 (10 highest) how much do you care about life?
what is depresson and why do i cry for no reason?
Anxious all the time dont know why?
I'm claustrophobic & I have to get an MRI will anti anxiety medicine help cure me of claustrophobia?
are there any pills or otherwise for insecurity ?
What should i do if someone is very depressed? (please read detail)?
Friend with Paranoia, how to keep friendship?
IMPORTANT!! might have accidentally OD'd on Serequal (quintiapine)?
depression help from my forum?
Name of a Psycholgical disorder?
Would you?
I'm a worry ward. and i lnow about lymph notes but........?
What happens if you develop terminal cancer while on death row? How do you get treated? Pain meds? Counciling?
can anybody tell me how to start a claim against nhs for sugery that has left me difigured?
have you had radiotheraphy? and for how long?
I have breast cancer metastised to the bone. Looking for grant to relocate to Texas to start treatment.?
has anyone ever been to the minnie pearl cancer center and if so?
i just found out that my ex is having a bone marrow trans.he has leukemia?
Has there ever been a 10- 12 year old girl who got breast cancer?!?
How to put cancer in remission?
What is a psycho-oncologist??
I'm worried about skin cancer. Can anyone tell me if they think I am at major risk?
. Write down one way that good cancer medicine should stop cells from dividing out of control.?
is there a specific date for the pink ribbon project (breast cancer awareness campaign)?
Does anyone know about ostomy software? have you tried it?
Have you ever had your teeth bleached...?
Dry throat during dentist?
I got my wisdom teeth out on Monday, and this morning I had a TERRIBLE sore throat?
will they pull out any of my front teeth when i get braces?
My tooth possibly broke?
mouth surgery yesterday..now sick?
can my molar teeth cause vertigo?
Im 15 and whenever im excited or im sad or nervous , this white or transparent thing comes out of my v*****.?
Argghhh flossing and brushing!?
Braces- the wire came out on the last tooth?
About braces important?
Will my teeth move out of place in 2 weeks?
Lost my retainer!? Help!?
Got my braces tightened a couple weeks ago, no change?
I think my dentist is scamming me?
How to stop jaw clenching?
How do you know if you have a dry socket?
Question on my braces?
gum ulcer on gum below tooth?
What does "bond15" mean on my orthodontist appointment slip?
Zoom! teeth whitening! MAJOR PAIN?
How to get a loose tooth out...?
Three month diet and workout plan?
what foods do i eat?
I walk about 4 miles a day?
i need help! finding vegitarian dieting sites that include recipes and what you can use to sub for meat?
Best possible weight lifting routine for building musle in only 30 days!.....PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!?
Plz advise, drinking honey 1spoon with warm water every day morning will reduce lot of weight...?
decrease bust size and lose weight?
How much should my daughter weigh?
I am 16, thin and has small face,which one should i believe??
how to lose weight on your upper back?
Coffee?? :D?
PLEASE HELP! On a 1100 calorie diet and need advice??
if i stop eating processed foods and i go to camp in 2 months where processed food is everywhere.. will i get.
How to deal with getting shots?
liver friendly diets?
I need help with a planed diet and exersize plan?? teachers trainers someone?
Can anyone help me with the right supplements for me to build muscle and tone muscle?
Will this diet work..?
Which is healthiest?
any appetite surpressors that can help me out please?
what type of male body is "perfect"?
My Arms Give Out at the wrist When I Punch... What can help?
how do i make my fingers skinier?
Is it too soon after wisdom teeth removal to have a dental cleaning?
Question about Braces. Please Answer!?
Wisdom Teeth? Dry Sockets?
Teeth showing up under my gums?
tooth sensitivity should i trust dentist?
Can you get nerve damage from having a tooth pulled?
Braces getting removed?
Should I get my braces off early?
Chiropractor, Dentist, or Physical Therapist?
Name of any dark-haired model with gap between front teeth?
Can I ask to remove my braces if my teeth look fine?
What will happen if I get braces only on the bottom?
My mother's wisdom teeth had to be removed because they were impacted. Does that mean mine will be too?
I'm getting braces in a week, anything I need to know? (Damon braces) What is the process?
could the ortho. do this?